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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 28, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> shepard: the king of beers is apparently as strong as ever. lab tests disputing claims that budweiser is watering down its brew. i can understand why you might suggest such a thing. a new class action lawsuit says they have been saling weaker beer. topping it off with water, attempting to stretch profits. the national public radio organized some lab tests. the tennessee found the beer's alcohol content is exactly as advertised. but attorneys involved with the
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lawsuit dismiss the test and say they're going forward with the case. then there's this. officials in china say a woman in beijing had an idea to get a seat on the subway. she bought a fake stomach, made out of silicone to make herself look pregnant. her plan fell apart when her stomach did. when the belt on her disguise came lose, the woman says she was found out and mocked by other passengers but she did not slink away in shame. she filed complaints with the company that made the fake stomach. with the complaint bureau. the official says she didn't use the product as directed. now let's look at the dow. up all day. all the day, since like 11:15, and now in the tank. i don't get it. still, it's near record highs and there's great news all around. whatever causeds the end of the day thing i don't know. i blame everything on jerry
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captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> neil: if you are the company you keep, why does it seem the president is surrounded by creeps? forget sequester, i'm beginning to think sinister. the kind of beaver that if the media caught a republican administration pulling they'd right by be screaming. this administration does it, but this time, this white house, went of the wrong guy. >> , i'm neil cavuto. i want to go a little over the top to connect some disturbing pieces of something i think is frankly over the top. i really don't know what we face tomorrow when all the cuts kick in. what i do know is after the administration that has been terrifying us, this wheels have already come off. the folks behind mr. cool acting a tad bit creepy, and an e-mail from a guy name sterling will
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leave your hurling. one of the economic advisers clearly threatening one of the most celebrated journalists in washington apparently because bob woodward wasn't saying the administration line in washington. sperling blasting woodward for saying the president was changing the sequestration debate by moving the gold post and demanding revenues, i.e. taxes, when all side is agreed about at it all about the size of the pending cuts. i want you to folk tuesday on that portion of sterling's e-mail to woodward that gets creepy. i know you may not believe this but as a friend i think you will regret staking that claim. le da da da. you will regret staking out that claim. what? was that sperling pulling a into soprano? >> here's a rule you might remember. i'm going to [bleep] the one who
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calls the shots and you better pay me the respect i gave your brother or wore we're going to have a problem. >> neil: imagine putting that in the form of an e-mail. can you mam if that it were coming from a push -- bush who is official. and the'em who wrote it would be in prison. but no one is asking for gene to pack up. maybe because they don't want to risk this white house's rath. they know this white house's history, and they know what happens to standard and poors, the connell credit ratings agency to downgrade the aaa rating. they remember what oddly happened after that. the justice department suing s&p for inflating the ratings of all those subprime mortgages that went bad, and never mind other ratings agencies did the same exact thing. could it be s&p got fingered because it dared to downgrade the u.s. then there's douglas elmendorf.
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the director of the congressional budget office who was called into the white house shortly after the questioning the administering's so-called savings from its proposed healthcare law. after a little chat with the president in the oval office, different numbers, more friendly to the president's healthcare heck law coming from the budget office. >> and then complaining about the auto bailouts when they weren't buying the white house line? guess who the white house moved to the back of the line. yep. and weeks after the nation the president threatened warms who refused stimulus money, he would call them out, and how he publicly berated the supreme court during his 2010 state of the "state of the union" address over a ruling he didn't like, or threatened the court yet again, suggesting it's littity malls si would rearrived it voted against the health care law.
