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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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to say about the irs. your favorite department, right? favorite agency? wad back here tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. them. leftovers. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> wow. what happened to that? the obama administration is now stonewalling three separate controversies. and it is paying a terrible price. >> how does the president say with a straight face americans who trust their government? >> bill: tonight, we will report on all the controversies with bob beckel, kirsten powers, dennis miller, james rosen, and carl cameron. >> bill o'reilly wants to know how you think the country is doing right now. >> it's a longer discussion than a red carpet. bill buy the world stunned by actress angelina jolie underwent a double mastectomy. a close friend of ours did that as well.
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we will talk about e.d. hill about her discussion. >> late breaking news. the president fires the head of the irs. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the obama administration going south fast. can it save itself that is the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. headline right now the irs scandal could be worse than benghazi as the president fires irs chief stephan miller. at this point mr. obama had to do that. >> i will do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again. by holding the responsible parties accountable, by putting in place new checks and safeguards and going forward by making sure that the laws applied as it
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should be in a fair and impartial way. the irs admitting it targeted conservatives. listen to this. just hours earlier, than what the president just said, jay carney was saying that the white house can't really explain how the irs corruption happened because fbi is investigating. i cannot obviously comment on the investigation that the attorney general announced the other day. what i can say is that the president believes that the conduct reported in the ig's review is inappropriate. it is wrong. and there needs to be consequences for that conduct. >> bill: all right. so miller gets thrown out. but how many times are those guys going to use that ruse.
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terrorists brought to justice and nothing happens. can we get details about the irs admittedly abusing its power because there is an investigation we can't know generally how that happened? come on. the agency admits targeting conservatives so, please give us some indication of how that can possibly happen. it doesn't hinder the fbi. all of this chaos is putting enormous amount of pressure on the executive branch as the president is not going to get anything done until he himself addresses the scandal in detail. again, telling us how these things happen. in order to guide the white house along. here are some questions that president obama should answer at tomorrow's press conference. question one, it's crucial. to decided that susan rice should go on five sunday talk shows? who decided to send her out
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there. there is a follow-up. emails released today proved that cia deputy director mike morell signed off on ambassador rice's talking points even though they were wrong. why hasn't he explained 8 months boss david petraeus on the record uncomfortable blaming the attack on a video. why hasn't morrell been fired like miller? second question armed teams on the night christopher stephens and three other americans were killed by terrorists. why didn't those teams help the ambassador? very specifically, why didn't they help? next question. when exactly, mr. president, were you convinced the benghazi attack was generated by organized terrorists and not by a spontaneous mob? two weeks after the attack still1 you were still referencing an anti-muslim video when you were just told days after the fact by your own national security people that al qaeda was
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most likely linked to the killing of the ambassador. finally, why was it necessary to seize phone records from the associated press? why? again, simple question hes. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. with us one the stars of the five bob beckel. am i asking too much? the president is going to have a press conference tomorrow. shouldn't he answer each and every one of those questions? >> i think he ought to answer a lot of those questions. i don't think he should answer the question about the a.p. that's an ongoing national security issue. >> bill: just general though. just general. >> is there a reason why they can't say why susan rice who put susan rice on those talk shows no. that ought to be answered. >> bill: that's one they should answer, okay. >> two, what he did today with the irs by firing miller is the first step and it ought to be more substantive than that we ought to find out why and why it was the cincinnati doing this stuff. more importantly than all of this is the abuse ever the internal revenue service on looking into conservative groups. that happened to me in the
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1970s, it happens now just as easily. >> bill: tomorrow, according to bob beckel, the president should be prepared to give us more why behind it but morrell. look at morrell, second in command at the cia still there. why is he there? he should have been fired, correct? >> you want the second in command to be misleading the world? if you believe that petraeus says. that's what petraeus says. again, petraeus says that he was an honorable married man too. >> i owned up to that. >> why keeping morrell? if he mislead everybody and we know now because those things were released today the emails were released after the factor demanded it. >> i'm sure that's why it was. >> why was morrell there. what about you, mr. president? don't you think that barack obama is in trouble now? don't you think he is in trouble? >> i mean, if he doesn't know that then i think he is a much more blind
