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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 15, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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i'm telling you. the o'reilly factor is on. >> he acts as if he stumbled upon the scene of an accident and he is catching up. the benghazi debacle to the state department's sex and drugs shocker. can the obama presidency survive? >> can you tell me how many agents and investigators you've assign to the case? >> we may be able to do that -- >> can you tell me who the lead investigator is? >> on the top of my head, no. >> why cannot the head of the fbi anxious simple questions about the irs investigation? should we be worried? >> you know what it is like out on the open road. >> neither do you. this thing ain't even left the
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parking lot. >> and we'll tell you why this duck dynasty program is so successful. we'll talk with one of the stars. >> i was pretty happy that he joined me. >> caution. we begin right now. >> hi. i'm in for bill o'reilly. let's get right to our top story. still no word from president obama about what is really going on with our unraveling federal government. as scandals at the irs, the nsa, the d.o.j. and the state department continue to spiral out of control, we the people still do not have answers from the man in charge. and the folks are fed up. >> he is the commander-in-chief. he is the president. he acts as if he just stumbled upon the scene of the accident and he is catching up and he has
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done that throughout his presidency. the lack of leadership on this administration from the top, from the president i think is quite unique. this is the strategy of leading from behind which is simply a kind way of saying, no leadership at all. >> new polling suggests americans agree. according to a recent fox news survey, only 48% of voters think that the president is honest and trustworthy. that's a 25-point drop cynic april 2009. if the president wants that drop to stop, he should take control of the chaos and give the people some answers. joining us now from columbia, south carolina, with a different perspective, dick is the former democratic chairman in that state. welcome. >> thank you. we just saw the honest and trust worthy numbers are taking a steep slide for the president. now this week gallup showed his job approval rate falling.
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so you have the compound of all of these scandals and a real perception that the president is awol in his own job. when you look at his poll number, he is really taking a hit, isn't he? >> i think poll numbers go up and down. when you look, i'm in columbia, south carolina. if you walk up and down main street out here, nobody is talking about an nsa. nobody is talking about benghazi. nobody is talking about tirs. do you know what they're talking about? the inability of congress to pass a budget, to do something about the deficit. the president, to create jobs, to improve lives. i know in washington, this is great sport. but folks on main street and columbia, south carolina, don't worry about it. >> as harry truman said the buck stops here. he is the guy in charge. there should be some accountability. from a mit standpoint this cannot be good for him. to have this constant drum beat of scandals and drip, drip, drip
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without having real answers from him and his team. >> two things. one he is not running for re-election. so this is not about how it maze in the next campaign. >> is that okay that he doesn't give the american people answers? >> what is he going to give an answer on the nsa so-called scandal? so we find out the nsa has been intercepting or looking at patterns in telephone calls, e-mail, texts, electronic communication to catch terrorists. they've opportunidone that. where's the scandal? i don't see a scandal. there is no beef here. there is no, nothing to it. >> let me ask you this. we have the nsa situation in a broader context. the context is we have very severe, i think, abuses of power that we've seen in the irs. also the department of justice
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under eric holder. we also have benghazi where we have four dead americans and no answers. so the nsa come to us in that bigger context. my question to you is where is the president of the united states? he has shown no anger on this. he has shown no availability on this. i would think if i were a president who was innocent of all of the charges and allegations against me, then i would be shouting this from the roof tops. that nobody in my administration, certainly not me, none of us are guilty about this. we'll get to the bottom of it and here's how. we've seen none of that from this president. >> get to the bottom of what? nsa admits because this guy, and i think this guy is a traitor that leaked this information, put al qaeda and other folks that would kill you and me and other people, that we do it? we're at war? this is something you do during war? as to the irs, all the investigations indicate that some irs employee in ohio began
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doing this. and that the president had no knowledge of that. they replaced the head of the irs. they fired the people that were responsible for this. what else are they supposed to do? i mean, i think this is again, taking away focus. the president is doing his job. by the way, this comment that he always leads from behind. i got one word from you. obamacare. the most sweeping change in health care law in the history of this country. he got it passed in his first term. >> it is highly unpopular. >> no, no. >> highly unpopular. my point is that there is policy. whether the irs, benghazi, foreign policy, there's policy and then politics. and in both of these cases, this president has not gone before the american people. say call a prime time press conference as presidents once did. lay it all out. then i thought he cannot really do that. that only works if you're not guilty.
