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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 14, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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bodies proof that professors even when they are dead want tenure because they are that greedy greedy horrible people. >> show off was a good one more welcome to "red eye." it is like "deal or no deal" if by deal you mean i need the cash up front and i need to keep my shirt and socks on. now to andy levy for a pre game report. w45 is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story is the upcoming my little pony movie too sexy for kids? i believe shep and megyn and brett lead with this story. and issues i will completely disagree with. and the latest trend sweeping away young lovers in japan. eyeball licking. i have a quick announcement to make. >> what is that? >> eating a wendy's spicy
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chicken sandwich may have been a bad idea. >> it is a bad idea for sitting around you. >> there is no one around me. >> well, you are a lonely man. but the cats smell everything. bye. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot she can fry apartments -- ants with her eyeballs and she does that from time to time and it is immoral. fox news contributor jed jedediah bila. and he is a wildly successful comedian with fans all over the country. but jim norton was already on earlier this week so we got comedian joe derosa. >> you have used that one before. >> i know. in delaware he is a rest stop. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if fearless reporting was a lawn mower, i would ride him in my backyard with my shirt off all summer long. when nothing else satisfies try a eleven -- try a
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leventhol. next to me, rick lethenthol. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. i hope this is the red wedding episode of this mess. >> four people got that joke disembodied voice. are they too hot to trot? america's moms are saying nay over a hasboro main stay. as the new york daily news reports whatever that is in the upcoming movie "my little ponyiy questions stree yaw girls" the half pint horsies transform into hussies with mini waists and skirts. president obama calls it disgusting and says they should be impeached. no, that's not true. it might as well be. you can't impeach cartoons. i can't says that enough. says one woman speaking for america, they look like the spice girls. they are a little too sexy and an image i don't want my
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daughters to grow up withment adds another i like the group of older my little ponies better because they are more innocent and pure looking. me too lady. hasboro says portraying the ponies as people helps children empathize more with the characters. the short skirts are what is in style. of course it is not just young girls who appreciate my little pony. bill schulz learned that in 2012. >> do you want my actual name or my avatar name? >> duh, your avatar name. >> i will show you. my name is cinnamon groove. >> i like it already. >> cinnamon groove and this is how you will see me if you go to ponyville .net. >> what is this? you have to ouch what the pony. you have to watch something. >> all right, all right, i will watch it and you start watching it and you are like, this is good. this is great. >> i felt like i was right there.
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i was right there when you were first discovering it. >> it is interesting that bill doesn't wear a tie on our show but he felt he had to wear a tie there. >> rick was watching all of that and the one weird thing he noticed is i was wearing a tie. >> because you never do. >> he never wears a tie. >> it is a leash man. >> jedediah, did you play with my little pony and would you let the daughter who you refuse to acknowledge play with today's version? >> i have never seen my little pony. a friend had one. it had the rainbow hair that sways. they were cute and innocent, but i have to say i don't find these sexy. i feel like they look like bobbleheads. they look like little stick figures and big heads. what is sexy about it? i hate to break it to parents but that's what most middle kids wear to school these days. >> you could have said i don't find them sexy because they are children. >> thank you, joe. >> you are a bad person. >> which is weird because in
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the green room you were saying that's the kind of thing that is right up your alley. it was disgusting. here you are on tv condemning jedediah. >> you misunderstood what i was saying. it is seeing an actual pony in hooker boots and a skirt. that's what i thought this movie was going to be about. >> i can make that happen. i have connections. actually the pony is a hairy man on all four's. do you think this is much a do about nothing or fill in the blanks? >> no i think they are making a good point. if you are going to do something kids are watching, i don't think kids should be wearing mini skirts and knee high boots. it is not healthy. >> it isn't healthy. i like to see you have grown up. rick, you have two daughters. are sexy ponies the biggest or the least of their problems in this crazy work-a-day world? >> you realize i have been to war zones like 20 times? you want me to talk about this
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cartoon about ponies? >> i love how they are not even showing you while i talk to you. >> i don't know what the ponies are. it confuses me and makes me feel old. i know this, no girl should want to grow up to be a horse. i am not sure what it is about, but i don't like it one bit. >> i like the fact that you took a strong stance on absolutely nothing. bill you have spoken with the pony community, men who actually like my little pony. the fact that a girl's toy has that mop of a -- girls toy has that much of a following. >> i have a lot of preconceived notions and i was judging so to speak. it was nothing like i thought. i thought it would be creepy and it was not. i thought it would be exceedingly gay and it was not. a lot looked like rick leventhal and that was before the ponies turned into girls.
