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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 7, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> dana: i'm not going to be here tomorrow. bob and i will not be welcome to "red eye." it is like "america's got talent" if by america you mean greg and talent you mean worm. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, the nsa is secretly collecting all telephone data from all verizon customers. can you fear me now? and residents of cambridge, massachusetts can't understand how their perfect progressive city could have been the home to the alleged boston marathon bombers. we will try to explain it. and is major league baseball about to suspend 18 players for performance enhanced drug use? >> thank you. >> you don't care. >> i do.
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>> you don't care about sports. >> i do care about some sports. >> the only sports you care about -- we don't need to discuss that. >> they require a tarp. >> and a lot of water. she is so sweep that syrup pours her on her pan i can cays. pan i can cays. pan i can cays. giggle, giggle. look how cute i am. it is overkill. if hilarity was a sack lunch, he would come together. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and she is so sharp she can gut a fish with her thoughts. fox news contributor and hot air editor mary katherine m and she is common tating for two because she is skoal 11 with future off -- she is swollen with future off spring. ie, she is pregnant. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. and now some guy i once punched. >> i forgot about him.
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we have like six people at the table. it is a tiny person inside you. i might go to he/she for a 20 -- for a comment or so. >> camera ready. >> and we won't have it back on if it is not good. i say it because i don't know what it is. >> neither do i. >> it is a fetus, greg. >> it is an unborn child. >> it is apples or oranges which she could be full of. she could have had a big lunch. >> lrts is it keeping us from harm or a cause for alarm. the u.s. government, whatever that is, has been collecting millions of phone records of verizon customers under a top secret order. the nsa is looking at calling logs or clogs. they are not lining to conversations. not listening to con conversations. some from both parties consider the program a major over reach. commented one twitter user, al gore, is it just me or is
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secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous? i haven't heard from him in awhile. and in other secret program news, the washington posts says the nsa is tapping into the servers of nine major internet companies. extracting video, photos and e-mail to track a person's movement and contacts. one video uncovered recently raised alarm in the intelligence community. it was filed under corgi can't get out of at the present time. -- can't get out of tent. >> do you know how embarrassing that is for the corgi? tsa. tsa. >> no one helped. >> they filmed don't help. >> come on. >> mcat and child, basically a
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terrorist calls someone in america or vice-versa and that is flagged and there is further investigation. what is wrong with that? >> isn't that the way it is working though? this is what confuses me is what concerns a lot of people. there seems to be no attempt to target this. i almost prefer warrant less wiretapping because they are only going after a couple people who are involved in stuff. this is a blanket collection of data. >> a blanket collection of data allows you to look at pat -- pat terns, i believe, and then i have nothing more after that. >> i am not sure i want them knowing my patterns. >> i have a few patterns i am embarrassed about. joe, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> they are keeping phone records. what is next? cameras in our showers? you are handsome so it is not a problem, but i'm worried. >> that's nice of you to say. i am insecure. i forgot what my comment was going to be. i feel like the fbi is going
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to bust me for calling my mother and asking for more money. >> it is about time. >> good point. and everyone in this country talks loud enough on their phone anyways you can hear it without the fbi involved. >> this is a good point. if you are on facebook and upset that the government is tapping into facebook you are an idiot. everybody is giving their information on facebook. terrorists are on facebook. terrorists are on twitter. jedediah, how alarmed are you on a scale from a kitten to a peacock? >> i am a peacock with extra whatever those things are called. >> feathers. >> you know, you talk about patterns. the government is not allowed to talk about my patterns or your patterns. if you are just looking at terrorists and just looking at people i think i think people would feel differently. the sentiment is they are looking at all of us and they are assuming that we are some sort of criminal without us
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having done anything wrong. it is the assumption of wrong doing so they can look greater into what we are doing and figure out if we will find something. they are not allowed to do that. >> here is my guys agreement with that. here is my disagreement. this is no different than surveillance cameras on the street. the camera is not going i am looking at jedediah bila. i am looking at jedediah bila and maybe she will get mugged by somebody and we can get the person who mugged her on camera. from you looking at phone records, you are saying i am not interested in what jedediah has to say, but i am interested in this crazy person calling this other crazy person and getting that person may save your life. your argument about specificity is why i like it. it is completely spread out and speaking of spread out, bill, you communicate by scratching morse code on your own skin hoping to be read by hobos in exchange for sex. >> why don't i just use my vocal cords? will you have sex with me?
