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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 4, 2013 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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bill: i think you might have the toughest job. martha: you make references, but everyone now says no, we are on the same wavelength, ladies. happening now starts right now. jenna: the same thing happens. the same thing. a lot going on today. north korea moving missiles to the east coast in wanting its military is now authorized to attack the united states. and the latest on the growing threats they are. and a west virginia sheriff shot and killed. investigators looking for a motive in the third murder of a law enforcement official. and we have a surprising caught on camera moment. it is all "happening now."
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jon: we are fired up. sorry about that audio problem. it happens sometimes. a lot of important stories to get you. i am generally. jon: i am jon scott. grumblings in washington as president obama begins the second day of fundraising. during a denver police academy yesterday before heading west. he attends private events today in california in hopes of helping democrats win back the house of representatives and hold onto the senate in next year's midterm elections. watchdogs are blasting the president for taking part after promising campaign-finance reform during his first term. ed henry is live from the white house. does this suggest that the president can work with congress right now? >> it has been getting earlier
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for both cards as they try to fight it out. he had two events last night, two events today, the president. law-enforcement officials, talking about gun control, saying that he wanted to work with republicans to find common sense and common ground on some of these gun-control measures. that sounds like a contradiction, although the white house spokesmen insist that raising money for democrats will also work for republicans and that is not appropriate. >> to do the kinds of things that we need to do to reduce gun violence, enhancing our energy independence while improving our environment. these are things that almost all require bipartisan cooperation.
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jon: they are noting a lot of fundraising. the president in this case has been criticized by fellow democrats for not stepping up to the plate. his own fund-raising for his reelection. if democrats can take back the house in 2014, that could be a big boost for his second term agenda and so he is starting earlier than usual. jon: he is out there raising millions for democrats. but i understand that the president is planning to take a pay cut because of the sequester? >> yes, it is obviously a symbolic gesture. the white house says it is sympathizing with federal workers that are about to be furloughed. but maybe he will return as% of his salary and thought it would help his approval ratings. but he takes a 180,000-dollar an
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hour plane ride. so take a look at this as well. >> we should ask the very wealthiest americans to pay a little bit more. >> having a little fun with the president in the reelection campaign, talking about millionaires and billionaires. now he is hitting putting up some of those same folks for fund-raising. jon: ed henry, thank you. jenna: doubling down on threats from north korea. they are clear that they want to wage nuclear war. this raises some fears and there is some question about the effectiveness of their
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technology. chuck hagel says washington is taking this very seriously, making it clear that he doesn't want to make a mistake where north korea is concerned. >> as they have ratcheted up their bellicose dangers regularly, some of the actions they have taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to our allies starting with south korea. jenna: some of the moves in the region like flying these were playing through the area have been tied to drills. "the wall street journal" is reporting that u.s. is dialing back on military response to north korea amid fears that it could ignite a crisis. which is something that always bring no one wants to see. it is assessing the north's
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posture and the administration has not ruled out future shows of force. jon: the u.s. just announced it is speeding up an advanced missile defense system to guam in the next few weeks. it stands for terminal high-altitude area defense. having this ground-based system allows the navy to reposition its warships with radar and intercepting missiles close to the north korean coast. it was developed in the 1990s and cost more than a billion dollars. it deals with longer range missile threats, intercepting ballistic missiles at higher altitudes and farther down range from the intended targets. this allows for more shock opportunities, if you will, to intercept any threats that are incoming. this is especially important for missiles carrying weapons of mass destruction because it destroys them, the idea is before they hit their targets and do any real damage. jenna: in the meantime, a u.n. investigation is ongoing as to
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whether chemical weapons were indeed used in syria. investigators are looking into a deadly attack. the syrian government claims the rebels are to blame and they say that the government in it. they are trying to determine what, if any chemical weapons are being used and they are facing major challenges as you can probably appreciate. jim is live in washington with more. reporter: leading experts prohibits its use. they have definitive conclusions about whether chemical weapons were used in this instant and they are regrettably low. scientists and technicians were hoping to touch down in syria this week and may or may not receive full cooperation and access from the syrian government, which requested this investigation. it remains an active war zone.
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even the most reliable witnesses, the attending physicians from this area have had little experience with toxic industrial chemicals. and may prove somewhat unreliable. >> as you stand here, it does not sound like you possess any evidence of any chemical weapons that were released. >> as i said, we do not believe that the opposition has the capability with regard to the regime. >> but you can't tell us what you have any reason to believe that the regime used chemical weapons. >> do not try to put words in my mouth. i said we needed to investigate. >> leading the investigation is a former chief inspector from back in the 1990s who helped inventory and dismantle iraq arsenal.
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despite his reputation, they say that they cannot possibly be unbiased. follow me at james rosen at and fnc. it struck you, it would hurt. jenna: okay, thank you so much, james. always asking the tough questions and those press briefings. thank you so much as always. >> psychological abuse tears away your character. when you are physically abused, you question your own perception, you are in a place
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where you got your integrity. your self-esteem is going down. because this is the mood of the relationship that is created in this context of psychological abuse. if you add physical abuse to it, you add layers of fear. other kinds of fear in our relationship. >> that was the domestic violence on the stand testifying for the defense, saying that jodi arias is not in the wrong. this witness talks more about travis alexander's behavior. has she presented anything new here? reporter: well, day 41. she has been on the stand and
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why she believes that travis alexander's is not an abuser. she left the stand about halfway through yesterday because she was ill. as of right now, court is set to begin a little bit more than an hour and we are told that she will be there. trying to lay out this whole idea that by basing her testimony and e-mails and going through other documents, that travis alexander was basically an abuser physically and mentally and she pulled it through stories like this one. >> he would grab her and drove her to it before. and she would basically say that it hurts. and he would hit her. and she's trying to block that kick and he kicks her and breaks
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her finger. reporter: that is recounting a story that was told to her. all of this was based on interviews a couple of years after she killed travis alexander. it is remain to be seen what will happen with the jury and if they will remain biased. when the defense rests with this witness, you know you're going to bring this up, saying you're basing your testimony on stories told to you by this woman who admits that she has lied for years. it will be interesting to see how aggressive he goes with this witness. once the jury has a chance to ask their questions as well, then we are told the defense will rest and there will be two rebuttal witnesses by the prosecution. the way things are going come in this case is probably going to go throughout the entire month of april before it gets in the
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jury's hands. jon: there already questions raised about the broken finger. is that right? >> absolutely right. there is no proof anywhere that she had a broken finger caused by travis alexander. even in her diary didn't write about it. jon: we will keep an eye on it. thank you for your help. a legal panel way what impact this will have on the testimony. jenna: and breaking developments in the craigslist murder case. a sentence that he received yesterday. plus, a new and deadly strain of the bird flu. the cdc is following this very closely. how concerned should you be? we have a live story coming up. arigato!
