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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 1, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> cindy from new york says it's decisions like this honoring chavez that's prompted me to use bing. >> thanks to everybody who responded. have a great day everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. today is monday, april 1. watch out for those little jokes and pranks today. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. this district attorney promised to take the scum off his streets after someone murdered his deputy. >> we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in. >>gretchen: now that d.a. also murdered with his wife. we're live with the latest on who police think could be behind this. >>steve: his gut-wrenching injury stunned the crowd but it inspired his teammates to win and grab a place in the final four. this morning kevin ware comes out of surgery with a trophy in his hospital bed. how's he doing?
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we've got the latest. >>brian: ladies, if you're smart, grab a husband on campus because the rest of the world may be too dumb for you. find out what campus and who's giving that advice this morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everyone. hope you had a great easter. i know that i did with my family. i just made one little mistake, which was encouraging my kids to watch "the bible" last night. it was a little graphic. i mean it's an obviously great story. i thought this will be a nice opportunity. we'll watch the first hour before we go to bed. both my kids in tears by 8:20. >>brian: it's hard to soft pedal a crucifixion. on a positive note, it is
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spring. we acknowledge spring because it's ten degrees in new york. the mets and yankees open up the same time in the same city on the same day. as a tribute to all the major league games opening around the country, we set up a batting cage. gretchen was out early this morning. i had my gloves, my work gloves on because real men wear gloves. louisville slugger set this up. we're going over basic batting tips because we were not able to go to spring training. >>gretchen: see which one of us is going to take a whack at a 90 miles-per-hour pitch. >> kevin melar will be here, who told everybody to cowboy up. >>steve: three busy hours on this easter monday. we'll start with headlines. >>gretchen: the united states sent f-22 stealth fighter jets to south korea.
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they were deployed to the main u.s. air force base in south korea. they will join military drills to defend seoul in the face of new and bizarre threats from the north. >> it's not an empty threat. i wouldn't be that concerned about them hitting the mainland u.s. right now or any u.s. territory. i think the real threat is to what north korea might be boxing themselves into. >>gretchen: north korea said it was entering a state of war with south korea in response to what it called the hostile military drill. the rescue chopper saved a stranded snowmobileer when it went down killing all three people on board. it happened overnight south of larson lake in alaska. the chopper was flying back to base when it crashed. the cause unknown at this hour but it is routinely used for rescue missions year round. a crash on a virginia highway leaves three people
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dead, a total of 17 crashes within a one mile stretch of interstate 27. drivers say the fog was so thick that you couldn't see in front of you. >> cars hitting each other. all you could hear was bam, bam, bam and explosions. >> we could hear the continual wrecking behind us, screeching and metal and a lot of banging. >> a stretch of road back open at this hour. >> she thought she was going to die but a college student stranded for a week on the side of a frozen mountain says prayer kept her alive. she was out for a hike on mount hood in oregon when she slipped and hurt her ankle. unable to move, she only had a poncho to keep her warm. >> peace in the sense of thousands of people praying for me. that was really powerful. friday i was like today they're going to find me. >>gretchen: a national guard helicopter did spot
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her, airlifted her off the mountain. she is recovering from frostbite on both feet. >>brian: no doubt about it, your bracket was busted as soon as florida gulf coast was successful. >>steve: wichita state in the final four? >>brian: they said almost every -- there was only 1% left on espn that had the perfect bracket. with these major upsets, is probably the reason you watch any way. you don't do it to see the best play the best in the finals. you see the upsets that could beat the best along the way. yesterday you saw two college coaches of a generation go head to head. coach k against rick parliamentary inquiry tee tee -- against rick pitino. >>steve: the big story is kevin ware planted his leg and looked like a broken bone in his lower right
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leg. it was a bone puncturing through the skin. that is why so many people in the crowd have the same face as that young man right there. they couldn't believe what they saw. here's the reaction. coach, teammates, people. it was awful. >> all i did was i brought them all together and he said to me five times "i'm okay. just win the game." i got everybody over after we covered up the injury. i said listen to him. >> he's one of the strongest people i've seen in my life. the only thing on his mind was winning the game. that's what he kept saying. honestly, we were in shock. >> it was real hard. it was real hard. i dropped a tear for him, continued to play hard and got the victory for him. >>gretchen: it was a brutal, brutal break. cbs showed the repeat i think twice but then after that decided not to show it again. it was just -- it was too tough. you had to turn away from the screen but you didn't want to turn away from the screen with the reaction. this game could have gone either way with regard to the players in louisville.
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you could say i can't believe this happened to my fellow teammate and maybe their game would fall apart. instead they won by 20 points against duke in a blowout second half. what an amazing show of courage this young man is telling them to continue to win after he suffered that kind of injury. >>steve: he did go into surgery. he had a metal rod inserted into his leg. they say the injury extraordinarily enough not a career ender. he is expected to stay in indianapolis until at least tomorrow. and his rehab is going to be, obviously it is a weight-bearing limb. >>brian: pitino said after the game, he was kind of emotional, they won and go to the final four. he said he'll be out a year and he'll be back again. he's a sophomore now, another year to study and get his education. >>steve: there he is in the hospital, in indianapolis last night with the trophy in the bed with him. our best to him.
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>>brian: we'll be talking more about that too. seven minutes after the hour. they are the good guys. prosecutors working to put killers behind bars on a regular basis. this morning two of them are dead in separate but possibly related murders. >>gretchen: more on this horrible story. heather? >> good morning. texas district attorney mike mcclellan with a so worried about his personal safety that he carried a gun with him at all times even while he was out walking his dog. mcclellan and his wife were found murdered in their home over the weekend. police have not named a suspect or motive yet but they say that couple was targeted. investigators are now looking into whether this shooting is related to the murder of an assistant district attorney, mark hansby who worked in the same office as mcclellan. his death occurred two months ago. following his death, mike mcclellan said he was commited to finding the
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suspect. listen to what he had to say. >> we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in. we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> chilling to hear those words now. neighbors say a deputy was stationed outside the mcclellan home for about a month though not over the weekend. no arrests have been made in that previous murder case either. now prosecutors across the state of texas are taking extra security precautions in their offices until they get some answers in these deaths. we'll keep following this story for you and bringing you the latest. >>steve: ten minutes after the top of the hour. let's introduce you to a woman by the name of susan patton, >>brian: why would you introduce that woman? >>steve: she was one of the first female graduates from that great new jersey school san antonio as princeton. she -- new jersey school
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known as princeton. she graduated in 1977. she has generated a paper that have people saying out loud. what she is saying is while you're at princeton, ladies, find a husband. because essentially if you don't find a husband there the rest of the world is stupid and you don't want to end up with a stupid husband. >>gretchen: it is not exactly that. what she's saying is it takes a lot to get into a institution like that. and while you're there you are surrounded by a pool, both men and women of highly smart intellectual people. and she is suggesting that you should at that time find your spouse because you'll never be in that kind of a select group again on a campus. you go out in the real world, you can run into people here and there but you'll never have that confined group. having said that, i'm not saying that i agree with getting married in college. i'm not saying i agree with this. i didn't find my mate in college. i was nowhere near ready to get married until i was in my 30's.
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it is up to everybody on an individual basis. >>brian: i was ready at 18. >>gretchen: life experience factors in. i do sort of say see what she's saying. >>brian: she's doubling down in a way because she's getting backlash. she says one of the criteria i'm using to define the right partner is someone with shared appreciation. the concentration of men and women will never be greater than it is as a student. from a sheer numbers perspective, the odds will never be as good again. so it's a practical way to pursue love. >>steve: she said in her original statement, she said it will frustrate you to be with a man who isn't as smart as you. keep an open mind. marry a guy from princeton
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because otherwise you're going to wind up bored and miserable. >>gretchen: is that true that it will frustrate you? either side? is that true? is it true? let's look a little deeper into this thing. is it true that you would be frustrated if you married somebody who you feel is not as smart as you? come on. probably yes. probably the answer would be yes. >>brian: how many times have you heard this? what do you mean you don't know what pi means? >>steve: a dessert. that kind of pi. >>brian: i think some of the smartest people i know didn't even go to college. >>gretchen: that is totally true. i also on the flip side think some of the strongest relationships my husband and my friends met in college. it works both ways. >>steve: i looked on the ten things men judge women on, intelligence not in the top ten. number-one most important
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thing? teeth followed by grammar, hair, clothes, whether they have a tattoo, their nails, their accent, shoes, their cars and the electronic devices they carry. >>gretchen: maybe men should marry orthodontists. >>brian: that's what enu always said. >>gretchen: this is going to be a great topic to debate throughout the morning. let us know what you think. you can e-mail us. google is under fire this morning. did you happen to go to the page yesterday? no mention of the easter bunny, the easter anything. they decideed to honor the left-leaning labor leader cesar chavez instead of easter. what were they thinking? we report, you decide. >>brian: here's something you don't tphoerpl *f -- something you don't normally see on the green. normally see on the green. a man with no pants on. i think ford service is great,
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>>brian: the united states sending f-16 fighter jets to south korea amid new threats from its northern neighbor. this is the third generation of fighter jets we've sent over there over the last 36 hours. north korean leader kim jong un claims its communist country is in a state of war. should the white house take them seriously, more seriously than they do now? pete hegseth, c.e.o. concerned citizens for america. pete, do you like the steps taken so far? >> so far the joint military drills with the south demonstrate that alliance remains as strong as it's ever been. we've added missile interceptor in alaska on the off chance kim kim jong un and the regime were to fire in that direction.
