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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 26, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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carrying it all. and dana's tweet. as a nam vet, this gives a chance to reminisce with friends who made it home and those who did not. thanks for being here tonight. have a great week. my main concern is fixing a problem. >> the white house drowning in scandals. the president facing scrutiny on several fronts. how badly will all these controversies damage mr. obama? we'll have the best analysis in the business. >> it had a big impact on me. it was chilling on the other peel, too. >> a factor investigation. did the irs target big money conservative donors? we'll talk with the man who got hammered by the tax people. >> what do you think about the latest that's been going on with the benghazi investigation? >> i haven't really been following it that much. >> i haven't been following too closely. >> and the factor hits the streets to find out how much americans know about the
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controversies. >> i'm bad with current events. >> what have we been doing the past few months? >> bur to enter the no spin zone. a special edition of the factor. scandals, the bomb shells rocking washington. begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the president of the united states under siege. that's the subject of the evening's talking points memo. the obama administration has trouble on three fronts as you may know. the irs illegally investigating conservatives. the assassination of libyan ambassador christopher stevens. still not defined after eight months. and the justice department secretly obtaining the phone records of some journalists. today the president met with the turkish prime minister who looked a little confuse asked then answered questions about the three controversies. we begin with the irs deal.
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>> i'm outraged by this in part, i'm a public figure. if a future administration is starting to use the tax laws to favor one party over another or one political view over another, obviously we're all vulnerable. >> okay, mr. obama fired the irs director last night and replaced him today with another bu bureaucrat. but there is suspicion the the obama administration created an on the moo atmosphere where they could do what they want. that's a hard charge to prove but there is no question that mr. obama's administration is ideological. thus suspicions run deep. today mr. obama pledged a big irs clean-up. >> we will be putting in new leadership that will make sure that following up on the i.g.
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audit, we gather up the facts. we hold accountable those who have taken these outrageous actions. >> of course, the president has to say that. what would he say, i'm not going to fix it. i don't care. he had to say the. but again there is suspicion because after eight months, the benghazi deal has still not been fixed. today the president fell back on an old canard. >> i'm calling on congress to work with us to support and fully fund our budget requests to improve the embassies around the world. >> you may remember barbara boxer and some other democrats blamed benghazi on the fact that republicans want to cut spending they looked at the charge and found it bogus. the security screw up in libya was solely the fault of bad management in washington. why mr. obama would want to revisit the spending deal is a mystery tonight.
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the president is on more solid ground when he speaks with the associated press controversy. there are about 20 phone lines secretly scrutinized by the justice department. not tapped. they just got the phone line records. why did they do that? here's what mr. obama said. >> when we express concern about leaks at a time when i've still got 60,000 plus troops in afghanistan and i've still got a whole bunch of intelligence officers around the world who are in risky situations, in outposts that in some cases are as dangerous as the outpost in benghazi, that part of my job is to make sure that we're protecting what they do. >> the talking points believes that's a legitimate concern. that covert operations have to be protected to some extent. if the press prints everything, some of our people will die but there is always the abuse of power question.
