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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 15, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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but before we go, i want to wish all the great fathers out there a happy father's day tomorrow and i want to say a special thank you to my dad. thanks for all your love and support over the years. you're the best. have a great day, everybody. after weeks of trying to dismiss allegations that he reportedly lied under oath while testifying before congress, attorney general eric holder has now agreed to finally set times -- or set the record straight. hello, everyone. i'm kelly rice. >> and i'm patti ann brown. welcome to a new hour inside america's news quarters. holder will meet with committee leaders next week in a closed door session to explain questionable testimony in which he initially said he had no knowledge of the justice department's controversial surveillance of u.s. journalists. this despite his having personally signed off on a warrant for a private e-mail account belonging to our james
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rosen. molly is live in washington with more on this. good morning, molly. >> good morning, patti. good morning, kelly. attorney general eric holder will meet privately, but he'll also answer questions by in writing by the close of business on wednesday. bob goodlatte and jim sensenbrenner, both republicans, say they're giving holder a second chance to clarify his may testimony on the james rosen leak investigation. specifically, why holder appeared to tell lawmakers that he did not approve of that type of investigation, but later it was revealed that holder signed the search warrants. congressman sensenbrenner said in a statement, quote, after learning of the rosen warrant, it was clear his, meaning holder's, testimony deserves further scrutiny. hopefully holder is forthright so we can put an end to the questions surrounding his seemingly misleading statements. that search warrant signed by holder allowedsearch rosen's e-
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records and to review his comes and going for the state department. but prior to that search warrant becoming public, holder was asked about the leak investigation on may 15th and here is what he said. >> to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that i've ever been involved in, heard of, of would think would be a wise policy. >> the department of justice followed up on that testimony by saying rosen would never prosecute it so holder's statement is accurate. patti ann. >> thank you. there's new information on the white house decision to get more involved in syria's civil war, including sending military aid to rebel forces. some of those weapons will be delivered through turkey for one major concern is making sure they don't end up in the wrong hands. such as radical groups who are allies with al qaeda. elizabeth is live in washington
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with more details on this. elizabeth. >> hi, kelly. arming the rebels reportedly takes place, like you said, through turkey, the country sharing a border with north syr syria. there are, however, thousands of u.s. troops south of the country in jordan for an annual exercise. 300 marines have been deployed in northern jordan to lay the groundwork and an anti-aircraft missile system designed to protect the territory for attack missiles is being stationed there. today, it's confirmed the cia is running the program which will deliver the weapons and initiate the training of syrian rebels. this while the national security adviser, ben rhodes, says the country needs to beware of of where the weapons are going, which is why it's such a sensitive situation. >> into the hands of those who need it, but it also allows you to have protections to try to keep assistance from reaching those who we don't want to receive materials, for instance,
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the most extremist element of the opposition. republican senator oren hatch has said the administration has known for weeks now assad used chemical weapons. >> the president is fond of setting red lines and fond of drawing lines in the sand. but people cross them all the time and nothing is done about it. you can't sit back .do that and be requested in this world. frankly, i don't think the president is that respected. russian officials speaking out today saying any attempt to enforce a no-fly zone would violate the international law. kelly, back to you. >> thank you for that report. so america is now jumping into the raging civil war in syria by arming the rebels. is this a good idea? or could it back fire? am baz door john bolton will be joining us later in this program. patti ann.
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>> internet giants facebook and microsoft now say they received thousands of requests from u.s. government agencies to turn over user data in the last six months of 2012. according to facebook's general counsel, the social network giant received in that time up to 10,000 requests to disclose information on everything from missing children investigations to fugitive tracking and terrorist threats. microsoft said it received between 6,000 and 7,000 warrants and subpoenas impacting around 32,000 accounts. both facebook and microsoft say they are now pushing the government to try to let them reveal more about the details and circumstances regarding these requests. for more on the government surveillance program, tune into fox news sunday tomorrow. chris wallace sits down with former vice president dick cheney to discuss this and a series of other scandals engulfing the white house right now. that is tomorrow on fox news channel. check your local listings for times.
