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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 26, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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comedy face. >> that is a chin beard, a cheard. not pretty. speaking of not pretty, now back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> slow loris has a gland on its arm that secretes a toxin, but it is not poisonous until they lick it and then they have a toxic bite. >> when they see you coming they go like this. oh how cute he is licking himself. and then they go like this. >> and then you explode. >> kennedy, who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing bill schulz. he made me put on a lotion called dna. >> all right. i am starting to look good on this here show. can't be homeless to do that. >> if it was the first thing i
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would say get checked after the show. >> too late. i am like a loris. >> paul, do you have upcoming pod casts or gigs ? >> i have them every friday. a new one is coming up. bill schulz may be on it if he talks to me again. and i will be at the comic strip in edmonton, alberta, canada. this thursday through sunday. if you are there and are cold, come inside. >> and that an anne murray song? >> quickly, where would you like people to tweet you at some. >> follow me on twitter at jaime underscore weinstein and we will have some fun. >> if that's true would they have some fun? i don't like guests making promises. >> you sound like a predator. >> he is tieing people on twitter for things that will turn out ugly and disgusting. i don't want to have anything -- >> horse meatballs. >> caution! e mr. bill. >> o'reilly factor is on.
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tonight. >> and the oscar goes to.... >> argo. >> why was first lady chosen to announce the best picture of the year award? did laura bush have that opportunity? did barbara bush? did nancy reagan. we'll have a special report. >> left with control of education system, control of the pop culture, movies, tvs, books, music, the left has beaten us. >> bill: is that true. has the u.s.a. shifted into liberal territory. we'll analyze the war between liberal and conservative thought. >> the way the cable outlet ran it is misleading and makes john mccain look insensitive. >> bill: with what they are accused of doing. an nbc commentator that senator mccain sneered at a shooting vick tim. >> caution you are about to
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enter the no-spin zone from southern california. factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. i'm doing public relations work which i'll tell you later on and saying hello to the folks to californians because the factor is largest audience is in the golden state. talking points memo has liberalism won in america? last week rush limbaugh put forth that because many americans are ill informed liberalism has won. he believes the left controls the education system, pup culture and media. he shot wrong about those situations, but i do not believe that liberal thought is now dominant in the u.s.a. however, the country is changing
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quickly into an entitlement society. it's not so much that apathetic americans are embracing the tenets of the left it's just they are selfish and they want money for nothing. but there is a big shift in some social matters. in 2001. 35% of americans favor gay marriage now, 48% do. in 2003, 33% of america shot marijuana should be legalize and now 48%. however, in 2002 a gallup poll asked if do you think it's the responsibility of the federal government to provide all americans with healthcare coverage. 62% of americans back then said yes. it is the responsibility of the feds to provide health care. now that number has dropped to 44% most likely because many americans don't like the
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obamacare law. talking points believe we are in the struggle to define america. the left has powerful agents in the media and pop culture. the invite disorganized and lacks leadership, but if the leader can america and fight off the media jackals that country can turn the country to the right because inherently america is a place of achievement. we have always been that. it's true that more americans want handouts than ever before, but that can be reversed because of self-interests. once americans are that if the government becomes a nanny state with high taxation everywhere, will be ten times harder for any one to succeed on a grand scale. there is no question the president obama and the democratic party want to take things away from successful americans. is that not an attractive proposition to most people as
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the polls say. but the right has not been able to articulate the danger of the nanny state and socialistic philosophy. there is always people that see themselves as victims and want to be paid for their perceived suffering. we have always had that. now those people are in a comfort zone because share victimization is not being challenged. it's being encouraged by the obama administration. once the nanny state victimization mentality begins to get hammered in an effective way, it will quickly fall apart as fair-minded hard working americans reject it. therefore, the left has not won in america, not yet. that is a memo. the top story, reaction joining us from denver, mary and las vegas, juan williams, both fox news analyst. the left in america, juan, is
