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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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opine, do not be a makebate. and i'm bill o'reilly, always remember, the spin stops here. >> . >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. all eyes are on the highest court in the land today as of supreme court justices heard all arguments in a case that could redefine marriage in this country and now earlier, the justices inside the chamber weighed the proposition 8, california's ban on same sex marriage and outside supporters on both sides of the issue made sure that their presence was felt and now audio of the oral arguments gave us insight into what the justices were in fact thinking and this is what justice samuel alito had to say. >> what is your response to the argument which has already been mentioned about the need to be cautious in light of the newness of the concept of
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same-sex marriage? one thing that the parties in this seem to agree on is that marriage is very important. it's thought to be a fundamental building block of society and its preservation essential for the presser sayings of society. and traditional marriage has been around for thousands of years, same sex marriage is very new. i think it was first adopted in the netherlands in 2000. so there isn't a lot of data about its effect and it may turn out to be a good thing, it may turn out not to be a good thing as the supporters of the proposition 8 apparently believe. but you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cell phones for the internet? we are not-- we do not have the ability to see the future. >> now, even justice kennedy openly expressed that maybe the court was acting too quickly on the issue.
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listen to this. >> and the problem with the case is that you're really asking, particularly because of the sociological evidence, like for us to go into uncharted waters and you can play with that metaphor. there's a wonderful definition. but you're doing so in a case where the opinion is very narrow, basically that once the state goes halfway, it has to go all the way or 70% of the way. and you're doing so in a case where there's a substantial question on standing. i just wonder if the case was properly granted. >> sean: and tomorrow the highest court in the hand will take up the defense of marriage act, a ruling by the way on both expected in june. joining me now with reaction from the center for law and justice, jay sekulow and political analyst juan williams. i listened to the testimony, i like to listen to the stuff, jay, fascinating. >> good. >> sean: right out of the gate it was all about standing, standing, standing, and the
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idea that there was no precedence for the court as it relates to dealing with referendum initiative issues. so, i thought they were all skeptical in some way. >> i think that it's fair to say that the court is is looking at the case and wondering, gee, should we taken the case in the first place. the standing issue as justice kennedy just said in the oral argument clip you just played has been significant in the briefing process. it was significant, in fact, i would say it dominated the oral arguments today at the supreme court. the question whether the proposition 8 plaintiffs in the case, those that are the proponents of proposition 8 should in fact have standing to defend it this time at the supreme court of the united states. it raises a technical issue and i want to get into the technical side testify, but you're right. when you listen to the transcript -- you never go by the oral arguments. you never know how it's going to come out. i would say majority of the justices were skeptical making a blanket rule for the entire
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country. they're cautious and they don't want a roe versus wade type analysis. they want to work it out through the process as a republic and that's the way it works in our country and the way it's supposed to work and to determine what happens. you see over time, that's what i think probably a majority of the justices feel and even some of the justices that are probably in favor of same-sex marriage are also cautious about going too far too quick and i think that was the general sentiment. >> sean: from ruth bader ginsburg to justice sotomayor and elena kagan, i was surprised at many of their questions, but you're right, you can't discern how they're going to vote based on the questioning. you can infer, but sometimes you could be wrong. what with what justice alito had to say, juan williams, he said we don't have an ability to see into the future. we're talking about an institution that's newer than cell phones and the internet. a pretty strong statement i felt from him. >> well, i think it was strong. the whole idea is, and i think
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that jay is exactly right. the argument today is largely about standing, but the overall tone was one of reluctance to make a ruling here and picks up on the man who is identified as the likely swing vote in in whole affair, which is justice kennedy, and kennedy just said recently why should nine unelected men or women, you know, who have a narrow legal background be allowed to make a decision of this momentous consequence for the entire society which is sort of, gee, i'm just a supreme court justice, why are you asking me? but i'm got to see when you look at this issue it looks like these men and women are afraid of it in some sense because it is so divisive, sean. >> sean: and what jay said, they don't want -- roe vs wade was always bad law and i think that they-- >> well, i disagree. well, it was bad law in the sense it throws the state legislature. i can see if you're making that case. that the states should be the ones. >> sean: exactly right. >> yeah.
