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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 14, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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fun for mommy erica to style, who gets me ready for air every day. look at this gorgeous family. congratulations, erica lu, and little lulu, lots of love from your fox 2 family. we have gone through our pregnancies together. what a blessing. thanks for watching. here's shepard. >> shepard: good for erica. why is it that all babies are born in the same little towel blanket thing. >> how does she look so good two hours after delivering that baby? >> she always does. >> megyn: i have avoided my pictures of myself after the birth of my children. if i looked like that i would be putting them on national television, too. >> shepard: man alive. megyn, you look amazing. good luck, and eric car thank you. hang on one minute there? the news begins anew on "studio
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b." the u.s. is set to send military support to the syrianç opposition. gee, who is the syrian opposition? what's their phone number? whatxd are their intentions? they're claiming the assad regime has crossed the line and used chemical weapons. what this could mean for our future. fans drop into the water. this is shucker's bar and grill in miami beach. north bay village. i bet i've been there 200 times. minimum of 200 times. quantities consumed? we don't want to get into it. they were watching a heat win last night0and what a disaster. the deck fell down into the water. we'll speak live with somebody who was there when it happened. and how do you like your burger? i like mine made out of meat. m-e-a-t, meat. now they got thissing which called schmeat.
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stand by for wrong. don't care what the peta says. it's all ahead unless schmeat changes everything, and it may. first from fox at 3:00 on a thank goodness it's friday in new york city, the white house says it will ramp up military support to syrian opposition but no about boots on the ground. after officials confirm theç syrian regime has unleashed chemical weapons in the todayly civil war. >> the one option we basically have taken off the table is boots on the ground, for a variety of reasons. one, nobody has asked us to do so. the sir yap opposition has not thought that is a good idea. we certainly don't think it's in our national interests to introituses troops. >> what if they start losing even while with playing, do we put boots on the ground then? what if assad is killing all of
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them? the white house has not confirmed what kind of military assistance the rebels will receive. we only heard from the president about the red lean. small arms? antiaircraft missiles? don't know yet. as we have reported president obama announced last year the use of chemical weapons in syria would cross the red line and change his calculus. now the white house says -- not the president -- but the assad regime, the white house says, did cross the line. intelligence indicates chemical weapons have killed more than 100 syrians and the united nation estimates 93,000 men, women and children have died in that civil war. some g.o.p. critics say it's too little, too late. marco rubio said today, and i quote, the longer we continue to outsource this problem to other actors, the more the country will fragment. spreading instability, violence and chaos to its neighbors, and analysts point out there's
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trouble on all sides of syria. to east robb. -- iran to he west, lebanon, home of hezbollah, an ally and embroiled in its own standoff with israel. and then turkey, where violent protests turned deadly this week. firstç let's get to ed henry at the white house. ed, i mean, a relative unknown came out and told us that the line had been crossed, still noç heard from the president, and this is -- the puck doesn't have any idea what is happening. >> been rose, the deputy national security adviser, very prominent around the white house around the scenes but not to the public. he came out last neath and announced this. not the president. but ben rose did on a conference call with the media at 5:00 p.m. eastern time and he never directly said we were arming the rebels. he hinted but never said it. today he came before the cameras and suggested, yes, we are arming the rebels but would not
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speaks. -- would not specify. the suggestion we're sending light arms, machine guns, but not heavy arms that john mccain and others have been calling for, artillery, antiair craft, et cetera. i pressed ben rose on whether this is why they're being transparent about the details because they're not sending heavy arms. >> why is there secrecy around >> when you get into the question of provision of assistance to opposition groups, we just are more limited in our ability to say, well, here's the inventory of everything we're doing. i'm sympathetic to it. >> but they just won't lay it out. the bottom line is, another issue they're facing is that one robe the president tide not earlier want to send arms to the syrian rebels, we didn't know whether the arms would wind up in the hands of extremists or
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terrorists. the bottom line is we still don't know where they'll wind up. >> shepard: 93,000 people dead according to the un estimate, the white house is focusing on chemical weapons. the run runs are asking why. >> john mccain has been hammering the point and saying he doesn't understand why this is the game-changer for the white house, something that basically the chemical weapon used in syria that led to the death of 150 people. we grieve the loss of lives but tens of thousands of more people have been slattered by president assad and his military, and that did not cross the red line. here's john mccain. >> it's just -- what the president did was he gave them a red line but gave them a green light to do everything else, and if i sound a little emotional about this, it's because the news out of that country is horrific. >> ben rose answered the question, and the response from the white house is that after assad thousands of people, that's why president obama called for assad
