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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> although i spent my career investigating prosecuting and sentencing those who choose to be criminals, my goal was the protection of those who never choose to be victims in the first place. it was a noble cause. likewise, the first order of government is the froeks of its citizens. hello and welcome to justice. i am judge jeanine pirro. in the last two weeks the obama administration opened the jails to release more than 2,000 criminal illegal aliens. that's what i said. 2,000 criminal illegal aliens. let me be clear on one thing. all of us are immigrants in this
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great country and all of us deserve an opportunity including those children born here irrespective of how their parents entered the country. how unbelievable is how reckless this administration have been with the release of dangerous criminals on to our streets giving them a hope you come back soon so we can report you card. the administration's response? >> this is a decision made by career officials at ice without input of the white house with fiscal uncertainty. as ice made clear yesterday the agency released these low risk noncriminal detainees under a less expensive form of monitoring. >> that less expensive form of monitoring he's talking about open the prison doors and let them walk. not so bad, right? the white house says they are low risk noncriminal detainees.
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if they are low risk noncriminal detainees why are they in custody in the first place? where are their lawyers? where are the immigration rights activists? the truth, somebody is lying. they wouldn't be in custody if they weren't considered dangerous. they are the worst of the worst and the obama administration is letting them walk among us putting americans in danger. how do i know this? i have the memo to old field office directors all special agents in charge on the issue of the detention of these illegal aliens by issa's top dog director john morton. it says agents issue detainers only where an individual is subject to removal and has a prior felony conviction, three or more misdemeanor convictions
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or poses a significant risk to border security public safety or border safety. get this one. they cannot detain an illegal even if he or she has three misdemeanor convictions if they are considered minor misdemeanors you know petty crimes and the like. if they only had three petty crime misdemeanor convictions i cannot rays -- arrest them, let alone detain them. they are the only ones that are serious in custody. look to the clueless california congresswoman in lock step with the white house. >> the detainees in question are not dangerous criminals. they pose no risk to society. >> the reason they give is it is required the sequester. the truth, this release plan was hacked and acted on even before the mandated cuts were signed
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into law. it is part of what i call the obama amnesty program. >> we are doing our best to minimize the sequester. there's only so much i can do. i am supposed to have 404,000 ee quester beds how do i pay for them? >> how do you pay for them? how about the fact that this year you had a carry over of 8 billion from last year's budget. at the end of this year it is estimated it will be 9 billion. how about the $70 million that have the unobligated user fee. i have an idea. how about you reduce staff bonuses and performance awards? how about you use the unspent funds from local grant programs instead of releasing criminals. how about you not spend money on ridiculous things like that
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98,000 dollars for an under water robot for columbus, ohio where there are no major rivers and few lakes nearby. that 24,000 dollars for a latrine on wheels in fort worth, texas. by the way, if you are going to release those detainees make me feel better. give them a bill for those transgender hormone treatments. those new teeth and those abortions they had while in our custody. why not admit your plan is to bring the mandated 34,000 detainees down to 25,000 in the next few weeks. even your own assistant secretary says statutory mandates there be 34,000 in detention. jay carney didn't get that memo. take a listen. >> this step affected a few hundred detainees as you know out of the over 30,000 currently
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in ice detention. >> a few hundred? we know that's not true. now you say you didn't know what was happening. kind of like a corrections officer letting out a few violent criminals to please the garden when the barden never asked for them to be released in the first place. no problem. these criminals are going to voluntarily come back for their wrong deportation. the same one that had snuck too the country. i had an idea. if you want to save money and you want to release individuals who are nonviolent criminals even if they have petty triple misdemean misdemeanor convictions why not release someone who has been here in the first place. why not release an american criminal? >> personally i don't think any one should be released from jail before their time. as i said, the first order of
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government is the protection of its people. i guess the obama administration didn't get that memo. joining me now are two men working to protect them iowa congresswoman stephen king and house judiciary member -- arizona sheriff paul babu. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, judge. >> your committee contained an ice document that is very revealing on the issue. tell me about this. >> as near as we could tell they made a decision they were going to release 2000 and that took place and is taking place before the see quester kicked in. now the plans are to release another 3,000. out of the 34,000 they are
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designed to have as you can see they are seeking to punish repup cans trying to get the lesson releasing julie. we will have hearings before the judiciary committee. we don't want to see the charges up against the immigrants that were already adjudicated for dpeert tation. they are criminals. it reminds me of when cast toe released from the jails the miss ditch and deranged and put them among people that came to the united states. >> why would the obama administration, these are the worst of the worst congress machine. man. why would they detain him? >> nof several months ago they