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>> to make the decision. >> sean: and let me go to another point-- >> justice ginsburg said that. while she supports the abortion rights the way it was announced in roe was -- the reality we may see this tomorrow, too, there's a standing issue in that case that the court brought up on its own motion and see if it dominates tomorrow's argument. this may be a situation where the court decides that the best incubator to see how in fact the definition of marriage should move forward to leave it to the states to work out on an individual basis, that may not work out well for those in favor of proposition 8 because they'll probably leave the 9th circuit. >> i agree with you, jay. and you said earlier, gee, there are going to be no standing or very narrow focus that they would have and that would only affect california. >> let me raise a question. let me raise a question, sean. >> sean: you ask a question, i'll be the quest, go ahead. >> that's a good idea. let me ask sean hannity is question. so, sean hannity. >> sean: yes, sir. >> i'm a constitutional guy and i love the constitution,
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and i think that you know what? if i'm a citizen of this country, here i sit before you as a black person. if i want to marry a white person, if i want to have my rights, should it be up to a vote of people in various states or should my rights be protected by the constitution? and if i'm gay, and i'm a citizen of the united states living under a constitution, why should the supreme court kick the can down the road rather than saying, hey, juan, we're going to protect your rights? >> you know, i'll turn to the the issue and i thought this was best expressed during the arguments by justice scalia when he kept asking ted olson over and over again, when was it constitutional and when did it begin and what was the issue? i think you could take it a step further, juan, and raise the question, nobody is saying what people can and cannot do in your life except you're asking to change thousands of years of definition of what marriage is. >> change-- >> let me he turn to two spots on this, one is justice
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sotomayor asking ted olson where is the restriction then. she brought up the polygamy issue which surprised me and the second justice kennedy the impact on children. let me play those back-to-back. >> if you say that marriage is is a fundamental right, what state restrictions could ever exist, meaning what state restrictions with respect to the number of people, with respect to -- that could get married. the incest laws, mother and child, and assuming that they're the age. i can accept that the state has probably an overbearing interest on the protecting a child till they're of age to marry, but what's left? >> i think there's substantial -- that there's substance to the point that the sociological information is new. i mean, we have five years of information to weigh against 2000 years of history or more.
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on the other hand, there is an immediate legal injury or legal -- or what could be a legal injury and that's the voice of these children. there are some 40,000 children in california, according to the brief, that live with same-sex parents and they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. the voice of those children is important in this case, don't you think? >> jay, i thought there were two very interesting points here. one. >> yeah. >> sean: are there going to be any restrictions? the definition of marriage now forever changed? does that include somebody who wants to mayor you four people? i was surprised that sotomayor brought that up. >> and the government-- the easy answer to the first one, and ted olson is a great lawyer and lawyers on both sides are great lawyers. and there's an interest not to allow polygamy and could
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answer either side of the debate you're on. when you heard from justice kennedy may well be the opinion in this case, they limit this to california and let the other states deal with it because justice kennedy seemed reluctant at least from the oral arguments to penalize, in a sense, those 40,000 kids that parents are same-sex marriage. >> sean: juan, would you be happy with that-- >> very cautious here, i suspect. >> sean: juan, by the way i can't bring up obama's flip and flopping, and flipping and flopping on the issue because we don't have time. would that be acceptable as you somebody on the left? >> i think they've got to evolve. it's not acceptable in terms it of rights. gay people have rights and they should be protected. >> sean: and you want the definition of marriage changed forever? changed for that would change the entire definition of e country. >> don't just kick it back to the the state. it's not going to please either side and it's eight states and every right except marriage. >> where in the constitution are we going to find it-- wait a minute, just like a
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right to privacy are we going to find a new constitutional right that doesn't exist at the present moment? >> if you give them every right except marriage, on what rights do you deny marriage. >> sean: a constitutional-- >> the 14th amendment says they should be granted equal rights with all other citizens tdoesn't say not homosexual. >> sean: jay, that how you interpret it? >> i think all citizens are entitled to equal rights and it's a question that states wrestle with and i think that's probably the way it goes. >> sean: guys good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: we're going to take a look at two most powerful limousine riding people, president obama and austan goolsbee and i will shoot it out. and on the program to respond to route ray gus comments about him straight ahead.
