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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 10, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> megyn: lots of reaction to "kelly's court." whose side are you on? thanks for watching. >> shepard: thanks. the news begins anew on "studio b." huge news in d.c. n gun debate. lawmakers from both sides reach a deal to reduce gun violence ahead of a senate vote. any moment north korea could follow through with threats to launch a missile. that's the word from officials. a live report from pentagon on the next move. the stabbing spree yesterday on a college campus in texas, the suspect claims he fantasized about killing people since he was in elementary school. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b."
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first, background checks are not gun control, they're common sense. those are the words the pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey announcing a bipartisan deal that could build support for prevention of gun violence. he joined joe man chen in supporting expanded background checks on gun purchases, expanding checks to coveralls commercial sales, including gun shows and on line. it would not require checks for private purchases such as a sale between relatives. the announcement a day after families who lost loved ones is he newtown massacre went to capital. the senator says that tragedy changed america's hearts and minds. >> this amendment will not ease the pain of the families who lost their children that day. but nobody here, not one of us in this great capital of ours
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with a good conscience could sit by and not try to prevent it from happening again. >> with debates set for tomorrow, despite previous threats of a republican filibuster. doug is live in the d.c. newsroom. one side things it's too much and one side thinks it's not enough. >> a lot of pushback from both sides. a risky vote for any senator from a pro gun rights state so some senators are signaling they'll vote against it. >> i have declared my intention to resist an immediate vote on new restrictions that serve primarily to limit the freedoms of law abiding citizens rather than reduce violent crime. unfortunately the current gun control proposals would do just that. >> other gun state republicans doubt there are enough votes to block the bill. >> i think there will be a
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number of senators who will vote against proceeding to the schumer bill. i'm one of them. i don't believe that will be successful in stopping consideration of the gun control legislation. >> its sponsors admitted it's a tough balancing act. >> i'm a gun owner and the rights in the second amendment are important to me personally as they are to so many people across pennsylvania. my record shows this. i got to tell you, i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. >> some conservative state senators fear universal background checks or approaching them are a gateway to a gun registry with a permanent record of all guns and who owns them. something people don't want to see. >> shepard: something not suggested by anyone. 90% of americans in public opinion polls are for universal background checks and some
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republicans are following along. >> we're expecting republican defections, especially from moderate state republicans. susan colins of maine likes the amendment. senator mccain indicated the same. some democrats like mark prior in arkansas, max baucus in montana face tough reelection battles. thank you. with us yesterday, if you watched the aftermath of the stabbing spree in -- near houston, texas. the suspect told investigators he fantasized about stabbing to death people since he was 8 years old. that's the word from the sheriff. the suspect is now 20. his name a dylan quick. students called him shy and said he carried stuffed animals with him on campus outside houston. >> there are no finds he was a
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problem student. he had many of the faculty who had him reported he was a good student and worked in the public library. there was no signs on the college campus there was anything amiss. >> the reports the suspect was the target of bullying but the sheriff wouldn't confirm that and he did say he planned his attack for some time. witnesses say yesterday morning he stabbed classmate after classmate, many in the neck and face. students said they could see blood dripping down the stairs. according to investigators, chards of a blade turned up in one of the victims. the suspect did not escape. one of the people who tackled him snapped this photo and posted it on line. actually on one of his sites. now officials are seeking more answers about the student described as a nice guy. but kind of out there. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub. it's my understanding we learned there's surveillance tape of this whole attack?
