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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: thanks for inviolate us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" as promised online starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. and there is bruins now in georgia where a gunman is holding four firefighters hostage. swat team on scene. our crews are too. we will take you there live. plus, new evidence. brand new evidence that north korea could launch a missile imminently. chanting. >> shepard: a region seemingly on the brink of war. after weeks of threatening all out nuclear attack, north korea continues its defiance. tonight, the u.s. and our allies respond. plus, don't call it a come back. political pushing back
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former new york congressman anthony weiner reportedly eyeing a run for mayor of the big apple. but will the infamous online photos that led to his downfall come back to haunt him? >> i don't know how i looked. >> a pair of teenage girls lifts a 3,000 pounds tractor and saved their father's life. >> shepard: breaking news now on fox news channel in the state of georgia where local police say a man with gun is holding hostage four firefighters. they say he has barricaded himself inside a elm who. the standoff in the small town of swanee about 40 miles east and west of atlanta. investigators there say firefighters responded to an emergency call. while those firefighters were inside the home, the suspect reportedly pulled a gun. a source tells fox that the suspect may be upset because his home may be in
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foreclosure that the utilities may be cut off. initially this man was holding five hostage but the suspect let one firefighter go so he could move his fire truck. about an hour authorities explained the whole thing. >> firefighters are explained to battle blazes. they are trained to provide basic and advanced life support care. we leave situations like this up to law enforcement. again, when we know that there is potential for a violent situation to occur we do stage and wait for police to arrive at the scene and give us the indication that it's okay to enter. again, there was no indication that this call any h. anything other than a typical medical emergency with a patient who was in need of care. those firefighters entered to provide that care. >> shepard: now four of them held hostage. it appears at least at this moment nobody has been hurt. police have not yet spoken about any possible motive. let's get right to our fox station reporter doug evans from fox five for the atlanta area on scene. what do we know? >> well, shep, you are
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absolutely right. there seems to be some indication that this man may have been in tom sort of distress. the county knows absolutely why this going on. they are holding tight lipped about this right now. they want to make sure firefighters are safe before they release any information on the gunman or what his motive might be. as you said, this town is northeast of gwinnett county. one of the biggest counties that make up atlanta. this police department is very good, the fire department is very good. the swat team very good. they are in there right now trying to negotiate with this man. they say they have been in contact with them. i get a sense from talking with them that they feel pretty good about the way everything is laying out so far they are being very cautious. they asked the news helicopters to back off which we did.
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not release any information about the man. we haven't and so they have not updated us for some time yet but that was the basic information as about an hour ago. let me lay it to you right now and show you the scene live. this is the walnut grove at richland subdivision. off taylor road and swanee. now, it was here about 3:40 this afternoon that gwinnett county firefighters responded to a medical emergency they said it was a routine call. this is a call they respond to hundreds of times a week it's a very large county. five firefighters arrive at the house. they go inside. a neighbor who saw them go inside, a neighbor who saw the man just minutes before he took those firefighters hostage said that the guy appeared absolutely normal. had no indication of what was about to go down. the firefighters we hear from the fire department they had no clue that they were walking into danger. of course, these guys are highly trained.
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they know danger when they see it they respond for all kinds of major fires in this very large area. they go into the house. and then the guy pulls the gun. they radio back in saying that they are being held hostage. he did allow one person to come out. that was to -- a firefighter came out to remove the truck. the police department has talked to them and has assured the police department and firefighter that the firefighters inside are doing okay. they are safe so far. that's the promise that they have. what note investigation they have to continue to talk to this guy to keep him calmed down and try to bring this to some sort of resolution. now, as you can imagine, the subdivision here is completely blocked off right now. some people have been evacuated. some people are inside their homes not able to get out. i want to bring in stephan haste, whose girlfriend is inside here.