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the motor city trying to dodge bankruptcy. detroit says it will stop making payments on about $275 billion in unsecured debt to avoid bankruptcy. experts say it would be the largest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. detroit's fiscal nightmare didn't happen overnight. it's been decades in the making as city leaders took out bonds and high interest rates to pay bills that the general fund couldn't cover. and back now to our top story. the growing backlash against attorney general eric holder. according to a brand new fox news poll, a majority of americans now say holder should either step down or resign. this as the attorney general prepares to face new questions over claims that he misled congress about his involvement in the justice department surveillance of reporters. angela mcgowan, fox news political analyst, jamu green is
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a fox contributor and former president of the women's media center. good to see you. let's start with you. ladies, you will recall attorney general holder testified before congress in may. at that time, he said he knew nothing of the potential prosecution of reporters. then days later, information came out, emerged that holder did, in fact, sign for a warrant to obtain fox news reporter james rosen aerps personal e-mails and phone records arguing he was quote a likely coconspirator in a leak case. so now he's going to appear before congress in a closed door session to explain this discrepan discrepancy. will this be enough to satisfy congressional members who say it's time for him to go? >> i think it would be enough for congressional members to say that it's time for him to go. but kelly, you already have congressional members calling for holder to resign. and if it's proven that he lied under oath to this committee, if it's proven that he abused his
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power, the bottom line is this. don mitchell went to jail for the same thing. so if it's proven that holder did the aforementioned, then he should step down. >> what do you say about all this? >> well, i think there is a little bit of hypocrisy coming from democrats on the hill right now. i'm going to take you back to the bush administration. angela, i'm actually going to be on your side. coming from a democrat. so before angela jumps on the bush cart, remember when attorney general alberto gonzalez was accused of, you know, not having the confidence of congress and the american people and there was a big call for hesitate resignation, even a boat and discussion, debates that senators had trying to pass a resolution looking at if they could impeach him. feinstein was involved, senator
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schumer was involved. there are lots of similarities here. so i think in this nasty game of politics, democrats are forgetting where they were with alberto gonzalez just, what, five, six years ago. >> excuse me, eric holder is the first cabinet member ever that was held in contempt of congress. and the thing is this, even with fast and furious, he said he didn't know about it until a couple of weeks before the hearing. and we found out that he knew ten months before. >> angela, here is wa i'm saying. i'm saying that democrats are being slightly hypocritical because they went after attorney general alberto gonzalez asking for his resignation, trying to see if they could impeach him. what's going to happen here is when this becomes untenable -- >> so let me get this straight, then. is your point then that the democrats should be standing in line with democratic senator mancion who went on to say, look, it's time for the attorney
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general to go. if that's the case, how much of a distraction has the attorney general become to president obama? >> he's been a distraction from the beginning because folks have been out to get him from the beginning. he in a sense has nine lives. i hope that that happens for you'll of us, that we can recover and bounce back in the way that he has. i think there are so many sympathy layer advertise that the loyalty that president bush had to alberto gonzales, we're seeing the same type of loyalty. i wish the playing field was the same. if it was good for alberto gonzales, if it was time for him to resign and democrats were strongly pushing for that in 2007, then it should be the same in this case. >> so you're saying that democrats should partner with republicans in calling eric holder to resign? am i hearing you correctly? >> i'm saying that in politics, you should play fairly and when you go after a republican for one thing and a democrat is in the same boat, just six years later, then we need to, you
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know, hold up to those same ideals. >> let me get another question in here. i can see angela is flabbergasted by wa your comment is about democrats, the holder situation, plus the administration appears to be causing more did say trust of the government, if you will. let's look at the new fox news poll that questions a question. how much trust and confidence do you have in the u.s. government? 32 frers a fair amount, 41% not that much, 22% not at all. wa do us about the erosion of trust we're seeing in the government, not only the president, but also members of congress? >> one, there is a very concerted effort that has been ramped up since 2010 from the tea party that very specifically wanted to erode the trust of the american people in their government.
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they've been successful at that. >> so now it's the tea party's fault? >> wa i'm saying is they have been aided by these controversies. we have to get to a place where if you're a conservative and you call for limited government, that doesn't mean that the demonize the government. and i think there's a tipping point that -- >> but the job of the government is to protect the consumer, not go after the consumer. and if you look at the irs scandal, when the head of the fbi didn't know who was conducting the investigation dealing with the irs scandals, that is what causes people to distrust the government. when you have policies that president obama put forth and said it will get us out of recession, it will create more jobs but we don't have more jobs, that causes more distrust in government, not the tea party. >> but we can't forget the one group that people hate the most in government is congress. it's not president obama. >> we'll end it there.