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instead i rip open my flesh and bleed and i still get rejected. and i am scared. i am not done with this, greg. after that we go to the soup kitchen. i know why they targeted verizon. there is a group called the ee f which oddly does not stand for anything. it is just eef. they basically rate various on-line companies to see which one rtz most secure and which are the least likely to cooperate with the government when it comes to stuff like this. guess which one came in dead last? verizon. oddly enough, twitter was number one. i don't know what that means as far as twitter is concerned, but the downside is yes, you probably focused on verizon because you were the easiest to give us up. what you neglected to remember is verizon sucks. basically if you hear me doing a drug deal and you are like that's not terrorism, but we will bring bill in, you will go to my elderly neighbor who is 85 who has never done a
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drug in her life and she will be arrested because verizon is that awful. >> the upside is if she is arrested you can go into her apartment and medicine cabinet and get the vie vicodin and xanax and diapans and what else? >> i am looking at you and seeing my number one customer. this is win-win for old bill schulz. >> mcat, the obama administration has lost all credibility. that means i like obama now. i cannot be on the side of the new york times. >> i think there is a problem when you combine the recent revelations about the irs with this kind of grand surveillance. people go, wow, here is what civil leb tear yens have been talking about -- civil libertarians have been talking about. and you may be safe because i haven't been there in a longtime. >> nobody goes to linked in. >> you know where it is is
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friendster. >> invest in friensdster. >> and my space. >> nobody goes to my band page. >> or my website. >> what is your website? >> joe list. i get three hits a day. >> if you get one important hit that's all that matters. i don't know where i stand on this. i am going back to the idea that the blanket thing means st's really not surveillance. it is like a -- well it is a camera. >> and then what happens after that? if this is step one that they just look at you with a surveillance camera, what does step two look like? i am envisioning the slippery slope and it doesn't look good to me. >> and with what mcat says with the doj and james rosen and all of this stuff smells to high heaven. >> it is being done in the name of counter terrorism. i found it interesting that the president of the united states says al-qaeda has been
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december mated and we need to do all of this in the name of terrorists. a little contradictory. it makes me nervous. >> it is okay to be nervous. sometimes you get scared and you need somebody to comfort you. i am a lonely man. >> i am nervous right now. i >> i can comfort you. >> you don't want to get comforted with somebody with hepititis f. >> mcat does not have hepititis f. don't say that in front of her baby. >> from phone calls to fur balls he will marry his cat and that's that. this is what happens when you allow gay marriage. fashion designer kyle loggerfeld implied in an interview he wants to make an honest woman out of his cat. listen to the anorexic villain with or own ear holes, people. >> i want to talk just a minute about your beloved companion. >> mr. pits. i love the idea of my companion.
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there is no marriage for human beings and animals. i never thought that i would fall in love like this with a cat. >> the weirdest thing is he was born and raised in east meadow, long island. charles kitty flies on personal jets and has three perm maid -- personal maids and boasts 28,000 followers on twitter. if that is not the start of the apocalypse, jewel yard has started admitting dog actors. >> bang. >> i love it. >> can i see it one more time? i was too busy staring at my hands. >> bang. >> that is shatner worthy. joe, isn't this what happens,
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the critics of gay marriage were right and now people can marry their cats? >> i am for it. i think the marriage is absurd anyway so i am for marying nonhumans. i would mary chipotle. i love chipotle more than any woman i ever loved. >> at chipotle you get meals. >> it is three square meals and a place to sleep. >> you know i have never been in chipotle in my life. >> you may be the only one. >> it scares me. i don't know why. i get scared by things i can't pronounce. jedediah, you have a tune knee dog you humiliate by putting bows in its hair. what is wrong with people like you and kyle lo g gefeld? >> i love my dog, but don't want to marry my dog. he should marry me. i can purr and his and i can do everything that cat can do and better and he is loaded. >> you have a really good sense who to marry, jedediah.
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>> there is one thing you can't provide as well versed as you are. with all of the noises you can make. >> this could be why you are single. >> we have had this conversation before. >> you would be a great shopping buddy for him. >> that four-year relationship with jim j bullock is going no where. mcat, the irony of this -- well maybe it is not irony, but carl's companion does president even know who he is. come on. the cat looks at him like what are you? >> cats are dignified and smart. i love cats, but i can't relate because i like to date around. i am not a one cat kind of woman. we'll see what happens for carl. i think it is going to be beautiful. i would add i have more twitter followers than that cat. take that. >> i have way less.
