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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 20, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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p.m. -- back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we have remi spencer and john bolton. back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> dennis, you got your book there with you? >> by shear chance. >> that worked out well. >> that was great. actually this explains -- i am self-conscious doing this, but this explains the great contest in the world. americanism, leftism and communism. it is the culmination of my
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life's work. >> be sure and check it out. >> i thought the great contest in the world was "the amazing race." i guess i was wrong. joe upcoming tour dates? >> yes. i am going on a major tour starting tomorrow. i will be at the house of comedy in minneapolis, minnesota april 4th through 7th and laughing skull in atlanta, georgia, recording my new album "you will die" and then a lot of dates after that. come out joe derosa for info jie. "you will die" is the name of it? >> yes. >> sounds fitting. >> saying it to somebody else. >> oh i thought it was about your act. >> here we go. "the joy of hate." let's be hateful all the time, everybodiment it is so joyous around here. >> oh my goodness. >> lori, where can people see you interruptiing others? >> you know, 1 to 3:00 on
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fbn. they are doing fits and starts so you will want to see where we are headed. you have money to invest, and i know you don't. >> i do not. back to you, greg. >> i like markets. i will go and get some fresh toe may tomatoes. >> it is open air time. >> is there they other kind? s is on. tonight: >> if you are the son of god command the stone become bread. >> major controversy developing. the man who portrays the devil looks a lot like the president of the united states. we will have a special report. >> i do not support gay marriage but i support civil unions. >> bill: but now hillary clinton does support gay marriage big time. she really wants it so what is going on. crowley and colmes will analyze. also tonight john stossel
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on what foods might be banned at public schools. your kids won't be happy. charles krauthammer on whether the tv news industry in america has collapsed. >> that's the way it is. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will the federal government begin stealing our money? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you may have heard that the small country of cyprus in the mediterranean totally broke. and one proposal from the cyprus government was to forcibly, forcibly take money out of personal bank accounts on the island, steal it from the folks. steal it to pay their bills. now the outcry was immediate and it will not happen but the lesson is
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important for americans. greece, italy, spain, portugal, island, now cyprus all broke. and other european nations are close. why? because they are nanny states. and they there are not enough workers to support all the entitlements these progressive paradises are handing out. enter the congressional progressive caucus right here in the u.s.a. it contains 73 members all of them democrats except the socialist bernie sanders from vermont who is independent. the cpc wants a 49% federal income tax rate on top earners. they want half. and they don't want many deductions for those folks. also the congressional progressive caucus wants even more government spending. 2.5 trillion more, on, quote, job creation. another 2.2 trillion on things like science, energy, the environment and education. also the cpc does not want to cut entitlements. and, wants to give
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unemployed americans 99 weeks of cash compensation. nearly two years. the question is what does president obama think of the congressional progressive caucus? my opinion, he likes it i don't think the president believes that crew is fanatical because they want what he wants. by the way, the far left kooks do want to cut one thing, defense spending. they want to bring that back down to 2006 level. somewhere in iran is cheering. there comes a point when americans are going to have to decide what country, what kind of country they want. even taking half of what affluent americans earn, feds couldn't possibly afford what the far left wants to provide. so we would eventually become greece or cyprus if the u.s. dollar collapses and people stop lending us money. some conservatives believe that's exactly what the far left wants. a collapse of the entire capitalistic system. some on the right believe
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that president obama is actively working toward that. certainly senator bernie sanders of vermont wants socialism in this country and so do most of his compatriots on the crazy caucus. yet, americans continue to elect them. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from lower manhattan dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. do you think the program the caucus is putting forth will ever happen in this country? >> no. i think that's a template for a kind a progressive provision. like the tea party. it's not what's going to happen it represents a particular framework ideology happens somewhere in the middle. i wouldn't freak out about the cpc budget coming through. >> bill: did i sound like i was freaking out because i didn't want to sound like i was freaking out. >> you never sound like you are freaking out. i'm worried about the millions of people watching this who think that suddenly there is going to be tax seizures. >> let's both of us remind
