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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 5, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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an 84-year-old woman, lump sum of $370 million. she got the winning ticket after the first in line ahead of her allowed her to cut in front and win it all. good for gloria and the person in front of her. thanks for watching, i'm megyn kelly. >> shepard: just gloria or a group? >> megyn: justria. she won, 84 years young. >> shepard: i hope she has a good lawyer. >> megyn: you went to a dark place. >> shepathe news begins anew. we're tracking the collapse of a four-story buildinn building that fell.s t this was a thrift store here. one person now reportedly killed. we'll speak live with a r who was t first to pull peop out. president obama chose his knew national security advisor, n rice, who came under heavy fire for statements in the wake
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of the benghazi terror attacks. we're learning more about eric holder's reaction to the contrsy of journalists. the message to his staff, be aggressive. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b" with shepard "studio b." >> we begin with a fox news alert. the dow is below 15,000 for the first time in a while. off 180 on the session. it's been down close to 200. at one point down 192 so it's been an off day. earlier the dow jones was down 225 putting the benchmark below 1500p updates coming through the final hour of ading. rst a fox urgent. a report f our station in philadelphia, wtxf fox news, one person has died in the building collapsed downtown.
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this as a huge search and rescue operation is way. rescuers using bare hands. crews weremolishing the next door going building when part of it crashed down, sending debris on to a salv army thft store. at least 13ople are in hospitals after rescuers pulled them from the rubble. again, our local fox station spoke with a witness who helped two people before emergency responders got there. >> before the collapse occurred there was people walking in and out of the thrift store. a building next door, they were doing construction on next to the thrift store. they were trying to knock it down away from the store but it went and landed on top of the thrift store. >> shepard: here's a look at the building. the thrift se on the left and mean on the right.ace on -- i
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the hogueyty place on the left. it's right in the heart of downtown philly. david lee miller arrived on the scene. what do you know? reporter: shepard, this is the perspective from one city block it's an overpass off in the distance, you can see where the four-story building stood, where it collapsed on top of th two-story building housi the salvation ar a search and rescue operation is still under way. a few moments ago the mayor and other city officials held a news conference. they said 14 people had been recovered. 13 rather ominously takto the hospital. authorities would not discuss the fate of the 14th 14th individual. local media including our fox affiliate is reporting that one person is dead. presumably that's the 14th 14th person that authorities a few moments ago could not discuss. the fire comioner also spoke within theast few minutes.
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he said that they're bringing in fresh personnel and additional sniffer dogs and sounding equipment to sear for those who still may be trapped under the rubble. here is what philadelphia mayor mike nutter said a short time ago. >> if there is anyone else in that structure, in that building, under that rubble, our folks will find them and will not op until th assured by their o standards that we have completed our job and found anyone who might be there. >> reporter: there have been numerous acts of heroism. seconds after the building collapsed causing the building house in the salvn army store to give way, a number of witns ran the site and did the best they could to remove those trapped. the emergency ser here are commended for a performance that had them on the scene in two
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minutes but this is an operation here near over. again, the fire commissio says the search and operation expected to continue for 12 to 24urs. >> shepard: david lee, one of the heroes is joining us. of the first on the scene, harold corbin is on the line. i gunshot you were -- i guess you were next door. what did you hear? >> i work aalf block away. i was out back cleaning one of our pieces of equipment. i hea rumble. i looked down the street and seen a dust cloud. i went towards the dus cloud and i seen rubble where the building collapsed. people laying around and all types of stuff. it was a couple guys ahead of me, we ran up on the side of the building, they went inside the hole and passed me out a lady. we carried her and put her on the side. we ran up again, theypassed out
