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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  April 20, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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wanting to die a martyr. his message and the, quote, inspiration he may have provided for these terror attacks just ahead. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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we told you a little earlier about the wife and young daughter of the boston bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev. he was the one killed earlier this week in a shootout with police. now his wife is hunkering down with her family. their daughter's husband is accused of killing three people, not to mention maiming and wounding scores of others. molly lang has that part of the story live from massachusetts. >> that's right, the man identified as suspect one, tamerlan tsarnaev was married. his widow, 24 years old, katherine, originally from a community just outside of providence, rhode island. she attended school in boston from 2007 to 2010. that would be suffolk
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university. her parents, warren and judith russell, released a statement to the media outside their home recently, here it is, our daughter has lost her husband today. the father of her child. we cannot begin to comprehend how this terrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the patriots day horror, we know we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the hor hor he has inflicted. please respect our family's privacy in this difficult time. neighbors believe katherine converted to islam sometime after leaving high school. she was often seen in muslim clothing. it's possible she may have been living with her parents. but here's what paula gillette had to say. she's a neighbor in that neighborhood in north kingston, rhode island. >> they're my neighbors. they're very nice people. so i have no reason to believe they would be involved in anything like this. and still i guess don't think they would be. so i don't know all the
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circumstances. >> a little bit of disbelief there in that community in rhode island. it shows how widely this horror and this tragedy has spread. in the coming days and weeks, i'm sure we'll be learning more about the family and friends of both of these suspects. >> poor little girl now has to grow up knowing her father was this man. molly, thank you. we're also hearing serious new questions for the federal government today. after we learned that the fbi had looked into tamerlan tsarna tsarnaev, relatively recently after a foreign government reported to be russia, alerted american authorities to this guy. and saying that they were concerned. he may have had, quote, extremist ties. apparently the fbi says it was unable to find anything, and they cleared him and closed the case in 2011. again, we understand that the unnamed, officially unnamed foreign government was asked to follow up if it got any further
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intel. to contact us again. but that never happened. so did someone somewhere drop the ball? joining me, steve, a former assistant director of the fbi, number three guy at the fbi, who also served as chief of the fbi's counterterrorism section, had 27 years with the fbi. so we're honored to speak with you today, steve. you're a great guest to have on this. >> thanks, megyn. >> of course, there's going to be monday morning quarterbacking on this. the fbi got this guy, ultimately got this guy and the brother within five days of the attack. but we have to take a hard look back and find out why they didn't have him on a watch list. they didn't know more about him. >> absolutely. >> and why they would have closed a file on a guy who, according to steve emerson, three years ago, which would have been prior to 2011, started posting radical jihadist type videos on his youtube channel. >> well, let say this, as the former chief of counterterrorism. to get the kind of information that's being talked about now in
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relation to this individual, is an extremely common occurrence. it happens not ten times a week, but hundreds of times. you get fragments of information from foreign intelligence services about people living in this country. oftentimes they're general, just as you described it. they had some extremist ties. what does that mean? what can you do about that? but it is certainly the responsibility of the fbi to follow up on that information, which is sounds like they did. >> what would they have done? >> you do -- you do a check on the individual. you do some rudimentary investigation. you look at his activities, as best you can. talk to some people. review public records, see if he's got arrest records. try to get some sense of -- is he employed? is he going to school? once you do all that, if there's nothing concrete -- look, this is a free country. to post hateful material on the web, to engage in propagandai
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propagandaizing, to work in sympathy with groups, it's not illegal in this country. until you cross the line that it is illegal. we have hundreds of people, if not thousands of people in this country who we have identified as having some sort of sympathy to foreign terrorist organizations. and in the nature of this democracy, there's only so much you can do. sure, you can put them on a watch list, sure you can add his name to a data base, but that doesn't in any way infringe on that person's, on the potential for that person to ultimately engage in an act of violence. >> here's a tough question. as i see the tough question out of this. >> sure. >> even if all of that is true, then why on monday night in the wake of the terror bombings, in boston, didn't the fbi, you know, somebody, the guy who had talked to him, because the mother of these two suspects
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claimed the fbi used to come to my home, told my my son was an extremist. but the mother has also said some wacky things, so i put that on it. why on monday night didn't they say, terror attack and bomb in boston, we just talked to a guy in 2011, in boston, who had been red flagged to us. let's go back and look at all of our records. oh, wait, there's his picture. oh, wait, he looks exactly like suspect number one that they asked four days later for the public to identify? >> i can't answer that question. i don't know if that was done or not done. you would think, if they had that kind of information, if they had a photo, that that would have been done. and i can't answer that question as to why. >> i know it's monday morning quarterbacking, so please forgive me. i'm playing devil's advocate here. would that normally be done? when you were running the counterterrorism division, on the monday night of the bombing attack, would you have said i want all leads we've had in
