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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 8, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> we have aties. that is it for us five. that is it for us five. secret man cave in a warehouse. and what federal agency is having trouble locating its receipts to prove how it spent its money? yes, that one. i know. and finally some female israeli soldiers in hot water after posing nearly naked on facebook. the story is so shocking there is a decent chance we will get to it tonight.
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greg? >> thank you. >> isn't secret man cave the name of your anti--perspirant? >> no. >> it wasn't cute. it was dumb and stupid and it was dumb. >> that is two dumbs and one stupid. >> yes, that describes you perfectly. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so stunning that cops use her picture to tas criminals. i am here with a first time guest. she former criminal prosecutor faith jenkins. and his lips just landed the role of the life boat in the titanic musical. it is paul mccurio. you know, you can join his dinses of fans and check out -- his dozens of fans and check out his pod cast on itunes. it is called the paul mccurio show if you can't find. it it is not like he doesn't love himself. pathetic. in nashville he is a throw pillow, bill schulz. look how happy he is to be here. or he is dead. if insightful commentary was a
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bugel, i would blow him at the crack of dawn. next to me, daily bees cultural news editor, michael moynihan. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. now let's get this over with already. >> even the guy who does the secret voices is mailing it in tonight. i guess that's what happens when you have mccu ri o on. they just want to go home. were taxpayers screwed by dudes just being dued? dudes. according to an audit, secret man caves were found in a maryland warehouse maintained for the environmental protection agency. government reports that the rooms were full of exercise equipment, tv's couches and hidden from security cameras by piled up boxes. the epa has cut the contractor off, but since 2007 they paid
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apex logistics over $5 million. in lay men's -- layman's terms that is 5 million $1 million. the warehouse contained hidden personal spaces created by the workers including tv's radios, microwaves and chairs and couches. how much seating do these guys need? it continues -- these spaces contain personal items, photos, pin up calendars and magazines and videos. but no paul mccurios. the man caves had a strict no panda policy. >> tragic how that turned out. but there were enough steaks for everyone.
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moynihan, i would like to say it this your taxpayer money at work? >> i think i said it six times. >> that is an interesting angle. i love that i didn't see the quote, but it says pin ups. it was like a portal of the 70s or something. it is a horrible way -- waste and the epa said that it raises questions about the charges -- it actually raises questions about the epa's oversight. it took five years to discover it. this tends to be what happens. you have about a five-year period to rip them off. they don't notice. we see this in the rack and other places. >> it is a five-year gap. faith, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> thank you for agreeing to join this table despite hearing the horrible things that happened here and that unfortunate death that occurred last night. should we condemn them for their man caves?
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>> i understand why they want man caves at home, but why at work? you are going to work. i understand a break room because you need a break, but a man cave? that is so outrageous. you are taking it to an entirely different level. >> it makes you think, perhaps they are not working there. >> apparently lifting weights. >> you know what they will argue and say you know what, we are not going home tonight. we are staying over to get up early. i tried to get a couch in my office for that reason. i said i do a bunch of shows. put the couch in the office. they knew what i wanted it for because they saw the last couch. paul, you have a man cave where you quietly weep in the dark. it is more of a sad cave if you ask me. are you jealous they are having more fun on your money. >> it doesn't shock me. it is government waste. it was multiple man caves. one man cave is a man cave. 10 man caves is a gold's gym.
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and the other thing, you have pin ups. what do contract you -- contractors have as a pin up? it is the whole thing -- the whole thing doesn't surprise me, but it surprises me how far they went with it. one man cave is okay. >> the government continues to grow if you don't stop. it bill, yours is an actual sewer under an aqua duct which you share with hobo carl 1k3* transient tom. >> we joke with each other on the phone. this man cave was created because these guys wanted to get away from the boss and have some dude time. it comes from guys being away from their wives with dude time. it is the one, small, tiny windowless hole where they can put their stuff in after they got married. >> i don't have a man cave. i have an apartment because i
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am single. this represents exactly what happens to a man once he turns into a castrated rat. >> you made reference -- everybody brings creature comforts to work. >> when you do your stand up comedy, do you stand on the stage and have a picture of your family? >> walks over and puts the lava lamp. >> the jokes i would like to have for andy i would like to get to. you obviously bring the coat that shepherd smith left for the goodwill to work with you every day. >> these are the jokes that you wanted to get to? >> come ointerrupted for that? >> i don't need. it you are a cultural editor.