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jon: crime stories making headlines or a judge in ohio.
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his self-styled preacher was convicted of murdering three who responded a bogus job offers on craigslist. the jury recommending that he faced execution and the judge today agrees. in a new jersey mechanic turned himself into police for 1990 murder. friends say that he was wracked with guilt over fatally stabbing a 15-year-old boy. no word yet on the motor. and a deadly shooting at fort knox happened in the parking lot outside the army human resources command center. many say this was not a random act of violence. jenna: new information on the bird flu today. the cdc is keeping a close eye on this new and deadly strain. for more cases were diagnosed just this week. a reporter is live in atlanta with more on this. jonathan, how concerned should we be? >> this is a new form.
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it is called h7n9. it has been seen in birds, but not humans. the chinese media is reporting that 11 people have gotten sick. this can spread from birds to humans, but there are no confirmed cases of human to human transmission. the bad news is that viruses constantly mutate. there is always a chance this could turn into something that could be passed from person to person. jenna: how likely is that? >> it is really too early to tell. >> there is an international partnership we have started a process now and there have been
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developments. >> is good to start early because vaccines can take a very long time to make. jenna: this is such a concern globally. >> drinking beer, pulling out a gun, this video was taken inside a jail. the guys were inmates already. and a west virginia sheriff was shot dead in his car. investigators are trying to figure out why someone wanted to kill him. we will speak with a retired fbi agent about the latest murder of a law enforcement official this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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jenna: a new demand to clean up one city's prison system after a shocking new video. we have video from a new york city newsroom. >> yes, that's comes in 2009. it is not new, but newly being made public. the police during a court hearing over who should run to new orleans prison system. the city will of new orleans or the federal government. the reason why, you can see for yourself, these inmates are doing drugs and other things, they are drinking beer, and taking pills, holding loaded weapons. a camera was smuggled into this house of detention. this prison had to be we opened after hurricane katrina. it also shows the condition of this facility that has been shut down again. prisoners living in overcrowded cells and sleeping on the floor. the sheriff says that the
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facility had been destroyed by katrina. they had no choice but to open it. it was never meant to be a permanent solution, but this mayor says that the videotape is proof that the sheriff cannot maintain the prison system in once properly. that federal help is needed. these court hearings are to decide who will be in charge of this prison system and we will keep you posted be too great, thank you. >> west virginia police are investigating the murder of another law enforcement official in this country. this sheriff was gunned down in the parking lot where he eats lunch most days. a sheriff who launched a campaign to crack down on drug trafficking was killed near the site of a former pharmacy. while authorities haven't said whether his murder was related to the crackdown on drugs, many who live there suspect that there is a connection. it follows the killings of a
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texas district attorney and the colorado prison tea. right now, none of these crimes have been linked. jeff is a retired fbi special agent. certainly the authorities are looking into the possibility, is that correct? >> yes, that is the thing. there is a striking resemblance between the killings that we have seen in colorado and texas and yesterday the unfortunate shooting in west virginia. law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty, about one a week on average. but this is an ambush attack and possibly premeditated. it bears a disturbing resemblance to what we have seen in texas and colorado. we have had corrections, the judicial system, and now law enforcement. >> okay, still no links to this point, as you have mentioned.
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but what about copycat? >> the first thing that they do whatever they have a case like this is look for a copycat motive. in my mind, that would be the most likely possibility, this person probably felt empowered by what he saw at in the last couple of days in the resemblance being that the sheriff had eradicated the drug problem as they had done in texas. so that may be the motivation for this suspect for the sheriff sitting in his parked car in this ambush attack. jon: it is odd that all components of the criminal justice system have come under attack here. you have law enforcement, you have prosecution, you have corrections. >> absolutely, this is highly unusual. whether we are connected or not, it is crazy that this is allowed to go on.
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what is really crazy about it is the fact that it doesn't meet the end goal if you presume people are striking out because they want to affect law enforcement crackdown. judicial crackdown on drug trafficking. it will only strengthen the resilience and make them push harder. so the reason for them doing this is an in ground in any type of logic. >> the advantages that they do have a suspect in custody in connection with this murder. is that right? >> yes, that is an advantage. i will certainly give them a reason in this case. i would presume that that person would provide them some information even if they are not talking. especially what cases were being worked upon the past decade and what would've been the specific motivation for these horrible shootings yesterday. >> a 30 year lonenforcement
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veteran. our thoughts and prayers go out to his families and loved ones. thank you so much. jenna: new word that north korea has moved a missile within a considerable range to the east coast. this after the military says they will wage a nuclear attack against the united states. our next guest believes there is a heightened level of concern in the white house. a real change about these threats. we will explain next. and a one of the jodi arias defense speaks out. on day 41 of the trial. we will have the story next. >> she had a condition many times that i talked with her. she did not talk about being jealous. i don't think that was jealousy or text messages or any
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jenna: new information out of north korea as the "wall street journal" reports a pause of sorts in our show of force saying the united states is stepping back from a more aggressive stand that we've seen over the has couple of weeks out of concern it may prompt this unpredictable country to do something rash triggering and even bigger crisis which is something we all want to avoid.
