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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 31, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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back to you, greg. >> i know. that's disgusting. by the way, a real hatchet job means something else to tom because he kills people. >> true. >> caution. today. hang on. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i only went over there once to discuss policy matters in interagency basis. >> bill: the former irs chief under president bush said he did his job without white house interference. listen to, this the irs commissioner under president obama visited the white house an astounding 157 times. is this the smoking gun in the irs scandal? we will have a special report. >> they put my cup in my seat and in my hands and it was horrible. >> bill: another bogus charges in a filthy mexican prison. when will this stop? and what should we americans do about it? >> do you support obama
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care? >> i do not. >> now, why not? >> it's actually, i'm not sure. >> also tonight, how much do americans know about obama care? it's coming very soon. >> you support obama care you just really doesn't know how it works? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is there now a smoking gun in the irs scandal? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we do expect criminal charges to be leveled against some people working in the irs because they abuse their power by targeting conservative groups and individuals. but the major question remains unanswered. did the campaign of intimidation come from the white house? well, today, there is disturbing information this man, former irs
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commissioner douglas shulman visited the white house, ready? 157 times. incredible. by comparison then secretary of state hillary clinton went to the white house 43 times. then cia director leon panetta 20 times. so what the heck was mr. shulman doing they white house with that kind of frequency. he was a wise guy. >> there might be many reasons why i was at the white house. -- what might be some of the recent you would be at the white house? >> the easter egg roll with my kids. >> well, mr. shulman, you know what you can do with your easter egg hunt. you must explain under oath what you were doing at the white house on 157 separate occasions. while many americans don't seem to understand the seriousness of the irs situation. those who love the country do. you cannot have an agency
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that has the power to put americans in prison to take their plon to literally ruin their lives. persecuting people for political reasons. that's what they do in china. that's what they do in cuba. we do not do that here. the president of the united states should explain tomorrow what mr. shulman was doing at the white house all those times. and any federal employee involved in helping that man shulman target americans should be immediately fired and prosecuted. talking points also calls upon the democratic party to stop the nonsense. this is serious business. there is no way on earth this shulman should not have to explain in detail what he did as head of the irs. again, we call upon president obama to clarify the situation make shulman
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testify. how long were you the irs chief? >> >> bill, just over four years from may -- started may of '03 until the may of '07. >> how many times did you go to the white house? >> you know, i don't have a precise number. my wife at the time i was married she actually worked on al gonzalez wants staff. >> bill: i mean, official irs business? how many times? >> oh, i testified last year before issa's committee i only went over there to my recollection once on a policy matter. interagency policy matter if you will. that was to talk about immigration reform. to get to this question, can i say one thing just to start off? >> bill: yeah. >> how sadly disturbed i am by all of what has come out. because in my -- >> bill: let's stay to the factual realm because you, better than anyone, know what the job is. all right, so you went over there once to talk about
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some immigration thing. did you talk on the phone with president bush or his top lieutenants about irs policy? >> not about irs policy. and i never had access. >> so nobody at the white house said to you, mr. everson we want you to take a look at this group or that group or anything like that? nobody ever did that? >> no. let me just say. this i work for most of my tenure i work for john snow. and,. >> bill: treasury secretary? >> exactly. we never had conversations about enforcement matters, would you look at this. people were scriewp plus about not trying to influence our enforcement judges. >> bill: did you as head of the irs call any department in cincinnati, in phoenix, arizona and anchorage, alaska and say look into this group? >> no. what we did do at the time
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there were allegations that c 3's and churches were organizing on the conservative side in ohio and there are all these allegations that inner city churches are politicking for the democrat side i did commission a special unit to look at these ails allegations. what i find is so disturbing about the current situation is we schooled up a group and they took a look at these activities. it's not the front end process the determinations. what happens in cincinnati is they look at these applications for exempt status when they come in. what i'm talking about complaints that came in. >> bill: after the fact. >> yes. >> bill: that's what the irs has to do you didn't order anybody. say this person i don't like their politics take a look at them. >> of course not. >> bill: you say of course not. but that's what is in play now. that's exactly what's in play now. so here is my next question
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for you, mr. everson. 157 times suleman, you know this shullman, he goes over there. can you because you know the job. is there anything on earth that could get him in that white house 157 times? can you give me any reason? >> well, i think he bungled his question badly. >> no, just your opinion. is there anything that would drive an irs commissioner over to the white house 157 times? >> well, the administration was considering tax reform and also healthcare in which the service has a major role. so, the service needs to be part of conversations about what is going to happen if that bill becomes law, so that's totally legitimate. but what i did do, bill, last year i testified before the expressed concern about the service being wrapped up in the affordable care act. just the conversation we are having right now, it can create a perception that the irs duties have
