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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 23, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> the first thought was be calm, turn around and walk out; you'll be fine. that's what i did. >> the tiger was caught a short time later. thank tpwaodness no one was hurt. >> be calm, best advice possible. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is tuesday, april 23 #, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're going to have a great day and thanks for sp-pbgd part -- spending part of it. brand-new information revealed about the boston bombing by the suspect about how they planned the attack and when. >>steve: another terrorist plot thwarted. two guys arrested not only with ties to al qaeda but al qaeda in iran. >>brian: you think you had a bad day at work? this guy was fired after his first two words. >> you're watching the evening report sunday on
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nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition. [bleep] [bleep]. >>brian: being a tv anchor is not as easy as it looks, people. "fox & friends" starts... now. >>steve: come to work in the morning and they put the microphone on us, you've got to leave certain words in the other room. >>gretchen: yes. we do hope. he must have been looking down at his script and didn't like what he was seeing. that was what he was reacting to. can you imagine doing your first [bleep]. >>brian: by the way, if you were watching yesterday
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-- >>gretchen: no. he's looking down before he's going to say his first words ever on tv and he must have not liked the script he had been assigned because he gives two swear words, and then it went downhill from then and it never appeared on a newscast. i feel bad. he moved all his stuff to bismarck, and now he doesn't have a job. he's from west virginia. he moved all his stuff to bismarck. >>brian: isn't there good fracking there? >>steve: he might actually make more money fracking than -- what he said on television kind of sounded like he was talking about fracking. >>brian: that's what he should say. >>steve: we've got details on that and more in the headlines. >>gretchen: in a few hours two men accused in a disturbing terror plot will be arraigned. this is in toronto. canadian authorities say two men planned to blow up a bridge in toronto while a
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passenger train traveling from new york passed by. police say the men had directions from al qaeda. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran. i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. >>gretchen: iran is denying any link. canadian and u.s. officials insist there was no imminent threat to the public. >> another embassy in libya under attack. france's embassy rocked by a car bomb left at least two security guards injured, the first attack since the 2011 war. >> fliers guess what? continue to leave your knives at home. the t.s.a. reversing course delaying a plan to let passengers carry small knives back and other sports items on to planes.
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the t.s.a. proposal drew widespread outrage. critics said it would make flying more dangerous. box cutters were used by some of the 9/11 hi jackers. the t.s.a. said the delay is only temporary. >> talk about the worst first day on the job. >> you're watching the evening report sunday on nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition. >> [bleep] [bleep] >> seeing north dakota news and helping me join the weekend news team as my co-anchor. >>gretchen: she's introducing him as the new anchor. a.j. clemente got fired for that but it made for a top ten on letterman after that. >> signs your first day didn't go well. number ten, you're wearing two neckties.
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number ten, keep mispronouncing your own name. number 8 weather man says to expect dropping your pants. >>gretchen: clemente saying on twitter he's a free agent looking for a new tv gig. >>steve: apparently what he was doing was he was trying to pronounce the london marathon winner's name. can you shoot that with the prompter. shoot the prompter so you can see the name he was trying to pronounce. i don't think he knew he was on. >>brian: why does he think the woman next to him was talking out loud? >>gretchen: she was
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obviously a little rattled as well. can you imagine hearing that and then going, "welcome everyone. i'd like to introduce my new colleague." >>brian: and he'd like to introduce his replacement. >>gretchen: he went on to say "i just graduated from west virginia, and i really know the east coast." except he's in bismarck. new information revealed in the boston marathon bombings by the suspect himself. he's now talking.w he's going to do it with the names. dzhokhar tsarnaev telling authorities how and why they planned the attack. >> good morning. dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in serious condition here but now he is facing serious charges as well. the use of a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property resulting in death. he was arraigned from his hospital bed before a federal magistrate who determine he was alert, mentally competent and lucid. and now we know he has
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begun to communicate. he was able to nod during this hearing and he said one word -- "no" -- when asked if he could afford a lawyer. court papers line out the time saying tsarnaev was caught in the area before the bombing 11 minutes before and was seen fiddling with his cell phone shortly before the blast. tsarnaev is communicating with authorities revealing the internet provided a lot of information on this attack and there was no foreign help. sources tell abc that tsarnaev claims they had no direct financing from governments or rogue groups -- or rogue groups overseas, and that the younger brother may not have known about this plot until a week or so before the attack. authorities are still seeking to find out more information about the older brother and a trip to russia that he took last year. and according to court papers, the suspects, one of them allegedly even confessed to the bombing during the course of that
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carjacking during that escape attempt during those early-morning hours, asking the victim of that carjacking, "did you hear about the boston explosion," telling the victim,"i did that." >>gretchen: molly line, thanks for that update. >>brian: he is lucid enough to talk and lucid enough to get his miranda rights read to him, also thoughts he shot himself through the neck, that's been really brought into question now, as an eyewitness there to help take him down, looks like a cut or maybe something exploded, a shrapnel cut, those that the boston marathon, those that suffered during the explosion. he said i'm motivated by religion, that religion being islamic extremism or islam. he went on to say i have no
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outside ties. i'm not part of a larger group. isn't that convenient. >>steve: both brothers went to a mosque in cambridge. it was the older brother. clearly the younger brother was following the older brother in life in so many different ways. we told you a little bit yesterday about some of the outbursts the older brother had at the mosque in cambridge. for instance, back in november where they were talking about it was okay for muslims to celebrate american holidays like thanksgiving and the 4th of july and tamerlan, the older brother, stood up and argued. then in january there was a praise for martin luther king jr. and he got up and called someone a hypocrite. he had to leave. >>gretchen: ostensibly this younger guy didn't know anything about the bombing until a week before. if that is true, that lends to what we were discussing this morning that he was just an underling.
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it brings out the story that the parents were absent. the parents had gone back to russia and this 19-year-old kid was able to be swayed by the older brother. it appears he was the one that radicalized himself. i'm not saying he's not to blame at all. >>brian: there's no way you should believe -- everyone's apparently running with this story. you've got to be kidding me. you question him for 90 seconds as he's come out of a harrowing situation like this. he's in self-preservation mode. this guy needs to be questioned for a couple of weeks, needs to see if his story line is up. then you've got to drill down on it with professional interrogators. he does not need to see his miranda rights read to him in bed. laughable. >>steve: from what i've read this morning, apparently it was their mother who pushed them towards islam, a very extreme form of islam. you've got to wonder
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whether or not the widow of the older brother, who is now with her parents, knew anything. there she is right there. catherine russell tsarnaev. she reportedly didn't have any reason to suspect him. why? because she was apparently working 70 to 80 hours a week as a home health care aide. while she was away, he was supposedly taking care of the three-year-old toddler. >>gretchen: she had totally changed who she was. many people allege she had been brain washed by this radical islam thought, that she was a christian before, and three years ago she decided to convert. but not only just convert; really get into the depths of it and change exactly who she was. we saw her there in the garb. people who knew her in high school said she was nothing like she was before. she dropped out of college. she had aspired to become somebody and decided ned, i guess, to be under his
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guidance. it's interesting to know exactly what she knew when he is now potentially involved in a triple murder that happened in 2011. authorities looking into any connections that he may have had with that. >>brian: the three guys, he knew, one of which was supposedly his best friend and was brutally murdered. pot was sprinkled on his body. there is no way logically -- how do you not know the man you converted to islam for is not involved in extra curricular actsivities? you've already switched to his religion. you don't think it ever came up, i'm taking it to another level. i'm going to start killing the american people and i'm going to need to go to russia, to the caucasus for a little while. if anything comes up with, watch the kid for a little while. >>steve: honey, why do we have a dozen pressure cookers over in the closet. >>brian: i love the food network and they seem to
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have captured my fancy. >>steve: one of the older brother's best friends was killed in a grisly murder, triple murder. he was friends with one of them particularly. now some are suggesting, we thought about him. now the d.a. up there in middlesex county is considering him a lead in their murder. is it all connected? stand by. >>brian: straight ahead on our show, more on the top story. a major terror bust as al qaeda and iran somehow gets to canada and maybe to us. are they working together to murder innocent people in canada and the u.s.? the man who hunted bin laden next. >>gretchen: it was the luxury vacation that landed him in trouble. now congressman charlie rangel is suing over it? he says he's the victim. ♪
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>>steve: one week after the bombings in boston, another major terror plot thwarted. police in canada along with the f.b.i. arrested two guys for plotting to attack a passenger train that travels between new york city and canada. apparently they weren't working alone. listen to this. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in
3:18 am
iran. now i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. >>steve: what's that all about? joining us from d.c. is the former head of the bin laden unit at the c.i.a. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. how are you? >>steve: doing okay, but i'm a little troubled by what happened up in canada where apparently these guys were receiving support from al qaeda element in iran? >> there's been a lot of al qaeda people in iran since the invasion of afghanistan. a lot of them evacuated there and then the iranians put them under house arrest. they have been there ever since. apparently they can communicate. iranians offered them to us but secretary rumsfeld decided not to take them at the time. >>steve: you're not surprised by the connection between iran and canada because unlike here it is
3:19 am
easier to travel between the two countries? >> there's a lot of iranians in canada as there are here and there's a lot of educational exchanges among canadian universities and iranian universities in the sciences. >>steve: they dodged a bullet there. let's talk about the boston bomber. the older brother, apparently he was interviewed by the f.b.i. about a year ago. this is the extraordinary part. the russian government called the f.b.i. and said you've got to look at this guy because we think he's got ties to the chechen terrorism. >> the russians are not very forthcoming with intelligence information and when you get something from them apparently you should take a good look at it because they are trying to cover their behinds. they wanted to make sure this guy didn't do anything in america and they had not warned us that it was a possibility. they were covering their behinds. >>steve: it sounds like he took a six-month trip to russia last year and never
3:20 am