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stephan, you have talked to her. what's going on inside. >> my girlfriend sent me photos and set swat was here. i was shocked. i came right home from work. and sure enough the whole neighborhood was blocked off. you couldn't get in. she said there was snipers and there were a couple dogs out here and stuff like that. it's shocking. >> what did those photographs show? you saw them. describe what you saw. there is cars everywhere. the cops are pretty much in our driveway just all kind of spaced out right there to use the bathroom. >> sure that you are concerned for your fiancee but you are also concerned for the four firefighters, somebody to protects your community. you know, what is your best wish for these guys that are in there. >> i really hope they get out safely.
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hope the guy calms down and the situation goes await a minute i know my fiancee is safe. there is plenty of cops here. they are all around the house. i do feel comfortable with them right now. >> stephan hayes, fiance inside. we appreciate you joining us. thanks very much. shep, right now, they are just in a stage where they are trying to negotiate with this guy, find out what it's going to take to get him outside. find out what it's going to take him to get him to release those firefighters. >> shepard: doug, have they had any contact with the firefighters themselves? >> doug, can you hear me? apparently we lost communication: we will try to reestablish that communication. i will give you more information here. the atlanta constitution newspaper is covering. this they are reporting that the only vehicle allowed in and out outside of, you know, official vehicles, police and fire and the rest has been a
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comcast cable truck it was allowed in just about an hour ago. that is possibly to cut cable to the house. authorities said earlier that they were concerned about what the man may be seeing or hearing on the news. so it's our belief at least that he doesn't have access to the news on television. a spokesperson says, quote: this is a very touchy swation. anything can happen at this point. we have got to try to keep him calm. the news choppers out in the air. police on the ground in some sort of discussions with him. we're led to believe. but they are not letting much information out. the thinks is they don't want to spook this man. four firefighters being held hostage inside there. and reestablished communications. our reporter doug evans fox five in atlanta. doug, do we know if they have been able to speak with the firefighters themselves?
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>> i don't know whether they have been able to speak with the firefighters. all we know, shep, they are in communication with the gunman who is holding them hostage. that is a good sign. any time that the police can communicate with this guy, can try to calm him down find out what it is going to take to end this situation find out if there is any need of the firefighters inside. give him some alternative to ending this on what he might shows are his terms. of course, it's all being orchestrated by the police department. gwinnett county is a very large county. this is probably one of the best police departments in metro atlanta. they handled hostage situations all the time. theist guys are well-trained to do that. i saw the district attorney arrive a short time ago. he has been in talking with these guys. handling negotiations to help them along. >> shepard: only thing i was curious about had they evacuate any of the areas
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around there? are they concerned others or having them shelter in place if you will? >> well, i think, shep, that the people that are in there are sheltering in place. anyone who has been on the outside of this subdivision since 3:30 has not been allowed in. you are seeing police cars there. we can just kind of spin around and just show them what we have got here you got the media camps. on the other side of the street, those are not only just curiosity seekers, they are also people who can't get into their neighborhood tonight. they are talking on cell phones to their loved ones inside. they are getting pictures. sent to them of what they are seeing inside the neighborhood they are reassuring they are okay. he didn't seem too concerned about his fiancee in there. he is surrounded by police officers. they are in her house.
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they are using her facilities. so, he feels pretty good about her situation. i have talked to another woman whose husband is three doors down, shep. he was asked to leaf. chose not to. and stayed inside his house. she is little concerned for him right now because of his proximity to this situation. and he, you know, this is a guy who sought gunman just a few minutes before he took these firefighters hostage. told his wife absolutely normal that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. he didn't suspect that anything was about to happen. nor did those firefighters as they walked into this huge mess. >> shepard: doug evans from fox 5 atlanta waga. great to have your eyes and ears on the scene. i know others wish they had similar. we will go back there as news develops. what we have now is four firefighters in a house held hostage by a man with a gun. authorities trying to talk the man with the gun down
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and keep these firefighters from being injured they have police helicopters out and they are not letting people in and out of the neighborhood. updates throughout the newscast and throughout the night with live coverage from the scene only on fox news channel. the man accused of slashing students in the face and the neck apparently spent years about this stabbing spree. ahead the twisted fantasy and what investigators now say about this guy's story. plus, the dow did something today that we have never seen. coming up where the market went and how we now stack up to the lowest of the lows during the great recession. it is an astounding come back ahead from the journalist of fox news on this wednesday fox report. what do you think?
