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tv   Housecall  FOX News  June 2, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> jamie: it's now time for sunday house calls. joining us this morning, dr. david samadi. chief of robotics at mt. sinai medical center. >> jamie: mark siegle associate oppress of medicine. he is author of the book, the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness. we're going to unlock a lot of secrets this morning. good to see you. first, a major breakthrough in dealing with the treatment of diabetes, a medicine that may be able to stabilize insulin levels without the daily
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injections. doctor, this is amazing for diabetics. what does this mean and what does it portend? >> can you imagine treating yourself without any injections. we desperately some kind of cure in order to control diabetes. in this particular thing over the last year we have covered talking pancreatic, transplant pacemakers. they have come up with beta preponderance tied that would insulin for juvenile diabetes that is going to change the whole field. this particular one is of interest to me because they are talking about nano particles. it's the smallest particles that become like a network. you inject it under the skin. that network of particles will get into your blood. it's sensitive to detect
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the sugar in your body. when the sugar goes up these bubbles that are insulating would burst and now you have secretion of insulin to your system. it's like we're putting in tiny pancreas in your body. that will change the way we practice medicine. instead of sticking yourself to check your blood, you can go for a week to ten days without any injections or anything. it could revolutionize the whole field. we are hoping and most likely come through --. >> jamie: when will it be available for humans? >> that the question. i think this in this case the next couple of years. think we're getting close to this. more than 10% of americans have diabetes. that may double over the next couple decades. so we have a huge incentive to get this right. right now we guess, let's
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check a sugar. now let's give some insulin. let's give a pill. we're approximate wagon the pancreas does. in this case because of nanotechnology. microscopic particles will sense the sugar going up and release the insulin. in the mice they tested you it on. the particles lasted ten days before you had on replace it. so daily insulin tests will become be on see lotto. i think the technology the is there. i think this will work in people. nanotechnology will be use for other things, targeted therapies. many nor things than diabetes. it's what we try to do insulin pump with pregnant women, it's very hard to approximate. >> jamie: stale couple years a way.
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>> the potential is tremendous. if you can extend it for ten days, you may be extend it for months. >> jamie: we need to watch our diet and exercise. >> also smart technology. >> jamie: maybe you could tell us how smart we are about this. i don't want to scare you, new warnings about a virus that the u.n. and world health organization is calling a threat to the entire world. you don't hear that very often. already 30 people have died. what is had virus and what do we have to do? >> jamie, this virus is a corono virus is a long time but it's the virus that gives us 20% of the common cold. it's the virus that causes something in 2003 called sars. let's talk about sars for a minute.
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sars ended up infecting over 7,000 people and it did kill over 700. the real story is how much fear there was. they cordoned off the city of toronto. they close asia. bills and bills of dollars were spent. everyone says it's going to be worldwide pandemic. 700 people isn't close to the people that dpei of flu every year. >> jamie: you want people to pay attention? >> i like the world health organization and cdc, the virus has potential to do harm. it is killing 50% of people that are infected. as viruses evolve they get less and less deadly. the thing that the virus is not doing, it's not spreading human to human. until it starts to spread easily it is not going fake off. now, we need to watch it. we need to have scientists
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on it. in great britain, it's in france, it's in saudi arabia, it is not here yet. i want to be advance on this, don't panic when you see a single case. >> jamie: should folks out there wear a mask on an airplane if they are going to these countries? >> i don't think it's time to panic. it sounds like something from the middle east. it was diagnosed back in 2012. reason why there is so much they are on top of this because with sars we had 8,000 people infected and 700 people. we had 40 patients and 20 patients died. part of the problem with global travel they can bring the virus to the country. i don't think there is any reason to panic. if you have a case of pneumonia in the middle of
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summer, that is red flag. this is more to be aware and be ahead of the game but there is more questions to be answered and we don't know enough fwo this. >> jamie: if you are sick. >> jamie: wash your hands repeatedly. >> best thing. >> jamie: new research coming up, a painful condition that actually affects one in every 200 people in our country, the doctors will fill us in. >> jamie: and getting on flight. did you ever get on on one and find yourself wheezy before you land? the most common airplane illnesses, how to treat them and prevent them and still fly coming up. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush?
