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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful. verizon. get the blackberry q10 for $199.99. >> welcome to "red eye." it's like the six million dollar man, if by man, you mean a personal dodger, andy what is coming up on the show? >> coming up, do most americans believe they've lost their privacy. a new survey without their consent says yes. if you just said how come she did not predict that, then please change the channel. just kidding. what google search do resident s of pakistan lead the world in?
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>> andy, bill is doing a man on the street today. >> i know. >> and you didn't write about it, promote it and hope he dies in a horrible accident. >> honestly, for those of the viewers that saw a last one, i could not top it. i wrote myself in a corner. >> get out of here. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that jalapenos makes poppers out of her. i am with co-anchor patti brown. and she is so hot that stolen watches sell her in time square and get top prize, that's two ts. t squared. in newark, he is consider can -- considered a corpse. and sitting next to me, daily beast editor, michael.
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the lede, that's the first story. you know, greg, no one else can hear me, right? >> yes, i mean no, i did not say anything. she is gone from sex to background checks. president's nominee to be the deputy director is a lawyer in the white house office. -- she used to run a erotic fiction book store. i'm outrages, yet i cannot wait to hear more. back in 1995, a year, haynes told the baltimore sun, quote, erotica has become more prevalent because people are trying to have sex without having sex and others are trying to find fantasies to make their
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sex more satisfying. she admitted at first she was worried that only dirty old men would show up, but the groups looked more like a cross section of america. yeah, meanwhile, "red eye" has obtained the movie adaptation of haynes' favorite novel. >> yeah! >> is he okay? >> i don't know. >> absolutely not. >> not at all. >> nature is a dangerous thing. that is there version of birth control. falling. anyway, lauren, is this why
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women should not be allowed in high profile positions in government because of their involvement in erotic literature. >> no, there's other reasons. in this case in fact, what are they worried she had a open read allowed session? what about the fact that she has zero cia experience. the guy she is replacing has 33 years and she has zero. >> that's such a great point that we are replacing in one of the most important positions, a woman's whose experience is reading preverse words out loud. what could be in an average person's background, this really is not that much. but -- >> there's debate about that. >> you have insider information, don't you? >> well. i should recuse myself from the
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story. i was there during the development of the story. i do work for a little website called the daily beast, a nice little thing and that is where the breaking news of this tore appeared. and we were looking into her background and this is what we came up with. it's a great scoop. >> i thought you were at the store. >> no i do my own erotic reading at night in the park but nobody has asked me about it. >> the police. >> and the baltimore sun. >> over here, ignore the pretty girl. >> i'm a dude. >> he is very hand in. >> he is. why was she picked? you know wh? lauren makes a good point. >> really? >> no, i'm trying to lead n but the other guy who had 33 years, he kind of sucked didn't he so i'm totally putting my money -- first time i saw the picture, she looked like she was out of a mrs. marple, i prefer her to the guy that failed. >> maybe it's a good idea to
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have somebody fresh. you know, and maybe she might be successful. but i don't want ask you that question, the more important one is should obama be impeached? >> oh, yeah that is right on top. after running the book store, she did become a lawyer and worked in the white house council's office, i mean, no cia experience, but she did do that. i never understood why people go to these readings. i mean, shouldn't erotica be enjoyed behind closed doors. you are there with other peoples eating chicken tostados, nothing says sexy than that. >> the more sloppy the food the better. just when you want to rip it all over. >> everyone's hands are dirty. >> i know. >> but the thing is, it's creepy. i agree. it's creepy to sit there and listen to that with a group, and
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my feeling is it's very adolescent in nature, i think people would be giggling and the men would have weird beards. haynes neighbor said she is well respected, really smart and has a great work ethic. which makes her the opposite of you. so maybe she is a good candidate and you should be fired? >> wait, she is the opposite of me because she is a woman, that's it. no, that is it. how dare you, that is reverse sexism, but thank you for acknowledging the fact that i'm a dude. i was worried earlier. what is the problem? we have a small business owner that found you a unique way to get feet going through the door and as a result, she did exactly what republicans wanted people to approximate pull their bootstraps up for and it also proves that democrats have more fun. >> i don't know. >> no, no no, republicans have
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more fun, they just don't talk about it in public. that is why they act silly when they talk about it, it's because they do it privately. i had an idea, so she has an erotic background and she is in the cia, what combine the two, erotic, cia novels. erotic cia novels and you know who is on the cover? him! my baker. i thought that was judge napolitano. no. mike baker would be the -- you know, you have fabio for romance novels. it's unusual to have somebody with no little experience, no little? is that a word? >> no experience. >> how do we fix this in edit? i don't want to use a tv term, how do we not use the pictures of mike baker? >> what is wrong with you?
