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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 2, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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hearing on a newly released audit that uncovers excessive spending at irs conferences. we will bring you the lat "huckabee" starts in ten seconds. . >> is america bordering on becoming a police state? and i have complete confidence in eric holder as attorney general. >> is it time for eric holder to go? >> plus, they came in with 30 swat attired people with automatic weapons. >> the administration's intimidation is not limited to the conservative groups. >> they seize d the government'
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heavy hand. governor mike huckabee. >> thank you. thank you very much. welcome everybody. welcome to the huckabee show from the fox studios in new york city. our thoughts and prayers go to the folks in oklahoma and the middle of the country who have been devastated by the storms and floods and our hearts go out to them. we want to do everything possible on their be half. good evening. [ applause ] >> i'm james rosen. okay well i'm not james rosen. he's juyounger and smarter and better looking than me. tonight i'm james rosen and so
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are you. james was targeted by the department of justice and had his personal and professional e-mail accounts and phone records invaded by storm trooping federal agents who electronically violated the right of a free press to ask questions, seek truth and publish it's findings with the absolute protection from the government to interfere. the founders were so adamant to serve as watch dogs to the government the beginning of the first amendment that guarantees free gom dom of the press starts with these words, "congress shall make no law". it was a list of absolute shall notes applied to the government. the founders didn't fear that
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there would be too much freedom. government goons may not one day decide that those people ought to sit back shut up anden dor the ride. when i was governor i didn't always like the press and they sure didn't like me. there is always a little tension between those in office that we are serving the public's interest and those in the press that think we are crooks and liars. but in a moment that i thought was distorted and just plain vicious it never occurred to me that i could call up the state police and have a reporter ro h roughed up by bugging his phone and hacking his computer. i never thought to go audit somebody and go after people who said or did things that i didn't
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like. when eric holder stomped on the rights of james rosen he violated all of us. we are all vaulnerable to a government who uses power in an unlimited fashion. james rosen as well as other colleagues ought to be up for a pull l pulitzer prize for reporting on benghazi. they were breaking news when other organizations were breaking wind. it is about whether our great republic is going to survive when people are crushed when they dare to challenge it and hold people accountable. >> thomas jefferson once said if
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he had the choice between the government without newspapers or newspapers without a government he would not hesitate to choose the latter. this country absolutely needs a healthy vibrant media. probably more than ever now. >> we have seen journalists threatened, arrested, beaten, attacked and in some cases even killed simply for doing their best to bring us the story. >> the free press that isn't afraid to ask questions and to criticize. >> well, if he looks the other way while the person who is supposed to be the top law enforcement official in the land that is supposed to give an iron clad protection to a free press let's hope that no one shows up next year for the farce that the dinner will represent. in the meantime in mi one's
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rights are being v ining safe a are yours. for now, i am james rosen. and so are you. [ applause ] >> several news outlets including fox news said that early thursday they would not participate in eric holder's off the record meetings. on thod night tursday night the representatives who did attend the meeting were allowed to share the information that was discussed. ron wrote a column on why the media should not meet holder off the record. i spoke to them earlier about what happens when the press and
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their sources are intimidated into not working with each other. >> ron, on thursday you advised the media to stay away from this so called off the record meeting withhold der. why was that your advice? >> why be a prop for an agency of government? they are doing this so they can say we talked to the members of the media. and our job is to shine a light on the darkest corners of our government. not to be taking part in secret meetings. what i would have done is simply walked into the room and said i'm letting you know it is on the record i'm turning on the tape recorder it is up to you to decide whether you want to be on the record. >> that is what i would have
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expected you to do. that is what you would have done to me when i was governor and i would have expected nothing less. i was surprised at those that were willing to go given the conditions of the government given the background. did some surprise you for showing up? >> i don't know. i didn't really predict what they would do. i did predict that the attorney general would ask for it to be off the record. one of my arguments one of them was it is going to leak out anyhow. why don't we say it is going to be reportable. there is no such thing as a secret meeting anyhow. it was a kabuki dance and why would the media take part in the game like this? >> tom, you used the word soft
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tyranny do you think we are close to a policed state when it comes to an administration dealing with the press. >> policed state is a strong phrase. but certainly the conduct of the government in this climate of fear, censorship and supression is an indication is what i call soft tyranny on the edges. we have a government this administration a campaign control of information control of what the public sees or hears and in doing so they are assaulting the first amendment in a direct and unprecedented way. far more than other administrations combined and it raises the spector of why the government goes to such lengths to control critical information that is necessary to keep things
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informed in terms of what is going on inside the government. >> let's talk about the impact of what a reporter thinks might be the subject of a criminal investigation because of the sources of the story. does that not have on effect on their ability to report the story? >> how would a walmart employee feel when they find out it is against the law to stock shelves? it is our job to get information out of whistle blowers and people who want to get information out that maybe the government doesn't want to have out. i'm not talking about really important national security information we are in a 12 year effort here. to try to balance the need to keep our selves safe and not let critical national security
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information out but also do that while maintaining our liberties. we have seen that again and again and again going back to the bush administration. this is deplorable but i don't know it is more than what the bush administration did with the wireless activity. whether they demanded authorization was a pretty aggressive way to try to roll back civil liberties. we have to be careful to get politics out of this. we have to be sure that they were awfully loud in criticizing president bush. why aren't they doing the same thing with president obama? the same thing in your party rightly attacking the president of the united states now why weren't they during the bush administration?
