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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> this is a fox report. tonight it is coming a massive severe weather outbreak expected to last for days and possibly brought twisters across several states. right now warnings in place in kansas, hail, wind and that's ahead of the main system still a day away. timetable for north korea's next move. they say 72-hours the world now watching to see what that country with nukes will do. >> the south korean government telling america a possible missile test from the north could come in days. this as the u.s. bolsters the missile defense system and keeps a close watch on the
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increasingly volatile situation. our journalists staying on the story fox report is live from the korean peninsula. >> she was met by a cowardly terrorist determined to bring darkness and death to total strangers. >> family and friends warning a young u.s. diplomat killed in afghanistan on her way to deliver textbooks to students when a bomb went off. in moment new reaction to her death and the loss of five other americans. and a navy ship honoring 9-11 victims and first responders. we will take you to virginia where thousands of people turned out to cheer the uss arlington. >> i am harris falkner. america's ally south korea staring across the border with a violent threatening northern neighbor with a tension for spewing words. this from hours ago.
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(speaking foreign language) thd reading there, it says >> the date will be set to march. maybe we don't really know. we know south korea's government says they conduct a missile test perhaps 72-hours. here at home the pentagon saying it postponed its own planned missile test from california's air force base. that delay they hope may help diffuse the situation on the korean peninsula. but north korea does not appear to be willing to drop the defenses any time soon. this video from the state showing pictures of attacking the defense minister. another video supervising a
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series of drills using an unmanned combat plan. the leading u.s. military commander in south korea to delay a trip to washington. he says he will remain in seoul for quote a prudent measure. steve centanni following from the nation's capital and streaming live from the south korean capital. david? >> it is looking increasingly likely north korea is going to conduct the text. >> the government. should be back where it starts from the embassies by that day. suet k south korea has been following the missiles to the east coast of north korea.
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it was 1800 miles. north korea has threatened the attack. the u.s. tried to make sure is it doesn't do anything to make the situation worse here. the pentagon postponed a test of ballistic miss aisles because they fear they will be misinterpreted. the head of u.s. forces in korea for washington has been delayed because of the crisis. if any country has influence on north korea it's china. it provide the majority of pyongya pyongyang's food and fuel. china's president implied in a speech today without naming north korea the region shouldn't be disrupted by one country. australian prime miniature ruled it will be disastrous for the region. >> a you will countries share a deep interest in strategic stability. but the consequences of con flikt are evermo -- conflict wi
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evermore severe of our own. it is no more clear than on the korean peninsula. their aggression is the threat to the interest of every country in the region. >> secretary of state kerry will be in the region later this week. also he will be meeting leaders from south korea, japan and most importa importantly the chinese leadership. >> growing an taggism is raising concern from the pentagon to capitol hill. the video of north korean military drills and the missile tests have leaders wondering what north korea has in mind. all of this plus as we told you last knight on the "fox report"" a warning from the north that it can no longer save them from difficulty. steve what is the latest reaction from the white house?
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>> harris north korea's threat the congress and white house staff weighed in on today's sunday talk shows. senator john mccain was asked what would happen if there were open hostilities with north korea? >> south korea would win. we would win if there was an all out conflict. north korea could set seoul on fire. that would be a catastrophe. i don't know what the game the young man is playing. >> the young man kim jong-un the leader of north korea. he's pressing the west to negotiate and get financial aid. he tested a missile test this year and nuclear this year. he moved a missile from the east coast of north korea chth an aid suggests he is playing a ang a dangerous game while threatening
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his own people. >> we have a situation we have seen for many years provocative actions. the onus is on north korea take a step back so they can understand what they say is the economic goal. >> officials have all said they would take his threat and don't want to do anything to escalate the tension. >> kim jong-un is so unpredictable. don't know what he will do next. general martin dempsey chairman of the joint chief of staff saying they have missile defenses prepared in response to the threat. he does not think the north will take military actions. the general holding talks with
