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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 13, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> bob. >> i can't understand it. >> bob, you need a long sleep. >> i slept for four days. >> thanks for watching. >> thanks for watching. >> women come to "red eye." it is like all in the family if by all you mean me and me you mean a hot tub. now to andy levy. what is going down on tonight's show? it has been a long day. >> coming up on the big show, a 27-year-old crazy woman videos herself going on an 8-minute long racist rant at a dunkin donut. bonus points if you already guessed she is from florida. and the nsa scandal is about to enter the second week which means it is about time to take a hard-hitting look of the blog post from the leak erred ward snowden. and twitter and twais book -- and facebook magnets for nare
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saw cysts? greg? >> why do you have to hate on florida? >> i am not hating on florida. >> you said surprise the racist is from florida. >> it is more the crazy part than the racist part. i enjoy the crazy. >> that you do. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot that fire alarms pull her to get out of detention. i am here with harris falkner.l her frw, saturdays and sundays on fox newschannel. and he is so smart that s.a.t.'s take him to get into college. it is joe pollack, author, political commentator and bright bart editor-in-chief. and in china he is a water bowl, my sidekick, bill schulz, looking angry. and if hilarity was jello shots i would do him in a bar and then throw up the next day. sitting next to me, comedian sherrod small. >> ♪ hash tag red eye >> a block. the lede.
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that's the first story. take it away, hot feet. >> wow. >> all right. should she hang for her harangue? taylor chapman wanted a million views, but it is she who is screwed. she had a small complaint about service at her dunkin donuts. she didn't receive her receipt the previous night and returned for a free meal. i know. this is a winner. she turned on a camera and ended up only exposing herself as perhaps the worst person alive. >> this is all being under video surveillance by the way. i was here last night and meaty forgot to give me a receipt and turned into a complete rude [bleep]. >> i can't wait to post this on facebook. >> hi, facebook. this is what you have to do in life [bleep]. i just want my bacon crispy. when you say it on the wall if
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you don't get a receipt and your order is free, it should be free right there, you know what i mean? there are no take backs in life. >> awesome. if by awesome you mean a horrible thing. indeed there are no take backs in life. later. taylor found her nemesis. >> are you needy? >> yes. >> well guess what this [bleep] is about to go live on facebook. i already posted what you did last night. i hope you are happy with your [bleep]. i am about to nuke your whole planet from mars. you think you are toxic bad air with the trade center? i am not done. you didn't give me my water and it is on video and it will be on the internet. youtube. i hope it gets a million [bleep] hits. >> holy first responder. >> that video is the biggest surveillance story in america. can you believe it? you can find it on-line.
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i watched it three times. anyway taylor's attack was as awful as this one is delightful. >> i almost said that was us in the green room. >> i wish. i will say this, first it is gay marriage and then it is that. this is what happens. you doors to the devil. harris, she said she hoped to get a million hits on youtube. this is what people think now when they have their iphones. mission accomplished though. but i don't think she expected to be the villain in this one. >> watching that video it is like, now we know what bath salt in motion looks like. seriously. she is insane. she is violent with rage. she is threatening at any moment to make someone's skin crawl, least of all her own. it is bath salts. it has to be something. >> you are letting her off easy. she was not on anything.
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>> this girl is a different kind of dumb. first of all you thought you were coming in there and video taping and catching them doing you an injustice. it turns out you are the dumb dumb. you don't even realize you said it. she doesn't even know she said it. the world said you said -- you know you mentioned that -- she is like, where? i don't remember that. a crescent with egg and bacon. >> it happened late night dunkin donuts. we expect that kind of treatment, don't we? >> last time i went there at midnight i got stabbed twice. >> and i apologize for that. >> is that a true story? >> it is a true story. >> i get a free bagel or something, right? >> joel, isn't this a great thing about technology and social media is that even though she wanted to hurt the clerks who responded with grace and professionalism she exposed her own gruesomeness? that should make everybody happy.