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>> and vapor. >> how do we not use it and get that amazing sound bite of him saying gender queer. over and over, he just kept saying gender queer. >> we will get it in the post show wrap up. from reading your notes to your mail, do we care? according to my survey, the vast majority of americans think their information is being red without their constant. most feel that our information can be accessed by businesses in the government and most feel it could be used in ways to risk personal privacy. but younger people, my favorite kind, don't seem to care. most of them feel it's mostly positive because it can lead to better decisions on how to improve the economy, service and public safety. and others have gone to extreme measures to ensure their privacy.
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>> got a laugh from a camera man. >> he was having a heart attack. >> pab, interesting survey, we have lost our privacy, we are not happy about it, but we do not think there's anything we can do about it. about right? it's almost like the weather. >> yeah, i mean, it is very hard in this day and age to opt out, you can still opt out from the advertisers, you do not have to be on facebook or buy things online. the problem is more the government, you cannot really opt out when they are monitoring all of your patterns and all that. and we know this government will try to draw conclusions about you based on your ideology. terrorists threats being people who are in favor of gun rights and veterans and what not, and we know they will abuse their power to target those with whom they disagree. >> the problem with abuse is that it can be applied to any
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department that they disagree with. in general, most people saw the up sides of the data collection. because they have grown up with it, i believe, are they cooler? >> yeah, they are like a good band in a cool club. if the older people are watching. it's the red hat chili poppers. i'm totally, it sort of weeds out the stupid. if you are posting things on facebook and it's a constant drum beat in the media. we have to warn people not to post pictures of themselves in bond hits on facebook. how stupid are the kids. whatever their lot in life is is, they deserve it.
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>> no, if they don't understand. it's not harsh enough. they should be arrested. i think women are posting the inside of their uterus on facebook. >> really? >> where is that? >> then they are complaining. >> it's true, between twitter, facebook, and instagram and the german films back in the '90s, they know everything about you. do you care, do you remember. i think that is the perfect example of what happened when big brother is not watching. you never thought that would happen.
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the more information about us the better. you need to figure out my likes and dislikes. i'm all on board, they know me better than anyone in my family. people are upset when something is insanely private and it's out there. it shows us unusual things on line, people are screaming about the nsa. -- percent of the people surveyed said that they should not see your personal info that it is so sad that it would nak them cry, and you should probably be stabbed in the face. i saw that in the survey. >> i'm waiting for the question. >> it was not a question, it was
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written in by every single person, when it said other, it said stab bill in the face. >> at least that means i'm famous. 100% of the people in the survey knew who i was. >> i do a show at 5:00 with -- >> piece of garbage. >> i have seen it, it's an intervention. >> i like to talk about the nsa argument that i think is a mess, you can argue that the nsa stuff is wrong, but you have to argue it from a coinherent standpoint. you can get the information wrong. i want to ask you, data collection, that phone stuff is
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never opened, unless you have a court order, the prison stuff is spying on foreign terrorists. look at this. would you get it closer? >> i drew this. >> what happened to the graphics department. >> this is why i think a lot of people are misguided about chasing terrorists. this is the tiny amount of information about -- they think you can start there and okay, all we have to do is look for that guy. but in order to find that guy, you have to create a base. correct. you have to create a base of, what is the word i'm looking for? >> everyone. >> everyone. everyone. >> it's on the sheet. >> it's the largest data sample possible in order to get that and it's hypocritical for people to say, oh, all we have to do is focus on this. you can't focus on this, you need a data sample to find it. >> and you have people, people
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on your show, actually. last night were talking about targeted collection. how do you know what to target? you do not know what you are looking for. >> you are one of the smartest libertarians that i know. -- >> asking may question? this is a set up for your rant. you are not wrong, we do not know what is in the program. and on the other stuff, i mean the courts, they rubber stamp everything. they have had 4 that they refused over the years. if you are going to be consistent and say you are distrustful of government, why on earth try to act like you can get this right. just, you know, out of the air. and by the way, it's apparently going really well. >> i mean, come on. i agree with you, that i would like to hear that kind of point of view.
