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tv   America Live  FOX News  February 7, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> all right. so there they are. told you about them yesterday. very rare baseball card of the brooklyn atlantics found at a yard sale. it went up for auction the 1865 team sold for $92,000. >> wow. >> the only other known copy is in the library of congress so get out to the yard sales this weekend. somebody made a killing. >> might find a treasure, you never know. >> thanks for joining us everybody. "america live" starts right n now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert for you. there are new warnings about a blockbuster storm that's now barrelling towards the northeast, a system that's expected to affect 1/10 of the united states in the next 24 to 48 hours. i'm alisyn camerota in for
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megyn kelly told. and forecasters warn that could be the biggest storm for decades and affect 32 million americans directly. right now boston is in the bulls eye where it's predicted that they could see up to two feet of snow, maybe even more. and the national weather service is calling this a quote, rare and major storm. our fox news weather team is putting together the latest information and that should be ready for you in moments. but first, we have another fox news alert. we expect a news conference any second now on an extremely dangerous multi-state manhunt unfolding at this hour, searching for a military trained former l.a.p.d. officer suspected of murdering three people so far and shooting several others. police say christopher dorner implicated himself with a chilling 14-page manifesto in which he warned of more
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carnage to come and police are warning their potential targets and confirmed that some of the officers involved in the manhunt opened fire in two separate incidents thinking that the suspect was approaching them in his truck and turned out that two civilians were injured in the first incident. it's unclear what happened in the second incident and none of those people appear connected to the suspect in any way. we suspect to learn more on this when the los angeles police chief takes the podium and there the press conference is getting ready and that will happen at any minute and we'll bring it to you. in the meantime, we have fox news coverage and trace gallagher is in our news room. and adam housley is in riverside, california with the latest on the manhunt. and i know it's changing by the minute and what's the latest? >> it is, and you mention heed at that press conference is expect today begin any minute with the police chief of los angeles and he's also named in that manifesto, as somebody who could be a target by christopher dorner. and as you were talking
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moments ago, we have video and turn it around for you, a gray nissan type pickup similar to the one they are looking for, through the intersection. and we saw riverside, california, the crime scene, two officers shot a few yards from where i'm standing and these officers got it at the ready and took the rifles on top of their cars and made the man roll down all of the windows and checked the vehicle and ensured it wasn't the suspect's vehicle, but gives you an idea the intensity that's in here, the intensity that continues in the entire southern california region because this man and his manifesto said that all officers are fair game. their families are fair game and any citizen who tries to provide aid is fair game. the suspect of course, christopher dorner, former l.a.p.d. officer was relieved of his duties and a picture of his car, this comes from irvine police. you can see the titan pickup, dark gray or blue not exactly sure on the color and thoughts he might be changing license plates. and the your vine location is
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where it all began really on sunday where monica kwan and her fiancee were both shot in a parking garage at the complex, and her father was randall kwan, and led to the dismiss cal of christopher dorner and his daughter alleged, the kicked a suspect and blown up and hearings, he was eventually relieved of his duties and randall kwan was part of that and his daughter and fiance were murdered on sunday they believe by the suspect. this morning in corona, california, two officers were shot at providing security for people they felt could be in danger, one was grazed and they returned fire. not long after that 15 miles to the north in riverside where we're located two officers not involved in this in any way at all were sitting in a stop light and the suspect, police believe approached the vehicle in his
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truck, opened fire, killed one and the other one we're told is in critical condition in an area hospital and this is going on and we know the fbi is involved and l.a.p.d. special alert around the city and in fact, they have guards outside of l.a.p.d.'s main headquarters and don't see that working with them over the years. motorcycle police officers have been pulled from the streets and every single unit required to have two officers in it it and throughout the state of california everyone is on tactical alert. from san diego, all the way to the border, as far as east as las vegas. we've been told from san diego police they found a wallet, wallet was given to him this morning not far from the airport there that belongs to the suspect. and a badge was found this that wallet. christopher dorner is the suspect's name and they don't know or haven't been able to tell us if that badge was real, if it was fake, something he purchased, if it was something, we don't believe it was the l.a.p.d. badge they say, but a badge of
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some sort. and we'll keep you updated, alisyn, across the state every single law enforcement agency is on tactical alert trying to find the suspect and there have been no sightings since the shooting is the at riverside this morning, alisyn. >> adam, you've spoken to the fact that police have no idea where he is. so all of these nine counties have been alerted and they also, it must be very tense and nerve wracking for them because he has vowed to do what he calls asymmetrical warfare on his victims. what does that mean? >> he's basically said he's using his military tactics and police tactics and says in miss manifesto that he knows more about what l.a.p.d. is going to do. he obviously has police training and background. there's a lot of things going on and fluid and a lot of agencies and the fbi is now part of this manhunt and watching what happened here, alisyn, before you came on, literally two minutes before, watching that nissan titan truck pull up here and the officers literally with the
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rifles on top of the cars and approach the vehicle and search it gives you an idea of the seriousness of this. as you drive around southern california, units, marked and unmarked everywhere, alisyn. >> let's hope they get him soon. thank you for the update. much more on this. the recap. three people are dead, two others injured all allegedly at the hands of one gunman. as we mentioned police are paying close attention to a chilling manifesto he left behind. his name is christopher dorner and it was posted on his facebook page and suggested this manhunt is headed to ugly ending. and we're learning what's inside the manifesto. trace gallagher is looking and is part of the story, what have you read? >> this is a 14-page manifesto and christopher dorner lays out his vendetta and weighs into everything, pop culture, and the theme clearing his name and saying, unfortunately, i will not be
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alive to see my name cleared. that's what this is about. my name, a man is nothing without his name. he then lashes out at the l.a. police department for ruining his name accusing the department of racism, of cueing murder cases to collect more overtime, of being worse now than during the rodney king era. in 2007 he accused a fellow officer of excessively kicking a suspect, the alleged victim testified on his behalf, but the police board found that dorner was guilty of lying and fired him. there's a news conference right now, and we'll get back to the manifesto in a minute now. as you all know, the l.a.p.d. is working coordination with law enforcement agencies throughout southern california in obtaining christopher jordan dorner. wanted for crimes, including adults on officers and three homicides in southern
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california in the past week. the police department and allied agencies using all measures possible to ensure the safety of l.a.p.d. personnel and their families and los angeles community. we will continue to do so until dorner is apprehended and all threats have been abated. dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. christopher jordan dorner, african-american male, 33 years of age, black hair and brown eyes, dorner's photos are displayed here. darner's vehicle is described as a late model nissan titan pickup. it's a four door, dark gray in color. the vehicle is equipped with a roof rack and a tanto cover
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over the bed and a department sticker on the front side of the windshield. we're unsure of license plate we believe he's switched plate. there's a possible plate. 8, d as in david, 83997. photos of the vehicle are also on display. we ask that anyone who sees him or this vehicle should not approach or attempt to contact him, but immediately call 911 and notify law enforcement authorities. the l.a.p.d. will remain in constant communication with the agency until dorner is apprehended. it's believed that dorner was involved in the following incidents, on sunday, february 3rd, 2012, in irvine, california a double homicide. during this incident we believe dorner shot and killed monica kwan and keith lawrence while they sat in a vehicle in
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a parking structure. wednesday, february 6th, about 8:30 p.m., in san diego an attempt robbery, dorner attempted to steal a boat from a boat owner in san diego. he was not successful and fled the location. this morning at 1:25 in chino, california l.a.p.d. officers assigned to a protection detail received a tip from a citizen that dorner may be in the the area. they observed dorner and dorner fired upon the officers. officers returned fire and one officer received a nonlife threatening wound to his head, a graze wound literally inches from killing him. dorner fled and due to damage to the police vehicle because of his gunshots, the officers were unable to pursue him. today at 1:45 in riverside, california, the murder and attempt murder of riverside
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police department officers. dorner ambushed two riverside police officers resulting in the death of one and the severe injury of the other. i am confirming that dorner was previously employed at the los angeles police officer between february of 2005 and september of 2008. his employment was terminated. based on dorner's threat the l.a.p.d. initiated more than 40 protection details throughout the region. these protection details were based on information contained in his manifesto, much of which has been posted online. during the the course of the search for dorner an officer involved shooting occurred in the city of torrence. during that incident which occurred about 5:15 this morning. l.a.p.d. officer received information that a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's vehicle had been seen in the area of one of our primary protection details, one of the people that was
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under the most serious level of threats. the l.a.p.d. officers assigned observed a vehicle matching the suspect's vehicle, driving down the street with the lights turned out. officerhe vehicle and an officer involved shooting occurred. the individuals in that vehicle were hit by gunfire, both were transported to a local hospital. one is a minor gunshot wound and is in the process of being released. a second person is in stable condition with two gunshot wounds. tragically, we believe that this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers. the hearts of the los angeles police department and my own go out to the families that lost loved ones due to dorner's criminal actions. anyone who sees dorner should contact 911. anyone who has information or tips regarding these crimes is asked to call the robbery homicide tip line. the number 213-486-6860.