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a lot less. >> bill, forget carl's cat. every pet in new york city or the state even has a better life than you. should you just kill yourself? >> now, now. he is getting better. that was an actual question. no matter what it really was there was an inflection at the end and he wanted an answer from me. i will go over the bit and maybe give you an answer in b block. if the cat is willing i have no problem with this. what i object to and this is what i call the levey line. you must not cross the levey line. andy levy has not one, but two cats. cat polygamy i will not stand for that. you can marry one. you can't marry two. >> here is the thing. you can't marry one or two because what if -- let's say andy levy works at fox news and an employee and he has two cats. if he can marry one cat you
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can marry two cats. >> no! no! >> the question is health insurance. he can't have two cats on his health insurance because that's not fair. >> i agree. >> if my spouse is on my health plan and these two cats which has god knows what. the things i have seen in that apartment and they will eat anything and it is scratching. what does eddie do about that? polygamy is a bigger problem than marying your cats because the employer has to pay for the spouses. >> i do feel guilty and we owe an apology because if you recall o'reilly was discussing cat marriage versus cat polygamy. we have gone through the run down and i'm sorry, mr. o'reilly. >> quick question. if my cat married andy's cats would they raise the kit tens
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jewish? >> people should have that discussion before their cats marry and they never do. you can't let the scat decide. that's not fare to the cat. >> and what happens is the cat usually rebels and then becomes a crazy joint ekenkar. >> and what if the cat's cats snuck off without telling andy cat. >> lets ay be honest. this is an impossible dream because a cat cannot consent to marriage. a meow does not mean yes. >> sometimes it does. >> no matter how much peanut butter you've got. and a cat, let's face it and andy will admit to it, but a cat does president love. it strategizes. when it is in your apartment it is calculating how to survive. what do i have to do so this thing doesn't eat me. >> it is an add veer care
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y'all relationship. cats hate humans and humans hate cat for the hatred. >> you should be able to marry a dog. they are needy and dependent. >> i think you should be able to marry a dog. >> i want to hear this. i am opening a can of ring worms. >> if a cat you are married until death do you part nine times. >> that's a deal breaker for me. >> i like that. it is better than my ring worm joke. never having him on. coming up, two of the main institutions in charge of managing europe's debt crisis talks about whether it is safe to stay with debt troubles. we are not doing that story, not by a long shot. and is crashing your hotel room played out? not for this guy.
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or jedediah bila. she hates hotel maids.
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was she too kind to a cuter in line? the woman who let the 84-year-old powerball winner jump in front of her has no regrets even though the courtesey cost her $590 million. put that in perspective, that's 590 and multiplied by a million and divided by a thousand. >> what? >> mindy crandall was waiting, there she is, to buy lottery tickets at a store in zephyr hills, florida. while tending to one of her two daughters as usual gloria mckenzie glided ahead of her. the cashier stopped the sneaky senior to have crandall take her spot back. but crandall said go ahead. 2 cost her a half a billion
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dollars. she is not upset saying things are meant to be for a reason. keep telling yourself that. speaking on a great outlook of life. take it away otter juggling rocks. >> it looks like the otter is not getting his rocks off. >> coming up -- >> yes, coming up. jedediah, if somebody tried to cut in front of you in line and you stabbed him. do you believe the mom doesn't feel any ill will toward the elderly woman? >> she seems insanely healthy her attitude about this. the lesson she gave her daughter was being polite is better than being rich. that is not something i --
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there wouldn't be enough wine in the world to get me through my sentiments if i was cut by this woman. this is why i am not nice to people. >> that's why you are a horrible person who contributes to fox news. should the line cut you are give mom a cut? she made half a billion. give her 10 million. >> i think if i were in line and i had done the jumping i would at least toss the pack of star burst i bought on occasion. you can give her a little money. if this kid cost me $590 million we would have words. >> she hates her kids now. joe, isn't a jackpot kind of lost on an 84-year-old woman? she can't enjoy it. she will buy a ribbon candy factory? >> she should leave a chunk of change for the lady, literally. i believe it is better to be
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polite than rich. i say please and thank you when i eat my mcdonalds every year year -- every meal of my life. maybe if i had more twitter followers. >> mcdonalds is following you now. something, something, cutting lines, something, something, drugs. >> drugs. i do like them. by the way, i am not going to kill myself. this lady is going to not just keep the money, but she is going to split it with her son. her skeethy from florida looking son. >> how dare you? >> and here is the big thing. she doesn't have one sonment she has four of them. this guy for the amount of time that he spent dealing with the little old lady things she does it has finally paid off. this guy is the opposite of this girl fund. he is cleaning up and his siblings hate him. >> i hope he doesn't share. >> oh he won't. >> you are taking care of an elderly parent and that is
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hard work. if they weren't contributing and he gets the rewart, he should just -- you know what he has to do. he has to hire a body gay urd and get plastic surgery. every one of the relatives will come after her. bill should become a food tester. >> i will do it for a quell -- a cool million. >> by the way, i want to put a political veneer on here. why not replace taxes with lotteries? people love paying into the lottery, but they hate taxes. why not get everybody to play the lottery? >> it goes to our teachers and look how great they are doing. >> i didn't mean for that to be a laugh. >> or instead of giving them money why not jobs? why not make it a job? nobody is answering these questions. >> once you mandate -- see then when you tell me i have to play the lottery it
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wouldn't be fun anymore. it is like taxes. >> while you are paying taxes it is a lottery. >> so you pay your taxes and you can win more money? >> exactly. >> all right, i'm in. >> you are as shallow ace always thought you were. we are going to take a break. coming up, i just died in your arms tonight. must have been something you said. not a story, just something hannity texted me. all right. is this gargoyle too anna tom mickly correct? i checked and i checked some more. i got a sandwich and then i checked and checked again and now i am still checking. nope.