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used adjudication. the president brooefed they were rrddy jude indicated their interest topic. he created a work permit out of the air. this is outrageous. >> sheriff, you are in arizona. you have got your ear to the ground. who are these people being released? >> these are people who have been convicted from everything to weapons violations to drug smuggling. these are cartel members narcotic traffickers drug dealers, people who have been in fights against police officers. how in the world can you say that they are low risk, detaine detainees. these are the worst of the worst
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we have had people con viced b vikted of child molestation from you they are out in your community where they are who they are and what their entire quill thys was. >> the amazing part they haven't been turned or reported to their country they are in detention awaiting deportation to their own country. they have been released on to the streets. i understand there are whistleblowers from ice wanted to come forward and talk about what had happened here. i ended up sending out a yes ma'am note to me. and i receive no more. sure, rear releasing. they have since received memos saying that anybody would he shall reaches inside the agency
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shall be displained until intimidation. when knees store irnts are being intimidated to do the right thing. >> congressman whack to you. if you believe some of these documents indicate there will be 25,000 of theme there buy leasing 9,000 on to the streets. what can you do about it. >> we could bring this out in the public eye. we could bring pon morton. -- in the end it is hard to make the administration enforce the law. we have seen that over den and over again. this doesn't help when they refuse the enforce the law. it is not a matter of funding. the 9 billion that is not going
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>> what this will help us do is achieve three things, better security from the standpoint of folks being on those items that can be catastrophic, two makes it more efficient in terms of checkpoint surplus and three address the hast el factor. >> the hassle factor? is it less of a hassle if i can bring my knife with me? the tsa says you can bring a small knife and other possible weapons on planes. it remind me of this classic. claer oo i got a get out of here. i got a get out of here. >> less hassled in the airport a
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compromise for our safety? mike gallagher joins me in new york city and civil rights attorney my old friendly owe terrell joins us from la. good morning, gentlemen. >> what do you think, mike? >> knives on a plane. the world has gone bonkers. in a week where tsa admitted they had an under cover agent get to board a plane with an improvised explosive device, a dummy device. went through two tsa officers and got on the plane this is not the time to start allowing people to have the parade people are knives and wrenches and hammers and clubs. i think we ought to be cracking down not going in the other direction. >> you know how many times i had to cut that chicken with a plastic knife and the knife would break. talk to me. whou think this is a good idea?
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>> it might stop trying to scare people. tsa is allowing knives 2 and a half inches conformity with international countries and also make sure they can focus on everything else. two and a half inches. i am not afraid of you having a two-and a half inch blade. no box cutters no razor blades. don't try to scare america. this is a sign they are all allowing. admit that truth. >> i am not sure what -- (talking over one another) >> here's two and a half inches right here. i am telling you on my regular show last week we took out a box cutter. >> no box cutters. >> we took out a box cutter the tool they used on 9-11 compared it with the 3.6 inches the knives are bigger than the box cutters. >> you are doing a very good job of trying to scare america.
6:21 pm
also they are allowing baseball bats, hockey sticks. mike gallagher is trying to scare america with the 2 and a half inch knife. >> what about the baseball bat? >> how about a led pipe, is that okay? >> bottom line there's a logical reason to do this. >> by os moses. the focus is let's focus on the real danger that might come off, they want to streamline shows lines. all of the other kron countrin countries -- >> i am not afraid. >> i don't want someone with 2 and a half inch wide knife. that's my a ankle. de pendants 90,000 of them are quote outaged until the tas
6:22 pm
reverses the decision. >> that flight attendant that's union rhetoric. if they are afraid -- why do i want it? not only because it's a us-131 to security go you are going to be on the plane hey, mike saved our lives by attacking i am not sure why they would engage in union metric. my note -- no, no. >> judge. bottom line mike gallagher is trying to sdaer america toward the side of democrats. >> chief and female college student be able to earn about me next. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan!
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>> colorado state law americas wanted to ban concealed weapons on college campuses. amanda collins a rape survivor appeared before them saying she could have stopped her rape had she been armed. colorado state senator challenged amanda. >> i just want to say that actually statistics are not on your side even if you had had a gun. chances are, if you had had a gun he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you. the colorado coalition of gun violence says that for every one woman who used a hand gun to
6:27 pm
kill someone in self defense 83 were murdered by them. >> respectfully, senator, you weren't there. i was there. i know without a doubt in my mind at some point i would have been able to stop my attack by using my firearm. he already had a weapon of his own. he didn't need mine. >> joining us tonight is that person, amanda, who is joining us. amanda, are you there? >> yes, i am here. >> okay. there you are. amanda, thanks so much for being with us this evening. you are a courageous woman and we thank you for speaking up on behalf of so many women. late last night the colorado legislature made the decision to pull that law or that bill until after the end of the current session effectively killing it. amanda, why do you think they did that?
