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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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come from the party of reagan. and if the g.o.p. doesn't change nor will our fortunes. jim williams, oklahoma, cpac stands for conservative, and governor christie is now. why are you tougher on obama now than before the election? >> i've been fair to the president in my analysis. right now in my opinion, mr. obama is hurting the country and trying to destroy the republican party and not, not trying to solve problems. there's no way on earth that mr. obama should not cut 10% out of the bloated putting. the republican party is absolutely correct to stand firm against him. bankruptcy will devastate this country. through the president's first four years, i criticized him he when he deserved it and praised him when he did something positive. i don't personally not like
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the president, but sub versusive, and i try to present the facts, and if that tees people off. if the best thing you could say at your funeral is that you were a fair person. that's the tip of the day. check out the fox news factor website different from the and we love the foreign mail, o' and if you wish to opine, the word of the day, do not be effete. i was going to say this person was effete, and if i did you wouldn't look it up. i'm bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops here in l.a. because we're definitely looking out for you. >> .
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>> in a few days congress might allow a series of immediate, painful arbitrary budget cuts to take place. known in washington as the sequester. >> now, congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take p it will jeopardize our military readiness, it will eviscerate job indicating investments in education and energy and medical research. >> early education like head start and early start would be eliminated for nearly a now children. >> border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. fbi agents will be furloughed, federal prosecutors will have to close cases. air traffic contollers and airport security cut backs which means more delays in airports across the country. and parents will have to find
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child care for their kids. >> hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and-- cancer screening, but these cuts are wrong. they're not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy, they're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen. they don't have to happen. now i've laid out a plan that details how we can pay down our deficit in a way that's balanced and responsible. >> a balanced plan, one that pairs more spending cuts with tax reforms and closes special interest loopholes and the second i get that bill on my desk, i will sign it into law, but i've got to get congress to pass it. none of us will get 100% of what we want, but nobody should want the cuts to go through. >> welcome to hannity tonight as we inch closer to the sequester deadline, president obama gives us yet another glaring signal that he is absolutely zero interest in avoiding the spending cuts
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that are said to take effect and he only wants to scare you, the american people. now, here is y earlier today the white house announced that the president will meet with the four top congressional leaders this friday, but here is my question, why wait? why not meet with them today. why not tomorrow? now, we all new the deadline was fast approaching, but in typical obama fashion, the administration waits until the 12th hour to do anything and do you want to know why. the president would rather be in the golf course with tiger woods and evil budget cutters instead of rolling up his sleeves, governing and trying to prevent the nightmare that he wanted from happening. bob woodward the man who wrote the definitive book on the sequester and is now slamming president obama for his handling of the situation is reportedly now being warned, i would use the word threatened by the white house, that he will quote regret his outspokenness after jay carney accused him of being a liar in
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response to an op-ed that he wrote. carney tweeted, supercommittee's mandate was not for the spending cuts alone, to suggest otherwise is willfully wrong, in the end this will back fire on the obama administration, they're going after the wrong guy, as has been the case, woodward, say what you will about him, is not susceptible to intim nation, he knows how to fight back. it's the white house, not woodward regret doing this just another example of arrogance from the administration. they may be able to push around weak, client journalists, lap-dog media types, i'll ask bob about this when he joins me live tomorrow on this very program. and the house majority whip, california congressman kevin mccarthy. we have a fear mongering demagogue president. what is your reaction to the rhetoric that he's been using? >> well, i think he's trying
