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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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thank you for being with us tonight how do you like my voice? tell me what you think tomorrow nightbenghazi stuff ann rice stuff. >> eric: i'm eric boling, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> eric: president obama in the rose garden announcing susan rice will be the next national security advisor. >> susan is a consummate public servant who puts her country first. she is fearless and tough and she has a great tennis game. >> eric: she is definitely good at spinning stuff especially talking about benghazi which the president didn't mention. and get caught misleading
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and just might earn a promotion from president obama. ms. rice the latest, how she has failed all the way up obama ladder. on september 11th, 2011, four were killed by terrorists. they claimed the video was responsible and then president obama flew to las vegas. on september 14th, hillary standing in front of caskets, insults america by blaming the video again. september 15th, the obama administration changes the intel talking points to reflect the dishonesty they had been saying all week. this was weeks away from the presidential election. on september 16th hillary refuses to go on record and sends susan rice out to cover for them all. let's get this part of it out of the way. the timing is beyond
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interesting to me. it's hot under america's collar. is this an attempt by the obama administration to transfer the focus from the irs back to benghazi. >> bob: first, i don't think benghazi is turning out to be the big epic conspiracy that everybody thinks it is. let's keep something in mind. she doesn't have to go under oath. donalon was involved in this. the she is one that said we did a poor job. i think benghazi has got insulation and petraeus angle and it was a major screwup. >> eric: that didn't answer my question. is the obama administration trying to change the focus from the irs where they are really are caught, they are caught in the crosshairs in the scandal they can't get themselves out of. what about that other
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scandal? it's not popping up on people's radar. >> andrea: i think they got away with benghazi and doubling down. a liar replaces a leaker. at best, susan rice when she went out on five sunday shows. even better she is incompetent. she shouldn't be in charge of our national security. she doesn't show me more faith, but i think is another goal here. this pllgs uses women as human shields. last time he nominated her, you want to go after somebody, lindsey graham, john mccain, come after me. let me finish. i think that they nominated her to set up a trap for republicans to go after women. they are nominating and it will silence the liberal females that criticize the
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president for not having enough women. >> eric: we have plenty of time. susan rice, national security advisor big job. >> dana: she has been confirmed before. in clinton administration she worked in the national security administration. i don't to have agree with her i think she has earned the position. think president obama trusts her. whether i would is different. his decision-making and way he makes decisions so s on display here. i'm not surprised they didn't bring up benghazi. it would be very strange p.r. strategy to go from the irs back to benghazi. she is perfect position to find out who gave her the talking points a or come clean and say what it is. and one other point about the job. it's not the a front and center job. susan rice after all this attention may be the only
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national security advisor that only someone outside of pennsylvania avenue you can actually name. but it's a process of the job to make sure everybody has equal footing in the white house, that may be the biggest challenge. >> eric: is he is qualified? >> greg: this is big job. based on government performance markers, it seems like even a community organizer could become president. think she is could be qualified. the other appointments. first you have national security advisor and advisor for security who bunk ltd benghazi is appointed. l low slow going to be drug czar and bill ayers as head of homeland security. that is the way this is going. appointment was done to distracted and it worked. it's in our "a" block.
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it does tell you who pushed the video, obama pushed the video. natural reflex to blame america when something goes wrong created this mess. therefore, the promotion is used as a payoff for his grad school thesis. >> eric: let's roll jay carney earlier today. >> susan rice, you described her as one of the most experienced foreign policy experts in america. how did she get together benghazi so wrong. >> i welcome the opportunity to correct the record especially for someone who persists in misrepresenting the facts. the roam she played and assessment of the intelligence community. in every iteration of this the ambassador early assessments that were certain to change as we obtained facts.
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to suggest otherwise is irresponsible. >> bob: it is irresponsible. national security advisor actually negotiated between the secretary of defense and national security agency, state department and c.i.a. and others. they are a traffic cop. they are not very well known. they have the third best office in the white house, its corner office and beautiful office. i think susan rice was giving these talking points, she was not involved in the process. she sent out and got out and honestly gave what she believed was honest talking points. >> dana: i'm going to disagree with you on that. as the u.n. ambassador she has intel people on her staff that she could have asked. she has access to all the information that everybody else has. she was looking for an opportunity to go. and u.n. assembly was meeting that week and president obama declined
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around they were trying to get people somebody to massage that. republicans have accused us of being liars and idiots. actually we were just idiots. i think the questioning of whether or not somebody was involved being an idiot, i don't think it's out of bounds to ask the question. >> andrea: you look at the information that was provided to her at the time, there was conflicting information, conflicting information from the president of libya, security agents that it was terrorism. there is hallucination of a video and susan rice says i'm going with the video. and shame on president obama for not bringing his national security team that included tom donolon, accused by dianne feinstein potentially "new york times" sanctioned leaks and they are going after fox's james rosen. hypocrisy is so many different levels. if i'm susan rice i'm not going to go out....