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it's good to have you back. >> thank you. >> and my thanks to both of you for a very interesting and fiery and feisty debate. >> thank you, kelly. >> have a good day if you can. in other news, firefighters are finally making progress today against the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history. flames have destroyed nearly 500 homes and killed two people. some evacuations are now being lifted today after a much needed rain fell in the area. alicia acuna joins us now live from colorado springs. >> reporter: hi, patti ann. this is something like you mentioned that this state has never seen. colorado governor toured the extensive damage yesterday by air. here is the governor. >> i want to say to the property owners who have lost buildings, people that have lost loved ones and been injured, that the whole state is behind you. and i think that's the message we've said from the beginning, that we don't want them to feel
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alone or that they're in this by themselves. i mean, this is a resilient county and this is a resilient state. and they're going to rebuild rapidly. >> and according to officials here on the ground, patti ann, today's strategy is to mop up areas, large areas around existing structures, the ones that have made it so far. they feed to clear out those areas just in case there are some flare-ups that could -- if the wind turns, around around and start attacking these homes. additionally, they're going to continue with a fight from the air. they have resources coming in from all over the western united states. additionally, they have arson investigators in there trying to work on the point of origin. as you know, two people have died in this fire. and they're still saying at this point that they do not believe that this was caused by lightning or a rockslide.
10:15 am
they think this was human caused. at this point, they do not know if this was an accident or something that was caused on purpose. we're awaiting an update that will start at noon mountain time where we will have an update want right now, we do expect the 30% containment to go up because they did say yesterday that they had reached a turning point where things were going in their favor, including the weather. p patti ann. >> thank you. a dire warning in turkey setting the stage for massive showdown tomorrow. a live report on the rising tensions amid key u.s. allies, still ahead. and there's fallout in the irs targeting scandal. how the tax agency may be in store for major shake-up. plus, a remarkable recovery emerging from the tragedy of the boston marathon bombings. the comeback story of a wounded officer, next. >> such a tremendous -- you
10:16 am
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some good news to report this saturday. a transit police officer injured in a shoot-out with the boston marathon bombing suspect is going home. after being discharged from the hospital. we have new reaction now from th and his wife. >> i've got letters from two continents, a lot of states, mris police departments and military units and all that. there's too many people to say thank you to. but here i am, kind of on the next phase of recovery and i'll be heading home from here and, you know, taking every day as it comes. >> i don't know if we've had our holy cow moment yet, but we will once we get there and sit with our son and say, oh, my goodness, wa just happened. >> officer donahue says he is looking forward to spending time with his son and tossing a ball with the family dog. well, urban areas throughout america face some difficult challenges. unemployment in these areas
10:21 am
can-on-be as high as 14% or higher. one organization is working diligently to revitalize these areas without a government handout but by empowering low and moderate income families with the services and education to help them live beyond the dream. >> gloria dane plays piano, sings classically and has performed in las vegas where she and her own husband own a home. gloria produced emmy nominated children's programming for children's television. life was good. she was living her dream. but everything changed when her husband, kenneth, developed stage 4 renal failure. >> i had to basically stop everything because of his illness. >> they moved to san francisco to get better doctor care for kenneth. with soaring medical bills, a dwindling income and no place to live, they turned to the san francisco housing development corporation for help. they provided them with a place to live.
10:22 am
>> it's incredibly expensive to live in a city like manhattan. the cost of living continues to soar in san francisco. this neighborhood is a neighborhood of working class people, low income people who don't have the ability to earn $100,000, $200,000 a year. and the building is set up to be not only affordable housing, but a building that provides support services which we provide for some of the residents. >> ceo steven williams said the organization helps people to manage the resources they have. he knows how hard it is to rise above negative circumstances. he, too, experienced similar problems as a child growing up in chicago. >> i grew up in a neighborhood called englewood in chicago. most people around the country know it as the shooting, murder capital of chicago. and more importantly, i saw that neighborhood change from a working class neighborhood in the 70s, particularly after a lot of males got laid off from their jobs at steel milles and factories turn into a very low
10:23 am
income neighborhood that was a counselor stone of poverty and crimes. >> through its program, the organization is transformed this stressed babies into another area. >> how do you get a mortgage, if they need to get a mortgage, how to find a quality rental unit, how to improve the credit scores, how to save for sending their kids to college. >> the san francisco housing development organization provides affordable house b, condominiums, and views of downtown san francisco. the ultimate goal is to help people living in areas with few resources to improve their quality of life. >> if we were not here with the organization, i think it would be pretty tough. it's a different between having hope and not. >> and hope is what keeps gloria and kenneth focused on arriving above their problems and achieve living beyond the dream. >> and we wish them one.
