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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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thank you all for voting. that is all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troled, the news continues. we toss now to greta van susteren who is standingbout i to go on the record. tomorrow night. back here tonight intimidated by the irs. horror stories capitol hill.r >> i'm not here a surf or a vasil. i'm not begging my lord for mercy. i'm a born free american woman, wife, mother a citize i'm telling my government that >> inch of 2012, the lace. confidential portions our 990 return, including schedule b, which is our list of major donors and their ho addresses appeared on the we of a human rights campaign, our ciple political opponent in the nationwide fight over traditional marriage. the copy of our tax returns and
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our list of donors posted there was reda. our computer forensic people were able to unlayer the redact from that pdf file and discovered the original document that was posted there had originated from within the irs. >> let's stop this charade of pretending thoo the pretending that these are social welfare organizans and admit that they are political, treat them as such and play by the same rules that everybody the committee plays by when we are volved in politics. representative, bloomenour, it is your kind of statements that have empowered irsagents to make determinations about which organizations qualify for the public good and wh not. >> in order to raise money, i filed an application with the irs in january of 2011, seeking to obtain 501 c-3 status as an educatio organization. as of today, i have been waiting
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for 29 months without status. in the interim, i lost a $30,000 launchnt from a reputable nonprofit whose executive dictor adv me he had never seuch treatment of a 501 c-3 applicant in his 25 years of making grants. >> i am totally outraged by the accusation that we are somehow subsidized by the tax payers. people making donations to the c-4 organization,hat is not a tax deductible amount. if we want to have a group that people pay dues the are not subject to pay tax oes on again which it has alrdy been taxed. somehow we are taking money from starving children they to fund our group. >> republicans were looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one. mr. issa says he could feel it in his gut that someone has broken the law.
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let's not forget the irs commissioner appointed by george bush and was investigated by a republican inspector general. what happened to you was unfair but it was a mistake. >> welcome to washington. >> the committee will be in order. ryas the time. >> we heard gingrich. we heard bush. we had the former irs commissioner, shulman, who knew abouhis before congr hatold, implied the organizations were responsible because they chose to apply for tax-exempt status. so you are to blame, i guess, is the message here. conservative groups finally getting their turn today telling congress about the irs, putting a giant target on their backs. two of today's speakers join us, kevin and john eastmanrom a group called the national organization for marriage. let me ask you first, john, you two ever know each other before your testimony today? >> not until this morning. he is a philosophical brother.
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what i heard in his statement is after my own heart. >> what about the other tea party? >> a couple of them i at phone conferences but never in person. >> kevin, you have waited 29 months since you have filed for the 501 c-3. 29nths and it still hasn't been authorized? >> no status yet. 29 months and counting as of yesterday. >> and you also lost a 000 -- >> $30,000 grant that was promised based on achieving status. the executive director told me had never seen such tment irs of an organization like mine. >> john, did you thi you had fair treatment? >> i got fair treatment by half the committee. the other half did a disservice to them and the country. the notion that representative blumenour said wewere not eligible because we support traditional marriage.