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>> reporter: yeah. the sheriff says the tape is important for a couple reasons. it shows the violent attack in progress giving a step-by-step of how it went down and how the victims appeared to be chosen at random. and two, because the tape positively i.d.'s dylan quick as the slasher. one victim thought he was coming up to draw on her face when he slashed her. there was some question about exactly what type of weapon this was. today the sheriff cleared that up. listen. >> the weapon is more accurately described to be a razor utility knife that x-acto makes some of. we don't know the brand but it is better described to be a razor utility knife. >> reporter: that raiders knife had interchange able blades and police say they found an additional knife inside
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dylan's backpack. >> shepard: do we know if the suspect indicated there was something that set him off? >> he would only tell police he had been planning this for some time but they were surprised how matter of fact he was going over the crime details and how forthcoming he was with information. remember, he reportedly told a fellow student at the campus police station yesterday that he wanted to go on this killing spree but his blanking blade broke. and he also may have signaled he was about to do this. listen to the sheriff again. >> my office received an email from a concerned citizen saying there may have been some conversation on a chat room that resembled closely what we contended with yesterday. >> reporter: he says it goes back to the saying, if you see something, say something. all the victims are expected to
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live. dylan quick has undergone a mental health situation. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. let's take this to our criminal defense attorney, evangeline gomez. i don't know where you begin. what would you do? >> well, at this point we can't confirm he's represented by counsel. based on what we're hearing, that he's going to be charged with three counts of aggravated assault we can assume he's going to use a insanity defense. the issue is texas has a very difficult standard when you proving insanity. it's not going to be easy for him. and what he's going to have to show, he's going to have to prove to the jury that he didn't understand the stabbing was wrong. >> shepard: that's a tough -- that's a high hurdle. >> is absolutely is. we've heard reports he's deaf, he suffered from poor social skills but we can't confuse that
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with insanity. >> shepard: do you have to get to a motive -- you don't really, do you? >> we're hearing he intended to do this. so it wasn't like a burst that just happened or he -- something in his mind went off or something set him off. that's important. >> shepard: when you go to try to defend him, i guess you have to take in consideration the fact the sheriff's department knew about this for a while. >> well, we've heard the sheriff say they received a report somebody informed them he had planned to do this and a video confession. >> shepard: now you have the videotape of him going through the halls and doing it. i don't know how you -- >> neil: i don't know what type of defense will be invoked. >> shepard: something -- >> that's going to be successful. >> shepard: uh-huh. or a five month trial like on the other network. good grief. a fox urgent. great news from wall street, it's happening again. the big board, the dow's up 10
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at -- 130 and new record territory. i think this would be the 11th 11th record high close of the year. i think. we're looked a up. but astounding numbers when you consider how much we have recovered in the past -- since the great bust. if you bought an index fund then and put into in it, you would be doing mighty nice. it's hard to imagine we're flirting with 15,000. we're just 200 points away after the federal reserved -- they usually put them out at 2:00 but a spokesman says folks accidentally saw them and they released the minutes ahead of trading. no major news but stocks soared on word the fed will continue to pump billions into the economy. the china inflation rate wasn't as high as thought so they're not raising interest rates. the president officially
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unveiled a proposal for a federal budget today and judging by sound bites, just about every politician in washington hates it or thinks it's doomed to fail. we'll see what's causing the problem. a big storm also doing damage in the central part of our nation, even brought a bunch of snow. now it's headed east. rick reichmuth has an update. a hump day weather forecast on "studio b." [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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and after buying two of everything, it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> shepard: we've got to get smarter about our priorities. that from president obama today as he unveiled his blueprint for the 2014 federal budget. among the proposal in the $3.8 trillion plan raising taxes on wealthier americans and cutting medicare and social security. an increase in infrastructure spending for highways and bridges and transportation systems. and a tax on cigarettes and
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tobacco products. that would fund a preschool program. the president has met republicans more 0 than halfway on deficit reduction but opponents disagree. mitch mcconnell called the plan another left wing wish list. wendell goler is live at the white house. how is the president justifying more spending? >> the president's aides say you can't continue adding trillion dollars a year budget deficits to the national debt but you can't grow the economy with a crumbling infrastructure. he offered republicans the same deal they rejected last year because he couldn't back away but aides made it clear he knows he won't get all of it. the president says neither should republicans continue tax loopholes that benefit higher income americans and cut programs for the poor and middle class. >> if you're serious about deficit reduction there's no
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skews to keep the loopholes open. they don't grow our economy, they don't put people to work. all they do is allow folks already well off and well connected to game the system. >> the president says if we want to preserve medicare we have to make changes but they don't have to be as drastic as republicans want. if we want to keep them manageable, we should make them noun. >> shepard: republicans are reacting strongly to this. >> florida senator marco rubio called it a blueprint for recession. house speaker john boehner says the budget would raise taxes almost twice as much as the president claims and cut a fraction of spending. he has another problem with the budget. >> unfortunately the president's budget never comes to balance. every family has to balance its budget. washington should as well.
