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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOXNEWSW  March 20, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: once again, the book is called "roger ayles off camera." it's a great book about business. we'll talk to him in the after the show show. >> alisyn: tomorrow we have michelle malkin, brook burke from "dancing with the stars." >> brian: don't miss it. there will be a quiz. bill: big head lien here, everybody. fox news alert. the white house chief of staff calling it a real game-changer if sub stand at this aided. denis mcdonough talking about reports out of syria chemical weapons were used in that war as president obama arrives it -- in israel and a country that shares a border. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this is very serious story. president obama may soon have to act. mike rogers chairs the intel committee in the house. his counterpart in the
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senate, dianne feinstein, both say based on briefings they received very high probability that syria's regime used weapons of mass destruction. that has been called a red line issue by president obama who warned syria's dictator bashar al-assad that he should not cross that line. bill: the white house has been briefed and the white house has to make some decisions in this. i think the days are becoming more desperate and the regime is more desperate and we know where the chemical weapons are, end quote. peter doocy leads the coverage in washington. how certain are the lawmakers that chemical weapons have been used, peter? >> reporter: not 100% certain, bill but senator feinstein says lawmakers have seen the same intelligence the white house has seen. mike rogers the chairman of the house intelligence committee said in an interview about syria i have a high probability to believe that chemical weapons were used w we need
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the final verification. i, mike rogers, chairman. intelligence committee would come to the conclusion they are either positioned for use or ready to do that or in fact have been used. if a final verification about chemical weapons use is made, congressman rogers says the united states is morally obligated to take out syria's weapons delivery systems and i suggested in that interview a limited military strike as one way to do that. bill: we mentioned the chief of staff. what is the latest word this morning from the white house on these reports, peter? >> reporter: the latest word, bill, that the obama administration is deeply skeptical of the claims assad is making in syria because as press secretary jay carney says the assad regime has lost all credibility in the eyes of the world but carney made crystal clear the president's position about chemical use, chemical weapon use in syria being a red line has not changed. >> the president clear when he said if assad and those
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under his command make the mistake of using chemical weapons or fail to meet the obligation to secure them, there will be consequences and they will be held accountable. >> reporter: we still don't know what the consequences would be because carney wouldn't tell us yesterday but he told us the president will talk about what is happening in syria with the leaders of israel, palestine and jordan before he heads back to washington. bill: one of the main topics on the trip. peter doocy live in washington. mart has that a bit more on that. martha? martha: these are not the first we've had out of syria. the rebels accused the regime using them in september as well. in that incident doctors blame ad nerve age e for five deaths. some 100 people fell ill in that account of nerve agents in syria's arsenal, vx is considered the most deadly. in high concentration it can cause loss of muscle control, nervous system irregularities and death. blister agents in the
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mustard gas syria has as its disposal as well. it can cause painful blistering of the skin and the lungs. bill: we were told yesterday there were multiple injuries from this attack. it is difficult to ascertain images of those who might be directly tied to this but we're waiting on some more of that evidence to confirm what mike rogers and senator feinstein are talking about now. here is the area. the town of aleppo is near the area where the attack allegedly took place. aleppo is the largest city in syria. population of two million. has a long border problem with turkey. it has a refugee issue for two years since the civil war broke out. a long border with iraq. we mentioned a shared border with israel, that stretches with the golan heights in a little area in the southwest. the president is meeting today with benjamin netanyahu and the capital city of damascus is located here. the entire region has been in focus including the country of jordan.
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if the civil war spreads into other borders or nato or u.s. lead some action in syria based on the reporting we're getting now. we're working this all for you throughout the day. we'll keep it as factual as we can as long as headlines warrant. four minutes past the hour. martha: this fox news alert for you now. police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed the state's prison director in colorado. police say 58-year-old tom clemons was killed at his home last night. he was appointed as head of colorado department of corrections in 2011 after spending 30 years working in the missouri prison system. we'll have a report for the search for his killer. awful story coming out of the colorado. that in the next hour. bill: we'll watch that manhunt. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly explosion at the sprawling military base at hawthorne, nevada. it happened monday night during a military training exercise involving members of the second marine division from camp lejeune,
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in north carolina. a mortar round exploded killing seven marines and injuring seven others in that direct area. >> we don't know yet what caused this malfunction. a team of investigators has begun the investigation to figure out just what happened. the injured were transported to reknown regional medical center in reno, nevada for treatment and further evaluation. currently two marines and one sailor are very seriously injured. three other marines are seriously injured and a 7th marine is being treated for minor injuries. >> the pentagon banned the use of all 60-millimeter mortar rounds, the same kind used in that exercise for now. until investigators can determine what caused the weapon to malfunction. martha: back in politics, former south carolina governor mark sanford taking another big step towards trying to revive his political career. mr. sanford, the clear leader right now in a packed
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republican primary for south carolina's first congressional district seat. you may recall that he quit after revealing an extramarital affair. he will have to face a runnoff election we're told next month. if he pulls through on the republican side and this is interesting, he would then face his democratic challenger, elizabeth colbert bush. she is the sister of political sat at that rift, stephen coal barrett. that would be an interesting race. it would take over the seat left vacant by tim scott, who was appointed to the u.s. senate. watch that south carolina race. all right. back to the drawing board now in the cyprus after lawmakers reject a wildly unpopular plan to raid people's personal bank accounts. you can imagine why that didn't go over too well as part of their effort to secure a bailout from the eurozone and the imf without their help the tiny island's
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bank sector would most certainly collapse. that could potentially threaten other national economies. these things are often domino effects as you know. greg palkot is live in london. what is the latest on this deal, greg. >> reporter: you're right, martha. people are scrambling blink to prevent another way for cyprus to go bankrupt and dragging rest of europe down with it. in the cypriot parliament, not a single member of parliament voted in favor of that plan. this plan could see as much as 10% taken out of private bank accounts to help bankroll that bailout. the vote was seen as a victory for the little guy but yes, now they have to find another way of getting the money. one way of getting the money may be go to moscow with hat in hand. cypriot officials were there today. rich russians taking advantage of lax banking regulations on the sigh land of cyprus invest a lot there. maybe as much as half of the deposits and investments are coming from russia.