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did the justice department go too far with the associated press? we'll get an answer from the attorney general. he said he doesn't know anything about it. he has recused himself. the assistant attorney general has not been forced by president obama to say what he knows. and therein lies the problem. the president should be a problem solver. he has the authority to make his people talk. get them out there. stand next to them. if there is a legitimate reason to pull the phone records of reporters, then in a general sense, tell us what that reason is. the story is over. if there is a legitimate reason not to provide added security in libya, tell us the reason. on the irs front, please explain why the irs director lied to the country in november and how that department could get so out of control. a sad fact of life that politics almost always intrudes on leadership instead of really solving problems, president obama and every other modern
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president tries to deflect them. mr. obama did that again today when he put a happy face on the ap matter saying there should be new laws that protect reporters. >> to the extent this case has prompted renewed interest about how do we strike that balance properly, and i think now is the time for us to go ahead and revisit that legislation. >> see what i mean? so the president wants more protections for reportes, even has his administration rifle through their phone records. this is great. you know in this has been a tough week for the obama administration and things will get tougher with the whistle blowers. big mistakes were made on many fronts. mr. obama must be very aggressive in explaining to the american public what happened and why it happened. so far he hasn't done it. next, we'll analyze the three controversies and my
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talking points. later tonight, president obama's worst nightmare will join us. darrell issa. >> fast and furious, the american people were lied to for ten months. he asserted executive privilege and is not willing to turn over the actual records of those lies. ♪ don't our dogs deserve to eat fresher less processed foods introducing freshpet recipes so fresh
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let's get right to the political reporter. if i make any mistakes, did i leave anything out? that's important. >> no. i thought it was an a-plus. a brilliant presentation. and the intonation was excellent. look, i think what's going on here is you have a president who came to washington, said he was going to change washington. changed the essence of politics itself. and now he is reduced to trying to explain why his whole
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bureaucracy is out of control. his best answer that makes him look ridiculous. it is the best he can do. the most protective. is to take the position, i'm just a bystander. i didn't know what was happening in cincinatti with tirs. the attorney general said i don't even know how the ap story came about. i don't even remember when i recused myself. then you get on benghazi, secretary of state hillary clinton at the time, saying i never saw the memo, the desperate memo that came from benghazi from the ambassador in libya saying this is a death trap. everybody is unable to track what's going on. so i think their best defense is, sheer incompetence in running the government. that's where it starts. >> how did in your opinion, the bureaucracy that the obama administration put together unravel? what is the weak point? what are they doing wrong in so
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many places? >> i'm not sure that you've got a theme that would explain everything. let me tell you. the one that is the most dangerous to the president and to the presidency is the irs scandal. first of all, that's what everybody viscerally really is upset about. benghazi complicated, the story about a.p., it is a bunch of journalists defending themselves. everybody understands the power of the irs. when you get a letter from the irs, you know it is not happy news. you didn't win the lottery. it is bad news. and you know that they have the power. and everybody feels that. for the irs to so overtly abuse its power is really bad news. now, they want us to believe that a bunch of bureaucrats in cincinnati, a hot bed of radical leftism, got together and decided to target the right. that's not a plausible story. and we now know, it came into
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washington. obama was asked this morning at the press conference, did you not know about any of this before you heard about it on friday? did anybody in the white house not know about this? so he was asked about anybody. and he said, well, i personally hadn't heard about the i.g. report. >> yeah. let's run that down. >> why did he say i.g. report? >> let's run the sound bite. i want an answer to your question. i want you to answer your own question. >> i will speculate. >> here you go. >> can you assure the american people that nobody in the white house knew about the agency's actions before your counsel's office found out on april 22? >> i can assure you that i certainly did not know anything about the i.g. report before the i.g. report had been leaked through press, through the press. >> why do you think the president worded it that way? >> well, look at what he was
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asked. he was asked, does anybody in the white house know anything about the irs actions? so first of all, he says i didn't know about the i.g. report. only i, he doesn't speak about the white house. and the i.g. report. he was not asked about that. if he didn't know anything about anything, why didn't he say i did not know anything about anything. >> he is very lawyerly. he is giving himself wiggle room. and refused to answer anybody in the white house. it doesn't have to go to him. if it goes to somebody in the white house, or someone taking direction from the white house, that could be a fail problem. the second article of impeachment for nixon. but why did not he say no one in the white house? >> no one can answer that question tonight. if i were barack obama and i was
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answering honestly today, okay, i would say how do i know if somebody in the white house knew? it wasn't brought to my attention. i don't know what they're doing 24/7. i can't possibly know that. and the second thing is, why did he reference the i.g. report? it is in the news. that's what broke the story. and he said i didn't know anything about the i.g. report. look, he did the same thing on benghazi when he used the word terrorism very early on to describe what happened to the ambassador and the three other americans. but he didn't say terrorists. okay? and that's caused a whole bunch. he does parse words. now the question for you, charles, as an observer of the man for five years, does he do it on purpose? or is he just speaking, shooting from the lip as they say? >> no. when you've got a scandal in the irs, that could be a fatal one. you are extremely careful. you prepare your words.