8:33 am
>> joining is now is jim walsh with the mit securities system. good to have you back on the program. >> good to see you, jenna. jenna: even in this conversation we've had over north korea in the last several weeks there are people saying this is just north korea being north korea. you're saying there is something unprecedented we are seeing here, what is it? >> it's the pace of events. i've been sitting in this chair for two weeks solid day after day talking to people about this. we've had the north koreans do things they've never done before and the united states do things they've never done before. flying the b52, the b-2s across north korea sending a message to the north as well as reassurance to the south. north korea restarting its nuclear reactor. none of these actions has directly p*upbgd each one that would set off something small that would grow quite big quite
8:34 am
quickly, known has done that. every day there is something else going on. you referred to the report which is "wall street journal" which is really impressive reporting which suggests when the white house made a lot of decisions to do all this stuff send a very visible gestures in the region they are starting to pull back a little bit because they too are concerned about what is going to happen next. jenna: if i could, we were showing some video of the -- of north korea's military. one of the thing we showed our viewers is north korea shoot ago target that says usa on the top of it. how does the united states do the delicate dance of not provoking unnecessarily a country unpredictable but also not looking weak? >> you know, that is the walk and there is another element also that you want to reassure your treaty allies u want to reassure south korea, reassure japan that the u.s. has tear back. you want to be strong enough that you reassure but not so
8:35 am
over the line that the other side freaks out and does something stupid. i think that was the concern that north korea might miscalculate and that's why we hopefully we'll have a stead ding oef the next period of time. tomorrow we could wake up and have a missile launch, a missile test toward japan and start all over again. jenna: how likely is that and why do you think japan would be the direction where this test would be? >> well, there are reports today that they are moving a missile east. if you look at the map what faces off the eastern coast of north korea it's japan. japan is another one of those countries because of the history of world war ii that north korea has used as a bogeyman to insight strong nation in a lis feelings. so -- and again a test would be another one of these things that is provocative without actually doing anything to anyone. i have a friend who tells a story of a guy in korea to sees a car accident and both drivers rush out of the car and they are shouting at each other and they bump bell lease and they look like they are just about to
8:36 am
fight, then they stop, get in the cars and drive away. that is sort of the situation here. are we going to go up to the edge, bump bell lease and then stop and drive away, or are we -- is this going to cross over into a fight. jenna: we have new leaders as well, we have chuck hagel as the new defense secretary, a new secretary of state in john kerry. what do you think the top priority should be for both of them, and how they approach north korea since you spent some time there, jim? >> yeah i want to say, jenna you're right to put your finger on that. we also have new leadership in north korea, a new president in south korea and a new leader in china lots of fresh faces on the job training. i think they've handled it pretty well so far. i'm not sure i would have gone with the b52s and the b-2s because that has other repercussions. have you to assure your ally and restrain your ally so they don't do anything stupid. we don't want south korea to start something that drags us
8:37 am
into a war. reassurance, restraint, talking to the chinese and trying to turn the dial down, trying to lore the temperature on this so people don't mess up. jenna: quick final question here, jim because i know you spent a lot of time looking at iran. there is a whole lot of distraction in north asia because of north korea. iran is still there and working with its nuclear program. how much do you think this distraction in north asia are somehow affecting our dealings with iran right now in. >> i agree any time you have a crisis you tend to spend less time on other issues, that is just the wait is. but i will say at least with iran we have a set of partners the europeans who are also working this issue. and in fact the negotiators are meeting today at the expert level there is a meeting today between iran and the p5 plus one, those other countries, france, germany and others who are managing this issue, so i think that process is going to be okay. you know, and the question there is whether it's going to plea dues anything. but that seems to keep ongoing. it's probably some place else in africa or some place you and i
8:38 am
can't even think of that -- where something bad is happening that we are not make attention to because the north koreans are acting up so much. jenna: that seems to be the way, right something else pops up totally unexpected. the way of the world. jim it's great to have your expertise on this as always. it's good to have you back. >> take care, jenna. jon: more testimony expected today in the jodi arias murder trial from a domestic violence expert. arias is on trial for murdering her boy friend. she admits she killed him but claims she did it in self-defense. the domestic violence expert testified that yesterday that violence and abuses ka lated in the couple's relationship. she used arias' journals, entries, and text messages to illustrate her point. let's talk about it with bryan clay phaol a criminal defense attorney. fred tecce is also a former prosecutor and joins us as well. brian, she is relying on the testimony of the the accused,
8:39 am
the woman on trial for her life to make these points. how effective is that with a jury? >> well, jon, right now it's a sunny day in the jodi arias camp because she is on direct examination and she sound very eloquent. i've got to tell you once she gets cross-examined by juan martinez, the weather is going to change it become a little cloud dear and foggier in her camp. an expert witness is only as good as the facts that he or she relies upon. martinez will come out and say, you are relying on information that arias provided you that is a lie, that is not trustworthy and there is no integrity in that information, therefore your opinions are completely baseless. >> do you agree, fred? i mean she has admitted on the stand that she's lied an awful lot in this case, jodi arias has. >> defendant jodi arias is like being a goalie, on the archery team it's virtually impossible to do. the bottom line is this. this woman has come in and she's supposed to be a domestic violence expert. the problem is there is no
