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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> harris: this is the fox report. tonight, three congressional hearings providing three new opportunities to get the answers the american people deserve, including why the irs targeted conservatives and other groups. the chairman of one committee says if we want to learn the truth, there is just one place to look. >> as last week, the administration said there is a few rogue agents in cincinnati, when the indication is they were directly being ordered from washington. >> fox report. >> harris: new details on what congressional investigators have uncovered in the irs scandal about where the order came from to take aim at certain americans
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for their political beliefs. and same agency under fire for partying with your tax dollars. have you seen the dance video? but this goes well beyond that and other so-called training videos. in minutes, how a ton of cash was spent on lavish conferences, including luxury suites for staffers at the irs. also, pressure mounting on the nation's top law enforcement officer, eric holder, after journalists were investigated and a fox news reporter called a criminal co-conspirator. one law maker now saying he wants the attorney general to answer questions upon request and if he doesn't -- >> we ought to subpoena the attorney general to come back and answer those questions specifically. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner. we begin with a mountain of new evidence on the scandal surrounding the irs. submitted targeting of
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conservatives, newly released transcripts of interviews with irs agents revealing the political targeting may be more than just the work of so-called rogue agents. at a field office in cincinnati, ohio, as the obama administration has claimed. instead, one of those cincinnati workers telling congressional investigators they got their marching orders from washington. all this sure to raise plenty of new questions on capitol hill this week where there will be no fewer than three separate hearings related to the internal revenue service. meanwhile, new details also emerging about how the agency is spending your tax dollars. a government watchdog report set to be released in just a few days shows the irs spent more than 50 million of your taxpayer dollars to hold more than 200 conferences between 2010 and 2012, many of those conferences included hefty fees four guest speakers, including one, we're told, who spoke about leadership through art. then there are the special
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perks. some employees even booked pricey hotel suites, even the presidential suite at one place. and who can forget the agency's love for the parody video, training videos like the takeoff on sitcoms. now the latest from washington. peter doocy. >> the government story about rogue employees in the cincinnati irs office being the brains behind the policy to unfairly targeted conservative groups shall be shot down by someone in that cincinnati office who was interviewed by house oversight committee investigators and said it's impossible as an agent, we're controlled by many, many people. we have to submit to many, many reports. so the chance of two agents being rogue and doing things like that could never happen. another irs cincinnati employee, was asked, do you think there was something inappropriate about what was happening in 2010? and the answer was yes. the inappropriateness was not processing these applications fairly and timely.
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two hearings this week will seek additional answers about who created this prejudice policy. meanwhile, wasteful spending at irs conferences will be front and center at a house oversight committee hearing on thursday. this is on the heels of a newly released individual quo -- video that shows them dancing at a conference in 2010, along with a star trek spoof that cost a combined $60,000 to produce, a fraction of the $4 million total spent on that conference. new reports say the irs spent $50 million on 220 conferences between 2010 and 2012. >> the culture of the irs during this period of time was one that did not particularly care about whether they spent well the taxpayers' money. >> acting irs commissioner says taxpayers should take comfort that a conference like this would not take place today. sweeping new spending restrictions somebody put in
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place at the irs and travel and training expenses have dropped more than 80% since 2010. werfel is conducting a review into the root of the targeting scandal which the white house says will be key. >> that review will take a look at a wide range of things, including making sure that we hold accountable those who are responsible for the wrongdoing. >> 88 employees in all are being investigated for their potential roles in the irs targeting scandal. harris? >> harris: peter, thank you. meanwhile, the ranking member of the house oversight committee, democrat cumming, now reacting to chairman darrell issa's claims about where the targeting of conservatives actually originated. he issued a statement that reads in part action quote, so far no witnesses have appeared before the committee, have identified any irs official in washington, d.c., who directed employees in cincinnati to use tea party or similar terms to screen applicants for extra scrutiny. the wreckless statements are inconsistent with the findings of the inspector general. those are his words, end quote.
