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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that's it for the special report from washington where we remain proud and fearless. have a great father's day weekend. this is the fox report. no word from the commander in chief as the united states gets ready to step into another war. instead, the president's staffers lay out a vague plan to arm the rebels in syria. >> there needs to be a consequence for a regime that uses chemical weapons. >> now the united states is planning to send military assistance. critics say we need to do more. >> we're talking about giving them more light weapons? it is insane. >> and why this is not about only syria but an entire region threatening to blow up with help from the terrorist group hezbollah and the iranians. american interests at stake and
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the president's next move. a sports bar deck collapses. dozens of people plunge into the water. >> we just saw the bar falling into the bay. tonight a look at the first frantic moments after the deck came crashing down at checkers. but first from fox this friday night, our nation is about to get involved in a civil war in the middle east. think of it. make no mistake, it is a proxy war. the players include hezbollah, lebanon, russia and the syrian government on one side with the syrian rebels and now the united states on the other. so what's the goal? what's the end game? what are the limits? what if we help the rebels and the iran and the other side wins? what then? if the white house knows or has a plan, it is not telling the american peel. last night the white house, not the president, announced the u.s. now has high confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons to kill at
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least 100 people. president obama has said that the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and his administration is making moves to start arming syrian opposition forces. what kind of moves? a good question. >> i'm not able to provide details of what we will provide but it is a different scale and scope of what we've provided in the past. >> she does say the options do not include putting american troops on the ground. the united nations estimates at least 93,000 people have died in syria's two-year civil war. some republican lawmakers say we need to do more to help the civilians dying at the hands of a dictator. marco rubio release ad statement which reads in part, there is no more time for half measures. of course, syria is so important, largely because of its location. right in the middle of an already very tense region. to the east, just past iraq is iran. and an ally that has been sending supplies to the syrian
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regime. on the syria's western border, lebanon where the terrorist group hezbollah renewed its pledge of assistance to syria's leader. and south of that is israel. a nation which recently targeted suspected weapons shipments near damascus and to syria's north, turkey where the government is engaged in a crackdown of its own against protesters. more context on all of that in a moment along with syria's reaction. first let's get to ed henry at the white house. if you can, please explain to us what they're saying in the building behind you. >> reporter: they're being as vague at the white house as you said a moment ago in terms of details of exactly what the u.s. military is going to do. what we've been able to piece together are indications that we're going to be sending small arms. not the heavy arms. not the anti-aircraft missiles that senator john mccain and others have been saying you really need to help the rebels turn the tide against president assad. about all they are saying directly is that they in no way
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plan to send u.s. ground troops to have a direct war inside syria. take a listen to ben rhodes. >> we don't think it is in our nal national interests to send troops. we need to be humble about our ability to solve a problem like syria. certainly on our own. >> reporter: and the other thing they're basically ruling out at least in the short term is a no-fly zone overseer i can't. you'll remember the president advocated that. that worked in 2011 helped get gadhafi out of power. they're saying at the white house, it will be much more expensive and complicated to actually implement that overseer i can't so they're not planning to do that. >> we ended up in iraq for another decade. that didn't work any way. one more thing. 90,000 plus people did. yet the focus still seems to be chemical weapons. >> reporter: right. the white house tried to push
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back on that dichotomy of saying of course they care about the 90,000 who have been killed. it is not just about the red line over the chemical weapons that apparently kill 150 people in syria. they say they care enough about the tens of thousands that that is why they said assad should go months ago. that's why they implemented sanctions to try to push him out of power. but john mccain said that is not good enough. he said the problem here is there's been too much focus on that red line. not enough on the focus on the slaughter of the syrian people. take a listen. >> we've determined that assad has killed about 100 to 150 people with chemical weapons. how did he kill the other 93,000? it is just, what the president did was he gave them a red line but gave them a green light to do everything else. >> you mentioned we have not heard from the president in all of this in the last few days. when we will hear from him is next week. the g-8 summit in northern ireland. he'll be meeting with allies like the brits and the french who have been very active on
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this issue. but also interesting, the president on monday will have a one-on-one meeting with the russian president vladimir putin. russia has not been an ally on this. russia is helping assad in syria. that will be a pivotal meeting on monday. >> the syrian regime is now accusing the united states of using cheap tactics in putting out a statement that was full of lies. in russia a top foreign affairs adviser to the president said the claims did not look convincing. let's get to the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt. there is a little more going on on syria. >> if you're looking to answer the question why now for u.s. action, the deputy national security adviser ben rhodes admitted that rebel losses the ground in syria had at least as much to do with changing president obama's calculus as did the use of chemical weapons.