showed up on our super computers because somebody misspelled his name. >> unfortunately that happens a lot. people, instead of putting "al" into a name, they put"el" into a name. sometimes it's very difficult. the agency at the c.i.a. has done much better with looking at variants of spellings but i don't think that is common at the community. >>steve: maybe we need spell check at the borders because it didn't work here. michael scheur, thank you for joining us from d.c. 20 # minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, strip clubs are not allowed near schools. but next to a convent, is that okay? that story straight ahead. the obama administration making the flying public feel the pain of the scare-quester. is the president hoping the anger will be directed by the flying public at republicans? stu varney will join in on ♪
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>>gretchen: if you're just waking up, 24 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple quick headlines. democratic congressman charlie rangel suing john boehner and six other bipartisan lawmakers to overturn his censure. rangel claims his due process rights were violated. he was convicted of 11 ethi violations. >> he resigned in disgrace after sending explicit photos like this one and messages to women on-line including twitter but former congressman anthony weiner launched a new twitter page. it comes as he considers now running for new york city mayor. >>brian: i think he's running second in the
3:25 am
polls. if you like to travel get ready for long lines at the airport. the f.a.a. imposing furloughs on thousands of employees. those cuts are being blamed on sequester. guess what? delays, delays, delays. >>steve: with fewer workers responsible for the same number of planes that means you're going to have to wait. here now stuart varney, we're not going to make him wait. the scare quester didn't work. now what they're trying to do is inflict pain. people are going to sit on planes, they're going to call their congressmen. "you've got to do something about it! " >> that's right. quick pop quiz. did you know the f.a.a., the people who run the air traffic system, this year they will spend $500 million on consultants, $325 million on supplies and travel, $474 million on grants to make communities more livable and
3:26 am
sustainable. >>steve: are you saying there's money available where they don't have to furlough those guys? >> exactly. why don't you take some of that money and put it into the air traffic controllers' bucket so we don't have to have these delays? because the president says we don't have the flexibility. we cannot redirect spending. not allowed to do that. so why did the president threaten to veto a republican bill which would specifically have given him the flexibility to redirect the cuts, redirect the money? he threatened to veto it. >>brian: he wanted a deal they cut. the f.a.a. says they were forced to reduce their budget by $633 million instantly. >> why don't you take some of that money out of the $500 million on consultants, $470 million on grants, why don't you -- >>gretchen: it is political posturing because they want to show these cuts will really affect services for the american people. and, most importantly, president obama wants more taxes. >> correct. when was the last time an american president ever
3:27 am
deliberately inflicted pain on the population in order to score a political point? >>brian: there was a delay in new york for two to three hours as well as chicago and atlanta. this is incredible. how long can that continue? >> it's going to go on in the future apparently. >>steve: could go through the summer. >> they are going to cut $637 million out of the f.a.a.'s budget. that will affect some of the 15,000 air traffic controllers. and they're expecting delays on 6,700 flights a day. >>steve: the extraordinary thing is of the f.a.a.'s budget, 70% is the payroll for the guys in the tower and what not. 70%. why don't they make the cuts to the 30% that doesn't involve -- >> why is it you've got more air traffic controllers today than you did a year ago, you're spending more on the f.a.a. today than a year ago and you can't cut out of there when incurring delays on the suffering public? >>brian: this segment is so much better than
3:28 am
yesterday's; am i right, guys? the passion, fantastic. >>steve: what if those furloughed employs said we're going to go back to work to help the flying public? >> that would be the best p.r. air traffic employees had in their life. >>gretchen: this is a dicey situation because you're talking about air safety as well. and the american public, if something happens now, this could get very, very dicey. >> i still maintain why don't you take some of the money off the top and put it in the air traffic controllers. >>brian: thank you. 20 minutes after 9:00 on the fox business network. coming up, the state department calls hamas and hezbollah a terrorist organization. but this textbook? they're just political parties. the lesson you don't want your kids learning coming up next.
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>> time for your shot of the morning. anna kooiman showed us yesterday just how hard police canine units work to fight crime. remember this? the segment seemed to be a hit with at least one viewer. take a look at this. guiness, the german shepherd dog right there enjoying "fox & friends" while at home. if he is watching today in a couple of minutes, he'll see anna with some dogs who need a house. continuing with our series of dogs that love "fox & friends." >>brian: it's always my belief, and you've known it, that pets be part of the nielsen family. >>gretchen: track our ratings. >>brian: that's what i'm
3:34 am
hoping. i think they should get behind this effort. >>steve: like the famous scene in the movie "skrooge" where robert mitchum says we've got to figure out a way to get programming for cats and dogs so if they can watch we'll get higher ratings. he said maybe we could have the producers put a ball of string, have it going through and get the cats to watch. >>brian: if you have a scene in a movie you like and want steve to describe it, write us at "fox & friends." >>gretchen: we have more than one dog segment today. we have another canine dog outside we're going to be talking about. >>brian: we have a lot of dogs. >>steve: this could be our highest-rated day ever. >>brian: by the end of this show every dog will have a home and every cat probably. let's go to your headlines. nearly a week after the massive fertilizer plant explosion in texas, we're getting a sense of the fear people felt that night.
3:35 am
take a listen to this. >> everything! sounded like a bomb! i'm looking outside and there is like a bomb [inaudible] i don't know what is going on! >>brian: a memorial service is being held thursday to remember the 14 people killed in the explosion. >>steve: a group of nuns fighting a strip joint from opening up right next door to their convent. they don't like the idea. >> this is an eye sore next to our convent, in our neighborhood. it goes against every fiber of our being and tears at the fabric of our whole community. >>steve: the sisters drew the word david and goliath on a stone and threw it into a creek next to the club in stone park, illinois. they say it symbolizes how they can beat a more powerful opponent with god's help and plan on filing a lawsuit against the city. >>gretchen: parents are outraged over a lesson in this high school textbook,
3:36 am
they say it is antisemitic. it happened in williamson county, tennessee. the book poses the question if a palestinian suicide bomber killed teenagers in a restaurant is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against israeli government and army action? the book defines hamas and hezbollah as political parties. let's go to brian now who has sports action. >>brian: nba playoffs off to a wild start. for example, billy crystal's team the clippers clutched last night. chris paul. >> paul against allen. paul against allen for the win. he's got it! >>brian: he makes the game-winning basket with just one second left. 93-91, winners over memphis. game three is thursday in memphis. a brooklyn-boston game. they packed the house.
3:37 am
they beat the nets 90-82 # to even the playoff series at one game a piece. game three is in chicago. the knicks winning the best six-man award. all off the bench. carmelo anthony contender for the m.v.p. award but that will go to lebron james. it's been called a goal for the ages. watch this. it's unbelievable he took that out of the air and vollied that. look at the impact. that's a long-range volley. manchester wins their 20th lead title with four games still to play. manchester united, the only team more successful and more valuable than the new york yankees.
3:38 am
>>steve: that guy's got good motor skills. >>brian: kilmeade and friends coming up at the top of the hour -- excuse me, not at the top of the hour. 9 to noon. ed gillespie from the bush library. we'll talk a little fracking. gretchen will be on too. mike will be there with his canine companions. first time we have a dog on radio. >>steve: we've got a fox news extreme weather alert. heavy rains, melting snows caused streams, rivers and lakes to overflow their banks. even more bad news for the water-logged region. more wet weather on the rain, i believe. let's talk to maria molina with the forecast in front of the school bus. >> looks like i'm matching the school bus. you're absolutely right. we're actually bringing in another storm system that
3:39 am
is going to be producing rain across many states that are currently dealing with flooding ongoing along many of those rivers. states like illinois, indiana. brand-new flood advisories were issued for mississippi because eventually some of this flooding will make it downstream into states like mississippi and louisiana. we've got several days to go of ongoing flooding. the other story is that same storm system will be producing cold temperatures. you'll see very cold air moving through in some places across the plains waking up to record cold. look at some of these current wind chill temperatures. it currently feels like 4 degrees in rapid city, feels like 12 in sioux falls, 24 degrees is what it feels like in minneapolis. bundle up. as far as your high temperatures go, only in the 30's for denver and rapid city. flood warnings still in effect across sections of illinois and indiana due to
3:40 am
the ongoing flooding. >>steve: 16 right now it feels like in amarillo. >>gretchen: approximately three million to four million animals are euthanized in shelters each year but one couple aims to bring that number down to zero. anna kooiman joins us live at the manatee shelter in florida. >> according to the aspca, five million to seven million companion animals go into shelters every year. 60% to 70% are killed. that's three million to four million animals. the founders of paws for hope and faith join me. good morning to you. you all are trying to lower that number by getting folks to sign pardons like this one at shelters that keeps the shelter from killing animals. you've been able to help 600 animals or more over the past year. tell me about that.
3:41 am
>> well, we had one that wasn't with us too long. after that i got another one named faith. when i went in the shelter there were 74 animals in there. i didn't want to leave him. >> it's really amazing too, janet, that in a year and a half you've been able to help so many animals. you guys have how many at home yourself? >> 21. >> 21 animals. everyone can't do that. can you kind of encourage people to come out? this event in particular you guys are doing for "fox & friends" in manatee county, florida. but why do you think adoption is so important? >> you have so many -- a lot of people don't know you can go to your local county pound and adopt. you would be surprised what you would find at the county. >> it really is a testament to pet owners to stay and neuter their animals. the aspca say almost 10%
3:42 am
that come in are. as you can imagine, six or seven out of ten of these animals being killed. it's just awful. they want me to sign this pardon, so i'm going to do it as i toss it back to you on the curvy couch. i'm going to sign the pardon as well. at 8:50 we're going to be talking to one of the shelter folks from jones county, georgia, who says that they haven't had to kill a single animal since february because of this pardon, so it lasted a lot longer than a week. >>brian: there is a strong push to have you adopt a second dog and live in the city. is that going to be your selection? >> i don't think that will fit in my shoe box apartment. this little guy doesn't have a name. he was shaking when we picked him up at first. >>brian: you can name him by the end of the'm going with . >>brian: you have a lot of weight as an anchor.
3:43 am
i'm not saying you're heavy. >> thank you. >>gretchen: coming up, the boston bomber now charged. but for him to get a fair trial, does it need to be moved? and if that is going to cost taxpayers nearly double, is it worth it? the judge will be here to break it down girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for.
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>>steve: quick tuesday morning headlines. two facebook pages promoting a gun give-away have been shut down and the guy running the ar-15 assault rifle contest is outraged. the gun store owner says he's trying to encourage our second amendment rights. >> the days of tax-free on-line shopping might be coming to an end. the u.s. senate voting to move ahead with a bill that would give states the authority to collect taxes on all internet sales. a final vote is expected next month. >> gretch, over to you and the judge. >>gretchen: one week after the bombings in boston, surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev charged in his hospital room. he was also read his miranda rights.