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so you don't go off the cuff. he's a professional. he's been in the business. he is a very good politician. he chose his words. the question is why did not he give a broad answer? >> here's the rub. if it is shown that he did know about the irs abuses, he's not going to be able to hide behind that sound bite. he's through. so why not just, if he did know, just lie if he wants to, and if he didn't know, say, i didn't know about any of it. >> his general counsel learned about this april 22nd. you want us to believe that for three weeks, the general counsel knew about this and doesn't tell president? >> all he has to say is i knew about it on april 22nd. >> there are a lot of implausible elements on this. when you and i heard about the irs deal, within a second we knew this was a really bad deal. >> that's right. i said it and you said it. >> if his counsel hears, that he knows instantly, this could be a
5:17 pm
really bad deal. does he hold and it not tell anybody else in the white house for three weeks? that is implausible. if he did -- >> why do you think they didn't tell anybody for three weeks when they knew it was going to come out because the inspector general was going to issue the report. why didn't they tell anybody? >> i don't have an answer. all i know is when you hear the parsing of the words and you have these implausible elements, you know there's something else behind it. we don't know what it is. we'll find out. >> the mystery deepens. i don't know if we'll find out or not. i hope we do. next, one of president obama's harshest critics, congressman darrell issa. >> they are lousy at getting legislation through or even complying with existing laws. when it comes to transparency, the american people are the losers.
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gestarting may 20th atts participating bay area stores. ♪ >> bill: thank you for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment. darryl its issa. president obama's biggest nightmare is congressman darrell issa. he has been involved with benghazi, the fast and furious gun scandal and mr. obama's liberal appointments. he joins us now from washington. i think we want to try to advance the story. we all know what has happened. president obama said he will fix it. the only thing he won't fix is benghazi. that is still very murky. he will fix the irs. he thinks it must be justified. how do you see this thing going forward? does mr. obama, can you link him to anything that will be troublesome for him? >> well, certainly, bill. the first thing you have to remember is with fast and furious, after congress was lied to, the american people were lied to for ten months, he
5:22 pm
asserted executive privilege and is not big to turn over the records of those lies. that would bring transparency. >> he gets away with it though. there's nothing more you can do. his own justice department isn't going to investigate so it is a skate. he wins. >> well, perhaps. although a federal judge has the case before them. he may defy a federal judge but we don't think so. the real problem is there's a pattern. a broad pattern that agency after agency of this government, you know, with boeing, you can go through a litany. if they get to court are essentially slammed for exceeding their jurisdiction. but in the short run, this organization is great at executive orders. lousy at actually getting legislation through or even complying with existing laws. and when it comes to transparency, the american people are the losers. but everybody knows that now.
5:23 pm
in fact, even the left knows it. what they're writing is, the president is a big ideas guy. he is not involved with the micro. he doesn't really manage that way. so yeah, the irs is out of control in cincinnati. he wouldn't know anything about that. and yeah, the benghazi thing, well, it was a screw up from top to bottom but that's hillary clinton's fault. he doesn't micromanage hillary clinton. even the left is now saying this. that he is a big ideas guy. not a micromanager. one person called him a bystander. so where does this story go if that's true? you can have your hearings. you will find that the guy at the cia is probably the guy that screwed up the benghazi stuff. some state department person said no to more security. you will find that in the irs thing, it will be, here are the irs pin heads and they let them run wild. why would obama know anything about a cincinnati op? so it doesn't seem to me.