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or the l.a.p.d. 24 hour tip line at 877-l.a.p.d. 24-7. anyone wishing to remain anonymous call crime stoppers 1-800-222-tips. tipsters may contact crime stoppers texting 274637. that's crimes on most key pads. all text messages begin with the letters l.a.p.d. and tipsters can go to l.a.p.d. online and report information and we will act on that information. the city mourns the deaths of monica kwan, keith lawrence, and our brave riverside police offic officer. i also feel great sadness for
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the injuries suffered by my officer, the second riverside officer and the two uninvolved citizens in torrence. with that, i'll answer a very few questions, i will not answer specific questions about the irvine homicide investigation. that is the primary agency on that investigation is irvine police department, but i will answer general questions. >> is there a barricade situation at the a hotel at point loma base told by san diego police department, helicopters over it. do you have any information if this is indeed dorner holed up in that hotel? >> i have nothing i can release on that at this time. >> chief, the confusion on the color of the vehicle, are you sure, what, what-- for a while it was blue, now it's gray. >> well, for those familiar with the nissans, they have a series of dark colors that are very similar, especially at night and they have a blue-gray, blueish-gray so
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they're easily confused, but we believe the manufacture listed color is gray. >> and one of the scareiest things going on, walked in with the commander this morning and said that especially-- >> well, of course he knows what he's doing, we've trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces and it's extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. now, the riverside officers were cowardly ambushed. they had no opportunity to fight back, no pre warning. you know, imagine, imagine going about your workday and having to worry about that threat. >> chief, (inaudible). >> you're talking about a homicide suspect who has committed atrocious crimes and
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if you want to give any atrib bugs to his ramblingramblings. >> chief, a rifle-- >> and a victim of some sort of investigation that never saw the way through. will you be looking back at that case? >> we look at everything, that case was adjudicated and multiple levels. it went to the ultimate form of review in the l.a.p.d., a board of rights where two command officers and a civilian representative hear the entirety of the case as represented by an attorney and make the judgment. i think in the analysis you'll find them self-serving and
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statement of somebody extremely unhappy with his lot in life. >> and manifesto, were there a any.... >> i don't know of any, no threats came to my level prior to that we became aware the manifesto this week. >> and do you have the manpower? we're talking about the detail you're doing, detective detail, and do you have -- does l.a.p.d. have the manpower to protect all of our officers? it's extremely, extremely manpower intensive, but the safety of my employees, people that come on the job to protect the lives of strangers is utmost importance to me and i will expend whatever resources necessary. >> chief, you know what you know and where he might be, if you could direct a message to him at this time. >> well, i would tell him to turn himself in, now? this has gone far enough.
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nobody else needs to die. >> the riverside department, followed by the l.a.p.d. >> if you read his manifesto, this is a very-- l.a.p.d. is a specific target, but all law enforcement is targeted. you know, this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement and it should be seen as such. >> and he said the killings are going to continue until you publicly come out and clear his name, is that going to happen? >> it's not going to happen. and thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> he will be able to talk to any questions in spanish and-- >> you've been listening there to the chief of police in los angeles updating the community on this desperate manhunt right now for a former l.a.p.d. cop who is now accused of murdering three people, injuring at least two others. the chief there talks about how he has a vendetta against
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the l.a. police department and their families. they're trying to provide around the clock protection right now for the families because he is suspected of targeting his captain's daughter and her fiance and killing both of them. i want to bring trace gallagher in and the chief talked about his manifesto where he spelled out, trace the vendetta that he has against all of the officers he thinks basically sidelined him after he claims he was a whistleblow whistleblower. >> reporter: that's right, alley, and the chief charlie bacteria, l.a.p.d. he says if you look the at the timeline, he says that christopher dorner is accused of trying to steal a boat in san diego yesterday. san diego is 80 miles south, southwest of corona where the shootings happened. he was accused of stealing a boat in san diego yesterday and somehow they have found a wallet and a badge belonging
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to christopher dorner near lindbergh field in downtown san diego, that was early it morning. they're saying he was in san diego we know last night and the crime scene happened this morning and then the wallet was found in san diego, did egg from san diego to the crime scene and back or along interstate 15 runs from san diego out to los angeles. we confirmed that christopher dorner does in fact own a home in las vegas. now, the question did egg that way?that -- did he go that way? they have an s.w.a.t. team around point loma, an apartment complex where apparently someone who fits the description of christopher dorner is barricaded inside. you heard charlie say that he has a cache of assault weapons and rifles, et cetera, and now waiting for news crews to get on scene in point loma south of downtown san diego because someone is barricaded inside there. i want to go back to what the chief was saying about the
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mistaken identity and how tightly wound the police officers are right now. because we have video of a police officer kind of checking out a truck that fits the description of the one that christopher dorner was in, and a dark nissan and torrence 50 miles away from the scene this morning, two other shootings by police officers against people they were not at all involved with. >> trace, stand by, obviously, this will be unfolding throughout the program and dr. ablow will join us getting inside the mind of the homicidal maniac. we'll be right back in two minutes. glucerna hunger smart. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> fox news alert. because there is a desperate manhunt underway right now stretching across southern california for a former l.a.p.d. officer and you're
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seeing his picture on the screen right now accused of killing three people and the very latest this morning. and injuring several others. i want to bring in trace gallagher in the west coast news room. in case police missed the police press conference, what's the latest? >> the big news, ali what's going on in the point loma area and they believe that a man fitting christopher dorner's description is now holed up in a hotel in san diego, the point loma area and we've been told in fact, the police presence down there we've now been told that the military base, the local military base is on lockdown and look at the police presence outside this hotel. point loma five or six miles south of san diego the peninsula that runs into the san diego pay and they're saying they believe a man fitting the description of christopher dorner is now holed up inside here. and back to what charlie beck was saying the police chief in
10:28 am
los angeles he's heavily armed including assault weapons and makes him a very viable force. in his manifesto, he said you're aware i have always been the top shot, highest scoring, expert in rifle qualification, i will utilize every bit of my ordnance and survival and he has studied military intelligence and certified as an anti-terrorism officer and this guy knows what he's doing and apparently armed to the teeth, ali and we're waiting to find out if san diego police believe he's somehow barricaded inside this hotel in san diego. as we get more information we'll get back to you. >> alisyn: all right. trace, obviously things are unfolding quickly. thank you for the update we'll check back with you throughout the program. we have another fox news alert because there's another big story we're following for you, some 30 million americans are bracing for what could be the biggest storm system we've
10:29 am
seen this winter, possibly in some decades. there's a massive powerful snowstorm, it's charging towards the northeast right now and it has a dangerous mix of ice and snow. rick reichmuth is live in our fox weather center. what's the latest rick? >> hey, ali, a lot of wind as well. this will certainly be the strongest storm in the last two years, and last winter didn't have any storm and haven't had anything this big certainly this year either. so right now it's two storms that will be kind of merging into one. this is our moisture source, very heavy moisture here with the southern storm and that's the cold air that's eventually going to come in and meet up with it and cause this large nor'easter. now we're confident there will be impacts across much of new england. blizzard watches are in effect across eastern long island and much of connecticut, all of rhode island and eastern massachusetts and that's likely where we're going to see the heaviest of the snow. interior sections, winter storm watches in effect and winter storm warnings across the great lakes and this'll see snow as well. take a look at the future radar, what it does.