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politician than i think he is. >> bill: don't you think the people are starting to turn against him and losing credibility not only with the folks but with congress. going to be harder to get immigration bill passed. hardered to get any immigration passed. isn't he weakening now. >> amazing second term presidents get in a scandal and amazing how many come through it like bill clinton and barack obama will as well. >> bill: the firing of miller, the irs chief tonight, this is the beginning of barack obama's come back? >> i believe in time the press will turn the other way. if they do some substantive things and answer some of these questions i think the answer is yes. >> all right. so you think the press, which is in love with the president, generally speaking. will take this as a sign that everything is going to go back to normal? >> i think they were in love with him and now they turned against him as the pretty wants to do they will turn back the other way. >> why would they turn back the other way. >> they are a mob mentality. if somebody writes it first they will write it second. >> bill: why would they
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turn back the other way? george w. bush they didn't turn back the other way. >> he is not the same politician. much better politician than. >> is it about politics. >> most all of this is about politics. >> a brief. >> philosophy and politics not necessarily crossed paths at least in my lifetime. >> bill: more on how the press handle this. tomorrow is is a very important press conference for president obama. >> yes, it is. >> bill: he has to explain the how and why of these things rather than just okay, i'm firing the guy. that's easy. all right? isn't that easy? i'm firing the guy. >> i think he better have some long meetings tonight getting ready for this press conference. >> bill: now, generally speaking, are you disappointed with your guy, beckel? you are a big obama guy. >> i am a big obama guy and i many disappointed particularly what happened with the irs. it shouldn't have happened. >> bill: not in benghazi? >> benghazi is a republican earth to try to get rid of clinton. >> bill: really you? think it's a republican effort to want to know why armed u.s. teams sent to benghazi.
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>> the interest someone in that administration let them die. >> bill: the ifns is. >> certainly is. >> bill: wasn't anyone in charge at the moment who made a correct decision. >> sounds like republicans on capitol hill investigated this things so times. george bush lost nine people on his lost under his watch. >> bill: nothing this big. >> four dead people. >> a lot of that was in iraq as you know. now, listen, don't you think, don't you think that the american people should know the answer to that very sim question? you had armed special forces in tripoli. they were told to stand down and not go to benghazi. don't you think, just nonpartisan. we should know why that order was given? >> we should know who gave the order, yes. >> so you are agreeing with me. pretty much throughout the whole segment. >> no. imro agree with everything you said. i agree with that part of it? >> 80% you agree with. >> 60. about 45% more than i normally do. >> bill: all right, beckel.
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seefor a big press conference tomorrow and all throughout this broadcast we are going to update you on everything that happens. next on the rundown, is the washington establishment turning against president obama? some say yes. to then we will talk to the national coordinator to the tea party patriots about being targeted by the irs. she was directly. we are coming right back. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, there are signs that the washington establishment is turned against the obama administration, at least temporarily. senator harry reid says he is appalled by the associated press story and wonders why the justice department didn't just ask the a.p. for information before seizing phone records. "the washington post" giving the administration four pin kno-ho-co co-s
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meaning he is not telling the truth about how he described the attack on weapon gaze. lots of obama supporters have starting to jump off the ship. joining from you watts washington is kate obenshain and kirsten were powers who said this. the president is so centrally involving himself with repeated lies. i will call them lies because they are lies. they are on tape. nobody thought that he called it a terrorist attack. >> bill: all right. now did you get any blow back from that powers? >> nothing more than the usual. >> bill: because you use the the word lies in the context of the president and that is pretty strong. >> sometimes do you have to call a spade a spade. the "the washington post" called it a whopper. and gave up four pinocchios. i called it a lie. it is. it is transparently a lie. >> bill: why do you think then the president is putting his reputation on the line. >> i don't know. >> and people like you in the "the washington post" who support the president, why do you think he is
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doing that? you must have some thought about it. there has got to be a reason the man is putting his whole reputation on the line here. >> i don't know if he he doesn't remember what he he said but the he is playing word games. it's getting old. you have a situation where you have the "new york times" reporting on september 20th, that's the first time the white house used the word terrorism in connection with an attack. this is not up for opinion. it's a fact. he was asked in an interview with steve croft right afterwards. >> bill: you are dodging my question. >> i can't get inside his head and know why he does it. >> bill: he has white house counsel to remind him what he says. all right? he has speech writers who put on paper what he said and what he hasn't said. he is going out there, powers, and attempting to rewrite history. all right? >> he yes. >> bill: that's how i'm going to put it you say he is lying. okay. but there has got to be a reason why he is doing it and you don't know? you don't have any idea? i didn't thought about it?
