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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 15, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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professor. >> gary says sounds like a swift kick in the pants was the perfect lesson plan for this kid. we of course as always thank everyone who responded. >> have a great day, folks. file those taxes if you haven't yet. "fox & friends" starts now. >> see you back here at 9:00 a.m. >>gretchen: good morning. today is monday, april 15, 2013. unfortunately we have to tell you it's tax day. but i hope you had a good weekend any way. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. could this be the day north korea poeufd -- poised to launch a missile as the country celebrates a national holiday today. guess who says he's ready to go back and represent our country? steve: the guy in the hat. constitution, who needs one? look how easy it was to get these people to sign away their second amendment rights. >> we're going to repeal the second amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right-wing white
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extremists and just make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns stay on the streets. thank you so much. steve: unfortunately it gets worse from there. we'll detail what happened in california. brent: -- brian:what if you had seconds to save your life when you go into the water. we sent anna kooiman into the water to see how she kept herself ahraoeufplt "fox & friends" starts right now.
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steve:you're looking at one of the vice presidents of the i.r.s. he's in our green room. he's doing some taxes. if you've got questions about -- if you're one of those people who wait until the last minute -- and there are a lot of you out there -- hang around because we've got some tips. and if you've got a question, e-mail us at we'll try to help you and maybe save you some money. >>brian: i didn't think vice presidents go to work. there is a vice president on a laptop doing taxes. steve: the joe biden of turbo tax. >>gretchen: we're going to continue your answers your questions all day long. send them to us. your headlines: hugo chavez's chosen heir, nicholas mad due -- maduro winning a razor-thin
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election. his point refusing to accept results and demanding a recount. a victory margin of a little more than 1%, so capreza says if maduro was illegitimate before, he's even more illegitimate now. >> attacks leaving 27 people dead, more than 100 others hurt, many attacks involve car bombs that took place in and around baghdad and volusia. elections are seen as a key test of the ability of security forces to keep voters safe. attacks resemble the worst of al qaeda. >> the f.a.a. ordering inspections of over 1,000 boeing 737's, looking at the tail of each plane. the inspections have been
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prompted by reports that an incorrect procedure was used to make the tails. the f.a.a. says the inspections will cost $10 million. >> this year's big winner at the mtv movie awards -- >> marvel's the avengers. >> the movie won three awards. bradley cooper won for silver lining play book while jennifer lawrence picked up three awards for the same movie. the duo also won best kiss? there is no words for -- there is an award for that? >>brian: if you wonder about our crisis in north korea, how it's going, it seems everybody wants to talk except for north korea. john kerry said he talked with china. he said they were on our side. then he went to japan and said we're open to talks tpuplt to.
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the -- talks if you want to. the problem is no one has seen kim jong g un since april 1. steve: today will they wind up sending off that rocket as is expected? because the grandson has not been seen on the world stage for the last two weeks, there's been some suggestion, has there been a coup? is something going on behind the scenes? has the military taken over? actually they figure since there's been no unusual military movement, the answer is probably no. but the question is: has north korea been forced to tone down the rhetoric against the united states and south korea? and not do anything? >>gretchen: i think it's part of the overall strategy of when you're a nut you behave like a nut and you go into hiding to have people talk a little
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bit more about you. here's what it would take to actually get the united states to the table to have any sort of discussion with north korea: denuclearize. that's probably not going to happen. halting production of nuclear material. probably not going to happen. and no more missile attacks. probably not going to happen. also no more threats to your neighbors and other people like the united states. so four things that are probably not going to happen. in the meantime, will the united states actually officially name dennis rodman, the former basketball player for the chicago bulls, as our u.s. ambassador to north korea? looks like he's going back for another visit on august 1? >>brian: what are you going to do on your summer vacation? he said i plan on going back there. he also said i'm not an idiot. i know kim jong un is threatening to do what he's threatening to do regarding military muscle. i hope it doesn't happen because america will do whatever it takes to protect america. dennis rodman made these comments at the fountain
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blue hotel. steve: this is something we didn't realize. did you realize when he came back from that trip to north korea, the f.b.i. was waiting at the airport? we want to ask you some questions. they said what were you guys talking about? and he revealed what they were talking about. if he goes back on august 1, he hopes they continue the dialogue and just have fun. >>brian: i think we'll end up looking weak. we have this standoff. we spend all this money to send this message that things are going to be different. we're not going to overreact to what you do. we say let's talk, let's ratchet this down. we come off looking weak, he comes off looking stronger. >> if nothing happens through midnight tonight north korea time, then something worked. >>gretchen: remember what one of the analysts told us
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last week which i think is important to point out once again which is is this all a ruse to keep away the real attention on the way in which north korea treats its own people? to me, that was the one thing that stuck in my head from last week. yeah, he can make all these threats and fireworks and where is he and has there been a coup? but the bottom line is there is a tremendous amount of atrocities going on in that country, and is this a way to cast attention in other directions about whether or not he's going to fire off a missile instead of paying attention to the human failures. >>brian: the biggest story was february when they had their nuclear test which everybody agrees was more sophisticated than the first one. it shows they have the ability to minimum tourize their -- miniaturize their nuclear technology. that is the big oeft story. whether they shoot a missile over to japan or not, we can knock it down or not, this is only going to get worse from here if this isn't resolved. >> the technology is there. whether or not it is reliable, look out below. a fellow in california, a
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media critic and described as a social analyst as well, what he did is he went out on a nice day along the beach and he asked a number of different people to sign the petition. you can see the clip board right there -- for a gun ban. you think the people of california would go along with that? do they know what's going on in the news? here's a little of the action. >> we're trying to repeal the second amendment to make sure only the criminals have the guns and get them out of the hands of the law-abiding citizens. repealing the second amendment, door to door gun confiscations. that way only the unregistered guns will be o.u. it will be much safer that way. thank you for that. only the police and the military need to have guns. we can trust them. they've never done anything wrong. we're just going to get the legal registered guns off the street. >> you don't have to
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convince us, my friend. >> this will remove all the law abiding registered gun owners. the criminals won't turn their guns in, so they'll still have their guns after we repeal the second amendment. thanks for supporting that. you can call the police. you don't need to defend your family yourself. so we're just repealing the second amendment. you just supported repealing the second amendment. thank you so much. >>gretchen: that shows that people -- are they ill-informed? we've talked a lot about it on the show. we can go to times square and put up a picture of vice president biden and maybe 30% of the people will know who he is. or maybe people aren't listening, trying to help somebody out. they're not hearing what he's saying. let's take away all your rights, something you're born into with the second amendment. >>brian: that will be the
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big debate this week, a big debate on gun rules when they talk about background checks, limiting magazines. it will be interesting to see what happens. because joe manchin admits nothing in that bill would have prevented newtown. so let's sign it. >> what did you think of that video made in california? why exactly were those californiaans going along with it? were they clueless in california or the guy asked to sign so i signed it? e-mail us we'll share your comments later on on the tax day edition of "fox & friends." >>gretchen: while you're being taxed to the max, what is the president paying in his taxes? is it a fair number? stuart varney with the numbers. >>brian: baby, baby, baby, did justin bieber mess up this time? wait till you hear the message he left in a guest book in holland at the home of anne frank.
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>>steve: april 15, you know what today is. it's tax day. while many americans are paying higher taxes than ever, turns out the president's fair share is less than expected. returns released last
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friday revealed the president only paid 18.4% on an income of over $608,000. with us right now to weigh in, stuart varney. >> that is a very low tax rate. 18% is extremely low. however, he did this by giving a very large amount of money to charity. the president gave $150,000 to over 30 different charities, including 103,000 which went to fisher house foundation, which provides housing for seriously wounded vets. so he gets the rate down by giving heavily to charity. here's the problem: the president's budget proposes to cap those deductions, including the charitable deductions. so he's doing what he says he's going to restrict in the future. he's got his rate down by doing what he says he's going to cap and limit in the future. that's a contradiction. >>steve: it is, because, for instance, fisher house,
3:17 am
he gave a sizable amount to fisher house, which is a great operation. but going forward, these charities, right now the way it works is a lot of people think if i give a dollar to a charity, i get to deduct a dollar. it is much less than that. the president would only like to see you get 28 pennies out of a dollar's worth of credit for your charity deduction. >> think this through. i think fisher house foundation is a terrific charity. if the president caps deductions available to people who give to charity, you'll cap the amount of money they give to charity. good charities will bring in a whole lot less money. again, you come back to it. is the president being very charitable? but in the future he's going to cap that charitable activity. and he's doing it now so that he can get a lower rate. 18%. most one percenters pay a great deal more than 18%. >>steve: absolutely. one of the most famous one
3:18 am
percenters, mitt romney, if we go back to the campaign and so many in the mainstream media and the left say can you believe mitt romney only pays about 15%? and here's our president. he pays a little north of that -- 18%. >> here's the president saying i beat mitt romney because he was a rich guy who didn't pay his fair share. now just listen to what i say. don't follow what i do. >>steve: stuart varney appears daily over at the fox business network. check him out exactly three hours and one minute -- >> watch out today. huge drop in the price of gold. over $100 down as of now. >>steve: why? >> nothing happening with north korea. china slowing down and gold, the bottom's falling out of it. >>steve: check it out later today on varney and company. straight ahead, a memorial for a fallen soldier now forced to come down. why? they didn't is a permit. a vet who served with that hero joins us live next. >> you've seen it in the
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because it works.