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boston in the past five years on possible extremists, you know, and you know the general age range, it's usually guys in their 20s or 30s, would you have said, these are the criteria, go pump them into the system, everybody who's been talking to possible extremists in the area, get back to me with a report? >> you know, megyn, i used that old expression that you round up the usual suspects, or identify the usual suspects. that's one of the first things you do in any kind of a criminal investigation. this ultimately, fundamentally is a criminal investigation. and you certainly do try to identify likely suspects in the area. whether that was done in this case or not, i just don't know the answer to that. you know, everything that was done by the fbi, i'm sure is going to come out, because you're asking good questions. everybody's going to ask these same questions. certainly congress is going to want to know. so to go back and see what kind of information did we get, if indeed it is was russian based, what did the fbi do to follow
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up, what did they do in terms of going back and asking the russians for more details, all of this is going to become public and obvious in the months to come. i'm certain of that. and i think it's only fair to wait until all that is in, and then make your judgment. you cannot -- you can't look at this fairly at this point in time and not come to the conclusion that law enforcement in general, the fbi in particular as the lead agency, did a terrific job in terms of responding, of gathering evidence, of controlling the scene, of dealing with all the outfall of all of this. and ultimately in very quick fashion identifying and arresting the perpetrators. >> we live in that 24 csi, ncis world where people believe it's so easy. you just pump the information into the computer and you have all the answers. >> that's unfortunate, megyn. and now comes the really
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difficult part, and the part of the investigation where people need to be patient, because the fbi and the rest of the intelligence and law enforcement community will turn inside-out to identify any possible additional suspects and subjects, to determine all the activities of these two guys. the net will be cast far and wide. and every lead will be uncovered. and we need to have some patience to allow them to do that. because this is not "csi," this is the real world. >> steve, thanks so much for being here. >> you're welcome. >> all the best to you. >> thanks, megyn. one of the brothers suspected of the boston marathon bombing, apparently following and promoting the rantings of this radical muslim cleric. who called in children to become martyrs for islam. steve emerson, who is a leading expert on terrorism called our attention to this, and he has quite an update today. he's live, next. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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we have incredible new video of the spontaneous celebration last night after word came that the suspect had been caught by police. the video we're going to show you here took place in downtown boston. you need to watch this. ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it gives you the chills, doesn't it? we've seen so much of that this week, in boston in particular. as people find that one comfortable place, you know, that note of patriotism, that
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belief in america and what we stand for, that binds us together in the week of these tragedies, these terror attacks. people refusing to be terrorized, people standing up shoulder to shoulder, strong. on a more troubling note, what we are learning about one of these guys. one of these brothers. and who his inspiration was, at least in part, a radical muslim cleric from australia. and his name is shaikh feiz mohammad. the focus of his online lectures range from a love of jihad, to a hatred of harry potter. steve emerson is the executive director of the project on terrorism. and he saw this, he saw that tamerlan tsarnaev, the one who was killed, had posted many links to this man's rantings on his youtube channel, and this caused you some concern days ago, steve.
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let's just do it a little chronologically first of all. the older brother seems to be the one that started with the radicalization. when did he start posting -- i'm not saying musings or weird stuff, but i mean radical jihadist stuff online? >> the first radical video they posted seems to have been three years ago. and then it was followed up -- it was three years ago he posted two radical videos. then he followed up within six months with another four. and then in the next year, he followed up with another ten or so. and i must tell you, megyn, that i myself had not heard of shaikh feiz mohammad until i saw the videos posted. when we started translating them -- actually, we didn't need to translate them, we translated another radical, but shaikh feiz mohammad spoke in very perfect
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english, with an australian accent. his rhetoric was so vile and vicious, even more than bin laden. bin laden always spoke in the rhetorical, koranic verses. but sheek feiz mohammad talks about killing jews, pagans, criticizing people that go to the movies of harry potter. he gets into the street that way. so his directives are much more personal, and he had a charismatic way about him. so you can see how somebody would become enraptured by his rhetoric, and carry out violence. there is a literal way in which he talks and the actual language he uses is so specifically oriented in carrying out jihad. specifically, jews, christians and infidels. >> we have a little bit of that. we're not going to broadcast
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for the magnitude it is honest and big. >> a little sample for you. steve emerson is back with me now. and he goes on, and you hear the same sort of jihadist calls we hear from some of these guys. on the hell fire video which is weird and creepy, it's got a little link to his facebook, and he charges $150 if you want the series. it's so ridiculous and outrageous, it's almost
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laughable, yet to a young man who had already started the radicalization, it sends a very different message. >> and he adds to the flourishes of having great graphics, and great music. it's not just speeches that go on and on. i mean, he understands technology, and he understands the new generation -- this generation's need for graphics and everything. these dvds are very alluring, just graphically, let alone the rhetoric, which becomes almost mesmerizing, in the chant form where he's calling for killings. now, again, he doesn't say will the prime minister of australia, he says, kill the enemies of islam, kill the jews or pigs who have to be killed. the christians are infidels, they have to be killed. he doesn't cross the line in free speech in most countries. australia allows it, we allow it. let's take an example. you're a lawyer. somebody calls for killing the umpire in the first inning, somebody in the ninth inning kills the umpire. can the person in the first
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inning be held accountable? it takes somebody else to carry out the jihad. accountability here? that's the problem here in a free society. >> but the thing is, there's so much talk about, he's got these chechnyan roots. usually they hate the russians. but this guy seems to have fallen into that small faction, within the chechnyans who they're not so concerned about russia, they are more -- they think more like al qaeda. it's about jihad. this cleric, he was born in australia in the '70s of lebanese descent, but trying to get children to become soldiers of islam. >> chechnya is not -- my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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