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to go and the u.s. started putting sanctions in place to push him out of power but the rope the red line is of the chemical weapon, that violates international norms and the white house believes that's the final straw. >> let bring in chris wallace, joining us from washington. you know, this is hard really to completely understand. we're two years into a civil war that killed 93,000 people and they're trying to get us to believe there's no plan?obnñ >> well, i think that there certainly is legitimate the problems and one of the reasons it's going to be so hard to arm the good rebels, because syrian nationalists, as opposed to the bad rebels, the islamic radicals, us because this has gone on so long the good rebelsyear in ascendancy back two years ago. i think one of the reasons this is happening -- i don't think
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it's all just about the chemical weapons. another key factor why the president changed his mind and made the decision to send weapons, is because the rebels are losing, because with the support of russia, the support of. iran and hezbollah and lebanon, the assad regime has now turned the tide, big victory in a strategic town last week, and looks like they could win another key rebel outpost and that's one of the reasons the president decided he couldn't wait any longer and had to send weapons. let me make o(#8 other point. the president is leaving on sunday to go to the g8 summit, and talk to all of our top allies, and perhaps get on the same page with the french and british who have been ahead of us, and it may be perhaps at that point -- i take your point about the president not speak
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'but maybe at that point when he has a coherent plan to announce, he will. >> chris, thank you much. happen father's day. >> thank you, sir. >> we'll look forward to the father's day edition of fox news. chris will be talking to dick cheney about the latest?;ñ government surveillance headlines and other controversies surrounding the white house. this week on fox news sunday. the government surveillance leaks now. and the self-professed leaker could still reveal a whole lot more. a source is now telling fox news that threat is credible. the last time we heard from edward snowden, i.e.d. snowden they called him, he had told the south china morning post newspaper he wanted to stay in hong kong because he hat faith catherine herridge is live. what does the administration say about this? >> after meeting with european ministers attorney general eric holder saying the public disclosure of c programs has done significant
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harm. quote, the national security of the united states has been damaged as a result of those leaks. holder told reporters. the safety of the american people and the safety of people who reside in allied missions have been put at risk as a result of these leaks, and holder's assessment today reinforced the white white houss stated public possession. >> this program is not targeted at terrorists. it sweeps up invictim natalie -- indris criminal natalie americans are phone calls, whoç we call, when we're calling them, how longç we talk, and perhaps where we're calling them from. >> that was a -- that was not the white house. that was the aclu. european leaders want to talk to the president next week, specifically about the prism program, the program we're told is one that gathers internet
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have already challenged the claims there were dozens of terrorist events disrupted, and now senators udall and widen are presenting legislation that would limit data collection on citizens unless there's a reasonable link to terrorey. or espionage. the disclose sure of the last week have made clear to the american people the laugh is being interpreted in a way that damages their civil liberties and the system sim has been set up to keep americans unaware.obf the intrusion. that idea it's been kept in the shadows is important, and the aclu says the collection of records goes beyond the narrowly drawn programs under president bush. >> have a great weekend. >> you're welcome can seal you
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later. >> shepard: investigators in florida trying to determine what caused the deck at shucker's bar and grill to collapse into the biscayne bay, sending dozens of people in with it. it was in the middle of the nba finals game last night, which the heat won. and one thing they do not serve at shucker's is schmeat. i know they don't because i know the owner and they wouldn't serve schmeat.
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>> shepard: dozens of people plunge into biscayne bay when a deck on a sports bar collapsed. shucker's bar and grill in the heart of miami, right there in the bay, and they say as many as 100 people were on the deck part of the place at the time. the heat were playing theç spus last night in the nba finals and wilts say there was a loud
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crash, and when they looked over to see what happened, everybody was in the water. people, tables, chairs, drinks, you name it. >> guy with a broken leg. a lady that got hit with a table on the head when everything collapsed, and of course, panic set in. so everybody just got scared. there were people that were wet completely from head to toe. they were submerged in the water. >> shepard: the water is shallow, a few feetç deep, but2 people to the hospital. some serious. we're right across the street from the place. it sounds like a lot of people jumped in to help. reporter: a lot of heroes here last night. shucker'sç employees and other customers jumping into the dark waters, helping to pull people out of the waters and rescue them, bringing them home to safety. the deck full of tables, chairs, last night a full house for the big heat game, and as you can see everything buckled, drop and
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sank into the bay. [shouting] >> the celebratory party watching the heat take the lead in the second quarter suddenly became a terrifying scene. a survivor really believed last night she would drown. >> i was feeling like, okay, this is it. we die. today is the end. i tried to get out of the water and i got this table on top of me and a chair around my leg, and i said, help us. >> most of the injuries a lot like hers, sprains, fractures, and lacerations. inspectors have been on the scene all day. they're putting the deck under serious structural analysis. the police chief says it was, as far as he knows, fully capable of holding well over 100 people.