10:30 am
tomorrow afternoon, it's 37 degrees in new york city and we're seeing this peak there, that's mixing between rain and snow. if we stayed this warm, we're going to see an accumulation across the new york city area and it's all snow as you get towards connecticut and certainly towards boston. by tomorrow night the cold air gets here and a we'll see a number of hours, five or six hours, very, very heavy snow and see the accumulation across new york city, but you notice in boston we're talking probably about a 36 hour snow event and that's why i think there we're going to see the biggest of the snowfall totals. especially as you go inland where you get a little bit of elevation across worcester hills and that's like we'll see that bulls eye of higher snowfall totals, maybe towards about three feet. any nor'easter, you get the bands of precipitation and impossible to forecast with any degree of accuracy this far out. and what we do know a major area getting well over a foot of snow and new york city right now we're seeing about 6 to 12, depending how cold is
10:31 am
gets earlier, if it does get cold earlier, that number could vacillate a little bit and get higher, but at this point i think we'll probably see quite a bit of rain tomorrow and keep the snowfall totals down a little bit. again, we're so close on that rain-snow line across the city, it's going to be hard to tell just yet. >> and of course, the bulls eye is boston and the ripple effect is national for the commute. >> yeah, think about the airports, we're going to be talking potentially hurricane force winds, especially across this eastern side here. and so those kinds of winds with the heavy snow a lot of power outages, if you don't have the generator the last couple of years, go out today and get it. a lot of people would like it. and once these airports go down for a couple of days, everybody feels it across parts of the west. >> alisyn: i have the mack daddy of generators after the last storm, fool me once, you know. we'll check back with you. and in moments a different look and this time for a
10:32 am
heavily armed military trained police officer with a vendetta against the l.a.p.d. dr. keith ablow has read this guy's manifesto and he'll take us inside the mind of the suspect now accused of killing an officer and a young couple in cold blood just to settle the grudge and then new reports on federal reserve policies, are they quietly crushing the retirement funds for millions of american workers? we'll look how. and k at the angry response from washington after a puzzling propaganda video out of north korea that appears to show an american city under attack. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>> fox news alert for you now. because there are breaking developments on a fast moving story from the west coast. a multi-state manhunt is underway for a former police officer accused of killing three people and wounding several others. police believe this guy, christopher dorner is armed and extremely dangerous. they also fear that he intends to kill again, saying he has multiple weapons at his disposal. the l.a. police chief says this is all about a grudge. >> and this, if you read his manifesto, this is a very-- l.a.p.d. is a specific target, but all law enforcement is target. you know, this is a vendetta against all of southern
10:37 am
california law enforcement and it should be seen as such. >> alisyn: we'll go live to adam housley, who has an update for us. adam? >> reporter: yes, we're getting information from point loma, and the navy base is on lockdown, the point loma area and the scene we've been showing with the police officers outside, marked and unmarked cars and told it had been cleared. a call from someone who watched the description might be at the complex and told that person did not end up being the suspect and also a couple of people they want to talk to there, but they have quote, zero percent confidence that the suspect is there. the good news is there was nobody barricaded and nobody they believe is part of this murder and want to talk to a few folks. and having said that, another piece of information we've got the attempted boat robbery, we know san diego well, where the wallet was found one of the thoroughfares could be taken over to interstate 5 and heads
10:38 am
to the location here at the empire. and a lot of information that we have where this story you could write a novel on already. give you the bullet points what you need to know. on sunday there was a double murder. that double murder was of a captain daughter's involved with the case with the suspect several years ago that he felt went against him. that double murder, those people were basically murdered because they were family members. fast forward to last night. an elderly boat owner in san diego was basically tied up and boat was attempted to be stolen by the suspect according to authorities to take that boat south to mexico. didn't work. apparently, a rope got stuck in the motor somehow and he had fled that scene. they find his wallet on a thoroughfare that leads from that scene over towards interstate five, found at 2:30 this morning. in the meantime, two shootings happened here in the empire in southern california an hour to the east of los angeles, hour and a half to two hours drive from san diego, depending
10:39 am
which path you take. and corona, a shooting. two officers providing security to people they believe might have been threatened were shot at. one was grazed thankfully and returned fire, but the suspect got away. not long afterwards, 15 miles to the north here be, where we're located in riverside, two officers from riverside p.d. at a stop light, nothing to do with any search for the suspect, christopher dorner and they're shot, one killed and the other one in very serious condition, basically ambushed. from that point nobody has seen the suspect. the state is on a blue tactical alert, basically like an amber alert and meet certain criteria, everybody not only law enforcement, but people who might help law enforcement are threatened. he made that very clear in his manifesto. alisyn. >> alisyn: thank you for that update. right now we want to move on according to the suspect's manifesto, he is promising to bring unconvention al to those on and off duty.
10:40 am
and what could possibly be going inside this guy's mind. he's willing to go this far and willing to murder a young couple in cold blood to settle a grudge against the young woman's father. dr. ablow from the medical a-team. you've read at least portions of this guy's manifesto, a vendetta against the l.a.p.d. and go after their relatives in addition to them. how would you define what's going on inside this person's head? >> what i define it as, a massive wall of denial against what really disempowered him. in other words, when these folks in the l.a.p.d. confronted him about without any grievance he had and couldn't work there anymore, that was a manifestation, his behavior at that time, the reason they saw him as potentially not officer material reaches back, i promise you, to other events in his life, that created rage inside him, that gave him an exaggerated sense of his
10:41 am
boundaries and how special he might be. so, they were newcomers to psycho pathology that was developing in him for quite a long while. he'd like to believe the first people to disempower him and treat him the wrong way were the folks who lost his case or brought that case to take his job away, but that's not true. it started long before that. these are fall-guys that he's taken out. he doesn't want to look at his life. >> alisyn: in fact, dr. ablow, in his manifesto, he does touch on that, he felt victimized even as far back as elementary school, says he was the recipient of racial slurs and fement that again at the l.a.p.d. it's hard to know what to put stock in, in an accused homicidal maniac's manifesto, but clearly he says he feels like a victim. where do you begin with someone like that. >> i begin by saying, telling me all the ways you're a victim and probably you don't know some of the ways, but let's stop this insanity with
10:42 am
you taking out people who you think have done you wrong now, because it's not about now, it's about then. and your display of a lack of empathy and destructiveness is a direct descendent of the lack of empathy you were shown and the way in which you feel you were destroyed which you've already written to empower yourself now, to connect the dots and reclaim your humanity. not extinguish lives. these are acts of cowardess taking people out from a distance. stand up and say what's happened to you and why. surrender and speak your mind, don't kill people in order to not look at your own life. >> dr. ablow, he in his manifesto writes how angry he was at his own police captain for determine nating him. and the suspect believes that he was a whistleblower doing the right thing. he was, he says, falsely terminated. here is what he says and i think it's telling and i want you to weigh in on it. >> sure. >> your lack of ethics and conspiring to wrong a just individual are over.