6:28 pm
>> well, there is a lot of speculation, but i think it just came down to that they didn't have the votes to get it out and so they didn't want to beat the bill knowing they didn't have the votes to get it out so they decided to kill it. >> i prefer to give a different answer i believe it was your courage and your strength and fortitude in the face of a women senator who i thought was very condescending it was not only condescending to you but misleading and outright wrong with her statistics. little lady, we can't afford to have you with a gun. when she said for every woman who uses a gun 83 of them are injured by those guns that's just a blatant false hood, is it not? >> yeah, it is. the specifics she used didn't really apply to my situation
6:29 pm
whatsoever. so it just wasn't relevant to what was being discussed at the time. >> and in addition to that, the senate majority leader spokesperson comes out and says for every gun that a woman uses 302 women are murdered by their gun. we did our own research trying to get some answers. senator hudak refused to respond to our e-mails or to any of our inquirie inquiries. this so-called coalition she sites it says right now the violence tol see center that they have never done a study on this. it's pretty disturbing that they would do this. he would go on to rape and murder brian denson.
6:30 pm
>> no. i know it wasn't have happened. there was a second victim in between myself and preana that we know of. those two and their lives would have been saved if i been able to carry that night. >> in addition to those two other victims, i mean one is a survivor the other is obviously diseased, there are untold number of women who may have been subjected to this predator had you been able to use a weapon that you are experienced in using, as a matter of fact? >> yes, it is. at the time of my impact i was holding a budgetary meeting. it could have been i left conscienceless. >> i understand the woman from
6:31 pm
colorado hoke to the way she 130ek to you agol guid -- apolo. i offered her a sincere apology in public come nation. >> i no know i rile it is more credible. she did apoll guidogize to me. instance tan yuszly after the exchange happened there was a lot being said over public media. i think that it was more of a -- i don't really know what her motives were i am not inside her head. >> did you think it was sincere? >> no. >> and put gun politics above the right of women to defend themselves yes or no? >> i think so. i think she put her own fear of firearms and her lack of
6:32 pm
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are making sure they have no ak sellings to the or -- access to outside world. the jet blew air bus was bumped whby an areying flight. damage there but nobody hurt. daylight-savings time begins at 2:00 a.m. sunday across the u.s. except hawaii. set your hours ahead until ybef turn in and get all snoozey. good night. >> were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i doesn't remember. >> how about when you cut his throat? were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> take a look. you are the one that did this,
6:37 pm
right? >> yes. >> you are the same individual that lied about all of this, right? >> yes. >> inability to remember details of the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend trav sis alexander. 17 days on the stand and she is still talking. are jurors buying it? joining me is ha vard university psychiatrist and body language expert and attorney jeff gold who has been in the courtroom. welcome, guys. tonya, what do you make of the clip we just played coming into this crying covering her face telling prosecutors you can't remember. >> if you look there's no crying going on here. >> i can't tell. she has her hands in front of her face. >> if she was crying she would be wiping away her hears. she is trying to cover up her face so people can't see what
6:38 pm
she is really doing. >> you think she is that prepped? >> yes. >> is the jury buying this? >> i think most of the direct testimony they were she wthey w into the story she was used for sex. for 11 days she testifies about every detail for 24 minutes she says she can't remember what happened during the killing. >> you haven't examined her but at the same time i don't think you need to be a rocket scientist or a harvard professor to figure out i don't think she is crying and she is some what robotic. >> it is hard for normal people to relate. we cry we feel the sadness. she cries the sadness is far away. that is how she operates
6:39 pm
day-to-day. >> let's take a look at this. here's another clip. >> >> did you have a gun with you? >> no. >> did you have a knife with you? >> no. >> did you have a cell phone with you? >> yes. >> let's look again at that clip in slow-motion. let's look again at that clip in slow-motion. >> she is being questioned. >> did you have a knife, did you have a gun she does a very sudden el head nod as she says no her head moves up and down. unconsciously she is telling us her body is telling us the truth. you know she is lying. her mouth tightens up and when will she talks about the cell
6:40 pm
phone it's nice and relaxed. there's a level of discomfort that's one of the big red flags h here the nodding of the head with her body telling us yes. in addition to that the clenching of the jaw. >> the reactions are what gives away her true feelings or emotions. she she is smart enough to cover her face. >> she poked herself in the eye to make herself cry. not only that, but anybody who is denying this would deny it instead of being meek and saying no, no i didn't. it doesn't make any sense when you are listening to it. i would deny it. no. she says that it is about how travis cause killed there were these guys that came in. >> on tape. >> right. so is there any reason the jurors should believe her not
6:41 pm
unless she becomes someone else and can convey how she feels. >> the jury questioned her about her so-called memory issues this week. take a look. >> how can you say that you don't have memory issues when kaunt rememb can't remember how you stabbed him so many times and slashed the throat? >> i think that i have a good memory, and june 4th is an anomaly for me. it's like i said yesterday it's in a class of its own and i can't explain what kind of state of mind i was in. >> june 4th is an anomaly to her. >> you see a little grin on her face. we tend to do it unconsciously to say i got away with it. what she is telling us is i got
6:42 pm
away with it. >> she is so separated from the real emotion she is performing. when she sees herself performing the way she likes she smiles. do you due see i'd when you are going to tell the truth and what you are not. in should any one believe you? >> there is one women on the jury. more of the latest topping numbers when we come back. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards
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>> like i said before, i lied a lot in the givening. i understand that there will always be questions, but all i can do at this point is say what happened to the best of my reck ligs and if i am convicted then that's because of my own bad choices. >> bad choices? like the choice to bring a gun to your lover's house because you knew she was going on vacation with another woman?