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victorious, is it about to win? where is it? >> no, the fact is if you look at governor's mansions around the country, more republicans there, more republicans in stated legislatures. i think what we're hearing from rush limbaugh is frustration. a lot people on the right is that president obama won twice. they look at the shifting demographics, you look at 70s and white men made half of the electorate and now they are down to 35%. you can win as mitt romney the white vote and still not win the election. i'm surprised he is ashamed of america. i feel like someone is turned the world upside-down. here i am i'm proud to be an american, i've never been ashamed of this country, sometimes people i vote for don't win, i think she is just
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angry and frustrated that they don't seem to articulate their pointed or win a national election. >> bill: and and you say mary katherine? >> i am not ashamed and i don't think it does any good to be ashamed. it's fair to be discouraged. the sequestration cuts is a pretty good reason to be discouraged. if you are somebody concerned about spending and both sides of the aisle you've got people freaking out about this cut that amounts to less than 1 month's deficit from last year, think i when you look at that equation and coming up ahead and how many cuts need to be made and how much we actually have to do a fundamental shift in entitlement spending and rethink those programs that people are very married to, yes, you can be very discouraged how people are naeg taking politics and watching
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bits and pieces on entertainment news thinking, how am i going to explain entitlement spending reform. >> bill: you are kind of huge up on a policy end. i'm not coming at it. >> that is an example. >> bill: i was interested to hear how you were going to frame it. you saw the gay marriage, you saw the legalization of marijuana shift. that shift occurred for two reasons. number one, a very well thought out campaign by the media led by people ellen degeneres who is right now the most popular personality in the country. media embraced it. number two, the failure on the right to articulate a defense on why you shouldn't have gay marriage. their argument wasn't strong enough to overwhelm the pop culture media you should have it. that is number one. so there is a shift, juan, in the way people are seeing events
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and seeing social issues in particular. >> bill, the country is changing. you ask conservatives today in polls about gays and gay marriage and they say, it's just not as upsetting to them as generation ago. in california today, that amendment was defeated by conservatives who didn't like it. >> bill: conservatives and black americans but african-americans overwhelmingly. now their voted is going to be nullified. >> let me finish this point in response to mary katherine and to rush, i don't think it is the case that americans are uninformed or ill educated about sequestration cuts. i think they were influenced and i think rush --.
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>> bill: i think there are many millions of americans who are uninformed right now. >> the media makes a point of people not knowing the sequestration is not from this to this. >> bill: i don't want to talk about that. let brit hume do that. >> that is what we're up against and frankly on the libertarian issues, marijuana there are whole new generation that aren't concerned with the issues. so new way to communicate to win them over. >> bill: bob woodward says the obama white house is at fault over the budget chaos. why did michelle obama announce the big best picture
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>>. >> bill: impact segment, writing
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in the "washington post" bob woodward said that the white house is at fault for the current impasse that may trigger big spending cuts. white house is very angry with more woodward. joining us is brit hume. i want you two to define this why does woodward think that the president is at fault in 24 debate? >> he says two things. there is a package of automatic spending cuts set to go into effect at the end of the week. they are across the board by equal percentage and crude way of reducing the growth of spending. the president and his administration have indicated in the past that that policy that was put into effect was an idea that came from the republicans in congress. woodward has made the point that is not true and his reporting done for his book and otherwise establishes that was administration idea that was, indeed, accepted by congress and
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pass in order law by democrats and republicans alike and then signed into law by the president who later, might add, threatened that he would veto any effort to undo it. now comes the president suggesting it was somebody else's fault and jay carney acknowledged that it was the administration's idea. >> bill: wait. the idea if we don't get a deal on the budget we're going to cut by automatic measures. that was supposed to be an incentive for the two parties to come together and get a deal? >> exactly. it was an outcome so draconian the hope on both sides that this would get congress's warring parties to come together on a more rationale package to reduce the deficit. now woodward also says that
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didn't come to pass. automatic cuts are looming in a matter of days. the president is saying we need to substitute for that a package not just of spending cuts but of tax increases. woodward argues by adding tax increases the president is moving the goal post. i'm not sure that he has established that but that is what he says. >> bill: that makes sense. if the initial policy was passed to solely cut spending and then you introduce a tax rise on top of one you just got, that is fraud in the inducement. the inducement was, we'll pass this so we can come together and if we don't, the cuts will kick in. now, there is new element into it that republicans are certainly not going to go along with because they didn't want to go along with the tax increases in the first place which they finally did.