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u.s. commander. he is focusing on afghanistan where he believes some areas will be tested by the taliban for years to come once u.s. and other international forces complete their withdrawal at the end of the year. the afghans will take the security lead through out the country before summer agreed to in january by president obama and hamid karzai. the war in zaafghanistan also coming up during secretary of state john kerry's troifrp seas. earlier today secretary kerry meeting with turkey's prime minister is there working on relations between the two countries which he says will help stabilize the middle east. he took time-out to remember a young diplomat 25 years old taking text tobooks to afghanis. she died along with 5 other americans and 10 afghan children and a weekend. terrorists hit her out post in
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benghazi murdering christopher stevens and three other americans. connor powell with more. >> she was killed in afghanistan when the convoy she was traveling in was hit by an ied. three troops and unnamed civilian advisor. >> he was a public affairs and was delivering textbooks when she said. two weeks ago. carry this. >> we lost a bright, brave young women. a young dep mat. we lost her to a horrific attack. today our parts were globing en. jump the middle east tea process he went to ramallah to meet
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president mahmoud abbas. he will meet benjamin netanyahu tomorrow. despite john kerry's efforts a suggestion for this peace process remains pretty low. >> we want to tell you more about the young diplomat. they want -- it is the most dangerous part in the world. a familiar -- she died doing what she loved. >> we were so proud of ann. she did so many great things. she was very gentic. she was devoted to helping people in the country in afghanistan where she was working. i think the key thing is she was really doing what she loved and she was doing something that really made a difference. >> to join the u.s. porn service
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is venezuela. next she volunteered for the assignment and cysted kerry two weeks ago. she was preparing for that next in algeria. >> right now hail, 60 mile an hour winds already reported across parts of the anied west. numerous states bracing. look at that blob in the middle of the screen? this would be the largest severe weather out breek. >> just days before he and his wife were shot to death in his home. mike mcclellan went shopping for a gun to protect himself. he knew he was in darrening. the oren of the gun shot talking about that visit. the scandal where the coach
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>> the funeral for a west virginia sheri >> hundreds of bl >> he was in office for three months before he was murdered in a parking lot in downtown williamston. to clean up the illegal prescription drug trade there. now charged with the murder this man? his widow was sworn in as interim sheriff. new developments in the manhunt of killers or killer. mcclellan stopped in a gun shop
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on the day before he was killed vowing to protect himself. dominique has the details from the west coast newsroom. himself dominic dena ti-natale has the details. >> and he had gone there for advice and weapons, not for himself, but-- the district attorney come by a couple of weeks to casually chat about guns. and on the friday before he'd been gunned down he'd been seeking protection suggestions to his team. >> very selfless person. he did not-- if he was concerned with his safety, nobody knew about it. it was clear he was concerned about his co-worker's safety. >> reporter: and kidwell saying there, that he showed him the handgun, as he shows us here, on the screen. it was used to--
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well, it was popular with police officers to be honest and told mclelland they might want ballistic vests. >> and kid weld his assistant d.a.? >> and kidwell said he had some good leads. >> mike said he had some good leads, but he hasn't acted on them yet and he couldn't talk about it. you know, he said he had no suspects. >> yes, he said he had leads and hadn't had a chance to act on them yet. >> reporter: hadn't had a chance to act and hours later, from the councilman's team that got targeted, it was the d.a. and his wife cynthia inside their home, harris. >> harris: i know know a lot of people in kaufman county
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are in edge, not knowing who might be the target. thank you very much. carson city finding a body and they think it's a missing insurance examiner. they arrested four people in the death of mccune. the poyed was found wrapped in a blanket and duct tape and found in the river. they don't believe he was killed because of his job, they say it might have been burglary. we're keeping an eye on the system of weather already pounding the country with hail and high winds and we're told it's only going to get worse from here. meteorologist janice dean is live for us in the fox weather center coming up. as tensions news anchor jamie colby sits down with general ray odierno, and he offers some advice to the rogue nation.