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>> yes, she also exposed the racism of the republican party. i actually went to her panel and she has a video of why she was voting for mitt romney and she said i voted for obama in 2008, but obamacare. >> she voted for obama? >> she voted yes. what does he think when he sees this video? i give the clerk a lot of credit. he did this by the book. he was so sweet. ma'am, let me do whatever i can to make this right.
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he even apologized on behalf of his co-worker who wasn't even there. i have to say she picked a good time to show up. the woman who facebooked her back, she would have beat that down. >> bill, this is a hard story for you to cover because obviously you used to date chap chap -- chapman and then she dumped you for a paper bag full of rocks. that was probably hard on you. >> she likes bruises, what can i say? rocky is lumpy in the sack. this girl, i do think there may be a screw loose by the fact she said she was from kentucky, indiana. >> did she say that? >> she said back home in kentucky, indiana somebody pissed in her fries. i believe in that. the other thing is this girl is so awful that even bigots hate her. media printed a website and i won't give them the credit of their name and i won't give them publicity, but it rhymes
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with warm grubt, -- warm grunt and they were talking about how bad she was compared to the racist comment. i thought wow racists are even uniting. i went down and went down and somebody had to ruin it. one person said that is a jew. that is not a white woman. florida, chapman, calling a lawyer over a colada, that is a jew. you had to ruin it for the other racists. >> that's just sick. >> only an irish person would write that. >> if you followed greg on twitter you can see greg tweeted the video. if you watched it they can't hear it. it is so bad at one point that she is speaking words i need pictures to figure out what she is trying to say. >> go to youtube and just write dunkin donuts and immediately rant will show up. >> i feel bad for the other guys in line who she tried to sell the story to and he was like -- i just want a cup of joe. >> you see what is going on,
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right? he is like my face is bleeg blurred, can't you tell? my face is blurred in this. that means i am not okay with this. if you see me with my face blurred -- you know what is great? it will dissuade people from pulling this crap. if you happen to be working in the service industry and somebody comes in and goes, oh, by the way, that better be an extra large or you will be going on -- no one will do that anymore. she ruined it. >> throw coffee in their face. i have to say i am a little weirded out that you are so much against this. when you tweeted it out, you first wrote, you go girl and then hash tag somebody had to say it. that was like, come on, greg. >> you are a different person on-line. >> i am more of a populous trying to achieve the lower level of society. >> apparently more ethnic. >> on twitter and facebook i belong to a lot of aryan youth groups. >> i am an old, old member. >> in search of.
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>> yes, i am, i am. anyway, i just love anybody with a self-righteous tone who gets it in the end. from a bad girl to a sad girl. is her future bleak because of his leak? it seems ed snowden's girlfriend is not super excited about him leaving her and fleaing to hong kong wherever that is. lyndsay mills put up a depressing blog post writing "the world has opened and closed all at once leaving me lost at sea without a compass. surely there will be villainous per maids in this new open water chapter of my journey. at the moment all i feel saw loan." i felt the same after they canceled "frasier" and she posted a bunch of really hot pictures of herself. unfortunately for legal reasons we can't show you. here is one artist's rendering. that's pretty good. tom did that. who is todd?
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oh todd. todd is the producer. tom is that other guy. >> get to know us, greg. >> i don't have time. i do two shows now. >> you don't even know the people on "the five." >> who is on "the five"? me. and in more serious news, republican congressman says not only should snowden be put in jail, but the journalist who published the leaks should join him. he should be prosecuted under the espy yen act for publishing the leaks. >> it is putting american lives at risk. it is clearly done i believe to hurt americans and to allow this to go on will bring consequence tots united states. >> he has amazing eyebrows. for more let's go to red eye's national security correspondent.