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>> there haven't been any yet. there haven't been any yet. >> were you the network? you should have said it was the tora-bora of man cave. >> i enjoy this. >> i like sitting next to a guy who always wanted to be a stand up, but never had the [bleep] to try it. >> are you talking about bill? >> faith, it is weird how they are acting over there. i would nef talk to you like that. >> i am an old guy. i remember the -- there was a big controversy over the pentagon. the expensive toilets. everybody gets mad, but it is forgotten. it is one of the things where everybody is outraged and we move on and it happens again? >> i don't think so. with so many people being out of work and people fuelly needing money and the economy being what it is today, people look at this and they are
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like, we are in need. people are in horrible situations, so on a serious note they look at this and it is like, look what is going on in our government. the epa is in competition with the irs. >> and the doj. >> that's the problem though. there is no competition. in regular companies, the real world you can't do nothing and build man caves. >> it doesn't matter. you are not paying for it. >> of course you are paying in the form of the price of the product. >> we have a chias, you don't have to pay for it, but you have to pay taxes. >> i don't have to buy the product. >> that's not the issue. >> the issue is you lost the argument. >> i don't have a choice when i pay my taxes. if i do not pay my taxes and adhere to obamacare, i would go to jail. if i don't buy right guard i won't go to jail.
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>> if you have a contractor that in this story they have not ben to the facility for five years. if you are with a distribution that sells wigetts you go and check it out. >> that's why there were multiple man caves. they thought, this is great. >> i want to go back to you about this idea that there is waste in corporate america. you are a comedian. you go out and do 15, 20 minutes of material in a competitive environment and it pays not to have waste. the competition says if you have waste and the product isn't as good you lose. there is none of that standard in government. there is no punishment for waste. >> i agree with you jie. so you admit that i was right and you were wrong. >> there is waste in government, but to say corporate america is the symbol by which -- there is
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waste in corporate america and it filters down to your pocket book and the price of the productses are higher than they should be. >> whether or not you want to buy the priewct -- the product or not is a different issue. >> another company comes in and limbs it down. slims it down. >> you have an irs where they are making a $70,000 star trek video. this is the internet boom when everyone was wasting money. then there was a time of belt tight inning. belt tightening. >> i love teaching the idea of competition to paul. i like watching it dawn on your face. you are getting it. >> if it is not a joke, i can barely understand it.
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>> you must beacon fused. >> i have to stop insulting paul because i have so much more to do. from slackers to taxers. did you snow that 20 tin irs conference where they spend $40 billion on things like that stupid star track video,. we won't know exactly how much it will cost because the irs can't find its receipts. talk about a leno joke. management could no i provide details because of how the moifn was spent and because of that the ig can't say what the cost woulds. the cost was. it featured $135,000 worth of outside speakers clough explained how to use a painting as a learning tool and a workshop lead by a happiness expert. apparently it is wasting other people's money. am i right? for more let's go to the
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happiness expert, tap dancing see bull. seagull. everybody at home had to get up off their couch and get really close to see the tap dancing and i apologize. >> >> do you have to talk and explain everything? can't people take it without you blatterring on? >> this is a table that is really just rotting from its core. i for one feel like i need to take faith on a date to keep you away. if only we had a happiness expert. >> can we just move on and try to do a good show here? i talked to the happiness expert and he said the key is not to be around you. i have a question for you.