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cummings goes on to say, congress needs to work in a bipartisan way to uncover the truth to restore the public's trust in the irs. turning to the attorney general eric holder, who some would way is on a very hot seat right now. the chairman of the house judiciary committee, virginia republican goodlatte, says they're investigating comments he made regarding the justice department's handling of leaks and the media. >> it is fair to say we are investigating the conflict in his remarks. those remarks were made under oath, but we also think it's very important that the attorney general be afforded the opportunity to respond. so we will wait to pass judgment on that until after we receive his response. >> harris: meanwhile, another republican on the house judiciary committee is even threatening a possible subpoena if attorney general eric holder does not respond to his request for answers. stevesteve with more.
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what are they trying to find out? >> if holder was truthful when he testified before congress two weeks ago. at that time the attorney general testified that he played no part in any potential criminal probe of reporters, but the justice department says he did sign off on the investigation of fox reporter james rosen. house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte, along with another congressman, sent a letter to holder demanding a full and accurate account of his involvement. so far, no reply. >> i think we ought to subpoena the attorney general to come back and answer those questions specifically. this is congress fulfilling its constitutional obligation to provide oversight over the executive branch of government. oversight is tough and when you receive an oversight letter, there are consequences for not complying. >> congressman peter king of new york agreeing, a subpoena should be issued. harris? >> harris: are they and how are they democrats, defending the
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attorney general? >> they say the attorney general didn't lie. there is no contradiction between his congressional testimony and the facts of the case. the white house has said holder was completely truthful, but of course, this is no doubt another unwelcome distraction for president obama, while republicans want to find out if holder committed perjury, democrats appear confident that he actually told the truth. listen. >> no, i don't think there is perjury. there has been no prosecution or attempted prosecution of any journalist, so there can't be perjury. the warrant is a tool to get information and i don't think the two are contradictory. >> congressman chris van hollen said today the investigation was to gather information, not to press charges. harris. >> harris: steve, thank you very much. in oklahoma, the number of people killed after a tornado swept through the oklahoma city area is now higher. at least 13 died. we also know the twister that caused all this destruction in the town of el reno was an ef-3.
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it hit friday during the evening rush. governor mary fallin meeting with people who lost their homes, many alive tonight because they rode out the storm in their underground cellars. >> everything falling around, so we just kind of waited 'til it passed. >> lots of warning because we're in oklahoma. >> i think after more of us see the destruction, it made the decision easy. >> harris: that person talking about moore, oklahoma r they saw an ef-5 that caused so much sadness, heartache 12 days ago. you can see major flooding, parts of oklahoma and other states hit during the storm friday, including missouri and illinois are under muddy water tonight. there is an ongoing search and rescue for people who are missing at this hour. we're told there are still two active searches underway right now in oklahoma. nearly 48 hours after the
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twisters hit. will carr is live from el reno. what's the latest on the search efforts? >> harris, we know six people are missing right now. four kids and two adults, also we just spoke to the local fire department and say they pulled the body of a four-year-old boy out of the deep fork river area near oklahoma city. i can tell you that throughout the day, the number of fatalities from this storm has continued to rise. search crews tell us that they'll stop when it gets dark out here action but they plan to get right back out there first thing in the morning. harris. >> harris: how has it been while they're doing this? i know sometimes it's complicated by bad weather. but it looks like things are clear with you are now. >> that's right. the weather obviously much better. the destruction, not so much. take a look around here. i'm standing in a restaurant, or where a restaurant used to be. there is twisted steel everywhere, pieces of this restaurant, parts of it have been thrown in every direction. there is a booth flipped over. one thing that i want to show you with this glass container that is amazingly still
4:11 pm
