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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 11, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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name. >> i had a case of mcgoobies. they had to burn them off. caution. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mr. president, everybody, come on. ♪ sitting on the side of the bay ♪ watching the tide roll away >> bill: while president obama's parties hardy at the white house on the taxpayer's dime. his new budget out today wants to raise spending next year by $170 billion. we'll have analysis on both stories. >> if i wasn't doing what i was doing now, i would love to be like a crime scene investigator. >> really? >> i love law, too. >> kim kardashian. disease, jamie foxx and will smith just just a futurecast celebrities asking president obama to soften drug laws in the
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u.s.a. [coughing] >> do these people know what they are talking about? no, they don't. and we will prove it tonight. also ahead, dennis miller on a man who wins a million-dollar lawsuit because is he afraid of frogs. and megyn kelly on california once again attacking the boy scouts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we will have the latest on president obama's new budget proposal which is pretty scary in a moment. first, the talking points memo. have illegal drugs harmed your family? according to the u.s. department of health, more than 38,000 people died from drug overdoses in the u.s.a. in 2010, the last statistics available. the department of health also says about 22 million
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americans, ages 12 or older need treatment for substance abuse in this country. 22 million. yet, many on the left are demanding softer drug laws. they don't believe that selling hard narcotics causes enough damage to be classified as a violent crime. that in itself is hard to believe. another radical left position diswugs like cocaine meth opiates kill people. lots of people. the pushers who sell them are partially responsible for those deaths. that is violence is, it not? yet, a bunch of celebrities like cammeron disease, jamie foxx, carey, will smith kim kardashian and ll cool j signed a letter to president obama that says quote. mr. obama it's evident that you have committed enforcement only on war on drugs approach and address the increased incarceration rates for nonviolent crimes. the greatest victims of the
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prison industrial complex are our nation's children. hundreds of thousands of children have lost a parent to long prison sentences store nonviolent drug offenses leaving those children to fend for themselves, unquote. completely absurd. and misguided in the extreme. now, we directed a very simple question to will smith, mark wahlberg, disease, jamie foxx and jim carrie. do you believe selling drugs is a violent crime. >> none of them would answer the question. none of them. no surprise. they will grandstand an issue like that but they won't seriously debate it here is why these people don't know what they are talking about. since america began punishing drug dealers harshly about 197, violent crime in the country has dropped more than since america began putting crack cocaine dealers in prison for long stretches. cocaine use has dropped more than 71%. these pinheads talk about a, quote: prison industrial complex.
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who is in the prisons? terrible people. that's who. and sadly, terrible people do have children. but can you imagine being a child in the home of a heroin dealer? wouldn't that be nice? want more? 48% of federal prison inmates in this country are serving time for drug offenses. almost half. but just 13% are in prison because of marijuana. and virtually all of them are major weight dealers. so this isn't the feds kicking in the door of somebody smoking refer in the living room. that's what theef wants to you believe but that's false. by putting hard drug dealers in prison the authorities have made all americans safer. the huge drop in violent the streets.tly because the every criminologist knows most street crime and many murders are committed by drug-involved people. the hollywood people don't know that because they have no clue what goes on in these precincts. the left wing loons who
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tell you that selling hard drugs is not a violent crime are hurting all of us. ask any american whose son or daughter is in the sem pear because somebody sold them narcotics. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. with us the host of the five bob beckel. and you say? >> well, first of all, let me say i'm a recovering drug addict myself and have been in these prisoners, taken meetings to these prisons. lost people. i have been in these streets, i have seen it and i have bought it i have seen friends of mine die as a result of it. >> bill: that's cocaine, right? >> cocaine, yes. by the grace of god that 11 years without it or alcohol. there are a lot of people out there who desperately need help. one of the problems that i have with this is hard drug dealers, weight dealers as you point out ought to be incars rafted for a long time. and yes, it has cut down the amount of selling on the streets. there are people in federal prisons selling small amounts of drugs repeatedly and get themselves into prison. the problem i have with
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that is you will put them in there and hardened drug addicts when they come out and come out hardened drug dealers. >> bill: can i correct you? this is federal data distributed by the house. president obama 99.8% in federal prisoners sentenced for drug offices. are incarcerated for drug trafficking. okay? trafficking. not a rfrmt efer. trafficking. >> i don't think they know what they're talking. >> bill: to do a federal stretch you can't sell on the local street. that's a state beef. all right? you have got to move it across state lines to do a federal thing. >> that's correct. there is a lot of people who have been picked on. >> bill: you are wrong. >> no, i'm not wrong. this is something i know something about. >> bill: you are wrong. >> no i am not wrong. >> it's a federal beef. >> it is. if you use marijuana in arizona and you live in new york. >> bill: that's a state beef. >> if you carry. >> bill: they want -- >> if you carry five grams of cocaine across the arizona border.