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they say, hey, you are not negotiating in good faith. >> that is essentially what republicans are arguing about, but the fact is, bill, none of it really matters. here is why. congress really, not the president is coming forward with any kind of an effort to head off these automatic cuts that are going to go into effect with any package of deficit reduction measures to replace them. it appears now that they are going to happen. now, as pointed out by many people, when you add up the amount of money involved, it's not a lot of money in a $3.6 trillion budget, but over time because it lowers the baseline from which spending then grows, it does save money in the long run and some considerable amount and it does it and no tax increases. they aren't going to go for any package that includes tax
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increases. that is where we are, it's not going to happen. >> bill: you expect at the end of this week for those cuts to kick in? >> yeah, i do. the other thing that is distressing about this the president whose idea this was and certain lay party to all this is going around talking about how absolutely draconian it will be and he is clearly trying to make this look worse and there are reports people in this administration is trying to make them as painful as possible. >> bill: i just got word i'm not going to be able to fly back to the east coast. they are going to ground all the airports. i have to buy a house out here. >> that is what people will see. which is an unusual way for a president to behave which is something he signed into a law. that is where we are. >> bill: directly ahead,
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michelle obama gets big exposure last night. we'll tell you what really happened. later, nbc news accused of doctoring a tape, this time john mccain looking bad.
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>>. >> bill: a billion people worldwide watched the academy awards last night. at the end of the program they all saw this. >> tonight it's my great pleasure to introduce live from the white house the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> i am so honored to help introduce this year's nominees for best picture and to help celebrate the movies that lift
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our spirits, broaden our minds and transport us to places that we never imagined. >> and the oscar goes to... argo! congratulations. >> bill: joining us now from our new york studio, sally quinn, this smacks, does it not, of hollywood left boosterism, correct? >> sounds right to me, bill. [ laughter ] >> bill: you are not going to argue with me. >> no. wait. what can you say. >> bill: i want to state my case for far left monitoring this segment. no nancy reagan. no barbara bush, no laura bush, but michelle obama, hey, how are you? it's propaganda play to make them glamorous?
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>> first of all i think they probably would have been before somebody thought of it, it's a brilliant idea. secondly, if you look at places all around the world, you will see that the most important ambassador we have is american films. people in caves all over the world, people in huts and jungles have american movies. >> they are enjoying pirates of the caribbean. >> wherever they are they are watching american films. even if they hate america they love our movies. this is the way to present that picture of america. we have a first lady who is black so people in other cultures and other countries can see. she is very good ambassador for this country. i think from aside from liberal or conservative politics, i think it was a great coup for her to do that. >> bill: i agree with you in
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part this is an image around the world that is positive for america particularly in the third world. i like michelle own. i like her physical fitness stuff. no beef there. when you said you think they would have used the first lady if they thought about it, i can assure you laura bush would never have introduced any award other than the worst president ever and voted for her -- you know harvey weinstein? he is a big obama guy, big democratic contributor. he basically walks around hollywood, you are going to do in this or i'll have you killed. hey, my pal michelle obama is going to introduce this picture. okay, harvey, that is what it was. they want to -- it might have been good idea for world perception but it's boosts the obama administration up as this
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glamorous thing? >> it is. she is glamorous. i mean.... >> bill: let me break this to you. i have to brutal. >> i can take it. >> bill: i'll give you last word. $17 trillion debt isn't glamorous? >> how much money do you think they spent on a jewelry in that event alone. >> bill: it was all loaned jewelry. >> right, exactly. >> bill: they gave me a nose ring and i wouldn't wear it. >> hollywood is liberal, everybody knows that. i'm not surprised. >> bill: it's my job to call propaganda and it's my job. >> you are doing your job. i think it's a brilliant idea and any shoal obama did a great job and great coup for the united states of america. >> bill: thanks for being on tonight. and more with adam corolla.