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>>brian: one woman is dead and one man missing after a pair of avalanches hit the mountains near seattle. rescuers found the woman buried under five feet of snow. right now a search for a six-year-old called off because of poor weather conditions. >> former president george
3:23 am
w. bush has a new title: grandfather. his daughter and husband welcomed baby girl this weekend. they named her margaret laura after their grandmothers but plan to call her mela. gretch? >>gretchen: thanks, brian. it is a beautiful tribute to an american hero murdered here at home. sergeant david dunlap of colorado and his pregnant wife whitney were killed in a violent home invasion last friday. family and friends hand carved this memorial bench and carried it to the top of a popular trail. they took pictures of the bench and waved the american flag. their pride didn't last long. the forest service wants the bench moved because there was no permit. we have a friend of sergeant david dunlap. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning to you. >>gretchen: i know you
3:24 am
said you learned from the sergeant that he pushed you to never give up. what other memories can you share with us about your friend? >> he was just a great soldier. he always put himself before anything else. he took care of all the soldiers. sometimes he would not get home until 8:00 at night just to make sure the well-being of his shareholders are taken care of. >>gretchen: you wanted to honor this couple when they were brutally murdered. what idea did you come up with? >> he was supposed to take part in this challenge, and he was so excited about it. he talked to me day on day off about it. when he passed away, i volunteered to take his spot. i completed the challenge for him. >>gretchen: it was some sort of a race. it involved going up this big hill in a national forest area; correct? >> yes. it's the manatua incline. >>gretchen: you determined you wanted to put this bench on this
3:25 am
incline to honor this couple who were slain. so you put together with all the friends and you built this bench. tell me about it and where did you put it? i know it took a big effort to get it up there. >> it took a big effort. it took us five hours to get it up the incline. it is a 1,000 pound bench. one of the people who joined us built it. we got together, assembled it, put it there quietly and it was enjoyed by people coming up right behind us. a lot of people sat down. as a matter of fact, me and my children went up yesterday and we checked it out. it was several people sitting up there, wanted to know who put it up there, very welcoming about it. i told them a group of me and my peers put it up there. >>gretchen: because memorials are not allowed on national forest land -- which you acknowledge and you know -- they want you to take it down; right? >> yes, they do. >>gretchen: how do you feel about that? >> it took a great effort from people coming all the way from massachusetts, florida, all over the towns
3:26 am
come and honor david and his wife whitney to take it up there just for it to be removed when they're going to place benches up there later on in the year i guess whenever they get funding. it's one less bench that they have to put up there. >>gretchen: common sense. here's a statement from the forest service: the bench will not be removed immediately but a proper site must be found near the incline. is that good enough for you, henry? >> i think it should stay where it is. like i said, yesterday when me and my children went on top of the incline, there were so many people appreciative to it because it gives them a little rest once you reach the top. you're going up 2,000 feet in one fell swoop as you're going up. people are enjoying it, and i think a lot of the people signing the petition will continue to fight to keep it on the incline. >>gretchen: thank you for bringing the story of david dunlap and his wife whitney. good luck on getting your
3:27 am
bench to remain somewhere near that incline. thank you for being a guest. what do you think about that story? e-mail us or twitter us as well. >> you know it's tax day. it's april 15. if you haven't filed yet, don't change the tax because the vice president of turbo tax is here to answer your last-minute filing questions. >> it's everybody boy's dream to catch a ball at a baseball game. except for this kid.
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investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >>brian: your shot of the morning. most of us dream about getting a foul ball, but not this boy. this little guy got a ball, his dad looked to the right, he gave it to his son and his son instinctively threw it back on to the field. he tried to do a good deed but dad didn't notice at first because he was thanking the guy who gave the ball. it happened during an a's game. the good news is they gave the ball to both boys because the brother said what did you do? they ended up having a fight at the ball game. detroit went to win 10-1.
3:32 am
this is my opinion, i don't think you should bring kids to games. that's the problem because they don't know how to handle a baseball. >>steve: plus the language being around all those people with beer. >>gretchen: and all that fun stuff they can do like watch a game and eat cracker jacks. >>brian: that's why they have xbox. >>gretchen: let know what you think about brian's -- now to your headline. a former justice of the peace is the main focus of investigators in the murders of two texas prosecutors and one of their wives. eric williams was arrested saturday for making a terroristic threat. according to new reports a threatening e-mail sent to courthouse employees after mike and cynthia mcclelland's death was traced back to williams. the f.b.i. found guns in a car inside a storage unit rented by williams, similar to the one used on the
3:33 am
mcclellands. >>brian: thomas perez, a civil rights attorney convinced the city of st. paul, minnesota, to drop a housing discrimination lawsuit last year. now lawmakers are questioning his motives, this after it was discovered the suit reached the supreme court, could have overturned the desperate dock trepb, the doctrine sets a lobar for proving workplace discrimination. perez is a strong advocate for the doctrine. >>steve: get this: justin bieber teen heart throb raising eyebrows with controversial comments he left in the guest book of anne anne frank's home. he stopped by the house and museum in amsterdam and left this message in the guest book. he wrote -- quote -- "it is truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a be-lieber. many criticizing him for
3:34 am
writing something sensitive. as you know, anne frank was famous for the diary she wrote while hiding from the nazis from world war ii. >>gretchen: a state panel passed a bill in oregon requiring schools to recite the pledge of allegiance each day. right now students are only given the chance to say the pledge once a week. we had a guest last week on "fox & friends" explaining why they wanted to make the chang. >> most schools do a pledge but there are some schools that do not do pledges. there are some schools that have no flags whatsoever. the flags are actually free with organizations around -- the v.f.w., d.a.r. >>gretchen: if the bill passes, students who don't want to say the pledge can stay silent. the bill moves to the house for approval. >>steve: kilmeade to talk about the wizard of oz. >>brian: a sudden death
3:35 am
thriller at the masters. we needed an extra hole. adam scott squeaking past cabrera for the jack. bubba watson there for the ceremony, the first time the australian won masters, any australian. we thought greg norman was going to win it but it did not work out. tiger woods finished fourth. he had a two-stroke penalty, finished, i believe, four back. it is a broncos off-season tradition. [music] hundreds attending bronco cheerleader tryouts. just 16 individuals make it to the finals next week. >> for this day, really trying to focus and practice. if you can be yourself out
3:36 am
there, your nerves calm down, i think judges notice that. as long as you're yourself, i think that is the biggest key. >>brian: plenty of belly buttons there. >> mike rice was fired in disgrace for physically abusing members of the rutgers basketball team but he's still on the sidelines. reports say rice has been coaching his 12-year-old girl's basketball team in new jersey. some tweets say rice has been abusive to them as well but other parents say he's been fine and he's just doing what other parents would do. >>steve: coaching his daughter's team. 12. time for an extreme weather alert on this monday. it might say spring on the calendar, but the white stuff making an appearance in minnesota and actually caused yesterday's twins-mets game to be postponed. >>brian: can we get a dome in there? >>gretchen: no. we finally got rid of the dome for playing baseball. >>brian: we need a dome.
3:37 am
it's winter there. >>gretchen: let's check in with maria. >> they saw record-setting snowfall. it wasn't just a little bit of snow. across north dakota, south dakota and minnesota. you know it's bad when a baseball game is canceled in the state of minnesota where people are used to dealing with those weather conditions. we're looking at more snow coming down there today. expect winter weather and cold temperatures across the midwest. other sections of the country like in texas, you're talking high temperatures into the 90's. feeling a lot more like summer out there. 88 degrees for your high temperature in tampa, florida. we can only dream about that across sections of the midwest and northeast. 56 degrees will be your high temperature in new york city. a couple of showers are rolling across parts of the mid-atlantic today. new york city, you could see an isolated shower. the heavier stuff farther west into the midwest.
3:38 am
bismarck, you saw record snow. on the warm specter of the storm system severe weather will be possible, very common this time of year, anywhere from oklahoma to parts of missouri, arkansas into illinois, a slight chance for wind gusts or even large hail. it looks like the chance today will be very slim. as we head into wednesday, more snow in the midwest and another round of more significant severe weather is expected. >>steve: keeping an eye on the sky, maria. thank you. meanwhile, it's tax day. there are record-breaking figures. the obama administration set to collect a startling $2.7 trillion in federal income taxes this year. despite a struggling economy and high unemployment, the president's budget outlines plans to tax us even more. >>gretchen: what are some ways you might be able to save even if you're filing last minute? the vice president of turbo tax is here with some answers. we were just having a fascinating discussion. good morning to you. there's been a lot of talk
3:39 am
about tax reform although not much has been done on it. you say as a tax guy you wouldn't have a problem with that? >> we fully support commonsense reform as well as simplification. the tax laws are very complicated. to the extent they are a little simpler, more people would be doing their own taxes, and that's good. >>brian: that would be bad for you? why would we need a pro if you do it yourself? >> there will be some complexity to the tax laws and software is ideally suited for that. >>steve: my kids have used turbo tax to file their taxes. if they're easy, the federal cost is zero -- you do have to pay for state. you have last-minute tax tips. first of all, file on-line. nine out of ten americans are filing on-line? >> that is the trend we're seeing. people are going on-line because it's fast, easy and convenient. secondly, you can also file
3:40 am
electronically which means your return goes directly to the i.r.s. there is no paper to print out. >>steve: faster refunds. >> that is the big driver is faster refunds. 80% of all americans get a refund. >>gretchen: what about filing an extension? >> if you can't file your return today, then it is time to file an extension. once again, go on-line where it's free to file an extension. it's not an extension of time to pay, though. that is the big key there. >>brian: file even if you cannot pay. you go in there and let them know you don't have the finances to pay your taxes. >> at least file your return or file your extension. pay what you can. go on-line to the i.r.s. site and file an installment agreement and they will generally accept that. >>steve: some of the most common mistakes, people don't write down their social security numbers very often. oftentimes on the tax return they do the wrong number. >> that's true. check and double check your social security number and the name on the return to make sure it matches the social security
3:41 am
administration's record. that's the big one. >>gretchen: overlooking donations. people should be aware of what they can write off and what they can't. missed mileage deductions. don't forget these things that can help you out. forgetting student loan interest and last-minute contributions. >> in the anxiety of the last few hours, those are the ones to look for. >>brian: are you going to stick around and answer questions all morning long? >> my pleasure. >>steve: if you've got a question about your taxes, bob is going to be in the green room this morning answering them. send them to us, friends of fox >>gretchen: he targeted u.s. soldiers but the government won't call the alleged fort hood shooter a terrorist. has the pentagon gone too politically correct? a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan says yes, sir. he's next. >>steve: what would you do if your car plunged into a river? would you be able to get out alive?