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we have talked about this before, but what do we do here? what do we do as a silt sen? as a citizen? >> i think it is ironic they have an expert. they basically make our lives miserable. we need an happiness over site. all of the money is being spent and you find out about it after the fact. and then the irs losing receipts? that's crazy. the next thing you will tell me is the epa has names. >> everything is coming back to me. >> i don't mean to show this much chest. >> or the popping veins that signify frustration and bridled intensity. >> and lack of accomplishment. >> moynihan, should we give them the benefit of the doubt? >> no, we shouldn't. what i don't understand is why
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this is needed as an irs conference. i know why they are at other corporate retreats, but don't they have an invaw vagues expert? and new ways to confiscation people's incomes. i am glad there are ethnicities and genders. >> taking your money. >> taking my money. they have a guy referred to as an air -- artist. i was painting a picture at an irs conference and apparently they were going to sell it and they lost one of them. they are incompetent idiots. >> do you think it would have been better if they just ordered you? >> yes. >> can i just -- >> go ahead. >> the only thing that frightens me more than a badly
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run irs is a well run irs -- being distracted and making video. if you can let me sented a plant of weed. and by the wakes hello, what planet are you living on there are not two sets of rules for the people in charge and the rest of us. the president does president tell you when he is flying drones. you don't tell people where you buy your flesh light. >> i don't have to tell them. he makes me clean them. >> you offered many times. >> is it shocking that the irs isn't following rules? >> yes, but this leads to the bigger question, bill. youngly i am out of the -- i am in the insulting ones. isn't it time that the get rid of the irs plank is like the right wing version of the
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obamacare plank? obama created a new branch of government that nobody else -- that clinton has tried and failed. isn't it time for the right version -- the right wing version of that? he added one thing. let's get rid of another. i understand getting rid of fed. we all hate paying taxes. fair tax across the board maybe there is something that is to be said. what i know is if you want the actual specifics go to my website, how do have a fair tax .org and i explain it there. >> you know what i just realized? there is something to be said for that is a great phrase to ban, there is something to be said for that. >> did bill say that? >> yes. >> it is a classic. >> but at the end of the day if you use it too much it could be over used.
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>> you use it at the beginning of the night. >> i think that is a phil collins song. >> remember that song he did called "legal alien." >> he should hire you for the "red eye" christmas party. >> we had nine parties and not invited you. >> one of our most frequent guests and we still said we can have a hundred people there i said you only have 75 people on the list and you can have a hundred. you can have 25 mccurio's. >> he comes with an empty bag and leaves with a bag full of shrimp. i keep telling him i am not good the next day. you have to eat them at night. >> he sleeps on them as a
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pillow. >> if you don't you will feel the pressure of your upper lip across the lower lip. >> i feel like i am in a relationship with my father. >> is he alive? >> no. >> he is probably grateful. >> wow. >> now that's funny you tiny little devil man. >> wow. >> my father died saving you from a well. we have to take a break. what makes a great father's day? paul mccurio discusses his new book "my son calls his karate instructor dad." i am not surprised. should disney introduce its first gay character? don't ask me. i am a busch gardens kind of guy.
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they put war on paws to show off their bras. some soldiers are disciplined after posing in their and wear and posting them on facebook. we can only show you one because they are attractive and heros. the young women are recruits carrying out their national service which is great and mandatory for most israelis when they turn 18. the military released a statement saying they acted in a manner that showed unbecoming behavior for israeli soldiers. for more let's go to red eye's senior foreign correspondent. >> did you see -- it looked like so normally newsy, but we are crediting
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>> i don't know why this made you laugh so much. >> it was credited -- it was ball. >> don't you review anything in your man cave? >> have i to go to faith. do you think they did anything wrong? >> here is the thing. i feel bad for these young women. we all had our years when we did stupid things growing up. now the rules have changed and the times have changed because of social media. 10 years ago you did something stupid and only your close friends knew. and now everybody knowsment the level of scrutiny have increased . i feel bad. i don't think they should be scrutinized and thrown under the bus for doing stupid things that young people do. >> i agree. they definitely need to be scrutinized, but not thrown
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under a bus i am not that kinky. michael, we did this story because it involves sexy heros. this is more about -- people need to be educatedment. >> what are you talking about? do you need to be told not to put naked pictures on the internet? it is creepy. i think women are amazing and they #r* heros. it changed my mind on women in the military. >> what do you make of this? try to keep your answer under six words. >> go. >> i can't even look at you.