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that's a federal situation. that's not a heavy drug dealer. >> bill: that's not who who is in jail. 98, trafficking. >> that's trafficking that's possession. >> if you take an ounce of cocaine and cross the border. >> bill: that's possession. >> anything above five grams is considered to be dealing. >> bill: they will plea it down and you know it. >> this is what you don't know. >> nonviolent crime? violent crime to an extent. people dealing this stuff to keep their habits up. >> he? have no right to be in federal prison. ill. >> bill: can you kill my kid. >> these are not people killing your kid. >> bill: you o.d. on what they sell. >> i have seen a lot of people o.d. >> who sold it to them? >> people selling small. as these drugs. >> bill: that's not a nonviolent action. >> i don't think it's a nonviolent action when they're put in jail for repeated use and some trafficking. frankly i'm getting a little tired of people
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talking about this who have not experienced it. >> bill: bob beckel, everybody. next on the run down, president obama wants to spend even more money than the congressional budget office predicted. we will run down the grim stats. miller on the state of california infertility treatments for gays.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. president obama offers budget prediction for next year and beyond. predictably he wants more money from the affluent. >> the wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations cannot keep taking advantage of loopholes and deductions that most americans don't get. that's the bottom line. if you are serious about deficit reduction, then there is no excuse to keep these loopholes open. >> bill: here are the stats president obama wants to spend $170 billion more than the congressional budget office projected.
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close to $4 trillion alone in 2014. wow. cbo also predicted a deficit of $616 billion next year. president obama's budget would make it 744 billion. means 128 billion-dollar difference doing the math. as for spending cuts. the president says he will cut 1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. by adjusting medicare and social security payments. also, the president wants to raise close to 600 billion in new taxes, again, focusing on the affluent. joining us now from washington to analyze. republican kate obenshain kirsten powers also a fox news analyst. this sin harntly boring which is why most americans don't understand what is going on. we have the biggest spending president in history continuing to say, look, i like it this way. i like to spend, spend, spend. and i don't care if i'm out running the congressional budget office projections i'm going to do what i want to do and that's too bad.
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isn't that right kirsten? isn't that exactly what he is doing? that's it. >> no. that's not what he is doing. >> bill: no? no? no? >> you are subscribing a motive. you are correct is he spending money. i don't think he loves to spend, spend, spend. i think he actually believes as i do that you don't want to cut spending too much. in fact, you want to continue spending when you are in a very fragile recovery. >> bill: let me stop you, please. if i can so we can stand in the land of reality than the land of theory which we don't like to go into. that land frightens us. you he -- he has been doing this for four years. pumping strls of dollars into the private sector to try to stimulate the economy it has not worked at all. did you see the stossel piece we did the other day on the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on speck legislative invest investments by the federal governments. >> no i didn't watch the show. >> bill: why would you want to get information so your opinions might change.