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>> so what you are saying is maybe hasboro has embraced the bro. >> much as i do every saturday. >> that event that bill went to was for my little pony? they were my little pony fans? >> the guys are called brodies and the girls, the adult women, pegasisters. >> i liked the ponies when they looked more like you. >> i think this was a mix up on the suit and tie side of the creative process. somebody came in and said what are you doing? we made a movie about whores? they said no, it is about horse. >> i am a fan of fixed word play. >> you are a pun kind of guy. >> i don't like puns. i like word play. puns bother me. i like word play.
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>> i like to play. this is a sign of the destruction of our culture. as a parent of no kids i am in an uproar. i have to go to see this movie and be faced with odd stairs as i tisk tisk, tisk in disgust. we are making a hard right turn. from pony to plots could that day have gone the other way? had the government surveillance program existed before 9/11 it could have disrupted or prevented the uhing tay. robert mueller explained intelligence agencies were tracking a guy who turned out to be the main high gashing but they -- hijacker but they lost him. >> they understood that al-qaeda safe house had a telephone number, but they could not know who was calling into that particular safe house. we came to find out afterwards the person who called into the safe house was in the united
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states in san diego. >> mueller added that he could have derailed the plot and meanwhile the latest on the leaker edward snowden told the south china morning post that the nsa has been hacking computers in hong kong and mainland china since 2009. also he released a video from another secret monitoring program. >> just to lighten the tone a little bit. th is an argument i have used that says that is not enough to justify the nsa stuff. if we could have prevented 9/11 is the debate over or does that matter? >> the whole reason was
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because of 9/11. that's why these laws were passed to give them the freedom and the ability to monitor the potential terrorists and the threats against the u.s. the problem people have is it appears to have been expanded everything everyone does as some sort of reason to track a particular person. >> jedediah, do we have any reason to doubt mueller? >> you need to look for people for a reason. they shouldn't be looking at my phone records -- well maybe your phone records rchlt. >> i don't have a phone. >> he hasn't used one in seven years. >> it is not targeted toward people or terrorists. there is no suspicion going on here. i have a problem with that. i am a private citizen and have done nothing wrong. >> this is why i think it is being done because we can't target. every time you target the left
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gets angry. basically we have to stop profiling because it is easy llama phobic. it is the movement of tolerance that has caused this monitoring of everyone and they avoid calling a bigot. they go through the legal hoops. i want to go to you joe. you have a strong mistrust in the government all the time most americans find it unacceptable to collect the phone records. i imagine you are with them. >> i don't believe the story they could have prevented the national tragedy that took place had they been doing this or whatever. i think it is fairly common knowledge we receive multiple terrorist threats on a daily basis and they pick and choose which ones they need to investigate or act on and i don't think 9/11 was any different. it doesn't seem likely a guy
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welcome out and publicly say here is exactly how we work, guys. you know what i mean? i just don't buy it. >> bill, the same poll that i mentioned about americans finding it unacceptable for nsa to collect phone records says the majority of americans wished he would fall into a well and never be heard from again. your reaction? >> like baby jessica? they are not supportive of me. >> they would surround the well and go ha, ha, ha. not you will be all right baby jessica. it is ha ha ha. this is the last you will see of humanity. this wheat halve bright light of the sky. >> a why does it have to be white? >> and then it will be dark and start raining. >> by saving baby bill you can unite the country. leaving baby bill in the well will only bring us apart. >> no no, no, no. the country is uniting by watching baby bill die. >> what if baby bill is
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something else? >> by the way baby bill is 36 years old. >> baby bill is going to answer this by saying this guy got all of this information via a thumb drive. >> you mean the leaker? >> the leaker. instead of combining all of our data look inward. when they were asked are there any hard and fast rules 1234 maybe not bringing thumb drives to the nsa. we say kind of. some can have thumb drives and some can't. apparently a former male model who dropped out of high school is allowed to have a thumb drive. that's more of a problem. >> he was a bad male model. by the way, we have been trying to get the pictures of him for "red eye" because the pictures are hilarious. we president cay find the photographer on the website. when you google his name under modeling and bill did it and found him inconstantly. instantly. >> i like what he did. if he is interested in any
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baby adult-type photos. >> are you a disgusting human being. >> from a document leaker to the grim reaper. will the future be nice with their heads on ice? three academics as oxford university are paying to be cryogen nickly preserved so they can be later brought back to life. they are planning on having a company detach and freeze their heads. another colleague is shelling out more to have their entire body put on ice. it is a lot cheaper than joining a gym which is most people's way of trying to pro long life. if you picture 200 years it will be a wonderful place and i want to sign up the baby so she has a chance. another professor admitted it will allow focus on more time like these hobbies.