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>> i hate -- you know, bill, do you this with me a lot. you try to get me into the intent of why people are doing things. i don't know what his intent is. all i know is what he is doing. >> bill: let's throw it over to kate. >> is he continually saying something that is demonstrably false. >> bill: dupe do you have any idea why the president might be doing, this kate? >> because every time he has done it in the past he has gotten away with it, bill. this is the first time because it is so egregious, because him coming out and saying that he called it a terrorist attack is so ridiculous that the press would finally be made to look like idiots. so they have to come out. not kirsten at all. i think she is being an objective journalist right now and i appreciate that. but i do think the press is in a position where the american people are so aware that the president is standing up, telling a complete lie to the american people that he blamed it on a video and that to go along with the lie any longer would. >> bill: do you go with the theory that this is all about the election that he
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did that and mislead everybody that he didn't want to get in trouble with the romney people about being soft on terrorism or not handling the benghazi thing so he decided to try to cover this up and now he just doesn't want to admit he did it? >> that was certainly part of it what he was covering up, the extent to what he he was covering up, we don't each know. we now know, as you pointed out that we know what happened in terms of some of the sequence of events. but we still don't know what went on behind the scenes. no that's why even beckel wants to know, powers. even beckel wants to know what happened. now, you had jay carney today. i just wish i was in that room. we can't talk about the irs because there is an investigation. this is the biggest ruse in the world. all right? >> yeah. >> bill: so we are never going to answer any questions about any controversy because there is always going to be an investigation. i'm just going when is this going to stop in the press corps you know what they should have done en masse walked out o. >> i don't know why one of
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them doesn't just say we sit in here and hear you talk about ongoing investigations all the time. newtown was an ongoing investigation. benghazi was an ongoing investigation. the boston cops was an ongoing investigation. i mean, you can go through all these things. they choose to not do it -- just don't understand why someone doesn't call him out. >> bill: everyone in the pressroom should have left. with all due respect, jay carney, when you are ready to answer questions we will come back. you are making excuse. pats tently transparent. you are insulting us and the american people you can answer any question you want about this investigation. you just can't prejudice it the president can't say so and so did it. that, you can't do. but you can say how many irs agents have been disciplined, if any. you can say that. >> yeah, you can also speak on principles. i mean he they can principles. >> bill: what happened will be mad. yeah, thanks. you believe that the a.p. thing is a big scandal,
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right? you are putting the word scandal on it? >> you bet i am. i'm not the only one who is putting the word scandal on it. >> bill: believe me i know. everybody is putting -- you have got to be careful with that because it is a national security issue. the a.p. has been exceedingly kind to barack obama so there is no politics involved in it. so i'm just going to tell you that i think that on that one, the right wing ought to be a little bit circumspect. >> i think they have got to be careful on all of these issues and make sure this don't politicize them. there is no way you could look at this issue where the department of justice it appears violated at least four of their guidelines when it comes to seizing secretly seizing phone records. the breath of it. >> bill: remember, attorney general holder doesn't know anything about it? >> please, bill. you are falling for the story if you say that. >> bill: no, no, no. i'm not falling anything. >> you are like the press sitting in the same party briefing room. >> bill: i don't fall for anything. i don't fall for stuff. you know that.