5:24 pm
it will go on and on and on until he goes out of office and we get a new president. >> well, bill, i'm going to look past this president in a moment and realize, for example, with benghazi, we have three questions that have to be answered. one, how are we going to keep future state departments from failing to provide sufficient security and facilities and people, for men and women in harm's way? two, how are we going to have answers when they do get attacked so there is an immediate attempt at least to rescue them. three, when there is a report, a credible report from the ambassador, before he was killed, and the number two immediately that this is a terrorist attack. how do we see the best information gets to the american people or at least isn't changed? >> i don't know if you can legislate that. it all come down to whether you have good people in positions of responsibility. that's my next question. do you think that president obama and his guys and gals
5:25 pm
appoint bad peep? is that the problem? incompetent people? >> well, here's an example. tom perez who is up to be secretary of labor, he made false statements to congress, violated the federal records act, went ahead and told us he had no private e-mails. then we found out he had one. then two. then 34. now 35. and the justice department won't turn those documents over. so it is quite frankly, eric holder and other people who the president knows are basically covering for him. covering denying delays. >> why would they want perez to be labor secretary in your opinion? if he has all of these lies, as you say, on a sheet. why would they want him in there? well, he'll be controlling an awful lot of labor policy and union activities. this is somebody who went to st. paul, minnesota. cut a deal to stop the supreme court from having a case that in his opinion, might have changed
5:26 pm
civil rights law in some way he did not approve of. he is very effective in getting done what he wants to get done but he is ideologically driven. my committee is called the government oversight and reform committee. there are areas and i'll give you the one most on taxpayers' minds today. the irs is essentially not a political organization. it has only roughly three political appointees and they're not at low levels where this is being done. so the question is, will we provide reforms? the committees of congress that create a level of transparency and accountability that keeps the day to day irs people from essentially falling back into this pattern of no controls? >> he'll have people following him around? it looks to me like the climate that was created here was a climate of do whatever you want if you're on the team. oversimplifying. if you're on the ideological liberal team, you can do whatever you want. i'll give you the last word. >> the last word is there are
5:27 pm
12,000 men ask women that work for 74 inspectors general. they have done a phenomenal job when called on and allow to see information. so there is hope for the american people. if we can empower the i.g.s as they're known, to do more of this criminal investigation, to look for more waste, fraud and abuse and be given access to data and that's one of the things we want to make sure happens. >> more oversight by the inspectors general. that's a good idea. we appreciate you coming on the program. coming up, there are now reports that president obama's the accusations. inside the first baptist church, they're paying tribute to the 24 people killed in the town of
5:28 pm
moore. ten of those victims were children. it is the first organized vigil the community has had since that monster twister hurt hundreds of others. it rated an ef-5, the most powerful. in all, 76 tornadoes ripped through america's heartland in recent days. the moore twister was the worst, the deadliest. today president obama visiting the wreckage of the elementary school in moore where seven of the children died. he promised tornado victims assistance from the federal emergency management agency. now back to o'reilly factor special d.c. scandals. ♪
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the white house now confirms that counsel, the white house confirms that counsel kathy rip rumler was informed the irs is targeting groups. yet he said he didn't know about it until may 10th when the story broke. joining us, the former special counsel. his new book is crisis tales. is that possible that the white house counsel finds out about a serious situation and doesn't tell her boss? >> it is certainly possible because that's what happened. i can't imagine that that would have happened during the white house that i served in. the word heads up is the only word i would use here giving the president a heads up this is coming won't tell you any more than that. we'll have a plan to get ready when it breaks. it is just an automatic, i can't
5:33 pm
manning that there is a reason why they didn't do that. >> you don't know what the reason is. >> i think the reason in my experience is that lawyers think, this is apparently a great lawyer. they don't think about anything more than the legal issues. it is an investigating. we won't share the conclusions. you don't have to. just give a heads up and do crisis management. the press isn't asking the right question. the question isn't -- >> we're not getting any answers about anything. let's go back to your experience. you were counsel for three years. and i would manning that in your white house, that bill clinton would have been angry had you not given him a heads up about something like this. he wanted to know. he was a details man, right? >> if there is a railroad train coming down the track called the media and politics and republicans, i think the president, bill clinton, or any other president, would want to know that that train is coming down the tracks.