3:42 am
anna kooiman shows us how to survive that scary situation. she went through a simulation that was awfully dangerous. >>brian: she's in the green room, so she's okay. don't go crazy. ♪ before tori was taking her kids to lunch in her new volkswagen... before her passat had passed 30 different inspection tests, and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen drive,
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3:46 am
attack as workplace violence, not a terrorist attack. if you thought that was bad, it looks like our politically correct pentagon is only getting worse. pete hegseth is in the military, still on duty. pete, do you think the pentagon is becoming too politically correct? >> it certainly is not helpful if we've got a military trying more to be politically correct than the biggest, baddest military in the world. you can spend a lot of time contorting yourself trying to apologize or fit certain norms, in this case there was an army reservist calling evangelicals extremists. a lot of it comes from the fact that the military has to start saying every religion can be extreme, every possibility is there. if you're unwilling to draw distinctions, you start to get things going down the
3:47 am
chain where you get weird contortions that don't help in any way. pwraoeup for guys -- >>brian: for guys that try to fight the war, to be worried about every word you're saying, i think it is a little tough especially when your officers are making sure you say the right thing instead of fighting the right war. another story: the generals, because of well publicized behavior where one general got a star taken away, by illegal travel, allowing his wife to use military aircraft to go shopping what have you, now they have a new review put together by the joint chiefs of staff, the chairman, that is going to have generals being reviewed by other generals, a 360-look? >> yeah. generals are now going to be peer reviewed. i can only imagine -- and by their subordinates. i can only imagine what a peer review for general patton or general macarthur or general schwarzkopf would have looked like. a lot of people didn't like them but they were very
3:48 am
effective generals at fighting and winning wars. character is incredibly important. everything i learned in the army infused character. you don't want to have toxic leaders in the ranks. it's terrible. at the same time i don't want my four-star general worried about what captain hegseth thinks about him. i'm one tool in the toolbox for him in fighting and winning a war and i will follow his orders. he shouldn't be worried about how i'm going to peer review him. >>brian: here's what general dempsey said about this. he says you can have someone who is intensely competent who is steeped in the skills of his profession but doesn't live a life of character. and that doesn't do me any good. >> you know, general eisenhower had a miss stress when he was world war ii in europe. he seemed to do fine over there. that is not conduct we want or like in our officers but it doesn't reflect his
3:49 am
ability to win a war. these are issues they're trying to address but there aren't more general officers being investigated today than before 9/11 as it says in the article. i understand why he's doing what he's doing but i don't want it to go so far as to thin the ranks of true war fighters, men at the top or women at the top who will do anything to do it. >>brian: c.e.o. of concerned veterans of american, captain pete hegseth thank you so much. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. did you know there is a federal agency regulating how many graves you have access to each year? anna kooiman shows you how to get out of a car under [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "multivitamin" and "multiple choice,"
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>>gretchen: it's what nightmares are made of. accidentally driving into the water. we talk about those stories all the time on the air. and your car begins to sink and you have seconds to save your own life. what would know what to do? anna kooiman found out and she's going to show us. >> good morning to you and good morning to everybody at home. we went to connecticut to do this. it is a simulation. they say the best thing to do is to get out your window if possible, whether that be rolling it down or breaking it with one of those little hammers that triple a recommends you have. if that is not an option, this is what you do. you see it in movies all the time. the car is speeding, slips over, falls into the water and the driver gets out alive. unfortunately, for drivers in the real world, there are often much different outcomes. each year as many as 400 people drown in their vehicles. survival systems u.s.a. in
3:54 am
broughton, connecticut, aims to lower that number. instructors helps civilians on what to do. the simulator can mimic a flip. >> this is a unique opportunity to put yourself in a situation to see how you're going to respond to stress and to realize the importance of having a pattern and a plan. >> i ventured to connecticut to test their dunker. first steps take a class. >> here goes nothing. >> next get suited up. >> this is a modular training simulator. it is modular because each one of the panels on the outside can be exchanged with any of the panels you see on the building. >> it might be a
3:55 am
helicopter, it might be an airplane, a normal car, a truck? >> exactly. >> flight suit, check. helmet, check. let the dunking begin. i guess i got to get in this bad boy. >> take your left hand to help you find the door handle. once you find it, open it, grab the outside with your left hand, release your seat belt with your right hand and begin pulling yourself out. >> when is it i need to take my breath? >> the water is going to come in through the bottom pretty rapidly. as soon as the water is at your abdomen or chest level, that is the time to take your breath. are you ready to go? >> ready as i'll ever be. >> make sure you get a good breath. >> i feel okay. it happened a lot faster
3:56 am
than i thought it was going to. i did forget to do my shoulder strap first so i had to wiggle out of that. it went well. it went well. it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. survival success. they tell you too -- this is the scary part -- you have to wait until the water goes above your head for the pressure to equalize for you to be able to open the door. you don't have a lot of time. you have one breath to get yourself out of there. >>steve: i like the first tip. don't panic. what are you talking about? i'm in a car under water. >>gretchen: it proves that practicing something like this is so important? >> it does but i don't want to do this again. i'm doing this one time and that's it. the other piece of advice, like in an airplane, water landing situation that you hear about -- which is another worst nightmare -- for parents, is you have to take care of yourself and then your kids. you need to stay strapped
3:57 am
in until the water goes over your head. otherwise you may float back and not get out. >>brian: next on the rundown, how to do your taxes, answer all your questions because today is questions because today is magic tax day.hers ♪ ♪ never thought i'd love their app ♪ ♪ but i tried their groovy online plan ♪ ♪ and now my arms don't jiggle when i clap ♪ ♪ and i go sleeveless ♪ no shame at bingo! ♪ sleeveless, when i'm hailing a cab ♪ ♪ sleeveless! ♪ i rock the scanner [ beep ] ♪ weight-watchers-online ain't no fad ♪ [ female announcer ] join for free. and check out our risk-free guarantee.
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. head you had a great monday. it's monday. 's tape 15. at that means it's tax day. i'm gretchen carlson. while you're being tacked to the max this year, what do you think the president will take in taxes? is it his fair share? donald trump here with his reaction. >> brian: it's the cruise line many say is cursed. why is princess kate middleton being called in to save it? >> steve: thinking about doing a little remodeling? should do you it yourself or hire a professional? the answer might surprise you. >> brian: you're not talk about me, are you? >> steve: holmes on holmes is coming up, as you can see right there. brian, you can drive one of
4:01 am
those. >> brian: you're right. i can do it myself. >> steve: he's going to join us and answer your questions. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. ♪ . >> steve: doing your taxes at arby's. a big give away. plus you could win $500,000 in free money later on today. we'll tell you how when we go outside and face some of the delicious fried potatoes. >> gretchen: i have never seen a curly fry i couldn't tell fitted guy. what do you call those guys? >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised if he goes down to times square and tries to cash it. i hear elmo is making a killing out there.
4:02 am
>> steve: something is missing, though. where is ketchup guy? >> gretchen: or the roast beef guy? >> brian: donald trump is in the on dark circle. it will be fresh to see him. >> steve: he had great personal news as well. we're going to share that with you and so much more on this monday. >> gretchen: first, your headlines. hugo chavez's chosen heir winning a razor thin presidential election but not without opposition. the opponent demand ago recount. his opponent says if he was illegitimate before, he's even more ill legitimate before. less than one week before the first election since u.s. troops left in 102011, a -- 2011, a series of attacks leaving people dead. many of the attacks involved car bombs that took place in and near fallujah in the shiite
4:03 am
parts of the country. no one claimed responsibility. but they assemble the work of al-qaeda in iraq. can kate middleton save the struggling carnival cruises? the company is hoping to boost their image be godmother to its royal ship. carnival's reputation taking a hit after a string of bad accidents. first toe costa concordia and then the triumph. george w. bush has a new title. grandfather. his daughter, jenna bush hager and husband welcomed a baby girl and named her margaret laura after her grandmothers, were you plan to call her mila. president bush announcing the news in a a statement saying, quote, we met our beautiful granddaughter today.
4:04 am
jenna and mila are beautiful. >> steve: the former president snuck into new york city to be at the hospital with his daughter. joining us right now, mr. new york, donald trump. hey, donald. >> good morning. >> steve: congratulations to you as well. we announced on friday, i believe it was, your daughter, ivanka is going to have another baby. >> that's correct. that is correct. i guess i'm getting a little older, but it's a wonderful the difference for you being between a grandfather and a father? >> the psychology of a grandfather tends to bother me a little bit 'cause it represents a lot of things. but one not so good, but that's okay. we're very happy about it. number five. >> steve: do you spoil your grandkids? >> i think i do. they're great children, beautiful children. and i think i probably do, come to think of it. >> gretchen: yeah. i think that's sort of a common trait of grandparents. >> i would think so nonresponsive so ease up as to how they might have parented
4:05 am
originally. of course it's tax day today. so we were doing some analysis about what the president will pay in taxes this year. it turns out that his percentage will be around 18.4%. so many people will ask whether or not that's his fair share because much was made in the past election cycle about mitt romney paying a lower tax rate, even though he was a wealthy man. now it turns out that president obama is not really paying the amount that you might think. what do you make of it? >> well, i don't make much of it. it would be nice if everybody could be down at that level and i guess that would be really an effective aim as far as political people are concerned. get people down to that level. but certainly i wouldn't want to make a big deal out of it. he did make some donations and we attack, but we only want to attack fairly. it would be nice if everybody could be at that level, however. there is no doubt about that. >> gretchen: you get down to that level because you can -- if you make a lot of donations, you can use them as a writeoff, correct? >> that's correct. >> steve: the president, in his proposal that came out last week, though, mr. trump, he
4:06 am
actually suggest that had they limit the amount that people would be able to deduct. he's able to take advantage of it now, but he wants the rest of us not to take advantage of it in future. >> if that goes through, he'll get to do it next year. but everybody is paying higher taxes and it's not good because the economy is very fragile and taxes are going up. i'm not just talking about rich people. i'm talking about your average taxpayer is paying a lot more money. they didn't know it until recently. >> gretchen: a lot of it had to do with the fact that that holiday on the payroll tax went away as of january 1. so you're right. everyone who works, at least, pays higher taxes. >> people that work for me are coming up to me saying i had no idea i would be paying so much more taxes. i thought that was only for rich people. it's for everybody. everybody is paying a lot more. >> steve: they are. on, there's a picture of you on your web site going, you're fired. they used you to key to the story where there are a number
4:07 am
of federal workers who owe over $3.5 billion in back taxes and forbes asks, should they be fired? that's where you come in. you're fired. what do you think? >> i would say if they don't pay taxes, the answer is yes. they work for the federal government, they don't pay their taxes. they probably get a little bit more than you'd get and in some case has lot more than you'd get in the private sector for what they're doing. i would absolutely say you're fired. i'm honored to be used in that case. they shouldn't be using me. maybe they're supposed to take me something. but if they're not paying their taxes, they should be fired. >> brian: i'm curious to see how it affected, obamacare, now that it's fully getting implemented. everyone seems disappointed by it and shocked by what's in it. home depot's ceo says implementation of it, the technical name, will kill small business. in terms of building up small business, the last thing they need is a lead weight called obamacare. how is this panning out? >> obamacare is very, very
4:08 am
expensive and it's extremely complicated and there are so many different loopholes, both good and bad. but there are so many different loopholes and whether you hire 30 people and a lot of part-time workers are being used instead of full time workers. i know people that are going 100% of their company is part-time workers because they avoid paying that way and frankly, obamacare is going to maybe fall of its own weight because it's so complicated, people are hiring many people just to administer it and the federal government is doing that. they have hundreds of thousands of people that they're hiring to explain it. it's too complicated. the people that passed it never even read it. you have thousands of pages of documentation. they have no idea what it says. the complexity of obamacare is a total disaster. >> brian: have you hired other people just to disseminate it for the workers that you insure? >> i have very smart people that work for me. they've been reading for weeks and weeks and weeks and president-elect obama have no idea what they're reading. nobody does. >> gretchen: that's why many
4:09 am
people asked for waivers. even unions because it is so complicated. they frankly don't want to pay. >> it's so complicated that it's not going to work. >> steve: well, we're going to find out soon enough. h & r block, the big tax preparer, they apparently are feeling some heat from their customers because they're trying to tell people, look, the reason your refund is smaller this time, it's not because of us. it's because of the government. in fact, they've got a new ad out that looks like this. >> people don't realize that taxes and health care are connected. the affordable care act means big changes appear when you file your taxes. i read the whole 900 pages. it literally tack me weeks. i will give you a tax and health wear review. i know the law. i have the solution and i can help you figure it out. we're going to see this through together. >> brian: i'm glad she's smiling. that will make sense.
