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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 27, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is saturday, april 27. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. she is the mother of the boston bombers but this mom may not be so innocent. how she landed on a terror watch list and now she's a person of interest. all the details ahead. >> good morning. i'm mike in for tucker. this piece of a landing gear found wedged between the ground zero mosque site has been sitting the for nearly 12 years. or is it all a hoax? >> it's the interview that made mike jerod speak first. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing? >> how are they going to
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get enough material? >> i wouldn't call that speechless. he knew exactly what he was doing. this morning mike's coanchor joins us live. we'll talk about ryan lochte and how hot he really is. "fox & friends" hour one begins right now. >> welcome into "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. >>alisyn: the best thing about that, you're very funny. obviously everybody who watches us knows you have a great sense of humor, but it's rare that you are caught laughing hysterically on camera, and you were doing that. >> not so much at him. just the concept of his reality show that people would be tuning in to that. i love the woman i work with, shanelle.
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>>clayton: we'll ask him about ryan's speedo later. >>alisyn: let's get to headlines. more than a decade after the september 11 attacks, a landing gear from possibly a plane that hit the world trade center was just found blocks away. this aircraft part was found wedged between two buildings, one of which is the controversial ground zero mosque site. "the new york post" reports police suspect this may be a hoax and it was lowered to the site by a rope. the piece is five feet long by three feet wide, between the two buildings less than 18 inches. but commissioner kelly says it is possible it could have stayed hidden all these years. >> -- realize the chaos that existed on this street, i think it's unfathomable. not that surprising, very,
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very confined. no construction work went on. >>alisyn: investigators plan to check monday for human remaims and other evidence at the scene. >> is president obama weakening his red line threat about the use of chemical weapons in syria? aides say intelligence shows the syrian president bashar assad used them on his own people. the administration now says it needs more time to investigate who used them and how. >> number one, secure the chemical weapons before they fall into the wrong hands. that's the great threat. that's the big prize. destroy them forever so they can't be used against us or anyone else. secondly, contain this fighting so that the king of jordan does not fall. >>alisyn: more than half a million syrians have taken refuge in jordan which is a strong u.s. ally in the region. >> it is your move, mr. president. the house following the senate's lead in passing a
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bill to end the f.a.a.'s furloughs of air traffic controllers, the bill now awaits president obama's signature. the bill lets the agency use money from less needed areas to end delays at airports across the country. the white house says it's just a band-aid. critics say president obama left them no other choice. >> the president was at one point given the option of being able to do what we're talking about right now across the board without having to do this piecemeal deal. he didn't want to take it. and he didn't want to take it because they wanted to have the tax increases across the board and not actually go through with the spending cuts. the problem is -- >>alisyn: the white house has been accused of playing politics and cherry-picking visible areas to make cuts forhe most impact. >> tell us about sports, clayton. >>clayton: it was day one of the nfl draft. it came and went without manti te'o or gino smith hearing their names called.
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they didn't wait too long. on day two, manti te'o was taken by the san diego chargers. they traded up to get him. i wonder if someone will let him now that the san diego chargers don't exist. sorry. the very next pick, the new york jets took quarterback gino smith. the move could spell the end of mark sanchez. >>alisyn: everybody just likes gino. >> a look at the forecast. >> a nice weekend finally temperature-wise for almost everybody across the country. places across the north have not hit 60 degrees all year u today. we've got 70's here. that means rapid snow melt around minnesota and north dakota. they will be looking at flooding by monday and tuesday. temperature-wise we're
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looking pretty good. just a little precipitation, one area, areas across the southeast where we'll continue to see rain showers and a little bit of severe weather. west coast, spectacular. severe weather across the big bend of texas. maybe wind and hail. the rest of the weekend, rain will spread and linger across the southeast. the northeast, a spectacular weekend, the nicest one we've had all spring long. parts of the north, same thing with these niece temperatures. we have a lot of flooding to talk about and we'll be talking about that for much of the rest of the morning. >> let's turn our attention to boston because new information has been revealed, and pretty fascinating information. we were talking about the mother of the family last week on the show and what did she know and when did she know it. it appears now she has been placed into the realm of persons of interest, and
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she was on the terror watch list about 18 months before all of the bombings unfolded. she was put on the c.i.a.'s watch list 18 months ahead of time. >> we were wondering where the 26-year-old was radicalized. maybe he was radicalized inside his own home speaking with his own mom. >>alisyn: we know she was on the terrorist watch list. russian authorities alerted the c.i.a. and the f.b.i. that they had some grave concerns about tamerlan, her 26-year-old son. but it turns out in the same conversations they said they also were concerned about her, that she had now adopted an extremist or militant, as they called it, form of islam. >>clayton: what they were most concerned about, the russian authorities, were then returning to their country to sort of foment terrorism back home. they initially tried with the c.i.a., but then the f.b.i. looked at the family, examined the mom, examined the sons and found no ties to terrorism
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whatsoever. and further, the russians asked the f.b.i. to look into his mother as well because of concerns that they were religious militants and would come back and do something back home. >> she has upseptember a lot of people in -- she has upset a lot of people in this country. i know she lost a son and is distraught. >>alisyn: that's generous of you. it sound like she hasn't been thinking clearly for a long time now. >> she lost a son and a 19-year-old she'll probably never see again. let's play what she said and talk about it. here she is. >> [inaudible] in america now. why did i even go there? why? i thought america is going to protect us, our kids, is going to be safe. [inaudible] like any reason. but it happened. america took my kids away
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from me. only america. what have you done with my son? he was alive. why did they need to kill him? why didn't they send him to ] whatever. kill him? why? why did they have to kill him? they got him alive, right. [inaudible] in their hands? >>alisyn: why did they have to kill him? >> maybe because he planted bombs and killed people. >>alisyn: perhaps somebody should let her know her other son ran over him. >>clayton: she thinks they were framed. yet her son, according to reports, admitted to authorities that in fact they were responsible. inter gators said they were the ones who committed the bombings and she's blaming america. khraeup -- >>clayton: she said america was unsafe for her
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sons. no. america is unsafe because of her sons. >>alisyn: i feel very unkind thoughts when i watch her and her rail against the united states as opposed to taking some responsibility, opening her mind to the possibility that her sons wreaked incredible havoc on boston. >>clayton: when they investigated her criminal record, looked at her past, she had been caught back in july of -- june 2012 in massachusetts for shoplifting. thousands of dollars of women's clothing she ripped off from a lord & taylor. lord & taylor was the surveillance footage that ended up leading to the capture -- >> this family ended up taking subsidy from the federal government as well. >>alisyn: we'll talk about how they were on and off welfare throughout their entire time here. meanwhile, let's talk about whether or not the brothers
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had any help with planning their attack on boston and what they planned to do next. police commissioner ray kelly, here of new york, believes, and he said the investigation has shown that they did plan to come to times square and that they were planning to have some sort of attack here in new york. >>clayton: initially we heard reports they were going to come here to party after the boston bombings. >> this was from about a year ago. that's dzhokhar, the 19-year-old, in times square with buddies. now i think a couple of these buddies are in custody being questioned. >>clayton: there is one guy, this red-bearded individual, which according to the daily mail, is being sought after. this third individual, the uncle has talked about this individual as perhaps being involved in some capacity, helping to radicalize the brothers. he has not been found yet. >>alisyn: those two young men who you saw there, whose faces you could see,
3:12 am
that we hadn't blurred out, they were arrested in new bedford, massachusetts. they are immigrants from kazakhstan, i believe. >> keur -- kirzygstan. >>alisyn: or some part of russia. they are questioning them to see if this visit in times square was some sort of advanced plot. >>clayton: more on that coming occupy. plus this: a police officers fired for driving drunk now suing claiming control is a disability. does he have a case? >>alisyn: then they voted to stick you with mandatory health care. but now members of congress may be exempt. it's business as usual in washington. we'll take a closer look at this for you. ♪
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i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. >> members of congress who rallied behind obamacare may be getting a taste of their own medicine. reports that some lawmakers and staffers seeking exemptions from the rest of the law americans face. why should they be exempt? tammy bruce is a radio show host. good morning. congress decided to go against the will of the people, the laws of the land, that they would somehow be above the rest of us. i find this shocking. >> finally, though, we can report -- and it's thrilling there's been some bipartisanship agreement -- that both the republicans and democrats agreed they should not have to experience obamacare.
3:17 am
the problem is of course they've pushed us all through to this. we know that there are problems. we know it is not what they said it would be. and now you've got harry reid and john boehner agreeing that they and their staffs shouldn't have to be subjected to this. now, it is, of course, putting themselves above the law. it's not the first time they've done it. they have also just last week effectively, many say gutted that insider trading law. it was a big deal last year; right? why you'd have to pass legislation for you to have to follow the law is in and of itself an indication of a major problem. and now with the legitimacy of this government, we've got about a 10% approval rating for congress, and the legitimacy of obamacare, their attempt to get out of this is quite shocking. >>clayton: let's get specific about what unfolded. according to reports, they got together in some confidential talks to try to figure out how they themselves could be exempt from which portions of the obamacare law? all of it?
3:18 am
>> what they're worried about is is the cost of the premiums, that they'll go up. they're worried about what they're terming is a brain drain. that younger people who right now get their health care paid for by the federal government, if they have to go into the exchanges and do what all the rest of us have to do with obamacare it's going to cost too much, and some of those younger aides will leave congress. what they're doing is -- and you'll notice euphemisms. they don't need a waiver from obama and they're not going to do legislation. everyone is being careful with the word. they want the office of personnel management to tell them they can either keep what they have now or that the federal government will pay everyone's health care for them. we would also, of course, love that. we have to pay it ourselves. and already in maryland, which has been very gung-ho with obamacare, premiums there expected to go up 150%. do you remember, clayton, what it was supposed to do?
3:19 am
>>clayton: it was going to lower premiums. >> now it will be the opposite. >>clayton: let's see a statement from harry reid's spokesperson. there'll there is not now talk of exempting members of congress from the affordable care provisions that apply to any public or private employer involving health care. any way to parse that? >> they will say they are not exempt but they won't have to pay for it. if you're looking at our issue, the exchanges won'ting going into effect because nobody knows how to do it for another year. small businesses, they were supposed to be helped by having skpaepbgz and options -- having exchanges and options. now there will be no option. people will fall into the private market. people with preexisting conditions further making
3:20 am
premiums go up or they'll have a horrible policy and have no choice. what congress wants is to not have to deal with the financial burden. that's what all of this has come down to. >>clayton: i have a feeling congressional approval ratings will go up further. >> this again is about congress following the law and the legitimacy of this government. and if they don't have to do it, maybe it's a statement that maybe none of us should have to do it. >>clayton: tammy bruce, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. thank you. he was feeling the perils of nature, so he packed his swiss army knife, now one fifth grader suspended for carrying it on a school-sponsored trip. >> military family of the year? the mansfields. the mansfields. join us live.
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>> welcome back. quick headlines for you. a fifth grader in california suspended for bringing a swiss army knife on a school camping trip. the boy also had a can opener, tweezer, toothpick, nail file and tiny pair of scissors. >> he was fired for crashing an unmarked police car while drunk and off duty. he now filed a lawsuit against his city. he says as an alcoholic, his rights were violated under the americans with
3:25 am
disability act. the police department won't comment on the pending lawsuits. ali. >>alisyn: it's a program called "our military kids" and it's helping children of military families take on tough times while their parents are serving overseas. joining us now is our military kids pick for the 2013 military family of the year, abigail and bethany mansfield. congratulations on being picked as the military family of the year. abigail, how did this happen? >> bethany and i applied for grants for our military kids which supplies $500 grants for military kids with a parent overseas or wounded. they give them grants to do an extra curricular idea to help take the distraction
3:26 am
off the missing parent. bethany and i did vocal lessons and corey applied for drama camp. >>alisyn: that is terrific. you guys applied for these grants. they're $500. people in the past, kids in the past have done things like take soccer class or gone to a summer camp, have been tutored. you can do whatever you want. bethany, why did you guys decide to do voiceless sons? >> me and abigail are very much into musical theater. that moves what we want to do for our future careers. not only do we have a passion for it, we got the experience and opportunity to do it. now we're somewhat prepared for our future careers so it's really great. >>alisyn: that's terrific. i don't know if you guys know that, but our military kids have provided more than 37,000 grants to kids like you totaling more than
3:27 am
$15 million and one of the people who received a grant is the owe -- olympian gabby douglas as she took gymnastics cavern. abigail, what did you think when you found out you were going to be one of the recipients? >> i was very excited to take voiceless sons. i wanted to do it for years. with our financial situation, it wasn't possible. it definitely made me very, very happy. it was a blessing straight from god. >>alisyn: betheny tell us about your dad and what his service means to you? >> his service to me, he's a true hero. it's amazing. >>alisyn: we can hear how much you love him and how emotional this subject makes you. your parents must be very proud of you.
3:28 am
abigail, what did they say? >> they were very excited that we've had the opportunity just to do interviews like this and to meet new people and come here to washington. it's great. >>alisyn: it is a great opportunity. again, our military kids are the providers, and we congratulate you. good luck with your voiceless sons. we hope you'll come back and sing. thank you. coming up, what would you do if a gator approached you on a golf course? one pro player's unusual reaction. plus this -- >> it's the interview that had mike jerrick doubled over with laughter.
3:29 am
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>> what are you doing?