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>> particularly urgent right now in terms of the situation on the ground in some respect, because we have seen hezbollah and iran increase their own involvement in the conflict. >> and hezbollah fighters have made a very real difference. joining president assad's forces in the recent battle for the crucially important town of qusair and winning alongside the earl of president assad. that by the way was a city that the rebels had held for one year. >> the viewers will remember that hezbollah fought israel in the south of lebanon and according to many observers, israel lost. now hezbollah's leader is speaking out on this. >> yeah. he gave a speech in one of his strongholds at beirut, lebanon. he said that hezbollah has made a calculated decision to support
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president assad of syria and they will continue to do so. according to david shenker of the washington institute, that sort of support makes a real difference. listen. >> they are getting the support from russia, hezbollah, they can reverse the momentum entirely and win. this is not in our interests either. >> now you have hezbollah, iran and for the moment, at least, russia on one side of this conflict. the u.s. and other western powers on the other. you have this major split between sunni and shia muslims. this whatever path we choose will not be easy. >> and very complicated. we did get word of mass defections of syrian officials. turkish state media report as many as 73 syrian military officers and their families have just crossed the border into turkey where they're seeking refuge. 202 men, women and children in
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all, they tell us. according to the report they are now in a turkish refugee camp with other deif he canners. a quick update on the number of high criminal profiles we're following. first, the judge rejected the ft. hood soldier's defense that he shot taliban leaders in afghanistan. the judge said none of the soldiers posed an immediate threat to anybody overseas. major you needal hasan is facing many counts of murder. and george zimmerman has a book called florida v. zimmerman. uncovering the malicious prosecution of my son, george. the judge ordered 23 potential jurors to rush to court on tuesday for another round of questioning. george zimmerman has plead not guilty to murder in the second-degree and said he shot and killed the unarmed teenager trayvon martin in self-defense. in the trial of the accused mob boss, two bookies testified about the threats they heard
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from his associates. pay up or get hurt. even killed. whitey bulger stands accused of taking part in 19 murders in the 1970s. a big revelation that could benefit michael jackson's mother in her enormous civil lawsuit against aeg live. that is the company that promoted her son's ill-fated comeback tour. katherine jackson said the company did not properly investigate her son's personal physician conrad murray. today the ceo of that company aeg live testified that he received conflicting information about the singer's health just days before his death. first, touring staff told him in an e-mail that jackson was shivering and would not eat. but hours later he said the singer appeared fine in a meeting and conrad murray told him jackson was fine. a judge sentenced murray to four years in prison in 2011. one minute they were watching a basketball game at a sports bar, and the next they were in the waters of biscayne
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yes. with new nature made vitamelts. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor? melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty new nature made vitamelts. get a sample on our facebook page they're saying it was pandemonium when a deck collapsed in south florida. we have the first 911 calls from the scene. it all happened in miami at a spot called shuckers bar and grill. you can see the remains of that deck still shoeting in the shallow water themselves say there were about 100 people on the deck watching the miami heat take on the san antonio spurs in the nba finals. all of a sudden, a loud bang and the deck gave way. >> once there was 100 or so people dining and watching the
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game. now there was nothing. darkness. you look down and in the water, there were these people screaming and scrambling to try to get out. >> our local fox station is right next door and they got there quickly. look what it looked like in the few moments after that deck crashed into the water. the water shallow. a few feet deep. five to ten. 911 callers describe what they were seeing. >> what is your emergency? >> i'm at shuckers bar and grill and the deck just totally and completely collapsed. there are at least 100 at least people in the water right now. >> so the deck collapsed and everyone is in the water? >> totally. the deck collapsed. at least 100 people in the water. other people are going to save them but it is horrible. >> miami-dade koinl police and fire. >> there is an emergency in shuckers in miami-dade. >> what's the address? >> it's -- i don't know what the address is. >> try to calm down, okay? >> the whole deck and the whole bar fell and everyone is in the
4:16 pm
water. i don't know whether they're okay. >> remember it was dark and frightening. a lot of panic and a lot of people hurt. phil kyotoing phil keating is in downtown miami. >> reporter: investigators have ruled out foul play. the cause of this deck collapse still unknown. normally this time of night every table would be full of locals and tourists drinking and dining. instead all of it is in biscayne bay. investigators photographed the scene. it has survived numerous hurricanes and they said it was built to hold over 100 people safely. two dozen people were taken to hospitals. one man with a broken leg but mostly cuts, sprains and stitches. two people remain in serious condition. numerous customers and employees heroically pulled people out of the water to safety. one survivor tells us, everyone was enjoying the evening and cheering for the miami heat when in a flash, she really believed she was about to drown.