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they're looking now for more loans from russia and maybe there are reports of selling off some things there. a bank. a maybe some energy rights. that has got a lot of folks in the west as you imagine, martha, very nervous. martha: they would love to get their hands on some of the oil in the area. what about the banks, what would the impact be on the banks and these account holders in them? >> reporter: that's what makes this all very nerve-wracking for a lot of folks especially people on the island that we are talking to. the atms are still working to some extent. you can get some money out of those. the bank cards are working as well but the banks themselves, they are closed. they were supposed to open tomorrow. looks like that is not going to happen. maybe not friday. maybe not until next week. when they do open they might limit the amount of money that folks can take out of those banks, all trying to prevent a run on those banks. the big worry, martha, of course is contagion. that there could be fears in other european countries the same kind of thing could happen there and there could be runs on those banks.
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so far, european union officials are relieved that they are not seeing that elsewhere in europe. but so far, they are still sticking to their guns that cyprus has to do something, maybe as drastic as dipping into the accounts of private individuals. and that has a lot of people worried, not just in cyprus, not just in europe but in the states as well. back to you. martha: would be a bad precedent. greg, thank you very much. bill: a related story in california we were watching yesterday. retroactive taxes that go back five years? how can you do that? martha: find incredibly creative ways to tap into people's wallets. bill: the governor of california has to make a decision. watch that on the desk of jerry brown. we're just getting rolling. there is a new battle over the health care law. some changes states are fighting to put in place. you can imagine the amount of confusion. we'll explain that to you. >> nice work if you get it. there is new government job out there one agency is creating. pays six figures a year.
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might check it out despite the punishing budge jubt cuts we're hearing about. bill: benghazi six months later. the six simple questions one lawmaker that the believes the administration is dodging. >> the fact we have four dead americans. was it a protest or guys out for a walk decided they would go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich. it's an epic breakfast sandwich.
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martha: crews are now cleaning up the scene of that deadly plane crash that happened in the south bend, indiana. a crain is removing huge chunks of the private jet that crashed into a home on sunday. it took the lives of two people that crash, including the pilot of the plane and his friend, former oklahoma quarterback steve davis, who led the sooners to national championships under coach barry switzer back in 1974 and 1975. there is davis in happier
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times. bill: a big legend too. lawmakers and health care providers trying to nail down specifics about what they can do and the types of practices, what will eventually be covered. some examples now. therapeutic shoo-in certificates for diabetics. not a laughing matter. it is serious. they're still trying to figure this out nine months before the law is in effect. when dental hygienists can administer laughing gas. acupuncture on the ear to treat substance abuse. byron york, "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. you hear about this stuff and what do you conclude? >> the big picture if obamacare turns out as its authors hope it would bring millions of new people into the health care system and the health care system is in way prepared to deal with them. there are not enough doctors to deal with millions of new patients. what you're seeing now are fights at the state level between doctors groups and nurses groups over what is
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called scope of practice. who can do this kind of a medical treatment and who can do that kind of medical treatment. and, it's, we're also seeing talk of group appointments, you know, under used to seeing a doctor on one-to-one basis. perhaps patients will see doctors, there will be half a dozen or 10 patients with similar ailments seeing a doctor. so there could be a lot of changes in the way you actually deal with your doctor or health care provider under obamacare. bill: there's a clock here too. >> yeah. bill: a calendar. you're nine months away, right? 2014. all this stuff was set to be in motion by then. it t if the doctors and nurse practitioners figure out who does what where does that leave the patient? where does that leave the health care system? >> it comes sooner than that. by the 1st of october the state exchanges are supposed to be up and running. there is a lot of concern that the federal government and the states that decided to do it themselves are not even up to that at all.
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people will start, supposed to be able to get health coverage starting in october and the system is nowhere near ready. i think what you're seeing on capitol hill on the national level is, republicans continuing to push the for repeal of obamacare and democrats trying to fix some problems that they see coming down the road. bill: okay. this is a tweet that senator john thune september out the other day. it reads in part, since passing obamacare, or rather obamacare has produced more than 20,000 pages of burdensome regulations? hash tag broken problem misses. he sent out a picture of the stack of pages you see on regulations compared to the law et cetera. 20,000 pages of regulations? is that a -- >> yeah. senator mitch mcconnell has been making a big deal of this. you may have seen when he appeared at the conservative political action conference he actually took out those 20,000 pages onto the stage with him. his office printed them all out. i asked him, is that a prop? is that just blank paper? he said no, we actually
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printed out all of the obamacare regulations and a lot of these have come out since the election. republicans were particularly incensed that the obama administration kept some of those regulation, held them back until after the election but they're coming now. bill: big, big picture. 35,000 feet. the idea of the law was to insure those who did in the have insurance. to make sure that they are covered. does any of this address that in the end? >> well, i think there is no doubt that people who are today uncovered will have some sort of health coverage. i think the bigger question politically is, the president's promise which he made over and over again if you have health coverage and you like it you will be able to keep it. i don't think anybody is thinking that will be the case. so for the large percentage of americans, the large majority of americans who have health care coverage and who are satisfied with it, i think whether that changes and it changes for the worst is going to determine the political
6:21 am
future, maybe the whole future of obamacare. bill: how would you answer that now as we look at this today? >> well it looks to me there are lots of dislocations, price increases, changes on the job as people perhaps who have part-time jobs go below 30 hours as they are employers try to -- yeah, i think there are huge changes on the way. bill: you got to pass it to find out what's in it. eventually in time we all will. >> you have to implement it to find out what's in it. that's the case. bill: thank you, byron. talk to you. >> thank you, bill. bill: martha. martha: a big twist in the fight for gun control. what was just dropped from the senate law. bill: also there is brand new video from inside the dorm room where a student was plotting a massacre on an american college campus. what police uncovered and then the chilling 911 call that may have stopped all of this.