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>> interesting. final 10 seconds he is run over by a semi, but we can't show that part. rick how sexy are you going to be as just a head? you are very sexy now. but if we just had this head in a glass case it doesn't even matter what body you put it on. we can put it baskly on a tray and you will still get chicks. >> speak for yourself. >> look at your body and you will take anything. >> i did just come from the gym. >> who wants to hang out with this -- with these nerds? >> i would pay to freeze dry other people and then stall them out. >> are you talking about me? >> you might be on the list. >> i would be great for 200 years. >> they will unfreeze and go
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like jeez, freeze them again. >> i know. by the way they are academics and you know they will be boring. so you are saying in 200 years the world will be full of really old people who were unfrozen? >> a lot of dried heads wandering around. god less academics are facing their own mortality. instead of believing in god they believe in having their head removed. >> i don't know. i watched the jetsons. i feel like in 200 years i can fly in my car. if you are going to freeze something, freeze the whole package. i am a germaphobe and i don't want somebody else's body. >> you will be old. i want jedediah at 80? no, you want your 80-year-old head on a svelt gym nays who died in a tragic accident. >> freeze yourself now.
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>> right after the show. >> or maybe your head and my body. >> do you know how many people would be into that? >> if you are interested in doing this now i have a very cold apartment. >> that's an uh walk duct. sh that thash that's an aqua duct. joe, i had a joke about your body, but we already used. it i believe you are an athiest. >> i thought you were. >> no. i am agnostic. i want prove anything. >> that's where i am. doesn't this show free of death? they want to live forever on the planet. i am grieving from "the five." i think it is interesting to think you could wake up 200 years from now. it costs like 160,000 pounds to freeze a body. this is one case you want to
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spring for the extra. when it comes to consciousness, from you an athiest being in a major and not being able to speak you get to hang out. bill, are you going to bother freezing your worth less self-knowing nobody in the future will like you either? >> you can't say that. 200 years from now i may be their cup of tea. how are we supposed to trust these guys once we are dead? i am reminded one of my favorite players was ted williams until -- until he was a headless corpse freezing inial core. what happened -- freezing in alcore. what happened there? they had cats all over the place. a tuna fish can was stuck to these frozen head and then went to "nightline" to report. in the process of applying it to his head, part came off.
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laughing and dancing in armani. >> what do you have to lose? you are dead. are you going to waste the money on the poor? >> no, don't poor. don't put words in my mouth. coming up, what a great place to meet people? joe derosa discusses his new book. this book title is a cry for help and will anyone listen? are legos dangerous 1234* i keep saying so. i keep accidently sitting on them. sorry er.
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should there figurines be more serene? according to uh important
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study legos are increasingly armed and angry like mini terrorists. new research at new zealand university at cantebury, go fever blisters, says the number of faces are on the rise and the men are carrying more weapons. it is around conflict-based teams like "star wars" and harry potter and love actually. we cannot help but wonder how the move to an increasing number of negative faces can impact how children play. they consult with shrinks and parents and teachers and regardless of their expressions and they always have classic lego humor. had -- the good guys win in the end. more plastic figurines are armed as this documentary shows.
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>> all right. rick, when you were a kid legos hadn't been invented yet and it was a huge fad but that is neither here nor there. shouldn't we play with toys with happy faces. >> i never killed anyone that they knew of. >> i want to know who is designing -- what evil person did they hire? >> it was joe derosa. you look like an angry figurine. are you happy the company is ripping your face-off? >> i am finally making some money. i have the good agents behind it. first of all, here is the bigger issue. why are kids playing with legos? it is a crap toy.
