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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. >> shepard: may have heard the story about the teenager would walked ten miles for a job interview and found work he wasn't expected. the owner of a cajun restaurant in indianapolis saw the 18-year-old and warned him not to walk in bad weather. turns out the teen was headed to a job interview and couldn't afford the bus. he said he was desperate for work because his mom dade and he had to take care of his brothers and sisters. the restaurant owner heard
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enough. he was so impressed by the teen that he gave him a job with no interview required. >> it's crazy. i don't even know -- at it really crazy. my heart is racing right now. i'm excited. excited to start. very much. >> shepard: the story went viral online with more than 15,000 likes on facebook. he won't have to do anymore walking. one fan game him a year's worth of bus passes. he started the job yesterday, and as of this reading, i'm told it's going very well. i'm shepard smith. that's it for "studio b." captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> shepard: here's...
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♪ want witness to get on the road again. ♪ i can't wait to get on the road again." ." >> neil: this ain't no willie nelson song, although the way this guy is speaking is geoffing me the willies. >> potentially let criminals go. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. more than 2,000 college students would lose their financial aid. >> neil: of course, don't forget about the -- being a little silly but is the white house now making stuff up? we have been crunching their numbers. they don't add up.
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>> welcome, i'm neil cavuto. here is how bad all the fear-mongering is getting. they're talking about slashing funds from a government agency that doesn't exist. it's called-or was called, the national drug intelligence center, and the office of management and budget claims it's in for $2 million slashing. there's october one tiny problem. the center closed in june, and by the way, if any of these cuts, real or imagined, are so scary, why is it look can like the house and senate will be off just about when the cuts are going to kick in. now they're just making stuff up. this scares me. >> if it were so bad, why did the president suggest and it he would not compromise on it. i think that obviously the white house has lost total credible by
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suggesting that they were going to be cutting $2 million from an agency that no longer exists. then secretary which chu said 10 homes would not be weatherized by the federal government of. >> neil: if you would to add it up, you would we bell north of -- >> i think about a quarter of the national budget. neil school in i think people need to just step back and whatever they're angst, understand that a little hyperbole is going on and exam raging and, frankly, a lot of lying gene on here. now, fear can motivate angry voters to do one thing or not, but it doesn't mean they're being motivated by what is accurate. what is the fallout from all of just the anger talk? >> i think the fallout is that at it very effective. this is what the presidents to, technique and strategy he has perfected. he motivated votes to go to the
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polls, particularly women, saying republicans are dangerous when it comes to women's health care. no facts to back it up. this is scaremongering at its height. but the hope is that the scales will come off and people will realize they're being taken for foams but that only if the republicans can get across the fact that's is a 1.2% cut in the federal budget. this is not gargantuan. the world will not come to an en, but the point is cuts have to start being made if we're not going to head towards genuine bankruptcy. just a couple months ago, neil, the president said that the economy was doing fine, and that he was able to make tax increases on the job creators. now he says the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, and if these cut go
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through we will collapse. so there's a lot of contradictions the mesh people need to realize they're being taken for fools the scare-montherring is just a continuation of the obama campaign and it's time to wake up to the reality that government has expanded exponentially and it's time to look at rome restraint. >> neil: you're rate, kate, very much. i want to bring you up to date with the math. this is not red or blue, it's green, just money. if you add up all the fear mongering and the things we're supposedly lose, the guards at the airport, the tsa officials, the beef inspectors, you would be talking about -- including those to defense, which would dwarf the 85 billion, along the magnitude of the fear mongering, it would be the n the vicinity of $850 billion. ten times what we're talking about. i only raise that because no one else is and that's going on.