10:24 am
one organization is doing the right thing, they hope it can become a model of success for other urban areas to follow, transform a community one family at a time. >> literally an example of on one couple identity there. >> thanks, patti. a brand new poll suggests a majority of americans now believe the irs targeting a politically conservative group was intentional. so can the agency hope to retain any credibility or is it time for a restructuring? we'll ask congressman john mica of the house oversight and government reform committee next. and new details regarding a deck collapse at a miami sports bar. plus, what investigators now think caused that deck to give away. >> miami dade police and fire. where is the emergency? >> i'm at shucker's bar and grill and the deck just totally collapsed. there's at least a hundred, at least, people in the water right now. >> so the deck collapsed and everyone is in the water? >> totally. total deck collapsed.
10:25 am
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it's if bottom of the hour. a moderate cleric wins iran's presidential election. iran's former president, mahmoud ahmadinejad could not run for a third term by law. in south africa, former president nelson mandela is said to be recovering very well, according to his grandson. the 94-year-old remains in the hospital with a lung infection. and one person is dead and seven hurt in the second blast in two days at a louisiana chemical plant. the explosion just miles from a site where two were killed on thursday. late breaking developments on a defiance showdown in turkey. the country's prime minister issuing an ultimatum to protesters saying they must leave the park by tomorrow or
10:30 am
security forces will intervene, this as ten us of thousands of workers are covering the streets. and they're holding their ground in a part that has sparked if biggest protest in turkey in decades. >> leland is live in istanbul, turkey. >> reporter: kelly, they are holding their ground and the crowds here in istanbul are growing larger and more roudy. let's go ahead and pan off here. you are looking at the park and it is packed. we are going to switch to a live view. this is a live view of the square which is about 150 yards from where i am. and that's where the riot police are. hundreds if not thousands of riot police armed with rubber bullets, tear gas, and this is the square that the prime minister just said that his riot police know how to clear if these people don't clear it. haven't started clearing it yet, but that could happen.
10:31 am
we haven't had violence here today. there was violence last night, however, in the capital of turkey. and that's where anti-government demonstrators went up with some government buildings. the police came out heavy handed with a lot of riot control equipment. number of arrests there, as well. and remember, that the prime minister has been in power for ten years. there's a lot of people who say he is turning to secular turkey into an islamic state. on the other hand, he still enjoyed a lot of support. he spoke to a crowd of tens of thousands of people there in the capital. we are really at a standoff here and the protesters have gotten some concessions say it's not enough, they are not to going to leave. and in the past, when we've had this clash over the past couple of weeks, we have seen violence.
10:32 am
tuesday, there were a lot of people hurt, a lot of people arrested and the public relations nightmare for turkey has really hurt the economy here. it's called in a lot of questions in terms of the u.s./turkey relationship. president obama is trying to support turkey and say the people have the right to protest, the right to be heard. a time of people are young professionals who say you can't live without facing the threats of tear bull he ises and gas. >> thank you for that, leland. new questions in the investigation into the irs's targeting of conservatives. as brand new fox news poll shows, a vast majority of americans believe the agency's actions were intentional and initiated by high level officials. this coming amid growing new calls for either a major
10:33 am
overhaul or possible restructuring of the agency. florida congressman john mica is a republican and a member of the house oversight and government reform committee. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> so this poll asked people, if theyty the irs targeting of conservatives was a mistake or intentional. 66% say they believe it was intentional. and from a separate question, 40% say they believe the obama administration knew about it. another 28% feel the administration was directly involved. so far, we've been getting deny walls. how do we get to the bottom of this? >> first of all, the poll indicates that the american people are not easily snookered. and there have been attempts to do that as we know from loi lisy learner who probably could get an academy award for the way she tried to create a choreography rollout and squash this whole irs investigation.
