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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 11, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> forever. it is a great book. >> now you got to get us out of here. >> that's it for us. see you tomorrow. special report is next. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. president obama has a new message for north korean's new leader. >> now is the time for north korea to end the belerge rent approach that they have been taking . to try to lower temperatures. no body wants to see a conflict on the korean peninsula. the united states will take all necessary steps to protect its people and to meet our obligations under our alliances in the region. >> we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin in the
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pentagon with the latest on what the u.s. military is doing to prepare for kim jong-un a threat. we begin with greg in south korea. you think tensions are rising in washington, they are at a fever pitch. there is already a new corn this friday morning there. >> hello, greg? >> hey, bret. a u.s. official confirmed to fox news that north korea raised a launcher with a dangerous new missile in a firing position and later lowered that. but experts say north korea is meaning business and that is sending a chill in the korean peninsula. >> area separating north and south korea is tense. constant talk of war from pyongyang has people on edge. this man fled across the peninsula in 1950.
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>> i am concerned. toric is getting stronger and i am worried about war. >> north korea fed coordinates in targets in missiles. they are reportedly shifting around and launched any time. >> nearby japan will shoot down any missile that threatens it. i think it is regrettable that north korea is taking acts. north koreans are barred from entering a business part. >> this situation in the industrial complex should be normalized through dilog. >> in pyongyang there were festivities. it marks one year since kim jong-un assumed a key official position. back in the border there were sight seeing and past
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reminders of conflict. they were used to return prisoners to the south n the end of the korean war in 1953. folks were caught up in the troubles here. off duty u.s. members. what do they think about the new war talk? >> i am not scared if the people around me are not scared. i think it is just him talking. >> you don't know you will go to war tomorrow? >> it is on edge, but no, i don't think so. >> what is described as a change of tone. south korea president parks is reported to have told lawmaker that is talks should be opened up with the north. but the hitch is all of the talk from pyongyang is rough lately. >> national security correspondant is at the pentagon where the u.s. military stands ready to
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respond with force. what are officials saying? are we closer to a north korea launch. >> the pentagon said it could happen any time and they are prepared for that . they will respond with force. the expand radar and massive floating golf ball system that helps the u.s. to intercept rogue missiles is awaiting in the pacific. two u.s. navy destroyers are off of the post of the korean peninsula . on capitol hill. congressman doug lanborn of colorado revealed a classified dia findings that said the north korean have the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile. they believe that the missile has low reliability at best. >> has the u.s. changed the rhetoric since the start. >> it sent nuclear capable b2
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bombers in an attempt to deterrence and that didn't seem to work and then the administration have a test of the three intercontinentalal missiles and softened their tone. suggesting that the north korean not shoot down a missile if it head out to sea. secretary of state kerry will arrive in soeul over the weekend. >> jennifer, thank you and so do you think that the military will need to act in north korea? this is a developing situation. follow me at bret baier. >> there is new information that a leading syrian opposition group is one and the same with al-qaida in iraq and that's not the information that makes u.s. policy in syria any easier to develop or
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execute. the president's top intelligence official had a hard time answering a question about chemical weapons in a hearing on capitol hill. we look at the stake options in syria. president obama declared the hum u humanitarian crisis in syria only got worse as 70,000 syrians are now killed in a deadly civil war on top of 800,000 refugeeses that fled the bloody conflict. >> we are at a critical juncture. >> and the president backed up those comments by ordering a new 10 million worth of nonlethal u.s. aide to the rebels including food and medical aid and the president stopped short of arming the rebels as the administration continues to dance around the question of how much it is
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wading in the conflict. >> we are on an upward conjectory with the assistance, humanitarian assistance to the syrian people. >> republican senator bob corker warned a strategy leaves the u.s. vulenerable. >> we don't have a good idea on where the president is headed on syrian policiment it feels to me we wake up in the events in syria and determine the next stop gap and almost to show we are involved but not that involved. >> that charge came as james clapper told the house committee that the regime of syrian president bashar assad is belingerent and ready to use chemical weapons on its own peoplement >> clapper