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maybe that explains why this president has not gone before the american people and hated out all the facts. >> maybe it is because, i would argue with you, that it is not that important compared to what will we do in syria? what will we do about the budget? what will we do about the budget? about things that really matter rather than chasing a rabbit. >> we don't hear from him on those things either. >> you heard from him yesterday on syria. >> and he told us he would meet with the g-8 next week and see. he will think about it. the steady erosion of trust. you're seeing it in job approval. once a president loses trust of the american people, that's it. the game is over. don't you think he needs to do something to staunch the bleeding? >> i think he has done a lot to stop the bleeding. let's put this in an historical context. did they ever final those weapons of mass destruction? >> are you kidding me? you're really going to bush
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right now? really? >> i'm going to bush. i'm going on bush. >> well, that speaks volumes right there. i want to thank you so much for spending your friday night with us. >> thank you. next, another damning report about the irs. this time about agents abusing their government credit card and getting away with it. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it...
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to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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americans are still waiting for an explanation about the irs's targeting of conservatives during the last election cycle. the fbi is investigating the case but forgive us if we're not exactly feeling reassured. >> have you found any, the now two rogue agents? have you discovered who those people are? >> needless to say because it is investigation -- >> can you tell me some basics? how many agent investigators
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you've assigned to the case? >> maybe able to do that. i would have to get back to you. >> can you tell me who the lead investigator is. >> off the top of my head, no. >> if that's not enough the new inspector general report says more than 1,000 irs agents have been abusing their government credit cards. yes, the ones that you and i pay for. joining us now from new orleans with reaction, the former commissioner of the irs under president george w. bush, mark everson. >> thank you for having me. >> you were a former irs commissioner. you heard the director's testimony where he claim to have no knowledge about who the lead investigator is on the irs case, how many investigators have been assigned to this indication. this irs abuse of power could very well be the most dangerous scandal in u.s. history. because the government was targeting broad swaths of society. and yet the head of the fbi doesn't know? that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, does it? >> this is a serious matter.
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i always felt when i was at the service that everybody did their level best to call it right down the middle. so this targeting is very unfortunate and totally wrong. now, i am actually, you may find this hard to believe, rather more reassured by director mueller's testimony than the opposite. because when something is handed over to the bureau, you want it to go into its normal channels. you wouldn't want this to be a political brouhaha. he has a lot to worry about, terrorism investigations and other things. so i thoing into the normal process. that's right. that's a long process. it pertains only to the criminal justice implications. what is of more concern is what the congress is doing. if you want answers and to get over things quickly and thoroughly and in a more transparent way, that yes we'll indict or we won't indict, the place to air it out is in the congress. >> we may concede, mark, that perhaps the fbi director isn't
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fully apprised of all the details. if we concede that, let me challenge you on the point. it is happening in the context where the president of the united states claims that he knows nothing. former secretary of state hillary clinton claims she knows nothing about benghazi. you have the attorney general eric holder claiming he knows nothing. basically about anything. so when the fbi director goes in front of the american peel and he claims he doesn't know about the irs investigation, it doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence. not just in the fbi but in the federal government and in people in positions of authority who are supposed to know things. we hire them to know stuff. and nobody seems to know what the heck is going on. >> let me just stick to the service. if i can, there i agree with you 100%. what we've had is we had failures at three levels. one, down in that cincinnati office where some people for lack of a better term, they lost their minds. and then totally inadequate
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supervision at the exempt organization's level where it took two years to sort this out. and as it is now becoming clear, some of the overly intrusive questions were actually approved or perhaps suggested in washington. and finally at the top level. and i think this gets to your overall observation. the fact that the commissioner said, look, they gave the old sergeant schultz defense, i know nothing. when he did understand the facts he didn't go back and correct his congressional testimony. i can tell from you my conversations with people around the country, that was what was most disturbing about the whole thing. that the leadership tried to wash its hands of this. >> it seem to me looking at the irs, the abuse of power, this is either deep corruption or profound incompetence. you seem to be siding on the side of profound incompetence. is that right? >> what we've seen so far, i think you had a convergence of very bad mismanagement. you can't take your hand off the rudder. it is a pretty unwieldy, larnlgd