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you make me laugh. >> i never thought about the israeli army. now i think about it all the time. >> look, they are 18-year-old girls. if they can go into battle and put their lives on the line, they are essentially running around in something they would wear on a beach anyway and, you know, if this were an ad for the israeli army i would go and serve. >> if that were an ad for the israeli army, the problem is service is mandatory. i don't know what the end game is there. you don't need the ad. >> bill, you googled to see if there were any male israeli soldiers. i told you not to do that much research on the story. >> i would then pretend they used to be men and were transitioning. i got there, greg. facebook is interesting because it started trends and now you can see new trends as the old ones go away. what was the trend in posing
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in pictures five years ago? duck face. everybody went like that. >> that was a trend? >> ducks were doing it. >> guys were doing it. and now the trend is -- this is a bad thing to say, but they are all like this aside from that one. the trend now is to present yourself. what used to be confined to the back of videos of porn is they are doing this. it is like were they trying to get their head and their butt in the same picture at the same time? every one of them was looking at it. the more you know the more you can enter now. >> that gave us no new information. >> that was new info. >> we have to take a break. coming up, paul mccurio's lips develop their own secret language so they can join in ridiculing paul without his knowledge. great job, paul mccurio's lips.
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are these anchors the stuff of local news legends?
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should peter pan marry a man? disney has been called out for not having any characters who are. that's writing, people. renee davidson, an author, argues the house of mouse
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should follow archie comic who had a gay character who came out two years ago. they say the little mermaid and die hard are eluded to in the context of a joke. for example, i don't have any. >> lightning rooouuuunnnnnddd. lightning round. >> should disney have a gay character? >> sure. >> she didn't specify -- i read this article and i am really pis se d off you made me read it. it is the dumb eats -- it is the dumbest thing i read in my life. she doesn't set an age. they make a lot of movies. but if it is the ones -- my daughter, she loves the logo channel.
12:33 am
c. >> logo is the national gay channel. there are a lot of gay viewers. >> are you -- >> i am on your side. >> now i hate you. >> you are like the school of broadcasting worst host ever. >> they haven't had a gay character. >> i am not on a show right now. i don't know what this is, but this is not tv. >> love her. >> i was going to say, they have gay days at the park and things like that. they are anti-controversy. that's why -- they may be a little behind the times in terms of introducing a gay character, but eventually it is going to happen. what was controversial s10
12:34 am
years ago, times are changing. you will see them develop more things. remember they introduced their first disney african-american princess. you are seeing the trends change. >> they are like 40 years behind. >> the problem is it is baby steps. disney is the company whose image of women is still a princess. >> that's terrible. >> do i have to sit next to andrea the whole night? by the way, greg will explain to you who that is in two minutes. >> did i finish my point? >> finish your point. >> here is the point i am trying to make. maybe they should start small and baby steps and have women wear pants in the show.
12:35 am
did you ever see a woman in a pant suit in a dis?ee show? in a disney show? >> never. thank you for that elaborate point. >> bill, is this where you start outing gay characters at disney? >> i don't have to. what is disney. people come every day and the tea coasters go around and around and around. a bunch of people dressed in the beautiful gowns and parade through the place and dancing. and after that a light show. that is the most fabulous place on earth. when is disney going to go straight? >> in the most brilliant idea since the cotton gin, one spanish town was mailing dog crap back to its owners who don't peck up after their pet in an official box marked lost property. they approached the lady pet owners and obtained -- the
12:36 am
lady pet owners and not the lazy pet owners. it is stored in a city database along with the address. 150 deliveries were made in one week in a town that has seen a 70% drop in dog defecation in the street. paul, do people go to your show and do this material? >> stop laughing, matt. >> why are you -- >> take the mic off. >> it is gross, but it is effective? >> i think so. where do you get the volunteers for this? i want to read to kids in school. how do they find people that say i want to do this job. it is good for me. this is what they do. it is pretty intense.