standing, on the inside, pieces of cake. there is some pie, things that probably would have been pretty good just a couple days ago. now not so much. we actually spoke to the owner of this restaurant a couple hours ago. here is what he said. >> i called down, they said, well, we got customers here. i said, make it to go. so i said, then you need to get out. he said, well, this doesn't happen to us. we got a stairwell. well, there was seven employees that crawled up underneath the staircasing over here. >> they actually survived underneath that staircasing. i can tell you he tells us he didn't have insurance. his employees don't know what they're going to do. what he does have is that resiliency that we've seen everywhere. he says he will rebuild. back to you. >> harris: he has life. he's still alive and so many people didn't make it. will, thank you very much. tonight we are mourning the loss of three men who died doing what they loved during the storm. a trio of veteran storm chasers were among the 13 people who
4:12 pm
were killed in oklahoma. he was seen in this video from storm chasers discovery channel doing the work he loved best and he was so good at it. tracking storms along with his son, paul, and we're told the two were together friday when they died. along with them, long-time storm chaser partner carl young, all from colorado. they spent years traveling the plains to learn all about what they could regarding storms, lightning, and to share that information with the rest of us. right now stopping a terror plot. aimed at americans that would have used toys to release chemical weapons. authorities say they have someone in custody. they did so just in time. also haunting images, the men suspected in the boston marathon bombing caught on surveillance
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4:17 pm
bombings have been prevented? lawmakers are working on the answer. a delegation is travel to go russia and talk being what they've learned from officials there about tamerlan tsarnaev, the suspect who was killed during a shootout with police after the boston bombing. the head of the delegation saying there were no clear clues about boston, but there should have been more cooperation between the united states and russia. >> radical islam is at our throat in the united states and it's at the throat of the russian people. >> harris: molly line with me now. lawmakers, bipartisan group traveled to russia. what did they learn? >> this congressional delegation travels to russia, they meet with the russian intelligence officials who disclose to them that they believe the bombings could have been prevented, particularly with better information sharing. congressman rohrbacher, a republican from california, said in a news conference that
4:18 pm
nothing specific could have helped to stop the attack, but that the u.s. and russia should work more closely and openly in the future in the face of security threats that both countries face. >> had we had better relations and we had the more expansive interaction between our intelligence communities on both sides, that would have prevented it. that would have threatened it. >> representative bill keating, a democrat from massachusetts, held a press conference at boston's logan airport upon his return yesterday, revealing that the russian counterparts to u.s. intelligence believe the closer tracking of the older suspect, the now deceased tamerlan tsarnaev, may have led to a different outcome, preventing the carnage of april 15. >> russian authorities revealed new information about a suspect in florida. >> right. exactly. this suspect is a friend or i should say was a friend of tamerlan tsarnaev. he was 27 years old when he was
4:19 pm
shot by an f.b.i. agent while under questioning in florida last month. in relation to the boston bombing murder and one in massachusetts. he was mentioned in intelligence exchanges between the u.s. and russia, along with other russian nationals nearly a week after the bombing. the law makers who met with russian intelligence officials say they've offered a surprising level of cooperation and have thus far shared more specific information than their u.s. counterpart. >> harris: that would be the silver lining because i remember in the very beginning, you were reporting there was a lot of questions, why wouldn't the russians have told us? what is our relationship really like? >> all of these congressmen are talking about it's time for a thaw. >> harris: thank you very much. attorney general eric holder at the center of the controversy now, one of them. this one involving snooping on journalists. lawmakers want to know if he lied to congress. we'll talk with a form federal prosecutor about it coming up inside the fox report. and for the first time since she
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>> harris: new concerns in the middle east over the growing violence between rebels inside syria where you know there is a civil war going on, and then they're fighting the terror group hezbollah in lebanon. the two groups clashed this weekend again in a heavy cross borrowed exchange of rockets and mortar rounds. the moss stillity stemming from hezbollah's armed support of syria's government, which has been engaged in that civil war for two years. arizona senator john mccain just
