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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 27, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we're back with one last look at vatican city. that is where pope benedict 16 is wrapping up an emotional final address. a short time ago he told pilgrims from all across the globe that to love the church means also to have the courage to make difficult, painful decisions always keeping the good of the church in mind, not one's self-. >> he went on to say while he faced joy he also had difficult moments stkaourg his leadership. and he said he will continue to serve the church through prayer.
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the pontiff thanked all for respecting his decision to retire. he is the first pope in 600 years to do so. >> i'm deeply grateful for understanding, support and prayers of many of you from those at home and around. the decision i have made in god's will and deep love of church. >> pope benedict xvi asked for special prayers for the cardinals and whomever they choose to be his successor. he will officially enter retirement tomorrow. that will do it for us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. it's wednesday. it's february 27, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a great day. thanks for sharing part of it with us. fox news alert.
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a final farewell to the pope. thousands gather as pope benedict xvi gives one last prayer. >>steve: john boehner is a man of a few words but when he speaks, he's very clear. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their [bleep] and begins to do something. >>steve: democrats say they can only act if we raise taxes again. not going to happen. >>brian: students forced to wear burkas and call 9/11 hijackers freedom fighters. teachers say it was a lesson. one of the students in that picture joins us this hour. is that okay with you? "fox & friends" starts now. >> wait a minute. why would anna koiman be
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playing basketball this hour? >>gretchen: watch out for the double dribble? >> i'm not the best basketball player; that's for sure. good morning to everyone at home. we told you about this little kid. he's an 11-year-old. julian newman who is a basketball prodigy. a lot of our viewers are completely impressed by him. so we came out here. we're going to show him some "fox & friends" love. we watched him play last night. he leads the state in assists -- or he leads the state in assists in the top 20 in the nation, so he's incredible. i'm going to be playing him one on one. that's my best one there. >>brian: how much time do you have to practice before he shows up? what time does his alarm go off? >> he's actually on his way right now. so a little nervous. back to you.
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>>brian: we're going to see him about 45 minutes from now. if you have phil jackson's number and you can scramble him to florida, she needs help. >>gretchen: dramatic video released of that hot air balloon crashing in egypt after cashing fire. you can -- catching fire. the crash leaving at least 19 tourists dead. two people lucky to be alive after surviving that plunge. foul play ruled out. the crash is expected to push egypt's tourism into even deeper recession. two california police officers dead after being gunned down while following up on an arrest. cops say the suspect shot him as they approached his home. after a short search, gunfire broke out and the suspect was shot and killed. the officers had 38 years of experience between them. last night a bus carrying the university of maine women's basketball team crashed off the highway. it is believed the driver
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had some kind of medical issue while he was driving. he is in serious condition. students and coaches walked away with minor injuries. >> a lot of traffic. >>gretchen: nascar fans injured in a fiery wreck now considering a lawsuit. as you remember, that was the scene saturday at a tphaeubgs wide race at daytona international speedway. 30 fans were hurt when an engine, tires and debris from cars went through the fence. now a lawyer for the fans said they are considering filing an injury suit calling the safety fence into question. experts say liability waivers written on the tickets could make a lawsuit difficult. >>brian: i heard it could have been a lot worse without that fence. >>gretchen: fox news alert again for you now
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because pope benedict wrapping up an emotional final appearance in front of thousands. he officially steps down tomorrow; the first pope to do so in 600 years. he told the crowd he made the decision for the good of the church and thanked them for their support. >> i am deeply grateful for understanding, support and prayers of so many of you not only here in rome but also around. the decision i have made after much prayers and trust in god's will and a deep love of god's church. >>gretchen: that will be something you'll never forget? live in rome. >> it was very moving to be on saint peter's square for this historic occasion. it is a beautiful day here in rome. bright blue skies. i kept thinking as i watched pope benedict xvi
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go around in his pope mobile euro for your thoughts, penny for your thoughts because we get the sense he have suffered quite a lot in making that decision. he did address that issue today in his final address in saint peter's square. he talked about how he prayed to god making that decision. he claims to be at peace with the decision. he says he's not actually reclaiming a personal life. he won't be traveling. he won't be going to conferences. he'll be still with the church and dedicating himself to prayer and reflection and he's aware of the gravity and novelty of this decision. he said there's been good times and difficult times in his role as pontiff. but he said he has never ever felt alone. there were lots of people out on saint peter's square, as you can see from the pictures. some of them, the faithful wanting to receive his blessing one last time.
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others just curious because this is such an historic moment. there were young people out there who had only really known this post. there were priests, seminarianans saying he inspired them with his intellect. people came out for different reasons today but it was, i think, for everyone a pretty moving event to watch him out in public one last time. of course pope benedict xvi has 24 hours, a little bit less than that on the job. then he will be clearly removing himself from the fray before the conclave begins and the arrested -- and the task of finding a new pope. >>gretchen: they would like to find a pope before the easter season. >>brian: let's talk about what's happening with two days to go now, on friday, march 1, sequester happens, takes place.
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i don't know anybody on capitol hill who don't believe it is actually going to go forward and which means it's going to be billions of dollars cut from our budget and we're going to start feeling it probably by april and the easter season. and both sides spent a lot of time blaming each other. the president went out to newport news, virginia, in front of a military facility and said we can't build this ship because of republicans. republicans said, wait a second. it was your idea. it's been a year and a half. and now you find it to be an emergency. >>steve: there are some senators on the republican side in the u.s. congress who are trying to give the president a little more flexibility even though he currently has plenty of leeway to figure out a better idea to make the cuts as painless as possible. but right now it looks like he's going for maximum pain for political gain. republicans want to give him more flexibility. yesterday where he was there in virginia, he said i don't want that flexibility because it's not easy to do it. also in anticipation of the looming sequester, i.c.e.
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has started releasing hundreds of illegals in this country. according to, it looks like they're going to release up to 10,000 to try to save money. >>gretchen: why? i understand they're trying to save money. but are you telling you're going to release illegal immigrants before the sequester actually takes effect? >>steve: they have. >>gretchen: it is one thing to release them possibly on friday. but to release them before? i don't really get that logic. here's senator marco rubio and speaker john boehner. >> the solution to all these problems is rapid dynamic economic growth. but we can't have rapid dynamic economic growth if we don't bring our budget problems here under control. this is not the best way to do it but it's better than raising taxes as an alternative and it's better than doing nothing. the ideal way to do this is to save and reform medicare because those are the programs driving long term debt. but the president decided he doesn't want to do that
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so the sequester will kick in friday. >> for 16 months the president has been traveling all over the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with senate leaders in order to try to forge an agreement over there in order to move the bill. we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their [bleep] and begins to do something. >>gretchen: this is part of the story that a lot of americans don't know because only one in five americans are paying attention to this entire sequester discussion. and that's a problem if you're a republican. because if they just see the headlines and they just see the president saying blame republicans, maybe that is what goes into their head unless they're really paying attention. but i do feel this time around more people actually are not blaming the republicans if you look at the polls. did the president overplay his hand now then in this kind of analysis that he could just blame the republicans and the public would be on his side and that he could get away with
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it? not so fast this time around. >>brian: it's kaoeufpbgd kaoeufpbgd -- kind of interesting because for the president not to overplay his hands he's got to inflict maximum blame on the people. he's been speaking that armageddon comes and it's not his fault. i'm wondering if there's going to be extra pressure to make these cuts as painful as possible with the four-hour delays in planes and no one inspecting our meat. >>steve: remember, it's really just a decrease in the increase going forward. it's crazy washington talk. nonetheless, harry reid, given the fact that we're facing that looming deadline on friday, he says the republicans can fix it all if they do the one thing they absolutely won't do, which makes this impossible, and that is jack up taxes. >> those cuts will go forward. they are all cuts. i think we need some revenue to take the pressure off everybody. the american people agree with me. until there's some
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agreement on revenue, i believe we should go ahead with the sequester. >>gretchen: it's interesting because the president talks about compromise. i know time goes by fast. but the republicans just did compromise and they did raise taxes. in fact, everyone's taxes went up because you're all paying social security again now. the tax-free holiday is gone. it's amazing to me that this messaging is still out there, that this is all about taxes. by the way, senator reid, americans don't agree with you totally. here's a rasmussen poll. the best way to slash the deficit, reduce taxes alone, only 6%. reduce by cutting spending: 45%. a combination, more spending cuts than tax hikes: 36%. >>steve: here's the thing. what the president now wants is what john boehner offered at the end of last year. john boehner said if we close these loopholes, we wouldn't have to jack up the -- or rather let the rates go up for the most successful people in america. but the president now says, no, what i want to do is i
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want to go ahead and close those loopholes. what's interesting, back in the mid-1980's there actually was a sequester that kicked in. it was part of the gramm-rudman sequester. fill gramm writes in the -- phil gram writes in the "wall street journal" journal today in anticipation of the sequester there were a lot of people in washington talking about doom and gloom and the sequester hit and it never happened. the reason it never happened, phil gramm writes today is the fact that the federal government actually has a lot of leeway. and despite the chicken little sky is falling stuff, if they make some smart allocation, move money around, it won't be that bad. >>gretchen: if they would just look at the real problems, which are entitlement spending, maybe more americans would pay attention to the issue as well. >>brian: straight ahead, he lived a long life and loved everything about new york except "the new york times." the man who got his final say in his obituary next.
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this is the pursuit of perfection. >>gretchen: if you're just waking up, 16 minutes after the hour. the sequester, what we've been talking about for a long time here, now only two days from going into effect and president obama out on the campaign trail again warning americans of its potential effects. >> what the sequester does, it uses a meat-cleaver approach to gut critical investments in things like education and national security and lifesaving medical research. and the impact of this policy won't be felt overnight but it will be
3:19 am
real. the sequester will weaken america's economic recovery. >>steve: while the president continues to push tax and spend as a remedy for america's economy, there is a renaissance of growth going on in low-tax, high-income states, so says stu varney live here in the studio with us. >> good morning. there are certain parts of this country -- i'm going to call them corridors -- of real prosperity because they are pursuing policies on tax regulation and energy which create growth and businesses are moving to them. first corridor, i'm going to call that the gulf corridor. that's the states immediately surrounding the gulf of mexico. >>gretchen: what are they doing right? >> they have low tax. they have smart regulation. and they're exploiting the energy in those states. you do that, and people will move to you. you have a strong rate of growth. you will create jobs. and your state finances will be in much better shape than elsewhere. that was just one of the four corridors where there
3:20 am
is real prosperity. the inner mountain states, i believe that's called, the midwest corridor. that is another one. why are you laughing? >>gretchen: i'm getting my geography lesson at the same time. >> those are two corridors, the inter mountain states and great plain states. and the eastern seaboard, carolinas, tennessee, that area too. they have this commonality of policy which is producing prosperity. it is the exact opposite of the policies pursued in california, illinois, and new york, which are pro-obama policies. high taxes, intense and punitive regulation. and do not exploit the energy resources that are under our turf. >>steve: that's why they're impoverished. along most of the eastern seaboard and west coast as well you cannot drill for oil. >> california has hundreds of billions of barrels of oil under its territory.