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somehow changed to such a degree that they lose their historic independence. and every commissioner knows once you walk in those doors you have got to assume a total independence. so that sometimes call things the way. >> bill: is it to be fair to mr. shulman there were issues that needed to be discussed because of implementation of obama care. >> absolutely. >> bill: keep in mind the secretary of state and secretary of defense slash cia chief were in their only 20% of the time that he was in there and no other official came even close to him. so, to me, go ahead, last word. >> that's an unusual fact pattern. >> bill: all right, that's the understatement of the century mr. everson. we appreciate your point of view. thanks very much. next on the run down, democrat kirsten powers will react to the irs situation. another citizen
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incarcerated in mexico. looks another bogus corrupt situation. latest on that upcoming.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story, the head of the irs under president obama visiting the white house 157 times. joining us from washington democrat and fox news analyst kirsten powers. on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the highest. how do you rate this revelation about mr. shulman? >> about a 2, actually. and the reason for that is there is a couple things people need to bear in mind. first of all it's disingenuous so say he visited the white house that many times. he was waved in. at the white house i know this because i worked in the clinton administration. you get waived in. that doesn't necessarily mean you attended the meeting there were regular meetings. >> bill: let me stop you there for a moment. we compared people getting waived in, all of them, all of them, hillary clinton, leon panetta, right down
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the line. this guy had twice as many waved in than any other cabinet member, any other person involved in the government. >> let me address that for you. and, look, and i'm not saying that there isn't something here to look at. >> bill: you gave it a 2 which is insignificant. >> based on what we know now. if more information comes out. there are some things that can easily explain this. what would easily explain this obama care as your previous guest said. we are talking about 118 in 2011. that's a couple meetings a week. that's not actually that unusual that the white house would be holding regular meetings on healthcare policy. he might be invited and he may or may not have gone. that's what i would like to know actually did he attend these meetings? the other thing i want to address, bill, is the comparison of the irs commissioner hot secretary of state or the secretary of defense is not a good comparison. >> bill: how about the treasury secretary. >> treasury secretary much bigger. they do not handle the kind of things that the irs the
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head of the irs. >> i find this hard to belief. >> hillary clinton is not attending policy meetings and negotiations. >> i find this very hard to believe that under president bush for four years the man we just talked to, everson was there once. and under president obama the guy is there 157 times. >> over four years. >> bill: maybe is he very personal. >> or maybe they had obama care. >> bill: that's legitimate. that obama care is legitimate. not that many times all right? he is not -- shulman did not drive obama care. he didn't drive it he was part of the apparatus. as was the commerce secretary, the labor secretary. everybody else who weren't even there close to it. >> no. that's a bad comparison. >> bill: why? why? >> you are elevating the irs commission tore something that he is not. i wouldn't compare it to that. i think it's more reasonable that he might be in meetings. i also would not be
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surprised to find out. >> >> bill: obama care not be that there that many times. >> why would what? >> the other secretaries that are more involved, secretary of health, secretary of the treasury? secretary of commerce? why aren't they there as much as he is? >> >> there about so many implications for taxes that he would be invited to these meetings. >> bill: is he invited to the tune of twice as many as anybody else. the second one is the acting commerce secretary. she is the second one. >> i just reject the comparison of the head of the irs to the secretary of state. i don't. >> bill: tortured logic that you are giving us. >> i don't think -- let's get to what you are trying to get at then. are we supposed to believe that he was showing up twice a week in 2011 to scheme against the tea party is that really what you are suggesting? >> the election that the tea party influenced was 2011, was it not? >> yeah. >> bill: okay? >> i just want to be clear you really think he was showing up at the white house twice a week to
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scheme against the tea party? >> bill: the tea party took congress away from the president in 20011, right? >> okay. >> bill: i think there were people steamed about that sirnld has got to be explained by shulman. and if he does the easter egg thing again i think you start to throw easter eggs at him. >> he is not a person to defend. i'm not going to say that he is. >> bill: the white house has a log. he was here to discuss this with that. why don't we have that log? why don't we have it? >> well, actually, i mean, you mean of what meetings he went to? first of all, the bush administration sealed their logs. obama administration releases their logs? >> bill: this is a scandal and can be easily explained. >> a million times for transparent with their logs. >> the thing i want you to remember, bill, you have to be careful about pinning this on the white house. >> i'm not pinning it on anybody. i want the information. i'm not pinning it. >> basing it on circumstantial evidence. he was there in 2011.