4:17 pm
>> okay. that's it. today this is the end. i tried to get out of the water and i got this table on top of me in a chair around my leg. >> reporter: she and other survivors now have new problems. their purses, wallets, bill folds, credit cards, i.d.'s, even their car keys remain under water. >> wow, phil keating on the cause way of miami. the interior of the bar and grill is not affected by the collapse. for now shuckers is closed. the owners are not saying when it will reopen. some merge workers risk their lives to pull three people from an suv in a flooded ditch. look at this. an iowa state patrol lieutenant said the driver went off the road during some heavy rains. the first responders attached a harness to the little girl in that suv. watch what happens next. they pulled her along that rope barely over the water all the way back to the bank.
4:18 pm
you can see the girl looks scares but police say she was just fine. and rescuers used a raft to pull two other people from the vehicle. everybody is okay. it happened in northern iowa in an area now bracing for more possible flooding this weekend. the enormous storm that swept from the midwest all the way through the mid-atlantic is now blamed for killing at least five people. three of the latest confirmed deaths in north carolina. the storm carried powerful winds. more than 70 miles an hour in some spots. strong enough to damage buildings, take out trees and knock out power to hundreds of thousands of people. >> one day after we learn one of the colorado wildfires had turned deadly, we're getting a better sense of how massive the most destructive history in colorado has become. we're live in colorado springs. plus, one psychic's apparent mistake has cost her in a huge way. we'll tell you how much she has to pay for falsely claiming there was a mass grave outside somebody's home.
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crews are battling to hold the line against the most destructive wildfire ever in colorado an area larger than manhattan. since it broke out on tuesday north and east colorado springs. we learned yesterday that the fire turned deadly. official say they've ordered a criminal investigation after they found two bodies inside a garage in the heavily wooded area. hours ago, authorities lifted the mandatory evacuations around the city but they say the flames have destroyed 400 homes. look at the path of this destruction in one neighborhood. the black areas mark where some houses once stood while others within that charred landscape managed to escape.
4:23 pm
>> reporter: authorities are still in the middle of a briefing right now. applause broke out because they said they had a very good day. and later in the afternoon, look at this. this is what happened. rain. a lot of it which is much, it was exactly what firefighters needed. they said they had a tremendous day today because of this rain. this is what the sheriff describes. listen. >> some things finally turned in our favor. i think if you look at it as a fight, we got our tails kicked for a couple days. i think yesterday with the agreement, we saw it as a draw. i think today we delivered some blows. >> rich harvey is the incident commander who has organized all of the resources here in colorado. rich harvey announced they are at 30% containment. he the say they are nowhere near where they need to be and they're still battling this ferocious fire. and you mentioned those
4:24 pm
evacuation orders that have been lifted. there are still tens of thousands of people out of their homes. and the burn area is not included in that so they're still up to 400 people who still don't know whether or not they have something to return to. >> that black forest fire is not the only one burning. there are two others raging in the rocky mountains. one north of coral springs, the big meadow fire has affected a few hundred acres. meanwhile the royal gorge fire has charred more than 3,000 acres south and west colorado springs. a judge has ordered a self-proclaimed psychic to pay nearly $7 million to a couple in texas because that psychic falsely claimed there was a mass grave full of dismembered bodies at the couple's home. the lawsuit from the couple reports the woman going by the name of angel called the cops back in 2011 saying there were sms 30 bodies buried outside houston. an extensive search of the
4:25 pm
property turned up nothing. the so-called psychic told the chronicle she and her friends were having visions about three children who might be in trouble. it is still unclear whether the woman will be able to pay any or all of that money. three engineering students at purdue schemed to hack into their teachers' accounts from f's to a's. even a's to a pluses. the prosecutors say the pair and an accomplice broke into the office, installed devices on key boards to track what they were typing. the three men face burglary and computer tampering charges. edward snowden cannot hide from american justice forever. that's what a top u.s. official is saying tonight. now there's word the former nsa contractor copied the classified documents using a device you may already own. plus the polls have closed in iran.