10:43 am
suppressing the truth will lead to deadly consequences for you and your family. there will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat and sleep. i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, i'm terminating yours. what do you hear there? >> yeah, what i would say is more of the same. you didn't have an opportunity to have a family of your own. it's not 'cause you lost your job, buddy, it's because things happened to you earlier in life that crushed your humanity and your ability to be in a kind of communication with people and to express intimacy. stop targeting the wrong individuals and start thinking about your life and connecting the dots. the other thing i'm concerned about, alisyn, is the bizarre nature of these killings that we've seen, someone taking a boy underground into a bunker, now this with an s.w.a.t. member, almost. being targeted by an s.w.a.t. team. we had mr. holmes dress up as the joker at the batman premier. people are losing sight of where reality starts and fantasy ends and what we're
10:44 am
seeing are people playing out movie-like dramas in the streets. >> alisyn: that seems to be true and let's pray for a quick end to this one, dr. ablow. >> i hope so, thank you. >> alisyn: thank you. we're getting word of a press conference from riverside, california on this manhunt and that's at the top of the hour, stay tuned for that. moments ago new warnings on the blockbuster storm system that's expected to affect 1/10 of the u.s. in the next 24 to 48 hours. we have an update on what forecasters say could be the biggest storm in decades for some 32 million americans. and there are new questions about whether the policies of the federal reserve may be quietly crushing the retirement funds for millions of american workers. we'll look at that.
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>> we want to bring up to speed of the massive manhunt, for an accused mass murderer. the police in riverside, california will brief the
10:48 am
media on the status of their investigation of the murder of a riverside police officer and the shooting of another officer. we of course will bring you that press conference if and when it happens live and keep you updated throughout the program on the progress, if any in finding this suspect. meanwhile, a shocking new report on the federal reserve. and how its policies of affecting your retirement funds. are they crushing them for millions of american workers? we're learning several major u.s. companies are pouring cash into pension plans and battered by record low interest rates. among those ford motor company is expected to spend 5 billion dollars this year shoring up pension funds. and also on the list, boeing, which plans to send 1.5 billion dollars in cash to shore up its fund in 2013 and after putting in 1.6 billion last year. verizon communications also contributing 1.7 billion to a pension plan in the fourth quarter. the fox business network's gerri willis explains this.
10:49 am
what's the problem with pension funds? >> here is how it works and who is getting hurt. at the end of the day when interest rates are high, companies have to pony up less dough than they do right now when interest rates are now. when they record that pension obligation, it's valued on the basis of where interest rates are. right now interest rates are at rock bottom so company's he contributions have to be higher and that's what you're seeing with the numbers you just saw, that doesn't moean that pensions are killed. they have an obligation to pay them. the companies are getting hurt and at the end of the of the day, that's why some companies don't like pension funds why you see companies run away from pension funds and they're not sure what their obligation is going to be at the end frt day, they like predictability. >> alisyn: that means companies like ford and those we named have to dip into profits. should we feel sorry for them? >> they have low borrowing costs right now. we've seen some companies borrow to pay high dividends.
10:50 am
some are borrowing to pay the pension obligations and they're borrowing costs are very low and making it both ways. let me tell how is getting hurt by the low interest rates. so, you think of people who are retired already. how do they invest? stocks, with the stock market going up, typically don't see that. what they're invested in, cd's, invested in money markets and they've got their money parked in ultra safe places that are paying them nothing. why? because interest rates are low, low, low. so they're making nothing on their money. i looked at a 12 month cd right now, it's paying 1/2 a percent. you're not keeping up with inflation. >> alisyn: all right. >> i mean, we haven't heardbout this has on pension funds so of course when you saw that, it makes perfect sense. is the federal reserve planning on changing its policy in this. >> it's not job number one. they're more concerned how the economy is doing. they say the number one concern is unemployment. and want to see more employed. the reality is the companies
10:51 am
put more and more money in the pension funds and have less money for what? hiring people. >> alisyn: the byproduct that employment will be hurt as they have to pad the pension funds. >> it's what we see all the time, unintended consequences of federal policy. federal reserve cut rates 12 times and consequences are piling up for the economy. fewer people are working, nobody has incentive to invest because you don't know what's coming tomorrow. >> alisyn: so some of these companies, still profitable, are actually taking loans out for their pensions? >> that's happened. and they've also borrowed money to pay dividends to avoid the tax that kicked in at the end of the year. >> alisyn: unintended consequences. >> yes. >> alisyn: gerri willis, thanks so much for soming in. >> thank you. >> alisyn: there are developments on the breaking stories just ahead. awaiting a news conference in this manhunt. it is a tense crime scene that has left three people dead, that leaves two injured and
10:52 am
police thought they were shooting at the gunman and tension running high all across southern california. we'll bring you the latest. and new fallout from the storm video from north korea showing an american city in flames. and why youtube took it down and what lawmakers want president obama to do about it now. ♪ can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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10:55 am
>> we want to show you live pictures right now coming back from riverside, california and the police department there, we're expecting a news conference on that desperate manhunt and this is unlike anything we've seen in a long time. there is a suspect named chris
10:56 am
dorner, a former los angeles police officer and today accused of killing three people, including a riverside officer and injuring two others, including another riverside police officer. police are on high alert, all across southern california. we're live in l.a. we're live in riverside, we're live in the air, over southern california watching the police activity so we have all the breaking news for you at the top of the hour. . >> there are new developments on a troubling story we've been telling you about this week. youtube has pulled a bizarre video posted by north korea, it shows assimilated attack on a u.s. city and while parts of this video may seem comical, some powerful lawmakers in washington are not laughing. they're calling for tough new sanctions against pyongyang. and live in the west coast news room, it's hard to know what to make of this video, trace. >> reporter: you and i were
10:57 am
making fun of this, but the house foreign affairs committee calling for new sanctions against north korea and calling on president obama to redesignate north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. you see the video three minutes long from the news and propaganda arm of north korea, a dream sequence of a you young man boarding a spaceship and raining down nuclear bombs on new york city. somewhere in the u.s. black clouds of billowing, since we have nuclear weapons no one is laughing. north korea has tested nuclear weapons twice before and threatening to do it again and florida congresswoman ileana ross lehtinen shows it's to underline the national security interests and former ambassador john bolton said this about the video. listen. >> obviously, it's not north
10:58 am
korean cinema, but threats-- as ridiculous as this thing is what threatens us the idea that people in north korea are dreaming about destroying new york. >> by the way the video has not been pulled off of youtube because activision the video game maker is objecting because they took one of their scenes of new york and mralsed it in the video. >> alisyn: the latest on the hunt for that former police officer unforgiving violence to anyone with an l.a.p.d. badge. and chicago please demanding overtime for checking their blackberries. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2!