12:37 am
>> wouldn't it be easier to find them or is it more fun? >> it is more fun. it is like spain, france and greece. they had drones. they were picking up the [bleep] and flying drones after people and harassing them. feces was the word i was looking for. >> that little bleep, of course. bill volunteered to pick up dog poop, but then you never send it anywhere. >> i am part of the problem. we have an slept show and can talk about it afterward. i have a couple of talking points. >> there report volunteers. the only people you would get to do this really like it and they are freaks. keep them away from parks. >> we have to take a break on that.
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>> are my red sox winning? >> shut up. >> the joy of hate, buy it., autographed copy g greatest book ever written by me.
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is it an on going spat or a playful chat? an anchor and meteorologist don't like each other, or do they? or don't they? it was a bitter back and forth. take it away nicole and carol. >> after that we like that with a couple of shower chances by the time we get to wednesday, thursday and friday and thanks for the hard to get applause, nicole and kevin. >> how is that, carol? is that good enough for you. >> lack luster. >> i will try a little harder next time. our time now 6:30 and let's
12:42 am
give you a look at the weather with carol erickson. >> it is just perfect out there. >> breathtaking. >> it is wonderful. >> lovely like you, carol. >> exactly. >> that's how i would describe it. >> me too. >> i could see you pulling the whole don't you know who i am? >> you said you could or couldn't. >> i could see you doing it. >> you don't know me at all. you don't know who i -- oh, sorry. >> see. >> yes, that was n interesting interesting -- an interesting exchange i'm sure she regrets along with that last glass of whatever. >> awkward relationship at a news set. wonder what that is like. >> maybe they are just acting, paul. it became a hit on-line and roll a little bit because we have been through that. a spokeswoman for the station has said it has been grossly edited and it is out of context and they are professional broadcasters who have great respect for each
12:43 am
other and happen to be the closest of colleagues both inside and outside the office. apparently what they are saying is this is not genuine hatred. as a woman did it look like they liked each other? >> no. it was pretty cat tee to me. do you remember the network? it was big in the 70s. an anchor has a break down on the air and the executives won't take him off because it is good for ratings? >> yes. >> h is something they are allowing to happen. even it is on this show now. paul knows this hate is real. but is theirs? >> absolutely. it is not even a newscast. it is "desperate housewives." what is striking is the aggressor is the anchor at the desk. she is reporting all morning on murderers and kidnappers and yet she somehow comes off
12:44 am
as the most likable person. >> she is cute. >> oh no. >> i am on her side. >> was she? that's why i support her. she is clearly a total jerk but she is really hot. i was going to say if he watches "red eye" -- she does president watch" red eye." if she did i would tell her to send me an e-mail. my wife doesn't watch "red eye." >> bill, do you think that this is made up or real? >> it is completely real. wree were giving them too much credit. the great thing about this is that in discussing it with your colleagues you can find out exactly the type of person they #r depending on who are they are rooting for or how they feel about the thing. for example i was talking with a a person who works here who will remain nameless, and i
12:45 am
felt bad for the weather girl because she seemed like she was getting the buttoned. but end. she said me too. the other girl is so pretty and she has her career and she is going down. >> i just learned exactly who you are by watching watching this whole thing. and then he took out his flag pin lapel and pierced me with it. >> most of the time the news is competitive. you don't see this stuff and here it happens on airment -- on air. but it happens across every newsroom. people are ctty. >> they should just let the two of them go at it. >> the sophisticated mind of paul mccurio. >> we have to take a break.
12:46 am
do you have a comment on the show? red eye at fox if you have a video go to fox eye. we are going to close things up with the post game wrap up. >> why are you asking people to do work for you? >> tonight's post game wrap up is brought to you by water falls. where a river and stream falls over the edge of a steep cliff. thanks, water fall.
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all right. i will be on "the o'reilly factor" and hosting" the factor" factor" -- hosting "the factor" on friday. a new "red eye" returns tomorrow with mary katherine hamm. >> wow. time to go back to andy levy for a post game wrap up jie. thanks, greg. epa warehouse had secret man caves. moynihan, you were surprised they had pin ups. i believe they were of betty grabel. >> she has nice gams. >> she had nice gams. >> faith, you asked why they would need a man cave at work? i double checked this. i couldn't believe it it was true. it turns out women are allowed to work night.