12:17 pm
the american people know you can't continue to spend money you don't have. the federal government has spent more than what it's brought in in 55 of the last 60 years. >> reporter: speaker boehner applauded the president's proposal to slow spending on social security and medicare but they shouldn't be hostage to higher taxes. >> thank you much. the mail will still arrive on saturdays for now. officials at the cash strapped u.s. postal service backed down from a plan to cut out all weekend deliveries. they said they had no choice after congress upheld a ban on five day only delivery last month. keep in mind the postal service lost $16 billion just last year. in a statement, the board of governors said delay responsible changes to the business model only increases the potential the postal service may become a burden to the american taxpayer, which a avoid able.
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winter will not go away without a fight. three weeks into spring and one american city is getting the most snow it's ever seen. 20 inches on rapid city, south dakota, breaking an all-time record since folks kept track. the same storms tore down buildings in nebraska with winds hurricane strength. it's packing violent wind and hail in the south and threatening to spoil spring temperatures across the northeast which have been great. rick rick, don't bring it here. >> it's not that cold here but we're talking about the snow. anything we talking about the snow, i want to look through the prism of where the drought is going. you see nebraska, wyoming, south dakota, colorado, very significant drought. they need the moisture. look at these numbers. 28 inches in lander, wyoming, 18 inches in boulder, nebraska,
12:19 pm
23 inches. still seeing snow. good news we're getting it. we're not done. the storm pulls towards the east and the northern tier across minnesota, the green bay, the up. another 12 inches of snow. doesn't look like much here on the radar but tonight, a lot of snow and sioux falls, south dakota, a major ice storm. 35,000 people without power. tonight, 6 to 10 inches of snow falling on that area. we've got still a big winter storm. >> shepard: and really high winds it looks like. >> the winds -- this is part of the bigger storm, the winter side of it. farther south we have severe weather, tornado watch boxes for the mid mississippi river valley area and thunderstorm watch. we've had tornado warnings in illinois. those lines are moving towards
12:20 pm
indiana. today's threat is across i-80, i-90 and towards the south. tomorrow, further into the deep south but still in the ohio valley. friday, the storm finally exits in toward the mid-atlantic. look at these temps. 19 degrees in denver, 40 in dallas, 83 in memphis. this is the dividing line and major temperature differences. temperatures dropped 40 degrees in texas and oklahoma. >> memphis and new orleans look good. >> a husband and wife kidnapped their children, got on a boat and sailed to cuba. in a matter of hours they're back in the united states, which was tricky. we'll get to that. on one side in syria, there's a dictator slaughtering his own people. on the other side a group that swore loyalty to al-qaeda.
12:21 pm
the civil war is a murderer versus a bunch of murderers so the winner will be a murderer. the civil war just got very, very much more complicated. we'll try to sort it out in a minute. [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds." yikes! then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds, and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit
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all right. the dow with about 36 minutes to go in the trading day still in record territory. if it closes in record territory this will be the 13th record high close since the first of march. 13 of them. as it appears headed toward 15,000. incredible. your 401(k). the mother and father accused of kidnapping their own children and taking them to cuba are in
12:25 pm
the united states and behind bars. it's the latest in a case that threatened to become an international incident. the back story, the two kids living with their maternal grandparents near tampa, just 4 and 2 years old. hours after losing custody, the father broke into his mother-in-law's house, tied her up and took the children. had he and his wife sailed with the children to cuba. they don't have formal extradition but they sent the family back to florida and the cops were waiting. where do things stand? >> the fbi playing with all four family members and family dog arrived at 1:30 a.m. but the parents were kept separate from the children. they were taken to jail in florida facing a series of
12:26 pm
charges including kidnapping. the two boys and dogs were reunited with their maternal grandparents who had a heck of a week after being tied up by their son-in-law and watching the two children dragged away in their pajamas. >> we're looking forward to getting them in our arms and hugging them and being with them, getting them home safe again. >> the parents lost custody of the two children last summer when police found the family in a louisiana hotel room with narcotics as well as guns and the father talking about pending armageddon. >> shepard: cuba's getting a lot of love from u.s. officials over their handling. >> a rare instance of u.s. officials praising cooperation from cuba. the 27-foot sailboat docked in a marine in. they took the family in for
12:27 pm
custody. there's no extradition treaty so it was a case of cooperation. there was 70 other u.s. fugitives on cuban soil but some considered to be victims of political oppression. >> steve harrigan. thank you. >> the u.s. military on alert and warning north korea could launch a missile any time now. something that south korean leaders agree has a high chance of happening soon. what would that mean? >> the journalist who could have to spill her sources or wind up in jail. she's due in court minutes from now and we're live there. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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[ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. i'm shepard smith, this had "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. north korea could launch a missile at any moment. that is the word from pentagon officials today who say they're highly confident that launch will in fact happen. it follows weeks of the north korean threats. today was the deadline for foreigners to get out of south korea but nothing's happened much the pentagon is on alert to shoot down any missiles that targets the united states or allies but any launch would probably be a test fire.