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whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> fox news alert for you. we want bring you up to speed for a manhunt from the mexican border to central california as far east as las vegas. and in riverside, california they're readying the audio
11:02 am
equipment and part of a search for chris dorner, a former los angeles police officer accused of killing three people including a riverside police officer and injuring two more including another riverside police officer and investigators say dorner has access to multiple weapons and he appears to be targeting police officers and their families. here is the los angeles chief speaking last hour. >> if you read his manifesto, this is a very-- l.a.p.d. is a specific target, but all law enforcement is targeted. this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement and should be be seen as such. >> says the killings are going continue until you publicly come out and clear his name. is that going to happen? >> it's not going to happen. >> alisyn: dorner is apparently military trained and received several awards for marksmanship. we'll have live team coverage coming up in just a minute. right now we have some more
11:03 am
breaking news on a monster storm that's headed for the northeast where the snow totals will be measured in feet not inches and tens of millions of people are now in its path. a brand new hour of american live. i'm alisyn camerota in today for megyn kelly. watches and warnings posted from eastern massachusetts to rhode island for a blizzard that could be one for the record books. heavy snow and white-out conditions are expected and boston set to get the brunt of the storm that could rival the blizzard of 1978 which crippled boston 35 years ago. that storm dumping more than two feet of snow and lashing the city with hurricane force winds and chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the fox extreme weather center. is this going to be like the storm of 1978, rick? >> it's possible. you and i both have lived in boston, ali and you know when you're there, the streets are incredibly narrow, for them to move the streets it's difficult. not a lot of places to move the snow and causes gridlock
11:04 am
in that city and most they've had from a single storm is 27 inches, it's possible that we'll hit that or be around that amount with this storm so take a look, these are the pictures from 1978 and that's downtown, one of the wide streets, but in general, incredibly narrow streets that are already narrow to get the traffic there, very congested city and you add the snow and plow it and shovel it out. it's problem for us. and they're going to combine into one storm, into a nor'easter, and somewhere off shore before it tracks off the northeast and blizzard warnings in effect. and winds at time maybe over 60 miles per hour, places like boston and certainly a lot of water pummelling towards the boston harbor and coastal erosion and potentially the case where we could see things affected by sandy and the future radar, that looks like, tomorrow afternoon, new york is 37 degrees or around that range, and that number is
11:05 am
really important 'cause it's right on that rain-snow line and eventually cold air behind the storm comes in and turns to all snow and always all snow in boston and that's why i think the totals are extreme maybe in excess of two feet and certainly as you go inland towards worcester hills and that's the bulls eye. you notice the 12 to 18 range, and seeing a foot, to foot and a half of snow and some areas more. the thing concerning about new york city and obviously, talking about new york city and one of the cities the air traffic that goes through here, but we're talking about a big spread here between maybe a foot, foot and a half of snow and towards jersey three to six inches of snow. and the distance there is around 40 miles. if the storm tracks one way or another, the snowfall totals in the city will be dramatically different. impossible for us it say exactly what's going to happen. anyone in new york needs to watch closely, might be a bigger snowstorm or maybe not as much. a little better than that, but it's right on the line, we
11:06 am
can't say. >> i know you're trying and will perhaps in the next few minutes so thanks, rick for that. for some context on the big blizzard in 1978, just like this storm, heavy snow was not the only problem in new england. hurricane force winds and you heard rick say were also reported with gusts reaching more than 90 miles per hour, in chat that many and near 80 miles per hour in boston. and schools in the area were closed for days, shut down some until mid february. nearly 40,000 people took refuge during that storm in emergency shelters while 3,000 cars and 500 trucks got stranded in snow drifts all along route 128 that ran into the city and 14 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning as they huddled in snow trapped vehicles. all right we want to go back to california now to our other top story at this hour, nerves are on edge as the manhunt
11:07 am
continues for the police officer with a vendetta. they say that christopher dorner ambushed two officers killing one of them. accused of killing a young woman and her fiance this weekend. the woman's father was involved in an l.a.p.d. review process that ultimately led to dorner's dismissal. we have team coverage, trace gallagher in los angeles with details of the suspect's disturbing manifesto. and adam housley joins us from riverside with the latest on the manhunt. what's happening this hour? >> well, this hour we're waiting for a press conference to begin at riverside and two officers were shot here this morning and one was killed, another one in serious condition and a live look behind me, this is the intersection about a block away from where the shooting took place and they were ambushed. you can see that the police is here, highland police, san bernardino, the cooperation that's existing as the manhunt is state wide. here is a picture of
11:08 am
christopher dorner the suspect, police believe last night he tried to hijack a boat from an 81-year-old man. when that didn't work, he drove away-- this is in san diego, one of those that drove over to interstate 5, they found a wallet was given to them about 2:30 this morning with dorner's identification. fast forward a little to the inland empire, hour and a half drive or so from san diego, east of los angeles and dorner there, according to police takes two shots or several shots at police officers in corona, california, l.a.p.d. officers there providing security and he shot at them grazing one and they returned fire and then not long after that, about 15 miles to the north in riverside where we're located, that's where police say he ambushed two officers sitting at a stop light and they had no idea what was going on and, that there was a manhunt for this point and shot at point blank range, one was killed and the other seriously injured and the seriousness of this not lost on l.a.p.d. police chief
11:09 am
charlie beck who spoke less than an hour ago, take a listen. >> of course he knows what he's doing, we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it's extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: and all officers potentially are target according to his manifesto. charlie beck is on that list and all family members are potential targets as well and anybody that might be helping a police officer or rendering aid is a potential target. here is a look at dorner's car the pickup. we have video, how intense this is across california a tie at that time pickup, a full sized pickup came through the intersection about an hour ago, a similar color to what they're looking for, dark gray or blue. as that truck approached, watch as the officers got to full attention with rifles drawn on their unit and they
11:10 am
approached the vehicle, made them roll down the windows and searched and made sure it wasn't the suspect and thankfully it wasn't. that's going on in southern california no confirmed sightings since the shooting here this morning in riverside. they don't know if he's going north to las vegas or california or even around here and holed up someplace, but what they know he's armed, dangerous, willing to kill and willing to die to take out people with him. alisyn? >> all right, adam housley, thank you so much for that update. now, last hour, we shared some of dorner's job line manifesto to which dorner, well, he calls, a war of attrition. to begin the team coverage, i know you read the manifesto and you have some clues to his mindset. >> reporter: this thing by our count is 21 pages long, one chilling account after another and one quote saying, look, i never had the opportunity to have a family, i am terminating your family, on and on it goes and he
11:11 am
talked about everything from politics to pop culture and attacks police for ruining his name as we've told you many times, christopher dorner is wanted for shooting three police officers, killing one, injuring two, accused of killing the daughter of a former policeman turned lawyer who represented him during a case against the los angeles police department, that he lost and resulted in him losing his job. in his manifesto, he has threatened police and their family and i quote here, suppressing the truth will lead to deadly consequences for you and your family. there will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat, and sleep. and keep in mind, that he is trained in anti-terrorism techniques, he is a marksman and he is heavily armed, including with all the weapons. the l.a.p.d. chief charlie beck earlier kind of gave a time line of his events. listen. >> wednesday, february 6th, about 8:30 p.m., san diego, an
11:12 am
attempt robbery, dorner attempted to steal a boat from a boat owner in san diego, he was not successful and fled the location. >> reporter: so the boat owner in san diego is 10:30 p.m. and one o'clock that morning around there that's when the shooting happened. a false alarm in san diego today so he could be anywhere from the mexican border all the way up to vegas. to give you an idea how on edge police are, take a look at this video, from attorneys, california this morning. he's driving a dark gray nissan, and this right here is a dark gray nissan, the same color was in an area where police were protecting somebody who was listed on his vendetta sheet, if you will. and his manifesto and they shoot at this because the people inside wouldn't stop 40 bullets at least, the people inside were injured, they are expected to survive and there's another similar shooting in torrence today and dorner says his attacks will start small and get bigger
11:13 am
unless police clear his name and as charlie beck just said a short time ago, ali, police are not about to clear this man's name. >> alisyn: we heard that. and thanks for the update. obviously we'll check back with you. the minute this news conference begins in riverside we'll bring you the new and latest information on the search for this man, an accused cop killer with a chip on his shoulder. plus, we'll have the details on that lawsuit that could change a lot of workplace rules as one group demands overtime to check their blackberries, and enhanced interrogation techniques among the issues the cia director nominee john brennan will face in a confirmation hearing 30 minutes from now. a new showdown for the president's national security team. we're going to have that live for you. >> i think it's fair to say that far fewer civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership and al-qaeda along the lines that we're discussing here as
11:14 am
opposed to an effort to invade a country with hundreds of thousands of troops and take cities and towns.