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>> bob: nobody in that group except for petraeus. c.i.a. said don't do it. >> eric: we have emails from the administration, from the intel to the administration saying, from the very moment it was happening that they blamed sharia. they changed it. >> dana: state department wishes to take it out with the white house in the morning we'll figure it out in the morning. it's frustrating to keep arguing thefacts. the facts are they did screw up. they admitted themselves they were idiots. >> eric: do you have the intro, third or fourth one down, it was all redacted. look at that. they put black lines. they deleted the
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information. >> bob: the fact of the matter they didn't want -- and that is grounds for impeachment. >> greg: you just admitted that is a conspiracy. >> aren't there temp agencies like manpower in d.c.? it seems like the same crew of people get the same jobs. no wonder people in government and college goes back to academia. so you have a rotation of ninkom poops. it goes back and forth. that is all they can do. there is no objective truth. there is only politics. that is why you have rotten people in government and college. >> eric: can i throw up a full screen what is going on in obama administration. eric holder, questions whether he testified under oath and fabricated.
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jay carney darrell issa she has is fabricating. susan rice and hillary clinton and lois lerner who says i'm not going to lie, i'll take the fifth. >> greg: what do you have to do to get fired? everybody knows in private enterprise there are laws, there are things that will get your fired. anthony weiner and may just win running for mayor zbroornd samantha power she called hillary clinton a monster. she also said we should invade israel. the fact a they left her go she is replacing of susan rice. >> bob: some of the great diplomats in this country whether it's bunker, go down the list they have
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gone back to academics and come back to government. to suggest they are liberal hacks is just wrong. >> greg: i don't like hacks. >> dana: nobody knows what it means. >> bob: great american and deserves a lot of credit. >> that is good point. >> eric: we're going to leave it right there. democratic congressman jim mcdermott got testy with our pal megyn kelly. >> you are putting words in my mouth. you are putting words in my mouth, stop it! [ laughter ] >> it could be the beginning of the end for a-rod. what could be the worst of scandal of professional sports. >> since the last one.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ñi t( most sane americans think the irs targeting conservatives wasn't a good idea.çólp even president obama had to acknowledge that. democraticok congressman jim mcdermott didn't geé3jn3@ugq memo apparently. here is what he said. >> none of thexd from organizing or silent.t(xd we're talking about whether w american taxpayers will subsidize your work. i get the kneeling many ofxd
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you and republican colleagues don't believe should bee1 fleeñi from political targeting but you should be free from any scrutiny at all. >> andrea: what? then he tries to defend theelf wh fox news with megyn kelly earlier today. >>çó use the first amendment rights. nobody at t irs stopped them from doing it. >> that ignores the reality of the testimony. because a lot of people don't wanti] to donate groups that stamp of approvalqfá of officially becoming 501c4? >> that was not testimonyq under oath. i don't know if he offered proof. >> is he lying to that? >> no. ms. kelly you are putting words in youri] mouth. >> i'm asking you? >> you areñi puttingi] words in my mouth. stop it! >> andrea: one of them
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responded the same way. greg, i thought this was so detached and disive. you mean tot( tell met( the teaá party groups, started tofáe1 raise money and spent the money and never get irs certified and reportee9ryk the local elections board and then call the irs, 8i! mcdermotte said ii] could. >> gregg: he is like a freeze dried williamñi shatner. i actually believe the+ next presidential candidatejfc that vowed to end the irs may be the next president of the united states. you saw nutty from ron ball paul but brilliant coming from rand paul. this is the atmosphere. you can actually knock offu a corrupted enterprise because you have the evidence and youkoi] have someone that a articulate a fair tax. now you have allçó this evidencezv of how awful this is. how knoute1 lose? how could you not convinceñixd america this is time to get rid of axd horrible thing.