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organization of great complexity. he said i did not get particularly interested, i was not particularly interested in this piece of the agency. i stayed away from it because it is sensitive. well, it is kind of like the secretary of state saying, gee, the jewish people get very concerned about israel so i'm not going on wade into the mideast. you can't do that. you have to do the whole agency and that included these c-4s, which you know were generating quite a bit of controversy. so it was unl fortune, the way it was handled. >> you worked for president george w. bush when you were heading up the irs. would you agree that the president of the united states, when he takes charge of the executive branch, sets the tone? and sets the ideology for everybody serving under him? >> well, i think that i would just tell you that in my experience, from top to bottom, the white house down through treasury and certainly my own role, i always felt i had the independence that i needed and the backing that i needed to do
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what i thought was right. and what that meant was sometimes it would go the way the white house may be politically would want something to go. other times it would go just the opposite. but i felt that if i did my job straight down the middle, that would be the best for the country. and ultimately for the man who was leading the country at the time. >> that's why you did your job so well. and we'll have to see what comes out of this investigation on this irs. thank you. and bill will have more on the chaos at the irs and throughout the federal government on monday. so stay tuned for that. directly ahead, the 2016 election already taking shape as power players on both sides of the aisle begin positioning themselves for the white house. we'll have the very latest on what may be the inevitable showdown.
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it looks like both political parties are already angling for the white house in 2016. democrat front runner hillary clinton is planning to, quote, reclaim the political stage and is plunging herself back into the national conversation. meanwhile, republican hopeful chris christie is taking a different approach. >> as governor, i won't allow party elites to determine who the republicans and democratic nominees will be this fall. in this special election, it is not about playing politics. it is about doing the right thing. >> you ain't lying, c.c. now look at you. all presidential like. you got something you want to announce on this show right now?
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>> come on, jimmy, do you really think i would come on this show to announce a presidential run? >> no, hopefully he will come on this show to make that announcement. here now to analyze, a democratic strategist and fox news contributor who is also a republican strategist. great to see you guys. right off the bat, both chris christie and hillary clinton are running for president, yes? >> is water wet? >> let's start with hillary clinton. she has some problems. benghazi, the blood of four dead americans on her hands. she lied to those families. she lied to the american people about what went down in benghazi. she has refused to answer. she said i take responsibility which is meaningless and pointless. it means nothing. what do we need to hear from hillary clinton? >> certainly not the shrill tone she showed in the senate hearing in which she said what
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difference does it make? we see from the testimony that followed suit that it does make her case. benghazi is not going away. they've marge alliesed the issue. look at the fox polls that came out. 72% of americans want a continued investigation into what truly happened in benghazi. this is the first ambassador to die in service in four decades. so there will clearly be a lot more questions than answers and she will be a part of this no matter what ends up happening. you know this very well. it takes time for these complex issues. iran couldn't remarks watergate to metastasize. >> years. in addition to benghazi, we heard there are allegations of a cover-up in the hillary clinton state department that perhaps she oversaw a corrupt state department where there was a cover-up with ambassadors and others in the diplomatic service, engage in the soliciting prostitution, drugs,
1:24 am
pedophilia, and as high up as hillary clinton's chief of staff, sheryl mills, the allegation is that she orchestrated the cover-up. does she need to answer for that in and how big a stretch is it if they covered up prostitution, drugs and hookers and pedophilia? how big of a stretch is it to say that? >> these are in fact allegations. they have not been proven to be true. if something did happen under her tenure, first of all, foreign policy is messy. run go any large department is messy. iran-contra under a different president. watergate under a different president. every president, every secretary of state has had some controversy. it is important, yes. if it come out that she was involved, of course she should answer. we don't know that is the case. >> look at something that happened recently on the very adept clinton machine's perspective. bill clinton came out against the syria policy against this administration. who was running the foreign policy during the time the arab world has been unraveling?