8:40 am
evidence of domestic violence other than the word out of skwroerd r-r's mouth which are completely unreliable. there are no 911 calls, text or emails, no complaints to her friend, no showing up with bumps or bruises, things that you you would expect to see with domestic violence that would corroborate her testimony. brian makes a great point, martinez will be like a shark with her and there will be blood in the water and it's going to be a mess. jon: this thing keeps going on and on and on, brian, and i just wonder if at some point the jury just gets so numb to it all they want it over. >> well, jon, here is what i think the defense is really doing for skwroed r-frplt skwroed r-frplt i don'jodi arias. they are using an expert like this to suggest this was not a premeditated murder. this was a by-product of a woman abused, battered who was probably mentally challenged, and that this was all a result of that, it all blew up and now
8:41 am
we have a murder but it's going to be a second-degree murder not a first-degree murder. i think that is the strategy they are really doing with next perfect witness. jon: fred, they seem to be using this domestic violence expert who has combed through jodi's text messages and journal entries and so forth, they are trying to use her to say, oh, this doesn't look like a preplanned homicide, right? >> right. jon: do you expect somebody to right down in their journal, oh i think i'll go to mesa and kill him? >> they are trying to use this woman. jodi lies, she swears to it. the other witness was on for a bunch of days as to why she lies in the first place. i think the defense is more sinister and i think it's being run by jodi arias. her defense is she is trying to get one of these jurors, these men to like her, that is her mo and i think it's one thing -- these two b.a.r.t. to juries you have to under. it's one thing to get some guy to want to like her and then go with her, but it's another thing to get the guy to do that to
8:42 am
have the backbone and the personality to stand up to the onslaught from the other ten guys on the jury during deliberations who will be beating her over the head, like any bunch much guys get together. like you've got to get rid titto break up with her. when you saw jodi arias smiling the other day when the one woman got struck from the jury they want to get one guy to like her enough to not want to execute her and i think it will explode in her face. jon: there are 11 men in skwre jury pool. 4 women -- i'm sorry i think it would be seven women i think. >> the victim are the alternates. they may not be called to deliberate if they are all there at the time. >> she has already got some jurors in her camp because they snitched on the other juror they threw off the jury. that is a good sign for jodi arias. >> they didn't snitch. they came up during the testimony about juan martinez
8:43 am
being out and one of them offhanded mentioned that this juror had said something. a lot of people think this was a snitching going on. i think that is a false negative. >> thank you, we'll continue watching. >> thanks. jenna: a 77-year-old student pilot killed in a plane crash in tennessee. the latest on the investigation after he was ejected from a small plane and fell thousands of feet to his death there. is a reason why that happened. jon: and the weird thing there is the plane actually didn't crash, the plane landed but he fell out. jenna: we'll need more explanation. luckily jon is here and he is a pilot. he can tell us about it. what you're seeing on your screen is an attack in a beer store caught on tape. an angry customer throws a bottle at an employee. that is not all he did, the entire video and the story next. acceler-rental. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation...
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jenna: right now a manhunt is underway for a guy caught on tape attacking an employee at a
8:47 am
beer store in philadelphia. you can see the suspect's temper flaring in this video. investigators say it all started when he got into an argument over a previous purchase at the store. apparently he threw the bottle at the employee who jumped over-the-counter to confront him. the suspect then pulls a gun, there is the gun, pushes him to the ground and kicks him. no shots were fired but this guy is on the loose and police are looking for him. >> new information on a very strange plane accident that left a student pilot in tennessee dead. investigators say the 77-year-old was ejected from an experimental plain he was learning to fly on friday and fell thousands of feet to his death. rick folbaum is live in our newsroom. >> reporter: if you're buying one of those home-made airplanes that come as a kit make sure that somebody put it together properly. two, if you're flying in one of them make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened. david richardson made both of
8:48 am
those mistakes. he was up in the air last friday taking a flight lesson in a poorly built zodiac 60 1x l when the canopy or the roof of the plane accidentally apparently opened up mid flight. richardson was not belted in properly. he flu out of airplane, his body was found a day later. the faa giving us a statement saying that the aircraft departed from college dale, tennessee and that the pilot returned to the airport and landed safely. the faa is investigating and will provide information to the national transportation safety board, the ntsb which will determine the probable cause of the accident. when they mentioned the pilot in that statement, jon, they are talking about the instructor pilot who was somehow able to get that airplane back on the ground safely. here is one of richardson's sons. >> it appears to be just an unfortunate accident to where he thought he was secure and in fact he wasn't. >> he had done everything he needed to do to try to make sure
8:49 am
he was doing what needed to be done, so as far as him being careless or anything i don't think there was anything like that going on. >> the plane was built by 82-year-old clarence andrews who died in another plane crash last december. we are told that richards had bought the plane that he was flying from one of clarence andrews heirs. richards fell 2500 feet to his death, jon, it was gps coordinates from his cellphone that he had on him at the time to allow the search teams to find his body. jon: what a strange and sad story. thanks. jenna: a new study shows more kids are being diagnosed with fella gnome a the most dangerous form of skin cancer. the doctor is in with more on this growing threat and what you can do to protect your family.