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>> it is coming from him and to other people. this is why you can't have a security correspondent who is distracted by water and things. >> we we shouldn't have a dog on the course. >> people aren't reading my memos. >> that's because they are all dogs. i have been trying to get the dogs to go to hr. they are dogs and the hr person is a dog. >> it is a dog. >> hiring dogs was the worst idea i ever had. >> all they do is stand in the break room and play poker every day. >> and some of them cheat. have you seen the bottom paw? >> sherrod, is snowden kind of a jerk for leaving his girlfriend without giving her a heads up? it sounds like something you would do. >> that's the perfect way out, right? the government is after me. >> it is almost like saying are you a secret agent.
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>> when he does it it is all sexy. when this dude do it, it is hard. >> you know daniel craig because he would never have the peach fuzz around his face. he looks like he is on the second week of survivor. he is kind of a dork. >> didn't he leave his girlfriend in hawaii? >> yes. >> i left my girl in the south bronks. >> he is basically telling the chinese press everything about us, who we are hacking and what we are doing. is he a traitor or semitraitor? >> legally speaking he has become a traitor to the country. however, there is a contin jept out there and you -- a contingent out there and you have to see the point. if he didn't tell us what was going on would we know it in the detail? it is a huge question here. he may have catapulted the conversation meanwhile with the girlfriend. i have a theory on her, right? i think he read her blog which
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i actually punished myself a little bit. if you don't have a house tour pell i highly -- turtle i highly recommend procuring one. they are highly comfort believe at times like this when you need a snuggle. i think he left because he read her blog. >> you said he was ready to go. >> yes. >> a house turtle could be a code for something. >> house boy? >> or just a turtle you have around the house. could be code for that. i guess that's why you call it -- you need a better code for that. you wouldn't call it a house turtle. >> it is a pole dancer. >> first it was a dancer and now it is a pole dancer. >> have i seen video -- i don't want to make it sound like i was looking for it. it is part of an edited story. >> you were doing research like bill does when he types in somebody's name and writes nude after it. >> why is it lou daabs.
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>> who else is there? >> thoughts on this. you haven't been on this show since this happened. peter king, do you agree with him? do you agree that the guy should go to jail and so should the journalist? >> i think peter king has a separate standard for fox news reporters because he defended james rosen and for left wing journalists. >> you can't compare the two, can you? >> not really. >> one phone call? >> i can compare. king was such a patriot for saying this, but i felt he probably said the same thing when they leaked the name of valerie plame to get revenge on her husband. i had the brain room look up n a interview from a couple years ago and no, he said he had the guts to name the name and if anyone, quote, should be complaining it shouldn't be valerie plame.
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if anyone else has a right to complain it is not her. i think the point being, mr. king, you suck. i will say that it doesn't matter because we are talking about him and he never met a camera he didn't like. it is like gary ohlmam when he was the vampire. >> i want to know where you stand. i spend the day wondering if this is a violation of the fourth amendment. >> it is not a violation of the fourth amendment. it is of what they consider their privacy. we will see a lot of attempts to legislate boundaries. there are things we found outlooking through this guy's record. apparently he exaggerated his military service. he was not in training for military forces. that leads me to the new theory dajure which means the girlfriend may have put him up to it. if you really love me you will go to hong kong and spill all
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of these things. was she working with foreign intelligence? i don't want to put an innocent person under the spotlight. if you are not a secret agent from china i apologize. >> by the way, her dad today, a little breaking news on this, but jonathon mills came out and says he sends his love to the couple. after having met edward snowden he snows him to be forthright and loves him and supports him. >> his daughter is a pole dancer, of course he will say she a great dude. >> can i go back to joel for a second? this is about to make sense to me. her blog posts, all of those phrases were like codes about certain things that's what they were. what were the phrases she used? >> she calls edward e. there is a per maid where she refer -- a mermaid where
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somebody in their circle is a mermaid. >> this is something she set up. i like conspiracies like this. it is something to talk about. and he has a modeling portfolio. he has pictures of himself modeling. he has a terrible half beard. he is in it for the attention. >> she modeling? >> and he is not a very good one. they are telling me to move on. >> coming um, does white make right? sherrod small discusses his change of heart about the aryan nation. finally he talks sense. >> it is a three-part series. >> is facebook a magnet for nare saw cysts? and is a magnet a magnet for other magnets? the answer is glu rg.
