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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 5, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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have used that. >> i like the video with the little girl. >> everybody have a great day. >> and a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >>gretchen: tgif. today is friday, april 5, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. fire shoots high in the sky after a gas explosion in the midwest. people living nearby fleeing their homes. the latest on this story. >> while the president is on fund-raising trips on the west coast, the first lady lets this one slip. >> believe me, as a busy single mother -- i should not say single. as a busy mother. >>steve: and she is not alone. the president had his own flub. he said, she said. what they said yesterday. straight ahead. >>brian: although i don't think it was a flub. we're going to debate that in a second. what would our country be
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without more outrageous rules like mother teresa's charity can no longer feed the poor. the nuns banned from serving soup without a permit. "fox & friends" starts, i think, now. ♪ >>brian: he's been out there since midnight. you're looking at ron white, a u.s. navy veteran, and he has memorized every name of every man who has died in afghanistan. over 2,200 men and women. he has committed them to memory. there you can see him writing them one by one. >>brian: it's called america's memory project. he is somebody that helps
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you remember things in your life, remember those who continue to serve. you can argue as things ratchet down it is going to be more and more dangerous to be in afghanistan. we're going to be dipping in and out with ron white throughout the day and throughout the morning here up until #:00 when we're done. >>gretchen: why was he do it? he is trying to raise money for the wounded warrior project. let's get to your headlines for friday. another law enforcement tragedy, this time in mississippi. a detective shot dead during an interrogation. decorated homicide detective eric smith seen in the middle was questioning jeremy powell at police headquarters. powell was about to be arrested for murder. that is when powell shot and killed the detective. powell was also killed. it is not clear who shot him. however, there are reports another officer may have been in the room. detective smith had been with the department since 1995. >> look at this video. massive flames forcing people out of their beds
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and homes in the middle of the night. a natural gas compression station blew up in logan county, oklahoma. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. >> the second college student lost in the california wilderness for five days found alive. rescuers heard 18-year-old kendall jack's cries for help and found her clinging to a cliff dazed and dehydrated but a member of the search team was hurt trying to save her. >> he sustained a fall and it was a head injury. as of now he is responsive but it is a serious injury. it took priority for a moment as we had paramedics on the ground with kendall and we were able to airlift the reserve deputy sherrif to the hospital simultaneously while we inserted a react team to help with kendall. >>gretchen: her friend nicholas was found wednesday night not far from where kendall was located. everyone is being treated at area hospitals.
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>> days after kevin ware cried in pain, he now found a reason to laugh. >> number 9 -- i hope this doesn't leave a bruise. number 3. >> they fire leno? >> the number one thought going through kevin ware's mind at the moment of the broken leg: >> at least my brac is not busted. >>gretchen: louisville takes on wichita state in the final four. >>brian: he did a bunch of interviews yesterday. meanwhile, the other major story that for some reason is getting swamped by other stories and shouldn't be: north korea taking their threat to a whole new level. they have now placed missiles within range of u.s. bases in the area.
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we're live in washington with the latest provocation today. >> there's been a lot of talk and now we're hearing there's activity. north korea is moving its mid range missile launchers, according to the south korean news agency, north korea positioned two of its missiles on mobile launchers tucked away am long the east coast of the -- along the east coast of the country, one day after it announced its military has been cleared for attack using diversified weapons and the moment of explosion is near they warned. these rockets are mid range weapons capable of reaching south korea, japan or even guam. and in response the u.s. beefed up a defense system in guam. that protective system has been built to detect and neutralize any type of short, medium or other ballistic missile-style missile. this is the first time it's been deployed. south korea meanwhile also deploying two war ships with missile defense
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systems on the east and west coast. each country really seems to be taking these threats seriously. defense secretary chuck hagel saying the dangers are real and clear and they will not be ignored. >> it only takes being wrong once, and i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once. i hope the north will ratchet this very dangerous rhetoric down. there is a pathway that's responsible for the north to get on a path to peace. >> for another day north korea has kept south koreans from entering or leaving the kae song industrial complex. south korea said it is prepared to evacuate workers inside although now they don't see a need to do so yet. >>brian: thanks. in ten minutes we'll expand on this. >>steve: this morning on this friday we have a
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couple of quotations from the first lady. first we'll tell you what the president of the united states said. did he two fund-raisers yesterday in california. at the second one he was referring to the attorney general of the great state of california, a woman by the name of kamala harris. he said she was brilliant, dedicated and tough, and then he said this: he said she also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country. it's true. c' mon, as the crowd roared. >>gretchen: she does happen to be good looking. i think we've come to a place in society where everyone is so sensitive that you can't say anything anymore. she is. she's pretty. so what. >>steve: i tell you what, "new york" magazine says the president is in need of gender sensitivity training. >>gretchen: come on. >>steve: they say as a president who has become a cultural model for supporters, in many ways the example he's setting is disgraceful. if anybody is going to be
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upset, it should be eric holder. the president is saying she is the best looking attorney general of the country. poor eric. >>brian: we'll try to get a quote from him later on. the "wall street journal" writes a story how this is -- today how the rap on the administration, the men's club, that you remember what the now departed woman said we don't always feel welcome as women. >>gretchen: news flash. a lot of businesses are men's clubs. so it's not just at this particular white house where you could face that same criticism. i mean, i think unfortunately, if you want to talk about the pervasiveness of women not in top positions, that's a whole discussion about society and banks and different lines of business, et cetera. but i don't think people should be totally offended
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by saying if a nice-looking man walks down the street, i'll say a good-lookin' guy. >>brian: but you won't grab his butt? >>gretchen: no. but that's totally different, brian. >>steve: this is turning into a raging firestorm on the internet. remember brett musburger not too long ago said she is a beautiful woman about catherine webb. he had to apologize. remember when harry reid called gillibrand the hottest member of the u.s. senate. >>brian: i had a chance to meet her. i just got out of sexual harassment training and i'm pretty sure i passed. even though -- i agree with gretchen. when you see an attractive woman who happens to be very professional and smart, wouldn't it be great to include she is very
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attractive in the rundown of attributes? >>gretchen: i don't think it should be on somebody's resume, but i don't think it is a problem if somebody acknowledges it. i just think -- and trust me, as a woman you can't win in this discussion. you can't win. >>brian: why? >>gretchen: if i say that's a horrible thing for the president to say, men will say you're too oversensitive. if i say it's okay to call a woman beautiful, other women will say i can't believe you didn't stand up for women's rights. as a woman it is hard to have this discussion but i'm being completely honest in saying i wish we wouldn't be so completely p.c. on this issue because it's true. she's attractive. so what? >>brian: do women get insulted when they're attractive and people -- and men point it out? it just so happens he's a man who happens to be president and married. >>steve: let's see how the progressive feminists react to this because they did support the president in large measure going forward. meanwhile -- >>brian: mitt romney, he might get the women's vote. >>steve: can you imagine
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mitt romney -- the attorney general of california, good lookin'. meanwhile while the president was talking about the hot attorney general, the first lady of the united states was doing an affiliate -- with burlington, vermont, and she said this. >> believe me, as a busy single mother -- i shouldn't say single. as a busy mother, sometimes, you know, when you've got the husband as president it can feel a little single, but he's there. >>gretchen: totally true. totally true. even if you don't have a husband who is president of the united states, you just have a husband who works and you happen to work, you know exactly what she's talking about. come on. you know exactly. i haven't seen my husband all week. i wish i did. he's busy. i'm busy. we'll collect our thoughts together tonight. that is sometimes how it feels on both sides. i'm sure husbands who
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reverse roles in their family would say the same thing. >>steve: just the fact that she said a busy single mother, referred to herself as a single mother, that's got people going what is she talking about. if you read the jody cantor book, "the new york times" writer, she pointed out that the obamas never lived together as a family until they actually moved into the white house. for awhile she was a single mother. >>gretchen: and i had to live in a different city for my husband and it was hard. that's just the reality of working families. >>steve: the first family had some interesting sound bites yesterday. >>brian: i work so much, sometimes i walk in the house with a name tag just so they understand who i am. how are you doing? i'm the guy with direct deposit. >>steve: what do you think about the sound bites from the president and first lady yesterday? e-mail us or hit us on twitter. >>gretchen: it is their mission to help the homeless but now a city is threatening to arrest a group of nuns if they don't
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stop doing good. >>brian: here's a reason not to bust through airport security. meet the shoeless hero that helped take down a helped take down a passenger.
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try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat. >>brian: north korea doubling down on threats to attack the united states this morning by moving missile launchers to a possible test position. this after the rogue nation claimed its military was cleared to wage nuclear war on the united states. how seriously should we take this threat? former deputy assistant secretary of the army and chairman of the american defense international says very seriously. how did our actions in december, do you believe, lead up to north korea's
3:17 am
action here in march and now april? >> a couple of things, brian. i think we, when you cut missile defense and when you shut down missile silo fields at fort greeley, our first line of defense, when you do things like that, you invite trouble from someone like kim jong un. speaking of december, their actions in december show they have a very mature ballistic capable. now you've got a north korean satellite orbiting the earth every 95 minutes. why? because of what they did in december. they were able to show they've got the range ballistically to get things in order. you combine that with their nuclear capability, that is the threat the united states is facing now. >>brian: south korea is kawhi nervous. we -- is quite nervous. we, according to the "wall street journal" yesterday are ratcheting down.
3:18 am
could that be viewed as weakness? >> i think it could. we as americans need to show strength. i'm one who believes the reason you have a strong military is so you never have to use it. look what's happening with china along the north korean border. it is the largest mobilizeization along the north korean border china had since the 1950's. this is a very dicey situation. >>brian: why would china be mobilizing near their border? they spoefzly can't figure -- supposedly can't figure out their ally. >> there is a power struggle in china. on the one hand they were helpful with the u.n. resolution, on the other hand they helped iran funnel money to pay for nuclear progress. >>brian: this might be our best chance to confront north korea. five years from now they will be even more formidable. >> it is only going to get worse.