3:18 am
it is more likely to be a regional struggle. i think the u.s. has to work harder to induce china to be part of the solution while maintaining a steady hand that this will not be tolerated and at the same time we're not going to hand over more aid in the process. friendlier conditions from the south from south korea, more aid from the united states and this untested kim jong un wants to prove he's a real military and that could be a bad military recipe. >>brian: here's what you wrote we should learn from this. libya had no nuclear weapons. they gave them up. they started threatening to annihilate a group of people in their country. we take action. north korea has nuclear weapons. we are looking at it entirely different. what's the message iran should take from this? >> iran is going to read the message that if you've got nuclear weapons, you've got a seat at the table and a set of options you never otherwise would have had. north korea even says in its own statement that nuclear weapons are its
3:19 am
life. it is the reason they're relevant on the world stage, the reason they're able to feed their people is they trade it for aid. iran is looking at that saying if we get that nuclear weapon we've got a whole set of options. within north korea, how do you get them to give them up? that's a pretty complex set of circumstances that i don't covet being the decision-maker on. but you've got to be clear in your goal if it is to disarm, how do you get there? there's got to be maybe some military options but hopefulfully in every way diplomatic options? >>brian: now it looks like a uranium nuclear program, plutonium nuclear program. pete, maybe this is our best opportunity to defang them. thanks so much this morning. straight ahead, so much for the stimulus. not only does president obama want to spend more tax dollars on public works, now he's calling on the private sector to pitch
3:20 am
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>>steve: good morning. headlines for you. nuclear activity at an arkansas power plant shut down this morning after a deadly accident. one person killed and three injured when a generator fell while being moved to another building. officials stress no nuclear material was released and the public is not at risk. a decision expected later today in the
3:24 am
stockton, california, bankruptcy case. if the city is found eligible for bankruptcy protection, it would not have to pay back its bondholders. that would set a precedent for other struggling cities so they could avoid paying debts by claiming bankruptcy. >> stuart varney -- >>gretchen: so much for the stimulus. president obama is laying out a new plan to bolster the economy and create jobs and it involves spending more money on public works. >> we've still got too many rail lines too slow and clogged up. still got too many roads that are in disrepair, too many bridges that aren't safe. we don't have to accept that for america. we can do better. we can build better. and in a time of tight budgets, we've got to do it in a way that makes sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. >>gretchen: this time around he wants the private sector to pitch in as well.
3:25 am
so will it? let's ask stuart varney. good to see you. i was listening to that snippet from the president and that was a different message from four years ago when he was talking about the surplus plan and 800-some billion dollars of taxpayer money. >> the stimulus plan was $860 billion passed three and a half years ago, widely judged to be a failure. the president's infrastructure plan this time around is $21 billion. that's a vastly scaled-down plan. $21 billion, that is really small. it suggests to me the president is losing the argument. his argument is that you create prosperity, you get the economy going by government spending on infrastructure projects, for example. the failure of the original stimulus plan was such that there's no heart anymore, certainly not in congress, to spend more government money, which we don't have, on infrastructure projects. so he's come up with essentially a very small
3:26 am
plan, $21 billion, and he's casting around for other money to come in, private-sector money. it's really an infrastructure program that's very small and his overall stimulus program is in disarray. >>gretchen: the one way he's trying to entice private investors is to give them tax breaks? >> yes. if you're a foreign pension fund, you could under the president's idea you could come into america, buy into an infrastructure project, and if you sell it, you get a tax break on any profits you make. or you can invest in these private activity bonds and get the same tax breaks on the interest of the dividends that you receive as state and local governments do. >>gretchen: i know you're just back from vacation, but usually you're in favor -- i'm going to khaepbl you a little bit. -- i'm going to challenge you a little bit. usually you're in favor of a tax break with private sector getting involved. >> nothing wrong with trying to get private
3:27 am
sector money in to work with the public sector. it's just so small. $21 billion compared to $86 is billion a few short years ago, that was a fail hraoufrplt now you've scaled it down to $21 billion. not exactly a visionary plan to get this economy towards prosperity again. not going to work, in my opinion. >>gretchen: all right, great to have you back, stu, from vacation. we're going to watch his show today, 9:20 eastern time. what better way to celebrate easter than with cesar chavez? google under fire for honoring the left-leaning labor leader instead of good old jesus christ his special day. the story behind this video. yes, that's a golfer with no pants on. what is that little trot that he just did? first, happy birthday to
3:28 am
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3:32 am
the president tweeted this picture yesterday wishing everybody a happy easter. today is easter monday, the day they have the egg roll at the white house. >>brian: they got quite a sponsorship to make it happen. there was a clause that allows that. they can do that. >>steve: they don't need no stinkin' sequester to keep the kids from rolling the eggs. >>brian: that is a water dog is that correct? >>gretchen: a portugese water dog. >>brian: given to them by ted kennedy. >>steve: you should be doing color commentary at animal planet. >>gretchen: why don't you come over and help my dog from chewing so much. >>brian: what else are they going to do? jog? >>gretchen: let's talk about the major deal struck between business and labor leaders over the weekend but marco rubio saying not so fast. >> the senators do acknowledge that they seem
3:33 am
to have a deal between business and labor but they acknowledge the measure still needs to be written. but they do believe this is the year for achieving bipartisan legislation on immigration reform. some senators working on immigration reform say they are still trying to reach a deal on three main goals: a verifiable guest worker program for employers, merit-based immigration system meaning the 11 million illegal immigrants here must earn their citizenship, and securing the borders. a deal last week was reached for business and labor allowing low-skilled workers to come to the united states and work for fair wages. also some members of the gang of eight senators working on immigration reform say agreement on securing the borders which earn approval inng point the senate and the house. >> first people had been legalized. in other words, not citizens but they will be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel. then we will make sure the border is secure.
3:34 am
and we have specific metrics in the bill -- i'm not going to get into what they are -- to make sure that happens. and after that happens, there's a path to citizenship. >> you'll never stop everyone from coming through, and you have a lot of commerce, legal commerce that happens at the border as well. so when people talk about having a sealed border, we don't need a sealed border. we need a secure border. >> marco rubio of florida says substantial progress has been made but more work needs to be done. he says eight senators from seven states worked on this bill to serve as a starting point on discussion about fixing our immigration system but arriving at a final product will be required to be properly submitted for the american people's consideration. senator rubio said he is encouraged but adds 92 other senators from 43 states must be involved in this measure as well. he adds the senate is not in order to succeed, the process cannot be rushed or
3:35 am
done in secret. gretchen, steve, brian? >>brian: i couldn't believe on almost all the sunday shows optimism on immigration. how long have we been doing this show? we have never gotten this close to this type of deal. >>gretchen: you should have been psyched. >>brian: i'm optimistic they are going to at least get out of the gang of eight into committees. >>steve: both sides want stuff done but both sides have stuff they want. can they get in the middle? stay tuned. >>brian: who's going to bless the border seal. >>steve: we'll see. we've got other headlines for you. four people hurt, one of them seriously after a man crashed his car into a wal-mart and then began attacking customers. you can see the car inside the store in san jose, california. the suspect apparently drove through the front door and slammed into a display. >> trying to run the people over in the front by the coke machines. he was in there to hurt
3:36 am
people, you know what i'm saying? >>steve: cops arrested him on assault charges among other things. it is believed drugs or alcohol may have been involved. do you think? >>gretchen: an easter morning robbery at this tpefl -- philadelphia home turns fatal as the homeowner kills one of the intruders. the news has neighbors wanting to arm themselves as well. >> do you want to get a gun? >> yes. >>gretchen: the homeowner is not expected to be charged for the shooting. under pennsylvania state law citizens are allowed to forcefully defend their property. >>brian: now to the story behind this video. andre ia s dropped his drawers during the european tour to hit the ball after it went into the water. to make matters worse, he
3:37 am
shuffled over to mark the ball before putting his pants back on. the bottom line is he made bogey on the hole to finish 15. i think he should get a mulligan. one reason to wear boxers. >>gretchen: can i ask a logical question? why didn't he leave the pants on and get the pants wet? >>steve: they were his good pants and it was easter sunday. >>gretchen: i was going to say nice legs and then i saw that little jig. >>brian: he ran uniquely. >>steve: if you want to google uniquely, you would go to google. google this morning under fire for the doodle right there, the company honoring the birthday yesterday of the late labor leader cesar chavez instead of easter. they had a choice. easter? him? google selected him. they have only commemorated easter one time, back in 2000, and not on easter
3:38 am
sunday. a spokesperson had this to say. -- quote -- "sometimes for tkpwaeufpb -- for a given date we feature an historic date or figure we haven't in the past." do you think yesterday google should have honored easter or that guy? >>gretchen: the way they describe it, historical figure, influential person? jesus? easter? hmmm, that might fit those two criteria. >>steve: he is historical because the obama administration declared the proclamation i think in 2011. he is historical and influential and he got a doodle. maria molina joins us now. >> i hope to be one day on google as a doodle. as far as the weather goes today across the country especially in the northeast, relatively chilly conditions although it is a little bit better than what we've been talking about over the last several weeks. this weekend wasn't too bad
3:39 am
in new york city. we got up to 59 degrees and could be seeing a high of 60 today before a cold front arrives and brings in much colder air than is in place. feels like single digits in minneapolis and sioux falls. this frontal system will be producing showers. already doing so across sections of new england and heavier batches of rain across parts of the carolinas and into georgia. on the tail end of the system severe weather will be possible in texas and oklahoma. lake-effect snow kicks up across portions of upstate new york. six to ten inches of snow forecast. opening day today new york, we have the red sox at the yankees. 54 degrees at the start of the game and maybe a shower. >>brian: thanks, maria. get over here. we've got to take some swings. it is opening day in sports this morning, louisville
3:40 am
wildcats coming together after the horrific injury we told you about last hour. kevin ware breaks his leg but they won to reach the final four. michigan also on its way to the final four. very impressive in crashing florida 79-59. number four seed michigan and syracuse will square off next weekend. wichita state against louisville. let's talk baseball. come on over, gretchen. this is the hottest selling bat. do you see that? >>gretchen: i have a couple of those in my office. >>steve: we want to introduce you to a very special man. he's known as the bat man. welcome, chuck. family-run business. >>brian: start of the 1800's. still going strong.
3:41 am
how have you done it? >> 129 years. our job is to be relevant with the players. part of our mission this year, we updated the slow tkpwoe, -- updated the logo. we got david wright and buster posey. >>brian: jeter, is that the shortstop? >> we've improved our processes, better veneer, wood. we have to be relevant. that's the way you do it for 129 years. >>brian: should we get in here? >>gretchen: you got some points? >> sure. >>brian: who's up in there first? come over here. what's your name? >> m.j. >>brian: where are you from? >> south jersey. >>brian: m.j. guarantees to make contact on his first three pitches. south jersey's finest. you know him as m.j. >> chuck, tell us about the bat he's aougs. >> that is our louisville
3:42 am
slugger attack, one of our hottest seller bats. these men playing a travel team in jersey, playing 60 to 80 games a year. >>brian: m.j., good job. what's your name? >> daniel. >>brian: what team you play for? >> i live in louisville. >>brian: he can make his own bat. when you say composite bat, what is it made out of? >> a misnomer. >>brian: time for chase to step in. how old are you? >> 11. >>brian: where are you from? >> south jersey. >>brian: what team do you play on? [inaudible] >>brian: go get' em. >>gretchen: he's a lefty.
