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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 28, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ hey there. how are you feeling? i'm kick kickbe in for alisyn an camerota. new details about the prison where the boston bombing suspect is being held. plus, did the department of homeland security know more than they are telling us in we take a closer look. >> i'm mike in for tucker. good news for more or more trouble for travelers. the f.a.a. says all systems will be back to normal by tonight. but not so fast. why a typo could delay everything. >> did you type that up? >> i did. i'm a horrible typeer. >> then conan o'brien taking center stage in washington, d.c. >> when you think about it,
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the president andry a lot alike. we both went to harvard, we both have two children and we both told joe biden we didn't have extra tickets for tonight's event. >> we have the best zingers. as the president and comedian go head tooted? whto -- head to head. who won? "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ good sunday morning, everyone welcome in to "fox & friends." we didn't get the tickets to the white house corps respondencorrespondentcorrespon. our own alisyn camerota was there so coming up, she will share her photos and experiences from the white house correspondents' dinner. ali is a terrible photographer. last year, she shared photos. no heads. they were of half an eye and a
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hood. we'll show you some of those. >> i saw the fox report last night and i saw her with harris faulkner and uma, they looked great. >> overexposed photos. >> no. somebody else was taking the photos. maybe that's why. >> that is coming up. but first, air traffic control towers across the country will be back to normal by tonight after the fur lowe forcing flight delays. the f.a.a. ending the mandatory furloughs on saturday brought on sequestration cuts. >> elizabeth prann joins us live from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today, the federal aviation administration is shifting funds to stop the furloughs of employees and air traffic controllers, meaning the halving levels are going backbe to the way they were and the smaller airport towers can turn the rights back on. as millions of americans can attest, this was causing delays across the country. despite a small technical error, spelling error in the
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bill, the lochs allowed the agency to shift the money in the budget to keep workers on the job. now, during the president's weekly address, he suggested members of congress notice because they fly home every weekend, this is a temporary solution and more needs to be done. >> so song passed a temporary fix. a band aid. but these cuts are scheduled to keep falling across other parts of the government. to provide vital services for the american people. and we can't just keep putting band aids on every cut. it's not a responsible way to govern. there is only one way to fix the sequester. by replacing it before it causes further damage. >> at the same time, the republican lawmakers say the obama administration used the delays to their advantage by inflicting pain on the public. they say the president wanted leverage to avoid making necessary spending cuts. >> they could have cut spending elsewhere. they could have taken in account air traffic patterns and make sure the controllers
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would be in place where they were most needed. or they could have reached out to congress and airlines to have a plan in place ahead of time. >> reporter: the newly transferred funds to l allow the f.a.a. to operate the air traffic control at full strength through september 30, end of the fiscal year. back to you. >> thank you, much.>> t. typo. >> let's talk about this. we are learning more about the boston becoming suspect. the younger brother, of course, the 19-year-old being held this morning, about 30 miles outside of boston. we are getting insight in what sort of prison conditions he's going to be -- >> it sounds like he was going a medical facility. >> yeah. >> but he is in a jail cell with a metal door no, tv, 24-hour surveillance. >> slot where they have to -- >> it's a hospital. >> nothing fancy. >> he can't read books.
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he doesn't have access to television. they aren't giving a lot of details but typically a small dor where they give food and also medication. since he was injured. >> at first i thought maybe it was more like a medical facility, more like a hospital. but this is a jail cell no, question about it. 24-hour surveillance for sure. >> more questions of the other connections involved. we have been hearing about the other individual misha. we hear about the two individuals they have been questioning in relation to whether or not they would do something here in times square. how the u.s. authorities let them slip through the cracks. were there warning signs? ambassador bolton on the department of homeland security failure in this. listen. >> i think part of the problem here was in the creation of the department of homeland security, as is so often the case in the government. you do a reorganization. people say problem solved. that is simply not true. you can reorganize ineffectiveness and put in a
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different department. it's still going to produce bad results. i think when you've got applications for a asylum from a place like chechnya, well-known at the time that the family came on the country, well known for recruiting ground for al-qaeda and radical islamists it should have been extra special check before granting political asylum to the people to see if they had ties. i reject they were radicalized in this country. >> could the flag have been redder in this case? >> the f.b.i. does get thousands of tips. you vo v to hand it to them a little bit. tab mother was on the terrorist watch list months ago. >> clayton: the f.b.i. went through and ran these individuals. then said no. they don't check out. >> you remember after 9/11. 16,000, 17,000 different intelligence agencies in the country. let's put them all -- they are not talking to each other.
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so let's put them all together under d.h.s. we can relax a little bit. >> we now know from the russian authorities in the news, the russian authorities had come to the c.i.a. first to notify them of the individuals, said we worry about them radicalized coming back and fomenting violence in our country. they checked them out. the f.b.i. didn't know about. they weren't talking either. >> how about them getting soft assistance and going to russia and coming back. who paid for that? >> for six months while he was there. food stamps and welfare checks they were receiving. we have more on that. plus interesting information about perhaps some of the other people related to this case. suspects and persons of interest. we are more coming up. >> all right. we'll get the rest of the headlines. 7 minutes after the hour. the f.b.i. saying it's got the right man this time. that's in the case of the ricin-laced letters. authorities arrested 41-year-ol41-year-old everett de at his home in mississippi. martial arts instruck store
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accused to mail poise on the the president. mississippi senator, and a local judge. he thinks he is smarter than anyone else. he has mensa certificate. i'm not surprised. >> tuesday they dropped the charges against the first suspect. the elvis impersonator says he was framed by everett dutschk dutschke. there was a crash but no t local police stay bad weather could be to blame. the nypd claiming the landing gear belongs to a boeing 767. that is the same model airliner used in the 2001 world trade center attack. aviation say a number stamped
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on the wreckage probably won't help determine which of the two 767s used in the attack it came from. played a supporting role in a world war ii stirring moment. providing the flag raised on iwo jima and captured in this iconic photo died. wood was in charge of communication on a lang chip when a marine asked for biggest flag he could find. wood was 90 years old. all right. get to rick reichmuth now to severe weather. severe storms dumping rain out there, right? >> areas of texas yesterday to six and seven inches of rain causing flooding. look at the video. this this is from the houston area. they got all the rain in three-hour period.
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at one point, 1.2 inches fell in seven minutes. that is unheard of heavy rain falling and a bunch of people had to be rescued. 50 people were rescued in houston by the first responders to get in there and get people out of the flooded cars. a rough time there. they were asking people to stay off the roads last night once it got dark. people wouldn't know they would drive in those water. today, few more showers across the area. the same front stalled out. we have rain across south texas and houston. the heaviest rain is across the eastern areas of tennessee. we could be seeing localized flooding there by this afternoon. they had three and four inches of rain with that. northeast, you are good. i have a cross the west. producing a ton of sunshine again through southern california and through most of the northern plains as well. temperature wise today, the big warmup continues. the flooding will continue.
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clayton, look there. phoenix, the first day. 100-degrees. >> whoo! be still my beating heart. rick, when you were a teenager how late did you wish you could sleep in? were you at your optimum -- >> rick: as a teenager or this morning? >> teenager. [ laughter ] >> if you had to get up to school, 7:00 tom go to class -- >> i am at my best if i sleep to 10:00 or 11:00. >> bingo. a new study showing that teenagers probably should be allowed to sleep in until 8:00 or 8:30. >> parents freak out when their teenagers want to sleep past noon. get up! like there is something wrong with them. the new study says the more they sleep maybe the better their grades are. >> it deals with the hormonal changes going on with the kids in puberty. the study says they simply need more shut eye. if the answer is waking up
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earlier, probably going -- or sleeping longer, maybe you ought to not stay up until 3:00 playing video games. >> the kids, it's a problem. they need to go to bed earlie earlier. they need to sleep in later. some schools, in fact, moved the start time of the school day back an hour-and-a-half to two hours. to accommodate them. they need a two-hour shift. >> somebody alert the former governor of pennsylvania, because ed rendell wrote a week "the wussification of america." >> you think that? biologically we know -- >> how come we don't know it before now? >> i was half asleep of the first period of any class i went to in school. i was probably not at my optimum two ours in class. >> me, too. in high school, i would get out of the shower,be dry my hair like this out the window and put mascara on at the stoplight, definitely a traffic hazard.
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>> i wish we had video of that. >> you get up and do your stuff, study. >> it would be interesting to see the grades in the first few periods of the day. the classes adversely affected. >> new football coach in football, where i work monday through friday. chip kelly, came from university of oregon. he wants his football players to drink smoothies after every practice and get 12 hours of sleep in football season. >> wow! >> 12 hours. >> that would be brilliant. >> i haven't 12 hours all week if you combine the hours. >> let us know. if you have a teenager at home, let us know if it make sense. e-mail us. find us on twitter as well. @ffweekend. >> next on the rundown, taliban announces start of springbe offensive. what does this mean for our troops? >> plus, it may be convenient but working from home could hurt your chances of getting the corner office and promotion.
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>> clayton: welcome back. at the end of one of deadliest month, taliban offering more attacks on troops in the spring offensive. what does it mean for the national security at home and abroad? former c.i.a. operative mike baker joins to us talk about it. nice to see you. they come out and they announce it's spring. this is the time when we start the spring offensive. it sounds like something you announce to open up a flower show. why would they make this announce in the the first place? they do it every year. >> it sounds like a festive occasion. the annual spring offensive. the snow starts to recede from the mountains. ever since we have been there, the taliban makes this announcement. okay.
3:18 am
here comes a new fighting season. the difference is we are supposed to be gone this year and they know that. there are so many problems. despite the happy face that the nato commander in the current administration are putting on it, they are talking about the after fanbe military -- >> clayton: the military stepping up. >> i haven't bought we should be there since spring of 2002. we had a marvelous operation. we routed the taliban and did bah we want strategically moving al-qaeda out of there. at that point web should have had a national discussion how staying for the next 2 21 years in our national interest. how is building the literacy raid orate or building roads inr
3:19 am
benefit? how is it run by the inect karzai regime. >> clayton: are we led to belief that karzai is cutting deal with the taliban? is that the exit strategy? >> the taliban want to be in control. i see no up-side in the sense unless we are going to stay, the calculus, we will get close to departure and realize if we do leave, if we don't keep ground troops there and logistical support in a significant way that karzai really has one of two options. he takes his family and putting them on a plane with big bag of cash and gets out or he is swinging from a lamp post. >> clayton: as a former c.i.a. operative, is it okay for us to get out, leave and have no ground footprint and run drones overhead to make sure that the taliban doesn't have stronghold built in? >> we have to remember why they went to afghanistan. they had a safe haven for al-qaeda and that allowed them to reach out globally and plan and carry out 9/11.
3:20 am
i don't see it as a danger. if we left in early 2002, and if we said if you do it again, we'll come back again. but depending on who you talk to and calculation, the past decade, has cost us $2 trillion. not to mention the lives of the men and women over there. >> clayton: longest war in american history. mike baker, great friend of the show. coming up on the show, alarming numbers from the tax and spend administration. the government borrowing more for household than the average household even makes. the next guest break down what it means for you an your family. nba legend michael jordan spares no expense to tie the knot. detail of the lavish ceremony, including the largest tent in history. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> mike: quick headlines for you. supreme court justice stephen breyer recovering at a washington, d.c. hospital, following successful shoulder surgery. doctors operated on the 74-year-old after he took a nasty spill on his bike. he is expected to make a full recovery and be released later this week. an working from home. well, it's convenient. that's for sure. but it could damage your career. a new study says 60% of executives think at-home workers are hurting their chances at promotions because they appear inbe visible to coworkers. here are some solutions. video conferences to prove you are alive and phone calls to stay connected to your coworkers.