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bill: we have brand new video of the police storming a dormitory room at the university of central florida. you hear that alarm going off? after a student suspected of plotting a school massacre. inside the room they found his body along with homemade bombs and guns and a written plan of attack. meanwhile we're hearing tapes from his roommate's call from 911 that stopped all this. >> i'm sorry you have a lot of background. what happened now? >> my fire, he just pull the fire alarm and he has a gun out. >> where are you at? >> i'm in the university of central florida, orlando. the fire alarm went off. i opened the door to see what was going on and he is there with like some sort of like gun like large assault
6:26 am
gun. bill: police say the student committed suicide before he could carry out the attack. no word on a possible motive just yet out of that school near orlando but they say the fire alarm was off. and the thinking is that he was trying to get students to come out of the rooms and then he would open fire. that is one of theories they're working on. martha: we've seen way too many of these situations that are allowed to get out of hand and kill innocent people. in this situation i really think that, this student making this phone call and tipping off those police is exactly what he did, may have saved a lot of lives in that school. so more power to him. good job on his part. boy, what a scary situation that must have been. all right, let's go back to politics right now and president obama just arriving in israel for his first official visit there since becoming president. leland vittert live in jerusalem this morning. leland, what is the goal, what is the purpose of this trip? >> reporter: martha, the
6:27 am
united states and israel will publicly tell you it is about the imagery of an unbreakable relationship between these two countries. you could also kind of call it the hug and makeup trip between prime minister netanyahu and president obama who have notoriously frosty relationship. there on the tarmac during the welcome ceremony, prime minister netanyahu, we lost track how many times he said thank you to the united states, thank you to president obama. even at one time called him barack. this comes after a few months ago prime minister netanyahu made it very clear he prefered governor romney back in the 2012 election. however, prime minister netanyahu made it clear though that israel, quote, remained in the present of their right to defend themselves which is clearly talking about an attack on iran which is not something that president obama wanted to see. president obama who at times has been seen a little bit soft on iran for his part tried to make it seem that the united states would always have israel's back.
6:28 am
>> the united states of america stands with the state of israel because it is in our fundamental national security interests to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous, and it make the world a better place. >> reporter: president obama has an uphill battle on this charm offensive going forward. martha, a recent poll done here in israel only 10% of israelis had a favorable or likeness toward president obama. martha: hmmm. that is a pretty rough number for him there, leland. what is he doing to sort of try to win over the people in israel during this trip? >> reporter: hearts and minds. first of all he went on a tour of iron dome battery. that is what the israelis come up with defend the country from missiles from hamas and hezbollah in the northern part of the country. iron dome battery is financed by the united states. u.s. put $300 million in this. it is one of things
6:29 am
president obama is doing to show his support for israel. he has a speech nationally televised to about a thousand college students. that comes tomorrow. you can expect him to do a direct sell to the israeli people what are the ideas for the country and middle east going forward. why that is the right thing. during his first term the israeli people large lay thought president obama ignored them. you will a lot of one-on-one salesmanship going forward. my grandmother used to say not what you say but how you say it. this is how you say it trip. martha: that is great advice from your grandmother. they were trying to say it very, very well at the initial meeting, it was he have evident. leland, thank you very much. bill: remarkable, martha when you look at the geography for the country of israel. here is the region here. lebanon to the north. israel down here. what we wanted to show you the threat the israelis live with every day. living under a threat is a title here. tel aviv the most populous town, 3.2 million. if you go east of tel aviv, 11 miles on the tip of the
6:30 am
west bank, go 44 miles to the south, northern tip of gaza where many rockets have been fired in the past several years. we wanted to show you, relatively speaking how would that compare to our nation's capitol, washington, d.c.? this is what we did here. the white house right here in the middle. washington, d.c. if you were to go 11 miles, same relativity, potomac be, maryland, fairfax, virginia. 444 miles, speaking about baltimore, maryland or to us son, maryland. that is the scale of relactivity with what the israelis live with every day. also what you find here. often times here u.s. geographic relativity. you can get in your car drive for hours in the united states. get in car in israel drive an hour you're bumping territory of another country. president bush was governor took helicopter flight with
6:31 am
ariel sharon, how close the west bank, gaza, how close the areas are. martha: very uncomfortable for the israelis. thanks. there is new effort to learn the truth about the attack that killed four americans in benghazi. what a new effort is coming for the from a senator. she is now demanding some answers. she wants to know what is going on with this investigation. they have heard nothing from the fbi. bill: school bus driver facing suspension for taking a call on the job. now why would she do that? wait until you hear who was calling before you pass judgment here. >> we have these rules, context doesn't matter. there is some, there are some circumstances here warrant taking another look at this. % every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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martha: let's go back to our top story now. this all began to break during "america's newsroom" yesterday. now we're getting conflicting account what's really going on inside syria as the civil war there continues to rage. you've got the white house at first saying it had no reason to believe those reports that were coming out, that chemical weapons had been used. something that president obama had said very clearly, that if it happened that would be a red line. it would be a game-changer, change the calculus were his words. just a short time later, congressional leaders from both sides appeared to suggest quite the opposite. lear's more from the chairman of the house intel committee, mike rogers. here's what he said.
6:36 am
>> you have this exchange of conversation between the opposition and the government about the use of chemical weapons. and we have other, other evidence as well, that would lead me to say, there is a probability that they used it. and the very fact that i believe they have intent to use it is, raises a whole new set of questions. martha: joined now by lieutenant colonel oliver north, fox news military analyst. colonel, welcome. always good to have you with us. >> thank you, martha. it does look to me like we've got confusion in the ranks not only between the white house and what information we got from the media but also with the israelis because earlier today the new minister of intelligence and strategic planning for israel made the observation that it appears chemical weapons were used. here's the question i've got. we looked very carefully yesterday at that footage that was provided to us through ap and cbs.