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follow the crumb. it gets crumbier, but i have a lot of crumbs but why risk being called a racist. my problem isn't with the color of the president's of the skip but with the thickness of the skip. a president who says he doesn't watch fox news but seems disproportionately obsessed by fox news. >> uncle jim, a little stub barn and been watching fox news -- >> neil: anyway, a president who acts cool. but clearly remembers every slight. i'm not saying that presidents have to directly threaten folks heavily doesn't have to. his people do that, and e-mail that. >> incredible, mark. what do you make of this? >> you know, neil, threatening the american people all he time, too. i make of this that we have an imperial president that he doesn't ever want to debate his opposition truthfully about his
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record or the facts. he is always demonizing and creating straw men and this is what you do when you're the powerful president of the united states, and basically he thinks when he was re-elected that whatever he decides to do is the mandate the american people gave hem. but even more the threats enagainst woodward -- that's what they were. this has to be the tip of the iceberg, has to be a lot of sleazy activity in addition to this. he is threatening the american people. that's what this sequester is all about. everytime we come to a continue resolution, that's what it's all about. when we come to a debt ceiling, that's what it's about. the man has never come forward with a positive idea on how to resolve some of our horrific spending problems, the taxing problems this borrowing and printing problem. he seeks to smear and crush his opponents if he can't buy them off, and then tell the american people, look at them over there they're trying to destroy you. and then he goes through the list of horribles.
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how many reports have we heard from over 80% of the federal budget is exempt from the sequester. over 80%. how many times have we heard the media say we're about $85 billion this year, when the congressional budget office said it's $44 billion this year. how many times have the media reported that we're talking about $22 billion when it comes to domestic spending, not even $44 billion. and we have a pretty brand new government accountability office report that tells us every single year there's an excess of $125 billion in waste and fraud in the federal government, and we have another gao report that tells us there's hundreds of billions of dollars in savings -- >> shepard: you know, here's what i think happened this week, the old bob woodward thing was seminal development. it's almost as if the boat started leaking. it's one thing to say that's just todd yapping.
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but this is bob woodward who says i remember what the sequestration arrange was and what it would involve, that there would be no talk of revenues, just a discussion of cuts and the only debate would be the degree of those cuts and how far they go and what be cut. now that he is called on that -- wood wavered -- wait a minute, you have that wrong, and then what clear lie is a threatening e-mail. not too bright to put it in an e-mail but it sort of exposed an underbelly of something i've been telling people is there, they should be aware of. whether it's the president or others involved, the fact of the matter it's sort of like a wink and a nod understanding that if you dare question us, you will be screwed. >> there's no question. look how the -- let's step back a second and put this in some cop text. when obama ran for the senate, he was smiling, waving his hands. what was he behind the escapes?
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everything they could to get ahold of his opponents divorce records which were under sale in california. they came out. they imbear wassed the family. and obama said he didn't know anything about it. this last campaign against romney. romney who was an inept candidate but that aside, look at the brutality of these ads of him wanting somebody's wife to pass away because of his own policies and on and on. permanent vicious attacks. obama always pretend he was above it, smiling, waving his hands. they -- >> shepard: mark what do you make of the notion, well, the president doesn't know anything about it. each administration has it hit men. richard nixon had ehrlichman and alderman, and bush administration had dick cheney, and people say this president is above that sort of thing. i say, whatever you argue, nice guy, and aprilable, wonderful family, but the fact of the matter is, and i've seen this
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since the -- not just a snub of fox news -- for a guy who says he doesn't watch fox news, didn't like fox news, the chatter, minelessness, whatever, he knows and remembers or staff conveys to him every little critical story that pops up on fox news. so my only point in saying this is, there's a disconnect between your surface cool and your -- >> he is not a nice guy. that's the truth. he is not a nice guy. republicans and consult tenants and candidates keep saying he is a nice guy, just over his head. he is not a nice guy and he is over his head and he is an idealogue, and he can talk about woodward, which is pauling what woodward has done to him but but what bothers me is this public trust with the american people. he is abusing and it lying to us constantly. he is not a nice guy. for instance he could fire sperlin x today. he won't. haggle hagel is a nasty guy.
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he is surrounded by people that lie to us all the time. that's the truth. and what woodward did he helped bring the veil down ever so slightly and now we'll see what the rest of need ya does as i said on my show. seems to be about 80/10 defending the white house. 80 defending, about 10% defending -- another 10% are probably drunk. >> neil: i don't know about the drunk thing. mark, always good having you on. now, whether gene sperling meant to be threatening, my nest given says it comes down from the top. you say the chief sets the tone. >> the culture. the president has been running around like an attack dog, scaring the hell out of the american public, at best being somewhat disingenuous about the sequester, which was his idea.