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>> now you can build so many things with them. it has changed a lot. >> you know what you do? you look at it. that's it. it is the worst toy. i nef liked them. is it is terrible. >> as long as the two male legos don't get together i am okay with it. there is no way there will be lego gay marriage. not on my watch. i don't know what will happen next. it will involve tinker toys. the good guys now look conflicted. is this a good thing? it is con flicked it. everything is relative. >> i feel like society is getting cranky and it is more of a reflection of us. i don't know if kids want to see happy toys anymore. i used to play with smurfs and gi joe so i don't know what that says about me, but i don't think i would have noticed if the lego was smiling or frowning. i notice some lego had a gun
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and a kid will take that to school and get suspended. >> exactly. >> it is more wusification. we played with toys and -- and there were bad guys and good guys and i don't understand. >> if anything it is about life. good guys, bad guys. not everyone is smiling and happy and making the big bucks. >> in the smurfs movie gargamele didn't want to eat them. he wanted them for magical charms. >> it is because of our culture. i am auditioning for another fox show. bill, you had a collection until your roommate hobo carl ate them. you still kept them afterward. >> i always wonder why he wept by that. i don't go by sidekick bill. i am a sidekick and my name is bill. legos have guns because that's the only place they can get guns.
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this is the one place where kids can go to get their artillery fixed. as far as the expression is concerned it is because they look cooler. >> you can't spell lego without the ego and it is all the ego. look, you are a toy. >> wow. now who is the bad boy? now who is america's bad boy. not you lego. it is not like you have real legs. >> there goes all of the advertising money. >> we are going to have to edit all of that. >> we will have to fill time now . >> why not how do a segment on how awesome legos are. >> building blocks for society. >> lego land is a great place to take your kids. >> i wish i lived there. >> i wish you lived there and died there under a heaping pile -- >> we will have to edit that
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out too. >> we are keeping it. i hope you fall and are crushed. you are under there barely breathing. >>8:51 that's when he said. it you edit that out. >> and then forced to eat your way out of the legos. you are choking. finally they find you and they laugh at you and throw you in a well where you belong. >> save baby bill! >> coming up, what is new with the fiero's? it is great for picking up chicks. first what does buddal dren really -- buzz aldren think of tang? i will ask him when i get home. he is renting my other room.
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i would like to apologize to all of the wonderful people at lego for that outburst and it will never happen again. >> he doesn't mean it. you should have heard him in the commercial break. >> does the drink actually stink? buzz aldren has shockingly proclaimed that tang sucks. tmz reports during a taping for the spike tv guy records the second man on the moon bashed the beverage of choice. buzz was presenting an hua -- an award to the space diver who said he never got a corporate sponsor and didn't mind revealing his true feelings about tang.
12:32 am
i thought i was going to throw to something. a little known fact, tang is made from orange kittens. >> what? >> cuss. >> lightning roooouuuuunnnnnndd. lightning round. >> joe, i consider you the orange tang of comedians. why do you think this great astronaut waited so long to hold his hatred? >> he is at that age where things are slipping out now. >> you love buzz aldren. he is a tough guy. but he doesn't care. >> i was making a joke that he was old. >> i am trying to save you from insulting our primary viewers. >> he is the greatest. there were tags that were really funny, but let's take the jokes apart like a fine set of legos. >> jedediah, if you were the head of tang it would never happen.
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but imagine you are theo of tang -- i can't even do that. imagine there is a man who is running tang. that man has to be pissed off because he probably gave the astronaut a lifetime supply. and he is totally ungrateful. i had it once which is the cause of my acid reflux. i can't even blame him for being an ungrateful you know what. it makes sunny d look like -- >> you can't spell tang without out nact. the weird thing is tang should be grateful. if it wasn't for the publicity it got in the late 60s no one would have had it. i pine for it because of the reputation and not the taste. >> i met buzz aldren and he was not drinking tang. >> you are not going any further with that i imagine? >> i agree it will be a great
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advertising slogan. buzz aldren says tang sucks and people will want to drink it. >> i know it is powder and pixie sticks are powder and they #r* delicious. why can't tang get there [bleep] together. >> the what? i thought you swore. >> i did. but i caught. it. >> first of all you only had it once. >> that was enough for me. >> i want to talk to bill. you snort tang when you are in a hurry. i have never seen white colored tang. and you don't even mix it with water. >> i had no idea. it is no idea. >> kids, only store powdered milk. the dye had -- the guy had so much plastic surgery he could say buy low and sell high. he would be the first moon --