3:43 am
let's get the final guy in there. >>brian: what's your name? >> blaze. >>brian: where are you from? >> south jersey. >>brian: very nice. your website? >> >>brian: thanks for bringing this down and bringing your great baseball players down. >> thanks for having us. >>steve: straight ahead, made in america is more than a cool saying. everything you need to know about a healthy breakfast is wrong. the healthy choices that are actually no good for you. we're going to get you the right thing so you don't strike out at the tprebg fast table.
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>>brian: in just a few hours prosecutors will announce if they'll seek the death penalty for the movie massacre suspect james holmes. prosecutors rejected a plea deal that would have given him life without parole. a school wraoe writing the language for homer's odyssey to make the language more appropriate for students. the third grade class said they would perform the play until parents complained about the dialogue. really? >>steve: it seems the words made in america are paying off. according to a study, companies that buy and sell here in the united states are seeing a surge in sales, up more than 18%. why? joining us right now is the founder and c.e.o. of keep
3:48 am david, good morning to you. in your website, keepamerica, what does that mean? >> keeping manufacturing here, keeping jobs here. for far too long we've been getting everything from china. time to turn things around and reinvest in ourselves as any good company would. >>steve: we've heard the stock market is going up, up and away and some people say it is because ben bernanke is pumping $85 billion into the economy every month which is true, but at the same time you look at the stocks which are surging, things that do not have exposure to europe or the rest of the planet are doing better. things based in the united states. >> the consumer is finally being heard. consumer demand is the most powerful thing we as americans have. it's great to have politicians to try and cut through all the red tape and pass bills that never really get passed. as americans we have a voice. over 300 million americans. and when companies see, for example, apple, google, even wal-mart are seeing the demand the consumers
3:49 am
have shown for american-made products, their hands are forced to create products here and bring products to the american public. >>steve: your message is help america, buy america -fpblt -- help america, buy america. sometimes you've got two things. this one in the united states, $8. this one made in china, it's $6. usually people buy the $6 thing from china. >> that wasn't doesn't last too long and there are many safety hazards. in the short time sometimes it is less expensive. i spoke to a person who works in textiles with china. he said wages are rising. he said it's not worth it anymore. we have to re-create the infrastructure here to be prepared. when we are up to bat, so to speak, we're ready to go. >>steve: buy american. you can do that at real pleasure. go america.
3:50 am
straight ahead, an annual white house tradition set to get underway within the next hour. we're live with what's in store for guests at this year's easter egg roll. first, we're busting the biggest food myth like breakfast is the most important meal of the day. you might be surprised what our expert has to say about that. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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new honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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3:53 am
>>gretchen: is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? it's a huge question. turns out it could be a diet myth that might not entirely be true. >>brian: what our next guest says might change the way you eat today. kimberly snider is here, author of this book: the
3:54 am
beauty detox foods. kimberly, welcome back. you do not think -- do you think breakfast is getting too much hype? >> breakfast is important to get a lot of nutrition into your body. people hear it's important so they load up on heavy foods, a lot of fat. when you have heavy food in the morning, you get tired because all your energy is going to digestion. you need more caffeine, more snacks throughout the day. you do need nutrients but the best thing to have in the morning is this, my green smoothie. it looks green but is actually delicious. this is more greens than most people have in a week. it is a mix of about 70% greens, 30% fruit, lemon. what you're tasting is the fruit. it's giving all the minerals, 13 grams of fiber and 6 to 8 grams of protein
3:55 am
>>gretchen: add grilled chicken to your salad at lunch for added protein. you say not so quick. >> the myth is that only animal foods have protein. the myth is you can never have too much protein. the truth is too much protein is very acid forming in the body. if you have chicken or meat every day for dinner or lunch, incorporate plant-based proteins, things like nuts, lentils. >>brian: yogurt? >> commercially yogurts have a lot of added sugars and a lot of people have difficulty digestingy tkpwurt because it is so -- digesting yogurt. this has to do with the myth of calorie counting. if we just focus on the
3:56 am
numbers, it doesn't give us a clue as to how the foods are behaving in the body, are they nourishing us? our skin? fresh foods are better than packaged foods. snack on almond, seeds, nuts. fresh is always better than packaged. >>gretchen: there is a big thing about wheat. people thought wheat was so healthy for you. a lot of people now have gluten issues. >> the wheat today is more hybridized and can cause inflammation in the body and be more difficult to digest. anything difficult to digest can lead to weight gain and make it hard are foreyour -- for your body to look and feel its best. >>brian: we're going to tweet what all three of these drinks mean. we didn't get there everything. the name of the book "the beauty detox foods." nice seeing you again. next on our rundown. >>gretchen: the defense department refusing to give
3:57 am
fort hood survivors purple hearts because they say it would label the crime an act of terrorism. >>brian: "the bible" draws record ratings. draws record ratings. we'll show you why. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy!
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, the day after easter, april 1. watch out for the pranks today, 2013. i'm greten carlson. thanks for sharing your time. this district attorney promised to take the scum off the streets after somebody murdered his deputy. >> we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in. >> gretchen: now that d.a. also murdered along with his wife. the latest on who police think might be behind this. >> brian: the defense department refusing to give forth hood survivors purple hearts because it would label it terrorism. >> steve: so much for the stimulus. not only does president obama want to spend more tax dollars on public works and stimulating
4:01 am
projects, but now he's calling on the private sector to pitch in, too. donald trump here to weigh in with his thoughts on this easter monday. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: look at that. ladies and gentlemen, the greatest show on earth, no, we're not talking about "fox & friends," although it is -- we're talking about ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus in brooklyn. >> brian: lot of you wond what are ainsley does after the 5:00 a.m show. she goes to the circus oftentimes and practices. >> steve: is that our wardrobe department? >> brian: it really is. gretchen turned that outfit down. >> gretchen: thank you, brian. i do like the color of that coat she has on. it's plink sequiny, right?
4:02 am
it's something probably none of us would do. >> brian: this is the guy with the big hair, right? >> gretchen: that's big apple. that's at lincoln center. >> steve: they've got a lot of big hair there. >> brian: you promise? they use a lot of gel. we'll promise about it. the third greatest show on earth. >> steve: today is april 1 and it's my dad's birthday. if anybody sees jim doocy in kansas, wish him happy birthday. he's 80. >> brian: by the way, get him something. or give him a gift certificate. >> steve: i'm flying out to have birthday cake next week. >> brian: really? i'm not saying you get him something. i'm saying strangers should get him something. >> steve: get my dad a present. >> gretchen: how many pranks he had on his birthday on april 1? >> steve: every year. >> gretchen: let's do headlines. a massive investigation underway to find out who murder add district attorney and his wife in their home. police have not named a suspect or motive in mike and cynthia mcclellan's murders.
4:03 am
they say the couple was targeted. investigators are looking into a possible connection to the murder of assistant district attorney who two months ago was killed following his death, mike mcclellan was committed to finding the suspect. >> we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in. we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> gretchen: police now stepping up security for elected officials until arrests in both murders are made. overnight the united states sends f-22 stealth fighter jets to south korea. the advanced radar evading raptors were deployed. the main u.s. air force base in south korea. they will join military drills to defend seoul in the face of new threats now from the north. over the weekend north korea said it was entering a state of war with south korea in response to what it called the hostile military drills.
4:04 am
undergoing successful surgery overnight after a horrific injury everyone is talk being on the basketball court. the so much for guard's leg buckled, he broke the bones in two places in his leg. members of the wildcats and coach wiping away tears after witnessing the injury and seeing him on the floor in such grief. >> we're all choked up in emotion for him. we'll get him back to normal. basically the bone popped out of the skin. it broke in two spots. it will take a year for him to come back. he'll come back better than ever. the same injury that michael bush had in football. look at the way he's come back. >> gretchen: louisville, not the wildcats, came together after the injury to beat duke in the second half. the injury is not expected to be career ending, as you heard the coach say. millions of american left in tears after the emotional finale of "the bible" mini series.
4:05 am
>> of nazareth has been found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to death! >> jesus! >> crucify him! >> gretchen: many of them taking to twitter. lisa tweeted "the bible" has me in tears. jesus went through so much so we could be free and we could be forgiven. another one said watching "the bible" with tears. miff heart is full of hope and love. those are your headlines. i'm hoping to finish watching it after my kids couldn't get through it. that scene right there, 20 minutes in, i thought it would be a great family experience and maybe in a couple more years when they're a little bit older or maybe not. they were really traumatized. >> brian: the dvds will be out in a couple weeks. >> steve: tomorrow. >> brian: it is? >> steve: it is. the tradition in washington won't be scrambled by that old sequester. the easter egg roll quicking off -- kick off live with
4:06 am
wendell goler. there is a large bunny behind me. >> northern that, there is snoopy and charlie brown. this is the 135th annual easter egg roll, in doubt for a while because of the sequester. but the white house decided not to cancel it, unlike the daily tours canceled because of the extra uniformed division secret service protection they required. secret service officers, of course, suffering furloughs like many, if not most other federal workers. but the easter egg roll, partially pays for itself by selling these wooden eggs for 8 or $9 each. this one signed by george and barbara bush will give you a bit of an idea of how long i've been around here. actually the reagans came up with the idea first. now you can get a five pack of these easter eggs that includes one with beou's paw print. 30,000 were selected at random to come. danica patrick, adrien peterson,
4:07 am
jordan sparks and jessica sanchez and many others. it will fee if you are a number of stations reflecting the first lady's let's move fitness push with jump rope, hula hoop, dance, tennis and yoga garden for the slightly less active like me. there will be arts and crafts, egg dyeing, egg decorating. the egg roll itself involves pushing hard boiled eggs across the south lawn are long handled spoons. the first lady, president also make an appearance. but within of the stars likely robbie novak, also known as kid president who is on a mission to make grownups like me less borrowing. back to you -- boring. >> steve: he mentioned the eggers -- reagans started selling the eggs. i used to cover it and we've got a picture of me and my wife at the easter egg roll and as you can see, a young future correspondent there. i think that's 1988.