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let's change in that narrow range. fisker, solyndra, hundreds of billions of dollars, wasted, wasted on speculation: go. >> that doesn't prove the point that you just made which you are saying that it hasn't had any positive impact when there are plenty of economists who have said that the stimulus did have an impact. >> bill: how when the unemployment rate is 13%? if the same amount of people were looking for work in 2009. >> unemployment rate isn't 13%. >> bill: same amount of people looking for work in 2009 and if you watched the factor you would know, this the employment rate is 13%. >> you are claiming the economy has not turned around at all since president obama took office. >> bill: i'm pretty much claiming that it's stuck in the mud. all right. kate. you go. >> great. you know, obama said that if he did this four years ago, he said if this was the approach we took that growth would be at about 4.6%. it's stuck around 2% a little bit above that unemployment is drastically higher than the 6% where he said it would be. so i would say that in and
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of itself is proof positive that this is not working. you see, businesses holding trillions of dollars on the sidelines because of these steady increasing taxes on the affluent, supposedly but we see the middle class now getting hit as well. again. you know, obama said that if we -- if the republicans agreed to those $600 billion in tax increases, that he would focus on spending cuts. there are no spending cuts in this budget. >> bill: no, there are some spending cuts in the budget. we just got the sheet. >> overall spending is actually increasing. >> bill: this is what i want -- this is a parsing mechanism that alan colmes used infamously a few weeks ago and i called him a liar. everybody remembers on it the spending cuts are really spending slowdowns in what bass projected. not going to spend quite as much. i want to go back to you kirsten. do you really believe that president obama understands the economy and is being fiscally responsible in the way he is presenting this?
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do you really in your heart believe this is good for all americans? >> well, i think what would be better is if we saw some cuts maybe across the board on things that really matter. so you would have to cut defense spending. you would have to do more cuts to entitlement spending. i give him credited for putting some stuff on the table regarding medicare, which is very toxic with his base. look. there is more that could be done for sure. >> bill: you are a little uneasy. i'm a lot uneasy. you are a little uneasy. kate, how uneasy are you. >> dramatically uneasy because what he is not doing. the direction he needs to shift is taking some of the burden off of the job creators. off of businesses, unleashing the free market. >> bill: is he not going to do that. >> he is not. if he was truly moving to the middle ground again and again that's what he would be doing. >> i'm getting tired of saying the same thing over and over again. i am. i don't want the audience to be bored here. the only way this is going to stop is if americans vote in 2014 for the republican party. and that they take that
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senate and hold the house. if he doesn't, this is what is going to be going on for the next four years. is he not going to stop. directly ahead. megyn kelly, did somebody bug senator mcconnell's office in kentucky while he discussed ashley judd? kelly is next.
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>> bill: kelly file segment tonight. senator mitch mcconnell says somebody bugged his office and posted the actual audio of private conversations on a web site belonging to the far left magazine mother jones. the fbi now investigating that and here to tell us all about it attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. the smoking gun, kelly, is this. somebody in mcconnell's office saying some bad stuff about ashley juted. >> sleerly emotionally
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unbalanced. the >> bill: why is the fbi involved? >> because senator mcconnell. this is a top republican in the u.s. senate says that wasn't the product of a mole. somebody on his team taping him without his knowledge and taping his team without his knowledge that he claims was somebody bugging his campaign headquarters. watergate style. that's his accusation. >> that's a federal offense? felony? >> absolutely right. under federal law and under kentucky law, which would control here. it is illegal to tape somebody unless one party to the conversation has consented. if you are and kentucky. i'm taping you you dent know it but i do it's okay. if somebody else is taping us, it's not okay. >> bill: if some weasel trader is sitting in on mcconnell's office. i turned on the guy i used to like him i don't like him anymore. that's okay.
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e sneakylegal. guy. >> the law puts the burden on you to how surrender yourself with around assume the risk of conversation and trust. >> there are some states who have two party consent only about a dozen. where you can bug anybody at any time. no privacy anymore. if the government really cared about privacy, which they don't, they would have a two party system because that's the fair thing to do. now, there is some kind of law though being buzzed around in the federal level, right? to reign in some of these abuses? >> no, at the federal level right now at which time it's just one party consent law and that's all that you have to abide by. >> bill: only thing you can't do is break in somebody's house. plant some bugs around. >> even if you don't break in. if you somehow manage to hover. use the cell phone. >> bill: can't do that now. in the spy shops they have gizmos that you can point at somebody's window and pick up audio.
