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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 18, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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blood disease. >> you like it? >> yes, but remember the portfolio is concentrated. >> that's it for forbes on fox. erick boling next. >> bias against conservative and michelle bachmann is here. and the agency to enforce the health care laws. plus, help, help, shut your computer and turn off your phones, uncle sam is peeping on you. and invading the phone records and facebook accounts. all that and the government scandal that no one is talking about except us and why it costs
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you dearly in the pump. cashin in starts right now. nhi, everybody. i am erick boling. our crowing will be here in a moment. was the tea party just the beginning? the irs official now in charge of the division to set and enforce health care laws. michelle bachmann is fighting back. congresswoman, the irs admitted to targeting conservative groups in deciding if they get nonprofit status, the same group is charged with implementing and charging and put nothing obama care. should we trust them to do it in a fair and balanced way? >> already the irs is a foreed federal agency and they made their lives worse, they understand that the american people catching on.
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they are set to enforce obama care for all americans. no one will escape the bony grip of the irs. i am the author of the bill it repeal obama care, that is an important bill and got through the house of representatives and i am chair of the tea party caucus. it was not only the tea party targeted by the obama administration through the irs, it was also christians and those who support israel and aspect- debt can conservatives and tea partiers. and this is an instance where political oppons of the administration are punished and the alloys of the administration were begin award and fast tracked. we should be worried. now a now national database is about to be created that hold
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our sensitive and personal information, our health care and the irs will be the enforcer of health care. it is reasonable to ask. >> and if i am not mistaken, they will decide how much companies are required to carry how much in health care. and they get fined with the enforce status and drive political groups out of business? >> you have stated the concerns of the american people. i used to work as attorney in the treasury department. we had one client, the irs. and we had to be extremely careful about the sensitive tax information. but the irs admitted this is the largest expansion of power and authority that they have had in modern times and proved they are
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incapable of dealing with the power and authority. we are all in the dollrums but not as the house repeated pumbum care, the american people will demand after the 2014 election that the senate repeal obama care and i think the president will be forced to repeal legislation. millions of people lose jobs and people lose health care, the decisions of our life-and-death may be in the hands of the irs. that is a chilling thought. >> you make a good point. people say if they are doing that on 51c3s they will do it for your health care treatment down the road. any concern with that?
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>> absolutely the death panel boards will be the ones deciding how much health care we get and how much health care we don't get. one thing that your viewers should know at fox. the big reason the bill was passed so that people with preexisting conditions could get health insurance. the door was slammed shut. we ran out of money with less than one percent of the people serviced. and now where are people with preexisting conditions supposed to go? people could lose their lives over the implementation of obama care. we have more fuel for the fire and i firmly believe that one day, eric, we will talk about the miracle of repealing obama care. >> president obama said he would accept the resignation of the acting director of the irs. is that enough accountability in
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do we need to see someone behind bars? >> that was not a big get. stephen miller, the irs commissioner was planning to leave on june 1st. this was a convenient scapegoat. the president wants the bad story to go away. it will not. we'll have hearings and we'll follow the facts and where that takes us, that's where we will go. the big question is how is the white house connected and who made the order? it is all federal agencies manage to make decisions to help and assist the president's reelection efforts. that's what it is about. we need answers and more importantly, the american people need their confidence restored. we can't have the irs enforce
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obama care. >> president obama said he found out when everyone else saw it. do you believe it? and if you do believe it, who is running the place? >> that's the question. that's why the pest thing the president could do is saying i am directing everyone in my administration to coptwith the congressional committee and release all e-mail and phone call logs and text messages and be forth right and truthful. machine ordered this. i worked in the irs agency, this department just happen. this was not a low- level rogue employee. this was a political directive and all points to the white house and now we establish the facts to make sure that is true. it is a violation of our bill of rights for every single american and literally again, the irs will have life-and-death decisions in their hands and
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proved themselves upworthy to have that level of power over the average american's life. >> the thought is scary to me they will have so much power and influence over something so important. congresswoman michelle bachmann thank you for joining in cashin in. >> is another potential scandal hitting us at the pump in >> i am sure there is a good reason why the two front parts. >> they didn't want us to see the details. mr. attorney general. knowing. >> i am not stop talking now. nfrom the government demanding book bock accounts and the justice department seizing phone records, is anyone's privacy safe or all in the name of protection? .
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>> hello everybody. i amumma from washington. in connecticut two commuter
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trains crashed and injured 70 people. the national transportation and safety are on the scene and wrapped up a news conference. we'll bring you the latest on the situation in a few minutes. the irs is facing questions on capitol hill that they targeted screening. and the agency denied that there was any bias against the conservative? the tea party express will join us live and congressman gouty. the power ball jackpot is reaching $600 million. more on these coming up in the top of the hour. i hope you will joining us. >> taxpayers are wondering if anyone's privacy is safe after
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news that the irs demanded the group's facebook account. are we all concerned about this, right? >> not just because of our privacy erick, but our freedom. the government is destroying it terribly. whether the irs is harassing tea party or the a p reporter scandal. it is stamping out the ability to express yourself. when you have to worry about your facebook account that is tyranny. there is no difference what hugo chavez or any government has done, it is happening in our open society and terrible for the economy and republic. >> they are making a lot of decisions that affect us financially based on our political persuasions, is that fair?