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man on the moon if he didn't have to move. sorry i couldn't have one of your fabulous jokes. the latest trend among japanese students is eyeball licking. it is said to be an expression of affection between young sweethearts. doctors warn it can cause blindness. one school apparently learned about the craze when kids started showing up in class wearing eye patches. joe, was there a gross thing you did or is this the dumbest thing you have heard. >> when i first started i thought it was great because i didn't hear the word "i." i thought maybe they are on to something. that's all i got. >> it is weird. it is called the lightning round for a reason. say something and then move to jedediah. what is it about kids eager to
12:36 am
try goofy and grotesque stuff? >> i feel like there are men in this country that are doing this. i don't even like my ears touched let alone my eyeballs. these are nasty. and somebody will choke on a contact lens. who is laughing now? not those kids. >> but we will have a great laugh. when we see a guy choking on contact lenses -- >> it is a story you can tell your grandkids. as a parent wouldn't you rather have them experiment with silliness? they have been doing it for the past three years. >> they don't invite me. >> i would rather catch my daughters licking eyeballs. >> that is the line of the night. >> that will be taken out of context and put somewhere. bill this is how you say hello to your family? and by family i mean the four
12:37 am
in the soup kitchen. >> we had to put the word allegedly in this story. >> this isn't real. >> this is what we have come to. >> i think it is real. horny japanese teenagers will somehow get a lawyer and saying we are defaming them and the horrible guy. >> this is an example of how porn is ruining the world. you can trace it to porn. that's why people are doing weird things like licking eyeballs. >> what kind of porn are you watching? >> i haven't seen that, but seen so many random, weird, stupid. stupid things they feel they have to one up the porn and they start licking eyeballs. it is not okay. don't lick ice balls. >> i was in lens crafters and i fell asleep and when i woke up they were all over my eyeballs. we don't even know if that story is real. time for a break. there is more stuff to talk about. the joy of hate
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autographed copy, g greatest book ever written. this is my last one.
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>> would you role play for a free stay? a landlord has posted a classified ad seeking a tenant to live under his roof at no cost. the one condition? he spend two hours a day in a homemade wall russ suit. according to "the sun" the newspaper and not the fiery orb, the homeowner said he was living alone three years on saint lawrence island in alaska. he said quote, never had i had anything. i was heart broken for months. he had a wall russ costumes that fit most people. you must be a wall russ. there must be no speaking in a human voice and any communication must entail making utter wrenses in the voice of a wall russ. other duties are catching and eating the fish and crab i
12:42 am
occasionally will throw at you while you are the wall russ. jedediah, if this guy lived in new york would you take him up on his offer rent free and free seafood? >> i don't already have the walrus costumes. you know the sad part is i have ex-boyfriends that would agree to this. >> really? >> anything to save a buck. >> ex-boyfriends, eh? joe, don't you wish you were as passionate about anything as he is. >> i am. >> what are you passionate about 1234*. >> walrusses. you know we lived together. bill showed up and did this on his own and didn't see the ads. >> that was weird because you were completely shocked by. it he did a better job than anybody. rick is this something -- it actually makes economic sense. two hours is nothing.
12:43 am
look how much work you put in for probably less than that guy. annie plays the accordion. it is a win-win. >> i think it is a perfect reality show. it is worth its weight in gold and there are not a lot of people who don't want to wear that costumes. >> i hate dirty costumes. the things i do are dirty enough. >> are they back yet? no. >> it has been awkward the whole show. >> i am not saying this is a sexual thing, but the guy hired two other dudes to play the tusks. >> that is a good job, producers for putting up a qalrus picture. -- a walrus picture. yay for the people at home. is the walrus that skinny animal with the big eyes? is it a bettered? do walruses live in trees?
12:44 am
that was a snake and you should be dead. i spent six hours a day dressed as sharon glass for the fan club. >> do wall russs flip their fins? >> only when they are pleased at a broadway show. and it is a light clap. >> and they are not dangerous. >> they are not dangerous. >> you realize we are not talking about wall russs? it is a human dressed as a wall russ. >> this guy wanted a walrus and have a human go get eaten and then the human will be inside the walrus and then have that walrus. >> i believe it is part of the manatee family. >> those are mythological creatures. >> you know what a man you that tee is? >> i designed them in the its. in the 80s. they are sexy and free.
12:45 am
>> you might want to edit that out. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox fox eye. coming up, the post game report from andy levy, our manatee without the man. >> tonight's past game wrap up. the portable timepieces to be worn on the wrist.
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>> a new "red eye" airs on saturday 11:00 p.m. eastern and it is going to be awesome. we have pab we have michael moynihan and lauren sivan. once again, saturday 11:00 p.m. eastern time. >> time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game review. >> thanks. my little pony movie too sexy. joe, you said you would rather see the hooker boots and skirt. can we not say hooker boots? can we say empowerment boots? >> i am used to calling them horse boots at this point.