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>>t( andrea: they followed the rules. could you imagined if they thei] irs would have been? >> dana: that ist( one of sad things. when you seeko somebody tries to do the right thing. what i hope isa5 that jim mcdormott is on every single day. i love to see him out there. that would be the best single thing to help the republican party. old whiteñr guys outfá ofñrr touch. i thought megyn kelly handled that great.ç$@&hc% they should have known not to answ'áñ thew3 questions. if the tables were turned would he say the same about voter suppression? thereq arer suppression goingçó inuj k communities. can you imagine if theo#çó answer from a republican congressman, you should have known better. you sh&? that? he is
11:21 pm
saying aboutw3çóe1 thoseçó peop. going after the victim it would be wildly inappropriate if a republican hasn't doneswp it. what do hink ofc mcderm today? rr rand paulçów3, different versions of it but two great republicans. >> eric: let's talk aboutx+oçñr mcdermott.çó he blamed thei] group and blamed the tax code.xd mcdermott has tofá be careful. i'm not sure. 501c4s is what theyjfñi were going afterxdñ]ñii]. inr exemptçóq statusfálp tofáe1emocc
11:22 pm
re-elections. if if they take that status away they willq carry him out of congress the very they don't want to lose 501 c 5 status. >> this is democratic overreaching.q stephanie cutterfá is a political staffer, she claims she sat inñr those pqaeetingsq with former irs chief douglas shulman. >> many of those meetings were for healthjci care implementation. there is nothing nefarious going on. >> andrea: do youi] trustt(i] her? >> bob: let me make a point. i don't know of afá single government questionnaire that has not been prepared and has been published and then you do thatt( you normally ask everybody +r)ee or four our five in government. whyé@ doesn't somebody the standardñi questions that fáfá asked -- wait a
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second. >> that is the problem, bob?xd ion whether you are a liberal orxdú group. >> we need more information. >> as a republican on the here is your standinge room questionnaire. here ispaie questionnaire you ask. it's very different, why? >> they wanted more informationñi. >> bob: they don't do that during the course ofxdxd events. >> eric: they are not supposed to. >> bob: they are supposedñr to follow a setok of guidelines. >> andrea: at the same time, they are targeting conservative groups, sara halló[ ingraham who is the commissioner of taxñr exempt got a bonus ofxd $103,000 that we]vuring the yearsnof of tarlgtd and we have reports of lavish conferences and star trek videos. finallyçó today someoneñiñr was suspendedñ1 on some minor
11:24 pm
infraction. >> greg: theyokt find the restxd of all theseçó3w  don't kno theñi conference cost. they are like kids on vacation. the parents take care ofsbjdtq-. we are the parentsñi in this case. we know how much thes7 hotels inxd disneyland cost. wexd should garnish and we should dow3 the irs what the irs says to us.4' garnheir wages. toe1 pay and all that goes to a rebated to theñijf taxpayer. >> andrea: new report on what republicans need to do to win backxd young voters. billñiñiq o'reilly talked to the authors last night. >> why should i care about the study or why should the republican partyfñ(p)e about 9=] anything?s that don't >> andrea: we'll sift through it whend come back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: racist close minded and rigid and old-fashioned that is how some people are describing the republican party. they released a report examining why the g.o.p. has lost younger voters and those are words used by the people survey. bill o'reilly had two authors on last night. >> there is a sentiment among young people that republicans don't have an answer to the problems that are facing them. >> bill: how could it be possible that younger americans don't equate the president of united states president of united states with isçóñriñiñ >> we find young people give them an ams for
11:30 pm
effort. >> bill: why should the republican party about a bunch of kudz and they like the guy because he is flashy, what message is it send to the g.o.p.? >> to be quite frank. if the republican voter and continues to do so. we risk losing.... >> dana: bob, i wanted to ask you from a polling standpoint. and youth vote. ronald reagan did great with the youth vote in the last two elections. does bill o'reilly have a point that is chasing after the wind to go after unreliable voters that are younger? >> bob: o'reilly is wrong. when you get beat by a group of people two to one they are substantial part of the electorate. you want to find out why. i think the republicans did their job. they came back with the fact that a bunch of white guys that don't seem to get
11:31 pm
it. >> dana: the report if you look around the conservative world, it was actually pretty well-received. it was very blunt. do you think anyone will listen to it? >> eric: we go through this and we talked about what went wrong after the election. we've had candidates lately they are not really conservative. they are republicans but they are not conservative as the base would like. the whole issue, can you win a general election being far right? the only way to want primary. everyone tries to move to the middle. what they really need is a ronald reagan. >> bob: ronald reagan did well with young people. >> eric: he was able to be conservative and he was also able to have the hat tipped to the more establishment. >> andrea: i wanted to ask about this, i really don't remember falling in love with ronald reagan because
11:32 pm
of supply side economics. how important is that going forward when republicans have to start thinking about they might choose for them in 2016. >> andrea: ronald reagan was incredibly authentic. that is what young people like. and this is very important for them now, he made them feel like they were part of something bigger. they want to be engaged. they want their candidate to feel like they are accessible to them. it sounds overly simplistic. we need cooler candidates. it doesn't mean they have to compromise their positions but the republican party has to realize the internet exists. we have a new digital manager, oh, the way we made a facebook post. >> dana: i think you were talking about facebook veteran, she like 32 a ten-year veteran.