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>> new fallout in the rutgers basketball scandal. the reports saying the fbi is looking whether the former assista assista assistant basketball coach tried to extort money. murdoch demanded $950,000 as a settlement for his wrongful termination claim. rutgers refused to settle the claims and murdoch subsequently released practice video showing mike rice physically and verbally against the players. and they were fired, and murdoch claimed he was fired
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last year for being a whistle blowser against rice. fox severe weather alert. severe storms are on the move setting up potential tornados for some and many of you are living through this as this thing is building like a monster, and meteorologist janice dean joining us now. >> hi, harris, . yes, it's a multi-faceted storm bringing us tornado and feet of snow. the main system is across the rockies, but ahead of it we're seeing severe weather, severe thunderstorm watches in effect across portions of kansas, into missouri as you can see until 12 p.m. central time and 9 p.m. into missouri and several severe thunderstorm warnings in and around those watches. so it's begun even though the main parent storm is across the rockies. our severe weather threat is going to last three days, starting with monday. taking a look at all of these cities from oklahoma through kansas, nebraska, even colorado. then we head into tuesday back
7:24 pm
when we think we have all the ingredients. we have the warm moist, the gulf moisture moving into very cold air from the west and very unsettled weather ahead of this front. so this is where we think the big setup is going to be for long lasting, perhaps life threatening weather and that's going to continue overnight tuesday into wednesday and across the mississippi river. we have to watch this carefully, we've got a few days ahead of us, if you live in those areas make your preparations and where you're going to be why and when you see a watch or a warning and the cold side of this. 6 to 12 inches across a wide swath here and some areas saying we could get two feet of snow in april and astonishing. and one of the main ingredients we need is the cold air from the west. look at denver, 21. it's going to be 65 on tuesday, so, a drop of 40 degrees and tuesday, that looks deeper across the south so the clash of the two air masses giving what we think could be the first severe
7:25 pm
weather outbreak of the year. back to you. >> harris: i've seen a lot of of people on twitter saying gosh, it's just snow. it's april and it's going to melt quickly and flooding on the flip side of that, the next thing we'll be watching for. >> absolutely, it's going to be an active spring. >> harris: we'll check back as the news warrants. hundreds of special operations veterans are joining calls to find the truth behind the deadly terrorist attack on our out post in benghazi, libya. we take a close look at the open letter that they wrote demanding answers in the deaths of four americans. the white house holding its ground and pushing for stronger background checks. but key opponents saying that the obama administration are taking it in a different
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[ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands? >> i am harris falkner. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the search for two missing brothers leading investigators to the gulf of mexico. crews looking for a sailboat the boy's father and ladies and gentlemened kidnaper recently purchased. the dad tied up his mother in law and took off with the children last week. they recovered the truck later. they fear the children could be aboard the sailboat which could be anywhere. fashion legend pill liteser has died. she became famous for her
7:30 pm
colorful print dresses. jacquelyn kennedy was one of her clients. survey showing average prices falling 6 percent ore the last week. $3.65 per gallon the average. a new push for answers about the terror attack on benghazi libya last year that led to the death of four americans including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. hundreds of veterans from the military special operations sending an open letter to law americas. calling for support of a creation of the house select committee on the terror attack in benghazi. part of that letter reads it is essential a full accounting of the events of september 11th, 2012, be provided and the american public be fully performed regarding this egregious terror attack on personnel and facilities. we owe it to the american people and families of the fallen. katherine herridge now joining
7:31 pm
us on a sunday night. what does this letter say and what does the special ops group hope to -- what message are they hoping to get out. >> this letter attained by fox news assigned by 700 urging congress to select a special committee with a special mission. it includes 17 questions ranging from what warnings were given, the al qaeda and militias in eastern libya in the months since the attack to the real time decision making from president obama clinton and defense department on the night of september 11th. it reads in part quote america held to the notion that no american will be left behind and every effort will be made to respond when u.s. personnel are threatened. given our backgrounds we are concerned it sends a negative message to military and diplomatic personnel. it questioned why the survivors evacuated from the state
7:32 pm
department conflict and cia has remained so silent more than 6 months after the attacker. >> what about the status of the committee? >> it was run with another than 20 pages. i was resolution number 36 which gathered signatures so far. the intelligence armed services who are running their own investigation pulling the economies together it should be enough. >> we want to make sure we have a full story of what happened. if you click these stories you will click them. >> i have no problem with getting the factual data only for where we are going in the future and making sure it doesn't happen again. >> it is expected on capitol hill monday and is being sent to every member we are told in the house. we don't know is whether it will change any minds. >> we started earlier on "the fox report" with the death of
7:33 pm
the first diplomat killed since benghazi. it won't be dying down any time soon. good to see you. >> thank you. >> north korea threatens nuclear war and the bloodshed continues in syria where they are having a civil war. some observers are asking with the cuts of seek station in effect is the budget leaving u.s. forces more vulnerable. jamie colby asked as she sat down for an exclusive interview. >> long before defense secretary hagel called the threat a real and clear hanger. here is army chief of staff with his add dries for the road nation. >> we already have there are raptors bombers an ships. what do you think? >> many face the capabilities.