6:37 am
there does not appear to me to be in any evidence what we saw on the footage that there are chemical weapons injuries. martha: why do you say that? we is that video too. i have a question why do you say that. >> exposure to mustard agent we know they have would have caused blistering and severe skin trauma. exposure to have. x, gb, sarin gas all have neurotoxic or blood agent side-effects. bleeding from the mouth and nose. it causes vomiting. it cause, if you will effusion from the body. none of that is evident in any of those victims we saw being off-loaded at the hospital in aleppo at least allegedly because we don't really know it's aleppo. second of all, none of the physicians or medical techs who were treating them martha have any evidence of being provided with chemical weapons protection. martha: i think you make a great point. when you look at that video, and you talk about the way that, you know, the people
6:38 am
appear on it, then you go back to the fact this story when it first broke came from state media, from syrian state media blaming the rebels for having used it, which me wonder trying to look as if the rebels are using that and that would justify in some way stronger action against the rebels? is that a possibility? >> i think one of the things we ought to look very carefully at the is comment by the new minister of interior, excuse me, intelligence and strategic planning tore israel. he is the equivalent of our dni, if you will. i was just in israel as you know just a little over a month ago. when we were standing up there on the northern border, the place where bill was showing us on the moving chart, you can literally see almost all the way to damascus from the golan heights. you can see the mediterranean from the golan heights. one of the israeli officials said to those of us with him, our number one concern is the iranian nuclear weapons. our number two concern is the chaos in syria and how it affects us. my sense the israelis will
6:39 am
give a very straightforward presentation. they have people on the ground. we do not. our options are really very limited. eisenhower battle group headed into the eastern mediterranean has the capability of to deal with it but you have to deal with their surface-to-air missile threat. it is not one of these things, snap your fingers and make all the chemical weapons go away. martha: this is president obama's first visit as president. you wonder if he will see it in somewhat different light in terms of how crowded and how uncomfortable that neighborhood really is from the vantage point you were discussing. >> absolutely. martha: i want to talk to you a little bit about the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of the iraq war. and the question, i remember president bush saying when he looked back at all of that, hoped that history would judge his presidency and would judge his actions well. now we've got a 10-year rear view mirror. what are we seeing about iraq in it? >> i get asked all the time by the families of those who are killed, gold star
6:40 am
families and widows of those soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines i covered over there in 25 different embeds. they look back and ask him me was it worth it? i go to the hospital see guys recovering from wound in iraq. i take them out on hunting trips with hero hunts from the freedom alliance. i get that question asked frequently by families, not those who fought there. that have family members they loved or lost or recovering. my answer was yes, it was worth it. we got rid of a brutal despot who used chemical and biological weapons against his own people. weapons of mass destruction he probably exported to sudan before we got there. we had 10 years before george w. bush was president before we took action against this guy which he broke every single covenant he ever made to include committing genocide against his own people and using those munitions against iran. so i look at the world as being a better place without saddam hussein, uday and
6:41 am
kusai, and regime offered nothing to its people except further re. may not be all we look certainly. with obama, we could have status of forces agreement and presence in part of the world where we need friends besides just israel. martha: as you just mentioned you've got the war and then you have the aftermath of the war and how successfully that was handled and how much what was gained in the war was able to be locked in and built on based on what happened afterwards. that is such a big part of this conversation as well. colonel, thank you so much. always good to have you with us. bill: so now the story of the school bus driver fighting a five-day suspension taking a call while she was on the job. roseanna lucas is the her name. she believes the bosses made a bad call because the person on the line was her son. her son was serving on afghanistan was apparently not able to call home for
6:42 am
months. this is how she explained what happened on the bus. >> she said mom, okay, i love you. happy birthday. my birthday was december 10th. i said thank you, i love you, you take care that was it. he had no chance to call me back again. he had to wait almost three or four months again to call me back. bill: she argues no children were onboard the bus at the time. the school board has agreed to take another look at case and appears she may have some support from the superintendent here. >> we have these rules, i mean context does matter and there some, you know, circumstances here that i think warrant taking another look at this. bill: so they shall i guess, huh? that minor detail is a big one. no schoolkids on the bus at the time. what do you think? martha: i think this is ridiculous would take up me in any sort of municipal structure. people have to use their judgment. if you're here boss or
6:43 am
supervisor you say, this is extenuating circumstance with no children on the bus. took a call from your son, you know. don't, please don't use your phone on the bus in the future. but we understand what happened. is it really more complicated than that. bill: a review is underway. we'll let you know whether she gets a suspension. martha: all right. exactly. a move in the fight for gun control rights on capitol hill. what very big part of this whole thing was just dropped out of the senate bill? bill: also, martha, budget cuts on the hill. lawmakers accusing the administration not being prepared for that ol' sequester. >> this is not what the american people want. it does not balance. it never balances. never comes close to balancing. it claims that it reduces the deficit over 10 years by $1.5 trillion. that is not correct. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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bill: there's a top republican senator now demanding answers from the fbi director after not being briefed on their benghazi investigation for the last six months. four americans died in the assault on the u.s. consulate including our ambassador chris stevens. senator susan collins says she wants some simple questions answered. quote, are any of the suspects believed to be responsible for the deaths of these four americans including ambassador stevens in u.s. or libyan custody? how many suspects in the attacks are still at large? a few other questions after that. virginia republican congressman frank wolf has been fighting for answers in benghazi. he is our guest now. sir, good morning, welcome back. >> good morning. good morning. bill: i would imagine those questions are the same ones that have been elusive for you, sir? >> they are. they are good questions. the answer is there has been somebody picked up in egypt. they will not allow the fbi to interview them. we've given the egyptian government $250 million two
6:48 am
weeks ago and they have a suspect in custody and they won't allow us to talk to them. there was somebody picked up in tunisia. he has been released. we give the tunisians $320 million a year. there have been no federal employees given protection to come in. no one has been subpoenaed. no one has been talked to. the people, there is still individual out of bethesda who was wounded, six months after, still going through rehabilitation. the only way -- the only way --. bill: give us rationale for why this is happening? why are these answers so elusive still? >> you know, personally i think there's a effort by the administration to cover this up, and i think the only way you're going to get to the bottom of it now is to have a select committee whereby they have subpoena authority. it can be bipartisan. you know you would have never found out what took place in watergate if you had not a select committee to look at this. it has been six months. you can see the
6:49 am
administration is not cooperating. secretary clinton, did she even go visit the wounded out at bethesda? you need subpoena power really to protect the federal employees. their careers are on the line. if you're 50 years old, you don't want to get across the bricks with your boss and lose your jobs with maybe kids in college, have a mortgage. so you will have to have a select committee. you will have to subpoena them. this can be done in private. otherwise the american people will never know. bill: let me cut right to this now. you mentioned cover-up. what are they trying to cover up? >> well i think that is what the select committee will find out. what happened that day? why did it take so long? are we not interviewing? why did secretary clinton when she talked about the four people who were heroes who died, why did she not mention those who were wounded? we have an obligation to them. we should honor them. we should thank them. there are more questions out here than there are answers.
