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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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there is gary becausey, there is his kitty. [ laughter ] >> there is steve buchemi, there is his kitty. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a classified report about north korea accidently made public today and it indicates the north koreans can probably put a nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile. brand new. and four months after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school, congress take as huge step toward restricting gun sales. >> we came here today to ask the senate to vote. >> shepard: with new town families on the hill, an early victory for supports of gun control. >> members of the senate decided in the end that we have enough capacity that we have enough compassion to do something about the scourge of gun violence.
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>> this bill is a clear overreach that will predominantly punish our families our neighbors and friends. >> shepard: tonight brace for more battles ahead. >> plus, a safe return for two young boys after authorities say their parents illegally whisked them off to cuba. >> they are just typical 4-year-old boys. >> typical boys who seem to enjoy the spotlight. [ laughter ] >> and the standoff with firefighters held hostage. >> i just want them to let my job -- child go. >> person is demanding the cable be turned on by 5:30. >> shepard: what we now know why the firemen became targets. what may be a new and extremely disturbing revelation about north korea came today. and it wasn't supposed to. the word is north korea probably has nuclear weapons that it can launch
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on a ballistic missile. that's from a new pentagon report, which a congressman read outloud today on capitol hill. he was not supposed to read it at all. because that report was classified. but the pentagon says somebody inadvertently marked it unclassified. quite a mistake. and this finding is a very big deal. because the analysts have long said for years now that the north koreans have not yet figured out a way to stick a nuke on an intercontinental missile. if they can do it now, it is an enormous threat to american interests around the world. jennifer griffin on fox top story live at the pentagon tonight. stunning, jennifer. >> it's a pretty big revelation, shep. until now, the defense secretary and other pentagon officials had always said that the north koreans had not yet miniaturized device allowing it to be weapon niced. this is a huge step in the world of nuclear proliferation. here is what douglas lamb
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bourn of colorado revealed today on capitol hill. >> quoting from the unclassified portion which i believe has not yet been made public, they say, quote: dia assesses with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear weapons currently of delivery by ballistic missiles however the reliability will be low. >> however the pentagon report indicates even if the north koreans have figured this out, their nukes probably aren't very reliable so they might not work. and there is no indication we're told that there are any nuclear weapons on the backs of these missiles that we are watching right now. waiting for the north koreans to possibly launch, shep? >> shepard: it seems that most analysts believe that a launch is coming, if not sunday night, some time between now and around then. >> in fact, a pentagon official tell us that since monday, all the boxes have been checked. and all of the prelaunch arrangements have been made. so they are waiting and watching very carefully. today the north koreans in
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fact raised one of the rocket platforms from purr pen dick could you larr to vertical and then lowered it again. the pentagon believes that the north is preparing to launch two intermeet adrange ballistic missiles. it's the first time ever that the north has tested this type of missile and that is what has pentagon officials so concerned. >> shepard: jennifer griffin. we will go back for updates as warranted. extreme weather center. dangerous and deadly storms are ransacking parts of the american south. tornadoes have broken out across several states. and we now have video of a monster funnel cloud. >> huge. >> look at the cows running. >> shepard: that's in mississippi. the eastern part of the state. this twister bull dozed mobile homes, flipped a big rig on its side. and just to the south, still on eastern side of the state in kempfer county. officials say a concerned --led one person and injured several others.