6:47 pm
that's just me. panel is back with us now. dr. sharp, here is your defense attorney asking her about her shame over the murder of her lover. >> what are you ashamed of as it relates to june 4th, 2008? >> i am ashamed that i did what i did. i am ashamed that i am a person that did that. ashamed beyond that i am ashamed of some of the things travis and i did. >> ashamed? >> she says the shame is the consequence of killing. i say the shame is the cause of the killing. >> i say tooens worse. shouldn't be ashamed you should be mortified. not ashamed. >> how about guilt? >> they are holding you up to public criticism there fore i am
6:48 pm
ashamed. not i am sorry i killed the guy. >> freud says a loss of love generates shame. she felt shame. i say she couldn't tolerate that so she summoned up a murderous rage and it was triggered when she went there. >> just as you look it's contempt. she will feel -- how can someone -- the murder of someone she says she is loved. talk about this in cold and calculating demeanor. there has been have been knee jodies on the hand sometimes jushe is just like jody. for a juror sore someone listening you want them to say i
6:49 pm
am so sorry. nubbing she simply >> is she crazy? >> she is detached from her feelings to a fault such that she can do this. she can drive and go start making out with some convention guy she met. >> making out? the boyfriend says she kissed him hours after she killed travis. here is her being asked about that one. >> how could you kiss another man when you knew when you just did to travis. >> again, my state of mind wasn't right at that time. >> this is hours after towards. >> your mind wasn't right. what say you? >> she wants us to say of course her mind wasn't right. the problem because she is so de stached from her feeling.
6:50 pm
i am just covering up. that's what she is doing. covering up. >> what do you think of her body language? >> it is scary to see how you can she can xhiel in a way's different's over. she kind of thinks i am going to play the easy way victim of common domestic evidence. >> the kind of things you might get none will do in parochial school. the tomorrow slaps her on the wooden spoon. did you have to do more it is an offense come stick lines. i think by her doing it me say
6:51 pm
moit and warm. >> what about a doctor? i will ask you this, tonya, as well, they have in this courtroom, what they call a jumbo tron? >> nude photos of her torn graphic stuff. thousand is she has. -- >> she had a camera every where hee went their experiences asouh side and experience in the living room. tend to finishal time fof us and say that travis wasn't a sexual visit.
6:52 pm
>> see how sree completely chan -- she completely changed a 180. >> great panel. thank you so much for being with us. coming up you won't believe our free for the week and what she did with her kids when she was boozing it up one might in a war.
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>> now it is time for brief of the week. >> i am a mother. i know what it's like raising
6:56 pm
kids. they can wear you thin. i know the feeling when all you want to do is take your own time-out from being a mom. what a woman did to her kids is beyond outrageous. she is in a bar boozing it up. no problem. she is getting loaded. no problem. accept she leighs her two girls ages 1 and 4 in her car in the parking lot. to make matters worse the temperature in florida drops to the low 30s. the car wasn't on. the heat wasn't on. the kids were sitting in the cold with no heat for at least two hours. this mother of the year puts up a sunriser blocking any one's view through the front windshield. that midnight sun in florida is a real killer. i have prosecuted child abuse cases nothing good ever happens between midnight and 2:00 a.m. a one--year-old cold and crying
6:57 pm
certainly could have attracted the attention of a child abductor another drunk or a pedophile. she faces two counts of child neglect. okay, mommy dearest, there will be no wire hangers in this room. get it. wire hangers. get it? now the results of our poll. we asked if jody would be found guilty. most of us said yes. jim says a good case for the death penalty:
6:58 pm
>> judi, i am glad you are a vooifr but you can't kill someone unless you are in reasonable fear for your life. rage can make a person do crazy things. yes she killed him yes she lied at first she tried to cover it up but i am still not sure if she planned it. guilty but not life. why did she bring the gun? never underestimate the
6:59 pm
stupidity of jurors who would . [ male announcer ] it's relobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster erees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilledobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently.


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