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we're waiting to find out who the president may be. now the supreme leader is lashing out at the united states. and police say the gunman in that deadly santa monica shooting spree left behind a note. details from the farewell message coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour. ursuit we all share. a better life for your family, a better opportunity for your business, a better legacy to leave the world. we have always believed in this pursuit, striving to bring insight to every investment, and integrity to every plan. we are morgan stanley. and we're ready to work for you.
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ed snowden will pay the price for exposing national surveillance agency surveillance programs. that's what attorney general eric holder is saying. he said the leaks put america in danger and i'm confident the person who is responsible will be held accountable. at last word, that person was reportedly hiding out in hong kong threatening to reveal more secrets. katherine is live in the newsroom. you're hearing we should take this threat seriously. >> reporter: a person familiar with the investigation has monitored snowden's computer. based on his electronic trail will you the nsa computer systems, it is believed snowden has more documents beyond a handful of leaks to the guardian and other papers. and he seems to boast about what he knows. >> i had access to, you know, the full rosters of everyone working at the nsa. the entire jengs communicate and
4:31 pm
undercover assets all around the world. >> reporter: the threat he could leak more classified information based on this search is seen as credible. >> now some senators say they're trying to limit the surveillance. >> that's right. both early critics are now introducing legislation that would limit data collection on americans where there is no, what they call, demonstrable or verifiable link to terrorism or espionage. the statement reads in part, the disclosures of the last week have made clear to the american people the law is being interpreted in a way that damages their civil liberties and that the system has been set up to keep americans unaware of the intrusion. nsa whistle blowers are raising new questions about a program publicly described by the fbi director during congressional testimony two years ago. in the wake of the ft. hood terrorist attack which allows for the collection of e-mail from a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil in real-time.
4:32 pm
we put in place technological improvements relating to the capabilities of a database to pull together past e-mails and future ones as they come in. so that it does not require an individualized search. the database is separate from the p.r.i.s.m. program, the nsa referred fox to the fbi and there was no immediate comment by the bureau where they were studying the transcript of the testimony. >> thank you, ma'am. the brits are you no reportedly warning airlines, do not let ed snowden on any flights to the united kingdom. british officials say they will not allow him into the country. and they're threatening to fine airlines more than $3,000 if he does go into the u.k. that will do it. i mean, $3,000. that will bring the airline down. now one communist backed newspaper in china is suggesting the government hang on to snowden for a while.
4:33 pm
trace gallagher, this government is calling to get out of him what they can. >> exactly. milk him of all his information and then send him back to the united states. they believe the secrets he has are vital to chinese national security and national interests. now, keep in mine this editorial comes on the heel of snowden saying the u.s. has been spying on hong kong and chinese computers for years. it reads in part, quoting here, maybe he has more evidence. the chinese government should let him speak out and according to whether the information is public, use it as evidence to negotiate with the united states openly or in private. the editorial was written by a newspaper that has long criticized the united states but china expert gordon cheng believes snowden truly is a bargaining chip. listen. >> clearly, beijing is now in a cat bird seat. it can decide whether to keep him or send him back. the chinese who are ruthlessly practicing mattic will do everything they possibly can.