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>> should they sur myself their own demise? kids at a new york city private school were asked to write first person suicide notes and some parents aren't pleased. according to the new york post owned by our parent company, super cuts, the english class homework required kids as young as 14 to pen their goodbyes. from the perspective of a character who kills herself in the secret life of bees. i thought that was about bees. glad i didn't read it. the project posed the questions, just how would you -- how would you justify ending your life? what reasons would you give? said one parent we were stunned at the scope of the assignment. so what does the class pet think about this?
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>> you think that is cute until you realize the surface is 800 degrees. don't put your bird on hot things. unless it is me because i am a hot thing. sherrod, you said thanks to this assignment the teens have lost their innocence. >> i mean, first of all it seems weird from a distance. but we don't have to be with these kids all day. maybe they bug the teacher. maybe he said write a note on how you will kill yourself. >> maybe jessica was looking across the room and said i am not going to go down for murder. y'all are gonna do this for me. >> everybody has good conspiracies. >> joel, i think this was a serious topic. you heard about people doing this before. are they mature enough to understand what they are doing? >> look, they are at a prep school, an elite prep school, on the upper west side and they want to go to ivy league
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colleges. this is perfect preparation. they will learn to hate themselves and they have to go through that to get in. >> here is my feeling. you don't need teens to romance suicide because they are already doing it. they listen to music and generally it is songs about heartbreaking. everybody likes to think it is about themselves on the stair climber saying it is about me. it is about me. i still do that. >> romeo and juliette, the whole thing. >> it is bad. >> romeo and juliette is a story. >> but they were teenagers. it was depicted the same way. >> it wasn't real. >> some think suicide is too good for you and suffering alone on this earth is your destiny. >> then eleven me -- then leave me alone, some.
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some is always saying something. i am right here. when i first read about this assignment my response was -- and -- and -- well done teacher. first this was juicey assignment. kids need more of that. second it got them to focus. they love writing about themselves. you combine them and you will have the brats completing the assignments rather than playing with their stupid x boxes and their stupid rubix cubes and the speak and spells. >> texas instruments are destroying kids. expie. >> i disagree. this is an exercise that romances suicide. if somebody commits suicide because of this then it is your fault, bill. >> it is no one's fault but the person who does it. >> it does open a can of
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worms. >> some of these parents don't want to see that in their kids' lives. >> that's reality. >> kids think about suicide and they often think about it as an attention seeking device. >> not if you pull it off. >> that's true. >> i don't think a lot of teenagers want to pull it off. i think some are more successful than others. men commit suicide four times that of women. an equal number attempt it. >> it is funny how the big issue is the teacher having them talk about this, but nobody is addressing what they wrote in those letters and what they try to reach out about. >> and also if i may the assignment creates awareness and i am all for awareness. >> we are constantly raising awareness of what a jerk you are. you have been doing the work yourself. >> now i have to be mad at some and were? they are both out to get me? >> joel, i asked you, right?
12:27 am
you are okay? >> is there something you want to talk about? >> it gets better. it gets better. >> it allowed him to stay around. they kept telling him, people will quit beating up on you. thanks for that. it gets bladder. how can women balance work and family? sherrod small discusses his new book "bring your kids to the strip club." >> nice. >> finally a traditional title. >> share with the whole family. >> does sushi and kids not mix? if you agree then you clearly have never had a california toddler roll.