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>> fair argument. we will continue it right after this. >> i would like to hear from you. go to my website and tell me what you think in the leave feedback section for follow me on facebook and tw
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block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. we've surcome a long way. ♪ [ le announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. thomas as a whistle brothlo weather you put your ability to support your family on the line. others do the same thing. what gets you to the point where you are willing to risk everything to tell your story? >> in my case i witnessed multi million dollar fraud on the part of the u.s. government at the highest levels and i could not stand by and be an eyewitness to
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a constitution that i was supporting and defending in my career. over the years i blew the whistle in accord dance with the statute. turns out it was without protection at all. i did go to a reporter within the abuse and secret surveillance program. it took the obama administration that they decided you know what for people like myself and now it turns out that it has become quite routine that we are going to use the espianage act to use that instead of abuse of power.
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>> to give it to the pup lick whi public which is very different, am i wrong there? >> no, it is an unprecedenteded raw abuse of police power. so is seizing the records of several phone lines of the associated press a drag net that got them sources of not just the ap story. they went way too far here. they have been changing their story since they got out. now they do this kabuki dance they need to get out in front of this thing and apologize and by the way, it has to be a policy that does allow them to really punish them to allow our men and
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women overseas and somehow pom promises ourflati national secu. it has to cross the line somebody has to be watching the hen house other than eric holder and his predecessors. i'm more worried frankly about the next one. this is scary chilling. >> i find this phypocritical. when it is to the convenience to the administration. they will authorize leaks like a sic. when it makes them look bad or reveals conduct that they would rather not have the public know, they are are coming after them with the iron fist. >> you are right. yeah. there was -- a group after group
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after group of reporters who were brought into the offices of the white house to get extended on background briefings. they couldn't quote the person about the assassination of bin laden. we took out a guy who took out of a lot of our people. there was classified information there. you can't have it both ways. we do have to crack down when somebody is compromising our security. and governor as you know, we work every day. especially organizations like the associated press. when we get a story that we think might cross that line. we will approach us or them. are we going to compromise a
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source here or get an asset killed? and based on their word we h hold on to a story and hold back information. we are citizens too. we don't want to get anybody hurt. that is the irony here. >> ron, thomas, thank you both very much for being with us today. >> thank you governor. thanks for having me governor. >> it was great to talk to them. but it is also important that americans understand that this is not about the press. this is about the freedom of every american. and it needs to make you angry
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enough that you don't let it rest and don't look at this as an issue that the only people that need to be worrying about this are the news organizations. you are not going to know what they are doing in washington and it wan do whatever it wants to do to us. not just for us. while the controversy continues to surround this administration, last week the president is hanging out on the jersey shore. is he trying to divert attention from the scandals in washington? we'll debate it when we come back.