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will a-rod and braun soon be gone? they are reportedly seeking to suspend 20 players for performance enhanced drugs including alex rodriguez, i think on the left, and a fellow named ryan braun, a former national league mvp. is that how you say it? mvp. according to espn, outside the lines, the founder of a
12:31 am
florida clinic has agreed to cooperate with the lead investigation. and commissioner bud selig might slap suspensions on the players for a second doping offense. the stiffer punishment comes from their previous drugging. discuss in the lets. >> lightning roooouuunnndd. lightning round. >> joe, why is it baseball players more than any other athletes are caught in this crap? >> they have the most lenient testing. they did it a bunch and they did it the most. i wasn't prepared for that question. >> what question do you like? >> that was the incorrect answer. is it okay to have sex with cats? >> we established it is.
12:32 am
>> i think instead of suspending them they should make them be mascots. he should be like a moose. >> it is like instead of doing this, do this and kill two birds with one stone. i am not add advocating killing anything. we are way beyond that. we are not like those other countries. where am i with this? if players can take drugs while playing baseball can spectators take drugs to make the sport interesting? >> might be worth a try. you hit on a sport that is not my favorite. sings congress is not busy, maybe we should have a congressional investigation of the drug use in baseball. they like to make themselves useful. >> good topics for "the five." jedediah, i am for anything that makes baseball more interesting. if drugs makes it more exciting and more home runs and stuff, why not?
12:33 am
>> it is not more exciting. if a-rod was doing iting he stinks. >> he started stinking after he stopped. >> or while, i don't know. >> he has a career ending injury right now probably because of his hips. what happens when you do steroids, effing gets brittle. >> he has had that injury for the last faff -- last four years. >> i am a yankees fan. a-rod -- >> i thought his heart was injured by madonna and he was never the same since then. >> bill, you use ground up tramp fingernails. >> i wake up with them in my back. really wish you would give me a raise there, greg. >> you are the only person who follows the sport. >> a-rod, everyone hates him. braun, he was such a jerk. he was so adamant when he said he passed the the first time.