3:19 am
when we look at that ballistic test in december, we we can they can have an effective rate of 6,000 miles. this is getting dangerous. there is a possibility they may have obtained electromagnetic pulse nuclear warheads. you don't have to be very accurate with those. >>brian: the only person who can get in there is dennis rodman. hopefully he gets a week off from celebrity apprentice to help us out. 19 minutes after the hour. up next, it is their mission to feed the poor, but the government says if these nuns keep doing it, they could get themselves arrested. and a big flub for target. the retailer using different playables for plus sizes that say manatee. manatee. that's nice. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> quick headlines. >>gretchen: the plant is back up and running after a cooling system stopped working for two hours. the system failed while workers were putting up nets to keep rats out. gross. this is the same plant damaged during the massive tsunami in japan two years ago. this is not a new problem in japan. two of the nation's nuclear plants are fully functional there. >> would you want your young children watching this movie? >> you want to prepare yourself for this one. a woman was tortured to death. >>gretchen: a clip from "alex cross." parents of a four and
3:24 am
eight-year-old objected to it being shown on their united tphraoeufplt shortly after the -- flight. shortly after the plane was diverted because of security concerns. the police pulled the family off planes and put them on another flight. >>steve: it's another sign we're living in a regulation nation. 33 years ago mother teresa helped launch a program in miami aimed at feeding the homeless on the streets of miami. now her charity faced an unexpected legal obstacle. local government issued them a notice of violation. why? tom equals is an attorney representing the sisters with the missionary. he joins us live. good morning. we're a little bothered. we're troubled by the fact that the missionary's charity wound up with this notice from the authorities down in miami. what were they doing wrong? >> they weren't doing anything wrong. >>steve: i know exactly
3:25 am
what you think. but what did the city say? >> the city said they were feeding the homeless without proper authority or proper certificate of use in violation of various zoning codes. we established conclusively that the use had been approved in 1982, and they had been continuously serving the poorest of the poor in miami by feeding the homeless and providing shelter in a very, very dangerous neighborhood to homeless women with children at night. and those proofs combined with the public outcry in miami resulted in a very swift turnaround in the city of miami. >>steve: it is extraordinary that here they have been doing this good work for 33 years. they have been feeding the people who are hungry in miami. and the city comes around and says you don't have the right permit. sorry, ladies, we're going to have to shut you down.
3:26 am
and you might even wind up in jail. i know that was what they had said. but you had a meeting with the city yesterday. what were you able to work out? >> i have to say this is a great victory for the city of miami because as a city, as a people, what has happened is the powerful influences that were trying to push these nuns out of this activity that is so important were backed off, and the mayor and the commissioners took charge and made sure that the city government worked the way it is supposed to work. and we very quickly resolved with code enforcement and understanding that they would withdraw this notice of violation and issue all necessary papers to allow the sisters of charity to go forward with their good work without interruption, without harassment and without threat of criminal prosecution. >>steve: it's nice that you were able to work that
3:27 am
out last night. but why you do you think some nitwit wound up giving this violation to begin with? >> i believe that the violation was a result of pressure and complaints stemming primarily from some of the institutional neighbors that surround the mission. >>steve: they didn't like the homeless people out on the street? >> that is correct. the problem we have here is not default of the sisters of charity. the area where this mission is only has institutional neighbors. and two of the -- the primary institutional neighbors are jackson medical center, which is our public hospital, and the dade county jail. now what the medical center and the jail do is when they discharge somebody who is homeless, they discharge
3:28 am
them into that neighborhood. you're out the door and left on your own. >>steve: that's why the sisters have been there for 33 years feeding the people. >> exactly. >>steve: what a story. it's great that you were able to work it out for the nuns. now they're not going to get fined or wind up in the jail you were just talking about. tom, thank you for joining us live today from miami. >> you're quite welcome. have a good day. >>steve: all right. i'm having a better day hearing they're okay. thank you, sir. she's just a teenager but in a manner of three minutes she managed to dismantle gun control. >> by signing this legislation you're liberating american citizens of our constitutional rights. >>steve: that young woman will be here live shortly. and then costing millions of dollars having our coast guard rescue carnival cruise ships so why is
3:29 am
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3:33 am
track of who's who. kim kardashian is having a baby. kim jong un looks like a baby. a baby in a business suit. kim kardashian's life is like a roller coaster. kim jong un isn't tall enough to ride one. >>steve: funny stuff. >>brian: i was reading on-line, today is the day they're firing everything off. >>gretchen: north korea, that is. >>brian: not kim kardashian. >>steve: if you were in new york city yesterday and wondering what is taking so long with my kentucky fried chicken, there is probably a reason. it was the biggest work slowdown and walk out in new york city. >>brian: a not so fast food day. >>steve: the people who work in mickey d's right there, the current wage is
3:34 am
$7.25. they want 15 bucks an hour. they want double their salary. >>gretchen: the minimum wage is going to go up in the state of new york, i believe, in 2016, to $9 an hour instead of $7.25. i don't know. are they great negotiators are not good negotiators? maybe going to end up in the middle. if you're $7.25 and you say 15, maybe you end up somewhere a little less. >>brian: if -- that is an entry level salary. if you're good, you get a raise. there is a mcdonald's college. you graduate from mcdonald's as a manager, you can go anywhere. applebepe's could be in your future. marquamminimum wage -- minimum wage was never meant to be a career wage.
3:35 am
you've got to get another job on top of that so you have dual incomes, hopefully, that will change. >>steve: you hit on the nose i think the key thing. if it is a minimum wage job, expect to get paid the minimum wage. the national restaurant association said they provide 13 million jobs and those jobs could be jeopardized across the country if the minimum wage goes up. the city says one of the best paths of achieving the american dream is to start with a minimum-wage job that is minimum wage. >>brian: one premise of their strike yesterday was because they said the recession hit the working class harder than the upper class who caused the fallout in 2008. the facts are lower options took a hit because of this. higher occupations took a hit. it was the mid wage occupations that 60% lost their jobs after. >>steve: later this morning we'll get the monthly jobs numbers. we're going to see how many people are working.
3:36 am
so many people who are working these days would like to be working full time, but unfortunately they're at minimum-wage jobs. >>brian: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. >>gretchen: quick headlines. the two texas inmates who escaped from prison are back behind bars this morning. brian tucker and john king were found hiding in a barn not far from the prison. police found the car the fugitives stole. the two men escaped tuesday through an opening in a jail yard fence. >>brian: carnival says it will not reimburse the government the more than $4 million it sp-pbt on rescue services over the past five years. the most recent, triumph stock at sea for days. west virginia senator jay rockefeller will be retiring, asked the cruise company to pay the navy and the coast guard back. here's carnival's response. they say carnival's policy is to honor maritime tradition. it holds the due to render duties -- assistance at sea
3:37 am
to those in need is a universal obligation of the entire maritime community. carnival pays less than 1% of u.s. taxes every year but the rescues cost taxpayers millions every year. >>steve: talk about a fashion faux pas, target causing an uproar when they named a color of an plus size dress on their website manatee gray. that same dress in a regular small size was named not manatee gray but dark heather gray. many wonder what the retailer was trying to imply. a target spokesperson explained the label snafu happened because two different teams were working on the dress at the same time and did not talk to each other. target now fixing the problem. they're either both going to be just gray or manatee. >>gretchen: this is what happens when you try to bust through security at
3:38 am
the airport and an off-duty police officer is also in line. you can see this woman trying to push past. a california cop on vacation with his family had just taken his shoes off at security when he saw the scuffle and jumped into action and tackled her to the ground. >> i thought typical justin. he's always on duty. couldn't be prouder of him. he's always a cop. and he definitely did the right thing. >>gretchen: as for the woman, she is now facing assault charges. >>steve: that is awesome he jumped right over that barrier. >>brian: and put his hand up so they don't shoot him. >>steve: good idea. it is a rainy day in portions of the east. maria molina is dispatched out to the street by the wall. >> that's right, by the wall. we will have more details on that later this morning. but we want to talk about the rain because it is impacting portions of the mid-atlantic early this morning in cities like
3:39 am
washington, d.c. and it is going to be a slow morning commute for you out there. give yourself extra time across states like maryland, parts of new jersey and even across delaware because that rain is coming down. as we head farther south, heavy thunderstorms rolling through parts of south florida. that will be the first half through this afternoon. today expect more rainy weather. temperatures rebounding nicely in the eastern half of the country. 61 degrees for your high temperature. new york city 60's as well. atlanta, raleigh. if you are headed to atlanta, ncaa tournament coming up, the game is indoors but for travel looks perfect. temperatures pleasant into the 70's. >>steve: meanwhile it was a fun-filled week here on "fox & friends" on the curvey couch. >>brian: if you missed any minute of it, you missed a lot. >>gretchen: here's a look back at a week with "fox & friends." >>brian: pass the gin and
3:40 am
tonic. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> here goes nothing! >> are you tougher than a boy scout? >>brian: why are you yelling? >>steve: can we take a pass? >>gretchen: how could you cheat on a boy scout? >>gretchen: if you call somebody doll face, the relationship would go. >>steve: don't you have a nickname for your husband? see. my wife named me honeymooner on our honeymoon. >>brian: all right, cut i e pie. i got a tweet that says brian you can call me cutie
3:41 am
pie or doll face any time but you're still wrong about college athletes being paid. >> you get unemployment insurance, disability insurance. >>steve: we're going to conclude this portion of hannity and holtz -- >> you've got great legs, brian. >>brian: later i'll show you my quads. >>gretchen: how many all stars wear five-inch heels. walking, walking. my goodness! oh! >>steve: get em! >>brian: he doesn't like tv. he's more of a radio gator, i think. >>steve: you had that close to my nose. the t-rex is scariest. >>gretchen: the most real. >>steve: the gator, the underbelly was surprisingly soft. >>brian: really?
3:42 am
you did have the courage to grab that alligator. you know why? the mouth was taped. then we found out the tail was more dangerous. >>gretchen: coming up, a teenager takes up gun control and dismantles it in three minutes. >> in this legislation you're liberating american citizens of their constitutional rights. >>gretchen: she is coming up this hour. >>steve: we told you about welfare money being used at strip joints. turns out it is perfectly legal. the lawmaker trying to change all that coming up next. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>brian: according to to the usda, this entitlement nation wastes $753 million on fraudulent food stamp spending each year. >>steve: in florida welfare money is being used at strip clubs, casinos and what not. and it is perfectly legal. >>brian: florida state representative jimmy smith wants to change that. sir, how do you expect to do it? >> very simply, we're going to pass legislation that will allow our departments of children and family to contract with a vendor to deny access to machines at those locations. >>steve: up till this point, if somebody took this little e.b.t. card, if they took them to the liquor store, casino, strip joint and said i'd like to pay with this, they could; right? >> if they want to buy certain products there, they would be able to do that. the e.b.t. card allows you to get additional cash along with it. that is one of the ways they use it to benefit. >>steve: what certain items could they buy at a strip joint other than the
3:47 am
obvious? >> there are strip joints that sell food. if you buy food and ask for additional money, there's your additional money to spend. >>brian: are you talking about an establishment by establishment deal? that's going to be hard to pull off. >> with modern technology, the vendor will have the ability to remotely go into these locations and deny access. >>brian: why would they turn down business? a lot of these mr.proprietors say don't get me involved. i want to make a profit. >> i'm probusiness but i'm not prospending somebody else's money for you to enjoy alcohol beverage or adult entertainment. >>steve: you're going to put it on the vendor. the person at the strip joint or liquor store -- in the meantime the person that has the card, they should know better, shouldn't they? >> we all should know
3:48 am
better to spend money to keep a roof over your head or feed children. >>brian: when will we know if your plan is working? >> hopefully in october of this year the vendor will establish a contract with d.c.f. and we'll be able to tell if it's working or not. >>brian: and we'll have you back. representative jimmy smith thank you so much. >>steve: 12 minutes before the top of the hour. this teenager may be the best weapon against gun control. that young woman is here live next. >>brian: prince william getting a taste of fatherhood. the royal snub seen around the world.
