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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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smears. richard spike, england. bill, while it may not have been your intention, some people affiliate homosexuality with pedophilia. >> and homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia. and this guy is proud of his circumstance so we report it. and the smear of you provide no facts and demonstrate that this state has an effective alternative to jessica's law. the "the factor" tip of the day. many of us have a hard time sleeping and many americans have severe sleeping disorder most caused by stress. here is the tip. i was going to say watch our competition, but that would be
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wrong, if you want to go to sleep. here is the tip, take a hot bath, very hot, before you hit the sack. the japanese have mastered this art. it relaxes the entire body and even if it doesn't make you sleep better, the at least you'll be clean. "the factor" tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. and please check out the fox news factor website different from bill o' spout out from anywhere in the world,, name and town if you wish to opine. the word of the day, do not be lusk. good word, i'm going to bring that back. if you're watching from some exotic place, let us know. we'll read those tomorrow, the exotic mail portion of "the factor," thanks for watching tonight, i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that
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the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. >> . >> welcome to "hannity," the chance for reeconomic prosperity has been unveiled. paul ryan will be joining me momentarily to detail his bold and controversial budget plan. let's look at what he's proposing and why the democrats and president need to listen and act. according to the fiscal blueprint, the budget will be balanced in ten years and will not raise taxes. how does he accomplish this? he doesn't spend what we don't have. here is how the congressman explained it earlier today. >> this budget cuts spending by 4.6 trillion dollars offer the next ten years. historically we've paid a little less than 1/5 of our
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income to the federal government, but the government has spent a lot more. we match revenues with expenditures, so the budget matches the spending with income just like every family and business must do throughout america. >> sean: to help us reach this balanced budget in ten years, congressman ryan lays out four major issue we as a country must tackle. first, energy. ryan's plan paves a path for affordable and american produced energy, most notably, the plan green lights the keystone pipeline to generate almost 140,000 jobs. second, health care, first and foremost the budget repeals obamacare and strengthsens the medicare system for future generations. third, welfare reform, changes made in 1996 by extended reforms to other programs. gives states flexibility so they can tailor programs like medicaid and food stamps. and lastly addresses tax
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reform calling for congress to simplify the code, closing loopholes and consolidating tax rates. ryan's goal is to have just two tax brackets. 10% and 25%. so the question now is, well, will democrats see this as congressman ryan and again, just throwing granny over the cliff. are they going to demagogue it it? don't laugh, a sequel to the ad is already out and we're going to play for you in just a few minutes or will senate democrats who haven't passed a budget in more than 1400 days, will they seize this opportunity to get the country on a fiscally sound path like paul ryan is presenting? now, i'd like to be optimistic, but judging by the reaction from the president himself earlier tonight, that's not going to be the case. now, listen to what he told abc's george stephanopoulos. >> paul ryan today put forward his budget and he says he's challenging you to come forward with a budget that also reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no, my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the
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economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we've controlled spending and we've got a package, potentially what you've got is balance, but it's not balance on the backs of the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who have got disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> sean: oh, deja vu all over again. the president demagoguing armageddon. what a shocker. here to talk about the plan he unveiled in the house is congressman paul ryan. welcome back to the program. >> great to be back, sean, thanks for having me. >> sean: let me first let you respond to the president. are you going to be spending every year? will your budget spend more money every year or will it spend less money every year than spending-- >> every year will spend more than the next year? >> yeah, i just listened to this for the first time, heard your interview and i think
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that was george stephanopoulos if the voice was right. >> sean: yes. >> that didn't sound too charming. and every year, 2, 4%, instead of the president's path, which is 5% a year. here is what we're saying, is it so draconian to scale back the increase in spending by 3.4% a year instead of growing by 5% a year over the next decade. the difference, of course, is balancing the budget and getting our debt on a path to being paid off so our children inherited a debt-free nation? i'd also say, balancing the budget helps grow the economy and that's what we're trying to do here. >> sean: look, i really want people -- because i don't think that most people understand the calculators that you guys in washington use so i want to be very, very clear here. so, every year for ten years under your plan spending real dollars will increase 3, 4%, there will be no cuts in spending. >> that's the average increase of annual spending growth each