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plenty of time since 2011 to do something about it. and i step badge and if i had a message to the american public there isn't a corporation in the united states, if you have a business that is 100 million you're telling me you can't take out 2.3% in costs? >> neil: has to draw back the harsh rhetoric, and from the top he has been saying, we face hell tomorrow. so, if we don't, he has got to somehow then say, everything i said up to this was either wrong or i was scaring you. isn't he going to be sort of like the guy who kept crying wolf? >> the truth of the matter is he is not acting as a leader. a leader brings in his sub bored nantzs, whether they be democrats and run are yous and sit around the table and say, we have a problem. let's work on the solution. he says, i'm until play, my way or the highway. >> neil: what do you think of the meeting tomorrow, and
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putting the ownus on republican. >> you don't wait until the day before. number two i think the sequester is going to go in and then perhaps in 30 days they'll come up with some sort of compromise. didn't have to get to this extinct never should be a cleaver. >> neil: you have represented a number of institutions. you talk about the leader sets the tone. i have known a lot of amiable nice ceos, vice-presidents, who sometimes are served by nefarious underlings and don't get and it take advantage of the niceness or what's the expression, while the chief is away, the indians will play. >> the difference is the board can get rid of them. we're stuck with him for another three and a half years. >> my point was, maybe it isn't him. maybe it's an overzealous staff doing things on behalf of him. >> if if weren't for the activitied he has displayed i might agree with that. he is acting like an attack dog, dividing the country rather than coalescing it, and that sets a
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>> the impacts of sequester are real and to -- i would refer you to the department of education and the superintendent of the school district for nor information. i don't have that. i'm just saying i don't have -- i am not personally in contact with individual school districts. >> you're 30 something and you're asking to us check with the local school -- >> neil: what that was about was a claim by the education
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secretary, arne duncan, that as a result of sequestration, tens of thousands of teachers would have to be let go. turns out not to be the fact. and it raised the whole dustup as to, if that was a lie, that was a misrepresentation, what other misrepresentations were out there? like the whole beef inspectors will have to be let go, thousands ofment mentally ill patients will not be getting mes and will be loose on the streets and on and on. is this all a scare tactic and a madeup one? tim graham, who follows all this back and forth, says, the inconvenient truth is, maybe the administration was caught in a very inconvenient lie. what's going on? >> well, you know, we have two kinds of people in washington in the press. the reporters and the repeaters, and what we have seen most of this week as the -- our analysts
1:20 pm
send up the transcripts of the morning shows and evening shows, we have had the repeaters all week, panic, big scoops of sequester panic ripple. and the "washington post" says they check out claims and it's not true, there's layoffs in west virginia already. >> neil: obviously enough self-respecting press corps is going to start exploring the other ones, and then start saying, wait a minute. right? >> right. and i think part of the problem with this whole thing is, this is one of those things where they do look like they have been instructed to go out and build panic, and they're very welling to go and do that. and our news media is so stated they only think the withdrawal of government from anything is a disaster, and they never want to consider that a tax hike is -- has an impact on real people, or a spending increase or a trim dollar deficit has impact on real people. they're not willing to illustrate what happens when our
1:21 pm
bond rating goes in the toilet but they're willing to do it in this case. >> neil: do you think there's something bigger at play here, that at it one thing to make a convincing argument in public, whether you're the president or any one of his cabinet secretaries. but then to be called out on it and proven that you had at best misrepresent and maybe at worst lied about it, and there are people are starting to say that doesn't jibe with what you seed, and even if the administering tries to backtrack, some of the fear mongering it did, it might be too late. people are saying, hey, you know, we've seep this movie before. >> and there was an article in one of the "washington post" saying our nightmare is the sequester will happen and people won't notice. >> neil: the ultimate death -- death knell. we're not trying tomen minimize