4:34 pm
i think that global times editorial that you referred to is essentially increasing the price that we're going to have to pay to get snowden back. when we get him back, he will have disclosed everything to beijing. >> now "the los angeles times" is rt roing that snowden snuck the top secret documents out of the u.s. on a thumb drive like this. you know the kind you buy at staples or best buy for $10. national security officials tell fox news channel that thumb drives and other outside storage devices are frowned upon. but because he was a systems administrator he would have more latitude to have that type of storage device on him. >> cbs is confirming that somebody hacked one of its computers more than once last year. correspondent cheryl atkinson reported the suspicious activity last month and now the network reports an intruder accessed her computer remotely and tried very hard to remove her information. now word on whether they got any information and no comment from
4:35 pm
the fbi. the polls have closed in iran's election but we're still waiting for the results. the current president is on the way out. he can't run for a third term under the iranian rules. officials say they stenled voting by five hours because the lines are so long. and the high turnout could mean more moderate voters could show up but remember the ayatollah khomeini really runs the country. and this comment from the supreme leader, quote, recently i have heard that a u.s. security official has said they do not accept this election. okay. the hell with you. stocks took a tumble finishing off a volatile week. the dow falling more than 100 points. the nasdaq and s&p also in the red. the dow swung more than 200 points earlier in the week. the seventh time in the past 15 trading days. it just keeps going back and
4:36 pm
forth. the fox business network has the news. what is up with the markets? >> the markets have been riding a real see-saw this week. up and down. the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq all down more than 1% today. it was the third time in four weeks that all major averages posted a weekly loss. now the sluggishness comes after a new report by thompson riters show consumer confidence falling in june. another report showed factories have not been as busy as projected. here's the elephant in the room. investments have been on guard and jittery because they're worried the fed may roll back the stimulus soon and take a look at this chart. you can see the dow has been growing in steps with how the fed injects cash into the economy. basically in sync there. and recently, fed chair ben bernanke has talked about scaling back the stimulus and just the mere mention of that has roiled the market in recent
4:37 pm
weeks. although pulling back on the stimulus would indicate a potentially healthy economy, analysts say yanking it now could reveal the growth is soft and send the markets tumbling again. >> thank you. the man who went on that deadly shooting rampage across southern california left behind a handwritten note. that's the word from police who say the note was three or four pages long. in it he told his friends and family goodbye. >> we know that he left behind what can be called a farewell note in which he expressed hope his mother would be looked after financially even as he said goodbye to his friends and expressed remorse for his actions in the killing of his brother and his father. >> police say he also set their house on fire before he went on a shooting rampage. they caught up with him at santa monica college where they shot him and he died. six people in all. he was heavily armed. some 1,300 rounds of ammunition and get this. two officials now tell the associated press, he assembled his assault style rifle as they
4:38 pm
put it in his own bedroom. flames and tear gas filled the streets. the protests turned violent and that tops our look at news around the world in 80 seconds. brazil. thousands of demonstrators rallied against new public transportation are fare hikes in the nation's largest city of sao paulo. some hurled molotov cocktails. police shot rubber bullets into the crowds. officials say several people got hurt. state media reports cops made more than 200 arrests. india. the coast guard rescued 22 people from a ship sinking in the indian ocean off the southern coast. it had been adrift for days. crew members say it took on water as it battled rough seas. everybody on board got out safely. russia. more than 50 competitors from several countries taking to the skies for the international balloon meet west of moscow. teams get a course to navigate
4:39 pm
and 20 minutes to prepare for the flight. the nine-day event wraps up on sunday. france. it is called the dinner in white. an invitation only picnic held annually at different parisian landmarks. this year several thousand folks dressed in white from head to toe for an evening in front. . they kept it a secret since such gatherings are not officially allowed in paris. that's a wrap . word of a potential breakthrough for depression. it affects millions of people in this country. the depression, not the graphic. children are affected as well. now researchers say they discovered a simple solution to help determine how to treat the disease.
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they found those guys appeared to drink much less than they did before they started taking propecia. nearly two-thirds said they cut back from five drink as week to two. it is likely it interferes with the ability of the hormones. it is a deadly disease affecting nearly 15 million american adults and millions of children. it is clinical depression. the thing is, doctors say treating it is difficult process of trial and error. and that a one size fits all approach doesn't work. now a group of researchers at emory university in atlanta says that a quick brain scan could help solve all of that. and save lives. jonathan has the news tonight. >> reporter: researchers do believe now that brain scans will help doctors predict the best possible treatment for their patients with clinical depression. the new study suggests activity levels in a small region of the
4:45 pm
brain called the anterior will respond to therapy. they measure the activity and then randomly assign patients to 12 weeks of treatment. either with the common anti-depressant or psycho therapy. and here's what they found. >> the patients who do the best on the drug have high activity and the patients who do the best on therapy have low. >> the goal is to get people well and to do it as fast as possible. to get them what they need and at the same time ensure we don't give them a treatment that won't work for them. >> the hope is that this will lead to additional research that eliminates the hit and miss factor involved with treating people with depression. an advocate with the national alliance on mental illness spent much of her own life waiting for a successful treatment to
4:46 pm
control her own depression. she said eliminating that wait time could help. >> it is a fatal disease. many people commit suicide and they do it in the time that they're waiting, quite often. >> and the emory study is published online. >> the feds say clinical depression can develop at any age. the average is 32. they say it is more common in women than men. >> schmeat. it is what's for dinner as long as you don't mind your dinner coming from a petrie dish. a sign says he has grown a burger patty in a lab. it took two years and cost $240,000. slightly more than your average steak dinner in new york. the scientist said he used cells from the necks of cows and he will grill it later this month to help raise more funding for more schmeat. animal rights people say they're thrilled with it.