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shep,. >> shepard: phil keating in north bay village. right next door to the place, right there maybe half a block, is our station wsbn, and this place, shuckers bar and grill is an employee cafeteria and a place where all late night parties happen and where -- i dent know how many games i watched in that place. back to the top, please. but tom tuckwell is a technical director over there at our station, and was at the bar when this happened last night and sent us pictures. they heard a boom and screaming and tom is with us now. shucker's finally collapsed into the water. incredible. >> amazing, shep. >> what happened? >> we were sort of the end of the bar, which is closest to the deck itself. and probably no more than six feet away. our backs were to tl deck as we were watching the game, and it was -- must have been as it was approaching the end of the second quarter and the heat were
12:19 pm
coming back in the game. the crowd was becoming more animated, more lively, and then this enormous roar behind us. i turned around, as we all did, astonished, and took a few moments to take in what was going on, where once there had been a hundred or so people dining and watching the game, there was now sort of nothing. there was darkness. so you look down and in the water there were these people screaming and scrambling to try to get out. >> shepard: it's my understanding people helped out a lot and the news trucks were over there in 15 seconds. >> absolutely. in fact i was amazed how quickly the first responders showed up. it was -- there was still quite a few people stillç in the watr when the first policeç officers showed up and they jumped in immediately to try to help. but before they arrived, there was customers,ç employees, all reaching over to pull people out of the water. and there was very chaotic but a sense of, all hands on deck. everybody was doing what they
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could. >> shepard: they got to get it fixed and fast. that's where you have to go. i mean, when the 19 hangs up the carnival of carnage, you have to have a pop, and shuckers is the spot to get it fixed. >> absolutely. many a tough news story has been rehashed over a meal or two. >> shepard: certainly has. the place close as 4:00. good to see you. >> deadly wildfire in colorado. the most destructive fire in the history of the state. and they still can't get handle on it. and wakt until you hear how may houses it has now reportedly destroyed. and how many more are said to be at risk. a live report is next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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>> shepard: a wildfire alert, a fire burning in colorado, the colorado history. according to fire officials who say two people are dead, nearly 400 homes north of colorado springs are destroyed. thousands more are said to be at risk right now. officials say the bodies of two people turned up inside a garage in a heavily wooded area, and that the victims were trying to escape when the fire just caught up with them. here's what we know. officials say the fire is 5% contained. and a total of 16,000-acres burned, about the size of the island of manhattan. officials say the cause of the fire is under investigation. alicia is live with us from colorado springs. it's the one that won't end. are investigators saying anything about a possible cause. >> the sheriff is saying it's likely this was not caused by lightning or anything else. in nature, which leaves one
12:25 pm
thing, human ignition, arson investigators are not saying if they know of an exact location of origin or if this was an accident but they have the initial cause when smoke and flames were reported. the fact that two people were found dead whileñr trying to fle their home takes this investigation up a big monk especially now they're looking at the possibility that someone started this fire. firefight? âñontainment 5%, which you mentioned this morning. and this is why. both the sheriff and the incident commander here say that they did have a very good night. they're just holding back on the numbers. they were able to hold ground and protect structures, meaning no new homes were lost. they have crews inside the fireline, keeping it from spreading and others patrolling the perimeter to prevent breakouts. here's the incident commander. >> we have the air force ready to go. the ground troops in position. we're cognitive of the weather. we have an eye on it.
12:26 pm
hopefully if we can build off the success we had lastneath we'll start securing the corners. >> crews today are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and the clouds and hope to be optimistic about theç numbers. >> shepard: we're getting -- new details about the nsa leaker first. we're now learning how this guy, ed snowden, walked away with all that information. all has to do with a piece of equipment worth a few dollars at any computer store. plus, the white house says that it has a plan for syria. but will not say what that plan is. sending support to an opposition about which we know very little. in a country that is a total mess in a region that is a bigger mess. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news and look forward to the new information on schmeat.