4:24 pm
returned from syria where he met with some rebel forces. he describes the situation there as very grim for president assad's opponent. >> thanks to increased weapons, hezbollah fighters, thanks to extremists coming in from iraq, the russian pouring weapons in, iranians revolutionary guard that we are seeing unfortunately, a battlefield situation where bashar assad now has the upper hand and it's tragic. while we sit by and watch. >> harris: conner powell following the story now from our middle east news room. >> the concerns that syria's bloody conflict will ignite a regional war are increasing with more than a dozen people having been killed as hezbollah guerrillas clashed with rebels in eastern lebanon this weekend. violence between pro and anti-assad groups has been on the rise in lebanon burg this is the largest outbreak of
4:25 pm
violence. in recent weeks, hezbollah poured into syria in support of the assad regime. syrian rebels in turn are now attack hezbollah on their home turf, firing rockets at their stronghold in lebanon. efforts to ends the two-yearlong syrian civil war appear to be going nowhere. russia blocking a u.n. resolution calling for an end to the violence in syria. the u.s. and russia, however, are moving ahead on an international conference in june aimed at launching wider peace talks. syrian rebels are threatening to boycott it. although the talks are unlikely to succeed, u.s. officials insist they must press ahead and continue making an efforts to bring the groups together for some type of dialogue because right now any type of u.s. military intervention seems unlikely. harris? >> harris: thank you. this just in, we can now get a better view of what's happening in those wildfires in california. this is the power house fire, so-called because it's been burning so close to a huge power
4:26 pm
station that services so many people there. it sparked late thursday. this fire, more than quadrupling in size since then and now more than 2,000 firefighters trying to contain it. officials just held a news conference a few short minutes ago. we'll have the latest developments in a live report. also the dance video that's making its rounds. the irs employees now causing quite a stir. they may not look like they can move like rock stars. apparently they partied like them. the tax agency's employees living it up at conferences on your dime. we're told it went on for years. the jaw dropping amount of your cash they spent next you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings.
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>> harris: i'm harris faulkner. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the house judiciary committee is investigating remarks made under oath by attorney general eric holder regarding the justice department's handling of leaks and the media. one law maker is threatening a subpoena if the attorney general does not respond to requests to clarify statements. and new fallout from the irs scandal. we've been telling you at least one agent interviewed by congressional investigators now says the targeting of conservatives was not done by so-called rogue agents, but rather came from orders from washington. meanwhile, the agency also
4:31 pm
coming under fire for how they spend your taxpayer money on themselves, including lavish gifts and perks. california congressman darrell issa calls it kickbacks. >> we'll pay the per diem rates for these hotels. they didn't negotiate or bid it. this was 2700 folks. so they could have gotten a considerable reduction. instead what they said is, we'll pay full boat burks we want some perks. so they got free drinks, tickets to games. basically kickbacks. >> harris: joining me now for more on what's going on in washington action michael wild, former federal prosecutor. your resume includes a lot. you have prosecuted a lot of cases. i'm curious, let's start with the answers that the attorney general gave on the hill. if, in fact, in that looking at whether the government or how it snooped on journalists, if in fact he was not completely honest, michael, how much trouble is he in? >> he is a lawyer's lawyer. he is the attorney general of the united states serving at the pleasure of the president of the united states, now esconced in
4:32 pm
scandal after scandal, one that would feel bad week after week to see him being double backing on his words, but no doubt he has to be an exemplary of a nation of laws and the attorney of all attorneys. the truth is that this attorney general has a lot to explain if a reporter was to be investigated and he said that he had nothing to do with it. no doubt all the legal documents and the pleadings that came out came out of his office and he can no longer say i wasn't in charge. did he have knowledge and was he forth coming? he has 'til the beginning of june to clarify this. this would be the third or fourth time that this attorney general is under fire this year. >> harris: and now if he is called back to testify to clarify his comments, does eric holder, the nation's highest law enforcement officer, need an attorney? >> no doubt. i served at the pleasure of the attorney for four years in brooklyn where i worked.