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to put fear into the american public and what's amazing to me, sean, i talk about this, this is like a road show president. he's more interested in keeping the campaign going, going around the country, and he's got to decide, either he wants to be president of a political party or wants to be president of the united states and actually lead in the process and work towards some type of solution, but that's not what we're getting. >> now, the president says on friday he's going to meet with the the four top congressional leaders, that means john boehner and senator mitch mcconnell. didn't john boehner say he wasn't going to do that anymore or did i misunderstand it. >> said he wasn't going to sit down and negotiate, what the president is doing is asking for a photo op at the last minute. remember what we're talking about. 85 billion dollars out of a 3.6 trillion dollar budget. we borrow 85 billion dollars every 28 days so we're just talking about less cuts, less than what we borrow in one month. >> wait a minute. >> and isn't it in 2013, isn't
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it 44 billion? it's not 85-- >> well, yeah, some of them the cuts are offset into the next year, so, you're cutting, really, in reality less than one cent out of every dollar and he's going to shut down the essentials and curb somehow the military, people aren't going to be able to fly and the tsa. a lot of numbers go back to 2009 and i remember america running pretty well in 2009. >> sean: all right so for the past week and a half or so, the president has been releasing criminals even though the sequester has not happened yet, that's point number one. let me also tell you what bob woodward said about the president and this had to do with the pentagon and an aircraft carrier being deployed in the persian gulf. let's show you what he said. >>. >> under the constitution, the president is the commander-in-chief and employs the force so we now have the president going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement, i can't do what i need to do to protect the
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country. and that kind of madness we've not seen in a long time. >> sean: a type of madness we've not seen in a long time. what about the president releasing criminals, not sending out aircraft carriers. what do you think he's doing? >> i think he's playing political politics. all he wants to do is take more from the taxpayer. that's the sad part. when he sits there and threatens bob woodward, his administration, that's wrong. but think about how many times bob woodward has dealt with presidential-- presidents in the past and what they've threatened him before. for him to come out, woodward, and talk about this, i think this is very big and i think this will even grow into something much more that the american people would be concerned about. >> sean: all right, i've got a question because conservatives like myself, by the way, might want to tell your friend keith ellison, that i am a conservative and a registered conservative. i know conservatives are concerned, congressman, you're in the leadership. they want to hear from you
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under no circumstances are taxes going up because the president is insisting on tax increases as part of any deal. are you going to-- can you tell the american people tonight 100% certainty, that's not going to happen in this case? >> that's not going to happen. no, no taxes are coming out of this house, i'll tell you that as the majority whip. what's more important for the american people to know, there's not a need for more taxes. for the last 40 years, the percentage of what revenue came into gdp has averaged 17.9%. and in america today more revenues, 2.7 trillion than america has ever received. it's not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem. >> yeah. >> sean: yeah. >> that's what we have to find out. the only thing he wants to do is continue to take in the process more from taxpayers. >> sean: it seems to me that every republican should be,
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for very simple principles. limited government, balanced budget and we should be be-- they should be against generational theft because we're literally pounding open the piggy banks of our kids. united in the house, if every house republican is united on those three simple principles, you have power to stop president obama. this is during this debate. during the continuing resolution debate. during the budget debate. you guys have power. can you-- are you confident that all the republicans are united on those three principles i just mentioned? >> i'm very comfortable we're united in that. not just united from that we want to fight for that. sean, you and i had a lot of talks the end of the last year how this, how it ended in his presidency, his fiscal cliff challenges. and where the republicans were at. and i talked about the strategy that united this new house and i think you're seeing it right now, from one, where we moved to make sure
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the senate they don't pass the budget they won't get paid. we're sitting strong and sequester and produce a budget that balances in ten years, that's something fundamentally different that goes to the core of what republicans and all americans believe. >> i think the only thing i would suggest humbly, i think that republicans need message discipline. every republican has a different midge, you guys need to be on the same page, because the president is now trying to inflict the maximum amount of pain and inconvenience to say, oh, those republicans are nasty budget cutters that want dirty air and water and hate children and hate grandma. >> we could always improve on our message, one thing you can say we're good at, the policy, the policy is very good what we're moving forward. >> whoever would want to think that the president would want to inflict maximum pain on the american people to make a political point. beyond my lifetime. good to see you, we'll be watching closely and hope you stand strong, united. thank you. >> thanks for having me, sean.