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the computer technician who says he leaked top secret documents 0 on the government phone surveillance program reportedly managedç to sneak them out on a tiny thumb drive like this. that's according toç the reporting in "the los angeles times" newspaper. a thumb drive is the sort of device you can buy for less than 20 bucks, but a former national security agency official told the times no thumb drives are generally banned, adding there are people who need to use a thumb drive and they have special permission but when you
12:31 pm
use one, people look at you funny. ed snowden is now hiding in hong kong, and the major newspaper, backed by china's communist regime, is now urging the government hold on to edç snowden. this communist friendly paper wants to use his intelligence for all it's worth. >> yes. in essence, shep, saying milk him, get his information, and then send him back to the united states because whatever secrets he has could be vital to colony's national interest. this comes on the heels of ed snowden saying the united states has been spying on chinas and hong kong's computers now for years. the editorial reads in part, maybe he has more evidence. the chinese government should let him speak out and according to whether the information is public, use it as evidence to negotiate with the united states openly or in private. the editorial galls the united states hypocrites and ruthless, no regard for others.
12:32 pm
we should note the chinese newspaper is known for its antiamerican editorials in the past. >> shepard: snowden is getting popular in hong kong. >> in some areas he is getting hero status. there's a site, the chinese equivalent of twitter, and people have been posting pictures of ed snowden, calling him handsome. in fact when you search his name, snowden handsome is the first report. there's a survey that says 78% call him a freedom fighter, and 81% think the chinese should grant him asylum and only 3% believe he shouldç be surrended back to the united states. the more he stays in hiding, the more popular been ed snowden becomes. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. what if ed snowden isn't what maybe we think he is? bring in foreign affairs analyst gordon chang. the author of the book, theç
12:33 pm
upcoming collapse of china. he is 29 years old. shouldn't have all this access. this doesn't make sense on the surface so must be something else. >> yes, undoubtedly there's something else. another narrative that makes much more sense, much more consistent with the facts, is that there are other people in nsa who have been supplying him material and snowden was a drop box. >> a drop becomes. >> someone who is going to collect the material and then leave the u.s. that has not been confirmed. nonetheless that makes much more sense. after all, snowden was a 2-year-old. he had been in and out of the u.s. intelligence community. didn't have that great access and the question is how did he get the thumb drive? how did he get away with it? that's a big story,. was working for the chinese? >> a possibility or could have been working alongside the chinese or the chinese saw that because of his postings on -- which where sometimes antigovernment, maybe he was
12:34 pm
someone they could turn. so clear live this makes much more sense than snowden is a whistle-blower. i don't believe that paradigm. i believe because of all he has opportunity to help china -- he has done quite a lot in the so china post article, the post revealed that snowden turned over documents to the paper which detailed the servers that the nsa was using to spy on chosenç and hong kong. >> shepard: how would he know that? >> this is information that has nothing to do with the narrative of being a whistle-blower. this is information which is technical, which is detailed, and which is valuable only to beijing security services. >> shepard: his fate, you have written, is now in the hands of the chinese. >> clearly. he is in hong kong. the politburo committee, the apex of political power. gets to decide whether he gets asylum or extradited back to the u.s., so clearly he is a creature ofç china. china controls some his thumb
12:35 pm
drives and laptops. >> shepard: you wonder if he is not setting right there on the apex. >> it's very interested that snowden insisted his initial disclosure occur just moments before the summit between president obama and his chinese counterpart xi jinping. snowden changed the global narrative from chinese hacking american networks to nsa surveillance. that was enormously beneficial to xi jinping, and we have to ask why did he want it at that particular item? >> shepard: feels like we're getting played. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> shepard: thank you. more now. the u.s. decision to send military support of some kind to the syrian opposition, how it could affect the entire region and all of us. the syrian government dismissing the out who's claim used chemicalç weapons calling it, quote, full of lies. a top official in russia, a staunch ally of assad, said information the u.s. provided didn't look convincing.
12:36 pm
the white house says the president will meet with the russian president on monday and that russia does not want to see a downward spiral. analysts point out syria is creatingç a potential mess throughout the middle east. the fox reports chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here. this not about chemical weapons, can't be. >> it's absolutely not. the deputy national security adviser, ben rose in his conference call last night, used a rather incongrues term saying this is a matter of urgency for two years. then he revealed in a side comment that is about much more than just the chemical weapons. listen. >> it's particularly urgent right now in terms of the situation on the ground in some respect because we have seen hezbollah and iran increase their own involvement in the conflict. >> hezbollah increasing their involvement in the conflict is an understatement.