4:08 am
>> brian: wow. that's peter doocy. >> gretchen: very cute. >> steve: i still have those glasses and the hair. >> brian: very attractive family. peter would get bigger. >> gretchen: much taller. let's bring in donald trump now, the author of "time to get tough." happy belated easter to you. >> happy easter to you. >> gretchen: thanks so much. let's talk a little bit about capitol hill coming together. say it isn't so. labor and big business agreeing apparently on a key part of the immigration reform bill. the final deal still faces hurdles and so is this guest worker program, in your mind a good idea? >> well, the republicans are just absolutely rushing to do what they can to get out of the box they're in. they're in somewhat of a box or maybe they're not. but they think they are and they're going to make it possible for 11 million or 12 million illegals to become citizens and i always warn them and tell them and they ask for my opinion, every single one of those 12 million people will be voting against the republicans.
4:09 am
so you have to look at it and we want to do the right thing and you have to do the right thing. but those 12 million votes are going to the democrats no matter what they do, no matter how far out in front they are, it makes absolutely no difference. >> steve: one of the sticking points, mr. trump, is whether or not for the republicans, is a lot of them would go forward if the border was declared secure. at this point, the way it is, we heard from janet napolitano last week, she said the border has never been more secure even though there was that one lady who crawled over it while john mccain was 15 feet away. is the border secure enough right now? >> the border is not secure. we don't have secure borders anywhere. they're secure from europe. the fact is, if you want to come from europe and if you want to become a citizen and you're not here illegally and you go through the paperwork and filing, you can't get in. i'm saying, what are we doing in this country? the other thing that really bothers me is if you go to harvard or if go to yale or if you go to the wharton school of
4:10 am
finance, the best student in your clarks you come from another country. so we educate you. you become a great student. you're hard work, the minute you're finished, they throw you out the country and you can't stay. nobody even talks about those things. but it's true. if you come from certain parts of the world and you want to become a great productive, wonderful citizen of this country, it's virtually impossible. now, if you're an illegal and you're here, they're trying to find a pathway to citizenship. i can say this, the republicans better be careful. >> brian: by the way, i think that will be folded in to it. they want a better way to keep the all stars here, including the people that go to the schools you just mentioned. let's talk about stimulus. the president trying to get $21 billion into stimulus. he says the infrastructure is falling apart. is this the best way to do it? >> the biggest thing we're doing issues spending trillions and trillions of dollars between iraq and afghanistan and every other country that we get into where they hate us and as soon as we're out, this -- as soon as
4:11 am
we're out, they take over. in iraq, that place is falling apart. iran will take over iraq and take the oil field. we spent $1.5 trillion. it's time we invest in our own country. i can say that. i land at la guardia airport, they have a sign, love new york. it's made out of plywood that's rotted and rusting. if you ever seen that? with the apple. the apple has been there for -- it's a piece of three quarter inch plywood that's rotted out. this is the first thing people see. it's a joke. we have to invest in our country. we have to start investing in our country and taking our country back. >> brian: mixing private sector, kind of like you did, private sector and government funds. that's what the president wants. a mix. is that necessary? >> it depends if it's right. we do need roads and transit. lots of different things. whether you're republican or democrat, our country is falling apart. we're building roads in afghanistan and schools in afghanistan. they blow up the school and we build another one.
4:12 am
but we can't build a school in brooklyn, new york. >> gretchen: maybe there is hope. they're trying to get private investors in. let's talk about "celebrity apprentice" because you kicked off somebody who a lot of people don't like. let's watch. >> omarosa, i adore you. we had tremendous success together. >> absolutely. >> you helped me make the apprentice -- we were the number one show on television. >> absolutely. >> you helped make may star. dennis, she helped to make me a star. but omarosa, you're fired. >> steve: why is she the perfect villain on tv reality show? >> i don't know. my wife was angry. she said, she didn't help you become a star! i said, i was trying to be nice. i'm firing her. i'm trying to be nice. but she goes, she didn't help you become a star. but that's okay. omarosa was great. we've had tremendous success together. the show became the number one show on television and honestly, she was terrific in this series. she was fantastic. >> brian: it was prior to that
4:13 am
when you went up to dennis rodman and said you're the comeback story. last time he was on drugs and drinking and you brought him back. >> he's a big story because he has been performing really, really well. you talk about north korea, i don't know, do we have anybody talking to north korea? not that i want to deal in terms of weakness, because talking is not weakness. talking can be strength. but i see dennis rodman hugging him, kissing him and obviously loving dennis rodman and i say, oh, how is that diplomat doing? oh, we don't have one. how stupid are we? >> steve: ambassador dennis rodman. donald, thank you very much. have a great week. >> have a good time. >> gretchen: they were wounded while serving their country. but the soldiers shot during the attack at fort hood won't be honored with purple hearts and the outrageous reason why next. >> brian: then you've -- >> steve: you've been sending us your funny photos photos from e. keep them coming, we'll show them at the bottom of the hour.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. let's talk about the immigration policy that we were just discussing with donald trump with regard to big labor apparently coming together now with the better business bureau, i think it was -- no. the chamber of commerce. sorry. they came together and they supposedly have a deal now on a worker guest, guest worker program, whatever you want to call it. senator marco rubio from florida says, wait a minute, we're not sure we have this whole thing done just yet. >> steve: lindsey graham said, we're really close. marco rubio, not so close. remember what it comes down to is republicans want to make sure that our southern border is not porous and that it is secure. as we were just talking to donald trump about, also at play
4:18 am
is keeping in mind democrats because they are backed by big labor, the afl-cio, they want to make sure if there is a guest worker program where they allow in, say, 20,000 low level immigrants to do various lower down the food chain kinds of job, landscaping, picking fruit and stuff like that, the afl-cio would like to see as small a number as possible. meanwhile, republicans for the most part, and the business community would like to see more because the cheaper labor helps business. >> gretchen: so we have both sides of the aisle to respond to this. first senator chuck schumer and then jeff blake. >> with the agreement between business and labor, every major policy issue has been resolved on the gang of eight. now, everyone we've all agreed we're not going to come to a final agreement until we see draft legislative language and we agree on that. we drafted some of it already. the rest of it will be drafted
4:19 am
this week. so i am very, very optimistic that we will have an agreement among the eight of us next week. we will not come to final agreement 'til we look at all of the legislative language and he's correctly pointing out that that language hasn't been fully drafted. there will be little things. but i don't think any of us expect there to be problems. >> we're much closer with labor and business agreeing on this guest worker plan. that doesn't mean we've crossed every i or dotted every t or vice-versa. we've still got a ways to go in termination of looking at the language and making sure that it's everything we thought it would be. but we're closer, certainly. if we can get the language right and i think that we'll stick together as a gang and i hope that we can pull some republicans our way. i think a number of them are with us already. so i don't want to talk about walking away. i don't intend to do that. >> steve: so the language he's referring to is something that would define whether or not the
4:20 am
border is secure. also the numbers. how many in any sort of guest worker program. we'll keep you posted 'cause it's big news. >> gretchen: they were wounded while serving their country, burr the soldiers shot during the attack on fort hood won't be honored with purple hearts. the reason why, and reaction from one of the victims is next. >> steve: then it's baseball's opening day and we're hitting it out on the plaza. as you can see right there, the batting challenge with some famous guy coming up next.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
>> gretchen: time for news by the numbers. first, 9%.
4:24 am
that's how much foreclosures increased over last year. next, 5,000. that's how many calories of easter candy the average kid eats over the weekend? what? 5,000 calories! oh, my goodness. finally, $41.2 million. that's how much g.i. joe made at the box office. making it the number one movie this weekend. how many do parents eat? >> steve: no kidding. they were wounded while serving their country, soldiers shot during the assault on fort hood back in 2009. but on friday, we learned that these heros will not receive the military's purple heart, mainly because it might affect the outcome of the suspected shooter's trial, the defense department says. is that fair? joining us now is fort hood shooting victims sergeant alonzo lunsford. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: that day at fort hood, you were shot how many times?
4:25 am
>> seven. >> steve: you were shot seven times. you were serving your country at that time. right? >> i was serving my country proudly at that time, yes. >> steve: and don't they give the purple heart to people who are either injured or killed while serving their country? >> yes. if you sustain an attack from a combatant or a supporter of a enemy force. >> steve: see, that's the part right there. clearly. >> absolutely. >> to me, and to you, major hassan was a terrorist, wasn't he? >> yes, he was. >> steve: when he was shooting, what was he yelling? >> allah akbar. >> steve: which means? >> god is great. >> steve: that sounds like a terrorist to me. >> absolutely. >> steve: okay. so the defense department on friday said that if we give these guys, including you, sergeant, purple hearts, essentially we would be
4:26 am
classifying him a terrorist and then he won't get a fair trial. >> my response to that is who was the victim? major hasan or the 32 survivors and the 14 deceased? and it's already obvious that information has come out where he got his orders from to perform his jihad that day and his motive of the attack, the cowardice attack that day. >> steve: it just doesn't seem like you're getting a fair shake. you got shot seven times. >> yes. >> steve: should this guy even be in a civilian court or should he be at gitmo in a tribunal? >> well, i think that he should be tried here in the united states. there is no sense of sending him to gitmo because we already know the method behind this madness.
4:27 am
so we don't need to send him down there. that's doing him a favor. we just need to stop prolonging the agony and get this done and get it over with. >> steve: so he doesn't have to go to gitmo, he can have a military trial in texas or any place? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> steve: all right. how do you feel about the fact that they're not going to give you the purple heart? >> i'm angry. i feel very disappointed and i feel like we don't even matter. for this man not to have served one day in a combat zone or in a threat area and for him to get the treatment that he's getting as opposed to treatment we're getting, it's an embarrassment. it is a huge embarrassment. and i wonder if some of the people that are making the decisions, have they ever had any rounds fired at them from an enemy combatant or have they
4:28 am
ever been in a combat zone, or have any of them ever served in the military, for that matter? >> steve: all great points. well, sergeant alonzo, shot seven times by major nidal hasan, we thank you very much for sharinging your story and frustration with us. >> thank you as well, sir. >> steve: what do you think about that? should he and the ot purple hearts? e-mail us. meanwhile, veterans are already frustrated because their benefits are back logged. now expect things to get worse. closer look why, coming up. and ainsley joining the greatest show on earth. she's testing out the wheel of steel, ainsley. >> hanging out with my fellow clowns and they want me to get in this. i'm not sure if i'm going to. we're going to try it. we're ready to go. stay with us.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> brian: fox news alert. bomb squad at detroit's metropolitan airport is being evacuated because of a suspicious item. wjvk's reporter was there and joinses from outside the terminal.