4:33 pm
the united states attorneys are appointed all over. the question is, does he need a private attorney? it takes a scandal these days to have somebody provide a resignation, but it also takes good judgment and to run a good ship, you need to have good counsel yourself. no doubt the attorney general has lawyers and should be more circum spent when he -- did she circumspect before congress. >> harris: wait a minute. i asked earlier today, well, if there is a problem with this attorney general having not told the truth, it's bigger than that. that might be a reason to get rid of him. and i said, what would it take to get rid of any attorney general? and you said it would take a scandal. so let's just roll the tape back a little bit. you had fast and furious, gun running operation that ended in the death of an american officer. a border patrol agent. you have had the situation go on on the hill about did he know? what did he know about the targeting of journalists with investigations which includes our own james rosen here at fox
4:34 pm
news? now you've got the situation about okay, well, if he did lie, what did he lie about and what's the penalty for that? so which scandal would it take? >> we are an open transparent government and no matter what side of the dialogue, this is a bipartisan concern that our attorney general, our president are beyond reproach. i know from personal experience and this wouldn't be the first time that the white house was being used for political gain and we need an airing of this. my father represented john lennon in the '70s when the nixon administration was trying to use immigration to have him deported for political gain. democrat or republican, right or left, we need to make sure whether it's the irs, whether it's the attorney general's office, and even the president, that they act beyond reproach and that they are not only representative of a nation of laws, but they are tender in the way they execute justice. >> harris: all right. right down the middle you were with that answer. so my next question is, is our best way to get information, whether it's this scandal or any other, in a bipartisan hearing
4:35 pm
like what we've been seeing on congress on capitol hill with congress, or is it a better plan that some are calling for a special prosecutor, which then you would say, wouldn't than the attorney general investigating himself? >> i think both, to be honest with you. right down the middle again, harris. no doubt, when you have a special prosecutor, you're pulling the lawyers out of the office in a separate hall or chamber where they can investigate something and keep it structurally separate from their boss, and congress, we need the lights. we need the media. we need the attention so that the roaches run to the corners and the politics stays out of the dialogue. what's happening now in the irs, i have to tell you -- >> harris: a lot of roaches, the way you put it. >> when i went to chicago, i was attend ago bankruptcy conference, i had a government fair, i had a government hotel rate. i don't understand who is watching the watchers, harris, when the irs is getting all these special perks. that's disturbing. >> harris: all right. let's talk about that. let's move on now because california congressman darrell
4:36 pm
issa opened up a pandora's box, if you will, shining a light on this problem, to and then now we're finding out even more information with the irs and just how much money was spent. the house oversight and government reform committee is expected to release findings from the treasury department that the number that we're look at, possibly on some of these conferences by irs employees is in the neighborhood of $50 million. how do we hold them accountable now? >> again, who is watching the watchers? i'm in agreement -- >> harris: do you clean house? how do you get that done? >> i think first of all also, an investigation has to be conducted. not the irs. not new boss because the old boss left because of last week's scandal. somebody has to look into the propriety of what they purchased, was there a market rate for the government had been entitled to a lower rate? let's also give them a little slack here. whether or not they're trying to create a collegiality, whether or not there was an education
4:37 pm
component. it should be capped and no doubt, the information should be transmitted so that people going on this would not be questioned. they would be beyond reproach. they would be told normally the rate is 300, we're getting 125. people would argue if they got a special rate, the irs should not have gotten a special rate and need to be careful where they house their people again, we're a government of transparency. we are a government that prides itself not only in the substance of law, but in the process as well and i think we're losing that when the media points to all of these things rapid fire in the same week. >> harris: michael wilde, thank you very much for your perspective and your context on this. watch it with us, we'll have you back. >> thank you. >> harris: thank you very much. a wildfire raging in southern california. we showed you brand-new pictures before the break. takes now exploding in size. cooler temperatures finally might help crews fight this inferno. the power house fire spreading to nearly 25,000-acres.
4:38 pm
you know what? that's 6,000 more than when we were putting this newscast together a few hours ago. larger than the island of manhattan, triple digit temperatures, a sharp shift in winds helping to fan those flames overnight and into today. at least five structures destroyed. people in thousands of homes have been told to leave. dominic denatale with more. >> that's right. that 25,000 acres estimate actual very a very rough figure, according to officials. they say that actually it's difficult for them to calculate because the fire is moving so fast and the smoke is hugging the ground so tightly, they just can't measure it or put it on a map. they hope tonight they'll be able to get the helicopters back up and use infrared technology to find out just how much the damage really is. what has taken them by surprise is these wind gusts we've been getting, up to 40 miles an hour at one point. one hitting us as we speak.