3:48 am
here to explain is fox news judge andrew napolitano. he was finally read his miranda rights. you have to do that within 48 hours? >> theoretically miranda rights should be read immediately as soon as the person is in custody, before you ask him any questions. we don't know exactly what's happened, we'll find out, but the government told us it did not read him his miranda rights, interrogated him for intelligence, not law enforcement purposes. this is highly controversial and could affect the government's case. but at some point in that interrogation which only lasted a few hours, which apparently consisted of him writing answers because he can't speak due to the injury to his throat. at some point in that interrogation, agents, professional interrogators decided we're not going to get anywhere or we've already learned everything we can learn from him. they also have on their shoulder, breathing down their neck, so to speak, a federal rule of procedure which requires he be charged with something within 48 hours. otherwise they have to let him go.
3:49 am
they did charge him with this complaint filed by an f.b.i. agent who basically wrote a ten-page affidavit summarizing the evidence that they have against him. this f.b.i. agent personally viewed the tapes, looked at the evidence, -- >>gretchen: basically he's charged with having a weapon of mass destruction and killing people. but there was so much controversy in the last couple of days about whether or not he should be an enemy combatant. senator lindsay graham wanted that to gather intelligence. >> he doesn't qualify as a criminal for guantanamo bay. the second is to inconsiders rate him -- incarcerate him in a military facility where he could be interrogated for up to 30 days without a lawyer present. that statute requires he be connected with a foreign organization waging war on the united states.
3:50 am
there is only two of them now and that would be the taliban and al qaeda. the governor of massachusetts, the head of the state police, the mayor of boston, the police commissioner and the head of the f.b.i. in boston all said he has no foreign connection. >>gretchen: how do we know that yet? >> we don't know it. but without knowing it, there wouldn't be a basis to characterize him as an enemy combatant. the government can't willy-nilly do that and hope the evidence comes down their side. >>gretchen: now he could face the death penalty? >> i think he will face the death penalty although it requires a lot of procedures to go through. it is ultimately attorney general holder's decision. that will take about 30 days. these will not be the final charges. the final charges will come from a grand jury in boston. the trial will not be in boston but the grand jury will sit there. >>gretchen: judge, thanks so much for your time. they were supposed to be the next big thing: robots in the operating room. but now there is a problem. they're not working. are robots really safe?
3:51 am
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>>brian: the biggest thing in operating rooms is the multimillion-dollar multiarmed robot named da vinci used in nearly 400,000 surgeries last year, it is now under scrutiny due to deaths linked to the da vinci surgeries and complications. let's ask dr. david samadi who worked with da vinci quite often.
3:55 am
are you concerned? >> i think this is actually not necessarily bad news. i'm glad the f.d.a. is looking into this because a lot of surgeons don't have enough experience or training and they get behind this robot and start doing a case that should only be an hour or hour and a half, they turn into a very long case. that's when they have these kind of complications. recently also a lot of gynecologists started to use robotic surgery and they are superb lap row -- laproscopic surgeons. >>brian: i'm under the impression figure to the hospital and the surgeon chooses to use a robot, he or she has had experience. what is the criteria to make sure the person knows how to use a robot? >> you may be doing five cases and you will be the sixth case or you may have done 30 cases.
3:56 am
the truth is a lot of published data says if you have not done 300 to 500 of these cases, you are not eligible to do this. today i'm going to post a lot of information on our own facebook, david samadi, ten questions you should be asking. if you're diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should ask these questions before you make a decision. behind every successful robot, there is an experienced surgeon. that's how it goes. it takes years, the learning curve is steep but you have to have volume, expertise, team and of course the technology. when it comes together you have a successful surgery. >>brian: if you want successful surgery with a robot, 1-800-samadi. go to your facebook and get the ten questions. that's why you're on medical a team. straight ahead, they came to america so they could home school their children. now the united states wants to kick them out.
3:57 am
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that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, april 23, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. while you were sleeping, new information in the boston marathon bombings. the suspect now talking and explaining how he and his brother planned the attack? and why. >> brian: one week after the boston bombings, another plot thwarted. two men arrested. >> steve: that's not good. then you saw the mug shot. now we've got the video of america's sweetheart in handcuffs getting out of that vehicle. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> steve: a lesson from the reese witherspoon story is if your loved is being arrested, don't hang out the window and say do you know who i am. >> brian: and also say, i don't believe you're a real cop, because they don't like that either. >> gretchen: according to the judge, he just told me that this case will be thrown out because she has every right to get out of the car. so there you have another side of the story. reese, if you're listening, quality judge. >> brian: the other thing is the cop had every reason to be confused because she's normally a blond. so again, i like to defend the cop in this case. >> steve: could be some method hair dye. >> brian: could have affected her behavior. >> steve: no, i'm thinking new role. >> gretchen: we'll talk about that later on. some headlines now. in a few hours, two men accused in a terror plot will be
4:02 am
arraigned in toronto. canadian authorities say the two men planned to blow up a bridge in toronto while a passenger train traveling from new york passed by. police say the men had direction from al-qaeda. >> the individuals were receiving support from al-qaeda elements located in iraq. now, i can tell that you there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. >> gretchen: now iran is denying any links. canadian and u.s. officials insist there was no imminent threat to the public. another embassy in libya was attacked. the france's embassy in libya was attacked. two security guards injured. the first attack in libya's capitol since the 2011 war. an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi last september left four americans dead. flyers, leave your knives at home, at least for now.
4:03 am
the tsa reversing course and delaying the plan to let passengers carry small knives, bats and other sports items onto planes. the tsa proposal drew widespread outrage. critics said it would make flying more dangerous. the tsa says the delay is temporary. you saw the mug shot, now the mug shot of reese witherspoon with her hands cuffed behind her back getting out of a state trooper's vehicle. the officer uncuffed her and walks her into jail where she's booked on charges of disorderly conduct. she was in the car with her husband when he was pulled over for an alleged dui. those are your headlines. >> steve: let's tell you what happened bedside yesterday at that hospital in boss continue. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was charged with detonating a weapon of mass destruction, murder, all sorts of things. it does not -- the charges did
4:04 am
not include state level offenses, for instance, the murder of that mit officer or the wounding of another. those charges are expected soon. but it is interesting because they say that the authorities are confident no more bombs are in the boston area and there are no other plotters involved. however, for what he's been charged with, he does face, at the federal level, because massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty -- he could get capital punishment. >> gretchen: it's interesting because the authorities are now saying that they believe there was no foreign help. but a lot of people are questioning that because what about that russia trip where the older brother was gone for up to six months recently to russia and the fact that the russian authorities alerted the f.b.i. in 2011 that they had concerns about him and becoming more radicalized? it's interesting that in just a short period of time, they deemed that there are no outside sources. i'm not really -- they're the experts. they possibly know that already. but it's interesting for them to
4:05 am
state that, that they know for sure that there was no other outside help. >> brian: it's interesting that you used the term interesting, because i find it outrageous and insulting like we haven't been on the planet for the last 11 years. if we don't understand that you can learn over the internet how to build those bombs. it's unbelievable that he goes to russia, mysteriously misspells his name in which he's not tracked. comes back six months later, more radical than ever. might have already been implicated in a triple murder, but don't get sidetracked. this 19-year-old, we don't know what kind of drugs he's on for pain, says, i didn't know about these bombings 'til a week before. really? did you see how calm, cool and collected he was when the first bomb was dropped? he goes, calls in the explosion on the first one? he looked like a 30-year veteran of explosive technology. there is no way you know a in 20 hours or four hours, whether he is -- how deep he is --
4:06 am
>> gretchen: i agree with that last part. but i think unfortunately you can look on google. >> steve: not to this level. it does sound as if they are taking a lot of -- he wrote out an answer. so they're taking it at face value. we should point out he was not declared an enemy combatant and, in fact, he was mirandaized at his bed. >> brian: how outrageous is that? >> steve: it is. >> brian: you got to take a week, you got to let the f.b.i. talk to this guy the same way they talked to high value targets. this guy is trying to kill us by the islamic extremism doctrine that has been going at us for 20 years, successful for the last 11, for them to conclude he is a 19-year-old kid following his brother with no links overseas hours after he was wounded in the neck is outrageous. >> gretchen: i agree with that part and it would be interesting to know and the f.b.i. is going to be having some sort of a hearing later on today behind closed doors. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: yes.
4:07 am
and i'm sure they'll have a lot of those questions that come up. >> brian: it's too late! he has a defense attorney who wants to be famous and point him out as a misguided youth. >> steve: a lot of people, including lindsey graham r upset. some of the things that were detailed in the complaint came to us from the guy whose car was carjacked. for instance, you probably heard at one point one of the brothers said they were the boston marathon bombers and they wouldn't kill him because he was an american. so in other words, had it have been an american behind the wheel, they probably would have killed him. also, according to the guy who had the mercedes suv hijacked at gun point, at some point the brothers were talking about manhattan. keep in mind, they were talking in russian, so all he could pick up was manhattan. me they also had other bombs.
4:08 am
were they headed somewhere else for a second wave? don't know. one other point and that's how were they able to track the car to watertown? the guy who was carjacked left his phone in the vehicle. they pinged it and that's how they found it. >> gretchen: why would they do this? we never really know why because it never makes sense, other than it looks like religion is the reason. >> brian: what religion is that? islamic extremism. >> gretchen: it was at the boston cultural center, where the older brother especially frequented. it's coming out that there were several times that there were outbursts by him, specifically when they were talking at the service that it was appropriate for muslims to celebrate american holidays like thanksgiving and fourth of july. he had a huge problem with that and had an outburst during the service and the authorities there at that mosque apparently talked to him and said, you can't have that kind of behavior here. you won't be allowed back. he did come back and apparently did not have outbursts.