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as we move along and nbc news doctors another tape making john mccain look bad and americans can give billions of dollars to charity but are we doing the right thing if the charities find their own adventure... ♪
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sometimes the best road trip moments happen outside of the car. in nebraska, outdoor fun and adventure beckon from every corner. so get out and explore it all together. then when you get home, you can relive the memories with family and friends. whether you tweet it, update it, or pin it, share the road trip. ♪ woo-hoo! everybody's gotta find their own adventure... ♪ order your free copy of the nebraska travel guide today. >>. >> bill: giving money to charity. it's estimated last year americans donated an astonishing
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$300 billion to charities. a good portion of that money was not properly used. joining us from new york the author of the book concern stern former ceo of national public radio. i don't want to do it as slam against these charities. first charity that caught my eye in your book is the american red cross. what is the problem? >> the problem with the red cross is think of them as supply line company. they are brought in biggest disasters, katrina, 9/11 and their job is to move tons of materials and not good in certain situations. think of organization that are good at it. fed ex, walmart. u.s. military because they invest billions of dollars to supply line management.
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people won't give money to the red cross when a disaster happens when it gets goods to services they will never invest in the next victim. >> bill: so when you give money to the red cross in an emergency situation a lot of it sits there because they can't get it to the folks that need it. that is essentially the problem. the second one you mention is drug abuse education called dare that is supposed to steer american children away from narcotics. what is the problem there? >> the problem with dare it doesn't work. dare was started by darrell gates, police chief of los angeles back in early '80s it was tested by randomized control tests for decade and every test even proponents showed that it didn't work. it had negative consequences that kids learned how to use drugs. people who actually defended
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d.a. r.e., it keeps going. one charity i know that is listed in a federal registry of programs that don't work. it's still a billion dollar program. >> bill: so money flows in and results are not happening and obviously you can draw your own conclusion. you were the ceo of npr and people by the albums or drifters whatever you selling that week. is that an effective situation? >> i spent a decade there. i'm proud of my association with npr. one of things i saw and got me on the process of writing this book a problem a lot of charities have. they are in love with their own narrative. they don't want to be transparent to put their money where their mouth is. when i was npr i pushed then to have standards and transparency. i was going a board meeting and i would get 15 definitions of
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success would be. it's a great organization but like many charities, i think it is challenged to try to find to show to be one standard to be accountable. >> bill: they need to be more organized to use the funds. habitat for humanity, jimmy carter made it famous. problem? >> i really don't know. one of the things about charities in general, they often don't show their hand. they are not transparent to the public. one of the stories i tell is a story of give well is charitable rating agency going to habitat for humanity and asking for information and being rebuffed. i think charities need to be transparent. >> bill: very interesting book. bernie goldberg on yet another tape allegedly doctored by nbc news, this one to make john
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mccain look bad. bernie is next.
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly reporting from los angeles, in bernie segment, nbc news has been chastised three times for doctoring tapes. george zimmerman sued nbc news over a doctored tape in the trayvon martin case. >> now there is another problem. last wednesday in arizona the mother of a colorado shooting victim spoke with john mccain. >> my 24-year-old son was
1:39 am
murdered in a movie theater in aurora. these weapons allow a shooter -- these weapons do not belong on the street. >> i can tell you, those assault weapons ban does not --. >> bill: that sounds cold, does it not. >> here is what msnbc commentator said. >> obviously there is an edit between the woman's question and the john mccain smears. so maybe it's not fair to john mccain. >> bill: the cut was not fair to the senator. so why did the commentator use it? why didn't nbc news check it out before they aired it? obviously the senator was not smearing at anyone. joining us now from miami, bernie goldberg.