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a couple of weeks ago during
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a press conference at the rose garden president obama was asked about his confidence in embattled attorney general eric holder. >> i have confidence in him. he does his job with hintegrity expect he will continue to do so. >> fast forward to this week. and concerns that he lied under oath on wednesday jay carney reafirmed the president obama position. >> on may 16th the president was asked if he has confidence in the attorney jogeneral is that still the case? >> how much longer can the president stand biy eric holder
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or as i like to call him, eric withholder. good to have you back. >> are you still going to look me in the a and defend him and tell me he is doing a great job? >> i will. i will defend him this way. i have still yet to hear what he has doneillegally. what has he done? he asked for a subpoena. a judge signed off on that subpoena. we should have to go after the judge how far up does this allegedly conspiracy goes. we have to allege a crime somewhere. >> tara if you don't jump on that i'm going to. i'll let you have a shot at it. >> i was waiting to see he was going to take it. let's talk about eric holder. before he became attorney
8:27 pm
general. he was responsible for the mark rich pardon. the guy was a fugitive and he went over to covington and berling which was a law firm whi which representsed gitmo detainees. he made $2 million a year as a senior partner and then became attorney general. which is amazing to me. prior to becoming attorney general there is no way that republican senators would have voted to approve him. but that is soanother discussio >> is making a lot of money illegal? >> this is what liberals do. they make it absolute. no it doesn't represent the
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epitomy of jurist prudence. >> let's jump in, but one of the points you made was has he done anything illegal and you said did he lie to congress on may 15th and he had to shop for a third judge before he found one to sign off on this before the first two thought the justice department had no business. >> then i think that we should have a progressive mipizza part at the "new york times" building. in terms of his ethics, i understand what tara is trying to sort of drive at with the success that it is unethical. however, i think there are many
8:29 pm
lawyers out there who would say it is one of the highest ethical standards to defend the defenseless. >> really? oh really? >> the weakest among us. >> mark rich who is defending his pardon was defending the helpless. people who are blowing themselves up. give it a rest. okay. and now, if he wants to do that he should have stayed at that law firm. not the person who represents our government in the highest level of government. he is under contempt of congress. let's talk about fast and furious. a border patrol agent was killed under that. he was the one who wanted to bring ksm to the united states
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and wanted to prosecute him in new york city. is that a problem? it s we can go down a list of why he should not be attorney general. >> i have to ask each of you give a 15 second answer the president is now turning his attention making speeches to drone policy and health care. is he attempting to diverse attention to other topics? >> i think he is trying to govern and actually does care about the other policies. he doesn't want to talk about holder at this point and that is clear. >> tara? >> as long as eric holder continues to be a shield for him and deflects about what obama may or may not have known. but hi days are numbered. he is going to have to go.
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am anita vogel a. huge wildfire continuing the destructive path in california. it is burning 50 miles north of downtown los angeles and it is covering 40 square miles nearly 3,000 people have evacuated hundreds of homes in nearby lake elizabeth and lake hume. 6 homes destroyed by the flames another 15 are damaged. meanwhile the same storm system that caused deadly tornadoes in oklahoma friday moving east.
8:35 pm
he here is video from south carolina where a tornado touched down. up north heavy rain, thunderstorms wind and hail knocking out power to 45,000 people in vermont, new hampshire and maine. oklahoma realing from the damaging storms that left 13 people dead. i am anita vogel now back to "huckabee." for the latest headlines log on to >> well we received an incredible amount of reaction to our interview of the president of the organization that was targeted by the irs. she told us how she was targeted and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. we have with us jascowitz the president of gibson gi stgu.
8:36 pm
>> they came in with 30 swat attired people with automatic weapons. >> in your factory like you were making drugs or something? >> they came into three factories and evacuated our employees into the parking lot. they turned off our video surveillance and then they seized a lot of goods. gi stuitars hard drives, i had people in my office, with guns, that wouldn't allow me in. it was pretty nightmarish. >> it really was. i remember being stunned that a manufacturer not accused of doing violent crime would be the object of this overwhelming government jump. now i'm beginning to put some of
8:37 pm
this together. it appears that there is a systemic determination to go after entities like gibson gi stars whose ceo's had given to republicans. other guitar manufacturers used the same kind of wood. they never received a visit from the irs. they gave to democratic candidates. maybe there is no connection but again, maybe there is a tooth fairy too. here is what he said on the radio show. >> in my column, just came out this week i say that americans deserve the irs and at the end of the column i say why, now the bottom line is that the congress needs a ruthless agency like the
8:38 pm
irs. why? because we americans want congress to do certain things and we want what the irs does mainly to take the earnings of one american so that congress can create a benefit for some other american. >> well you know i think what walter williams is maybe suggesting is that the irs is a confiscator of our property and a redistribute tore. there is one solution to this. let's enact the fair tax. because then there is no irs we pay at the point of consumption and rid ourselves of what has become an outlaw organization that is playing politics with tax policy. if there ever was a great argument we have been given all of that in exclamations.
8:39 pm
every year during christmas time there is controversy about o ordinances that would ban nativity scenes because of the words "merry christmas". lawmakers in texas have had enough. this week they passed the merry christmas bill. the bill reads quote: [ applause ] >> the sad thing is that you actually have to have a legislative mandate so that people can use their freedom of speech and freedom of religion and say merry christmas and happy hanukkah. the world has gone nuts. thank you texas for showing
8:40 pm
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do you remember this bold prediction while addressing the united nations last year? >> iran has completed the first stage. by next spring and summer at current enrichment rates they will have finished the medium enrichment and moved onto the final stage. from there it is only a few months and possibly a few weeks before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb. >> well, it is now next summer and if he was correct, iran is moving on to the final stage of building nuclear weapons. meanwhile the front-runner in the june 14th election is more radical than ahmadinejad.