4:09 am
but it appears that religion, of course, was the motive in this. there is also an interesting twist with regard to a murder that happened back in 2011. ironically on september 11 of 2011 where three young men, their throats were slashed and the first gentleman you see on the left was a close friend, a boxing friend of tacker lynn. he -- tamerlan. he did not go to the funeral or call the family, and so there were some questions being asked at the time and now there is a lot of questions being asked, could tamerlan have been involved in those three murders? >> brian: the people that knew all three of them said at the same time after tamerlan was killed and after he did the bombing, they said i wonder if he was involved in this triple murder and there was no forced entry because it would insinuate that whoever got in, he knew them. >> steve: investigators at the time thought it could be drug related because in addition to having their throats slit, they were covered with marijuana. so they said okay. this is suspicious.
4:10 am
didn't talk to him. now suddenly this is a lead. >> brian: let's talk about canada. salute the canadians, they have thwarted a plot that al-qaeda was putting together before it was implemented that would have them blowing up a train that was going from canada to the u.s. nome did they say it was al-qaeda inspired, they linked it back to iran. they don't tend to get along unless the ensee the west. they -- enemy is the west. somehow there is a cell and that cell has been linked to canada. i'm wondering how far iran is going to go to prove there is no government sponsored terror through that. >> steve: that's the key. exactly right. >> gretchen: today the f.b.i. and officials will face tough questioning because they're going to be questioned about how they potentially missed these leads that they got from russian authorities about tamerlan when
4:11 am
he was over there within the last six months. but the leads came in 2011. could it be that some of this has to do with political correctness and investigating radical islamists? brit hume gave his thoughts last night on o'reilley's program. >> it looks similar, but we can't say based on what we now know that the f.b.i. blew it in this particular case that we're talk being now. but certainly the f.b.i. needs to explain itself. there is a certain political correctness in there and you wonder if it filters down to agencies like the f.b.i., which finds itself hesitant to call hassan out in the way he needed to be called out and investigated, and that may affect the decisions in this case as well, that you got to tread carefully where muslims with concerned lest you be accused of some kind of anti--- >> i think -- >> steve: there is brett and he's talking about the similarities between nidal malik hasan and the fort hood shooters as well.
4:12 am
just one other thing, that comes to us from the father of the terrorists, accused terrorists. that is he says that the f.b.i. visited his family five times over two years. the f.b.i. says what are they talking about? we visited him one time. so there is a discrepancy. >> brian: one time i wish the family was right. i wish the family was right and the f.b.i. was seeing him. i have a hard time criticizing the f.b.i i don't know. i just think they've been extraordinary work. i'd love to expose a way for us to help them do their job better. they should come forward and say, unchain me, allow me to -- allow our people to do our jobs and stop worrying about political correctness, if that's a problem, which i heard it is. >> gretchen: it seems to be at the federal level that the political correctness seems to be more of a problem. because when you think of new york city and the am of potential attacks that this police department here in this city has thwarted, i think it's up to 16 since 9-11, i'm not so
4:13 am
sure that they're looking at political correctness. >> brian: the "new york times" has been attacking them from day one. ray kelly in particular. he just says he's going to do the right thing. >> steve: one thing in the defense of the f.b.i. and that is apparently the f.b.i. went back to russia a couple of times. hey, we got more questions for you. they never answered the questions. you got to wonder whether or not the poor relations between the united states and russia had something to do with dropping the ball. >> gretchen: coming up, they came to america so they could home school their kids. now the united states wants to kick them out? a big update on this case coming up. >> brian: a tiring breaks free at the circus. everyone's nightmare. maybe the only thing worse, a lion. hiding in the women's bathroom. wait until you hear what happened when a woman walked in. >> you hear about that? reese witherspoon got arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct as she gave police a hard time for arresting her husband for a dui. she admitted she had been
4:14 am
drinking. she kept saying to the cop, do you know who i am? [ laughter ] of course, the cough put two and two together, actress, drunk. lindsay lohan? he didn't know
4:15 am
4:16 am
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it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. this family fled germany and came to the u.s. because they wanted to home school their kids. that wasn't welcome in their home country and now it appears it's not welcomed here either? the u.s. government trying to deport the family and they're
4:18 am
taking that case to court today. joining me now is the man representing that family, michael ferris, chair of the home school legal defense association. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so explain to us briefly the background of this family. it's not allowed to be home schooled in germany, so they came to u.s., the united states of america? >> right. the family came here in 2008. immediately applied for political asylum so they would have the freedom to home school their kids. the first level of immigration judge granted the political asylum, saying germany was trying to repress the development of religious minorities. they wanted everybody in germany to think alike and our government appealed that grant of asylum and they won the second round before the board of immigration appeals and this afternoon we'll argue the case in the 6th circuit court of appeals in cincinnati as to whether or not the government's position be overturned, whether or not we'll have freedom for this home schooling family or whether they'll be shipped back
4:19 am
to germany. >> gretchen: what you are question in this is why the department of justice is so interested in trying to send this family back? >> right. the legal issues, i think, are pretty clearly on the family's side because the fundamental issue is whether home schooling or parental rights in education are a fundamental right. if the government wins, it means there are no f.d.a. rights for parents. but if we just put the legal issues aside, we have a political question and that is why is the government being so lenient toward 11 million people who came here illegally, but want to be so harsh to this one family? they clearly have the discretion to say, you know what? let's let them stay. why they refuse to exercise that discretion is baffling. >> gretchen: to complicate the matter, this family has had a 7th child, who was born in america, right? so what kind of legal quagmire -- is it even relevant today in your argument? >> it won'ting relevant today. it may be relevant in some later
4:20 am
proceeding, but today it's a straight up issue, do parents have the right to direct the education of their children? for the united states to argue, well, no, you really don't have a right because you can just stop. if the government says they want to make you teach what they want you to teach, you can just stop teaching what you believe. there is no way to compare our government's view and german government's view to the standards of the constitution, the standards of international human rights. human rights and our constitution say one thing. germany and the justice department say something quite the opposite. it's really, really frightening. for american home schoolers as well because they see our rights bound up in this decision. >> gretchen: very interesting case. please keep us posted as to what happens today, dr. ferris, chair of the home school legal defense association. thanks. >> thank you. >> gretchen: they parted in a public park over pot and left 10,000 pounds of trash behind. the clean-up bill just in and it's addressed to you. then brook burns dove into a
4:21 am
shallow pool, broke her neck and that brush with death made her rethink her hollywood lifestyle. she's sharing it all with us, coming up next ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. boom. heart attack. the doctor recommends bayer aspirin to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before youegin an aspirin rimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor.
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4:24 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. 96%. that's how much of the cyber spying on the u.s. is done by china. that according to a report out by the government investigators. next, $10,000. that's how much a pot party at 4-20 taxpayers in california to clean up. that's how much it's going to cost us. san francisco says there is 10,000 pounds of garbage. 30. that's how many skiers performed this simultaneous back flip in canada. the group hopes to get the world
4:25 am
record, but they were too late for the entry deadline. so they will try it again next year. let's see if our next guest would try that. >> steve: that is amazing. she's the bay watch babe who survived a diving accident that nearly left her paralyzed. brook burns recovered thanks to a surgically implanted titanium plate and rod and she now is the star of an upcoming lifetime movie. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you dove into the shallow end of your swimming pool, black bottom pool. >> toward the shall hoe end. -- shallow end. i hit it. my friend, a a paramedic, saved my life. >> gretchen: because he did what in the pool? >> immobilized me in the water instead of trying to get me out which seems like a natural thing to do. but he took my towel and wet it and wrapped it around my neck and floated me on the first step of my pool until the paramedics got there. because there was no weight bearing on my spinal card, even though i was paralyzed on my
4:26 am
left side for a short period of time, i have 100% recovery. >> brian: what was the pain like? >> excruciating. i just remember blacking out and then swallowing water and him jumping in and saving me and apparently he asked me a bunch of emergency questions and i just wasn't aware really of what was going on. >> steve: they did a special kind of surgery on you. >> they did. i have a little scar here and then a big one down the back. >> steve: turn this way toward the camera. you can just barely see -- >> i have my new hair cut 'cause i'm showing it off. right here. >> gretchen: describe the plate that they put in there. >> it's a rod and two plates and ten screws in total. basically they just needed the bone growth to grow back over the titanium. so there is no therapy or -- i can't go to a chiropractor, there is no cracking anymore. but just needed to be
4:27 am
immobilized. >> brian: you got into skiing, right? >> i torn my acl twice snow skiing. >> brian: doing the flip. >> i president-elect obama would not sign up for the group back -- i probably would not sign up for the back flip. they asked me to host and then judge, which i'm not really sure why. >> steve: were you having a bad day? >> i don't know. i'm hanging with you guys. >> gretchen: you have another bay watch former friend and colleague who is on the show. >> people are getting injured all the time. for me, i was not a right fit. >> gretchen: how did this change your perspective on hollywood, your accident? >> i think my perspective on hollywood has always been the same. but i think it reinforced just in life to continue to hold on to that dead bed perspective and really -- >> brian: what about revenge? >> a fun role for me, an evil character which is always great. but justified by her love and loyalty toward her sister. >> brian: can we see a little bit of it?
4:28 am
yes we can. >> you're being punished, michael. you've been a very bad boy. >> i told you that it was a mistake. what the (bleep) do you want from me? >> you were on the right track. i want money. but i want $75,000. >> are you read? >> i want it in cash, by tomorrow, or i tell your little wife. >> steve: you were so bad. >> blackmail! i cut all that off. >> brian: you do good evil. >> oh, thank you very much. >> gretchen: congratulations on your impending wedding. >> thank you. i'm very excited. >> steve: check it out "a sister's revenge" saturday at 8 on lifetime. good luck to you. >> i appreciate it. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: it was the luxury vacation that landed him in a world of trouble. charlie rangel now says he's the victim and he's suing.
4:29 am
really? >> brian: and brook, you should feel better about this. this should give you inspiration. his injury was so horrific, it brought his fans to tears, but marcus lat mohr is draft and they'll be an nfl superstar. two people overcoming great injuries. ♪ there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations, and treats hook-, round-, and whipworm infections. treatment with fewer than 3 monthly doses after exposure to mosquitoes may not provide complete hrtworm prevention. the most common adverse reactions were vomiting, itching and lethargy. serious adverse reactions have been reported following concomitant extra-label use of ivermectin with spinosad alone,
4:30 am
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4:33 am
sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing a truck carrying president obama's teleprompter. remember that a while back? this guy stole the president's teleprompter. the president had no comment. he did, but he was, you know -- they were on the teleprompter. >> steve: there goes totus. >> brian: that's true. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: let's do headlines. nearly a week after the fertilizer plant explosion, listen to this 911 call. >> look at that! look at that! something exploded. all of our windows just broke. i don't know what happened. the house shook and the power went out. >> gretchen: the blast wiping out 37 blocks. a memorial service being held thursday to remember the 14 people who lost their lives. >> brian: she was sentenced to not paying taxes for 17 years.