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jenna: alarming new research on the health of american kid and teenagers. a new study suggesting more teens are being diagnosed with melanoma the most deadly form of skin cancer. experts say several factors could be at play here. spending too much time in the sun is key. we have the director of the furshine center. it's rare in children and teenagers, why is melanoma so rare? we think about it as an adult problem. why is it so rare in children? >> what we know about melanoma right now is increased sun exposure is something that predisposes someone to that medical louisiana moment a. in children it's the amount of time being exposed to sunlight and the amount of time that people are exposed over a lifetime. >> interesting you. take a holistic approach to your
8:54 am
practice i know. what other factors do you think could be playing into seeing an increase in children with melanoma without being out in the sun and playing like kids do. >> we know medications can cause increased sun sensitivities. ib proceed fenn, and aspirin may increase he sensitivity. have you to be very careful with topical solutions, retinol solutions that are used for acne also increase it and tetracyclines. there may be a whole host of medications that parents are putting their children on. jenna: it seems like everybody knows that the sun is dangerous. you see people out with their kid with our uv clothing a lot more. i'm just making this assumption, we talk a lot about sunscreens. its interesting to see this jump over the last several years when there's been so much attention on how to keep yourself safe. >> this particular study showed from 1973 to 2009 there was a 2%
8:55 am
increase per year. that roughly came down to about 15 cases per million in 1973 and in 2009 double that number. so we do know that there has been a significant increase. one of the factors may be that it's not just the sunscreen that someone applies but whether or not someone gets sunburn damage. and it's that kind of damage the acute type of damage that baby the most troublesome. jenna: lots of people in the country just coming out of winter, you forget that you haven't seen the sun in a longtime and it's really easy to get a sunburn this time of year. real quick i have to ask you because of your wh holistic approach again about all of these tanners. there is all the fake tan lotions, fake tanning wipes. you can get the spray tans there are lots of ways not to actually have so much sun exposure. what are your thoughts on that alternative? is that safe even for your teenager to do? >> we don't know how safe it is to put artificial chemicals on
8:56 am
your skin. would i say if there is a choice right now between going out and getting a sunburn and putting on some kind of a cosmetic solution on your skin, probably safer to do that. there are natural forms of it as well. and at the end of the day what we want to tell people is, you know, a prudent amount of exposure to sunlight is probably a good thing. you just want to make sure that you use something with an spf factor of at least 15 to 30, wear clothing that obstructs you from the midday sun which is when the most acute sun rays are. when you're choosing a suntan solution you want to make sure it protects you from uva and uvb light. jenna: good advice. it's almost here, summer. >> i know it's cold today. but it's a beautiful day as well. jenna: thank you so much as always. jon: memorial services are scheduled today for the texas prosecutor and his wife shot to death inside their own home. it comes as we await a news conference about the hunt for their killer.
8:57 am
the role this a white supremacist prison gang might play in this awful crime. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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jon: we are in the "happening now" control room working on a brand-new our of stories for you. an active investigation. law en colorado on looking for to white supremacists wanted in connection with murder. we will have the very latest. a and a luxury skyscraper goes up in flames. the building still under construction. and the new law that makes it against your law to sell bottled water. we will tell you what city you may want to avoid. all of that happens right now in your second hour of "happening now."
9:01 am
jenna: be on alert for two men who are being hunted by police in connection with two brutal murders. thank you for joining us on a brand-new our "happening now." i am generally. jon: and i am jon scott. an urgent warning as detectives investigate the cold-blooded murder of colorado's prison director. the chief suspect, he belongs to a patient vicious prison gang. he was killed in a shootout with police. the search is under way to locate two men. this is the picture of the man they are looking for. there is a lot more to this investigation. alicia acuna is live. what is law enforcement doing anything about these two guys? reporter: investigators say they believe these two men were in contact with evan trent and they
9:02 am
believe that they are part of this white supremacist prison gang known as the 211 and here's part of what went out to law enforcement. >> these men have violent tendencies and should be considered armed and dangerous. reporter: sheriffs say they are not considered prospects in the case of tom clement's, but being sought in connection of it. jon: we are learning more about the threatening letter to prison guards. what is that about. reporter: yes, that was presented as evidence at a
9:03 am
sentencing hearing after he was convicted of punching a prison guard. he alerted a friend who he said he complained about the way that they treated him. he said that seems to get me through the days of a good day of my sanity remaining intact. he signs it a god among men. and that the psf bnp uses a swastika. jon: as advocates for which you are supposed to serve four years for the punching of of the guard? >> yes, that is right. the judge sentenced him for four years but didn't use the word consecutive until he ended up getting released. jon: thank you.
9:04 am
jenna: in the meantime, we are moving to texas where memorial services are getting underway for texas prosecutor mike mcclellan and his wife, cynthia. this couple was murdered in their home near dallas. governor rick perry and law enforcement officers from far and wide are expected to attend. in the meantime, we are waiting for governor rick perry to hold a news conference at any moment. no suspects are being named at made at this time and there is no word from investigators. there are questions about drug dealing and prosecutions in the selected game. let's talk to a reporter from texas with the latest. reporter: there has been a lot of talk about the aryan brotherhood being possibly connected to these murders. but that has been just speculation as there has been no
9:05 am
hard evidence revealed. i spoke with the fbi in colorado today, and they think that there is no connection at this time between the murder of tom clements and the murders here in texas. we may hear something more about this case here in texas later on today when governor rick perry holds a news conference. he is expected to announce a reward fund. he will speak at a public memorial this afternoon. security has been a major issue this week. texas senator john cornyn is weighing in with his concerns about federal policy that apparently bars federal prosecutors from carrying a concealed weapon into a courthouse or the parking lot of a courthouse even if they have a permit to carry. john cornyn wrote that prosecutors say we should start with enabling these people to defend themselves during a violent attack. they have charged that the
9:06 am
six-year-old nick morale was making a public attack. police say that he is not linked to the murders. >> there is nothing to link him to the murders of tom clements or mike mcclellan. and his wife. reporter: public officials are expected to show up at this vigil. law enforcement from all over the country and beyond at 1:00 o'clock. jenna: yes, we will have governor perry's news conference in just about 10 minutes. a lot of good information. we apologize to our viewers for some audio difficulty. in the meantime, investigators are trying to sort out the details in the case of a law enforcement officer murdered in the line of duty.
9:07 am
this man was shot at point-blank range as he was eating his lunch and williamson. he had helped indict dozens of suspected drug dealers. >> he came out of the truck, and the guy shot him. he emptied his gun. i don't know how many times. they held him down until they got the cuffs on him and then they held him down cemented the suspect have a gun? >> i believe so. jenna: the shooter's condition is affected by drugs and the
9:08 am
victim is reported as being touch and go for the current time being. jon: heightening tensions on the korean samsula. this comes as the military sending an advanced missile defense system to the pacific island of guam two years ahead of schedule. david pieper is streaming live from his seoul, south korea. reporter: north korea has moved to missile to a range facing the united states. japan today suggesting that the missile could reach the u.s. mainland. but the south korean defense ministry says it doesn't believe that it has the capability. he believes the missile could have a range of 1800 miles.