12:32 pm
little kim would have to have a death wish to take on the united states. >> defense secretary chuck hagel issued a stearn warning to north korea saying they're skating close to a dangerous line. >> we have every capacity to deal with any action that north korea would take to protect this country and the interests of this country and our allies. >> u.s. and south korean fighter jets are ready at regional pair basis. the pentagon confirms the north koreans moved to missile launchers into position and expect more than one launch at any time. this is the first time north korea has tested this kind of missile on a mobile launcher adding to concerns about where it might land to japan deployed to tokyo because the missile could fly over japan and reach
12:33 pm
guam. >> shepard: the president released its budget proposal, is there a sense how that would impact it? >> the pentagon went out of their way to make sure north korean doesn't miss understand. >> given what's going on i don't want to leave the impression in the minds of our potential add very adversaries this is an opportunity for them, it's not the. >> president budget cuts missile defense by $550 million at a time the military and nation made need missile defense more than ever. >> thank you. now the bloody battle to overtake syria and the complicated situation got more complicated when it comes to the question, who are the opposition forces fighting to tom the leader. one of the rebel groups joined
12:34 pm
with a branch of al-qaeda. according to an audio recording on line, the group pledged support to ayman al-zawahiri, the current leader to called for the killing of americans worldwide. analysts warned ousting the iran regime could give rise -- it confirms the fears and could complicate the efforts of the united states and the rest helping the fight. >> michael, your sense for how big a deal this is? >> it's not good news though it's not a surprise. this particular part of the syrian insurgency was known to be extreme jihadist groups with commitment to marred -- martyrdom and suicide bombs. the hard question is not whether
12:35 pm
this affiliation is that meaningful or significant but whether time really is playing to our advantage or not. will this group get stronger among the syrian groups with times if we stay out or will it get stronger or weaker if we get involved? how much can we shape the relative role of this group in the opposition. we want to minimize it. that makes the case for the united states getting more asertive earlier. that's the central question. >> shepard: more assertive earlier. we might be past early already two years into this. i wonder if you have thoughts on what it is we might do? how far we might go. >> i think what you need to do is set a clock in motion where you start to get weaponry to those insurgent groups you vouch for. put failsafe measures on the weapons so they can't be used a long period of time.
12:36 pm
you don't want to give your best antiaircraft weapons on the fear others could get a few. then i think it's time to actually start a consult tate active process over an air strike option. if we don't set a clear marker we'll do that if necessary, this can drag on because assad and the russians and others can keep telling themself time could be their friend rather than their enemy. i don't think we want them to b. >> shepard: where is the arab league on this? >> the arab league is pretty strongly in favor of the insurgents. though you get into sectarian issues. the arab league is suny, the insurgents is suny. assad is a nonsuny, shia
12:37 pm
derivative. that's the logic why the arab states don't like assad. but assad is killing tens of thousands of fellow arabs. that's a compelling argument for a greater number of them. they're already giving more arms than we are, the arab league states, and they'll be prepared to talk about an air campaign if we began that conversation soon. >> shepard: it feels like something's got to give. michael, thank you. right now, a court is hearing -- a court hearing is underway for the reporter who really could face jail time if she doesn't reveal sources in the story she broke on the colorado movie massacre case. jana winter reported on a notebook containing violent drawings and details of a murder plot.