1:40 am
before you get to your commentary, i want to play to the audience senator mccain said. >> my hearts go out to your and your family and yesterday in tucson and there were people there affected by this terrible tragedy of the shooting there. i met with mark kelly and gabby giffords on this issue last week. they are becoming understandably great advocates on this issue. i will continue that conversation. i can tell you right now you need straight talk, assault weapons ban will not pass the congress of the united states. >> bill: so what say you? >> this running heavily edited tapes seems to be a bad habit over at msnbc. either they do the doctoring themselves with romney or gun
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people in connecticut or the travis, 911 tape with trayvon martin or this to make john mccain look bad, or they run somebody else's edited tapes as in this case. i have long argued that liberal media bias is not part of a conspiracy. they don't get together in a back room and say let's get those conservatives today. the problem is too many liberals in the newsroom, but this is intentional. they do this, it happens too many times. they do this to smear and destroy their ideological foes and they do it because it's part of a business model that works. pander to your audience and give them whatever they hell they want and you can make a lot of money doing it. here is where you and i disagree. i blame top management. you have said management doesn't
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know what is going on in editing room in a basement. maybe after the first time they don't but when it happens over and over and over again, it's management's fault and they should be held responsible for this. >> bill: they replace the nbc president, he is out. comcast i don't believe is ideological outfit they own nbc. i do agree with you and it's undeniable because the commentator on the program even said, she knew the tape was doctored. she knew it. then told the audience -- go ahead. >> she said, this tape has been edited and it may not reflect the real feelings of john mccain but i'm gunning use it anyway. >> bill: that is insane. she also said that mccain smeared at the woman. and he didn't smear at the woman. so the level of dishonesty that is now in play is -- i don't
1:43 am
know, what word would you put on it. the level on dishonesty is in play? >> it's corrupt. you see the problem i have, bill, is this stuff looks like journalism. i mean it's about events of the day. it's about news. it's about having newsmakers on your show and all that. it looks like journalism but it has very little if anything to do with it. it's all about ideology and.... >> bill: we have one minute left. report on daily caller about senator menendez and some unidentified source she is an escort that menen the dez paid me to have sex. i never use unidentified sources on a story and what do you think about that? >> i was at cbs news for 28 years. i may have run an unidentified source. frankly i don't remember.
1:44 am
here is what i think about this. first of all, i don't care if senator menendez paid a prostitute for sex. i don't care. i know prostitution is illegal in this country and i still don't care. i don't like the idea that it's an unnamed source. if it was a named source, i still won't care. >> bill: it's not under age on this one. make that clear the governor of new york had to quit because of it. with a big guy like that a governor you have to report it, bernie, if it is true. >> well, yeah, if it is true, i'm saying i don't care. i don't care. is it news that the u.s. senator fine. i guess you can make that case, but i'm also wondering what the motivation is of the people who are obsessed with this story. if it's underaged girls that is
1:45 am
legitimate that is a story. big girls who go out and hookers i don't care. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg. we'll take a look at controversial moments on academy awards program. then i'll tell you about what happened when i attended a swanky oscar party. we're coming right back from l.a.
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>> bill: adam carolla and seth mcfarlane was it's usual cheeky
1:49 am
self poking fun. he made fun of actresses who bare their breasts on screen. with me is adam. we're not, is his cheeky or booby. >> we're not playing it because people said, we got our kids here. i didn't think it was offensive but i thought it was fifth grade. >> as a comedian, he kind of missed a joke. he did all the ladies and he should have put in philip seymour hoffman. >> bill: everybody has to go to the academy awards in a tuxedo and expensive gown. they wanted to class it up. this is classy event. then you do this kind of thing which you could see at any gentlemen's club. >> if you went to a gentlemen's club and you saw this guy and gay men's chorus, you would be very a angry. i would want my cover charge
1:50 am
back. >> bill: i would say it was a misstep. it wasn't funny enough for doing that. now, here is something that got some people really upset. go. >> look all this talent. all this talented in one spot there is lewis and aiken and phoenix and all those actors i just named are jewish. how about you. you got a burg, are you jewish? >> no, i'm catholic. >> try again. do you want to work in this town or don't you. because that is interesting, i am jewish? >> no, you are not. >> i was born theodore shapiro and i would like to donate money to israel and continue to work forever. >> bill: calling the bit inappropriate. then they go on to say it
1:51 am
reinforces stereotypes. >> stereotypes of running hollywood is not too bad stereotype. there are black stereotypes someone would accuse me of -- you nowhat i am saying? i'll be more specific off the air. a vertical leap. some stereotypes, here is the irony, seth mcfarlane is running hollywood. he is popular. he has four tv shows a multimillion deal with fox. successful comedy and.... >> bill: the bit from the beginning, jewish moguls control the town and it remains to this day and mocking that. >> yeah. >> bill: should the adl get offended by that? >> no, he did it through a character. that wasn't seth mcfarlane.