9:09 am
south korea and japan could also be potential targets and it could reach u.s. bases in the region. the pentagon is deploying a defense system to guam. carmack has continued to issue threats against the u.s. the latest spokesman from the north korean army says there has been diversified nuclear weapons. the biggest issue is the proliferation of nuclear weapon to fit in a missile that is likely to be years away. north korea has followed through with one threat. it continues to block south koreans from crossing the border to manage the military. they have included b-52 bombers and f-22 stealth fighter jets
9:10 am
flying over the korean peninsula over the past few days. the wargames have infuriated the north. and now the capital of south korea, there doesn't seem to be any fear over what is happening in the north. there is frustration. jon: thank you, david. jenna: 111 days after the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, we are about to enact one of the nation's most comprehensive laws restricting gun rights. we will have more on the direction of state laws around the country, as well as federal efforts. and, they are getting older and better. it may be slightly more annoying. i added that part. [laughter] jenna: cell phones marking a
9:11 am
very special anniversary. we will tell you about that and the evolution yet to come. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
9:12 am
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investing involves risks, including loss of principal. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 jon: right now, governor dan malloy in connecticut about to sign one of the nations toughest gun laws, including banning ammunition magazines. background checks are required for all firearms sales. they quickly approved the long raging legislation at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. advocates say creating more burdens for law-abiding citizens is not the solution to stopping massacres. the governor is signing the bill
9:15 am
into law from families of the victims. it comes a day after president obama's latest push to reduce gun violence by imposing tighter restrictions on gun ownership rights. in denver yesterday, the president is urging swift action. >> everyday that we wait to do something about it, even more of our fellow citizens are stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun. the good news is colorado has already chosen to do something about it. jon: the jury is still out on whether or not we will see new gun laws on the federal level. but when it comes to state levels, more have expanded the rights to gun owners since newtown, connecticut. five states have passed tighter laws in 10 states have passed laws giving gunowners more writes. we will talk about what amy's daughter of the hill.
9:16 am
some states are saying that more guns would be a better thing in this environment. >> yes, the nra is a much more powerful and organized and established interest group protecting the rights of gun owners and manufacturers. in this new effort by former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, they are just getting started. they are not prepared to really take on the nra that is so active at the grassroots level and in states across the country. any vulnerable senate democrat who is seeking reelection and is pro-gun but find themselves for new controls, and those will
9:17 am
learn that 81% of public and support expanded background checks and 91% of americans do as well. there is a political upside to making a compromise. because they are not hearing from gun owners who support universal background checks. they are hearing from those who don't want further controls. that is a result of the organization empowered by the nra. it doesn't mean that they won't win someday. but it doesn't seem like they're going to win that battle this year. jon: will it be a patchwork of laws and individual states? >> yes, that is what it is right now. connecticut and new york moving on, you see other states loosening them, arming teachers in school and other personnel. one town in georgia making a new law that everyone should own a
9:18 am
gun, whether they like it or not. so this is going to be a patchwork. it is a similar situations what we are seeing with gay marriage, even though there is now a strong majority in support of a nationally. it doesn't mean that it will change in certain states. especially red states. this is a long battle for gun control advocates. they have to get the resources ready and they need to get people who are gunowners to support those background checks to say that i will surround your congress office if you don't vote with me. right now, they are not saying that. they are only hearing from people who think an expanded background checks will lead to national registry and ultimately compensation. jon: we hear the president talking about gun control. but is he leaning on some of the senators? >> we don't know how much is going on behind the scenes. there is criticism that the
9:19 am
president are going to wait, that he waited too long until after the newtown, connecticut, shooting. they were trying with all the gun control support to sort of follow them cope individually to the press. in that time, you did see a great deal of support. now we are looking at a threat. we are really looking at whether background checks and gun trafficking restrictions are now in danger of being filibustered. jon: amy, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. jenna: new reports from the kingston campus of the university of rhode island. they have an alert out saying that a possible gun on campus, seek shelter and stay where you are until we update further.
9:20 am
that is coming from the university itself. according to a variety of different reports and the associated press and reuters. there hasn't been an active shooter situation. no injury at this time. just a word of warning that there could be a gunman on campus. they are advising that if you are on that campus, that you stay where you are. the campus is on lockdown as we get more information on this story, we will bring you those updates. in the meantime, a frightening scene that we showed you yesterday. a high-rise inferno. firefighters say it could be the cause of this massive blaze. and my next guest says that the and my next guest says that the window for a solution is closinn fast. when i--- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars.
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[ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge!
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jon: we have a follow-up on a devastating fire that we told you about as it happened yesterday. gutting a landmark skyscraper. we will have the latest on non- reporter: this is likely some kind of an electric circuit short. you can see how the flames shot up the entire side of this 40 story tower. this french actor owned an apartment in the neighboring tower. it was a gift after he changed his citizenship to russia. and the fire is out and the president says the building will be rebuilt. the skyscrapers are being put up as a symbol of rebirth after years of fighting to break away from russia. there are still extremists who are said to be plotting in order
9:25 am
to form their own islamist state. thirty people had to be evacuated during the fire. thank you. jenna: another one of our top stories. growing tension. south korea says the north has moved a missile to its east east coast. one that could heat and hit key u.s. interest in this. one of the interest is gone. as you can see from the map on the screen, it is a little bit difficult to make out, but it looks pretty good. we are taking a look about what is next in this growing conflict in this part of the world. appropriately titled, your book. it is a nuclear state. we are concerned about this.