3:21 am
if you went and fracked the shale underneath california, you have hundreds of billions of barrels of oil. new york state has huge reserves of natural gas. if governor cuomo were to allow us to go and frack for that natural gas, we would have massive reserves and enormous provision of jobs. >>gretchen: he's politically putting that decision off, similarly to the president putting off the keystone pipeline. >> exactly. there is a huge contrast between the policies of those successful and prosperous states and the policies of california, new york, illinois and the federal government. >>steve: you go back to the 1970's, there was a bad spill in california. and a lot of environmentalists, every time people talk about we should drill out there, they say remember what happened. even though the technology completely changed. >> the message from the prosperous states is surely this: mr. president, liberate private enterprise, quit the fearmongering over sequester and bring in
3:22 am
intelligent taxes. do that and america could prosper. >>steve: but the chances of that happening >> zero. totally zero. there's the bad news at the very end of the piece. sorry about that. >>gretchen: we're all going to be looking for the good news when you join our viewers at 9:20. over on the fox business network. thanks. >>steve: straight ahead, terrorism taking on a new lesson, the english lesson. our next guest says he has warned the government and they are not listening. >>gretchen: one major brew watered down. say it ain't so. don't they call that lite?
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>>gretchen: quick headlines for you. 24 minutes past the top of the hour. was it a sick hoax. the coast guard suspending a family of four. kwraouz say there is no -- crews say there is no evidence that family existed. a beer maker is trying to reduce cost. there is a suit involving budweiser, mickelobe. anheuser-busch denies. >>brian: tkpwhrerb -- a tourismant joins us from d.c., the author of a book the coming revolution,
3:27 am
predicted this upheaval we call the arab spring. this is not new to you, but for those hearing this for the first time out there, break down why you believe they're going after english-speaking people? >> initially the jihaddist ideology was produced in arabic. but specifically after 9/11 and throughout the decade, the jihaddist idealogues on-line, internet, pal talk and any other means, including now on facebook but also youtube, realized they need to reach populations that are not arab speakers. for example, in pakistan, in nigeria, maybe somalia and also though jihaddists they are trying to recruit who have been born in the west. now they are using ethnic languages and what is a common denominator to all these people is the english language. we've seen a lot of production in english. >>brian: you believe the u.s. government has not been listening to you in many respects and has been going about this the wrong
3:28 am
way? >> the u.s. government actually has analysts who are trying to monitor various languages. the miss is the ideology. we have no detection of the ideology. if we don't, when they speak other languages and have key words in arabic, we are missing them. >>brian: when you look at twitter again, you're noticing a lot more posts in english with the type of jihaddist phrases you've had your antenna up for; correct? >> actually, brian, most of the jihadi literature nowadays, if you look around the world, is in english because that is a common link among all these people, and they recruit more and they can use it, of course, in social media. but that does not mean that those who are in different languages -- arabic, urdu -- are not using these languages. english is the emerging language of jihaddism.
3:29 am
>>brian: are they looking for different ways to attack the west and the u.s.? >> 80%, of course, of any jihadi action is to recruit more people. that's where the heavyweights are. then the 20%, you have those who are operational, inside the west and outside the west who are trying to acquire targets and hits. >>brian: they're going both ways. there is a big story today how in africa the nigerian government which has been an ally of ours along with their army are no longer trusting us for some reason. there is mutual distrust between us. and we could lose a big hammer over there. >> unfortunately many governments, many local governments in africa and the middle east are very concerned about our partnership with islamist movement such as the muslim brotherhood in egypt. to them these are very bad signals because they have their own islamists.
3:30 am
>>brian: who would think they would be worried about our partnership with the muslim pwrorhood. thank you -- brotherhood. thank you so much. straight ahead, students forced to wear burkas and call the 9/11 hijackers freedom fighters? teachers say it is a lesson and many parents outraged. one of the students in that picture joins us live. he came so close and didn't get the super bowl ring this year. what does superstar vernon davis doing now? he's an artist. there he is. first, happy birthday to johnny vanzant. be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> i was deeply grateful for the understanding and for the prayers of so many of you not only here in rome but those throughout the world. the decision i have made after much prayers and trust in god's will and a deep love of god's church. >>steve: that was pope benedict xvi in an emotional final address to tens of thousands of pilgrims about half an hour ago. father jonathan morris is outside saint peter's square on a rooftop in rome. he joins us live. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >>steve: tell us about what we saw today. >> sure. if you can see right over my shoulder here, that is
3:35 am
saint peter's and i was there together with maybe another 100,000 people listening to his final word. if you were a politician, you would have been given directives to the people coming after him saying this is what must be done. but he didn't do that. it was a very warm, heartfelt thanks to so many people who collaborated with him. and then he did say something very interesting that should tip us off to what he's going to be doing in his so-called retirement. he said just like benedict, the saint for whom i have taken the name benedict xvi, i am going to go and serve the church in prayer. he is saying he has taught me an active life as well as in a hidden life we can be of great service to the church. he said i won't be giving conferences, i won't be traveling because that would be as if i were going back to my own private life. instead i will be serving the church from a monastery basically in a hidden life. >>gretchen: where will that be?
3:36 am
originally it was thought he would live near the vatican, possibly go to his homeland to be with his brother. where will he be going? >> he's going to be living in a convent or monastery inside the vatican walls which also is a sign that he's not going to be making news. no reporter is going to be coming in and interviewing him most likely. he's going to recognize that there is only one pope, and it's not him. he's now pope emeritus. in other words, he is the retired bishop of rome. into my, a very humble act. we're not used to saying i could keep the power but i'm going to give it up. >>steve: it was a beautiful day there in rome. father jonathan, we thank you so much for sharing it with us. >> it's a beautiful day. >>steve: now we have more headlines on wednesday morning. a tragic end to the life of a u.s. marine. the unidentified man died during a skydiving accident in the state of california. police say the marine was doing active training at paris valley airport at the
3:37 am
time. the cause of the accident has not yet been determined. >>gretchen: a great white shark shot after it attacked and killed a man. witnesses say the man was swimming when he spotted a shark fin. he shouted a warning and quickly was pulled under. people say at first it was one shark but then two others joined the attack. by the time rescuers got to him it was too late. >>brian: a retired stockbroker gets the last word in "the new york times." part of the obituary for the 84-year-old says -- quote -- "loved everything about new york city except "the new york times." " his son says his father fought for the jewish paramilitary group and believes the "times" was biased against israel and let them know it. >>steve: another powerful winter storm moving east. it left much of the midwest buried under a foot or two of snow. maria molina has the very latest from new york city
3:38 am
where we should point out that it is what we refer to in kansas as a frog strangleer because it is really coming down this morning. >>brian: could i be a weather watcher for a second? it was teeming this morning coming out my house. i have a full-time person to carry the umbrella for me but he was sick. so i got a little wet. for more on that story, let's go to maria molina. >> good morning. we actually have pretty heavy rain in the new york city area right now. we've been seeing that throughout the overnight hours. do i want to show you that we're expecting a lot of heavy snow as well, not in new york city, though. that is good news. temperatures out here too warm to get snowfall. but interior sections of the northeast will get anywhere between 6 to 12 inches of snow across areas shaded in blue. across portions of upstate new york into sections of maine, new hampshire, higher elevations across portions of new england expecting to be topping over a foots of snow. that snow coming down
3:39 am
across sections of iowa, northern sections of missouri. we're talking another two to four inches of snow possible out here. it is not over just yet. again, continuing to see snow across sections of the great lakes as well. brian? >>brian: thank you very much, maria. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. it was an amazing season for the san francisco 49ers coming up one completion short of winning the super bowl. our next guest had an amazing effort in that game. 6 catches, 104 yards but the effort came up just short. joining us superstar receiver vernon davis. welcome to the shoefplt let me tell you what i noticed, after the game, controversial close. you could not have been more professional. what was really going on inside you after that game? >> i wanted to win. we made it there for the second time. and you know, we couldn't pull it through. like i said, it wasn't our
3:40 am
time. maybe next year. hopefully next year. i'm extremely -- i'm extremely confident in myself and in my teammates that we can make it again. >>brian: the close was so strong and the start was so uneven. in retrospect, what happened. why did you come out so disjointed? not you, but the team. >> i don't know. we were in over our heads. we were anxious, i would say. and we were just excited to be there. we didn't think. we just went out there and made things happen. you know, we make mistakes, but we learn from them too. >>brian: by the way, great idea to force that power surge, because when you guys came back, you scored and almost won this thing. did you believe like your coach believes that was a bad noncall in the end? >> i didn't talk to coach harbaugh about that. at the end of the day we have to be as one. the coaches made the
3:41 am
mistake. whether they made it or we haddadi it, we're still together. -- whether they made it or we made it, we're still together. >>brian: maybe next year you'll be back here in new york city freezing with us. alex smith, you loved him. kaepernick just getting in gear. word is he he's going to new york city. >> i love alex. he's like my brother. one of my favorite players on the team. to see him go is going to hurt because i love the kid. he's a great guy. he's been through so much. >>brian: the number-one pick overall who they said was most improved, he's going to kansas city. you are a diverse man. in december you're opening up an art gallery. tell us about it. >> gallery 85, all about the arts. it's about giving back to the kids.
3:42 am
i want to let them know it's okay to pursue art. you can follow your dreams. you don't have to worry about anyone judging art. >>brian: you can be a tough guy and be an artist, can sit there and paint in silence. this is one thing we have in common. i'm a soccer player, you're a football player. we also have the same definition in our shoulders. this is unbelievable. this is about vernon davis, not about brian kilmeade but we do have that. and i will be sleeveless tomorrow in honor of you. why are you laughing? >> because you don't have the definition? >>brian: all right, fine. vernon, great seeing you. congratulations. you're going to have a bright career no matter what you do. 20 minutes till the top of the hour. students forced to wear burkas and call the 9/11 hijackers freedom fighters. teachers say it was a lesson. parents say we're not happy
3:43 am
about it. one of the students join us live. he's only 11 but he's already on high school varsity's basketball team and he had a great game last night. anna kooiman is going to try to take him on and do something seniors can't do: stop him in the paint. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories.