11:15 am
11:16 am
11:17 am
>> fox news alert. in a moment we'll have the latest on the manhunt for the former police officer unforgiving violence and anyone with an l.a.p.d. badge and he's killed three people and reportedly, but his list of targets is much longer and we're going to hear from the riverside police chief on the status of this massive manhunt and the shooting that led to the death of one of his officers and injured another. stay tuned for that. well, there are new questions about the immediate future for our men and women in uniform today as the pentagon threats
11:18 am
pay cuts and deployments on hold, automatic cuts to the defense budget. and for america, he joins us now on the question of whether our troops are going to pay a price for washington's failure to make tough decisions. hi, pete. >> how are you doing, alisyn. >> alisyn: as you know, leon panetta is suggesting just 1% pay raise for our men and women in uniform that won't keep up with the cost of living there, what they'll have to pay going ahead next year. what do you think that would do for military families? >> well, it is a defacto pay cut and i think the military families are looking at the other side and also recently announced the civilian work force, they're unfreezing pay freezes that have happened for nonmerit paid government positions outside of the military so they're seeing salaries go up outside of the military and their salaries going down and you know what they say and i see, we see one
11:19 am
gigantic political cop-out. that's what the sequestration debate has turned into. the president refuses to lead, no one will talk details how to address our debt crisis and the deficit and debt crisis, everyone is entrenched in their positions and sitting back and saying, i think sequestration is going to happen. you know who is going to take the brunt of it. the across the board nature of the cuts are going to hurt our ability to train and maintain, vehicles, ships and airplanes and the things that provide the readiness for our military are going to take a dramatic cut and we'll have done nothing to reform the way we spend money and put our country on a sound physical track. >> of course, pete, as we talk about cutting back, our enemies are ramping up and you see north korea doing more testing and iran moving possibly closer to nuclear weapons. do our enemies overseas pay attention to our budget woes and our plans here at home? >> sure they do. they look at our capabilities. they look at our disposition.
11:20 am
they perceive us differently when we're perceived to be drawing back and pulling away from the world and cutting our capability. so, what happens in washington is watched very, very closely and that's why we have to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the strongest military in the world and we're just not seen as serious this doing so right now. sequestration is not a serious proposal, it was meant to be a poison pill so bad they'd have to compromise to avoid it, instead they're unwilling to address our debt crisis bye looking at how do you reform the pentagon, ways to cut spending in the pentagon, sure there are. >> alisyn: let's talk about that because should the military be immune from defense cuts? it sounds like you're saying no, they should not. that we should do some sort of self-tightening, what would that look like? >> we've got to do our part. the way we secure our weapons systems. an idea, the time it takes and the amount of money we overspend in taking an idea to the battlefield with defense weapons system is amazing. billions in cost overruns and
11:21 am
you've got to look at certain overseas bases and look at our organization, released a report that provide a lot of-- the pentagon has never been audited. its books are unauditable. there are places, nooks and cro crannies, we need to look at. we're willing to look at our sacred cow and the department which needs to be a strong military defense for the largest debt and deficit. the entitlement programs that many on the left are unwilling to touch and the largest drivers of debt and deficit. we don't look at our dirty laundry in the pentagon we can't turn to the real drivers and say it's time for you to reform your programs to make them solvent and get a sound fiscal track. >> pete, i don't have a lot of time, but sounds like you're saying the pentagon should get a mirror and see the bigger global issues that they can cut and leave our servicemen and women alone? >> yeah, the difference between reform and
11:22 am
indiscriminate cuts and it's about maintaining capabilities so that american remains the strongest military in the world, not about cutting for the sake of cutting,it's reforming to keep it strong and we can address our debt crisis that ultimately isn't solved by cutting the defense department, but reforming other places in our government that are bloated. >> you've got it. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, there are all eyes on the massive winter storm as it it barrels to the northeast and it's set to affect tens of millions of people, the watches and warnings posted for a blizzard that could be one for the ages, bringing back memories of the storm that paralyzed boston, exactly 35 years ago and the nation's top accident investigator speaking out about the battery troubles on the dreamliner 787, what he's now calling on the feds to do. of course, we're waiting for the news conference on the multi-state manhunt for the police officers armed and extremely dangerous and going after his own. he's targeting members of the police force that he says
11:23 am
wronged him. we're back in three minutes. . >> the riverside officers were cowardly ambushed. they had no opportunity to fight back, no prewarning. imagine, imagine, going about your workday having to worry about that threat. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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>> fox news alert. as you can see on the left side of your screen, we're awaiting a news conference in riverside, california on the latest of the massive manhunt looking for a former laps officer on the right side of your screen and he is accused of killing three people, let's bring in trace gallagher, live in the west coast news room with the latest on the story, trace? >> we're kind of following the news out of san diego, because
11:27 am
we're hearing the entire military base which we've been talking about all morningon loc let me just kind of explain that. point loma south of san diego, there's a naval base in point loma. keep in mind that christopher dorner served in the navy. and there are reports that he stayed at a hotel, that is near the navy base sometime last night. police say that did not happen, did he not stay that. there is another report that he might have stayed there recent days and never checked out which is what brought police to this hotel in port loma to begin with this morning, but he, again, was not there. so keep in mind, we have this lockdown underway right now. okay. let's listen to san diego right now. >> as far as we know they are not. you know, that's a good
11:28 am
question and we actually need to find that out, but as far as this lockdown situation here and dorner, they do not believe he is here, in fact, again, we had talked to lieutenant ramos and he said we cannot confirm that he is here today. they do not believe that he is here. >> so she makes a good point there, ali. they don't believe he's on the naval base, it might be on lockdown of course for precautionary reasons and again, it's important to point out that he is a member of the military reserve and that he is heavily armed including assault weapons and they're checking into reports he may have been on or near the naval base in recent days and don't forget they found his police badge in his wallet near san diego's lindbergh field. a few miles away from point loma. sometime the last 18 hours he has been in san diego because
11:29 am
the la police say he's wanted for assaulting a boat owner in san diego, another san diego bay and trying to take the boat. that didn't work out. that was around 10:30 last night. the shootings north of san diego, northeast about 80 miles happened around 1:30 and 1:45 this morning, and then of course, we have these reports of him going back it san diego which are not confirmed so the la police chief say he was in san diego last night and he went out to riverside county and then he apparently went back to san diego, some say, but that's not confirmed. keep in mind we have also confirmed that christopher dorner has a house in las vegas and owns a home in las vegas, where these shootings happened along interstate 15, that's a highway that runs from san diego all the way through vegas and into utah, but it was, by our clock now, almost 11 hours ago, right, 10 1/2 hours ago so he could be anywhere between the mexican border, as well as las vegas or north of there why
11:30 am
the search has expanded and las vegas police said they clearly have an all points alert out and they don't believe he's vegas and state wide have a blue alert, a suspect is armed and dangerous and is believed to have shot a police officer. again, going back if you just joined us, he's believed to have shoot three police officers, killing one, and wounding two. and one of the l.a.p.d. police officers who was shot at and grazed was protecting somebody who was on this list, this vendetta list that christopher dorner road, this 14 page manifesto where he goes on to threaten various members of the los angeles police department that he believes wronged him over the years, that got him fired and ruined his name and now he plans to take it out on the police as well as their families and police say he has made good on one of the promises, killing the daughter of a former
11:31 am
police captain turned lawyer who represented him in a case that got him fired. we're going to keep all of this going, ali. this is a big developing story here in southern california. it's got a lot, a lot of different points of interest and as we get more on it, still waiting for the news conference in riverside, california the county, the city where the police officer was shot and killed around 1:30 this morning, we will certainly bring that to you. >> alisyn: all right. trace, thanks for that thorough update. we're, as you said, awaiting this police press conference and we'll bring that as soon as we have it. we're going to take a quick break and more "america live" on the other end. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves.