9:26 am
you say that the window for a solution is closing quickly. why is that? >> all of them can't back down. he has been purging the officials that are loyal to his dad, the regime is in disarray. at no time since 1949 has a smaller basis of support. many are fed up and they are not retaliating. china, which is going through a leadership transition of its own, the chinese military becoming much more powerful. jenna: where is china on this? we continue to hear that they are wanting to calm tensions in the area. but where are they? >> i think they are pouring gas on the fire. today's story was about moving mobile missiles to the east coast in preparation for testing or something else.
9:27 am
china has been selling a mobile missile launchers. jenna: why is that? >> largely because they want to support north korea. of course, the chinese say there are a lot of people who don't like the united states and want us cut down to size. clearly, we must recognize what is going on there. jenna: we have the same question being raised here at home. a new leader, questions about whether or not he cannot do anything now. we also cannot look weak and the situation. how do we not look weak and engage appropriately? >> what we need to do is reassure ourselves and our korean allies. south korea is primed to respond immediately. if we want the south koreans to exercise restraint, and we do, we have to make sure that the
9:28 am
south koreans have confidence in our ability to defend them. up to now, they have lost that confidence. jenna: why is that? >> the u.s. policy has been ineffective over decades. the north koreans have longer range missiles and nuclear arsenal and we have not been able to stop them. jenna: so how do we change direction on the course we have been on through several different administrations that allows the north koreans to continue to operate as a rogue nation. >> the key to that is separating beijing. the way to do that is yes, it would be nice just to talk to the chinese. but i think that we have to use our leverage. the chinese need our economy much more than we need them. last year, china's surplus trade was 136.3% of its overall surplus, which meant that they were running deficits so they could run a surplus against us. that gives us enormous leverage that we are not using.
9:29 am
jenna: so you sa we need a tough talk with china. >> absolutely. jenna: how concerned are you about an arms race? >> it is already occurring. they are all building up their arsenals very quickly. jon: jenna: we talked about that a little bit. it is great to have you, as always. i thank you. jon: the u.s. navy taking action against accrue the ground that a warship. now, the ship may be destroyed. a live report on the fallout coming up next. and the latest reports on the university of rhode island. we will update you next.
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
jon: jobs numbers show claims hitting a four-month high. 385,000 americans filed for first-time benefits last week. that is a jump of 28,000 from the week before. new concerns for members of the middle class hit hard in this recession. a new study taking a look at the quality of jobs our economy is creating. elizabeth is live in washington with a look at that. >> that is right. a study shows more than half of
9:34 am
the nations jobs lost during the recession were mostly in the middle class. and that they have replaced them with a surge of lower wage jobs. they have only really made up a fraction of recovery. 50% of the growth has been these jobs. if you add them up, you are looking at 43% of net employment growth, food services, retail, employment services, 1.7 million jobs. if you look at the largest in these fields over the last 10 years, there is 47.2% more than there were back in 2002. 25% more customer service representatives and almost 18% more registered nurses. about 16% more secretaries and about 12% more waiters. they're also more folks working in retail counters and earning paychecks. because most higher-paying fields either ongoing or haven't made up for all the losses that they felt during the recession.
9:35 am
a lot of people look for a four year college degree. >> graduates of all kinds that are facing stiff competition from not only older workers, the people who come out of their over the last several years and they are clogging up this space. college graduates from a lot of them are coming out and having to take jobs is to make sure they can make ends meet. >> it really looks better for college grad to work work a lower wage job for a while then it does have a doughnut holes in his or her resume. people are really working as waiters and waitresses have detailed jobs more than ever before. that is honestly better than being left unemployed. jenna: speaking of the economy, not what you want to see in a budget crisis or at any time. the commanding officer of the
9:36 am
nearly 300 million-dollar ship lost due to a costly mistake. live from los angeles on how this all happened. >> it was a major embarrassment last night. losing not just this, but costing millions in expenses and reparations to the government. >> the united states navy is investigating. reporter: big news in the philippines. did you hear how the united states handled these warships and turn them into scrap metal in the middle of a budget crisis? >> we are paid to make sure that both the crew and the ship comes through all right. the mistake was made here. reporter: they entered this national park on january 17, when the officials said the reef
9:37 am
was off-limits, the ship radio back and said, take your complaint to the u.s. embassy. minutes later, it ran aground. the incident made headlines in the philippines, sparking protests because the reef was a national treasure. >> it is uncharacteristic. we trained our commanding officer and he trained his crew to be extremely professional. >> it required salvage claims from singapore to lift it off piece by piece. the guardian is only one of eight minesweepers in the u.s. fleet. they blame not only arrogance of faulty navigational maps for losing an aging but valuable asset. the navy said that clearly there was wrongdoing. while they could have simply yanked this ship off the reef,
9:38 am
but cutting it into pieces as they reduce environmental damage. jenna: that is such a story. thank you, william. jon: more information on this fox news alert about a report of a gunman on the university of rhode island kingston campus. authorities are saying, and we are talking about the rhode island state police. that there is no evidence of an active shooter there. however, the investigation is ongoing. reports earlier is that a individual might be on the loose. reports were that the gunman might be a student. but again, according to the head of the rhode island state police, there is no evidence of an active shooter on the campus of the university of rhode island. students had been told to get inside an air structure, stay where they are, not get out and about. so far, no evidence for the gunman on the loose. in the meantime, please launching an all-out manhunt for
9:39 am
two escaped inmates. one of the men faces a capital murder charge. the other will give 40 years behind bars. the latest on their state coming up next. and one town waging its own green revolution, banning all bottled water sales. critics are finding this move tough to swallow. anyone have occasional constipation,
9:40 am
9:41 am
diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
9:42 am
jon: "happening now", two escaped inmates on the loose in texas. they are looking for this murder suspect. he was sentenced last month to 40 years in prison drug case. on tuesday, the two escaped from a jail in sulfur springs, texas, which is northeast of dallas. police fear that they could have stolen a car and a gun. schools in the area are on lockdown. anyone with information is asked to call the hawkins county sheriff's tip line.