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>> what am i doing? my philosophy is if you're a man at night, you've got to be a man in the morning. >> ryan, good luck to you. we'll be watching. >> thank you. [laughter] >> how are they going to get enough material? >> what did he say? i'm a man at night? >> i'm a man at night and a man in the morning. [laughter] >> look out. then she started snorting on the air. >> that was ryan lochte interview and mike jerrick. >>clayton: sheinelle, mike's coanchor who couldn't keep it together. sheinelle jones, great to see you.
3:34 am
>> good morning. i couldn't keep it together. thanks. >>clayton: that's kind of what our show is every single day. i don't know why it's getting such national attention. >> exactly. locally people kind of understood that but nationally people were saying what is this? who are these people? you know what i mean? can i start with saying that i blame you, mike. it's completely your fault. clayton, i used to work with you. you're guilty of doing it too. you can feel when you're about to kind of get the giggles. normally your coanchor will keep you in. mike goes right in for the kill. oh yeah. the timing of his jokes, and i lost it. >>alisyn: you're so right, sheinelle. they bring it over the top. also may i say that the reason why this video has gone viral. sheinelle, you couldn't stop commenting on ryan lochte's abs and his hotness and how fabulous he was.
3:35 am
>> i mean, because he is cute. the thing is he's a likable guy, and we all recognize that. when i saw the story about his response to us -- trust me, i was nervous when he said i'm not responding to haters. i'm not a hater. it was just funny. >>clayton: you were a lover. here's another inside. the leopard-skinned speedo. sheinelle also cracked a rib. i don't think people knew that. her rib was killing her. >> yes. all morning long, my back was killing me. every time i would laugh, it would start to hurt. again, mike, he would make me laugh. as you can see, i was grabbing my back. i think people thought i was laughing so hard i hurt my rib. >>clayton: there was a moment and a question when
3:36 am
you asked him is there a line a woman could say to you when you go out on a date or you're out in a club or something. >> mike asked it. >>clayton: i'll ask the same question of you. if ryan lochte tried to hit on you, what would he need to say to try to rope in sheinelle jones? >> i would say "hey cuteness." and honestly, that's all it would take. >>alisyn: when you, mike, posed the question to ryan, it stumped him, and that is part of what you guys were laughing at. >>mike: the other night he was on letterman and letterman asked him what is your best stroke -- you know, in the pool. he didn't have an answer. and letterman goes is there anybody we can call. >>alisyn: then he says "my mom." >>mike: one of the reasons i was laughing is because i'm jealous of the
3:37 am
guy. do you know what this guy's life is like? wherever he goes he's surrounded by beautiful women. and i know it's all over for me. that's why i'm jealous. >> his abs are ridiculous. he's good-lookin'. he's so cute. >>clayton: in the interview he says i don't have to come to women. they come to me. >> i didn't realize he has this reputation of having these, let's just say empty answers or perhaps i would have been prepared. i didn't see it coming. obviously you can imagine mike's expression off camera when we get these awkward pauses. >>alisyn: quickly, when he says the haters are going to be out there and hate, both of your responses to that is what? >>mike: i'm doing it because i was jealous. now sheinelle and i have this reputation of making fun of people when they
3:38 am
can't hear us anymore. first it was the kardashians. now it's this. i want the world to meet this woman i get to work with every day, and that is sheinelle. she is fantastic. >> if ryan is watching, he is completely welcome. we'd love to talk to him again. he would see we're totally likable. we just like to have a good time. we laugh at ourselves more than anything. are you kidding me? all in good fun. >>clayton: make sure he brings a translator. >>alisyn: sheinelle, great to meet you. >>mike: see you monday. >>alisyn: i love her. >>clayton: so natural. >>alisyn: i feel for her. >>mike: being with me. >>clayton: that's how rick feels working with us. >>mike: don't you think ryan lochte should never do an interview without it being a two-person interview. >>clayton: bring somebody else to fill in the void. you've got to go to youtube
3:39 am
and watch clips of his interviews. >> guys, take a look at the weather map. talk a bit about what's going on. a dangerous situation going on across areas of the north. all that there is snow covered. still places about a foot and a half of snow. there's been very cold across the northern plains. we're warming up. yesterday into the 60's. today 71 degrees in fargo. snow is melting rapidly and flowing into the red river. the red river flows into lake winnipeg. we're going to be talking about flooding here. the waters as of last night or early this morning is at 24 feet, getting into moderate flood stage. think we're going to crest around wednesday at 38 feet. that's below the record, fortunately, but at 38 there's a lot of land that gets flooded. that's one big story we're going to watch over the next few days. the rest of the country, northeast looking spectacular. the nicest day probably that we will have seen all
3:40 am
spring long. everybody into the 60's. we'll see plenty of sunshine. the southeast we've got storms. quite a bit of rain across parts of tennessee especially into kentucky and we'll see a few thunderstorms firing this afternoon across parts of louisiana, arkansas, and mississippi. temps back to the west, pretty warm, 83 in abilene. to the northern plains, temps finally nice. we have to deal with the rapid snow melt and flood and muddy conditions. out across the west, another spectacular day. tucson 92. our first triple-degree readings across the colorado river valley. guys, back to you inside. >>clayton: are you excited for that? >>alisyn: let's get to your headlines. the new jersey man arrested for bringing home made explosives on a train is speaking out this morning. he says he made fireworks, brought them on a new jersey train and then detonated them in upstate
3:41 am
new york. his roommate alerted police. the f.b.i. searched his apartment and confiscated gun powder. the 27-year-old said he never met any harm. >> i did something really dumb. i'd like to those nameless commuters that i didn't know. i will never do anything like this again. i will be sure to stay away from anything that combusts. >>alisyn: that's a good plan. police arrested him on the same day as the boston bombings, but they say he is not a threat. here's something you don't see every day. an alligator hazard at a p.g.a. tournament. the gator slowly approaching an official at the classic in new orleans. the official slowly backed up. apparently this gator is a frequent visitor to the course and has been nicknamed tripod. >>mike: tripod?
3:42 am
>>alisyn: yeah. the world mourning the death of arguably the greatest country singer of all time, the legendary george jones. ♪ we had a good thing >>alisyn: his voice is so beautiful, so evocative, it makes you want to cry. jones passed away at a hospital in nashville. jones had number one hits. in five decades he won two grammys, was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1992. fellow singer alan jackson wasted no time dedicating a performance to the legend. >> to my friend george jones, greatest country singer of all time. >>alisyn: i believe it was alan jackson who said if we have had -- what dolly parton says, my heart is absolutely broken. george jones was my all-time favorite singer and one of my favorite people in the world. my heart goes out to nancy and all of his family and
3:43 am
friend. george jones was 81 years old. he had such a beautiful voice, we should play "he stopped loving her today." it seems appropriate. >>clayton: for all the young people that aren't familiar with george jones, go to itunes and download his greatest hits album. >>mike: yesterday we had billy ray cyrus on, the first person out of his mouth george jones and he didn't know george died. he died 20 minutes later. >>clayton: coming up, the boston bombers said they hated america but had no problem living on the taxpayer's dime. >>mike: a popular daily deal. what you need to know if you're one of the 50 million people at risk.
3:44 am
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>>alisyn: sources reveal the boston terror suspects and their family received food stamps and other welfare. >>clayton: how does someone investigated by the f.b.i. joined up by welfare. let's put this out there. we know that the older brother -- the family in general had been put on this watch list. the russian authorities contacted the c.i.a. they were looked at. it was a massive, massive watch list, upwards of 754,000 people on this watch list. but if you're on that list, how are you able to receive government benefits on top of being on that same terrorist watch list? it doesn't make any sense
3:48 am
to me. >> it doesn't and it doesn't make sense to the victims and taxpayers to be receiving taxpayer-funded benefits. i'll tell you why it happens in massachusetts, because in massachusetts social security numbers are not required to receive many of the benefits. to get housing, you cannot be denied if you don't give a social security number. to get cash assistance and food stamp assistance, you can just say -- sign a piece of paper and say i'm applying for a social security number and they'll let you start getting the assistance, and then they never follow up on it. we're kind of using the honor system in massachusetts when it comes to giving out taxpayer-funded benefits. recently in the legislature, i fought for legislation to require people to give social security numbers before they receive any taxpayer assistance, and that was voted down. >>alisyn: so here's a few more details. as recently as last year, the older brother, tamerlan, and his american wife and their
3:49 am
three-year-old child were on welfare. we know that the parents and the younger brother, dzhokhar, received welfare and food stamps on at least three separate occasions for a year or two-year long stints. since your legislation was voted down, what's the answer here? >> i'm certainly going to keep fighting for it. it's been very hard in massachusetts to get any welfare reform passed. unfortunately, our governor has taken the stance that we need to protect the privacy of these terrorists over supporting the victims and the taxpayers here in massachusetts. and is giving out very little information about what welfare benefits they received. i think these people, the victims, deserve to know whether or not they were funding the lifestyle of a terrorist who was over in dagestan for six months learning how to kill americans. >>clayton: please keep us updated on your fight there
3:50 am
in the state of massachusetts. thank you for joining us this morning. >>alisyn: thank you. coming up, the sunshine state looking to become the first in the country to rein in alimony. is that a good idea? we're going to have a lively debate on that.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>>mike: big changes could be coming to divorce laws in this country. the sunshine state may soon put a stop to life long alimony payments, and other states may follow suit. but some critics are calling the move antiwoman
3:54 am
and mean spirited. joining us to talk about this, our legal team arthur aidela. explain what this is. no matter how long you've been married in the state of florida, you have to pay alimony the moment you get divorced for the rest of your life. >> if you've had a short-term marriage, let's use a round number like say six years. you have a short-term phaeurpbl and get divorced, the person who makes the most money could have to write you a check for the rest of your life. this sometimes comes across as punitive. that is not the purpose of alimony. it is to help get the un-moneyed spouse back on. usually the woman. >> i don't think that is true anymore. these laws are so old, number one, they were meant for women back in the day who didn't go to college, who didn't go to graduate school, stayed home.
3:55 am
so, therefore, at 50 years old after a 20-year marriage, the guy takes off with a 20-year-old, she can't get a job -- >> that's still happening. >> welcome to 2013. we've got ipads. time to change the law. >> i just did a divorce for a couple who were married 47 years. you can't tell me you can't pay that woman for the rest of her life. who's going to hire her? >> we agree. start laughing. we never agree. but a couple married six years and a couple married 47 years is very different. the law is saying the judge now has discretion. it's not just black or white. there's a lot of gray. >>mike: it's not a blanket decision case by case. >> it's not case by case. they say we'll decide how long you're going to -- >> the woman is 60 years old, you get alimony for 20 years. when she's 80 and about to
3:56 am
hit the boards, alimony will go away. >> there is a huge segment of society where women between 50 or 60, no one is going to hire them and no one will remarry them. if your spouse isn't going to pay your alimony, you know who will be paying it? the taxpayers will be paying it. >>mike: what's the solution? >> you have to have lifetime alimony in certain circumstances. >> limited. limited. limited. limit. not a blanket rule. i'm not talking about men and women. we're talking about the person who gets up -- who's here at 6:50 in the morning -- >> i'm here at 6:50 in the morning. >> correct. it doesn't matter about gender. >> if i married you -- >>mike: you two would get a divorce. >> florida and massachusetts are agreeing on this. that doesn't happen too
3:57 am
often. >> new york gives a lot discretion. >>mike: next up, chilling details about the family of the suspected boston bombers. their mother now being called a person of
3:58 am
[ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen.
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4:00 am
>>alisyn: good morning. today is saturday, april 27. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. like mother, like son. new developments in the case of the boston bomber. their mother was also added to a terror watch list more than a year ago, and is now being called a person of interest. was she the one who radicalized her two boys? >>mike: i'm mike in for tucker. sorry, kids, no more strapless dresses. while we're at it, no dance at all. the principal who says those dresses are inappropriate, making a major decision that has parents fuming. plus do you share your personality with your pet?
4:01 am
what your dog's breed says about you. i like weiner dogs. >>alisyn: of course you do. >>clayton: "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >>clayton: mike's not joking, the little dogs that you maybe put a sweater on during the winter, you're like paris hilton a little bit. we'll tell you what your personality in dog lingo says about you. >>alisyn: we have new information this morning about the boston bombing suspects including the fact that their mother was also added to a terror watch list. it wasn't just tamerlan who was on a terror watch list at the behest of russian authorities. russian authorities also tipped off the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. about this
4:02 am
woman, zubeidat tsarnaev. and they thought that she was more and more becoming an extremist, they said, and should be on a watch list. >>clayton: specifically they were worried about them being radicalized in the united states, going through some sort of process and coming back to chechnya, coming back to russia and fomenting some sort of violence back home. that's why russian authorities were relaying this information to the c.i.a. and the f.b.i. however, the f.b.i. found no ties at all to terrorism. they investigated the family, didn't find anything compelling about this. you should be reminded, when somebody says the terrorist watch list -- and i wasn't aware of how vast this thing is -- it includes hundreds of thousands of individuals. and so how can someone get on that airplane? how can someone fly when you're on this list? it is a massive net. >>mike: i think we should be tracking bad people, no question about it. but were these two boys radicalized? were they radicalized in came bridge or maybe it was
4:03 am
russia. maybe they were radicalized in their own home by their mother. >>clayton: if you listen to her -- she's in denial. in a press conference in russia, listen to this the other day when she's talking about her sons. she sounds unhinged. listen. >> [inaudible] my son in america now. why did i even go there? why? i thought america is going to, like, protect us, our kids, is going to be safe. but it happened. my kids! america took my kids away from me. only america. what have you done with my son? he was alive. why did they need to kill him? why didn't they send him to the -- you know, whatever? why did they kill him? why? why did they have to kill him? they got him alive; right?