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everybody not to freak out. you are sympathetic to these kooks. [ laughter ] >> bill: you are. i know you. and you are sympathetic to them and you would do what they want if you could. on what moral authority. what moral authority does anyone believe they have the right to take half of a person's legally earned income? what moral authority gives you the right to do that? >> i guess even the language of taking around taxing is something different than the way i think about it i don't think the government is stealing money from people they're ♪ snatching it. for the wealthest 1%, 2% as this particular budget shows, for them to pay more to me is reasonable. >> bill: half is a lot of money. it would be more than half unlike the 50s, 60's and 70s where they all hide behind there wouldn't be deductions and tax shelters. you would have to pony up half. >> that's not true. >> bill: that's what they want and i read it closely. they want to cap all the deductions for the 1 or 2 percenters so you really
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wouldn't get a break. it would be a true half to the feds. that doesn't count the states and it doesn't count all the other taxes. what moral authority? don't dodge the question. >> i'm not dodging the question. >> bill: you are intelligent enough to know what i'm saying. >> you are smart. >> bill: what gives any government the right like france wants 75%. what moral authority gives them that right? >> you are smart enough to know that i don't concede to the terms of the question. i'm not saying 49% is okay. i'm saying more is okay. i don't want to pay 49% of my income. >> bill: you are saying more than that. >> you are looking for an argument. i don't think 49% is reasonable but i start with. >> bill: you wouldn't agree with that. >> i don't think they believe it either. that's a item plate. lay that out knowing no one is going to. >> bill: there is no doubt about it? >> that's one out of 100. talk about the other 99%. >> bill: all we have to do. >> you talk about the 1%. let's talk about the 99% '. the 99% of senators don't believe that no one wants 49%. >> bill: france has 75%. okay? they are doing it over there, all right? and they voted the guy. in the nutty socialist guy.
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the french voted him in so they get what they deserve. >> bill, what about england though, bill. england did just the opposite. they instiewlted they have a conservative fiscal policy they are not getting out of their mess either. the answer isn't extremism on either side. you need to be more moderate and reasonable like me, bill. >> bill: i know you ared the poster boy for moderate and reasonable. open the dictionary and there is is hill's face. do you know why jesus was killed by the romans? >> i'm going to let you answer that question. i will get in trouble. whatever i say i'm going to get in trouble with the right wing. >> bill: you have never feared that before. you don't know and you shouldn't know because it was about taxes. >> of course it was about taxes. unregulated capitalism. >> bill: unbelievable the correlations between what was happening in galilee and what the romans were doing to the jews back when jesus was walking around and what's happening now. i'm just going to give you a heads up. that this is coming.
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and the taxation was so onerous on the folks. for a totally different reason, i will concede. that the romans were venal. >> thank you. >> bill: they wanted this money to build their terms and to live a crazy lifestyle. but it was philosophically the same kind of government intrusion that we the people of america have no right to private property. and that's what castro does. chavez does. and that's where these congressional caucus people are headed. >> do you read the fox news version of the bible? come on, man. jesus turned over tables in the temple. he was worried about profit making. excessive wealth gathering. >> bill: i will deal with that hill, you know what you? are not accurate in what you just said. i'm not going to give away anymore. i want you to read the book and buy it so that the government can take almost half of all my proceeds from the book. >> they should take 80% from you. >> bill: yeah, just me. you and michael moore he said the same thick. just me. all right, hill. >> good to see you. >> bill: hill and i agree the government can come in
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and punish people who are earning a lot of money. >> pay their fair share. >> bill: did the producers of the bible hire a man who looks like president obama to play the devil? looks like it. we'll have a report. then hillary clinton once said no to gay marriage, now she says yes. take a look at that situation in is just
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. that mini series the bible airing on the history channel getting good ratings. now there is a rather intense controversy going on. take a look at this scene that features satan. >> man shall not live by bread alone. but on every word that comes from the mouth of god. >> bill: who does this guy he has a hoody. i didn't know the devil wore a hoody. i see a lot of hands up. you know who he resembles.
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now, this can't be an accident. so we asked producer of the bible mark burnett to appear this evening but he he declined. burnett should have come on the program. joining us from l.a. paul bond who covers television for the hollywood reporter. here in the studio stacy who does the same thing for "the new york post." linda, before i get to you i want' to put up the actor's picture so everybody knows what the actual actor playing satan looks like. let's pop that up right now. he doesn't look anything like and now pop the picture of the devil in the bible series. pop that in. so they made him up and he definitely looks like barack obama. and you say? >> i think he absolutely looks like barack obama. and my first impression was well, at least they have one black person in this mini series, he plays the devil. now i find out he is not even a black person. they put him in black face. >> bill: yeah, because it is a white actor. >> yeah, he is in black face. >> bill: i don't want to put words in your mouth.