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and every year over the next decade. >> sean: and the president's planned spending will go up over 5% a year. >> that's right. >> sean: you have a difference how much you're going to increase spending. >> right. >> sean: so the difference over ten years, they'll spend 46 trillion dollars under the president's plan and you will spend 41 trillion. >> that's right. >> sean: so, and that is all he we need to do to get to a balanced budget? >> that's right. without raising taxes. >> sean: without-- all right, so the next big question is what about obamacare because that's obviously a key issue. i don't think the senate democrats will give in on it and i don't think the president would sign a bill that takes away his signature legislation. so, i find this criticism a little confusing or surprising. we call for repealing obamacare, why do we do that? because we don't like obamacare. as if we're supposed to put our budget out, which reflects our vision and how we think we ought to fix our fiscal
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problems, what the federal government out it look like the next decade and we're all of a sudden supposed to include obamacare in our vision? no, we don't agree with obamacare, we think that obamacare is going to do great damage to our health care system. we think it's going to break the bank, bankrupt hospitals and nursing homes and health care providers and damage americans. and here is the other dirty secret, obamacare isn't fully implement implemented, two more years before it's implemented and the gory details in this law have not yet been seen by the american people. we think that this law is going to become more unpopular than it is today and we're not going to just call for its repeal as our budget does. we are going to show a better way to go. we're going to show a better way to have a patient-centered health care system that's controlled by the patient and her doctor, not the a government-run system and that's a big difference of opinion. >> sean: when the president sold obamacare to the country, he said it would cost 900
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billion. >> right. >> sean: it was under a trillion dollars. the latest cbo estimate i saw was 2.8 trillion and there was a study that came out over a long period of time will add 6 trillion more dollars to our national debt. >> that's right. >> sean: are those numbers right? >> that's right, those are recent numbers by the congressional budget office, yes. >> sean: so i guess the question i have. there was a cns news article that says that republicans are again vowing symbolically to appeal obamacare and their criticism is that when you decided fund the government for the continuing resolution through the rest of 2013 that's the moment where you could have defunded obamacare. so the question i have for you, let's assume the host won't pass your bill, but the-- the house will pass your bill, the senate won't pass it. you'll go to conference, but this part is, they will want to remove it. in other words, your repeal of obamacare. would you have the power in the house right now with your majority to stop funding
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obamacare and would the house do that? >> no, because here is the problem: almost all of obamacare spending is in entitlement spending. we call that mandatory spending up here, continuing resolutions don't deal with that. they deal with agency budgets. almost awful the exchange spending, medicare, medicaid, that's outside of the continuing resolution. that's outside of what we call discretionary spending. all of that in our budget is outside of the purview of the appropriation bills. >> sean: what about when we hit the debt ceiling? because at that point the congress has the power of the purse. would you have the power at that point? >> so that's why we have a budget process, right? so our budget process, that our budget proposes to repeal that, patty murray i'm glad she's doing a budget and proposes a budget that raises taxes and never pass as budget, but the first time four years in the senate, that gives a pros cess where we can look at the spending in government and that's what the debt limit is about. by doing a budget process
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which we haven't done for four years, we can look at all government spending. right now with the continuing resolution, that just looks at a small slice of the pie, what we call discretionary spending which does not deal with the vast majority of obamacare spending. >> sean: all right. let me ask maybe the question another way. is there another way, assuming the senate and a radical agendaed president are never going to go along with repealing obamacare. is there a way that the house will ultimately be able to get that done? >> well, you'd have to get the senate and the president to agree with it. so, short of the senate and the president agreeing to it, no. but can defund it-- you can if the-- >> i could pass legislation tomorrow getting rid of obamacare i'm going to bring it to the budget committee, but you have to have the senate and president to agree to it for it to occur. this is the law of the land. to change the law of the land you have to have--