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a safety emergency those two counties. a similar scene in arkansas. a crushed tractor-trailer near little rock and brought down a church littered with debris and chunks of the ceiling. yet another tornado left families homeless out of st. louis. they say they barely had time to take glofer things sounded like they let loose up above us. things were hitting the house. you know, the like a train whistle going over us. it lasted for a couple minutes and then it was done. >> shepard: these are the same storms that brought heavy snow to parts of midwest and the plains. officials say a woman died tuesday in the nebraska panhandle walking through the snow after her car gave out. now, days later, and those storms are still on the move. let's get right to the weather center and our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. where is the danger right now. >> still across areas of the southeast. we have got about another 20 hours left. mid afternoon tomorrow. but right now, take a look at this very heavy storms moving here right towards kind of the mobile alabama area stretched up through
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the kentucky and tennessee. three tornado watch boxes in effect. these conditions are favorable for tornadoes. and one -- the newest one is across eastern tennessee and this goes until 2:00 in the morning. a lot of these now it's dark and it's going to be happening during the overnight hours. we still think there will be more tornadoes forming overnight. and it's this line of storms right here that's a big concern. but right in front of that line, there will probably still be a few more tornadoes. but there will be much more likely some strong winds and some hail. but, in front of the line, one very strong signature right here. this is headed towards the cartersville, georgia area. potentially a tornado on the ground with that one. for the remainder of the evening, anywhere you see this yellow is where the threat is throughout the evening it moves off towards the east. again, shep, we are talking about overnight in the dark tornadoes. potentially tonight our first big severe outbreak we have had this season. >> mighty scary at night. you said 120 more hours. >> tonight it moves throughout the southeast and tomorrow mid-atlantic. quickly break it down for
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you in the timing. we're going to be seeing these storms cross all night long through the georgia. a very dangerous night into georgia. especially then the western sides of the carolinas. go in towards the morning. we are pretty much clear there a very rainy day across the northeast. and by about 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, shep, this exits finally the mid-atlantic and we are finally done with this storm. >> shepard: rick reichmuth in the weather center. thanks. tax day less than a week away. the american civil liberties union raising questions about the irs. aclu have filed freedom of information act asking whether that agency is reading private emails without a warrant. if true, it could be a violation of the fourth amendment of the constitution which guards against unreasonable search and seizure. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt has been looking at this all day and a stack of documents related there to. what's the policy here? what's the rule? >> well, if you look at the irs manual itself, shep, it talks about search warrants in the following fashion. quote: the government may
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obtain the contents of an electronic communication that has been in storage for more than 180 days using a search warrant, a court order, or a grand jury subpoena or administrative summons. what worries the aclu and other attorneys is the phrase or administrative summons. that means two irs agents could get together and say we need to look at these emails. they could go to the internet service provider and say we want those emails without any involvement of the courts. on the other hand, all the major internet service providers we spoke to today, google, yahoo, microsoft among them say that they would never agree to such a request without a court ordered search warrant. so the bottom line, it seems theoretically possible but practically unlikely. >> shepard: jonathan, the irs could clear all this up. what are they saying? >> we have been asking the irs for a response all day. we finally got one within the last hour. that statement reads in
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part: respecting taxpayers' rights and taxpayer privacy, are corner stone principles for the irs. the irs does not use emails to target taxpayers. any suggestion to the contrary is wrong. now, the aclu and other attorneys would like that sort of statement to actually be put into the irs manual and put into law. rather than just told to us by the irs today, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thanks very much from the newsroom tonight. for the first time in years, today congress held a major vote on guns. and it could lead to new restrictions on the weapons you can own. details ahead on that. plus, he said he wanted to cut off people's faces and where them as masks. the shocking confession from the suspect in that college campus stabbing spree. and there is so much more. including what investigators say he admitted about cam bowlism. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on
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>> shepard: gun control supporters claimed first victory. during a showdown whether to debate. tried to block the debate. with members of the newtown. supporters of gun control came away with 68 votes, 8 more than they needed to take the next step. victoria soto was a first grade teacher at elementary in newtown. she was one of the 26 people who died in that massacre in december. just hours ago in d.c. one of her sisters said today's vote shows people have not forgotten the tragedy. she said those who lost loved ones are going to keep pushing for more gun control. >> i'm not going to stop until i know the ones that i love are going to be safe. my sister was shot multiple times in front of her first grade classroom while she
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was in school to teach her kids to build ginger bread houses with her students. >> shepard: here is what happens now. first we can expect debate over expanding background checks that could include the compromise we talked about yesterday that would force sellers at gun shows and online to run checks before a sale it would not include private one-to-one sales. the second part deals with cracking down on gun trafficking and straw buyers. people who purchase guns for other people. and the third provision includes expanding justice department grants for school safety programs. there are also other potential amendments that could come up, including an assault weapons ban, and a limit on high capacity magazines. the house speaker john boehner says lawmakers would examine anything the senate passes. he also noted gun control has been an issue for all his years in congress. >> the thing that we have to remember is that laws are only as good as our obey them.willin law-abiding citizen do in fact obey them.