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you believe that burnett and his wife roma downie who are the producers of the bible did this intentionally. they wanted to have satan look like barack obama? >> i can't speak for them. can i only say that all the good guys are very white. and very white face. >> bill: more of a resemblance. >> i know. she was going to the white house today. she says is he one of my christian brothers. maybe it was just. >> bill: who was going to the white house. >> roma downie was going to the white house today because prescheduled thing with the devil. >> bill: i hope the president didn't see this. >> meeting the devil today for dinner. >> i also think that there is a likeness there but i don't think it was purposeful on mark burnett's side or his wife's. >> bill: really? how could that happen then. >> because they're big supporters of obama. they have given him money. they praise him all the time on the record. so, possibly, maybe some makeup artists or somebody fiddle with cgi and
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somebody went rogue and made him look more like obama and that's a possibility too. no way the history channel or the burnetts said hey make the devil like like obama. >> bill: i don't know. >> somebody's freudian slip is showing here. [ laughter ] >> bill: when you shoot this, you know you see rushes, you see dailies, you know and i mean this actor is he this more moroccan guy walks in. he doesn't like the devil. why did they have to make him up. nobody knows what the devil looks like unless you watch msnbc. they made him up in black face. let's be honest. he is the same color as the president of the united states. >> bill: i don't think it's a racist play. >> i'm not saying it is. >> i do think it's obama play. >> there no black people in this when you -- i-agree
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with linda that is he in black face. that is not black face. that is some kind of weird completion. >> bill: i'm surprised that you think this is accidental. both linda and i think it's intentional. i don't think it's right by the way. i think that here, look i know mark burnett pretty well. he came on this program to promote the bible. he has a controversy on his hands and he is not available to come on. that tells me all i need to know. he knew this was going to cause. it works to his ad vantage, linda, we are buzzing it. now more people will watch it. >> i don't necessarily think that this is the kind of controversy that will create buzz to watch the show when i was looking to
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review the book i spoke to several priests and they said it's going to be a success no matter what because television is so devoid of religious programming and religious people are desperate for it: i don't think this will add people to watch it. they are looking at it online, they see it and they say oh my god no pun intended it dots look like the devil. >> do you want to revise your opinion this is a coincidence and burnett couldn't come on tonight because he had a prior engagement of some kind and would not want to speak to 5 million people about his mini series? do you want to do all of that? >> i think he figured he doesn't want to get too cozy with you and fox news. he has been on your show once. but i do have friends in hollywood underground christian right wing community who agree with you that there is no possibility that this was a coincidence. i just don't see it. >> bill: people in hollywood who are christian that really have to be underground. [ laughter ] >> bill: you guys whip and
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them. new thriller six station. i gave a blush -- blurb on it check it out. directly ahead hillary clinton flip-flops on gay marriage just as her husband did. we will tell you what's going on there later, charles krauthammer on whether the tv news industry is collapsing in america. new study. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: barack and hard place segment tonight. former president bill clinton signed the defense of marriage act in 1996. that law says that marriage between a man and a woman rewoo remain the legal standard in america. in 2009 president clinton recanted. he now favors gay marriage.
1:24 am
in 2004 his wife hillary clinton also opposed gay marriage but now she, too has changed her opinion. >> i do not support gay marriage but i support civil union. >> lgbt americans are our league colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones. and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. that's why i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. >> bill: but, what? 9 years ago she didn't. with us now to analyze alan colmes and monica crowley. this is all about evolving, i understand from colmes. evolving. we are evolving. >> everybody is evolving now. evolving is the new black, right? look, this is a very slickly produced video. it's clear she is running for president. if she weren't running for president 2016 there is no reason for her to make
1:25 am
this. >> bill: to evolve. >> make this dramatic announcement at this point in the cycle. >> bill: do you think it's phony? i mean, was she back in 2004 really did she believe that a man and a woman should be sacrosanct in marriage and now she doesn't or is this another hollow politician changing their mind? >> i don't know because i'm not in her heart and i'm not in her brain. i will say though she has had a couple people evolve on the issue of gay marriage. one is opportunistic to me and one is you a thun thick. the opportunist was barack obama last year when a number of gay democratic voters threatened to withhold their support for his re-election unless he came out for gay marriage. he changed his tune really fast on the issue. the authentic change of heart i think is republican senator rob portman who a couple of days ago announced that he was supporting gay marriage because he has a gay son and very personal issue for him. the clintons for decades now have been rather opportunistic.