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>> anna: all right, mike. thank you. 6:24 is the time now. since president barack obama first took office in 2009 the federal debt climbed more than $6 trillion. here are the numbers for you. that equates to the administration borrowing nearly $54,000 per household. and according to the census in 2011, here is the problem. the median house old earned $50,000. how will it impact main street in the nation's economy? joining us is former g.o.p. finance chair noelle. good morning. >> good morning. >> anna: this is something that is really tough for americans to even think about, because -- i mean how will this affect us? unbelievable. >> a lot of people are still feeling like we are in a recession, though obama says we are recovering from a recession. if you look at the foreclosures you think differently. >> what i thought was funny was the fact that obama campaigned back in 2008 on hope and change. and he bashed president bush for spending out of control. and he has taken the national
3:26 am
debt, he got it like $10 trillion and now it's almost $17 trillion. so he has doubled it. >> anna: right. yet there are still problems with the tax going up on the middle class. another problem that he says he would not be doing. something that has not been fulfilled. >> absolutely. you know what? you cannot tax -- you know, even stephen moore a great economist has been on the show, you cannot especially tax americans enough to make up for this debt he is charging. $54,000 per household? some people don't even make it. >> anna: here is the deal, that is the legacy he is starting to leave. it will bit will be on the backr children and churn's children. >> that's one thing that has people from my side the g.o.p. hopping mad is the fact he says he wants to help. he says he wants to get the country back on track. meanwhile, look at the numbers. they are rising and rising and rising. no way we can tax our way out of it.
3:27 am
>> how can he justify this? >> this is his philosophy so to speak. the liberal left. to keep on spending money an spending money. look, face it. 242014 is coming up. a great way to appeal to his base to get the votes. >> mike: this looks familiar. we have seen this in europe and how it fared for them. it's socialism. a lot of people bash people like me, pundit to say socialism. but it is what it is. look at greece. look what happened there. a lot of people are saying it could never happen in america. look what happened. they had too many social programs and they couldn't fund them. all of a sudden, what happened? they went broke. >> mike: all right. thank you for your time. 6:27 the time on the clock. >> anna: brother and sister stranded at sea for 14 hours. back on land and now talk about the terrifying ordeal. plus -- >> the president and i are a lot of like. we went to harvard, we both have two children an we both
3:28 am
told joe biden we didn't have exbe tra tickets for tonight's events. >> anna: more highlights coming from the white house correspondents' dinner coming up next. ♪ ♪ try running four.ning a restaurant is hard,
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is valley bad-mouthing me to the president? reply. is she out for revenge? ask again later. look, i need you to -- >> look, you want to talk about immigration, we can talk about immigration. we can talk about the budget. i'll especially talkbe to you about jay-z and beyonce in cuba. but two things i don't talk about: covert operations and valerie magical powers. >> clayton: house of cards video. they put together in and it started in the clinton administration doing funny video presentation. so that was funny. jay carney, of course, the white house press secretary with kevin spacey from "house of cards." >> mike: tell me about "house of cards." i haven't seen it. >> clayton: the first netflix exclusive show they paid for and got the rights to. this is the first one you have to have netflix to watch it. >> anna: everybody says it's worth it. >> mike: "sopranos" of politics. >> clayton: the intrigue of
3:33 am
washington. he plays the house majority whip to keep the guys in line. then ed henry, our very own ed henry also in a bit of a white house spoof. watch this. there we can't have you stockpiling all the tickets, deciding where everyone gets to stick. i need you to release the tables. >> you nemy motto. ed, if you scratch my back, i won't lacerate yours. >> i have integrity. >> i've seen your work, ed. let's not kid yourself. this is the part where you leave. >> anna: i love it. he has a big gulp in his hand. >> mike: that's great. people are ripping conan o'brien, too. but i thought it was good. >> clayton: last year, jimmy kimmel, people thought the president was funnier than jimmy kimmel. weird line. you don't want to be too funny, don't want to upstage the president. don't want to be too mean, though, then it's uncomfortable in the room. >> anna: awkward. >> mike: one of those things
3:34 am
you should never throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, because it will bounce. never sing the national anthem at a sporting event, because it won't go well. i don't know why people accept that job. you really want to do it because you are performing in front of the president. but pitfalls are -- they are everywhere. >> anna: this seems to be the year of jimmy fallen. what happened to him? let's hear from conan and see what he was all about tonight. >> honor to share the stage with the president. you think about it, the president and i are a lot alike. we both went to harvard, we have two children and we both told joe biden we didn't have extra tickets for tonight's event. president obama has a lot on his plate right now. he is now at the very nice stage where there are no more secrets left to come out about him. we know that as a child he lived in indonesia. he studied at a muslim seminary and occasionally ate dog. so clearly from the beginning, he was a kid who had his eyes
3:35 am
set on the u.s. presidency. of course, the washington print media is joining thus evening. print media are here for two good reasons. food, and shelter. [ applause ] you know, how are you? you know, some people say print media is dying, but i don't believe it. neither does my blacksmith. you got to meet zacharia. cnn rating are so low, the ratings come up and james earl jones says, "you're watching cnn?" i look around the room and see the media and i realize this is one big high school cafeteria. that's all it is. think about it. fox is the jocks. msnbc is the nerds. bloggers are the goths. npr is the table for kid with peanut allergies.
3:36 am
>> mike: that was -- i thought it was good. people were upset he was reading it off the script. he did -- >> clayton: you don't want to mess it up. president obama had some very funny moments last night. among them, sort of making fun, pokes fun of his wife about her new hairstyle. take look. >> anyway, i recognize that this job can take a toll on you. i understand second term. you need a burst of new energy. try new things. and my team and i talked about it. we were willing to try anything so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. [ laughter ] i thought this looked pretty good. but no bounce. anyway. >> bounce for the bangs.
3:37 am
>> mike: he looked like mo from the "three stooges." >> anna: i wonder if she knew it was coming. >> clayton: can you imagine the guy at the white house tasked with the photoshoppe opportunity. we come to you and say foth shop bangs on the president's head. i'm not doing it unless the president asked me to do it. >> how would rick look with bangs do you think? jo let's see. c'mon -- >> anna: let's see. come on. comb it over. >> mike: there you go. >> anna: i like it other way. >> you can't see the gulf of mexico there. [ laughter ] sorry. >> the gulf or the caribbean? >> the peninsula there. [ laughter ] >> rick: that was your best line if a long time. at my experience. give it to you. all right, take a look at the weather. take a look at the maps here and go to hutchison island, florida. absolutely beautiful sunrise there. clouds breaking through.
3:38 am
i think this is from yesterday morning. 73° right now. today you go up to 82. see a few clouds. you are getting ready for the rainy seasonbe in florida. getting ready to get warmer. 82. keep sending me pictures on twitter or my facebook page. across the northeast, another nice day. rain off toward the west around the ohio valley. it's heavier the farther south you go. a few of the showers make your way in across the ohio valley. down to southeast. the worst is across eastern tennessee and across the carolinas. some of the rain could be heavy at times and we could see the downpours to cause localized flooding. rain across the coastal areas of texas, houston, after all of the rain yesterday and flooding. anytime rain could exacerbate that. northern plain. more cloud cover than yesterday. temps are warm. the first warm weekend you have had all spring long. across the west, get ready. phoenix has the first 100
3:39 am
100-degree day of the day. tomorrow is 102, 103. heat across the desert southwest. all right. clayton. i guess you have a full head of hair. >> clayton: the hairpiece. >> anna: good rug. 6:39 is the time. headlines for you. the navy is testing drones to fight the drug runners the libyan. the drones include a blimp previously used in iraq and afghanistan. the drones make it easier to stop and videotape smugglers who could try to dump the cargo overboard. thanks to budget cut they have had to come up with the new way to patrol seas for the drug trafficer. and siblings shipwrecked on a fishing trip in st. lucia are back in united states and talking about the terrifying ordeal. dan and kate say the charter boat stalled an began taking on water. the duo had to swim eight miles to shore. >> intense. it was a long, long day, long 20-odd hours.
3:40 am
>> series of incredibly difficult challenges. we're happy to be here and be back. >> the two say they can't wait to reunite with family and get some rest. they look fresh to me. >> anna: talk about a slam dunk. after five years of dating nba legend michael jordan and the model prieto made it official with a wedding in palm beach, florida. more than 2,000 people attended the reception. inside this massive 40,000 square foot tent. apparently the largest wedding tent in history. 5,000 square feet larger than the couple eat home. this is jordan's second marriage. >> i'm has the own air conditioning unit. multiple air condition for a tent. >> mike: the biggest wedding innocent history. >> anna: i bet they have good party favors. like going tohe wedding. oscars. tonight, don't miss this on the fox news channel. dana perino sitting down with president bush. the presidential library opening this week. the president opening up about
3:41 am
his life, his legacy. and what it's like to have his own library now. listen to a sneak peek at what you can expect tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. ♪ >> the las day of your presidency, i was there. i came in to say goodbye. you said something i thought maybe you could repeat. it was about coming in to office on the first day. wanting to make sure when you left you could look in the mirror and say i stuck to my principles. >> that is important in life. it's important for the president. to have a set of principles that one is willing to defend. i left midland and told a crowd of 30,000 friends i'm leaving with a set of principles. >> i'm thankful for the lesson
3:42 am
and principles i learned in midland, texas. i will come back to see you soon. god bless. >> i came back in front of the same 30, although i looked older, i didn't sell my soul. presence approximatelies are an important part of my life. >> i am coming home with my head held high and a sense of accomplishment. >> president bush tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> it's good. it is good. >> anna: don't miss it. 9:00. >> clayton: did you see it? >> mike: i did. really good >> clayton: 9:00 p.m., neat to see. behind the scenes. so much is made of what the president is doing lately. painting. reflecting on his time in the presidency. his approval ratings up. upward of 47% now. good tough. tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. where were the boston bombers inspired by their mother of terror in the next guest says it's one reason the muslim
3:43 am
community needs to stop turning a blind eye to radicals in their community. >> anna: this small midwestern city with big dreams of hosting the 2024 summer olympics. that's next. >> imagine the olympics in a small town? ♪ ♪ [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. [ merv ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: we now know the mother of the suspected boston bombers was on a terror watch list herself. months before the deadly attacks in boston. but was she also the one planting the seed of radical islam in her sons? >> in america now. why did i even go there?
3:47 am
why? i thought america was going to protect us, our kids. was going to be safe [ our next guest describes this mother as a vigil aunie in the muslim community. joining us from d.c. to explain the journalist and author of "standing alone" ostra nomani. good to have you with us this morning. individuavigilaunte. what do you mean by that? >> in traditional community, when we have elders we call them aunties and uncles, even if you're not related to them. in the community we have ten forcers, we also call them, where they want to put down the letter of the law with a strict interpretation of islam. i have come to know the women as vigil aunties. >> mike: the phrase see something, say something.
3:48 am
members of the islamic community saying enough about this yet? >> you know, what i find really sad we have a version of the quran i think is our see something, say something. it says testify to injustice, even if it's against your own kin. i don't believe we are saying enough. we engage in a culture of silence and denial, much like the mother of the sunday bombers. we need to own up to our own issues in the community. >> mike: you think there are quite a few blind eyes to the radicalism? >> what i know is the f.b.i. trying to pursue a man named misha and we think maybe the mother could be a female misha inside of the boys' lives. i know the mishas in my community and i know every muslim in their community know who the mishas are. we need to call them out and stop this interpretation of extremism that does exist very much in the communities. >> mike: call them out, call them out. do you remember the uncle
3:49 am
after the bombings happened? he called his nephews "losers." does that just maybe too weak a term? they're just losers. they didn't know what they were doing. >> you know, estood there at his driveway when he made that statement. i was stunned, because what uncle did is more than the public organizations have been able to do with the press release and statement. denied the culture of shame this causes all of the deflection. he owned the problem inside of his community. and inside of his own family. so in that way, i think the uncle actually brought a lot of healing to folks who want the community to acknowledge problems. >> maybe we need less aunties and more uncles? >> we need aunties and uncles. that is what we have to do. stand up for a wiser, more respectful interpretation of islam that is actually, makes
3:50 am
good citizens, so that those out there know that these people come from our community. they are folks that we don't want to have defeen our community. >> mike: great points. thank you for being with us on sunday morning. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> mike: one state is ditching words like "fisherman" and "freshman" because they're sexist. the p.c. police on the case. plus, one false step and they could lose their lives. gold miners seeking fame and fortune and they risk it all for a piece of "ice cold gold." meet a single dad who is risking it all to make it rich. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:51 am
[ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ ♪ greenland is the new frontier. there's gold. there's diamonds. there's rubies. >> there is that potential for discovering a world class deposit. >> helicopter can't fly out. >> we're stuck here. >> they cannot fly our gear in. >> this is huge. >> this is some of the most difficult, rugged terrain anywhere. >> very scary. >> wow! >> oh my gosh! >> clayton: prospectors looking to strike it rich in treacherous region under worst conditions. will the miners get their cold? >> anna: watch "ice cold gold" on animal planet to find out co.-star of the show and the executive producer here now.