1:22 pm
this, but to scare the person people to the degree they're -- some of them are hoarding beef while they can, collecting their pills while they can. that is irresponsible. >> but it is very much what they've always done, and we can go back to the government shutdowns in the clinton years where they say, the scatle buries canned afford a christmas tree this christmas. they love this story, and it is usually blatantly lying and emotionally manipulative and it's the sort of thing where people goes you know what, think i'd rather watch jeopardy. there's more facts on that show. >> neil: oh. will, to the corner, at one point today tenant liesingly close to an all-time high, but is it nothing but a sugar high? what does us mean when it happens in
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>> neil: not today. still shy of an all-time high but we got close. the dow seeing green for the month of february nevertheless and has been -- investors celebrating. market watcher larry is worry else is driving this. and melissa is in texas. larry, your sense of whatever will propel us to that record high -- it's when, not if -- is all the wrong stuff. explain. >> well, investors were remind not to focus on the number, whether it's the dow or the s&p. instead focus on the fundamentals can the foundation of the economy. why were there and what is the support for that rally going forward? individual investors know they can't fight the feds. they can't sit there when their
1:27 pm
cost of living is going up and gas and health care and education i soaring. they know the stock market is being priced for perfection, and it's a legal of perfection that is not demonstrated in the economy. we have gdp, very mediocre, employment, very mediocre. those are the fundamental wes need to see long-lasting. the fed can prop up the stock market and keep stock markets growing aroundded the world like they did in greece but you need sustainable economic policy. that something we do not have and that's what we need to see, to see the market continue to stay at these levels, not just reach a moneystone and then sell off. >> neil: melissa -- you might have already done the interview, talking to davey diamond, the brains behind j.p. morgan chase. he has been looking at the market' worried about what is underneath it. right? reporter: absolutely.
1:28 pm
i haven't done that interview yet. it's at the top of the very next hour. so i would never encourage anyone to tune away from the fox news channel, but if they happen to click over to fox business at the top -- in the next hour, you'll see jamie diamond and i have no doubt he will talk about the economy. i'm going to ask him about all the sequester nonsense going on in washington and why isn't that having an impact on the market in how can we talk about the market getting ready to hit a new all-time high on the same day the questionster is about to go into effect. it's because the market investors only care about the fed and the fedes going to keep doing what they're doing and that's what all this data and the nonsense in washington tells you. >> neil: you talked about the automatic cuts, is there some arguments the markets don't care, better some cuts than no cuts? >> i would like to believe that. i think it's one of those things where we have to cut somewhere so we might as well start here.
1:29 pm
but saying the mark is looking out that far is like telling your kids to eat broccoli because when they'll grow up big and strong and they will actually do it. the market sees the gdp number that shows dismal growth and say, ben bernanke will keep at it from now until eternity. >> neil: that means the market likes to be goosed. they'll accept that than an improving economy. >> investors would prefer to eat jelly beans and doughnuts rather than east this vegetables. >> neil: nothing wrong with that. >> listen. to offense taken. but i will say this. investors increasingly know you need to see the policy shift and we're at precipitation that not even the caped crusader could save us unless we see a dynamic shift. not even...
1:30 pm
>> neil: melissa, bottom line, all these financial guys who have been talking about these strong head winds, are the stale talking about the same strong head winds? >> we're getting a peek at some proprietary data here inside jp morgan shays they don't show that shows how that make their decisions. shows the consumers are back. they're spending optionen homes and travel and the rest of america said enough with washington and they're trying to go on with their lives and business. >> neil: all right. mel lisa, thank you. larry, thank you. by the way, you can catch on the next hour, melissa francis for the sitdown with jamie dialed. don't miss this. and all you folks who watch "the five," dvr it. just for today, we rule indicate it killing the five and killing o'reilly, and it's watching melissa and then tonight at 8:00 watching me. doesn't get better than that.