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criminals don't obey them. >> shepard: he also said that law enforcement should focus on enforcing current gun laws before we add new ones. mike emanuel has this live from capitol hill. it really sounds like these families from newtown, connecticut were a big part of this. >> shep, no question. most people up here think they have been huge. they have been all over capitol hill all this week. in fact, after the successful vote, president obama from his desk in the oval office called some of the newtown families to share the news. white house aides say on such a tough issue they are grateful for the help. >> there is no more effective advocate for this legislation than a parent who has lost a child and we think that they played a really important role this week, which is why the president called them today after the vote to congratulate them not that -- this is just the beginning of the process. but that they should understand that they had a big impact and that he wanted to congratulate them on that. >> so you have got the newtown families pushing for action. you have got the nra on the
4:16 pm
other side pushing against new gun laws. pressure is building, shep. shep ship you have got the house of representatives not seeming to want to act too quickly. >> that's right. in fact, 47 house republicans sent a letter a short time ago to house speaker john boehner saying they don't want any more background checks so the speaker is waiting to see what the senate can pass, if anything, and today boehner made it pretty clear is he not intended to be rushed. >> i have never been through just a blanket make a commitment when i don't know what the product is. i fully expect that the house will act on legislation in the coming months. but i want this to go through regular order. >> some republicans who voted yes today in the senate say they don't intend to support anything that infringes on the second amendment. so even before it gets to the house, there may be plenty more fights in the senate. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thanks a lot. we got a a lot of new information today on that texas stabbing spree. in fact, we have just
4:17 pm
learned that the suspect told investigators he fantasized about cannibalism and about slicing off people's faces and wearing those faces as masks. those are just some the new details from a search warrant that officials made public today. the suspect is this guy: 20-year-old dillon quick. the sheriff previously revealed that quick had harbored fantasies about stabbing people as early as age 8. witnesses say that on tuesday morning he stands a student and then another student and on and on with a raiser type knife. wounded 14 in all at a lone star college campus north and west of houston. this newly released affidavit also statements that teens seized an animal did dissection kit, books on serial killings and hannibal lechter masks. >> they herd a popping noise and rolled over on
4:18 pm
its side. a horrible crash. investigators say two people died today in this on a highway east of dallas in irving. police inside -- i should say people inside that bus describe complete chaos in the seconds after it happened. passengers piled on top of each other, blood everywhere. people screaming for help. the bus itself was a charter headed to a casino in oklahoma. mostly senior citizens in there. and in addition to the two dead. police say more than 40 are in hospitals with many receiving treatment for fractures. not clear really whether that popping noise people heard might have been a tire blowing or something else. we don't know. but federal statistics show the bus company had a good safety record. at least until now. the national hockey league announced a historic move to fight homophobia in sports. up next, what it means for players and what it could mean for the nation's other pro-sports teams. plus, a heart breaking reminder of the dangers of texting behind the wheel. tonight, parents releasing the text message that may have cost their teenage son his life. ] at his current pace,
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>> shepard: a historic day in sports. as the national hockey league announced public support for any player who may be gay. >> whoever you are, whatever you believe, whatever your sexual orientation, you can be comfortable, you can feel included. >> shepard: that is the nhl commissioner gary bettman, it's a move that could set a press debt for other sports, including football, baseball, basketball. his league today announcing its teaming one advocacy opposing antigay sentiments in sports. the first major sports league to do. so comes just days after a handful of nfl players could come out soon publicly, potentially on the same day. john roberts live in d.c. with more. john? >> good evening, shep.