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referred to the possibility of terrorist getting hands on chemical weapons and that is manage that the president called a game changer for military intervention. it is a tough call on whether those weapons can be secured. >> do you think, director, we are in a position in syria if assad falls. what percentage of will that be -- >> i am not sure how to make the call. >> the u.s. could easily institute a no fly to pin assad down. the vaugest rheums don't apply. what happens in syria doesn't stay there and the civil war could spread in the middle east. >> the medal of honor was awarded for an incredible army hero army chaplain who carried
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an injured american soldier four miles as they were led to a death march in the korean war. that is one of many stories told by president obama. capon died at age 35 . his family was on hand along with the soldiers he helped. >> his life, i think is a testimony to his human pirit and the power of faith, and reminds us of the good we can do each and every day regardless of the most difficult of circumstances. >> the u.s. senate is preparing to debate a gun control measure that some portray as common sense and others down a slippery constitutional slopement mike emanuel on today's big first step. >> hard work starts now. >> senate majority harry reid recognizes it is far from
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over. 16 republicans joined with democrats to go forward. leading the charge was a senate republican leader. >> this will punish and harass our neighbors and friends and families and so to protect the rights of the law abiding citizen of kentucky i will impose cloture. >> and another top democrat said it is a struggle to get the 60 votes. >> the ira will try to throw all kinds ofs - amendments at us. >> the first one is backed up by pat toomey and joe manchin. it would expand background checks on gun shows and internet sales. >> the measure to make it harder for violent crim nams
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and to get guns. that is common sense. >> the gun group came out against the amendment. lawmakers are facing pressure from family members of those killed in newtown connecticut and other relatives pushing for a new assault weapon's bands. >> they ripped through someone's body and they leave baseball size holes in somebody's skin and this is not okay. >> across the capitol for now. house leaders are waiting to see what the senate is able to accomplish. >> i fully expect the house will act. but it is to make a blanket commitment without knowing what the underlying deal is, is irresponsible on my part.
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look at the families that worked so hard on it. several republicans will not support anything that violates women-- or limits rights. >> a group of eight septemberors from both parties now say their immigration reform bill is essentially done and probably will be introduced on tuesday. the last big issue signed off on wage and visa standards that will allow tens was this happeneds of foreign workers in the countries, those who have worked at farms illegally will get illegal status and a faster path to citizenship. >> there is questions was when they will receive the bill and when it is unveiled and how it might be received in the house. does the president get a bad
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>> four days away and the people who take yourr payment may be taking something else. your privacy . they are fediantly unapogetic of an illegal policy. the report on the i.r.s. and your open e-mail. >> internal i.r.s. document and american civil laboratories using freedom of information act that the agency can examine.
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>> our emaims contain embarrassing information and private information. that's what the fourth amendment is require to president. >> when president reagan signed the store's act. it gave law enforcement officers the authority to acess e-mails that are six month old by using a court order or subpoena and federal law priveds the government to acess them without a warrant if they are already opened. >> 180 limit itself is permable. i think it is a red herring in the discussion. >> in december 2010. they ruled all e-mails are covered by the fourth amendment that protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. >> the court said it would defy common sense to afford
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e-mails protection. but that is only binding in four states and in january20len, they e-mailed his colleagues. i have not heard anything relate to the opinion. a warrant is necessary when retrieving e-mails that are less than 180 days old. >> 1980 statute and does that work with today's reality? it is outdated in a number of ways and the question is whether we should take or the congress should take a meat cleaver or scalpel to it. >> they got no substantative response. >> i am not aware of the story or the documents that were obtained and i would refer to the i.r.s. as a starting point. >> the i.r.s. got back to us and said that the agency abides by the law and does not use e-mails to target
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taxpayers. >> a senior official testified neither the 180 rule or placing an open e-mail makes sense and agreed that the law should be changed. >> on the issue of privacy. join us on sunday night for a special presentation on cyber security. john roberts hosts your secret is out. and sales at major american retailers were up last month. there is a gain of 6-10ths of a percentage point . hard to say even it continues . the industrial average gained 63 and closed at another record high. s&p 500 was up 6 and still ahead. problems finding work if you are young and broke in america. >> first a pro choice main stream deliberately ignoring