4:10 am
let's talk about what you're doing now and paying taxes on of the first, you want to react to that? >> i think that basically h & r block should be extremely happy because nobody can figure out their tax returns. they can't figure out what they're doing with obamacare. nobody knows what's going on. so h & r block should be making a lot of money. people have to go to them. i don't know if they know what they're doing. >> brian: they say 30% of the country does their own taxes today. >> it's very complicated. it should be simplified. >> steve: that commercial was very good. actually last night on all star "celebrity apprentice," you tasked both teams with making a commercial for a tanning product. in the end, spoiler alert -- mr. trump was in the board room and here is who got the hook. >> you did say that he was an amazing -- remember i got upset with you -- >> you said he -- i said he did the best. >> for gary, i use that same
4:11 am
word all the time and it gets me in trouble. i have no question in my mind that i think you were both outstanding. i didn't like the amazing and you were the director. he should have put the product out. steven, you're fired. >> gretchen: wow. >> steve: you're never going to fire gary busey, are you? >> i will if he does something wrong. in that case, stephen deserved it and he was telling everybody how great gary was and it's hard to fire somebody when everybody was saying he was fantastic. stephen is a great guy and did he very well. >> brian: and i saw trace adkins dressing up like a cave man. >> people love trace. you love trace. everybody. who doesn't love trace? >> brian: you have to call me into "celebrity apprentice." there is now no representative of massapequa. you got rid of stephen baldwin. you need me now. >> the problem with you, if i used you, brian, the show wouldn't be very exciting because everybody would know you'd win. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh!
4:12 am
>> that would be the end of the show. everybody would know you would win and nobody would want to watch. that wouldn't be very good. >> gretchen: that flies in the face of three little words that we often play on tape here at "fox & friends" and i think they can play it right now. >> brian, you're fired. [ laughter ] >> brian: they play it all the time. last night i think you have a little problem now. both guy -- everyone likes each other now. there isn't as much anger as there was in the board room. >> there was great anger with omarosa. they're very smart players. they're smart, cunning, they're good and the show is doing fantastic and as you know, nbc just increased it from one hour to two hours through the rest of the run. so that's usually a good sign. >> steve: it's a terrific show and if you're going to watch nbc, it is the best show on nbc. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: donald trump, thank you very much. we'll see you back here, same time, same station next monday. >> very good. >> gretchen: coming up, more proof you're living in a regulation nation. we'll tell what you that means. did you know, for example, there
4:13 am
is a government agency regulating how many grapes you have access to each year inform thank goodness. and miss america, about to announce something big and she's stopping here to make the announcement. first, make up.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> brian: we heard it through the grapevine, literally. that's what burglary talking about. did you know raisins made great grapes are regulated by the u.s. government? here to explain this week's most ridiculous red tape we're facing on a daily basis, nicky neily. how are raisins restricted? n they're restricted through the raisin administrative committee that was actually something set up by the u.s. department of agriculture and the raisin administrative committee is a 48-person board, 47 people on that are raisin growers or packers. one person is a member of the raisin eating public. and what they do is they determine every year how many raisins the market can bear. does that sound like a recipe for disaster? >> brian: yes. i also see the farmers suffer because of this? >> yes. farmers suffer because if they
4:18 am
produce more than the market can bear, they have to surrender their raisins and they're actually not reimbursed for that. this is case up before the supreme court right now because the raisins or the farmers unsurprisingly want to be reimbursed for the raisins that have to be given away or thrown out. >> brian: are there limits for unused future trading? >> yes. i'm from chicago. you might remember the guys in the coats from "ferris bueller's day off," you can trade all kind of things. the one thing that you actually cannot trade futures in actually are onions. >> brian: thanks to a 1958 onion growers, they were convinced the future traders were behind the falling onion pricers and we've reacted since. what if i have a pet issue and i want to get on-line vet advice, can i do that? >> you can not. if your vet is in texas, he'll get in tremendous trouble. this was brought by the
4:19 am
institute for justice. there is a disabled vet who wanted to help pets around the world. so he started offering a vet advice. it turns out in texas, you are not allowed to do so unless you first examine the animal in person. so this vet, who has been trying to help animals around the world, he has customers that sent in testimonials and has been sanctioned by the vet board because he's competing with them. >> brian: i have a scenario, i'm in the water, i have my face mask on, i have a lobster and i want to catch it. can i? >> in maine, you can not. the only way you can catch a lobster in maine is use a conventional lobster trap. should you not do this, maybe you were in the caribbean, you can be fined up to $2,000. you can be put in jail for up to 365 days. for the first instance, you can be fined $500 and $100 for every lobster in your possession.
4:20 am
after the first five lobsters, is goes up to $200. so be careful. >> brian: what are you in for? i grabbed a lobster with a bare hand. what about you? thank you for joining us. stay on the case. >> thanks. >> brian: straight ahead, google a lot more likely to give thieves access to your information. we'll tell you which one next. and miss america about to announce something big and she's stopping here to do it. mallory hagin, come on in. [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail, only rzr delivers. now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99%. save even more with rebates up to $500... or totally customize your new rzr with up to $500 of free polaris accessories.
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razor sharp performance is waiting for you during the polaris xp sales event.
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4:23 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. five times. that's how many more viruses and malicious web site results utility get using bing instead of google. it's the safer internet search engine. between three and four years old, that's when children learn to start swearing, according to
4:24 am
a new study. calm down, people. that's before many have been even learning the alphabet. i guess it's instinctive. it goes back to the early cave men. and finally, 27 pours $3 million -- $27.3 million. that's how many jackie robinson's movie brought in this weekend. >> gretchen: thanks. she's probably representing our country as the reigning miss america for this year. mallory hagin has a personal platform to stand on, child abuse. mallory hagin joins me now. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: hard to believe you've already served three months into your reign. >> it's crazy. >> gretchen: i know it's awhile wind. give people a since of what you do. >> it's day in and day out job. i'm a national ambassador for children's miracle network. i spend my days traveling the country on speaking on behalf of
4:25 am
cnmm and promote manage i personal platform. as you know, it's a really fun job and i'm really having a good time so far. >> gretchen: we're going to get to your personal platform in just a minute. but miss america has to wear so many hats because at the same time, many people don't know it's the largest scholarship program in the world for women. and one of your things that you're trying to bring more attention to is something called stem. which is what? >> science, technology, engineering and math. i was so lucky the weekend of the inauguration to go to the women and stem conference that friday and be able to look at the people in washington would are trying to make this something that's really progressive and just adding to the mentorship in the country of women who are really mentoring other young women in that program and it's something that i have had the opportunity to bring light to and i hope to continue to do between now and september when we come back to atlantic city. >> gretchen: you were personally touched in your family with child sexual abuse. april happens to be the month we remember prevention. >> right. >> gretchen: how are you affected? >> i actually saw more of the
4:26 am
aftermath of what happens when someone sexually abused many of the women in my family were sexually abuse. it something that struck our family in a multiple of ways. it's something that i saw firsthand, the aftermath of. so i felt it was very important for me this year, mo so as miss new york city and then as miss new york, but especially now as miss america, to bring light to a subject that so desperately needs our attention and needs to become less taboo. my job this year as miss america is bring attention to the fact that what we need to be talking about is under every roof and is something we need to have a conversation about. >> gretchen: usually she might be holding the crown, but hold ago pin wheel today. what does it represent? >> we're making this a national symbol for preventing child abuse. so whenever someone sees a pinhole from now on, we're hoping it reminds me that they need to have that conversation in their family or need to be
4:27 am
more aware of what's going on in their community and be on the lookout for signs of child abuse. tomorrow the pin wheel garden that's happening in times square is meant to be a celebration of the fact that we are having this conversation and that it's something that is being opened up to our society and that we are working very diligently to make sure that we are protecting the children of our nation and of the world. >> gretchen: all right. mallory hagin, good luck with that event and also the pageant coming back to atlantic city. >> i'm so excited. >> gretchen: great to see you. coming up, a college professor's candid response to a student who complained about being dismissed from class has taken to the web. and tax day relief. arby's handing out free fries. that's not the only freebie out there. we'll fill you in it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from,
4:28 am
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4:30 am
it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit, verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award. 10 million dollars in prizes for the best ideas. ideas so big, they have the power to change everything. whether it's our inspiration, or yours, the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. the powerful answers award from verizon.