3:55 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> mike: have you found anything? >> don't want to reveal too much. >> c'mon. >> watch tonight. >> clayton: the show debuted last weekend. is this a career you saw yourselves get in to? >> i have been in the drilling field. that is something to potential us over there. an ad looking to go to greenland and chance to strike it rich. >> anna: the te rain, i don't once it. greenland isn't modern machinery, i guess, folks have to get in there. you have the 70-degree temperatures going to freezing to call natural disasters. are you scared? >> oh, yes, of course you're scared. there is no big reward without, you know, a big challenge. >> you are a dad, you have two daughters. you gave it all up? you think you can make a livelihood looking for gold and rubys and dimes?
3:56 am
>> i do. that's why i went. i want to change their life. >> mike: greenland because we haven't tapped greenland yet, right? >> it's virgin rock. the infrastructure is completely not built out. less than 100 roads in the island of greenland. so they had to travel by boat or helicopter to get anywhere. >> clayton: as a executive producer of the show do you get cameras in there? it seems to me a monumental task? >> it was a great leap of faith. the same leap of faith the mining company we followed had to take. >> mike: can you find gold in a snap this isn't 1849. >> it's there. i is there. >> clayton: large mining equipment. do you bring in the big trucks? we have had miners on the show before and they get the apparatus and everything. >> there are so many steps to get to that point. that's where we are now. the phase we are in now. >> worth it? >> absolutely worth it. >> anna: thank you so much. can't wait to see it. >> good luck. tonight at 10:00 p.m. on
3:57 am
animal planet. second installment of "ice cold gold." nice to see you. good luck. up next, no green card no, problem. illegal immigrants inbe courageed not to reveal status to get food stamps. we'll debate it coming back. ♪ a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:00 am
>> anna: good morning. great to be with you here at "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman in for alisyn camerota. sunday, 28 of april. we have a fox extreme weather alert. severe storms leaving homes and cars underwater across the south. this storm is not finished yet. we're live with where it's headed next. >> let's talk about the food stamp nation. now officially unhinged. even folks who are not american citizens can eat for free on the taxpayers' dime. >> clayton: the word "freshman" offensive to women? one state taking the "man" out of the english language. wait until you hear what they are replacing it with. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> clayton: that is mike. you know him and love her. anna kooiman. i'm clayton morris. i heard someone say with the man and freshman that this country has gone to hell in a hand basket. [ laughter ] >> mike: really? >> clayton: i just heard someone say that. they said it in the hall. really? that is what is happening? >> mike: that is a phrase my dad used. "hell in a hand basket." for year what is are you talking about? now i get it. >> clayton: p.c. police going too far. let us know what you think. [ sirens ] more on that coming up. >> anna: first, sunday morning headlines. new details on the where the boston marathon dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held. the 19-year-old is secluded in a small cell in steel door at the medical center in devan, massachusetts.
4:02 am
he is under constant surveillance and given medication, as he recovers from injury suffered in a chase with police. the f.b.i. says he got the right man this time in the case of the ricin-laced letters. authorities arrested 41-year-old james everett 41-year-old everett dutschke at the home in mississippi. he is accused of mailing poise on the the president, a senator and local judge. >> he thinks he smarter than everybody else. he has a mensa certificate so i'm not surprised at all. >> anna: tuesday, investigators dropped the charge against the first suspect. elvis impersonator kevin curtis. curtis claims he was framed by dutschke. dutschke is expected to appear in court tomorrow. the nation air traffic control towers will be back to normal, staff levels by tonight after the fur lowes forced the major flight delays last week. f.a.a. ending mandatory furloughs yesterday brought on by sequestration cuts. the lawmakers rushed a bill through congress to allow them
4:03 am
to move up $253 million in the budget to get the staff back to normal. prom has been a special night but becoming extremely expensive evening as well. new statistics showing prom cost soared this year to $1139. are you kidding me? that is up 5% from last year. what makes the event cost so much? the dress. limo. the air. the nails. not to mention the pre, post-dance festivities. >> clayton: did you go to the pre-show dinner? >> mike: we did. we called it where i grew up in wichita, kansas, progressive dinner. you had appetizers at one house, went to another place. then you went to the prom. then there was an all-night party. breakfast at somebody's parents' house in the morning. >> anna: right. >> mike: it doesn't cost $1000. >> clayton: we went to momma chaffey restaurant. you know momma chaffey.
4:04 am
everybody knows momma chaffey? right,ic? >> rick: $10 bowl of spaghetti. >> mike: you have a good memory. you say i'll old. >> rick: temps today, across the plains. warm up toward the night. getting you back for yesterday leaving me hanging out the dry. 78-degrees in minneapolis today. take a look, though, what has happened. snow across the area. it's melted quickly yesterday because of the temps that got up so high. is it causing significant flooding. some of the pictures coming out of north dakota, along the suarez river. to fargo area, where we have flooding going on across the red river. it feeds in the red river. and the snow begins to recede there. you can see a little bit of snow right here. this is all part of a different watershed than the
4:05 am
mississippi river watershed which runs to the south. this runs in the north, lake winnipeg. we will see the flooding here, along the cheyenne, suez river. this is a big plate, a flat area so it doesn't stay in rivers. in the farm land it will spread out across the area. looking at almost record flood this year for them. been so warm. get ready. took temperatures far forward to thursday. big cold air mass comes in and high temperature of kansas city of 42. same for minneapolis. so the cold air comes back. might talk about a little snow by the time we get to latter part of the week with the colder air. not done with winter yet. >> clayton: no! >> mike: 100-degrees. thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> clayton: since president obama has taken office, the food stamp program ten times the rate of job creation. and this morning, some interesting information and perhaps troubling information as it relates to the way in
4:06 am
which non-american citizens can get access to the food stamp program. being paid for on our dollar for the promotion and promotional materials put out there. >> mike: what are you saying? you don't have to state your immigration status to get food stamps? >> clayton: yeah. this is prior information put out to mexicans living in the united states. so imagine pamphlet and promotional material sent out to people that might be available for food stamps. they are saying you don't need to divulge whether you're an american citizen. >> anna: the usda is saying the reason we do this is trying to help american children and noncitizen parent with the citizen children they are trying to help out. >> clayton: through no fault of their own. >> anna: if one and seven people get help from the program called snap, supplemental nutritional nutritl assistance program it goes what on earth is wrong with our country in the first place? especially when the parents
4:07 am
obviously have access to the food stamp a well. >> mike: how many people are using food stamps these days in >> clayton: that is the number. >> go through the numbers here. >> clayton: right now, up 15.4 million people right now. 48%. take a look at the screen here. february of 2009, at 32 million. >> mike: right. >> clayton: that is up 15 million people right now. as of january. up to 47 million people relying on food stamps. >> mike: that is a jump. >> clayton: it's a jump in categories in the way in which people can get access to different categories of food stuff now. we reported the story of people able to use food stamps to buy things that don't provide any nutritional benefit at all to a family. that is what is troubling to me. people using food stamps not really feeding their children. using it for other items in the house, pet food and those sort of things. cigarettes. or soda. things that are terrible for you and don't have a nutritional benefit for your
4:08 am
family. >> anna: it's only part of the problem that the people who are not american citizens are getting it. you know, when you can get food -- you get anything like snack cakes and soda that you mention. we pay for it the first time taxpayers are and then once again once they have the high blood pressure and heart disease because we pay for their medical care as well. >> mike: people abuse it or mess it up for people that really need it. >> clayton: it's pointing to the mess of the immigration system right now. being told you don't have to divulge the fact you are here illegally. we want to take care of the kids because it's no fault of theirs they are here. no child in the country should go hungry. we are the united states of america. no child of n the country should go hungry. but the fact that the immigration system is screwed up we are putting out promotional material, telling you shh, quiet about it. >> mike: flyers. come here, we will feed you. you saw a wonderful graphic, the p. c. graphic. probably should have run here but here we go. [ laughter ]
4:09 am
>> clayton: you can't get everything you want. >> mike: i'll tell you about washington state. for years, i have changed my behavior. >> clayton: really? >> mike: used to say spokesman. the spokesman elaine somebody -- i do change it to spokesperson. >> anna: thank you. i really would have offended me if you had not done that. >> mike: spokesman anna. should we change the words? likebe penmanship? >> clayton: it think you should be less offended that you hit her. >> that is probably true. >> clayton: washington state changing certain words including "fisherman." >> mike: fisher-man. >> clayton: an area where a lot of fisher going on. >> anna: to fisher. >> mike: you're just a fisher. >> clayton: c'mon. >> anna: freshman now a first-year student. this was started in chapel hill in north carolina where i'm from. this is silly. don't guys call the girls fresh meat anyway? it's not freshman or fresh woman. >> mike: i don't know. i don't know that i use that term. >> anna: never ever? >> clayton: i find that ily offensive. >> i'm appalled.
4:10 am
>> clayton: no more freshman. >> mike: we shorten it to frash. >> clayton: this is absurd to me. you have good penmanship. now it's changed to handwriting. just handwriting. >> mike: how about the journeyman plumber? >> clayton: who calls them a journeyman? honey, get on the phone. we need to call a journeyman plumber. >> mike: apprentice. and yourmyman. >> clayton: just call a plumber. >> mike: journey level plumber. >> clayton: the senator has an interesting take. caldwell says there is no good reason for keeping the legal terms anachronistic and words that don't reflect the current contemporary times. language evolves over time. but if you force it to evolve over time it doesn't work. >> i'll upset everybody now in the country. >> clayton: again? >> mike: i kind of agree
4:11 am
with her. i mean do you know that these words were put together by men. chaise right. >> mike: why is there always a man? even the word -- >> anna: there are differences in men and women. get all sorts of e-mails and tweets against me. this doesn't offend me one bit. >> mike: why not evolve as a society? i mean even the word "woman" has the word "man" in it. >> clayton: aren't we capable of doing it on our own? for instance, if you force language to change, it doesn't ever work. but you took it upon yourself to stop saying, "spokesman." when introducing someone. that's you. >> mike: female. >> clayton: language achieves -- if anna were going to give a master of ceremonies, i would introduce anna. i wouldn't say the spokesman for the night. i'd say the spokesperson -- >> mike: she wouldn't the mast res of ceremony. the misres of ceremony -- mistress of ceremony. >> clayton: i'd be screwed up already. >> anna: send us e-mails.
4:12 am
>> clayton: coming up on the show. four fishermen -- >> mike: fishers. >> clayton: -- rescued from a burning boat in the nick of time. and the whole thing caught on camera. >> mike: by a camera person. >> but first, regulation nation. oh, my gosh. reeling out of control. the white house now admitting that 2012 was the costliest year ever. the next guest says it is only going to get worse. find out just how bad coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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4:15 am
discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >> mike: well, a new white house report shows 2012 was the most expensive year on record for regulatory costs. coming in at $19 billion.
4:16 am
>> anna: could the total go higher? we're joined by is a brayna s -- sabrina. >> mike: i look at that number and think wow! what is it going to be in 2013 with the healthcare pact >> wait until obamacare goes in full effect. >> i was surprised how low the number is. they put out report on the cost of regulation called the 10,000 commandments and they estimate in 2012 the cost was closer to $2 trillion on the economy. this is a hidden fact on families and businesses and it could not come at a worse time as we see the economy is sluggish. we are hovering at 8% unemployment for a year. more and more people are dropping out of the labor market. so this is very, very concerning. >> anna: it's very troubling, too, when this administration touting transparency and you tell us
4:17 am
the numbers are even higher? >> that is right. hidden in all of this is what it mean means for businesses. one of the reason it's a problem is compliance issue. if you look at the recent disaster in texas, one of the problems who is regulating what? state and department of energy and homeland security. so many loyier of regulation, it doesn't make for safer or more efficient society. >> mike: you talk about the culprits there. maybe "culprit" is the prong word. e.p.a., department of transportation, h.h.s.. how does this hurt the economy? so much regulation? >> when we look at an economy that is sluggish at best, we want to be able to encourage growth, encourage certainty. decrease the government regulation to give the businesses more opportunity to invest their resources in ways they think are most suitable
4:18 am
for their needs. one thing that comes to mind here in washington for me is that look, these are not elected officials. government bureaucrats at the e.p.a. or the department of education are setting all of these rules and regulations. but they are not elected. so for instance, in 2011, congress passed and the president signed 81 bills in to law. but the federal regulatory agencies passed 3800 laws. so it's regulation without representation. that is something should concern all of us. >> we are getting in way of ourselves. >> absolutely. we are preventing businesses from investing in a way they know is best. at a time when the economy is struggling. we need to free things up. not clamp down on things. >> businesses shouldn'tlet in dark when they're abilityed. they need to plan for the future. >> exactly. >> thank you, sabrina schaefer. >> anna: 18 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," are you making it impossible for your child to succeed?