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i'm the nerd. i just follow the numbers and this doesn't add up. meanwhile, with the cuts brewing, the speaker is suing. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate get offs their ass and begins to do something. >> one senator is trying to do that. republican tomko burn is outlining 1.4 billion bucks in savings. it's a start. like the $179,000 position for the agriculture department government employee assistance division, and the $81,000 position offered for a staff assistant at the department of labor that was apparently just filled. to andy weinstein who says we need more help tracking this stuff. >> i think coburn is a hero in many whens when it comes to the
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budget battles. always has programs and waste that can be cut, and certainly his principle here is obviously the right one. in this sequester, which is across the board program by program, you can prioritize the program managers within programs, and he is certainly right that within programs, if you can hire -- not hire some position that is vacant, that is not very important, you should not do that as opposed -- >> neil: not an environment you're talking about tainted beef on the way, and compromised security at the nation's airports. that would probably not be the time to be looking for that executive assistant. however, a powerful or effective he or she might be. i guess the bigger question i wanted to ask you, this move where republicans want to expand the president's right to pick and choose what will be cut, thereby taking awt would ostensibly be his most powerful public weapon. the idea he has to do these
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cuts. how is that -- >> senate republicans have a bill that would give the president some discretion, especially on defense, over what to cut. what seems to make sense, this kind of wholesale cutting across the board dunce seem to be the best way to do this. but democrats dent seem to want to get on board with that. they have their own bill replacing the sequester cuts. >> neil: why would you be against that? that's an opportunity for the president'm to say, if you're going to force me to cut, give me the discretion to cut something i don't want to cut, like beef inspectors or airport security folks or -- i don't know. anyone watching our bridges and roads. this takes a powerful weapon away from the president if he is talking about doom and gloom on the way. this gives him more power to avoid it. why would democrats reject that? >> we'll see. at it coming up a vote this week and maybe they won't reject it. seems like a hard thing to vote against because it will make
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this indiscriminate cuts -- avoid those. i will point out if you're industrial nat in the cuts, especially on the defense department, a lot of people in the defense department say that will dedevastating no matter who you're -- >> neil: nothing is actually being cut here as much as the growth in various programs is being slowed here. >> i think the greatest concern about the sequester, for me, is that if this goes into player, people will think that actually something has been done. when in the long run, really nothing has been done. because medicare has barely even been touched in the sequester, entitlement programs are barely touched and that's where our looming fiscal crisis is coming from. so, if the sequester goes through, you'll have a lot of people thinking, wow, we got something done and cut the budget and we're on the path to fiscal sanity, when really
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almost nothing has been done. >> neil: thank you very much. well, stocks north of 115 points today. a lot of reasons for that but obviously angst about what is going on in washington, not among them. craig smith, you're following all of this very, very closely. you say that it has to do with not barack but more folks, confident and listening to benazir ben bernanke than barack obama. >> i then ben bernanke is the most powerful man in the world now. if you looked at his testimony today, he wouldn't even admit about a currency war, and then one senator says what about those poor people with money in savings accounts. he just sluffed it off. it's all about unemployment and stability. neil, you said at the beginning of the program, this is a joke
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what this president is doing. he lined up firefighters and firemen behind him. none of noises get bade by the federal government. if you didn't know better you would think planes will fall out off the sky and meat will be horrible. my friend who opens a beef packing plant, his beef will be the same quality if there isn't a usda beef inspector, this the typical hyperbole we get from a president who loves crisises. first t.a.r.p., and then then -- >> neil: in other words if you don't do this, there's hell to pay. if we are getting closer to the brink and the market, on paper, should be panicking -- >> they're not. >> why not? what are the focused on? >> well, let's take a little example, neil. yesterday we had a panic because there was a big concern and fox
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business -- which if you don't get it, you should demand it -- >> neil: guys took moat -- took note of that. continue. >> but the italian banks were in trouble. they showed signals they were in trouble. today during his testimony, mr. bernanke made it clear he was going to make sure the italian banks were taken care of. what happened? instantly 100-point rally on wall street. >> neil: that scares me. ben bernanke might be a more shooting voice but an aggressively cooking voice and one that glosses over problems. but he seems to be the only guy the markets focus on. >> absolutely. and he has taken into consideration that the first of the year the president upped the ante. we raised taxes $125 billion on all americans. not just the super rich.