4:39 pm
that's really fueling the flames beyond any expectation and firefighters and residents in the area, thousands -- the 2800 that have been evacuated don't know where the fire will spread to next. >> last night the wind shifted like three different times. it was blowing away from us and we thought we were going to be safe and then it shifted back and started blowing things back to us. then it started blowing to the south. it didn't burn -- you can't see it here. you can't see it but behind there, the hill burned to about there. if it had burned all the way, we'd be clear probably. but because it didn't burn all the way, now it's shifting again and we're expecting it to come bag tonight. >> michael there was supposed to have been ordered out of his property. but refused to leave. the green valley is expected to be the next risk, about 1,000 people there. to the northwest of the fire front is the next major concern. there is some chaparral, areas
4:40 pm
of land that haven't seen a forest fire since 1929. that's a parchment waiting to explode. >> harris: wow. that's frightening days and nights ahead for. this thank you very much. i can hear the wind on your microphone. an ambulance flying through the streets at high speeds. this one was stolen with a paramedic still inside. who was behind the wheel and how it ended up like this. plus, actress angelina jolie returns to the red carpet looking gorgeous and healthy in her first appearance since going public about her decision to have a double mastectomy. as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments
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>> harris: we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the millions of people around the world triumphing over a deadly disease. june 2 marks the 26th annual national cancer survivors day. the celebration of life. here are the facts. there are more than 100 types of cancer. women have about a 38% chance of developing an invasive form of the disease. men have a 45% chance. thanks to advances in medicine and a community of support, 68% of people win their battle against cancer. meanwhile today, angelina jolie this weekend stepping out for the premiere of husband brad pitt's new movie "world war z." her first public appearance since revealing she had a double
4:45 pm
mastectomy, drastically reseducing her chance of developing breast cancer. both her mother and aunt died of cancer. she told reporters she is happy her announcement expanded the decision and discussion of women's health. a patient dressed in a hospital gown decides to steal an ambulance on this fox trip across america. georgia. police say that patient walked out and took off in the emergency vehicle with the paramedic still in it. and he knew they were there. >> he actually looked through the little window in the back and he saw them and he pretty much told them just be quiet and hold on. >> harris: the ride ended miles away when the ambulance crashed into a chiropractor's office. the two paramedics were hospitalized, but will be okay. the police caught the suspect a short time later. louisiana. people in new orleans on the rebound and healing after a
4:46 pm
shooting at last month's mother's day parade. 20 people hurt that day. so now hundreds of them filling the streets for a do over, hole ago make-up parade and it was peaceful. by the way, both suspects in the shooting are in police custody. washington. warm welcome home for some of our fighting men and women, home after seven months in afghanistan. 180 soldiers returning to joint base outside seattle. >> it can't be put into words. i'm so happy. and just grateful that he's coming home safe and i can't be more proud. >> harris: one even meeting his child for the first time. >> she's three months old now, little girl named emma. >> harris: they're getting home two months early after helping afghan forces begin the process of taking control of their country's security. and that's a fox watch across america. have you cracked open your 401(k) paperwork? wall street has been on a record run, no doubt your 401(k) is
4:47 pm
feeling it, too. but could good news on the jobs front derail the bull run? and an unusual animal sighting. >> about 11:00 o'clock, we started getting calls about a lama. >> harris: and it was huge. things got a little dicey when the sheriff's deputies caught up with it. the word of the day, lama.
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
>> harris: if you invest part of your hard earned paycheck in a 401(k) retirement plan, then you surely want to keep an eye on next friday's unemployment report for may. here is fox news senior business correspondent bulls and bears anchor brenda buttner. >> harris, good news on unemployment could be bad news for your 401(k).