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>> don't fall for holder. >> bill: with all due respect, mr. attorney general, why don't you go out to lunch and brings in the guy who is responsible for it. we will ask him questions. >> he said he didn't even know that, bill. he said he didn't even know who signed off. that's bologna. >> bill: nobody knows. >> there is a scandal behind it, i guarantee you. >> bill: i'm going to hold you to that. >> okay. >> bill: directly ahead talk with the tea party leader about the irs audits and how much damage they did to her. dennis miller all kinds of stuff on the scan tells, that should be
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. the irs scandal seems to be growing. the irs has admitted targeting conservatives in an unfair way and today the speaker of the house reacted. >> the irs has admitted to targeting conservatives,
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even if the white house continues to be stuck on the word "if." now, my question isn't about who is going to resign. my question is who is going to jail over this scandal. >> bill: joining us now from washington jenny beth martin national coordinator for the tea party patriots organization. ms. martin, tell us very specifically what the irs did to you. >> bill, there is so many themes it is difficult to list them all. they ask for the list of all of our donors even though legally when you are donating to a 501 c 4 organization if you donate less than $5,000 it's allowed to be anonymous. they will wanted to know every member of congress that are -- our supporters talked to. as citizens we have a right to talk to senators and congressman without reporting that to the irs. they asked for a group -- one of our groups they asked for the list of all the books that they had used in their book club and they wanted that group to write a book report on it. the list goes on and on.
11:25 pm
>> bill: this was all so you could get tax-free, tax exempt status extended? is that why you were -- >> -- no. not extended. >> bill: what was interaction with the irs all about. >> not even rescinded. we have never been granted or rejected irs status for 501 c 4 or 501 c 3 status. we applied in december of 2010. it's been over two years. >> bill: it's still pending. you still don't have it? >> the irs is still stringing us along today. >> bill: so, in order to try to get the tax exempt status, that organization is like planned parenthood, for example have, and very active political organizations have. in order to try to get that you filed a requisite paper with the irs and then they came in and asked you intrusive questions about things that you believe they had no business asking about; is that correct. >> that's absolutely correct. it wasn't like they came in and asked for it. there was nothing -- no communication from them for
11:26 pm
months and months and months and months. >> bill: so they dragged it on. they weren't responsive to what you wanted to do. >> they weren't responsive. they still are not responsive. our attorneys today cannot get a return phone call from the irs. >> bill: you are still not a tax exempt. there has got to be some kind of thing can you do. are you going to sue them? >> well, we are acting as a 501 c 4 and filing as a 501 c 4. we are acting as if we are a 501 c 4 since we can't get an answer from them. we are still working on 501 c 3 status. we are looking and sewing the -- suing the irs. we are calculating our damages right now. what happened at the irs is an abuse of power. we cannot allow it to stand. we certainly can't allow a precedent to be set. >> bill: did you yourself ever have any conversations with the irs agents who were doing this to you you? >> no. i communicated with my attorney. >> bill: your counsel did. >> yes. >> bill: people should know that your donations are probably far lower than
11:27 pm
they would have been if this had been, you know, cleared up and then people could write the check and know they got the tax write-off from it that's true where you could show damages. so, in your opinion though, and this is an opinion question. what was driving this? was it just individual zealots in the irs who didn't like the tea party or was this coming down from high and do you have any evidence to back that up? >> well, you know, it's hard for us to tell whether it's coming down from high or not because the inspector general report that came out yesterday doesn't tell when it started or who started it or why it started. they redact that at the very beginning of their report. so, i don't know why i can speculate because tea party and patriot groups and groups that wanted to educate on the constitution were targeted. but liberal groups were not. no look, it's huge. and we'll get to the bottom of it, ms. martin. thank you very much for appearing this evening. >> thank you. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along
11:28 pm
this evening. former "fox & friends" co-host e.d. hill underwent the same procedure.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. appearing lena jolie got more coverage than benghazi and the irs when she told the world she had a double that seq. tonal to prevent
11:32 pm
breast cancer which runs in her family. in 2010 e.d. hill underwent the same procedure for similar reasons and she joins us now. what happened? why did you make the decision. >> at a certain point you get sick of being scared. you are worried for yourself. you are worried for your family especially if you have children. and i think that if you are by nature a strong person, a strong-willed person, you don't like feeling powerless. >> bill: so your mother had a mastectomy, right? >> she had a double mastectomy. >> how old was she when that happened. >> she was in her mid 50s. she had been double bypasses. i remember her going in for checkups. >> the doctors told family after going through jennette counseling it's not a question of if or when. you really had to do this, right? >> in my mind, yes. it's very hard to get to that point because it's a dramatic step. >> bill: absolutely.