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the 2% went away on the social security tax. now that's a drag on the economy to mr. bernanke answered with $85 billion worth of purchases, for in mbs and 45 direct purchases from the treasury. this man is powerful. he is controlling the future financial makeup of america while in the meantime barack obama cries, oh, it's the end of the world, lay off 800,000 people, civilians at the pentagon. we should be asking questions, why the heck do we have 800,000 people working at the pentagon? aren't a few of them doing something we can do without? we neil the sequester average at it important. it's time to start cutting. we don't have a revenue problem. we have a spending prop problem, and today is the day to start focusing on it. >> neil: this is the backbone for guys who don't have a backbone, so if you cut then backbone negotiation you're just a jelly fish. we'll see what happens.
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than incarceration. what they're saying is we might spring them early. i think that's what they're saying. michael cutler. using sequestration as an accuse? >> more excuses than my dog ate my homework. the immigration is anything but a victimless crime now. it's become a punishment-less crime. >> neil: we're going to have limited government resources presumely after phrase, and they have to handle these cases in an expedited fashion, and saying, you don't have to be worried about. >> if you want to expect diet them, move them out of the country. the administration says they're only going after criminal aliens that means these people have criminal history and they're not giving us names or numbers of who is being released. i'm making a presumption they have criminal histories. the gao says there are 800,000 illens who have been placed
1:20 pm
before judges and then released into the community. doesn't this create a clear danger to community safety? >> neil: in your analysis, is this process generally speeding up and now the latest thing, using sequestration as a justification for it? i remember from last time you were here, they were pulling these shen unanimous -- shenanigans. >> they're making it easer for these people get lost and then they'll hold some field -- >> neil: not a means means to ct them out but they don't if -- may have thed and it's working through the appeals process. >> if they really want to do things smart. why don't we tell criminal aliens, once you have been convicted of crimes, if you want to appeal, appeal from your home country. >> neil: if you had a criminal background, i would think that's
1:21 pm
a no-brainer york secured. >> you'd think it's a no-brainer to release people who are working hard to get incarceration. i call is operation back rub. the purpose for immigration law is is two old. protect innocent lives and protect job office american workers. right now there's no deterrent for illegal aliens to not come to the united states. they keep on firing the starter pistol for aspiring illegal alienses reason the world but if there's no illegal consequence -- >> come in the united states, you get there -- >> and they see the border as the finish line. cross. >> neil: thank you very much. moving to the floor of the united states senate where chuck hagel might just be a few minutes away from being confirmed as the next defense secretary, but it's safe to say, if he does get approval it will be by the closest margin we have
1:22 pm
seen in a number of decades. maybe the holdup of john tower during the bush years think senior, would be the closest example. that was 1989. this is a quarter century later, but chuck just likely gets under the whisker here. >> what happened to scott rolley? >> what i want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions. all right? dad, i'd put that down.
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>> i look forward tower partnering, with that, what i want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions. all right? >> neil: who got the shove? the press or the governors the
1:26 pm
questions wanted to take when he threw the journalists out. the reports were a frustrated frustrated0s governor asked the president if he would -- his quick answer was, i quote, no. to -- not too keen on the answer. he -- at least he was direct. what do you make of that? >> he was direct, and the fact of the matter in the 3-1/2 trillion budget, the idea you can't cut 2% is absolutely ridiculous. every governor in america nose how to do it. i've balanced our state budget eight years in a row by controlling spending, not by raising taxes. that what they ought to be doing at the federal level right now. >> neil: now, he says the -- the white house says he is limited. he has to kind of cut in these very restricted, some would argue, severe areas because
1:27 pm
there is no alternative. we'll give you hearing that broader parameters. we'll give you the discretion to decide what in those agencies and departments to cut. democrats quickly said no. i thought it sounded like a good idea. mr. president you're saying we're get to to be heating horse meat, why not give you the discretion to avoid just that? >> well, neil, i think that would be a great idea. any chief executive should want that authority. but i'll share with you, when the president was asked that question in our governor's only meeting he said he didn't want that authority, either. i was absolutely shocked by that answer. >> neil: why? >> i don't understand. i would argue. instead of going to virginia today to campaign he should have brought the house and senate leadership together and they should have stayed together