11:33 pm
i significant hire for them. in this survey, only 5% of the youngsters said they want wanted to be cool. what they wanted to be considered was trustworthy, hard working, earnest and i can't find all all those. you are in the issue of cool. >> greg: it's new facebook hire, did he show up with a hoodie over his blaze sner cool gets you lucky on campus but it doesn't pay the mortgage. a large portion of the kids end up becoming republicans later in life when they get their first tax bill or paycheck. it's still not enough. i think the time is right for the right to mimic the left of the '60s, daring takeover of the campus. the campus mirrors the campus of the '60s in it's complacent and boring and uniform and uniformly left.
11:34 pm
it's intolerant of different viewpoints. so the true rebel right now, true rebel right now is a libertarian, right young person. we have revelations about irs but a revelation is meaningless without a revolution. you can be the bad ass on campus by being conservative. forget the social marriage. don't talk about gay marriage or abortion. you take about the economy and jobs and everything that is screwing young people you are going to win. >> bob: this report says and substantial report reason young people are leaving the g.o.p. is they don't believe they are tolerant on gay marriage on hispanic issues. >> greg: those aren't the issues you are going to win on. you are going to talk about those. you could be for gay marriage, i'm for gay marriage that won't get you
11:35 pm
job. obama has made so many promises to young people and he has screwed them all. employment among minorities. >> eric: right now you have a g.o.p. that is chasing it. chase ratedness tv you did something good so let's do it again. >> in the world would do that. >> eric: they are chasing the vote. you mentioned the technology guy. >> it's a little late in the game to do it. >> i respect trying to fix the problem, but come on going back to the conservative roots. look at rand paul when he did his filibuster full buster, that was cool. >> i doubt that. >> ahead a federal judge has issued a ruling that may help save the life of a ten-year-old girl in pennsylvania, she needs a
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new set of lungs. that just happened -- ahead on the five. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: making fun of my music. one of great bands of all time. it's official, everything in life is disorder. caffeine withdrawal seven come is considered a mental illness with symptoms like restlessness, nervousness and insomnia. this is the beginning of the end. for now everything you give up or stop doing will lead to feelings of withdrawal. when i wake up i suffer
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from sleep withdrawal syndrome. when i turn the channel i hit chris matthews. and i formed by wallet withdrawal. if dana is on the road i of withdrawal syndrome. if we have talked left out of white house, benefits withdrawal syndrome, progressive syndrome bowing to our enemies indrome. problem with calling everything to an illness, attention seeking behaviors and along with the justification for sloth as we forget the good old days of getting on with life. yeah, right which is death withdrawal syndrome, an actual illness, ask planned parenthood who have done a bang up job preventing it.
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an an expert of all withdrawal syndromes, do you buy the caffeine. >> bob: nicotine is most powerful. >> greg: i quit smoking this morning. again i quit. >> bob: the problem people have problems staying off of cigarettes is nicotine is so powerful. and other chemicals that don't make it so powerful. it's no different than alcohol or heroin or cocaine. it affects the brain and i think its dangerous thing. >> greg: you weren't listening to my monologue. i was talking to caffeine. [ laughter ] >> bob: i thought you said nicotine. caffeine is just as bad. [ laughter ]
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>> greg: i love bob beckel. >> eric: i know what this is all about. it's finding ways to make marijuana okay. >> dana: i was thinking so the government could have access to more money. >> andrea: also the national institute of health, they need to keep their jobs, let's study women in high-heeled shoes, they wanted to keep their jobs and keep the flow of money going in. by the way, we have a caffeine offender right at this table. you charged a red bull. you did it right three there. >> bob: they changed my segment. >> dana: you were making great points. >> bob: how many people can get along without caffeine during the course of the
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day. >> greg: i can't, i have to drink it. >> dana: in october 2004 i stopped drinking diet coke and that was hardest thing. i fell off the wagon in albania in 2007. i remember. i have a confession the president always had two diet cokes and they were cold and there was a heat wave out there. >> greg: you stole the president's cokes? >> dana: i apologized. >> bob: caffeine is the only thing i've been addicted to. >> andrea: you are addicted to sugar. >> dana: now you have a new solution. >> bob: my blood sugar. >> dana: the solution is aroma therapy.