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>>gretchen: 52 minutes after the top of the hour. it doesn't take a genius to dismantle the current gun control laws that some politicians want to pass. in maryland, lawmakers got a lesson even from a teenage girl. >> ever since i first learned how to shoot, the issue with gun violence around the nation became clear. guns are not the problem. people are. by signing this legislation you are liberating american citizens of our constitutional rights. you are eliminating our ability to pursue our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> sarah is my guest this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >>gretchen: tell viewers why this is such a passionate issue for you. >> personally this is a passionate issue for me because i am a shooter. i've been avidly shooting since i was eight years old. i manage a club. i'm the secretary of the
3:53 am
maryland rifle club. there are 530 members or so in the club and i know they all feel the same way. they are all avid shooters. i get 10 to 20 e-mails a day and everybody feels the same about it. it takes away our sense of security of defense against attackers we might have. >>gretchen: you're concerned about the personal safety aspect of it if you were in your own home and a shooter came in. you're also concerned about your life moving forward. you may be a special example but maybe not. you were hoping to use shooting to get a scholarship to go to college. tell me about that. >> there are a lot of colleges that i've looked into, such as m.i.t. and harvard -- harvard is one of my main interests. i would like to study law in the future. and they offer college scholarships to harvard and harvard law for shooting. if i can't shoot anymore, i won't be able to keep up my skill and won't be he eligible
3:54 am
for the scholarships. >>gretchen: skpwhraeupb to the viewers how that will work. some of the ranges you need to go to to keep up those skills, you won't be able to under this legislation. >> with the maryland state rifle team that i shoot on, we shoot from 200 to 600 yards. one of those main ranges we go to -- and they have added a 1,000 range that i haven't gotten to yet and it looks like i won't be able to. it is in bridgeville, delaware and the law says if you take your guns out of state even for competition, you're not allowed to bring them back in. >> i find it fascinating that you're only 15 years old and you're passionate about this issue. but this law has nothing to do with the fact that you're a minor. this affects kids, adults, the elderly, everyone? >> yes, this legislation will affect everyone. >>gretchen: what do you make of the fact that in three minutes you could go and give that speech and
3:55 am
take apart all the other sides of the argument in a short period of time? >> i find it very interesting. it's been a great opportunity and a great experience. i hope legislators somewhere are listening and they're hearing this and they realize that this gun control legislation really isn't going to get us anywhere and that maybe they could stop it. >>gretchen: i think it's very interesting to hear your perspective because a lot of people don't know the ramifications of how this legislation can affect people, their scholarships and their careers. sarah merkle, thank you for your time today. coming up on "fox & friends," cabinet members taking a pay cut to show solidarity during the sequester. but will they be able to use it as a tax write-off? jurassic park back in 3-d but is it worth the extra but is it worth the extra price?
3:56 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is friday, tgif, april 5, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you have a great weekend. the white house just releasing this breaking news. the president's budget will cut entitlements? but there is a catch. we have this developing story for you first. >> brian: and while the president is out fundraising across the country, the first lady let's this one slip. >> believe me, as a busy single mother, or i shouldn't say single, as a busy mother. >> brian: definitely not single. she's not alone. the president has his own this week. >> steve: and prince william getting a taste of fatherhood. it's the royal snub seen around the world. come on, little one, don't you want a kiss from the prince? guess not. "fox & friends" hour two live from new york city, starts right
4:00 am
now. ♪ i would do it for you ♪ baby i'm not moving on ♪ . >> brian: inspired by the vietnam war, talking about memory expert who decided his mission would be in an effort to give back to wounded warrior, he would memorize every single person that lost their life in afghanistan fighting for our country. and wherever he goes, he writes the names. it takes how many hours? about four hours. >> steve: eight or nine. >> brian: eight or nine to write all those names until he gets to -- >> gretchen: 2200 names. >> brian: sadly that list keeps growing. >> gretchen: he started last may, starting to memorize all of them. he says the way he does it is he
4:01 am
puts a picture of each person in his mind, but can you imagine -- i mean, aside from the fact he's honoring our military members, he's also an amazing memory guy, to be able to write all these names down over the course of eight to nine hours. >> brian: it started may 1 of last year. it took him ten months to memorize the names. that number keeps growing. the wall keeps growing and he's here today. >> steve: that wall was completely blank at midnight and he has been out in 30-degree weather doing that since midnight. i really hope it doesn't rain 'cause i wonder whether or not it is rainproof he's using. or maybe it's like a dry erase board. whatever it is, it's quite an ordeal. he is trying to raise money for wound warriors and his story comes up shortly. >> gretchen: another law enforcement tragedy in mississippi. a detective is shot dead during an interrogation. decorated homicide detective
4:02 am
eric smith, seen in the middle, was questioning jeremy powell at police headquarters. powell was about to be arrested for murder. that's when powell shot and killed the detective. powell was also killed, but it's not clear who actually shot him. however, there are reports another officer may have been in the room. detective smith was with the department since 1995. no word on how powell got the gun. look at this video. flames forcing people out of their beds and out of their homes in the middle of the night. natural gas compressor station blew up in logan county, oklahoma. no one was hurt. no word on when people will be allowed back into their homes. the cause of the explosion is now under investigation. second college student lost in the rugged southern california wilderness for five days has been found alive. rescuers heard 18-year-old kendall's cries for helps and found her cling to go a cliff. a member of the search team was hurt trying to save her. >> all we know is that he sustained a fall and it was a head injury.
4:03 am
as of right now, the kid is responsive u about it's a -- it's a serious injury. we had paramedics down on the ground and we were able to air lift the reserve deputy sheriff to the hospital simultaneously while we inserted a react team to help with kendall. >> gretchen: her friend was found monday night. everyone is being treated at area hospitals. what little girl wouldn't want to be kissed by a prince? prince william tried to give a four-year-old little girl a kiss on the cheek after she gave him a rose to give to his wife, kate middleton. the child moved her head away, snubbing the prince a bit. she might regret that one day. those are your headlines today. >> steve: all right. this breaking news this morning, the "washington post" has gotten a heads up on the president's
4:04 am
proposal for the budget of next year. what's interesting is this is unlike the barak obama we've heard from in the past. he's actually talking about cutting social security and medicare big time. but you know what? he's also talking about more taxes. fewer tax hikes, but he is still in this new budget proposal calling for $580 billion in more tax if they did change the cost of living calculation for s the so-called cbit could generate $200 billion. unfortunately, it's going to generate a lot of heat from democrats. >> brian: chain cbi will send guys like independent sanders, bernie sanders over the top. it will send nancy pelosi into the moon. but that's something that republicans say you talked about doing it. when it comes to action, you don't do it. that would be significant. also, he's also talk being a 28% cap on all entitlements which
4:05 am
would affect charities, home builders, pension plans, anybody who tried to buy a home. >> steve: writeoffs. >> brian: yeah. so-called closing of loopholes. >> steve: also when it comes to the sequester, much has been made about it in washington, d.c his budget would eliminate the sequester cuts and replace them with other cuts worth $1.8 trillion. so he's look for some deficit reduction. meanwhile, on the other side, lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina, remember, he said a while back that he would be willing to raise $600 billion in new tax revenue if the president would somehow take a look and change entitlements like social security and medicare and it sounds like he is. so it sounds like lindsey graham could be on board with this. >> gretchen: i find it interesting, the headline for me is that there is a budget coming from the president. it's been quite some time. i believe it will be a couple months delayed when it comes out on wednesday.
4:06 am
but do you find it also interesting that some of these things that were being discussed back when they were having the debt commission, this is almost two years ago now, and the president actually was on the record as saying he was interested in cutting entitlements possibly. then that discussion went away. is it because there has been an election, that he is willing to be discussing maybe bipartisan types of issues? republicans won't be happy with any tax increase. but they may be look at finally we're talking about the big e in the room, entitlements. >> brian: electricity not be a tax increase in terms of rates. there is not a republican that would support it. i would say there might be a revenue increase in terms of loopholes in which they would be -- a program in which there would be caps on tax breaks that certain people would get. >> steve: now that he's safely in his second term, now he's talking about going after entitlements. >> brian: that's what we were hoping for. we're hoping for a guy that's not running again will do the right thing by the economy. >> steve: fix them so they work going forward.