1:28 pm
until the worked out a deal. now, sequestration isn't the best way to do it but if it's the only way to reduce spending we have to move forward. they're engamed in scare tactics right now and the american people are smarter than what they're hearing from our leaders right now. they understand that not going to happen. >> neil: they have lost respect, average voters in both parties, through the whole debacle. having said that, in this session with the governors, did the keystone pipeline come up? an issue near and dear to you. because there's talk that the president might decide to go ahead with it, kicking off environmentalists, maybe making unions happy. haven't what the latest? >> well, it came up indirectly in a question from the oklahoma governor, but he didn't really respond. on the other hand, i have been led to believe maybe there's a possibility, after doing something on climate change, the president might in fact approve
1:29 pm
the keystone pipeline, but i have no direct knowledge of that. that's only several sources when i was in washington, dc, indicated they thought that might happen. so, up matily i hope he does approve it. at it more jobs. that would help the economy, reduce our dependent on foreign oil, everything about that would be good news for america. >> neil: we'll see. hopefully soon. governor, always good. thank you. meanwhile, republicans no longer standing in chuck hagel's way for defense? k.t. says, that's okay. this is exactly the type of defense secretary they want. if there was a pill
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ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as fifteen dollars at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. >> neil: the scene on the floor of the united states senate where they're moments away from voting yea or nay on chuck hagel as our next sect of defense. >> at it going to be a bad vote for hagel. 20 people voting against him. why is that bad? he has a really tough job. the minute he gets sworn in what does he have to deal with? 10% cut of the defense budget. he has the chinese, who hack every computer in north america, and we had no response whatsoever -- >> neil: we threatened fines. >> oh, we really scolded them.
1:34 pm
>> neil: make trillions in omarket and if your library books are overdue -- >> north korea is now going to test another nuclear weapon. you have iran on the cusp of getting nuclear weapons, and to the point russians? the reset with russian? the secretary of state called the russias -- john kerry, after the north korean attack, russia wouldn't take his call for a week. i think they're trying to put us in our place. ultimately. >> neil: what is the form for handling michigan like that? like when you would deal with that or your boss, -- henry sis kin jerry.
1:35 pm
the united states is increasingly look at as somebody who is -- the iranians are doing the pushing and you have a secretary of defense coming in to try to be tough on the world stage with a diminished defense budget. we're one air craft -- >> going to get along. >> i think they got -- they are going to get along. why? because obama has his guys. first term obama took who he had to take. he had to take secretary clinton at the state department. >> neil: did he really? >> well, it bolstered his team of rivals. he needed the strength. a guy with no foreign affairs experience no military experience, defense experience, he needed to rely on them. now he is a different man. he has his own team and they see the world the same way he does. the problem ising at the -- problemes they're going to have trouble dealing with the cries
1:36 pm
itch think secretary clinton got out of town just in time. >> neil: always good to see you. meanwhile, watching your weight? apparently sos is your boss. that could be very legal, whether you like it or not. does this beauty from hell's kitchen have a beef with the government policing what is in your kitchen? miss new york, u.s.a., on the stunning business development and why she wants to break that news here and only here. e annouy technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy.
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act right now. call the number on your screen now! >> i don't know >> did new york city mayor michael bloomberg find a big fan of his soda ban? his beauty queen from hell's kitchen, new york, is giving the mayor the thumb's up. >> thank you for having me.
1:40 pm
>> neil: i think this whole -- i think mayor bloomberg is fantastic and has done incredible stuff put he just meddles to much, and he shouldn't be meddling, including this soda ban. >> i think he is doing a great job. i i think the government should be involved. like i mentioned to you before, it's great he is taking pro-active steps as opposed to reactive steps. >> neil: the can of big soda doesn't stop you from ordering multiple smalled so daz. but he extended it now to saying even if you order out and you can't bring a two liter about toll the table. it seems stupid. >> you know what costs even less money? is giving your family delicious new york tap water, which is what i drink and it's healthier for you and it saves money, it puts more money in your pocket.