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still being held hostage with a man in some sort of testimony difficulty. swat negotiators are on the line trying to talk this man down. we have continuing coverage and live reports from the scene through the this newscast. word came of a deal to expand background checks for gun buyers. it is a pivotal move one day before the senate prepares to debate gun control. the news broke this morning with two senators. one republican and one democrat announcing they had an agreement. the compromise calls for running background checks for all commercial sales. even those at gun shows and online. but private one-on-one transactions would be exempt. >> if you pass a criminal background check, you get to buy a gun. no problem. it's the people who fail, a criminal or a mental health background check that we don't want having guns. >> today is just the start of a healthy debate that must end with the senate and house, hopefully passing these common sense measures and the president signing it into law. >> shepard: senator mansion also referred december's --
4:17 pm
nature toomey said not gun control at all they are common sense. the national rival association responded with an announce thement that reads in part. expanding checks at gun shows will not stop violent shooting and crime and not keep our kids safe in school. today's deal is really only between those two senators. it would be an indicator of what's to come when the full senate begins debating gun control tomorrow. doug mckelway with the rest of the story live on capitol hill. hello, doug. >> hey, shep. there is a new development tonight, "roll call" is reporting this receiving that four senators actually signed on this bipartisan amendment not just too many my and manchin. toomey refused to speak at today's press conference if he had to stand next to schumer. schumer agreed to bow out and the rest is history. it portends the kind of trouble that we may be
4:18 pm
looking at. more trouble from senator tom coburn who issued a statement about 5:00 p.m. saying the bipartisan amendment is unworkable quoting from imh the proposal will new taxes and burdens on law abiding citizens. the agreement procedure prior advertising collecting records instead of presenting citizens. background checks at gun shows and over the internet seems to have calmed republican threats of a filibuster. here is senator mike lee. >> temporary to the statements made by the president and by some of my friends across the aisle, and even a few from within my own caucus. we have no intention of preventing debate or votes. >> adding to the emotion of this bill, the families of the sandy hook victims were here on capitol hill today. they visited with senator joe manchin among others. he was literalfully tears when they met with him. and had democrats reminding their colleagues of why they want more gun control. >> we need to think about
4:19 pm
the real policy consequences of what we are debating here that while nothing that we are talking about is going to guarantee that these students that died will be alive today. boy, it gives it a much better chance that it would have happened. >> but expect a lot of no votes from republicans and a few no votes from red state democrats who are up for election in the mid terms of 2014 and who do not want to be seen on the wrong side of gun control legislation. also, expect some g.o.p. defections. we have already heard that from senator susan collins of maine. also senator mccain, isakson and sigh chambliss. >> debate begins tomorrow and we expect coverage tomorrow. thank you. anthony weiner left congress in disgrace after he sent out lewd photos of himself or sent them to women on twitter. now is he looking for a political come back. and counting on support from his hometown. is new york city ready to
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forgive and forget? and what anthony anthony weines wife says about all of this. plus, a live look north and south korea border where u.s. officials say a missile launch may happen at any moment. live coverage ahead. flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears.
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>> shepard: tipping coverage of breaking news now some of gwinnett county georgia's bravest responding to a call suddenly a man with a gun and now four are held hostage. negotiators are on scene. the swat team is there the neighborhood is locked down. there is a lot of video we could show you. but the swat teams have asked us to limit it so we have done that. cooperating so not to get in the way of their investigation. a very touchy negotiation going on right now according to authorities on scene and our correspondent doug evans of waga fox five
4:24 pm
for the atlanta area live on scene with more. doug? >> shep, you are absolutely right. gwinnett county police have asked the media not to show media any scenes from inside the neighborhood. that's to advance their tactical advantage as they try to negative qulat with this guy and get him out of the house and gain the release of firefighter inside. not only have they asked us not to show the scenes inside, but they have also asked us not to release certain information we all know about this situation. one of the things out there on social media right now is the actual 911 call that came out. they have came out the police department and fire department just a short time ago and they rounded up all the media members and they said hey, please, for the safety of these firefighters inside, we are asking that you not play that 911 call. of course all the media here agreed to do that.