12:51 am
to work now. >> really? >> i love this job because i learn new things. it is amazing. paul you were shocked there were multiple man caves. i think sometimes a man just wants to be alone with a pin up. >> also, paul, why would i have an inflatable doll in my man cave? >> you have issues with women. >> if you want to know the real answer he doesn't know the difference. that is a little too deep. shocking, right. >> somebody needs to prove they did well on the sat's. >> somebody needs to show them they didn't. >> stop calling yourself a comedian. it is insulting to funny people. by the way, i am not going to bash man caves. you know who had a secret man cave?
12:52 am
bruce wayne. he did more to fight injustice than any of you nerds. >> that was not relaxation. that was a work environment. >> well let me get you this. it has surplus gym equipment and exercise space. the weight machines, the exercise equipment and the overall area appear well maintained. agency sten know pads were used for recording workouts. they were serious about lifting. >> you have ever look i had at something personal on a computer at work? >> nope. >> it is the beauty of "red eye." no matter how horrific the start we can say it is for them. according to the inspector general report at the time they were not even required to keep track of or report the cost of these conferences.
12:53 am
they didn't even have to keep the receipts. it is unreal. >> it is unreal. greg you said the get rid of the irs is what obamacare is to democrats. bill does make a good point. how do you get rid of the taxing agency? >> i think if you do a fair tax which is basically a sales tax and a consumption tax which bill knows because she suffered through it. you mean my drug uh ducks -- addiction? >> you will need people to deal with that. you don't need to spend billions examine billions of dollars collecting trillions of dollars. >> i articulated that, i believe. >> on the other hand, phil collins did not have a song called "at the beginning of the night." "there is something in the air" and it could have been in
12:54 am
the beginning. >> he did do a song called "illegal alien." >> no, it is general sis. it is genesis. tee male israeli soldiers in trouble. first of all i would like to address these soldiers and say shame on you. second of all i would like to address the soldiers and say thank you. faith, you said you feel sorry because everything has changed. that is true, but they know that. >> they look like such nice girls and i think it is blown out of proportion. honest mistake. >> i couldn't tell. >> i find girls with blurry faces to be highly attractive. >> that was not a digital blur. >> you can find the unblurred
12:55 am
pictures. >> yes,. >> i have a 30-minute ride home and an iphone. >> hamas knows you are on israel's side. >> yes. >> this is actually israel enemy worth nightmare. women showing skin who are armed and want to kill them. >> that would be great if there was bearded lunatics and they are charging at him. this is literally their worst nightmare. >> you have to let people have their moment. >> what did that add? >> shut up! >> paul, asking people what it added doesn't add anything. >> somebody has to sold up. has to holdup. >> faith, you said disney is not anti-gay. they are anti-controversy.
12:56 am
disney -- they are not exactly up-to-date on their gender portrayals. >> do they really need gay character 1234*z we can turn to bra zoe. bravo. >> the difference between the male and the female is one had certain eyelashes. >> i think sneezy was gay. >> i think he was. >> spanish town and mailing dog poop who don't pick up after their dogs. bill, you called this the most brilliant idea since the would the 10 gin. you think it is a drink. >> it is. >> it is him or george washington carver. >> my concern about the story is they say there is a 70% found in the street. what if this doesn't mean they are picking up after their
12:57 am
dogs. >> why not just send a ticket in the mail? >> shut up, mccu ri o. the show is over. >> it is not. o'reilly.
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it's gutfeld tonight. i'm kidding. >> greg: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you are being watched. the government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. >> greg: no longer a science fiction fantasy, the u.s. government may be tracking your every call and key stroke. what is behind this unprecedented intrusion on your privacy? we'll have an investigation. >> what you have got is two programs that were originally authorized by congress had been repeatedly authorized by congress, bipartisan majorities have approved them. >> president obama defends administration spying measures. is he vindicated president


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