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>> doesn't the constitution give you the power of the purse? >> right, but the power of the purse means spending bills that are signed into law by the president. there in lies the rub. there in lies the problem. so what are we trying to do? what we're saying is, this is a terrible law. americans are in for a rude awakening, we're showing how we repeal it and what we replace it with. and we believe that we can still get at this law because americans are not going to want this thing to stand as far as we're concerned. that's one of the components we put in the budget as we do that without raising taxes. >> sean: congressman stay there, we have another segment with you. i have to ask you if you like old people, if you like children. >> okay. >> sean: because there's he another image of you throwing poor granny over the cliff. we've got the new ad. more with chairman ryan after the break and also tonight, america's mayor rudy guiliani will be here and stop by. plus we've uncovered a stunning admission from an anonymous white house aide the motive behind the president's
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so-called charm offensive and before another has forgotten how to play nice. >> the premise of the question. >> the way you phrased that question makes me think you're working on a typewriter or something. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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♪ >> how paul ryan, save granny. i see you smiling. you had to know this is coming, the president saying you're hurting children, old people, poor people. >> i feel like bill murray in the movie "groundhog day." this is par for the course and this means nothing gets done. hopefully we can get through all of this mess. look, if you want to know what our budget does, go to and see what we're doing. >> sean: let the me go over the highlights, increase spending 3, 4% every year or ten years. you're going to save medicare. >> right. >> sean: you're also going to reform how we deal with people on food stamps. and open the keystone pipeline
6:18 pm
and energy. no new taxes, and reform-- patty murray wants to raise taxes in the senate by a trillion dollars. >> i'm glad she's actually finally doing a budget. they haven't done a budget in four years. at least they're doing one, which the law requires. the president hasn't submitted one, it's due february 4th. it's his fifth year in office you'd like to think he'd get it on time by now. hat's a lit but the point is, at least they're doing it. but what we got from patty murray, a trillion dollars in new taxes and the trillion that they've raised. not talking ten years, they've never ever balanced the budget. when the president answered the question from george stephanopoulos about the balanced budget, he's never balanced the budget. never. meaning we have a debt crisis and what happens, sean, if we
6:19 pm
never balance a budget and add deficit upon deficit, we have a debt crisis like europe has, that means seniors lose health care benefits, that means people in the the safety net cut go in the streets. that means you have a recession. these are the things we prevent from happening by a balanced budget. balanced budget is a means to an end. it's growing the economy, opportunity, getting the government to live within its means. it's doing what all families and businesses do, which is make sure that you don't live beyond your means. make sure you give your kids a debt-free nation. that's what we're proposing and so when you see the senate and the president say they never ever want to balance a budget. i just don't think that's leadership. >> sean: i agree with you, but here is what i'm having a hard time understanding. the president likes to use the word fair, balanced, you know, and with george stephanopoulos insinuating that you want to hurt children. >> right. >> sean: they had this ad planned before your budget came out, throwing granny over the cliff. that's why i keep going back it to this. you're going to increase and we're going to spend more
6:20 pm
money. 3, 4% increases for ten years, you get to a balanced budget because if we don't get to a balanced budget aren't we stealing from our children and breaking open their piggy banks? is that his plan to rob our children blind? >> that's right, this is a crushing burden of debt our children could never survive. we've always left the next generation better off. don't forget the fact that this deficit and debt hurts today's economy. it's making it more uncertainty for businesses. it's promising that our currency is debased in the future. that we have inflation down the road, that we have high interest rates. these things hurt today's job market. so balancing the budget helps grow the economy today. it helps people struggling for workers and helps families going from paycheck to paycheck get better paychecks so they can have a better life. this is why we're proposing these things. our welfare reforms, we're asking the basic question, should we measure poverty fighting by how we measure
6:21 pm
programs or how many people are out of poverty or-- that's the point we're trying to make here, how do we make people's lives better and balancing the budget is a means to that end. >> sean: 50 million americans of record in 2012, nearly 50 million americans on food stamps, one in six americans in poverty, 6 trillion in new obama debt. and we're trying to put myself in your position. i know you met with the president earlier this week and i knew when your budget was going to be released, or i guess last week you met with him, that he'd demagogue it, he did it within five minutes of your release, pretty much. did you ever challenge him on these issues that every time somebody talks about balancing the budget and saving social security and doing big things that need to be done, he demagogues. did you ever ask him why he does that. did you ever challenge him and say, mr. president, why do you do that? >> let me just say we had a very frank conversation, a very candid conversation.