12:38 pm
she cited anonymous law enforcement sources and vowed to protect them. now a judge will decide and alicia kuhn i can't is outside. >> a hearing was scheduled to start five minutes ago. jana winter is in the courtroom. the judge told her she has to be here. she flew in from new york but she's not expected to testify today. she's seeking protects under the shield law designed for journalist. the judge ruled he'll wait to decide whether winter will be compelled to testify. it whether the notebook ends up in evidence. the james holmes defense team wants the leak exposed and is pushing for the judge to get that information. even it means a reporter on the stand. >> the mere fact miss winter has been brought here has a chilling
12:39 pm
effect on news gathering about this case and perhaps even more broadly. >> reporter: winter says if called, she will not reveal the names of the law enforcement sources she cited in her article for about the notebook sent to the psychiatrist. nothing today is expected to deal with what happened july 20th when james holmes killed 12 people in the aurora theater. it will cover a reporter sourcers and we have producers in the courtroom and will bring you updates. >> shepard: thank you very much. it hasn't been two years since anthony wiener got in trouble with twit pics and he's setting himself up for a comeback, looking for a run for mayor in the largest city in america. that's coming up. we went out and asked people a simple question:
12:40 pm
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the infamous twitter user and graced former congressman anthony weiner is considering a comeback. in an interview, the former congressman says he's looking to clear the decks after resigning. congressman wiener resigned after tweeting these kinds of things. some we can show you, some we will not. in a big show congressman weiner called reporters to his office to deny the photos were of his body parts. that wasn't true. he confessed he took the pictures and sent them to women who were not his wife. jonathan hunt is with us. did he explain why he did that? >> so much so the "new york times" reporter to carried out the interviews said after a two-hour interview, the reporter stopped it because he said he
12:44 pm
felt it was too much like a therapy session. anthony weiner told the report he thought twitter was a medium that gave him access to a need he had for attention 24/7. he said i wasn't thinking, is this risky behavior? is it smart? it was another way to feed the notion i want to be liked and admired and he went on, i knew when i did it almost from the moment i did it that there was no good way for it to end when i sent that fateful tweet on june 16. some 21 days after sending the fateful tweet, mr. weiner announced his resignation as hecklers shouted out things like good by perv.
12:45 pm
>> shepard: if he runs for mayor of new york, he needs support of his wife. >> hard to imagine him getting anywhere without that support. his wife has stood by him most obviously in this interview where she said, quoted, it hasn't been easy. she said spend a lot of time saying and thinking, i don't understand. it took a long time to be able to sit on a couch next to anthony and say okay, i understand and i forgive. it was the right choice for me. i didn't make it lightly. apparently it was a choice she made after many conversations with a woman you see her with there. then secretary of state hillary clinton who was for many years her boss. whatever the reasons, anthony weiner is grateful for his wife's support telling the interviewer she's given me another chance and i'm grateful and trying to make sure i get it
12:46 pm
right. now of course he wants a second chance with the voters. as the reporter says, there's clearly political strategy in the decision to open up. also a deadline, he has millions of dollars in public matching funds that have to be used by the end of the race. >> shepard: so many of the people who supported him have gone on to others. you wonder -- we'll see. let's bring context into it. frazer cytell. well, he got quite an introduction to the media world. >> he did but never say never. he's 48 years old. if he doesn't run for mayor now, he may be out for eight years. what he's doing is calculating, saying i have acknowledged my transgressions, i've apologized for them. i've served a period of pent
12:47 pm
tans. you could argue not enough but he's got money in the bag and has to collect. he has his wife by his side so he says this is the season of political comebacks, mark sanford, famously governor of south carolina who was hiking on the appalachian trail but ca thing in argentina. he may get elected and weiner says i'll take a shot. >> shepard: do you think he has a shot? >> i think it's a longshot. but if he loses the arrogance and attitude. >> the attitude is part and parcell of his persona. >> he's got to learn from his mistake if he's got any chance at all. he thinks forward, he's a competent guy, he's bright enough. he's got his wife by his side. i guarantee you the other mayoral candidates are ante that he's willing to get back in the ring. >> shepard: he doesn't have the baggage of, for instance, one
12:48 pm
who's campaigned on social levels on matters like this. it's not as if he's a conservative from down south. he's a liberal from new york. >> before this happened, shepard, he was the frontrunner in the mayoral election. >> shepard: no question. >> he has two problems. one is women. he needs his wife by his side. the other is opposition research. so this has got on to be the only thing in his closet. if there's anything else, he'll get killed. >> shepard: we'll watch it. it should be off and on. the new york elections are always fun. >> never say never. >> shepard: nope, won't do it. thank you. >> jodi arias, the woman on trial for stabbing and shooting her boyfriend, apparently spent time spying on him as well. that's the claim from the prosecutor as the murder trial turns to accusations of stalking. it will not end.