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how about the fact there is zero evidence. >> bill: i can't believe i'm hearing this from you. they have a log. they know why he was there. they know who he met with and what he discussed. put it out. put it to rest. >> i think they should and you will probably find out they were obama care meetings. >> bill: probably find out. why isn't it out there now. >> meetings against the tea party. >> bill: this has been a scandal for weeks. why isn't it out now? >> because the idea that because he was in the white house having meetings that that means somehow they were plotting against the tea party? it's pretty weak. >> bill: powers, we are paying for the meetings. tell us what they were about. put the scandal to bed. come on. >> bill: i want you to go over and get -- >> -- i'm on it. >> bill: brand new bill o' poll question. based on everything happening in washington, make a prediction. will attorney general eric holder resign? yes or no. results on bill o' directly ahead. american citizen mother of
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, another american citizen thrown into mexican prison on dubious charges. you may remember john hammer bogus gun charges. fortunately he was released but his ordeal was harrowing. 42-year-old maldonado mother of seven who lives in arizona charged with drug smuggling. >> i'm not guilty. i don't have nothing to hide. they put my cuffs on my feet and on my hands. it was horrible. i was nervous before. but now i feel a little
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better. i'm mexican. i was born here. and this is very sad what i'm going through. it's very sad. >> bill: the woman was attending a funeral in mexico. boarded a bus to come home. mexican soldiers stopped the bus. found 15 pounds of marijuana under her seat and she is now charged. the lawyer says it's completely bogus. >> there is no way that she could have carried any types of packages, 15 pounds of marijuana and then got on a fully boarded bus and then strapped them under her seat with no one seeing it. it's just ridiculous. >> bill: mrs. maldonado has been in prison for eight days. she will know if she is to be tried tomorrow. this is simply outrageous. more than 5 million americans visit mexico a year pumping $6 billion into that economy. u.s. company cans invest close to $100 billion annually into mexico. mexico is not a friend to the u.s.a. there are hundreds of americans in mexican prisons. obviously some of them are guilty of crimes. the system is soorrupt there and enough is enough. joining us now from fort worth, texas juan hernandez
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former government official. if she is not released tomorrow, friday and no evidence is, you know, put forth against her, i think many americans need to boycott mexico. would that be fair, mr. hernandez? >> of course we don't boycott mexico. mexico is our friend. i think there are two messages, bill. one is to mrs. maldonado. our prayers are with you. we hope you come out being innocent of this. god bless you this very difficult time. message to mexico is. thank you, mexico. we have been pressuring you to be more aggressive with regard to the drugs flowing into the united states. you stopped a bus. you found 12 to 15 pounds. not a few cigarettes, pounds of marijuana that were supposed to come into this nation. and you stopped it and you are investigating to see who is going to be bringing those drugs into the united states. >> bill: that's a fairly kind spin. you know corporal hammer's case i'm sure you covered the story. he had antigun. we had had to threaten to get him out of there. you know as well as i do that mexico is a chaotic
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system. in 2011, 113 americans were murdered in that country. one person every 30 minutes is murdered in mexico. it's more violence than afghanistan and iraq. you are telling me that this system down there is okay with you? >> mexico, is a sovereign nation. mexico is a land of laws. mexico's crime is down between 14 to 40%. tourism is up, bill, it is up around 10 billion now going down to mexico and by the way thank you, mexico, again about over 10 billion of mexicans coming to the united states as tourists to spend their money. mexico is our friend. we shouldn't be boycotting mexico. we need to work on mexico on this very serious problem of drug trafficking. >> bill: listen, i agree with that i think there is suspect corruption and bribery there. so many bad things happening there i'm not going to go there i want to go there. i have a friend who lives in the myan rivera, he invited me to go down there. i'm not going to go down.