1:26 am
i would err on the side of tunism. >> why must we impute the most cynical motives. the fact 2004 to now the support for gay marriage went from 37% to 58%. most americans are evolving. you had a candidate mitt romney who wasn't evolving he revolved. >> bill: we do a comp place of compilation of polls. about 53. >> thank you. >> bill: there is no doubt many people have evolved whatever you call it why? >> because the world is changing. >> bill: that's b.s. why? why are people changing? >> i think the media may have a lot to do with it. >> bill: the media? >> people are seeing maybe there is is more exposure. >> bill: ellen degeneres
1:27 am
pop culture, we like ellen. >> some people are becoming more accepting. >> bill: and you? >> and i also think this is a complicated issue. you can see both sides to a lot of it. a lot of people say and a lot of issues black and white. on this issue there is a lot of gray. people have gay members of their family and they want to see them have the same rights and so on. so there is a gradual chipping away. i think that's happening with their. you are seeing a lot of people evolve. >> bill: they are valid answers but i think the other side who opposes gay marriage has not made their argument very powerfully. there is usually a reason why you oppose. religious people say it's biblical based. i respect that. i respect that. >> bill: respect that people who have a moral solid foundation like the catholic church. these nuts that think the pope is going to legalize gay marriage. they have no understanding of the basic theology of the church. all right? none. so, and they don't like the pope because he is actually
1:28 am
upholding roman catholicism tenets. it's not enough for the massive people who don't base their political opinions on the bible. that's in the enough. that's just a segment. and the secular people who oppose gay marriage, haven't made the argument of how it is going to damage heterosexual marriage or the country. correct? >> secular not basing on religious principles or on the bible see it traditional marriage between a man and a woman as a corner stone to society. >> bill: gay marriage would erode that. >> that's exactly right. >> bill: they can't say. >> i think a lot of conservatives have a hard time with that. a lot of conservatives who don't believe in some of the religious angle but believe in the societal angle have a hard time making that argument and i completely get it. >> bill: i think the state should decide because each region of the country is different. if one state they should vote on it i don't think it's a civil rights issue. >> state to state married
1:29 am
in one state and. marriage equality has to be national. >> bill: i love this marriage equality. see that can extend out to other groups than other than homosexuals. if you want marriage equality then it's got to be a free fire zone that anybody who wants to get married. triads and. >> there is a push for triads. >> i like the word equality. >> bill: it's a cliche that you guys put out there. >> that's what the parlance is right now. >> bill: if you are going to be a good liberal, colmes, you have to extend equality to everyone. not just selected groups. so marriage equality then encompasses everybody. one issue is demographics is changing. younger group even republicans hear less about some of these social issues. >> they don't care about the issue. would you agree with that? younger americans not a priority for them? >> i think so. what you saw in the 2008 election cycle is barack obama won them by like 70%. now they are essentially locked into voting democrat maybe for the rest of their
1:30 am
lives. >> bill: i just want to review that you don't think hillary clinton calo in for changing position? you don't think so? i will say anything to get elected? >> i think she will say anything to get elected. i also think she wants to be ahead of the curve. >> colmes dodges i will sum up for you. you don't think she is calo you love her. >> you didn't say anything to get elected. >> bill: happy now? colmes is happy tonight. ladies and gentlemen. >> thrilled, just happy to be here. >> bill: american kids not going to like this. but the feds want to ban a bunch of your favorite foods in public schools. we will tell you which one. houston police sergeant demoted because the picture she took on her private time. is it legal on the case. we hope you stay tuned to
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stossel segment the u.s. department of agriculture now has spelled out what kind of foods they don't like in public schools. some examples, rice crispies, fruit roll ups, door right receipt toes. some kinds of popcorn. here to comment on the outrage fox business anchor john stossel. i saw you eating doritos today how could you. >> i grease and salt to prepare myself. >> rice crispies? >> apparently it's too low in nutrients to meet their
1:35 am