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it is those kind of decisions made by the irs empowered by statements from the representative and president obama thas led to the mess we are in. >> have you ever received your authorization? >> the national organization of marriage is not in the same oup the others were. we are already authorized. it illegaled the disclosure of our tax returns. >> that was given to opponent and website on a website? >> the head of the human rights campaign had just been named national co-chair of the obama re-election campaign. they were seeking our donors to publicize them and intimidate them away from givingther ey to support our cause. it is a felony. five years in prison, a serious felony. list of donors, are able to actually trace them to the irs and not some rogue within your own organization? >> the copies ofur own tax returns we have in our rganization are clean copies. we filed them with the irs electronically. when they get filed
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electronically, the irs puts a code on the the redons we were able to unr, we know it came from within the irs. >> do you know who did it >> don'tw who did it. we have asked for an investigation. >> do they actually have an investigation ongoing? >> they now refuseo acknowledge whether te is one or not. back inril last year, they acknowledged and gaves a complaint number for the inigation. they first investigated us to try and prove it came from somebody within ou organization. when that didn't pan out, that was the last we heard of the investigation. >> kevin, today, anything surprise you? >> i agree with . what surprised me was what e democrats did. one of the things theyttempted to do was to malign us as if our ideas didn't matter, to describe their social welfare programs as somehow constitutionally the protection of the not worth constion. >> i think there was one
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congressman, mcdermott, w said this was simply a mista is that simply unacceptable to you? >> yes, to idenfy it as simply a mke is to do a disservice to the moral issue. this is a fundamental american issue. the first amendment, they are there for a reason. it is a testament to how importthey are tour libertas determined by our founders. to say it is a mistake is also dismissive of of these organizations beuse we don't bring in a lot of money. i think at one poin the testimony, it was clear how little, how few dollars $2,000 here, $3,000 there. they make it. they demagogue us. we are mom and pop. >> what is your occupation? is this a full-time job for you? i'm an entertainment lawyer. i love what i do. for 21 years, i've been an entertainment lawyer. this has been a part-time and now a very small part-time
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side. n shop operation on the >> re you involved in politics before this or was the tea part your first step into this arena about issues? we are not tea ty but we do share pphical concerns with the tea party. we ct the expansion of the goernment and we jealously guard human liberties. i would sayy philosophical journey and my involvement in political issues started tenor 12 years ago. >> jo is this full-time job for you? >> no. i'm chairman of the national organization for marriage. my day job is a professor a chap university. >> before this, were you involved in these sort of issues or is this something new to you? >> i ran for attorney general in california in 2010. that was as the tea party movement was kicking into gear. i probably spoke to every single one of theoups out in california during that campaign. theyreerrifi people, me spun americans who ha enough of what's happening in our country and wanted to do something about it before it
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be irreversible and they handed something down worse to their kids than they received from their parents. >> any doubt in your mind that you were targeted? >> no doubt whatsoever. >> any doubt with you? >> no. it is hard to claim it was inadvertent w somebody took the trouto redact the irs identifyg information and our tax returns happened tohow up into the hands of our political opponent. >> what do you want to happen? >> i want the truth. there has clearly been criminal legal violations and crimes committed. who committed those crimes, we don't know yet. for the irs to merely apologize, if wdon't file our tax returns, greta, that wee subject to criminal alties >> you have to pay your beforeu canenge that it is an unlawful tax. >> in this situation, the irs i me saying we are sorry. >> there ar felonies committed against our organization. i wouldhat trail to run up as hard and as far as it goes. o ordered it, who autho
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it, disclosed it and put the redactions on, all are felonies. we need to get to the bottom of it. >> thank you, gentlemen. for almost two years, house ways and committee member, charles bustani tried to get answers from the irs. today, he heardrom the irs >> how did you find out that yo to the irs? >> it aared on asite by the human rights campaign, our rial politicalopponent. somebody called it to our tenti. we saw hat. redactions.wa a this was march 30thof 2012. within a few days, our compr forensic peopeen able to it came fromwithin the irs itself. >> i would say w hav seen egregius abuse, dation and mismanagement. this cannot be tolerated. we have to get to the bottom of this.
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we have to get to the facts of what happened. those responsible will be held the ccount under the fully under >> nice to see you, sir. good to be wth you greta. >> you had the exchange back in march, 2012n then commissioner shulman there was no targeting going on with th irs? >> it is amazing isn't it? he had an opportunity to come clean at that point in time. at this point time, t was an investigation ongoing in irs because of allegations. we know that someone in the washington office was sent down to report back as to as happening in the cincinnati and yet we heard that testimony that he absoluly denied any of this w going on. that's just unacceptable. we will get to the bottom of it. >> march, 2012. let me back you up and go down the chain of command a little bit to the chief council, william j. wilkins. was he aware as the chief council of the irs? >> we believe he was.