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another lady, we carried her out and put her on the side and escorted two elderly gentlemen from out of the debris. then fire and emergency response team and told us we did a great job but we have to back away now because it's dangerous. >> what kind of injuries? >> bumps, bruises and dirt dust debris. people with debri couldn't see. you know wh mean? we helped them and escorted them >> shepard: the thrift store, you can tell from the before pictures it used to be longer did the war the four-story building crush the back of that thrif sto? >> i believe so. i believe so from where my point of view. we walk past there every day for lunc you could see back part of the building. right now, the way everything collapsed, it's barrel recognizable. >> shepard: one more case of you never know what's going to
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happen when you go to work. i hope you got bigops for helping your neighbors. >> the people we pulled out, me and my buddy, james, they got a bunch of thank you us and god ss, you god bless you, as we put people on the curbnd ran back to help. they said thank you so much and god bless you. when the emergency response guys came they were great. they told us we did a great job but it's time for the professionals to step in because it was real dangerous. we had a lot of planks and you know, nails hanging out. a lot of debris. the roofs, the car. you know. the . you know, the females crying and hollering for help. it was just -- you know, just adne kicked in. i don't know what it was. >> ard: good on you for setting a good example for the rest of us. harold corbin, nice to talk to you. than >> thank you. >> 's get on to the national security shakeup at the white house. official who served at the
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public face of the obama administration after the terror attack is getting a title of national security advisusan rice, who was under fire a going on five sunday shows last september and claimed the assaults on oursulate in libya was as a result of spontaneous protests. she was following talking points the administration drafted. we learned the attack was an act of terror. foumericans died. white floated rice's nam as a replacement fo hary clinton as secretary of state but knew better and she withdrew her name in december amid the backlash. today president obama explained why he chose to replace tom donlin, who is resigning. >> susan was a trusted advisor during my first campaign for president. she helped build my foreign policy team and lead our
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diplomacy at the united nationses. i'm she'll be at my side leading my national security team. via talking points or she was complicit in the drafting of the talking points.i don't think ito much she answer those questions before had she offer herself for >> shepard: the appointment to national security advisor does henry is live at the white house. how does this affect things there? >> it's bly a complete -- a full shakeup of the national security team up and down. the key here is thusan rice does not have to face senate confirmation. she was blocked from being elevated to seetary of state. john kerry got that job. chuck hagel at the defenseonlinn with president obama from day one, first deputy national security advisor then national
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security advisors. five years on the job. >> this team of people h been extraordinarily dedicated to america. they have made america safer, they have made america's values live in corners of the world that are crying out for our support and our leadhip. i could be prouder of these three individuals. not only their intelligence, not only their savvy, but their integrity and their heart. >> reporter: top republicans like senator john mccain have challenged that contention that this team has made the country safer. he's leading the charge o issues like benghazi but senator mccain tweeted while he disagreed with susan rice on issues including benghazi, he's ready to work with her. >> shepard: i wonder in that's a sign republicans made a decision we have other issues to hammer
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the white house more easily than benghazi which frankly never moved the polls and people didn't catch on to, except for the partisans. >> reporter: there are still republicans out there like john sununu, who today told us he believes benghazi needs to be pressed. he said it's not just susan rice and talking points but tom donlin, who is somebody who played a role in reacting to the attacks and reaction to the u.s. the first night. >> the white houut there and frankly, the connection benghazi on this may be more on the donilon side because my personal feeling is that those talkin points really were orchestrated by the white house at that time. >> reporter: jay carney was firm today saying what susan formation put toer but the intelligence community and there was no intent by her on the
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white house toislead the country. >> shepard: ed, thank you. a new twist in the department of justice scandal surrounding the apparent targeting of journalist. sources tell theorney general e holder told his agency to continue to aggressively go after leakers. a pilot kicks 100 students off a jet reportedly because they ignored the instructions to sit down and turn off the devices. now the school is responding. turn off your iphone! you're out of ! come here, boy.