4:07 am
>> gretchen: so yesterday the president and the first lady had some quotes that were picked -- that picked up some attention with media and blogs. the president was in california and he was doing the fundraising campaign sort of situation, and he was talking about the attorney general there in california who happens to be a woman and he said that she was tough and she was brilliant and she was a good friend and then he within on to say this. she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. it's true. come on. a lot of people had a problem with that. >> steve: a lot. >> gretchen: i personally don't really have a problem with that because it's true. >> steve: she is attractive, no doubt about it. but it will be interesting to see how the president of the united states winds up getting some criticism from the feminists who supported him in the past. if go on-line, you can see and read all about it. wait a minute. was the president of the united states, who we support wholeheartedly, was he object
4:08 am
fying that beautiful woman? >> brian: is that the same place that he told people they cling to their guns? >> steve: it was west coast. >> gretchen: that was san francisco. this is a suburb. >> brian: i have had a chance to meet her and the president is right, she is attractive. again, this is the third person here. the second on our couch. the fourth person, counting everybody on our couch, noted she's attractive. i personally think women should speak out. does that bother you because a lot of people have a problem that the president brought it out.e "wall street journal" expanded on it. they say that men's club attitude that got labeled in the first term is coming out that ron suskind wrote about that made people uncomfortable in certain settings. i think it's a compliment. but a lot of people think i don't really understand women. i might be way off track on this. >> gretchen: you have to look at it in its context. i think it's always important to look at every situation in its context. obviously if that was the first thing that he said about her,
4:09 am
then the context would be totally different. if it was a reason of why a woman got a job or didn't or a man, for that matter, then that would not be smart. but the way in which he said it, he said she's brilliant, she's well educated, she's tough. and by the way, i just think in our society, we've gotten just so pc and so worried about what comes out of our mouths that everybody gets in trouble for things that are true! this is true! >> brian: what if he would have said she's easy on the eyes? >> steve: it would have been the same thing. one group is steamed at the president. they said observe eastbound is in need of gender sensitivity training. they said women had a hard time being judged purely on their merits. >> gretchen: true. >> steve: discussing their appearance in the context of evaluating their job performance makes it worse! according to new york magazine. what do you think? e-mail us on. plus on this, the president's
4:10 am
wife, the first lady was chatting with the cbs affiliate in burlington, vermont, you know as wcax. keep in mind, her husband on a road trip out west, saying people are pretty, here is what the first lady said yesterday. >> believe me, as a busy single mother -- or i shouldn't say single. as a busy mother, sometimes when you got a husband who is president t can feel single. but he's there. >> steve: oops. >> gretchen: big deal. >> brian: she said she was a single mom! >> gretchen: are you actually outraged or trying to make it a big deal? >> steve: i think it's a slip of the tongue. keep in mind, for a long time, the obamas never lived together as a family until they moved into the white house, according to jody kenner. for a long time, she was effectively a single mom. >> brian: i don't think it's a problem unless one starts dating. that would be the issue. >> gretchen: kind of a no win discussion, we talked about this
4:11 am
before, but i think a lot of men and women, for that matter, have, from time to time, felt like a single parent. okay? big deal. everyone is busy. >> steve: so we asked you for some e-mail. paris wrote in, the president's statement was simply a true statement. and i don't see anything wrong with it. people should stop reading into it. >> brian: steve says, i disagree with president obama over a lot of things. this remark about the california attorney general is the last straw. without a doubt, the best looking attorney general in the country is florida's pam bondy. >> steve: good point. she's been on this program. >> gretchen: jennifer on the first lady's comment, a true single mother, meaning i really am a single mother with no partner to parent my two-year-old child with, i'm so tired of hearing married women refer to themselves as single mothers. yeah, everyone has a point of view on that issue. >> brian: i talked to other people who think whatever i say is right. that's how we'll have to leave it. >> steve: something from lou holtz here. meanwhile, be we've been talking about the sequester cuts and
4:12 am
while polls show that you don't really think that they have affected much, they are not turning the way the democrats had hoped. people don't think they really amounted to much and they don't feel the pain. so the president of the united states, a couple days ago, made the gesture where he said, i'm going to give 5% of my income back to the u.s. treasury. a number of cabinet members said we're going to do similar stuff. >> brian: eric holder said take my 5%. chuck hagel said take my 5%. no word from joe biden yet. there is about ten that said take 5%. which adds up to, in the president's case, $20,000. then he hopped on air force one for a fund-raiser for $180,000 a trip. >> gretchen: some people were pointing onto the funny business in the math. the salary cot amounts to $20,000, but the one trip was $180,000. >> brian: and it's fundraising. why is that allowed for any president? why is he -- he doesn't even pretend --
4:13 am
>> gretchen: the dnc said they were out of money after the election. that would be condition reason. >> steve: last night he had a fund-raiser for them. if you do the math, the president of the united states, it is calculated that since he's given back the 20,000, since he's probably taxed at the top rate, 39.6%, the president of the united states, by giving the money back to the treasury under 170-year-old program called gifts to the united states, could wind up making that a writeoff and wind up with $7,920 worth of tax relief, if he wanted to. jay carney says he's not going to do it. >> brian: straight ahead, should fast food workers get paid 15 bucks an hour? union workers say they deserve even more. >> you work hard, you feed the country. you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect! >> brian: stuart varney says not so fast. >> gretchen: sequester? what sequester? turns out the government is hiring and a salary out there for you is six figures. we'll tell you how you might be able to get it
4:14 am
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>> brian: new york city's fast food workers stage ago mass walkout yesterday demanding higher wages. who was there to cheer them on? union chief, 1%er himself, richard trumka. >> a half million members stand with you today and tomorrow and next day and next week for as long as it takes to get you fair treatment and dignity and fair wages to treat you like human beings. you work hard. you feed the country. you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. >> brian: wow. there he is. he was all pumped up. is big labor about to cash in on the fast food business? does he have a point, stuart
4:18 am
varney? fast food workers need more than minimum wage? >> hold on a second. step back. how do we set wages in this country? do we pay wages that you deserve, that you need, or that you demand? is that how we set the wage level in the united states. we don't do that. you can not do that. we set wages according to the supply and demand and the skill which you bring to the table. that's it. the market sets these wages. trumka wants to intervene in that and pay you what you think you deserve. >> brian: so right now the unemployment -- excuse me, minimum wage is 7.25. they were fighting yesterday for $15. do they understand if they go ahead and do that, how many companies and franchises would no longer sustain itself and how much more the food would be? >> take your pick. do you want more jobs and decent prices at fast food outlets? then you can't pay $15 an hour. if you pay $15 an hour, you've got fewer jobs and higher prices. take your pick. look at trumka for a second.
4:19 am
in 2011, the man who is leading those demonstrations, he runs the labor movement in america. richard trumka. he made $293,000 in the year 2011. >> brian: he's rich. >> he's way up there in the 1% arena. he's a rich guy. but he leads a movement which is declining in membership. they're not paying as much in dues to that union movement. and he's got to get out there and get more members in so that they can pay more dues to support his 1% salary. >> brian: and their fight was that after the 2008 collapse, the upper class and the rich, the white collar worker who caused the collapse didn't pay the price with their jobs. but they're paying the price with their jobs. but the fact is, so the middle class paid the price. >> you can mix apples and oranges all day long. the fact is, if you start paying $15 an hour for a guy who works at mcdonald's, you're either going to have fewer jobs or higher prices. >> brian: mcdonald's now serves apples. that's interesting. they're trying to be healthier.
4:20 am
making a complete circle. seinfeld episode. >> nicely done. >> brian: we're doing a simulcast. eiffel be on radio. 20 minutes after the hour. varney and company coming up at 9:20. up next, no passport? no problem t. turns out in some places, our borders are so wide open that you could just waltz through. and better believe people are taking advantage. like him and her. and "jurassic park" is back. but is it worth the extra price for 3 d? kevin mccarthy is here with some funny glasses. >> what do they got in there? king k mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation
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4:24 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. $100,000. that's how much the new public affairs specialist at health and human services will earn. the public relations employee will make up to $136,000 per year. aren't we in a sequester? 52%. that's how many people now support the legalization of marijuana. this comes just five months after washington and colorado voted to legalize it. 28,000. that's how high these 11 skiers in pakistan were. the group became the first ever to ski on the area, one of the most treacherous in the world. look out for the drone. >> steve: all right. >> gretchen: thanks very much. let's figure out what movies we should go to and which ones we should not. kevin mccarthy is here as he joins us on a friday. good morning to you! >> good morning to you. thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. >> steve: great to have you. couple of days ago, we had t
4:25 am
rexes here on our plaza. i don't know if you saw that. now it's time for a flashback to "jurassic park." now it's in 3d! >> yes, it is. my nine-year-old self was simultaneously geeking out with my 29-year-old self watching this movie. i mean, this movie still holds up. it looks like a 2013 film. the special effects are absolutely incredible. interestingly enough, the dinosaurs are only in the movie for less than 15 minutes. but they have such a great presence. the 3d conversion is fantastic. i usually despise 3d. but they went through every single frame and gave it a depth of feel and more immersesive experience. back in 2011, i sat down with mr. spielberg. this is before they announced it officially coming out and we had this interesting discussion. check this out. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> if you could have had that 3d technology and shot one of your earlier films and used that depth of feel what, film would
4:26 am
would it be and what scene do you think would have benefited from that? >> i think the only movie that i've directed that i would have liked to have made in 3d was the first "jurassic park" because that was such an immersesive experience and the dinosaurs were so -- we played with space and depth, just with lighting. when the t rocks comes -- t rex comes into the rearview mirror of the jeep, trying to escape it, there is such 3d opportunities. so i use 3d techniques in 2 d. i've always done that. of all the movies i've made up to now, "jurassic park" would be the best candidate. >> so awesome. >> brian: how did you know to ask that question? did you give him the idea? >> i definitely did not give him the idea. he got the idea from watching "titanic" in 3d. i gave it a five out of five. i highly recommend seeing it in 3d. it's a masterpiece. it's worth seeing in 3d. worth seeing on the big screen. >> gretchen: when they eat the
4:27 am
people, the dinosaurs, is that in 3d? >> because the whole thing is in 3d. yeah. you do see everything in 3d. but it's pg 13, so don't take the smaller kids. >> brian: nothing was more realistic than "land of the lost" on saturday afternoons. >> gretchen: we were the sleestacks? >> i do not remember that. >> brian: steven spielberg knows your name, that's impresssive. >> i made a short film for him recently, so i have it on-line if people want to watch it. >> brian: i watched it. it's excellent. me and spielberg like it. >> thank you, brian. i appreciate it. >> steve: you know what we're going to do because you mentioned that? we will link our web site to that movie so folks can see your short that you made for steven spielberg. >> brian: is that allowed? >> steve: that's later today. >> brian: thank you so much. >> i appreciate it. >> steve: have a great weekend. we thank you for joining us for joining us live. >> talk to you soon. >> steve: 27 minutes after the top of the hour.
4:28 am
>> gretchen: it's costing taxpayers millions having our coast guard rescue all the crippled carnival cruise ships. why is carnival just paying .6% in u.s. taxes? >> steve: they've got a good accountant? >> brian: anna kooiman live at wrestle mania 29. are you ready for action? >> good morning. absolutely we are. we're getting fans all geared up for wrestle mania, giving them access to superstar divas and legend, like this one, antonio. can i borrow this? >> i think it would look really good if you would hold it up, like over your head. >> like a ring girl. >> and i stand here look great like i always do. >> you always look great. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs.