12:48 am
>> i almost threw up there. >> rick, greg brought up the fact that you have two daughters. i know there is lauren. what is the other one's name? >> i am going to come down there and punch you in the face. >> that's what i'm looking for, man. i need to feel. >> a hundred people at home got that joke. >>y other daughter's name is your mom. >> i am going to come up there and kiss you on the mouth. >> i told you he gets turned on by insults. >> greg, you brought up the person who said "i like the group of older my little ponies better because they are more innocent and pure looking." >> yes. >> ya, me too. >> the metaphor for society andy. old things are better than new things. >> nsa and greg you mentioned the fbi director said they could have prevented 9/11 if they had the monitoring
12:49 am
capabilities. you said the capabilities had to be targeted. according to the associated press, the deal with this guy that muller brought up as the example the cia knew about him from the year 2000. they didn't tell the fbi about him until august of 2011. the fbi wasn't looking for him until early september 2011. the problem was the cia and the fbi with their turf wars. >> and reasonable suspicion exists where it doesn't exist for you and me. that's the point i keep making. >> muller says they couldn't find out who was calling into the al-qaeda safe house. why couldn't they find out who what is calling into an al-qaeda safe house? >> it is like they aren't monitoring what they should be. they have it flipped around. >> >> the third time says jedediah bila shouldn't be looking at her home. at her phone. >> just looking at your text,
12:50 am
joe. >> joe, all of that stuff is exactly why i am with you. i think 9/11 is being used here and the government invoked 9/11 so we have supposed to shut up and say okay, you can do whatever you want. >> i totally agree with that. i think it is a major red flag when the fbi comes out and says this is exactly how we work. that's not what the fbi does. they keep things secret for a reason. >> but i will say if a terror attack occurs and we don't have programs like these, the same people are going to be saying i wish there was a program like this. we know that. >> not me. >> i know, not you. but there will be people. >> they could have stopped it potentially and you are right, andy, 9/11 could have been prevented had agencies been talking to each other. that has been well document documented. >> let's fix the program and target the right people. >> they are not saying get rid
12:51 am
of the program but let's properly talk to people to prevent terrorism. >> and also too i hope i am not out of line in saying this -- >> you this. you are. >> should we move on? >> when you say out of line i know it will be out of line. >> i am saying with freedom sometimes there are things to trait off for that. i don't want to live in this police station. >> freedom is not free. >> cryo ven -- cryogenically freezing one's self. my favorite part is when jim said okay. life was just ahead and will be limited. i can see why you are at oxford. idiots. lego facial expressions are not as happy as they used to be.
12:52 am
thanks, obama. rick you said you played with toy soldiers and toy guns. we get it. you are a dude. >> that was a week ago he was doing that. >> a lot of my peers in the 30s and 40s were playing with toy soldiers. >>- q. i you had to use sticks as guns because the scrap metal had to be shifted oversees. >> you all gather around tv for "our gang." we did that. >> if they give the same sticks i would see the hula hoop down the row. >> we had a black and whitev. >> why did it have to be about race. >> it is separates, but equal. it is separate, but equal. >> you said you are auditioning for another fox show. >> i thought you were on that show. >> they are calling it outrageous outrage.
12:53 am
and it is nothing but outrage about outrageoustd things. i am outraged about that recipe! too much cilantro. shut up! buzz aldren said tang sucks. so he was lying about that just like he was lying about landing on the moon. >> o.j. simpson was right about this. by the way the guy who invented tang inventedok pop rocks. >> he invents all things. awful things. >> wait a minute. he invented something. even if it is bad i haven't invented anything. >> i haven't invented scores of things. >> greg, some of the contraptions in your basement you could patent. >> was it you ever cked in blood? -- covered in blood. >> paint. it was covered in paint. >> it smelled like blood.
12:54 am
>> i am done. >> thank you, andy. see you tomorrow. >> gid do dye yaw schulz, derosa, leventhal that does it for me, i'm greg gut field. greg gutfeld.
12:55 am
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12:57 am
or you. ah. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you can't have 100% security and also then have 100% privacy. >> bill: lawsuit latest polling shows president obama losing credibility among the public. does he have a strategy to turn things around among all controversies. charles krauthammer on that. >> pat buchanan and of course o'reilly. these guys are hard right whipping guys. they look a lot alike. black eye look to them. >> bill: sounds vaguely racist, doesn't it as the far left becomes obama idolatry falling apart lashing out. we have analysis. >> ewe have rough days for the first time i have found someone i'm able to
12:58 am
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