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>> is social media fuel for the self-important tool? a new study from the university of michigan suggested twitter and facebook are magnets for nare saw cysts, but they are used in different ways by different generations. self-centered college students turn to twitter while adults, they favor something called facebook. explains one egghead, quote, young people overall value -- overvalue the importance of their own opinions through twitter. they are trying to broaden their social circles and broadcast their views on a wide range of topics and issues. nare saw sis disik --
12:32 am
narcasistic adults #r see -- are seeing how others respond to your image. i stick to sites like wikipedia and the applebys home page. discuss. >> lightning roooooooouuuunnnnndddd. lightning round. >> bravo. that was good. >> it felt good to do it again. >> we missed that. we missed that. j do you feel middle aged people need facebook to feel good about themselves? they have a life. >> you put words in my mouth. you said why do you feel like. i don't necessarily think that. when these sites went live we under underestimated how many nare is you cysts were around. there were too many monkey pictures ready to go to be up loaded. they were at the ready. when can i put my freaky
12:33 am
monkey picture up? >> do you think people will get tired of twitter and get something else? >> i thought you were going to say there would be a new twitter. we love to talk about this stuff and show our things and hey i took a picture of this. we love it and we want it. it felt like something was missing from humanity. >> that's what is scary. we can't imagine what life was like before that. there is a big hole and it was a giant cloud of the internet that followed you wherever you go. the only way to get rid of it is by killing yourself. i have been telling bill this for the longest time. what did they do before social networks? >> i don't know. >> that's what he calls his grandmother, instagram. >> she is really fast. >> that's hilarious. >> it is not just narcissism. people relate to it.
12:34 am
that's why anthony wiener is surging in the democratic primaries for mayor. >> are you making puns? continue. >> everybody is in this narsassistic mix and maybe they relate to anthony wiener because they have been there. >> that's an interesting point. i think people come together in comradery and said i felt i was invisible until there was facebook or twitter and now you have the off shoots. it is interesting to see the snap chat where your pictures go away so quickly. >> that's going to be porn. >> right? they do last for a minute. >> the nsa will be downloading all of it. bill right now you are on instagram which is half a gram. >> i told you i got it -- >> bill, i have to give bill credit. rut opposite of a narsass sigh
12:35 am
t. everybody around you, you hate you. >> i have never been on stays book. on facebook. i tweet articles about how the wool imam moth will be cloned in about five years and he will. i think it makes me qualify to take a dump on all of you. the fact of the matter is narsassists are like hipsters. they crap on all of the other ones. that's my object vagues of all of you. >> you know, you are turning into dr. smith from "lost in space." >> that's going to be my new avitar. >> even when the anthony wiener thing, there will be a time and a time soon where it will be hard to vote for anyone without a negative thing. >> good luck with that. i don't have a bat mini.
12:36 am
>> we are being photographed -- look at prince harry. you know what i mean? is that what your life is like? >> there are people in our lives who will snap when we don't know they are snapping. stuff is out there we can't even control. >> that's true. we are entering a strange new world where we argue about our privacy while we willingly give it up jie. that's why i give mine up first. it is like secret pictures come out and i already put those on myself. you can't beat me with it. >> quote the rolling stones, give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away y'all. give it away, y'all. >> i think that was the killers. >> i'm glad you could do it before andy could. a new is you she restaurant out -- new sushi restaurant outside of dc has a no kid policy. they are getting a name.
12:37 am
it has been packed since opening last week. they got the idea after realizing how awful children are and they decided they wanted a restaurant that didn't have children. did you see the logic? anything else i should read? what is the chance it catches on and creates other restaurants like them? >> they will create restaurants with the opposite theme. it is a restaurant with samurai hats. >> i have been going to places like this. it is the steak house at the executive club. it is the steak house called the strip club and there are no 4 kids in there. >> although some of the strippers strippers are with child. >> i never understood those who go to a strip club. even stay away from thebuffet. i know, no i.