8:45 pm
>> all right danny, how close now is iran in getting to thpoi said was the red line and the breaking point? >> we are not talking about days or weeks but also not years. within a year, it is also the american administration the leaders in europe we have to make a decision whether we allow iran to become nuclear. >> the u.s. has said they will not let it happen but we are not sure what that means. will israel act if it has to in order to prevent iran from getting nuclear weaponry? >> he is laughing at that. he is continuing to build the bomb israel cannot allow iran to build the bomb.
8:46 pm
it says they will go against the jews and the christians so the american people also have to wake up and understand that if they will not act against ahmadinejad he will act against them. >> there have been reports this week that the iranians have amassed an enormous amount of missiles that will be able to overwhelm the iron dome defense system. does israel believe that maybe iran is poised to try that and test it? >> well, the history has told us that when you have a leader full of hatred and he is threatening to kill the jewish people we cannot sit by and wait or not. we have the capability to defend ourselves. we have a strong army and
8:47 pm
defense system but we don't want a war of jews against iran. that is why we expect the u.s. and the european nation to join us and stop iran from becoming nuclear armed. >> what if they are not going to engage in syria, it didn't work out too well to engage in labor th -- labor thibya we are not goi take this on does israel still have to stand up by itself? >> we have the capability to stand up to all threats and we will do it. i want to remind you that in the early '80s we were condemned by the u.s. but everybody condemned that. >> the un -- i'll condemn the un
8:48 pm
for you. [ applause ] >> but i'll say, they are worthless anyway. so don't worry bit. >> but, we do not want to do it ourselves. even though we are capable of doing that ourselves. syria is falling apart. we don't know who is in charge. we don't have eye any idea who is going to be in charge. >> first of all, i want to make it very clear. we hear that assaad is blaming the rebels and we are not taking sides on the war in syria. we see the picture from the liberal point of few. we know that hezbollah is waiting and wants to put their hands on the weapons and they
8:49 pm
cannot allow phezbollah to brin the weapons which will be used against us. >> i want to thank you for coming here and your book gives a clear position of what israel is against and all people who love freedom throughout the middle east and throughout the world. >> thank you, governor. [ applause ] >> quincy jones once called these guys the baddest vocal cats on the planet. ♪ it was the best day whoo! yes! ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ecause of yo [sigh] [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors -- we make a great pair.
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>> mike: mike next guests have won more awards than any vocal group in history.
8:53 pm
ten grammies and ten dove awards. celebrating their 25th anniversary at a group. they have a brand new cd and it is called one. but there is six of them. please welcome take six. i will help you since you helped put the group together, not many bands can stay together for 25 years. what is the secret of six of you being able to do that? >> it is not easy, trust me. i think it is because we all really like each other. we have been together at least half of our lives. we respect each other and for us this is the lord's group so we try to stay out of the way. >> mike: there is not a great celebrity song writer or musician that hasn't had some connection with you guys. you touch literal lily the ente spectrum of the industry.
8:54 pm
do you ever just say wow? >> we say wow when we are interviewed like this. >> you are good. >> a song that most people know and recognize from the take six cat that log and goes way back. >> mike: let's hear it. take six. ♪ ♪
8:55 pm
♪ well, i'm singing mary ♪ oh, ma mary don't you leave ♪ ♪ oma oh, mary don't you leave♪ ♪ oh, mary don't you leave ♪ oh, mary don't you leave
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♪ oh, mary don't you leave ♪ singing mary ♪ oh, mary don't you leave ♪ [ applause ] >> mike: fantastic! take 6.
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that is it for tonight. thanks for joining us. until next week this is mike huckabee from new york. huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. but i feel skinnier, you know? not really. aaah! jessica! whoa! your friend's a rate sucker. her bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. try snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. [pop!] stop paying for rate suckers! try snapshot free at
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at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. >> they come here to kill us and we worry about what they think of us. america should protect you, your sons. why would you give the criminals an advantage over the citizen ry. get the hell out of your elitist egg head power, put on your big boy's pants. >> she wears a blindfold. her rulings free of prejudice and corruption rendered without fear or favor. she carries both a sword and a scale. she symbolizes all that is fair and just in the enforcement and administration of justice. and i believe in her. for 30 years


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