12:37 pm
in fact recently they sent their fighters flooding across the bored from lebanon, into syria, and they tipped the balance in the battle for the city, a strategically important town the rebels have held for a long time. that's one of the real reason highs the house appears to have made the decision to act, because the balance of power has changed and been changed in part by the hezbollah fighters. >> shepard: is he weighing in now? >> he spoke today. he said that his forces have taken a calculated decision to defend the regime of bash should al-assad. so now you have hezbollah there, you have other fighters there, from iran, and you also have the u.s. now deciding to take some sort of action. this is now a proxy war. listen to this.
12:38 pm
>> hezbollah,ç iran, and russia have decided that assad needs to win. i think now we have finally decided that it is in ourç interests that the rebels win. >> so on top of all those international interests now apparent live competing in syria, you also have a very dangerous sectarian split. against shia and that is a frightening thought for the region. >> the people of iran are considering their future without mahmoud ahmadinejad in charge of the rogue nuclear nation. they're voting to elect a new president. keep in mind iran's election -- the election rules there bar ahmadinejad from running for a third four-year term. but as iranians head to the poles the critics worn they ruling establishment has rigs the elections in its favor. that got aç strong reaction frm
12:39 pm
iran's leader, he said on state tv, a u.s. security official said they do not accept this election. okay. the hell with you. hmm. that's mature. regardless, analysts say iran faces an uncertain future with mahmoud ahmadinejad as president. the guy who suggested the holocaust was exaggerated and said a halo of light had surrounded him when he spoke for the first time at the united nations. >> the zimmerman trial just took another big step to becoming the biggest media circus with the court struggling to find a pool of acceptable jurors, now the defendant0s own father has written and published a book about the case. here we go. we'll read an excerpt. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons.
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>> shepard: zimmerman's old man has written a book. the father of the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed trayvon martin has released a book, called uncovering the malicious prosecution of my son george, unquestion. an excerpt reads as follows: you should come to clearly understand there are wholly unethical opportunityist including those in the government and the media simply for their own self-serving interest. a judge ordered near live two dozen potential jurors to return to court on tuesday so that
12:44 pm
attorneys from both sides ask can ask more questions. the attorneys are searching for six jurors and four alternates who don't already have a firm opinion about the case. thats!á=&nhdm/o0ft4'
12:45 pm
the whole panel. it takes time. so anticipate once they get through the part where they go through the media exposure, weed out the people who cannot do a two or four week trial and can't do sequester, then you get to the general questioning and eventually we wi'll get to the trial. >> the book is timely. >> yes. >> actually, i thought that was clever when i first heard about it. clear live this is not like the casey anthony case. in the case anthony case, everybody was together. this is a divided point. this book comes out. people in george's camp are going to want to read it, read the details about things he thinks the government is doing improperly. but even the people who don't agree with it. the people inç trayvon's camp o
12:46 pm
are against zimmerman might want to pick it up to look at it if nothing else than to debunk his argument, but all of it results in book sales and i have no doubt this is a way to fund the defense. so we may see that in more high profile cases in the future.@ >> shepard: wouldn't surprise me. judge alex, thank you. >> lawyers for the woman who stabbed her ex-boyfriend 2 times, and shot her in the head, say they need more time before a new jury decides whether she government should kill her. this will lawyers for jodi arias have asked the judge in arizona to delay the retrial of the penalty phase of the case until january of nextç year. the current start date is july 18th. all of this happened after eight jurors failed to agree on whether to give the convicted;xg murderer the death penalty or life in prison. here's arias with the ex-boyfriend. her lawyers say their client needs more time to get people to testify on her behalf. under the law in arizona, both
12:47 pm
sides can present evidence. >> sun dating a story that broke yesterday during this program. police in st. louis say a business owner opened fire on his employees at his healthcare office yesterday, killing three people and then himself. that's what happened. cops say surveillance video shows it started with an apparent argument, followed a short time later by the gunshots. no word pop why the guy started firing or what caused the argument. neighbors called police after saying they heard semi-automatic gunfire. >> it's not meat. it's schmeat. science messing with the back yard barbecues of the future. they made a hamburger in a pietri dish. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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>> shepard: ten minutes before the hour. it's schmeat time. barbecue season in full swing. hires how to ruin it. an odd scientific development has come about. a professor claims he will grill patty this month made of schmeat. it consists of entirely laboratory grown meet, they call it schmeat. he says he grew the stuff in petri dishes, using cells from the neck of a real live cow. he said he had to repeat the growing produce thousands of times. the schmeat he says took two years and nearly $340,000 to make. some animal rights people say they are elated about schmeat. dr. radcliffe is a member of the american medical association and has written articles and is here to tell me what is great about schmeat. >> how would you like to get a
12:52 pm
fake burger, and have a $1,000 price tag. >> sooner run over myself with my own car. why do we need schmeat? >> it's a great concept. there's a growing middle class population in china and india and have a growing appetite for chicken nuggets and burgers and steaks and this is how to deal with the increased demand. and for vegetarians this could be an option for them to get adequate protein. >> shepard: they can also eat beans. >> definitely. >> shepard: why do we need to grow a hamburger in a petri dish? seems like a complete waste of time, and don't ever put one near me. never. i'll find out if it will stick to the wall. you know what i mean? what are they doing? just eat the meat, of if you're a hater, eat some vegetables. what? help me. >> it's for the growing population that we're going to be seeing over the -- >> they can eat beans. why make meat?