4:51 pm
yep. these days forget conventional wisdom about the market. wall street may be wishing for a weak jobs report out this friday. why? it all comes down to big ben. ben bernanke head of the fed. a strong jobs report might mean the central bank slows its big bond buying binge that has put investors in a stock buying mood for many months. the last time bernanke hinted there might be an early end to its stimulus if the economy gets going, stocks fell and bond yields surged. and friday the dow dropped more than 200 points in a late-day selloff in part because of those fears. still your retirement plan likely isn't hurting, even with recent losses, the s & p 500, a part of many 401(k)s, jumped 14% so far this year. that is the best first five months of any year since 1997. but watch those jobs numbers. news that more americans are working could have the sellers
4:52 pm
working on wall street, too. harris? >> harris: thank you. we'd like to check in with our fox affiliates around the nation to see if they're working on anything that particularly stands out. tonight we will go to florida for a story involving a sheriff's department, a lama, and something you just don't see every day. here is elizabeth nickerson of wctva shared station by fox and cbs with the story. >> a llama? really? >> that's insane [ laughter ] >> you heard right. a llama was running rampant around tallahassee saturday morning. >> well, last night about 11:00 o'clock we started getting calls about a llama running through the lake and the road. so we started looking for it. there was some sightings, but never able to get our hands on it. >> it was a faceoff between man and beast. deputies trying to get the llama in a trailer.
4:53 pm
>> watch out! >> get up! >> the llama got the best of the deputies at first, even spitting in their face. >> i've been doing this 20 years and they said there is going to be a lot of excitement in this job. nobody ever told me that i'd get spit in the face by a llama. >> traffic was backed up on bannerman road while deputies finally cornered the six foot tall llama. they had to resort to using a taser to subdue the giant. >> i didn't believe it until i saw it and i was just like, wow. where did that thing come from? >> harris: a couple things. scooter is his name. he's just fine after being tased. we understand the officer is okay, too. scooter has since been returned to his owner, happy and healthy, we are told. our thanks to elizabeth nickerson of wctv for bringing us that report. exciting nascar action. today's winner crawling from the middle of the pack to lead the only lap that matters. he's going to join me at home
4:54 pm
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>> harris: i love this, our producers are spelling the word hot hawt. nascar action fox today. at dover international speedway. 107 degrees on that track. tony stewart keeping it cool, taking the checkered flag. and a winner on our set. good to see you. >> good to he sue. fed-ex 400, tony stewart, we
4:58 pm
hasn't heard him much this season, hasn't finished in the top five any race and hasn't won in 30 races and wins this. controversial finish, though. seven-time champion jimmie johnson thought he had this one. there was a penalty, he gets pushed back to 19th. and tony stewart is the winner and juan pablo montoya is second place. a great race in the heat in dover, delaware. >> harris: all right. the pacers forcing a game seven against the miami heat. i know duane wade has been feeling pain. he played a little in the game last night, a lot like me. he was limping. what happened? >> coming off injuries here. duane wade was not the duane wade we're used to. and the pacers took care of business saturday night. this one will go to a game 7 monday night and everyone thought the miami heat would breeze to the finals. they haven't. we've got game 7. and it's really been the lebron james show because his teammates, two injured. they're battling injuries here. it's been all lebron. he's having an incredible performance, if he can get by the pacers, they play the san
4:59 pm
antonio spurs. otherwise, no one saw that final that, could be what we get. >> harris: okay. tim tebow? i don't know. people are saying his nfl could be overment his dad says no. >> it's funny. espn, the magazine h a story out this week where they said sun in his camp, quote, unquote, whatever that means, said they all privately know that tim tebow's nfl career is overment well, bob tebow, his father, he came out and said that's absolutely not true. it's nonsense. tim tebow currently unsigned. the jets let him go after the nfl draft this year. we will see if he's an nfl camp in august. >> harris: do you think he'll get picked up? >> i don't think he'll get picked up unless he agrees to play a position other than quarterback. from what i gather, knowing him, he's not going to do that. >> harris: okay. good to see you. >> analysis right there. >> harris: the word of the day? >> llama. tebow. >> harris: the two are not connected. that is our fox report. i'm harris faulkner. thank you for being along with
5:00 pm
us. "huckabee" starts in a few seconds. have a fabulous week. tweet me and i will tweet you back. >> tonight on "huckabee," reporters afraid to report the truth. sources afraid to share information with journalists. is america bordering on becoming a police state?ng a and. >> i have complete confidence in eric holder asli attorneyce gen. >> the president continues t stand by his man. but is it really time for eric holder to go? plus -- >> they came in with 30 swat attired people with automatic weapons. >> the administration's intimidation is not limited to the media and conservative groups. >> they seized a lot of goods, guitars. >> is anyone immune from the government's heavy


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