1:41 pm
>> that's your view. and you take very good care of yourself. you're miss new york. but should nose -- people don't want this forced on them. >> the government is going to be involve. >> neil: i'm not a going down without a fight. >> i think the government -- >> neil i don't think anything the government does is good. you say what? >> i think they should also get involved not only in those areas oft healthcare reform but also be focusing on physical education department in schools. there are regulations and things not being met. >> neil: there you have a kin dread soul in richard simmons, who says we should bring back p.e. >> great outfits. love the spandex. >> you don't want to know about it. i could make your hair curl right now telling you some richard stories but i won't do that. so, you're saying the mayor is
1:42 pm
within his bounds. he has this council that mikes -- he appointed them so they vote yea on it and, and it becomes the law of the land. i say, it would kill to us have a debate about it? you're saying at it for our open good. >> he has other great measures, like getting rid of traps fats in foods in restaurants, making chain restaurants in new york restaurants put the calorie count on the food. >> the calorie counts are wrong. >> it appears. i understand that when it comes to the preparation of food. however, you're also adding hundreds of cal rid that people don't realize from the sugary drinks. >> neil: what your biggest indiligence food-wise? >> i love chocolate. >> what if the governor said you can't have more than a small peace a month. >> well -- >> neil: now you're getting --
1:43 pm
see, just like me. italian -- >> i understand where you're coming from and where people are concerned -- >> neil: you're patronizing me. >> of course i am. i thought you would like that. >> you would have a problem with thatful rightly so. >> i see your point. it comes down to mod rates and that what mayor -- neil meal why do we need the mayor to moderate? when is miss u.s.a.? >> it should be in early june. it's not officially announced. >> if you get miss u.s.a., which is not -- >> when i get miss u.s.a. >> okay. you have 49 others who beg to differ, young lady. what would be your big issue? now is miss new york, which is no small potatoes. >> u.s.a. folks on breast and
1:44 pm
ovarian cancer, and universe focuses on aids. my personal platform is support the arts and arts oaddition, youth development through the arts. so i want to incorporate that in everything i do. >> neil: this is a tough one. the had the pageant, the state winner who sued donald trump because it was a fix. do you always feel like you can'tn't ton people -- didn't fact you offending me -- but people are always watching and you have to watch what you say and be very, very careful and you better not say -- >> i'm representing women of new york, and women of new york have very different opinions on various issues, and i want to make sure i'ming i'ming i'ming o both sides of the argument and i
1:45 pm
also try to stay true to myself. >> neil: you're fair and balanced. >> yes. >> neil: miss new york, thank you very much. keep an eye on her. apparently everyone did here when she came in. joking. meanwhile, to the heartland and the storm so crippling even plows are getting stuck. why did of oz could slam you no matter where you live.
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1:48 pm
>> neil: winds, power outages, at least three deaths from brutal winter storm. the worst may be over for the heartland but doesn't mean a lot of other folks are in the clear. hi, mike. reporter: the worst seems to be past kansas city, but what was
1:49 pm
left behind, about ten inches of snow came through the area. at it all headed to chicago where it becomes everybody's problem. it starts starts to inhibit air. in kansas city we had problem on the road. the road crews with bigamous, had a hard time staying ahead of it. it hit in the middle of the night so they were able to plow. cars on the street slipped around, a lot of them got stuck. the issue now is all of this snow that is stuck to the trees, that's weighing down the tree branches, that weighs into the power lines and hard for the power crews, utility crews to fix the lines. we got 40,000 people in the area right now without power, neil. >> neil: more than 2,000 nights cancelled in the past 72 hours, and it ain't over yet. right now old man winter taking aim at major midwest travel
1:50 pm
areas, including chicago's o'hare. >> mike had the exact right idea. it's everybody's problem when it hates o'hare. here are the latest numbers. look around up to. at it rush hour -- well, whacker drive along the river. wet, heavy snow, and the pictures don't do it justice. it's wintry mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain. a real mess out here. and of course coming at the worth possible time, and the snow just keeps on coming. we had a dry winter but right now it's more wet unanimity let see what the sign says, caution, falling ice. okay. we better be careful. as we said, very, very wet, heavy packed snow and that's what leads to cancellations at o'hare. here's in the numbers. 347 cancellations for this hour. 316 flights delayed. just o'hare.