4:33 am
jeff, what's the latest? >> wish i knew. the latest is that we have taken refuge inside the now closed smith terminal. they actually opened the north terminal after they closed this one and they rerouted all the would be passengers in a mini exodus from the north terminal because of the suspicious item discovered and let them stay warm inside this now closed smith terminal. >> steve: that's the key part. staying warm because when they told you to get out of that particular north terminal, you went outside and how cold is it right now in romulus, michigan? >> it's a nippy 28 degrees with pretty cool wind blowing through. >> brian: how much time did you have to evacuate? like how long has this been going on? >> i arrived at 6:30 eastern time and at that point, they had already shut down the security and check-in area at the terminal and allowing passengers
4:34 am
to go down below and hang out in the baggage claim. as we were walking in, they called for the total evacuatnio and put everybody outside. i'd say it was 15, 20 minutes that they were outside shivering before they had us move out of this old terminal. >> gretchen: how psyched are you? because you were going on vacation to florida? >> a little bummed. april fool's day. the important thing is everybody seems to be safe and they're handling the situation. hopefully nothing will happen. yeah. pretty cruel joke. >> steve: the good news for you is the fact you're working on your day off, so they're going to give you a comp day. >> hope you're right. >> steve: they closed the north terminal at detroit metro airport. suspicious package at a checkpoint. we'll keep you posted. thank you. >> you bet. >> steve: hope you get on the plane later today. >> gretchen: heart breaking news. u.s. soldier killed by an afghan
4:35 am
team. 26-year-old michael cable. he was guard ago meeting between u.s. and afghan officials when the teen fatally stabbed him in the neck and then fled. the boy is not believed to be connected with afghan forces. >> steve: the rescue chopper just saved a stranded snowmobiler when it went down, killing all three people on board, including that snowmobiler. it happened last night south of larson lake in alaska. the state trooper chopper was flying back to base when it crashed. the cause unknown at this hour. but hilo one is routinely used for all sorts of rescue missions year round, day and night. >> gretchen: driver's ed teacher in west virginia arrested after allegedly teaching a teen how to do this. he apparently taught her how to do doughnuts. we had a different name for that in minute money.
4:36 am
-- minute money. he told cops that he thought she should learn how to navigate in offroad conditions that she plans to go into the military. that's also helpful in snow. >> steve: oh, my goodness. meanwhile, we asked for them and so here they are. awkward easter photos. this family, not too happy about the outfit. they were probably forced to wear them by an adult in the family. and this family posing in life size easter basket. these poor little kids kicking and screaming next to that cheery easter bunny. now here is a cute one. this is a five-month-old crosby's first easter sent in april in michigan. isn't that nice? and this picture sent from brian kilmeade's friend, david. of his adorable puppy in his easter outfit, complete with fake carrots and bunny ears. >> gretchen: very cute.
4:37 am
♪ . >> gretchen: life really is a circus for an elite group of perform performers flown as the flying cruzados. it's part of the ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus circus. >> steve: we sent ainsley earhart to brooklyn to check out the greatest show on earth. are you get not guilty that thing, ainsley? >> now i know why you sent me out here i. walked into the arena, i called my husband. i said, this might be our last conversation. i love you very much. this thing -- look, these guys are way up here. i don't know if i can get that far. i'm going to give it a try. evan is here. tell me what is this thing. >> all right. this thing is the wheel of steel. it's a beautiful contraption. it's huge, as you can see. you have four members from south america here. >> including the beautiful
4:38 am
flavia. >> yes. cannot forget about her. i want to see you try this. >> i'm really nervous. i really am. okay. i think i would have been okay with this if they didn't make me sign a release and if there were nets around the wheel. >> it's live entertainment. >> i'm walk forward. stand up straight walking, walking. walking forward. right? i don't walk back ever? oh, my gop. okay, okay. my legs are shaking. they are, but i'm not going to worry about that. i'm just going to keep walking, walking. oh, my goodness! oh! this is like a huge goal for me! i didn't think i could do it! yes! thank you! okay! thank you. no autographs, please. >> gretchen: very brave, ainsley. >> steve: do you feel like a hamster in the wheel?
4:39 am
>> i do. that's what they said when we walked in. that you're going to feel like a hamster. you're right. this is so cool. we were talking earlier -- do i need to pitch this back to you? >> gretchen: yeah. you got to prepare for your next stunt. >> steve: you got guts, girl. >> i'll tell you about the lives of a clown, it's really cool. the kids are in school here. it's really amazing. back to you guys. >> steve: thank you very much. and now out to brian. >> brian: all right. i think i just got my chill. i'm with a guy that's totally out of control. last night marked the beginning of the baseball season. it started with the american league team, the houston astros to beating the texas rangers 8-2. we've got two more days of big games because everyone else is opening up. here with some predictions is major league baseball's finest broadcaster, kevin mallard. outstanding player with the red sox, the orioles, you played
4:40 am
with the cubs. you came up in the minor leagues, correct? >> correct. >> brian: world series champion. >> yes. i love coming back to new york because they hate you. >> brian: when you came, the yankees were 3-0. you spurred a rally where the yankees get swept and then go to win the world series. how do you expect new york to embrace you? >> i think they would give me some knuckles at least. it's not easy. we're down 0-3 and down game 4 against mariano. >> brian: so kevin, how the mighty have off and on. the red sox open up against the yankees in yankee stadium and not much is expected for the first time in either squad. are they right? >> that's going to be interesting because the yankees a lot of dl situation. then there were big names. so i'm not going to count them out yet. but is it going to be tough? yes. the blue jays look good and the
4:41 am
orioles, too. >> brian: they really shocked everybody last year. what about your show? >> my show, intentional talk, first opening day, 10 a.m we'll shoot live. it will be fun. it's the start of the season. >> brian: kevin, i am known for my soccer skills. so i'm going to get into the batting cage. >> soccer? >> brian: yes. so i don't know how that's going to help me here. you want to step in here. >> you got great leg, brian. >> brian: thank you very much. later i'll show you my quads. >> you're hitting. >> brian: so i'm hitting. what should i keep in mind? >> first of all, get in a nice stance. >> brian: what do you think so far? >> you're looking good. let's get your back elbow up. >> brian: a little joe morgan? >> power. let me see you swing. see, i was going to meetly get you, you're doing the old school. >> brian: you're really happy with me? >> i was really happy. keep your head down. >> brian: have you met me? this is as good as i can get. wait a second! kevin, i got a pull in my
4:42 am
hamstring. >> gretchen: how many all stars wear five inch heels. >> brian: i know one, alex rodriguez. [ cheering ] >> gretch, come on! >> gretchen: sinker! >> lemon bunt -- let me bunt. heads up! >> brian: keep it in mind, this guy is washed up. he's a has been. i don't think he has anything left. look at that. it's over. >> steve: very, very nice. maybe we should get a tee. that would be easier for us. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, veterans already frustrated because their benefits are back logged. now things could even get worse. a closer look at what could happen when we come back. plus, have you heard of the
4:43 am
impractical jokers? >> bring the order back to them of the that's one double white castle, four white castle burgers, and a small drink. [ laughter ] staying in? >> steve: it is the funniest show we've seen in a long time and the stars are here speaking loudly. first, the aflac trivia question of the day. this actress' first major role was in "singing in the rain." who is she? e-mail us with the correct answer. if you're first, you'll win. ♪ i'm laughing at clouds ♪ [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement
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4:46 am
>> steve: we got quick headlines on in
4:47 am
pakistan. she will be the first woman to run for parliament from the northwestern tribal region near afghanistan. it's a known haven for militants. the election is may 11. good luck to her. and i-77 in virginia, back open this morning after a 95-car pileup. 95. three people killed. 25 hurt. drivers say thick fog was the reason for the chain reaction. all right, gretch over to you. >> gretchen: back in 2008 when then presidential candidate barak obama vowed to clean up the department of veterans affairs. >> i'm tired of hearing stories about vets navigating a broken v.a. bureaucracy. we need to hire additional workers and create an electronic system that's fully linked up to medical records and v.a. health networks.
4:48 am
>> gretchen: recent findings by the center for investigative reporting revealed the v.a. is swamped. nearly a million vets are waiting for their v.a. benefit claims to be processed. the average wait time for resolving claims climbing to 279 days. that's a third higher than under president george h.w. bush. take a closer look, to do that is peter johnson, jr. >> this is the shame of america. there are no justice for these veterans with disabilities. now the average wait time is 273 days. there has been a 2,000% increase in the number of vied rans with disabilities waiting more than a year to get their disability benefits. these are our wounded warriors. these are our people who have been wounded, lost their arms and legs, suffering posttraumatic stress disorder and do you know who pays those bills when they're waiting for more than a year, gretchen? not you and me, as the taxpayers. but our veterans themselves. our disabled veterans. so under george w. bush, they have cut the waiting time by
4:49 am
about a third. president obama, as senator obama in 2008 made this tremendous promise that he was going to cure this, that he was going to help our veterans and now they're laying at home sick, sore, lame, disabled and paying out of their own pocket. >> gretchen: what's the problem? >> the problem is that the federal government spent about a half billion dollars on the computer system that doesn't work. 97% of the stuff is still under paperwork. now to pour salt in the wound, gretchen, the federal government is saying, we want to change the way we calculate inflation in terms of disability benefits. we want to take it and make it something called the chained cpi, the chain consumer price index by which they would pay less, almost $400 billion less over the next ten years to our disabled veterans. now they have to wait a year or more to get benefits and over the next ten years, there will
4:50 am
be a serious, serious cut based on the way the federal government says that they want to pay these benefits. saving billions of dollars on the backs of our mos valued citizens. our disabled veterans who fought for us in this country. >> gretchen: 279 days is a long time to wait when you don't have the funds and you're severely injured. >> million people waiting today. a million disabled veterans waiting today. >> gretchen: peter johnson, jr., thanks for bringing that to our attention. next up, learn how to pull off the perfect april fool's prank from these guys. >> scream the order back to him. so that's one double white castle! four white castle burgers and a small drink. [ laughter ] staying in? staying! >> gretchen: they're so good, they have their own show. we'll talk to them next. first on this day in 1990, "love will lead you back" by taylor dane was the number one song.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> steve: answer to the aflac trivia question of the day, debbie reynolds, tammy. the winner is meg epstein from dallas, texas. congratulations. >> brian: the pranksters, you have not seen them before, watch. >> one double cheese, four white castle. >> scream the order back to him. >> that's one double white castle! four white castle burgers! and a small drink! [ laughter ] staying in! staying! [ laughter ] waiting for card authorization? approveed!