4:23 pm
could end up in the flood gates. the goal of the partnership top town to make hockey and other sports more welcome of gays and lesbians. can you play project will administer the outrage for the nhl from bringing guest speakers into rookie camps to offering confidential counseling to players at every level. patrick burke a scout with the philadelphia fliers general manager brian burke is president of you can play. >> i'm very concerned to make sure that we do work at the high school level, at the college level, at any level. i want someone who plays in a hockey team in boston being just as comfortable being around his female gymnast in kansas does. as the starting quarterback for a starting championship for team does. >> he created the program to quit playing hockey because he feared his teammates would find out he was gay. he finally came out in 2009. nhl commissioner gary bettman hopes the partnership will end the
4:24 pm
need that some players feel to live secret lives. >> patrick's brother brendan, who was tragically killed in a car accident was one such individual who lived his life keeping some secrets, which patrick and informing you can play wanted to make sure other people like his brother wouldn't have had to live their lives that way. >> i also talked today with the players' association president don fear who said this is all pretty simple stuff. what really matters says fear is whether you can play hockey. shep? >> shepard: john roberts live in washington. by the way john is hosting a special this sunday government and your privacy. that's sunday night 9 p.m. eastern 8 central on fox news channel. one week after a college student died in a texting while driving crash, his parents have released a photograph of that last text. they say they hope it serves to remind people about the dangers of distracted driving. his name was alexander hyatt. his text seemed pretty
4:25 pm
ordinary. quoting sounds good, my man, see you soon. i'll -- and that's as far as the. witnesses told police he appeared to have his head down, possibly looking at that little screen when his car drifted into oncoming traffic near the university of colorado where he was a student. cops say he did look up, jerked the steering wheel, rolled the car. he died soon after. alturbing new words of al qaeda's involvement in the fight against the syrian government. tonight, things just got a lot more complicated for those like the united states who have supported the rebels there. plus, the rally continues on wall street. why the markets have not lost their mojo. and jodi arias. she has been in jail since 2008. how in the world is she now tweeting? that's coming. nexium, the purple pill,
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>> shepard: extreme weather threat is serious tonight. updating powerful spring storms that are sweeping across the country. churning out one tornado after another. as we reported here officials say one person died in kempfer county, mississippi. the southeast is in the bulls eye. this enormous system stretches from the gulf coast all the way across the canadian border. mike tobin with the news live in chicago. this thing is huge, mike. >> yeah. ice storms up in minnesota, shep. a confirmed tornado as far as south as louisiana. not a very strong tornado. an ef 0. compare that to the ef 2
4:30 pm
that touched down outside of saint lewis a little town called hazel road. roofs torn off homes. trees. one thing interesting about that storm the worst of it was preceded by what they describe as a wall of light. another ef-2 touching down in arkansas. an 18-wheeler was tipped over. significant property damage. five people injured. following that a freeze advisory is now in effect for arkansas. states like minnesota, the dakotas, bracing for more snow. 3 to 5 inches. happy april, shep? >> shepard: mike tobin live in chicago. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and there is growing concern tonight for the united states over the civil war in syria and the rebel group whose leader this week declared his allegiance to the leader of al qaeda. today we learned that group is in virtually every part of syria. of course, the u.s. and several other nations have been supporting the opposition against
4:31 pm
president bashar assad of syria as he continues to murder his own people from like two years now. national security officials today testified on capitol hill about the potential terror threat from those very rebels. catherine herridge live in washington. catherine, what are we learning about the u.s. getting involved potentially in syria? >> well, shep, it all comes down to securing the weapons conventional and chemical and the nation's intelligence chief says there are no guarantees. >> do you think that director that we are in a position in syria if assad falls in the very near future what percentage do you give us at trying to secure the weapons system? >> i'm not sure how to make a call like that. >> using the alias operating in 13 of sierra's 14 provinces. analysts telling lawmakers it's not a question of if but when the u.s. will be directly involved. >> at some point we are going to be drawn in anyway. either to try to destroy those weapons or to try to seize those weapons.