6:22 pm
>> sean: that's not fair. come on, give us a scoop. >> no, i want to be fair to the conversation, which is i told him exactly what i thought. >> sean: you did. >> and i told him-- absolutely. this is the first time i ha've e ever had a conversation more than two minutes with him other than on television, never had a lengthy conversation with him other than this moment. and i thought starting a relationship if that's what we're doing, candor is the best way to go. and i told him precisely what i thought, what i thought of the rhetoric, of the policies and why it is we're doing what we're doing. and-- >> did he seem receptive? >> well, at least he understands my perspective. at least he understands why we're doing what we're doing and why we propose these policies. and he gave me his side of the story as well. at least we had a candid and frank exchange. >> sean: i don't think there's any use -- any excuse for a demagogue. i think it's beneath the office of the presidency. a serious budget and by the
6:23 pm
way, ten years, i think it's about thor the better than your last budget. and anyone can say wait, we're going to spend more money. i don't think they're going to have an easy time demagoguing it like last time. >> i agree. >> sean: they'll try. straight ahead rudy guiliani. and first, the real motive behind the president's so-called charm offensive which obviously is over and now exposed thanks to the loose lips of a white house insider. we'll have the the details on the stunning admission. we'll get reaction from erick erickson and juan williams. don't forget we want to hear from you tonight. what do you think of paul ryan's budget. log on to our special companion site hannity live. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> all right. the president is not interested in reaching out across the aisle to work with republicans, but he wants you to think that he is. tonight we have the evidence to prove it. so don't be fooled by all the dinners, lunches and meetings the president has had with republicans in the past few days. they were all apparently one big dog and pony show because accord to go a report "the national journal" the president's recent outreach
6:28 pm
had more to do with political clout than trying to get things done in washington d.c. in the article, an anonymous white house official is quoted as saying, quote this is a joke, we're wasting the president's time. i hope you're happy, we're doing it for you. and tonight the white house is attempting to deny the authenticity of the quote. and aides say mr. obama will continue the outreach even if the phone calls and overtures feel fake to him in the words of one associate. fake? and now reaction, editor of red, erick erickson and fox news political analyst juan williams. how does he go from one week predicting armageddon and republicans are the modern incarnation of evil to quote, outreach? >> didn't make sense to me and i didn't get it from the get-go.
6:29 pm
>> it's politics and he is trying to do one way and now zig-zaging the other way. and his poll numbers are falling and the mcclatchy poll comes out and the public is not buying it, they decided with republicans on desperation makes you do photo ops. >> sean: juan, your party, 16 trillion in debt and discussing with congressman ryan, first plan in four years, and nice for them to do their job. and first in four budget in four years, and we have trillion dollars as far as the eye can see and the president is late with his, and why can't you guys stop robbing from future generations and keep stealing from children's piggy banks. >> let me interrupt the love fest you had with congressman ryan. congressman ryan reduces the deficit i believe 1.2 trillion
6:30 pm
over-- maybe 1.4 trillion over ten years. the budget the democrats put out today was 1 trillion over ten years. the president has something he's proposing-- >> excuse me. >> there's no big difference here, no big difference except-- >> one is trillion dollar deficits and one tonight. >> no he, it doesn't. >> sean: yeah, it does. >> it's a matter of years that you have the trajectory on the chart. one is real and the other is imagery. >> sean: one is real and balanced and one does the responsible inning and one increases the deficit and increases taxes. >> no, it doesn't. one literally throws grandma and the kid over the cliff. >> sean: and the democrats, this is the democrats, you guys-- >> fantasy, a fantasy to think that somehow you're not going to have obamacare. why doesn't he propose a real budget. >> sean: eric. >> juan, i've got a question for you. democrats didn't seem to answer. if we gave barack obama what
6:31 pm