1:52 am
that was bear that smokes pot and is closed minded. so that makes it different. >> bill: archie bunker wasn't carol o'conner. >> that was character. he used. that is why he used the character. >> bill: good point. the third one, again, i've gotten. >> you irish guys are crafty and we drink a lot. here is a third one. >> django unchained. [ applause ] >> this is story of a man fighting to get back his woman who has been subjected to unthinkable violence or as kris brown calls it a date movie. >> so the domestic violence people, it's safe horizon and others say inappropriate. you are making light of a very
1:53 am
serious situation. >> horizon safe horizon that is an airline. he shouldn't have gone there because people gone there too many times. >> bill: sha what he does. >> people have talked about this for three years now. it's kind of old news. here is the thing. he is pushing the envelope. it worked and the ratings were great. when you hire seth mcfarlane and somebody to do your show this is what you are going to get. the thing i would think about is kris brown, he can -- chris brown is a good daner and think how we constructed our society. you can do whatever you wanted as long as you can dance. you can be the most despicable person. if you bring up chris brown and what he did to rihanna and purpgsd her in the face but if you seen that guy move.
1:54 am
that guy can dance. michael jackson, hey, share a bed with kids but he could move. >> bill: there are few things that you can't do, but almost everything else if you have talent. >> if you can dance all is forgiven. >> bill: factor tip of the day. my experience at the sheik "vanity fair" party is 60 seconds away.
1:55 am
>> factor tip of the day. i go to a swanky oscar party in a moment. first we'd like you to become a bill o' premium member. if you do you get one of my best selling books without charge. in a few weeks we'll hold a town haul on a variety of
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subjects. and from san diego, you hold them responsibility for harming and killing babies and those responsible, the mothers, please eplain. >> it's not my job to judge anyone who has an abortion, mary, each circumstance differs. what i am mandated to do on the factor is save as many children as i can. i try to persuade all americans that passing jessica's law and limiting abortion. bill, you're talking points brought tears to my eyes. taking care and protecting our children must be the most important in our lives. >> and mr. o'reilly, i'm joining with you to protect the innocent and i posted your talking points memo on my facebook page. michael, that's a smart thing. using social media is a great way to get the message out and vicky, i wrote to colorado representative about jessica's law and he said we don't need it because our laws tougher.
1:57 am
how can i find out the truth. and we're well aware of what he's saying, that colorado doesn't need jessica's law. but 43 states have it, and he's not telling you the truth. and will not come on this broadcast to explain his position, that should say a lot. laura, in colorado, appalled of the actions of the house speaker, mr. farentino and it's a sad day when our country spends more on legalizing marijuana than our children. and from honduras, mr. bill, you gave a very good reason to support jessica's law and nothing against governor cuomo and contradictory, i've got nothing personally against those men and trying to persuade them to do the right thing. and ray, from arizona, my wife and i loved you and miller in phoenix on friday, and thanks for an enjoyable evening, thank you for coming out, ray, we'll see everybody coming out this friday at the nokia. and in washington, denver and
1:58 am
kansas city, great fathers and mother's day gifts and details on bill o' factor tip of the day. bruce whom i worked with on the boston university newspaper invited me to go to the "vanity fair" oscar party last night. very swell. and he has a good sense of humor and i thought it might be amusing to have me with him. which it was. and everybody was very polite. although i think i saw some skepticism as i strolled on by, water in hand. and i was polite, and didn't have to scald anyone, and i had two very interesting conversations, which in hollywood, is a lot. first with conan o'brien who i don't know very well, but who started a charity, a food bank in massachusetts that feeds poor children, so, i'm going to help mr. o'brien out with that food bank, second, with actress salary fields who played mary lincoln in spielberg's movie. she didn't win the academy
1:59 am
award, miss hathaway did, miss fields is one of the nicest, classiest people in hollywood. when we generally highs about hollywood pinheads we need to leave her out of that. it's about 50-50, it really is. many good celebrities, but they are overshadowed by the convenientle ones. and some of those on display last night at the "vanity fair" party, but i'm not going to cheap shot them. you know, there's no reason for me to do that. if they do something bad in the future, i will refer back. but i'm just not going to-- not going to do that and even the venal ones weren't over the top. factor tip of the day. if you get invited outside your comfort zone, usually worth white to go. worst happens you learn quickly and factor tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from bill o' talking points, if you missed


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