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division were in his we have to believe that he was made aware of this. something of this nature raises serious rags. >> it has been reported at least by nationew that the inspector general's report says e was notified. that's august, 2011. so six months later, the cioner then cssioner shulman testified, he category denied absolutely no targeting but we know his lawyers office within six months earlier and we have lois learner. >> we are closing in on this, because we have now interviesom. we have some of the remaining ones to get t we're goio work this thing from the ground up. everybody is going to be talked to in this this. we're going to get their interviews transcribed. we will get to the bottom of it. >> the two gentleman that were here, one has been waiting months to get authorization. the otheros
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organization, tax return, a donor list appeared on a website and would the irs indication come from the irs. are you going to get criminal investigations of their case or make sure that is done? >> we are looking to do that. right knew, we are trying to get all the facts. this is going to take time reviewing the documents that we are finally starting to get at this stage of the game. in fact, ch camp and i met today with the acting commissioner who has pledged his full cooperation in this endeavor. we will hold his feet to the want to get the information, connect the dots and put it in front of the american people. those that broke the law will pay. >> here is what i don't get. apparently, he has added a lawyer to add him on scandal response. why in tworld are we paying for another lawyer at the irs he has gone out and hired another one. is this just like an employment
7:14 pm
hiring for the irs. isn't there a lawyer within the irs that could do this that he doesn't have to hire? now, we get charged to investigate our own investigation. >> i can only surprise he wanted to bring an outside lawyer because we all know who was involved in this. >> why do you need a lawyer? you step up to the plate. he is brand new. he doesn't have anything to do with it. he wasn't from the irs. he has nothing to hide. just got there. why does he need a lawyer? >> he probably needs le advice. >> how about just tell the truth. what happened? you guys can subpoena people or call them up and let them testify. i don't understand. now, this investigation gets bigger and the taxpayers get put more on the hook not to mention all the conferences we pay for. >> we are going to follow this thing all the way up and we are not going to let up until we get the answers. this is too big. dealing with the irs, the agency that deals directly with people can destroy anybody in this country. >> you heard congressman mcdermott's response.
7:15 pm
you can still do your work. he didn't understand what it means to get jerked around by the irs. i have talked to enough people. they get scared when they get a little notice of deficiency. >> it is frightening. this agency has to be called down on the carpet. we are going to get to the bottom of it. we are going to clean house in this. this is an opportunity, also, in my opinion, for congress to step up and do the legitimate oversight to correct these deficiencies and hold people to account and also t make sure that criminal prosecution occurs, if indeed we prove that federal law was broken. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> now, to tonight's hot button issue. was the irs incompetent or deliberately trying to shut up the tea party and teach them a lesson? >> go to dancing video. you are about to find what other
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tony boesch executives, their dream to become the best dancers. this is their story. >> you are not just getting in class. get in line now. >> look, i never signed for this. i n signed up for this. >> are you guys ready? i don't see you guys being ready. i need you guys to get in line. >> thosere your tax dollars at work. you have seen this dreadful irs dancing video. now, we are ging a look at exactly how the irs wasted more than $4 million on just one california conference and almost 50 million on other lavish employee conventions over two years. a reporter from "the washington post," lisa ryan, joins us. nice to see you. >> greta, you too. $4 million on anaheim, which
7:21 pm
basically i'm unglued about. $4.1 million. >> what did we get for that? >> for that 2600 employees who handle tax issues for small busses and people who file, who are self-employed went to anaheim, california. they stayed the hilton and two other hotels and they were essentially managers. so they were learning about leadership and training and ostensibly learns about security. this was the year that a guy who into a field office in austin ne killing an irs employee, traumatizing. one of the focuses of this conference was supposed to be >> they have traumatized many other people i should say very sar ca sarcastically. it is no secret 2600 employees. thisasn't an underground thing. who authorized the expense of this in thisconference? has that been identified? >> well, es.
7:22 pm
the two deputy ommissioners, the number two people at the irs, inclg the now former number two spots authorized it.e of the really fascinating things about this report that came out today that wleased by inspector general for the treasury department, the watchdog for the irs, is that there was very little accounting, very little accountability for the spending. so when the auditors for the inspector general tried to get expenditures on this conference, why did this cost so much?how m planners cost? w much did this t? how much did that cost? ity hard for them t get the recets. that to me in reading the report showed that there was sort of a culture at the time. remember, this is 2010, three rs ago. they haven't audited the other years, have they? >> well, yeah. they focused on this conference. they fe the spending was excessive and symbolic. >> there is a news alert.
7:23 pm
they actually thought th it >> will say the irs has basically said, look, we acknowledge this was a big problem. we do not have conferences like this anymore. >> who was the person it, the high-ranking person, who auized it? >> there were a number of them. >> who was the highest? >> these were two deputy commissioners at the time. one of whom i believe was a former irs commissioner. >> who? >> mr. shulman who no longer there. >> was shulman the one who congressman boustany, told him in march of 2012, there was no targeting. he authorized thespending. they paid two event planners and they gave them percentage and a commission. so they didn't bother negotiate hotel rooms to get cheaper rooms because the larger the bill was, the bigger their commission was. greta, a lot ofhe government conferences c we have talked about the years.