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>> sean: coming up rudy guiliani will weigh in on the looming sequester. >> i've given you plenty of time to rant, congressman and now. >> go ahead. >> sean: you're so nice to give you a word on my own program. >> all right, i changed my mind. >> sean: the incoherent rant set the blogosphere on fire, and why it's left wing idea alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back to "hannity." the obama administration along with immigration and customs enforcement released hundreds of immigrants to the streets of new york and the united states and while they claim it's an effort before the sequester cuts go into effect the republicans aren't buying it and say it's a ploy. >> i think this is all part of the engineered plan, if you will, on the part of the administration to use sequestration, that debate, to use these scare tactics that are again for all of these violent offenders because of sequestration, let's not forget who brought up sequestration in the first place, it's the president of the united states. where is he? why is he out on this road show campaigning and politicking and why isn't he on the hill talking to members
9:17 pm
of congress to find a resolution to sequestration, rather than using, you know, releasing illegal immigrants on the streets and the scare tactic. i think that's precisely what they're doing here, they're playing politics with it and it's a dangerous form of politics that puts american politics at risk. >> and joining me form new york city mayor, rudy guiliani. i don't care what anybody says, this is now a design to inflict maximum pain on the american people to show those republicans are just, these are draconian cuts, right or wrong. >> absolutely right. the cuts are modest, they're small, they're almost rounding errors in the budget. the budget is 3.73, 3.8 trillion dollars, at the maximum. and this is an 85 billion dollar cut. it's, this year, 44 billion. >> sean: 44 billion, okay, at 85 billion it's a 2.2% cut. at 44 billion, it's half that.
9:18 pm
now, if you can't cut somewhere between 1.2 and 2.2%, from any federal program, you should be fired for not being able to figure out an efficient program. and look at it this way and we get caught in in, too. we're not cutting, we're cutting additional spending. so, this would be like saying, i have a job for $100,000, i take that home to my family. my boss tells me, i'm at $110 it,000 raise this year and all of a sudden he comes to me, says, no, it won't be 110,000, it will be 107,000 raise and a 7,000 raise. you mean, based on that i have to take my kid out of school. i can have no food. i have to get rid of my car? >> it's a great analogy. it's totally absurd. why the american people can't see through this, this is fraud. but they are presenting to the american people is fraud. to cut 2.2%, even if you say,
9:19 pm
well, they're targeted to certain agencies where there may be 9% cuts, 10 or 11% cuts. republicans have offered to spread out the cuts if they're too onerous, but i submit you can like a 9% cut in any federal agencies and not cut a single person. the first year i was a mayor, real cuts, budget down. >> less money not reduction. >> got rid of 12,000 hospital workers. >> right. >> hospitals were better. because we were hiring people that were taking care of empty beds because it was congressional patronage. that's all over the federal government. now, this is a question of a president who is playing games with the the american people. these cuts are not draconian. you talk about a 20% cut or a 30% cut, all right. that's going to be hard to manage. you might have to do that over a period of four or five years, i think that can be done, but over a period of four or five years, you tell
9:20 pm
me you want me to make a 2 1/2% cut and under ronald reagan, i had the mandate to cut 10% from the justice department budget and i thought it would be hard. >> i found it easy to do. >> look, if he increased spending in four years, almost 20%. so there you're cutting it it 1.1% this year, all right. the question is why the demagogue. why the president, you know, why is he going after areas that are going to be impact the american people to as much? see, this is going to hurt you. why would he-- >> it's like we were talking about if, make 110,000, you're only going to make 107,000 and get your boss sympathetic. oh, gee, i can't buy food for my child. i'm going to take food away from my child and your boss says there's reason for you to take food from your child. you go to a restaurant three times a week, and maybe you just go once a week. >> i mean, these are easy cuts
9:21 pm