4:25 pm
it is on social media right now. how that sort of thing ends up on the social media, i don't know. it's anybody's guess. but it is out there right now. i want to bring in right now jake major whose family is inside this neighborhood. they are kind of hunkered down. barricaded in their own house. jake, let me just ask you, what's your concern for your family that is in this neighborhood right now with a swat team and a guy holding four firefighters hostage? >> as far as my family is concerned. like you said, there is a swat team so i have somewhat security is as far as containment if something were to happen. sometimes you have to hope for the best and hope that everything does work out good and there is a resolution and nobody is harmed at the end. day. >> i know you don't want to give their names. give me the situation of what is going inside your house right now. i mean not panic. my mom was supposed to come get me at 4:30 from work. she texted me and said i'm on lockdown for all intents and purposes and there is nobody coming in and out o. that was before stuff
4:26 pm
started unraveling and the story came out. and ever since then happened more and more. what have they been able to see from their house? >> more and more cops. they are actually in the backyard like they are in the area. whole neighborhood in the area. there is probably 60, 70, 80 cop cars here. they are lined up the entire street. i know you are scernd for the safety of your family and firefighters here. >> absolutely. you never want to see go out and put lives on the line for us every day. have their life on the name when it doesn't need to be for lunatic in his house trying to hard. >> you don't know who it is. what's your feeling about this, somebody in your neighborhood right now is doing this. >> that's almost the scariest part. i was walking my son in the stroller just last night and passioned every house in this neighborhood so you never know how are going to come in contact with. you just have to play it by
4:27 pm
ear, i guess. >> we wish the best forever your family. >> thank you, sir. >> the situation in atlanta right now is four firefighters are being held hostage by a gunman in this neighborhood in this neighborhood swanny. about 40 minutes north of atlanta. it's a major city here in gwinnett county. the fire department is here. if we can spin our camera around, you can see so. paramedics that have arrived here on the scene. they are just standing by. shep, i have a feeling that this is not the only ambulance that we are seeing out here. we are seeing this ambulance because it is one of the few on the perimeter right now. i suspect that inside ambulances lined up not because anything has happened but simply as a precaution. this is something that they do with swat situations and hostage situations is bring in emergency personnel in case god forbid something does happen. so that's the very latest
4:28 pm
here from atlanta, shep. back to you. >> shepard: doug evans from fox 5 waga back to you and thank you again. north korea could launch a missile at any moment. that's the warning from south korea. the north koreans have been threatening all out nuclear war and telling foreign diplomats to evacuate for their own safety. the deadline for evacuation just passed hours ago. now the south koreans say there is a very high probability that north korea will test fire one of its missiles like this one in december. and senior pentagon officials are now telling fox news the north koreans have positioned two mobile launchers on their east coast. those launchers fire a specific type of medium range missile which north korea has never before tried to fire from a mobile platform. if it happens, it will be yet another provocation from a clearly unstable leader named kim jong un. >> he is unpredictable. that country is unpredictable. if that is the reality that we're dealing with and it
4:29 pm
is, you prepare for every contingency. >> shepard: those preparations include warships and interceptor bears on stand by in case the north korean missile test turns out to be more than just a test. jennifer griffin with the news live in her position at the pentagon tonight. they are keeping close watch on, this i'm sure. >> absolutely, shepard, of course, u.s. satellites and spy planes such as the air force global hock are trained on kim's missile launch sites as we speak tonight. this is the first time north korea has tried to launch this medium range missile from a mobile launcher. that's what has the pentagon concerned there could be a misfire and japan and guam are both in range. secretary hagel isn't worried. >> we have every capacity to deal with any action that north korea would take to protect this country and the interest of this country and our ally. >> now all eyes are on april 15th. 100th anniversary of the