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>>steve: we've got quick headlines from the control room. consumer reports unveiling its list of top cars for 2013, and none of them built in america. none of them were american brands, i should say. honda was the big winner. its accord, crv and odyssey taking top spots. the toyota high lander, audi and bmw took the luxury car and sports sedan
3:47 am
category. the furniture giant's meat balls recalled after possible meat contamination. ikea in thigh land -- thailand and hong kong pulling the food from their shelves. >>gretchen: this is not what parents had in mind when they sent their kids to school earlier this month. students, we're -- were told they could put on burkas in a lesson about islam and then they were told to refer to terrorists as freedom fighters. one of the students joins me along with her mother, april. good morning to the both of you. >> good morning. >>gretchen: madeleine, you are a freshman in high school. what was this part of? was this part of a geography class? a religious class? what was it? >> it was a world geography class, a.p. class. >>gretchen: it's an a.p. class. were you talking about
3:48 am
different geographic regions across the country and the religions in those particular countries? >> well, we never went into any detail about religions of, you know, other countries. but in this middle eastern unit we had gone into detail about the islamic -- >>gretchen: islamic faith and religion. the teacher, it is my understanding, brought in these burkas, which are emblematic of what women who are observing the strictest part of islam are forced to wear. were you forced to wear this or was this some sort of volunteer activity? >> no, we were definitely not forced. it was a volunteer. at the beginning of the class, she told us to feel free to come up and try them on. >>gretchen: i understand, april, as the mom of madeleine, you did not know about this happening in the class until you saw something on facebook. explain how you came to know about this. >> the same way probably you did. the picture. you know, we had gone over,
3:49 am
you know, i was aware of countries they were studying. a couple of weeks ago we studied on russia. it wasn't that i wasn't aware of the countries they were studying. when we went over russia and i asked her questions about certain things as any parent does when they bring their school work home, i asked about the burka with the assumption it was a cultural thing. of course, you know, i hate to say i was ignorant in the, you know, the oppression side of it too. you know, you trust the school. you're in a small town. you're assuming they're, you know, doing their best, you know. you know, i really didn't have any idea until that point until i started questioning her and looking at the school work and asking her in detail what was going on and when i started reading the work sheets and seeing what they were studying on is when i became alarmed and when i began to ask her more questions. >>gretchen: the part you were alarmed about is how they were talking about the freedom fighters and sort
3:50 am
of the impression they were giving about terrorists? am i correct on this? >> correct. the funny thing was is madeleine told me the whole time the teacher was teaching this thing that, you know, they had touched on, you know, they started with israel and started talking about palestine and went on into, you know, the arabic countries, touched on egypt but that they touched on a little bit of judaism but they went straight on to the nation of islam and they focused on it. madeleine said one of the things she was concerned about was they focused on islam, never touched on christianity. it was an agenda but they never did. they went on to talk about the terrorists. >>gretchen: i understand your point. we don't have time to get into it all. but christianity is not allowed to be taught for the most part in schools, but yet this part of history was. i've got to get in a statement from lumberton, the school, the lesson was to get students to focus on cultures and belief systems. the lesson is not teaching a specific religion and the students volunteered to
3:51 am
wear the clothing, as we said. madeleine and april, thanks so much for sharing your story with us this morning. do you see anything wrong with this t-shirt that supports the marines? one teacher did and threatened to suspend an eighth grade student if he didn't take it off. that story off. anna live tomorrow in sunny florida with an amazing athlete. anna. >> good morning, gretchen. good morning to everybody at home. keep on playing. he is often two times head and shoulders smaller than his teammates. julian newman is an amazing basketball prodigy playing varsity with 18-year olds. we'll see his moves in just a bit. let's see what you've got. i don't make any decisions about who to hire without going to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>> welcome back. imagine being an 18-year-old varsity basketball player and getting schooled on the court by a fifth grader. that is what is happening in orlando, florida, where 11-year-old julian newman is playing starting point guard on the high school varsity team. we sent anna could koiman down there. >> he is quite impressive. how do you feel being head and shoulders smaller than everybody? you actually have great ball handling skills we pointed out. >> yeah. >> we're going to check out a little bit of his game last night. and they won! >> play ball. who inspired you? >> my parents. >> at three, we knew he had ability. crazy talent. at three he was playing with the six and seven-year
3:56 am
olds and beating them. >> what do you think about having your dad on the court with you sph >> he's hard on me but it helps out. if i'm not shooting right, he tells me to shoot right. >> i train him every day but he puts in the extra hours it takes to be where he has to be. >> this little boy has really impressed our "fox & friends" viewers so we're going to show him some love and support. voila. hopefully is brings a little bit of luck, not that he needs it. we're going to give julian his "fox & friends" loves julian poster. what do you think, buddy? >> thanks, i love it. >> julian is 4'5", 70 pounds. his teammates, some of them 18 years old. >> i've seen the skill level. it's nothing. everybody else got the same skills, so he's just playing ball.
3:57 am
>> let's go, julian! >> is this a trip or what? this gives you perspective. julian, where do you want to go to school when you're done with your eight seasons of varsity. >> university of kentucky. >> who are your favorite basketball players? >> chris ball. kobe bryant. >> you're hoping to meet them one day? >> yeah. >> we're going to be playing one on one in about 30 minutes. you think i can hang? >> yeah. >> really? you've got to teach me some skills because i haven't played since about the seventh grade and i can't even make a layup. can we get a little bit of a preview? >> yeah. >> i'm going to put the microphone down.
3:58 am
>>brian: anna, i think you're going to have your hands full. this game is going to be to ten points? i think he should give you eight. >> we'll see more of the moves coming up between anna and julian. don't miss that. the sequester is set to kick in on friday and so the government is letting illegal immigrants go free today. why? we'll explain. >>steve: titanic 2 is set to hit the high seas but will anybody get on it given what happened to [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious?
3:59 am
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4:02 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, february 27, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. a fox news alert, pope benedict xvi has given his last prayer now at saint peter's square ever. tens of thousands packed in for the final farewell. we'll tell you what he said moments away. >> brian: call a sequestration, liberation, hundreds of illegal immigrants already set free because the white house says we can't afford to keep them locked up. let's keep spending? hard to figure out. >> steve: meanwhile, a student nearly suspended for supporting the marines with a t-shirt. that shirt. is that fair? we're going to tell you the story. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody hope you're gonna have a good middle of the weekday. right? it's wednesday? >> steve: all day. >> gretchen: here we are. >> brian: march 1 usually says okay. spring is around the corner.
4:03 am
but march 1 also means sequestration and we're going to be gutting $85 billion out of the budget. what is it going to mean to you and the long-term unemployed? what's it going to mean to the meat inspectors, the traffic controllers? is it going to make a difference? we'll go over all of it. >> steve: listen, chicken little, it sounds like the sky will fall. if you listen to other people, they say don't count on it. we'll get to the sequester mess in just a minute. right now we've got headlines. >> gretchen: emotional farewell from pope benedict xvi. he told pilgrims from across the globe that he is resigning not for his own good, but for the good of the church. he also went on to say that while there was joy, he faced difficult moments. he thanked all for respecting his decision to retire. the first pope to do so in 600 years. >> i ask him to send his help which opens our hearts with the fullness of life.
4:04 am
thank you. >> gretchen: pope benedict saying he will keep the faith. in his prayers. he officially steps down tomorrow. dramatic video released of that hot air balloon crash in egypt. tough to watch here. it plunged over 1,000 feet. the crash leaving at least 19 people dead. two people lucky to be alive after surviving that plunge. the accident expected to push egypt's tourism industry now into a deeper recession. two california police officers have been killed after being gunned down following up on an arrest. cops say the suspect shot them as they approached his home. responding officers tracked down the suspect who fled the scene. after a short search, a gun fight broke out. the suspect was shot and killed. the two police officers died and they had 38 years of experience between them. titanic 2 will be ready to set sail by 2016. australian billionaire unveiling his blue print plans fort replica ship that will feature
4:05 am
the same look and design as the original, but modern improvements. he wouldn't reveal cost to build it, but says he's paying it for himself. >> i want to spend the money i've got before i die. which is a reasonable proposition. if you work hard, 40% 5:00% of your life, you might as well spend it. not leave it to the kids to spend. >> gretchen: or be taxed. he says 40,000 people have expressed an interest in purchasing tickets. it will sail from england to new york. that's a very interesting proposition because you got to within for it looks like the real one. if people will go on that boat. >> steve: it's similar. the problem with the original one, there weren't enough life boats, period. so this one has got 130% of what they would need. four minutes after the top of the hour. two days to go before am cuts go into effect and house speaker john boehner giving a very
4:06 am
blunt, raw message to president obama and the democrats. it's time to get off your keisters and do something. peter doocy live in washington with more. peter, good morning. >> good morning. and the latest word from the white house is that sequestration won't really be felt until late march or early april because that's when all the harsh automatic cuts will start kicking in through the rest of this year, those cuts would take 13% out of the pentagon's budget. 9% away from nondefense programs, and 11% out of unemployment insurance checks, senior administration officials are telling us that when those cuts begin causing pain across america, they believe republicans will cave under pressure from their constituents and agree to the increased revenue the president wants. just yesterday the president made his argument at a nuclear attack submarine plant in newport news, virginia. >> there are too many
4:07 am
republicans in congress right now who refuse to compromise even an inch when it comes to closing tax loopholes and special interest tax breaks. that's what's holding things up right now. >> but republicans disagree and speaker of the house, john boehner, used some very colorful language to describe how unhelpful he thinks president obama's trip away from washington was so close to the deadline for sequestration. >> for 16 months the president has been traveling all over the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with senate leaders in order to try to forge an agreement over there in order to move the bill. we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their (bleep) and begins to do something. >> good morning. senator lindsey graham met with president obama yesterday to discuss immigration reform. we are also told that they did talk about sequestration and we
4:08 am
don't have many more details than that. but senator graham has said this week that he would support adding some new revenues to a deal if it meant sparing the pentagon from big cuts. back to new york. >> steve: straight talk. >> brian: thanks. we heard from the transportation secretary, the interior secretary and also heard from the homeland security secretary about how bad this is going to be over the last five days. so let's focus on homeland security. they are in charge of picking up illegal immigrants, holding them and keeping track of them. they have decided we're probably better off to save money releasing 500 of them and doing some -- tracking the detainees in a different way because they only have $1.86 billion in the budget and at a cost of $164 a day, they felt they had no choice but to loose them loose in arizona. >> gretchen: i don't understand why they would have to release them before the sequester takes place. is that a question that you're asking this morning? what happens if one of these released illegals does something
4:09 am
illegal? what if there is a crime committed as a result of this? then what happens? i think it's a really dicey proposition here to be doing this if it is for political posturing. that's what governor of arizona jan brewer thinks. she says this is pure political posturing and the height of absurdity given that the releases are being granted before the sequestration cuts have gone into effect. >> steve: see what, it does is by releasing 3, 4, 500, they're talking about pinnal county, they're thinking it could be more. what they're hoping is it puts the heat on the republicans to go ahead and cave on taxes, which they're not going to. plus, to take an old phrase, never let a good sequestration go to waste, there is a real good possibility the administration simply throwing their amnesty fans a bone. look what we did. we're on your side. >> brian: i don't think anybody believes there will be any type of agreement. they're not talking to each
4:10 am
other. they're talking at each other and blaming each other, but nobody is looking towards a solution. i thought it was interesting, there has been a move in the senate to get the president power to control what gets cut and what doesn't get cut. also to give department heads what gets cut and doesn't get cut. so it's not an automatic across the board 10% here, 10% there. you can get rid of some conferences that you might see in excess, might be able to lease out a few buildings and maybe not have to furlough people. the president says he doesn't want that power. he does not want to have that scalpel in his hand. >> gretchen: which is mind boggling because when he gave his speech yesterday, he almost had this humility kind of attitude where he said look, you become humble when you get the most powerful job in the world and the direct quote is, but you also realize you can't do things by yourself. i think right now there would be plenty of americans who want the president to do things by himself, which is to go up to capitol hill and try and make a deal on this instead of just continuing to do the finger pointing between the two
4:11 am
parties. i think that there is going to be many more frustrated americans after this. if you deliberately make some cuts to show pain, or if on the flip side the cuts happen and there is no effect, then what happens to your reputation after that? >> steve: the president's administration will be the people who select the cuts. so if there is pain, some have said on the republican side, it's for maximum political gain. we're talking about cuts of only 2%. the president of the united states when he came to office said i will cut the deficit by half after my first term. all right. fast forward, we're in the fifth year. we're talking about cutting 2%. if he can't cut 2%, figure out how to do 2%, the job for 2% less, he needs to take one of those dave ramsey remedial budgeting classes because there are a lot of people on capitol hill say mr. president, you've got the authority. just move money around. >> gretchen: is that a tease for dave ramsey? 'cause he's coming up later. and the elephant in the room is the fact that nobody is talking
4:12 am
about that other e word. entitlements. that would be if we really wanted to talk about reform in this country and figure out how to get a budget going and the deficit under control, we'd be talk being that e word. >> brian: let's talk about what's happening in genoa, illinois. there is a school there where a 14-year-old, michael, went. he wore a t-shirt to school. this school says they have a track record of being pro military and he's proud of our u.s. marines. so he wore that shirt to school. but in the wake of what happened in newtown, teachers are on the alert for any type of violent t-shirts or any type of violent behavior. many cases, overreacting. in this case, even the principal agrees it's overreacting to tell him to take that t-shirt off, but the teacher did. >> steve: the teacher said you have to take that off. he said i'm not gonna. then you're going to get suspended. eventually he wore it inside out, even though he tore a number of times. what happened then was he told his parents and his parents called the school.