4:04 am
he was in their hands. >>clayton: one of the reasons he's dead is your other son ran over him with a car. >>alisyn: in the course of trying to escape from the police. i wish some of the journalists said actually your other son probably killed him, one of the theories. also why did you have to go to america? we're wondering as well. it was your sons that made america less safe. furthermore, she's not really crying. she's beseeching people but not shedding tears. it is hard to know if she is sane. ifs hard to know if -- it's hard to know if those crocodile tears are an act. many more question. >>mike: people are saying if these are angry brothers, lone wolves. you look at this mom, are there more out there. you look at the 19-year-old with buddies at times square. two of those friends are in custody being questioned. >>clayton: i wonder what the mother would say to the fact that we were
4:05 am
protecting them. we were providing welfare checks to the older brother's family. america was helping them, giving them scholarships, providing for them. food stamps and waefrl for the family. -- food stamps and welfare for the family. >>alisyn: meanwhile, congressman mike rogers came out yesterday and said he feels that there are other suspects involved. he thinks the arrests are not over. >> i mean, i can't comment on any of the specifics of the design of the weapon that went off, but it is very clear when you take the totality of it that there was some outside counsel to these individuals on how to build and how to detonate. this was not something that we believe that on their own they came up with, that this design was on their own. again, that's why that six months in russia becomes so important and other persons of interest that i know investigators would like to talk to becomes very, very important here. >>clayton: furthermore, senator lindsay graham on
4:06 am
thursday, in an interview basically pointing out another individual could be tied to the older brother and helped in this whole process. the younger brother apparently only two weeks before the bombings was brought into the fold on this. it was probably largely the older brother. this guy, a man described by tamerlan's uncle only by the name of mesha. he is believed to believe a muslim convert who steered the older brother into this life of radical islam. he has not been identified by authorities. they believe he has a red long beard. they don't know much more about him at this point but this could be the third wheel. >>alisyn: we will keep you posted all morning long as to all the developments on this story. in the meantime, more news to tell you about. was a landing gear, a piece of landing gear from a plane that hit the world trade center found just blocks away more than a decade after the 9/11 attacks? that's what the new york post is reporting. it said police suspect this could be a hoax. plus what was found was this piece of an airliner,
4:07 am
and they think it could have been lowered down by a rope. this, by the way, is next to the controversial ground zero mosque site. plus the police commissioner say it could actually have stayed hidden all these years. >> if you see how confined this place is and realize the chaos that existed down here on this street, i think it's not that surprising. >>alisyn: investigators say they will check monday for human remains and other evidence on that piece of the jetliner. >> president obama says the use of chemical weapons in syria would cross a red line. the administration now says it need more time to investigate. u.s. intelligence shows syrian president assad did use them on his own people. many lawmakers say it is time for the u.s. to intervene. >> number one, secure the chemical weapons before they fall into the wrong
4:08 am
hands. that's the great threat. destroy them forever so they can't be used against us or anyone else. secondly, contain this fighting so that the king of jordan does not fall. >>alisyn: more than a half a million syrians have taken refuge in jordan. >> it doesn't get any lower than this. a new jersey mother convinces her own son that he has cancer so she can collect donations. susan stillwagon protected her young son had colon cancer and collected more than $1 million from family and friends. her own family were in shock to find out this was a hoax. >> she sounded very believable. >> completely flabbergasted. >> soccer team, the mothers were doing cupcake sales, selling bracelets, selling necklaces. >> the mother is facing multiple charges and is in a psychiatric unit. >> conan o'brien letting loose in the white house
4:09 am
pressroom. >> [inaudible] -- wrong with america. >> over here. over here. >>alisyn: our own chief white house correspondent ed henry gave conan a tour. this ahead of tonight's white house correspondents dinner in d.c. henry is the president of the white house correspondents association and conan o'brien will be hosting the event tonight. he also hosted in 19 # 5. >>mike: look at him in 1995. he was funny. >>clayton: who did it last year? >>mike: jimmy kimmel. >>clayton: was it funny? >>alisyn: it was okay. the president was very funny. >>mike: it will be tough with all the stuff that's gone on in the last few weeks for conan and the
4:10 am
president. >> here's your temps. we had a nice day for most everybody. temperature-wise, finally everybody into the 60's and 70's all the way toward the northern plains. we have some rain and this is the only big rain we have, and this is going to be plaguing us all weekend long. areas of the southeast, especially that tennessee river valley area. also severe weather. the west looking spectacular. tons of sunshine. really warming up across the southwest. the desert getting into the triple-digit range already this weekend, first time of the year. it looks like that heat is about to stay with us for much of this coming week. a couple spots of severe weather. the cold front will move down across parts of texas, around del rio. hill country could be seeing strong storms later this afternoon. that little bull's eye across parts of arkansas, mississippi, tennessee and a little bit of alabama as well. not talking about a big tornado outbreak. strong winds and maybe
4:11 am
hail. we've got 70's towards the northern plains. tomorrow minneapolis, 80 degrees, they'll take it. nice relief. pretty much everywhere starting to feel like spring for everybody. >>alisyn: fantastic. >>clayton: let's talk about school dances. a principal at a school has decided to ban strapless dresses at a school dance because it felt it was inappropriate to be showing that much. >>mike: it's a middle school. is that a factor? it factors in for me. i have two daughters, jessica and jill, and i was in charge of going to shop for their prom dresses. and i steered them toward the straps, thick straps. >>clayton: you steered them toward the amish section. >>mike: only lancaster county, pennsylvania. >>alisyn: there's been a lot of blow back against this principal of reddington, new jersey.
4:12 am
some parents were angry there was going to be this dress code enforced. then the principal got a threatening e-mail and last night posts school dance was canceled as a result of this threatening e-mail. >>clayton: it will go forward with straps. you've got to have straps on the dress in june for that dance to unfold. i'm trying to remember -- >>alisyn: i do remember. we dressed so much more conservatively than kids today. when i think back to, as an adolescent and teenage girl how we dressed, there was nothing revealing. we wore baggy levi's. we wore sneakers. we wore t-shirts. now when i see -- we can blame mtv -- >>clayton: they're not even wearing spaghetti tops. >>mike: it's all right there. >>clayton: stodgy?
4:13 am
is this a sign of the times. let's go back to going to dinner with a tie and coat on. >>mike: a new restaurant serving up a controversial new policy. >>alisyn: no kids allowed to eat at this eatry. should kids be at a sushi bar? i'm confused. >>clayton: congress plotting to exempt themselves from obamacare. congressman mike kelly weighs in on that nextç@2x@@
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> a new battle over the health care law. a leading republican is now calling on the president to address the american people on the issue. as one of the key architects of the law now coming out against it. listen to this. >> i just see a huge train wreck coming down. discussed this many times, and i don't see any results yet. what can you do to help all these people around the country wondering what in the world do i do? >>mike: train wreck. >>alisyn: that was democratic senator max baucus. this week he backed off the .p. ares a little bit. urging other democrats to come forward and express concerns. congressman mike kelly is a member of the house oversight and government reforms committees. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >>alisyn: this is happening. democrats are coming forward. in fact, there was a lunch this week with democrats, senators and congress
4:18 am
people, who came forward to express their concerns that the rollout of obamacare is stkpw-g to be messy -- is going to be messy, confusing and hard for states to comply with. >> i think those are very kind comments. it really is much worse than that. being back home in my home district, and i talk to people and i talk to employers, there is no clear path as to how this is going to unwind and unfold. i think senator baucus is right. this is a train wreck. a piece of legislation passed without people being involved in it. you couldn't find the president's finger prints on it. being passed in the middle of the night and then saying we've got to pass it first to find out what's in it. i think the results we're seeing today is the result of very bad legislation. >>mike: how do you fix this train wreck? >> it's law. i think we try to do some things now that make sense. in our conference last week we talked about the possibility of the slush fund that the h.h.s. has. they're using it pretty much for promotion, saying
4:19 am
let's take those funds and deploy them and put them into a fund that has been exhausted for those with preexisting conditions and use the money that way. it seems to make more sense for the american people. we voted over 35 times to try to repeal obamacare. that hasn't worked. what we can do is look at the spending and try to redirect some of the spending where it goes to those who need it the most and are our most vulnerable citizens. >>alisyn: let's talk about something outrageous that happened at the u.n. this weekend. that is a human rights counsel basically came out and blamed america for the boston bombings. he was unabashed in saying that america needs to look at its programs overseas and we basically brought this on ourselves. what do you make of this happening at the u.n.? >> first of all, it's outrageous. i want to thank ambassador rice. she tweeted. a two-sentence tweet isn't enough. we're circulating two
4:20 am
letters right now in congress to urge the president to stand up and demand. he made a wonderful speech in boston to start the healing process. but at a time when we're still healing for this man -- he's consistent. this is not the first time he's done that. we're asking the president to demand that he be taken off that u.n. council. in another letter to the secretary general, to also do the same. take him off the council. this guy is bad coffee. these people, sometimes you wonder where is it that they grew up? what is it they don't get? where they talk to americans, talk us down. he's been an american ambassador for a long time. he's an anti-israeli basher. this guy has gone out of his way to do outrageous things. we should be outraged as americans we're allowing this to happen. >>mike: representative, thank you so much for being with us. >>alisyn: the government considers hamas a terrorist group so why is one high school using a textbook that claims it is just a
4:21 am
political organization. one mother trying to get the book pulled for months is going to join us this hour. >>mike: what your dog's breed says about you? breed says about you? woof! you make a great team. it's been that way since e day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives,
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>>alisyn: time for your news by the numbers. first, $5.5 billion, how much money the i.r.s. got back from tax chief under its new program. it offers tax evaders no jail time as long as they come clean about the assets they are hiding. >> next, $50 million, how many accounts hackers access on living social cue bonn websites. they obtain access to e-mails but not credit cards and banking information. finally, 24, how many hours
4:25 am
some disney theme parks will be open on may 24. it's disney's way of kicking off the start of the summer season. that's where you'll be, clayton. >>clayton: want to join me at 4 a.m.? it's supposed to be a high school textbook about global culture. some parents say the cultural landscape book is teaching a very different lesson. here's one passage from the book. quote, if a palestinian suicide bomber killed several dozen israeli teenagers in a jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or a war-time retaliation against israeli government policies and army actions? well, we're joined this morning by julie west. her son is a freshman in the williamson county school district. she's been trying to get the book banned for months. julie, nice to see you this morning. >> good to see you. i think it's important to realize if you take the entire context of the paragraph, it's asking, why might it be okay to kill israeli students? because this group says it's okay.
4:26 am
and if it's wrong to blow up people on the streets of boston, it's wrong to blow them up on the streets of jerusalem. the same government requiring our grade school students to study the pillars of islam is telling us we can't tell our high school students thou shalt not kill because it is not a religious class. it is not about banning a book. it's about citizens having the right to question our government and say why do you continue to spend my tax dollars on curriculum that is so obviously biased and filled with errors. it protects china's one-child policy and all the human rights violations that goes with it. it calls the p.l.o. political organization and ignores the holocaust. that's what we're dealing with. >>clayton: julie, you've been portrayed as a bigot and right-wing extremist. but you want action on this. i'm a fan of facts, a fan of history. the fact that your son is being taught that palestine
4:27 am
is a state and, therefore, it would fall under some sort of tenet of agreeable warfare is factually wrong. >> right. beyond that, clayton, my son's curriculum teaches that the koran is the word of god as revealed to the prophet muhammad through the angel gabriel. as he began to preach the truth that god revealed to him, he endured persecution. i don't expect the government to teach anyone my faith, because they do a bad job at it. at the same time it's not reasonable to expect parents to tolerate our children being taught inaccuracies about our own faith while another is consistently presented with statements of facts. >>clayton: you had a number of meetings with the school districts and principals over the past years. where did that get you? what came up in those meetings? >> they basically said here's some paper work you can fill out, but i can tell you it won't do any
4:28 am
good because we have determined that it's not going anywhere. and in those meetings the curriculum directors went on to tell us that the 9/11 terrorists were no worse than the christian crusaders. this is the mind-set of the people we're dealing with. >>clayton: any movement since then removing the book? are you planning on home schooling your children in some capacity? how would you stop this? >> you know, we need help from our state officials. we need help from our elected officials, our governor. and, no, i shouldn't have to bring my student home because it is wrong that this continues to be taught to students throughout the state. and, by the way, the same people writing this curriculum are writing the standardized testing. so if you're not up on this, then even if you send your child to the best home school tutorials in the world, they still won't do
4:29 am
well on the standardized test because you've got to have this indoctrination. >>clayton: julie west is the parent of a freshman there with this textbook in nashville. keep us up to date on how this unfolds. thanks. coming up here on the show, a new restaurant serving up a controversial new policy. no kids allowed at the sushi bar. so is that fair? are you sitting on your couch watching the nfl draft wishing you could be in shape like the players? nicki fitness is here to show you how you can get show you how you can get nfl ready. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws,
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making it easier to get what you need. [ beeping ] these are great! [ beeping ] how are you, um, how are you doing? i'm going to keep looking over here. probably a good idea. ken: what's a good idea? nothing. with coverage checke it's easy to find your perfect policy. visit today. >>alisyn: are you barking? listen up, dog lovers. it's long been suspected that when you are a longtime dog owner, you begin to physically resemble your dog. now there is a new study out that shows your personality traits also resemble your dog breed. >>mike: let's start with the little dogs. the toy dogs. this says that you, like starlets in hollywood, you
4:34 am
like to think of yourself as being the sharpest khaeu i don't know in -- as being the sharpest crayon in the box. people who own small dogs are likely to be more intelligent. >>alisyn: here's the next one. german shepherd. are you a german shepherd owner? collie owner? corgie. you've likely never met a crowd you aren't comfortable in. you are considered extroverts. >>mike: people love golden retrievers. you're very agreeable. >>alisyn: those dogs are used to having a challenge, being friendly. >>mike: you know the little dogs you see around firehouses, dalmatians, i've always liked those. that's a utility dog and those are bull dogs and a bichon. basically people with
4:35 am
utility dogs are conscientious, always caring for others. >>alisyn: makes sense. >>clayton: bull dogs are a little bit of work, aren't they? they're sort of hard to maintain. they're mouth breathers. what about working dogs? these are boxers, rottweilers and great danes. you are agreeable and intelligent. if you're taking care of a great dane, if you've seen them in the wild, they're large. >>mike: i wonder what rick would own. >> a french bulldog maybe. >>mike: then you would fall in that category. >>alisyn: you're con khraoe -- you're conscientious. rick doesn't like dogs. he would rather own a grizzly bear. he likes wild animals. >> the truth is i don't like taking care of things,
4:36 am
living things. >>alisyn: then you're not conscientious. >> animals, anything that can die, i will kill it. >>alisyn: strike that. >> if it makes me have to wake up early in the morning. >>clayton: what about a falcon? >> i like that. let's talk about the weather. we're really concerned about flooding this weekend, starting across the red river valley in areas between north dakota and minnesota. temperatures have really spaoebgd -- spiked very quickly. because of that there's been a lot of snow up there, melting quickly. the water will be climbing the next few days. we're going to crest around 38 feet likely around wednesday morning. that would put this in line to be the fifth-highest flood they have had there in history if it gets to that. big concerns there. everybody doing the sandbagging bit and getting everything ready. all the preps and a lot of snow to melt. some areas that have well over a foot of snow.