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>> neil: the president and top congressional leaders will be discussing these cuts at the white house but only hours before the cutbacks kick in. congressman, what do you think? >> well, neil, it's great to be with you. i'm not sure whether we're going
1:35 pm
to need the caped crusader the previous guest was talking about. look, i think if the leaders can get together and do two things. one, come up with a plan to replace the sequester for a period of time. even if it's a relatively short period of time, two or three months. and then use that time to try and get a framework on the longer term agreement -- >> neil: been there, done that. >> well, actually, the reason we keep luhr 'king from artificial crisis to artificial crisis we have not got an comprehensive grand bargain done. so if we can find a way to replace the sequester for a period of time and use that time productively, to try to get a longer term agreement so that, again, we're out of the sequester, we're out of the threat of government shutdowns, we're no longer having these threats over whether or not the united states will pay its debts and its obligations that would provide some certainty to the economy and allow us to move
1:36 pm
forward on the jobs front. >> neil: isn't the greater risk to the economy this constant maneuvering to do just what you're saying? that everytime we're up against the brink we find a way to just move the goalposts? >> well, that's why i think we should use this time, next two or three months, first to replace the sequester so you don't begin to see the very negative impacts of the sequester, and according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office, if you allow the sequester to take full effect from march to the end of the year you'll have 750,000 fewer american jobs. that's not me. that's the independent congressional budget office. >> neil: think that through, congressman. let's say it's right and that's the latest number they'reogy. but we're talking $85 billion, half of which in forward years and this is something that has become the source of great acrimony that -- you know the budget numbers better than most -- know it's fairly -- a
1:37 pm
rounding error. $85 billion really, and we have north of $3.6 trillion budget. a 60 plus dribble defendant. if we can't get around to do something like this, we'll never get around to do anything of the things you outlined. >> well, aagree we should be able to reduce the deficit by this much and a whole lot more. and just yesterday for the third time this year i asked for a vote in the house of representatives on an alternative proposal that i put forward that would achieve the same amount of defendant sit reduction spread out over a period of time through cuts and revenue, and you wouldn't have the economic disruption. you would not lose 750,000 jobs, which in this economy, which is growing very slowly, is nothing to sneeze at. >> neil: do you think, congressman -- you talked general lip about the job
1:38 pm
losses. the president talks about the likelihood of a number of beef inspectors going, air traffic might be compromised, security at airports. i think he's exaggerating. i think even the white house is dialing it back. now, do you think -- parties aside -- that the president knows he is fear mongering in. >> well, two things, neil. the number i cited rnghts $750,000 jobs lost between march 1st and the end of the year was not in the president's number. not my number. that's the congressional budget office neil nursing school you know what tike talking about, heating horse meat and insecurity at the airport. that's nonsend. >> here's what i think. the sky is not going to fall tomorrow morning oregon saturday morning, but things will get processsively worse in terms of the disruption throughout the economy, and all those things will happen as people are furloughed.
1:39 pm
so, you can't take that much out of the services in that short a per of time and not have any impact on the economy, and on people, whether it's at the airport or food inspectors. the more important thing, to keep an eye on is the aggregate 750,000 jobs number, which is very real, according to the knopp partisan -- >> neil: congressman, always a pleasure. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: oh, what about her credit?
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>> neil: my apologies, kate, sorry, bradley, being hot just isn't enough. single people want to know you're credit score, and one web site is now matching singles based on their credit history
1:43 pm
because fiscal responsibility is hot. and i should know, and so does dave ramsey, my fellow hot financial stud muffin. dave? i guess this is a sign of the times. what do you think? >> a couple of hotties here to talk about it. my gosh. >> neil: indeed. our ship has come in. >> if guess it's a sign of the times. at it kind of silly. i'm 50 years old, so to me that's silly. it's silly for a couple of reasons. your credit score is not based on how good you are with money or the fact you have some money. what it's based on is how much debt you had and how much you paid back. how much you played kissy face with the bank. the algorithm that builds your score is not an indication of wealth or income or that you're good at saving money. it's an indication you borrowed money and paid it back a lot. >> neil: but the premise of this is that young people, more to the point, are looking at more
1:44 pm
than just how you look. they want to know how financially stable you are. so let's say the fico scores or the answer of in other means dish find bank statements helpful -- you get my point that people are looking at more, and it's not enough to look good. you have to look financially sound. what do you make of that? >> i think that's the way it's always been. i've got two daughters in their 20s that were married in last few years, and as they brought young men into the home we wanted someone that would provide for them so they didn't live in our basement. we want wanted a good husband for our daughters and wanted them to for their husbands. so what is a good husband and good wife? you away an income, know how to work and save, you're that spending like you're in congress, and so -- >> neil: did they mary successful guys? >> they married very successful men. >> neil: what if both of them married a loser, or someone who was a nice guy or not financially getting done.