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go do i have time for the next story? >> it was shocking that you had to trace that triangle. >> people need to know it's -- >> i don't know if the audience can see this, but greg misspelled guy. >> bad guy. i said bad guy right there, that's the terrorist. people think, all we have to do is look for that guy. >> i don't think that they think that. i think like two months ago, i would have been a complete -- in complete agreement. things have happened over the last couple of months now that have made us and that's where the change comes. i agree, however, i cannot do this on my own. i cannot faerret out terrorists.
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and it's independent of the worst parts of government. i would like to think, but maybe i am wrong. it's the on one i can trust. if they hired edward snowden the guy is in china. >> you win, you win. >> i will say it again. 20 years ago, we didn't know they existed. how trustworthy can they be? >> haven't we been doing that stuff. when people buy drugs, they use code words because they are afraid that someone is listening. >> by the way, i could use some ham right now, so meet me after the show. >> i don't get that. >> i know. >> you have peter king, a complete hypocrite, and he is a bad guy, he is complaining about the data collection. as you pointed out, it happened forever, peter king, the once, the only republican that peter king supported was the irish republican army and he complained in 1984 that the feds
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were opening his mail and now all of a sudden, he is very outraged by all this. >> that is truth, there's a fundamental hipocrasy, there's those that loved the patriot act under bush that do not like it now, and others that condemned it then and love it now. that makes me throw up. i hate partisan posturing on either side. and i hate hos which you aring it's awkward. >> it's key to a good back. >> a gorgeous fox news anchor, does she really have it on? we discuss her book. i don't know if we are going to do this story, because we didn't do the other story, so we will do the other story about the sexy ad that is getting into trouble, try to avoid this image at all costs, if it
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>> all right, are they getting too testy over mr. zesty. i speak of the conservative group, 1 million moms, that is not them. who are upset over a enough kraft ad. seen here, i think or that could be a picture from our photo album. it features a hunk with strategically placed blanket, let's get zesty. zesty was once the name of my pool boy. rip one million moms says the ad goes too far. the consumers they are attempting to attract is the
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ones that they are driving away. the mothers say it's the second most erotic food ad after, second after this. >> you are a parent. you must be conflicted the ad is gross, and you dated the man in the late '90s. i don't know about you, i don't know. the idea was that moms are tired of being told that they just have to be. trying to say, look, it's
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effective. he slatherred all over. fabio is awesome. >> i cannot believe those words. >> isn't it nice to be seeing men exploited instead of you. love the ad. what the heck is it that they are advertising. here is my question. silverware optional, are they drinking the salad dressing or using it as a lubricant. it's a confusing optional. are you using body parts to eat the dressing? >> that is vulgar. >> how would your mother respond -- how would your mother respond to this ad, your mother
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is a lovely woman, i might add, she is from definite opinions. and she is from long island. >> you have to see it, it's incredible, did you see that zesty ad. did you find out if he is single. >> he worked at fox news, and she said, wow, just because you have ordered doesn't mean you cannot look at the menu. oh, my god. it was like no. you would -- and he is like, i can't say lord, it's not in the constitution. >> he doesn't, he sleeps with
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the constitution. >> yeah. >> so i do not think he is up right now. i love the judge. he is the greatest. he is like the smart estimate guy in the building -- smartest guy in the building. what do you think of the ad? >> i think it's fine. >> i have to -- don't i. he needs to explain. >> you posed for a similar photo? >> i had the presence of mind to cover myself with a picnic blanket. >> so, again, i do not think this applies to my agreement or my disagreement that the conservatives have more fun, i
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don't think that they are having fun with it. nowhere does it say that you are acting like you are sell issing something. it says in the commandments that you cannot lie. i don't think that they are 1 million moms. >> i was thinking about this ad and i was watching madmen and i was thinking how don draper would be pitching this and i think he would say, women see dressing as a big fantasy. no real man can give her the man that salad, a desire for what they cannot have. >> nailed it. >> didn't he? >> and what would jackie say in response. >> i told you to watch madmen. i love it. every sunday. >> do you watch it? >> i don't watch it.