4:32 pm
why wait until you get driven to that point number one. number two, so that in a sense suggests there is already a slippery slope. >> and according to the cia. syria has one of the largest chemical stockpiles in the region, shep. >> shepard: now there is evidence that the rebels are getting weapons from libya? >> well, that's right. a new u.n. report confirming what fox news first revealing last fall that libyan weapons are being channeled to syria. a congressional source telling fox news that they believe surface to air missiles are among the shipments. the investigators who made 10 trips to libya write illicit flows are fueling existing conflicts in africa and greater syria and enriching the arsenals of non-state actors including terrorist groups. congressional source telling fox news that as early as last september, a week before the benghazi terrorist attack then cia director david petraeus went to turkey to emphasize that the u.s. needed more visibility on who was getting the weapons. traveling across the border from turkey into syria. and to what extent those weapons were falling into the hands of extremists
4:33 pm
elements. shep. >> shepard: katherine harris tonight from washington. thanks. earnings are up. jobless claims are down and the stock market is killing it. stocks w fourth consecutive session today. the dow and s&p once again hitting brand new record highs. the dow up 63. look at that 14865. s&p up 6. nasdaq up 3. back above 3300 for the first time since bubble burst. among today's biggest winners rite aid. better earnings more sales of generic drugs. lori rofman from fox business network in our new york city newsroom. we got great news on the job market. >> fell to 346,000. better than expected and a huge relief after last week's unexpected spike in first time claims. economists say spring meant temporary layoffs. adding it is common to see noise in the weekly reads. committee still --
4:34 pm
committee still on trend. >> invest in gold watching from the sidelines. >> investors buy gold with a safety play. stock market on a tear. they weren't seeing a need to hedge their bets until gold fell to a level they couldn't resist. who doesn't love a bargain. after falling 27 bucks yesterday it recupid today to settle at $1,564. back to you. >> shepard: lori rothman, thanks so much. you have heard of bit coin. unregulated digital currency came back in 2009. a lot of people bought illegal stuff with it you can't trace it now you can get anything with it sold for 9 bucks each. speculators drove it way up. now the news today. there has been something of a meltdown on bit coin. exchange it dropped 60% in one day. now it's halting trading to let everybody cool off. this actually started yesterday. bit coin hit all-time high of 266 bucks. and then it dropped to just over 100 bucks.
4:35 pm
bubble? maybe. ponzi? not technically. but a risky investment, no doubt. any questions? ask a teenager. it seems jodi arias has arranged to tweet from jail. now a friend is explaining how jodi arias the one on trial for shooting -- stabbing her boyfriend 27 times though she doesn't remember that and shooting him and slitting his throat has managed to bring they're own brand of philosophy to the interwebs. one tweet on her page quotes the author joseph conrad nothing lays itself open to the charge of exaggeration more than the language of the naked truth. so how does she get to tweet from behind bars? well, a friend of hers says she talks to the defendant almost every night. >> she will call and say hey, you know, i have a quote or will talk about it. and she will say let's tweet it. sometimes she will say let's tweet and then we will take it -- >> shepard: none of her tweets mention the brutal
4:36 pm
killing of her ex-boyfriend. jodi arias testified that she shot him in self-defense but that she just can't really remember all the stabbing. i mean, she knows it happened but can't remember that not the knife to the throat either. adam housley is in our west coast newsroom. this judge has been saying i'm sure many of you have heard this that the victim's family, the victim's family are not happy about these tweets. >> yeah. in fact, there was a meeting in the judge's chambers. they started late this afternoon. we don't know if it's about this, shepard. can you speculate it could be. this is a topic of conversation, of course, all around the courthouse the last day. donovan bearing is the friend's name. and she is the one who has been talking to jodi arias and set this up account. they follow about 20 people including geraldo rivera and donald trump as well. there were a couple of other tweets of note as well. one where jody areas through donovan bearing said those effected with metal man's system generally good men who happen to be vertically challenged. that insinuating that the
4:37 pm
prosecutor is a short man. the second tweet is no i don't have a girlfriend after all i have been through it's amazing i'm not gay. also answering a question on twitedder that she got. jodi arias has been sending tweets out not like many of us would do she has been sending them out and answer questions. >> shepard: the jury got to answer questions today of what is the final defense witness it? >> is the final defense witness. they have asked 90 questions so far. their questions are better than the defense attorney or the prosecutor. they have been spot on. they have had some outstanding questions. a lot of them very sceptic call of this defense witness expert. alice la violet who is a domestic violence expert. a lot of them questioning alice about different things how you can believe jodi in this case or that case. even shaking her up towards the end of the day with this question. take a listen. that she lied after the killing plaintiff alexander does not make her a liar.