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from benghazi to iran to syria. this is a president, bill clinton, who understands firsthand he has to create a distance between barack obama and hillary clinton even though she was inextricably linked. >> i would say barack obama probably has more to fear from bill clinton right now than the republicans over the next three and a half years. let's turn to chris christie. you're a jersey girl. >> christie is obviously running for re-election. i think he wants to win in a land slide so in 2016 he can say i'm a republican governor who won huge in a blue state. >> spot on. he wants to crush the competition. he is running as if he is running against someone where they're neck in neck. the polling shows they are not neck in neck. so i think that chris christie is looking to send a very strong and very clear message and i think he is not to be underestimated. as he masterful politician who has managed to maintain a high
1:26 am
approval rating along with a high unemployment rate. >> in a big democratic state. he has the bromancess going. >> can he make it through a gop primary in 2016 where the voters like their candidates super conservative? >> absolutely for two reasons. he governs as a conservative. this is not a guy in a deep blue state who is a moderate. he is a conservative governor who has reformed civil service pensions in a way that has never deny but not. a very pro union state. he has reform and taken on the education unions. merit pay, charter school, school choice. he has done things to lower taxes, cut spending and he has done with it two democratic controlled houses of the legislature. he is doing something we have not seen on the national level. bring people together. smart policies instead of dividing them on petty politics. on that record alone i think his conservatism goes unchallenged. look at the math.
1:27 am
eye warning new hampshire, florida, three early critical states in the primary stage where i think he does extremely well. especially with a very national base for fundraising. >> you will have a very boring fundraising time. but chris christie has to walk all over marco rubio, several others. hillary is running. >> i think the most exciting thing would be chris christie and hillary. >> toi jet. great to see you. plenty more ahead. nancy pelosi gets agitated and aggressive when she is asked about late term abortions. we'll show you the tape. and later the duck dynasty guy. why is this show so popular? the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles!
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new data shows a record 23 million households are now living on food stamps. that's about one in every five. according to a recent nbc news "wall street journal" poll, 27 million americans blame excessive government handouts for our nation's persistent poverty. great to see you, lou dobbs. what we have here is a huge explosion, an exponential explosion of the safety net where a temporary hand-up has turned into a permanent handout.
1:32 am
>> yeah. i think that's well said and exactly what's happening in this country. and frustrating as it is to think that one in five households now is on food stamps. that we have just about half the population of this country in some way or the other receiving federal assistance. whether you call it welfare, whatever it may be. that's a crazy number. what is most alarming, we're in the fifth year of so-called recovery from the deepest recession since the depression. and we still are not creating jobs. we are still not moving toward even a discussion of how to restore prosperity. we have the federal reserve working with monetary policy, i think, doing a terrific job. the fiscal policy of the country is in absolute shreds and there is no accountability or responsibility. it is a difficult time whether
1:33 am
we're talking about the individual citizens who need help in this country. those who are dependent upon the government in any way. and the leadership of the country that seems to have forgotten that this country is all about prosperity for every american. >> well, it used to be. when we talk about past resessions, we've always seen an uptick in these programs. when the economy improved, we always saw those levels retreat and go back down. this time it is not happening. no entitlements. do you think there is a political motive here with the far left which now control the white house and most of congress that they are actively trying to lock people into this government dependency to lock in a permanent democratic majority? >> i think that conclusion can be easily reached. because for one thing, to your point about usually when we see an economy move beyond the recession, we see these programs recede with them. we've seen almost a million
1:34 am
additional households on food stamps in the course of the past year. that is unheard of, unthinkable. in terms of a dependency motive for this administration for the left that is represented by the democratic party in washington, i think that's entirely possible. but as troubling is that the right, the republican party has not come up with intelligence sustainable, effective solutions in response to what they see as the motivation and the program of this president. >> that's a huge problem. this is going unabated. both sides are going down as they have. very quickly, we have a hard break. what we see in western europe. we have the sovereign debt crisis ill ploeding the entire continent after decades of what we've been talking about. huge welfare spending. we're going down that road, are not we? >> i think there is every reason to think so. it is now up to whether or not the republican party can muster the leadership to change direction. both next year and the mid-term
1:35 am
elections in 2016. >> some bravy, some fearsomeness. >> great to see you. directly ahead, nancy pelosi gets defensive about late term abortions. then the duck dynasty guy will tell us why so many people love his show. moments away. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly i as planned.. really?