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can you do that. >> not legal. >> bill: that's illegal. >> no one who is a party to the conversation has consented. >> >> bill: what if you yell lenny? >> right on. don't be so mean to ashley. >> bill: then you go like this. >> see, i was in on it. >> bill: see what i'm talking about here? it's absurd. >> no, listen, we don't know what happened in this case. >> we don't know? >> could turn out that one of mcconnell's guys turned on him he swears. this is like family. >> bill: lie detector test. everybody in that office should be taking one right now. >> i would be volunteering. >> bill: california doesn't like the boy scouts. not the folks, of course, but the pinheads in sacramento because they don't want gay people in the organization. supreme court says it's okay that boy scouts private organization they can make the rules the way they want. california is trying to punish the boy scouts again. >> on a city by city basis. california has already punished the boy scouts in certain instances like in 2006 berkeley said you know what? you have a tax exempt free parking spot location for your boat and we are going to yank that you
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discriminated against gays. that was upheld by the california supreme court. six years after the u.s. supreme court said you can exclude gays from your membership. >> another ruling an in your face ruling that says ewe don't care what the federal government says. >> it is different. there is a distinction between the u.s. supreme court saying you don't have to have anyone as a part of your group that you don't want to have as part of your group. but the state can punish you. >> state saying we don't have to give you tax benefits for, you know, discriminating against gays. >> bill: that's a punishment. they are punishing the boy scouts. >> telling you two separate issues here. >> bill: i hate this legal. i will never become a lawyer. >> california wants to take it statewide and revoke their tax exempt status. >> bill: that would be something. >> more akin to the u.s. supreme court thing or more akin to the california. >> let me tell you. this even if they have the right to do it, it is a slippery slope. >> sliply slope? >> even left leaning groups in california are nervous. >> why would that be a slippery slope.
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>> when you have the state saying we are going to pick and choose among all the nonprofits in our state we like these and we don't like these. and these we are going to say you don't get to be a nonprofit. you don't get to be a tax exempt organization anymore and you do, then it's all going to depend on the whim of the wriewlg class in your state. why don't they leave the boy scouts alone wouldn't that be good? >> the boy scouts are reevaluating their policy and making an announcement in may. >> bill: that's fine if they want to admit gay scouts and gay scout mast errors i don't have a beef with that. >> that's right. >> bill: they can do what they want. leave them alone. >> different question whether they are also then entitled to tax exempt status. that's what's going to come up. >> bill: oh, kelly. okay. megyn kelly, everyone. i'm still waiting for dinner that she owes me but didn't pay me yet. i'm going to be hungry for a long time. >> i'm already feeding another human being. >> bill: how am i supposed to argue with that baby food? no, i can't do it. kelly, doesn't have enough
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money to do both. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. california state of california possibly paying for infertility treatments for gay folks. why not? then, did you see he that on president obama's big party last night? at taxpayer expense. hope you stay to those reports.