4:55 am
baboom! [ laughter ] >> brian: we have two of the impractical jokeers. welcome to beth of you. >> thank you so much. >> brian: four high school friends. whose idea was it that this could be a show? >> all of ours. we were hanging out eating sandwiches in our apartments,. >> brian: like you do. >> we were talk being what could be a good show. >> steve: in that scene, one of you is there at the counter and the other three are removed from the location, but you're talking into a microphone and you're telling him what to do. >> right. that's basically it. do you what you are told, you can not refuse. that's a really frightening situation. >> gretchen: so each different episode is setting up another member of your team. >> everybody goes. so we all work the counter at white castle. whatever does the worst loses and at the end of the episode, whoever lost the most gets punished. >> gretchen: what do you have to do at the counter?
4:56 am
>> i had to offer a guy money if he would take his shirt off and show me his chest. >> gretchen: i'm sorry i asked. good thing it was a guy. >> brian: i loved the m.m.a. classes you taught. you went in front of experienced fighters and introduced as the lead fighter and you just rolled around. >> we had to teach our technique, which was grappling. we just held each other and rolled. and then we made the whole class do it. >> they'll do a lot when they think you're a ninja [ laughter ] >> brian: how much more do you have left in you? >> we got another season. it will air in mid to late summer. >> there is a lot of people in new york. >> steve: in practical jokers, thursdays at 10 on true tv. thank you very much.
4:57 am
>> appreciate it. thank you. >> gretchen: google is under fire, decided to honor caesar chavez instead of easter. what do you think? e-mail us. >> steve: then when should you toss food from the fridge? when is it no longer any good to eat for anybody at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers,
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electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer wet and dry refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, april 1, 2013. hope you're gonna have a great day. fox news alert. evacuation underway right now at one of the nation's busiest airports. the bomb squad is on the scene. we have the breaking details for you. >> steve: and it's the break heard around the world. kevin ware's gut wrenching injury last night stunned the crowd. but inspired his teammates to win and grab a spot in the final four. this morning he's out of surgery with a trophy in his hospital bed, as you can see, screen right. >> brian: ladies, if you're smart, you'll grab a husband on campus. ivy league campus because the rest of the world may be just too dumb for you. that's the message some are
5:01 am
taking from a certain column that appeared on a certain web site. we'll explain. "fox & friends" starts just about now. >> steve: easter monday, day after easter. hope you had a nice weekend. we have dispatched our own ainsley earhart out to the barkley center with the ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus. what are you up to now? >> i'm learning how to do what these great guys do. this is the king charles group. they do basketball stunts on these union cycles. the double dutch jumping in the background. we've been having fun this morning. we're at the barkley center with the greatest show on earth. coming up, i'll introduce you to the star of the show. i won't tell you who she is. she's coming up. stick around. >> gretchen: all right. we look forward to it. >> brian: a lot of action there. anesy was practically on her own
5:02 am
with the unicycle. >> gretchen: it's like me in the battle cage. >> steve: half an hour ago issues she was in the ring of steel. i don't know if i could do that. holy cow. >> gretchen: she did that. >> brian: tomorrow she'll northbound a world of pain. >> steve: charles payne. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines now. developing story here, if you have travel plans, the bomb squad now is at detroit metropolitan airport investigate ago suspicious item. it forced one terminal to be evacuated. you can see scores of people being escorted outside in 28 degrees with their luggage. we hear one person now in custody. an item resembling an explosive device was found in an x-ray machine at a security checkpoint. the north terminal is a major hub for spirit airlines. the airport also the second largest hub for delta, the world's largest a airline. investigation underway in texas this morning to find who murdered a district attorney and his wife in their home. police have not named a suspect or motive in mike and cynthia mcclellan's murders, but say the couple was targeted.
5:03 am
investigators are look for a possible connection with the murder of assistant district attorney two months ago. following his death, mike mcclellan issued this warning for the suspect. >> we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in and we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> gretchen: police now stepping up security for elected officials until arrests in both murders are made. overnighter, the united states sent f-22 stealth fighter jets to south korea. the advanced radar evading raptors were deployed to the main u.s. air force base in south korea. they will join military drills to defend seoul in the face of these new threats from north korea. over the weekend north korea said it was entering a, quote, state of war, whatever that means with south korea in response what to what it calls the hostile military drills. we asked for them, so here they are. more awkward easter photos.
5:04 am
this family deciding to pose for a picture a little too early in the morning. what kind of bunny outfit is that? the little boy next to him obviously not amused. >> steve: what is that? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> gretchen: another interesting costume. this bunny completing it with a purple satin jacket. those are your headlines. >> brian: so last night one of the games most of you watched, millions have been watching this battle of 64, they were down to the elite eight and it was louisville against duke, two of the finest coaches of this generation of college coaches, rick patino against coach gates. they may not be talk being the win. they'll be talking about the injury to a sophomore from the bronks, kevin ware. >> steve: it happened moments before these images. we're not going to show actual break. he repeat to defend a three point shot by a duke guard. it was in the first half. ware planted his leg, turned and
5:05 am
broke a bone. it was so awful to look at, you can see right here by the expression on the players and the coaches and people watching around the world, here is reaction from last night court side. >> all i did was, i brought them all together and he said to me five times, i'm okay. just win the game. i got everybody over after we covered up the injury. i said listen to him. >> he's one of the strongest people i've ever seen in my life. the only thing on his mind was winning the game. that's what he kept saying, but honestly, we were in shock. >> it was real hard. it was real hard. like i say, i continued to play hard. we got the victory for him. >> gretchen: so it was a horrific break, as you heard it described there and he did have successful surgery after the game. he'll be out about a year. they made reference to another football player, matt bush. right? i think. anyway, he had a similar
5:06 am
injury -- mike bush. okay. and he made it and came back to football. so they're expecting that after a year off, he'll be able to play again. but you can see in the hospital bed, he had the trophy. now they're down to the final four. louisville came back in the second half and really just kind of took care of duke after that. >> brian: louisville moves on and play wichita state next. here is one washington tradition that is not getting scrambled by the crester. the white house easter roll is underway right now as we speak. >> gretchen: wendell goler is live at the white house. how many eggs have you found so far? >> one. >> gretchen: okay. >> i got it here in my pocket. i've been covering this annual event. this year in doubt because of the sequester, the white house decided not to cancel it, though they've canceled the daily tours here because of the extra uniformed division secret service protection. but the annual easter egg roll is in part self sustaining.
5:07 am
they sell these wooden eggs, have been since the reagan administration to partially pay for this event. now, you can get a five-pack this year that includes one with the first dog, boau -- beau's paw print. they used to hold this at the capitol. but in 1876, grant band the annual gathering because of all the egg shells left on the grounds. seven years later, grover cleveland invited them to the white house. they've been coming here ever since. 300,000 people request tickets this year. 30,000 selected randomly. this year, nascar driver danica patrick, minnesota viking adrien peter. jordan sparks, jessica sanchez and many others. this year's event will feature a number of stations reflecting the first lady's let's move fitness push. they're already jumping around here, doing hula hoops, jump rope. there will be dance, basketball,
5:08 am
tennis and also a yoga garden for folks like myself. there will be arts and crafts with egg dyeing and decorating. the egg roll itself already going on to my right over here. i think ed may be able to get you a shot of it. there they go! president and first lady will make an appearance today. last year mr. obama read "where the wild things are." one of the stars this year, likely to be nine-year-old robbie novak, known as kid's president, whose executive order is to treat everybody like it's their birthday. back to you. >> steve: very nice. any chance we could see you and ed henry sprint with wooden spoons and hard boiled eggs? >> you know, it's been a number of years since i could get down there. [ laughter ] the knees don't bend like they used to, guys. >> gretchen: you're still in great shape. >> brian: get awe long spoon. >> gretchen: thanks, wendell. some christians are upset at
5:09 am
google now because, in fact, they're calling for a boycott. about you see -- did you see what they put up on their screen yesterday? they decided to honor cesar chavez instead of honoring easter. i think actually their response back was more incite to go a certain degree than never responding. they actually said, yeah, we wanted to honor historical figure who had an impression on people in life. okay, that actually doesn't stack up in historical books. only the bible, which is the number one selling book in the world. >> brian: has that been done before? >> gretchen: i don't know. >> steve: you know what they could do, and they haveçok fead easter once, but never on easter sunday. i don't think they have ever done a christmas doodle. they have done happy holidays. but yoknow what? why not put an easter logo and then on commemoration of another holiday, a ramadan, buddhist day, yom kippur, have a logo so
5:10 am
people can click on it and learn about other religions. it's kind of crazy. it looks a little pc. >> brian: shouldn't be on the computer on easter anyway. you should be enjoying your family and reconnecting. >> gretchen: he's eating chocolate. did you hear kids eat 5,000 calories of chocolate on easter weekend? >> brian: really? >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: a lot of people were on the computer finding out what time church was. >> gretchen: that could be true. did you hear this? there was this princeton alum, she is a woman who was in one -- she was in the first graduating class, i think, that when they started allowing women back in 1977. she went back to do some work on campus and she had some advice for some women after she was there. she wrote an op ed in the newspaper there. basically saying that women who go to princeton should be sure to find their husband while they are there because that will be the one time where they're in a select group of intelligent, intellectual men to choose from and they will be so con solidated that they'll never find that opportunity in life
5:11 am
ever again. >> steve: to a lot of people it sounds like an elitist message, while you're there, find a smart guy there. >> brian: we should tell dean kane that. >> steve: she wrote, it will frustrate you to be with a man who isn't as smart as you. she also, after she got -- she doubled down and i'm going to use something in the huffington post today where she doubles down. she says, so you unsatisfying is it for exceptionally well educated women to be with men would are not their connectally equal. i am divorced. i did not marry a princeton man. i wish i had. ouch. >> gretchen: she sounds a little scorned because after 27 years of marriage she got divorced and then said she should have married. so maybe hindsight is 20/20. it's hard to manage all of your aspirations in life when you're so young, you want to have a career. you want to get married maybe down the road. it's hard to fit that all together. some people do. so the happiest couples that i know met in college. >> brian: are the best matches
5:12 am
the ones that qualify for an ivy league? they're talking about ivy league. so they want high sat grades in the perfect mate, they want someone with a high class rank to rank number one with you. >> steve: a lot of people don't go to college for whatever reason. abraham lincoln didn't go to college. >> brian: what has he ever done? okay. he became president. >> steve: did he ever get a google doodle? >> brian: i don't know. >> steve: let us know what think about that. coming up, he left the senate because he says conservatives haven't figured out how to communicate with the american people. former senator jim demint here live next. >> gretchen: then here is something you don't normally see on the green. yeah. that's a golfer doing a little jig with no pants on. the story behind the video coming up. i don't mind the to trousers ♪
5:13 am
using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need, before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past mprime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend.