4:30 pm
birth of kim jong un's grandfather, shep. >> shepard: the president's just released new budget of the united states president. his budget. how does that effect the pentagon's ability to do whatever it needs to do in north korea? >> pentagon officials went out of their way today to make sure that north korea doesn't misunderstand the current budget crisis. >> i want to suggest to the north koreans they got any free pass here. given what's going on, you know, i sure don't want to leave the any of our adversaries this is an opportunity for them. it's not. we are going to be there if we have to be. >> the president's 2014 budget cuts $550 million from missile defense at a time when the military and the nation may need that shield more than ever, shepard. >> jennifer, it sounds like they are really more worried about some kind of all of mistake than an attack per se. >> that's what it seems like. they don't really think that he is going to target japan or guam. but because these mobile
4:31 pm
launchers haven't been used before, anything could happen. >> shepard: and because we don't know much about this cat either. jennifer yifn at the pentagon. good of you. we will go back to her as events warrant. another day, another record on wall street. investors continue to bet on the economic recovery. even with some folks still looking for jobs. tech stocks led the way today on strong earnings. the tech heavy nasdaq went up 59 points. 2%. meanwhile the wide ranging s&p 500 index and the dow 30 industrials once again reached brand new records. the s&p 500 up 19. while the dow climbed triple digits. settling above 14800 for the first time ever. 13th record high on the dow since the first of march. here is a look at how the dow has performed over the past couple of years. it was down below 11,000 as recently as the fall of 2011. the index is now up 126% from the lowest levels of the great recession. i hope you caught the run. president obama today released his long awaited
4:32 pm
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>> shepard: there is breaking news now fox news channel the situation outside atlanta in suwannee, georgia has just taken a terrible turn. our reporter on scene just heard multiple explosions coming from inside the neighborhood. nau the story is five firefighters were taken
4:36 pm
hostage by a man with a gun inside his home. they showed up there to just answer some sort of distress call. they had no reason to believe anything was wrong and all of the sudden the guy holds them hostage. he let one guy go so he could move his fire truck out of way. they have been holding him there and negotiating with police and swat teams, 60 to 80 cop cars inside this neighborhood. and now multiple explosions. we have lost contact with our correspondent. we'll go to him in just a moment. but, first, joining us on the line live is wesley goesen. actually, it looks like doug is ready wesley, hang on. doug, are you with us? >> yeah, shep, we have had a development here as you just said there have been a number of explosions in this neighborhood. what i suspect were flash bangs as the swat team made entry to this house. what we heard, shep, was bang, bang, bang, boom, bang, bang. and that was an indication that perhaps the swat team was going on. it was very loud. and immediately after that, shep, an officer ran down
4:37 pm
the street here and asked people to clear the street and they wanted to try to get an ambulance inside this neighborhood. the ambulance, however, has not moved down the street at all. and those officers retreated back into the neighborhood. you know, what is is going on inside? we just simply don't know at this time. >> shepard: doug, i'm going to go inside the neighborhood now. stand by, doug. i'm going to go to wesley goesen who lives two doors down from this hostage scene. wesley, first of all, what did you just hear and what was it like at your house? >> i'm freaking out now. because i was the first one in contact with this -- the guy that took everybody hostage. >> shepard: you talked to him this morning, right? >> well, not even this morning. it was like 3:00. i just happened to be home. i'm a traveling salesman and i made it home this afternoon. and was out, you know, working in my yard. and was out, you know, working on my motorcycle. making laps around the culled sack. he approached me.