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>> personal story segment
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tonight. more evidence that gay marriage now being used to punish people who don't agree with it. our pal rick santorum was invited to speak this month the gross point south high school outside of detroit, michigan. the superintendent of schools for that district dr. thomas hardwood cancelled his appearance saying is he a bigot because he opposes gay marriage. he didn't use the word bigot. he used the word extreme. we all know what the code is, do we not? joining us from washington is rick santorum. a funny thing happened when we called the school district in michigan. a magical about two hours later a magic piece in the paper appeared now that you can go but in order for the students to hear you speak, they have to get a permission slip signed by their parents. and you say? >> i say that's disappointing that, you know, someone who served two years in the -- two terms in the senate, two terms in the house. ran for president and by all admissions came in second place in the republican primary, almost won the state of michigan and actually tied in the
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number of delegates campaigned extensively in that state that to have someone like that come and speak at your school that you would need a permission slip from your parents as if there is something that that person could do to harm your child. >> bill: i know. isn't it logical, based upon what's happening now in the gay marriage debate because the gay marriage people, pro-gay marriage people have defined it as a civil rights issue. they have been successful in doing that the media has adopted that it's marriage quality. whenever you see the word quality you know what they are going for, it's the rights issue. you are seen as an opponent of gay marriage, which you are. so, therefore, if you oppose senator, quality, you are a big. -- bigot. we can't have bigots talking to the kids. you know what the campaign is and it has been very successful, has it not. >> it's been very effective. the fact of the matter is that's a grave concern that i think a lot of folks have hopefully on both sides of
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this issue that there are some on the other side of this issue who have chosen that if you oppose changing the definition of marriage, then you do so out of animus. you don't do it because you have strong convictions. you believe marriage is a good thing or that holding on to that natural marriage is a positive thing for society. do you it only because you hate people who are gay. >> bill: always overrides the positive in the debate. what's your number one reason for opposing gay marriage? >> well, the number one reason is because marriage is the union of a man and a woman for the purpose of coming together to build a building block for society and having children. marriage is, lots of aspects of marriage. you know, romantic love is an aspect of marriage, it's more than that every civilization in the history of man has guarded marriage and celebrated marriage
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because it is the one thing that helps society continue. if marriages go away, then you don't have stable families raising the next generation. and if you look at places that in fact have gone through and changed their definition of marriage, what you have seen is lower birth rates. what you have seen is lower marriage rates. what you have seen is problems that come from that. so, the biggest issue is we need to encourage men and women to come together and form stable families and have children so society can continue. because if that doesn't happen it won't. >> bill: what about the argument that two homosexual individuals, be they men or women can adopt a child who is in the foster system who nobody else wants to adopt and raise that child in a loving home as a good american citizen and they would like that child to know that their union is accepted in a legal sense
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by their country. what about that argument? >> well, i would say that, you know, we allow adoption for single people and we. >> bill: and gays. gays can adopt. >> in some states they can. that's really not an issue. i mean, a single mom who is raising a child or is raising an adopted child i hope we don't look down and say well, she is not capable of doing that or shouldn't be able to do that because she is not married. i don't think we say that at all. we think we want to provide stable homes for children. but marriage is something very different. we meep need tone courage men and women to form those unions to have the best opportunity to have children and raise children >> bill: would we be -- >> i believe we would. we would be saying marriage isn't about children. isn't about having children. isn't about raising children. when we say that then, of course, you know, the consequences are you are probably going to have less
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children. it's happening as we -- it's already happening in america that before this whole gay marriage debate, we really have seen a change in what marriage is in america. this is a logical extension. i admit that those on the other side say marriage is already, you know, been destroyed. and in many respects they are absolutely right in that the centrality of marriage is about this union of a man and a woman having children and furthering society has been diminished. >> bill: there is no doubt about it. the statistics show 41% now as we said last night of american babies born out of the marital realm where in the 50s 5% were. >> most people on either side of the issue say that's probably not a good thing for our country. and we don't need tone courage more of that. that's my concern. >> bill: senator, it's nice to have you back on the program. we appreciate you are going to be able to speak to the kids in michigan. we're glad we could help make that happen. >> you did, sir. >> bill: more craziness in california. this time the state may pay
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for infertility treatments for gay couples. then, big bash at the white house last night. i wasn't invited. you weren't invited. but we all paid for it. juliet huddy with an update moments away.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonit. the state of california owes $164 billion, money it will never be able to repay sphited the state continues insane spending proposals. the latest it fund infertility treatments for gay couples. joining us now from santa barbara the sage of southern california, dennis miller. miller, got a little intellectual thing going tonight with the glasses, huh? >> you know, billy, i wasn't seeing things correctly. i was told that california has money to spend and i thought it looked like it was in crappy shape. i went and got these glasses to get my mind right when i don't have time to paint my pod face
1:39 am
on. >> bill: so you know in your state there is financial chaos you know you have the highest taxes in the land by far. new york second. yet, here we have another, this is from a san francisco assembly man, you know, if you are going to have infertility payments for head ter row you have got to have them for gays. and it is never going to end. it's never going to end out there, miller. this state is so far out of the mainstream we're not even one of the contiguous 48 anymore. what can brown do for you? zip, nada, nothing, he is a moron. listen. everybody knows i have gay friends. i have gay friends who are married. i'm for gay marriage. that being said. can i get a day off from gay? is that possible? can i just get a day off? my gay friends don't talk about gay as much as straight white guys who have never been [bleep] talk about gay.