standards. this is one where i think the government has a point. if they are going to fund big nutrition program and spend 10 billion of your dollars. they need to have some rules. >> is that what it is? $10 billion. >> that's the school lunch program. the healthy hunger free kids act has added on more. >> healthy hunger free kids. >> who could be against that? >> no one. you are going to have to spend more money if possible. so, i hate to agree with stossel. but if the government, our tax money is just going in to promote better eating habits with the urchins in public school, they have a right to impose a healthy diet. >> somebody has to set some rules. why do they take the money from localities, ship it to washington, lose some, steal some, waste some and then ship it back with all these rules. let local schools make their own decisions because now you are going to have lawsuits over can this bake sale be held? >> you can't have girl scout cookies, you can't have bake sales. i don't think you are going
1:36 am
to have lawsuits. >> plus they went -- if they said we are going to pay for it here are the rules. they are saying if you take any money, you can never have a kid selling to a friend. >> what about what happens if the you urchins go to school and they don't like anything and they eat and then they die? >> just because they are bringing it into the schools. >> bill: they bring the turnips and brussels sprouts in, kids are going to look there and be a black market smuggling in doritos, there will be the dorito pusher out in the car. >> new school police force. the food police looking for those doritos. >> so it could develop into chaos but we both agree that there should be some kind of an attempt to raise the dietary health of the urchins in public school? >> if you are going to spend the money. they're, stossel. they're spending it. >> don't deal with reality here. we are going broke here. >> going broke. but they don't care, all right? as we did the top of the program. the progressive nuts want
1:37 am
to spend even more money. okay? >> going to spend it. don't spend it on coke and pepsi. >> bill: now, what is the responsibility of a school to not only educate, read, writing and arithmetic nutritional, exercise, all of these other things, what's the responsibility there? is it a total responsibility or just academic? >> i think different schools should try different things. different parts of the country where the kids are working in the fields after school they may not need the exercise. or they may need more food. what. >> bill: what school works in the fields? i don't know what school that is. >> in the farm belt. >> bill: in the farm belt at 2:30 they go into the fields. >> yes. they drive them in there with a whip? i don't know of any schools that drive them into the field. >> they go voluntarily. >> voluntarily. >> farmers helping out. >> bill: kind of like football. instead of playing football they want to husk corn. >> some, yes. that's how they get to be strong football players.
1:38 am
>> bill: that's how they got the name cornhuskers? >> there you go. >> john stossel, everybody, i apologize. when we come right back, is it lehman on new information about the senator robert menendez alleged prostitution deal then krauthammer on whether the american tv news industry is falling apart. the factor returns after
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>> thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics. sergeant demoted because of pictures she took of herself. will jodi arias be convicted of murder in arizona? new information about senator robert menendez on the alleged prostitution here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. i understand three prostitutes in the dominican republic come forth and said they were paid to lie about the senator. >> according to the dominican republic police they came forward and said
1:41 am
they lied about the senator. they went into court and signed off affidavits saying they lied about it and they were paid by a lawyer hired by whom we don't know. >> bill: who is the lawyer? has he been arrested. >> no. there have been no arrests in this. two lawyers involved, exactly. no arrests. >> bill: they are dominican lawyers. >> dominican lawyers. >> bill: bill why weren't they arrested. >> they deny the agencies. >> bill: it's a he said, she said. >> right. >> bill: good for menendez. >> because it casts doubt on the allegations. there is still a grand jury investigation. >> bill: on another matter. >> on another matter. >> i don't think the fbi is looking into this prostitution beef. that's what i have heard anyway. however, let's just stay with this for a minute. so menendez now, all since jump has said this is a a smear. >> um-huh. >> okay. and enemies of mine have tried to do this. and now it looks like, wiehl, that he was correct. >> he has a case here. no matter what these women say now. nobody is going to believe them.
1:42 am
because if they say now they go back and say. >> bill: can't be doing that. >> they say they were bought, this and that. >> put the pieces together and talk about the facts. this started with the daily caller had an interview and you see on your screen right now. one of the women said she was paid to have sex with the senator. fine. the "the washington post" did a story. they talked through. they are ♪ sure one of the women they spoke to was in fact the same person that was in the daily caller. then they in fact backed off of that story. so there is some confusion as to with respect to that one person. >> as it stands now, i think the fair thing and you guys disagree. tell me. is to give senator menendez the benefit of the doubt. >> absolutely. >> we put that aside. the dominican police department. we don't know what they are doing. >> we put it aside until other evidence. >> houston, texas, police sergeant, right? >> 43 years of age.