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>> all right. tonight marked the 18th and consecutive day the people have been looked out of the people's house. and considering the fact that the obama administration is saving only $74,000 a week by canceling tours of the executive mansion tonight we thought we'd take a closer look at the lavish life style of the obamas and the bidens. while field trips for kids were called off. the limousine liberals that occupy the west wing are not
6:16 pm
exactly doing their fair to cut costs. consider this as the weekly standard writes in the first three months of yeears, members of the first family have been on three vacations, kicked off 2013 with a trip to hawaii that the dossier says costs. and michelle obama took kids skiing in colorado and her husband was golfing with tiger woods in florida. sadly the first family doesn't have a monopoly on wasting your money. the bidens have perfected that craft and the hotel tabs in paris and london over a million taxpayers dollars and we learned that was the beginning of long list of expenses. according to a federal website, the limousine service used by uncle joe in france a staggering $321,000. and the days of slumming it on
6:17 pm
amtrak with the commoners. joining me with reaction, the former chair of the economic counsel. professor at university of chicago business school, austan goolsbee helped get us into this mess. how are you? >> thank you for that introduction, i really appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. how many vacations, austan, have you taken in the last couple of years? >> i take about one vacation a year. >> yeah, one vacation a year. >> all right, so we've got hawaii for the first family and then michelle and the kids go skiing and he goes to play golf with tiger and girls are on spring break and you add it up. we pay for this. $180,000, excuse me. for the vacation. >> i feel bad. >> sean: combined. >> i feel bad for giving you credit. you tell me this the last time i was on and i said, man, maybe he's right and i went and looked it up. it turns out that president obama's had 128 days of vacation since he became president and george w. bush
6:18 pm
had 1020 days of vacation. >> first of all, he was president eight years. >> the most vacation of any president of all time. >> sean: he went to his, his ranch in texas, which was the equivalent of going to camp david. >> how did he get there. >> sean: hang on a second. >> on air force one which we paid for. >> sean: let's use obama's standards for vacation and a trip down memory lane. let's listen to then senator barack obama lecture about vacations. >> essentially the bargain that any president, i think, strikes with the american people is you give me this office and in turn, my fears and insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure, is gone.
6:19 pm
i am giving myself to you and the american people should have no patience for whatever's going through your head because you've got a job to do. >> sean: foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacation, ding, ding, ding, leisure is gone. let's take a look how many times the anointed one played golf. latest count including tiger, 118 rounds of golf. now, here is the difference with president bush, too. you know what? we now have 20 million americans on food stamps, additional americans, 50 million total. one in six americans in poverty, and we have 14 million americans on disability since he became president. now what? he's out of touch with the suffering that he's caused. >> why would you do that, why would you change the subject? i told you he has the lowest number of vacation days of any two-term president in the last half century. >> sean: i don't believe you. i don't believe this for a
6:20 pm
second. >> one half of the vacation days of george w. bush. >> sean: and president bush would take a month in august, one trip there and back. this-- wait a minute, and they got to take separate planes. >> you think that's fine? >> they have to take separate planes to martha's vineyard. separate vacations and kids go on vacation and the rest of us eat cake. he had 1/8 the vacation that george bush took. i was born in waco, texas down the road from crawford. he was on vacation more than obama was and the vice-president-- and i agree with na, but the vice-president's motorcade. it turns out that's not a thing you can go get a coupon for on orbits. what do you want the guy to do? and you want him to get rid of the bullet-proof glass? go to my and save a lot of money and hd video is better than the shot i've got of you. >> and let's begin strip
6:21 pm
mining yosemite to save some money. >> sean: let's watch obama go after jet owners at a 2011 press conference because, boy, a very different criteria when it comes to his lavish life style. it doesn't include the concerts, i didn't include the parties, didn't include the trips to new york to go to broadway shows. >> don't have the tax cuts i'm proposing, we get rid of our tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. and tax breaks for oil companies and hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners. before we ask our seniors to pay more for health care, before we cut our children's education, before we sacrifice our commitment to the research of and innovation that will help create more jobs in the economy, i think it's only fair to ask, our corporate jet or company owner that's done so well to give up that tax break that--
6:22 pm
by the way, i googled the statistic on bush. i don't get the same number that you do. why is this president out of touch with americans that are suffering and isn't it a bad picture that he is spends our money. we can't have the white house for the little children? >> wait a minute, wait. look, wait a minute, first of all, now you're the defender of government spending? i never thought i'd see that day. >> no, i think that children in the white house and take another vacation every month. >> wait a minute, since when does the tax break for corporate jets and airport landing fees count as the hard suffering americans? >> excuse me, he's living larger than anybody i've ever seen. at a time when one in six americans are in poverty and 60 million americans on food stamp. >> do you want him to take the bullet-proof glass off marine one the helicopter. >> sean: no. >> come on. >> sean: how about he opens up the white house with the money he's going to spend on his next vacation, how is that?