11:33 pm
a psychological thing and a physical thing. >> it's really mental. >> bill: it was a mental thing more difficult than the physical? >> absolutely. going up to it, it's the worrying about, you know, tests, eventually. two years before i got it done, it was down to every month i'm going in for tests you worry one test to the next what the result will be. >> bill: whether you have cancer. what about the decision to have surgery. >> that's it because, you know, you are a woman. the thought of having what is most associated with being a woman cut off, it's a hard hurdle to get over. you think i'm not going to be me. i'm going to be gross. what will my husband think when he sees me? how will other people think about me? you really -- it's so stupid but you do think about that. you should be thinking just health but you are thinking about that weird stuff. >> bill: that's huge. it's an absolute legitimate thing to think about. they have tremendous reconstruction surgery now, right? >> yes. they have got lots of options and i think that
11:34 pm
that probably is going to be helping people make the decision. >> bill: when they explain, listen, we're going to have the mastectomy but we can do. this right. >> bill: so, physically, you are going to be, what, you describe it. is it the same? close to the same. >> i think i look way better. [ laughter ] how do you describe how do you look right now? >> bill: you know how you look. >> i think i look like me. >> bill: like you looked all along and they were able to do that, right? >> yes, they are. >> bill: the bottom line for people, for women out there who have this in their hereditary, is that -- it's very difficult emotionally but physically now. >> if i knew how relieved i would be and never worry about it again, i wish i would have done it so much earlier. >> how old were you when you did it. >> very young, 29. bill, you never ask a woman her age. [ laughter ] >> bill: give me a ballpark, 40s, right? >> yes. >> bill: because this isn't
11:35 pm
frivolous. we want people to understand. >> right. >> bill: you did it as a young woman, but you now wish you had did it earlier. >> i wish i had, you know. >> bill: to take all of that emotional. >> as soon as it went from thible checkups to every six months i wish i had done it right then. >> bill: had there been any unintended consequences after the surgery? >>. no in fact, after the surgery because i went public with it, people have -- i have had so many people contact me. and talk to me about my decision and tell me what's going on with them. and. >> bill: physically for you any downside? any negative? >> no, no. >> bill: sports, you can do the same thing. >> you can do everything. >> bill: you are like riding horses all the time and running around and chasing kids and doing everything. playing highs hockey, aren't you on the bruins? i think i saw you. >> it takes a number of months to recuperate. about six months before you can be fully active. but, you go right back to you. >> bill: doing everything you used to do. >> absolutely. >> bill: okay. well, we need everybody like you and angelina
11:36 pm
jolie. >> she is great. i'm so glad she did this. >> bill: you have to because your life is much, much better now. >> and people are more informed because of women like angelina jolie. >> bill: good to see you again. thank you. when we come right back, miller time, the scandal he addition. i do really have to say anymore? miller is next. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. the scandal edition. joining us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, mr. miller. so, i pretty much don't have anything to do in this segment. i'm going to go out and get a dr. pepper if you don't mind. and then you just, you know, kind of begin with jay carney and go. >> well, they are going to audit dr. pepper because they don't think he wants obama care so he this have go after him. you know, billy, if somehow later this week sandra fluke images -- manages to get knocked up i'm never going to quit laughing. this is rich. mrs. fuddrucker, looks like we have got ourselves a convoy. did you see holder today? is he shakier than a jack ma'amer operator playing janga on lunch break.