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i don't believe they are our friend. you do, i don't. mrs. maldonado. this is outrageous. last person on the bus. nobody saw her carrying anything. this was professionally strapped under her seat. the woman has seven children. she has grandchildren. and she is a king pin drug smuggler of 15 pounds? are you buying that mr. hernandez? are you buying it? >> william yuri says be soft on the people, hard on the problem. we can. >> bill: are you buying mrs. maldonado is a drug smuggler. >> people spend the night with their family members. it sounds like they are being soft with her. >> bill: sound like they are being soft with her 8 days in prison with no bail. that's not soft. all right, mr. hernandez. >> that's what we have been pushing them to do bill. >> bill: we wanted to give mexico a fair play and you did. factor moves along this evening. graduation time but you won't find many conservatives giving addresses to the students. laura ingraham will tell us why. jesse watters on how much the folks know about obama care. >> do you support obama
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care? >> yeah. i do yes. >> you do? >> yeah. >> what is obama care? >> no idea. [ laughter ] >> bill: we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: are we crazy. gallup poll. moral values in this country getting worse. 20% say they are getting better. overall, 44% of americans rate the state of moral values is poor in the
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u.s.a. so, what's behind that? joining us now from san diego, psychologist and attorney dr. barbie farce and in los angeles author of the but book "30 day love detox" psychologist dr. wendy walsh. begin with you. why do you think people believe we are becoming an immoral nation? i think people are afraid of change. some people when when they see change see progress. times are better than they have ever been. crime rates are lower. abortion is down, divorces are down. more kids are graduating from high school. things are actually better. but, yet, people are bess pessimistic they are looking at the past through rose colored glasses. >> bill: i don't want to put words in your mouth by change you mean things like gay marriage, legalizations of narcotics. things like that. and you see that as saying well, the morals are getting worse because society is saying that's okay. >> well, in this particular study, they actually cited
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the three most, you know, agee just things that people felt were immoral were the decline of the family, the traditional family structure what people are perceiving as lack of tolerance and compassion and lack of religious participation. research those that even though people aren't sitting as pews as often young people today have the same moral reasoning and compass that reflects their parents and grandparents and just because we are not being so polite and texting doesn't mean we are not compassionate. >> bill: dr. forest, what do you think most americans believe we are in trouble morally? >> well, bill, i think there are a lot of general platitudes in what was just said. i want to get more specific. look, the democrats and independents who were surveyed in this agreed a lot on things. and what they basically said is that sexuality issues are more immoral than other things. but they are not voting those issues, which i think is interesting, too. so you have somebody like john edwards or mark sanford who are the poster children for immorality, right, and the survey found
1:32 am
91% of people immorality means infidelity but they aren't acting on those values on a daily basis. when you get specific with people, they have very specific notions of right, wrong means, bill, i think. >> bill: 91% believe that having an affair is immoral. 91% of americans. so this isn't france, okay? but, you know, those affair things, they are mostly private concerns. once in a while a scandal will erupt as you mentioned two of them. i feel this is it. tell me how crazy i am. i think it's the internet that's driving. this i think now that everything is available, porn, hate speech, all kinds of interaction that makes people feel sleazy, all right? because it's right there. you can get it you had to go out for it, much harder. i think that's what's going
1:33 am
on. and i disagree with you, dr. walsh, i don't care the young people are america have nearly, nearly the moral compass that the world war ii generation had, for example. not even close. dr. walsh just respond to my crazy theory here, please. >> about the internet. well, i think that just because we had more access to something doesn't make us crazy or doesn't make us that -- somebody still has to go on and log into www to get to that porn site. >> bill: they see it. >> you are saying we should regulate all our more because humans can't regulate themselves? no i didn't mention the word regulate. this is a study done on perceptions. most americans feel their country is going in immoral direction. dr. forest, what about the net? >> you know, i'm with you on the net in the sense this way, bill. if you look at pornography, specifically, 66% thought it was immoral. you know, i think that number is interesting because i think people will