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six automakers are recalling older model vehicles. they have faulty parts made by the supplier. they will send plastic parts flying in the can passenger cabin. nuro surgeon ben carson with drew the commencement speak are for john hopkins university following criticism of his remarks of same-sex marriage. >> worker in a philadelphia
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atestified she saw many babies moved after they were taken from the mother's body. it is a latest turn in one of the sensational murder trials. yet it is receiving precious little media attention. a warning, the story has graphic contentment money has more on the trial and the media disconnect. >> a former teenage worker in the aworsion -- abortion clinic took the stand. charged with killing sevenbabies born alive. ashley baldwin who was not charged in this case told the jury she observed chest movement or a breath or flinch . one baby made a crying sound and arm movement before the
3:25 pm
clinic worker snitched the sphinal cord. of the proseizure to cut the baby's neck. i did it once because and not again because it gave me the creeps. >> they say that any movements were most portum spasms. the pro life members of congress critized the lack of media coverage. >> he was running a slaughter house. >> the place that he ran was a gruesome factory and disturbing. >> the lack of coverage suggests a cover up. and in fact, since the trial started there are wrero mentions on nbc or abc or memberssnbc. or cbs . they covered the case when he was arrested. prochoice groups declined to
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discuss the case. but the media blackout is shocking. >> what when was of the last time media didn't talk about it. >> americans are familiar with murder trials of jodie arias and casey anthony and oj simpson. the reason the trial is not getting the coverage, it makes abortion look bad. pro choice groups said that the goznel clinic is a out lier. >> the f.b.i. obtained video surveillance footage of mitch mcconnell's came pain. they are looking for intruders. the liberal group progress kentucky was behind the taping. a citizens group asked the f.b.i. whether mcconnell
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well, she looks just like roxy! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. i'm sure she is. [ ethereal music plays ] [ motorcycle revving ] getting you back on a brand-new bike. now, that's progressive. >> now jay z taken to his preferred immediate yalm rap music to respond to criticism
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over his recent visit to cuba. they made the trip over the weekend and sparking questions about why the couple was begin permission from the u.s. treasury department since it is illegal. today jay z posted a open leader. >> voice from are the hood. ♪ touch never lie to me the last reference is the parra dox of u.s. refusing to deal with communist cuba. despite the lyrics the white house had nothing to do with
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the cliffics. an apparent dirty trick left a woman in battle over 105,000 in parking tickets. jennifer's car was left in an airport parking lot for three years. she said her ex-boyfriend was the one who drove the chevy. the judge dismissed the lawsuit and encouraged the parties to reach a compromise. the why wondered allowed how many tickets a day could appear on the wind chill. >> someone is getting ready for a strange cook out. three thefts are raising eyebrows. there are 3000 stolen cartons of hamburger patties. german authorities are pursuing thieves that stole
3:33 pm
five and half tons of nutelia valued at more than $20,000 . in florida a man stole a tractor trailer filled with 75,000 worth of soup. the gps led the cops to the soup stealer. four week average went up by 3000. it is just that kind of economic uncertainity that is making it tough on the newest members of the work force. here's more on being young and broke in america. i was frustrated because there was a lack of what i answer my dream job. >> it is a nightmare search. evan is unemployed and applied for over 130 position since
3:34 pm
graduating in irastate. a lot of them are looking for people with more experience. these are recent college graduates and this would be kind of right up my alley. they are having the same problem. >> past two months it is 8 introduce . last week i went on one and week before i went on one. it now has a 16.2 unemployment rate . many of those who do find a job get entry level positions. is this that forces young people to delay getting married and buying a house and getting a car . experts say recent grads are
3:35 pm
not doing anything wrong. >> it is bad luck that you are born two food work they must be patient. >> at some point you have a chunk retiring and that should open up the jobs for you. getting my foot in the door is proving difficult. but it is not. >> not all unemployed graduates wake up to look for work like evan does. they are now 1.9 million viewer young people working than in december of 2007. bret. >> peter, thank you. >> is the i.r.s. reading your e-mail. the answer is yes. should they be? >> we'll ask the fox all-stars
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>> it is incredible in 2013 we still don't know whether federal law enforcement thinks that they let them read e-mails. >> it the agency didn't think they needed to obtain a warrant before they read the content of private e-mails. americans have clear information and if it is not getting the warrant for the e-mail we should demand it does. >> aclu file would a freedom of information act request and got documents that say just that. i.r.s. is looking at e-mails. there was a sixth circuit court of appeals ruling about this issue whether the i.r.s. can look at e-mails. given the fundamental