to make, if this administration is having problems with these cuts, we have a real disaster here. >> you see, i he agree with you, i actually support the mac penny plan, it's very simple. everybody can understand it. you cut for six years, you keep current spending revels, meaning what we spend this year, no rates of incries, no baseline budgeting, cut a penny out of every dollar across the board. >> right. >> every year for six years, we'd balance the budget. >> no question about it. look what's going to happen. >> sean: this is nothing compared to-- >> if, first of all, if it happens exactly the way it's planned it's not going to have anywhere near the impact that all of these people are trying to create armageddon are saying. but if you really want to avoid any problems you spread these cuts out a little bit and find programs that you can get rid of. every agent, including the military, there are places
9:22 pm
where you can cut without hurting anything. >> sean: we have 47 different separate jobs programs, maybe consolidate into one? >> if-- when i was marry would impose 10, 15% cuts on my agencies. my commissioners would come back to me and say, i can't find the money. i would say, my budget director will find the money. >> sean: how dangerous is it that the president, a, lets loose the immigrants. >> letting loose of the immigrants is outrageous, absolutely outrageous. >> sean: and then he's saying that i'm not going to send -- deploy an aircraft carrier. >> totally outrageous, doesn't have to do it. on an 85 billion dollar cut in a 3.7 billion dollar budget and take out an aircraft carrier, you have to let criminals go free? you're only doing that to frighten the american people and you're only doing this because this president hasn't become a president. >> sean: he's campaigning. >> how do you expect to reach
9:23 pm
a reasonable compromise with people spending the last six months basically demonizing them going around the country yesterday, demonizing republicans. you can't sit down and negotiate a reasonable compromise with people that you're trying to put in a corner, to get a reasonable compromise, you've got to look at where can we meet? where can we meet in the middle? we need the cuts. okay, if it's an area that's really bad let's move it away from there and move it someplace else, there's plenty of room to do that. mr. mayor, come on sense, we may need you to run for governor of new york. >> it's lacking. >> it is. >> and the childish behavior in washington. unbelievable. >> it's so depressing. >> now, and for the american people to buy this, to buy this nonsense that a 2 1/2% cut is going to devastate our economy is really depressing. >> sean: that's why i call him president cry baby. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> sean: coming up next, congressman-- i will give you your chance, i
9:24 pm
gave you three minutes to rant. calm down. i gave you three minutes, relax, i have a question for you. >> you were invited on the program to ask you questions. i want to give you a couple of questions reaction to last night's bizarre meltdown by congressman keith ellison on this program and we'll examine how it's representative of the incoherency of the democratic of today particularly when it comes to the economy. and michelle malkin like you've never seen her before. you've never seen her before. and takes the ones the first [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
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>> first of all it was max baucus and bob woodward who requested the sequester. point one. point two, my question to you is very simple. barack obama you said what he said was-- >> here is my question, here is my question. >> by the republican party. >> sean: congressman. >> sequester was a republican-- the republicans are responsible for the-- >> rah, rah, rah, i know you're a broken record. let me give you my question. >> you're a broken record. >> sean: that was part of my heated exchange with congressman keith ellison on the program rlast night. and getting attention on the
9:29 pm
blogosphere. and he ranted and at times incoherent when i asked him about the looming sequester and pressed him on the president's role in the growing debt crisis that's when he started grasping at straws. take a look at this. >> is it immoral to-- >> you are immoral. >> sean: for 16 1/2-- i'm immoral, what did i do that's immoral? i didn't do anything that's immoral. >> you say things that aren't true. >> sean: give me one example, sir. >> well, to try to say that it is -- that it is the president's fault, that he is to blame is wrong. and it's a lie. >> sean: it's not true it's his fault 16 trillion in debt. >> no, no. >> sean: we didn't add 6 trillion to the debt since he's been president. >> no, no. >> sean: you did add 6 trillion to the debt. i'm immoral why? because i'm concerned about our kids and grandkids and about 6 trillion dollars of new obama debt, that's immoral? joining me now with reaction former oklahoma congressman jt watts, i see a smile on your face. >> sean, i'm disappointed i
9:30 pm