1:34 am
still downloading a lot. people are curious. it's daring some people. people are bored. it's the overall altitude on the internet that everything is acceptable. everything goes. that's where i think people are starting to say, you know what? and you are right in one sense, dr. walsh, i don't think most people believe anything goes. but i could think that's what the media puts out there. 30 seconds to you dr. walsh, 30 seconds to you dr. march go. >> everybody hooking up and everybody being cheaters the research shows that's not happening. i do think we don't need to regulate the culture. people need to regulate themselves just because sugar is available you don't eat it. >> bill: dr. forest, wrap it up. >> i think you are right with respect to sexuality. the internet is driving a change in moral values in this country, bill. i think when you ask about things that we all care about like are you lying to
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congress or some broader issues, they didn't ask those questions. i would really like to see, given your reporting over the last few weeks where we are standing on those things morally. >> study done by sociologist to see why americans feel their country is going down the drain in that area. absolutely. >> bill: when we come right back, the nation's colleges don't want conservative speakers at graduation. we will prove that with laura ingraham after these messages.
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bill bill thanks for staying with us. i'm boiler in the week in revise from angle segment tonight. interesting story about liberal bias in liberal education. by newspaper article on bill o' right now spots "los angeles times" story that says only four, four republicans have been invited as commencement this se top 100 universities.
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unbelievable. joining us now from washington with analysis, ms. laura ingraham. so, it's like 6 to 1 and it's way more than that but just doctrine conservative liberals 6 to 1. way more than that when you add in political people. it's obvious that colleges just don't want anybody like me, a traditional guy, you a conservative woman. >> no. >> bill: i didn't get any invitations did you get any invitations? >> i got zippo didn't you speak at marist in 2001. >> bill: i mentioned that in my column, i did. >> i had to go way back. >> that's my alma matter they had to invite me. >> i'm surprised they did invite you even though you are so successful. they will not stop at nothing. >> bill: that's a fair school, it's not ideological school. >> you are right about. this what's disturb something that colleges and universities are supposed to be places where you can debate the important issues of the day, cultural
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issues, historical analysis, literature and it should be a place where all viewpoints are given a fair hearing, that's positive. that's a true liberal arts institution was classically about in the united states and obviously abroad. what's happened over the years and since i was in college in the 1980s and as a student editor of a newspaper back then, we were exposing this every day. it's not really changed. it's gotten worse since the 1980s. >> bill: here is how bad it is. ben carson esteemed physician invited to johns hopkins. he had to withdraw. rand paul senator from kentucky goes to howard, interrupted, mass
1:40 am
matter at dart portsmouth. the board of trustees is comprised of bankers and wall street people and very well to do folks. they don't want to russell any feathers. if they can slide by with a graduation speaker like oprah fin infantry -- winfrey they will get a cap in their hat. invite someone like you or george will or someone like that. it always poses risk. these people are mostly cowardly. my alma matter where i got a masters in broadcast journalism hosed me last year. i'm not after bu. >> doesn't surprise me. >> bill: i write about it in the column. president obama, bill clinton, michelle obama, you expect them to be -- they are prestigious. we have no beef with that
1:41 am
if you can get them as graduation speakers you get them. stephen colbert, nancy pelosi? i mean, come on. >> i mean it's fine. you want nancy pelosi to speak. then, you know, invite conservatives at some other indiscussion. there is no balance. no attempt to balance. >> bill: none. >> in 2007, bill. they looked at the top 50 universities. 42 invited liberals. there were 8, moderately conservative people. but, again, conservatives have basically ceded the intellectual touraine at college campuses. they shouldn't. >> bill: it's not conservative faults. >> conservatives don't go into ache academia. >> bill: they won't get hired. >> can't see the colleges and expect you have much of an effect on young people. >> bill: i don't think conservatives could do much of anything at this point other than stop giving money to the universities. i only have a minute left with you. eric holder, going to be forced to resign?