4:37 am
temperatures across the northeast great today. the southeast is going to be a little problematic. a bit sticky. we'll see rain showers around the tennessee valleys and thunderstorms around the mississippi valley. temps looking good for everybody there. the northern plains, bismarck, north dakota, 80 degrees. that's why we'll see flooding and snow melting quickly as well. all right, guys. back inside. did you find me a falcon, clayton? >>alisyn: not yet. let's get to your news headlines. the house following the senate's lead to end the furlough on air traffic controllers. the bill waits president obama's signature. it lets the f.a.a. use money from other areas. critics says it is president obama playing politics with the sequester. >> there are some in the
4:38 am
obama administration who thought inflicting pain on the public would give the president leverage to impose tax hikes on the american people. >>alisyn: one sushi restaurant in virginia wants to help couples have a relaxing night out by banning their kids. the sushi bar owner says he loves kids, just not at a sushi bar. his restaurant will only allow in people 18 or older. the policy is drawing mixed reviews. >> it is an opportunity to enjoy sort of a fancier restaurant experience without the kids in the background. >> del ray is known for its families, dogs and children, a delightful place. >>alisyn: an tkerson and his partner own two other restaurants in the area that do allow kids. let us know what you think about this. >> it may actually pay to come in second in this year's nfl draft. literally. after day one of the draft,
4:39 am
football analyst adam shefter tweeted out number two overall pick will earn more than the number one overall pick due to no state tax in florida. kansas city chief eric fisher may enjoy being the topic but he has to pay a 6% tax in missouri. jacksonville's jaguars selection luke jogell does not have to pay a thing. let's go out to clayton. >>clayton: interesting point. the draft happening at radio city music hall. beautiful place. mike and i are feeling a little inadequate with all the nfl players getting ready for the draft, getting ready for the nfl season. we felt a little flabby and out of shape. >>mike: we're trying to do something about that. that's why we invited nikki to join us to get us in shape. >> hi. whether you're getting ready for a combine or
4:40 am
beach body, here are moves you can do to get you in shape. you can use a five pound to ten pound weight or a football. >>clayton: a lot of kids may want to play football with the kids or get in shape for beach time. you have warmup football jacks. >> use a weight or football and just jumping jacks. you always want to warm up before you hit those big moves, which i know clay will be doing with us a little bit later. up and down. 5, 6, 7 and 8. >>clayton: how many are you supposed to do? >> i like to do 30 seconds. 30 seconds or a minute. a muscle move, step out to the side and curl in. this is great if you have a weight because you're working arms and legs and cardio. this is a great booty move. it really tones your backside. it is from my booty camp d.v.d. you squeeze, tone your inner thighs.
4:41 am
>>mike: where exactly is booty camp located? >> we're going to get rid of these footballs. the next move we're going to get serious. >>clayton: this is the line of scrimmage block kip. >> you've warmed up those inner thighs. line of scrimmage, block the kick. this is the inner thighs, quads, glutes. you're going to jump. ply metrics. our big finale, the big finale move, this is set to an eight-count. >>clayton: this is a burpee. do you know what a burpee? >>mike: a seed of some sort. >>clayton: what's a burpee? >> a great move. it works your arms and your
4:42 am
glutes. come down on the floor, do a plank, come back up, touchdown. we'll give that a try. it's an eight-count. do it with any music. 5, 6, 7, 8, down, pushup, take a bow. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. >>clayton: from start to finish, how many minutes? >> if you repeat this three times and do about a minute for each move, you can get a 20-minute hard-core workout. that's like half time. >>clayton: if you missed the moves go to our website at >> are -- my moves are on twitter, nikkifitness.
4:43 am
>>alisyn: i notice you guys aren't doing it. >>clayton: you've already got perfection. what more do you need? >>alisyn: good point. ever been in the hospital? have you ever wondered with all the tests they give you, it turns out some doctors may be cutting back on those tests because they know what the cost is. is that putting the patient at risk? want to make sure you don't get ripped off when you buy your next car? there is an app for that. we'll show you how it works. works. next. copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announce ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung functi all d
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4:46 am
>> if you've ever had to be in the hospital, did you ever ask what's with all these tests, doctor? a study at one hospital shows doctors ordered fewer tests for patients when they knew the cost for
4:47 am
those tests. do you actually need the tests they give you in the hospital or at the doctor's office? urology department, you're over at winthrop university; is that correct? >> that is correct. >>mike: nice to have you here. doctors are ordering fewer tests. is that a good or a bad thing? >> this study didn't actually show that doctors were ordering fewer tests. what the study shows that came from johns hopkins, they hraobd at -- hraobd -- looked attors when they order tests. when they showed the prices of the tests to the doctors, those doctors ordered 9% fewer tests. >>mike: do you think in the past year doctors would order tests not knowing how much they cost? >> traditionally doctors don't know the tests they're ordering. you go on to the computer system. you request the laboratory
4:48 am
results you want for the patients. it is not typical for doctors to know what individual tests know. >>mike: i think in this country, you need those tests, i as a patient go you're the doctor. you should know what's right. what questions should i ask? do i really need that test? >> we are spending so much money on unnecessary health tests. in 2011 we spent $226 billion on unnecessary tests. and we all have to ask the question do we need the test. >>mike: and is it the best test i can take? >> correct. what we should remember is we should do a test in medicine if it's going to change our management. if we do the test and it is a test that's positive, we do x and if the test is negative, we do y. >>mike: you're the doctor. i didn't study. how do i know you're telling me the truth? >> the -- you don't know. the important thing is many of the tests are ordered in the e.r. and are often done
4:49 am
by the junior doctors. it is important we ask the right questions: are we doing the right test? is there a cheaper alternative. you can ask your doctor do i really need this test? there are some tests, x-rays that are a risk. we don't want to do a test that is not necessary. >>mike: what you're basically saying is don't be shy. speak up. thank you, doctor. >> we're heading into the busiest travel season of the year. we're helping you out with the best all-inclusive resort packages. >> speaking of money, the amount the government spends on absolutely nothing. it's a story you've got to hear to believe. hoo-hoo.
4:50 am
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>>alisyn: summer is around the corner. if you're looking to get away, an all-inclusive resort might be the way to go no matter if you're single, a couple or with your family. here with the best package deals is senior editor of travelocity, courtney scott. you've broken this down for different types of travelers with the best deals. let's start with couples. >> in pore tow vie pore tow -- o vallarto, phebgs. you can bounce around to sister properties and experience their dining. it is a fantastic
4:54 am
experience. >>alisyn: my brain froze at unlimited luxury. i wanted to stay there. meanwhile, for families, you recommend a place i've gone with my family and loved. punta canta, dominican republic. >> kids have a tull schedule of activities. $950 per person. kids stay, play and eat free. they have an entire agenda for kids. lucy's kids club. water park, swimming pool, kids meals. it caters to the kids. >>alisyn: kids clubs are key, by the way. meanwhile, for single people, what do you recommend? >> i recommend cancun, the me all-inclusive resort. sort of jet set, party scene. pool parties all day. very chic hotel. $1,073.
4:55 am
>>alisyn: for older couples. >> the wild orchid in montego bay. elegant rooms, beautiful views. it is not a boring hotel. they have gourmet cooking classes, dance class, tennis, golf. $1,223, great value and nice no kids allowed property. >>alisyn: these are all great choices. thanks so much for sharing with us. you can find them on next on the run down, governor mike huckabee joins us to remember his good friend george jones. plus the guys responsible for the arrest of boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev.
4:56 am
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♪ ♪ >> alisyn: good morning. today is saturday april 27. i'm alisyn camerota. a mission tierous discovery more than ten years after 9/11. a huge piece, possibly from one of those planes is found blocks from ground zero and right next to that controversial mosque site. is this real? or is it all a hoax? >> mike: then, remembering a country legend. ♪ right away i knew ♪ my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue ♪ >> mike: this morning we look back at the life and legacy of george jones. and governor mike huckabee
5:00 am
shares his memories of playing alongside the country star. >> clayton: a college athlete learns he was drafted to the nfl. >> okay, i won't. yes, sir. [ cheers & applause ] the video going viral. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. [ cheers & applause ] ♪ ♪ >> mike: so excited. >> clayton: you have a flend's a millionaire now. entourage. all right! free shake shack for the rest of our lives. >> alisyn: that would be great. we'll show you more of that coming up. get to headlines. a lot to tell you about. new details about the mother of the boston bombings suspects, as she continues to claim her sons are not guilty. we are hearing she may not be innocent herself.
5:01 am
she was placed on a terrorist watch list in 2011 after russia told the c.i.a. she was becoming an islamic extremist. and the chopper crew that took this infrared video of dzhokhar tsarnaev, speaking out this morning about that manhunt. >> basically, in the middle of the boat. looking up with the hands like that. perfect silhouette of a human being. thankful that that citizen called in what he saw. >> alisyn: the troopers say they battled gusty winds and low cloud cover to get a look at the suspect. here is a strange story. was a piece of landing gear from a plane that hit the world trade center on 9/11 found just blocks away more than a decade after the attack? the "new york post" reports that police suspect it could be a hoax, and that this piece of the plane was lowered by a rope right near the controversial ground zero mosque site. the police commissioner says it could have been there all these years.
5:02 am
>> if you see how confined this space is, and realize the chaos that existed down here on this street, i think it's unfathomable. not that surprising. >> alisyn: investigators will check the site monday for human remains and other evidence. the government is spending millions of dollars on empty bank accounts. $2 million of your money wasted last year. why? agencies that offer grants put the money in to government-run accounts. the agency is then charged a monthly fee. when the grant expires the agency must close the account after an audit, but the service fees don't be charged. the government accountability office says nearly 14,000 empty accounts remain open three years after their grants expired. all right. talk to us about sports. >> clayton: taylor manti teo dit wait too long. he was not in attendance but
5:03 am
take within the sixth pick of the second round by the san diego chargers. the next pick, the new york jets took quarterback geno smith. the move could spell the end of mark sanchez, or more speculation. this video went viral. the moment a college athlete learns he has been drafted. >> okay, i won't. yes, sir. yes! [ cheers & applause ] >> clayton: yeah, that is new york giants first round pick justin pugh celebrating. his family spent two minutes waiting for him to get off the phone before erupting. >> alisyn: that is his family? they look like a football team. >> clayton: imagine, wondering what he is talking about on the phone. >> mike: i think he is from the philadelphia area. justin pugh. i'll look it up. i'll google it. >> clayton: check in with rick reichmuth. you have a minute >> alisyn: go! >> rick: we have rain across the south. tennessee valley is where most of the rain is going to be.
5:04 am
it will be there tomorrow as well. i think we have a chance of flooding localized at least if some of downpours are stalled out in one spot. to the north of it and south of it, you are pretty good. best of it, another spectacular day. it's heating up in the southwest. we'll see readings up to 108 this weekendbe across places like death valley. i should be hot. there is a relief for that. severe weather today around the big bend of texas. later on as a cold front moves through. but we'll also see a bullseye. that's where we see significant severe weather, mostly hail. and some strong winds. it's across the areas of arkansas, mississippi, tennessee, and a little bit of louisiana and northwestern part of alabama as well. over the next couple of days, significant rain. a few of the areas could see maybe three to four inches of rain. southern appalachian is the bullseye from that and we could see flooding from the rain. north looks good. temperature wise, everybody is great. especially toward far northern plains that will cause flooding or rapid snow melt.