4:31 am
>> steve: all right. it's time for your shot of the morning. maria, today is tax day. the people in arby's are trying to give americans a little relief with their tax day curly fry get away. i bet that's why that giant churly fry is behind us. >> i guess so. actually giving away some curly fries and some potato cakes out here to anyone coming outside. they are -- are they warm or
4:32 am
cold? >> considering the fact that it is 40 some degrees out hire, they're surprisingly warm. if you're interested, you can go to our web site because you do need to download a coupon to take it to arby's for the free curly fries and potato cakes. also today, we understand cinnabun between 6 ask 8 and office depot, free printing and shredding. do you have anything to shred? >> no, but that's always good for identity theft protection. >> steve: you are so right about that. finally, if you go to boston market today, they just rolled out new ribs. have you tried them yet? >> no. i like their mac and cheese. >> steve: today would be a good day to go to boston market and try the ribs because two for one. >> all for tax day. >> steve: uncle sam is getting our dough. let's get something free. >> steve: curly fry, thank you very much. >> he has a warm dance. staying warm dance outside our
4:33 am
studio. you want to see it? >> steve: what about the charleston? >> i thought the suit kept him warm. >> steve: what do you mean, the suit? that's just a gigantic pack of curly fries. >> that's right. i don't know what i'm talking about. sorry. >> steve: gretchen and brian? >> brian: everybody knows that's really curly fries, steve. >> steve: yeah, i know. >> brian: what are you thinking? there is a lot of kids who believe in curly fries. you don't want to ruin it for them. >> steve: that's right. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines for you now. a gruesome discovery in cancun where the bodies of five men and two women were found in a shack. six were strangled to death. one was decapitated. appears say it appears they were independent drug dealers. seven men have been identified as suspects. more than 70,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in mexico since 2007. >> brian: kim kardashian in paris, she took a look around at
4:34 am
a hospital's maternity ward. sources say she's considering giving birth in paris because of its strict anti-paparrazzi laws. rumors also surfacing her boyfriend, canee west wants to move there permanently. he's been living in the city since february. kim's due in july. she's also trying to get divorced. >> gretchen: from her -- yeah, not kanye. >> brian: kris humphries. >> gretchen: a foundation i hold near and dear is the march of dimes. over the weekend on friday, i celebrated the historic day in 1955, the day that polio and the vaccine was declared safe and effective. >> hi. a new medical age with the report that shows the vaccine against pole yes is a success. it's a at this -- day of triumph. >> gretchen: i had the privilege of emceeing this event here in new york city. that was actually at the
4:35 am
roosevelt house here. also the march of dimes marks its 75th anniversary. fdr started it. founded by fdr and his granddaughter was in attendance at this event. >> he gave to this organization his spirit, this great good cheer. the march of dimes has been and is visionary and determined. >> gretchen: so polio was the first effort of the march of dimes once they successfully found the vaccine for that, they moved to the prematurity campaign, which has been in full effect the last ten years. all those walks that will go on this spring, you can learn more at march of brian, great masters tournament. you had to go two extra holes. >> brian: a sudden death thriller at the masters. watch.
4:36 am
>> adam scott squeaking past cabrera. you can see public with a watson. the first time in an australian won. tiger woods tied for fourth n. 1960, greg norman was about to win before it fell apart. the giants report odly met with man tie manti te'o. they have not taken a linebacker since banks. he was the picture of a catfishing hoax that took the sports world by storm in january. the draft is april 25 right here in new york city. and we all blame the friend -- former friend who is a guy. >> steve: maria is outside with the somewhat warm curly fries. >> right. good morning. good to see you. i want to look at the weather
4:37 am
across the country because we have pretty active weather going on, especially across sections of the upper midwest. over the weekend, you saw significant snow storms, some of you seeing record snowfall. today will be 33 for the high in rapid city. only low 40s in minneapolis. look at texas. into the 90s today. well above average. 56 degrees will be the high temperature in new york city. otherwise, that snow still coming down across sections of the upper midwest. light showers as well. further toward the east, across sections of the mid atlantic and even down into parts of the carolinas. grab the umbrella. you will need them today out there. otherwise a severe weather risk is in place across sections of the plains from oklahoma to parts of illinois, steve, gretchen and brian. the good news is that it's only a little risk. so we're not thinking we'll see too much activity. just damaging wind gusts here and there and large hail. stay safe. heed the warnings. >> brian: and use moisturizer. >> and chapstick.
4:38 am
>> gretchen: procrastinators panicked when turbo tax's web site was overwhelmed and went down. what happened? >> we slowed down for 20 minutes and they put on more servers and everybody was back to normal again. that's good news. incredible volume. >> brian: here is some questions from our viewers. here is an example. my son lives with me and graduated school in october and got a job in november. he earned a total of $4,700 for two months he worked. can i still claim him as a dependent or will the 1098 t school he got because earned more than $3,800? >> tough question. all these questions could be answered by the tax software. it sounds like he may qualify. there are certain tests you have to meet, first of all. you have to be living in the house at least six months of the year. there is an exception for students. you have to be a u.s. citizen.
4:39 am
there is an age test. it sounds like he meets that. he has to be under 23 if you're a student. and you can not provide more than half your own support. so there is certain facts not evident in that question. >> brian: there should be a box you should listen to your parents. >> you should really use -- >> steve: we got one from bob from florida. i received my refund. however, what are the chances of my refund being revoked with added penalties and such? >> okay. just keep in mind it's your money. once you have it -- it's in your bank account, but it is your money. the chances of the irs coming back to take that money from you are rather remote. you have to remember, the chances of being audited are one in 100. >> steve: it's better if you're a high filer. somebody with a lot of dough. >> then your chances are a little higher. >> gretchen: especially now
4:40 am
because a lot of states are out of dough. so they need to find it somewhere. william from south carolina, i'm raising my grandson who lives with me 100% of the time. i lost my wife in 2011. i tried to claim qualifying widower, but it would not let me because i misunderstood and checked the wrong box. can i file an amended return? >> yes. sorry about the bad news, but it sounds like you can go back and amend your return, claim i think it was his grandson, as a dependent. you'll get additional money back from the irs. >> steve: very good. the filing deadline is tonight at midnight. it's supposed to be postmarked. but if you file on-line? >> there is no postmark. you just press the but then and you don't have to stand in line at the post office. >> gretchen: bob, you'll stit o. so folks, if you have more questions, send them our way. >> brian: you can writeoff this
4:41 am
appearance. >> steve: all right. it's been one scary story after another, about stranded cruise ships and whatnot. so is it safe to take a cruise? our next guest says not until a few changes are being made on the high seas, like hiring americans. what you need to know coming up next. >> gretchen: and thinking of doing some remodeling around your home? should you hire a pro or do it yourself? hgtv's mike holmes here to tell us. what's he going to say? come on, mike morning, brian! loveour passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the lt one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the lame-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get one. [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. you can't have the same car as me, gary! i'm gett' one. nope! [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering.
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and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... >> brian: nyu professor's going viral. he told a tardy student to get your blank together. the student complained. he didn't say blank. i said blank. but i have to continue. he complained about the proof after he got kicked out of class for being an hour late. what a painful way to hide the evidence. this thief in new hampshire sexuallying a $3,200 range. the whole incident caught on surveillance vadey. coops charged 25 worried ronald pearl quo with felony theft. heats wait for him to burp and see what happens. >> today is the anniversary of the titanic sinking. also an italian court opening a hearing into whether to hand dortch indictments against the
4:46 am
captain and some crew members of the costa concordia cruise ship that killed 32 people. our next guest says he has some solutions to calm the waters. tom bethel is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: tom, there have been a number of disasters and mishaps on the high seas. but you say there is an important thing that people need to know. that is it didn't involve american ships, nor american officers, right? >> yes. the first thing i'd like to point out is that none of these recent incidents involves an american flagship. none of these incidents involved an american officer. american officers are the best trained officers in the world. and they are the only officers, unlike their counterparts, that are licensed by the u.s. coast
4:47 am
guard. i'm standing right here now on american maritime officers 360-degree, full mission simulator located in florida. right over my shoulder here is the simulated image of the very busy new york port. >> steve: it looks very familiar. so for people who are interested in going into the maritime industry, what do you is you go there to the american maritime officers organization and you get hands on experience not only with real ships, but with a simulator, right? >> that's correct. but what i'd like to point out is that we're not -- american officers are not being given an opportunity to get jobs on these passenger vessels. >> steve: well, who are they hiring? the big companies we've been talking about, carnival and stuff like that, they're based in the united states. conventional wisdom would be if you take off from miami, you
4:48 am
figure it's an american crew, right? >> you would think that. but american officers are not being given an opportunity because they are being undercut by foreign flag officers who are simply willing to work for less. american officers simply want a fair wage, a just pension, and benefits. so the best-trained officers in the world, and a lot of the recent problems that have occurred are engine room problems aboard these vessels. they're a result of human error, steering problems, and engine room problems as a result of a world wide shortage of engineers. amo has stepped up to the plate to address this problem. we've initiated a program whereby we're going around the country looking for high school graduates that meet the qualifications. we're going to educate them. we're going to train them and we're going to offer them opportunities in this industry at a starting pay of $100,000. if i can leave you with one
4:49 am
thought, it's that american passengers taking cruises today, i believe would feel a lot more comfortable and a hell of a lot safer if they knew they had american officers manning the brigs in engine rooms of the vessels. >> steve: i think you're exactly right. you've detailed a great career if people are interested. for people who are thinking about taking a cruise, they are safe, aren't they? >> they are safe. these vessels are safe. for the most part, they're well constructed. they have excellent navigation equipment on board them. but they would be a lot safer if they had american officers on the bridge and in the engine rooms. we hope to launch this program later this month on maritime day. >> steve: very nice. thomas bethel, national president of the american maritime officers organization in florida, thank you very much for joining us from the bridge of the simulator today. >> thank you. >> steve: that's cool. all right. meanwhile, ten minutes before the top of the hour. when it comes to home
4:50 am
remodeling, mike holmes says it might be easier than you think. what you can do yourself and what you should call in a pro to do is next. first on this day in history back in 1989,, fine young cannibals had number one song "she drives him crazy" [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. meet the 5-passenger ford c-mc-max one. c-max two. that's a super fuel- efficient hybrid for me. and a long range plug-in hybrid for you. now, let's review. introducing the ford c-max hybrid and the ford c-max energi plug-in hybrid.
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>> brian: you're looking to redo your kitchen or get a kitchen, get those counter tops in or out but unsure if you could tackle the job or hire a pro? i never wrestle with that question. i know i should never tackle it myself. >> gretchen: mike holmes from hgtv "holmes on holmes" and author is here to help us make that choice i did paint my entire garage floor once. that was a huge project.