4:19 am
is it because you're overparenting? how you can tell if you need to leave your kids alone. >> mike: helicopter parents. plus, an emotional homecoming reunion. you don't want to miss this. this is not just the people that miss the military members when they're gone. yeah, good boy! ♪ ♪ ç@2x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@@
4:20 am
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plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
4:22 am
♪ ♪ >> mike: welcome back. quick headlines for you. four men rescued from a burning boat. look at this. because of low tide. at san francisco police boat was the only vessel able to reach them.
4:23 am
you can see one guy in the water, while the other three jump to safety. at least one of the men was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. tulsa, oklahoma, hoping to the b selected as the host of the 2024 olympics. if picked, its would be the smallest city ever to host the games. the current population is 400,000. if it's chosen, they will have to build a new stadium, of course, and add 30,000 hotel rooms. odds are against them. >> clayton: thank you, mike. what kind of parent are you? tiger mom or a helicopter parent? maybe you are a total slacker parent. the next guest says forget that and be a men mallist parent. joining us now to explain the is coauthor of "minimalist parenting. encloy modern family life by doing less." christine coe joining us. this is fascinating to me. we see the list and publication to be more of a
4:24 am
parent, get involved and take kids to practice. you write for years. and listen to the readers. what do you hear from them? >> i have been blogging since 2006. and my coauthor and people felt extremely overwhelmed by information. options. the shoulds in modern parenting. it's a lot for people to cope with. >> clayton: i imagine. my wife reads all the books and i think she the best mom in the world. we then rack our brains about the things that the tidbits we might have learne learned from s book. how should we react here and do this? you tackle that in this book. >> we do. it's all about one parenting style doesn't fit all. so our book is finding your unique prescription to what, you know, you assign value to and what matters to you. >> clayton: you offer up advice. create more and less list. >> very simple. it's all about identifying what you want more of in your life. and what you want less of. in an uncensored just, let it
4:25 am
all out way. i helps to clarify the priorities in general. >> clayton: next, delegate the work. >> we are talking about kids. it's important. the parents have a tendency to want to do everything for their kids. we advocate involving them in chores. having them understand they are part of a family system and give them the move-out skills they need. >> clayton: get them out of the house. get out early. dedicate time to yourself. >> self-care. you know, we feel that it not only models -- it is important for you but it models that you are an important person and take care of yourself to care of other people. >> clayton: the other night i said to my son. mommy and daddy are going out for date night. we love you a lot. of course. but you know what? we need time to go out and have a glass of wine and a nice dinner together. can you understand that? he said okay. seemed to understand it. fine with it. >> i think kids do. they get it. we tell the older daughter sometimes we need our own time
4:26 am
to be better for her. >> clayton: what about the modernnism we feel compelled to buy technologically advanced toys with the batteries and the beeps and sounds. yesterday in backyard they were playing with the cardboard box and a stick. >> some gadget and things have a place but for us it's assigning value to what you think is important. do you really want a certain gadget? is your kid responding to it? great. if they respond to cardboard boxes, bring on the boxes. >> clayton: great stuff. the author of "minimalist parenting book." enjoy modern family life and do more by doing less. i like that idea. >> everyone needs to do less. >> clayton: before we let you go. what about the dinner snail so many gadget and things at the dinner. how do you accomplish that? >> dinnertime should be gadget free. our lives are so busy, there are not a lot of pockets to focus on being together. we're big fans of letting it go. focusing on being together. even if it's only for 15 minutes or half hour. dais even taking a tip and
4:27 am
have -- >> clayton: even have the kids involved. >> my 2-year-old ferry her dishes, she can bring them to the sink. she knows how. >> clayton: christine koh, "minimalist parenting." thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> clayton: coming up on the show, amanda knox secret letter to family of the person she accused of killing. plus this -- >> the president and i are a lot alike. we both went to harvard an we have two children and we told biden we didn't have extra tickets for tonight's event. >> clayton: the host of "in fox light" was there for that. he is up next with behind the scenes talk. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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4:31 am
now, ladies and gentlemen, let's get going. right here at the start i'm going to share something with you people and this doesn't leave this room. i say this with confidence because we're on c-span. who doesn't love c-span? seriously. it's an entire channel shot with the backup camera on a ford explosio explorer. congratulations to c-span for winning the bid to broadcast this event. they narrow beat out hgtv3, qvc south america and hilton hotel how to check out channel. >> clayton: this hilton
4:32 am
channel is helpful. >> mike: it is. >> clayton: washington, d.c., most star-studded event. bringing together high powered politician, journalist, hollywood alisters and president obama. >> anna: michael tamero was there and has an inside scoop. good morning. >> good morning how are you? >> clayton: good. doing snell did you getfy sleep after last night >> no. it's all good. well worth it. >> clayton: what was it lik like? >> fox news had the biggest stars this year, including ian mccellan and patrick stewart who flew down from the set of the x-man movie with the producer brian singer. we caught one a group of them on the way to the big prom last night. >> it's not what i am hoping to see, it's what i'm hoping to understand. the character i play in the p-men movie, his special power is reading minds.
4:33 am
and tonight of all nights, there are minds there that will be worth reading. >> a lot of minds there tonight. >> maybe you would like to interview me again after the event. >> hey. we'll keep the setup going if you're willing to do it. we'll do it. >> speaking of the "x-men" how is the shooting going? >> in the second week. going great. >> we finished at 2:30 this morning. that's how great it is going. >> sure. >> we love it so much we don't like to go home. >> anna: all right, michael, you talked to one of our favorites, too. >> they call this the nerd program. may have not be fair to nerds like myself. but we ask if he remembers what his first prom was like. >> i did the limo, the bright colored suit. really tacky. but at the time i was cool dancer at school. more about getting out on the dance floor with my friends and tearing it up. i thought i was the deal back
4:34 am
then. [ laughter ] i thought i was cool, man. >> he was great. one of the original supermodels, though, carroll ault, was there. a new fox news hire. she has a new show premiering about healthy livin living this september. it was her first white house correspondents' dinner and we asked her what goal was for the evening. >> i would like to give mrs. obama my book, because she is in to national health, as am i. i think it's very important we should exchange ideas. i brought a book for her. >> lovely. >> you also got a chance to catch one someone from "true blood." >> so all the celebrities were there. >> a star, ryan who plays jason stackhouse in the hbo hit "true blood." a friend of ours. i's his third year coming with us. on the first year, we got him a tour of the white house the day after. he was there right before very historic moment.
4:35 am
he told us about it last night. >> myself and one of my aussie mates were the last one taking a tour of the white house. of the situation room before obama came back from golf. to give the all clear to taken down. >> did you give advice at the time? >> or no? >> the australians were in the room so there was intelligence. and clarity there for sure. >> distinct smell of australians. i'm not sure what that is. >> mike: i don't either. >> i'm not sure i want to find out either. >> clayton: something from down under. >> mike: thanks. look like fun. >> anna: 7:35 the time. on the the rest of your sunday morning headlines. nypd confirming that the plane landing gear found behind the controversial ground zero mosque site belongs to a boeing 767. that is the same model airliner used in the 2001
4:36 am
world trade center attack. aviation experts say the serial number stamped on the wreck soldier not unique to the part or to the plane so it probably can't be traced back to specific jet. meantime, the investigators will check for human remains on tuesday. supreme court justice briar briar briar is recovering this morning -- stephen breyer is recovering at washington, d.c. hospital after undergoing shoulder surgery. the 74-year-old was injured in a biking accident. doctors say he will make a full recovery and expect him to be released later this week. this is the third major bike crash for breyer since 1993. it's the latest revelation from amanbe da knox soon to be released memoir. she wrote to the parents and insisted she didn't kill their daughter. she noted just before the murder conviction was overturned in 2011 but never sent it because the lawyers told her it wasn't the right time. last month, the highest court
4:37 am
italy overturned the acquittal of her british roommate and ordered a retile. well, this might make you tear up this morning. heart-warming reunion between a sailor and his cancer-stricken dog. [ barking ] >> my buddy. oh, my buddy. >> anna: good boy. greeting her owner. while he was deployed in guam, he was diagnosed -- she was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor didn't think she would live to see her owner but she fought it off until she returned and found extra energy. that is the best! >> mike: isn't that amazing? wow! >> clayton: thanks. check in with rick reichmuth who is tracking storms out there. flooding and a mess. >> yeah. >> mike: snow? >> some snow maybe later this week across the plains. hard to believe. we'll be in may and maybe snow. so we got cold air coming
4:38 am
back. rain across the tennessee valley and ohio valley. some of that today is heavy. not severe, i don't think, but heavy downpours across the eastern tennessee. maybe northern georgia, across the carolinas. that could cause localized flooding from that. we obviously have the river flooding we are watching across illinois river. wabaush toward indiana and across the ohio, mississippi. and in toward the red river. a lot of rivers that are in the central part of the country that are kind of swollen an we'll continue to see the flooding. but for the day, pretty nice across the northeast. if you like yesterday, you will like today. similar day with warm conditions, at least warm for what you have seen so far this year. there will be rain throughout the day, though, moving toward part of the west virginia, and western areas of pennsylvania. heaviest is down toward the southeast. we saw significant flooding in houston. more downpours in the area and we could see flash flooding there. temps are 82348 lu bok.
4:39 am
drier -- 88 in lubbock. minnesota, we have flooding across the red river, north dakota and across the west. sunshine. down toward southwest, the hot weekend continues. 13 for the day today in yuma. phoenix likely seeing 100 for the first time this season. 109 in death valley. summer has hit at least across the southwest. all right. back to you inside. >> clayton: thanks, rick. >> mike: one of the nicest event of the whole week was the dedication of the bush library in dallas, texas, museum, too. 23,000 acres. >> clayton: yeah. >> mike: it's supposed to be fantastic. chaisite tess largest presidential library and the presidents came to show their support. our own dana perino got a look at the life and legacy of her former boss, former george w. bush in a special that will air tonight on fox news channel. a sneak peek of some of that. take a look. ♪
4:40 am
♪ >> this is abraham lincoln. this is the spot where a president put the most influential president, there is a tradition where each president picks a president. i chose lincoln. now, in my case, influential president, has a lot of meaning. because my dad is by far the most influential president. i wouldn't be here without his unconditional love. i the tell people 41 portrait is in my heart and i put lincoln on the wall. he had a great vision for country. leadership requires vision, and principles. lincoln is a great example of that. >> president george w. bush tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> clayton: you are wondering are they hanging in out the oval office? no harks is a replica of the -- no, that is a replica
4:41 am
in the oval office to look the way he was there. >> mike: yeah. you know his dad, he is could have put my portrait up on the wall. >> clayton: no, your portrait is in my heart. good answer, by the way. >> anna: spotlight a little bit with the hot pink socks. >> mike: how about that? that was surprising. >> anna: i loved it. >> mike: the official photograph, a all i see is the hot pink socks. >> clayton: matching the tie. stylish. nice to see he is happy and healthy there. good all around. 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. >> anna: don't miss it. i love how president bush looks at dana with endearing eyes. 7:41. we are learning more about the hisserly of the boston bombers and many wonder if the tragedy could have been prevented. the next guest says yes and has a plan for the future. our visionary cloud infrastructure, and dedicated support, free you to focus on what matters.