5:05 am
we will see significant flooding in toward the red river. temperature wise, we are looking great. both today and tomorrow. right now you are waking up cooler in the northern plains. don't worry, it will jump up. >> mike: justin pugsh from holland. >> clayton: holland, pennsylvania. >> alisyn: is it near philly? >> mike: yeah. >> alisyn: thank you, rick. meanwhile, let's bring in governor huckabee right now. >> here i am. >> alisyn: a lot to talk to you about. new developments of what is happening with the boston bombing suspects. you know, the "washington times" had a theory they printed this week that part of the problem with identifying terror suspects is that the administration has a history of asking some, that some terms like "jihadist" be scrubbed from training manuals. do you see any connection between semantics and guys
5:06 am
travelling back and forth to russia? >> we need a reality check. there was terrorism at fort hood and the administration calls it workplace violence incident. we had terrorism in little rock with a radicalized muslim that changed his name and went to yesmember. killed a soldier in front of a recruiting station. still not called "terrorism." these are ways in which we mask what we're really facing. i don't know why we are afraid to call it what itsy. helps us to be better prepared. more alert. and also say to the world we're not going to tolerate terrorism from jihadist. >> mike: the word "jihad" next to somebody's name -- ding, ding, ding -- red flag? >> i would think. i would raise all kind of flags for all of us. i don't know if it's a quest to be politically correct or fear you might offend somebody. you know what? i'm offended. i'm offended as an americanbe that four people in boston were murdered and 200 were maimed for life.
5:07 am
that is offensive. quit being so careful not to offend people who blow others up. that is the least of my concerns. >> clayton: one of the issues, this dragnet, the massive terror watch list they were placed on, close to a million people end up on this list. does it do anything? i mean if you were in charge, could this be revised to be more specific to look for more specific terms? or more specific actionable intelligence? it seems to me -- i remember ted kennedy got put on the watch list. >> mike: right. >> clayton: a senator. >> just during spring break. [ laughter ] no, there is a -- obviously, this is something that is a work in progress. this is so new. i mean, really if you think about it, only within the last 12 years have we had to seriously focus on people milling around stores with us who could be plotting, blowing up the aisle next to us. but it may be that we have to start classifying -- by the way, it will never be perfect but saying on a scale of 1 to
5:08 am
10 this personbe is suspicious at a level 9 or suspicious at a level 3. in the case of these two, no one ever thought that the younger guy -- we have one of the guests on our show is his former soccer coach tonight. you know, who will say, we never saw this coming. this was not kind of person that you sort of see. i think that's what makes terrorism so dangerous. so that real careful terrorists are not the kind that go around -- >> i'm going blow you up! >> -- wearing a t-shirt saying, "i'm a jihadi and you're next." they blend in and one day they pull the trigger. >> mike: talk about the death of georgebe jones, someone close to your heart. >> we're big fans of his as well. we know you had him on the program. during the time you to him how impressed your dad would be that you were interviewing george jones. take a look at that. >> i told you before the show that my late father wouldn't have cared that i became
5:09 am
governor of my state or ran for president or had a television show. it would have impressed him amazingly if he knew i stood next to you with a guitar in my hand. >> that's the truth. i don't think my dad would have said oh, my son is the governor. but he would have said my son played guitar with george jones. george jones, you have to understand for those of white house love country music, he was in a league to himself. he was one of those endearing personalities. best thing i guess could be said, prolific nashville record producer told me one time he said if ten people sang the same song and george jones is one of them, the version you will remember is george jones' version. i thought about that. that is so true. he had that raw earthy, sympathetic voice that just evoked emotion and pathos like very few people are ever able to do. >> clayton: you got to meet a number of musicians on your show and country musicians
5:10 am
talk about their favorite artists, they talk about george jones. >> they use george jones and hank williams. classics that stand again in a league of their own. george jones was truly there. he was scheduled to have november 27, final farewell concert. i'd already planned go. i wasn't going to miss it for the world. and you know, it breaks my heart. his death was not expected. it was a stunning shocking death to his family. an certainly to all of white house are his dear fans. his wife nancy is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. personally responsible for saving his life from a life where he always wasn't showing up for concerts because of a little problem within the bottle. but he got over that. he just -- a wonderful human being. >> alisyn: in fact, people disrate as frank sinatra, pete townsend, james taylor, said he influenced them and why they wanted to sing. the song "he stopped loving her today" i could cry. >> don't start talking about it, we'll all cry.
5:11 am
mike will cry and he's known for laughing not crying but we'll get him crying. the whole emotions. >> mike: i developed a reputation of just laughing after you're out of the room. >> i worry. when i leave it will be hilarity. >> mike: you rind lochte. stick around. the government considers hamas a terrorist group. >> clayton: so why is a high school using textbook to claim it's a political organization? the governor is goingbe to stick aroundbe to weigh in on that? >> alisyn: a stainle in the south. who would want to band seresucker? but that's coming up. more george jones. >> ♪ placed a wreath upon his door ♪ ♪ and soon they'll carry him away ♪ ♪ and he stopped loving her today ♪
5:12 am
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5:15 am
>> alisyn: all right, here is a story we told you about last hour. group of parents in tennessee and they're concerned over one of the student's textbook called "cultural landscape" and they say it teaches their kids a lesson that some consider antisemitic. here is an excerpt from the book. >> clayton: if a palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen teenagers in jerusalem restaurant is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against army actions and israeli policies? mike huckabee is back with us. like you are leading the witness here in a way. first of all, factually incorrect talking about palestine as a state. >> yes.
5:16 am
>> clayton: that aside. leading the children down the line of assuming this is all politics and therefore it's okay for them to have killed individuals. >> it's situational ethics run amok. i'm glad you brought up the fact palestine has never been a state. it's not a government. until 1962, yasser arafat coopted the term forked a call islamic arabs that term would have meant jews. go back and watch "exodus" with paul new month. that he was palestinian, jewish. that was considered if you lived in the region. nothing to do with a government or state. but more importantly to stay there are occasions -- what they are asking, are there occasions when it's okay to murder people? that is a horrible question to ask not just kids, horrible question for adults. >> mike: they bring up the crusades, too. >> clayton: downplaying the role of catholicism, and christianity and judaism. but also then, promoting the idea of marxist socialism. this mom whom we had on the
5:17 am
show early this morning, julie west, painted as a bigot and right wing extremist. let's listen to her. >> it's asking hey, why might it be okay to kill israeli students? this group says it's okay, if it's wrong to blow up people on the streets of boston, it's wrong to blow them up in restaurants in jerusalem. it's not about banning a book. this is about citizenning having the right to question our government and say why do you continue to spend my tax dollars on curriculum that is so obviously biased and filled with errors? >> that mother should run for school board. she has more intelligence singularly than school board of her district does. what is tragic is parents paying taxes for the children's schools are incredibly and increasingly forced to spend more of their money to put their kids if private schools or christian schools to protect them from this kind of nonsense. high time to say we are not
5:18 am
going to fund this. we are simply not. this will push us to voucher system that every parent decides what curriculum you want for your children. you should have that right. nobody ought to be forced to sit through a classroom and be forced to have a textbook that tells you that there are acts of terrorism that can be justified because they can't. >> mike: she would be a good guest on your show. >> greatest guest. if she runs for school board, i want you know, i will send you, your first contribution. let me know. >> alisyn: you heard it here. >> clayton: endorsement. >> who is on your show tonight? >> we have the soccer coach of dzhokhar tsarnaev, who will talk to us about what he was really like. we have the reporter covering the gosnell trial in philadelphia, the horrific trial from the beginning, tweeted the photo of the empty press gallery. shocking things coming out and america is not hearing about. i they will tonight. >> mike: it's surprising. i do live in philadelphia and this is where the case against dr. kermit gosnell is taking place. there isn't an overamount of coverage on it.
5:19 am
>> alisyn: too gruesome. >> mike: it is graphic. >> that's why it needs to be covered. it's gruesome, graphic, it's horrible. so was the boston bombing and we went 24/7 with it. >> alisyn: good point. >> we have details of that everything happened to these people. we need to know. >> alisyn: we don't usually shy away from violence. governor, thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> mike: i promise not laugh at you when you leave. >> you better. thank you. >> clayton: i'll let you know if he does. coming up on the show, want to make sure you don't get ripped off when you buy your next car? there is an app for that. we'll show it to you. >> alisyn: plus, almost summer movie season. america's big blockbusters coming to the big screen like "iron man 3." i love him. is it worth your money? movie critic kevin mccarthy is here. >> clayton: i am so jealous. kevin said he saw "iron man 3." kevin, i'm furious. >> the question: where is tony
5:20 am
stark? >> things are different now. i have to protect the one thing i can't live without. that's you. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:23 am
>> mike: give you quick headlines. want to make sure you never get ripped off by a used car salesman? there is an app for that. snafu scan. dealers get their cars at special auction and jack up the price. the app lets you put in the car's information and claims to show you what the dealer paid for it. vin numbers, baby. talk about a cat nap. this guy stole a bicycle and thought he'd catch a few "z"s on a roof. he was busted 3-1/2 hours in the nap. finding the thief wasn't the problem but getting up there on the roof to get him down was big part of the problem. >> i'll guess drugs may have been involved.
5:24 am
>> mike: i think so. >> clayton: you can spot it from a helopter. >> mike: it could have been a roofie. >> clayton: that is the funniest thing i've heard all morning. >> alisyn: almost time for sun screen, warm weather and summer blockbusters. with the highly anticipated movies coming out is kevin mccarthy. >> thank you for having me. i'm excited. >> clayton: i look forward this all morning and the rest of the morning. >> the summer of deke. i'll cry nerd tears all summer. buy stock in kleenex. >> clayton: i said to my wife, we looked and "iron man 3" is coming out in a week already. we're scrambling for a babysitter. it's the first one. >> i'm control babysit. that's how much i want you to see the movie. robert downey junior is fantastic. >> tony stark. this is the first film post "avengers" from mar el have. tony has anxiety after the
5:25 am
near-death experience from "avengers." the new director. the new director did "kiss, kiss, bang, bang." ben singsly is in it. this warranted a third film but i sat down with gwyneth paltrow and she gave me rather upsetting news. check this out. >> in the comics, she gets her own suit. she becomes rescue, a superhero. >> we get it in ironman 4 maybe? >> i don't know -- i think we're done with "iron man." >> don't tell me that. i'll cry. >> no nerd tears. [ laughter ] >> i know! i'm very upset about the news. "iron man 3" is out. it was not shot in 3d or imax so make the right ticket choice when you watch the film. >> next up "man of steel." my son is superman obsessed and knows the next superman movie is coming out this
5:26 am
summer. >> i am beyond maxed out of this. the director is one of the most beautifully visually directors i have seen in my life. we are going to see superman, more of a human side to him. apparently zack schneider said there will be no kryptonite in this film. he told it to "entertainment weekly." i am looking for human element of superman. henry is taking on an amazing role. >> against general zahd a drag-down fight. no more lex luther who doesn't have powers and is boring. a big fight. >> the general is played by an underrated actors working today. michael shannon. it will be incredible. russell crowe and kevin costner. it's not in imax or 3d but released in both formats. make sure you make the right ticket choice here. also produced by the legendary christopher nolan who did "dog night" trilogy. it's huge. >> geek out heaven right here. >> i have no idea what you are
5:27 am
talking about. >> geeking out. >> kevin, finally can we talk "star trek" here? i want to talkbe about "star trek" here. >> in to darkness. >> hold on. may 17. j.j. abe rams is back to direct the film. he took on the new "star wars" episode 7. i can't wait to see this. it looks incredible. benedict cumberbacsh the villain. it was partially shot many imax. "dark night" flip from normal to imax in movie. looks phenomenal. the trailer rinse credible. look forward to seeing this. here is what he did with the first "star trek" and why it was brilliant. he made a movie for non-"star trek" fans and "star trek" fans. the general audiences geeked out with the film. may 17. >> clayton: my wife loved the first onebe, so that is a success. if wives enjoy the film, you are on to something. >> can we hang out outside of work? we got to hang out. >> go get a coffee. >> bye. >> alisyn: bye, guys.
5:28 am
see you later. talk about the wolverines. >> clayton: did you understandbe anything that just happened there? >> alisyn: i saw a budding bromance. i understand that much. >> alisyn: we get back to robert downey junior. >> mike: i'm surprised that you are really in to him. >> alisyn: i think he is it. >> mike: because he's, he's bad? >> alisyn: yeah. dangerous. >> mike: we got to move on. bizarre legal battle over marijuana. some police officers could be found in contempt of court for not returning it to the man they seized it from. arthur is going to go off on that. >> alisyn: it's national prime rib day. cooking some on the plaza. find out what cuts you can get for real cheap. ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ lift me higher ♪ sweet song of the choir ♪ you light my morning sky ♪ with burning love if you think running a restaurant is hard,
5:29 am
try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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5:32 am
plans are being discussed in california to let illegal imgrants serve on juries. talk about doing jobs that americans don't want to do. okay, fine, it's all yours. thank you. >> alisyn: excellent point. another crazy story for you. there are police in oregon -- >> washington. >> alisyn: washington state.