7:24 pm
conference held the same year, 2010, at the gsa, general services administration. >> the guy in the bathtub. >> that was in las vegas. i have to say the federal the last two years, really in cut back on these conferences throughout the government, rtly because of the optics and partly because they don't want to spendmoney. >> whoever thoughit was a good idea, who didn't have a sense it was not oy to spend money like this? they really aren't conferences. they could get gym and a bunch of folding chairs and podium with a microphone if they wanted a conference. the culture was, who cares, it ot theirs. >> the culture was also about building rale. i think there were some productive thingsat happened at these conferences. i think everyone inside and outside government agrees that this shouldn't have happened. it should not continue to happen. i think a lot of people will be
7:25 pm
watching many governme agencies to make surehese of things don't happen. >> lisa, thank you. > coming up, well not another one. another administration scandal brewing. what now? the latest is next. also, amannequin, lingerie and sex toys at the beginning of a crime. you are going to see it all coming up. so we could be a better, safer energy company. i've been with bp for 24 years. i wa of th of the team that helped deliver on our commitments to the gu and i can tell you, safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge safety equipment and technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of -art we'monitoring center,dge safety equwhere experts watch over all oudrilling ay, twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce enerlyore safely. safety is a vital part of bp's commitment to america - td to the nearly 25000 peopleho work wiherehere.
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7:30 pm
>> 27,000, 28,000 e-mails a month come into the public. ut 400 into the private e-mail. it is a management issue. i can't possiscreen all of them. i want people to get timely answers. we have more on what the a.p. found? they made a freedom of information request about these e-mail accou is that correct? >> that's correct. >> what did you find? >> after the environmental protection agency said they had a separate-mail account in which they conducted business. the former administrator, lisa jackson, we thought it would be a good idea to see how often other members, political appointees had done the sa we filed a foia request to every cabinet level agency. the responses we got back were very revealing. most did not respond to our equest even though we filed them three months ago. one said an error to their credit said it would cost $1 million. another one which was health and human services said that we're
7:31 pm
not going to give you those addresses. jected. one of the addresses was one that was public anyways. in that whole process, we found out there a thesert of separate e-mail accounts and they have said t are subjected to the freedom of information act, congressional inquiries but we haven't been able to verify that. >> if they say they subject to foia requests but they don't respond after 90 days or if they say it is going you $1 million, it makes it impossible to verify wheer or not they are subject to the foia if they are not fohcomin with them. >> we try to do just like we do with this administration, we believe in ncy. we want to ask the governme what it knows. we tax payers, we have paid for this information. ave a right to look at this information. in our view, we had asked for these e-mail addresses, a simple list. you go to an e-mail server. you say, hey, who are the people with e-mail accounts on the se? what are the e-mail addresses associated with them? wesk for t list back.
7:32 pm
mople said they didn't give it to us. they haven't given us that list yet. os said that they were protected and then we pushed back. others jus simply didn give us the list of e-mails. >> the epa administration, at least jackson hearst, was really weird, using a man's name, very bizarre. kathleen sebelius says she has two accounts because she gets thousands of e-mails it would be more private internally. that would not be unusual? >> that's right. richard.windsor at epa. the name of her dog and a town in new jersey. >> we all agree that is odd. >> some call it counterintuitive of an e-mail address. it was different than the kathleen.sebelius, that you would expect of e-mail was publicly we had said it appears as if the
7:33 pm
e.p.a. has been doing practice. we filed a request asking for what everybody else in the executive branch did. our bottom line is that we believe transparency and openness in government. we pay for these records. we would li to know what our elected officials, whether it is this administration or previous, if they see the list. >> they talk transparency. let's see if they produce it. if they are watching tonight, they will provide with tha.p. reqst. congressman accusing eric holder of havsomething to gh. he is not happy with the reply letter. in that letter, attorney general holder's testimony with surveillance. chairman goodlat wants answers directly fromorney general holder. he said he didn't know anything about any potential investigations or prosecutions of res a that turned out not to be so. you had james rosen here at fox
7:34 pm