4:42 am
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and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. ♪ ♪ >> anna: 44 minutes after
4:45 am
the hour on sunday morning, new clues emerge in the boston bombing probe. questions remain. could the attack have been prevented if the government did a better job? >> clayton: colonel david hunt is military analyst and author of a thriller "terror red," which he will talk about in a moment. interesting insight. nice to see you. the answerbe to that question. there is a lot of hand-wringing in the days after this. what sort of piece of information did we know? cowell we piece it together to stop this? could it be prevented? >> to true. we don't get it right 100% of the time. the bad guys, just once. this is a good job. when you look at the issue is obviously the russians' information and why it wasn't tracked. the f.b.i. interviewed the guy. the next step would have to go back to russia. the f.b.i. the problem is they have no authority there. they have to be escorted by the foreign intelligence service of the russians. and trace them for six months. that is it. that's all they could have done. maybe the watch list business, et cetera. but no, i think it's -- when
4:46 am
you are homegrown they would have had to infiltrate the mosque and put bugs in a mosque. we are not doing that very well >> 's unsettling for the american people. 300 million americans, not just people in boston feel like they are losers in this and they are trying to figure out how it won't happen again. >> that is exactly the point. if this is homegrown, not connected to terrorist organization, this is scary stuff. because it's difficult to see it coming. the only way you prevent this is the discussion we haven't had, which is civil libertys and security. more intrusion, people with no more back packs. a difficult fight if this is what it appears to be, homegrown, family, self-made. >> clayton: i think we are doing a good job. >> a poll we said recently 69% of us agree and approve of what we're doing keep us safe. but if we knew about the guy,
4:47 am
the 26-year-old. check him out. check him out. we are checking him out. we put the picture on the screen, why did the have to ask us to figure out who they were? i recognize that guy. i interviewed him in cambridge two years ago. >> a breakdown, after 9/11 we created a huge bureaucracy. it slowed us down. we have 22 national intelligence agency. an they only control 17. department of defense played games. on and on and on. now, everybody is shares the intelligence. not too much inside baseball but top secret level, the real intelligence the top secret information level. nobody gets that but a special few. sorry. the problem is bureaucracy was so cumbersome, they could not react as fast, as a public display. >> clayton: i was going say your book, a new thriller out. >> thanks. >> clayton: very close to this called "terror red" and a new thriller. i encourage everyone to pick it up. you tackle interesting issues
4:48 am
the next mayor terror assault. we stopped a number of these, right? the times square guy, portland authorities. what sort of issues do you take on in terror red that could give us clue house to prevent it in the future? >> rewrote "terror questioned" five year ago. is the muslim brother coming to boston. i taken to bureaucracy. bureaucracy can't handle such a large attack. we saw what two men did. shutting down the law and citizens is why it turned around. bureaucracy is cumbersome, leaking, bad leaks. press is caught in the middle of it. what happens when a large, well train organization hits the shore. they have a difficult time reacting to private citizens like my character and another like friends have to help. >> you talk about the private citizens, the car-jacking guy, is is why we knew where they were. he escapes from car and gas station and he calls the police. >> got them in boat.
4:49 am
>> yeah. the guy in the house, smoke! if he wasn't a smoker who knows if we have him. >> the guy with the car, hijack, leaves the iphone in car. why they can ping and follow him. the local police department, watertownbe, by the way, tragically, coincidental. watertown is the book. we wrote it five years ago. >> anna: we thank you for your time. the book again is called "terror red." it tragically came out the day after the marathon bombing. thank you. >> clayton: great to see you. >> you, too. >> clayton: coming up on the show? wap your kids to get better grades. maybe you should let them sleep in. what? is it a good idea? >> anna: kids love the idea. spring is here. it means more time outdoors so we put together must-have to make the time out there more enjoyable. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ you make a great team.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
welcome back. out here at 48 and sixth. a beautiful day. >> anna: nice. >> spring arrived for sure. many of you are spending more times outdoors in the garden. dining outside. entertaining outside. >> anna: so we hand it over to lifestyle expert, megan, the curator of megan musthave.c the best and worst outdoor gadget for the season. this is a zaper. >> every time i step outside, i am attacked by the bugs. this is a light inside that
4:54 am
will attract the pest. this is the grid. that would electrocute them. would. >> make it work. >> megan your thing is that a must-have or must get rid of it. >> must get rid of. they are attracted to the light and then there is a plate that protects them from grid. they are dancing around the plastic plate. >> they like it. >> and they weren't dead. must not. must not. >> anna: how about the planter? >> these are a must-have. i love these. these are fun, pop of color. if you live in urban environment or suburb and have a balcony rating or picket fence. these hug the railing rate. they built-in reservoir. do herbs or have flowers. i love the pop of color. selling this for 45% off today. >> i like it. i have a new place up here and we had to put a bicycle chain on planter so people wouldn't
4:55 am
steal. i i like that. >> are you saying it doubles a as bracelet? >> that is great. >> so many umbrellas don't come with light. >> this doesn't come with a light either,be my friend. this is calle called the quantum umbrella light. l.e.d. light, this of them. they say 100,000 of light. eclipse clamp to the umbrella pole. for me this is a must not. ill lime inauguration is not impressive -- the illumination is for nighttime. you might see the napkin but not the face of the friend. >> the color is not atracktive. >> i'm with you. that artificial feeling. must not for me. >> must not. >> must not. >> however, when you have your memorial day party. >> i know! >> don't get too close. >> this is ten bartending tools in one. the bartender. get it? when you have guests oaf and you want to set up on the
4:56 am
patio. you just bring one tool. this is measuring cup. mudler if you smash up the m mint for your mojitos. you could get a i citrus juice going as well. a knife. my husband made a gin antonnic to test it out. best he had used. >> a must-have. >> this doesn't end. the fun doesn't end. have you made shishcobo? your hands get stic sticky. this is a slider so your hands don't get dirty. double prong secures them. >> must have? >> must have! >> i like it. >> absolutely. >> my place, yours? memorial day? >> your place for sure. mine is a mess. >> clayton, back to you inside. >> thank you, guys.
4:57 am
now that obamacare is taking effect some democrats call at it train wreck. want it stopped. fox news sunday host chris wallace has the changing tide in washington. fists fly in the pit at a nascar race. e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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congress cut a deal to get americans back on schedule. limitinglet furloughs. the only problem the president can't sign it because of a misspell would word. you want your kids to get better grades, let them sleep in. we -- fox and friends hour
5:01 am
three starts now. ♪ >> yeah, we knew we were in trouble when we were hearing price is right and hearing bob barker to say come on down. >> getting your e-mails on that. do you have teenagers in the house would you mind letting them sleep to 9:00 a.m.? >> we are learning about the 19 year old behind bars and moving out of a medical facility 30 miles outside of boston to a prison now, and the cell he is in has barely any daylight in this thing. >> i think it was a former military base at one point. it is a medical facility and he is being treated. 24 hour surveillance and a basic cell with a metal door.
5:02 am
>> just an area for them to slide through medication. >> he was shot in the throat. >> and the suspects received welfare and we are stone wall would by governor patrick and refused to reveal what kind of assistance tamerlan got ons of privacy. >> the governor of massachusetts refuses to reveal what kind of taxpayer your son tamerlan got on the grounds of privacy. privacy? what privacy? governor, you take our money and you give it to this dirt bag and want to protect his privacy and his rights? high's dead. he is a terrorist and he has no rights and now mother of
5:03 am
jihadist. stop the f.b.i. in the middle of the interrogation to arraign your son and shower him with more rightings. the right to remain silent and an attorney and unparalleled medical care and all of the protection of our constitution, why? because the president and eric holder want the world to think better of us and see american justice at its best. really? they hate us. they chant death to america and they burn and we give them billions and f-16s as they laugh their way to the bank and air field . when they kill us we don't send in reenforcement like the four fighting in bengazi . we want them tholike us? i honestly don't care what the world thinks about us or
5:04 am
criminal justice system. they come to kill us. i don't want to show how it workings. i honestly don't give a dam. >> not mincing word. >> you know our e-mail us. frind - frends at the fox >> brand new photos out of colorado. police in fort collins firing tear gas after a parties got out of hand. more than 300 students can be seen partying. people became unruly and began throwing bottles at them. three party goers were treated . the f.b.i. said they got the right man this time in the ricin-laced letters. therapeutics arrested 41 year old everett dutschke. he was accused of mailing
5:05 am
poison to the president and senator wicker and local judge. >> he thinking he is smarter than everyone else. i am not surprised at all. >> on tuesday investigators dropped the charges against kevin curtis. curtis claimed he was framed by dutschke. dutschke will be in court tomorrow. >> and a arrest of two crew members in the race. this led to racer pk junior kicking a team below the belt. they continued to fight in a motor home lot. they were arrested on assault charges. those are your headlines. nascar is more like hockey. >> is that in your home state of north carolina. they are fighting every week after the race.
5:06 am
>> getting back to the moon shine roots. >> that's right. >> and checking in with rick for the forecast. >> you think it is by design. >> that's what people intimated. >> possible, go down to carolinas and find that one out. >> we have rain in parts of the east tennessee valley. it is going to be heavy. we could see flooding and possibly back down in the coastal areas of texas. sugar land, texas south of the houston area. so much rain fell in the food mart the roof collapsed. they could hear signs that it was about to gave. they saw six inches of rain in three hours and one report of an 1.2 inches falling in 7 minutes. that is incredibly heavy and unfortunately we could see that and more fooding. >> parents of russia warm and
5:07 am
dry, look at 1where are9 in death valley . 1 upon hundred in phoenix. you will have couple of days where the temperatures are over the hundreds. that's what a cool down upon is this time of year . more snow melt to the far northern plains and everyone is looking great . tomorrow a warm up. kansas stay enjoy the on 84 and you will be back in the 40s by wednesday and. >> i always knew growing up, i could justify if i could sleep to 9:00 a.m. i would do better. let me skip the first two. >> and the f's equal out to c's . now science is on my side because of a study. >> the new study said if you let the kids get a lot of
5:08 am
sleep, their grades will improve instead of rousting them out of the bed. >> schools start at eight or 8:30. >> or sen:30. they have mutualed it to up 9:00 a.m. in the morning. >> it is tough because of scheduling and budget cuts you can't do this. >> what do parents do. i have to go to work at 8:00 a.m.? >> they tried to figure out for a teenager, getting up in sen -- 7 o'clock in the morning feels like 5:00 a.m.. >> they have to time shift it, they can get up at 6:00 a.m. and feel fine. they have to time shift it and imagine moving that up in two hours. getting them to go to bed and have to take place for the
5:09 am
grades to improve. >> shouldn't they have to wake up and get used to the real world. >> you think . an drea wright said stop catering to them and that's why they feel entitle would. why not prepare them for the real world. college and fobs will not wait on them. problem would be solve would if they would go to bed earlier. i agree with that. when it got dark sunset. candle light and you go to bed. >> our kids leave at 7:00 a.m. and get home 2:30 p.m. and some kids with perimeters and rulings. we need more perimeters. >> an hour shift would make all of the difference in the world. teenagers need to go to bed earlier so they are rested to start the school day that we manage to do. >> this is a tweet from
5:10 am
indiana. i am an indiana high school teacher . notice the alertness and two hour fog delays. first two hours, it is a mess. can you imagine being the teacher the first hour of the day. >> wouldn't it be shifted later; i stick by the science. that study was put together by a 13 year old boy. >> play the video games. >> and what do you think of friends at fox news.comand twitter at ff weekend. >> next on the run down. congress cuts a deal to get america's airline back on schedule eliminating the furlough. but the president can't sign it because the word is spell would wrong. >> how do you spell oops. >> know someone that sleeps
5:11 am
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5:14 am
>> welcome back. a victory near travelers. the faa suspension of the furloughs is not good enough. >> so congress passed a temporary fix, a band aid. they are falling in other parts of the government that keep providing help for the american people. we can't keep putting band aids on the cuts. it is not a responsible way to
5:15 am
gochern. eating among the stars. >> and by stars, we mean alyson cameron. >> i didn't see her. it was a star-studded evening, daniel day lewis and steven spielberg and a bunch of stars from shows i like. sophia vegara was there. i had an up close and personal conversation with her. i seated next to sir patrick stewart of star trek fame. it was a good time. >> see, i was excited for sophia, but the star trek nerd stutch. did you talk about the upcoming x-men film? >> he had just come and they finished a shoot at 3:00 in the morning that morning, yesterday morning in montreal and he said he was in a huge
5:16 am
room with i think it 7 or eight super hero. mutant super heroes. i am not an x-men fan so i didn't know what he was talkin >> call me next time. >> and chris, did you see your new friend charly. >> i did not see her. i did interview her and she will be on the top of the hour and the power player of the week. she's gorgeous and secondly and much more importantly, she is a un aides ambassador and fighting the fight against aids in her home country of south africa and around the world for 20 years now . we talk in considerable depth and how she uses her celebrity to get support. >> i am glad you highlighted that with her. your other guest senator manchin and michael warren on
5:17 am
the show as well >> back to the top of the furloughs. the president calling it a band aid solution to this and part of the sequester and we learned a typo in all of this and keeping the president from actually signing the bill because of a simple typo in this. is this right, is it a band aid solution? >> yeah, it is it a band aid solution but the president lost this round. because he and the democrats want the sequester completely done away with it and they want spending cuts and tax increases . republicans are resisting that they say the president got a tax increase in the beginning . year. the white house hoped by seeing furulose on air traffic controllers that would do away with sequester and the republicans stood firm and the
5:18 am
president had to cave and applied the band aid. this round goes to the republicans. >> the republicans said you -- the president is putting the pain on the people. the figures were staggering. you saw the lines in the airport. these people were away from the families and airlines, stugling and hurting their bottom line. >> no question it inflicted pain. but the hope on the part of the white house, as a result they wanted to do away with the entire sequester, but the republicans made it on this issue. there is some bitterness. when it affects businessmen trying to get around the country, congress reacts with speed and house and senate pass something to take care of them. but on the other hand, sequester cuts will hit people
5:19 am
in food stamps and child nutrition programs. but because of this, there will note band aid for them. >> all right. chris. . hamas considered a terrorist group and a school text book and it is just a political group and is that a right lesson for our kids? one of the mothers fighting for change on the show. >> resultings are in and looks like spiritualit i has an impact on your life span. we'll talk about that in a minute. [ male announcer ] extreme power. ultimate savings. get both now at your polaris dealer during the xp sales event. rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99%
5:20 am
on the world's best powersports li-up. incredible deals on hard-working rangers, smooth-riding sportsmen, and razor-sharp rzrs. hurry to your local polaris dealer for rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% during the polaris xp sales event. for rebates up to $1,000 "easy like monday morning."s% sundays are the warrior's day to unplug and recharge. what if this feeling could last all week? with centurylink as your trusted partner, it can. our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and dedicated support, your business can shine all week long. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. [bell dings] ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready
5:21 am
to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen!