4:34 am
charlie rangel says he's the victim and he's now suing, speaker janer and a group of six other bipartisan lawmakers to overturn his sentence. he claims he's due his process rights. remember the president asked him to resign? >> steve: sure. governor rick perry has a message for business owners in illinois. get out while you can. >> you need to get out while you can. the escape route leads straight to texas. >> steve: the republican governor in illinois to lure businesses to his state. he pointed out the state's high taxes and pension problems in illinois. this all lead to go a war of words with the democratic mayor of chicago, including a jab at perry's gaffe at the presidential debate. hello, rahm. >> he remembers all three of his reasons. >> illinois still doesn't have as many jobs created as it did ten years ago.
4:35 am
we've got 1.7 million more. >> steve: what about the taxes there? sears and motorola two of the companies that threatened to leave illinois. >> gretchen: sounds like a scene from "hangover." watch this. >> do not go in the bathroom! >> will you put on some pants? >> there is a tiger in the bathroom! >> gretchen: guess what? a tiger actual will he did get loose at a circus in kansas, at the same time a woman headed to the ladies room. she came face-to-face with the big cat who ended up hiding out in the bathroom. >> my first thought was, okay. i need to be calm. turn around. walk out. you'll be fine. that's what i did. >> gretchen: the tiger was caught a short time later. that was the woman's first time at the circus. she says she's not sure she'll ever go back. >> steve: here is somebody part of our wolf pack, check out this incredible video out of argentina. somebody at a music festival captured the amazing moment --
4:36 am
that was meteor exploding. at first people thought somebody had thrown a flair into the sky. now here is that member of the wolf pack, maria molina, with the weather outside. >> hi. good morning. that's incredible video coming out of that part of the world. but we do want to get to your weather because we have incredible stuff going on with the weather across our country, including a new storm system that's rolling through sections of the center of the country. this storm system is bringing in some much colder air behind it. rapid city, that's your current temperature. not wind chill temperature. it's currently 50 degrees in rapid city. 20 in denver. 32 in minneapolis. and these areas, when you factor in a little bit of a breeze, it feels even colder than what the thermometer reads. so you really have to bundle up. some of the colder air will make it down into parts of texas as we head into later on today. high temperatures today in the city of dallas will not make it out of the 60s. so a chilly day out there. chilly here in new york city. 52 for your high temperature. cleveland, not bad. high temperature at 70 degrees. again, this storm system is
4:37 am
headed eastbound, bringing in much colder air for many across sections of the plains. minneapolis, good news. finally as we head into saturday, this upcoming weekend, your high temperature should make it to 70 degrees. much warmer weather coming up soon as we head into this upcoming weekend. but the bad news, of course, is that that same storm system will be bringing in some rain to areas currently enduring flooding across sections of some rivers, especially the mississippi river along parts of illinois, down into even mississippi. >> brian: south carolina runningback marcus latimore steamed to be unstoppable until he injured his knee. he's determined to make a comeback as an nfl first, second or third pick. joining us now, the number one college runningback in the plant, maybe one of the top
4:38 am
football players in professional football, marcus latimore. describe what has happened to you over the last three years. >> the last three years, man, it's been a whirlwind. i wouldn't change one thing that happened. >> brian: you talk about the acl, the mcl, the pcl on one leg torn. you work your way all the way back and then what happens? >> i tear again. right there, october 27 playing tennessee, i come around, run this power play, didn't even see the guy coming and hit my right knee. >> brian: what are your thoughts? you said thankfully you didn't feel anything. but what are you thinking while laying on the ground? to be honest, have you seen the video? >> i have. >> brian: it's pretty bad. >> it's real bad. it looked like it hurt, but, you know, i'm thinking i know football is over with. why me? why this happen to me again?
4:39 am
it was a devastating thing to happen of the but i'm here now. >> brian: so you double down, you work twice as hard and come all the way back. how to combines -- did she head to the combine. how did it go? >> it went down. i've been down training and the biggest thing that's really helped me is my recovery, you know, i'm not with eas and they've really helped me out a lot. my recovery and everything. at the combine, i got to meet with teams and, you know, all they wanted to know is my mindset. then actually at pro day, i was able to do some drills and show them i'll be fine. >> brian: how did it change you as a person, because i don't have -- i've never had this happen. to be the best at something at a young age where the pros were looking at you almost from the day you went into college, to people doubting you could ever play again. how did it change you? >> they made me mentally stronger and i never took anything for granted again. i don't take walking or running for granted.
4:40 am
i love the game of football. i love everything about it. the next time i step out on that field, i'm going to give it 110%. >> brian: we know that. and your personality and your integrity has impressed scouts. you said there are three or four teams interested in you and who are they? >> it's been a bunch of teams. >> brian: you sat down with jon gruden. >> yeah. that was real fun. >> brian: what are the three seems? >> st. louis, an fran -- a bunch of teams. >> brian: i'm going to call the giants. i'd like to see that. congratulations on the distance you've come to be here and i fully believe you're going to be an impact player in this league and i wouldn't doubt if someone doesn't make you a pick in the first round. >> thank you. >> brian: best of luck this weekend. the draft is coming your way. it's supposed to be a big honor. but an airport being named for bill and hillary clinton turning into a big joke. it's not their fault. we'll explain. take a look at this. that dog charging our camera man
4:41 am
and can do things no human can. he will show us next when you're carrying forda lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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[ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me.
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it appears it's an agent of good. ge has wired their medical hardware with innovative software to be in many places at the same time. using data to connect patients to software, to nurses to the right people and machines. ♪ helping hospitals treat people even better, while dramatically reducing waiting time. now a waiting room is just a room. [ telephone ringing ] [ static warbles ] [ beeping ] red or blue? ♪ >> steve: quick headlines. unctionle sam feeling generous with our money. the irs admits overpaying people
4:45 am
for low income tax credits to the tune of $14 billion. but the good news, that's among the agency's lowest money mistakes in the last decade. way to go. the. the clintons are getting an airport named after them in arkansas. but locals say the official name, the bill and hillary clinton national airport is too long so they started calling it not hill and billery, but hillbilly airport. all right. brian, you and gretchen are next. >> brian: that's not respectful. from detecting explosives, dogs are some of the most highly skilled animals on the planet. so what does that -- what does it take to join the rank of these elite dogs? >> gretchen: our guest knows. he's an author with elite k-9 with rico.
4:46 am
>> brian: why write the book? >> i wanted to get it out there so people understood how capable and how much these dogs augment our guys overseas. they do a fantastic job and there is a lot of misnomers and myths that a lot of the american public think that's not quite true. i wanted to get it out there so that everybody knew how amazing these animals were. >> gretchen: for example, this dog is not a german shepherd? >> correct. that's a german malamar. we do use some german shepherds, but most are these. >> gretchen: why? >> they're smaller. a little more agile. >> brian: look how lean he is. can you make him walk? he's so much leaner than a german shepherd we're used to seeing. he looks like a triathlete that can do everything. what do they do? when we think of dog, we think of bomb sniffers and explosives. they do more? >> they do. they apprehend criminals here on the streets or insurgents
4:47 am
overseas, if there is people running away and you want to capture and not kill them, these dogs are perfect because it's a nonlethal approach to capture suspects. they can find people if they're hying in hidden rooms or anything like that. it's a good morale boost. there is not really any soldier overseas that doesn't enjoy hanging out with them. >> gretchen: that must be so important. so describe what you have around your neck. >> this is just a control device for his collar. it vibrates when i touch a button. >> gretchen: right. so can you show us some of the things you've been able to train him? >> sure. we'll do some obedience. >> brian: wow. he's already outdone my dog. >> gretchen: mine, too oh, my gosh. mike, can you come to our house after this? >> brian: wow. >> gretchen: describe for us how these dogs are also classified,
4:48 am
they're treated like any other member of the service, right? >> gretchen: they are. if they get injured, that they evacuated the same way as us. yeah. if they get injured, they get med vacked and injured. when they die, they're memorialized like we are. they're every bit a part of the family as any of our guys. >> brian: you were in on the invasion of iraq and a lot of guys fought through both wars. what role does this book play in remembering them? >> it plays a large role in that it memorializes the guys that operate with dogs, which all of our guys do. i think it speaks volumes to their capability of helping our guys down range. >> gretchen: it's a great tribute to them and great work you're doing. thanks for bringing it to our attention. check out the book, thanks much. >> thank you. >> brian: back outside, steve, tell me what's coming up next.
4:49 am
>> steve: i will. take that dog over to del frisco's for a nice steak. >> brian: i don't know if he has the patience. >> steve: are you one of the thousands of americans looking for a job? stick around. cheryl casone right over there, you got five companies hiring right now, right? indeed. yep. first on this date in 1977, "don't leave me this way," thelma houston, number one. we were all singing it [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:52 am
>> steve: are you look for work? if so, today is your lucky day. cheryl casone from the "fox business" network is here with the five top companies hiring.
4:53 am
>> five. >> steve: good morning to you. first, let's start with the company that comes to my house to clean our white couch called kim dry. >> this spring, spring is the number one part of the year when everyone goes to clean their carpets. largest cleaning and upholstery service in the nation right now. this is a home office opportunity. i get a lot of e-mails from people want to go work from home. this is one of those. you can work in the call center, that's the home opportunity, $11 per hour, technicians make 9 to 13 per hour. sales, i.t. jobs, 80,000 up to $120,000 a year. colorado, texas, massachusetts, virginia, tennessee, florida, oklahoma, ohio, just some of the states. they're across the country. >> steve: one of the side benefits is you get to keep all the change you find out of the cushion, right? >> i usually do. >> steve: number two company is damatic. >> it's a logistics system. they go into factories and how do you make a widget?