1:43 am
>> bill: she wants to hire herself out as a model, correct? she wants to earn extra money. >> um-huh. >> bill: on a web site she puts provocative pictures of herself, what happened? >> with the houston ph.d., model mayhem. can you see one of the photos. suggestive photos. allegations that some might be fetish oriented that type of thing. the police department has a personnel policy which says you can't do anything that would diminish the department. reflect poorly on yourself or the department in general. she held a position of sergeant. she now has been demote to the position of officer based on. 100 photos posted on this web site single mom. she said she was doing this make money modeling bill. >> they weren't just modeling those. many of these were nude photos. >> bill: do you have to pay to see those pictures on her web site. >> vuld to pay to hire her to take photos. >> bill: hire me you can see in person or whatever. >> kimberly is right. was it legal to do that?
1:44 am
can you put those out there legally? of course you can do that it's in violation of the police department policy. >> police departments and agencies that have power have a right to define what their standards of behavior are on and off the job. >> that's correct. since she lost pay from being demoted from sergeant to officer. it's a fireable offense why didn't they get rid of her instead of demeeting her. >> wouldn't fire her. >> i didn't see she should be hired. make a distinction to stay on the department. >> send a message they don't want the houston ph.d. doesn't want everybody naked or the sheriff's department. that would be tough. >> you can eat lunch naked in san francisco at a restaurant. >> i divorced the whole town, remember? >> bill: we did a story last night on this jodi arias, okay? >> right. >> bill: the lawyer that we interviewed in phoenix says that she is guilty. she thinks she has been in a courtroom. this woman has been bloviating for an enormous
1:45 am
amount of time on the stand. nothing makes any sense. do you guys concur that this is -- >> -- she is guilty. >> bill: you think she is guilty? >> beyond a reasonable doubt. >> she admitted to doing it. >> she said it was self-defense. >> self-defense. i don't think the jury gog believe that all the weeks that she testified and all the questions she got from the jury showed that the jury,. >> self-defense. >> so you both agree that what she is putting out there as a defense is bogus and you both think she is guilty. here is the question. the state of arizona going to execute her? >> right. there is four women, to be the fourth woman put on death row if they find her guilty in the penalty phase. i think there is a chance they dual that ultimately executed? probably not. the other three have not been. >> she will be given a sentence of death. but she will be able to 20 years. >> i don't think she will get a death sentence. look at her and feel so ever her. >> death qualified. you can't be on the jury for this case unless you
1:46 am
would agree to uphold and you don't have a problem with the death penalty. >> bill: i couldn't be on. i want to tell everybody i'm against the death penalty. i would sentence these people who hard labor which is worse than death. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bill: lis wiehl's new thriller "a matter of trust." out today getting good buzz from publishers weekly and other book places. check it out. you will like it. charles krauthammer on deck. big trouble in the tv news industry. in fact, it may be falling apart. krauthammer is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. new pew research study shows that local television news through the america pretty much trivial rarely reporting anything of substance.
1:50 am
on the national front opinion has replaced reportage on some of the cable networks. msnbc 85% opinion now. 15% reporting. that must be about 4:00 a.m., because i miss it fox news 55% opinion. 45% reporting. that's about right. cnn 46% opinion, 54% reporting. s that, i think accurate as well. joining us now from washington, charles krauthammer. what does the study say to you, charles? >> that study tells me that the sunrises in the east: everybody knows that msnbc is all opinion. even the slogan lean forward is just a way of saying lean left. those short ads they do just announce that they now basically an ideological entity. and i think what they have on cnn and fox is basically right. roughly half news and half opinion. >> bill: yeah, but the perception is that fox is all opinion and a republican-driven network. but the study shows that 45%. that's almost 50/50. >> people want to believe
1:51 am
that because fox has such influence. have to say that it's nothing except opinion. but, in fact, it's not. just watch it for one day. you see the bare show. 6:00 east coast news. the best news on television network or cable. and that's where i would go to receive minus even if i weren't here. >> bill: that's because hah sh. >> even my mother would watch it if i weren't on. >> bill: local news, i worked it for a lot of years. i was here in new york city wcbstv. we had a lot of influence back then. now, zero. in this big town. the major market. biggest market in the country. local news, about weather and traffic and a little donkey on the parkway and they can't get it off. and 80% of the stories local stories don't run more than a minute. that's just evaporated.