12:34 am
he didn't pass it. the interesting part is bartolo colon. he remains me of another fatty manny ramirez. they both got busted. these guys are not smart. i will tell you why. they are fat. they have it in their head that if they take their steroids like popeye eating the spinach and their arms are turning to big as big as a tug boat. you don't sit there eating your doritos and go dash -- dash not only did he not play that great, but he will get a hundred game suspension for being super dumb. also i gary condit -- blain >> and lastly i don't like the name bartow law cologne. >> i am not against the use of drugs because it would make me a hipocrite. media people dope all the time. it is either alcohol or aderol or xanax to do their jobs. everybody gets better when
12:35 am
they are doing something in mediament the next topic, a california lawyer was arrested for allegedly causing $100,000 in damages at a vegas hotel room. i didn't know they had hotel rooms in vegas. cops responded to a call that a 45-year-old robert pierman and several others were drunk and trashing their room at the encore las vegas hotel. said pearl man, i tack full responsibility. i hate it when men over 40 use the word party as a verb. why over 40? >> i did all of this. let my people go. >> who said that? >> i think it was moses. >> i don't know. i don't know anymore. joe he seems like a great guy. >> i like how insecure he is. the beginning of the story he was like, screw you. i will see those guys. now it is like, i'm sorry. he was trying to pretend he
12:36 am
was in that movie cash dash you trashed our green room earlier after downing your bottle of better bonn. bourbon. >> i want to see the room. >> that's what our viewers are saying. >> what does the damage look like? >> that is the problem with doing a show like "red eye" is we don't have the picture. imagine $100,000" worth of damage and that's the story. should obama be impeached? >> yes. >> better score on rotten tomatoes. >> fighting cinemaing to graw fee. >> that's a great movie. there aren't a lot of them. bill, your body is a hotel room you trash nightly. >> you were doing so good. i was waiting for the part
12:37 am
where it turns into a question. >> as much as i heat partying there is something i hate more. whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas, man. that's an ad campaign and it is a dumb one. if there is of a place where nothing stays it is vegas. forget about this guy's hotel room. the fact you gambled $100,000 including your kids' college fund stays there. you are divorced. oh that hooker you slept with in vegas, it stayed in vegas. look at the sores on you. they didn't stay in vegas. >> anybody who goes to vegas doesn't stop talking about vegas. >> dude, i was there and it was great. i won $3,000. it was awesome. my wife is cool. she lets me go. >> yeah, because she is banging the gardener you loser. this whole idea of trashing hotel rooms, it came from like rock bands and stuff. i hate this. they never think about the
12:38 am
maid. i think if you trash a hotel room you don't just pay damages. you have to clean hotel rooms for six weeks. you have to do it on sphrie day and saturday nights when -- on friday and saturday nights when people like you are -- you see these little ladies who are proud and cleaning and they have to pick up after] bleep [. >> i like to leave the room better than what i saw it. >> you have never been in a hotel room. i think it would be nice. >> time to take a break. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about. by the way, if you haven't purchased "the joy of hate" the greatest book ever written by me. g it is a scream especially if you are in pain.
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it is made of granite, and yes they wanna ban it.
12:42 am
an arizona artist, is there any other kind m cat, was ordered to take down a 9 foot tall anna tom mickly correct gargoyle statue in his yard. >> that's the noise it makes. that's how a gargoyle sounds. >> it it has a 13-foot wingspan. but neighbors are concerned about the wang span -- >> [laughing]. >> the large private parts are offensive. they say the statue is an extension of himself and they plan to fight the county's request to remove it saying come mass jefferson said if you are not offended twice a day you are not living in a free society. that's why i don't tie my robe. should he leave it up and take the fine? >> he should leave it up. it is a freedom of speech issue. freedom of speech means you can have cement be nighses --
12:43 am
cement penises in your front yard. >> i was thinking of the steroid thing. >> i am for giant pea nusss anywhere. >> don't hang around bill. >> bill, -- i mean jedediah, do you have a problem with this? >> i don't, and i don't understandment if you look at the i'm -- image there is not a house in sight for miles. how big is this gargoyle park that it is bothering people? look at that. i don't see a house in the near distance. if the gargoyle is nine feet tall it can't be tiny. it has to be true to size. >> is that a guy wearing -- this guy is naked and painted black and he has his thing on tv. >> is that the penis in the back? >> that's his tail. >> good thing. >> i think it is a dude.
12:44 am
>> i think this is a sham of a story. let's pretend it is not. here is the problem, gargoyles are no longer necessary. we have guns. >> we have bill. >> we have bill who is a gargoyle. >> that's the beauty of the country. i think if you object to the 9-foot gargoyle and you put gorilla art on the part and the art see people can't decide who to be mad at. they say it is so interesting. >> bill you were hired as a human gargoyle by the band one direction to protect them as they slept. how did that go? >> first of all, they wanted me to just be naked and stand over them while they slept. i am not protecting you and one direction you are some kippingy, kink -- kinky kids. first, an anna tom mickly correct gargoyle, what is
12:45 am
that? maybe they don't have a penis to begin with. second of all, i know these guys, this gargoyle is an extension of myself. ie hey, arizona single ladies. we are very similarment maybe i have wings too. >> i'm glad we settled that be pro. we have to take a break. >> good, more gargoyle noises. >> he is coming to get you. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? click on submit a video and we might use it. >> tonight is sponsored by headphones. the pairs of listening devices by a band on the top of the head and worn in and around a the ears. thanks, headphones.
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a little cough drop here. thank you, cough drops. i will be hosting the o'reilly factor on friday 8:00 p.m. eastern time. that's today. and then look at these people. new "red eye" saturday 8 p.m. pacific.