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5:23 am
>> up and at them rise and shine, quick headlines for you. he played a supporting role. alen wood. the navy officer who provided the american flag has died. he was 90 years old. west, texas resident about to move back in their homes 10 days after a deadly explosion. it 300s from the blast tight. many found roofs caved in and windows and doors snarbed in. >> trouble scoom in tennessee. students came home with this text book that read this. cultural landscape inside.
5:24 am
quotes that are anticemetic. for example ife palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen israeli teenagers in a jerusalem restaurant is that terrorism or war time retaliation. joining me is lori, a mother of one of the students in the school and met with the superintendent after filing an official complaint about the book. lori, nice to see you and welcome back. >> thank you for having me back on. >> i want our viewers to have a context how you first came to learn about this text book and the typings of passages of the book? what was your when your child brought that home? >> it was another parent who brought it to my attention. she knows that our mission is to educate christians to stand
5:25 am
against anti-semitism. she brought me and showed me that reference. i immediately was unset. it is time to meet with the facult i and did so. unfortunately tim gattis who is superintendent of crick lim. he told us that you have to come to me first, and that is a quote, but he said i will not remove the text book. we contacted dr. loaney and school board members and unfortunately no one got back to me with regards to it . school year winding down. it is time to move on and that's why you are seeing the events unfolding now. >> one of the things we brought up to governor huckabee, the book is making factual errors and never mind the antisemitism it is factually incorrect that palestine is it a state.
5:26 am
it never was and we are teaching our students that violence is justifiable in certain situations? >> absolutely. if we go back and break apart. when i met with dr. loaney with regard to the text, i broke out every sentence structure and paragraph and the comments and inference and using negative words with israel as israel sympathizers and with the palestinian issue and advocates and negatives and positives. puknow something and so maybe the parents are get wrong . let's go to the kids. in that class, two students that we know of affected by that statement. one student who born and raised in a christian home and knew the historical biblal evidence to prove israel has right to the land. the mom asked the student, is
5:27 am
this important? what do you think about the class and what taught? yes, this class is very important. had i taken the class, i wouldn't know about the dangerous zionist agenda. that's the proof in the pudding. we said it anticemetic and anti-israel and stands in violation of our unique relationship with united states and israel. the book needs to be pull we were told by dr. loaney, the process is begun but we may not have enough time. it is inexcusable. we'll go back to the community and let the parents know, it is time to contact the teachers and time to contact your board members and time to contact the pto presidents at your school and by the fall, we want a new text book. we'll not back down on this. we have lost control of our
5:28 am
federal government and not going to lose control of our local community. >> seems like you have the steam and good luck to you. that is lori, a parent there in williamson county. we appreciate it. >> thank you, clayton. nyou know someone who sleeps with the tv on? it might drive you crazy. but there is an unexpected health benefit. sandra lee is here and is she really retiring from cook books? we'll drink sancrya to celebrate. ♪ ♪ so being an advertising spokesman
5:29 am
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5:32 am
you >> you have a letter to a rock star? >> i do. obama skeptical of me and i was of him and we became pals because bonois the real deal. >> as a new grandfather. what is the world that you hoped to continue to build for her? >> i hope that little mela who i got to hold next week grows
5:33 am
up in a world that is peaceful it talks about lessonings and hopefully an inspiration for somebody to go out and make their community a better place and hopefully little mela will grow up like that. i think she will. >> i think she will. >> the country will be a generous country. >> up close to president obama at 9:00 p.m. >> that's a good special. look at his face when high talked about the grand daughter. that is special. >> that is retirement for you. he's painting now and much more of that . the bush library opening its doors this week . the big celebration with george bush . jimmy cart yer bill clinton all there celebrating . watch that tonight and we get a behind the scenes look fory george bush. >> we haven't heard a lot from
5:34 am
him. laying low and his approval ratings are up and doubling since leaving . that is one very, very nice thing to say about him. can't wait until 9:00. we'll get to the rest of the headlines and the plane landing gear fund found behind the controversial mosque site is a boeing 787. this serial number on the wreckage is not unique to the part or plane meaning that it probably can't be traced back to a pacific jet. they will begin to check for human remains on tuesday. justice stephen breyer is recovering after undergoing how oldir surge rye. investigators say he will make a full recovery and expect him to be released.
5:35 am
it is his third major blike crash since 1993. >> a new study out said listening to sounds in bed can improve your memory. background noise can help people remember what they learned before. listening to the sounds under the covers can keep you focused at school or work. >> someone snatched a bag from a employee. they have tried to find them. >> that is awesome. the real spiderman would have got away. >> from super hero. >> take a look at the weather maps . you know what every winter,
5:36 am
you end up with big gigantic pilings of snow plows and everything moved . it then it turns in soldid blocks of ice. that is what is left of the a 12 foot snow pile in auburn, maine . it would be 68 degrees today. it will get there and you are almost done with winter there. send me your pictures on twitter or facebook page and looking great in the northeast. that will be moving in across west virginia and parts of virginia and maryland and pittsburgh. you can see the few showers. for the most part that will stay close to midatlantic and parts of tennessee and north carolina seeing heavy rain. showers and down pours in houston area . another mild day in the northern plains and more flooding in the red river as that moves in lake winnipeg.
5:37 am
it is hot in the southwest. colorado river valley, everybody seeing triple-digits today. >> all right back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. >> oh, it smells good in here. look who is with us now. sandra lee good to see you. another book out. >> my 25th book. we call would each other. we had the color right. >> it is my 25th cook book. my 27th book. >> my goodness. >> we are having a fiesta. >> some of the recipe comes from the magazine and that's why i am going on hiatus with respect to cook books. this will be out every two months. every dish delivers. it is about getting dinner on the table and making it fabulous. mexican food is my favorite food. i could eat it 24-7.
5:38 am
>> and a friend ever mine i work with her in philadelphia. she tweeted out. what i would love to make for my family. a siesta. >> let's see what you got for us. >> a lot of people think making mexican food is hard. normally tamales are hard to make. they sell them in the frozen section . grocery store. they are quite good. if you want to make should go that tastes like from scratch. this is spanish rice and in there mexican corn and chopped tomatos and green chilles . mexican seasoning and fajita or mexican seasoning and the mole sauce on the top. it is from the counseled and put chicken stock and
5:39 am
cinnamon. it is it a beautiful flavor. >> you buy and jazz it up. >> it is a chocolate sauce . taked out the that yoed tamales out and pour the mole sauce and put on the green chilles and break them. >> mole is a chocolate sauce with a kiss. with a kick. >> i learned that this week. >> speaking of kiss says, are you still with the governor. >> gosh, you are a naughty, naughty guy. >> goldie hawn of the cooking world. >> this is going on quite a few years, sandra. >> i can get my girl frends to help you out . so these are wonderful. enchilla burritos. you have me all flustered.
5:40 am
they are enchillada burritos and now feel these. they are hot torstillos and this is a damp clothe and do that it it is so pliable. look at that. >> wrap tup. >> no, no, no. >> i can't not give you a cocktail. that is a strawberry-pineapple cake that i used cake mix. duncan hines and spinkle it on top much a strawberry with a beautiful pie filling and pine apple and macadamian and coconut. nthat is it amazing. >> i am not going to fill your burritos. >> do you use corn or flower torstillos. >> i like corn. >> this is some grill would
5:41 am
chicken in with quick rice and i put enchilla dasauce in there. not yet. that goes in the top. >> oh, holy mole. it has kick in there and silantro and put monterey jack cheese on top of this. >> and cover it with the in-- enchilada sauce. >> i brought you a people granite vodka and black currant liquor and 7 up. >> it is all about presentation. i love the star fruit. >> that's your last cook book. >> you don't deserve this but i will give it to you anyway. >> there you go, honey. that is it a star fruit. >> thank you, sandra. >> go to church and live
5:42 am
longer . resultings are in and spirituality has a significant affect on your life spoon. >> four fisher men stranded and surrounded by flames. what happened to them? [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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if including advair could help improve your lung function. [ male announcer ] advair diskus fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at four men rescued from a burning boat. low tide, a san francisco police boat the only vessel able to reach them. one guy jumped in the water and three others jumped to safety. one of the guys take tonight hospital for smoke inhalation. five years of dating. nba legend michael jordan and his bride made it official. 2000 people attend happened the reception inside of a
5:46 am
massive tent. this holds the record of world's large evaluate wedding tent in history. >> i don't think it is excessive. >> not at all. >> according to a new study going to church is not only good for spiritual help but health as well father, nice to see you this morning. >> why would that be? >> the author of the article which was a columnist in the new york times explained when she studied people who have gone to church, blood pressure came down and they are happier people basically. now the suggestion is therefore, if you want to be healthy, go to church. i don't think it workings that way from my perspective. why do you go to church? a lot of people go to my church and their blood pressure might go up and if i give a boring sermon. if you are going to worship
5:47 am
god and not what you get out of it. you get a lot out. >> i will try to improve my health to go to church this sunday. >> get your ldl and cholesteral levels in check and i will go to church this weekend. >> in is a benefit for people whoment to improve the quality of their life. meditation and quiet contempalation do incredible things. >> a difference between humans and animals, that we are able to reflect on the fact that we know . we are able to reflect on the fact that we know. that is an spiritual nature f. you decide, yes, i have a spiritual nature and i am a spiritual person and not religious. if i decide i will not do anything about my spiritual nature i will cultivate it we
5:48 am
are not fully human. i will make a sacrifice and to actually go to church on sunday and saturday and go to the synagogue and mosque and decide that you are going to develop your spirituality and seek truth. you are a more whole person. >> christians have bad habits and s those are man myselfed by going to the bar a little -- minimized by going to the bar a little less. >> it depends on what you do in the bar. >> i am not drinking anymore or any less. >> you have reliable sources saying pope john paul ii will be canonized. >> it seems like the last miracle needed to attribute to him and his intercession has been approved by the vatican
5:49 am
and october 20th, we can expect pope john paul ii, a man catholics and noncatholicings came to love world wide will be proclaimed to be a saint and a holy man. i think we need spiritual heroes. we have a lot of anti-examples out there and sometimes we can be ourselves and to have someone that proclaimed to be. he lived a life of virtue and with god in heaven. that is something that is inspiring for all of us. >> good to see you, father. >> coming up on the show, the new movie pain and gain detailings the outrageous crime. did hollywood pice up the story. that is next. @@ vo: always one step ahead
5:50 am
with an intuitive motion activated lid and seat, bold makes sure you'll never have to ask him again.