4:54 am
but i have never put in a counter top. would you recommend this for the average person at home? >> no. there is things that i think you can do around the house, paint. but you can screw that up. trim maybe, play with it, but counter tops, you want to make sure you're bringing the pros because one f you screw it up, you have to replace it. if they screw it up, they have to fix it. >> brian: so let's talk about the type of surface you need when it comes to tile. what are my choices? >> off lot of choices. ranging from low price to high price. laminate is obviously the lowest. what i love about laminate is it comes in many different looks. it's gotten a bad name. but bang for your buck, that's the laminate. you can make it look really, really nice. >> brian: you glue that on, right? >> that's correct. over top of a particle board. this can mold. that's why it's gotten a bad name. that's due to the poor installation of a sink, not sealing around the sink, the taps, et cetera. it will last a lifetime if you take care of it. >> gretchen: manmade stones. here we have stones, right? >> these are stones here. >> gretchen: i have this in my
4:55 am
house. when you compare this to natural stone, you know you're not going to be able to stain this. there is some good involved with going with this. >> you don't want to stain this. this is 100% nonporous. it will not absorb. think of washing your counter top with a piece of chicken. if you can absorb the bacteria, you can get sick. this is your big bang for your buck. very expensive. this is krartz -- cuar it, z. it's com pressed tight and nonporous. best on the market. granite, everyone seems to love it. >> brian: and there is a bad part? >> yes. there is. it's not 100% nonporous. so it is sealed. what you have to know is you need to seal it every two years. problem with granite is you put a hot pot on top of it, burns the seal off. again, think about washing it with chicken, will absorb it. that's a bad thing. it's not continuous. when you cut that slab of
4:56 am
granite, you've only got the veins of one piece. very hard to match throughout a bigger kitchen. >> brian: moving here? >> porcelain, keep it to the floor, not the counter top. although you can use it on the counter top. the grouting will absorb. >> brian: lack nate? >> i love the laminates or the quartz, any one of these nonporous. again, how much do you want to spend? >> brian: you might be the best in the country, breaking it down. it's all in your book. your tips are involved in everything we're doing. thank you for joining us. we'll watch you on hdtj. >> you want me to finish your kitchen? >> brian: that would be great! >> gretchen: you have no idea what you're getting getting int. coming up, outrage growing over the plan to charge mourners of the 9-11 memorial here in new york. a new fee to pay your respects to make a reservation. >> brian: who needs a constitution?
4:57 am
you'll see how easy it is to trick americans into getting rid of their second amendment rights. >> we're going to repeal the second amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right wing white extremists and just make sure that only the illegal make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns -- to stay in. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance
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and a top speed of 53 miles per hour. it's a whole new species of gator. right now, visit your dealer or to get $800 off the gator rsx850i. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend. it's monday, april 15, 2013. that means it's tax day. mop information on that coming up for you. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. also this is important today because this could be the day north korea poised to launch a missile as the country marks a national holiday today. just who says he's ready to go back and represent the united states? yep. dennis rodman. >> steve: let's hope they keep him this time. i'm kidding. we love that guy. >> brian: no, you're not. >> steve: constitution? who needs one. look how easy it was to get people in california to sign away their second amendment rights. sign right here. >> we're going to repeal the second amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right
5:01 am
wing white extremists and just make sure that only the illegal urge registered guns stay on the streets. >> steve: yet the guy just signed away. you know what? it got worse after that. >> brian: you see it all the time in the movies. car goes over the bridge and traps the driver under water. but if it happens to you, could you get out alive? when you're not in the movie. anna kooiman is on television, she went to find out. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: hold your breath. >> gretchen: i'm glad we came into some uplifting music after that song. it is tax day. that guy knows how to help you. vice president of turbo tax.
5:02 am
he's going to be joining us in a few minutes to answer a few more of your questions. >> steve: with the federal tax rule book being about 10,000 pages or something like that, a lot of you have questions. you're thinking, is this a deduction? what do i do? is that something i can claim? he's got some answers. if you go on-line, you've got until midnight, or you can go to the post office, get the free paper brochure, fill that out. you have to have that post stamped by midnight. >> brian: i was surprised when he said you if you tonight have the number, don't be afraid to make stuff up. >> steve: a lot of people do. >> brian: right. i'm only kidding. i was surprised when i asked, would you like the whole thing simplified. i thought someone who does turbo tax would want it complicated, he said no, i want it simplified. >> steve: here is the thing now, because it's all computerized, if you put in a wrong number, they got the w-2, the irs. so they know when you put in your -- >> brian: it's a test. >> steve: kind of.
5:03 am
honestly. >> gretchen: the bad thing is if you file for an extension, you still have to pay something today. we'll try to help you out. let's help you out with some of your headlines. hugo chavez's chosen heir socialist madoro winning a razor thin election in venezuela. opposition candidate refusing to accept the results now, demanding a recount. returns show a victory margin of a little more than 1%. he says if madoro was illegitimate before, test even more now. carnage in iraq, the first week after the election since u.s. troops left in 2011. attacks leaving 31 people dead. more than 200 others hurt. they involved car bombs and took place in and around baghdad and fallujah. they're seen as a key test of iraqi security forces' ability to keep voters safe. no one has claimed responsibility, but the attacks do resystemmible the work of
5:04 am
al-qaeda. it could be a whole new way to evaluate high ranking officers amid a series of recent military scandals. joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey planning to get feedback from the peers of admirals and generals, as well as those who serve beneath them. dempsey wants evaluations to look beyond decision making abilities, to also focus on characters. any changes must find a way to keep feedback anonymous to avoid retaliation by officers who don't like their reviews. president an artist? he told you about george w bush's new hobby. now he's opening up about it. the president says painting gives him great delight in busting stereo types, saying people are surprised i can even read. [ laughter ] now he has something new to paint. president bush celebrating his first grandchild, jenna bush and her husband welcomed margaret laura after her grandmothers. but plan to call her an
5:05 am
abbreviated form of mila. those are your headlines. >> steve: next week, the president opens his presidential library on the campus of smu down in dallas. >> brian: some things have not changed since president bush was in office. north korea's a major problem. we've heard about north korea rattling their saber, threatening missile strikes, threatening the south, threatening us. threatening to bomb the mainland, to texas to california, to alaska. and now we find our secretary of state going to china and now japan and south korea to rally support to keep north korea in a box and warn them not to shoot a missile and at the same time, saying if you want to talk, if you want to make friends, we're willing to do that. >> steve: just pull the plug on your nuclear ambitions. what's interesting, though, and there you can see the guy who runs that country right now, the grandson of the fellow who founded it and today -- >> brian: kim jong-un. >> steve: right. today historically is the day they honor him and today is the
5:06 am
day a lot of people figured they would go ahead if they're going to light off some sort of bomb or missile, it would be today. what's interesting is we have not seen the kid dictator for the last two weeks. last time we saw him was on april 1, april fool's day. but it would be interesting because there has been some speculation and is there a coup? if we don't see him today, that would be big. but if they do do something, there will be a military review. i got a feeling we'll see him. >> gretchen: could it be part of the strategy that he's out of sight as they've been ramping up their moving of missiles and such? could it be part of his demented strategy in some shape or form to get more attention with people asking where is he? who will will solve this? john kerry saying we have to have some good faith with all of this. but what does that mean? there would have to be so much that north korea would do to have discussions. many things they're not going to
5:07 am
do. demille tearize. -- militarize. no more threats to neighbors, probably not. who do you send in to rescue? >> brian: dennis rodman. he says he has plans to go back august 1. evidently that's when special travel rates to north korea. he says he'll go back, that's his friend. if you really want to understand if china is in their corner or really freaked out by north korea's behavior, they say look on the internet because china is leaving negative comments about north korea on the internet. they like to screen them. they leave up things on social media sites called calling him fatty the third. and call him fatty the third and for china to leave that up, it may show that they do believe that he is a bit of a knuckle head. and they do think that he's gone beyond -- >> gretchen: dennis rodman's quote is the reason he wants to go back, he understands he doesn't treat his people well,
5:08 am
because he was ridiculed for meeting with him. but now he says he wants to go back to have fun. >> brian: of course. where else would go for fun? you don't want to go to sandles. >> steve: we're going to show awe man on the street interview shot along the pacific ocean, mark dice. he stunned these kinds -- he's done these kinds of interviews before. he's asking these californians to give up their constitutional rights, in particular the right to bear arms. now, that's something that americans have fought for for centuries. and yet, he just handed him a clip board and pen and they signed it away. watch this. >> we're trying to repeal the second amendment to make sure that only the criminals have the guns and get them out of the hands of the law-abiding citizens. repealing the second amendment door to door gun confiscation, then the unregistered guns will be out and it will be much
5:09 am
safer. thank you for supporting that. >> no doubt. >> only the police and military need to have guns. we can trust them. they have never done anything wrong and we're just going to get the legal registered guns off the streets. >> you don't have to convince us, my friend. >> this will remove all the law-abiding registered gun owners and the criminals won't turn their guns in, so they'll still have their guns after we repeal the second amendment. thanks for supporting that. you can call the police. you don't need to defend your family yourself. so we're just repealing the second amendment. you just supported repealing the second amendment. thank you so much. >> gretchen: are they even listening to him when he's saying that? we're going to allow criminals to keep their guns and take them away from law-abiding citizens? is it that these people are in favor of more gun control measures and that's what hooks them in and they don't listen to anything else he's saying or is it what?
5:10 am
is it just misinformation? disinformation that these people don't know exactly ha they're signing? it's kind of scary. >> steve: i think it could be they're clueless in california because he had a petition calling for the ban of water. we asked for e-mails. james from texas said, i used to live in california and i hate to say it, but if people paid more attention to what they sign or vote for, they wouldn't be in the financial predicament they are right now. that's a great point. >> gretchen: i have a feeling if you did this in other states, the same thing would happen of the we talked earlier about going over to times square. people don't know who the vice president of the united states is. maybe just california. >> brian: jackie says that video scares me. what if this was a real petition to give up all freedoms in place of 90% sales tax. they would have signed it. >> gretchen: it's the 9-11 memorial foundation, in this casele and diming visitors for tickets. it's a huge story in new york city. even though the nonprofit promised admission to the site
5:11 am
would be free, it's now demanding $2 per ticket for all advance reservations. >> steve: a lot of people are talking about that today and reporter theresa live in lower manhattan with more on the growing controversy. people want to pay their respects, but they don't want to pay, right? >> that's pretty much the case. good morning to you guys. the outcry is really coming from a lot of the victims' family members. although if you talk to some tourist, they say as long as it's going to a good cause, they're okay with this fee. there is a bit of a split in opinion here. the feeling on behalf of the victims' family members is this is a way for the foundation to make a profit off of the dead. for those not familiar, this memorial opened in 2011. admission is free, but tickets are required. so last month the foundation that runs the memorial quietly rolled out this $2 advance reservation fee for all reservations made on-line or on the phone. this does not apply to 9-11
5:12 am
families, but 'til they are outraged. they say this is like charging to enter a cemetery. >> i'm outraged. another another example of them making this revenue generating attraction rather than a memorial. >> once this memorial is completed, the reservation system will go away and it will be free once again. that is the latest from lower manhattan, now back to you in the studio. >> steve: thank you very much. live report lower manhattan. >> gretchen: coming up, all the new taxes making it hard for you to make ends meet? stand by. wayne root is here and he's got your ultimate survival guide to president obama's tax policy. >> steve: no baby did justin bieber. wait until you hear the message he left in the guest book at the home of anne frank. what could go wrong bacon?! gotta get that bacon!