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ]
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man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> gretchen: fox news alert. an arrest made in connection with the murder of colorado prison chief tom clements. colorado state police arresting this guy. 47-year-old james. his name was one of two that came up during the investigation. we talked about him yesterday. the other, 31-year-old thomas goolee, were in frequent contact with evan ebel 24 hours before this man was murdered. ebel was linked to clements death after he was killed in a gun fight with law enforcement in texas. the men are associates of the 211 crew, the same prison gang
4:33 am
that ebel belonged to. it's not known how the two men are connected with the murder case specifically and they are not being named as suspects just yet in clements' murder. breaking news for you there in those shootings. >> brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. carnival will not reimburse the government, our government, more than $4 million it spent to rescue them over the past five years. the most recent involved triumph which we carried live every second of the tugboat pull, which was stuck at sea for days on end after losing power. west virginia democratic senator jay rockefeller, whose family is rich, asked the cruise company to pay the navy and the coast guard back. here is carnival's classic response. carnival's policy is to honor matter time tradition that holds the duty to render assistance at sea to those as a universal obligation of the entire maritime community, which means stick it, america. and get this, carnival's registers its boats in foreign ports so it pays less than 1% in u.s. taxes.
4:34 am
but their rescues cost taxpayers millions every year. makes sense of that. >> steve: don't be so harsh. you're honoring maritime tradition. >> brian: for free. >> gretchen: the obama administration claiming the border control is at an all-time high. >> i can tell you that having worked that border for 20 years, it is more secure now than it has ever been. >> gretchen: despite homeland security secretary janet napolitano's claims the new border patrol says less than half of illegal immigrants are actually caught at the border. that's less than the government accountability's january estimate of 64%. >> steve: jimmy fallon will still have his controversial roots when he moves the "tonight show" here to new york city. >> congresswoman, michelle bachmann. ♪ ♪ . >> steve: why did we pick that clip? in november 2011, fallon's house ban on late night came under
4:35 am
fire for attacking congresswoman michelle bachmann as she was introduced. they played a song by the group fishbone with the title we can't say. basically called her a liar. fallon, by the way, we told you, he's going to replace that man, screen left. jay leno, february of 2014. mr. kilmeade, tell us about wild rice. >> brian: rutgers style. despite being fired, mike rice is still getting a huge bonus as part of his contract. rice will reportedly get $100,000 for finishing the 2012-2013 season. rice was seen throwing poles and cursing at players and saying all types of horrible stuff. right after rice went out the door, so did assistant coach jimmy mar tell. he resigned for being seen on the video doing the same stuff as coach rice. lance armstrong hopes to swim this weekend has been sunk. he was supposed to swim in three event in texas, but swimming's
4:36 am
governing body has stepped in saying organizers must follow the world anti-doping rules, which have banned armstrong from all sanctioned sporting event. ever wonder what goes on inside an nfl locker room? we will soon find out. the nfl will install cameras in all home team locker rooms this coming season. things like pregame speeches, celebrations and men snapping towels at other men, putting eye black on each other will all be for you to see. >> steve: they would have to have some towel free zones, i would imagine, so things aren't embarrassingly caught on camera. >> brian: we will talk about what goes on in the locker room between 9 and noon on the radio app and hopefully your local station. we have an array of brilliant guests, including simulcast with varney and company. >> gretchen: let's get a look at your weekend weather. maria molina is here with that. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. today is good news. much warmer this weekend. temperatures will be warming up
4:37 am
here and we're also expecting a relatively warm day in new york city today with a high temperature expected to reach 61 degrees. before we got to the weekend, today you will have to deal with areas of rain across parts of the mid atlantic. it's been coming down. it's already starting to exit, though. the northeast coast, that's good news, we're already seeing that drier air moving in, along with the warmer temperatures. across parts of south florida has been raining throughout the overnight hours, lightning, thunder being reported as well. we're expecting more of that as we head into at least early this afternoon. quick shot of your high temperatures. should reach 73 in tampa. 44 for your high temperature in minneapolis. not bad, san antonio, 75 degrees. back inside, steve, gretchen and brian. >> steve: thanks. >> brian: by the way, the spurs lost last night. >> gretchen: thank you for that. wrestling fans from across the country. >> steve: anna kooiman is in new jersey to get a sneak peek at the action. she's at the izod center. hi there.
4:38 am
>> hey there. how are you? we had to get lessons from some of the superstars, divas and legends. this is expected to be watched on sunday night by 100 different countries around the world. it's essentially the super bowl, if you will, of wrestling. and also expected to give $100 million of an economic shot in the arm to the new york and new jersey area. this is the first time it's been here since 2004. we got to talk to the one and only. >> how are you? >> you doubted me, didn't you? >> i was a little worried. but did you well. >> this is the funkasaurus. how did you get your name? >> well, it was a panel of scientists and dance instructors and theatrical entertainers from around the world. they are trying to encompass me in a timeless classic, hence the
4:39 am
saurus. i got a lot of groove and it came together. i trademarked it immediately. >> there you go. you used to be the body guard of snoop dogg. so you have seen interesting things. >> yes, i have seen some things. but nothing quite like this. >> tell me about the match this weekend. >> tons of funk, which is another one of my various names with sweet tea, my tag team partner. he has the scribble on his face. and then there is the funkadactiles. we're going to take on the nasty road scholars. >> we're here at access and this is a chance to give back to your fans with a tribute to the troops and giving back to super storm sandy. what's it like to meet your fans? >> it's always cool because they're the ones who let you know if what you're doing is working. so if i saw somebody and they bust a dance move, and they say i'm a fanasaurus. it's a lot of fun. they're waiting around and try to meet everybody, shake hands. >> the headlineer is john sena
4:40 am
and the rock. >> yes, a rematch. >> clearly i'm a new fan. >> yes. >> and you're turning me into one. you've got dance moves. >> always. >> it's got crazy moves. >> we got some moves. >> i want to try out for the funkadactiles. >> all right. you can be one. >> let's get some music here. >> do we have music? if not, i got a song in my head. just feel it with me. like any good dancer, you have to start. like boom, you're ready. fired up. >> we got like 20 seconds. you got to hurry. >> why don't you take it like that. take it slow, 'cause you're a little fired up. it this way and this way. got to go around. no such thing as gangam style. it's funky style. then give me some karate. >> thank you so much. >> steve: very nice. you're a funkadactile.
4:41 am
[ laughter ] >> steve: all right. wrestle mania. >> gretchen: i was worried about a little bit of his funk. but he was careful with his funk. >> brian: good to know that you could call anybody a saurus and it gives a feeling of friendly. >> steve: that's right, briansaurus. >> brian: i feel like we're friends. >> gretchen: barbecue fans, brace yourself. >> steve: then the inconvenient truth is, the planet has not warmed in a decade and a half. the polar bear population is actually growing. why are liberals, those on the left, still pushing their global warming agenda? we'll introduce you to the climate deniers coming up. >> brian: look how bored these polar bears are. was he just yawning [ female announcer ] take your lettuce from drab to fab
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. another no show in court for french turned russian actor gerard. that stems from a dwi on a scooter in paris. that pork chop you love is getting a new name now. the pork and beef industry is renaming more than 300 cuts of meat in hopes that they're going to sell more advertising and boost the sales for them. go back upstairs to steve. >> steve: liberals love to talk about climate change to please their environmentalist supporters, right? >> we can choose to believe that super storm sandy and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires in some states have ever seen were all just a coincidence, or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science
4:46 am
and act before it's too late. >> steve: but the new research shows people like the president might actually be setting science aside just to score a few political points because the inconvenient truth is the planet has not warmed in over a decade. rich loury calls those people climate deniers. he is the editor of the national review. you just wrote a new column that says there is nothing sadder than a climate denier. >> yes. we have pumped an enormous amount of co 2 in the atmosphere to last a decade. 100 billion-tons, which for the layman watching at home, that's a lot. that's about a quarter of all the co 2 emissions since 1750. but we haven't had warming in about a decade or 15 years. you still are people like the president, people like al gore out there talking about how we need to embrace the science and fight this challenge of global warming before it's too late, without ever mentioning this key
4:47 am
part of the evidence that we've been flat for ten or 15 years. >> steve: that's the whole argument is if you're going to pump 100-tons of that stuff into the atmosphere, and that's the stuff the deniers say are causing it to skyrocket, you would think it would be 900 degrees. but over the last 15 years or so, we have been flat temperature wise. >> correct. you would expect to see a steady trend upwards. what this suggests is not that the basic theory is flawed. all things being equal, you get co 2 in the atmosphere, it will create warming. but that's the key phrase. all things being equal. they aren't equal in the climate. it's a fantastically complex system that we don't fully understand. so when they say the science is settled, you get more in the atmosphere and more warming. they're right. when it's settled about these projections, about what that is going to mean, that's completely wrong. >> steve: and i love the fact that as i said in the intro, it's an inconvenient truth fort deniers that the temperature has not gone up.
4:48 am
it's been static for the last 15 years or so. but the climate deniers have come up with some interesting excuses why the temperature hasn't gone up and it's been flat, like it's the clouds. >> yeah. it might be the clouds. >> steve: it might be! >> it might be all sorts of things. we don't know. my favorite example is james hanson, famous scientist at nasa, he's been the foremost alarmist this side of al gore on this question. 2009 he writes an op ed about how he qualifier -- coal, fire power plants are instruments of death because they're going to create so much glal warming. now he's writing a piece that says the reason we haven't had so much global warming recently is because of coal, fire power plants, they put these particlates in the air which is counteracting the global warming, which just goes to show the science isn't settled. there is no reason to panic about this. let's fully understand it before we crimp our economy. >> steve: well put. rich lowery, he's the grand puba at national review. >> everything i know about the
4:49 am
weather climate, i learned from you. >> steve: don't blame me! thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: coming up, cancer patients getting turned away from clinics and it's being blamed on the sequester and republicans. and red hot and latin and these dishes are healthy for you, too. celebrity chef ingrid hoffman is here next. on this date in 1971, this was america's number one song. ♪ just my imagination ♪ running away with me happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:52 am
>> gretchen: geraldo made it. last minute. she's spreading -- hi.
4:53 am
she's spreading her love of latin food with cook shows on english and spanish language networks. her latest book is called "latin delight." joining us is ingrid hoffman, good morning to you n good morning. thanks for having me. >> gretchen: so we're going to cook latin food right. can that happen? >> absolutely. we're starting out with making a tortilla bowl. so we've got nice chicken breasts that i'll put some adobo on it. this is a spice blend that i make myself just to use it without preservatives and additives, and not having all of the bad stuff that is in stores. it's a blend of cumin, chote, garlic, onion, lime peel. that gives us great flavor. we let that cook through. we've got some ready to go here. now i'm going to show you how to make a tortilla bowl.