12:38 am
they prize themselves on having great steak, but it is the idea. you are not really there -- >> sometimes they come around looking at your plate and it is like, beat it, i ain't with you yet. i deal with you later. >> are you single or what? >> i got a girl. >> she in a ma nothing muss relationship with 17 women. >> 16. >> yes, sorry about amanda and the accident. as a parent do you wish there were more restaurants like this? >> i am a huge fan and i have a four and six-year-old. i take them out, but i take them to restaurants as joel just described that a predominantly for kids. when i am on a date night, i i do not want to hear the toddler is saying i have to pee! i have to pee five times. and i love kids. for date night make it adults. >> bill a restaurant is where people sit down and eat a meal prepared for themselves which
12:39 am
they pay for. are you familiar with their dumpsters. they are outside the restaurant. the restaurant is in front of the dumpster. do you follow? >> poor criticism to the sushi place, take the lock off your dumpster. >> you can't dumpster dive at the sushi restaurant because you will die. >> depends on what you eat. tuna rolls stick around awhile. have a sushi restaurant. no kid eats sushi. >> my six-year-old eats sushi. >> i am calling child services. >> i am not abusing her. she likes it. >> that's a humble brag. oh god, my kid eats sushi. oh, my kid -- my kid is reading philosophy. oh my goodness. >> i don't bring them to a restaurant. my chef cooks.
12:40 am
that's great. we all make the same money you do. >> oh stop. >> we will. on such a sour note i will almost apologize to america. more stuff is on the way., autographed copy. if you haven't bought it yet, you are probably a jerk.
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would you watch tv if it was female free? egypt, whatever that is, is said to launch a dude only soap opera during the holy month of ramadan for a cleaner, more conservative version of art, and i say it is about time. according to bloomburg news, cafe show involves men siting in the street. they are discussing social, political and economic issues and of course the joy of tormenting christians and beheading gays. both cast and crew will be entirely male. harris, a male only soap opera. isn't that soccer? >> isn't that the nfl, the nba, the mlb? don't they have sports? they could have done that and
12:44 am
sold tickets. >> they want to talk about issues, but they don't want women opinions involved. sherrod, you said you agree. >> it sounds like rey romano's minute of a certain age. >> what do you think of that show? >> it was awful. it sounds weird, but maybe it will work. when i am thinking soap opera i think "all my children," at as the world turns,"" cops." >> maybe they are getting together and building man caves jie. what is your idea? >> i don't know. >> it is just home. >> any group around each other they will discuss the routes to work. how do you get to work? i take the 95 south. you can't take it after 3:00. >> only dudes in l.a. >> joel, stuff like this seems like another step back since mubarak was bounced two years ago. >> it depends whether all of
12:45 am
the characters are male or whether spl are female. or some are female. >>- q. i that is -- >> that is a good point. bill, you were in an all male soap opera in that it was a bunch of naked men singing in a shower. >> somebody was taping that? >> that's been seized by others. >> it has. >> i just think that it is funny they would say, well, we don't want women on because that is too dirty. we will just have a bunch of guys sit shed around -- guys sitting around. when they get around they are horrific. >> they are so extreme in their religion that they probably will -- it will be as good as islam is. what do i know? i am just one guy trying to change the world one show at a time. do you have a comment?