5:13 am
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5:15 am
bacon?! bacon? bacon! who wants a begginstrip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. [ male announcer ] there's no time like beggin' time.
5:16 am
>> steve: april 15, tax day. uncle some captains to collect a record $2.7 trillion of our money this year. even though it may not seem like it, all of the taxes under the obama administration may actually make it easier for you to thrive financially. but how do you do that? joining us now, the former 2008 libertarian party, vp nominee and author of a brand-new book called "the ultimate obama
5:17 am
survival guide, how to survive, thrive and prosper during obamageddon." is that where we are right now? >> we are. i think things are getting worse. i have an article at right now called "90 days of the obama access of evil." even they ewe see them tongue in cheek, the acts are taxation, regulation, unionization, litigation, irs intimidation, demonization and government strangulation. do you like those rhymes? that's what's killing the u.s. economy. i'm a small businessman. i'm out there in the real world and may friends are getting killed. the taxes are overwhelming and how about this one? i looked it up. government, i guess, it is 6,118 new regulations in the last 90 days. if you don't think -- >> steve: the last 90 days? >> obama has sweat shops with lawyers being whip to do come up with new regulations. >> steve: he's kidding. how have do you survive? you follow your wpod.
5:18 am
>> by the way texas rangers not mine. i went to 18 of the richest men in america worth $100 million or more. couple of billionaires and asked what do you do to prosper on what's coming, on every move obama makes for the next four years? these were the main issues they all agreed on. >> steve: issue one, invest in precious metals. we're talking gold and silver. >> when which are crashing the last couple of days. you know what my 18 millionaires and billionaires see that as? a buying opportunity. if you believe that obama will continue to spend and pile up debt, which everyone agrees, the democrats want more spending and how do we solve the fiscal cliff crisis, we added $4 trillion in new debt, then you want to invest in debt. how do you invest in debt? you buy gold and silver and precious metals over the long-term they will do well. here is the stat you need. since 1913, if you put a million dollars in the bank, in dollars or mattress, today it's worth $40,000. >> steve: oh, man! >> if you put it in gold, it's
5:19 am
worth $87 million. how would you like to leave that to your heirs? over time you'll do fine. >> steve: you say that if you want to take advantage of obama's tax policies, move to a no tax state. >> right. almost all of the 18 millionaires and billionaires all agreed on this one point. it was the most popular point. that over the course of a 40-year work career for the average person for 20s to 60s, if you live in nevada, where i live, or texas or florida or any one of the no tax states or low tax states, over those 40 years, you could save an extra $500,000 or million dollars not by making more, by keeping more! on the day you retire, do you need an extra million? that's what i tell new the survival guide. >> steve: the final tip, invest in foreign stocks, bonds, and real estate. >> right. 'cause you've already got a home in america and a job in america, career. you've already got a pension fund. you want to diversify to place where is people are hungry. they have drive, they have
5:20 am
ambition. america is not on the top of the list. let me give you examples they love. china, india, brazil, australia, puzo lapped, singapore, hong kong, switzerland, canada. those are countries that are rich in natural resources and the people don't expect to be taken care of the rest of their lives by government and they have younger demographics. but the details are always important in the ultimate obama survival guide. >> steve: which i think is on sale now, isn't it? >> today. tax day, 'cause i wanted to give everyone for the first time in history, something good to look forward to on tax day. >> steve: all right. wayne, your enthusiasm is contagious. check out "the ultimate obama survival guide". thank you. all right, straight ahead. >> a memorial for a fallen soldier now forced to come down. why? they didn't have a permit. hear from a vet who served with that hero. and imagine being trapped in a car that runs offer the road and into a river. you're suddenly under water.
5:21 am
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5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> brian: quick headlines. the faa ordering inspections of over a thousand boeing 737 s's. the agency will be looking specifically at the tail of each plane after reports surfaced that incorrect procedures were used to make the tails. they may be faulty. take your time. and new research says skin cancer is now more common than all other cancers combined. cases have risen 80% in the last decade and that number is expected to continue to rise. the most common type? basal cell carcinoma resulted in 200,000 surgeries last year.
5:25 am
>> gretchen: it's what nightmares are made of. accidentally driving into water and your car begins to sink. >> steve: it is a scary thought. so you just have seconds to save your own life, would you know what to do? anna kooiman found out the wet way. >> yeah. found the danger as well. i did it the safe way. it was a best case of a case scenario. the experts say first try to get out the window, whether old school crank or power windows have not failed. but if that's not an option, you'll have to wait 'til the water goes above your head, the pressure equalizes in your car. this is what you do. you see it in movies all the time. the car is speeding, slips over, falls into the water and the driver gets out alive. unfortunately for drivers in the real world, there are often much different outcomes. each year as many as 400 people drown in their vehicles. survival systems usa in connecticut aims to help lower that number. instructors train military, police, government agencies, and
5:26 am
even civilians on what to do if they find themselves in a submerged vehicle. the simulator can mimic a vehicle flip. dark conditions, or even a thunderstorm or violent gun fire. >> most people never get a chance to practice this. this is a unique opportunity to put your instead of a situation to see how you'll respond to stress, how well you'll remember your pattern and realize the importance of having a pattern and a a plan. >> i ventured to con condition it test the dunker. first step, take a class, and then make it legal. >> that waiver that you have in front of you. >> i have to put my signature on there? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. next, get suited up. >> this is a training simulator. we refer to it as the mess. it's modular because each one of the panels on the outside can be exchanged with any of the panels. >> so it might be a helicopter, might be an airplane, it might be a normal car, a truck? >> exactly.
5:27 am
>> flight suit, check. helmet, check. let the dunking begin. i guess i got to get in this bad beaumont give me the stats. >> use a reference point off your hip to help you find the door handle. then open it, grab the outside with your left hand, release your seatbelt with your right hand and begin pulling yourself out. >> when did do i -- do i need to take my breath? >> the water will come up from the bottom and rapidly. as soon as you feel it at your abdomen or chest level, that's the time to take your breath. are you ready to go? >> ready as i'll ever be. >> activing, ditching, ditching! get a good breath. >> i feel okay. it happened a lot faster than i thought it was going to. i did forget to do my shoulder strap first. so i had to kind of wiggle out
5:28 am
of that. it went well. it went well. wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. survival success. the first step is try to get out the window if you can. and don't panic. i know -- >> brian: if you have the little hammer, and the window was sealed, would you have thought, even though that was -- would you have thought to use it, the escape hammer? >> that's another thing. triple a does recommend having that. yes, the window is supposed to be the first option. but once you let the water go above your head, that's when you can actually push the door open. if you don't do that, you'll waste your energy and -- >> steve: there is no opening before that. >> you can end up in the back. that's where they find most people after they passed away. >> gretchen: how long were you under the water? >> only a few seconds. >> gretchen: so if you had to go in the back to get a child, for example? it would take more time, but once you get out first is the key? >> right. they tread lightly on that.
5:29 am
same situation as in an airplane water landing. take care of yourself and then take care of your child, which i don't have children, so that's a lot easier said than done. >> steve: yeah. and this is a service that is available to anybody if they want to go up there. >> it is. they primarily do military and first response. but civiliango in there. >> steve: thanks a lot. you're brave. >> gretchen: justin bieber's big historical blunder. wait until you hear the message he left in the guest book of the home of anne frank. >> brian: have you ever had a doughnut burger? we're about to find out if it's a tasty treat. it's something that we'd like to have? good four, perhaps? >> steve: today breakfast looks like lunch. ls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step.
5:30 am
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♪ talking baseball ♪ . >> steve: hilarious. >> brian: that kid got in trouble from his brother. it's your shot of the morning. most kids dream of getting a foul ball, this kid got one from his dad. this kid took and t and did what he's supposed to do. not when you're in the stands watching the a's play! they lost to the tigers 10 to one. that fan, little boy got an earful from his brother and everyone saw the problems, the con sternation of the family. next thing you know, the whole family got four baseballs.
5:34 am
but the a's still lost 10-1. goes to show you what i said, what most people agree, kids should not go to watch games. >> steve: okay. that's it then. >> gretchen: some parents are agreeing with you because it's expensive to take them to the ball field. >> brian: right. especially to watch the a's lose. >> steve: meanwhile, more baseball. snow actually postponing the twins-mets game in minnesota,. >> brian: shocker. >> steve: with are the heck is spring? let's talk to maria molina who has got to defend the forecast. what's that about? >> yeah. good morning. we actually had a big snow storm out west across parts of the upper midwest. and we saw some record snowfall across sections of north dakota, south dakota and significant snow across parts of the state of those. the problem is also the temperature. it is a cold day in rapid city. 33 degrees for your high temperature. nothing like texas, where today you'll make it up into the 90s. in dallas and also san antonio. a couple of light showers across sections of the mid atlantic.
5:35 am
you'll need the umbrellas. otherwise the snow still coming down in parts of north dakota. winter storm warnings are still in effect here because of the wind. let's head back inside, which i understand you'll be out here with the burgers coming up. these will go perfectly with the curly fries. >> brian: in other words, the word is don't touch it. that will be your breakfast? >> sounds good. >> steve: taste test coming up. >> brian: now to your headlines. labor secretary nominee thomas perez criticized for helping sell a case tested before the supreme court. he's convinced the paul, minnesota should drop a housing discrimination suit last year. lawmakers are questioning his motives. this after it was discovered that the suit had reached the supreme court. could have overturned the desperate doctrine, which he was talking about in the break. it sets a low bar for proving workplace discrimination. per right side is a strong add vote. a tribute to a fallen hero being moved. they were killed in a violent
5:36 am
home invasion last january. their friend hand carved this bench in tribute to them and carried it to the pop of a popular trail in colorado. park service wants it moved, saying memorials are not allowed on national forest land. the sergeant's friends say hikers really enjoy the memorial. >> yesterday when me and my children went on top of the incline, there was so many people appreciative because it gives them a little rest once they reach the top. >> gretchen: so a petition has been filed pushing for the park to allow the bench to stay. >> steve: meanwhile, justin bieber raising eyebrows with controversial comments he left in the guest book at anne frank's house. he stopped by her house, a museum in amsterdam, and left this message in the guest book. he wrote, quote, there is truly inspiring to be able to come here. ann was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a balieber. it's slang for his fans.