5:33 am
tacoma, washington, they pulled over some one for traffic stop. they found marijuana. they confiscated it. that's what police normally do. a judge is holding the police in contempt of court for not return the marijuana to the driver. >> clayton: bring in arthur, legal analyst. what is interesting here, this should be open and shut, you would think. because of the new state laws in oregon, under the medical marijuana provision this belongs to him. he is demanding he gets it back. under the law, being a lawyer, and a judge who is a lawyer, he is entitled to it back. if they pulled you over and took a pocket knife from you over four inches. they had a vote and say now you can carry a pocket knife for four inches. it's your life. now legal. >> the law is the law. >> the law is the law. if you want to live in the state of washington. go to colorado now. >> alisyn: just to be clear,
5:34 am
does it have to be medical marijuana or any marijuana? >> in that state it has to be medical marijuana. state of colorado it can be any marijuana. so he showed the prescription, the judge said he has got it. it's his right. all of the "t"s are crossed and the "i"s are dotted, the police officer give it back. the cop is say nothing, judge, we are di disobeying you. we're not giving it back. he says fine, speaking to the prosecutor, if they don't give it back by may, whatever the date is, they should come to court with counsel because i'll hold them in contempt of not doing what i tell them to do. >> mike: you can't smoke and then drive, though. >> i don't believe there was an allegation of smoking and driving. he was the influence, i don't know if it was under the influence of marijuana or alcohol, but that is a crime he could be punished for. smoking and driving. but actual possession of -- >> mike: you can't. >> right. if you're pulled over dwi and in the drunk you have a sealed case of signal malt scotch, it
5:35 am
doesn't mean they are entitled to keep your scotch. >> alisyn: this was recreational. there is also recreational glauz washington state. recreational possession. >> recreational possession. yeah. saturday morning, are you going throw a curve ball at me. i studied the marijuana laws in a different state. you kept calling oregon. it's loosey-goosey, too. >> alisyn: it is early. washington state there is now recreational possession allowed but the question is are you supposed to operate heavy machinery? >> of course not. somebody could go to jail for driving under the influence. but that doesn't mean as he said, you could possess what they were taking, unless it's illegal. as they said, you could take the open bottle of booze in a car, in the trunk there is a case of scotch, they can't take that, too. >> clayton: be honest the police evidence locker it's probably missing. >> you know what? delay is a joke! >> it has happened. not here but it has happened.
5:36 am
>> mike: good to see you. >> pleasure. have a great weekend, everyone. >> alisyn: thank you. you, too. >> alisyn: coming up on the show headlines. >> clayton: with alisyn camerota. >> alisyn: thank you. here they are. it doesn't get lower than this. new jersey mother convincing her own son that he has cancer to she can collect the donations. susan stillwagon pretended her young son had colon cancer and collected money from her friends and family. the mothers and others close to her were in shock to find out it's a hoax. >> she told me he had colon cancer. >> i'm flabbergasted. >> soccer team. mothers were doing cupcake sales, they were selling bracelets or necklaces. >> alisyn: she faces multiple charges and is currently in a psychiatric unit. warning for the coupon website living social. hackers got access to names, birthday, e-mail, password. credit card and banking
5:37 am
information was not obtained. users will get e-mail to change the passwords. the companies say authorities are investigating this hacking. a fashion faux pas? maybe. but illegal? senator ryan mckenna proposed a bill that would have banned men from wearing seresucker suits. mckenna said he drew up the bill because seresucker looks ridiculous and causes eyestrain. don't tell it to steve steve do. okay. let's go out to rick who sometimes commits fashion faux pass, but not today. >> rick: sometimes? let's be honest. >> today is the two-year versers of the super out -- anniversary of tornado outbreak that broke out across the south. this is the tornado that happened in tuscaloosa, alabama, two years ago today,
5:38 am
causing all of the destruction in the town. six-mile long path. around 40 fatalities in the town of tuscaloosa. in the four-dy period of tornadoes, there were over 320 fatalities in those storms. a devastating day two years ago. look at the weather maps now. we have talk about the forecast for tuscaloosa. people having all kind of event down there today. there will be thunderstorms in the area. not severe. so, any of the thunderstorms you see in the next five days across the south, those are not significantly severe storms. but will be a few thunderstor thunderstorms. we will continue to watch that. we have a nice one across the northeast. this is a nice day that you want to barbecue. i don't know if you barbecue prime rib. we are doing prime rib. can you barbecue? >> if you know thousand cook the cut, the cut -- if you know how to cook the cut, the cut, you can cook it. >> this is ray, a meat
5:39 am
consultant. today is prime rib day. national prime rib day. rick will celebrate all day today. you have different prime ribs to talk about preparing. anytime i'm about to put a steak on the grill i jump on google to figure out the best way to do it. how do we do a prime rib properly? >> rib comes off the animal, the chuck. that meat is for slower penetrating cooking. so unlike the new york strip steak where you have a high flame and throw it on quick, you turn the flame down a little. you want to make sure the steak is an inch and a quarter from the grill to put up with the intense heat. you'd rather split it between two people than two thinner steaks so it holds the juice. let it cook slower. >> the way to do is go to butcher but say i go to a grocery store. how do i know which one is good? >> that is a good question. you see all the time in the ad prime rib. prime is an adjective. it's also the top grade in the united states. there is a big difference. this is prime rib, but choice
5:40 am
meat. this is graded usda prime. tall flavor is the marbling. the marbling that designates the grade. >> that is better than that? >> absolutely. that's the flavor. the fat running through it, not on the outside. that will melt away in the meat to give you a great taste. >> is that bone? >> no. this is fat but it's not flavoring the flesh. it's the marbling in here that melts away like butter to give it flavor. >> mike: can you do this not on a grill? can you do a prime rib in the oven? >> yes. it's the best roast beef there is. roll it in kosher salt. don't worry about put toog much. it gives you a crust outside. 475 for 15 minutes. down to 375. because you don't want to go lower than that. 350 is baking not roasting. 375. you want to do 15 minutes per pound for the roast. take it out. just like a steak on the grill let it sit. 10 to 15 minutes before you slice it so the meat absorbs the juice and the flavor runs
5:41 am
in your mouth, not over your dish. >> clayton: before we go, just throw it on the grill plain? salt or -- >> throw it like that. sea salt, not regular salt. just a dash afterwards. a lot of people put olive on it. if you don't like the heavy crusting. put olive oil and won'tbe stick to the grill. >> don't do it so well done. >> you want it pink so you get the flavor and tenderness. >> mike: this has to be a new segment. men and meat. >> alisyn: i like that franchise. >> men feed meat to other men. >> alisyn: okay. let's go with that. can you feed meat to women and bring some in? >> i like that. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: beautiful lady like you on the show. we'll allow it. >> alisyn: thank you, guys. meanwhile, this is a serious problem that many couples silently struggle with, infertility. a military wife started a facebook page to connect and support other families going through it. we'll talk to her next. and clean-up your home and make some cash.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
we are outta here! finding you the perfect place. >> clayton: welcome back. stories on the web site this morning for your health. newly launched study will determine if a simple blood test could detect autism in children. the study will examine if the test can distinguish between kids with autism and children with other developmental delays. the closer you are on facebook, the closer you are in real life. new study from western hill university the more couples interact and tag each other on facebook the better their relationships will be. it allows you to interact with the partner in small doses. for more information on your health, visit
5:46 am
alisyn camerota? >> alisyn: well, infertility is hard enough. 7.3 million americans struggle with it. that is one out of every eight couples. but what happens when your spouse is someone in the military? then there is lost time and deployments and it makes it that much harder to con zee. the next guest knows this problem all too well. joining us patient advocate and military wife amanda land. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: as i was just saying, infertility is such a painful ordeal in the middle of it. how is it complicated for military couples? >> for military couples it can be very complicating. not only do you only have that select amount of time during the month to actually conceive, you also have the schedule of the military member that you have to work around. which can include deployments. obviously, most people are familiar with the fact that the military moves very often. so you have to switch doctors.
5:47 am
you vu training. just things that come up on top of the regular timing issues that you have got. >> alisyn: i know you have been struggling with infertility for four years. tell us about your personal story. >> our story began about four years ago with the loss of our first and only pregnancy. after that, we started working with a fertility specialist. 10% of infertility are unexplained. we're in that unexplained diagnosis. we have been working with a fertility specialist over the past four years. we have worke worked with a more than one because we moved and he said i have no idea why you are not pregnant yet. >> alisyn: that is frustrating diagnosis because you want answers. we should mention this week is national infertility awareness
5:48 am
week. you teamed up with resolve. you started a facebook page to help people connect. how dis it work? >> i found in our journey there were infertility pages for anybody but the military. with having such different challenges on top of trying coto conceive, i wanted to find where other families could come and get that support, could find out where they could get treatment, what the cost might be. and what the insurance might cover and what it doesn't cover. >> alisyn: we should mention resolve, the national infertility association, is also supporting two pieces of legislation. the family act and women and healthcare improvement act of 2013 that could help military families with infertility. amanda, thank you for sharing your personal story. it will tweet out your facebook page. best of luck to you and your husband.
5:49 am
>> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. eric holder with controversial comments. >> pathway for citizens in this country is absolutely essential. >> this is a matter of civil and human rights. >> alisyn: is american citizenship a privilege or a right? shows like "pawn stars" are all the rage. next, we tell you how you can make and save money pawning from the convenience of your own home. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: hit shows like "pawn stars" made pawning all the rage. but now you don't even need to leave your house with the convenience of online pawning. >> clayton: george the ceo of ultra pawn and will help gous through mike's attic to find out what we can pawn off and make money. today is open diner day in the neighborhood. my wife want to throws out stuff. there is stuff to make money off. >> if you think the knee on sign, the bulletproof glass and shady store locally. this is not that pawnshop. we can give people a valuable service to turn valuables in cash by selling them to us or getting the short term loans
5:54 am
reasonably price. >> save money and get money. >> you can get money and sell the stuff or save the money purchasing items at discount through the website >> you are going to do a test on us, quiz here. five items where we will guess the prices. see if we can get close to it. >> we'll have fun. you seen "price is right" right? we're playing "is the price right?" you will guess the price and it will be the ultra pawn price or retail price. >> something you brought in worth $1140 is sitting on the table here. what is it? >> this this 10-karat diamond band. that is up front here. the price that we have got, that you have to guess is $1100. would you say it's the retail or the ultra pawn price? >> mike: retail or pawn price. that is the pawn price. >> clayton: i go with pawn price, too.
5:55 am
>> let's find out. in fact, that is the retail price. the pawn price is $400. so by going online you can save $600 on the diamond band. >> the next one then. >> go to the next one. the next item here. >> mike: $4,500? >> antique tea set. >> this right here. >> belonged to king faruk of egypt. he was luxurious thing and had a lot of sought-after antiqu antiques. but the tea set was found in a gentleman's attic doing spring cleaning. >> mike: i go pawn price. >> clayton: i go retail price. >> pawn price, retail price. survey says? retail price. $9,000 at auction. you >> you nailed it. >> $4,500 is significant savings. this is a 2008 nba all-star game basketball signed by 31 players that played in the game. highly coveted. $1700. >> mike: that better be the
5:56 am
retail price. >> clayton: i say retail price. >> you're killing me. no good. retail $2300. saving of $50 goin500 going to l tra pawn. the next price is rolex presidential. it holds the value over time. loves a ro lex. $10,000. >> clayton: pawn. >> pawn. >> wrong again. you will save $2,000 in gold ro lox and like-new position. go to 24. /7. agents are there. >> alisyn: how much of the diamond bra bracelet, retail $35,000. ultra pawn price $22,000. >> alisyn: i'll take it. >> good to see you. >> mike: police officer fired for drunk driving is suing because alcohol schism a
5:57 am
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it's a whole new species of gator. right now, visit your dealer or to get $800 off the gator rsx850i.
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6:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is saturday. april 27. i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us. a mysterious discovery more than ten years after 9/11, a huge piece from one of those planes is found just blocks from ground zero. and next to that controversial mosque site. is this real? or is it a hoax? >> mike: i am mike in for tucker. attorney general eric holder making controversial commentles. >> creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is absolutely essential. >> this is a matter of civil and human rights. >> mike: so is american citizenship a privilege or a right? >> clayton: plus, a new restaurant serving up a controversial new policy.
6:01 am
>> so we love kids, just not at the sushi bar. >> clayton: no kids allowed at the suzy bar sushi bar. is that fair? is that legal? "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: good morning again, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. great to have mike jarret with us. he is not going to erupt in to uproarious laughter. he promises. >> clayton: it might happen. you never know. >> alisyn: tell you what is happening new this week. >> clayton: new details emerging over the boston marathon bombing. and the family, of course, that led to all of this. and the mother, specifically, this morning, who we learned was put on the terrorist watch list. a number of months ago. perhaps was removed from the list. six months ago she fled and
6:02 am
moved to russia. did she know something was afoot? that's led to the fact she is a person of interest by authorities. she is in russia so access is not readily available. >> what are we talking nant the last ten days somewhere? 26-year-old who is now dead. where did he get radicalized? in the united states or russia in or inside his own house talking with his mother. >> alisyn: here is the mother speaking just yesterday about how distraught she is about what has happened to her two sons. she blames america. >> in america now. why did i even go there? why? thought they would be safe for any reason. it happened.