11:41 pm
what about jay carney over there. a worst plouffe than marty feldman holding pocket aces. that cat blows more smoke than a death rattle. a couple more weeks like this president obama is going to be claiming is he kenyan. i don't want to say anything. they asked the white house dog bo to change his name to checkers this week. do you remember when obama was telling in this is when the ocean starts to recede, yeah, why do you know bs is less dense than ice. >> bill: i assume from that opening monologue that you are not really buying the white house's explanation for any of these things? >> billy, you have shut out the lights in the last in the room. i'm out, man. >> bill: you have been out for a while. it looks like you are going to be a prophet here. but, let's take it one by one. the thing about carney -- >> -- billy, he was a professor at the university of chicago. that's where they had enrique cycletron not only
11:42 pm
does the buck not stop with the president anymore. it speeds up there do you remember that ride at the amusement park the whip that would make it down to the end? that's the buck in this white house. never has the guy been more out of the loop, who i am told is the the center of it all. listen, forget change in the world as we know it wake up. check your file of facts. it's hitting the fan, powell. >> bill: now, i said earlier in the broadcast that if i were a part of the white house press corps, i would have walked out of jay carney's briefing today when he said oh, we can't comment on the irs thing because the fbi is investigating. this is the oldest ruse in the world. this is what they all do. they hide behind investigations when they don't have -- every judge who gives a child rapist six months in jail oh, i can't comment. oh, you know, we know what you are doing. but, the white house press corps, i mean, they should have all got up and left.
11:43 pm
that would have been statement. >> yeah. because they're honorable people. listen, somebody better outfit carney for a 40 reg jumpsuit over there at greyhound motors because is he about to be working with the other mechanics under the bus. >> bill: no. they are not going to fire him. >> carney? >> bill: no. he is such a true believer. you know, he will be there forever. >> i don't know about that. they got one priority now, bill, on the left. and i don't even think it's obama anymore. i think they think obama screwed the pooch on this. i think it's hillary. that's what the number one -- they are moving all their chips over there. >> bill: save hillary, they think that barack obama is done. >> of course. >> bill: i don't know. i don't know. he is a pretty -- they have a lot of resources. >> i don't mean done like he is going to get kicked out. it's just he has served his purpose. hillary is the next 8 years. they will move chips away from him and they will move chips over to her and build a little deference around her. anybody who has to go is going to have to go. it's not going -- they are not going to let it get into the oval office,
11:44 pm
obviously. they are going to stop it short of that. and, you know, i don't know who their holderman is. maybe it's chick over there. >> bill: valerie jarrett? >> valerie jarrett is going to stop it holder goes, maybe. maybe carney goes. somebody has got to go. they have got to throw a body out the door. >> bill: of all the three big ones this week, benghazi, irs, a.p., which one bothers you the most. >> benghazi because there are four guys dead. i also sense that they are more concerned. i heard dems today talking about the one that doesn't matter to me the a.p. monitoring them and seeing how many sex lives they are using each month. listen, as far as the irs goes, i always assume this goes on. but i'm betting glenn beck has had his wazood armor alled he did about to get audited. >> bill: he always gets paid in gold. they have to weigh his stuff. >> if you are a conservative group and thinking of cheating on
11:45 pm
your taxes, you might want to buy on the dips as they say. this might be the time because i don't think they can go in on anybody. >> bill: a.p. two years where they can't touch you. >> they can't. cdap. beautiful, got the biggest bus kissers in the world and the president telling them to kiss his butt. it's perfect. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. quick reminder 200 tickets left for the bolder fresher show he spokane washington july 20th, make dad happy for father's day. 30 tickets for the show. check it out on bill o' on deck cammeron andes rosen, some inside stuff about the intense problems the obama administration is experiencing. then factor tip of the day will make you healthier. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, as we mentioned there are some who believe the washington establishment is turning against the obama administration because of all the chaos. enter congressman charles rangel. is he even disenchanted about the a.p. story. >> the president has to come forward and share why he did not alert the press that they were going to do this. he has to tell americans, including me, what was this national security question. >> bill: all right. joining us now from washington ace reporters james rosen and carl cameron. so you believe the president is in trouble on his home field, cammeron. do you believe that he is in serious trouble? not temporary trouble, serious trouble? >> i don't know if it's serious yet. but to varying degrees he has lots of trouble. among democrats the president is not running for re-election next year and they are. and they don't want to be explaining this constantly. even senate majority leader harry reid yesterday was