4:38 pm
it makes her a human being like most human beings who have done something that abhorrent to them and they have a hard time facing. >> and she was having a hard time answering some of those questions. that from a juror asking how can you believe her after she has lied to some people for so many years. >> shepard: her parents said she hasn't told them them the truth since she was 14 years old. >> those videos as well, shepard. >> shepard: thanks a lot. more now two young boys hamming it um for the cameras. days after cops say their parents kidnapped them and took them on a boat to cuba. ahead, why their grandmother says they thought it was all a vacation. plus, we're learning how cops say a man lured firefighters into his home, then held them hostage. it played out live on last night's fox report. and wait until you see what that guy's house looks like now. e years. e years. but your erectile dysfunction -
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and their airplane back to america. and that everyone wants to take their picture. we ask that there be no mention of any events of the past week. >> shepard: well, reporters and camera crews were happy to play along. things are lot more serious for the parents because mom and dad are facing a whole string of charges. steve harrigan live in our south florida newsroom. the parents appeared before
4:43 pm
a judge; is that right? >> that's right, shepard, they were denied bail this morning at a court in florida. also, they are not allowed to have any contact with their two children and because there were two weapons on board that 25-foot sail boot, the charge they face of kidnapping could carry a life sentence, shepard. >> shepard: those grandparents seem mighty well put together after all of. this it was remarkable after what they have been through. the grandmother was zip tied and children were dragged thought their pajamas, her husband seemed every bit relieved and very proud grandfather. >> they are both very, very smart kids. it's amazing how smart they are. you know, they have the toys. they love their toys. the youngest one loves his little trucks and plays with them all the time. you know, the older one is in to more 4-year-old games and playing and, you know, they are just typical 4-year-old boys. >> it seems like what could be the start of a happy ending to a very bizarre story, these grandparents
4:44 pm
now have full legal custody of both boys. shepard? >> it looks like they are in good hands. steve harrigan in south florida, thank you. a man walked into a home depot and tried to cut off his own arms with a saw. did he it in front of other customers. just -- seriously. police say it looks like he used at least three different saws there on 00 the aisle. including one designed to cut through drywall. he made it down to the bone of he dropped. this happened not far from downtown los angeles. cops say an off duty firemen helped apply tourniquets to stop the bleeding. the guy is critical now. so far not answering any questions about what he was thinking. we do know a lot more tonight about what went down inside that house in georgia where last night at this very time we were covering a hostage standoff involving firefighters. investigators say this man, lauren brown had a half dozen guns and was using them or one of them to hold several firefighters hostage. they say the guy faked an
4:45 pm
illness to get them into the house. and that he admitted he targeted them because he knew they weren't armed. emergency radio recordings show that he was using them as leverage to restore some basic services for which he hadn't paid the bills. >> person demands full cable, internet, and what, sir? and telephone, please. >> cops stained when brown opened fire on a police officer who had entered his bedroom. the officer returned the fire and killed the suspect according to cops. earlier today jonathan serrie reported from the scene. >> just to show you what they underwept. i'm going to step away from the camera. let's zoom into the side of the house. the damage that you see to the side of this house was caused by those explosions that the swat team set off to stun the suspect inside as they went in. >> investigators say one officer got a shot in the hand. is he recovering. the firefighters walked
4:46 pm
away but with minor wounds. fishermen say they haven't seen it this bad in decades. a shortage of a popular seafood, experts say you can find stone crab but you better be ready to pay. a live report is next. using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need, before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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>> shepard: got a seafood mystery for you now. it's happening in florida. it's putting a serious pinch in people's wallets. stone crab fishermen say they are having their worst season in half a century. there is a shortage it has fishermen struggling. the price is going through the roof. phil keating is live in florida home to one of the main stone crab suppliers. i have got to get to joe's. >> well, this is the main supplier of joe's stone crab in miami beach. the keyes fisheries right
4:50 pm
here. there is only four weeks left in the season. it's very doubtful this is going to be salvaged this year. in a normal year these crab boats return each day with 300 to 400 pounds of crab claws. this year it's been more like a hundred. >> pulled 600 traps. 200 pounds. we're bringing them home for 100 pounds. because it died right off. and at 100 pounds, you can't even pay the expenses. >> florida stone crab craws are craws are the krem dela krem. one craw throw back in grows that claw back. the problem is not the size of the claws this year. it's just the lack of them. possible explanations include an abundance of octupi eating the crab while in the traps or red tie toxins or even overfishing. state biologists con cliewngely rule-any