6:23 pm
>> if it's true that he's taken more vacations than george bush, which i believe it's 1/8, i agree. >> sean: you don't care about children. you don't care about children you want the children to suffer? >> look, i want the children to go on vacation, here is what i think. >> sean: you don't want the children to go see the people's house? >> if he has anything close to the vacation days george bush has, then you are 100% right. >> sean: not on google, i didn't he see your statistic talking point someone fed you from the white house. i want to see it in writing. i'm not-- i trust, but verify. i'm not buying your phony statistics. >> okay, i do, too, i'm going to send it to you. >> sean: i can hardly wait. you owe me a steak dinner when you're wrong. (laughter) >> all right. i've got to roll. coming up next, karl rove explains why you can blame harry reid the next time your flight is delayed or you're standing in a long line at the airport and later tonight, when you're publicly admitting your party doesn't care enough about black america, then it's
6:24 pm
time for a new black friend, enter dr. ben carson. liberals turn to race. we'll talk to dr. benjamin carson himself, why are african-american conservatives attacked so viciously? dr. carson is here to explain. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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>> we're told we don't need that. it should be avoided. this is really important, this sequestration, we're in the middle of tourism and we have snow up at the lake now and had it for a few months now and we need to be able to process people at the airport. we're told the sequestration will increase the waiting list. but in addition to that. and rural nevada, rural nevada, airports will be closed. sequestration should go away. >> all right. that was harry reid sounding the alarm last month about the sequestration's impact on air travel, but last week working to make sure his prediction came true. as you know, the administration announced friday it's closing 149 air traffic control towers due to the sequester, but, and furloughs are going to hit major airports in the u.s. however, according to an op-ed in the wall street journal all of those cuts could have been avoided thanks to jerry moran who came up with a solution to avoid slashing the f.a.a.'s
6:29 pm
budget 50 m unfortunately, the measure never reached the floor for a vote, why? harry reid blocked it. here with analysis, karl rove. before we get to that i didn't know you had so many vacation days at the white house. so bush spent over, what, three years on vacation and eight years he was in office? >> i would start doing this, if i were you. picking out the steakhouse where austan goolsbee is going to buy you a nice steak. >> sean: i'm picking it out. >> in eight years george bush was in office for roughly 2,920 days. does austan goolsbee really think that president bush was on vacation one out of every three days? i have no idea how he gets it. >> sean: i found how he got it. okay? if bush was at camp david for an hour, well, that counts for 487 days. now, didn't he work at camp david, isn't that where you met after 9/11? >> yeah, well, the war cabinet met at camp david after 9/11,
6:30 pm
you bet. you mean if the president on friday afternoon or saturday morning goes up to camp david, that counts as a vacation day? i mean, that's a weekend. you count weekends as vacation days in in that case, president obama has spent the weekend somewhere doing something fun. >> sean: the minimal count for obama even though he's extravagantly living-- >> look, let's just be honest. austan goolsbee went on national television and said that george w. bush vacationed one out of every three days he was in the white house. he ought to be ashamed of himself. the nutty professor at the booth school ought to be ashamed of himself for suggesting that and goolsbee, i want goolsbee to come here and show me how he defines-- how he can defend that. he's a smarter guy than that and more integrity than that. he owes you a big steak. >> sean: big time. >> and george w. bush an apology for trying to use him as a way to excuse president obama's, you know, spending on his vacation. >> sean: i love how they count