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thanks for staying with us in the factor flashback segment, the abortion debate still thriving in washington, d.c. as the house judiciary committee approves bail prohibiting almost all abortions after 20 weeks. that topic has been center stage ever since a jury found abortion dr. kermit gosnell guilty of murdering three babies at his clinic. nancy pelosi was asked about her thoughts on late term abortion. >> what is the moral difference between what dr. gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her? >> probably enjoying that question a lot. i can see you savoring it. let me just tell you this. what was done in philadelphia was reprehensible and everybody condemned it.
1:40 am
for them to decide to disrespect a judgment a woman makes about her reproductive health is reprehensible. >> is nancy pelosi really saying that banning late term abortions is as reprehensible as killing babies born alive? the man responsible for doing just that, kermit gosnell, will be spending the rest his life in prison. bill recently spoke with his defense attorney. >> after the verdict came in, you were complimentary to the jury. i guess you're convinced your client was guilty. >> no. i was complimentary to the jury because they did their service. they worked hard. two and a half months, two weeks of deliberations. they came in to do their civic duty. they were conscientious. >> they must have made the right decision or you would have criticized them for make have the wrong decision, right? >> no. i don't criticize the decision that they make because whatever
1:41 am
they make is the right decision. that's the nature of a verdict in a criminal case. >> do you believe that your china was guilty? >> i don't believe the three fetuses were born alive. i think that you have to remember these were injected with the lethal drug in utero. that the purpose of that is to cause fetal demise. >> but you know 26 weeks is the limit for this procedure. so guilty either/or, right? >> actually it is 24 weeks. and there is no doubt about that. i will agree with that. 100%. they did do abortion on a limited basis past 24 weeks. >> why did he do it? >> why? >> yeah. >> first of all, a very small number of them. >> it doesn't matter. why did he do one? why did he do any? >> basically because a girl would come in crying with her
1:42 am
mother, 13 years old hx no place else to turn. would beg him and he felt -- >> he did it for humanitarian reasons. >> he did it to help that particular girl at that particular time in her life, yes. >> and it didn't have any conscience about the children that he aborted. >> well, i can't speak for dr. gosnell. >> didn't you want to know who you were representing? >> yeah, i know who i was repgt. all the time that i was with hill for two and a half years, he was a gentleman. >> didn't you ask him, did not you feel bad for the kids you material natd? he got charged and convicted on these three but there were hundreds that he did. >> he did not do hundreds. >> it was hundreds according to the people who work for him. you know that. >> no. that's not true at all. he was convicted of three. he was found not guilty of five. so the jury was considering all the facts in the case. and dr. gosnell didn't kill in his mine --
1:43 am
>> in his mind. >> i would like to know what in his mind he was doing. these babies will never, ever exist on this planet so i like to know that. >> they were dead before they did anything to them. >> because he killed them. >> that was the abortion process. a big difference. >> abortion is killing the fetus. >> well, it's legal. >> it doesn't matter whether it is legal. he kill they will. doesn't matter if it is legal or not. >> well, it's legal. >> i'm talking about philosophy. one more thing. you injected race in this. you said the only reason that this might be happening is because the man is black. do you stand by that? >> that's not what i said. but init was a racist, elitist prosecution and i stand by that. there are people doing abortions all over the place and he was singled out i believe because he was african-american. >> you think the commonwealth of pennsylvania went after him because they don't like african-americans? >> i don't think so much african-american.