4:13 am
the school administration had not heard about it. the teacher simply had kept it to herself because the principal referring to the superintendent who did the commenting on it said, look, we do not have a policy where it bans images of guns. this whole thing could have been taken care of yesterday had they simply asked the administration. they coo have policies against vulgar t-shirts, t-shirts with booze on them, stuff like this. but this was blown out of proportion. the dad does say it would be nice if they did change the t-shirt policy and the dress code policy just so that it's not so loosely interpreted. >> gretchen: let us know what you think about that. we know there is better than anyone, anything -- we know this better than anyone, yes. anything can happen on live tv. >> steve: just did. >> we're really piling this stuff up here. just to the north of springfield and bolivar, i want to take -- we're really piling this stuff up here. >> gretchen: i want to see
4:14 am
what's gog happen. this guy didn't know he was becoming part of the story. what's going to happen? you have to stick around to find out. >> brian: the president's responsibility to make the cuts as painless as possible. why is he letting the military take such a hit? joe manchin joins us with jeff denim. that will be interesting i'm doing my own sleep study. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep.
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>> weaken america's economic recovery. it will weaken our military readiness and it will weaken the basic services that the american people depend on every single day. >> steve: president obama there warning voters in virginia yesterday that unless a deal is done by friday, massive budget cuts will jeopardize our
4:18 am
national security. there will be decreases it the increases for next year. as the commander in chief, isn't it it the president's responsibility to make those painless as possible? they don't sound painless right now. let's hear from both sides of the aisle right now. joining us, democratic senator from west virginia, joe manchin. screen right. and screen left we've got republican congressman from california, jeff denim. >> thank you. >> steve: as commander in chief, shouldn't the president of the united states, who does have with his administration, some leeway in moving money around in the various accounts. shouldn't he be making these cuts as painless as possible, because right now he's making them sound pretty painful? >> not unless we change the way that the sequester needs to go into effect. it was across the board. there was very little leeway. but we should come together. if we can't get a big deal, which puts our financial house in order, then we should at least be smarter about how this is implemented as far as the
4:19 am
sequestering. that would be giving flexibility to both the department of defense and to the nondefense so that they can make the cuts less draconian. that would be a smarter way. we're working hard across the aisle on the republican side. if we can't get a big deal but we think we can put that together, that needs to be done. >> steve: congressman, it sounds as the president has gone out on his road show, it does sound at if he's trying to highlight cuts for maximum pain for political gain, at least a lot of guys on your side of the aisle say that. >> certainly. it gets frustrating any time somebody tries to politicize all of these various cuts 'cause these cut also hurt. they'll hurt some areas that we've seen cuts that have gone too far, especially we're both concerned, veterans, making sure their benefits are there. we have more returning home than ever. we need to provide flexibility. we want to see both parties come together and we'd love to see the president show leadership and pulling both parties
4:20 am
together. >> steve: let's talk about something else verynt. the veterans jobs caucus. you're relaunching it, right, senator? >> right. last year, two years ago, senator mark kirk from illinois and myself got together. mark is in the reserves. we start look at the high unemployment rates of our veterans and people were talking about they want to help vets and we're so concerned about them. if you really want to help a vet, hire a vet. so that's how the hire a vet program came on. then congressman waltz came on and said this is bilateral, bicammerral. high unemployment, as far as 18 to 24-year-olds across the board. 31% unemployment. if it's just the women veterans, that's 55%. then basically across the board since 9-11, 11% unemployed vets. that's higher than the national average. we want to do something about that and we hope people will join our program. >> steve: congressman, tell us about that program where
4:21 am
businesses wind up putting a sign in their window. >> it's a very important program. i hire a vet, not only are we doing that in our office, but we want to encourage businesses across the nation to do that very same thing as they grow and they expand. we want to make sure that the first priority goes to our veterans. we're actually also reaching out nome to our business community, but we're working with the department of defense so that the bill that we passed last year gets the skilled labor we have within the military certified so that they can take those jobs immediately without going through expensive retraining. so we're really doing a service to the business community, as well as helping our veterans get a job at the same time. >> steve: and before you go, if folks would like more information about that program, i'm sure it's on the internet somewhere, right, guys? >> oh, yeah. what we have, let me just say, we've got wal-mart coming on today. ups hired 11,000 last year. dupont is committed to hiring 10% of their work force. so it's been really great. >> steve: it does indeed sound
4:22 am
great. senator joe manchin, congressman jeff denim, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. with more americans paying their bills with plastic and the banks are loving it. but financial expert dave ramsey is here answering your e-mail about getting the most bang for your plastic buck. next. and we told but this basketball phenom. the 11-year-old starting on his high school varsity basketball team. now he's about to go one on one with our own anna kooiman ÷÷ look what mommy is having.
4:23 am
mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice,
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4:26 am
>> gretchen: i like that animation with all that dough flying around. >> brian: took forever to do. >> gretchen: it did? i didn't know you were such an artist. a shocking stat, new study shows nearly half of americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings. when money is tight, more and more people are relying on shady payday loans could which can have interest rates as 500%. >> brian: so how can you avoid falling into the payday loan trap? joining us now from nashville is personal finance guy, dave ramsey. keep me out of the shady deals. how too i do that? >> i think one thing is to remember, it is kind of like going to the docks or the shady deals or the back alley where the guy who hadn't shaved in three deals. the scum of the financial world. 500 to 800% interest rate. the whole thing is based on a hot check. it's based on the fact you go in and write a check two weeks in advance and they told had for two weeks.
4:27 am
you write a check for $200, they pay you $180. it's ridiculous and keeps the poor poorer. >> gretchen: so you had some alternatives. correct? >> well, obviously the basic common sense things are, you've got to get on a written plan. you got to sell some stuff to break the cycle of this. and then make a list of your debts, smallest to largest and begin to attack. most of the time what happens in the payday loan world is that people are just disorganized. they haven't stopped and thought and they're living crisis to crisis and they fall prey to this. >> brian: it should be your stuff, right? you shouldn't sell other people's stuff without selling them. i'm thinking about selling some of gretchen's head shots. >> gretchen: they wouldn't go for much! >> brian: believe me, there is a market. better yet, you say have a written budget. >> absolutely. you got to have a written game plan. that's part of getting organized. and giving every dollar an assignment, every dollar a mission before the month begins. that way you could see if there is going to be a shortage. if you've got to have a garage
4:28 am
sale or take an extra job or sell one of gretchen's head shots. whatever it takes. >> gretchen: i like how you're going with this. could you send a memo to the senate, too, to have a written budget. >> i've tried, but i've given up. >> gretchen: what about the third alternative, is the debt snowball? >> that's where you start working your way out of debt so that you have more money monthly. you simply list your debts smallest to largest and attack them in that order. pay minimum payments on everything but the little one and attack the smallest one and knock it out. >> brian: so that's the one thing to do. a lot of people say i need money now, especially people who got their stuff destroyed in sandy, which is up and down the northeast coast. and the checks aren't there yet. so they're going to these places on high interest rates because they need it right away. >> a lot of people fall into emergency crisis to crisis situations because they didn't have that emergency fund. they didn't have that umbrella to be ready.
4:29 am
the other thing is, you can always stop and look for extra work. and when there is a crisis, there is a lot of people need labor right then. so there is a lot of different things you can do to gather money up other than falling prey to these things. this is really a death cycle of money. the payday lender is something to stay away from. >> gretchen: good advice coming from dave ramsey. thanks much. have a great rest of the week. >> thanks, you, too. >> brian: straight ahead, designer trademark jesus jeans and now says no one else can use the name jesus. can he really be trademarked? >> gretchen: and he's the pint sized point guard and anna is getting ready to take him on. oh, she changed. >> brian: he does not look intimidated at all. >> yeah, right. i'm here with 11-year-old julian newman a basketball phenom playing basketball with kids who are -- here he goes again! he's playing varsity basketball here in orlando, florida. we've got a whole lot more coming up and he's going to take
4:30 am
me on in just a bit. i'm a little nervous. we'll be back. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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4:33 am
[ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ >> gretchen: fox news alert. pope benedict giving an emotional farewell appearance in front of thousands of followers at the vatican, asking people to pray for him. he officially steps down tomorrow. the first pope to do so in 600 years.