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quarter past ther. the attorney general eric holder wants attorneys to aggressively ecute leaks. a senior intelligence official says that's what the attorney general told lawyers last week the same day officials he told department staffers he was fine amid the uproar of snooping on reporters. this with house republicans
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threatening to subpoena the attorney general if he does not respond by 5:00 p.m. eastern time today. the republicans are demanding an explanation of this comment mad under oath about posy prosecutin journalist. >> with regard to the potential ution of the press for disclosing material, that's not something i've been involved and heard of or would think would be a wise policy. >> shepard: if you weren't going to do that, you couldn't check the box. a justice department official didn't respond saying the testimony was accurate because the feds never tried to prosecute fox news core responded james rosen even though they referred to him as a possible coconspirator. any chance eric holder will respond by the deadline? >> i would not hold my breath. the justice department but not the attorneeral has sent
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two letters in response inquires to republican leaders sang that's it. the authors of the original letter to holder say they'll keep pushing and give him every chance to explain. >> because this time the attorn general's credibility is personally on the line in terms sworn testimony before the judiciary committee i the question of whether that testimony is untruthful, maybe even perjurous. >> if he doesn't respond by 5:00 eastern today, all occions are on the table including the potential for subpo >> shepard: anything from the white house, shannon? they stand by him along with other k supporters. democrats in the house judiciary committee say they're satisfied with the response and it's riddles so suggest he perjured
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himself. >> he's doing an excellent job as i made clear yesterday pointing to a statement by the atey general -- he has thefull t of the united states and is >> internallyder isry well. indicating to his staff he's not going anywhere. shepard: shannon, thank you. a major airline defending its crew after booting roughly high school students and chaperones from same flight. e students from brooklyn were traveling to atlanta along with chaperones. airline officials say the teens would not sit down, shut up and put their cell phones away. the captain went on the public address to ask them to settle down and turn off the devices. when that didn't work, the crew rdered the whole 100 of them off the airtran airways plane. the school's and he can active director said in a statement, it
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does not appear thetion by the flight crew was justified one student su the crew targeted the students because they were jewish. a spokesman for southwest says there was no sign that the flight attendants overreacting adding, the point at which the captain comes on the public address system and says you need to all sit down is unusual. a ten-year-old girlas weeks to live. the government rules prevent her from getting a lungnsplant or on the list for one breaking in the past hour her fa is taking legal action against thes after family begged the administration officials to step in. live report on all o this next.
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>> thelle of the transportation security administration. you may remember we reported here the tsa decided sure knives willbe fine on the plane. don't worry, they still weren't going to allow 4-ounces of shamp you couldn't have a protein shake and forget about a 12-ounce bottle of water but knives, that's fine. sure. oops, change their mind. tsa strongly values the input of our traveling public and appreciates the point of view through the review. after engagement with aviation security and raw enforcement officials and advocates and stakeholders tsa will cone to enforce the current prohibited items list. the top priority is expansion of efforts to implement a layered risk based security approach to mizing while risk based security enhances the
12:24 pm
traveling experience. tsa allows passengers to stay safe while focusing on those we know less about and will improve our evolving security posture while improving the experience of the traveling public. rise and pass let others come,t. knives are indeed still dangerous on airpla even after the months of review, thousands standing around have spoken. fox urgent, father of a 10-year-old girl indesperate need of a lungnsplant says ral filed a federal lawsuit seeking to change the organ donor system. the girl as cystic fibroins. because she under the age of 12 she could a adult org if every ad waiting
12:25 pm
cannot take she needs an adult organ because there are no child donors and their daughter will dieif the government doesn't change the rules. kathleen sebelius told ause panel she would not intervene and three other cldren at the hospital are just as sick. she said she can't make decision busy who lives and dies. that would be wrong. the secretary said she agreed to review the rules but the girl's parents says their daughter doesn't have time to wake. what does the lawsuit do? >> first of all i want to give it verbatim. an emergency motion for restrainin to prevent the secretary of health and human services from enforcing a policy that prevents children under age 12 from getting the adult lung transplants they need to save their lives. in short t hope to get the human health services department to change theicy. the family wants all children to t just sarah. by the lawsuit,
12:26 pm
her dadpoke with fox news by phone moments ago after t filed thet. >> it's devastating. sarah is dying. she's before us. 're watching her die. and she knows she's not health y she's asked u if she's going to die. we're doing everything as parents to prevent that. >> reporter: currently there are 2 patients nation waiting for a lung transplant. ate hospital where sarah is, there are seven. >> shepard: what do legal experts say about the viability ofthe lawsuit? >> they say her parents are on the right track. attorneys that i spoke to say it accomplishes a couple things. it protects and helps sarahbut also is altruistic in helping others. ug burns.deral patrol prosecutog
12:27 pm
>> the secretary, in my opn, could direct that children become eligible for adult organs as we as children's. but what she can't is take a directive action that ensures this child gets a lung ahead of others waiting. >> just to give you a flavor, also eth doctors today and they say that end stage cyic fibrosis is hell. she sily cannot breathe. >> shepard: thank you very much. much more on embassador rice's plus more on the president's pick t replace her. a person w prely ran into controversy when she called hillary clinton a monst a new debate over the future of gunamo bay. the president vowed to it. now both paes are pushing
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is substitute. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama chose susan to serve at national security advisor. susan rice will replace tom donlin stepping down next month.