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video of your animal doing something and click on submit a video. we might use it. the post game report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's post game wrap up is sponsored by shopping rt cay. shopping cart. thanks, shopping cart. ♪ ♪
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post game wrap up. >> and the report. >> yes. one or both. >> you have to change the name of it. >> crazy woman's racist dunkin donut rapt. you said she is making the employees look bad when she is making herself look bad. i don't know if you remember the idiot guy who went off on the chick -- the chick-fil-a woman and he posted it and he was fired. >> what a fool. he was dumb. she tried to make the order being angry. you can't beet angry and then get a cressant with egg and cheese. >> and then he said you can have what you want and she said i will have two of each. >> she was mad because he
12:51 am
wasn't mad. she wanted it badly. >> i dated girls like that. >> i do shows with girls like that. with people like that. >> at one point she brings up 9/11 because she is striking a blow for america. >> exactly. it does bring up some interesting about issues of political correctness. why can indian people call themselves arabs and arabs and the rest ot us can't do that. >> they were so confused by her anger. >> the male version are guys who run around and beat up sikhs. >> you come to america and do this. what? >> don't make fun. >> harris, at one point she says i have a business agree and can can -- a business degree and can find things that make or break your business. >> the thing about her and i know the racial slurs are awful and offensive, but the
12:52 am
words that disturb me -- >> tell that to greg. >> she said i am going to explode this place. i think she meant bad pr, but you shouldn't be tossing words threatening violence in this day and age. >> that's a good point. >> first of all it was not tom o'connor who did the rendering. it was mike michael son. >> it is fitting i get that mistaken. michael son is an almost forgettable person. he could be standing in front of you and you don't even see him. he is right there actually. he is right in front of me and i can see right through him. >> he is crying. >> watch him cry. watch him cry. >> harris, you said legally speaking snowden has -- became a traitor to the country. i am not sure that is true. the definition of treason
12:53 am
against the united states is, quote, the war against them or adheres and giving them aid and comfort in the united states and elsewhere. i don't know if you can prove he did that. >> we had on judge napolitano when it was breaking. what he said was the reason why this may booy looked at as espy yen none is because of where he chose to go to released this information. he is in a country that has extradition. china will decide whether they will return him. in the meantime, he is over there. we had another guest who talked about this as defection. they may coerce him to talk. he may not have intended to commit espy yen none, but it wont up being. >> you made not. >> intent is not part of the discussion. it is what happens in the end. >> agreed. ?oal you said it is like he has a straight standard for
12:54 am
rosen and greenwald? in anent view he said three times that greenwold will have to name snakes and assets. he tweeted when exactly did greenwald keep -- can we put the tweet up? neverment -- never. >> i feel like there was a released of a name and he found it commendable a couple years back. >> not in this case. >> seems as if he changed his tune. >> i would like to point out that lyndsay mills is an agent behind the whole thing. >> really. do you believe that? >> no. >> you are just saying stuff. >> stop throwing stuff out there.
12:55 am
i am asking questions. >> you say she is not and then say she is and one turns out to be right we can play the right part and say you are a profit. >> everyone seems -- i can't believe this, but everybody has missed the biggest part of the story. he said this to a senate panel on wednesday. frankie, can we play this? >> we can take that number and go backwards in time and see who he was talking to. >> i don't care about snooping. they have contracts. >> are you going to bleep that? i will watch that again. >> well then we won't bleep it. no, we will bleep it. >> it brings up the point that i made that if not for edward snowden we would not know this to the detail we know it. >> maybe we shouldn't know it. >> maybe we should. >> maybe there are things we are not supposed to know. >> maybe there are things you are not supposed to know.
12:56 am
>> for somebody who is extremely private you should be agreeing with me. >> is mommy and daddy fighting? >> we are two daddies or two mommies? >> is it wednesday or thursday? >> wednesday, thursday morning. >> then mommy. teacher has kids write suicide notes. greg, you said we don't need teens to be about suicide. the saw signment was not to write their suicide note, but the perspective from the secret lives of bees. it was a literary exercise. >> there you go blowing it out of proportion. >> it was in the first person, but as a character in the book. >> well, i guess, you know who is the winner? people who read the story. >> america. >> gotta go. >> why didn't anybody del me that was a terrible story? we have 15?
12:57 am
harris? >> i love when america wins. >> america always wins. especially when sherrod and joel are on with you. did you see who i did there? what i did there. >> shut up, bill. fox report
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
tomorrow night. and owe riley normally follows. if i know every single phone call you make, i'm able to determine every single person you talk to. i can get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive. >> that's back when president bush was in office. then senator joe biden scorching surveillance on telephone calls. but now it's a different story, isn't it? we will have a full report. >> this opportunity to say on behalf of the secretary that he has full confidence. >> i'm just seeing through the process. >> okay. >> state department once again on the defensive over whistle-blower allegations about prostitution and drug use. james rosen, will have a follow-up report tonight.


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