5:34 pm
>> what you're saying is true, if what you're saying is true, then this counsel screwed up big time. >> i gather it is more than just her. but yes, crisis management rules. she violated the rules about letting the boss know. you don't have to tell him more than that. >> you said don't tell him details. what is that? what do you mean don't tell him details? >> i could justify that it is an investigation. you don't want the president to know until the final results are in to jump to conclusions. >> you have to tell them the parameters of what's going on. you have tea party accusations and other groups. >> you're a lawyer and you have a client. you have to let your client know what is coming down the track. what you think you've heard. you won't do anything to interfere. you will protect your client. >> what about the sergeant schultz thing that i used in a talking points memo, where there might be, i don't know for sure,
5:35 pm
there could be an attitude of don't tell the president anything that might damage him so he will have deniability. >> no. i cannot believe, this is a president that i support and a white house that i support. that's a culture and a set of values that are ant athletic cal. >> so you cannot believe it but it is possible. >> i would be shocked if somebody made a decision which i actually saw on twitter somewhere that there was plausible deniability judgments made. that's case honest white house. i don't believe that. >> you would be shocked. >> more than claude rains. i think this was a lawyer thinking -- >> it is hard to believe. i don't know his ruemmler, if she is as bright as you say she is, she wouldn't believe this. >> what about the chief of staff i'm told knew as well. how could the chief of staff not give a heads up? >> it is very hard to believe. you know why people are skeptical. it is hard to believe this.
5:36 pm
>> people have honest mistakes. >> honest mistakes, is that like what happened in benghazi and you can't find out for nine months? >> i support this guy for president. i think crisis manage many was what he needed. the poll results show he hasn't been hurt very much. >> what about the country? does it matter to you that the country is being run honestly and efficiently? does that matter at all? >> yes. and i think so far it has been honest and some bad judgment. >> bad judgment. can't find out where he is on the night of the ambassador attack. and now his counsel doesn't tell him about irs. >> i don't think that's irrelevant on a sunday talk show. it is relevant and i think that shows inexperience. >> all right. his book is crisis tales and davis is lucky. the book ties right into all
5:37 pm
this stuff. so check that out. did the government target conservative donors in the middle of last year's presidential election? a romney supporter who that he was audited by the irs will be here to tell his story. >> i got a phone call from my son. and he said, dad, you've got to look at this. and i went on the campaign's website and there it was. ♪ je t'adore ♪ c'est aujourd'hui ♪ ♪ et toujours ♪ me amour ♪ how about me? [ male announcer ] here's to a life less routine. ♪ and it's un, deux, trois, quatre ♪ ♪ give me some more of that [ male announcer ] the more connected, athletic, seductive lexus rx. ♪ je t'adore, je t'adore, je t'adore ♪ ♪ ♪ s'il vous plait [ male announcer ] this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> bill: thanks thank you for staying with us. did the irs target conservative voters during last year's presidential election. frank van der sloot, an idaho businessman, said he had a bull's-eye on his back. he don'tated $1 million to help mitt romney. he was audited on three different occasions and ran up nearly $100,000 in legal bills. i spoke with him recently. i had you on a little more than a year ago after you donated the campaign. they began to hammer you. they put your name out there. let's start there. then what happened? >> well, that morning, april 20th, 2012. that's when my life changed. i got a phone call from my son and he said, dad, you have to look at this. i went on the campaign's website. sure enough, there it was. eight of us singled out out of
5:42 pm
thousands of donors. saying two things about us. one thing they said was that we had, the eight of us had less than reputable records and we had been on the wrong side of the law which certainly wasn't true for me and i don't think it was true for any of us. >> so that was on the obama official campaign website. >> yes, sir. >> then it gets out and you start to do what? >> well, the very same day, we started seeing blog sites and so-called journalists started to repeat those messages about us. and about me personally. and then i started losing customers at my business. we lost hundreds of customers. our e-mails lit up. our phone lines blew up. all hell broke loose. >> when did the irs appear? >> well, there is one thing that
5:43 pm
happened before the irs came. and that is, we found an investigator working for the permanent subcommittee. he said he was employed by them. snooping around the courthouse. outside the idaho courthouse for three days asking questions about me personally and my personal background and digging into records. and then kim came out and said this is the president's enemies list and then there was an outpouring of support for us. >> you don't know who exactly that man was who was nosing around in idaho. we don't know who he was. >> sure, we do. sure. his name was michael wolffe. >> he worked for whom? >> we don't know for sure whom he worked for at the time. >> that's what i mean. we don't know who he is connected to. >> his website said he worked for the permanent subcommittee on investigations for the u.s. senate. that's what it said at the time. >> that looks like there is some guy trying to dig up dirt on
5:44 pm
you. let's get to the irs which is most important. then they come in when? >> on, let's see. two months later. september 12th, 2012. i got my first letter of, that we are going to be audited. >> had you been audited before? >> one time in the last 30 years. >> okay. >> so you were audited by the irs. and then i understand somebody else came in to look at your books as well? >> yes. i told you the date wrong. it was in june that i got my first letter. the second letter from the irs was in september. >> was there another agency involved in looking at your finances as well? >> yes. the department of labor. i got two audits, two notices of, one notice of two audits in june and then the department of labor and then once again in september, the third irs audit.