4:54 am
>> gretchen: he's great in the kitchen. >> do you make your own tortillas? >> no, i do not. i give ideas how to assemble meals at home without spending more than a half hour in the kitchen. here is the trick i do use. in order to make our tortilla bowl, generally in a restaurant, you will see these beautiful bowls are fried. i'm going to show awe way to do it really healthy. we take a multi grain tortillas. now you have them gluten free. we brush them with a little bit of water to make it pliable. we're helping ourselves to an empty can. we're going to fold it gently over, slightly press it. we put it on a baking sheet. we put it into the oven and we've got some magic going on right here. we saved probably about 400 calories. only by not frying. >> gretchen: i don't know if you know this about ingrid, hard to believe because she's so petite, but you had put on a little
4:55 am
extra weight because of an autoimmune situation, right? >> and also a food addict. >> gretchen: a food addict? >> yes. >> gretchen: so you were looking for ways to change recipe. >> and save on calories. everybody calorie i can save a day, allows me a drink on the weekend. you got to have your priorities straight. >> let me write that one down. >> this is really the cause behind this brand-new book. here we've got a home made sauce, tomatoes, chipotle, onion, garlic. we're going to add pinto beans to it. you can help yourself, from canned, ideally fresh. we mix this up. this is the base of our sauce. now we move to build our beautiful tortilla bowl. >> gretchen: you guys can build it. >> what we do now is that we take some green leaves, you can use spinach. this is an all in one meal. we've got that. now we're going to add some chicken right here. the grilled chicken that we sliced up. you can make a beautiful design.
4:56 am
the bowls are a fun way of getting the kids into the kitchen. this way, if you teach your kids since they're little to love food and be involved in the preparation, they can actually get into eating healthy and at home. here we put a little bit of the sauce, which is going to have all those amazing flavors. and here is another tip. i'm using a tiny bit of feta cheese because it goes a long way in flavor. so you need -- you can use a lot less than you would use of any other cheese. some cilantro. this is super light in calories and all in one meal. >> you eat that with your hands or knife and fork? >> well, if i was on air right now, i would eat it probable will he with my hands. not on air. >> gretchen: we got to go to commercial so we can eat it in the commercial break. check out the brand-new cookbook. thank you so much. >> in stores nationwide. thank you, guys.
4:57 am
>> gretchen: breaking news, the president's budget will cut entitle. s, but there is a catch. destales straight ahead. and it's a mission to feed the poor action but the government says nuns can't do it anymore? what thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle
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common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased d blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is friday, april 5, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great weekend. a fox news alert. moments ago an arrest in the murder case of colorado prison chief. the suspect has a dangerous and sickening past. we'll give you the details. >> steve: meanwhile, pieces of the president's budget plan just being released. and he's ready to cut entitlements, including social security. but there is a catch. the developing details straight ahead on this friday. >> brian: mother theresa's charity can no longer feed the poor. that's right. nuns banned from serving soup because they don't have a permit. >> steve: oh, boy. >> brian: i'll have none of that. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> steve: you'll have none of that. neither will miami. we've got a big update on that story coming up. >> gretchen: that fox news alert that we were talking about, an arrest made in connection with the murder of the colorado prison chief, tom clements. remember this happened about three weeks ago. colorado state police arresting 47-year-old james lore. his name was one of two that came up during the investigation. the other was 31-year-old thomas goolee. both were in contact with he have been ebel 24 hours before clements was murdered. he was linked to clements death after he was killed in a gun fight in texas. the men are associates of the 211 crew. but the same gang that ebel belonged to. it's not known how the two men are connected with the murder case specifically just yet. they are not being named as suspects in the murder itself.
5:02 am
another fox news alert for you. the white house now saying it will commit to cutting entitlements as part of the president's new budget. the commitment to cut $1.8 trillion over the next ten years by scaling back programs, including social security. white house staffers who provided details claim it's not the president's preferred approach. he's just trying to find common ground with the gop. full budget will be released next week to congress. look at this video. flames forcing people out of their beds and out of their homes in the middle of the night. natural gas compressor station blew up in logan county, oklahoma. luckily no one hurt. no word on when people will be allowed back into their homes. the cause of the explosion now under investigation. second college student lost in the rugged southern california wilderness for five days has been found alive. rescuers heard 18-year-old kendall jackson's cries for help and they found her clinging to a cliff, dazed and dehydrated, but otherwise okay. a member of the search team was hurt saving her.
5:03 am
>> all we know, that he sustained a fall and it was a head injury. as of right now, he's responsive and not serious. it took prior a moment as we had paramedics down on the ground with kendall and we were able to air lift the reserve deputy sheriff to the hospital simultaneously while we inserted a react team to help with kendall. >> gretchen: her friend was found wednesday night not far from where kendall was located. everyone is being treated at area hospitals. great news for those two families who were probably worried sick all week long. >> steve: good morning, geraldo. >> good morning. >> brian: is this your real segment? >> i love spanish food. (speaking spanish) >> steve: translation? >> the only difference between the various spanish groups is the color of their beans. [ laughter ] >> brian: really? >> pinto beans, very near and dear to puerto ricans hearts. and i just came back from there. >> brian: i hope one day to live
5:04 am
in a country where all beans were creteed alike. [ laughter ] >> i'm on the mediterranean island where they drink seven glasses of wine a day. i love that diet. >> steve: not a loft driving on that island. we want to take you what's going on since midnight here. ron white is a u.s. navy veteran and he has spent 50,000 of his own dollars to create this 52-foot long wall and on it, it was blank at midnight. he has this amazing ability to memorize names, rank, serial numbers. >> brian: he imagines the person as a picture, what they look like, and he memorized these names and over 2700 lost their lives in afghanistan and they're all memorialized on this wall, which obviously he looked at the vietnam wall and said, i can do that. the money he raises goes to wounded warriors. >> when you look at the names, that touches me. what an incredible achievement
5:05 am
for him to be able to recall. when i look at the names, i put them next to faces of men that i've known who have fallen in action and you see the names, all different ethnic groups represented, different regions of the country represented. they sacrificed so much, our volunteer armed forces over the course of the last 13 or 12 years. it's been such a devastating time in american history. for him to memorialize it in that instant fashion on our own plaza makes me very proud. >> steve: you know what? he does it in order. he does them in the order that they were killed in action. >> i'd love to sit next to him in a law school exam. [ laughter ] amazing. >> gretchen: he's also a veteran himself. >> really? >> gretchen: yes. >> how did he raise the funds? >> steve: people are so touched by it, they make donations. if you would like to, go to our web site and we'll show you how it make a donation. >> gretchen: we're going to talk to him in 15 minutes from now. let's talk about north korea because this is a pretty scary story right now.
5:06 am
you got this very young leader who is the third dictator in line with his family. many people says he has no idea what he's doing. do you fear we'll have some sort of a nuclear attack? >> i covered korea since the 1980s and the various lunatics that run that regime and i have absolutely no fear. my fear is that the military industrial complex in the united states is seizing on this freak in north korea. this is going to be the next gigantic expenditure. this is the next f 35, next giant project we're going to put intercontinental ballistic defenses on both coasts. it's going to cost trillions of dollars. i disagree. >> brian: we need to. >> he could wage war on south korea and lose. he can't even reach guam. they could barely reach that. >> brian: he has plutonium bomb. he's got a uranium bomb. he's working on a third one and in the beginning four years ago, they said the detonation was
5:07 am
useless and minute. not last time. they miniaturized many things. their odd relationship with iran. >> there is two issues. that's a very serious issue, the second one, because that leads to proliferation and further confrontation. but going back to what north korea can do, with three bombs. we have more than three bombs on a single -- we have thousands of missiles. he's not going to end the world. that's the point. this is a spoiled -- >> brian: he can do something really stupid. why wouldn't he try to kill his enemies? >> he's starving the people is the based on the imcompetence of the regime. its failure to deliver on any kind of capitalism where you can grow your own economy. i think it is imcompetence and it is also a devotion of what the limited meager resource are to the military, the 1.2 million member military. what does he do? after he declares war and his country is devastated and his
5:08 am
country in ruins, his people dead, what has he accomplished? i think that when you see him as a clown with dennis rodman, that's the image i want you to freeze in your mind. he's much more that person, that dennis rodman -- >> gretchen: what should the u.s. do? should the u.s. not put the missiles -- >> that's an excellent question. i think we have to do what we are prudent and reasonably assured will bring about the right result. what is that? we have to tell this man and tell the rest of the world we stand by our ally, south korea. we have to get the japanese more involved and we have to tell the chinese what in the world, are you asleep at the wheel here? this is your surrogate country. this is your client state. you have to join us in putting pressure -- >> brian: they love it. spending money -- >> the chinese love it because we overreact. now we're going to spend all this money. we're going to hit the deficit hard again and put on an intercontinental antimissile defense system. it is preposterous. we do not need it.
5:09 am
i urge us to calm down. do what's right with the navy. make sure they're ready. make sure or allies are ready for some misstatement, some accidentally pushed button -- >> brian: unless we have missile defense -- >> we go down this road, i'm telling you, you will break the bank. you are talking about the most expensive defense project ever. that is precisely what he wants. he is us to overreact, to squander our treasure. he wants us to be diverted by his antics. >> brian: you mean the clown -- >> it is the wrong thing to do. >> steve: he wants food from the united states. >> even if they were that reasonable, that he was provoking to get some kind of reaction, i don't even think he's thought that quite through yet. remember, did he export technology to libya, that gadhafi subsequently gave to us in libya. i fear he has, in fact, jump
5:10 am
started the iranian program. i think they are far more serious about their plans than he in north korea is. why? because i think the iran believes that they are the predominant power now in the persian gulf that iraq has been so neutralized by the decimated war. i think that's much more something we should be involved in. not that this clown, he has an atomic bomb, but he's not really a power that lettens anybody other than his own people. >> steve: the breaking news last night -- >> you should see the south korean, those are tough sons of guns. they turn the other cheek. why? because they are reasonable state and we have urged restraint. when they bombed -- when he killed his -- his father killed the three people, when they shelled that offshore island during the maneuvers, during the u.s.-south korean joint maneuvers, he expressed his displeasure by shelling a south
5:11 am
korean island, killing one soldier and two civilians, that's when you ratchet up the economic sanctions. that's where you isolate him even further. that's when you disrupt his trade, whatever it is. >> gretchen: isn't it a different kind of war threat now? i think when people hear nuclear, that's when sets them off. it has nothing to do with whose army has to be stronger. it's about pushing a button. >> just remember, he has one bomb. we have 30,000. >> brian: it doesn't matter. he only needs one. >> is he going to put it in a suitcase and take a subway to washington? >> brian: you think it's joke. >> i think it is a joke. >> brian: that is total -- >> if you remember that it is a joke, we will not take the dreadful step of squandering our treasure and blowing the money we're saving by ending the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> steve: it is a debate and people are having it across their kitchen tables all across
5:12 am
the country. >> restraint. it's so rare that i caution restraint. >> steve: barely. we'll be watching him this weekend. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: have a great weekend. >> brian, you look very dapper. >> steve: no more talking. >> brian: you mean i'm wearing a suit for a change? >> steve: trying to cause a fight. >> gretchen: your wife must have dressed you. coming up, cancer patients turned away from life-saving clinics. another consequence of the health care law or sequester? that's next. >> steve: then here is one reason not to go through airport security. look at that guy. he jumped over the fence to help a shoeless hero. he was and he saved the day. his story straight ahead. i'm over the hill.