6:03 am
america took my kids away from me. only america. what have you done with my son? he was alive. why did they need to kill him? why didn't they send him to whatever? why did they kill him? why? why did they have to kill him? they got him alive, right? he was in their hands. >> alisyn: there are so many errors in thinking there i don't know where to begin. america didn't take her sons away from her. her sons perpetrated a horrible terrorist act on america and took an 8-year-old son away from his family at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> mike: america was unsafe for her sons? no, america was unsafe because of her sons. >> clayton: allowed them to live here. welfare, food stamps we learn the older brother was getting subsidies from the united states government. >> alisyn: as was she and her husband. >> clayton: taxpayers dollars to help the family along so it was somehow america's problem. the russian intelligence
6:04 am
agency we should point out was the ones who contacted the c.i.a. and the iraqi to alert them about the radical ties. they worried they would go back to russia to foment some radical violence. >> mike: so russia wanted to know more about her and the sons. >> alisyn: they felt they both had become radical and extreme. they want the to us look in to it. the f.b.i. did. they are continuing to try to determine if there was someone in russia to help radicalize them or it happened at home. >> mike: interesting, too, we found a picture in times square. a year ago. this is the 19-related we have circled with a red circle. with four of his buddies there. in the middle of times square. two of the guys that we have blurred route in custody now and questioned by authorities. >> alisyn: the reason this photo is significant is because the authorities do believe according to ray kelly, the police commissioner here in new york city, that the brothers were goingbe to
6:05 am
come to new york next and try to perpetrate some sort of terrorist actbe in times square there. >> clayton: we are getting word this morning, we didn't have it before the show but we do now. the f.b.i. were looking through, they had a cordoned off part of a landfill site. wasn't clear what they were looking for but may have looked for a laptop in landfill. we know from senator lindsey graham this morning a third man is sought in connection with the other two bombers. all they know is he has a red beard. goes by the name of misha. their uncle was concerned about the guy named misha that he may have led them down the radical path. they don't know much more about him. >> alisyn: turn our attention something that holder said. speaking at the
6:06 am
mexican-american legal defense america awards gala and said something that perked the ears of many in the immigration debate. he said he thinks that illegal immigrants deserve rights. let's listen to what he had to say. >> creating a pathway for the earned citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants in the country is essential. this is matter of civil and human rights. this is who we are as a nation. to the core of the treasureed principle of equal opportunity. >> mike: right or a privilege? i guess if it's a right -- >> alisyn: if you are born here. >> mike: or you take means to become a citizen. >> sure. constitutional attorney says nowhere in the constitution does it make concessions for amnesty. and he doesn't understand the law correctly if that is the case. listen. >> if you taken the statement to clusion,
6:07 am
everyone has a right to become an american citizen in the world. we did survey of the national law, human rights law, there is no human rights law in world to require a country who is there illegally and make them to citizens. this is unfortunate not just from cabinet but the attorney general on the united states. >> alisyn: we cut that partly and he said it's human right to come out of the shadows. you can understand why you think that is a right to not live a shadowy life. but there is a legal process to get a green card and prove yourself and take test for citizenship and become a citizen. so people, you know, who don't agree with the attorney general's position say other people who don't do it right are cutting the line.
6:08 am
and robbing people who are trying to do it correctly. >> mike: what do you think? let us know? >> clayton: her headlines now. >> alisyn: a discovery made a decade after the 9/11 attack. a landing gear possibly from a plane that hit the world trade center has been found blocks away from where the world trade center was. the "new york post" reports that the police suspected this could be a hoax. and that the piece may have lowered down bay rope. this, by the way, happened near the controversial ground zero mosque site. but the police commissioner says this actually could have stayed hidden in this spot all these years. >> if you see how confined the space is and realize the chaos that existed down here thon street, it's understandable. not surprising. >> mike: it will be pretty easy to figure this out, isn't it? >> alisyn: i don't know. investigators will be back
6:09 am
monday looking for human remains on the wreckage and other evidence ifto see if it's real. 19 more survivors pulled from the rubble of the horrific building collapse in bangladesh. hift at least 340 people dead. firefighters say there are still more people trapped and they are doing all they can to save them. there are now more than 2400 survivors accounted for. several people have been taken to custody, including two engineers involved in the construction of this garment factory. building owner, though, is on the run. well, he was fired for driving drunk, off-duty and crashing an unmarked police car but fired officer jason servo filing $6 million lawsuit against the city of gresham, oregon, claiming his rights were violated under americans with disabilities act because alcohol is a disability. >> the gresham police department was my home and the fellow officers were my family. i would not discard a family
6:10 am
member for a disease as i was discarded. >> alisyn: the police department says it cannot comment on pending lawsuits. something you don't see every day. alligator hazrd n pga tour. three-legged gator, slowly approaching an official at the zurich classic in new orleans. the official slowly backs up. seems very calm. just going to put it in reverse right here for a second. apparently the 12-foot gator is a frequent visitor to the course. he is nicknameed "tripod." >> mike: that is my nickname, too. interesting. >> alisyn: wow. [ laughter ] >> clayton: let's check in with rick reichmuth now. he can handle it. >> rick: i can't. sorry. okay. serious stuff i got to talk about right here. >> clayton: give at it shot. >> alisyn: go ahead. >> rick: i will. >> alisyn: we're waiting. >> rick: big flooding. mike, nice face. this week we had flooding across parts of the rivers here, the ohio river.
6:11 am
wabash river. you got to stop. you' ote heling me out behind the camera here. this flooding has been very bad. over here to the west. this has been very, very dry. this is all the mississippi river watershed, but you will notice right up here toward the northern areas, this little spotlight here. that is part of the red river. that flows north. a different watershed. look at where the snow is still and it's in the same spot. some of the areas have two feet of snow still in them and now it's warming up. we will see significant flooding here, temps getting in the 70s today. still staying in the mid-60s range the next few day. the snow will rapidly melt. the water, and it will there to the north. a flow sloping area right here. so we will see this river crest. right around 38 feet. somewhere around tuesday and wednesday. so big flooding conditions going on there. the other story we'll follow today is severe weather across the south. anywhere you see this yellow here, stripe from around the big bend of texas toward the part of the mid-mississippi
6:12 am
river valley. chance for weather later today. i pulled it together. >> alisyn: well done, rick. well done. >> mike: next on the rundown. a government waste alert. the health and human services department paying a p.r. firm $8 million to promote obamacare. just the beginning. >> alisyn: plus update on a story we have been following on "fox & friends." new jersey principal under fire for banning strapless dresses at middle school dance. stunning turn of events next. ♪ ♪ e credit score's redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. this one lets us know what happens if we miss a payment. oh. this one lets us know what happens if we use less credit. yeah. what's this one do? i dunno.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: that igreat graphic.
6:16 am
hard-earned tax dollars at work. the obama administration is aiming to conjure up public support by paying a public relations firm to promote obamacare. and the kicker? the $8 miion the government is paying this p.r. firm is funded by you, the taxpayer. >> alisyn: is this pointless gouging of the funds or necessary to communicate what is in this law? here to weigh in is crystal wright, public relations exective of baker wright group. hi, crystal. >> how are you? >> mike: >> so for $8 million, what will the p.r. group be doing? >> this p.r. group will be doing nothing but taking all that $8 million to the bank. it's not going tochange behavior. you newhy i know, guys? i worked for global p.r. agency. and we loved government contractors, because we knew we could get lots of taxpayer money. we have wouldn't do anything to meet goals and objectives. so i can give you examples of that, too. but it's a waste. look, obamacare is
6:17 am
$2.7 trillion. we think. the government can't even get states to participate in the exchanges. members of congress now want an exemption because they are required and their staffers to participate in the exchanges because they say it's unaffordable. so what does h.h.s. do? pay two different agencies, porter novelli was paid $20 million last year. they were going to pay webber shanwick to encourage people to participate in a program they never wanted in the first place. it's a awful. >> mike: what does it say when you need to spend that money with a p.r. firm? is what you are trying to sell difficult to sell? >> yes. but, sometimes, the government, you know, doesn't deal in logic and common sense. it's not a private sector company, where it has to meet goal and objectives to shareholder and balance sheet. the firm i worked for won $10 million contract to reduce teen drug use. we have didn't move the needl
6:18 am
needle. the needle moved 1%, a half a percentage point. we were happy because we got rich. another example, we got another contract with the u.s. mint to promote the dollar coin. sacawajia. >> alisyn: my girls had them collected. this is more money after bad. >> alisyn: max baucus came out and critical of the administration and said they have not done a good job of promoting obamacare or explaining it to people, because it's coming down the pike and we need to know how the use it. is this possibly the way that people, americans will better know and understand this? >> yeah. i think on the flip side, you know, to be a contrarian, i
6:19 am
guess, or give it another view here. i might increase awareness of obamacare, but remember, the american people have consistently rejected the program. poll after poll shows that more than 50% of the american people don't want it. so i think it's going have the opposite effect. and it's going to encourage more people not to participate in the exchanges. it's still not worth giving webber shanwick $8 million. they claim they will do advertising with this money. god knows what, right? >> mike: i can see the obama administration side to that. maybe you will like if it you understand it, so we'll promote it this way. >> okay. but remember, nancy pelosi didn't even understand it. and she was an architect. the democrats were architect of this bill. they kept pushing it. no republican voted for it. remember, nancy pelosi famously said we have to pass the bill to see what's in it." so if they don't understand it, i don't know if 20 million, $8 million in advertising will do anything to make the american people
6:20 am
like it. >> mike: thank you. >> alisyn: thank you, crystal. new restaurant serving up a new policy. >> we love kids. just not at the sushi bar. >> alisyn: kids are delicious. that's right. no kids allowed at the sushi bar? is that fair? your e-mails and tweets are pouring in on this one. >> mike: new home sales on the rise. does it equal a boost for the economy? well, not so fast. real estate expert kendra todd is here next. she will say -- well, what she believes about the economy. is it up, like the housing? ♪ ♪ ♪ nobody knows note what everybody knows ♪ ♪ ♪ try living in a small, small town ♪ ♪ with the biggest sweeting thing around ♪
6:21 am
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6:24 am
>> alisyn: 23 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. one sushi restaurant in virginia wants to help couples have a relaxing date night out by banning their kids. the bar owner mike anderson says he loves kids, just not at his sushi bar. his restaurant will only allow people 18 and older. and getting the last laugh. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: well, charges have been dropped against the man accused of laughing too loudly in his home. robert skiavelli faced $500 in fines and month in jail after the neighbors filed charges against him for the loud laughter. he has neurological problems, everyone, and said they unfairly targeted him because of the disability. there you go, clayton. >> clayton: thank you, ali. look at this. new home sales on the rise with the market seeing the
6:25 am
best first quarter since 2008. overall, 18-1/2% increase since last year. the next guest says don't get too excited because it doesn't mean a better economy. realte expert kendra todd joining us to talk about this. you don't think this is easy street. i heard if you have bombing economy, the house -- if you have a booming housing market the economy is sitting pretty. >> that is the past recessions where housing led the recovery. but in the past recession that simply hasn't been the case. housing struggled along. it hasn't given the economy the boost it needs. you know, there is a couple of interesting reasons why. there are two main contributo contributors of housing that usually help the economy. one of them is new construction. which creates jobs, in
6:26 am
construction, real estate, et cetera and consumer spending. typically, the economy really relies on people to take money out of their homes, wh valu rise. and put that money in to bigger ticket purchases. to fuel cash in the economy. that is just simply not happening. this go-around. the fact that prices are up is really not an indicator that the economy is going to get a boost. >> clayton: so credit here a big issue that people can't necessarily get those home equity loans like they used to? and then they take that $10,000, they would run over to home depot and buy new fences if for yard, they would buy drywall to fix up their, that attic space and turn it in another room? is that what is going on here as well? >> well, you know, a lot of people got really burned during the housing crash. they took out equity lines on their homes. they couldn't repay them. they went to foreclosure. and the people that are buying
6:27 am
homes today are people with the higher credit scores who typically don't go and leverage the equity in their homes. additionally, another aspect we need to consider is that this housing recovery is being driven predominantly by investors. i'm not talking mom and pop investors, i'm talking institutional investors. they are using hedge fund money to buy properties crash. equity line are all-time low. really, the bigger question is the economy going to hurt housing? and keep housing slow? it's really not a question of oh, yea, the prices are up. is housing going to give the economy a needed boost? >> clayton: maybe we can end on a positive note. is this the perfect time to buy a house? >> that is a positive note. actually, this now, now is the perfect time to sell your home. there are tons of competition for buyers. but sellers if you just got out from underneath your
6:28 am
mortgage, now is a time to put the for sale sign in the yard. this sum her be a hot one -- this summer will be a hot one. >> clayton: thank you for joining us. what time is it there? 6:00 a.m. you're a trooper. >> it's early. >> clayton: thank you. coming up on the show. sorry kids no, more strapless dresses. while we are at it, no dance at all. the principal says the dresses are inappropriate, making a major decision has parents fuming. a southern tradition that has become a trendy hobby. how can you start preeveryone ising, too, from little jars to big flavors. a few easy step for canned preserves. coming up, we remember the life and legacy of this man, george jones. ♪ he stopped loving her today ♪ ♪ placed a wreath upon his door ♪ ♪ and soon they'll carry him
6:29 am
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♪ ♪ [ barking ] [ laughter ]
6:33 am
>> mike: i could watch that all day. the shot of the morning. apparently dogs aren't only man's best friend, they're a baby's best friend as well. that is 1-year-old addison playing with her best buddy lily. >> clayton: not only does the doberman play with her, it's trained her. hold the toy and lily licks it. 30,000 hits on youtube. you just need a laughing baby. >> alisyn: that is the cutest baby i've ever seen, my own included. >> mike: in philadelphia we did for six months the laughing baby of the day. we stopped at 9:30 ironically, and we'd have a baby laugh. i made everybody happy. >> alisyn: i bet. okay. we'll do that. we'll steal it if you don't mind. >> clayton: let's talk about dresses. fired up. >> do it for the school, middle school dances. is there an appropriate dress code? of course there is. however, one principal at the middle school in new jersey, reading middle school, think strapless dresses are
6:34 am
inappropriate from her middle school. so she banned them. believe it or not, the students and some of their parents got angry and then someone sent the principal a threatening e-mail. >> clayton: now reversing course, so now in june at another dancebe there will be strapped dresses allowed but is this going too far? i was trying to remember prom and middle school dances. i don't recall -- you know, i don't recall if they were strapless or not. hard for me -- it was a foggy memory. >> mike: what became a hubbub, they were supposed to have the first dance last night. >> alisyn: canceled because of the threatening e-mail. here is what you had to say about it. sheryl from virginia says -- she is resourceful. i can tell that about her. >> clayton: cindy writes --
6:35 am
>> alisyn: yes, yes! that is a great point. it's not the straps that make it inappropriate or appropriate. >> clayton: it's the height. maybe they should have somebody there with a ruler. >> alisyn: it's a school. i bet they have one. >> i went to catholic school. and the girls' catholic school down the block, mount car mem academy, they did have rulers. they would measure the link of your skirt. >> clayton: catholic school did wonders for you. >> mike: no question. seriously! look at this. look at all of this. >> alisyn: the product. meanwhile, keep your e-mails coming. we would love to read them after the show as well. here are the headlines. what else is happening, it would end the hour-long delay in the country, house following the senate's lead and passing a bill to end the f.a.a. furlough of air traffic controllers. this would let the agency redistribute money from less-needed areas. the white house says it's just a band aid. critics say this is just the latest example of president obama playing politics with the sequester.