6:31 pm
the days at camp david for bush and not obama. i wasn't talking about that. and before we get to that let's go to the sequestration. >> sure. >> sean: look. obviously, they want to inflict maximum pain. >> sure. >> sean: that was one of the arguments i was making. the white house was closed, but four vacations in four months by the obama family seems extravagant to me. >> yeah, well, you know, jerry moran had an interesting answer to this problem. he said, look, let's take 50 million dollars of what's called unspent balances. that's carryover money basically a slush fund inside the department of transportation budget and let's sweep the balances and 50 million dollars and apply it to this problem and you know, when they're are these giant pockets of slush fund at every agency and the bureaucrats know it and so do the budget eers and it was a smart move and he did that using a procedure called filling the tree. the senate majority leader could be recognized on any
6:32 pm
bill first and what harry reid does, he stands up, gets recognized and then proceeds to fill up most of the available space for amendments with amendments that he proposes, there by keeping amendments like the one that jerry moran wanted to have from being ever considered. and he's done it to excess. i want you to look at this. he's been the majority leader for six years. he has done this 58 times. by comparison, in five years, bill frisk filled it five times and trent lott filled the free ten times and bob dole seven years did it once a year and he is harry reid 58 times and allowed some to go forward and limited those like morans and others filling the tree with amendments of friends ever his want today make certain got considered and not taking amendments like this that would have lessened the impact of the sequester. >> sean: one last question. there's a lot of reaction to your comments that in 2016 the republican candidate, obviously, with the issue of
6:33 pm
gay marriage before the supreme court, could support that. a lot of pushback on that. i wanted to get your reaction. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, let me correct you. i was not asked by the republican candidate i was stopped by george stephanopoulos a republican candidate. >> sean: a. >> in 2008 we had a republican candidate, john huntsman. >> sean: you didn't mean the nominee, i think people-- >> no, no, i talked to george afterwards when this controversy-- george was not asking me if it was the nominee, he was asking me if a candidate. >> sean: okay. >> and of course, i think that a candidate could say that. i personally am strongly in favor of traditional marriage, but i recognize that people in our party disagree he with that issue and likely a candidate will espouse that in 2012-- in 2016. >> sean: i think we ayou'll goi you and goolsbee on together. >> he should not be telling such a fib like that and his students deserve better and i
6:34 pm
think-- >> i think going to go to the booth school and you and i are going to straighten things out over there, mr. rove. >> there you go. >> sean: we'll eat that steak together. >> no, no, tube steaks, i'm from texas, and-- >> i'm on the atkins diet. >> i need one, too, but not yours, man. >> sean: i'm getting my own, a t-bone. >> thank you. >> sean: and dr. benjamin carson joins me to respond to critics and people now attacking him and why are conservative african-americans attacked and we want to hear from you, hannity live, follow the live show and follow your thoughts on this and more. hannitylive.foxnews.c we want to hear from you. keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i canet weather forecasts...