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. he left the senate claiming conservatives can't communicate with the american people and he was upset with how partisan washington had become. now former south carolina senator jim demint taking a new job aimed at fixing that problem. the former senator joins me now. good to see you. >> gretchen, good morning. >> gretchen: so a lot of people were upset and stunned when you decided to step down from your seat in the (you're going to be taking over the heritage foundation. you said it was because congress was just so partisan. right? >> gretchen, for years the heritage foundation has been collecting the evidence and publishing it that conservative ideas actually make life better for everyone and as someone who has been in marketing and communications, it's frustrating for me to realize that people don't see that benefit in their life. we know most people agree with the conservative ideas of
5:17 am
limited government and a balanced budget and individual liberty. these ideas people agree with. but they haven't been communicated very well through the political process. what i want to do, along with people all over the country, is just to learn to communicate these ideas better. we know we've got ideas that work. we just haven't learned how to communicate them to the people yet. >> gretchen: communication was a big part of the last election. president obama's team was very good at the messaging and i'm not sure exactly how you feel about how the republicans were, but are you getting together with the rnc at all then to discuss how the messaging should move forward? >> no. this is not about republicans or democrats. this is really about the ideas that make america better. gretchen, we believe that if we do a good enough job of making these ideas so persuasive across the country, the politics will follow. hopefully the republicans and number of democrats will as well. buff the politicians -- but the politicians need to be promoting the ideas that make life better
5:18 am
for americans and help us achieve our goals and our dreams. that's not happening through the political process right now. >> gretchen: well, let me go back to my original question, which was you left the senate because you believed it was too partisan. is that correct? >> well, it was just polarized. i'm not sure partisan is the right word. that suggests that people vote because they're republican or democrat. but there are polar opposite views. those that believe the government should control most of our lives and those who really believe that america is all about a ground up phenomenon where millions of people make their own decisions about what they want to do in their lives. so there is a lot of polarization. what we need to do is unite america around common ideas. i think that's got to be done outside of politics. >> gretchen: how do you feel about the news over the weekend, then, that the gang of eight maybe has come together in a bipartisan way, at least on immigration reform? >> well, i hope that we can come to some agreement on fixing our
5:19 am
immigration system. immigration is key to americans -- to our heritage and we have certainly let the system go on for too long broken. but the way to fix it is not to start by talking about let's grant citizenship and other rewards to people who came here illegally. let's fix the system so that those who came here the right way can benefit with more jobs and more opportunities. >> gretchen: all right. incoming president now, former senator jim demint to the heritage foundation. thanks. >> thanks. >> gretchen: he was shot seven times by a man who shouted allah akbar. so does the victim deserve a purple heart? our government says nope. your e-mails saying something else. and honey, can you sniff this? when it's okay to eat the food in your fridge and who do you put to the sniff test? when should you toss it out? right back with all that info
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> steve: quick headlines. while you were sleeping, a rescue helicopter that had just saved a stranded snowmobiler in alaska went down, killing all the people on board, including two state troopers and that snowmobiler. and a decision later in the bankruptcy case in stockton, california, if the city is found eligible for bankruptcy protection, it would be the largest u.s. city not to have to pay back its bond holders. setting a legal precedent and if they do it, a whole bunch of other places might as well. that's the news. >> brian: thanks, stockton. do you know americans -- did you
5:24 am
know americans throw away 30 billions pounds of food each year? a lot of that food may not be ready for the trash after all. how do you know what to keep and what to toss, steve? >> steve: good question, brian. here to explain to you and i and everybody watching is author and expert for national frozen and refrigerated foods association, one of my favorite associations, allison lewis. good morning to you. this is going to be helpful. every time you see something on eggs or bread, it will have a date on it. there are three different kinds of dates. the first one we're going to put up, explain to us, if you will, the expiration date. what does that mean? >> expiration date is the last date that a product should be used or eaten. that's one of the most important ones. >> brian: pay attention to it? >> yes. absolutely. >> brian: use by date. >> use by, that is set by the manufacturer. that actually tells when the product is at its best, most peak quality. so you can use it after that, but it's gonna be best --
5:25 am
>> brian: you're not going to be as happy? >> probably not. >> steve: but then this is one of the most mystifying ones to me. it's the sell by date because, all right, say it says, sell bay april 4. okay. then when do i eat it buy. >> brian: the pressure is off the store, now it's on me. >> sell by date is actually for the store to know how long it should be on disflay. >> steve: that's not helping us! >> it depends. item by item, it's a little different. but try to follow the sell by, but usually have a few days up to a week. >> brian: i go shopping. >> steve: that's not the real world. >> brian: i have done more than you know. so i see my deli meat and i say, i wonder if this is good. it's not important what it says. may 20. 2013. so i could buy this? >> you can totally buy this. and then after may 20, you can still keep this for three to five days. you can actually freeze deli
5:26 am
meat as well for up to a month or so. >> steve: so after you open it then, how long is it good? >> three to five days. >> steve: what about eggs? how can you tell if the eggs are no longer any good? >> brian: they're brown. >> actually eggs can stay in the refrigerator three weeks after the sell by date. >> steve: really? >> if they're in the coldest part of the refrigerator. if you put them on the door, there is too much temperature fluctuation. not going to be as good. >> brian: what about bread? obviously the mold -- >> mold is a sign. squeeze test. if it's soft, you're in good shape. if you have a bagguette, you need to cut into it and look for mold. >> steve: with my kids, we had condiment questions. after you opened mayonnaise, how long is that good for? 'cause i don't think we've had any of this since christmas?
5:27 am
>> mayonnaise, be really careful, especially if it's on the door again. lots of temperature fluctuation. i try not to keep mine more than a few weeks. really, your best bet is when people are throwing away a lot of things, is to actually buy frozen things, like fruits and vegetables. tear actually picked at their peak frozen. then they come in these re-sealable bags. you end up not throwing them away. >> brian: i call my mom and i'm going to give my mom's phone number out 'cause she always has it right. >> steve: thank you very much for telling us what all that stuff means and remember, folks, if you can keep things not on the door, but inside the big part. >> also there are more tips on how long something is good. >> brian: straight ahead, thanks. he was shot seven times by a man who called out allah akbar. so does that victim deserve a purple heart? he was on a military base. our government says no. your e-mails saying something
5:28 am
entirely different. >> gretchen: then the story behind this video. yes. that is a professional pantless -- does he have to bend over? what's he doing? where is snow who is he? brian has that in sports. >> brian: why does he run like that? for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh...
5:29 am
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>> steve: today our shot of the morning is a live look at the white house, the annual easter egg roll underway right now on the south lawn. the tradition wasn't scrambled by that pesky sequester. it's being kept alive thanks to private donations and souvenir eggs more than 30,000 people are expected to join the first family on the south lawn when they come out, you'll see it live. we should point out, those kids who do that egg roll, they've got wooden spoons and they do use real hard boiled eggs. as we saw earlier from wendell goler, the decorative and commemorative eggs are made of wood. because they don't want kids leaving with hard boiled egg because it's from the white house, they would keep it forever and eat it in a couple of years and somebody would get sick and there would be a lawsuit and that would be a problem. >> gretchen: speaking of spoiled foods -- meantime, the defense department is refusing to give the fort hood -- remember in the shootings in texas at the base
5:33 am
there -- refuse to go give the survivors purple hearts because it would force them to label the case terrorism. this has been a debate for so long because the shooter hasan, who you saw, he shouted onto, allah akbar as he was doing the shootings. it was obvious he was under the tutelage of terrorists. so was it really domestic violence or was it terrorism? and what are the ramifications of not calling it terrorism? >> steve: it was terrorism. you know, and i'm looking at the e-mails, that's what you think. he was on with us earlier. regarding the purple heart, you are given a purpose heart if you are injured or killed in service to your nation. he was and he, i'm speak of, is sergeant alonzo lunsford, he was on duty that day in fort hood and he joined us earlier to talk about this decision by the u.s. department of defense. >> who was the victim? major hassan or the 32 survivors
5:34 am
and the 14 deceased? and it's already obvious that information has come out where he got his orders from to perform his jihad that day and his motive of the attack. i feel very disappointed and i feel like we don't even matter. for this man not to have served one day in a combat zone or in a threat area, and for him to get the treatment that he's getting opposed to treatment we're getting, it's an embarrassment. >> steve: that particular guy was shot seven times. if that's not a purple heart, i don't know what is. >> brian: what is the problem with giving them a purple heart? >> gretchen: it's a cyclical thing. it's not only the purple heart, it is the benefits. they get -- the victims get less benefits because it has been deemed workplace violence versus
5:35 am
an act of terrorism. it sort of affects their lives all the way around. >> steve: in this case, the defense department said essentially if they helped the victims by giving them a purple heart, it would designate that he had been a terrorist and that would harm his prosecution. so it's all about giving him a fair trial and we want everybody to have a fair trial, but please, give those poor people who were injured or shot the fairness they deserve. >> brian: ed says ha han probably shot more people than most combatants in afghanistan. sure, the purple heart is in order and the badge of shame for those who prevent it. >> gretchen: john from ohio, e-mailed, the medal should not be given to the fort hood members who were shot. fort hood was not a about the zone and we were not at war with the shooter. many veterans spent lengthy times in combat zones, many times in constant danger. >> brian: we are at war. this guy is a member of al-qaeda. he was subscribing to them. their magazine and their chief terrorist anwar al-awlaki, who
5:36 am
we thought was bad enough to take out without a trial. remember? >> steve: when hasan was shooting the people, he was screaming, allah akbar. lynn tweeted us, said, saw segment with fort hood victim. horrified the administration treats criminals and illegals better than our war heros. all right. >> brian: now to the rest of your headlines. four people hurt, one seriously after a man crashed his car into a wal-mart and began attacking customers. you can see the car inside the store in san jose, california. the suspect apparently drove through the front door, slammed it into a display. >> tried to run the people over by the coke machines. he was in there to hurt people. you know what i'm saying? >> brian: police arrested him on assault charges. it's believed drugs or alcohol may have been involved. >> gretchen: easter morning robbery at this philadelphia home turns fatal as the homeowner kills one of the intruders. the second suspect seen here, got away unharmed. the homeowner not expected to be