1:40 am
>> bill: we have to bleep that and that's fine. >> not the whole thing? >> bill: no, just the one reference. >> sorry, billy. >> bill: okay. in worse shape than california financially is greece. are bankrupt, you know, introduce is angry. i mean, there is all kinds of bad stuff happening in greece. so, now, the solution to the greek budget problem is they want germany to pay reparations for world war ii, miller, and you say? good luck marker. they rotate out. germany makes a really great sports car one generation an entire race of people. makes a great sports car, croaks an entire race of people. you don't want to be greece cats from world war ii. two big gun turrets coming out of mountain.
1:41 am
what's greece going to do? how are they going to come and collect it? their cam can't greece is here. the army, they have some joppers on and helmet. they say if we don't give them the gedis they are going to start clogging. who is greece kidding? go sit under an this is over. for people that don't know what happened in world war ii the third reich invaded the balkans. now the greek government wanting money, the only nation in europe that has any money is germany so they say you have got to give me money because of what you did in world war ii. >> billy, trust me the people are going to go off against sometime in history. this is greece's best defense making themselves so screwed up that even somebody as crazy as a deranged despot is going to get up to the border and go no, they are in too bad of fiscal shape. we can't take that over. >> bill: i wouldn't be counting on that. here is the story of the day, miller.
1:42 am
clarence, new york, outside of buffalo. 65-year-old tom marchino has been awarded $1.6 million by the new york state court of appeals because he is afraid of frogs, miller. frogs. it seems that a developer flooded his land and frogs invaded causing him much pain because as a child in italy, he was chased by a bullfrog. so the state of new york is awarding him $1.6 million. now, immediately i filed suit against turtles. not amphibians, the rock group. eleanor gee i think i'm swell frightens me. so i have got a shot here in new york, do you know what i'm talking about? >> once again, i blame the germans for driving this creep's family out of italy. i wish he would have stayed over there. listen, we have got to start shunning morons like this. the only people who hang with them are frogs. all right? >> bill: got to give him
1:43 am
credit. he and his lawyers got one sixth because frogs came on his property. >> billy, i can't laugh anymore this country is gone. we are screwed up we should shun this i had i don't yacht. you know something? one of these countries out there. if greece wants to get flush again, they should change the name of their country to common senseyvania i'm afraid of rocks somebody breaks his nods and says get out of here. now you are afraid of me and not the frog. set up neighborhoods that remind us you have the united states town or france town or spanish town. somebody ought to beat somebody else to the punch. common senseyvania the rest of the world and specifically this country and specifically california has gone as mad as crazy eddy with a fever. >> bill: new york is not far behind. that's for sure. dennis miller, everybody. we would both like to thank everybody in d.c., denver, kansas city, spokane,
1:44 am
washington, portland, oregon, all of those bolder fresher shows sold out. the only ones left available spokane matinee july 20th. and a few premier tickets get to meet miller and me don't bring any frogs for the west bury long island show. those make great mothers and fathers day gifts. did you see that on deck? president obama's big bash last night. what happened and how much did it cost us? juliet huddy is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with a big concert at the white house last night entitled memphis soul. we paid for it an edited version will be seen on pbs and apparently everybody had a grand time. >> justin timberlake just got married to this lovely young lady right here.