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>> that is the episode where they were all killed. by the vietkong actually. what is up with all the ugly men in the world, we discuss the new book, you better be rich because your face makes me vomit through my eye sockets. bill, doing something dumb? yeah, bill doing something young.ther,
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it puts a big smile on my face. he was so warm and loving. he died from melanoma when he was 31. every hour someone dies from melanoma. it doesn't have to be someone you love.
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>> $3 million to image the "the purge." by the way "the purge," it's a horror movie with a woodland creature, 12 hours every year, all bad things are legal. all right, the box office movie was "the purge." a brilliant idea or a rip off. it's called the festival, google it. let's see what they think. what would you do during "the purge," what law would you
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break? none. >> i would be trying to hide from the crazy people. >> spoil alert. unsuccessfully? >> i would smoke some weed. >> that is against the law. >> you have glaucoma? oh, you have excuse. >> i would go streaking. >> the neighborhood cowboy made it legal. >> what if you wanted to yell at tickle me elmo. >> why? >> he does not speak english? >> he speaks a lot of bad words to kids. >> i would pop him in the face. >> you can yell at puppies, you
11:35 pm
can steal, you can -- >> i would rob a bank. >> you raised him right. >> what would you do? >> steal at somebody's house. >> i love your kid. >> would you do it or hide? >> depends on if i could find somebody that i did not like. >> and then you would kill them? >> yes. >> and why do i have a feeling that you want to kill me right now? >> oh, no, you are a lovely man. >> this is going well. >> you know who should be purged, the actors. >> all the liberals. >> you are in j.c. penney and you cannot afford a shaw, and you are like, it's the purge, i will take it. is giarating illegal? >> j >> joyriding. >> no, i thought giarating. >> you want to see it? >> yes. >> you like scary movies? >> yes.
11:36 pm
>> have you seen "red eye"? >> no. >> the host, a lot of peep say he reminds them of the little girl in the exorcist, tinier and the same type of thing. >> what channel is? ? >> it's for logo. i'm the host of something called boys, boys, boys. >> steal a couple of mustangs. >> are you on record saying you have stole them? >> i have. >> the horse or the car? >> woeth. >> you are sell issing both the horses and the car. >> i joyrides horses. >> all right, that's another illegal thing, there's somebody on youtube girating a horse. the talk about absolute lawlessness, it's given me the urge, the urge to purge. let's do this. >> purge, purge.