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5:52 am
5:53 am
they're on it death row for the brutal kidnappings and murders in american history. >> the story is so outrageous it was made in a new movie. >> go, go, go, get them. >> what the hell? >> did you get him? >> he was right here. where to go. >> where the hell is he? there he s. you got the bmw. >> i told you to check the license plate? >> the new film pain and gain hit the theater with many say it is not true. but the judge presided over the real-life. nice to see you, judge.
5:54 am
>> hollywood taken it on. gruesome and horrible things they did and on death row for the things they did. you are telling us that all of this is true and they were really that dumb? >> they were very dumb. i can see why they made it a comledy. it is like pulp fiction humor together with bad violence. i knew it would be a movie. it had violence and sex and dark humor and the things when you watch that movie and sit negligent theatyer watching things happen, those things are real. there is a little artistic license. you can't condense four and half month trial without taking short cuts and twisting things. it is it an accurate movie. and some of the scenes in this are incredibly disgusting we can't talk about because
5:55 am
everybody is reeting their cheerios . some of the guilty parties are sitog death row. >> it is not weird for me. i know how slow the appellate process and death penalty workings. i am okay with that. the death penalty is irreversible penalty that you can impose. we don't want it mistakenly imposed. it takes time. but what is weird is watching the case that i tried four and half play itself out on the screen . my son saying did that happen? >> yes, it happened. >> tell us about these guys. >> they were body builders that kidnapped victim be number one with the idea of shaking him down for $100,000 and taking him for a million and half and decided we have to kill him. he was involved in criminal
5:56 am
activity he might not have gone to the cops. but they tried to kill him and they were bumbling idiots and that's where the humor comes like the key stone cops criminal version and he survived and as a result they looked for the next victim to pay him back. those are victims two and three who unfortunately they did kill. butine then in the entire movie, there is it a lot of humor because of their stupidity. >> this is crazy to happen your first year sitting on the bench. >> is this how it is going to be? >> judge, thanks. >> something happen negligent sky that hasn't happened in yearings. details on the top of the year. >> food stamp nation unhinge would. even folkings who are not american citizens can eat on
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>>. >> alisyn: we hope you are doing well. it's 8:59. >> they are suspected of placing a bomb next to a little boy. and they collected taxpayer money, too. you take. take the money and give it to the dirt bag and you want to protect his rights. he is dead and he a terrorist. he has no rights. >> the story that has everyone in the country fired up. >> clayton: more on the food stamp nation officially unhinged even folks that are not american citizens. plus the word freshman is now offensive to women. one state making man out of the english language. what they are replacing it.
6:01 am
"fox and friends" starts right now hour four. real quick. we have sandra lee during the last 20 minutes. i for debate to mention she is having a bake sale over grand central station. go over nine-hour bake sale. >> and jumping from the crumb cake that had the is a strawberries. >> may 1st. >> let's talk about in this morning. we head up to boston because we are learning more this morning about how that suspect, 19-year-old is being kept right now. he is being kept under 24-hour surveillance and moved out of the medical facility into a prison 30 miles from boston. behind a steel door, no books or television. they are able to slide in tray
6:02 am
food and medicine. he is for all intents and purposes in solitary. >> we've been talking about this, too. we know the suspect received welfare but the governor refuses to reveal what kind of taxpayer on what kind assistance he got on the grounds of privacy? >> the governor of massachusetts refuses to reveal what kind of taxpayer assistance your son tamerlan got on the grounds of privacy. privacy? what privacy? governor you take our money and you give it to this dirt bag and you want to protect his privacy? you want to protect his rights? he is dead. she terrorist. he has no rights. now mother of jihads, they get a federal judge stops the f.b.i. in the middle of a high value
6:03 am
interrogation to arraign your son and shower him with even more rights. trite remain silent. the right to an attorney, unparalleled medical care. all the protections of our constitution. why? because the president and his buddy eric holder wants the world to think better of us. they want the world to see american justice at its best. really? they hate us! they chant death to america! they burn us in effigy. we give them billions and f-16s and armored tanks as they laugh their way to the bank. when they kill us we don't send in reinforce little like the four that died in benghazi. we want them to kleik us? honestly i don't care what the world thinks of us or of our criminal justice system. they come to kill us and we worry about what they think of
6:04 am
us. i don't want to show the rest of the world how the system works. i don't give a damn. >> right on judge. right on judge over and over again. she hit a cord this morning. >> clayton: also we're talking about the immigration reform. which seems to be stalling in washington and may not actually move forward at all after all of the bipartisan coming together and one of the areas that needs reform seems to be around the snap program, ability to get food stamps. according to the usda they have given out promotional materials they can have assistance and food stamp assistance by keeping quiet basically. if they are mexican person living in the united states and they have got their children here, born here. they are there for them citizens. they are allowed to get food
6:05 am
stamp assistance. no need to divulge that you are here illegally. >> and no need to reveal your immigration status. >> look at the money we have been spending. to show you a comparison. february of 2009, $32 million. look just a couple months ago, january of 2013, up to 47, almost 48. >> clayton: allowing more and more people to get into this. i had a viewer write me this morning that worked at a bake shop. this person has witnessed a person to buy bait using food stamp money to buy bait to go out and bass fish. the way in which there is a abuse in the system and bill is stalled, this is part and parcel of the larger problem. >> you don't want a child to go hungry. yes, they are american citizens
6:06 am
because they were born here but their parents are getting access to all this. it encourages them to do this, have more kids and get food stamps. >> oh, boy. give you the headlines. >> six minutes after the hour. f.b.i. says it's got the right man this time. authorities are asking 41-year-old everett dusky martial arts instructor is accused of mailing poison to the president roger wicker and a local judge. >> he thinks he is smarter everybody else. he has the certificate. >> on tuesday they dropped charges against their first suspect, elvis impersonator. he claims he was framed by dusky. he is expected to appear in court tomorrow. fewer flight delays as air traffic controller towers get back to furlough. it caused major travel head
6:07 am
lakes last week. they rushed a bill through congress to allow the agency 53 mon in their budget to get their staffing back to normal. now, the president will won't be able to make it official until something in the bill is fixed. brand-new video taken before chaos erupted at colorado state university. police firing tear gas into the crowd to disperse more than 300 students who were piarghd on the streets. and this apartment building rooftop, people got unruly and threw bottles. three people were treated in the hospital for minor injuries. no cops were hurt there. make sure you look up into the sky tonight. this is your best chance to see saturn. it will be in perfect alignment and brightest and clear in six years.
6:08 am
even the amazing rings will be visible. anyone who has a telescope. check it out online beginning at 9:30 p.m. eastern time. >> if you look at planet online. >> no, it's not the same. >> get out with your jason telescope kit. we used to watch the web cams of owls nesting, right? i love those live web cams with animals, surprise, and watch them in their habitat. they are amazing. >> the web can be okay. >> there is shoe great apps to show you where the planets are. we had big flooding around the houston area in texas and southwest. incredible rain falling about six inches just in a period of about three hours. you can see these cells moving
6:09 am
very slowly right through there. we'll take a look at the video from houston what happened from this. about 50 rescue00 to be done from this flooding from rescue people who had to get out there. i feel like i'm being gender neutral suddenly as i'm trying to say these names. today i think we're going to see more rain. you can see the heaviest of the rain is moving into the east coast and toward the southeast for much of the day. out across the west, clear skies and incredibly warm temperatures in parts of the southwest. temperatures from hundred to 105 range and warming up to the far northern populates. we had a lot of snow melt. this is rapidly causing the red river rise up to 24 feet by tuesday and wednesday. river getting up to 38 feet. fifth highest crest along the red river in north dakota.
6:10 am
back to you. >> coming up on the show. it's clear that the boston bombers didn't randomly decide to blow up the marathon. how did the feds fail to connect the dots. >> two people reunited after 45 years. they will join us live with their amazing story up next. ♪ ♪ my love for you ♪ i'm afraid that i will disappear ♪ ♪ slip sliding away ♪ slip sliding away ♪ you know the destination...
6:11 am
6:12 am
6:13 am
welcome back. in the aftermath of the boston bombing, questions have surfaced what law enforcement agencies knew about the brothers and when. the director of national intelligence has defended the system claiming the rules have
6:14 am
abided by the best i can tell tel the dots were connected. did they allow the terrorists to slip through the cracks? let's ask linda chavez. welcome to the show. >> nice to be with you. >> clayton: in the wake of 9/11 was the inability for communication to be free and flowing among these agencies to connect these dots. do you think the dots were connected here? >> i don't think they were connected after the fact. there may not have been anything to actually prevent the attack from occurring. what i find odd is that they were not able to try to pull together suspects to immediately go after once the bombing had occurred. it seems to me the older brother should have been in their sights and should have been able to identify him earlier than they did. >> clayton: what went wrong here? you outline a number of things
6:15 am
we should have looked at and agencies sharing information. that was supposed to be taken care of. we created the department of homeland security under the bush administration. this wasn't supposed to happen again. >> that is exactly right. what we heard from janet napolitano when she testified was that they did know that the older brother went to russia. we have subsequently learned that the border security agents when he re-entered the country, one agent was aware he was on the list. it seems some of the counter intelligence agencies were continuing to monitor his activities or at least had him in their system. it was as if they did not all talk to each other. again may not have been able to prevent it but once the bombing had occurred, if this had been a normal crime, a child being abducted, you think they would put together information about anyone who had come into their sights over the previous several
6:16 am
years and begun immediately to focus on them to visit their homes and try and get more information and that wasn't done. >> clayton: it seems foreign government, russian government agencies contacted the c.i.a., the f.b.i. alerted them to these individuals. they were worried about these guys coming back to their country and moment go some radicalism in their own country. i guess the larger question is after this all unfolded. we saw a manhunt and pictures of these guys on tv. we didn't know who they were. they were on a list. how do we not know who they are? >> that is exactly right. why is it that they did not have that list of people? again if a child had been abducted you would gotten every single name that been investigated in similar crimes. it would have gone into a database and sent police officers to investigate them. these guys should have been on the list.
6:17 am
at least the older brother. there should have been been f.b.i. agents or others out to his apartment trying to find out what he was up to as soon as that bombing occurred. >> clayton: and check out the article linda written, it was in the "new york post" this week. linda chavez, thanks for joining us this week. >> clayton: coming up here, at the nascar race, it's not drivers starting the trouble and his air force captain 45 years ago, that man never forgot them. they'll join us live with their amazing story. nah. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice.
6:18 am
post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. g in and save with vigoro e-quart annuals,. four for just ten bucks.
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6:20 am
>> anna: 20 minutes after the hour.
6:21 am
this crash at a nascar race in virginia leads to two pit crew members being arrested. they got into a fight in the pits and then after the race, two members of scott's crew continued the fight at a nearby lot. both were charged with assault. new specifics showing costs have soared an average of $1139 makes it costs so inch the dress and hair and nails and pre-dance activities. memorial day, 1967. >> thomas dugal was serving his second tour in vietnam when his plane was shot up, riddled with bullets. his arm badly injured. doctors told him, it had to be amputated. he may never fly again. a young surgeon dr. tom green
6:22 am
did what he could. >> we can save that man's arm. we can be a pilot again. save his military career. the two men never forgot one another and more than 45 years later. look at them there they are. great to have you here. take you back second tour. memorial day, 1967. an f-4 riddled with bullets. hit you in the right arm? >> i hit the egyptian. ejected out of the airplane and during the egyptian i collided with something. they think the seat. that caused all the damages. >> did you go into water or on land. >> on the beach, i ran up in the water. a as i was coming down on parachute i saw a avenue ship off the coast and i wanted to get rescued. >> so it was a ship, i can get
6:23 am
rescued. your arm is mangled. how long did it take for the ship to get to you? >> they sent a smaller boat and said ways in the water for an hour. >> with a messed up arm? >> i didn't feel anything. i was swimming side stroke. >> here is some x-rays of your arm. it's messed up. look at this right here. so we're going to have amputate your right arm? >> they took me back. the doctors said they felt the arm was beyond repair. there was talk that possibly the amputation and take you back to the states and to fix it. >> didn't you want to be a surgeon yourself? >> i wanted to go a surgeon. >> so did it go through your head, i will never fly again? >> not at the moment, yes that was my overall concern the whole
6:24 am
time in the hospital. >> they take you from vietnam and end up in ohio. you meet him? >> that's correct. >> had you been drafted? >> i was drafted out of practice. i didn't think there was any question about amputation. there was no question. he didn't need to have the arm amputated. >> how did you do it? >> we didn't operate for three weeks because he was weak and needed a lot of work to be done. we waited about three weeks and then we operated. we put back all the bones. we repaired his nerve. his nerve had been damaged and no feeling or function. >> you fly again? >> about a year to t after i did greene did the surgery i got back in status and flew up in georgia as an instructor. >> wow, as an instructor.