6:50 am
bill: another question for you then. the house committee has subpoena power, right? >> it does. bill: then why has it not moved on this? >> well, you would have to ask the chairman. that's why i want a select committee, taking people from judiciary, foreign affairs, intel, armed services to give them subpoena power. one committee, one council, one chairman to ask these tough questions. i don't know why they have been subpoenaed. they should have been. bill: apparent i there were 33 american survivors working in benghazi at the time of the attack on behalf of either the state department or the cia. why is there no access to these people? >> that's why we need a select committee to subpoena them and give them the protection to bring them in and allow them either publicly or privately to testify and i think they're hiding them. and i think quite frankly many of these employees are afraid to come in and testify. bill: here's another question from senator collins. have any of the suspects believed to be responsible for the deaths been
6:51 am
otherwise captured or held under the existing authority afforded the american government and the war against al qaeda and its affiliates? i think that goes to your first point about an arrest in tunisia and arrest in egypt apparently have gone nowhere. >> the fbi was on the ground in tunisia for five weeks and would not allow the fbi team to talk to them. they then came back. they let them talk to them for three hours. they released him and i bet they can't even find the guy. i was in egypt three weeks ago. i gave a letter to egyptian government asking president morsi to allow the fbi to come in and interview the person they had in custody in egypt and look at the information. the egyptian government will not allow the fbi to talk to him. bill: sir, thank you for your time. frank wolf has been on this for some time. we'll see if there is a move by the house with subpoenas. i think. mr. world, thank you. >> thank you very much. martha: we've been hearing about the major cuts for weeks on capitol hill over
6:52 am
the automatic spending cuts but now a new report the government is adding a new six figure job. if you're looking for a position you might find something pretty big in the department of education. we'll tell what you is up there. a manhunt is underway after a prison director is gunned down in cold blood in his own home. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn.
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6:55 am
martha: this is a possible big setback for gun control advocates. senate majority leader harry reid says that he is dropping the assault weapons ban part of this which is really what we've been talking about all along. dropping that from the senate's gun control package. i'm joined by senator scott brown who is not at all surprised by this action. the former u.s. senator and fox news contributor joins us now. senator, good to have you with us to america's
6:56 am
newsroom. >> thank you very much. martha: a lot of people talked about the big talk on sought weapons ban and it was so important to be passed. now it is not in the bill and been deleted. >> he is particular harry reid trying to protect senators up for re-election in red states making sure he wasn't going to have to take tough votes. during my three years he was always protecting his members to make sure they didn't take tough votes. get them in a room together, let them work out some type of compromise everybody can live with. martha: what do you think about it? everybody is saying this is huge win for the nra who very much wanted focus to be on the criminals and not on the weapons. they feel the issue is not with the weapons essentially. what do you think?. >> i think the issues are with obviously the criminals and people that have guns illegally. people who have mental disorders who need to get the treatment that they need. and, listen, we have a assault weapons ban in massachusetts. i voted for it. but the difference is we worked on it together with
6:57 am
goal, gun owners action league and other gun advocates and people that wanted to ban guns. we came up with a solution. they can do the same thing. universal background checks is something they can do pretty easily. there are things that could be done. that is not with what they're doing. martha: feels like everything is about the next election. >> it is. martha: people in america are so fed up with hearing, you look at the outpouring and grief that happened after newtown. and you touched on something that think is so, also important. this mental health part of this equation. >> of course. martha: which i feel like nobody is even talking about anymore and may have been the most central element to what happened there. >> of course. we need to have, listen i know how to fire a weapon obviously and voted on these issues and been a supporter of gun rights, strong second amendment supporter but i also recognize we need to have laws in effect that need to be followed. obviously we need to address the mental health aspects. it is a critical part. how do people who have the
6:58 am
mental deficiencies getting access to weapons. and how we make sure that doesn't happen. martha: that seems like nobody wants to touch. nobody wants to say you really should not have a gun. and where do you draw the line. nobody seems to want to get involved in this conversation. >> when we stop hammering legal gun owners doing right thing, licensed, doing the right thing. so it's a conversation. but i'm not surprised at harry reid once again ducking a tough vote and protecting his members. when do we start to act as americans first and try to find not only ways to solve our debt and deficit but obviously address very important issues like this? martha: a lot of members of congress feel they don't get a chance to get involved in the process. everything happens between the white house and john boehner an harry reid deciding what will -- >> why rand paul actually did the filibuster f diane was so upset could do the same exact thing to prove her point. martha: offer amendment. >> that is no-brainer. of course she will offer an amendment. martha: scott brown. thank you very much. hope to see you a lot more.
6:59 am
good to have you. >> thank you. bill: hackers bringing down servers for major tv networks and international banks. who was impacted by this latest security scare in a moment? martha: a horrible story. a corrections chief shot to death after he answers the door at his own home. the latest on this manhunt in "america's newsroom" to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. [ female announcer ] from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless.