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>> well, you showed elmo. >> yeah, he had no come back, greg. no come back. >> you know, it was hard to have a come back when you were so far away running. >> i didn't want to be near him, he hits people. >> he does. >> phil, nobody in times square seemed to care about the movie or the concept, should i blame you for that? you did not care or explain what it was. >> i gave them it's all the points of man of steel. >> now we are showing clips of the movie. >> if i showed that can the panel, we would have somebody to say right now. >> lauren, how many things would you shoplift? >> um, i -- i do it every day. but i would -- >> we are taping right now. >> you do, you celebrate the purge daily. pab, why do i think that you are the most murder inclined of my
11:38 pm
purger on the panel? >> not, no. >> you would say that. >> i'm a law and order gal. i think that laws are there for a reason. and i could not think of something to do. >> you would not kill anybody on the morning panel? >> no. >> just maim them for a few weeks. >> isn't your godless life one big purge? >> hey. it could be worse. >> i just want to hang out with the irish guys. >> no, no, no, no, thanks. >> i go out and kill a bunch of catholics. >> no, no, not that kind of thing. and then steal a horse. you bastard. >> he said something about shalalees. >> we have -- by the way, there was no movie about the future that ever predicted accurately logan's run. none of that ever happened.
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>> minority report was accurate. >> time to take a break, when we get back, joy of hate. greatest book ever written said the pope -- the pope being name of my pulpit, autographed copy.
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>> it's pakistan, the number one fan of man on man. well, according to mother jones, not an actual mother, the islamic republic, meanwhile, a survey of 39 countries found pakistan to be one of the most, least tolerant nations with its
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2% saying society should accept sexuality. the nations odd relationship with gay porn -- they turn to porn because they cannot live their lives openly. pab, what does it tell us if anything? answer the question. >> there's homsexuals in pakistan because they are doing research. >> mike, why do you think this happens? why because it's so forbidden? >> no, because there's lots of gay people in pakistan. it's pretty straight forward.
11:44 pm
i just want to give credit, it was in this building. as opposed to this story with pakist pakistan, a global leader and tolerance toward homosexual. >> learn, as a porn expert, do you know if they have -- >> i don't like this story, it's reprehensible. >> i'm less concerned about their search for gay porn, i'm more concerned about their religiously motivated snuf films and i think they are the global leaders. >> they think blowing things up.
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they search gay porn, but they do not go near your site. so they know how gross your practices are. >> i don't know what the internet was, give me the research. secondly, it was very well founded that in many middle eastern societies they do not view the actually guy on guy action as gay. that is what you do before you get married, whatever you have to deal with before you actually get married, that's a fact and you do not believe me, read the kite runner, people. and secondly, if this is indeed what is going on in pakistan, then i'm moving. they will put the stan in pakistan, that was a stupid joke. but the other one, i could not use. it was good. you have a comment on the show, e-mail us, if you have a video of your animal, submit it, coming up, the post game report
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>> greg: back to tv's andy levy for the post game report. >> thanks, greg. >> greg: bechangeed the name. >> back? >> yes. >> the post game wrapup report? >> yes. the rap apport. >> i'm not rap paport. >> nice. >> ucia deputy director. before we goat to that. moynihan, you had the video with the turtle that fell oh he verizon customers and landed on its shell. you asked if it was okay. the fact that it landed on its is shell. >> i don't know anything about turtles. the beast in the daily beast it is not what you think it is. [ laughter ] >> so dumb. >> lauren, you said everyone is worry about the fact that you had air rottic read allows. >> why was it is story on the
11:51 pm
daily beast? >> because we were trying to get some traffic. >> nailed it. >> i think it did pretty well. >> it got picked up everywhere including on "red eye." >> yeah. >> the grass ring. >> greg: the biggest hit. when "red eye" picks up your story it is like you getting picked up by a beautiful god. >> yes. morn you wored for the daily beast when the story originated and said the daily beast was there looking into the background, meaning the 1995 article. >> nobody pointed out about this and i thought some crazy person would is that her father, there was so the interview with him. made no sort of connection to her. marched her in millionaires or billionaires or bush in 2004. all of your crazy conspiracy theorists look into that. his daughter is the head of the cia. can you imagine? >> only in america. >> only in america! >> only in america. >> god, it is like orwell. >> is it even america anywhere?