4:38 pm
but, you know, let me explain why i'm freaking out now because everybody -- i have just been watching everything like the movie, the swat in and out the robot, the truck. and all of a sudden i thought it was a bomb. my whole house shook. my dog. >> shepard: this was just minutes ago, right? >> yeah, it was like a huge explosion. several explosions. like gunfire, obviously semiautomatics, you know. >> shepard: explosions and again gunfire? >> oh yeah, yeah. you were talking about an ambulance. this ambulance has been sitting here since the initial distress call. because i was here when the fire truck. >> shepard: i think that's what happened, wesley is they have let another ambulance in behind that one from the road block outside the neighborhood. >> he is not here yet. i have been watching this all day sitting in front -- i have been here. >> shepard: our reporter was suggesting that this might have been some sort of flash bang, something that authorities will do right before they enter a place to create -- i don't
4:39 pm
know what it was. you are closer. you felt it. describe it to me. >> i mean, like i said, my heart just sunk because it was just my house shook. it was crazy. it was just a boom and then the house shook then there was a couple other explosions and several automatic automatics went off. i knew it was over. i was talking to correspondent i said it's over because the guys came out with their hard hats. >> shepard: they did come out? >> oh, yeah. they are done. they are all standing out here in front of the ambulance. the armored truck pulled up behind the ambulance. so what i'm seeing is nobody -- no official -- none of the police are hurt or anything. it sounds like they got this guy. >> shepard: is it your sense that those firefighters got out of there? have you been able to see them? >> i haven't seen -- well, no. there are so many guys. >> shepard: if the firefighters didn't get out of there safely they would
4:40 pm
be scrambling to get them out of there. it sounds like we have got good news here. >> we have got good news. exactly. everybody is walking up. it looks like the chief of police, maybe, the guy that's more presentable dressed up. yeah, nobody is standing around. earlier it was very intense. i didn't leave because my wife was coming home from work at 5:30 and i didn't want her to come into this. they hadn't blocked the street off yet. i stayed. and actually had walked out, there was a sniper out across from me. fixtures and all this crazy stuff. he saw me, and that's when the guys came running up the hill you are either going to get tackled or shot if you don't go inside. obviously i have been inside sitting in front of my window with my dog watching all this unfold for the last several hours. >> shepard: while we were in a commercial break just a few minutes ago all of a sudden and for the first time you hear explosions? much. >> oh, yeah.
4:41 pm
obviously this is a very serious situation. some peopll's lives are in danger. for me, i'm safe in my house, i'm sitting here watching this. i'm like wow, i'm never going to see this again my life. i was talking to people on the phone. i'm sitting here indian style because i'm up on this hill next door in my dining room, and that's when i heard the explosion. i have never heard something so loud. my house shook. my poor dog. they are just looking at me like what's going on? that's when it sounded like a war zone. you know? >> you know, you mentioned the robot. it was our standing we hadn't reported it yet because it was an active scene. it clearly isn't anymore. they have a robot which they can communicate inside the building, right? >> oh, okay. well, there has been three different robots. there was one that i have seen on a lot of the military shows. it looked like -- i think it was a bomb robot for, you know, to check if there is bombs. but there has been three. i live up at the top of the giant hill.