11:32 am
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11:34 am
no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey!
11:35 am
♪ [ howls ] ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. the biggest manhunt we can remember is underway in california where police are looking for a former also lost police department officer who appears to be on a murderous rampage. he is accused of killing three people, he's he accused of shooting at police officers. he is angry, he's written a manifesto in which he talks about his rage against the l.a.p.d. and how he will take out his rage on their family members. one of the police officers that he has reportedly shot and killed is in riverside, california. and we are on the left side of your screen waiting for a police press conference out of riverside to see if they have any new clues or closer to getting the man you see on the
11:36 am
lower corner of your screen. we will bring you there as soon as it happens. now to another fox news alert bus we're moments away from what could be a contentious confirmation hearing for cia director john brennan. expected to face questions on enhanced interrogation and revelation about drone strikes and the argument the president has is whether or not he has the legal authority to essentially kill whom ever he wants where he wants and watch also for questions about the terror attacks in benghazi, a lot to talk about with simon rosenburg and the founder of new democrat network and former advisor to president clinton's campaign and mort is a fellow at american enterprise institute and former speech writer for president george w. bush. gentlemen, we have a lot to get through. mark, let me start with you. in order of importance, how do you think that the lawmakers
11:37 am
are going to address things, are they most interested in a drone strike, or getting answers about benghazi, which brennan has never addressed or what's going to happen here? >> well, i think that john brennan is hoping they spend a lot of times on drums, this is one -- on the drones. 83% of americans support the drone strikes and when you say drone strikes against american citizens against al-qaeda, support is 65% of americans and 55% of self-described liberal democrats. if there's ever been consensus on an issue i think that one is it. it makes perfect sense. look, i don't understand the arguments of the people understanding saying you can't kill americans who join al-qaeda with drones. we are at war, the enemy is al-qaeda so any american who responded to the attacks of 9/11 by saying, hey, i like those guys and i'm going to fight with them is not only an enemy combatant, not only a terrorist, a traitor to the united states of america and
11:38 am
the idea that they should be afforded some sort of protective bubble on the battlefield because of citizenship is absurd. so i think that brennan is going to get a lot of questions on that and he welcomes those. >> alisyn: simon, i'm interested in your thoughts particularly about the drone program. as marc said, during the bush presidency when he did a preemptive strike on iraq, democrats, liberal, media, lots of people took issue with that and now the president is doing preemptive strikes and killing people, including americans if they are suspected. doesn't seem to be getting quite that level of outrage. >> well, i think there is a difference between you know, hundreds of thousands of troops pouring in and invading a foreign country and a targeted drone strike, but i just want to say for the record, today marc and i agree and there's wide agreement and feels good, doesn't it, marc? and the drone--
11:39 am
>> welcome to the dark side, simon (laughter) >> a lot of my friends think i've been there for a long time. i think the point is that the drones program has been successful and one of the things getting ready for the segment that i've been impressed with. the committee chairman feels that the administration has been forth coming and the people who actually on a regular basis don't have complaints about access of information and including mike rogers republican head of the intelligence committee so the people in the game every day are comfortable with what's going on. however, some of the questions raised about whether there is adequate oversight i think are legitimate and fair and this stuff should be aired out and i think we'll learn how to get it done over the next few years. >> simon, you say it's been forth coming, but he has not spoke been benghazi. do you think that issue will come up and will john brennan actually have to answer? he is our counterterrorism chief and hasn't talked publicly about the terrorist strike in benghazi that left four americans dead. will he talk about it?
11:40 am
>> i hope he's asked about t i suspect he will be asked about it and hopefully he'll be more forth coming than susan rice was and more forth coming than the other obama administration has been, officials have been. i expect by now he'll admit it was a terrorist attack which would be a welcome change. look, i think he's hoping to be asked about drones because he doesn't want to be asked uncomfortable questions about other issues. and my fear is that the drones, is going to divert attention away from benghazi that need to be explored and divert attention away from issues like quite frankly. john brennan was the height of the bush administration the enhanced interrogation program. so he was literally the principal consumer of intelligence for khalid shaikh mohammed and others. if he claims he was opposed to it why didn't he speak out and
11:41 am
quite frankly why aren't we interrogating people. when you vaporize a terrorist with a drone you vaporize their intelligence in their brain. we're killing everybody on drones and happening on his watch and ought to be answering questions about that. >> alisyn: and simon, you know how washington works, and things are not always as they seem at first blush. is it as we hear marc sort of saying, leaked to the new york times, as a diversionary tactic from the administration to take the heat off the benghazi questions he might have gotten otherwise? >> oh, i don't know if we're that good or the white house is that good at orchestrating. i think that-- >> and share the theories here and-- >>, but i do think that, look, i think if you look at brennan, who has a 25 year
11:42 am
long career in the intelligence community and chuck hagel, in vietnam, john kerry a decorated war hero the first three front line folks put forward by the administration are highly experienced and well-regarded professionals who are going to bring, i think, heft and depth and strong leadership to this administration during, as marc has said, during a challenging time. there's a lot of threats to us in the world and i think that obama has put forward a strong a-team here with a lot of experience and i think they're going to do job. >> alisyn: marc, i like that you and simon agree apparently on the incompetence of the administration on leaking something successfully to the media, but i don't know that we should just gloss over it that much. things like that happen all the time. >> oh, sure. >> alisyn: things are leaked for a particular reason that maybe we don't know at first blush, but do you think that this hearing that we're watching on the left side of our screen, he hasn't said a word by the way, just listening, obviously, to the chairman and he hasn't said a single thing.
11:43 am
do you think this is going to go-- >> he looks good. >> in the direction of chuck hagel or john kerry? >> it really depends how he does. for the record, i disagree that chuck hagel and john kerry are the a-team of american policy, quite the opposite. it's possible that they leaked it to draw the attention on this, if that's what they did, it worked. but and look, i think he wants to spend all of his team defending the drone campaign because that seems to be what the media is interested in and it's positive ground for him. he's got 83% backing of the american public including republicans and democrats, simon and me. so, i think he wants to focus on that. i think we really ought to be asking him questions about enhanced interrogation, about benghazi and also about all of these leaks and the obama administration hasn't been leaking, it's been a torrent of information that's coming out and we now know that several senior obama administration officials are under criminal investigation by the fbi and the justice
11:44 am
department being questioned, including apparently john brennan has been questioned. who are the people questioned and that ought to be discussed as well in these hearings. >> we shall see if all of those come up. we'll keep a close eye on that and thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> when mr. brennan speaks we'll hear what he has to say and plus that manhunt for a former los angeles police officer accused in a murderous rampage has moved out to san diego and the suspect checked into a hotel, well, that's one. theories near the base. thousands of officers are on alert from l.a. to mexico and as far east as las vegas, former fbi investor bill daley he is going to join us live next where this investigation may be focused. [ male announcer ] to many men, shaving can be a sensitive issue.