1:42 am
>> i can't imagine his being able to stay, bill over the next 60 days, 30 days, i think eric holder will step aside. maybe he will say he doesn't want to be a distraction to the president. wants to move on to other things. but this farce with the off-the-record meeting with reporters is kind of the last gaffe. it just looks ridiculous. joe said today on my radio show that there is no credible. you have to have a attorney general who appears at least to be nonideological and fair minded and he appears neither. in fact, he appears either incompetent or incredibly militant as more of a left wing idealogue. you can't have that at the justice department. >> bill: referring to that the attorney general had an off-the-record meeting with the journalists. "new york times" wouldn't go, associated press wouldn't go, you know, what does that accomplish? i don't know. >> pr. >> bill: thanks very much. jesse watters on deck. how much do folks know about obama care? ♪ ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. watters world. a new fox news poll shows 56% of american voters do not want obama care to be implemented but it will be in just a few months. we sent watters to washington to find out how much the folks really know about our new healthcare system. ♪ ♪ >> do you support obama care? >> yes. >> of course not. >> i'm -- yeah. >> yeah, i do, yeah. >> i think it's one of the worst pieces of legislation in the last 30 years. >> what is obama care? >> no idea. >> so you support obama care you just don't really know how it works? >> oh my god. [ laughter ] >> i support his idea of what he is doing but i
1:47 am
think he is going about it the wrong way. >> obama care? explain that because i don't really -- yeah. >> do you support obama care? >> i do the no. >> why not? >> [sigh] >> there should be just healthcare for those like who don't have it. >> there is nothing wrong with me. [ laughter ] >> well, i wouldn't go that far? [ laughter ] >> how does it function? do you know. >> does anybody know? >> i know there is lots of forms. >> i haven't read obama care. it's not my fight. >> why do you think the president wanted to pass this legislation. >> probably to divide segregation between the he classes. middle middle class lower class and upper class is my best guess. >> do you have health insurance? >> no. i do not. i'm still on my parents. >> total mooch, aren't you? >> at this point, yes. >> have you had health
1:48 am
insurance? >> yeah, no comment. >> hello, billy, who are you? >> because if you don't have healthcare now they are going to fine you a couple grand. >> how can you fine me when i don't have any money to fine? >> the government comes for the regular people first. [ laughter ] >> you have noticed a dishes since obama care passed? >> [sigh] it, it, it. >> as a doctor, you are just automatically cutting your own pay because you don't get reimbursed as much. >> i always wanted to be a doctor. just ask any little girl i grew up with. >> i had been rejected for health insurance once before because of a simple injury. >> >> was this a pre-existing condition? >> yes. i had a broken finger. >> that's overdoing it, isn't it? >> you see health insurance premiums going up, employers dropping people from their coverage. >> are you down with the free birth control situation? >> that's something people should pay for, because that's a
1:49 am
huge decision, affecting more than yourself. >> do you guys watch "the factor"? yes or no. >> no. >> i love what he does for the kids. >> i'd olike to give him a hug and let him know that occupy loves him. >> got a hug. >> i think it was rude, uncalleç for. >> do you like "watters world"? "watters world"? >> that's me. >> oh, my god, i'm embarrassed. >> you knew the guy in the tank >> we had some ringers in there. >> of the people that you interviewed in washington, what percentage could talk about obamacare? >> 15% to 20%. >> 1 out of 5. >> 1 out of 5. after doing a lot of these interviews, most of the people only understand slogans and
1:50 am
buzzwords. they understand it's socialism, or you can stay on your parents' plan if you're 26. if you dig any deeper than that, they don't understand there's a tax coming up, the individual mandate, the regulations. it doesn't get deeper than that. for instance, the occupy guy, living in a tent, he'll have to pay thousands of dollars in fines or the irs is going to come to his tent and ask him to pay up. >> he doesn'tç have any money. >> he doesn't even know if he has insurance. how are they going to collect? >> unless he joins the tea party, the irs won't be able to find him. you know, the tent, he can move around. he made a great money e doesn't have any money, so they won't bother with him. you would think an occupy guy that wants socialism, that's what they want, would know, hey, this is a good socialistic program. >> you'd think that. he wasn't there for the redistribution of wealth. he wanted to disarm america. >> disarm america? >> that's what he was in front of the white house for. >> that was part of the occupy
1:51 am
deal. >> right. >> how many occupiers were in front of the white house? >> just him. he was lonely out there. >> and events to give me a hug? i hope you gave him a hug. lafayette park in d.c., across from the white house, anybody can protest against anything. that's a good policy. >> i support that. >> a lot of interesting different folks. >> you were down there in the '60s, weren't you? >> i wasn't alive in the '60s. this is makeup. i look like justin bieber off camera. jesse watters trying to beç a wiseguy. up next, "factor" tip of the day. the tip and mail after these messages.