4:42 pm
everybody laughs at this hill lives on. if anybody ever goes down i will be safe up on this hill. that's the case here obviously. these robots come in and out. they have been here probably two and a half hours. you know, since the initial, when the swat got here. so i'm sure they didn't know what was going on. obviously they had to take their precautions. >> shepard: so an explosion that shook the house, a series of what you described as semiautomatic weapons fire. and then shortly thereafter, they came out of the house. and it was what you saw when they came out that led you to believe there is good news here? >> yeah. >> shepard: because they were chilled? >> i saw several of the swat members take their helmets off. now they are just standing around in the front yard when they were down on their knees, you know in stance to shoot and had their shields up. >> shepard: nobody has been put into any ambulance? >> no. exactly. this ambulance has been here since about 3:00 when
4:43 pm
the gentleman, well, you know, he took the people hostage. so. >> shepard: who is this guy? do you know him? >> i have never met the guy. but he approached me earlier on in the day, you know, about probably 10 minutes before the first initial cop came to the scene, before the paramedic came and before the firemen came. sorry, i'm distracted there is just all kinds of people walking up the hill as can you imagine right now. but, he just -- he was very -- it just freaked me out. i'm one of those persons that's always looking over my shoulder. i live in a very stiff community. we are the only ones without kids. my wife has one in the oven. it was just crazy. i could tell something was up with him. he wasn't right. >> shepard: wesley dawson is on the line with us describing what's gone down over the last few house as authorities had four firefighters held hostage inside a home. authorities trying to negotiate with a hostage taker. the firefighters just showed up there to answer a call and all of a sudden
4:44 pm
they are being held hostage with a man by a gun. they were trying to talk the guy down. they got the news helicopters out of the sky. told us not to run any video from the neighborhood and we didn't. they were trying to talk him down and then all of a sudden wesley gossan the neighbor hears explosions and rapid gunfire. live pictures now on your screen. no one has been put into an ambulance. we know there was gunfire. we know there was gunfire. we can only hope nobody ended up having to be hurt that they have taken this man into custody and firefighters are out and safe. we should hear from police momentarily. in fact, let's listen here. >> all right. obviously you all heard what happened here. we had our -- we had our officers make contact with individual, they made entry into the home. that's what you heard when you heard the explosions. gunfire exchange between the suspect and our swat
4:45 pm
team. the suspect is deceased at this time. one of our officers was injured with a gunshot wound. he was transported to the hospital. it appears it's going to be nonlife threatening as well as the firefighters. there were four firefighters that were injured but they were all superficial wounds. they are all going to be okay and going home tonight. the officer, we're going to check him out and make sure e. is going to be okay and he will be going home eventually as well. the suspect is deceased. it appears that the fire department was called out there originally. we don't know if it's going to be a fake heart attack or if he was actually suffering from some type of medical condition. but when they made entry into the home, they were taken hostage by him and then he started making demands. these demands were to have his power turned back on. apparently he has gone through financial issues and the power was turned off along with the cable and cell phone and cell phone. he wanted all those things turned back on and that's why he was holding them hostage. we are still deep into this investigation. this is all i have right now. as we get more information
4:46 pm
we will be able to release and it the officers' identity and the firefighters. >> what made you decide to go in? >> it's going to be the lives of those firefighters. it got to a point where we believed that their lives were in immediate danger. and our swat team made the decision to go in there and neutralize the situation. >> does that mean that he was shot by your swat team members? >> superficial wounds are going to be from the explosion that you heard. that's going to be from the explosive that they used to distract the suspect to get in the house and take care of business. >> you can say how this individual died? >> i don't know at this point. he is deceased. i would suspect it's going to be through the gunfire. >> did the suspect fire at the officer. >> i cannot confirm any of that at this point. it just happened. as soon as i get more information we will be able to get it out from all- >> you can say what his demands were? >> again, his demands were he wanted his power turned back on and some of the other utilities, cable,
4:47 pm
cell phone and so on. >> you can tell us how the officer was injured. >> he was shot in i believe his hand or arm. i'm not sure yet where nonlife threatening. >> shot by the suspect? >> i believe so. >> firefighters, the nature of their injuries? >> they are going to be superficial wounds and primarily from that explosion that we set off to get inside the house. >> how many? >> shrapnel? >> four firefighters inside that house. and, again, they are superficial wounds. >> wounds from shrapnel? >> i'm not sure, sir. >> so this was a surprise -- >> -- suspect being identified at this point? >> i don't have that information at this point. as soon as we are able to release all that information, i will get it out. still deep into the investigation. >> tell us about the weapon this individual had. how large his stockpile was. >> i don't know. >> are there any -- in the home. >> i believe it was to get the fire truck out of the way. i don't believe he wanted the fire truck at the house. that's why he wanted to let the firefighter go to remove that fire truck. what about the surprise element you can discuss that. >> that was the eggs
4:48 pm
explosion that you guys heard get our officers in there and neutralize the situation that's what we did. >> surprise element for the firefighters no doubt. >> everybody involved. we want to get volume control of the situation and do it excontinuingively and quickly. that's what we did. >> injuries to anybody. i can't give that information. >> danger. [inaudible] >> any indication that the house was rigged at all? >> shepard: what an update from the gwinnett county police. went down just wesley goes goes san said it did. try to distract the in goes cops. cops are in a fire fight. the cop there. fired a shot.