5:37 am
charged for the shooting because under pennsylvania state law, homeowners are able to forcefully defends their property. the story behind this video. yep, come to your screen. he takes off his pants to hit a shot. he dropped his drawers during the european tour to hit the ball of a it went into the water. to make matters worse, he then shuffled, or a gig of sorts to mark the ball. before putting his pants back on, the bottom line, he made a bogey on the hole to finish 15th. >> steve: if i wasn't wearing pants out on the golf course, i might be shuffling like that, too. >> brian: i don't know. to finish 15th i don't know if it's worth it, but he's on international news. maria molina knows nothing about this incident, but does know a lot about the weather. >> yeah, that's right. good morning, everybody. we're talking about relatively milder temperatures in new york city. more springlike in new york city and surrounding areas, but enjoy it while you have it because as we head into tomorrow, it will
5:38 am
get colder. we have a cold front swinging through and we'll actually bring us a chance for a spotty shower in new york city. further west to the west of the front, feeling the chill. minneapolis. 36 degrees for your high temperature today. 40 in chicago and only 38, well below average in cleveland. 86 will be your high temperature in san antonio. always warm in texas. otherwise looking at those showers already swinging through portions of the northeast and also heavier downpours in parts of the carolinas and georgia. on the tail end of the system, your talking severe weather possible. in parts of texas and parts of oklahoma, some snow also possible. coming off of the great lakes, six to ten inches of snow possible in portions of upstate new york. otherwise, gretchen, you're from minnesota, the twins opening day, 32 degrees. it will be a very chilly day out there. but at least it will be dry. >> gretchen: bring out your snowmobile suits. thanks. you can argue it's a better
5:39 am
baseball city to be -- one zoo is turning the tables on pranksters that call up every year looking for sally mander and don key. joining us is the spokesperson for the zoo. matt, i grew up in minnesota. i have many childhood memories of coming to the zoo. so thanks for being our guest. >> thanks for having me on the most foolish of days. i really appreciate it. >> steve: it is the most foolish of days. historically, people have thought i'm going to be clever and call the zoo to try to prank you. what would they say? >> okay. so we've been around for about 100 years and for those 100 years, we've been getting these calls for mr. j.raff, people will leave messages. let's say you left one that said call mr. steve. they would say, mr. lion there? no, no, you called the zoo. a lot of people don't get that you called the zoo. so what we did is we set up four
5:40 am
special lines, mr. lion, mr. wolf, anna conda and ella fint. we're hoping folk also call these lines instead of our main number and having our front line staff trying to explain, oh, you called the zoo. so it's been a great success for us. >> brian: let's listen to what we would get if we tried to prank you. >> steve: here is mr. lion. >> roar. thank you for calling mr. lion at como park zoo and conservatory and happy april fool's day. yep. that's right. you just got pranked. since you've been such a good sport, we're offering a special deal. call 651-487-8229 and tell them you've earned the prankster package and receive $10 off any animal sponsorship. have a great day. grrrar. >> gretchen: matt, you do a pretty nice roar. i can tell if that's your voice there.
5:41 am
literally, you were getting tons of calls, right? this was not like just a couple of calls. >> no. we've gotten tons and tons. every year it's more. if you can't beat them, join em. have fun with this. >> steve: he's actually inviting people to prank the como zoo in the twin cities area. by the way, you have prince albert in a can? >> he just left with the refrigerator. >> steve: that guy has been to the rodeo before. >> gretchen: what do people get? ten dollars off any animal sponsorship if they actually get pranked and call your line. you're making it work for everybody. >> that's right. we figure, let's try to throw this in, a special prankster package for everyone. >> brian: good job. talk to you later. >> thank you. >> steve: don't pawn our rights. that's what reality tv star and small business owner rick harrison is saying. he's got a message for the president when he joins us live from vegas next.
5:42 am
>> gretchen: ainsley now a member of the ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus. yes. >> i'm not coming back to fox. i'm going to stay here and travel with the circus. we are with the greatest show on earth, ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus. guess what? you're about to meet the biggest diva they say of the show. she's behind this curtain and there she is. this is asia. she's going to perform for us, dance for us and even going to paint a portrait of herself because, you know, she's a diva. stay with us.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> that, you don't want. a counterfeit bill is not legal to own. not a problem. you're the best. >> appreciate it. how much you want for it? >> i'd like $1,000. >> i need to get five. >> i'll give you 500 bucks. >> all right. >> steve: look at that. that's reality star and small business owner rick harrison on his hit tv show. but this morning he's got a message for our president. don't trounce our rights. rick joins us live from las vegas. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: i know what got you fired up. you were trying to film in southern california last week and what happened thanks to regulation nation? >> basically what it was, i wanted to film a show and it was a place in california, a small, tiny town, like 20 people live there. and during the fall and winter, literally like 100,000 people show up on the weekends.
5:47 am
it's a really weird subculture. this go offroad in sand dunes. everybody from guys with half million dollars motor homes with a half million dollars worth of sand toys to small family in a pick up truck with at the present times and a dune buggy. there's a lot of neat characters there. i thought it would make a great television show. we put together some development money and even the small budget little reality show employs over 100 people. we applied for film permits and this is on federal land. and they basically told us, well, because of budget cuts, we're not going to give you a film permit. i mean, it's insanity. we wanted to give the money -- give government money for the film permits. the government would make money, and we would employ people who would pay taxes. i just -- it was insane.
5:48 am
i went on a real rant about it. >> steve: you're not alone, there are so many regulations that are driving small business owners crazy. for instance, when it comes to obamacare, you've got 63 employees. you don't know exactly how that's going to impact you because have you or any other employers read all 2300 pages of that stuff? >> well, actually i think it's 2700 pages and now close to 20,000 pages of regulations. i mean, literally you would need a four-year college degree to understand this. i talked to my director of operations. we're actually hiring a consulting firm to tell us what we have to do. >> steve: man. that is crazy. you tell in your story, in your show about how when you wound up in vegas, your family was poor, but you've been able to create a good life for you and your family right now. but you wonder if the american dream for a lot of people is now dying.
5:49 am
>> it really is. just between every layer of government that you have to go through to open a small business now, i mean, in the '80s, i've been an entrepreneur my whole life. i've made money on business, closed businesses, everything else. in the '80s it would take you two or three days and you would have a business license and be operating. now it takes months to get the doors open and it shuts out more and more and more people. it really is the american dream, for a young person in their 20s or even earlier, to scrape together what they can, work like a dog, and really try and make something of themselves. if they fail, you know what? they fail, they can do it again. henry ford declared bankruptcy before he had ford. >> steve: it worked out for him. we get your frustration. the government needs to be there, but get out of our way and ultimately that's -- you're
5:50 am
living proof of that. check out his show, monday nights, tonight. 10 p.m rick, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> steve: it's now about ten minutes before the top of the of the hour. when we come back, anesy is painting with the circus elephants. believe it or not. first, martha mccallum, who coincidentally, they were painting her office last week, joins us live. >> and there are some circus elephants in there, so be careful when you come by. good morning, everybody. so ronald reagan's budget director now says that we have been lied to and we have been robbed by those who have tried to fix this economy. that's coming up. and the easter egg roll is on today at the white house. so has the sequester turned out to be no quester? a princeton grad says grab your husbands in college, ladies. lot of backlash on this one. we'll talk about itat when bill
5:51 am
and i see you at the top of the hour [ male announcer ] what do you get when you take 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat and bake it with real sweet potato or savory red bean? a new line of triscuit crackers with a delicious taste and a crispier crunch. brown rice triscuit. a new take on an old favorite. the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that tur an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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>> gretchen: for more than 100 years, ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus has been wowing audiences around the world. this morning we sent ainsley earhart to hang out with some of the stars of the greatest show on earth. i understand we're going to meet the diva? >> you are. the biggest diva in the greatest show on earth. i'm here with ryan, the assistant superintendent for the animals here. we have the biggest diva behind us, right? who are we meeting? >> asia, the elephant. she's one of eight elephants on the show. >> i'll get to you stand back here. >> 45 years old and she weighs a whopping 8,700 pounds. >> wow, she's beautiful. so tell me what she's known for. what is she doing now? n her biggest feature is painting. our all access preshow before the show, she'll create one of her masters with piece paintings and give it away to one lucky
5:55 am
winner. what she's doing now is some of the routine you'll see in the show. >> how exactly do you train an elephant? >> lot of reward and repetition. >> what are the rewards? >> favorite treat is a whole loaf of freshly baked bread. >> a loaf! look how cute she is. >> wow. she's amazing. >> we spend over $6 million every year providing food and vet care for all the animals on the show. >> how many do you have? >> we've got eight elephants on the show, total we have 42 asian elephants. between our three traveling circuses and our cec, our sensor elephant conservation in florida. >> she's painting right now. >> she is. >> the kids love it. >> she's not a special gift for you after she's finished. >> for me? >> yes. i think you can guess what it is. >> a painting. >> as well as she's smart. she responds to over 50 verbal
5:56 am
commands in german, france and a little indian. >> 'cause you travel all over the world. >> they're endangered? >> they are. we are committed to insuring they will be around for many, many years. that's why ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus established -- good, it's so nice to meet you. i wish you the best. this is your last show in brooklyn. >> it is. we're finishing our stay tonight. >> so they're jumping on the train. they actually live on the train. every person in the circus gets their own car. the kids travel, husbands, wives. >> here is your gift. >> here is my gift. wonderful. okay. thank you so much. back to you guys in the studio. steve and gretchen and brian, i'm going to bring this back for you. >> gretchen: thanks. >> thank you, asia! >> gretchen: beautiful. like a rainbow. >> steve: put it on your refrigerator, like we did with our kids' art. "fox & friends," more in a couple of minutes éyéy÷y
5:57 am
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