12:32 pm
embassy rice faced criticism from the g.o.p. from going on all five sunday shows after the attack in benghazi and reporting the assaults from a ation. the learned it was an actof terror. president says she's done her job with skill, professionalism, toughness and grace. since 2008 insiders say she developed a close relationship with the preside and advisors. trace gallagher with more on the top story at the bottom of the hour. what more -- she had a long career. >> reporter: yeah. really her resumé begins at birth. born i d.c., both parents politily active. her father a memberhe federal reserve. foreign policy was a t at the dinner table. rice went to stanford and oxford
12:33 pm
university in england where she studied foreign policy. she worked fan international consung firm in canada where she married her college sweetheart. we worked for the presidential campaign of michael dukakis and in the clinton adminison as assistant secretary of state for african affairs. sheoined the ob cagn from the start as senior foreign policyor. she joined the transitional team and became the embassador to the united natio, the first jamaican american to hold that post and now has a new job. here is susan rice. >> i'm d grateful for your enduring coence in me. you have outlined, we have vital opportunities to seize and ongoing cenges to confront. >> reporter:h, embassador
12:34 pm
rice has two children. they live d.c., she's spent a great time of time in new york and now will spend more time with her kids and husband in d.c. >> shepard: trace gallagher, nk you. let's bring in bob could kusac. >> he's under fire, always he wants people close to h troue right now in times of from his perspective it make sense. >> absolutely. this is a show of loyalty rice went out on sunday tal shohillary cli did not want to go one said it's her favorite thing to do and clearly there were mistakes made in the talki points but she's qualified. it also pokes the g.o.p. confirmation but obama and rice are close and it's perfect fit from the white house perspective. >> shepard: i wo if this won't begin another whole
12:35 pm
benghazi series ottacks onthe a. not as if there's not enough to attack them on alre >> that's true. senator rand paul today was critical of this move. i mean congress can't do anything to stop it. john mccaaid he disagr it but had afferent, more moderate tone. so certainly the ple have been very critical of benghazi. some of them ateast will go after the president and h for this pick. >> shepar i wonder, though, what you'rese is benghazi as a line attack these days. the polls indicated it got thrown against the wall and ver >> i mean i think it's -- in r to stay in the news, there's going to have to be new develots. we sawat with christopher stevens deputytifying. since then there ha been much news and it's faded. thanks a lot.reat to see you,
12:36 pm
> president's courthouse replies rice a sama power. bit of controversy for a comme made about hillary clinton during the ways for the in 2008 when barack obama and clinton were running against each other. samantha power said the scottsman is monster. that's off the record. she's stooping to anything. joursts point out rules reporting off the record c be vague but we knowm. both sides hato agree advance to make th rangt. samantha power stepped dfrom tam after remarks went public. she's serving as white house aide and professor at harvard. unlike susan rice, sntha p will faceate confirmation and she said today she'd be honored if the senate confirmed her. the american so accused of walking off base and g 16 afghan civilians in a massacre today pleaded guilty.