he wanted tax increases 250,000 or more, we wouldn't close this year's budget deficit. if about we took the 100% of the income of people, wouldn't close the deficit and what are they going to cut? >> they've already cut and even in terms of the budget, the congress and the president agreed. >> what are they going to cut? >> stop, what are they going to cut. >> and medicare, change cpi, social security, these are cuts, but i think you're locked in the mindset that says now what, we want specifically to cut only here or cut the steak over there. >> sean: juan, this is an important question, they want to raise taxes a trillion dollars. they just got a tax increase two months ago. they want -- and we got the obamacare tax so we've got two tax increases, now they come back, they want a trillion in new taxes and what, where are they going to cut? tell me. >> well, already they've said that they're going to cut in terms of entitlements and i think you would be a champion of that because you believe in cuts and we're talking about
6:32 pm
major entitlements, medicare and medicaid, social security. >> any real cuts-- >> those aren't real cuts, eric. >> sean: and let me ask eric a question. and the republicans are going to spend 3.4% more every year, every year they go up they will spend more money, 3.4% a year. >> right. >> sean: how can the democrat like obama go out and he's already back to the same predictable, boring, o'lynnski talking points and a broken record that we're going to hurt the children and the granny ad is already out there. if spending more money every year, how do they call that a cut? i'm trying to figure out the math they're using in d.c. >> this is the problem that the democrats and republicans both have. they're cutting the rate of growth and sequestration made cuts although minor. the republicans just don't want to grow as fast. the rhetoric doesn't work, it doesn't work, even if you look at exit polling, barack obama may have won the election, but in florida after the
6:33 pm
demonization of paul ryan they didn't scare the seniors, they went with paul ryan and okay with his budget cuts and shackle the future. >> eric, let me break the news to you, the president won florida. and let me just say-- >> yeah, the president won florida, but he didn't win the seniors. >> this is the real story behind the republican strategy, sean. republicans somehow think, oh, we did pretty well with the seniors and old folks and therefore it's okay to go after medicare. >> sean: wait a minute, only one person to cut medicare, that was obama. we've got to go. >> you look at paul ryan's budget, gentlemen. >> sean: coming up next, while the president is busy charming folks in washington, north korea is threatening to carry out a nuclear attack on american soil and now hamas is threatening the president and they say they'll declare war against the united states if the president does, well, this one thing. we'll explain with rudy guiliani next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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>> welcome back to "hannity" and the national security threats against our allies, one might think our commander-in-chief might be working around the clock to keep you in america safe. that's not what's taking place in washington d.c. instead a phony charm offensive on capitol hill and even his own aides admit it's one big joke, but who can blame them? that and a good game of golf are far more entertaining, north korea threatened a nuclear attack on american soil or hamas says it will declare war on the u.s. if in fact obama dares to visit the temple mount when he travels overseas. and russian bombers that were armed with nuclear weapons were caught circling a sovereign u.s. territory. well, that apparently didn't trigger any sense of urgency from our celebrity president in chief either. while china's act of cyber warfare against america continues, the white house, well, they've been virtually
6:39 pm
silent. we're seeing more as it continues on. and former mayor rudy guiliani. guiliani. >> hamas will declare war if the president goes to the temple mount. what's the response? >> i think the president wants us to believe the world is safe and he's made it safe and no problems and we can demilitarize in massive levels, more than perhaps the big war. and the reality is that the world is not safe. the world is very dangerous. and we have people who have declared war on us. al qaeda declared war on us, yet, we're trying this man in a civilian court who was part of al-qaeda. it's like trying a nazi war criminal in a civil court. >> sean: i've got a picture of the son-in-law of bin laden, sitting next to bin laden with an automatic weapon. why would you try this man in
6:40 pm
a civilian court when the organization he is a part of declared war on the united states. >> sean: if that's not an enemy combatant, what is? >> he's giving away enormous opportunities to gather information from people. by trying him in civil court, he gets miranda warnings, he shuts up. don't get as much information, you could have weeks and months of questioning by using the drone program, he's killing sources of intelligence so that we can find out more about what these people plan to do to us, which is to kill us. >> sean: you bring up a good point. maybe the president, maybe he's thinking a little deeper than we are. maybe he's bringing him on u.s. soil so he can drop the drone on him -- oh, sorry. (laughter) >> i think he said no that that. an attempt at humor. how would you think of hamas warning you can't go to the temple mountain. >> i can't imagine hamas dictating to the president of the united states where he should go.