4:49 pm
the flash bang superficial wounds. usually that's just scrapes. they usually don't even break the skin that sort of thing. i guess it could land on you and it can cause some problems. normally that sort of thing does not cause very bad wounds and according to the authorities it didn't. so, during this fire fight, they shot and killed the guy. according to the gwinnett county police who just came out and gave us thorough update in as quick as time as i believe we have ever seen. we are waiting on who this guy is you heard the background, he wanted his power back on. he had problems around there and he started making all these demands and at some point the authorities said we're worried about the lives of these four firefighters who had done absolutely nothing wrong except go about their job. so they went in flash bang, fire fight. suspect dead and everybodies else okay. on the line with us still. wesley gossan, how about that? >> wow, this is wild. watching this from having a confrontation to this guy to now he is deceased is unbelievable.
4:50 pm
>> yeah. i'm guessing that's a big relief at your house? >> well, i mean, you know, you are still sad because you know, we don't know what was in his heart or really on his mind. it really is sad. i mean, that it ended this way. you know. >> shepard: it is sad it ended this way. very fortunate that none of those firefighters, nobody else was badly hurt. >> yeah. yeah. i didn't know the gentleman but, you know, i definitely knew he was in distress. and i hope -- is his dog okay? he had a german shepherd. >> shepard: we will find out. wesley gossan. stay on that line our producers want to talk to you. we have to take a quick commercial break. live and only on fox news channel. we'll be right back.
4:51 pm
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>> shepard: continuing coverage now from swanny, georgia, where an
4:54 pm
incredible takedown has just happened police officer get shot in the hand. not life threatening at all. superficial wounds from the flash bang is our standing. to the firefighters. and the firefighters are coming out of the house now wesley gossan on the phone with us. watching it two doors down. the firefighters are out of there and good to go now, wesley? >> yeah. i'm actually standing in front of the house about 50 feet from the swat team and everybody is just real quiet and walking around. i guess i'm probably the only one on the street here but, you know, the only citizen here. and it's pretty crazy.
4:55 pm
the mood is definitely calm and everybody has got their helmets off and the dogs are leaving. the robots are gone swat team did a great job to secure everything and keep everybody safe and have everybody evacuated. >> shepard: thanks very much for your eyes and ears on the ground. wesley gossan two doors down from an incredible scene that just took place. next, we are live in north korea or i should say in south korea right along the border. as they wait for a missile launch that authorities hope does not happen.
4:56 pm
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>> shepard: updating one of the top stories. south korea warns that north korea could fire off another missile test at any moment. another show of strength from the young dictator kim jong un. greg palkot has the news now seoul, south korea. >> a lot of folks watching
4:59 pm
north of the border. we have checked in the last couple of minutes, still no sign any missile has been launched there. we have been talking to military officials, they say they are ready for any contingency as many as two mid range missiles could be shot off and have a range as far as guam, that's where the u.s. has a military base. we have, in fact, passed that april 10th date but the young north korean leader kim jong un has said that foreigners should leave by or face a lot of trouble. by all accounts the foreigners have stayed. as for the locals in this peninsula the word for north korea they are getting ready for a big celebration for the founder of north korea, that's kim el song. the grabs father of the new young leader there here in seoul we have been seeing folks get on with their lives, too. they have heard these threats. they are old except there is a new leader there and that could cause real trouble. shep? >> shepard: greg palkot seoul, south korea. early this thursday morning. and now you know the news for this wednesday, april the 10th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. latest word in from that


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