10:34 am
the good news is that we are pursuing this. we're doing it in a measured fashion. we want to get to the facts and, you know, they came before us in washington and pointed to the people in cincinnati. we've been interviewing those folks and we have gotten a different story from them. >> so no one has been fired. some people have been shuffled around, but not terribly in a negative way and people have stepped down certainly before they were going to be -- anyway. what happens now? >> well, again, the investigation has to be pursued. the inspector general only did an audit. we've done a preliminary investigation at the top level. i've read some of the depositions and they're pointing to washington. so this past week, we're starting to look at what was ordered from washington. they said they only thought
10:35 am
guidance, that it appears that this is pretty clearly directed from washington. so we have to get to the bottom of who orchestrated it, who went after the conservative groups, and then who went after and harassed individuals from some of these organizations as we've seen from the ways and means hearing. >> you know, there have been calls for years for the irs to be restructured, overhauled, even eliminated. now with this scandal, there's a new momentum for these calls. what do you think? should the irs be restructured? >> well, i think we need to look at it. 90,000 people, we've got another 15 or 16,000 coming as the enforcers of obama care. it's an asking as we've seen not only for the targing of groups here, we did a hearing, the conferences they held. they made the gsa conferences pale in their wasteful
10:36 am
expenditures. so we've got to -- we've got to look at just not the way we run the irs, but maybe getting an irs on the run and put in a different system. i always supported a fair tax, but this may be the time for looking at a whole new way of getting rid of those bureaucrats. and, again, we've got the problem with obama care and this agency with a bad record now and some of the principals who were involved in those ad records now being in charge of the enforcement of obama care. that's scary. >> right. but there was some talk of that being the irs and the whole nsa surveillance. and the james rosen and associated press that people are almost lose iing.
10:37 am
>> they've been working in benghazi working on the irs. we've seen all of the issues with the nsa. we have scandals on wasteful spending. our job is representing the people and the taxpayers that get -- on the ball. >> all right, congressman, thank you. >> it's good to be with you. thank you. >> patti, thanks for that. that's something that makes you lose your hair. here is something you might like, though. the stress can turn your hair gray, but does it really? researchers now say or now think they have the answer. the folical facts, still ahead. and the u.s. offering
10:38 am
military support to syrian rebels after some of these pledged their loyalty to al qaeda. john bolton joins us for a look at the challenges of the u.s. as we jump into a brutal conflict. now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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welcome back. the u.s. is now dipping its toes into the raging called ron of syria's civil war after the white house said it will give military aid to the rebels. now, this move draws the u.s. closer to conflict that has turned into a magnet for extremists of all stripes, including rebel groups that are allies with al qaeda. what are the risks involved for america and could it back fire? john is a former u.s. ambassador to the united nationes and a senior fellow tt american enterprise institute. he joins us to weigh in on this. ambassador, is it the right move or could it back fire? >> i think it's a mistake
10:43 am
largely because i think what's happening in syria, as bad as it is, has to be taken in the large er middle eastern context. the real problem is iran. despite this election they've had today, no foreign policies are going to change today as a result of it. and iran and russia are responsible for keeping the dictatorial asass regime in power. the obama administration is trying to have it both ways here. when you peel back the headline, it's pretty hard to find details. they said on friday they will not have a no-fly zone, which the rebels say they need. they won't supply heavy weapons, like anti-aircraft missiles. .i think that's the right thing because who knows where those missiles would end up. but supplying small arms is not going to change the dynamic of the battlefield for which we had
10:44 am
now. the obama administration has not made as dramatic a change as people think, but not setting up to put the u.s. in the worst of both worlds. >> especially when you talk about the small arms. the critics of the president have basically charged him to provide more, such as senator john mccain, you'll recall, who wanted the president to put into motion some anti-aircraft missiles to knock out syria's air power. so is the president's response enough to help these rebels? as you've mentioned, small arms, it's not enough to turn the tide on serious military forces. >> well, i think most outside observers think that it's not enough, and the rebel leaders themselves have been pleading for heavier weapons. i think senator mccain would say that the most important thing is the no fly zone because that would neutral united states the assad regime's most important
10:45 am
military power, which is in the air. by the way, we don't know when the small arms are going to be delivered to the rebeles and what kind of training they might get or the rest of it. it's going to be a very interesting meeting at the g-8 in a few days. >> ambassador, this is dicey. you have russia, hezbollah and iran all involved in syria for -- and they're there to help bashar assad continue to hold. how do we in the united states and the western world get in there to get him to step down? or is that far removed from the table now? >> well, i don't think there's any chance we're going to be able to do that. and i think in in any event, although as i say, nobody can
10:46 am
ignore the tragedy with 93,000 dead civilians in syria. it is not the main event. >> so is it a case of too little too late, sir? >> it could well be. i think the main focus needs to be on the regime in tehran. if you want to overthrow somebody, that's the regime to overthrow. >> ambassador, it's a messy situation. as you've mentioned, too little too late and it will be way too long to get involved. that's the question that remains right now. >> i think that will make it worse for the united states because it seems we have a wavering policy. >> ambassador, we thank you for your perspective, sir. >> thank you. there's new evidence that too much stress may cause your hair to gray. how it happens and what if anything you can do it about it, coming up. hey.