12:37 pm
staff sergeant robert bails told judge he ac alone when he walked through villages and shot people in their homes. mere women and cren. some of their bodies were burned. some victims' relatives are angry bailes might avoid the death penalty. defense lawyers say he suffered from a brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder. a e must decide whether to accept the plea. the last military execution was in 1961. we're still watching dow. we've recovered a bit. 10 points, from the top of the hour but we're more than a percentage point. just above 15,000 at this moment. a look at the market and -- you might want try the internet if you're looking for love. a new study finds one-third of rent marriages involve couples who met on line. how long ago was it when you
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heard of someone dating on line. now a third are getting married according t the university of chicago. the study looked at marriages of more than 19,000 people from 2005 to 2012. 35% of those couples met their significant other on line. either oating sites or social networking or chat rooms or something on line. the study found those who met on line were less likely to get divorced. which really doesn't make sense but it's there. there's word extremist are taking part in the fighting syria. al-qaeda workin syria. what at a means for u.s. support. activists in turkey have a list of demands. demands that could end days of discrimination and demonstrations. the reason is on egg shells and theails are next.
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>> shepard: update on the building collapse in philadelphia. 10:45 this morning a four-story building collapsed under demolition. collapsed on to a one story salvation army thrift store. 13 injured ane fire department -- well, the philadelphre cssioner tells "the associated press" one person is trapped inside. the local television station including our fox station reports one person is dead authorities have not confirmed
12:43 pm
that. one man heard the collapse this morning. that must have been a shocker. >> yes. still shaken. >> what did you do after you heard it? >> i walked over and i'm on the 36th floor of auilding and looked down top of the -- it's acrosshereet. it was a plume of smoke and of course no one really could make sense of it at fi i've been lookin over this the last five hours. >> there was no panic uper where are, right? >> nono panic but shck and the owners an resis of building wanto know what happened. >> you ave wing the consttion for a while, rt? >> wee. it's deconstruction of a v old building. shepard: they had the right permits but a lot of questions about what happened here. as fa as the rescuefforts
12:44 pm
gamecocks does it look like when you look down, does it look like they're pulling brick by brick? >> they've finished that. they went buck bucket but what they're doing is they have excavators, one on the east de, onen the west side and they're ine vicy of t basement stairs. think they cut a hole to the lower level. i'm guessing the stairs filled in and it's hard to tell because there's a wall standinut it looks like they may have access to a lowervel. a sub grade level. >> shepard: still working on that scene. ari, across the street on the 36th floor, thanku. >> a another complicated day in syria. ox news learn a couple hundred foreign fighters are working wi al-qaeda, were killed on the syrian battlefield them.ast year, couple hundred of we're told there's new evidence extremists from around the world
12:45 pm
are taking part. not that that's a shockut t evidence isere. trying to decide whether tot throw more support behind the rebels. it raises the questi, who would we support? our chief intelligence correspotherine herridge from washington. what are we learning from the report? >> therianconflict is spreading with ramificaons beyond the middle east. least 280 foreign fighters are dead wit a majority fighting onehalf of a terrorist group. oneidat's happening in syria is another conflict that entangled the u. decades ago. >> the conflict in syria is similar to afghanistan in the 80s. not only is it viewed as a cause of celebration in the arab world but the western elements are
12:46 pm
backing it. al qaeda training camp forn teenagers within syria. the new report documentsjihady firefighters in the u.s., chechnya, egypt, gaza, jordan, to you nearby and saudi arabia fighting for the terrorist group. what is interest is the data being pulled from facebook and social medi by the foreign fighters. >> shepard: do we have a way to know how manmericans are there? >> right now there are two well-documend cases of americans fightingor the opposition in syria. ericaran is on trial in virginia on federal charges fought alongside al-qaeda in ria. the recent case, a woman from flint, michigan, the family of nicole mansfield confirmed the convert to islam was killed
12:47 pm
fighting f opposi. the state depentlledn all foreign fighters to leave the coun >> we arencerned about the influx of all foreignghters regardless of their side and the overflow of the fight into neighboringntries. thatomething we we are concerned about. we've expressed that to the opposition. >> the key take away is when you start to see fore fighters, especially from as far as the u.s. and canada going to syria this is seen as a tippingint like with al-qaeda in iraq. >> shepard: catherine herridge, gd to see you. thank you. >> actvists in turkey presented their government with a list of demands now. demands which indicate they early today protests are flooded the square as police used tear
12:48 pm
gas to get rid of e crowd.polica midtown park into a mall. since then a photo has become the picture of the struggle. this woman in red, sprayed by a law enforcement officer. the list of demandsy say if they don't end the protest, international observers are concerned it couldother middle east awakening. this time in an 80 million population country that's a strong u.s. ally. customers.r apples and ce iphones and ipads are banned from the country because of a patent violation. we'll show you exactly which products and what it means for you if you own one of those products. that's next. [ children laughing ] energy efficient appliances. you can get a tax write off for those.