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>> of course not. it is it out of control erick. erick holder. this is a guy who authorized fast and furious and where one of our drug agents was murdered by a gun that he authorized to be solid. this guy is nuts. he is resign and maybe boehner is right, put in jail. and the idea they are using the word inappropriate. it was inappropriate pehafr instead of saying illegal behavior. even the a clu said it is against the first amendment. he is pretending it is not there and just like the president saying they are not responsible. who the heck is running the government? >> the president spoke on thursday and talking about benghazi and the irs scandal and talked about the ap- scandal and said let's make sure it doesn't
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happen again. but how did it happen in the first place? >> what would be terrible for the economy would be a terrorist terrorist attack. if the a p compromised a counter terror operation that helped the terrorist terrorist that needs to be investigated. >> jemu, the a p held off a full week waiting for the government to say go with that story. and the white house didn't have problems with the bin ladin kill. nleaks that put us in jeopardy and tip off terrorist unacceptable. it was not acceptable when the bush administration did it with valerie plain. >> be honest about that now. if you ask the a p for the
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roars. why is it so secret? the irs has a big push to have everybody's taxes electronically filed. they want all of your medical records electronically submitted, too. and all of this information is out there. and the world is changing and advancing, they are taking advantage of us. >> they want more information on our health care and the same people that admittedly said they were biassed. they are denying the tea party group, they are the same goons and thugs that are denied you an mri and x-ray and anything else to leave your life. jemu, i am surprised you could
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excuse this. this is government against the people's thoughts and trying to express themselves politically. there is no exception for that and excuse for that. >> there was going to be be an exception. and protect the a p. darril issa was. >> more regulation. >> the republicans stopped the media shield law that would have protected the a p. it is playing politics but in the end of the day, the government is responsible keeping us safe. >> the people are afraid of the government. the irs, basically makes you guilty before you are innocent. they get letters and they presume the worst. >> no doubt, no doubt. wayne, last thought? >> i think fundmentally we realize the government is too big to manage. no one knows what anybody else is doing.
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and they all deny responsibility for it. it is too big and out of control and needs to be broken up. and the ideas of te -- defending. the constitution was written to protect us from a big central government. >> 100 percent correct. we'll leave it there. the epa may be taking a swipe at conservative groups and means we could be paying more when we swipe at the pump. >> it seems like the
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>> the epa accused of slapping fees on conservative groups that are normally waived giving green groups a pass. tracey, you say it is not fair. >> everyone is sick of the favoritism. the green agenda is costing us more money and who is paying for it? it is you and i. you watch the energy prices go up if it happens. >> johnathon, another example. they say no, no, we are not targeting groups but that is an example of the target. >> this is life on obama's animal farm. all animals are equal but the greens are more equal than the rest. tracey hits the nail on the head. this is making it different for groups who oppose the green a
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venda and making it cheap and easy for those who support the green agenda. it is a attack on political freedom and it is government using force against its own people. >> is there any defense of this. if this happens and i say if. and it is coming from a organization that the biassed against the epa, if this happens the president will have more heads roll in the same way he came down hard on the irs. and same thing with the epa. and public service is a solum privscomplej he will uphold. that >> wayne, benghazi, and irs and epa, does it stop >> with all due respect, the fact is 93 percent of the cases, they were turned down and they
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submitted noint percent of the time when it was green, their fees were waived and it is a fact. they are prejudice against people who are not green and bridge desfor people who are green. that's not the role of the government. that is the role of a king or dictator and we have to top this. >> the notion of the president saying it is intolerable is a bunch of bs. don't tell me you didn't know it was not going on or someone in the administration didn't order that. >> johnathon we are talking about when people ask the people for information. sure here is your information and it cost you. it doesn't cost if you are a friend of the epa. inneed. they are destroying people's able to use the waerth.
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they denoticed the rights that the greep groups were begin. they are trying to develop industry and create jobs and the epa doesn't share those goals. >> gem u one thought? >> it is probably because the organization was trying to destroy the epa and environment with it. nwe'll have to leave it there. thank you for joining thus week. and green lights, and sneaky ways governments are taxing americans and putting their lives in danger at the same time.
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>> what do i need to be next week in >> this is desperation and stuiditty. shortening the yellow light when
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you drive. you hit the red and they ticket you quicker. holy crap for money? not to mepgz the safety issue. >> are you red, yellow or green. >> i am looking at green. protecting life. it is 11 percent in the last quarter and a insurance company and i own it and like it very much. >> johnathon you created quite a bit of grown. snshs greece is feeling like latin america. unlawed and small cap shippers. and nm is one i like. and i continuing goes high. ndoing well with the lower fuel prices. thank you to everyone. >> and before we go sometimes the most powerful metaphor. a fine marine providing cover
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and wonder where the cover for the ambassador and knave seals were when they needed cover. we'll see you next week. have a great weekend everybody. >> north texas hasn't had a chance to come to grips with the tornados that tore through and killing six people and now more woild weather on the way for the lone star state and a large chunk of the country. the irs now finds itself on the receiving end of scutny as the scand will grows. co-chair of the tea party said it is just the tip of the iceberg. and the investigation in the benghazi attack focuses on the independent review board. the house oversight committee wants ambassador pickering to tell how the


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