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7:02 am
martha: a budget battle is taking another step forward. related to the resolution that would avoid a government shutdown. those are expected today in the house and the senate. welcome, everybody. and another hour of "america's newsroom." we are so glad to have u.s. i am martha mccallum. bill: and i am bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. we are talking about the
7:03 am
sequestration and the budget. still having problems. >> it has never been balance. they claim that they reduce the deficit by $1.58 billion, that is not correct. it is absolutely not correct. martha: elizabeth joins us now from washington. there is a lot of activity with us on the hill. are there any real signs of bear any sort of associations going on at all the amount. >> we hope so, the senate is approving a plan today to avoid a possible government shutdown. in the meantime, the allotment across by federal spending common the house will attack several alternative budget proposal is. it could trump the blueprint, which is prompted by paul ryan. his budget was criticized for bold spending cuts, but they
7:04 am
balanced the budget in 10 years. >> the reason we are balancing the budget is because it is the necessary means to amend. it balances the budget without raising taxes. we are actually doing this. >> district proposal bouncing the book in four years, it is unlikely the house will approve that budget plan in lieu of ryan's plan. it outlines a 6 trillion-dollar deficit reduction over the next decade. speak evening of the senate side, of course. they are at work as well. that is really to keep the government up and running. >> exactly. it just convened about 30 minutes ago. they then went on to the budget
7:05 am
resolution. >> i am amazed. stunned. republicans have blocked this and begin debate on the budget. we are all concerned about the impact these budget cuts. they are senseless and we should do away with them. >> you can see democrats in patty murray have their own plan. $1.85 trillion. they blast spending like medicare and medicaid, and it should be a lot on the docket today. martha: elizabeth, thank you so much for the update. bill: the but budget proposal 11 days since the budget passed a
7:06 am
resolution, that was just a guideline of sorts, not even a real resolution. martha: budget and slashing money for native american schools. even as they created educational excellence for african-americans. now, a former democratic congressional aide is going to take that new job and he will earn over $123,000 per year. i don't think anyone is against anyone making a good salary. but is that more beneficial -- does it do more for education in these native american schools that are now going to have larger classrooms as a result of this and may need to close some of their schools as well. we hear a lot about this from the white house. you have to make choices. bill: the government is still hiring even under the sequester. they are still getting bigger. martha: with a nice salary.
7:07 am
bill: but no white house tours. fox news alert. an attempted manhunt underway in denver, colorado. looking for a man who shot this 50 year old officer. shot in the chest when he answered the door of his home. his family members found them, they called 911, but it was too late for him. the manhunt is under way. throughout the area, south of denver, colorado. there is precious little information that has gone public just yet. but it is some up in denver and the rest of the eastern half of colorado. our fox denver affiliate is with us now for more. >> good morning. this 58 year old was shot and
7:08 am
killed. let me talk about what is happening right now. police are investigating and searching for the gunman who apparently may have taken off. about five minutes away from i-25. just after 8:30 p.m., there was a knock on the door. someone open the door and was shot in the chest. his family calling 911, but he was pronounced dead. this is a situation where they have very few leads to go on. they are asking anyone with with information to help out this investigation. but i did ask police a few minutes ago about any type of motive that may have been a factor. even as early on in this investigation as it is. because climate has come from missouri and was the executive director here. you are perhaps there had been a threat or anything like that. please not say anything about
7:09 am
that. but we are watching that at this point. clement leaves behind a wife and two children. bill: you asked if there were any known threats against him. we don't know the answer yet. is that right? >> they said it is too early. but of course, that is always a concern. a situation like this, when you have someone for 30 years has been at the helm of so many in the prison system. this is something that saddens the entire state. the governor ordering all flags at half staff this morning. bill: thank you, fox denver. the manhunt continues speaking about is an awful story. as you know, colorado is at the center of a national gun control debate right now. the governor is expected to sign
7:10 am
three separate bundles that will go into law by today. the bills require background checks are private and online gun sales, and they've been ammunition magazines that will more than 15 rounds. the governor says more control is needed after the deadly blast summers shooting in a war, colorado. and also the recent newtown, connecticut, shooting. bill: a teenager killed three students about a year ago. he is 18 years old now. showing no remorse inside that courtroom in ohio. t.j. lane wearing a t-shirt with the word killer on it. smirking. the mother of one victim telling the court that she's in pain everyday after losing her son. three other students also injured in that shooting. your heart really goes out for the families who have to suffer.
7:11 am
martha: that is so hard to watch that young man with outlook on his face in that courtroom. you can only imagine what it is like. going up to new england because we have yet another snowstorm. hammering parts of the northeast on the first day of spring. predicted to get more than a foot of snow in the midst of this one. our meteorologist his life watching this for us. reporter: hello, everyone. yes, we are talking more snow across parts of new england. this is the same storm that produced blizzard conditions over the midwest over the weekend. still dumping some snow early across portions of the state of maine. across new hampshire, we picked up a foot of snow. massachusetts feeling about
7:12 am
15 inches. vermont and also the state of maine. looking at about a foot of snow or more across these areas. the snow is coming down across sections of the state of maine. winter storm warnings in effect until 2:00 p.m. eastern time. snow totals could be up to 14 inches. locally, even higher amounts. behind the system, we have cold air going over the warmer areas, we do have lake effect snow warnings off of lake erie and lake ontario. six to 12 inches, just to the north of syracuse. that is where we are talking well over a foot of snow possible. otherwise, 48 inches of snow possible across sections of the upper peninsula of michigan. still ongoing out here even though it is the start of spring. we have yet again another system that we are watching. more snow, up to 2 feet possible. across the washington and oregon cascades. martha: thank you so much.
7:13 am
you don't really expect springstein in the first day of spring, do we? bill: especially here. did you see what happened yesterday or the day before that? we are checking it out right now. we had sunshine in the northeast. this is rare. we are getting closer. martha: clear but cold, we will take it for now. bill: budget cuts in washington. top lawmakers accusing the white house of poor planning and only focused on scare tactics. martha: did you see this that happened last night? this man got out after being trapped in wet cement. he was 75 feet under the ground. you have to hear this story, it is unbelievable. plus, this. bill: nasa has surprising advice for you if you ever see this. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup
7:14 am
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7:17 am
speedbump a worker was pouring cement when he got stuck underneath a new york city subway project. >> i think that is crazy. i have been here for 20 minutes. bill: get this, he was waist deep for four hours. he had mild hypothermia.