4:54 am
they put in the machinery. factory, warehouses, distribution centers. 230 jobs. $1.3 billion that they're booking in business every year. they need people asap. some sites have fitness centers. salt lake city, atlanta, cleveland, dallas, and seattle, 50,000 to $100,000. big range depending on what you do. >> steve: a lot of people need help fixing up their houses and that's why they call home serve. >> it's good to have a plan, someone comes in, it's broken. they fix it. 1.3 million homeowners they service across the country. they've got 50 jobs open. this is electrical, water, sewer. couple of things interesting about this. they're working with former mayor rudy guiliani, water and sewer infrastructure. they're saying there is a big need for that. the mayor is saying that as well. they're actually a lot of the jobs are in stanford, connecticut, here in the new
4:55 am
york area. >> steve: after work, people need something to treat themselves to. that's why tcby, the country's best yogurt. >> because yogurt is one of the better foods in the world. 480 to 680 jobs. they've been around since 1981. they're based in colorado, but there is throughout the country. they're starting up -- the greek yogurt craze, they're now doing greek frozen yogurt. it's a really hot seller. houston, detroit, boston, texas. mainly southeast, northeast and specifically texas is where they are expanding. >> gretchen: i'm getting sick -- >> steve: i'm getting sick and tired of mowing my own yard, who do i call? >> the ground guys. grounds guys. they've got 14 new franchises this is about 400 new jobs. couple of things that are interesting about this is it's landscaping. but they've got -- called project hire. so when you go to work at a franchise, if you get enough
4:56 am
hours with the company, they'll help you get discounts to help you open up your own franchise. also there is a program for women called women in trade. they're trying to get more women involved in skilled labor type of positions. when we're in an environment where we've got 7.7% unemployment in this country, if you can get a job, take it. >> steve: if people want more information about the jobs we talked to -- >> i went through a lot of cities. i have a lot of web sites where you can go and apply to every single company i went through today. we're going to talk about jobs on the business network because we do that every day. we need jobs to get the economy going. >> steve: thanks for giving us the business today. >> that's what i do. every tuesday. >> steve: it is. thanks. meanwhile, a gun store offering a rifle give aways on facebook. its page mysteriously shut down. sounds like facebook is getting political, doesn't it? we'll talk about that.
4:57 am
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if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, april 23. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. thanks for sharing part of it with us. let me tell you what happened overnight. the boston marathon suspect braking his silence about how they plotted the attack. with this quick interrogation, does everyone buy what he's selling? laura ingraham is going to give us her thoughts, coming up next. >> steve: then another terror plot thwarted. this time the target, trains. the two guys arrested have ties to al-qaeda and al-qaeda and iran. >> brian: all right. you thought you had a bad day at work. this guy was fired after two words. >> you're watching the evening
5:01 am
report sunday on nbc north dakota news. your news leader in high definition. >> (bleep). >> steve: uh-huh. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts... >> steve: the good news, that guy who just got fired after saying the two words, the first words out of his mouth on live television, he just called cheryl casone, i think he's going to work at chem dry. >> gretchen: apparently he saw a name that he had to pronounce. i think it was the marathon winner, wasn't it? and it was a name that was difficult to pronounce and so he let out expletives instead and that got him canned. >> brian: right. i just -- i don't understand how he didn't have a sense they were on. >> steve: first day jitters. >> gretchen: maybe he watched big poppy as his role model.
5:02 am
at the red sox game, he didn't get any violations. he got a good job. >> brian: you brought up a good point. why did the fcc not fine him? because he spoke from the heart. >> gretchen: exactly. he spoke from the heart! how many times have we looked at names, specifically you, brian before you go oh, my goodness? [ laughter ] >> steve: it happens. some of the names are really hard. >> brian: that is why this is why i even ask the crew, not that they do anyway, can't curse around us, because you don't want to get in that mode. when we were in gangs and stuff, we used to curse. and that was a problem adjusting to this lifestyle. >> steve: they're not wearing microphones. we are. >> brian: right. >> steve: they could be using salty language right now. >> brian: to describe us. iain, but we won't give out names. >> gretchen: we have to do headlines now. in a few hours works men accused in a disturbing terror plot arrested in toronto. the two planned to blow autopsy bridge in toronto while a
5:03 am
passenger train traveling from new york passed by. police say they had direction from al-qaeda. >> they were receiving support from al-qaeda elements located in iran. now, i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. >> gretchen: iran is denying any link. canadian and u.s. officials insist there was no immediate threat. france's embassy in tripoli rocked by a car bomb. left two security guards injured. the first attack in libya's capitol since the 2011 war that ousted moammar gadhafi from power. as you recall, that attack on the u.s. consulate, that was in benghazi and last september and it left four americans dead. you got to leave your knives at home for now. the tsa reversing course delaying that plan to let passengers carry small knives, bats and other sports items on
5:04 am
to planes. the tsa proposal drew widespread outrage. critics said it would make flying more dangerous. flight attendants didn't like it either. you may remember box cutters were used by some of the 9-11 hijackers. the tsa says the delay is only temperature, not really sure why they're doing it or why it would come to fruition later on. talk about the worst first day ever on the job. >> you're watching the evening report sunday on nbc north dakota news. your news leader in high definition. >> (bleep). >> gretchen: you got to hear the priceless reaction, though, of his female co-anchor. we don't have time. anyway, she's given the task of introducing this guy for his first day on the air after he had said that. he tweeted he got fired afterwards, but the gaffe made for hill lay your top -- hilarious segment on letterman.
5:05 am
>> number 8, weatherman tells you to expect an 80% chance of unemployment. number 4, last story of the broadcast announced a job opening for news anchor. number 2, kept dropping your pants and yelling, this just in! and the number one sign your first day as a news anchor didn't go well, aspire to be the next ernie ansata is. >> it makes a tough man to make a tender forecast. bleep -- bleep). >> gretchen: what did he say again? >> steve: it was about a chicken. >> brian: it was a set-up. >> gretchen: no, it wasn't. but ernie is still working. >> brian: i bet he gets another gig. >> gretchen: really? >> brian: yeah, just bleep his first broadcast. >> steve: apparently he got in trouble, he was trying to pronounce the london marathon winner's name. how would you say that at home?
5:06 am
he said it, he was on tv. >> brian: didn't end well. we had it easy because bill rogers used to win the marathon. i got this one. no problem. no reason to use expletives. i got bill's name down. >> steve: indeed. meanwhile, we got some news for you. >> brian: that was steve's toss to me. brand-new information revealed in the boston marathon bombing by the suspect himself. dzhokhar tsarnaev telling authorities how and why they planned this attack. molly line outside beth israel hospital. the suspect claims he and his brother had no foreign help. we got that out of day one of questioning, i understand. >> exactly. that's what's reportedly happening inside. we know he's awake and lucid from transcripts of that initial first appearance here in court before the federal magistrate. but he's apparently talking, at least a little bit. when it comes to motivations, there is a tremendous amount of information out there that a lot
5:07 am
of the information for this attack, the plotting of this attack, came from the internet and that is apparently what dzhokhar tsarnaev is actually telling authorities, that they spent a tremendous amount of time on the web gathering information and we also know from previous reports that the older brother, tamerlan, spent quite a lot of time on the web looking at jihadi information, jihadi web sites and posting things on youtube. brian? >> brian: yeah. apparently the 19-year-old told authorities he did not know about the bombings until one week before. we expected to buy that? >> well that, is what abc is hearing from actual sources within the investigation. also hearing that they didn't have any foreign help or any resources from overseas, from any rogue individuals from overseas. now, authorities are going to look into all this. they're not just going to believe everything they're told. but there is a tremendous amount of evidence that they're gathering. they have computer evidence and also looking into that trip, as you recall, that the older
5:08 am
brother made to russia last year. guys, back to you. >> steve: all right. we thank you very much, molly line outside the hospital in boston. let's bring in laura ingraham, she's live in our bureau in d.c what do you think of this? before he was mirandaized, apparently he told the high value interrogation unit it was just me and my brother. we didn't have any help. we looked it up on the internet, and by the way, my brother was the brains behind the operation. >> well, look, was it the same people who had interrogated tamerlan a few years ago to decide that he really wasn't any problem, that the russians were blowing this whole thing out of proportion with potential radicalization of tamerlan. look, we don't know yet. we can speculate, but in the end, they will have to go through all of the text messages, all of the e-mails, every web site they ever went to, any other aliases on-line
5:09 am
that they assumed as they looked for information about this. and as far as i know, we don't know much about this trip yet to russia. six months in russia, duke a lot of things -- you can do a lot of things. >> brian: why was it necessary to read him his miranda rights right away when he can't even talk yet? there was plenty of play within the public safety clause to allow us to go a week or two as he gets conscious and let our experts really do the job they need to do. not one day when he's half medicated, jotting stuff down on a piece of paper how many is that in america's best interest? >> i think the administration clearly is concerned that if they had not read him his rights, his entire apprehension and all of it would have been challenged in federal court as unconstitutional and they would perhaps have a situation on their hands where -- i mean, in a weird situation, he would actually be released.