6:36 am
>> there are some in the obama administration who thought inflicting pain on the public would give the president more leverage to avoid making necessary spending cuts and impose more tax hikes on the american people. >> alisyn: the bill now must be signed by president obama. and mcdonald's is planning on some changes. >> hot cakes and sausage. >> we stop serving breakfast. >> what are you talking about? we four seconds late. >> alisyn: the fast food giant thinking about serving breakfast all day long. not the first time they tempted customers with all-day breakfast. in 2006, the company brought up the possibility before ultimately deciding against it. the golden arches also considering expanding the delivery service. who knew mcdonald's had a delivery service? we will keep you posted on those updates. batman is known for keeping gotham city safe from villains, of course. >> don't run away, batman. .i won't bite.
6:37 am
>> i'm not afraid of you, cat woman. >> alisyn: well, there is a new batman in bagram making sure soldiers stay safe in afghanistan. let's look. >> where is your weapon? >> i don't know, batman. >> where's your weapon? >> i left it behind. i didn't want to carry it. >> alisyn: that is staff sergeant jesse dyer as the bagram batman. he stars in a series of public service announcements for the freedom channel. the add focuses on things like keeping your weapons secure and not using headphones, so you can always hear incoming fire. interesting. all right. let's go out to rick for weather. >> rick: i'm the biggest fan of the day here. check the guys out. this is lucy and what? >> mickey. >> alisyn: lucy and mickey. hey. >> rick: what's up? cute guys. you are also ali's biggest fan, right? >> yes. >> rick: making sure. not just the four-legged kind. >> alisyn: i like all of them. >> rick: there you go.
6:38 am
look at the weather maps. very, very cool picture sent in from mobile, alabama. this guy, mike, is a very good photographer. eastern blue birds. he just took this picture there. you got a nice day for picture-taking there. 65-degrees today. getting up to 80-degrees. you will see mostly sunny skies. looking good. keep sending me your pictures. twitter or my facebook pagebe. other stories across the southwest. look at this. today, the temps across the colorado river valley are around 100-degrees, getting to 105 in death valley and phoenix. typically, you get your first 100-degree day on may 12. that is the average. the next three days, sunday, monday, tuesday, you are over 100. the heat beginning very early. that means you a long five months or so ahead of you. a look at the rest of the country, waking up. the temps. watch what happens throughout the day. a nice warmup across the high plains. getting to 68 in denver, and 73 in rapid city. staying cool with cloud cover in toward kansas city.
6:39 am
most of the day. that is where we have a disturbance. severe weather throughout the day. that's where the rain is right now across the tennessee valley. all right. clayton and mike, send it to you. >> mike: thank you, rick. gardening issuing? >> clayton: yeah. my wife last year said what will we do with the extra tomatos? thank goodness that virginia wills is here. a chef and thaw or the book "little jars, big flavors. " you have extra food you can do canning to preserve it. >> i'm southern and i grew up -- hi, how are you? >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. i grew up around canning and preserving. people have memories of grandmothers of bushel baskets. it doesn't have to be like that. >> mason jars. >> exactly. >> clayton: we had a lot of zucchini last year and squash. you can do all sort of great stuff with that. >> you can. if you can boil water you can make a pickle. >> alisyn: good motto. show us how we start.
6:40 am
>> well, some of the recipes we have here, they don't require boiling water. they can use a microwave. so the first one i start with is this beautiful, beautiful mint-lime pickle. >> alisyn: mint-lime pickle. >> clayton: salt there. >> you start with salt. we let it sit and it draws out the moisture. and then what we do here, follow with me. we drain off the salted water. i'll ask you to pour in sugar. i'll add the mint. >> alisyn: excite a bit of sugar. >> it's a pickle. >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing. >> alisyn: is this a cup? >> no, that is like four cups. >> two cups of sugar. >> but look, see, the sugar, then we add vinegar. >> then the sugar disappears? >> yeah. >> if you add vinegar and red pepper. >> beautiful. >> car lick. this is a freezer pickle. you don't worry about boiling a jar or canning jars. >> just pop in the lime? >> that is lime zest and
6:41 am
garlic. cover it and put it in the fridge rater. and then we drain it and it's just this simple. we are going to freeze the pickles. >> turn that camera -- >> isn't that beautiful? look at the colors. >> it smells great. >> how long -- >> then you put them in the can? >> you put them in the jars, just like this. we are going to leave a little head space, because that is the room at the top of the jar, because we are going to actually pour this liquid in. >> alisyn: what is that? >> this the liquid -- >> alisyn: that we drained off? >> no. the liquid produced here. this is the flavorful liquid, the garlic and the lime zest, sugar and ven gar. we put the lid on this. put it in the freezer. when you're ready to use them, there it is. >> alisyn: beautiful. >> let it defrost overnight. >> how long would it keep? >> up to six months or for the freezer. >> raspberries down here. >> same with fruit? >> exactly. exactly. here i have fruit. we have blueberries. >> great. >> while you do this, we are going to direct people to website, because they can see
6:42 am
the recipe on foxeb we can't finish this. but look at the finished product. how beautiful the preserved the food is. >> will you stay for the after the show' show for us? >> i will. >> jam up. >> a little jars, big flavors. >> the name of the book. if you have those things and get your garden ready for the spring. great book to pick up. i'll pick it up. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> who is not eating -- the >> alisyn: i can read. coming up, we j v an update on what happened with the boston bombers and how they got food stamps and welfare thanks to taxpayers and what m. will do about that -- and what massachusetts will do about that? be first check in with cavut nel cavuto. >> in wake of the boston bombings is it time to hand
6:43 am
out millions of aid over there? will it mean a big role for big brother? why rand paul ain't one of them and he has a special chat. now washington has done nothing with your flight? are airlines prepping more fees? cost of freedom on the job top of the hour. see you then. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: officials in massachusetts released that the boston terror suspects and their families receive food stamps and other assistance. but while that has finally been released, it was only after the state's governor deval patrick tried to block that information so he can protect their privacy. but don't taxpayers in this scrans a right to know where their money -- taxpayers in this country have a right to know where the money is going?
6:47 am
michael graham is joining us. >> happy to be here. we kno that the family was on te terror watch list and dole in massachusetts. the taxpayers feel good about that. >> mike: some people say i wish we never said their names again but i take the other side. i think we should know every single thing there is to know about the family. >> what more do you need to know? you can simultaneously be on a list watching as terror suspects and be having your bills paid by the taxpayers of massachusetts. the reason governor patrick doesn't want to talk about this, he has a terrible record on e.b.t. fraud. electronic benefit fraud. he thought every reform we have had. you can still buy guns, tattoos and hairstyling on your e.b.t. thanks to him. we found out two months ago that there are at least 19,000 people who receive e.b.t. benefits and we don't know who they are or where they are. we found out we spent $30 million to people who weren't eligible for food
6:48 am
stamps, who the governor and the administration gave anyway. so he doesn't want anyone looking at the fact it's very possible that the al-zahrani tsv parents, not the sons, but the parents for russia and simultaneously someone received e.b.t. benefit in their name. >> mike: you don't think it has anything to do with protecting the family's privacy? >> there is already a state supreme court ruling from the '80s on public interest. if you have a case like this, where the public has an interest in knowing where the money goes there is an exemption to the so-called privacy part. this is all politics. governor patrick, for example, in the election between liz warren and scott brown, ginned up a program where every welfare recipient got a voter registration document, not from the welfare people -- excuse me, not from the election people but from welfare people. an odd scheme. that's how we found out there were orig thatly 40,000 people and narrowed down to 19,000 people and we don't know who they are. we just know we send them checks. >> mike: this part of the
6:49 am
story won't go away. michael, keep us updated. >> i'm on it. >> mike: still ahead, the country music community mourning the lost of george jones. up next, pete every johnson remembers the life and legacy of that country star. ♪ ♪ ♪ she thinks i still care
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> alisyn: country music legend george jones passed away after being hospitalized with fever and irregular blood pressure. he was 81. joining to us help us remember the life and legacy of the country music star is fox news legal analyst peter johnson junior. he is in nashville. great to see you. >> hey, ali, i'm at the north
6:53 am
star studios where george jones performed in the past. i think i'm kind of channeling here with the nice people here who really liked him. everybody down here in nashville is talking about him today. the possum as he was known. 143 top 40 singles. the second biggest country country star in american history. i'm a jersey boy but the music of your life was country. george jones. 8-tracks in the car, and whm, the radio stations with george jones. with harley rich and -- charlie rich and charlie pride and hank williams. this man stepped in the feet of hank williams.
6:54 am
george jones. it's affected people in nashville across the country and even me. one of the great singers, one of the quintessential american voices. i know you love george jones. >> alisyn: i have loved him since i was 25. a friend of mine named mike gerald turned me on to imhim. i love him because the songs are clever and poignant. he had a colorful life. all of that hard drinking and loving and lost love all came through in his songs. >> he said he lives the songs. he literally lived the songs. he dealt with addiction. he dealt with alcoholism. and evidently and wonderfully overcame those with his wife finally. but he spoke to the american people about their troubles. about not having a job and drinking too much. about breaking up. about loss. about all the important things in our lives that we have to
6:55 am
deal with. and he dealt with it in ways that were enviable and sometimes not so enviable. he has the distinction of being arrested for dwi on his lawnmower. i am told by someone here the reason he really did get arrested, as tammy wynette's calling he was cutting through the neighborhood and he had the mower blades down. so a lot of people were upset. they lost part of their lawn. i was thinking back and going to youtube to listen to all of the songs he had done, i didn't realize how much he had done. if you see him do "white lightning" the '60s, incredible. five decades of hits. everybody wanted to sing and sound like george jones. he meant so much to so many people who never met him. i never did but he has a profound affect on my life and my brother's life through my mom.
6:56 am
who loved elvis and george and that's what we thought american music is. that's greatly what american music really is. it's the most popular type of music. everybody listens to it. country music. he stands for country music in my mind. >> alisyn: to your point, there are so many singers from other john ras, frank sinatra, pete townsend, elvis costello, james taylor, who says he influenced them. waylon jennings said if we could all sing like we wanted to we'd sound like george jones. listen to "white lightning" as we go out. >> i love it. thanks. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ shh ♪ white lightning ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ they were looking kind of bookie ♪ love, warmth. here, try this. mm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on.
6:57 am
mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free.
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6:59 am
>> thank you for joining us today. thanks to make fore being in. you'll be in tomorrow.
7:00 am
>> he's making preserves. he's canning. our thanks to allison for being here also. >> you're welcome. >> white house correspondent dinner, will you be joining us tomorrow? >> yes. i'll be showing you pictures. beefing of security costs big bucks. so with terror fears still gripping us here, is it time to quit shipping billions to people who hate us over there? hi, everyone. i'm liz mcdonald in for brenda buttner and this is "bulls & bears." to gary b. smith, jonah, john, along with stefan, welcome, everybody. gary b, do you think it's time to cut off foreign aid to countries that hate us and use it to keep us safe here at home instead? >> absolutely, liz. you always got to look at kind of the cost-benefit. we spend $40 billion a year on foreign aid. but you look down the list of countries, i mean, my gosh, until recently, we were giving


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