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>> helping the most severely wounded people in a moment, but first if you want to make your
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father and/or grandfather happy, you will listen closely. has usa strong hats and shirts, terrific items for summer. send a great message. dad will like them a lot. also my three best-selling books remain popular. "keep itqá, pithy" number six on "the new york times" best-selling list. "lincoln" has been there almost two years. if you become a premium member, he get either "kennedy" or "lincoln" free. now the mail. bill, if you're in a full slidedown the slippery slope mode of the hate speech myth, the first amendment allows me to state anything i want as long as it doesn't incite violence, but not in the private workplace, doctor. companies like facebook, which we were talking about, can legally police their environments and should. susan ivy, north carolina. bill, your talking points about facebook was dead on.
1:55 am
i have fun with it, but the nastiness i've seen is scary. to me it is scary, susan. many troubled people out there. tina davies, clovis, california. love him, he's smart and articulate. another, bill, you were rude and obnoxious with the congressman. you treated him like a schoolboy. peter from maryland, after hearing about the american mother of seven incarcerated in mexico, "changed my vacation plans. another one, you have no idea what a good country mexico is. you use the most melodramatic examples to condemn. we report the truth. sorry if it hurts. i was stationed with the navy in upw 1960s, traveled to mexico, shaked down for money. they've been doingç it forever.
1:56 am
another, i hope you don't convert bob beckel, i enjoy him as i'm not trying to convert anyone. no conversion here. we're not trying to do that. finally tonight, "the factor," tip of the day, trying to get all military people that need them special high-tech wheelchairs. these track chairs cost $15,000 each. they are changing lives of our wounded warriors for the better. chairs can go everywhere. go the guys and gals go to the beach, fishing and hunting, interact with their children in a variety of places where they could not otherwise. now you can see how worthy this project is. so far, the independence fund, getting the track chairs, has received more than a million dollars in donations from you guys. all the money goes for the chairs. there are no salaries or advertising costs for the
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independence fund. we would like to thank new york jets owner woodey johnson, hotel guy steve wynn, for stepping up they are patriots. we encourage all fortune 500 companies, and wealthy americans, to contact the independence fund and help out. you are literally changing the lives of these brave veterans. i've talked to a lot of them. there i am signing the track chair for the guy. and next week, we may have another terrific announcement about this project. we hope all of you will help out the independence fund, "factor" tip of the day, we are all in this together. and that is for us tonight. please check out the fox news "factor" website, different from also we would like you to spout off about the "factor" from anywhere in the world.
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>> good friday morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. >> thanks for watching fox and friends first. >> we begin with a fox news alert. finally free, overnight the american mom jailed in mexico on drug charges was released. this is new video of her car crossing the border into the united states. >> anita vogel is live for us in los angeles with breaking details. congratulations to her, right? >> that's right. she is one happy camper this morning. good morning to you guys. she is on her way back to arizona. this is brand new video of her car crossing


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