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veterans are claiming our government is gutting the gulf war illness. they claim it is payback. the v.a. denies attempting to not pay benefits. they say it includes toxic
4:51 pm
chemicals from oil fires and anti-nerve gas pills the troops took during the 1991 war. symptoms are chronic fatigue, join pain, rashes, memory loss. jennifer griffin from the pentagon tonight. >> reporter: last month, v.a. secretary. the board was recommendations about gulf war illness and limit the board's independence from the v.a. and move veterans advocates say it is designed to sweep gulf war illness under the rug. he was angered by the vote of no confidence by the research advisory committee on gulf war illness. >> unfortunately, the secretary when confronted with the recommendations on our part that needs to be investigated, they have opted to shoot the messenger. >> i'm very troubled by the changes that are purported to have been made. >> the department of veterans affairs has strongly denied any
4:52 pm
wrongdoing, arguing he has recognized nine new diseases associated with gulf war illness since 2010. quote, funding for gulf war research has increased from $5.6 million in 2011 to $6.7 million in 2012 to an estimated $7.3 million in 2013. but a form he v.a. research doctor turned whistle blower told congress in march the v.a. was manipulating evidence to avoid claim. >> and the v.a. is under fire accused of mismanaging veterans disability benefits. a senior official that they are struggling to get their handle on a backlog of claims and it has reached a tipping point. it consists of 600,000 claim with a patient wait time of more than 270 days on average. a moment of silence in
4:53 pm
newtown, connecticut, as victims' families honor the people lost that day. the sisters of one of the teachers killed in that shooting had requested that moment of silence. it lasted for 26 seconds to honor the 20 students and six faculty members killed when the lone gunman opened fire before killing himself. official and family members issued a call to action on gun control at today's ceremony. a transit police officer who survived a shoot-out with the accused boston marathon bombers is finally heading home from the hospital. he nearly bled to death after that showdown in april. he said he doesn't even really remember the gun fight. but he said he's making progress in the recovery. >> i'm here on a crutches. i can take a few stems on my own. i can walk with a cane. i'm better in some regards. >> the officer said he is looking forward to spending more
4:54 pm
time with his son and playing with the family dog. he said he wants to eventually return to work. the focus at guinness call at this time most famous song in the english language. and chances are you've sung it plenty of time a year. now a classic tube is headed to court. coming up, the lawsuit over happy birthday. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal. [ male announcer ] everyone has the ability to do something amazing. ♪
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a production making a claim has filed over the copy right. the argument, the song happy birthday should be dedicated to public use and in the public domain because the copy right expired decades ago. the company that claims to own the song has reportedly recovered millions in licensing fees. the film company filed its suit after having to pay $1,500 fees to use the song in the movie. the white house said president obama will step up u.s. military support for the rebels in syria's civil war after confirming that country's regime has used chemical weapons. still no word from the commander in chief. and the attorney general eric holder promised the leaker ed snowden will face charges. he is still hiding in hong kong. and police in miami, florida say two dozen people ended up in hot after the outdoor deck of the sports bar shuckers collapsed during the nba finals game last
4:59 pm
night. and on this day in 1777, our nation got its first flag when the continental congress adopted the stars and stripes. 13 red and white stripes representing the colony that's declared independence from great britain. the founding fathers based it on the grand union flag. congress added a circle of stars on a blue field symbolizing what it called a new constellation. as more states entered the union, the number of stars grew. the nation celebrated the first flag day marking 100 years since the creation of the stars and stripes. decades later, congress made flag day a national day of observance and old glory was born 236 years ago today. happy flag day. now you know the news for this friday, june 14th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. i'm be back on monday.
5:00 pm
happy father's day, especially mine. i'll hit you up on sunday. of course, sunday is a very big day. you know what's happening on sunday. true blood is back. i'm telling you. the o'reilly factor is on. >> he acts as if he stumbled upon the scene of an accident and he is catching up. the benghazi debacle to the state department's sex and drugs shocker. can the obama presidency survive? >> can you tell me how many agents and investigators you've assign to the case? >> we may be able to do that -- >> can you tell me who the lead investigator is? >> on the top of my head, no. >> why cannot the head of the fbi anxious simple questions about the irs investigation? should we be worried? >> you know what it is like out on the open road. >> neither do you.


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