5:37 am
many criticizing the 19-year-old canadian for writing something that insensitive. as you know, frank famous for the diaries she wrote as she hid from the nazis. >> brian: i'm sensing he's a little self-centered. just a perception. >> gretchen: breaking the texas murder mystery of two propers and one of -- prosecutors and one of their wives. now this developing story. what can you tell us? >> it looks like the piece of the puzzle are now starting to fit together. we do expect new developments in this case sometime this week. we're talking about possible murder charges to be filed. over the weekend, it was a busy one for investigators, for the f.b.i. as they executed several search warrants at the home of former justice of the peace eric williams and his in-laws. neighbors telling us they took away several boxes of documents and computers and then on saturday, investigators searched
5:38 am
a storage unit nearby. they confiscated several items, including a vehicle, crown victoria that looked a lot like a police car and sources close to the investigation tell fox 4 that williams is a suspect in the murders of d.a. mike mclelland and his wife, cynthia, as well as assistant d.a. mark hasy. we should tell you that mr. williams is only charged right now with making a terrorististic threat. his bond set at $3 million. he is not going anywhere right now. he's here at the kaufman county sheriff's office. back to you. >> steve: all right. we thank you very much. meanwhile, there is nothing better than a classic cheeseburger and every city has a favorite cheeseburger joint. so the host of travel channel's burger land george is crisscrossing the country to find the perfect burger. tonight is the premiere episode. you're looking at burgers in l.a but this morning we start with burgers from new york city.
5:39 am
>> this is the burger for the new york episode. >> steve: we're going to start here? >> this is the burger from aneta tavern. there is so many. >> gretchen: we'll start with that one. what makes that different? >> it's a new classic. that was the old one. it's dry aged beef and other cuts that are mixed in and cooked on a flat top grill with sauteed onions. that's it. >> brian: that's not for me. what else could i have? >> there is the deep fried burger from brooklyn. it's a burger grilled on a flame grill and then wrapped in a hungarian dough pocket and then actually wrapped with the dough and dumped in a deep fryer. >> steve: my mom used to make something like that. >> gretchen: is that the one that is being sold as a doughnut burger? >> it tastes like a doughnut, but it's a deep fright dough. >> brian: where is the --
5:40 am
>> steve: that's delicious. >> brian: that's a classic cheeseburger. >> donovan's pub has a burger in queens. it's ground steak. cooked like a steak, so it tastes like a steak. >> gretchen: why is the cheese on the bottom? >> they put it on beth sides. >> steve: that's a -- both sides. that's a good idea. >> brian: what about this? >> that's the black label burger >> brian: what about this one? >> steve: we've gone through all the burgers. burgers for all of us. i know you wrote a book about your fascination with hamburgers in america. why hamburgers? >> because the hamburger is the all american food. i think it's probably the only food invention of the last 100 years in america. >> gretchen: mustard and pickles inside of it? >> yeah. they make home made mustard. >> brian: who gets credit for the hamburger?
5:41 am
>> steve: mcdonald's. >> different claims. yeah, right. >> gretchen: we'll be checking out burger land on the travel channel. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> brian: it airs at 10:00 o'clock and that will be tonight. >> steve: it's a not guilty that's been used by the navy and marine corps since 1775. now a group of veterans are being told take it down. that flag, too political. peter johnson, jr. on the case coming up next. >> gretchen: and if you just have a few hours left now to file your taxes and we're here to help you, the vp of turbo tax answering your questions coming up when our little girl was born,
5:42 am
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5:45 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. more violence in one of the most popular spring break cities. seven people found strangled in cancun. police say it appears they were drug dealers. carnival hoping kate middleton can give their stock a much needed boost. the company asked the royal to be godmother to their newest ship, the royal princess, and attended naming ceremoniy in june. the stock has taken a hit after bad accidents with ships over the last year. brian? >> brian: all right. a group of veterans in the middle of a flag fight. they were told to take down their flag for military armory. the banner, known as the don't tread on me flag, was deemed too partisan and offensive by the town of new roesch in new york. joining us is fox news legal
5:46 am
analyst, peter johnson, jr. why is the law getting involved? >> the law shouldn't be involved. that's why people are disgusted with legislative leaders in this country. the democratically controlled city council in new rochelle says don't tread on me is a political statement. one city council member said this flag, which was presented by colonel thomas gadsden of the continental army and continental congress to the congress in 1776 was like the nazi flag, was like graffiti, was like the gay flag, was not an american flag and should be taken down. >> brian: that's an opinion. but the facts? >> history defies the opinion. this has been flown on naval warships in the united states since september 11, 2002, or a similar flag showing the snake which represents the colonies and don't tread on me.
5:47 am
>> brian: i'm in new rochelle. what can die? >> they're going -- what can die? >> they're going to court. the thomas more law center has been retained. they will go to court on a whole array of constitutional violations. due process. equal protection, first amendment, the right to fly a flag, the fact that there is no real legislative purpose in their political act. they're the people engaging in politics. one of the council members said, oh, this is all about the tea party and the veterans organization wants to venerate the tea party. the veterans organization, which is responsible for the new rochelle militia armory, which was a navy and marine facility for a long time, they run the flags up the pole. they decide what flags fly. this is a quintessential and historic american flag. these people are out of control. they're going to lose in court big time, plus i predict that a bunch of them are going to be
5:48 am
thrown out of office because whether you're a democrat, republican, tea party, conservative, whatever you are, this is a flag. it makes a political statement about us as a people, but not as a party. i think it's really, really wrong for them to do it. they're going to lose big time. >> brian: they voted 5-2 to have it removed. we'll find out the next step. >> five democrats, two republicans. party lines. this is not about party lines. it's about our history. navy, marines, blood spilled, america. >> brian: peter johnson, jr., thanks so much. feeling the tax day pressure? don't change the channel. the vice president of turbo tax here to answer your last-minute questions. let's check in with gregg jarrett who might reveal his taxes coming up at the top of the hour. >> not likely. north korea's poised to launch a missile as tensions escalate. will it be shot down? president obama pushing hard on gun control. is he exploiting families still in mourning? his budget continues to illicit
5:49 am
criticism. we'll look behind the numbers. and immigration reform, could it pass? is it amnesty? all ahead on "america's newsroom"
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> steve: today is tax day. what bothers most americans about paying taxes? a brand-new poll released by our network, fox news, says 43% of americans are fed up with the way government spends the tax dollars we send them. while concerns about the system and complicated forms fall further down the list, we know you've still got some last minute questions about your taxes because they're due at midnight. >> gretchen: we're joined by bob meehan, vice president of turbo tax, who has been with us all morning. thanks so much. let's look at this e-mail. i owe almost $8,000 in tax. is it possible to have some of
5:53 am
this forgiven so that i do not have to use my 401(k) to pay for it? >> tough news, ed, losing your job and also paying $8,000, unfortunately, the irs does not forgive your tax debt. they will come after you no matter what. what i would suggest you do, rather than raid your 401(k) plan, which you'll incur tax on that, plus a 10% penalty s request an installment agreement from the irs and you can do that on-line at any time. very simple process. >> brian: now that you're working again. here is another tweet. i live in new jersey, but work in new york. do i need to pay taxes in both states. >> steve: i can answer that. >> regardless of what state you work in or live in, every state is going to make sure they get their fair share.this case, newl get theirs. >> brian: they took it already. >> they did, through withholding, but new jersey is also going to want you to report that income. the benefit here is that you can claim a credit in new jersey for the taxes that you already paid in new york. it's not really double taxation.
5:54 am
but it's double work. >> steve: sure. because you got to fill out three forms, federal and the two states. we got a tweet who says can i deduct expenses for home repairs? >> i think we all wish we could deduct them, but it's a personal expense. you can not deduct it. now, if those expenses were something like solar energy, or energy efficiency types of things, then you may be entitled to a credit. >> gretchen: what about a home office? >> home office can be deducted if you're using it for your business. and you can deduct part of those expenses on your tax return. >> steve: generally, home offices are kind of like a red flag, aren't they, 'cause if you claim it, they're going to say, let's see how much business he really did at home. >> they used to become red flags. i think it's more prominent are working from home with the internet. i wouldn't say it raises the red flag, but just be prepared in the unlikely event the irs does audit you. >> brian: we all know it's not going to be around.
5:55 am
it's just a fad. sam says, if unemployment was my only income for the year, will i be eligible for a refund? >> okay. surprising news here is that unemployment income is taxable. >> steve: you don't work and you owe tax. >> which is kind of surprising in this case. what i would say is make sure that you designate that you have taxes withheld from your unemployment check. in this case, it doesn't sound like you had any taxes withheld. so he is going to have to pay here. >> steve: that's heart breaking 'cause a lot of people figure, i hope by the end of the year i'll have a job and i could pay the taxes. and i want every dime i can get. >> the thing i would add is he may have job search ex pensions or -- expenses or moving expenses which might be deductible. >> gretchen: i was surprised by this poll that only the amount you pay in tax, that only bugged people by 8%. you think that would be higher. >> steve: half the country doesn't pay federal income taxes. >> gretchen: maybe they were part of the poll. >> brian: which what should i
5:56 am
invest in? anything green? >> there are some credits available for green projects. that's one of them of the the credit has been reduced significantly over the last couple of years. >> steve: there are so few deductions. can you stick around a couple more minutes? >> i certainly can. >> steve: more "fox & friends" on this tax day, three minutes away man: how did i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there.
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bacon?! bacon? bacon! who wants a begginstrip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. [ male announcer ] there's no time like beggin' time. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. >> gretchen: coming up tomorrow, laura ingraham will be here, number one wnba draft pick, brittany green, although she may go to the nba. and the guys from the deadliest catch. >> brian: if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. >> steve: today is tax day. that's why our buddy, bob meehan, is here. he's going to answer more of your questions that you typed in. you've


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