4:34 am
is he singing there? >> steve: no. >> gretchen: he told the crowd he made the decision for the good of the church. >> i was deeply grateful for the sustaining support and prayers of so many of you not only here in rome, but also out. the decision i have made after much prayer is serene trust in god's will and in particular for god's church. >> gretchen: amy kellogg was in saint peter's square for the speech and joins us live from rome with much more. good morning again, amy. >> hi, gretchen. i was thinking, it's a full circle moment for me because i remember eight years ago, like it was yesterday when we were waiting for white smoke and when we heard that it was joseph ratzinger, the new pope, i was on the first plane to bavaria to do the story about this new man's life, this new pope's life. anyway, yes, it was emotional. we heard him speaking english,
4:35 am
which was interesting because we're used to hearing him speak primarily in italian. it was clear from today's general audience, it was a different speech. normally it's a catechism. this was really a reflection on his decision and his thanks to the people who supported him and to the faithful who accepted his decision to step down from his post. very unusual moment and historic moment in that people generally don't get chance to say farewell to a pope. a pope passes on and then another one is elected. so this was a very special moment and he clearly was emotional and spoke about how his time as pope had been full of joy, but also full of difficult moments and i think we can read into that in many ways. but he said most importantly that they never felt alone, that he felt he was asked to do this job. he didn't seek it out. and he was guided the entire time. now the clock is ticking. this was his last public appearance in the vatican. but we will get a few more shots of him probably saying good-bye
4:36 am
to the cardinals tomorrow, 60 of them were at this audience today. everyone is converging on rome right now. and then he will chopper off, removing himself fully and very visually and dramatically from the scene as the cardinals get ready to elect his successor. he'll spend some time at the the painle summer residence before cloyserring himself in his new home a former monastery. gretchen, back to you. >> gretchen: amy kellogg, thank you for your personal experience and the touch there. that's very nice to know that you were there eight years ago. >> steve: i've got a quick question for you. are the people in vatican city optimistic that we will have a new pope by easter? >> yeah, steve, they are. but nobody knows what is going to happen. nobody has any idea who have will be the next pope. there is so many bets out there on whether it will possibly be an american, whether we'll have a third world pope. it's very exciting. but i think the plan is hopefully even for holy week
4:37 am
there will be a new pope in place because it's such an important time of the year for catholics world wide. >> steve: it sure is. thank you. >> gretchen: time for your headlines this morning, wednesday, more tragedy in our armed forces. we told that you a marine died during a sky diving training accident. we're learning two navy divers died in virginia. one diver died at the soon while the other taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. the navy investigating. it's the second deadly incident there in just the last month. >> brian: great white shark shot in new zealand after it attacked and killed a man of the witnesses say he was swimming when he spotted the shark then like a scene from the movie. he shouted a warning and then quickly was pulled under. at first he fought off 129-foot beast, but then it came back again. >> first time it was like one, but six minutes after that, we saw three sharks.
4:38 am
>> brian: by the time life guards reached him in a boat, it was too late. the coast guard had to shoot the shark in order to remove the victim's body from the ocean. >> steve: meanwhile, remember this woman, the tan mom? well, her saga may be over for now. endangermentin new jersey has charges against patricia. she ran into trouble last year after she was accused of taking her five-year-old daughter tanning. she took her frustrations out on reporters. >> my daughter never tans! are you square? i like your tan. i don't think that's a crumb and i'm still going to tan. >> steve: that's good for her. her next move, she wants to start her own line of tanning lotion. she also says she's going to do the natural tan. she's not going to go to tang -- tanning parlors anymore.
4:39 am
>> gretchen: an explosive scene behind a weatherman talking to viewers in missouri. take a look at the transformer explode in a flash of light. meteorologist kevin lighty, ironically, was holding a shovel full of snow, showing people just how much is coming down and didn't realize what happened over his shoulder. it's the second blizzard in just a week blanketing states all across the midwest. >> steve: and another powerful winter storm moving east. it's already left much of the midwest buried. they're referring to it in kansas as the blizzard of osz yes. i saw that name. blizzard of oz. it's not over across parts of missouri and iowa. we actually still that have that snow coming down, a couple of inches before all is said and done with this storm system that if youfully new england, you're starting to see some of that snow coming down and you're expecting an additional six to 12 inches of snow and some of the higher elevations of new hampshire and also portions of maine could pick up over a foot of snow. this is quite significant across
4:40 am
the interior sections of the northeast. otherwise new york city, the city of boston and portions of connecticut and rhode island, really expecting to see rain out of the storm system. the temperatures are just too warm to get any snow. you can see that snow right there on the backside of the system across portions of northern missouri, moving in through areas across iowa and even into parts of wisconsin. so watch out for some slippery driving conditions. winter storm warning in effect across the state of vermont, new hampshire, and also across portions of maine. heavy rain coming down across portions of rhode island early this morning and the other big concern is travel. we already have delays out of la guardia and philadelphia. so pack patience if you're headed to the airport. >> steve: good advice. thank you. >> gretchen: he's only 11 years old. what fifth grader, julian newman lacks in size, he makes up for in talent. from orlando, he's showing anna kooiman a thing or two. >> good morning.
4:41 am
he is 4' 5, 70 pounds, a little guy, but he's incredible. pint size the point guard. we watched julian play last night. we had to make sure we brought him fox friends friends love 'cause he really inspired our viewers last week. you won your game last night, right? >> yes. >> yeah. and that's pretty typical for you because you're a stud. who are your favorite players? >> chris wall and kobe bryant. >> you want to go to school where? >> university of kentucky. >> today you're gog try to prove to kentucky that you can beat anna kooiman and that means what? they need to take you, right? >> yeah. >> how you feel about being head and shoulders smaller than everybody else out on the court? >> sometimes it's hard 'cause i feel like i get lost. but most of the people i'm going by the players. >> all right. he'll about head and shoulders taller than you. let's stand back to back. all right. here we go. you got the ball. let's go.
4:42 am
♪ oh, he made it! okay. ♪ oh! ♪ . >> you know, i think we need to get the team captain in here. here we go. let's see it! if you notice the number 4 that's right there on julian's head there, every two weeks he goes to the barber shop and gets that done. number 4 is the number on his jersey. the same number that his dad had. his dad is also the coach. i'm out of breath. julian killed me, man.
4:43 am
it's obviously paying off and hopefully it will pay college bills as well. he's been stealing the headlines, even been in sports illustrated. brian, give a little narration on this. give me some color. >> brian: i'd like to know if the teammates accept add fifth grader on the team. is he really one of the guys? is that possible? >> he says he is. he says they treat him like everybody else. i talked to the other players yesterday, too. they said, you know what? we were a little skeptical at first. but once we saw the skill level, it was all over. >> steve: i'm reading on-line that julian leaves the state of florida for a game and ranks fifth nationally, according to a web site. the kid has got a bright future and right now, he's wearing size 4 shoe. >> brian: dave ramsey left a short time ago. can i give you some advice? i would leave with a signed basketball because it will be
4:44 am
worth a lot. >> it will be. i remember when. i knew him when and i'm going to be bragging about i need to grab a picture, too. >> gretchen: i love it, 'cause who would think a tiny little guy would be great at basketball. >> brian: yeah. normal for a fifth grader, but not a 12th grader. thanks so much. that was great. >> gretchen: coming up, designer trademarked jesus jeans and now says no one else can use the name jesus. can jesus really be trademarked? fair and balanced debate coming up next. >> brian: and do you intentionally avoid someone because you can't remember their names? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith -- what's his name again? >> gretchen: ablow. >> brian: oh next if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go.
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4:48 am
company did in 2007. so you have jesus jeans. they convinced the united states patent office to give them exclusive rights to the word jesus and threatening to sue anyone who attempts to start an apparel line with that word in the title. should that be legal? a lot to discuss. joining me, arthur idala and eric menheart. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: all right. i'm gog start with eric. this is his specialty. i understand that it was a problem to actually get this trademarked to begin with. there were a slew of countries, turkey, china, cuba, among others, who said you couldn't even do this original trademark. why? >> that's correct. there is a variety of roles and different countries handle it differently. but primarily the issue is that you don't want to basically allow anything that's immoral or scandalous is the words that are used in the law. and different countries have different views as to what immoral or scandalous might be. and for example, britain just determined that the word jesus
4:49 am
was effectively -- it shouldn't be trademarked. it was immoral to have a major christian figure be on a trademark. the united states and the european union felt differently. and it's a classic example of different viewpoints from different countries. >> gretchen: i guess arthur, one of the things that they feared would be advertisements like this for women in skimpy denim under the slogan, he who loves me follows me. you got a problem with that? >> the slogan is catchy, but do i think it should be attached to the name jesus? no, i don't. look, the trademark laws are actually there to protect the consumer. so i'm just going to give you an example. let's say they wanted to have jesus soup and it comes in a small can and it's got red and white and a certain script. everybody knows that's campbell soup. so when go to reach on the -- the shelf. when you reach on the shelf in the supermarket to grab the soup, and you see the red and white in the script and you
4:50 am
shouldn't even have to read the name. so that's really what the trademarks are for. there is no jesus surf board company out there that they're going to get confused on. it's jesus surf board versus that jesus surf board. they will have an uphill battle, even though legally they're in the right 'cause they have the trademark. >> gretchen: this really are two issues. should jesus even be trademarked, number within. and number two, now that it is in some country, should other countries be able to use the name jesus? where do you "fallin" on that? >> basically, that's right. there are two issues. the first question is whether or not jesus should be trademarked. you and i could sit here and talk for hours about whether it's moral or immoral and different people have different viewpoints. the united states basically said look, it's okay. you can do that. >> gretchen: what about other countries? do you think other companies should be able to use the name jesus since somebody else already got it? >> assuming that the answer to number one is that you can in fact use jesus, then as long as they have a valid and trademark
4:51 am
that they can use in commerce, that they're otherwise following the law, then yes, they can -- >> eric, you're the expert here. can you trademark and win in court with something that's so broad? can you trademark god? we're the only company that can use god. god jeans, god beer. can you do something that's so broad, because it doesn't make sense to me. >> the answer to that question is that primarily you're talking about specific names on specific classes of goods. and so for example, jesus jeans, thee -- the mere fact -- >> my understanding is it's jesus jeans is going up against jesus surf boards. >> gretchen: it does seem like a wide i ray of difference. i have to wrap it up. folks at home will continue to talk about it today. thanks so much. >> have a great day.