5:45 pm
>> now it is almost a year later. did any of those audits come up with anything? >> no, sir. no penalties, no fines, nothing. >> they owe you money, i understand, right? >> they owe me a large refund, yes. it has been held up. they tell me it is coming. i should get it within the next 90 days. it's been held up for a long time. >> but in order to defend and you your corporation, you had to spend $100,000 in legal fees. are they going to reimburse that for you? >> i don't think so. i don't think that's part of it. it was about $80,000 in total that we spent on legal fees and accounting fees. >> circumstantially, there is no question that you're a target because you gave money to mitt romney. that's what it see >> here's the question. they chose eight people. the president's campaign chose eight people. i believe to show what happens to donors to the romney campaign. it had a big impact on me. it was chilling on the other
5:46 pm
people, too. i'm hoping that they'll come forward and say what happened to them also. >> do you know what will happen now? you'll be called in front of congressional committee to testify after they see this tonight. and you know, we've got to stop this. we can't have the irs terrorizing american citizens for doing what they want to do legally in the political realm. you're a man of courage. we appreciate you standing up. if anything happens, any blowback toward you, any threats toward you, you let us know right away and we'll follow this story. sorry you had to go through it? thank you. >> it looks like the irs will be in charge of enforcing the obamacare provisions. lou dobbs will tell us about that. what about the folks? do they really care about these scandals? >> do you know what happened that night in benghazi? >> no clue. >> four americans were killed in a terrorist attack. >> that sucks. >> this is the first time you're hearing about that? >> it is. >> what have you been doing the past few months? why are twice as many people choosing verizon
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>> bill: lose the boss segment. a woman named sarah ingraham has been appointed as theoffice. she is in charge of making sure businesses comply with obama care and if they don't they could get fined. some people are upset about this because of miss ingram's background. now fox business before we get to miss ingram that's what the irs story is all about individual americans making a legal donation and all of a sudden their personal lives are being investigated and the irs comes down the train running 80 grand in legal fees. >> and the arrogance to bring -- for the irs to step in on whoever's behalf.
5:51 pm
van der sloot is not a working guy, he's a multi millionaire with great resources, accountants and attorneys and they hammer him with irs audits, labor department surveys. that's powerful intimidation. >> that's what the irs story is all about. if you ask miller, i don't know anything about it, nobody knows, lou. >> senator dave camp of the weighs and means committee nail it had. he's such arrogance he is part of the congress. he said basically i am not playing i am not talking and i am going to have to be forced to talk. >> i think there's a good, good chance he's indicted. >> this ingram woman, should i be frightened or what? >> we should be very concerned this president acting contrite, acting outraged and asking a man to leave his post two weeks early as director of the -- >> he is going to find out.