11:50 pm
ticked off about the irs and a.p. scan tells. that doesn't mean he is going to stop pushing the obama agenda. upset about the collection of the a.p. phone records that doesn't mean they will start treating taking responsibility, and frankly firing people. if he does that, well, and the investigations don't reveal more, he'll be fine. if i doesn't do it, the investigations reveal more, it will cost him more. >> the problem is he's right in the middle of the benghazi thing as we said at the top of the program. he has to explain yes, two weeks after the ambassador was murdered, still wouldn't, you know, own up to really what it was, despite being told by his national security people it was an organized terror attack. he has to explain that. >> from his days before taking office, he always considered himself an iconic transformative figure, above these things,
11:51 pm
laying it off on lower staffers. even before the controversies started, bill, democrats were worried about the impact on their party after he's gone. a senior official in bill clinton's second term, 12 pages long, came out about a week and a half ago, and says that the democratic party is in decline, in large measure because of what president obama has done. >> bill: the president can lay off the irs and the ap thing on other people, but benghazi he has to explain it. romney didn't force him to do it when he could have in the third debate. now the american people are saying, now you got to do it. is he? >> i think he's surprised, and the administration is surprised at the staying power of benghazi as a story, the way it's picked up steam as a scandal, but the obama administration, his senior aides, they regard that of the three big stories we're talking
11:52 pm
about as the one that's closest to a winner for them, the one where they have a chance to persuade the public at large that it's really just ginned up by republican partisanship. be not fooled. yes, there's been some tougher questioning for jay carney, even for the president, on these subjects, but some of the toughest voices in today's blathersphere, there will be the most weepy laudtory eulogies of barack obama and his presidency. the current stories feeding the politico cycle are done as well. in retirement, barack obama will benefit from an incredibly well-funded, well-coordinated campaign for constitutional enshrinement similar to which we saw after the assassination of president kennedy. >> bill: well, also bill clinton did well in post-spin.
11:53 pm
you're discounting things, rosen, these things could get a lot worse. >> that's true. >> bill: this isn't the crest of the wave. this wave is starting to come now, but it's certainly not the crest. when you start to get people like john dean -- look, nixon thought he was going to beat it. it was only when john dean turned that he got hammered. he would have beaten it. if somebody in there says, you know what, this was corrupt from the jump, this benghazi thing was all campaign-driven, then, rosen, your theory goes out the window. >> bill, we've seen some people from within the comings, whistleblowers, on the benghazi story come out, and the white house and the state department have done their best to marginalize them. it wasn't john dean that did in richard nixon, it was the nixon tapes, bill. >> bill: rosen wrote a book on this. give me a little bit, rosen. had a lot to do with it, all right? >> all right. he was the chief accuser, i
11:54 pm
agree. >> bill: gentleman, thank you. in a moment,
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
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11:57 pm
impeachable offense. correct. dr. mike drath, murfreesboro, illinois. the doj's acquisition of phone records is a direct attack on the first amendment. the ap elaborate kind to president obama, so this can't be a possible political hunt. bakessersfield, california, i'm 15, see violence in my school every day. thank you for covering the issue. it's getting worse as school boards become more cowardly. john bolton, monroe, louisiana. i teach high school, world history. you'd be appalled at the violence i see and the lack of canadiens placed upon the offending students. upper saddle river, new jersey,
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that's how you get on the air. the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "red eye." it is like muppets take manhattan if by manhattan you mean my clothes off. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy? stop shaking your head. you know you like. it what's coming up on tonight's show? >> did president obama personally direct the irs to target the tea party and other conservative groups? probably not. we will investigate if she should be impeached anyway. and the latest on the justice department seizing phone records and why it could mean impeachment for president obama. and pen gillette talks about being a finalist on "seb bra tee apprentice --" celebrity apprentice". >> your wo


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