5:13 am
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>> steve: this story is going to disturb you. cancer clinics across this country are turning away thousands of medicare patients in need of chemotherapy. you can blame the sequester. is there more to come? peter johnson, jr. has a prescription for truth. peter, what is this about? >> this is about people dying as a result of obamacare and it's a result of the sequester. what the oncology association is saying is that thousands of chemotherapy patients who should have received their treatments, their benefits under medicare will not based on a 2% reduction under the sequester. what they fail to understand and maybe they do and they don't want to discuss it at this point is that over the next ten years, 2013 to 2023, under obamacare, there will be a $716 billion reduction in obamacare. we're talking about a $3 billion reduction in the sequester now and the $3 billion reduction in
5:17 am
obamacare -- >> steve: this is a preview of coming awful things. >> you haven't seen anything yet. you ain't seen nothing yet. so this is a situation that demands congress to act, that demands the president to act at this point. the president signed the legislation. the white house budget office signed off on it. you need to say they didn't know these people would be turned away for expensive chemotherapy drugs at community oncology clinics where most people are treated for cancer in this country? >> steve: right. i read an item today that said rather than going to the cancer clinic that you've been going to, they won't be able to provide the service anymore. so you'll have to go to a hospital and get your treatment. but the thing about the sequester that bothers me regarding this is the fact that the republicans and the congress said mr. president, we're going to give you the authorization so you can move money around and so that you can actually fix this problem. he said, i don't want to do that. >> this is a critical, critical issue. congress needs to return.
5:18 am
the president needs to take command of this issue. sebelius and turner who run medicare, need to step in and say, this is the injustice of america today that millions of americans who are 65 and older and have other health conditions are going to be affected in terms of getting their chemotherapy. let me tell you something as we go out here, steve, and i need to share this with the audience. my life was saved 30 years ago by chemotherapy. >> steve: sure. >> chemotherapy is expensive. at the same time, these oncology clinics need to step up. is this going to be the new paradigm under obamacare, that we're going to have these stoppages, these outages, these shortages and then doctors are going to say, we can't provide care? this is not what was promised under obamacare. the president needs to step up and step up quickly or people will die and all of the projections that everybody scoffed at about death panels,
5:19 am
about rationing, will, unfortunately come true. this is bad. this is really, really bad. if you can't get your chemo today, you'll potentially die. >> steve: it is very troubling. >> this is not fox news. this is obamacare sequester. >> steve: absolutely. peter, thank you very much. it is disturbing. >> it is bad. >> steve: meanwhile, she is a teen-ager, but in a matter of three minutes, she managed to dismantle gun control. listen to this. >> by this legislation you are liberating american citizens of our constitutional rights. >> steve: who is she? we're going to introduce you coming up. and this navy veteran memorialized every fallen hero's name from the war in afghanistan and he's been writing them on our plaza wall. that wall on our plaza, since midnight, in 30-degree weather. we're going to talk to him. his story is awesome as we roll on live from new york city at bass pro shops.
5:20 am
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>> steve: quick friday morning headlines. carnival cruise lines only pays less than 1% of u.s. taxes every year. you know what? they got more than $4 million in government assistance with rescues at sea over the past five years. get this, the company says it won't repay the federal government a penny. meanwhile, the fukushima nuclear power plant is back up and running after its cooling system stopped working for two hours. this is the same plant damaged during the massive tsunami in japan two years ago. off we go outside to brian on the plaza.
5:24 am
>> brian: you've been seeing him all morning, ron white, one of america's great patriots. in 2007 he was in afghanistan. he's got a great memory. he put these two together to assemble this wall. thank you so much for what you're doing. tell me how you got this idea. >> well, couple years ago looking at the vietnam wall, i served in afghanistan, so i thought what's the afghanistan memorial wall going to look like? that's where i got it. >> brian: look what you've been doing since midnight, look at this. you wrote every single person here served and lost their life in afghanistan. >> yeah. this is chronological order of their death. 2200 of them. it's 7,000 words. yeah. >> brian: the system in which you memorized their names, you think about each one of them as you're laying them out, right? >> i do. i have a map in my head. i essentially memorize a map in my town where i live. i merls 22 locations and i visualize each one of these people in one of those locations. >> brian: i know where you got the inspiration from, the
5:25 am
vietnam wall. what made you take this type of action? >> i served in afghanistan and i just know that sometimes the families think that america has gone on and we've forgotten about their sons or daughters. i just wanted to say you're not forgotten. i remember every single one of them. >> brian: you got that ability. you got this system that allows you to do this. so this is your third stop, your third city. people watching this, clearly moved. how do we act and support you? >> you can go to you can donate to the wounded warriors, trying to raise money for the wounded warrior program. also if you know somebody who is on this wall g to america's and tell me about them. tell me who they were and just help me keep their memory alive. >> brian: so when you were serving in afghanistan, bill o'reilly came by. >> yeah. he did. he came to the base. people think that didn't mean a lot. it meant a lot. i stood in line for three hours
5:26 am
to get him to sign a mug and i told him autograph it to congressional medal of honor winner ron white, and he wouldn't do that. but i stood in line for three hours immediately. >> brian: not only did you serve the country, what you're doing now is extraordinary. you can't put into words. and the reaction from the families when they see? >> a grandmother stood for three hours just to wait for me to get to her grandson's name. i've had moms and dads just stand at the wall and stare at their son or daughter's name for an hour. we have a service member who who was walking by today, a former army guy. he walked by and he asked if he could come and look at the wall. he found ten names that he knew. it was so emotional for him. >> brian: wherever you go, you start from scratch and write them all again. unfortunately, you had some room left because they're still serving and it will be more dangerous as they pull out. >> yeah, that's right. i did this the first time february 28 in fort worth and since the first time, i've done -- i've had to add 15 names to the list. >> brian: wow.
5:27 am
ron, somehow we got to find out about the system. you believe not only is this a great thing, but this memory that you have and the system that you have, you believe anyone can learn it? >> i know anyone can do it. anybody can do it. i'm not a savant. i'm not rain man. i'm just very dedicated. i spent ten months memorizing it and it's oldie for ten months. i got a book and i went through it. it's more dedication and discipline than savant. >> brian: got you. great thing you're doing. by the way, on our web site, you can go donate. stick around 'cause we'll talk to you again on the after the show show and find out more information. do you have any more names to put up? >> i have about 100 names. we're almost there. >> brian: we have a little more show to go. you've been here since midnight. it's a thrill to meet you. thank you for your service and this is incredible. >> thank you. >> brian: let's go back inside to you guys on the couch. i'll join you. >> steve: a great american. if folks would like to did he nate, go to our web site. >> gretchen: puts it all in
5:28 am
perspective when you see the names. coming up on "fox & friends," mother theresa's charity can no longer feared the poor. the nuns banned from serving soup because they don't have a permit? >> steve: first, big news from the labor department this morning. right, nicole? >> oh, yeah. we can't wait for this one. the monthly jobs report, the fragile economy, what's going on with our monthly jobs report? this is very key. and i will tell you who is demanding more money, more pay for what they're doing in this tough economy. we'll get to it after the break carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in,
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5:32 am
>> steve: we are back with a fox business alert. a new monthly jobless number just released. nicole petallides from the "fox business" network is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. it's kind of a good news, bad news thing, isn't it? >> i would say it's mostly bad news 'cause don't get tricked by headlines. first of all, i'm standing in the execution partners booth. when this number hit, which was not good news, look what happened to our futures. these are u.s. stock index. bam! bam! okay? to so that shows you now. we'll watch the s & p 500 president dow falling. we got in our monthly numbers. how many jobs added? 88,000 jobs added.
5:33 am
that was well below the estimates of 200,000 jobs added. so obviously it's not happening. right? this is obviously big, big fall. then the other thing is our unemployment rate. this is where you said good news. it dropped to 7.6%. from 7.7%. doesn't that seem so great, a four-year low? don't believe it. why does that happen? because you know why? american people are getting just tired of looking for jobs. they're dropping out of the labor force for the most part. so you're seeing the labor participation rate at obviously low that we haven't seen for decades. people get frustrated and say i'm going to stop look. that's what we're seeing. >> steve: that must be -- for the unemployment number, the big number to drop down to 7.6%, but for only 88,000 jobs to be added, a lot of people must have dropped out just frustration or there are no jobs there. that's the headline. >> right. and you're absolutely right. the other thing we can add in
5:34 am
there is the people who take jobs of which they're completely overqualified. they take a part-time job. meanwhile, they have a law degree. you know what i mean? that's the other thing and that kind of number is always exceptionally higher. >> gretchen: let's look at the other end of the spectrum because here in new york city yesterday, fast food workers were out striking basically with protest signs demanding higher pay because they say they need it. so these jobs are advertised as minimum wage jobs. new york in 2016 is going to go up from 7.25 to $9 an hour. they were asking for $15 an hour. what do you make of that? >> all right. we're talking about people working at mcdonald's and kfc and taco bell and burger king. they make 7.25. they say hey, we want 15 bucks. 15 bucks in this economy? are you sure you deserve that? if you're an employer, you own a small franchise and now you're raising your minimum age workers up already to $9, which is a problem for a lot of small business owners that we've
5:35 am
talked to, then how about those people at $9? they want more. so if you're talking about raising these people to $15, what about the people who are making between 9 and $15, what am i raising them to? 25 bucks? ridiculous. >> brian: they want their hourly wage doubled. but in the big picture, the prices are going to go up. something is going to go up or the business will go out of business. there is only so much money in the mix. i always thought minimum wage jobs were entry level for to you grow in. >> that's another great point, absolutely. that's the whole idea is you're supposed to grow with the company. you start -- i got coffee. i put papers in the teleprompter at good day new york in my young days. that's the whole point. you grow with what you're doing and that's ultimately the goal for every american worker. i have to tell you, on the menus, since we're talking about fast food and i can't resist, mcdonald's has a new egg white delight. burger king has a turkey burger.