4:52 am
>> thank you. >> gretchen: when you lay down for bed, does anxiety kick in? yep, that's me. is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow here with the answer. first on this day in history, 1997, "wanna be" by the spice girls was the number one song. shake it! [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
4:53 am
[ male announcer ] sounds good. withyou'll find reviewsve time, on home repair to healthcareon. written by people just like you. you want to be sure the money you're about to spend is money well spent. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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4:55 am
>> gretchen: am i normal or nuts? the question everyone asks once in a while. it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. >> brian: joining us now to answer your e-mails, fox news contributor and psychiatrist, he claims, dr. keith ablow.
4:56 am
welcome back. >> good to see you guys. no one asked to see my degree. >> gretchen: i have to tell you, i'm the one who sent in the first e-mail. >> brian: then you should read it nonresponsive not really. but it sounds like me. i don't really have anxiety during the day. buff at night my mind races constantly and i worry people i love will get hurt or die. even though i know they're safe and it keeps me up. is it normal or nutso? >> here is the thing, the answer is in the it's not normal because after all, it says in the question, i worry about these folks even though i know they're fine. and so this is a true anxiety disorder. luckily there is help for that kind of thing. psycho therapy and medicines can help, sleeping medicine can help. but also look at your life and figure out what are you really worried about? 'cause that can be a shield to not look at things that are really troubling you. since these people are safe. >> steve: kind of turn off the
4:57 am
voices in the head. >> gretchen: you have to prescribe tough meds for me. >> brian: this person wants to stay anonymous. here it is. i'm really bad with names and usually forget after meeting someone what their name is. when i spot them again, i intentionally avoid them so it's not awkward and i don't have to ask them their name. is this nuts? >> this is normal. why? normal because so many people have this problem. names are tough to remember for lots of people and it's an easy cure. number one, if you are just seeing them alone, you just start talking to them. but if you're with someone else, say why don't i let you guys introduce yourselves and pause and generally people will go hey, i'm fred or helen. it's forgivable because it's normal. >> steve: real fast, we've got one minute or less. i'm afraid of flying and my
4:58 am
friends make fun of me because i do the sign of the cross on airplanes. but only on takeoff and landing. am i nuts? >> first, i feel pressured that you're making me go fast. but that aside, it's normal! it's normal. why? because look, everybody on that plane, they're placing themselves in the hands of technology. the fact that you choose to place yourself in the hands of god, why not? that seems like a powerful place to reside. >> gretchen: just did that last night on the airplane. dr. ablow, thanks so much. send the meds fed-ex. >> all right. thank you. i'll try to go fast next time. >> steve: job well done. students told to wear burqas and call the 9-11 hijackers freedom fighters instead of terrorists. the teacher says it was just a lesson. one of the girls in that picture top of the hour. >> brian: ever get stuck behind one of these? up next, the annoying habits of a prius driver from the mouth an annoying prius driver
4:59 am
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5:02 am
hope you're gonna have a fantastic day. i'm gretchen carlson. we need start with a fox news alert. tens of thousands packed saint peter's square for a final farewell to pope benedict xvi. we'll have a live report from the vatican. >> steve: meanwhile, speaker john boehner is fed up with the sequester stalling and has one message for his colleagues. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their (bleep) and begins to do something. >> steve: what was he talking about? brian, why did you just beep him? >> brian: i have the beeper here, so maybe i overreacted. steve, democrats say they are going to raise taxes again. >> steve: what else do they say? >> brian: students wore burqas and called the 9-11 hijackers freedom fighters. the teacher says it was a lesson and parents don't seem to be happy. one of the girls in the picture says she felt uncomfortable. "fox & friends" starts now. i feel comfortable.
5:03 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great middle of the day week. >> steve: that story about the burqa, that is something where i think, according to the notes, the mother saw the picture of the daughter on facebook wearing a burqa and it's like, what were you doing in school? >> gretchen: they were in a geography class and studying different religions, it's my understanding. they voluntarily put them on, but then it created a little bit of a domino. >> brian: if they want to continue that, they would have to ride in the back seat, give up all their rights and ability to get a job. so that would be following through with the entire message of wearing a burqa. >> gretchen: women have very little rights when they wear the burqa, unfortunately. we begin with a fox news alert. three people have died in switzerland by a shooter. seven more people have been hurt. some seriously. it happened at a wood processing company. a witness reports the shooter opened fire in the company's cafeteria.
5:04 am
it's not known who the shooter was, at the worked for the company or what the possible motive might be. video leased of the hot air balloon crash in egypt. it plunged over 1,000 feet. the crash leaving at least 19 tourists dead. nine people jumped out as the balloon plunged and then shot back up. two of those people lucky to still be alive and reports say the pilot's landing cable was caught around a helium tube, causing the crash. two california police officers have died after being gunned down while following up on a assault arrest. cops say the suspect shot them as they approached his home. responding officers tracked down the suspect who had fled the scene after a short search, a gun fight broke out. the suspect was shot and killed. sergeant baker was a 28-year veteran and detective butler had ten years of experience on the job. a bus carrying university of maine women's basketball team running off the highway, crashing into the woods. it happened just north of boston late last night. it's believed the driver had some kind of medical issue while
5:05 am
driving. he's in serious condition. students and coaches walked away with only minor injuries. >> a lot of traffic. how he missed everybody is amazing. >> gretchen: the team was headed to boston university where a game was scheduled for tonight. those are your quick headlines this morning. >> steve: if you're wondering about the sequester, it looks like from all signs it will happen on the first day of march. and it's very clear the president went down to virginia, the commonwealth of virginia. he was at a shipbuilding yard and made it very clear that we don't have to go through this if the republicans will simply agree to raise revenue, which is raising taxes. john boehner was very quick to poopoo that. here he is, followed by harry reid. >> for 16 months, the president has been traveling all over the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with senate leaders in order to try to forge
5:06 am
an agreement over there in order to move the bill. we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their (bleep) and begins to do something. >> cuts will go forward. they're all cuts. i think we need revenue to take the pressure off everybody. the american people agree with me and until there is some agreement on revenue, i believe they should go ahead with the sequester. >> brian: that's big of him. >> steve: america agrees with me. >> brian: let's take the pressure off by raising tax. what a relief. i'm so happy to get the money out of my pocket. harry reid can read my mind. what a relief to know he's on my side. isn't this the same government that said if you raise taxes when growth is flat it's counter productive? through the sequester process, 45% of the country believe the president is -- excuse me, 45% believe the republicans are more to blame for what's about to happen in sequester.
5:07 am
and 32% hold the president responsibility. i don't know if that's going to reverse itself because most people also say that we have a spending problem in washington and if it comes down to sequester happens on friday and there is no dramatic events that happen, the sky doesn't open and planes stop flying and meat stops being sold, if all these things don't happen, maybe those polls will reverse. >> steve: if the economy slows down in the next couple of months, i think people will blame the president because -- the republicans have done a good job with the messaging on the president can change this, but he has at this tenth hour appeared inflexible. >> gretchen: one out of five people are paying attention to the sequester. >> steve: unless the economy tanks. >> gretchen: if the other four out of five are look at the headlines and they're just seeing that the president's blaming the republicans, then maybe that is what they'll think. even if they're not paying attention to the issue, if they see the headline and they don't dig deeper, then that's what it will end up possibly being in their mind. let's look at the people who are paying attention. here is a rasmussen poll.
5:08 am
the best way to slash the deficit, reduce by taxes alone. 6%. reduce by cutting spending, 45%. combination of the two, more spending cuts than tax hikes, though, 36%. remember, when you use that word compromise, the republicans did that before the end of the year when we were talking about the debt ceiling. they did raise taxes. >> brian: and got no tax cuts. >> gretchen: and tax frankly went up for everybody because that payroll holiday, the holiday tax on social security, there was a holiday for that for the last couple of years. now everyone is back to paying that. so it's a little -- i do think the president overplayed his hand on thinking that he could just force the republicans to do taxes again because it looks like they're not going to budge this time. >> steve: just keep in mind, when the sequester was written up and it was the invention of the white house, according to bob woodward's book, one of the provisions of the sequester was if the president wanted to make sure that the debt ceiling was raised past the election, he got that. in return, he agreed there would be no tax increase.
5:09 am
but now he's out on the stump and he's saying there's got to be a t increase. >> mitch mcconnell says i want to give the president to cut as he sees flex. he doesn't have the flexibility. the president said that's something he doesn't want. it's a choice between the bad or the terrible. he doesn't want that ability. so let the cuts be automatic with nobody's fingerprints. >> steve: it's the scare quester. pope benedict giving an emotional farewell here this morning in front of thousands of followers there, asking people to pray for him. the he officially steps down tomorrow. he's the first pope to resign in 600 years. he told the crowd he made the decision for the good of the church and thanked them for their support of him. >> i asking him to strengthen with hope which opens our hearts with the fullness of life.
5:10 am
thank you. >> steve: amy kellogg was in saint peter's square for the pope's first day and joins us for his last day. she's live in rome. amy? >> hi, steve. clearly the decision was very difficult. that sense of emotion was conveyed very well by pope benedict xvi. i think it's fair to say that this was a particularly dramatic day or appearance this morning on saint peter's square because this is possibly, barring a few photo opportunities tomorrow, possibly the last time we may ever see pope benedict xvi, or the pope e meritus as he will be called because he says he wants to live a life of prayer and reflection. he's going to be living in seclusion and he referenced his name sake, saint benedict, who was a monk, and that again gave a signal that this pope is going to be extremely low key in his retirement. he'll be wearing a white cassok.