12:53 pm
they're genetically altering everything. i love door retorts but i get what it's doing to me. dote need schmeat. >> we don't know what the effects will be we see genetically modified food have been shown to increase allergies and at in and infertility. so we might have the same problem. we might see problems we don't expect to see. >> shepard: what does is taste like? >> the guy says it tastes presidentette good but not enough for the price tag. >> shepard: tases like what? people thing twizzlers are pretty good. i decent know why we need to do this. understand we got to feed more people. grow more beans. don't know if we need to take something out of a cow, grow it in a petri dish and then eat it. >> if we are run ought companies, let start grilling small puppies.ç
12:54 pm
plenty of meet around. >> shepard: what were we saying earlier, animals are to be -- we like them, then you can have them. or eat them. that's it. >> i eat them all. >> shepard: schmeat. i need more help from you. are we going to be able to grow pickles in the same way? will i be able to grow catsup? can we make children this way? >> no. years and years away from this becoming prime timeç or going o the supermarket and asking for a fillet minimum ongoing. we need to be able to figure out the production, the cost and the taste. at this point we're nowhere close to getting there. >> shepard: yeah. schmeat? >> no. small puppies anytime, in she meat. >> shepard: you know the one way to make viewers hate you is to say something bad about an animal. >> they've hated me for a long time. >> shepard: thank you, jonathan. he doesn't really eat puppies. i mean, only fillets.
12:55 pm
>> a popular hair loss drug may actually help cure your drinking problem. his listen to this. a new study from george washington university tracked 83 healthy young men under the age of 46 who stopped taking propea should. the guys appeared to drink muss less than before they started the hair loss drug. two-thirds say they cut back. five drinks a week to only two. researchers say it's like that propecia interferes with the brain's ability to make hormones, those tied to drink alcohol. the original goal of the study was to look at the sexual side effects. if we get that we'll bring it to you. maybe they can grow more hair in a petri dish. that makes sense, doesn't it? >> yes, everything you've say makes sense. >> i'd we billing to try that. >> macaroni and cheese at the center of a stabbing. that's what it says here.
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: then there's this before we call at it day. police in florida arrested a guy for stabbing his own brother. the victim is fine. cops reported it started when the suspect got upset after he couldn't find his macaroni and cheese. the guy's brother tried to help him in the search but in the process the brother knocked over the suspect's beer. now one brother is in the hospital and the other brotherç is in jail. that kind of day. that's for the b. the dow, not nice today.
1:00 pm
down 100 points. i'm sure cavuto will bring it up. have a great day. and i'll see you back here tonight, 7:00 eastern, for the fox report. thank you. bye. ç >> neil: searching for clues or just clueless, how seriously is the administration take thisser is irtargetting when the head of the fbi doesn't even know who is doing theç investigating. today the leader of the group targeted responds. >> welcome. right about now i'm betting the fbi director marten mueller wishes he could take this exchange back. >> can you tell me how many investigators you assigned to the case. >> maybe be able to do that but i have to get back to you. >> can you tell me who the lead investigator is? >> off the top of my head no.ç >> the most important issue in front hoff the country you don't know who the leadgto> is?


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