7:34 pm
i believe we do this in a way that sustains the capacity. i would be careful about miss calculating and misjudging what our capability is. >> do you have intelligence that kim jong-un can back up what he has? >> being a new leader there's an unknown about why he is doing this, what does it really mean. it is for us to watch it carefully and see what mitigating actions we can take. >> whatever action we can take will the general says be cure tailed undoubtedly if we reach full sequestration something he hopes will be avoided by getting predictability in the military's budget by this summer. he also answered a lingering unknown concerning syria. >> one potential not so unknown is syria. is there evidence that chemical weapons were used and what are we prepared to do if they were and even if they are not why wait tens of thousands of people
7:35 pm
have been killed. there's been no distinct evidence chemical and bile log kag. but we have to be aware that the potential is there as we do we conduct several different c contingencie contingencies. thurr job -- >> those options will be reevaluated. the general assured me the forces will be ready to respond. >> turning now to the debate over gun control in this country it comes after connecticut passed the nation's strongest gun legislation. it has been months since the mass murderer killed children at sandy hook elementary. president obama will return to
7:36 pm
connecticut to push for four. hitting the airwaves. peter doocy has more. >> they want multiple background checks from any one buying a gun from a gun store or from a neighbor. they say with the calls for stronger background checks the president is taking the debate in the wrong direction. that man hutchinson a former republican congressman defended proposals to put armed guards in schools. >> it is not about arming teachers. teachers should teach and others should protect is about providing armed officers first and secondly if that is not available to have an armed school staff what is trained. >> they are fusing republicans from blocking -- everybody wassy
7:37 pm
lent when tftz an or down vote. politics is the only reason it won't get done. >> 20-11 fascination attempt wrote about the gun show loophole today. we know how to fix it make a universal. one influential background check. they deserve is debate. i say senate should defend on how they are carried out. a murdered navy seals effort to promote gun safety moves on. chris kyle was in the process of organizing a concealed weapons course when he and his friend were fate logically sho-- fatal
7:38 pm
shot. the class is now open drawing 700 teachers and administrators into the ball lass area. the participants who completed the live ammunition firing training are eligible for concealed weapons charges. they approve add plan to train armed teachers for gun spites. computer hacking is so bad in one country they called in cyber experts who were trying to take down the government web sites including those defense ministry. it is the top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. israel, the cyber attacks so far failing to cause any serious disruptions. the hacker group anonymous swore it would launch a massive assault. to protest israeli policy toward
7:39 pm
the palestinians. some 120 tons of radioactive water may have sweeped in the second power plant. the plant's op operate tore this is the same plant plagued by problems the tsunami marketed in 2011. the body of a british tourist found on a houseboat. police raised a person. he attacked a woman stabbing her multiple times. the investigation is ongoing. south africa. (cheers) >> one man using some 200 helium balloons to take flight for a good cause raising money for the nelson mandela children's house. he is out of the recovery recovering in home.
7:40 pm
the balloon man traveling 4 miles before popping the balloons and landing in the water. that's the trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> anxious investors and everyday citizens wiondering wht loves heyed for a 401 k. a jobs report will slow down the -- they are ready for a rebound later in the week. a cheerful gathering in west virginia as hundreds say good-bye to an mtv reality show star. like e i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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gandeegandee. >> hundreds of family members friends and fans dressed in camouflage saying good-bye to the mtv reality show star. a public viewing held in an
7:44 pm
auditorium in boston for shain gandee killed in an suv accident. his truck got stuck in the mud with the exhaust pipe below ground. in a short period of time carbon monoxide poisoning killed him, his uncle and another man. hundreds of people learning they may have been exposed to a dangerous hepatitis a at a trendy restaurant. our fox trip across america. new york, that healthcare marked by a worker in a pastry kitchen in manhattan. after being diagnosed with potentially deadly infectious disease that attacks the liver. >> it is unfortunate. hope it doesn't hurt the entire reputation of the restaurant. >> it is operating normally but 450 customers may be at risk and recommends they get vaccinated
7:45 pm
right away. >> north carolina a suspicious fire breaks out in asheville. one building destroyed. the damage will not delay the instruction. there is a wheef an akty wildfire season. this 802 is one of the best around carries more than 800 pounds of flame retardant and can be refilld in minutes. the plane's design makes it easier to land and takeoff at small remote airports. missouri, police investigating a stolen truck get more than they bargained for. the suspect manages to make off as their patrol car despite being handcuffed. >> she took the vehicle struck our patrol car and made a
7:46 pm
driving motion toward our officers they shot at the vehicle multiple times. the patrol car got stuck in a ditch. they both had outstanding reports. the attacks on 9-11 from new york city to dc to pennsylvania we remember. the u.s. navy with a special tribute to the 184 people killed at the pentagon crash site welcoming the newest member of our police. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious!