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all right that's a fifth-floor probleok.. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> he when you're publicly admitting your party doesn't care enough about black america, then it's time for a new black friend. enter dr. ben carson who has been embraced recently because
6:39 pm
he's smart and helpful and carson is a boot strap kind of guy speaking their language and talking he built his past from a poor kid to a pediatric neurosurgeon by himself. he must have gotten government-backed school loans for public assistance, but let's not factor the built it myself story. >> sean: and nbc news going after dr. ben carson and unfortunately joins a long list of african-americans who have been criticized for the same thing. being conservative. >> joining me is johns hopkins pediatric neurosurgery, dr. benjamin carson. i'm sick of this. i am tired of african-american conservatives, they can be called any name in the book. i want to get your reaction to it. >> well, first of all, you know, the individual who was just speaking completely has his facts incorrect. some people refuse to say the word, but i will say it, he's lying and it's very easy to
6:40 pm
prove that by going back and looking at things that i said. i think when people don't have, you know, anything worthwhile to talk about, and they can't attack you on your character, then they start calling you names. this is a trick that we learned back in the third grade. (inaudible) >> this phenomenon, how do you explain it, do you think it's silence, african-american conservatives because it's a threat to-- >> yes, it's an attempt to bludgeon people into silence and it works extremely well. i can't tell you how many people come up to me, both african-americans and nonafrican-americans and that you so much for speaking out. they, obviously, feel the same way, but they're afraid to speak out because they don't want to be ostracized. you know, fortunately, in my case, i really don't care what they have to say. you know, i care what god has to say and i care about the principles that he as espoused. >> sean: i'm in the same--
6:41 pm
if i cared what people said, i couldn't be sitting in here and i'd be in a looney bin and visiting me wondering whether i needed electric shock treatment or something. >> not only that, but the number of people who have positive things to say far outweigh the negative ones. >> sean: and i just think -- i wonder, it seems to me every election cycle, dr. carson, this issue of race comes up in a negative way. you can go back to 1998, democratic party, radio ad missouri you elect republicans, black churches will burn. the james byrd add in 2000, going to put you back in chains, al gore going into his black preacher voice like hillary clinton did in front of an audience. >> everything to them is about race. i'd like to say the reason i don't talk that much about race often because i'm a neurosurgeon and i look at things that actually makes the person who they are. it's not the cover. for them the cover is everything, because they're
6:42 pm
superficial thinkers. >> sean: isn't the christians, because i'm a christian, the concept that we're brothers and sisters in christ, isn't that the real thing? >> absolutely. that's considerably more important than any external characteristic, which i gave a loving god gave us external differences because he didn't want us to be bored. how horrible if everybody looked the same. >> sean: the last question, because we have the issue of the supreme court being involved in gay marriage. i've asked you a lot of questions, what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. it's a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they people who believe in bestiality. it doesn't matter what they are. they don't get to change the definition. so he, it's not something that is against gays, it's against anybody who wants to come along and change the
6:43 pm
fundamental definitions of pillars of society. it has significant ramifications. >> sean: and you know, it's interesting, justice sotomayor brought up the issue of polygamy and incest. where does the definition stop and i guess we'll be debating it for weeks and months to come. but dr. carson thank you for standing strong and i'm sorry you had to go through the treatment for speaking your mind and being an individual. >> it won't be the end of it, thanks. >> sean: welcome to my world, good to see you. coming up next, you've got to see for the first time the portions of a so-called educational video that teaches students that americans are to blame for 9/11. the latest on that and a victoria's secret controversy coming up. t selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfestntree and get one 1/2 off with a coupon at has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250.
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." we're finally getting a look at the controversial, quote, educational video. the back story, a mother in texas sounded the alarm after the child came home with a quiz based on a film shown at school that essentially blamed the u.s. for the 9/11 terror attacks. they reviewed the content and posted a clip, watch this. >> we've heard about the terrible things that terrorists do. what exactly is terrorism? >> terrorism is when people use violence to threaten other
6:48 pm
people. and the terrorist thinks that fear is the best way to get someone else to see his or her point of view. >> why would the terrorist be so mad at us anyway. >> a lot of people blame the united states for problems around the world. >> i don't get it. >> america is such a big and powerful country that the decisions we make here affect other countries around the world. and a lot of people think that we don't use our power the right way. and that's because sometimes the things that we do here can have a negative effect on other countries. and a lot of people disagree with the decisions and policies that the united states has. >> well, it's okay to disagree, right? >> absolutely. it's okay to disagree, but there's a difference between political protest and committing an act of violence. >> sean: joining me now with reaction, the co-host of "the five", dana perino and bob beckel. now what bothers me, indoctrination, captive audience and kids. this is the crap and garbage
6:49 pm
that the kids are filling their minds with in a lot of schools around the country. >> are we on the air. >> sean: yes, sir. >> okay. i don't know that coming to the show, it's rare since you've been here i thought you had changed the procedures. >> not my fault you make bad choices. go ahead. >> bob also just woke up, just to be fair, he fell asleep at his desk and remembered he had to come on here and be on "hannity." >> i didn't get in until 5:30. >> working for a living. >> anyway, yes. >> sean: oh, you've been on "the five". >> let me tell you something, i understand the outrage about this, however, if you look at that entire film as i have done. that piece of it is-- does anybody believe for a second that they're in these refugee camps around, refugee camps that they like america, that we've done everything stellar and they're not a fertile breeding ground for
6:50 pm
islamic terrorism? of course they are. >> sean: bob, there's no country on earth that sacrificed more blood, more body parts than america. and for this to be rammed down kids throats, and even for you-- >> even for me. >> sean: that's right. >> oh, fun. >> and make that allegation, and sitting here, go ahead, dana. >> all right, the children in this, being taught in this video are ten years old. if you are having this discussion in a graduate level course or a college course or high school where people could have a discussion has america made mistakes in the past and yeah, pick a few. but to suggest to ten year olds that the multiple choice on the test and video, that america deserved what happened on 9/11 borders on treasonist. >> it didn't say that.