5:52 pm
he's going to get everything. >> he is going to have a refresher course of what happened when he was there. she was the person in charge for much of the time when this egregious acts were committed. >> how could she be in charge if miller was in charge? >> miller butt him there. >> where was she? >> the tax exempt division. >> she was running the tax exempt division which is what the tea party and all of that were trying to gain that kind of status and she was running them off. >> well, he's going to deny that. >> they take her, he's in the middle up to here. let's put her in front of the obama care. >> that's a natural place, put her -- >> let's make her more powerful. >> no one can come up with her title but we know she is in charge of the affordable care
5:53 pm
act. >> implementation. >> you got to do it or you will be fired in trouble by the irs. >> shed get fired. >> the person in charge. no they are trying to hang on to her. >> to me, the whole thing, there doesn't seem to be any coordination here. you would think maybe we don't put her in charge because she is going to have all of her own problems. we get someone else. >> that didn't work out that way. they were spending most of their coordination effort it appears stamping this there was the internal revenue service whether it be benghazi. >> it makes it worse. >> they seem only worse because we found out about it. >> how can you identify that about she is in charge. >> you remember the monday fied limited hang out from the nixon days where they give you a little piece to keep you away
5:54 pm
from the main event? this administration is doing exactly that right now in my opinion. >> lou dobbs everybody. directly ahead, do the folks really care about all of the scams going on. factor takes to the street to find out. >> all i do is work and eat and go to the gym. >> haven't been following along too closely, sorry. >> that's a little over my head. >> we will be right back with that. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked.
5:55 pm
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>> new pole, how closely the americans are following the scandal in washington. on irs deal 64 percent are watching it 46 percent or not. benghazi 53 percent following 46 percent don't care so much. we decide to do take a factor survey on the streets of new york city today. we sent producer dan bank to get an opinion. >> what do you think about the latest that has been going on with the benghazi investigation? >> i haven't really been following it that much. >> i don't know anything about it.
5:57 pm
>> to be honest, i haven't been following along too closely. sorry. >> oh, it's a joke. pathetic. open up the curtains, man what about the government is supposed to be transparent. >> know what happened on the night of september 11th, 2012, in benghazi? >> yes. >> are you just saying that? >> i am not sure, no, die. -- i don't. no. >> not off the top of my head. >> not a clue. >> no clue, man. i am bad with current events. >> what happened? >> oh, gosh. >> four americans were killed in a terrorist attack. >> that sucks. >> this is the first time you are hearing about that? >> it is. >> what have you been doing the past few months? >> school, working. >> do you know what happened in benghazi. >> have you ever heard the term benghazi. >> no. >> who was the secretary of state when the incident occurred? >> who was the secretary of state?
5:58 pm
i am not familiar. >> who is the vice president? >> wow. that would be -- >> i am blanking. >> how about the irs scandal? have you been following that? >> which irs scandal? >> i should not be asked about that. >> i am not a part of that not today. >> when are you a part of it? >> next year. >> the irs is taking advantage of conservatives. >> the government has too much power and has run a muck. >> it's a scandal type of deal with tea party affiliate. >> it has been a pretty big part of the news this week. how do you feel about not knowing about it? >> i feel kind of like i am unb under a rock. >> you feel bad you don't know about if? >> i do. i feel even worse. >> all i do is work and eat and go to the gym. >> what are you doing lately that you don't know who the vice president was? >> we are both college students.
5:59 pm
>> what college do you go to? >> cal berkeley. >> that's a pretty hard school to get into, right? >> it is, definitely. >> do you think you have to know who the vice president is in order to go to cal berkeley? >> probably, yeah. >> there's no question we the people are becoming distracted. i write about that in my new book. the machines are taking over. when you spend most of your leisure time tweeting, gaming, on the cell phones at the gym, whatever, you don't have much time to absorb information. that's what's happening. it is no surprise to me half of the country is blank about how the obama administration do running things. you know what? many of the people don't care. it may be a slight exaggeration if albania took over the country but tech heads had their videos, welcome albania.
6:00 pm
that's it tonight. thanks again for watching this special edition of "the o'reilly factor." i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> hello. i am dana perino welcome to "up close with 43" president george w. bush. i am at the george bush presidential center. i had the privilege of sending 7 years the last two as press secretary. many think of him as straight forward confident and unpoll getic. those sentiments are true but as his press secretary i got to know him in a more personal way. up, the importance of sticking to principles. >> mr. president. >> welcome back to the oval


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