news. what do you want? >> we want to have the attorney general respond to the questions that we've posed to him based on the clear contradiction bet his sworn testimony in the committee and his approva of the affidavit for a search warrant in the rosen case before the committee when asked by democratic congressman, hank johnson, of geor about the prosecution of reporters said the potentialecution of reporters was something he never heard of, thought it would be an unwise thing to do and then after the testimony the judge in that case who had sealed the rch warrant affidavits realized that they were ths overdue at being relea to the public. they were supposed to be held for 18 months. they were held for three years. they were released just a few dayster the attorney ral's testimony. they showed in that aavit that the f.b.i. warrant that he
7:35 pm
approved stated that mr. rosen was at least an aider, abetter, a coconspirator in violation of the espionage act. >> why can't you just tell attorney general, eric holder, come on back, we will p you nder oath. you do the explaining and if you don't want to come back, we are going to subpoena you to come back? >> once we know that the attorney general has not met our deadline of 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, those are the alternatives that ill be looking at and we are going toursue this matter beyond 5:00 p.m. tomorrow if he doesn't respond. that's certainly the option of the committee. >> how soon are you going to ask him and dem his presence back at the committee? >> we are going to wait and see whether or not he responds. we areo to pursue it. >> do you expect him to respond? >> i expect him to respond at
7:36 pm
some point in time. this is not in the interest of the obamaadministration or the justice department to leave t kind of uncertainty about what the department is doing when they investigate reporters. are they putting false formation before judges or if it true information d they say, never prosecu if it is that serious, if is a violation of the espionage act as coconspirator, no. >> the first whoas to prosecute contempt charge is the justice department and they just sat on it. why do you think they didn' take it seriously. why do you think they will this time? >> well, because thisime the attorney general's credibility is personally on the line terms of sworn testimony before the judiciary committee and the question of whether that testimony untruthful, maybe even perjuryous. >> what if he is dodgegy and
7:37 pm
cagey and he is the highest law enforcement officer in the country. you can explain it to be true by dodgy and cagey? . >> if that's his defense, he needs to com and answer our question specifically, not have a lower-level aide answer them for him. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. susana martinez, does she think attorney general, eric holder, should resign. seat.een sebelius i on the hot you will hear from secretary sebelius and you tell us if she has somele on the horizon. i want to make things more secure.
7:38 pm
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7:40 pm
are not regulated.wo groups who i did not discuss funding with the other three entities. i did discuss enroll america and i would tell youat the statutory authority, section 1704 in the public health i could legally solicit funds t from anybody regulated by our office. i chose to do that. by promoting a public/private partnership, you bet. >> has secretary sebelius gone off the deep end thinking she c solicit moony frompeople she regulatesr is she just following the law. andit. vote in our poll. we are back in tw and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer along with support, chantix (varenicline) is prove helelpeople quiuit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at se e that you could smo o on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people hachangeges in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal oughts or actions
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7:43 pm
tea party? >> it is really unfortunate. confidein their government.have when you know that the irs, an agency that has that kind of power, to be targeting individuals or organizations simply because of their beliefs really does take away the faith and confidence thatthey are doing the right thing for the right reason. see that they are targeting any organization. they should treat people fairly across the board without any political influen whatsoever. >> in your prior life, were you a prosecutor, with the d.a. your thoughts on what's going on -- a lot of republicans are calling for the resignation of the attorney general. >> i think we need to have is answe fm the attorney general. first and foremost, he needs to answethe tough questions. he needs to answer them honestly. he needs to let the american people know where the failures have occurred, so that those can get fixed. resigning and getting away from the lem and the american
7:44 pm
peoplt finding out what happened so it doe happen again and so people are held accountable, that needs to take place first. >> are we getting straight answer frs the attor gener? is he ering all the questionscompletely? >> i don't know if he is or isn't. it doesn't appear we are getting the full story. >> immigration reform, it is important tour home state. your thought on w the gang of eight has proposed or how it is meandering through cong >> i certainly believ that there are several solutions to the immigration question, not jus one single answer. we absolutely haveo secu the border first. the border has to be secured i order to prevent that continuous flow of people that are coming through the border illegally. however, one thing have to remember is that the border doesn't just allow people from mexico to come through. theme f all over the world throthat border that is between the united states and mexico. i do think that people such as children that came here without a say-so, certainly should be
7:45 pm