6:41 pm
the temple mount is a very significant part of the state of israel. from the point of view of jews, christians, and muslims, it theoretically is the place where abraham attempted to sacrifice his son. of course according to which belief you have, jewish, christian, he didn't. muslim belief he did. the reality this is a very significant place to go. he should go there to try to, try to engender in people the idea we can all live peacefully together, sharing this, it's part of our religion. we have a slightly different interpretation of it, but it's part of our joint religion, you were president, you would go? >> once you did that to me and told me you're going to declare war on me if i don't go, won't let them tell moo where i could and the couldn't go. i couldn't imagine-- >> and let's see what the president does, in the lead-up to this, he's meeting with the palestinian groups, is that a concern for israel. >> if he's having a number of
6:42 pm
meetings with israel, but one report i read says the basic purpose for the trip is to engender good feelings with the palestinians. i'd like to see him engender with the israelis. and maybe the president is not as sensitive to issues of their security as he should be. i think he's got work to do, they're our friends. we have this thing here now with this obama administration where they treat our enemies with much more concern than they do our friends. >> sean: here we have sequester weekend and he gave morsi 250 million taxpayer dollars and yet, he's closing down the white house. let me ask you about the other three situations i brought up. north korea, russia and china. these are significant. there seems to be willingness to take liberties with this president. >> sean, they're pushing a president they think is a-- is weak. >> sean: is a weak president. >> i hate to say that. >> sean: isn't he weak because he hasn't responded, has he? >> sure, the idea of leading
6:43 pm
from behind says okay, you want to lead from behind we're going to push you as far as we can push you until we get some kind of reaction and get as much advantage as we can. this whole idea of basically destroying our navy is idiotic when you consider that in china, a great debate is going on as to how big their navy should be. because they want to control the pacific, or some of them do. china, after all, is a dynamic society. there are people in china who don't think he they should challenge us, they think they should move on the peaceful rise of economic power and don't the get involved in a tremendous military budget. there are people in china who want to challenge us. he's giving those people a great argument by reducing our budget. >> sean: 100%-- >> i don't get that. if obama was smart and wanted to reach across the aisle and he's very predictable. the language that we'll hear in the coming days on the ryan budget is just all predictable, fairness, kicking grandma over the cliff. but if he were unpredictable, which he's never been, he would call you and say would you be my defense secretary.
6:44 pm
would you be my cia director. >> yeah, well he goes-- >> what would you do. >> i wouldn't do it because i couldn't work for a president i don't agree with. the reality is the ryan budget takes us to balance. you can agree with parts, disagree with parts of it, but what you should do is propose another budget that takes us to balance. meanwhile, we have the democratic plans that want to keep unbalanced budget forever. it's a disaster for our children. >> sean: and a trillion in new taxes under the senate plan. >> the president has shown knee sensitivity to the tactffact no sensitivity to the fact that our problem is a spending problem. >> sean: you got some sun, you must have been in florida. >> i was. >> sean: and coming up liberals explain why they're so hell bent on taking your right to bear and keep arms. when we come back, we'll play more of last night's
6:45 pm
conversation featuring jim m moran. and another major huge gaffe. >> we have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds and yet, it's legal to hunt human with 15 round, 30 round and even 150-round magazines. >> sean: i never knew that hunting humans is legal. all that and more as "hannity" continues. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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>> now, as we have seen over the last couple of weeks, the left's position on stricter gun control is becoming more and more indefensible and now we have yet another example for you. now, yesterday, democratic congressman jim moran held a so-called community forum what he called a conversation on gun violence. when contributor celia bigelow asked the lawmaker why he refuses to become pro choice when a woman wants to defend herself. that ended the so-called conversation. >> why are you pro choice...