7:18 am
martha: house republicans are accusing the obama administration of poorly preparing for the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. at the same time, they say that the impact of those cuts would be. mary katharine ham is with us. should they have done more? should the white house have been saying if this happens, here's how we will deal with that? >> i think that is probably a good point. it seems that the republican seems to be what the white house with us on this. many people blame congress and about 36% late in the president. but it is up to the congress. >> we were told after the fact that they could have the ability
7:19 am
to have these cuts that would make them be easier to handle and there could be some long-term cuts. >> that is right. they exaggerated so much. they could about the wines at tsa, about the janitors getting laid off. the teachers getting pink slips. and people say, you actually try to make these problems worse for us so that you see the beauty of federal spending. that is not a good look for public service. bill: when we look at this, it is also saying that if you have to cancel the tours, and you
7:20 am
have to warn people that you have to cancel the easter egg roll, you can't find it anywhere. you can't find it to get rid of that $85 billion. >> there are 12 different agencies. at least five different agencies that deal with housing. then there is my favorite example. the interior department is in charge of the salmon when they are in freshwater but the commerce department handles them when they are in salt water. i hear he gets it gets more complicated once they are smoked. [laughter] martha: everybody chuckled and laughed. how could we possibly have all of that stuff going on.
7:21 am
as far as we could find, in some cases it is worse but everything is about the same at the agency's. >> i don't think that everyone thought that all hell would break loose in the country. martha: my question is why have we not address some of these issues? >> i believe it is up to congress to determine how money is spent. this idea of them blaming the white house and they are taking no personal responsibility. martha: why haven't they looked at this is a cut some of these agencies that i mentioned in the state of the union address? get out your scalpel and do it. how does that happen? >> i think it is in the interest of the white house.
7:22 am
>> they want to make the case to the american people, but public servants are supposed to make things easier for the people and not harder. >> of the sequester continues over time, it will get worse and worse. it will probably get worse over time and it is actually for the administrations to be responsible for. >> the fact of the matter is -- >> that is an actual fact, about the teachers and the police officers and etc. >> that was the secret service decision. martha: no, really. we need to look and say, i am in charge here. we will cut this and this will
7:23 am
show the need for security personnel. thank you both so much. >> it will not look good if you have the easter egg roll with 35,000 people on the side of the white house. martha: not a lot of rolling going on. bill: new calls for a party overhaul. andy card is here today. martha: a man pushing his way into interrupted speech. how it all started. >> $5 billion in investment. [bleep] we had never used a contractor before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews
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7:27 am
martha: and unwanted gas in kansas city. an angry protester charges the stage. watch what happens next. >> those early efforts resulted in $5 billion in investments. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> [inaudible] >> well, that was unfortunate. martha: that was unfortunate.
7:28 am
bill: the pg version of our program will be online. we will take that beat out. [laughter] bill: another troubling story. the obama administration is being compared to a investment green energy plot. solo power has fallen short of its goals laying off workers. dan springer is ominous. are they going down the same road as some of these other firms like solyndra? >> unfortunately, it doesn't look good for solo power.
7:29 am
their money is certainly at risk. we have talked about this company. they begin to produce solo power solar panels. they were riding high with $58 million in loans and tax breaks from the city and state. in the $190 million federal loan guarantee from the same department of energy program that blew that money. the first production line never got finished. they laid off workers. the ceo and other executives are gone. critics are not surprised. >> what we are seeing in oregon and california and washington dc is eventually the money runs out in these programs go up. bill: if they are in trouble, why is the state of war and then
7:30 am
giving them more taxpayer dollars? >> that is a great question. just weeks before, they gave solo power a 20 million-dollar tax credit which employs 40 workers at the promise of someday having four times that many. the former mayor is still optimistic. >> they survive by downscaling by reducing costs and being able to wait it out. so the congress passes new energy tax credits. >> solo power refused to comment bill: dan springer live on that story. thank you. martha: and update on the
7:31 am
manhunt in colorado and colorado who killed the head of the colorado corrections department. gunned down in the doorway of his from home. we will be right back after this the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard,
7:32 am
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martha: we have just received an update about the manhunt that is going on in colorado. looking for the killer. he was gunned down in the
7:35 am
doorway of his home, leaving behind two children and his wife listen to what they said moments ago. >> as we continue our investigation efforts this morning, we are taking advantage of the daylight that we have to make sure that we are doing searches of the surrounding area and whatnot members of the community, those of the public. we do have a vehicle of interest that we want to describe to you. this vehicle was observed by one of the local residents here about 8:30 p.m. last night. it was only about 17 minutes prior to his receiving a 911 call regarding the shooting of tom clements. that vehicle is near stars brooke court. it is within 80 view hundred
7:36 am
yards of the home. the vehicle was running, but it was very boxy '80s style. possibly a lincoln. martha: they are doing whatever they can to find the killer. 8:30 p.m., this man answered the door and was shot and killed in cold blood. we have had numerous experience with many criminals. they hunt for clues and they hunt for the killer and that we will have updates as we get them. bill: watch this story. the ambassador of syria and there is no evidence that chemical weapons have been used. but the reports continue to be examined.
7:37 am
vice president dick cheney is involved with the department of international affairs. we cannot say yes whether or not chemical weapons were used. is that correct? >> is more the fact of life that you have. you just don't get to know a lot of things real time other than warnings of chemical weapons for quite some time. the longer the conflict goes on, the more that outside forces are arming with the syrian regime tf nuclear proliferation. bill: there are many things that we don't know as you rightly point out. important things in this matter. >> absolutely. bill: would this get the white house to move into action? or do you stand in another
7:38 am
position on i? >> the president's words have consequences. he said set in 2011 that bashar al-assad must go. people in the region believe him and they have been asking about it. this has been dragging on for quite some time. when they say that they have drawn a red line, there needs to be clear consequences. devastating consequences should they use them. the white house says there will be consequences,. bill: president obama said this. we cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people. >> we have been very clear to the bashar al-assad regime. bill: we have started to see a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized that would change the calculus. with regard to consequences, if this were to be proven, we have
7:39 am
not heard what the consequences will be. >> yeah. i think that is absolutely key. the syrians and those supporting them need to understand that there will be consequences. it has a reputation for pulling back. even if the united states is not going to play a leading role, we are still supporting an arms embargo. but that is doing nothing to stop the russians and others from supporting their regime. there is clarity. bill: i thought the thought the interviews that mike rogers and dianne feinstein dead were fascinating. the houses said this. the probabilities are very high that we are going into some dark times. and i think the white house needs to be prepared.