1:44 am
i think it was because the community he served was a poor urban community. >> the common wealth doesn't like that communicate so they're going to get people? >> if you think that there is no race i in the criminal justice system, you're a fool. >> i might be a fool. i always go on provable facts. not speculation. >> do i also. >> well, you have provable facts the commonwealth of pennsylvania is targeting doctors or anybody else in that communicate, i would like you to give them to me. that's not right and i will do a story on it. thank you very much. >> when we come back, another fight unfolding in washington over the senate's immigration bill. lawmakers are scrambling to get it passed. is it good for the country? we'll debate it next. ♪ ♪
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immigration closing a major
1:48 am
uproar in the major uproar as the republican opposition to the senate bill grows. and gop infighting threatens to kill it. joining us now from ft. worth, texas, is immigration attorney francisco hernandez. nice to see you. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> i think that u.s. immigration laws should serve one purpose. to protect and advance our national interests. i don't think that they should be there to advance anybody's political agendas. and yet here we are. we've got the democrats trying to do this. to loving in their 70% advantage among hispanic voters which is what president obama got back in november and you have republicans running around like crazy, desperate and naive, trying to go down this road as well in order to try to make up ground with hispanic voters. i don't think any good policy can come of this. when i look at the bill, i do not see a good policy. >> well, first of all, dorothy
1:49 am
hanna, the most conservative matriarch said it bette. we have been asking the federal government to act on this for the last ten years. why are we now getting afraid to do so? republicans need to embrace it. it is senator rubio's bill. it is time to put proposals on the table and do what we've been arguing that we should do. let's negotiate, let's debate it. when both sides come unhappy from the negotiating table, then you will know it is a good bill. the problem is, we refuse to negotiate. >> i don't know anybody on the gop side who is saying no reform needs to happen. everybody is saying yes, we need to fix this broken system. the question is what exactly do we do here? and what conservatives, republicans are arguing for enforcement first. i don't think we have a federal government who is serious about border enforcele. if so they would be enforcing it now. certainly over the last 30 years which they haven't done. they haven't built the fence which they promised2006. why should we think the border
1:50 am
will be secure now? >> we knew the building a fence would get caller ladders or deeper holes. we've been focusing on the absolutely wrong way. if it is a matter of national security, we a matter of nation security, we want to know who these people are, get them out of shadows. i'll give you this. we'll talk citizenship later. doesn't have to be -- not a deal breaker. and my son needs to learn that, quite frankly. but on the republican side, clamoring for border security, where are the proposals? where is what we're offering to make sure the boarder is secure, so intangible and so subjective to say somebody saying the boarder is not secure. >> senator grassley, senator cornyn, would those amendments actually be effective? we're talking about enforcement first and maybe a path to legalization. you mentioned 11 million illegals, how do we know that's
1:51 am
the number? i don't think we should be viewing anything on immigration reform until we have some information about that population. it might be 11 million, might be 2 million, 30 million, we have no idea. >> what is the best way to do it than have them come forth vol untarily and give them the biometric. >> and then you can proceed. >> sure. >> but unless you have basic information about the population, look, a solution -- >> we're collecting your taxes. we know they are paying taxes. i'm sorry. >> let's talk about that. a lot of people say if you do this bill, a great economic boon to the united states. but what we're talking about, the vast majority of illegal immigrants would be low-skilled workers, low-wage workers, not talking about the vast majority would be highly skilled workers where they would be in a bracket where they would be paying taxes. >> oh, my goodness. >> you won't get an influx of
1:52 am