9:43 am
jenna: we are keeping an eye on the growing battle in massachusetts where the city of concorde is implementing a municipal ban on all bottled water sales. critics are calling it just another example of the united states run amok. rich fields joins us with more. what is the deal here? >> welcome you can buy soda and sparkling water, but you cannot buy smaller bottles of water. when you do buy a bottle of water, the town voted to hide the sale of it. basically you are depriving people of their consumer choice. it is only hurting the local markets, as you can just leave town with consumption numbers, it's a popular product. they also talk about depriving consumers of the health benefits as well. >> do we really think that we
9:44 am
are helping things. we have a higher carbon footprint and more packaging on the shelves. >> the environmental group said that they had no problems with consuming water but just doing so in bottles when you could just get it from the tap. jenna: that is interesting by your desk. so could it happen in other towns? what does it look like? >> well, there is a push to have it done in other towns. universities have really been the venue where this fight has been ongoing. some two dozen universities have some level of this and there are also environmental groups looking to get bottled water ban the national parks. saying that it wastes fossil fuels rather than being recycled. about 75% of that empty plastic bottles and that in our streams and oceans where they may never be composed.
9:45 am
there is also an effort to pull back on this. they will vote to repeal it after five months of going into place. jenna: did you bring your own water? >> for the purposes of this story, i cannot say. jenna: okay, keeping it fair and balanced. always good. jon: a legal battle is heating up that could this decide whether homeschooling is a fundamental american right. one family face prosecution in germany and could soon be forced to leave the country. it could intact families across america. douglas kennedy is here with an update. >> yes, for some teaching their own children is vitally important. but it does not warn political
9:46 am
asylum. >> in 2008, this woman fled germany after facing imprisonment and the forcible removal of his children. >> the crime was that he wanted to homeschool your kids. >> yes, we wanted to do that. reporter: at first, the united states granted political asylum. but then the justice department stepped in. asserting that the practice of parents educating their children could not be used as a basis to seek citizenship. and attempted to send them all back to germany. this man is from the leading homeschool advocacy group in the country and is helping this man fight his deportation in court. >> some are worried that this will come back to undermine their liberty as well.
9:47 am
>> may have reason to worry. the justice department is now arguing that homeschooling is not a protected right. and that homeschool parents are not a protected group. reporter: a position that is called troubling in germany and the united states. >> when the government thinks that it knows better how to raise or treat children than the parent, it is a very dangerous thing. reporter: many maintain it is silly to consider homeschooling a basic human right. >> not having homeschooling is not being persecuted. >> i think the prosecution is awful. reporter: that is what he says will happen if he is sent back to germany. jenna: it is the martian version of spring break.
9:48 am
the rover on the red planet will be taking break for a while. and we are marking a big anniversary in the technology world. a look at how the first call on this giant cell phone works for today's smart devices.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
speak to investigators in california are looking for one of two teenagers who disappeared while hiking in cleveland national forest in southern california. just after four days in the woods. 18-year-old kyndall jack is still missing. her 19-year-old male companion was found alive and the hydrated. he was confused in the area, in heavy brush, and another hiker alerted authorities who picked him up about a half mile away
9:52 am
from where the search was focused. he was flown to a hospital. he is said to be recovering. they are still looking for the girl. more on this as we get it. jon: after a string of breakthrough discoveries on mars, nasa is putting the rover program on a bit of a hiatus. the sun will be in a position that interferes with inter- communications. let's talk about it with the managing editor of one man described it as spring break for the mars rovers. you have mars over here coming of the earth over here, and the sun in the middle? >> yes, it is called a solar conjunction. it happens every now and then and at this time, it's difficult for nasa to send commands to those probes and make sure that they get their in the way that
9:53 am
they are intended to. >> not bad news, just a precaution? >> yes, that's right. they basically pre-upload everything they want them to do and everyone takes a break. the one the other big story is dark matter. >> yes, we think it is there because of the force that it has on everything that we can see. we found from this experiment on the space station, they have these detections. it is the dark matter stuff, it is the first real look at what they have been looking for for decades. jon: it is very creepy sounding. thank you so much for coming on and sharing your expertise with us. jenna: it may be hard to imagine because they are everywhere. but the first cell phone call was made 40 years ago this week.
9:54 am
rick has the story. reporter: that's right. the first cell phone actually cost -- do you know how much? jenna: i am not sure. jon: $4000. you cannot even download anything on tour. forty years ago this week, martin cooper, making the very first cell phone call. the vice president for motorola at the time. he called his counterpart at a rival company, at&t. >> i said, dole, i'm calling you from a cell phone. a real cell phone. a personal, portable, hand-held cell phone. reporter: his call came over the 8000 series. it was sold to the public in 1984. motorola introducing the first
9:55 am
flip phone. that was 1989. somebody hack that interconnect the firs then apple gottman to the action, putting in the first generation of an iphone. they are available on ebay, these legacy technology cell phones. forty years from now, all cell phones will be hands-free. there will be things are somehow on our bodies and will control them with our minds and not her fingers. jenna: inarticulate speak to it or it feels like they are part of our bodies right now. very interesting. jon: word is getting out. this balers superstar could be facing a big choice.
9:56 am
can she play in the nba? we will tell you which team is to talk to her about getting on the roster. i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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>> the owner of the dallas mavericks basketball team, mark cuban, has his eye on drafting a top player, he says, played for the baylor lady bears. talking about brittany greiner, 6-8, all american. she helped drive baylor to a 42-game winning streak. and cuban, who knows something about publicity is willing to give her a shot at playing for the mavericks if she's good enough to make the team. well, jenna, that's all that brittany needed to hear here is here reply, m-cuban, when do i show up for tryouts. >> did she get an answer, there have been doubters. >> i think the nba would be a tough place for a woman. >> give her a shot, why not?


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