couldn't sell the popcorn and coke to that. that was entertaining. >> sean: sometimes i've learned over the years and probably would have been more aggressive and gave him the rope and said, go, here you go, rant away. >> you were pretty mild. >> sean: well, the thing-- look, to me, we're stealing from our kids and i'm trying to get-- he won't even acknowledge obama gave us 6 trillion dollars in debt and obama supporters, what is wrong with them. they can't acknowledge basic simple truths. >> well, sean, it's the logic behind the sequestration is that if your son asks you for -- hey, if you're giving him a $10 allowance and he asks you for a $20 allowance and you say, no, i'll give you 15, he comes to me and says, my dad cut my allowance, well, you asked him, well, that's the logic that's driving the numbers. you actually, you know, slowing the rate of increases. you're not. you're not cutting. you're getting more this year than you got last year and
9:31 pm
you're just cutting the increases. i don't-- i'm not overly, you know, wild about the fact that what they're doing-- what the sequestration would do to defense, but the fact is, something's going to have to give. at some point in time, or we're going to pay a much steeper price and you won't be cutting or reducing the increase, you will be getting-- >> cutting-- >> yeah, getting into the meat and potatoes of the issues. >> sean: between the president being, i'm arguing a demagogue. it's beyond the pale and beneath the dignity of the office. and there's something else going on. liberals, you ask them a basic question and i try to invite them on and give them a fair shake and tried to give the congressman a fair shake last night and didn't work out well, i was called a few names. >> you didn't get a fair shake? >> yeah, i didn't get a fair shake on my own show. watch this exchange and analyze for me what you think
9:32 pm
is happening with the left. watch this. >> you were invited on the program to answer questions and i wanted to give awe couple of questions. >> no, and i'm going to-- >> you said, congressman, congressman, let me ask you a question. >> i'm going to say what i think is right. >> sean: why are you so angry? >> why are you angry. >> sean: i'm not angry, it's comical, i'm laughing at you. >> i'm laughing at you. >> sean: i invited you on and i'll give you three minutes to rant. in the spirit of bipartisanship, let's find the dogs. >> you're a republican and-- >> i'm a registered conservative. you want to make a thousand dollars bet that i'm a registered conservative, $10,000 bet. >> i don't bet. >> sean: i'm telling you i'm a registered conservative i wrote a book called conservative victory, didn't write republican victory. >> do you have a question for me, sir (laughter) >> i know, you can't make this up. live television, that's the way it rolls here. >> i'm telling you, sean, we
9:33 pm
could have paid off the national debt if we sold popcorn and coke to that. >> sean: i think you're probably right. my question, why do you think the president says that republicans want dirty air and water and the mayan apocalypse and doom and gloom, and you're a christian prefer, and the seals from the denver, whatever, in revelation and are now being opened one by one. they can't answer a question, what is going on? >> well, well, sean, the dirty water and dirty air, ironically, republicans would have to drink that dirty water and dirty air so that-- >> good point. >> so that it refutes that line. >> i'm marco rubio, i like clean water. >> there you go. but sean, let me tell you, go back to 1995 when the republicans became the majority and back then, we put a plan in place to balance the budget and we did balance the budget by four years in a row had a democrat and the white
9:34 pm
house that signed our balanced budget bills and we were saying back then, 15, 17 years ago that if we don't balance our budget then, we're going to pay a steep price today. now, it's a day of reckoning and the other side didn't want to deal with it. >> sean: i know you're saving souls and i know you're doing a lot of preaching around the country, but you might want to go back to washington. we've got soul saving to do there, congressman, good to see you. >> thanks for having me on, man. >> sean: you bet, appreciate it it. >> and coming up next, no, this is not the first lady. that is michelle malkin, and she's spoofing michelle obama in a hilarious new youtube video. surprisingly the left is going nuts, they're trying foul tonight. michelle is here to respond to her critics and don't forget log on to the special companion site. it's hannity live, you follow the live shows on keith ellison's appearance, go to ellison's appearance, go to hannity live the capital one cash rewards card
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>> enjoys a pretty high approval rating, but first lady michelle obama's media blitz is drawing serious criticism and concerns that another obama is become ago full fledged celebrity. the past week she's been seen on jimmy fallon's late night show, and on good morning america with robin roberts and big bird with a psa and dr. oz in an interfew that will air later this week. critics are warning that the first lady is overexposed and my next guest after seeing michelle obama dancing on jimmy fallon's late night show made a video lampooning the appearance. here is michelle malkin like you've never seen her before. watch this.