1:51 pm
i'm not count mid-way. another few hundred there. so another mess, which could lead up to the sequester which will cause cancellations and tee lays as well. we'll see if that's a snow job. >> neil: jeff, thank you very much. how is this monster threatening to sock it to you at the at they store. the hit is real. and you don't like being told what to do? well, how does being watched sound? a growing none of companies are keeping track of their employees 24/7, what they buy, eat, even how much the weigh. companies claim it improves employee health and lowers insurance costs but is it illegal? is this legal? >> the quick answer is, probably. it depends on what the companies are doing and how they're doing it. the company, corporations, are
1:52 pm
not held to the same standards. it mail well be legal. >> i feel if it's not legal -- if it legal, i shouldn't be. everything is nicey nicey when the insenttive is trying to make everybody healthy but i don't trust the corporations as far as i can throw them. they're going to use this information against the employees. >> neil: the argument for this is that everyone saves now if they can police the kind of behavior that ultimately forces insurance premiums to rise. i can understand the message to this. but i it does bug me. it's a little overreach. >> there's a wonderful incentive, idealistic motivation for why we do this but i don't trust the fact a corporation is going to take very sensitive information about their employees and not use it against
1:53 pm
them. who wouldn't? i think it really all depends on what the specific information is and what the method of gaining that information is. if the corporation is being upfront how it is collecting information, for example, having people fill out healthcare assess. s, i don't have any lob can problems. neil: the can't say the reason we terminated you, you had five pick big macs. they have to fine -- find another rope but you know that's probably the reason. >> it may bell well that but as an employer myself, employers must take risks into account. health risks -- >> neil: what ifover an existing overweight person now in their employ? and now they're saying, well, it's just occurred to us. >> i hear what you're saying but that argument, that the company should not be able to collect
1:54 pm
that's data for good purposes because they may be tempted to use that information for bad purposes, it's not great argument. because there is a legitimate reason -- >> neil: michelle just -- >> unless there's a penalty for missy of this information -- >> there is a penalty. >> they have to be spelled out. if the corporation uses this information for anything other than creating a more healthy work environment, then they should have to be able to open themselves up to litigation. it's not just enough to pay an employee $30 to fill out a form. >> neil: what are they policing? let's say aisle having a few drinks after work or -- more than the normal person would eat in a week in the night. what business is that of theirs? >> the companies are dealing with healthcare costs -- >> i know that it but then they're saying, neil, when you clocked out we noticed you closed out the pig and witsle, and i'm thinking, wait a minute. >> all comes down to what the information is and how they're
1:55 pm
collecting it. >> neil: i just told you what it is and how they're collecting it does that strike you as offensive and tropical stormist? >> it doesn't use you have no problem? >> to me it depends on what the employee signed up for -- >> neil: i love my boss dearly. i didn't sign up for him to follow me to chuck e. cheese. >> i think it goss more toward monitoring behavior than monitoring health. >> neil: it gets -- the lines are quickly blurred. >> here's another issue if doubt any corporation is going to hold on to information as valuable as this kind of information, women height, weight fluctuations and not sell it to companies that are interested. this is valuable information. e-mail addresses and phone numbers are valuable. you can't give companies an asset like that, information, very gathered, private information, about individuals, and assume they're just not going to sell to it the highest
1:56 pm
bidder. you have to create -- >> neil: ladies, it's a big subject, and i thing at at it gg to be a big issue. who is the most powerful man in washington? what if i told you it is not barack. y do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. .. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies."
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we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it.
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so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ ♪ >> neil: well, it's bad or we all go bust. you know what hit me today? watching ben bernanke getting grilled on capitol hill. he's really the last adult standing in the capitol today. it doesn't mean i'm a fan of the policies or the binge that i think will leave us with an economic hangover after it. but my point, say what you will, there is no one who comes close to him for trying to do something, anything constructive. trying to do something more


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