5:36 am
and kfc is getting rid of bones. they're going to have the original recipe, boneless chicken to compete with all the chicken mcnuggets. >> gretchen: they're the top of my list for eating out now. thanks so much, nicole petallides donnan wall street for us. let's look at some friday headlines. another law enforcement tragedy, this time in mississippi. a detective shot dead during an interrogation. decorated detective eric smith, seen here in the middle, was questioning jeremy powell at police headquarters. powell was about to be arrested for murder and that's when powell shot and killed the detective. powell was also killed, but it's not clear who shot him. however, there are reports another officer may have been in that room. detective smith had been with the department since 1995. no word on how powell got the gun. >> brian: this is what happens when you try bust through security. an officer who happens to be off duty, is also in line. you can see the woman in honolulu, violently grab ago female tsa worker and trying to push past her.
5:37 am
almost on cue, a california cop on vacation with his family had just taken off his shoes when he saw what was happening. he jumped in and rifled her to the ground like harry carson wrestling back in 1981. there he -- 1982. >> i thought typical justin. he's always on duty. couldn't be prouder of him. he's always a cop. he definitely did the right thing. >> brian: as for the woman, she's facing assault charges and probably needs some ice for her noggin. >> steve: regulation nation, a group of nuns in miami threatened to be fined or arrested for feeding the homeless, which they have done for 33 years. miami nuns have been carrying out the work of mother theresa ever since she started that mission in miami. but now their lawyer has finally convinced the city, last night he did, to drop the complaint against the nuns. he says surrounding neighbors are to blame for the issue.
5:38 am
>> the violation was a result of pressure and complaints stemming primarily from some of the institutional neighbors that surround the mission. >> steve: they didn't like the homeless guys on the street. the selfless nuns were facing a fine of up to $100 a at this. that is not going to happen. thank goodness. >> gretchen: it took a 15-year-old girl from maryland three minutes to dismantle gun control proposals of democrat lawmakers. >> ever since i first learned how to shoot, the issue with gun violence around the nation became clear. guns are not the problem. people are. >> gretchen: sarah has been shooting since she was eight and has already received scholarship offers if laws banning guns were passed, though, her education in those scholarships could suffer. >> they offer college scholarships to harvard and harvard law for shooting and if i can't shoot anymore, then i won't be able to keep up my skill and won't be eligible for any of the scholarships.
5:39 am
>> gretchen: she hopes to study law and become a congresswoman some day. >> brian: days after kevin ware cried in pain, he found a reason to laugh. >> number 9. >> hope this doesn't leave a bruise. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> number 3. >> they fired leno? [ laughter ] >> and the number one thought going through kevin ware's mind at the moment of the broken leg? >> at least my break is not busted. >> brian: he landed in atlanta earlier this w teammates as they got set for their final four game tomorrow. he's from the bronks, but moved to atlanta. so it's like going home. they have wichita state to face and syracuse and michigan to play in the final on monday night. steve, you had wichita on your final four. >> gretchen: my son has louisville and michigan still
5:40 am
alive, though. he's winning the bracket in our family. >> steve: all right. let's go to the weather bracket and maria molina. >> good morning. good to see you. today we're talking about another relatively cool start to the day across parts of the northeast. the good news is that we're finally going to start to feel more like spring as we head into the afternoon hours. in new york city, we're expecting a high temperature at 61 degrees. there are some spots, though, that are waking up to a wet morning across portions of the mid atlantic, d.c you had a lot of rain early this morning. most of that has already pushed off towards your east and you're expecting drier conditions throughout the rest of the day. parts of new jersey, we are looking at a little rain lingering. parts of south florida dealing with heavy storms, miami, you need the umbrella throughout the day. thunderstorms expected to fire up later on this afternoon. 73 for your high temperature in tampa. in the 40s, minneapolis and chicago. back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, a big flu for target. the retailer using different labels for plus sizes that use
5:41 am
the word in the color description, manatee. >> brian: and anna kooiman is stepping into the ring this morning to give us an inside all access pass to wrestle mania next. >> steve: who are they [ female announcer ] take your lettuce from drab to fab with new lean cuisine salad additions.
5:42 am
with grilled chicken edamame pineapple ginger vinaigrette and crispy noodles. just bring your own lettuce. new lean cuisine salad additions. just byol. find us in frozen.
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5:44 am
>> gretchen: 44 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. charlotte, north carolina hospital criticized for its slogan, cheat death. the president defends it, saying it's motivation for one of the least healthy cities to get in better shape. target under fire after naming the color of a plus size dress manatee gray. same dress in regular sizes is labeled dark heather gray. target spokesperson says it happened because two different teams were working on the dress
5:45 am
at the same time. it's being changed. probably should never use the word manatee. >> brian: what about the word heather? >> steve: sounds pretty. >> brian: hard enough getting used to hazel. where is anna? she's at the wwe's biggest show of the year. she has an all access pass, getting set to preview wrestle mania in new jersey which steve calls home. hey, anna. >> hey, good morning and good morning to everybody at home. this is where wrestling all began. this is the first time since 2004 that the wwe's wrestlemainy, essentially the super bowl of wrestling, has been since 2004. it's big deal for the area. expected to bring in $100 million for an economic shot in the arm. also 100 countries world wide are going to be watching. we've been hanging out with a lot of super stars. we've seen some divas. now we've got a lengthened. being inducked into the hall of fame tomorrow, mr. nick bowling. >> nice to be here.
5:46 am
>> thanks for joining us. so the main event is the rock versus john sena. what are you expecting? >> i'm expecting the fans to come out as the winners. you don't get to the top in wrestlemania without having a lot of pride. everybody on the card is going to try to steal the show. that's when you have the potential to have an amazing show. >> essentially it's a rematch from last year? >> it is, yeah. the rock and i go way back. we were tag team partners. the rock saw my daughter last night for the first time since she was six. now she's six feet tall. he was a little bit shocked that my little girl had grown up. >> there are so many memories made here, no doubt about it. you are known for saying ha have a nice day. that's the -- >> i have the most fights of the wrestlers. >> but at the same time, you're falling from the ceiling, falling on to thumb tax. who can rival you that's out there today?
5:47 am
>> there is a lot of -- i mean, i'm looking across the ring, zigler, an up and coming. shielder, bad guys. we were part of -- we're part of the attitude era. the guys now have to be a little more creative because we pushed the envelope as far as you could. but there is no lack for action. >> we can't wait. thank you so much. good luck tomorrow night. congratulations and looking forward to wwe's wrestle mania on sunday night and then monday night raw. gretchen, brian and steve. >> brian: hopefully he'll find room for that shamrock. we know mankind used to wrestle with kevin james in high school. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: mall cop. >> steve: look at that. you taped with your ipad that we ran. >> brian: exactly. they used to fake wrestle together. >> gretchen: coming up next what, do democrats have to say to concerned citizens who want
5:48 am
to arm themselves against intruders with guns? >> you'll be dead anyway. >> any politician -- >> gretchen: about that politician go too far? we'll hear from a policy significance sitting next to her. >> steve: martha mccallum is up a couple of floors in her studio. >> it's safer up here. good morning. how are you doing? we got a lot coming up this morning. big questions about the president's budget that is about to come out. we do an about face and begin to cut entitlement programs and possibly open the keystone pipeline. what's really going on? is there a real change? we'll debate that. brian banks wants to play in the nfl. accused of rape and exonerated, his story is incredible and he's here in america's news room with us. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour it's not what you think.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> gretchen: our next guest went to a gun control forum to defend his right to bear arms. what he got instead from a congresswoman there, listen to this and decide for yourself. >> good news for you, you live in denver. the dpd would be there within minutes. >> i'd be dead. >> might be dead anyway. >> gretchen: so actually the guy who asked that question was an elderly citizen. but did the congresswoman go too far? joining me is colorado state senator and he was at that forum. is it true that you were sitting right next to the congresswoman? >> yes, i was on the panel. there were four of us. i was right there beside the congresswoman. >> gretchen: so when this elderly gentleman got up, is it correct that he was actually
5:53 am
there to support her ban on some of these magazines and assault weapons, et cetera? was that true? >> well, that was the impression i had, that he was calling for more gun control, more of these strict gun control laws and yet, the interchange seemed a little more insensitive on her part. she didn't quite get it that this guy had been through the horror of being shot several times and her presentation to him, or her response was, well, you know, if it had been -- you probably would have been dead anyway. i didn't understand exactly where she was headed. you need to be sensitive when people come on and are speaking in such a public forum. they're sharing very personal parts of their life. >> gretchen: this is such a personal issue to so many people and it's become very partisan in the way that it's been approached and tackled because you have two totally different
5:54 am
groups of people who see this from two different ways. where do you fall on this? >> i believe that law-abiding citizens need to be able to defend themselves, defend their families, to be part of the solutions for their community. you know, these tragic shootings that have been occurring happened in gun free zones. the more laws we put in place to disarm law-abiding citizens, the more we're asking for these problems. i just think that every time they put another strict gun control law in place, they're creating more risk and they're also taking away our right in this free land to really exercise the responsibility as citizens. >> gretchen: here was another snippet of the woman sitting next to you when she was talking about magazines. listen to this. >> these are ammunition. they're bullets. so the people who have those now, they're going to shoot them. so if you ban them in the
5:55 am
future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available. >> gretchen: she came under heavy criticism after that because it was inaccurate. what were you thinking when you were sitting there? >> well, this is the congresswoman who is sponsoring the legislation in the u.s. house to ban magazines. she doesn't understand that these are reusable units that you reload with new ammunition. there are tens of millions of these in circulation. they're trying to ban them by saying, well, you can't buy any more, not realizing, particularly herself, not realizing that they will be with us for decades. really it's not a problem. it's just that somehow they think that getting rid of these magazines will fix the problem. they don't know what they're talking about. >> gretchen: here is the response that she gave in a
5:56 am
magazine. the congresswoman has been working on a high capacity assault magazine ban for years and has been deeply involved in the issue. she misspoke in referring to magazines when she should have referred to clips which cannot reb used because they don't have a feeding mechanism. your response? >> yeah. but magazines are what she's talking about in her legislation. here in colorado, they've pushed a ban on these magazines and really the way they defined it, it's any capacity because of the way they worded the law. i wish they knew what they were talking about before they put these laws in place. >> gretchen: all right. great to have you on this morning. republican colorado state senator. thanks. have a great weekend. >> thanks. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" three minutes away what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work,
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >> good morning, we hope you'll join us tomorrow because we've packed show. first, a city recruiting life guards, even though they cannot swim. the reason why is because they have to meet quotas for diversity. >> a major breakthrough for our criminal jti


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