3:40 pm
similarities. it would defy common sense to deat a their protection. according to thireses. i have not heard anything related to this finish. we have taken the position that a warrant is necessary when retrieving e-mails that are less than 18 days old. essentially thires is saying they can look at your e-mails. let's bring in our panel. kisten powers and charles krauthammer. it may be the law, it may be that thires is operating within the frame work. but i tell you what, it doesn't seem like it falls within the fourth amendment. it doesn't seem like a lot of people know about it. >> no.
3:41 pm
if that is what the law says then the law is an ass. it is certains like me like to beat up on the aclu. but this time they are clarifying something that needs to be fexed. the follow in a modern age. fourth amendment doesn't protect the privacy of our hard drive and equivalent of private papers is lude chris. congress could fix this soon before the conspiracy people go crazy. they have a reason to gocracy. >> i am just curious of the legal thinking of behind the magic number of 180 days and it suddenly is something they can touch. why is it any less private after that time period. it doesn't make sense. if they are able to do this, they should be able to go in
3:42 pm
your apartment and through your doors. we take more security with our e-mails and have pass word and two-step verification to keep people out of it. we have an expectation that the government is not reading our e-mails. >> what is interesting it is weird, amusing and apauling at the same time. i am not sure anybody is to blame. at a time when e-mail was a novelty and less than a thousand people were using it. compared to one out of a million and that's the origin of the weird 180 degrees. that makes no since at all . no logical reason. >> it is based on the stored act of 1986. giving them acess to e-mails that are less than 6 months old. >> even if that is written.
3:43 pm
the fact they are pareting it today sounds crazy. >> the reason it is not evill. bureaucracies garner and protect the power they have . so there is an law that is clear obsoletes and they would keep it. look. i don't have to defend them and it all o be repealed in congress tomorrow . it should apply to everybody. you can understand there're people who are going after criminal they will not open everybody's e-mail but we'll have it in our satchel if we need it. i am trying to how it came to be. it is surprising news. you think thires has the power to do this. we would say it can't do this and they can't have any stat
3:44 pm
story reason. i attribute it to laziness and neglect. it ought to be repealed. before the president said what he said. we actual lead the show with this. we turnedesh and said do you think that the i.r.s. can look at e-mails and everybody said no . the answer is yes. they did not respond and the white house pointed this to thires and they pointed to a senior justice official who testified saying the rule nor the open e-mail in a different category made any sense and agreed it should be over turned. >> this is wop of the things that got stuck on the books and people didn't realize the weird cul-de-sac. but the's power is expanding
3:45 pm
under things like obama care. and thires agents can on glorified whim investigate your private life and health care prorician and taxes there is not much left if the government can look at health care and how you spepped your money. >> you think you are lifing in pyongyang. >> and i should say that the i.r.s. got back to us and said the agency abide said by the law and does not use e-mail to target taxpayers. >> i am not sure what that means. the law alaws as it stands to do anything . perhaps it is a specific meaning. it should be banned in the absence of a court order. >> is media bias behind a lack of coverage for the murder
3:46 pm
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>> the loss should scar the conscious of people everywhere. this is not a discussion of abtract concepts of choice. we are talking about brutal deaths of newborn children. >> it is difficult to look at the images and read and hear the testimony that is coming out of this trial going on in philadelphia. it is so important. people need to know that this is happening. this is a mass murder triall. the media needs to cover it. >> this is the capitol murder
3:50 pm
trial of the doctor charged with killing 7 babies born alive in abortions. this is not getting a lot of attention anywhere . the statement is actually from march 21st and couldn't find any statements from any other groups. this particular space shuttle in philadelphia is not typical of the high quality abortion care. we asked a number of pro choice groups and representatives to weigh in and they have not. nbc and msnbc and abc zero times and cnn covered it once. and we could continue with the print lack of coverage but we'll bring in the panel from there. you wrote a colume on this for
3:51 pm
usa today. what about this in >> i would love an answer to why the media is not covering they are normally fascinated by trials. good morning america did a 10-part series on jodie arias and somehow that is news worth yethis isn't. what the media is needing to look at how this happened. the regulation were not enforced because of the pro abortion rights groups had lobbied the government not to do this. the clinic had not been, no one has gone to inspect it since 1993 and that is when tom ridge came in office . the grand jury testimony was a purely political decision not to inspect this facility even after a woman died in 2009.