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but take comfort. it may not be you; it may be your razor. upgrade to gillette fusion proglide. micro-thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel to put less stress on your skin by gliding through hair. switch to fusion proglide. number one dermatologist recommended on sensitive skin. and now introducing new fusion proglide sensitive shave gel. gillette. the best a man can get. >> fox news alert now. the senate intelligence committee is getting ready to begin their questions of john brennan.
11:48 am
you see there, senator mark werner a democrat from virginia about to introduce john brennan. there are many hot topics that they'll face this morning, everything from drones to benghazi to enhanced interrogation techniques, he has a lot to answer to. we will see what the senators ask him. let's listen in. >> raise your right hand and i'll administer the oath. i, john brennan, do solemnly swear that i will give this committee the truth, the full truth and nothing, but the truth so help me god. thank you very much and we look forward to hearing your testimony. testimony. >> chairman feinstein, vice-chairman chambliss, members of the committee i'm honored to appear before you today as the president's nominee-- >> would you halt, please?
11:49 am
we'll ask the police to please remove this woman. . [woman talking in audience] >> please remove-- i'm going to say once again that we welcome everyone here, that we expect no clapping, we expect no hissing. we expect no demonstration in this room. this is a very serious hearing. i will stop the hearing and i will ask the room to be cleared. so know that. please continue, mr. brennan. >> thank you, chairman.
11:50 am
i'm honored to appear before you today as the president's nominee to lead the central intelligence agent. i'm grateful to president obama for sending my name forward. thank you for your service to our nation and strong support for those who defend it. this includes the extraordinary men and women of the cia, and inintelligence community so many of whom like me call virginia home and call you our senator. i would the not be here today without the love and support of my wife kathy, my life partner and intelligence professionals has made numerous sacrifices over the yea years. >> would you pause mr. brennan. if you would remove that individual, please, quickly as you can, thank you. [audience member talking]
11:51 am
>> mr. brennan, please procedure. >> my wife kathy like the spouses of other service intelligence officials has made numerous sacrifices baring the brunt of family responsibility because of my profession and tribute to my three children who like the children of many cia officers and other national security professionals have had to deal with disappointments associated with an absentee parent far often than they should. and i'm very pleased to be joined today by my wife kathy and brother tomorrow. [audience member] >> all right, we will stop again. please remove that woman. [woman in audience talking] >> please, if you could please expedite the removal.
11:52 am
>> important the children of pakistan and yemen are more important, do your job. world peace depends on it. we're making more enemies-- >> please proceed, mr. brennan the next time we're going to clear the chamber and bring people back in one by one. this witness is entitled to be heard, ladies and gentlemen. so please give him that opportuni opportunity. >> thank you. and heart felt thank you goes to my family in new jersey, especially my 91-year-old mother dorothy, my 92-year-old father owen who emigrated from ireland 65 years ago. [audience member talking] >> all right. i'm going to-- we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask that the room be cleared and that the code pink associates not be permitted to come back in.
11:53 am
i've done this five times now and five times are enough. so we will recess for a few minut minutes. [applaus [applause] >> all right. well, if the -- ladies and gentlemen, if you wouldn't mind leaving we will then have you come back in, but it's the only way i think we're going to stop this. we will recess for a few minut minutes. yeah, john, john.
11:54 am
. [audience members yelling] >> all right. that took an uninspected turn of events. this, obviously, was supposed to be the hearing where the senate intelligence committee could ask questions of john brennan, the president's pick to head the cia, but it was interrupted time and again by protesters there. it was hard to hear exactly what they were saying from our vantage point, but later identified by dianne feinstein as code pink protesters and interrupted him probably four
11:55 am
to five times during his opening remarks and thanked his 91-year-old mother for her support when senator dianne feinstein decided she'd had enough and decided to clear the entire chamber and that means that people will then be let back in individually one by one. and it had been open to the public and appears the capitol hill police were earning their pay today as they had to take these protesters out individually one by one. no saying how many were in there and senator feinstein decided too many to hearing john brennan opening remarks. let's bring in mike emanuel for more context on this. this wasn't supposed to happen, mike. obviously these hearings are open for anyone who wants to come in. >> that's right, they take their turn and screened through security and people wearing bright pink are suggesting their position as relates to john brennan by what they're wearing and the
11:56 am
signs they're carrying in. and freedom of speech and allowed in until they interrupt the proceedings, but you saw chairwoman feinstein be very patient with these people and clearing them out one at a time and after five interruptions as john brennan the nominee for cia director tried to get through his opening statement she finally had enough and cleared the room and now they're going to allow them back in one at a time. the people who are witnesses in the room. so some unexpected chaos, we expected some fireworks later in the hearing, but during the opening statements, five interruptions by code pink protesters who do not like the drone program that john brennan has been the architect of for the obama administration and so they made their feelings known during opening statements, they're being cleared out and presumably, in a few minutes, we will get back to the hearing to see the questions from the senators to john brennan who is the cia nominee. >> you're so right. we expected the fireworks from
11:57 am
obviously the stand there at the witness table and the senators and interaction and exchange with john brennan and they have lots of questions to ask him, everything from the drone program to questions about benghazi, but in fact they came from the chamber. that looks like a very big chamber. can you give us some idea how long it will take to let people back in? and will they interrogate them on the way in and show credentials? >> my sense, it's a big room, alisyn and my sense is those wearing the bright pink, scarves, t-shirts and carrying signs, i think those people will get close scrutiny, and other people who are in more business attire will be allowed in. and some of the code pink folks have pink on their hands as the protester would stand uphold up theirs hands for everybody to see in a show of support. so it's not entirely clear how long the screening will take and we know that senator feinstein is anxious to get to
11:58 am
questioning of this very important position director of the cia and held out the hopes of a classified session if time allows and by starting this at 2:30 in the afternoon, having these interruptions they're getting to be up against it in terms of the clock, ali. >> alisyn: stick around for a second and looks like they're able to start the proceeding again. >> admiration for my close colleague mike morelle, and acted with a steady hand, integrity and exceptional skills. if confirmed, it would be a distinct privilege for me to work side by side michael, my friend and epitome of a professional in the months and years ahead. and also would be a tremendous privilege to serve with the director of national intelligence, jim clapper who mentored legions of professionals since his service in vietnam. as the president's principal intelligence advisor and head of the intelligence community jim is a person of longstanding and deep
11:59 am
experience and integrity. he and i share identical views on intelligence and giving future generations the support they need and so richly deserve. it would be the greatest honor of my professional life to lead the women and men of the central intelligence agency where i started my career nearly 33 years ago and i served for a quarter century. a 24-year-old fresh out of graduate school, i arrived at langley in august 1980 as a gsen 9, career trainee, termed to do my part with national security as one of this nation's intelligence officers. when i joined the cia in august 1980 world events were unsettled. our embassy in tehran had been overrun the year before, and 52 americans were still being held hostage by a radical government in iran. soviet invasion of afghanistan was less than a year old and the next decade we'd witness the


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