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>> a special salute this >> a special salute to many who lost their lives at the pentagon. t
7:50 pm
uss arlington commissioned this weekend at the new home port in norfolk virginia. thousands including first responders and family members of the 184 people killed when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. the shapes commander addressed the crowd noting his vessel is not a memorial it's a war ship carrying the fighting spirit of those who died. >> wall street hoping for a rebound as they have earnings reports this week as investors generate. what a way to kickoff the weekend. when they open up the first time the payroll situation is it could be interesting. fox news channel senior business correspondent brenda buckner. when buyers stop working on wall street because of weak jobs growth on main street? that is the question for investors. there is concern slow job
7:51 pm
creation in march signalled jobs ahead for the market and the economy. the season is definitely earning. it kicks off with alcoa tomorrow after the bell. big banks open theirs, too. wells far go to get a good read on the strength of the housing market. the minutes for the feds outreach on wednesday. they are asking will the feds be buying bonds to stimulate the me c economy. they will be looking for other news, too. the president leads the budget in a week any talks of taxes could hit stocks. could a tax hike hurt consumer spending? we will get a gage on that when they are released friday as does an index on how you are feeling about the economy. that comes out friday as well. >> a lot to look forward to. >> march madness. the national championship in
7:52 pm
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>> he's out front and listen to this crowd. >> listen to this crowd. he has been adopted by the football team. >> what a moment. >> that, that was a moment right there. wow. goose bumps. >> the most important score of the game no doubt a touching moment on the midwest grid eastern as fans rooted for 7-year-old boy jack hoffman has brain cancer. he took the field at the end of
7:56 pm
nebraska's spring scrimmages. 50,000 people were in the crowd. he ran the ball 69 yards for the touchdown. team jack was honorary player in a tiny uniform. danica patrick finished in last place after engine trouble. talk about a comeback. nascar. she ended up beating her boss tony stewart. he is kind of next to me but inside of a box. >> i see you harris. i see you. >> she didn't come in first. she battled out there. >> she did great. finished in 12th place. everybody said danica it is not your day. jimmy jackson wins the race. the third most for any racer. without winning the race headlines here great job by her
7:57 pm
today. says on my twitter page harris falkner, sorry danica doesn't have a chance she will finish in the top 15. let's see what happens. march madness. >> we are down to two, harris. we are down to michigan and louisville. michigan hasn't won since 1989, louisville since 1986. they have impressive victories on saturday night. the game is tomorrow. both of these very rare for college basketball they run and up and down the court they play energetic high octane high tempo. a lot of college basketball fans have been sour because there's so much defense. these two teams they don't play much of it. i can't wait until tomorrow evening. this will be out of atlanta. >> you picked wichita state. you came closer than anybody i know. >> i didn't fill out a bracket.
7:58 pm
i should have. like michigan. they were ninth seed they finished on a high that's the fursest it has been. >> i didn't do a bracket either. next year we are on for that. let's talk basketball and the pros now. the nicks 12 straight wins. >> they say it doesn't matter how you flais how you nfinish te season. this one in oklahoma city over the thunder. carmello anthony that runs for the nbc race. they are going to finish the season second in the eastern conference. they are going to fall probably behind the san antonio spurs. the nicks are hot. everybody talking the heat but look out for the nicks. they are playing great basketball at a time that is
7:59 pm
rare. real quickly before i let you go. not to be here at home base. before i let you go the classic 2014 love the game and what's happening in hockey? >> it will be an outdoor game at the university of michigan in the big house in ann arbor. this is original sploised to be schedule this had year but because of the nfl lonhl lockoue playing outside january 1st in the big house in front of 100,000 people. detroit red wings against the maple leaves. you and i will be in a stadium with 100,000 watching hockey. >> okay, i am on. you will be married by then i will bring my hubby. we will make it a date. >> enjoy the brother out there. >> i will be at the college of the owe sglashg concert on thursday talking to students there for their


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