3:52 pm
they didn't send anybody out to look at it. usually if there is a murder like this the media will ask how did this happen. no one is asking how it happened. >> some of the testimony is unbelievable. i nurse saying that the dr. joked that the baby was so big, the baby could have walked me home. >> it is horrific and it is disgusting and i will give my own theory of why the media is not covering when the debates went on about partial birth abortion. most of the main string treated it as right wing and so called partial abortion and the name meansomething and it was a frank lun spin and that was dishonest. the official position of the president of the united states. what they were doing poorly
3:53 pm
regulated and he voted against and fought against the act in illinois. barbara boxer said a baby's life doesn't start until they bring it home from the hospital. a lot of people in main stream media are committed to them . so all of the sudden, to say the prolifers were right is too darn embarrassing. >> you have a famously liberal professor and senator who said of this procedure long before it happened in the clipic in this particular clinic, he called it tantamount to infanticide which is what it is. the fact that it is not covered is easily explained. it puts the pro abortion forces in a very bad light and brings the issue of late terms abortion starkly into relief . here is a place where it went
3:54 pm
over the edge in the murder . even those that are a second or two on side of the line where you are destroying an infant exiting the womk. i think it indictative of murder. you can have that position and you can have a different position on different early term of abortion. on this, i think there is reason again outlying or regulating it is because the pro choice people imagine that any regulation and any level of any kind is the beginning of the end of abortion rights. i think there is room for a national consensus. if it was it would be on this kind of procedure and i am surprised by the subornness of the forces who resist on this. >> the media on television and
3:55 pm
the washington post has done no staff written arcticles and mentioned in news briefs . new york times did one arcticle since the trial started and they did five arcticles in 2011 and credit the philadelphia inquirer who did 103 arcticles on it since it started. >> we wouldn't know what is going on if not for the local philadelphia media. they have done a great job. this should be national news and needs to be dev will into a little bit. if liberals want relgulation of the air, water and animals as they are raised . barchings, you name it, and then i put myself in that category . they have one little area no government regulation. it doesn't make sense and i think people need to examine that. >> we have covered this story
3:56 pm
many times and we'll continue to cover that. that's it for the panel and stay tuned for the latest internet sensation that is sweeping the west. as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that? no, he's right though...
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visit ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, the latest internet craze comes from a french tumbler page called men and kittens. photos of handsome men, handsome male models i should say and actors combined with cute kittens reenacting the same pose. i haven't seen it. here is a take on why the web site might not be as great as you think. >> now we know that those kittens love handsome male models. this french tumbler is called men and kittens that matches hunchy guys with kittens trying to make- >> -- wow. [ laughter ] >> that's great if you are a male model. what if you are not a hunky guy. what if you have kittens that you like, too. let me show you what i am talking about. there is louie anderson. there is kim jong un. there is his kitty.


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