12:49 pm
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jodi arias may have stalked her lover before she stabbed him 27 times, shot him and slit his throat. that's the word from the protection on the 44th day of her murder trial. the def's domestic violence expert on the stand and prosecutor said she spied on the victim while he was intimate with other victims. >> are you somehow offended and -- so it impacted your view of the evidence because mr. alexander, according to you, may be talking to other girls? >> no, not at all. i have -- >> all right. >> i have two older children.
12:53 pm
i have been through the 60s, i've been through the 70s. >> shepard: there you have it. this is the expert witness who gave a seminar entitled is snow white a battered woman. jodi arias testified she shot her boyfriend in self defense. she remembers that but not that she stabbed him 27 times and can't remember the throat slitting part. adam housley is in our west coast newsroom. >> still the cross-examination of the psycho therapist on the stand for a third full straight day. this he they continue to battle with her, the d.a. and the defense witness. the judge has to add monday nish her and martinez is getting truss freighted. he -- frustrated. at one point she basically admits there's a possibility
12:54 pm
that the defendant could have had stalking behavior if she takes what juan martinez is putting out as facts. take a listen. >> isn't it true that mr. alexander, extremely afraid of the defendant, jodi arias, based on her stalking behavior? >> he said. >> no, don't tell me what he said. isn't it -- just answer my question. >> he was afraid of her, yes. >> because of her stalking behavior, correct? >> correct. >> reporter: that was a high point for the prosecution tocchet the defense witness to admit alexander was afraid of jodi arias. it was contention it was all about alexander, thamentally and her and she had nothing to do with it and that's why she had the ability to kill him in
12:55 pm
self-defense but it was a win for the prosecutor. >> shepard: adam, thank you. we're hearing a frantic call for help after a former l.a. cop became a cop killer. you remember the manhunt for christopher dorner. the los angeles lapped officer killed four and wounded two others and vowed to keep killing cops as s.w.a.t. teams searched for him. he held a husband and wife captive in their home. he tied them up, put pillowcases over their head. they broke free and called police. >> scream out for the deputies, please. >> help. >> right before leaving he tied us up, put pillowcases over our heads. >> how long ago did he tie you up? >> like 15 minutes to 30 minutes. >> dorner shot himself as police closed in the couple is asking
12:56 pm
for the reward for finding him. we're watching the dow, a record is coming. stay with us. used a contractor before
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and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... a pair of teenage girls fountain found the strength to lift a 3,000-pound tractor off their father after it pinned him on the ground much they just got back from school when they heard screams for help. the steering wheel was crushing his chest and called the cops but said they couldn't wait. >> she had. >> we just braced ourselves up against the tire and lifted it up. >> i don't know how i lifted it. it was so heavy. i could feel it, all the weight. i just -- we just did it. >> 3,000 pounds. dad suffered only a broken wrist and minor injuries. they're keeping that tractor and they've nicknamed it satan. hmm. that's it for "studio b" with shepard smith on a wednesday afternoon. not before the final


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