5:11 am
he'll forego the red shoes, symbolizing the blood of martyrs and go away. this was very emotional for what they're now saying is 150,000 people who came out to ask for his final blessing, to thank him for his service to the church and simply to witness a historic event because again, popes don't retire. popes pass away and then they are suck receivedded. but this pope has made a historic decision, which he clearly struggled with. but he did thank people for their acceptance of his desire to step down. steve? >> steve: and we just saw some pictures of a number of bishops, cardinals, that is, bishops of the church. is a conclave going to start shortly? >> the conclave probably won't start until around the 8th or 10th of march. the cardinals have a congregation that will start on march 4 officially. there will be some precongregation meetings and
5:12 am
then this congregation starting on the 4th at which point they will designate a specific date for the conclave to begin. it was supposed to be two weeks after the period when there is no pope. but pope benedict xvi has kind of changed the time frame so it can start earlier because clearly it's important for a new pope to be in place for easter, if not holy week. >> steve: amy kellogg live in the holy see, thank you very much. >> gretchen: there is a story that we brought you earlier. this is happening out in texas where a group of ninth graders had a geography class and studying different reasonings around -- religions around the world. this picture ended up on facebook a short time later. i think this happened february 1. so the girls were voluntarily told that they could put on these burqas and apparently one mom got very upset when she saw this on facebook. more upset, i think, than the garb. she was upset with the way they were characterizing terrorists,
5:13 am
calling them freedom fighters, that's with she really had the problem with. >> brian: state senator dan patrick in texas, he told us that he's disturbed and investigating about the whole curriculum and the process in which they ended up dressing up like this. >> steve: one of the girls who did dress up was on "fox & friends" with gretchen earlier, along with her mother. >> we never went into any detail about religions of other countries, but in this middle eastern unit we had gone into detail. >> one of the things she was concerned was stay focused on islam. never touched on christianity. it was an agenda, but they never did. they went on in to talk about the terrorists. >> gretchen: i think relating them to freedom fighters is what had that mother, april, upset about that. i think there is so much discussion always about keeping christianity out of schools and not talking about that particular religion, i think that was also offensive to this family. if their children can dress up
5:14 am
in burqas and do extensive research on islam, then why don't we pay the same attention to that as we do to keeping christianity out of schools? >> steve: i think back to my kids going to school, the only -- aside from halloween, the only days they dressed up were pajama day. >> gretchen: my kids loved it. >> brian: how you get a burqa in texas, i don't know? >> steve: mail order. >> brian: one person says, the lessons, was exposing the kids to cultures. it's not teaching a specific religion and the students volunteered to wear the clothing. >> steve: what do you think about it? e-mail us. meantime, a dozen minutes after thetop of the hour. sequester, invented the sequester, his white house did, because he thought it could benefit him politically by pinning republicans into a corner. but that plan may be not working. will the american people pay the price for his political miscalculation? a fair and balanced debate
5:15 am
coming up. >> gretchen: a student nearly suspended for supporting a united states marine on a t-shirt. should he be able to wear a t-shirt like that to school? let us know. e-mail us. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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[ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. >> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. did the president's latest political ploy backfire? washington insiders say the only reason that he agreed to the sequester was to force congressional republicans to accept his tax plan. the only problem is republicans aren't taking the bait this time. instead of finding a different solution, the president appears to be taking his blame game on the road. >> there are too many republicans in congress right now who refuse to compromise even an inch when it comes to closing tax loopholes and special interest tax breaks.
5:19 am
that's what's holding things up right now. >> gretchen: will the american people pay the price for this political miscalculation? michelle, republican strategist, penny lee, former communication advisor to harry reid. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> gretchen: penny, let me start with you because your former boss, harry reid came out yesterday and said look, the american people, they all want taxes to go up to solve this problem. do you agree with him? >> well, if you look at the latest pew research, you will see the american people want a balanced approach. 72% of them say to fight this deficit, we need a balanced approach. and that includes spending cuts. it includes tax increases. and it includes some type of entitlement reforms 'cause as we all know, that is really -- >> gretchen: two of the things you talked about aren't in the equation. the elephant in the room is politic social security not part of this discussion. spending cuts are not part of this discussion!
5:20 am
>> when this came about, the president put on the plan, things to actually curb the cost of social security. social security reforms, which is changing what they call the cpi. yes, he did put forth some ideas and some ways and measures in which to curb the cost of the entitlements and he's also proposed and put out there $2.5 trillion worth of spending cuts. so to say that he hasn't -- president hasn't put out a balanced approach is absolutely false. >> gretchen: michelle? >> we keep asking for compromise. a compromise happened in 2011 when we agreed to raise the debt ceiling without increasing taxes and he agreed that we would have the sequester or equal amount of cuts to make up for that increase in the debt ceiling. that's what's happening now. to go back and ask for more tax revenue to make up for that, which wasn't originally part of the deal is nonsense. the fact that this is going to be a doomsday scenario, it's 2 1/2% cut in the growth of spending. that's $85 billion, which is a fraction of what we gave to aig in the bailout. so to say that all of a sudden this is going to implode our national security, we're not going to afford border patrol
5:21 am
agents is nonsense. i would venture to guess that 85% of americans believe our budget is to lean -- >> gretchen: maybe if they see the numbers, they'll think about it harder. the debt added in the last year, 3.268 billion a day! 136.19 million an hour. 2..27 million a minute. i can't even keep the numbers straight. $37,000, $829 a second. penny, did the president overplay his hand on this one thinking that the last time he did get republicans to raise tax. his messaging worked. did he overplay his hand this time with regard to putting it all on republicans about raising taxes yet again? >> again, if you look at their latest polls, they will say if the sequester does happen, actually republicans are actually going to carry more of the blame than the president. but i think we need to stop going into the blame game now and actually fix and solve these
5:22 am
problems. >> gretchen: the president is now playing the blame game. he's campaigning all across america, continuing the blame game. michelle, ten seconds. >> here is what's going to happen of the the sequester will happen on friday. then we'll approach in three or four weeks a funding boil fund the government for the rest of the year. at that point, obama will be in a tough spot because we're going to start at a lower spending level instigated by the sequester and he's going to have to figure out how he'll pay for the massive government he outlined without asking for more tax increases because to ask three times is a big mess. >> gretchen: i got to wrap it up. thanks much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: he walked ten miles in the snow to get a job interview. he didn't get a job. but wait until you hear what he did get. and has this happened to you? you're late for work and get stuck behind a prius? our next guest says he knows why it's so annoying because he drives one
5:23 am
he ♪
5:24 am
♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> brian: quick headlines now. lions and bears, oh, my. police removing four lions and two bears from a romanian gangster's estate. taking them out in cages and on stretchers. some were too tired to get out. he reportedly used them to threaten his victims. the animals will now live at a local zoo. we'll follow that story. and three nascar fans considering an injury lawsuit because of the horrific crash on saturday. around 30 fans were hurt when tires went over the fence. experts say liability waivers written on the tickets could make a lawsuit difficult. i'm out of stuff to say. it's up to steve. >> steve: thanks, brian. imagine this, you're late for work, you hop in your car, you speed down the road and get stuck behind a prius. our next guest says he knows why. those drivers are so annoying
5:27 am
because he now is an annoying prius driver. he's from the "houston chronicle" and joins us live from houston in a car. hey there, dwight. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. this is actually my wife's car. my car is a 2001 ford mustang. i don't drive it like a prius. but i have changed the way i drive when i'm in this because you get great gas mileage if you do. >> steve: sure. and to get the great gas mileage, and i have driven one of those cars. it kind of runs like a sewing machine. but it does get 50 miles per gallon and that's one of the things that is the beauty of the prius. but please explain for us some of the annoying prius driver habits. for instance, why is it you guys love to coast? >> well, the prius has two engines, a gas engine and electric engine. and combined they get 134 horsepower, which isn't too bad. but you have to -- the electric
5:28 am
engine is powered by a large set of batteries. so you have to charge those batteries as you go and coasting and braking causes you to charge the battery. so what prius owners end up doing is when they know they have to stop, they coast for a long time. that's why about a half a block away from a stoplight or stop sign, you'll see them slowing down and just coasting to a stop. the idea is obviously never have to put on the brake until you get right to the light. >> steve: sure. explain this annoying habit, i'm behind a prius, the prius is at a stoplight or stop sign. when the light turns green, suddenly that guy is in no hurry to get going. what's going on? >> well, when you first step on the brake on a prius, if you're -- i mean on the accelerator, if you're doing it slowly enough, you stay in electric mode. only the electric engine runs. when you get up to 20 miles an hour, that's when the gas engine
5:29 am
kicks in. so the longer you can let the electric engine run, the longer -- the better your gas mileage is. when you're working in the prius, when you're kind of driving it, there's a series of data feeds on the dashboard. it shows you which engine is running. it shows you how much gasoline you've used or how much energy you've used at any given point. so you kind of drive to the data. it's a game. it turns driving in a game. when you turn the car off, it shows you how many miles per gallon you got and you could put in the amount of gas, the cost of the gas when you fill up. so it shows you how much that trip cost. it's like a game. you want to get those numbers up. >> steve: absolutely. the bigger the number, the more you save. finally, out in the open road, it appears that the driver of a prius is gliding. am i imagining that? >> the gliding in a prius is where the driver particularly on a freeway or when you're up at
5:30 am
decent highway speeds, you are trying to get the car to run at the very minimum amount of energy. so you bring the car up to just about the speed limit and a little bit over and then back off and you trio keep the gas -- try to keep gas pedal depressed enough so that the electric engine only kicks in occasionally to maintain the speed. if you can do that, you can run for quite a bit on almost 100 miles per gallon. >> steve: very nicely done. dave silverman -- dwight silverman from the "houston chronicle," appearing live in his wife's car. did you have to do the car wash for that, 'cause it looks spic and span. >> she took it to the car wash. she's got my 2001 mustang this morning and she's seething. >> steve: yeah, but she can do a jack rabbit stop. >> she can do a jackrabbit stop. i'm going to replace it, too. and i'm probable lea getting a prius. >> steve: a real pleasure.
5:31 am
thanks for explaining the annoying habits of prius drivers. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: now you know. 29 minutes after the top of the hour. we're adding more than $2 million a minute to the national debt. so should there be a debt clock on capitol hill to help congress with their math? why some democrats are the ones saying no way. unplug that thing. and a student nearly suspended for supporting the marines with this t-shirt. is that fair? your e-mails next mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
5:32 am
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visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. order today, and get a free dvd of kirk cameron's latest film, monumental, the untold story of americaís beginnings. >> the people are still talking about, someone noticed at the oscars, none of the winners thanked god. isn't that crazy? yeah. and to add insult to injury, at his last sermon the same day, the pope thanked harvey weinstein and meryl streep. >> brian: that is true. the more i of this of it, nobody did. unlike every sports -- everybody who wins in sports or gets a basket or hits a foul shot thanks god. >> steve: the part about the pope thanking harvey, that's not true. is it? >> brian: i don't this i -- think so. >> gretchen: now to your headlines.