treated a little differentl han someone o made the decision to break the law and come to the united states. also, we want to encourage immigration. we want to bring peo here who can stay here, go to our universities, rin in our universities and stay in the ted states even after have completed their education. >> so are you in favor of the proposal whether it be some sort of path of citizenship for the 11 million or 1 million that are here gally or what would you suggest? >> i believe we should have a pathway to legal status. >> what's the difference. >> when you have a pathway to citizenshiyou end up disrespecting the people th are in line and have been in line and have been doi all the to beco a citizen and the thway to citizenshipllows those people to jump in front of the line of those that have done everything correctly. i think to have legal status lows se individuals to be here legally and attend our schools and have a job and pay their taxes and do all the things they should just like an american does. if tizenship is enter desire,
7:46 pm
the line. get at the end of somewhat of a victory dance the right word to describe the supreme court upheld they reversed the maryland's highest court and they have allow it so that law enent cantake dna swabs when someone has been arrested but not convicted because that goes back a case handled 2003 or 2004. >> katyge was a young college student 22 years old, raped, kidnapped and murdered dumped in a dump site and put on fire trying to get rid of the evidence. she haddna under her finger nails. when they took the dna and uploaded it to the national date, they couldn't find a match. not until several years lat the person who killed her was convicted of a felony. he was convicted. at that time, they took his dna and found a match. three years of agony for that family before determining who wasesponsible for killing her.
7:47 pm
>> did he commit a crime in that three-year period? that would have some weight. >> he would haveeen arrested. that's how you law the cha now, upon arrest of any felony in new mexico, you have adna swap taken, always a simple swabbing with a q tip of the inside of your cheek and placed into a box and we only take 8 or 13 marrs of your dna. a person has millions of them. we only take 13 and upload that on the national database. it matchesp to any crime you committed that has gone unsolved. and it turnsout that eventuallye the governor who signs the law t result earlier.enabled a ver >> absolutely. i actually even testified at the hearing in front of the committee. because it was my case, i untood it well. i undertostood how oninvasive te procedure was. it is a fingerprint of the 21st century. we have been taking fingerprints and photographs for a very long
7:48 pm
time. as governor, to able to be a part of making sure we are holding people accountable or exonerating people. >> the argument against it, the difference between fingerprints is fingerprints is a way to make sure you have the right identity where this is an inveive tool to trackem down to other crimes. >> and a marker for identifying the person that was responsible. you can also issue a warrant with just dna markers. you don't have to wait to know who it belongs to. you can issue warrants with plane old dna markers to preserve the statute of limitations. it is a way of identifying the person who is responsible as well. >> what else is governor martinezoing while is here in washington and wshe make a run for pident in 2016? for complnterview with governor martinez. straight ahead, a strange but true cr the evidence, annequin, lingerie and sex toys. what happened? all caught on camera. will see i. ♪
7:49 pm
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hash it out.ay, it's time to alec baldwin got booed off an america airlines flight after refustot down wortdz with friends on a but what about nearly half of the passengers? yahoo tweeting air tran put 100 high school students for refusing to sit down and tur off cell phones they were headed to atlanta for a senior trip. air tran they won't sit this is not a chick. misserica, 2003 really is looking for whal. former miss america launches congressional run. yes erica harold wants to whip washington into shape. she has brains to make a splash challenging roey
7:54 pm
davis in the illinois republican primary. neither candidate will be forced to enter a swimsuit competition. now, one cheeky crook. hingington post posts man steals sexy man kin -- mannequin and apparently did not like the outfit because he came ck to get her a change of clothes. the robber got caught. we're betting this guy didn't mind getting handcuffed. okay, what did you do today at 2:55 p.m. do you remember? chances thr time, nothing. world medical news reporting least productiime of the day determined to be 2:55 p.m. what can you doo stay awake? what is the most productive part of your day? 10:26m. what did i do today at 2:55? i sent a suggestion to t staff.
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8:00 pm
whip kevin mccarthy will be here. so you don't want to miss it. to that is where every is. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i'm a born-free american woman, wife, mother, and citizen. and i'm telling my government that you've forgotten your place. >> bill: thes into -- noose getting tighter around the neck of the irs. no question they abused their power. we will hear from two senators who herd heard testimony again. >> girls attacking each other. >> bill: national media ignoring the epidemic of school violence in america. abc newscently had a shocking exposition. we'll show it to you. >> you are going to die night


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