6:50 pm
>> all right. joining me now with reaction, town and mo is back with us. that's some conversation, let me move onto the the next man. what was it, i'm moving onto the next question. >> well, i mean, i know jim moran and he used to be my congressman for many years. i like him. i don't know why he didn't answer it. what i would have said no one is trying to take your right
6:51 pm
to own a firearm away. what we're talking about, what congress is talking about, the debate on the table are over certain narrowly defined things like multi--- high capacity magazines, weapons and background checks. >> sean: one of the problems is, none of these politicians know much about the guns. katie, ar-15 which i own three, you can shoot -- anybody can shoot that weapon and learn to be accurate. it's a good defensive weapon. when joe biden says a shotgun, some shotguns will take a hundred pound woman and she will go flying after she shoots it. which weapon would you recommend? >> ar-15. >> sean: ar-15. >> if you take your shotgun on the porch and blow two blasts like joe biden said, it could land you in jail. going back to the point, when people are taking your right to own a firearm, but it goes beyond simply owning firearms, it goes to carrying firearms
6:52 pm
and what celia was referring to, amanda collins, a rape victim on the campus and held at gun point in a gun-free zone. >> sean: she had a gun. >> she had a carry permit, but left it at home and she said they legislated me into being a victim and she was not bringing that firearm on campus. i'm not surprised mr. representative moran wouldn't comment on this, his son worked-- patrick moran worked on mr. moran's campaign recently, pled guilty to assaulting his girlfriend and jamming her head into a trash can in d.c. and you want to talk about violence against women, no wonder he didn't want to answer the question. >> no, it's not-- i think it's a cheap point, irrelevant to this conversation. patrick moran has-- >> violence against women is irrelevant to the conversation? >> no, what his son did is not relevant at all to a conversation about gun safety. okay? so let's stay on point.
6:53 pm
>> sean: wait a minute, we're talking about violence against women and women's ability to defend themselves. >> and that's fair, that's fair. but my point is, i think you're conflating different things. i'm all for women being able to defend themselves. we should have an honest conversation, i don't disagree with you, i think he should have answered the question. >> sean: let's have an honest conversation about the question. >> and concealed carry, i don't necessarily agree that having more guns on campuses is going to make things safer, but we should have that conversation. it's legitimate. for all of the in your life that you love and care about, they're home alone, how would you recommend they defend themselves? >> look, i am not an anti-gun democrat. i don't own one, right, i don't own one. >> sean: how would you believe -- how would you recommend? >> i would tell them to get trained in the use of a firearm. what would you tell them? >> that's a good question and i don't know, sean, what i would say. >> well, concealed carry around the country and on
6:54 pm
college campuses has brought down the violent crime rate against women when it comes to rape, murder, assault. >> sean: let me go to the rhetoric of the left, it's getting out of control. according to dianne feinstein, it's legal, i didn't know this, to go hunting for humans, this is what she said. >> the time has come, america, to step up and ban these weapons. the other very important part of this bill is to ban large capacity ammunition feeding devices, those that hold over ten rounds. we have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds, and yet, it's legal to hunt humans with 15 round, 30 round, even 150-round magazines. >> sean: all right, two points here, i didn't know it was legal to hunt humans, that may be in some part of the country that i don't know about. that's number one, but she did say there ban weapons, which is what i think the goal is. and what if there's invasion, three or four people
6:55 pm
come in your house, seven bullets in new york, ten bullets nationally may not be enough. >> the fact is when you're in a gun fight with bad people, you never say i wish i had less rounds. and a 30-round magazine is actually standard. mag poll is going through a huge ban in colorado banning 30-round magazines and that's standard in their country? why is the government of the united states buying up billions of bullets. what would be the point of that. >> i'm not sure i know what you're talking about. here is my point and i'm glad we're having this conversation because when, when these individuals are going into schools with these magazines, these huge magazines, right? they ought -- they should not have that access to that. >> sean: you can make those magazines. criminals will make them. >> the fact is homeland security came out with a report in 2012, showing we've heard a lot of the rhetoric surrounding assault weapons and modern sporting rifles and ar-15's and homeland security
6:56 pm
came out and showing and saying explicitly, the weapon of choice for mass shooters are handguns and so we've already seen-- >> that will be the incrementalism. thank you both. good to see you. coming up next a reigning president adolf junior ahmadinejad with muslim clerics he was caught on camera in a forbidden act. wait until you see what triggered the controversy. it's not what you think. the controversial picture will be revealed after this break straight ahead. n. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children,
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