11:52 pm
america with three ks. >> regarding the fact that no intelligence experience. intelligence. that does seem problematic but she he was an advisor to the president on intelligence operations. >> i said she never worked in the cia. >> okay. all right. well. >> that's right, right? >> never mind. >> no, no, she has never worked in the cia, yeah. the important think here is director of national intelligence james clapper says she has a deep understanding of the intelligence community and values the contributions of the nation's intelligence professionals and he would never lie. >> and by the way, there is no other person with those qualifications that works in the cia? i don't know. >> she seems all right. >> a great porn name. i tell you that. >> women hate successful women. >> not at all. >> i'm so happy for this woman but lauren is like why couldn't
11:53 pm
i be a deputy. >> i work for the cia and put in ten years and this one the deputy i'm like where did she come from? they are hiring lawyers now. that would be me feuding about it at the copy machine. >> if only the worst thing you had done was erotic readings. americans know they lost their privacy. greg you said the problem with the abuse argument is that it can be applied to anything. which is true. but i foregot to write nick after -- write anything after that so i don't know what i was going to say to you. my point was the idea if something can be abused you make sure that the people have as little power as possible in case they do abuse it. >> greg: but that is -- i would not call it a slippery slope. it is actually a horizontal slope. >> like a slip and slide. >> greg: there is corruption in the place. what about friendly fire in the military? shut down the military? do you? answer the question, andy!
11:54 pm
>> i don't -- >> you might want to cut over to me and say that doesn't make any answer. >> yes, he. >> greg: if you have abuse of. >> friendly fire is a mistake, not abuse. >> greg: let's say, okay, who brought -- >> who brought down the towers, greg? >> saying it is on purpose? the friendly fire -- >> greg: i'm saying when something goes wrong you don't immediately shut everything down. >> exact comparison to the irs. they are getting the questionnaires from the irs and the people that get them can talk to the media about them and i don't know why it took them to long to o do that. the problem with this is it is all secret. >> yep, yep. >> lauren, you were talking about a yoga news segment you did on the show a long time ago. >> i know you eraised it from your memory. >> i believe we still have the tape. ron, can we roll that? >> please, please, please. >> i'm just kidding. >> for the yewers at home. >> i honestly thinked when you did that.
11:55 pm
>> greg: the viewers are so angry with you, andy. >> i know. >> greg, remember the triangle graphic that you drew? i finished it for you. >> oh! >> i think we all know what you were trying to say there. >> andy, you can take that on a con spearty. >> the nsa can look at that all they want. one million moms upset at the kraft ad. you said the idea is that the moms are tired of being frumpy types but you don't think the ad is effective. you are assuming it is aimed at women. >> greg: somebody went to college. the college of dumb people. >> you talked about you said the million mom one million moms whatever are kind of stupid. >> stupid idiot group. >> can we talk about in their facebook post about this they use as territory are risk to replace the a in naked and the
11:56 pm
e in genitals. >> they claim they were doing that to evade e-mail filters. but then it tells you the type of person that joins that group that has e-mail filters that take words that -- >> greg: they are just good people. >> they are monsters! >> greg: i bet an overwhelming majority of them are nice people. >> i'm sure they are nice. they are just idiots. >> greg: i don't know anything about them he actually but i he don't want to take your word about it because you hate everything. >> the site has four videos on it, i heard. >> with the guy in it? >> how would i know. >> greg: i don't know either. >> yes! [ laughter ] >> did you -- >> pakistan leads the world in gay porn google colleges. about pab you said they are doing the searches because the only way to fight the evil is to understand the evil. bill tried that argument with h h.r. and it doesn't work.
11:57 pm
>> i'm done. >> greg: thank you andy. special thanks to patti ann browne. she has three names. bill schultz and lauren and
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s for being here with us. i'll see you for the break. tweet me. i'll tweet you back. huckabee is now. >> you don't have to have done anything wrong. you simply the have to eventually fall under suspicion. >> he leaked classified information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or trader? and is searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails and web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a hay stack? plus, $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obamacare address excessive healthcare


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