6:51 pm
>> that's the answer on the mu multiple choice. that america hurt people's feelings. the better lesson, you want to know what happens in these countries. you have a lack of freedom. ne don't have an ability to own property. women aren't allowed to work and don't have access to free media, shut down the internet so they don't have an ability to make their on decisions and they're manipulated. >> sean: what it's like under sharia law, women can't drive, go to school. and saudi arabia can't be seen in public without a male, their-- >> what you guys are saying exactly that these kids in the gaza and the rest of these places are not taught the truth about the united states. they are taught to be outraged at the united states. >> why isn't that one of the choices on the quiz. >> huh? >> maybe that should be one of the choices on the quiz. >> it's sort of analogous to when i used to be on the top
6:52 pm
rated show on-- on this network. >> yeah. the hannity show and i was boycotted and haven't been on for months and i get accused of abandoning ship when in fact i was left out there without life preserver. >> and the thing is three people don't war against each other, you're not going to beat up anybody, you'll rationality talk it out. >> i'm not going to rationally talk with "hannity" about this, you're in trouble-- >> for what. >> accusing me. >> sean: listen, you called me this week, "hannity," i'm doing this issue and you've got to join on board about the he amazing race. you're right, bob, absolute and even got them to apologize, i supported your effort. what's the difference here? >> i'm know the supporting this. i am saying that i understand-- >> i'm not supporting this. >> sean: where is your sense of outrage you had with cbs. >> i've had a the lot of
6:53 pm
outrage, but mostly because i've been abandoned by the "hannity" show. >> and i think it leads to perhaps a misperception by some, that in order to deal with what happened on 9/11, that we should understand and be more empathetic. no, i think we should be america. we should do the right things, yeah, are we going to make decisions like support israel that will make some people mad. yes, it was the right thing and the best interest of this country and our ally. >> sean: and now we support mohammed morsi, the muslim brotherhood. >> we still support israel. >> sean: i don't think you can support israel and give f-16's and tanks and 1.5 billion to the guy that lives next to them that refers to them as descendents of apes and pigs, not this guy, this guy is a terrorist. >> wait a minute, egypt still has relations with israel. they're the only major air-- >> he refers to the israelis as descendents of apes and pigs. >> i understand that, i understand, but i'm saying that after all of these years, every year we have given this
6:54 pm
money to mubarak, who is a dictator because they went along with the camp david accords. the idea of cutting off egypt when israel is so isolated out, it's crazy. >> sean: time to choose sides. >> now what would be great. >> sean: last word. >> the schools in texas should invite someone like the for of "the kite runner" what it's like and manipulated into becoming trained terrorists. >> and i want people to get the understanding of being abandoned, and the tv, but-- anyway. >> wow, didn't get a football, you got a crumpled piece of paper. >> i haven't been on in a while and did you run out. >> sean: get a new one. >> you didn't go to basketballs you went to paper. >> sean: i've got to go. up next, a story each and every parent needs to see. this ads campaign released by victoria's secret is targeting
6:55 pm
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>> welcome back to "hannity." there's new outrage over victoria's secret spring ad campaign. it's aimed at teenage girls. the parents around the country are up in arms because target the younger demographic, that being young teen girls. so-called bright young things and focuses on bright lingerie and cheetah designs and phrases like "feeling lucky" "wild" "call me" written on them. the chief financial officer explained the reason behind the ad campaign saying when somebody is 15, 16 years old. they want to be older, cool, like the girl in college and that's part of the magic of what we do the at pink, the magic, really? how about we get rid of the


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