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♪ ♪ >> shep: it seems to be harder to get your hands on an iphone or ipad. they trade commission has ruled that they violated a samsuj patent for wireless technology and unless the president of the united states vetoed it or a court blocks it the ruling will ban certain i-phones and ipads from coming into the country. it would also affect devices the at&t network including iphones and ipads that you see listed here. the iphone 4 and 3 gs and i-. the ban would not apply to the latest apple plod including the iphone 5 and. criminal defense attorney heather hanson is here. it was apple that made a big whoom out of this.
12:53 pm
>> apple won the billion dollar lawsuit. they are in a patent war. there is going other litigation. this is more of an embarrassment for apple. from people out there day-to-day basis if you have an earlier apple you can still use it. commissioner that found this ruling, can affect the imports. they can't take away your apple. so it's an embarrass form apple. so the judge says, you are a copycat. >> are you an apple user? >> i am. >> have you look at samsung? >> i'm thinking about getting a samsung. >> shep: i love my apple products, but you look at samsung it's like, come married to samsung, they are miles behind. i think you say that without any opinion. they just are. >> that is part of what is going on here. it's an expensive
12:54 pm
negotiation. eventually what should happen to make these continue to grow and brain trust continue to work, what should happen they just cross them and there wouldn't be all these patted answer. >> shep: maybe they'll do it. >> i won that patent, you won patent. at some point they are going to cooperate. >> shep: apple was so good coming up with new big thing that makes you go, i got to have my apple. >> that is why saming sung is taking it as a huge win. because the corners were not sharp they were rounded. you have to pass a patent bar to practice patent law. this very technical patent. >> shep: if you get the samsung, i want to know how difficult it was to get it from your cloud, put it in the files. they made it too damn hard.
12:55 pm
i wanted one. or ten of them -- you know what i mean. [ laughter ] >> you got to make all your friends get them. all right. >> i'm going to get one. >> shep: thank you. worth of a thirsty burglar, how police say he decided to grab a couple colas and that led them right to him.
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[old english accent] i doth declare that thou have brought overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
12:59 pm
>> shep: before we wrap it up. there is a reason mama told you to pick up after yourself. they recently busted a guy for breaking into a rental home and stealing a bunch of copper piping. but the police did not catch him in the act nor did they catch him selling the pipe for scrap. as it turns out he drank a couple of beers and left empty cans lying around they checked for dna and they came back with a match. now our sloppy suspect is behind bars where they do not serve beer which is sad. that is it for the "b" on wednesday afternoon. thank goodness, it is wednesday. look at the dow, i don't know made them mad, but this is stupid. we're way down we were down 225. normally i would have gone to fox business website
1:00 pm
during a commercial break and what is causing this. we were watching weirder stuff on the internet that i can't bring up here. neil will tell you. for the best in business, i'm shep, that is it. see you later. >> neil: now, they are getting serious. for the first time republicans are having doubts but now nearly half of all americans. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. remember when the president said this. >> learned about it the same news reports that most people learned about this county. >> now a lot of americans aren't buying that. a new poll finds half of the folks in the country think the president is not truthful. 55% say it raises serious doubts about the integrity of the administration itself. real clear politics, president has a real problem on his hands. this is the first sort of


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