7:40 am
mike rogers said that we have a moral obligation to act if chemical weapons were used. that was about seven am this morning on cbs. and now we get this alert that the chemical weapons were not used in the end. but then we come back to this meeting yesterday about dark times ahead. how do you interpret that? >> they are stating the clear fact that we are already in dark times when it comes to the problem in syria. this was an uprising with a dictator that has become an entrenched civil war. reaching into proliferation of some of the world's most dangerous weapons and chemical weapons. we have had the threats for a long time. there is an iranian influenced that has brought consequences. i think the two leaders are tough to say tough choices and clear statements are needed now.
7:41 am
the one senator feinstein also said that we know where chemical weapons are. about a dozen sites in central and northern sides. >> i trust that she has read well sourced good reporting. anyone who has followed these issues over the last couple of decades, they would have to have humility about ever knowing where everything is. that is certainly going to be the case in this regard. we need to know more. we need to have more people and more allies. dealing with any potential fallout that we can. bill: is breaking news, no evidence of chemical weapons used from the administration. that is the latest reports we have. stephen hayes, thank you so much to be inside that you bring to us. thank you, sir. >> thank you, bill. martha: they are saying that you may want to think twice before you pick up your favorite soda. there is a new study that
7:42 am
suggests that soda can kill you. researchers at harvard say that they link to the sugary drink to 180,000 deaths worldwide. and 25,000 in the united states alone. linking these drinks to obesity and obesity related diseases. so that is the chain of thinking here. the american beverage association, as you could expect, is criticizing the study and saying it is sensationalism. it is just days after a judge blocked a proposed ban on sugary drinks in new york city. he would have to, i would think, take into account genetics and lifestyle and all kinds of issues that lead a person to consume gallons of sugary drinks and so does all the time. there is more to it than just culminating drinks, i would imagine. bill: i know a lot of folks gave up sugar for one. eleven days to go, folks.
7:43 am
[laughter] the future of the republican party is on the line, so we are told. a former white house secret staff under president bush is here to talk about ideas for the next generation. martha: we are looking forward to that. and remember this in russia last month? how could you forget it, right? the head of nasa has some advice for americans. probably not what you would expect to hear from scientists. we will be right back girl vo: i'm pretty conservative.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
bill: charles bolden says that there would only be one thing for you to do it a meteor strike happens in a city near you. >> what would we do? if you detected even a small
7:47 am
one? like the one in russia. >> the answer to you is pray. pray for your own resurrection. bill: you can't stop it. there is a project under way to provide some warnings. martha: you would've thought that there could have been some other planning as well. the gop overhauling their program. so let's get the advice from this man who has seen a lot in his career.
7:48 am
he serves as the white house chief of staff under president george w. bush. great to have you with us again. >> thank you for having me. it is good to be here. >> it has to really reflect on what has worked in the past and what they have to do to reflect the realities in the future. we have to recognize that the republican party is the party of small government and the government closest to the people governs best. we have to demonstrate that we want to build a grassroots team with political leaders and governmental leaders to become the a-team. i think we can do that with looking at some of our governors like nikki haley in south carolina, for example.
7:49 am
we are the party of values. a lot of immigrants came to the country of the united states because of the values that the republican party has protected for so long. we are the party of the strong national defense. but we still have to stop being the exclusive party in being inclusive party there is plenty of room to reflect the values of what it means to be an american. we have to invite people into be part of the solution. we also have to allow those states before we impose it at different levels. the obamacare debate would've been better if they would've learned lessons of obamacare. like my home state of massachusetts. it hasn't worked the way that they were told it would work.
7:50 am
to put a health care system into place. martha: there is a lengthy report by reince priebus, reaching out to americans, some of the groups that when you look in the issue at that matter, what i really want to talk about is the issue of smaller government. so many people receive some kind of check, some kind of piece of government in one way or shape or form. what they have been convinced of is that if that check were to get smaller, that would be bad for them. what has not been translated for people who believe the way you do, is the issue of that it would actually improve the economy. that connection has not been made in an articulate way, perhaps, by the gop. >> i don't like having a one size fits all policy across
7:51 am
america. i like the states that experiment with different ways to address the promise that they could have. whether it's high employment or a workforce that is not well educated. and let the states compete with ideas that make a difference before we impose on the one size fits all with washington dc. i don't want to have an america that is dependent on government. i want to have an america that is entrepreneurial and creative and willing to take risks. with risk comes word. also comes the chance of failure. that is what the republican party has been about. we are a party of core values and we reflect the central need of america to be american. we are a different country from any other country in the world. other countries would like to be like us. stand up and be proud to be an american and demonstrate what it means to be part of local government.
7:52 am
we want to get on the national stage so we can learn more about them speak to andy, thank you for joining us. it is always good to see you. >> thank you for having me. bill: jon scott is coming up momentarily. there he is. just a few feet away. in just a few minutes, we will hear from the president of israel and president obama. we are going into the ten-year anniversary was shock and on. what lessons have we learned? there is goodness good news for the grand old party. tracking the threat from space. some are wondering right now that our only option is prayer. we will get into it all on newsroom."
7:53 am
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bill: this is being called the tsunami of tax and fraud. the fbi arresting two police officers in miami, accusing them of preying on the people that they are getting paid by. what is the scam? >> all you need is someone's personal identification and eve filing a bogus tax return online, then one of these piquet debit cards. the two miami cops are accused of stealing identity with tens
7:57 am
of thousands of dollars. $5 billion were stolen this year. it is now the number one in florida and number three nationwide for fraud. >> anyone who has the ability to access that personal identification, anyone who has access to a laptop, that's all you need. it's very easy. >> these are the top five states where this is happening. bill: how many have been victimized? how can we protect ourselves? >> 1.2 million americans last year. criminals are learning that this is an easy way to steal money from the government. more than a million will eventually have to prove their innocence. this could delay tax refunds.
7:58 am
somebody else had already cashed in on this. >> the feeling, the loss of control. it is not supposed to happen when you file taxes. the biggest question for me is what else have they done. bill: the treasury department is on us, implementing new protocols to prevent this from happening before the money goes out. the irs has the best way to protect yourself is to file early before the clerks do. martha: a key part of the senate gun-control legislation has been removed. what it means to push for gun control right after this. we will be right back for your first day?
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