new taxes. >> ms. crowley, let's look at your and my social security benefits that dairy farmers, construction workers, dish washers are contributing to. they are here to work, not here to get glamorous executive jobs. they didn't get the opportunity you and i get in this country in mexico. they want it, they want to pay for the ticket on the bus. why don't we give them that opportunity and at the same time, satisfy your concerns that we need to secure our boarder and national security. we're all okay with that. we're not arguing against each other on that. >> the opportunity exists, and it's called legal immigration. the debate continues. francisco, thank you so much. in a moment, the most entertaining segment of the evening. first reminder of being nice to your dad this coming sunday. it's father's day. he will love killing kennedy,
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killing lincoln, keep it pithy. and another great gift, tickets for nashville, florida and vegas shows on sale now. check it out on billo' and on "fox & friends" a look at a bolder, fresher show. up next, "duck dynasty" willie, tells bill why that show
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ow. the "back of the book" segment. "duck dynasty," a massive hit and a best-selling book about it too. millions of die-hard fans. and built around a company called duck commander, that makes hunting stuff. bill recently talked with the ceo, willie robertson. >> so "duck dynasty" first year
1:56 am
you did all right. got renewed. third year beating "the factor." how did that happen? what exploded the show? >> people like ducks i guess. >> taking a break because it's raining. >> we're inside, you idiot. >> i really think it's the family values. something positive. kids can watch, grandparents, not a lot of filth. and it's funny. >> you guys characters, that's for sure. >> go, go, go! >> look out, now. >> now we're getting somewhere. i'm about to pull this truck all the way across louisiana. >> has to be something more to it. what is that? >> for people watching, brothers, sisters, mom, dad, see us all together, so all of the bickering and fighting, which is realize playful. people can see themselves in that.
1:57 am
people can see their brothers. >> can imagine, what if we all worked together and what if we had a crazy uncle. >> willie, what i'm worried about, the whole country will look like z.z. top. i mean -- >> that would be awesome. ♪ every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man ♪ >> it would be awesome. >> we're just 100 years off. in 1850s, this was in. >> and life expectancy was 12. everybody died. >> but the beards were awesome. >> how do you think i would look in this kind of a -- you know -- no. >> i don't know. >> i can see it. i can see it. >> "the factor dynasty." you do this consciously to look this way. what is that message about? >> well, i think my father had a lot of anti establishment in him. came through the '60s. >> had the chicks after him. here is a news flash, start
1:58 am
grinning and staring at the ground and shut up. >> got out, lived on the river and built duck calls no, more cutting my hair and no more shaving my beard. >> he looks like a hell's angel. >> trying to change that image. make it more positive and friendly. >> dad, amazing story by the way. beat out terry bradshaw at louisiana tech. started duck dynasty, basically stuff to lure ducks to you so you can kill them. >> yes, duck calls. >> so you can slaughter them, blow them out of sky. >> to eat them. >> anyway, he starts this, and then the whole family gets involved and now you are all rich, but you don't act rich. >> i mean, i guess rich people act differently. we can buy better things, but we're not all about money. >> no, you're not. definitely. >> we ran -- >> we hung out at the baseball game. >> at the nats game.
1:59 am
you are rich and you don't act rich and i think that might be the secret to your success. >> we try to stick to our roots. we grew up not rich at all, very poor. so for us, we remember what it was like and we try to stay humble. lord willing, we're doing it, been successful. god has blessed us. >> and you do incorporate god in the show. >> we have a family prayer at the end. >> amen. >> anybody bother you on that yet? >> no, nobody. >> you guys are big "factor" viewers, aren't you? >> i watch my "factor." that's how i work on my debate skills. my wife always like it. i tell her, keep it pithy. let's go. >> i'm not debating o'reily here. that's pretty funny. all right, willie. continued success. thank you for coming. >> thank you, bill. >> and that's it for us. thank you for watching us tonight. i'm monica crowley in for bill
2:00 am
oech'reily and please remember,e spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." tonight, for the entire hour, we'll focus on eric holder's department of injustice and many failure as taking the role as top law enforcement officer. here is what he said he would do, if, in fact, he was confirmed, four years ago. >> i will work to restore the credibility of the department badly shaken by improper political interference. personal actions must be untainted by partisanship. >> well, he seems to have failed miserable until that goal. with scandal after scandal marring his tenure as


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