1:45 pm
>> well, that probably wouldn't have happened because i spent 18 years to train them to pick better than that. so it is part of the selection process, really. any dad or mom wants for their son or daughter is to have a mate who is mature and responsible. now that's reasonable. credit score, as a dating score? that's silly. >> neil: i always find grading your daughter's boyfriend, you know, sharpening a knife is a good way to say hello. good job, buddy. thank you very much. well, forget scoring and dieting misnext guest will help score you a job. million americans have been out of work for two years so their unemployment benefits have long rein out. instead of giving up some are turning to my next guest because 87% of those who do, they find a job. joe carbon of the work place. joe, you must be doing something
1:46 pm
right. what is it you do? >> i think what we're doing right is that we understand that long-term unemployment is different today than it's ever been before. we're treating the whole person. being out of work for a year or two years is not like being out of work for three months. things like depression, things like a loss of self-confidence, they become major barriers to getting back into the work force. >> neil: you have to psych them to change things and get up. let's go through your recommendations. first off -- >> first off, the goal has to be to become employed. and that means you're off unemployment, which clearly does limit your options. it will keep your application from getting considered. so you need to get off unemployment. >> you're also talking about doing so with the understanding this could be a long-term hunt. right? >> absolutely. you cannot go into this and thing i'm going to create the perfect job, perfect career,
1:47 pm
immediately. that would just extend your period of unemployment. you need to park somewhere on a platform, and to re reinvent yourself, and look at the next three or four years before you can be perfectly happy and feeling good about the future. >> neil: i know a lot of folks looking for job, and you argue you got to widen your horizons even if they don't appear to be your cup of tea. >> absolutely. you conclude off unemployment and on to employment and you need to think in terms of not just if you're overqualified for a job, because this is a buyer's market. you have to make yourself a bar -- bargain to employers contract so you need to have few are boundaries in tomorrows of what you do. >> neil: we talk about the value of parttime work. people say that's a waste of tile. you argue its invaluable because of what? >> because you're working. you can answer on applications
1:48 pm
you're employed. you're meeting people, interacting with the public. often if you perform well at parttime positions, you're elevated to fulltime jobs. you're employed. i cannot emphasize enough the value in job search if you apply from a position of being employed. even if it means having two parttime jobs. that better than being unemployed. >> neil: very good point. hope it helps in folks. joe. good talking to you. >> thank you. >> neil: thousands up in averages over new york's new gun crackdown. the new law applies to these guys. why is the governor carving out special exceptions for these guys?
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>> neil: hell, no, cuomo, after the crockdown on firearms, new yorkers are fired up. thousands marching in albany again the new law on gun control. governor cuomo saying the exemption for movie and tv film makers is in the works. they're wondering, how does that work? what do you make of this? >> i find it reprehensible that governor cuomo would allow the entertainment industry to put nor violence on our televisions, in front of our children and in our homes, and the facts are there. adam lanza, authorities said he was motivated by video games. james holmes, allegedly said to authorities, abc news reported when he came out, i am the joker from dark knight rises. so the fact that andrew cuomo would play indicate his leftess liberal hollywood donors at the expense of american lives is disconcerting. >> neil: maybe be acting as the governor wants the business.