10:47 am
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. call it a sign of the times. for many americans a new report has found that too much stress in your life may help turn your hair gray. dr. david is a member of the fox news medical team and the upcoming chair of urology at lennox hill hospital and professor at hofstra north shore lij school of medicine. hi. >> thank you. >> we should mention the study was in mice. >> yes. >> it's not proven in humans? >> we're learning a lot from this. it was actually published in "nature medicine" and it's important when you talk about like aging which is a big factor of getting gray hair, that's as a result of exhaustion of what of these melancites which is a
10:52 am
pigmentation of the hair. over time there's a wear and tear and that's part of the aging. in this study what they're finding out, which is something new, as a result of what's going on in this experiment, some of these milan know cites at the base of the hair, the bulge, over time as a result of stress they can move and travel out of that bulge which is something they're finding out which is new. so what that really means. what happens with your hair that source of melancites always secrets melanin and you keep your hair healthy. if the supply doesn't come or moves now you will have gray hair. they think stress makes these get out of that source which is part of this. stress also affects you with the hormones. some of these hormones such as cortisol we've spoken about, hth from agree nalls and others, they can affect these and that's the big finding in this study.
10:53 am
so what do you do about it? try to stay calm. for my case i got gray hair early on. i think genetics plays a big role. >> genetics and aging are still going to happen and that's one of the -- two of the causes of gray hair. stress makes it happen sooner or faster. >> genetics have to do with the preprogram in our lives. some of us have that gene in there that will affect these and over time they dry out and you end up with gray hair no matter what you do, whether you have stress or not. >> meanwhile, we have yet another concern about some of the hard plastic containers. a study suggesting bpa can contribute to obesity in young girls. >> bpa comes up all the time. we have covered this topic so many times in the past. it's in a lot of plastic containers there are plane studies that shows it can affect and associated with diabetes. now this particular study, it's a source of obesity in
10:54 am
teenagers. they looked at about 1300 girls between the age of 12 to 19 and they're finding out the amount of pba in their urine sample correlates with their weight which is interesting. if you have twice the normal amount, twice the risk of obesity. ten times more, ten times risk of obesity. so i think this is a good time for fda to jump in and really look into this and really minimize the amount of bpa we use. certainly in our house, you know, my wife doesn't allow any of these containers unless it says bpa free on all the labels. that's the only way plastics will come to our house and what i recommend. >> one of the problems right now is that the plastic industry has become so massive and it's enormous, so i mean what do you do? you go back to using glass? drink your water by glass bottles? >> you know, a lot of this, kelly, is not avoidable. you can reduce it, using other containers is the way to go. i think really for the first time we're seeing more and more
10:55 am
of these studies coming in that bpa directly associates with obesity, with diabetes, with heart disease, and fda needs to look into this and there needs to be some more regulation as to the amount of bpa that we have in these plastic containers. >> back to one thing quickly. you mentioned gray hair and how stress causes that. i always thought gray hair, doc, was a sister gnature of wisdom. you are wise. >> he would agree with you on that. >> look at the presidents that come in and within four years they all have gray, good hair and then it turns gray. stress definitely is a relation there. >> here's a programming note quickly for you. fox news special airing tonight about the nsa spying scandal, john roberts hosts "your secrets out," that's tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> dr. david samadi thank you. >> he will be here tomorrow. >> we have very exciting topics. >> great to be here with you.
10:56 am
>> i'm kelly wright. that will do it for us. "the journal editorial report" is coming up next. make sure you stick around and watch and have great day, everybody. >> happy father's day. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪
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. this week on "the journal editorial report" charges of big brother abound in the wake of the nsa surveillance leaks, but in the era of irs targeting, government run health care and exploding federal regulations, should data mining be your biggest worry? will shutting the program down diminish our terror fighting abilities? a new front in the battle over free speech on campus, new just released federal guidelines endanger faculty and student rights. welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. charges of big brother from both the left and the right this week in the wake of the nsa


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