4:51 pm
connection to 2010 bp oil spill. shep. >> shepard: anybody making any money? >> perhaps some select high end restaurants joe stone crabs in south beach. many fishermen have pulled their traps. giving up on this season for good and possibly related here, the prices on the menus are so sky that's left many consumers priced out. >> just in this area alone, if you found two restaurants that have crabs on the menu, it would be a miracle. it's all supply and demand and there is very little supplies. >> and possibly related, florida's lobster season just ended, it, too, just dismal. shep? >> phil keating in marathon, thanks. using drones not to kill but to protect an endangered species. top story on a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. india. wildlife officials say the surveillance aircraft will help track down armed
4:52 pm
poachers at an animal preserve in the northeast. in the past few months. poachers there have killed at least 11. one horned rhinos and cut off their horns. the drones can connect the body heat of trespassers at night. brazil. surfing in one the country's largest rivers. thanks to a rare title titled bore in the northeast. just a few days each year the water from the atlantic ocean rushes into the river, reversing its flow and creating a standing wave that can last more than an hour. north pole. it may well be the world's coolest marathon. 26.2 miles in subzero conditions. some 40 runners hit the course that topped the artic sea ice. a guy from ireland won the race in just 3:49 minutes. some others took 10 hours. russia, olympic officials stocking up on snow for the 2014 winter games after a lack of snowfall this past
4:53 pm
season. workers now plowing what's left on the slopes into enormous piles and covering them with an insulated blanket to prevent melting. the 2014 olympics set for february in the southwestern resort town. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon, powerful answers. >> shepard: continuing coverage of that stunning report tonight about north korea. pentagon intelligence experts now say the north can-likely now make a nuclear weapon small enough to fit on a missile. we have new details and a live report ahead from south korea. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief
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constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> shepard: the president awarded the medal of honor to a man who served in the army but did not fire a gun. an army chaplain during the korean war. he carried an injured american for miles on chinese death march. he dodged explosions and bullets to save soldiers
4:57 pm
who were hurt. >> the father raced between fox holes, out past the front lines and into no man's land. dragging the wounded to safety. when his commanders ordered an evacuation, he chose to stay. gathering the injured. tending to their wounds. >> shepard: father emil kapaun died in a prison of war camp 35 years old. a country boy from the small town in kansas just received the nation's highest award for valor. debt our country owes to a brave american hero updating fox top story tonight. rupp lawmaker publicly read out what the pentagon called an unclassified passage in a classified report on north korea's nuclear capacity. in it, the pentagon's intelligence arm reports for the first time with moderate confidence as they put ited that the rogue nation is capable of making
4:58 pm
a nuclear weapon, small enough to fit on a also a stick missile. brand new stuff. greg palkot in seoul, south korea tonight. greg? >> shep, the news that north korea could even be closer to miniaturizing a nuclear weapon to put it on top a ballistic missile has the folks here in south korea nervous. claims by north korea that they are actually feeding the coordinants of targets into the warheads of missiles that they have ready experts here toll tell me that the movement of those missiles either are part of a drill or, in fact, getting ready for that launch. and pyongyang, scene on thursday, festivities marking the first anniversary of the young north korean leader kim jong un assuming the mantel of power considering all the bad rhetoric coming out of there. it was quite a contrast. meanwhile the mood along the heavily fortified border between north and south korea where we spent much of the day on thursday vigilant as always. the troops there on high alert. and, shep, we are waiting just a few hours. secretary of state kerry coming right here.
4:59 pm
he will be talking to officials, trying to give diplomacy a chance. back to you. >> shepard: greg palkot live in seoul. and on this day in 1970, three americans launched into space on apollo 13. a lunar landing mission that would become a dramatic rescue effort. the crew blasted off without a hitch. days later rocked the space craft. oxygen tank cutting supply of breathable air and water. radioed mission control houston we have a problem here. astronauts endured extreme conditions in their landing capsule until they could repower the main craft. after several tense days in space, the crew safely splash landed in the pacific. hollywood eventually based a film on the ill fated journey that started with a successful liftoff 43 years ago today. and now you know the news for this thursday, april the 11th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. did you get a chance to seat medal of honor award


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