1:52 am
>> i don't know what local news used to be, at least as a viewer seemed to be always to be 80% crime and the rest was trivia. i don't remember it ever being something that moved national opinion. what did move national opinion in those days as today is the network news but now we have added cable news, of course. and the internet. so in a sense, the tv news has lost influence simply because of the growth of the internet as a competitor. >> bill: it's more than that. >> networks have lost because of the growth of cable. >> folks depend on their local news to define their local politicians. we can't do that we can't do the state races here. unless they are big profile, you know, famous people. and now 3% of local news is politics. 3%. of all the story. so that's gone. here is the bad thing about the disintegration of local tv news. and the watering down of
1:53 am
the network news. the network news when i worked at abc news in particular. a lot of kick butt investigative reporting. brian ross does it now. and they have a few others. it's not the way it used to be. there is too much money. it's too expensive to do it. they don't -- don't have bureaus all over the world. now they are getting take from freelancers, all of this dumbs down the american public. that's the key. people just don't know anymore. >> well then you are right part of it is that there is much less money. the other part of it is ideological. you look at steve croft interview with obama and clinton. that's humiliating. you wouldn't have seen that on "60 minutes" back 40 years ago. they would have been ashamed to put something on like that. i think there is a affinity with this administration. in the bush years there was a lot of hard hitting stuff opposed to bush, especially after the iraq war went south. then they felt all guilty.
1:54 am
they should have done x, y and z in the beginning. they were really tough. i think there really is a difference in how hard hitting the networks are depending on whether there is a conservative or a liberal in office. >> bill: i agree 100%. call them low information voters are becoming the majority in this country because there isn't information out there anymore. >> it's buried on the internet. >> bill: not on the internet. it's all skewed. you know, objective hard-hitting, uncovering things. if you don't know information, much rarer than it used to be. >> do you think the "times" or the post or the globe or 00 "l.a. times" 30 years ago was objective? what you had then was a liberal monopoly on the netted works, on the major papers, on the news magazines, on the colleges and universities. on hollywood. it was they had all called
1:55 am
the commanding heights of the culture. the difference is is that now we have a few dissenting independent sources. fox news. one page of the "wall street journal." and talk radio. and that creates an atmosphere and the internet where you have real ideological competition. so i think it's advance over where we were 30, 40, 50 years ago. >> all right, charles. thanks very much as always. factor tip of the day. a thrilling experience you may want to have. the tip just 60's seconds away.
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day in a moment. want some thrills? i have them for you. first, great news for us, "killing kennedy" biggest selling hard cover in america 2012. this is just in, we beat everybody by far. "killing lincoln" on
1:57 am
publishers weekly list for the year despite it came out in 2011. both books combined sold more than 4 million copies and continue to dominate the best seller lists even now. truly amazing situation. if you become a premium member and we wish you would, it's fun. you get your choice of mugs free and if you buy any of the books on o'reilly dot-c.reillor a free mug. epic deal as they say on "glee." >> and reminded me of drunk aunt karen at a family reunion, throwing aunt karen under the bus, are you, vince? and from south dakota, sarah palin is right, he needs to retire, and time for the young guns to run the g.o.p. >> and south carolina, middle age guys like me will not vote republican as long as people like palin and donald trump
1:58 am
spout birther rhetoric. it's mindless. >> it would be nice to vote the republican ticket and actually get a republican. and tucker, memphis, it enten, mr. o, the segment with adam corolla brought to mind the definition of racist, anyone winning an argument with a liberal. and from alabama, our family spent about $15,000 in colorado this year, and we will not go there again unless the state passes jessica's law. and bill, why are you afraid to confront new york governor andrew cuomo on jessica's law? >> a number of hard hitting reports on the governor. we now believe that like governor christie in new jersey he will sign jessica's law if it gets to his desk and we're working on that. not easy in new york. new jersey we did it and now we're coming here. william, liverpool, england. bill, this year i did not
1:59 am
drink on st. patrick's day instead donated 50 pounds to charity. well, a tip of the hot to you, william. thanks for taking my tip of the day. bill from california i was disgusted by jesse watters showing teenagers inebriated at st. patrick's day. and arc gnaw, brit hume looked hot last night in his sweater. so let me get this straight, kay, you are saying that mr. hume looked hot, as in smoking? that's got to make his week. i don't think he ever heard that before. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day, had to read a lot of fiction because so much real stuff to digest, i have more homework than most kids. and it's a very exciting book, much better than washington tv and may


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