9:40 pm
♪ ♪ >> all right. as you can imagine. liberals were not happy with that video. here to tell us what prompted her to make it, michelle malkin herself. all right, i've never seen. here we go. i've never seen that side of you, i liked it. >> you haven't? well, people need to pay attention. well, thanks, sean, i've had a lot of fun with it and the more fun that conservatives can show, the matter and the moore hate filled the liberal left gets and you wouldn't
9:41 pm
believe, although you probably would believe the amount of vitriol that this silly video that i did in my basement caused. and andrew sullivan to the atlantic magazine weighed in on my inability to dance, the hatred and meanness that i showed in simply lampooning a snoof that michelle obama-- >> what was-- >> i think it was the wig, sean, a lot of my fans are relieved to know it was a wig and i didn't chop off hair off and dot michelle obama bangs. there's a serious point here, a couple of serious points and one is exactly what you alluded to, sean. there is a very strategic white house charm effect that's going on by the east wing and everything that they do is calculated. and i think that i do have to give michelle obama an immense amount of credit for some reason this woman who is so privileged and has been her
9:42 pm
entire life, whose career has been marked by cronyism is able to connect with mainstream culture. obviously, she has a huge amount of help from enablers like jimmy fallon and good morning america, she's going on the-- a bunch of afternoon shows and prime time shows. >> sean: look at her dancing, i didn't think that was particularly good either. i mean, we've got the video of that. >> yeah, yeah, exactly right. but the point is that how she's able to come across as approachable and somehow she projects this -- there you go. i have to say, i can match her moves. mine finger of blame is every bit of good as her sprinkler, come on. >> sean: it goes deeper, too, michelle. you did great and by the way, i won't dance publicly, i refuse. >> are you kidding me? i am recruiting you, i am recruiting you for evolution of liberal dance two, you will do the constitution some with me, sean, you will.
9:43 pm
>> sean: but the thing is, sort of. they've got a let them eat cake attitude the a the white house and take the separate vacations and he goes to florida to play golf with tiger and $180,000 an hour on air force one, we all have to have skin in the game and all of the rich people, she flies to aspen and flies separately to nantucket or wherever they went to, i forget and take the extravagant vacations and americans are suffering, they've lost 22% of their wealth and 50 million americans on food stamps and they seem out of touch and get away with it. >> and they're not going to get away with it anymore, especially after the oscars where she overstepped her bounds, as you mention, people even on her own side believe she's now overexposed half dozen appearances on all of the shows over a little over the last week now. what is going on here? is she running for office? it doesn't really matter. the point is that whatever she does works in concert and
9:44 pm
synergy with her husband's agenda and they're trying to make it seem as if this woman relates to normal people when as you say, she is on the order of a marie antoinette. they need to be able to make fun of themselves at the same time they're making serious policy points about how this administration is it running us into the ground. and that's why the raise the debt ceiling, it was definitely one of my included moves. there's truth in humor and i think we need to employ a lot more of it because the hollywood white house industrial complex has had a monopoly how narratives are shaped. we need to do a better job with it and you know, the left doesn't like to see us having fun and being funny. of course, the first thing they say is-- >> i enjoyed it. i'm not a-- i like your hair better this way in case you care. >> i appreciate that, thanks.
9:45 pm
>> sean: michelle malkin. coming up next? >> let's talk, just for the record from my point of view. >> how many have you made-- >> it doesn't matter, it's a paper-- >> i want to finish the answer. >> sean: a gun control hearing on capitol hill spirals out of control. wait until you see the highlights of that heated clash on the same day that vice-president joe biden and nanny michael bloomberg. and did the white house try to censor dr. ben carson's [ male announcer ] marie callender's puts all the things we love about sunday meals into each of her pot pies.