12:50 am
we have patti ann browne. that is saturday, 11:00 p.m. eastern time. hey. >> hey. what's, dude? >> i was just looking at the picture of pab and anthony and i thought it was like an ugly oreo. >> that's just mean and i won't be a part of it. nsa verizon internet. you said it is the wide ranging nature that bothers you and there is no target. you prefer warrant less wiretaps that are focused on actual threats. >> i agree -- i agree. i have been doing this illegally and saying sure, why not 1234. >> this happens every three months. that's what the senators are informing us. that doesn't sound good. >> the fact this is commonplace is worse.
12:51 am
jedediah, you said you don't like the wide ranging nature. greg compared this to surveillance cameras. aren't you proker is valence cameras ? >> i understand why people don't have a problem because it is not as personal. i don't like that stuff. >> i asked if i was miss remembering it and you answered the question. bill, you mentioned the eef. >> yes. >> what does that stand for? >> eef. >> it is the e-e-f. the electronic frontier foundation. >> elf. i stand corrected. >> you also seem to think you came up with a theory on why the smoke is on horizon. it was focused on verizon, but the same exist for at&t.
12:52 am
>> i can only go for what i know. >> which ain't much. >> greg you said if you were on facebook you were an idiot. >> right. >> a you can make your profile private. b, do you not understand the difference between voluntarily choosing to safe info and the government taking it all. >> yes, i do understand. i was making a commentary on how -- >> do you? do you? >> let me finish, sir. >> you do? >> let me finish. i'm finished. >> do you? >> yes. >> i was making a comment on how facebook users don't know how to stop sharing. they keep telling about their disorders. >> to be fair though you followed those particular people. >> people gotta have a fetish. >> you can't watch crash 24
12:53 am
hours a day. >> i have tried. >> i know, i know. speaking of the nsa prison prom. program as of the taping time all denied knowledge of any of this. i don't know what is going on there. >> you mean the prism? >> yes. you can follow me on prism at andy levy. he says he would like to marry his cat. are you from new york? >> i live here. >> where are you from? >> massachusetts. >> you never had actual good mexican food? >> that's correct. >> because chipotle is garbage. let's get that out there. >> it really is. >> there goes me getting a chipotle tote bag. >> chitotle is what they call it.
12:54 am
lottery winner and you said the mom is being insanely nice about this. >> there is something weird. i feel like she has to do home and do a lot of cursing or some room in her house has been destroyed. >> possibly a lot of xanax before the interview. >> that could be too. >> or she is waiting to find out if she will get a pay day. >> actually a good point. >> and she doesn't want to tell anybody because she will have the same problems. >> i don't want to say for the woman who cut into line not only should she get the money, but she should spend time behind bars. no cutsies. major league baseball 18 players. baseball has the biggest problem with this. >> yes. >> part is the nfl doesn't have a human growth. they use it or don't use it.
12:55 am
>> it is one or two out of 10. >> something like that. >> just wanted to simplify it for people in their homes. >> the thing is as a mets fan i don't have to worry about anything in major league baseball. 45-year-old trashed his hotel room. joe, you loved how screw he was. screw you. i boo the end it is what do you do i owe you. they are blaming a third party for the damage. which i means a third person and not the third party. >> he was gone back to that. >> he is right in the middle. >> maybe he s. it would be cool if the party was a third party. >> it was the jacuzzi tub. 9 first two miles was cool.
12:56 am
then polly shore showed up jie. it was off the chain. >> 45-year-old grown ass man trashing a hotel room. >> i believe he should spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. gargoyles, first of all that was an actual gargoyle. it was not a man painted to be a gargoyle. >> that is somebody that has been involved with purchasing things like that. >> believe me, if you cover yourself with that much body paint you can't move. trust me that was a statue. statute out. >> it gets very hot and you feel like you are going to faint. i am done. >> you are done. i made it through. jed dojedediah, bill schulz, joe, m cat.
12:57 am
i am going to caught myself to sleep. we have 10 seconds. what do you want to talk about? >> gargoyles. only the anna tom mickly correct kind. [ larry ] younow throughout history,
12:58 am
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we've surcome a long way. ♪ [ le announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. bill is on a tear. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. >> this is type of program that put orwell to shame. >> bill: another shocking investigation. every verizon telephone customer is under surveillance. >> you personally signed the documents with the dollars on it before the conference. >> i initialed the routing slip. >> what does that mean to you? do you have any responsibility for that? >> bill: talk about an out of control situation, irs spending $50 million on conferences and parties even while they were unfairly scrutinizing


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