1:53 pm
wants to allow guns, even the ones in questions to be taken off the streets, at least feature in the hollywood films. what do you make of that? >> what is disconcerting is that we're blaming hollywood for, number one, the killings going on and mental health issues and that's not the debate for today. we're mitching apples and oranges. the issue is there's a law and governors are legally allowed to put in exceptions to the law, which have to do with bringing hollywood business into the city. this is very common in the state where i came from in chicago. there was lots of exceptions for hollywood producers and makers to come into town and not have such a high tax burden because they bring in workers into the city. >> neil: let them do whatever the hell they want? >> no. that's not what they're doing. it's an exception to the -- >> neil: if they're featuring the very guns the governor wants new yorkers to get off the street. >> that's the issue you have with hollywood. that an issue with the producers
1:54 pm
and manger. >> neil: sounds hypocritical. >> if you have publication perception with hollywood then you have to take it up with them. the governor is saying here's an exception for your script. >> neil: you can flip that around and say you know what's weird? the new yorkers are making a big stink because it's hollywood, it's made up, it's pretend, but your argument is, pretend or not, a lot of people take it seriously and a lot of those vary same new yorkers who are of that vulnerable psychological makeup would go on a spree based on what they saw. >> absolutely. >> neil: a movie filmed in new york. >> absolute russian neil. and just because you're allowed to do something doesn't make it right. is up deniable that the violence we see on our televisions is a contributing factor -- >> left-hand any statistics. >> i have the fact that james
1:55 pm
holme said i am the joker -- >> that doesn't mean it's -- [overlapping speakers] >> because he was crazy. >> the authorities said adam lanza was motivated by video games. act ago out a real life fantasy. >> neil: you view is all or nothing. i could see -- i don't know why the for made the exemption. it would have been understood that filming a movie, this went apply because it's pretend. >> it is pretend and my understanding it is fake bulllets and real guns. so it's not like people are shooting assault weapons through the streets and potentially harming innocent civilians walking by. there's no public safety issue here. there are two issues. the issue of protecting hollywood, and their able to come into the cities, and then -- >> neil: any prominent democrat ever gone after hollywood?
1:56 pm
>> well, i don't think so. >> that's their donors, they're bess. what governor cuomo needs to step back and look at the facts. the affects are, before pa passing the nation's stringest gun law. how do you explain that? >> that has nothing too do with moviemakers coming in here and bringing in jobs. >> if your have the best interests of new york in mind, you step back and say what he is doing to at the city is inexcusable. >> how is your data matching up? >> you are for consistency. >> absolutely. >> but they're not using the guns. they're not possessing the ducks like you said in real life. this i pretend and movie, and in person to dress up and die their hair -- >> neil: do you mean what you
1:57 pm
say about cracking down on gun violence, then every way, shape or forms the guns are exhibited. fake or not, paper or not, print or film, you are like a laser beam. no, no, no. >> so you think the governor should say, you're not allowed to film any movies here that are violent? >> neil: if that's -- if you're going to espouse taking guns off the street strategy, then you have to be consistent. it's like you can't be a little bit pregnant. >> i'm not. >> okay, good. >> these movies in front of our children, and -- parents do, but we shouldn't make it easier for these movies to film. >> neil: you're against what he is doing to rein in guns. >> absolutely. >> you could be deemed just as crazy. >> i don't think so. if you look at switzerland, israel, finland you name it. >> i know what you're saying. i understand it. i'm just saying, if you have a problem with the i would
1:58 pm
violence is portrayed in movies and the same weapons in real life are used, real bullets doing real harm -- >> anywhere that portrayed as heroic in the nark -- >> neil: the same weapons, one is fake, one is real. >> but the heroes still have the guns. the heroes have the guns, and if you go out in the streets of new york and you shoot one you're portrayed as a criminal. we shouldn't -- i just don't understand and feel like this has turned who a moral argument when this is supposed to be a legal -- >> we have no morals. lady, i wish we had more time. its interesting. i don't in the. i'm pretty black and white. you're for entirely or against it entirely. all right. when i say we didn't hit a record we didn't. but when we do hit a record you won't believe why we and are it should worry you. much more to what governor cuomo is doing tonight at 8.
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