1:48 am
[ applause ] >> jessica biel. so, justin can probably offer you a few pointers and justin, they are looking for a wedding singer. [ laughter ] i'm just saying. [ laughter ] now, tonight i'm speaking not just as president but as one of america's best known al green impersonators. we got artists like cyndi lauper and ben harper and queen latifah who still turn to memphis for inspiration. >> bill: here now to explain further juliet huddy. last week we asked you, we demanded that you find out how much that cost us. >> blood, sweat, and tears i gave to find this answer out for you, bill. $1.3 million is what it cost. what it cost the taxpayers was about well actually
1:49 am
432,$500. >> how did you get that info? >> we got it from the group the pbs organization. the public broadcasting organization. >> bill: 1.3 in totality but some of that will be covered by various -- >> -- we have pepsi covering it we have the burke foundation covering it. >> bill: bottom line was you and me and the rest of the folks watching the factor this evening paid about $433,000. so all these people could have a good time. >> let me tell you, yes, that's true. people there did have a good time. maliyah, sasha, the president had a good time, too. however, this is fed out to public broadcasting stations around the country. people who can't afford to have cable. can't afford to go to concerts and see this. they get to see a cool concert at the white house. they get to see the president in a relaxed mode. >> bill: why can't pbs sell commercials to cover their own cost so it doesn't cost you and me and everybody else money. >> that's not the way that public broadcasting system works. >> bill: they could if they wanted to because it's cool. it's cool and you know
1:50 am
cool. they could sell spots and cover and it then we wouldn't have to pay any of it? >> does it went that it went to the armed forces network too. people around the world. >> bill: i like the armed forces this is a scam and everybody knows it's a scam. >> i disagree. >> bill: city of chicago from the memphis deal. chicago you know has a lot of problems. rahm immanuel former chief of staff from the white house he is the mayor. is he not left enough. he is not left enough for our pal bill ayers, the former weather underground guy. i don't know what ayers does but he is still making controversial comments. roll it. >> of all the terrible dreadful stuff he has done this is the worse. >> more about rahm. do you think is he a one-term mayor? >> doesn't have chance. he didn't have a chance last time. what he did has and still has. still got.
1:51 am
wealth of the north shore. he has all of the hollywood money and all of the d.c. money so he may well buy the election as did he last time. >> bill: apparently schools in chicago. >> there are only 400,000. >> bill: ayers is mad. >> is he mad. the thing is ayers has become sort of this poster child for the free school model, you know, where you call your teachers by the first name. >> bill: what does he do for a living? >> he was a professor. he was a distinguished professor, as a matter of fact, at the university of chicago. university of illinois, at chicago rather. >> bill: what does he do now? >> he is retired. gone back into that whole world of radicalism. remember, this is a domestic terrorist. a guy who wasn't convicted because the fbi screwed up. but he had bombed places, the capitol. >> bill: anybody can -- we believe in redemption.
1:52 am
>> word of the day trod trodladyte. >> what does it mean. >> a caveman. >> i'm just testing. >> bill: ice, everyone. that's a cliche. i can hear it cracking. factor tip of the day. hollywood and me. wait until you see, this the tip moments away.
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and dad so check it out on all the stuff i get goes to charity. know that. and i would like to say 99% of britains were appalled by those few celebrating the death of margaret thatcher. from luke murfitt. and from kathy. >> brian robins from florida. >> we will invite them, brian, but no way will they answer my questions. are you kidding me? come on. from alexandra, virginia. >> why didn't you say that? because i have no evidence to back that up, robert. that's why. apparently you were there the
1:56 am
night of the altercation and know exactly what happened even before the case is tried so we will be contacting you so you can give us your eyewitness testimony. charlie from orlando, florida. >> molly hoover from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> you see what's happening here? the madness of this case just beginning. it should go to trial in june. god help us. from phoenix, arizona. >> as a retired police officer, i saw that all the time. everyone knew it. bob and patricia from oregon. >> bill from tampa.
1:57 am
and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, i, your humble correspondent, go hollywood and i didn't even know it. here i am on the "hollywood reporter" this month. the most powerful people in media. my mom will like it. every time i'm in print, however, my mother gets to gloat to neighbors who once thought i would wind up in prison. anyway, the article lists the allegedly powerful in alphabetical order. many egos involved here. if you want to check it out go to i just imagine some people in hollywood getting their subscription and there i am on the cover. that will make their weekend. that's it for us tonight. please check out our fox news
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