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>> bob: get one of these, you be will be in heaven. >> greg: all right. talking about fake illness. now we are going to talk about one. breaking news on sara, she has been fighting to get new set of lungs but was put at the bottom of list because she is not an adult. we'll have the promising news next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ larry ] younow throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn but now, thanks to treating with prilosec otc, we don't have to suffer like they used to. [ bell dings ] ♪ [ horse whinnies ] getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. we've surcome a long way.
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♪ [ le announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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>> fox news alert. an update on the story we brought you on the five. a federal judge in philadelphia has made a dying ten-year-old eligible for donor lung. sara who was the bottom of the list of transplants because she was under 12. a u.s. district court judge is granting the temporary request because of severity of her condition. eric? >> eric: fox news channel has been all over this. this is great news. federal judge overruled kathleen sebelius.
11:50 pm
yesterday she said she can't be the single person to judge and make a decision who lives and dies. by making that statement you have done that. most relieved person on the plan set kathleen sebelius because this little girl has a chance of life and federal judge may have saved the girl's life and saved kathleen sebelius's career. >> dana: i do think the parents have worked so hard to get the story out and front. if they hadn't done all the work to make sure there was media attention and to get a national debate going on, they wouldn't have the decision by the judge. i don't know -- it will be interesting to see if there is an appeal. if there is not, we have new case law or set of guidelines that they will have to deal with. >> bob: on to the dr. siegle, came in and out favor of this ruling. he thought she should be ruled on this. somebody said they were surprised that dr. siegle
11:51 pm
would be there but of all the doctors is most accomplished and must believe this is safe procedure. >> greg: my question is how do you get an adult lung into a child. it would be partial transplant but does it change the process. everybody else at the bottom of listed would go to federal court to seek relief. there will be non-doctors deciding who what is best. i don't believe the age discrimination was the only factor if in this. you are in a weird situation. >> bob: some people opposed there ynt wrnt enough information younger 12 could handle the adult lungs. do you buy into that? >> andrea: i don't. if dr. siegle says that is not the case. what is the next step and probably heart wrench norg family there is 222 adults
11:52 pm
in her region also waiting for a lung transplant including six kids under the age of 10. that sort of goes back to your point. it's a shame that kathleen sebelius punted on this. she could have made the decision but they took refuge in the courts. that is where people are going to get justice, but they should change the rules before they started more lawsuits. >> bob: and family gave a statement, we can't say enough about the support we received on behalf of sara, people of all ages have reached out for us and asked how they could help. congratulations. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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test test test
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♪ ♪ time for one more thing and dana is starting. >> dana: we talked about the shows that we liked.
11:57 pm
we didn't talk about game shows, price is right. a former postal carrier, she was out collecting workers' compensation payments after injuring herself on the job. she couldn't lift the mail trade. during the time she was collecting she went on the price is right got to spin the big wheel not once and twice and she had to plead guilty in federal court and she will be sentenced in september. not a great summer for her, but great justice. >> eric: robert? >> bob: i want to recommend a book, worry about kids being cyber bullied. smart kids, smart parents, what parents need to know to keep children safe. one of authors is my sister-in-law, but it's a book that been acclaimed by "new york times." for us to take care of our kids. there is a lot of things
11:58 pm
that go wrong. easy to read guide. grandparents, children, parents, please look at this to keep your kids safe. >> andrea: it isn't every day you get to meet an living legend. i singer field is here in new york and he plays through tuesday through thursday at nino's. he is the oldest working pianist in the country. here he is incredible. you i had the chance to meet him. there he is at nino's playing every tuesday through saturday at midtown. there is a picture of us. we were sitting at the piano. he got liberace his first gig. i said what is the secret. he said love what you do. >> i have been watching the
11:59 pm
bachelorette and one annoying that hash tag like this, hash tag cool because it's twitter. i am banning the phrase. you replace it with the original term that describes the symbol which is octothorpe. that is the name of it. it's the hash tag, that thing, it's called a octothorpe. it's not a woman with eight babies. >> eric: before we go, hash tag. and i like candles for everyone. on the way over there, i saw something in the street. light my candles on the way back and it happened to be a diamond ring. i believe in signs. check it out you guys. five diamonds, five diamonds. one is missing. i didn't take it.
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listen -- email and twitter me hash tag -- just kidding. it is yours if you can identify what is in the inside of the ring i will send it welcome to "red eye. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, secret man caves found in an epa warehouse. secret man caves found in an epa warehouse. sorry, i just like saying that. secret man caves found in an epa warehouse. and who has been having trouble locating receipts to see how they spent their money? yes, that one. and finally, some female israeli soldiers in hot water after posing nearly naked on facebook. the story so shocking there is a decent chance we will get t


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