6:25 am
>> that was four operations later. >> saved his arm and career. in many ways you say he saved his life. how many medal does he have. >> seven or eight, something like that. >> purple heart, what else? >> flying crosses, bronze star, silver star. >> you bottom are heroes. did you stay in touch over all these years? >> no, we tried. we both tried to find each other. in fact i had another patient who was a shaef jet pilot. until he confirmed he was shot down on memorial day on '67. tom's daughter was googling and found me. tom called my office and wanted my phone number and my nurse wouldn't give it to him but i got his phone number. >> over 40 years later. what did you say to him?
6:26 am
>> for all those years i wanted to say thank you. when i got discharged from the hospital, i never talked to him to say thank you for what he did. over the years i realized my arm was almost normal. i got some limitations but i'm very happy. i think about the wounded vets coming home now and having doctors like dr. greene. they are one of the unsung heroes. >> you both are heroes. good to meet you. >> all right. well, our people born with the right to u.s. citizenship? listen to this. >> a pathway for citizenship is essential. this is matter of civil and human rights. >> rick sanchez on eric holder's controversial comments straight ahead. plus an emotional homecoming
6:27 am
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6:30 am
>>. is valerie badmouthing me? is she out for revenge? ask again later. >> look, i need you.... >> you want to talk about
6:31 am
immigration. we can talk about immigration. we be talk about the budget. i will talk you tou about jay-z and beyonce. >> there are two things i don't talk about. >> covert operations and valerie's magical powers. kevin spacy that plays the lead character. it's a netflix that is very kood >> what is it about? >> i think he is the house whip and he has to keep the players in line. it's cards. one card gets taken down. it's washington intrigue. >> anna: political sopranos. >> clayton: exactly. and ed henry from fox news channel got to play his own role in the spoof last night. take a look at ed. >> we can't have you stockpiling all these tickets deciding where everyone gets to sit.
6:32 am
>> you scratch my back, i won't last rate yours. >> i have integrity. let's cut a deal. >> this is part where you need. >> anna: good stuff. >> that was last night and allison was there correspondent. she will be joining us in a little while and hoping this year her photos were better than last year. elbow shoved in the lens. >> but she was great last night. beautiful dress. live report coming up. a lot of people are tweeting the story about -- washington. >> washington state is changing words. they say some words are sexist like penmanship.
6:33 am
>> here is fisherman. big fishing state is washington. here what they are moving the man because it's offensive. now, they will be called fishers. >> anna: that is hard to say. >> and pen manship. what would you change that. penwomanship. >> anna: handwriting. >> your handwriting is great. >> come on. >> what about freshman. so if you are first year student you are into the freshman you would be a fresh. >> so when guys went to college you are a freshman at the campus right. then we got into a co-ed. we have to switch it up. here is another one i didn't realize that was offensive. journey man plumber.
6:34 am
that is offensive because if you are a woman. they are saying a journeylevel plumber. >> if you are apprentice and you are journey level person now. you have a journey level plumber's crack. [ laughter ] >> here is state representative, jean wells and there is no reason to to for keeping our terms with words that do not respect our current contemporary times. >> what wrong in change. you can tell guys invented the words. when you go on to the bathroom, a man walks up to the women's bathroom and it says whoa man. >> anna: we got an email this one from michael. what do you do with the word
6:35 am
woman. >> clayton: what do you, just change it. >> you just go wo! >> you are nice looking wo. >> how do remove man from human. how ridiculous are we going to be. unemployment and we're worried about freshman? >> anna: it's history. man and language can be neutral. his story, her story. >> you convinced me. >> and share this. she is a wo, she said you you are minimizing, girls score lower on test scores when you remind them they are women. these gender references do matter. >> anna: proud to be a woman and
6:36 am
go with it. >> men score higher on test scores, if when you remind them they are men. she studied this in college. >> clayton: do you have a second bedroom or a couch? >> what do you think about that at what about weatherman. meteorologist. >> in, not all weathermen are meteorologists. all right, take a look at the weather maps, across areas of the southwest. today's high in death valley valley 109. 103 in yuma, across the desert it is hot. in phoenix the next few days, up to 103. these are first triple-digit readings. you hit the first hundred degree and average is may 12th. we are couple weeks ahead of time. that means you a long way to go
6:37 am
until october. a ton of sunshine across the northeast. a great day to be outside. nicest weekend we've had so far this spring. rain that will get here later this afternoon across virginia and ohio in and in towards the carolinas is going to see heavy rain and places like chattanooga and over towards gainesville. a little more rain for houston where we saw the significant rain from yesterday. warm again to the northern plains. more snow melt today. red river continues to rise in north dakota and borders between north dakota and minnesota. we'll continue to see flooding river, cresting at 38 feet in fargo on wednesday. down in the southwest, high temperatures 95 in fresno. 105 in phoenix. back to you guys. >> anna: that thank you so much. 37 minutes after the hour.
6:38 am
new york police saying the plane landing here belongs to a boeing 767. a same model used in the world trade center attacks. aviation experts say the serial number is not unique to that part and probably can't be traced back to a specific jet. meantime, investigators will begin check fog are human remains tuesday. >> supreme court justice steven briar is recovering after undergoing shoulder surgery. 74-year-old was injured in a bike accident. doctors say he will make a full recovery and expect him to be released next week. >> latest revelation from a man soon to be released memoir. 25-year-old saying she wrote to the parents of meredith kutcher. just before her murder convinces was overturned but she never
6:39 am
sent it because the lawyers said it wasn't the right time. italy's highest court overturned the acquittal of the murder of her roommate and ordered a retrial. >> a heartwarming reunion between a sailor and cancer stricken dog. reading, her owner, and diagnosed with cancer and diagnose didn't think she was going to live but fought off the cancer and even filed some extra energy. >> a dog lover, dana perino big time. >> she should change her name to purina. >> very good.
6:40 am
>> clayton: dana perino of the five and formally of the white house got a chance to talk with george w. bush about his legacy. this comes on the heels of the opening of george w. bush presidential library. of course the celebration and gathering tonight. tonight on the fox news channel there is a special hosted by dana perino where she gets to sit down the life of george w. bush. here he is. here is a sneak preview of what you can expect. ♪ ♪ >> dana: last day of your presidency, i was there and i came in to say goodbye. you said something i thought maybe you could repeat. it was about coming into office on the first day wanting to make sure when you left you could look yourself in the mirror and say, i stuck to my principles? >> yeah, i think it is important
6:41 am
in life and definitely important as a president to have a set of principles that one is willing to defend. so when i left midland, i told the crowd of 30,000 friends, i am leaving with a set of principles. >> i am leaving with a set of principles and thankful for my friends. i've come back to see you soon. god bless. when i came back, i said, i didn't sell my soul. the principles are still important part of my life. i'm coming home with my head held high and sense of accomplishment. >> president george w. bush tonight at 9:00 p.m.. >> anna: don't miss it. >> are people would born with the treated u.s. citizenship. rick sanchez weighing in on eric
6:42 am
holder's controversial stance on amnesty. >> and our very own allison to tell us what went down at the -- look at her. whole crew was there. she has stories to tell and she will, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so free credit score's
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6:45 am
>>. >> anna: recent remarks eric holder made by illegal immigration sparked some controversy. >> creating a pathway to earn citizenship to 11 million unauthorized immigrants is
6:46 am
absolutely essential. this is a matter of human rights. it's who we are as a nation and goes to the core of our treasured american principle of equal opportunity. >> clayton: is it a privilege or a right or both? joining us now is rick sanchez, fox news contributor. was he right? is amnesty a right? >> i don't know about amnesty. that is your word and not his. i would certainly argue that he is right if he arguing about human rights. you see, you have to understand that is who we are as americans. if he is wrong about this, then terror is friedman is wrong and jefferson is wrong. we have rights that don't come from the government. they are inalienable rights. the right to be secure. the right to be happy.
6:47 am
the right to have a sense of liberty. if you are going to have someone living within your domain and constantly looking over their shoulder or they are afraid or afraid their children will be taken from them in the middle of the night, you could make an argument that it's a human right to give that person the dignity of security and happiness. that is fair argument. whether that means they have to remain in your country, that is totally separate argument. if you go with the argument, if we rook at this intellectually as best we can, that it's an american right, its right to be an american, he is wrong. if you look at it from the perspective of a civil right or a human right, then he is dead on. this is what guys likes friedman and hyak have been arguing
6:48 am
about. >> anna: that is what separates american from other nations. we're not going to let children starve in the streets and take care of people and make sure basic needs are met. one of criticisms giving amnesty that people are here illegally and essentially rewarding them and not go through the proper hoops to become an american citizen. >> you and me let's get a bus and let's pick 11 million of them up and throw them out of the country. this is the point i'm making. you have to make a decision. if you are going to stay in this country, obviously, wink, wink, they are going to stay in this country -- then we have to come up with a rule. we have to come up with a system. pedro, you stay because you are god fearing, you are taking care of your children and pay your taxes, we are going to allow
6:49 am
you. jose you sold drugs you are out of here. somebody has to make the guidelines. somebody has to set up a process. that is what the argument is. there is month process. by not having a process you are in fact denying the rights of the good people who are in this country. >> clayton: rick sanchez, interesting perspective this morning. making great points. thanks. >> anna: allison joins us live from the white house correspondents dinner. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the firsweek... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostilityagitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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6:52 am
>>. >> anna: mike and anna and clayton with you. as celebrities and mingled at
6:53 am
the white house correspondents dinner. >> and allison was in attendance so she could sleep in. you don't know how much i appreciate that. this night goes very late. i do have fun pictures. >> alisyn: the night got off to a rocking start. we were on the same train going down to d.c. as bon jovi and he was wearing a hat and sunglasses to disguise himself. i saw him right away and we trailed him. you can see getting into his suv [ laughter ] >> jersey girl. >> i was going to try to say something like, jersey girl here. a woman popped up in front of me hey, you want to share a taxi. i said nothing to him.
6:54 am
>> lame! >> clayton: after the train ride which was already exciting. how many people did you stalk. >> alisyn: i sat right next to at a different table to any dole kid man. here a great picture of her. is that not fantastic right there? look at that. >> 1990 photo of her? >> i do want to show you i so you the next picture, mike and clayton have an affinity manager man and look who i got to say, paul rudd who is up coming anchorman movie. i said, hey can i take a picture with you. why do all of you news people have such an affinity for that movie? we identify with it.
6:55 am
it was great to see all of our friends and so glamorous. jamie colby was there. shannon bream and march that mccallum. look how glamorous they look. look at her dress. geraldo and bill hemmer and everybody -- that is my friend danielle. i'm not sure how he got in there. >> anna: it reminds me, the girls on fox news. it's incredible. [ laughter ] >> how did conan do? >> alisyn: i thought he was funny, his delivery was funny. it's very funny to see the president i've seen many presidents at this event. they are funny. when they get their speech writers, they end up having great delivery. president obama had some great
6:56 am
jokes and great delivery last night. it's only honestly i always come away from this event, if only they could pepper their real life speeches with a little bit more humor, it would really be winning because last night he did a great job. conan was funny also. >> president making fun of cnn, i know they have taken knocks but i admire their commitment to cover all sides of story just in case if one happens to be accurate. [ laughter ] >>. >> alisyn: there was some painful awkward laughs. the president made jokes about fox news. we all laughed as well. >> clayton: more "fox and friends" in three minutes. stay with us. mm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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all right, stick around. "fox and friends".com. we're going to talk about more of her big evening and more celebrities she photographed from the back. [ laughter ] we are learning more about how authorities are monitoring the surviving boston bombing suspect. 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev waking up this morning in a federal prison hospital and confined to a small cell with a steel door. authorities say that he hasn't spoken much since he was read his miranda rights. good morning. welcome to america's i'm heather childers with n for jamie colby. i'm eric shawn. he is being kept under heavy facility. he is right now


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