5:10 am
that's what i think they're worried about. >> brian: that's ridiculous. >> it is. i mean, look, the idea that we can conclude on day one that he likely didn't have any ties to any foreign governments, to me, seems ridiculous. people two weeks ago didn't know anything about these guys. >> gretchen: if he says he only found out about it a week before, based on all these other mistakes that they made showing their faces on videotape, not really having a get away plan, don't you think that will be easy to prove or disprove, whether or not he knew or didn't know by looking at his computer? >> i agree. this won't take long. i think proclaiming that, well, it doesn't look like it's -- it's like the canadian plot where they had ties to al-qaeda. we can conclude he didn't have -- they didn't have any ties to any other governments. tamerlan is dead. we can't interrogate him. we only have his brother and the computer trail that they left behind. remember, i don't know if they're still in custody, there
5:11 am
were two friends from i -- both not from the united states. not legal residents, not legally here, apparently. they have some immigration problems. they're still in custody. we don't know what relevance they have to this plot or not. we just don't know yet. >> steve: those people were driving around a bmw. i think we got a picture with the fuselage plate. u mass dartmouth. you went there, didn't you? >> yeah. >> brian: who would drive around with that vanity plate? >> if you had a tea party license plate that, would be a red flag. but if you have terrorista, it's basically oh, how cooperate. >> gretchen: that's crazy. let's talk about the canadian terror plot you allowedded to because they apparently thwarted that well in advance of it happening with a train coming from new york and a possible bomb on a bridge. so some people are asking, did
5:12 am
we miss something in boston? did the f.b.i. miss something because the russian high school come to the united states about tamerlan and now there will be this closed door hearing today. do you think that political correctness has anything to do with it, like people say about fort hood? here is brit hume's thoughts and then i want to get yours. >> it looks similar, but we can't say based on what we now know that the f.b.i. blew it in this particular case that we're talking about now. but certainly the f.b.i. needs to explain itself. there is a certain political correctness and you wonder if it filters down to agencies like the f.b.i., which finds itself hesitant to call hasan out in the way he needed to be called out and investigated and that may affect the decisions in this case as well, that you got to tread carefully where muslims are concerned lest you be accused of some kind of anti-muslim bias. >> gretchen: what do you think? >> i think brit is exactly right. we hear and have heard over the
5:13 am
last ten years since 9-11 an overriding concern about islamaphobia in the united states. we have other cable channels doing huge specials on islamaphobia. i think ingrained in this administration is a concern about overstepping when it comes to muslim americans, law-abiding muslim americans shouldn't be tarred with the actions of those who seek to do us harm. brit is right about that. in this case, in 2002, a year after 9-11, the fact that we were giving asylum to individuals in this country who were from a place like chechnya -- i mean, i think that in and of itself raises a flag about the way we approach these issues. >> steve: we thank you very much. it's always a pleasure. thanks for dropping by. we'll see you next week. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, they came to america so they could home school their children. now the united states wants to kick them out. a big update on this case is coming up. >> brian: our only friend, mike jarrett, and his co-anchor cannot control their laughtee im
5:14 am
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5:18 am
anyway and how will the civil liberties be affected? he is now a american citizen. peter johnson, jr. here. when we talked yesterday, we didn't know what the administration was going to do. not an enemy combatant and he was already mirandaized so the whole public safety issue is out the window. next thing you know, high profile defense attorney will be making lots of money. >> no, there is a legal aid attorney and they're already working in his defense and hopefully justice will be served. hopefully, he'll be executessed for these crimes. the second question is, how does it affect our civil liberties? big, big time. the climate is going to change in this country. miranda will be looked at in a different way. >> brian: you think so? >> absolutely. we'll be looking at hardened transportation targeting in this country. five of the 16 plots that ray kelly and the nypd foiled in new york were transportation related. we'll see a new paradigm about how we conduct parades and
5:19 am
marathons. we're going to have police lining those routes. >> brian: when we get the guy, we can't say -- first we're going to tell them you have the right to remain silent. fantastic. so the bombs that could be exploding and the plots unfolding, we can't ask them. >> sure we can. we did. >> brian: they have a right not to answer. >> it's a public safety exception. >> brian: how long did it last? >> we're a nation of laws. >> brian: we are a nation to stay alive. >> what do we do? >> brian: we sit there -- f.b.i. interrogators sit with him for a week or so 'til they feel like they got information. >> do you believe in indefinite holing them? >> brian: two different issues. >> no, no. either we believe in the constitution or we don't believe -- >> brian: not everyone is worthy of the constitutional rights we have. >> senator graham is an expert on military commission and on the law of war. >> brian: yes. >> but what he's saying is,
5:20 am
let's suspend civil rights and constitutional law. >> brian: for public safety. >> in this particular case and later we'll reinstate it. now, what if someone decides to do that to brian kilmeade -- >> brian: i'm not blowing up the subway! i'm not doing -- neither is your family. >> it's not the president's determination nor senator graham's nor anyone else other than the u.s. attorney to decide how someone will be charged or will they be charged. i believe in the public safety exception. i believe in doing everything we can to get terrorists. but at the same time, i'm saying don't let the terrorists trample our rights going forward. >> brian: but at least let the hole in his neck heal in order to answer the questions. we didn't even give him a chance to answer the questions. >> i didn't say end the public safety session. i say it could go on for a month. >> brian: thank you so much. next up, a gun store offering a rifle give aways on facebook has its page mysteriously shut down
5:21 am
is facebook shutting down free speech, too? and do you know where your food comes from? are you sure? the farm kings are here to set the spinach straight. ♪ [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail, only rzr delivers. now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99%. save even more with rebates up to $500... or totally customize your new rzr with up to $500 of free polaris accessories. razor sharp performance is waiting for you during the polaris xp sales event.
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5:24 am
>> gretchen: some quick headlines. rutgers university set to introduce los angeles lakers assistant eddie jordan as its new men's basketball coach today. he played for the scar let's knights from 1973 to 1977. this comes less than a month after former coach mike rice was fired for abusing players, including throwing basketballs at them. facebook pages promote ago gun give away have been shut down and the man running the contest is outraged. the owner says he's just trying to encourage second amendment rights. let's go over to steve. >> steve: all right. thank you very much.
5:25 am
move over, kardashians. there is another family taking on reality television, the king clan. nine boys, one girl and a feisty mom and it all takes place out on the farm. >> from the moment we get up 'til the moment we go to bed, total madness. >> we work seven days a week all day. we were born to do this. there is no place we'd rather be. >> we're determined not to be a dying breed. >> steve: joining us right now are a couple of the brothers and stars of "farm kings," pete and dan king. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: i worked on a farm back when i was a kid. but i don't remember ever walking around without a shirt that much. >> you know what? yeah. we got yelled at for doing that. >> it was hot out there. >> steve: was it the producer's idea? hey guy, take off the shirts. >> every once in a while your shirt gets sweaty and dirty. my old man used to yell at me for taking it off. you're going to get hotter. >> steve: the cool thing about your show is it shows people where food comes from because a
5:26 am
lot of people think it comes from the grocery store. there are people out there in the fields, sometimes with shirts, sometimes without, who do the hard work. >> yeah. it's a huge thing, knowing where your food comes from is very important. i think a lot of people now adays don't know where the food comes from. they just go to the grocery store and that's what we want to do with this tv show. we want to get people more involved with their farmers and we also have a csa program that we're starting this year. it's a way for people to support their local farmers it stands for community support agriculture. >> steve: we're looking at some images of freedom farms, from pittsburgh in pennsylvania. >> 20 miles north of pittsburgh. >> steve: you guys, in addition to having a big family, everybody's got a different job, right? >> yeah. >> steve: tell me what you each do. >> i mean, i do a little bit of everything. i do what's needed. tim is our hort iculture. i don't is our businessman.
5:27 am
everybody else is working to move forward. >> steve: in last year's show, and it goes to show how hard -- you think, it sounds like fun being out in the fresh air and everything. this is hard work what you guys do. it's 365, seven days a week, especially since you got a restaurant and a place that you sell the stuff. last year there was a big hail storm and what happened to your crops? >> destroyed. that's the name of the game. >> steve: no payday for a year! >> it puts a big hurt on it. so weather is a huge variable in what we do. sometimes you have losses like that and sometimes the weather agrees with you. it's just the way it is. >> steve: so what happens this next season that starts shortly? >> this next season, it's actually a little more calmed down, i'd say. last season was us during our busy season. this year we kind of relax. >> we have to be on vacation, which is really fun. we're not used to that. >> steve: where did you go? >> we got to go to holiday valley, a nice resort for skiing and snowboarding. it was actually my first time. so it was a little rough for me.
5:28 am
but we had a good time. >> steve: i know we've been talking about the boys and i just saw an image of your mom. she really holds it all together. >> oh, yeah. >> she's the driver, man. that's where we got our muscle from. >> steve: i'm sure she's watching out right now. but she's work the field. all right. >> where we should be right now. >> steve: check out "farm kings" on the great american country network, thursdays at 9:00 o'clock. dan, pete, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: thanks for keeping your shirts on during this segment. coming up, the state department calls hamas and hezbollah terrorist organizations, but according to the textbooks, they're political parties. lesson you don't want your kids learning probably coming up next. then, strip clubs are not allowed near schools. but how about next to a convent? is that okay? you'll meet some nuns who say not okay
5:29 am
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your trip begins at
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5:32 am
>> have you seen the new e reality show "what would ryan lochte do"? it premiered last night. i don't want to say it's hard to watch. >> you don't want to say that? >> but even honey boo ba is like, did this guy hit his head or something? is this for real? >> steve: now to promote that show on the e channel, ryan
5:33 am
lochte sat down doing a satellite interview with our long-time friend at fox in philly and che kneel jones. the reaction after the interview where you're about to learn, brian lochte does not have a lot too say. watch. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing? >> what kind of line could -- what would get your attention? oh, really? >> my philosophy is if you're a man at night, you got to be a man in the morning. >> i like that. i have a a feeling my co-host, that's what you live by. >> i was brushing my teeth and the camera was there. >> they follow you into the bathroom? >> i guess there is like a mirror with a sink and then you have the bathroom. >> good luck to you. we'll be watching.