5:36 am
the taliban carrying out a sickening attack in eastern afghanistan. insurgents poisoned 17 people at a afghan militia post and then shot them dead. ten were afghan police officers. seven others civilians. the method of poisoning not known. this comes amid news that the obama administration incorrectly reported taliban attacks declined 7% last year. it turns out there was no change in the number. >> brian: you believe that? >> gretchen: pentagon says somebody forgot to include stats from afghan security forces. >> steve: that kind of changes the narrative before the election, doesn't it? >> brian: dramatic scene on a beach in new zealand as cops shoot a shark while police try to save a swimmer's life. like a scene, he shouted a warning and quickly was pulled under. at first the man fought off the shark. then he came back again. >> first time it was like one. but five, six minutes, we saw like three sharks all over him,
5:37 am
rolling him around. >> brian: wow. police fired up to 20 shots from the boat and did -- from the helicopter and the boat and tried to rescue the victim, but they were way too late. >> steve: meanwhile, remember that woman? the tan mom? her saga may be over for now. a grand jury dropped child endangerment charges against her. she ran into trouble last year, you'll remember, after she was accused of taking her five-year-old daughter to a tanning salon. she took her frustrations out on reporters. listen to this. >> my daughter never tans! are you square? i like to tan. i don't think that's a crime and i'm still going to tan. >> steve: that's good to know. her next move, she wants to start her own line of tanning lotions. we'd buy it, right? >> brian: she was from nuttily, right? >> steve: home of martha stewart. >> gretchen: anyway, an eighth grade student in illinois
5:38 am
threatened with suspension if he didn't take off his u.s. marine t-shirt. his teacher says the two rifles seen on this shirt violates school dress code. the boy was forced to turn the shirt inside out despite wearing it to school apparently before on other days. now his father wants the school to revise the dress code. the superintendent says the shirt doesn't violate the code and the teacher should have discussed it with administration officials before doing anything. we asked to you send us your thoughts on the topic. one says tell the schoolie to remove all books from the library with books of marines with guns and i will make my son change shirts. another one, i am as pro second amendment, but school rules are clear and should be followed. wear the shirt outside of school. and another says, during the first gulf war, we all war shirts stating our supports for marine, army, navy, et cetera. thanks for the comments. >> steve: turns out it was a misunderstanding. the shirt was okay in the school. now it's time for sports. >> brian: i hope my outfit is okay. deja vu all over. this college basketball season,
5:39 am
the top ranked team in the nation knocked off. this time it was minnesota again. gretchen is from minnesota, coincidence? i think so. indiana goes down. that's a huge chopper. amazing block. 12 rebounds. they win. the question now, who doesn't want to be the number one seed and who will be the number one seed as the tournament rolls around? who will get one of the top spots? the pros, where they pay to play. heat continue to stay hot. lebron james showing why he's the reigning mvp. he put up video game-like numbers. eight rebounds. duane wade, 39 points. somebody else in the court must have been open. we don't know. it's the heat's 12th straight victory. finally, hard hitting. hockey. take a look at the canadian hockey coach tripping the
5:40 am
opposing player. the coach has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for assault. the judge in the case says he would not tolerate adults hurting children, especially because the coaches are supposed to be role models. i mean, that's obvious. i didn't think there would be jail time, but look at this. >> steve: luckily there is video. otherwise it would have been one word against the other. >> brian: if you have to run from the tv and run to the radio, between 9 and noon, our fox news radio app and over 100 stations across the country, amongst our guest social security a guy you had when i was out, jack murphy on to talk about what happened in benghazi. some of his sources there. we're also going -- gretchen will be joining us in the first hour. we'll have america's news room anchors. i forgot their name. martha mccallum and bill hem mer. >> steve: another powerful winter storm moving east. already left much of the midwest buried under snow and now it's raining here in new york city. isn't it, maria molina?
5:41 am
>> yes, it is. it's been raining all night. we picked up quite a bit of rain across new york city. that's the story across connecticut, rhode island, and also into portions of eastern massachusetts and the city of boston. i want to point out, temperatures are very mild across portions of the east. it will be 51 degrees this afternoon in new york city. that's why we're not seeing any snowfall across the city. just too warm. tampa, also on the warm side. 72 degrees for a high temperature. but by sunday, you may not make it out of the 50s. tampa, enjoy the warm temperatures while you have them. we are expecting to pick up significant snowfall from the storm system across sections of new hampshire and maine. between six to 12 inches of snow will be possible. higher elevations could see more snow. otherwise the storm system is massive, it's still producing snow showers as far west as portions of colorado and kansas, seeing that snow coming down across parts of upstate new york, vermont and new hampshire. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. >> brian: you know what's annoying in new york city? that debt clock.
5:42 am
right in manhattan. >> gretchen: it continues to rack up, if you ever walk by it here, it looks like this. it's really, really big. >> brian: it's depressing. >> gretchen: very depressing. you're like, is that how much money we're opinioning? let's break it down more for you. at the same time we should say some democrats are complaining about the presence of the debt clock on capitol hill that was put in by republicans as a reminder of these numbers. see if you can try to even put this into your head now. $37,829 per second is what we spend in this country. >> steve: it's lot. the idea was from jeb hensarling , he wanted it for testimony for the thing to be running. a couple of democrats of minnesota, they complained, hey, this is political. you can't do it. maxine waters said okay, mr. chairman, how about this compromise? if a democrat is speaking, will you turn it off? so they did. but when they're not talking,
5:43 am
it's running. >> gretchen: i think it's important to point out that $37,000 a second, you know what that adds up to in a day? 3.268 billion. >> steve: no wonder the democrats want it turned off! >> gretchen: it's a lot of money. interesting to look at it when you break it down. >> steve: a lot of our money. straight ahead on this wednesday, it sounds like john lennon and yoko ono's dream come true. one democrat wants to create the department of peace. is that really what our country needs right now? peter johnson, jr. has the story. >> brian: give it a chance. >> gretchen: then he walked ten miles in the snow to get a job interview. he didn't get that job. but wait until you hear what he did get. it's an amazing story, coming up soon
5:44 am
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told you i'd get half. what's in your walle >> brian: move over, john lennon and yoko ono. instead of staying in bed for peace, barbara lee thinks there should be a whole federal department at the cabinet level, secretary of peace. is this really what america needs? let's ask legal guy and everything else. >> this is the sock puppet show of government theater. if it wasn't so funny, it would be seriously hurtful. congressman barbara lee and other geniuses in the house say we need a department of peace keeping. hr 808, look it up. six assistant secretaries, block grants, advising the state department and the defense department, demanding from the bill that if you decide to go to war or take some aggressive action, you need to consult with
5:48 am
us. they say we're going to look at a patriarchal society. they're going to say, violence in america is because of the patriarchal society, mean ago society run by fathers as it were. so let's look at that. let's look at gun violence in america. let's spend # 5% of our budget. let's advise the u.n. ambassador. let's advise the secretary of treasury. the bill says, we can advise any department that we want. these are political shock troops. this is a boondoggle of all time. we're talk being losing billions of dollars in our military and these folks say we need six new assistants and new cabinet member to advise the president and say to the world, we're all about keeping the peace. >> brian: they want to propose and develop programs and strategies to fight violence, to fight conflict and reduce ratio and ethnic -- >> their rationale is it costs too much money to have violence. listen, i'm for peace.
5:49 am
i'm for keeping americans alive. but at the same time, we have a state department. we have a department of defense. we've got a lot of other departments looking at a lot of issues. they want to get about conflict resolution. in fact, they've got a channel in there that they can say, we want to advise the government, the congress, the president on getting along better. on top of that, brian, they want to advise the media and make recommendations to the media. >> brian: are you open to this quote? barbara lee says we invest hundreds of billions of dollars each year in the pentagon, military, national defense universities, all to develop tactics and strategies. now we need that kind of investment in peace and nonviolence here at home. >> this reminds me of the marks brothers, duck soup, hail, hail. marx brothers comes to the capitol today with hr 808. a brilliant bill. our congress at work. keep it up, representative lee.
5:50 am
way to go. >> brian: wow. i've never seen this type of musical element in the show. >> there should be more of it. i'm lobbying for it. >> brian: it's sad but true. don't fall. our next guest is proof that goodwill and determination go a long way. the guy walked ten miles in the snow to get a job. found a miracle along the way. but first let's check in a little later to find out what's happening in america's news room. just not now. ♪ [ male announcer ] eand i'm a fish guy.f people
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>> gretchen: the white house says their first move of the sequester will be the release of detained illegals. is that practical or is that politics? we'll talk about that. as washington tangles over the
5:54 am
looming cuts, senator rand paul says he found $600,000 in surplus in his budget and gave it back. how did he do that? he will let us know. and the former c.i.a. director michael hayden has a serious warning for america this morning. he joins bill and me right here on "america's newsroom." we will see you at the top of the hour. >> steve: all right. we'll be watching. meanwhile, we got quick headlines. police are searching for this woman in connection to the las vegas strip shooting. police believe she was inside the shooter's car. she has multiple arrests for soliciting prostitution and trespassing and they're looking for her. and a retired stockbroker getting the last word on the "new york times." part of the times obituary for a man says, quote, loved everything about new york city, the "new york times." amos' son says his father believed the times was biased against the country of israel.
5:55 am
he got the last word. >> gretchen: our next story is heart warming proof that goodwill and determination go a long way. the restaurant owner saw this man walking miles through the snow hoping to interview for a job. he realized the dedication stopped him in his tracks and hired him on the spot. both men are my guests this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> gretchen: i love your t-shirts. that's advertising your restaurant, which is in indianapolis. let me start with you, you're 18 years old. you've been trying to find a job for four to five months? >> yes, that is correct. >> gretchen: so one day you decided to go for this interview at a thrift shop and it wasn't really close to your house, was it? >> no. it was at least ten miles away. >> gretchen: so some people will say, why didn't you take cab or bus? how would you respond to that? >> i just didn't have the money
5:56 am
for it. >> gretchen: so some people have sort of this impression of young people these days and frankly, older people, that they don't want to put in the hard work that it takes to get a job. the fact that you were going to walk ten miles for this interview, where did you find that perseverance inside of yourself? >> i watched my dad work, as i've grown up. and i've seen how he's worked and based on what i've association i use that for my own, you know -- my personal determination, you know, persevereance. my family to be somewhere, i'm going to be there. >> gretchen: you wanted a job you and needed a job. art, you saw this young man. pick up the story from there. >> of course, what makes the ten miles seem even more incredible is we had an ice storm that day. so he was walking through ice
5:57 am
and slush and snow on a busy street that had no sidewalks. i met him as he walked through my parking lot and asking directions to where he was going. i did not know he was headed for an interview. i only know he had a long walk in front of him. >> gretchen: you went on an earned and you saw he was still on this path and picked him up? >> correct. that was the first i really had started talking to him outside of giving him directions. and i just said, you really need to be on a bus on a day like today and he said, i can't afford the bus. we're headed that way, i'll go ahead and take you. we started talking in the car. >> gretchen: and so you did not get the job at the thrift shop, but you're working now for art? >> yes, that is correct. >> gretchen: and so you started on monday. i know, art, this is all about goodwill and paying it forward. a customer has given him a cell phone, free bus passes and working to get him an apartment closer to your job now? >> that's true. it's all about goodwill and work ethic. i thank you for having us on 'cause i want to take the focus off of anything i've done because i did nothing
5:58 am
miraculous. i picked up a guy on the side of the road, found out he needed a job and realized he would be a very good employee. he fits in very well with the rest of my team, which is in the restaurant business, it's all about your work ethic. it's all about hard work. and i knew right away he'd fit in with the rest of the team, that all come to work every day and bust their humps. >> gretchen: i love it. i love how you say it. thanks for a feel good story. fantastic. good luck to both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" three minutes away
5:59 am
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