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♪ >> eric: back with sunday house calls. new research on the treatment of gout. it causes severe pain and swelling of the joints and affects a lot more people than you think. one in 200 adults. men more than women. what do we do about it? >> one of my nurses not to show up and when they called me, i have gout. that is very popular one. over six million get gout. it's a form of arthritis. you have too much uric acid crystals. when you wake up in the in the morning and you can't move, it's tender and inflamed jointed. you can't even walk. that is what gout is. everyone knows that gout used to be called rich man's syndrome because the king's that used to eat a lot of meat used to get
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gout. a lot of diets that have beer, meat and sardines, if you have gout you have to be carefully. coffee shows up again, citrus foods and coffee are helpful for gout. certainly drinking a lot of water. >> seven glasses, now you have to go to ten to 12 to wash it out. purine you break down the meat and you have more and more of those diets. >> eric: go to the doctor and what type of test? >> first you have to know i have it. >> david was mentioned mentioning purines around at night when your body cools down they get deposited in the joints. you can't make the diagnosis by yourself. you go to the doctor and
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give them the symptoms and actually they go into the joints, take out crystals and look under microscope and they can tell if it is goit. next thing diet. cut down on beer and red meat. shellfish and probably number one thing that people don't realize out there, high fructose corn syrup. it's added to a lot of cereals. it precipitates gout. if i am treating a gout attack, i treat it non-steroidals, i can stop the production of uric acid so i have a lot in my kit number one thing is get the diet changed. >> jamie: and talk about have the before prescription drugs, we talk about alternative medicine. >> a lot of medications, unfortunately they have side effects. one that i found is really helpful, something called
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devil's claw. i posted it. i don't know why they have the funny names. cherries, if you like cherries that is great one. and ginger or tea reduces the inflammation, it's very soothing but look into devil's claw, if you have gout it helps with the jointed pain. >> jamie: look on the shelf for both of those. serious topic, as yeo pore eosz, a bone thinning condition. millions of americans can have it -- osteoporosis, there are so many things you can do to keep your bones strong. also go only here today a key program to help homeowners struggling with their mortgage. it's being extended and you may be able to take advantage of it. i'll tell you about in our next hour in the consumer protection segment.
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we'll be right back.
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>> jamie: welcome back it sunday house call. osteoporosis affects medicallions of us. it can be very painful. you can suffer fractures and be severely disabled. doctor, let's start right now. why don't we do something to prevent osteoporosis? >> if there is one thing, it's weight-bearing exercise. the other thing we can do right off the bat is take vitamin different, which we take about on the show. vitamin 3d has calcium in it. it laps to women in menopausal age because their estrogen goes
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down and bone gets re-absorbed. you want to prevent that. and in women -- or men -- who have osteoporosis, which you diagnose with a bone density study. how much mineral and calcium is in there. if it's below a certain number, sluosteoporosis. what do you do about it? the vitamin dmplts, calcium, exercise. you can take medications that prevent the bone from re-absorbing like that. >> jamie: when do you want to consider that? >> there is a growing body of evidence that you don't want to consider that until you already have the osteoporosis. but study after study does show if you take the medications to prison the bone from thinning issue you can cut down on fractures dramatically. it's worg taking the medications, if you are having the thinning bones. the controversy comes in -- what
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do do you if you are on the road to that? there is no certainty about when to start taking the med cages irk what's the difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia? at some point, do you lose bone automatically as you age? will everyone have this? >> osteopenia isota way to osteoporosis. it's the greek name for porous bone. bone is a vital tissue. it is like you have a saving account. you put the money in and you spend it. if you spend more than you put in, you have a deficit, which is osteoporosis. your maximum aim of money in your bank account or bone is at age 30. so early teenagers who are listening, early exercise, good diet. build up your account and have you more pension over the next few years, which is the osteoporosis. the more money you have early on, the longer tell last.
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check your atm card, that's the dexatest or bone density to see how porous it is. women at menopause or 65, estrogen, which protects the bone, goes down. that's when the cascade starts. you go from osteopenia to osteoporotic. you can eat the salmon that we spoke about, leafy greens, soy for women is excellent because it has calcium and estrogen. this is the only time you would tell you to limit the amount of coffee to three or less because that -- and alcohol. >> there is some hereditary connection. >> a quick tip for women who are taking faso max or actinol. standing up with a lot of water, take it in the morning. seriously. that prevents the g.i. side effects. >> they have a lot of money in their account, that's a lot of
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bone. >> jamie: you can never have too much. thank you, doctors. >> eric: you haven't been on an airplane, everyone's sneezing and coughing. most illnesses from being stuck in the coop more easily treated on board. the doctors will fill us in next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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out. the level of oxygen is low. so from this study, half of those flights, they had doctors available and 20% of them had nurses available. that's happened to all of us. have you to jump and help out. the cardiac reasons are the ones that you want to land the plane. otherwise, there is enough on the plane to do cpr or oxygen. and they found that nausious. >> i want to give a shoutout to david's wife who wipes the trays down with hand wipes. she is so right. the reusable surfaces are covered covered with germs. that's one of the reasons that people get sick. the other is dehydration. the fainting is b lower oxygen, that's one thing, if have you a respiratory condition. but you are dehydrated. get on the plane, drink water. >> jamie: that's huge. >> really important to drink water on the plane. if you get try dried out, you can catch the infections.
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>> jamie: don't drink alcohol. and long flights, get up and walk around, you don't need a blood clot or a thrombosis or whatever you doctors call it. we will see you next week. thank you so much. all right. jumping back to our top stories. a fox news alert. on top of potential perjury charges -- that's right perjury for our u.s. attorney general, eric holder. multiple committees are preparing to grill the top irs executive this week as that scandal over the government spying on the media is growing. let me welcome to you a brand-new hour, here we are inside america's news headquarters with lots to cover. >> eric: good morning. you know, critics from both sides of the aisle have been calling on the attorney general to step down or be fired. but the white house is holding


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