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>> the shooter in tucson, arizona attorney general, had he had ten rounds in his magazine instead of 30, the little girl who is the granddaughter of a famous delawaren named dallas green who i looked up to playing baseball in delaware, she'd be alive probably. >> this year, 12,000 people will get killed with handguns, 19,000 people will commit suicide with handguns, people of this country overwhelmingly, 80, 90% when you do the polling will say we want sensible gun laws. >> well, that was crazy uncle
9:50 pm
show biden and america's nanny, michael bloomberg, taking to the bully pulpit. and while the pair was busy making up facts senator graham looked at the assault weapons ban hearing and asked the most important question about needing, quote, stricter gun laws. >> why aren't we looking at background checks, they're not hard when filling out the forms so i'm a bit frustrated we say say one thing, how important it is, but in the real world we do absolutely nothing to enforce the laws on the books. noi, let's talk-- >> just for the record from my point of view, senator-- >> how many cases have you made and-- >> it doesn't matter. it's a paper thing. i want to stop 76-- >> i want to finish the answer. >> no. >> i want to stop 76,000 people from buying guns illegally. that's what a background check does. and you think we're going to do paper work prosecution,
9:51 pm
you're wrong. >> i guess the point is if we don't want the wrong people to own guns which we all agree, then the one way to do that is it to take the system that's supposed to distinguish between the person who shut and shouldn't and enforce it. >> sean: pretty good question, senator graham. here from the here is jay sekulow and penny lee. what part of shall not infringe don't they understand. that seems to be in question these days. >> i think that senator graham is right on. look at it three ways, sean, you've got mayor bloomberg with the vice-president making the outrageous statements when you realize this, that connecticut where we had the tragedy at sandy hook, d.c., the district of columbia and chicago, those three areas have some of the toughest gun laws if not the toughest in the ideas yet, their crime rates are through the roof. so the fact of the matter is, none of these laws do anything
9:52 pm
to stop criminals from getting guns. and that's the reality here. and you know, all of this attempts to nullify the second moment through hyperbole, which is what's going on right now. i believe without a doubt would ultimately be rejected by the supreme court, who said a few years in the heller case, right to bear arms, the second amendment right is an individual right and the same way you look at the first amendment. you can't have restrictions on it that would violate that right and so far what's being proposed does nothing and the reality is, sean, i think it's the most curious aspect of it. this is hyperbole. no one will deal with the the real problem. those people that have guns that should not, the lack of prosecutions and why they wouldn't answer the paper prosecution and by the way, if you file a false statement to the federal government on the tax returns, you go to jail. >> go to jail. >> so they could absolutely do this. >> let me play for you, dianne feinstein, penny and i think i have some changes to the constitution i want to make
9:53 pm
after this. watch this. >> america has to step up the mothers, the women, the men of america have to make a decision as to whether their personal pleasure is more important than the general welfare. grievance killers look for these weapons, these weapons are easy to obtain. there are no background checks, you can buy them out of a back of a car. and at a gun show. america's laws are virtually nonexistent. >> look, we have plenty of laws on the books and this is the point that senator graham was making, penny, we don't enforce the laws we have on immigration, on gun laws, on background, we don't enforce the ones we have. we have plenty of laws on the book. >> and i agree with you, to the certain extent. right now i'm terribly disappointed in the obama administration, right now they've only prosecuted 1% of the cases right now that are there, that are falsifying on your background check, only
9:54 pm
1%, so i believe that there are laws on the books that need to be strengthened and actually need to be enforced, but take a look-- >> try enforcing the ones that are there. >> certain things like the state of pennsylvania or the commonwealth of pennsylvania the attorney general, first democrat, first woman. hadn't been done before. you were able to give carry laws that weren't able to be able it pass in pennsylvania, but yet, they could mail order that right and get that right in from florida and she is stopping that. and she is stopping that no of concealed carry weapons, concealed carry. >> so those are the kind of laws-- >> those are the laws that need to be enforced. >> penny is making a point. we don't prosecute the laws that we have, and same on immigration, why do we even do immigration if we don't abide by the current one? >> sean, this is, if you look at the laws of immigration and fast and furious, i can give
9:55 pm
you a list, the government's lack of prosecution and they're worrying about gun restrictions when they were running guns to drug cartels in mexico, go figure that one out. but, sean when you've got prosecutors saying we're not going after paper crimes, if someone falsifies a statement where there are as i said, a tax return, a subpoena, i could give you a list on that, also, there are prosecutions and lots of them that take place, if the irs can prosecute on false tax returns, they could certain certainly do one on a gun permit if there's been false information provided, but the prosecutors are telling you this, they're not doing it, it's a paper crime. paper crimes if they enforce the law, the administration is not going to. >> we've got to run. >> this is nothing, but politics, pure and simple. >> penny, you made sense, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next the man who had the courage to speak to power at theeeee alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is...
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