5:34 am
>> thank you. [ laughter ] >> how are they going to get enough material? >> gretchen: i just want to say -- >> brian: it gets worse. >> steve: they laugh for over a minute after that. >> gretchen: that's fantastic. but i want to say that for once, a guy is the dumb blond, yeah. woo hoo. >> steve: it was on a tv show. we should point out, because this is only a three hour show, we took out big chunks of dead air where he had nothing to say. >> brian: you know what i'm wondering? what kind of break schedule do they have where they factored in 1 1/2 minutes of just laughing and giggling? >> gretchen: i recall recently on this show where we laughed for at least a minute 30 about
5:35 am
something called a belly button. >> brian: right. turned out that i was right, that this -- >> steve: but it is infrequent where hosts of a show laugh at a guest 'cause usually they're sitting right there. but via satellite, that guy had already gone on to do another show. ♪ i don't got a belly button >> brian: if you're just tuning in, there is a super model with no belly button. i asked her -- >> steve: who would not own up to it. >> brian: and my two cohorts on the couch precontinueded like they didn't read the notes. i asked the question. >> steve: and you said, where did you get that? >> gretchen: i didn't say that. >> brian: you both turned on me. >> steve: but our guest said, what are you talking about? i have no idea. who are we positived to believe? >> gretchen: i said that i had recalled a story about a -- >> brian: after the segment was
5:36 am
over! in the commercial. you left me out to dry. you know that's the truth. am i right? >> steve: anyway. >> brian: joel? >> steve: he doesn't have a belly button either. >> brian: who is telling the truth. you never lie. joel, point to the person who knows. >> gretchen: what's the question? >> brian: the question is, did they leave me out to dry? >> steve: pretty much. >> brian: i read the notes that she had no belly button. >> steve: our guest was denying it. >> gretchen: the headline was -- you read the notes. >> brian: when mike wallace interviewed ayatollah khomeini, that's what i channeled. >> steve: were you asking the same questions you would ask the radical leader of iran to her with no belly button? >> brian: similar. i would ask asked the ayatollah the same thing, no belly button. >> gretchen: how much credit did i give you for reading through all of the notes to find that little nugget of information? >> brian: the problem with your story is that you gave me credit in the break. i need these people to hear the
5:37 am
credit. i wanted anchor on my set to give me credit. is that possible? >> gretchen: i gave you a ton of credit on your radio show. >> brian: really? now she has no belly button. >> steve: anyway, good luck to ryan lochte, he starts his new show on he and he's getting a million dollars worth of free publicity. >> gretchen: you're going to be on the blogs all day for your feelings about the miranda rights. >> brian: i wonder if they'll be room for bob beckel later. >> steve: meanwhile, 23 minutes before the top of the hour. some headlines for you. authorities are now investigating whether boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev killed before. they want to know if he was part of a two-man murder team perhaps that slit the throats of a close friend of his and two others back in 2011. he was very close to one of the victims. they trained together at the gym. there is a report the two were hanging out the day before the murders. friends also found it odd tamerlan did not go to his friend's funeral.
5:38 am
the murders reportedly happened on the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attack. >> gretchen: they are a devout christian family who came here from germany. they were seeking asylum from a law in that country that prohibits home schooling. in a few hours, an appeals court will hear arguments as they fight deportation. the family came here in 2006. but the justice department reversed a judge's ruling that home schooling was grounds to seek citizenship here. michael ferris will argue on behalf of the family today. >> the government wins, it means there are no fundamental rights for parents. if we just put the legal issues aside, we have a political question. that is why is the government being so lenient toward 11 million people who came here illegally, but want to be so harsh to this one family? they clearly have the discretion to say, you know what? let's let them stay. >> gretchen: the court should decide in two to three months. >> brian: a group of nuns fight ago strip club for opening up right next door to their
5:39 am
convent. >> this is an eye sore next to our convent. and our neighborhood. it goes against every fiber of our being and tears at the fabric of our whole community. >> brian: the nuns drew the words david and goliath and they it into the creek next to the club. they say it symbolizes how they can beat a more powerful opponent with god's help and plan on filing a lawsuit against the city. >> gretchen: the state department calls hamas and hezbollah terrorist organizations, but in this textbook, they're just political parties. parents in williamson county, tennessee outraged over a lesson in this high school textbook they say is anti-semitic. the question reads, if a palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen israeli teens in a jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or war time retaliation against israeli government policies and army actions? that set off quite a fire storm.
5:40 am
>> steve: i think we know whose side they are. the calendar might say spring, but mother nature has other plans. we got this picture from manhattan, kansas. the little apple, where there is snow on the ground. so what is going on? maria molina joins us with the forecast. i was in kansas two days ago. it was 30 something degrees. still winter there. >> yes, it is. temperatures still in the 30s across parts of kansas, including that city in the little apple, manhattan, kansas. they're looking at a current temperature at 32 degrees. you factor in a little breeze and you're talking wind chill temperatures across that area that are only in the teens and 20s. many of you waking up saying it's supposed to be spring out here. but it feels more like january. it feels like 12 in garden city in the state of kansas. looking at the radar, we have the snow coming down across parts of colorado, kansas and into southern areas of the state of nebraska. a number of winter weather advisories are in effect out here. this is the same storm that will
5:41 am
actually be bringing in rain to areas currently dealing with river flooding across indiana, illinois, all the way down into parts of mississippi. otherwise temperatures even into the northeast will be quite chilly. where in new york city, you'll get up to a high in the low 50s. 41 is the current temperature here in new york city. the big apple. back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. we're work the big apple and little apple. thank you, maria. >> gretchen: coming up, as soon as he heard about the boston bombing, this vet picked up his flag and started waving to show terrorists they will never win. wait 'til you hear why he picked this bridge. grab the tissues. >> brian: and "fox & friends" is on a mission this morning to save more than 200 dogs and this one needs a name. we need a name. anna kooiman will explain how you can help @p@ñ@p@ñ
5:42 am
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5:46 am
man who started this patriotic trend. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so let's talk about your husband, betty, leonard fairington, who started this tradition after 9-11, waving the big american flag over the highway. why did he do it? >> well, i met leonard a week after he was discharged from the navy after serving four years and five years in the south pacific, active duty, and he was very patriotic after that. when he was retired and this happened at 9-11, it wasn't five minutes he was in the car with his flag and went to this bridge right outside of rock hill and stood there all day waving the flag at the cars on i-77, kept going under him, blowing their horns, waving and putting their lights on. it was just awesome to see all the things the people do to show they appreciated what he was
5:47 am
doing. and i know that if he would still be here, on monday he would have been out there doing the same thing. i'm very proud of what he did. it was not about leonard farrington. but it was about being a good american and showing people how much you appreciate the country you're living in and how the young people, young men and women fought to keep our free doom and that we couldfully -- we could live in peace and no country was going to destroy this for us. >> gretchen: aptly put. he unfortunately passed away in 2012 at the age of 89. harvey, you were a friend, also a veteran, and you decide to carry on the tradition on monday because leonard wasn't there. so what did you do? >> well, i'm part of rolling thunder in south carolina. the rolling thunder chapter tries to bring home pows and mia's. we step up beyond that. we've taken over leonard's
5:48 am
responsibility of waving the flag. we take out 50 flags every now and then and betty joins with the group and waves these flags over the interstate. we felt monday was just as appropriate as 9-11 with the bombing. we don't know if it was a terrorist home grown or terrorist from another country. but we felt it was a terrorist type of act and we needed to bring our citizens of the united states together with patriotism, concern, sorrow, and the flag. this is the flag that leonard farrington we waved for ten yea. that goes out with us monday. we wanted to make sure that the united states of america knows we are standing together and we need to be very much alert as to what's going on around us. the flag is our symbol. >> gretchen: it's also a symbol, according to the both of you, that the terrorists cannot beat
5:49 am
america and you're continuing a tradition that your husband started and your friends started and so many people are applauding your efforts when they see what you have done. thanks so both of you for honoring your husband and fallen friend, but also for honoring our country. >> it's our honor and our pleasure. >> steve: great story. straight ahead, we need your help to save more than 200 dogs and cats. how you can make a difference, coming up with anna. first let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens on this channel in ten minute. >> good morning. great show today. >> steve: thank you. >> lot of energy. >> steve: there is a lot going on. we're exhausted! >> great job in boston, hemmer. >> great to be home. thanks to you guys. a big morning for us. america's mayor, rudy guiliani, is here. so is karl rove. ambassador john bolton looks at the international connection of what's happening in boston. there is other news to talk about as well because there are millions in the midwest watching the rivers rise and why would one of the architects of obamacare call that law a train wreck? that's from a democrat.
5:50 am
martha and i will see new ten short minutes on "america's newsroom" oh, boy. [ groans ] ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> steve: developing story in the news, moments ago we learned former mf global chairman jon corzine, former democrat from new jersey, is being sued by the trustee for the failed brokerage. they say corzine breached his duties. $1.6 billion in customer money, disappeared. and the stakes just got higher at wimbledon. a 40% increase in prize money for this year's tennis tournament. winners will now get $2.4 million, that's 65 grand more than they got last year. >> brian: take a look at our latest fan. this great dane woke up with
5:54 am
anna kooiman earlier this morning. look at that. she's in florida with dozens of pets who still need a home. >> gretchen: we asked you if you wanted to name that cute one. good morning again, anna. >> good morning to you. we told new our last segment that this little guy, he doesn't even have a name yet. when we picked him up, he was shaking. he's starting to take to us. but gretchen, i know you like the name patches. we heard scooby. we heard scooter, norman, lucky. petey, 'cause he looks like the dog from little rascals. the three of you please pick a name by the end of this segment. but five to 7 million companion animals go into shelter, according to the a spca every year. 60 to 70% of those are euthanized. there is a group here in manatee county, florida, aim to go lower the number. we're joined by the founder of the group, paws for hope and faith. this is shane and janet. good morning to you. thanks for being with us.
5:55 am
>> good morning. >> you're having them sign a pardon that they won't euthanize the animals for a week. you've been able to help over 600 animals. tell us about your dogs hope and faith. >> well, we found hope in a shelter and she was severely abused. we had her for 19 days and she pretty much inspired us to do more. we went to a shelter and found faith. she was a former bait dog. we adopted her and i wanted to go back and get all the animals out of that shelter. >> it's been unbelievable what you have been able to do just through grassroots efforts, through social media. i'm so proud of you. i want to talk to this lady here from jones county, georgia. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> you tell me that since february, you haven't had to kill a single dog. so this helped you longer than a week, hasn't it? >> tremendously. not only do all the animals get saved during that week, the
5:56 am
overwhelming support that comes afterwards is a lifetime community involvement. >> just raising awareness about newtering your animals. you say only 10% actually have had that done and also microchipping is so important. what is the winner? what can we call this little guy from now on? >> brian: go ahead, gretch. make the announcement. >> gretchen: i think our viewers made the choice and it is patches. [ applause ] >> brian: congratulations. [ applause ] >> steve: great. good work down there. let's hope that we have encouraged a lot of people to adopt shelter dogs. >> brian: we have an action plan. we know how to get ahold of her? what's your number, anna? how do we get in touch about the dogs? >> steve: you know what? send things to our web site. >> friends for hope and faith. >> steve: we'll have that on our web site. anna, great job in florida
5:57 am
today. >> gretchen: right back. >> steve: so long, patches hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. what's the rush? you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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