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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 16, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> that's right. >> george, thanks so much for being here. in the after the show show we'll show you more treats to make for father's day. >> fox and and we start with the fox news alert this morning. there are new developments in the breaking syrian civil war going on at this moment. u.s. will arm and train the rebels as the american patriot missiles and f-16 fighter jets are poised on the syrian border. now other regional powers being drawn into the violent conflict that have so far claimed nearly 100,000 lives. some fear this all could spin even further out of control pitting assad's regime, as well as iran, russia, all against us. good morning and welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." i'm eric. >> and i'm heather.
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iran is preparing to send 4,000 troops to support syrian president bashar al assad. this as egypt cuts ties with egypt and jordan is ready to respond to any threats. peter ducie is live, peter. >> reporter: heather, the united states says they will not put boots on the ground. ben rhodes says that is the one option that has been taken off the table but through a program run by the cia the united states will be arounding the ribrebels. the pentagon is putting aircraft and missiles in nearby jordan. a spokesman said secretary hagel has approved a request from the kingdom of jordan for a detachment of f-16s and patriot missiles in jordan. all other u.s. personnel
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assigned to jordan for eeg garr lion will depart at the conclusion of the exercise. the united states enjoys a long-standing partnership with jordan and is committed to its defense, but some key lawmakers don't think all of that is enough. this morning republican senator lindsey graham urged president obama to enforce a no fly zone over syria. >> last year a 15ds was isolated. he had very few friends.
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peter live from washington. thank you, peter. >> with the report that iran is sending 4,000 revolutionary guards to fight for assad and syria and with regime gains against the rebels does the obama administration plan to send those small arms. some wonder today why did it take so long. as peter said, tomorrow the president looks with a major assad supporter, president putin in ireland. what can be accomplished at that meeting if anything? former u.s. ambassador, senior fellow and fox news contributor john bolton joins us every morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you as always. first, let's start with the new obama policy. is it in the nick of time or too little too late? >> i think it's actually evidence of the continuing disarray of the obama policy. i think any serious military observer will tell you that this
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contribution that obama's now prepared to make will not make any significant military difference and, in fact, it looks as though obama was backed into it because of his own rhetoric about the assad regime using chemical weapons crossing a red line. i don't think we've had a policy in syria for 2 1/2 years other than pray that the russians will actually do something to remove assad. that was never any part of their strategic vision of the middle east nor has it been any part of iran's strategic vision. from that perspective nothing has changed. this has always been a conflict where iran and russia were on the other side. >> what would happen tomorrow when it sits down with vladimir putin in northern ireland and discuss assad and the future of syria? >> well, i think actually president putin should bring the reset button that hillary clinton gave with him four years ago and give it back to president obama because that's exactly what's going on here. the russian government has
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already rejected the evidence that the president relied on regarding assad's use of chemical weapons. the russians have said they will ship s3 100 missiles. they've supplied mig planes, and a dozen naval vessels out of the naval base in syria. the russians are not going to let assad go under. my view is over the last 2 1/2 years they were never going to let that happen. i think president putin in his own way will tell the president that tomorrow. >> do you think the president will tell putin what and will that have any sway? is he going in with the weak hand? >> this is what happens when you get a community organizer from chicago talking to a former kgb agent. it's going to be like two ships passing in the night. i'm sure the president will emerge thinking, you know, i saw hopeful signs for negotiation there. >> you know, you mentioned some
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criticism of president bill clinton. pretty scathing and stinging saying if president obama doesn't do something he would look like a wuss, a, quote, total fool and be lame. these are pretty astonishing comments from the former president. what do you think those comments did to the white house, if anything, and what do they mean? >> very astute, that president clinton. you know, my view is this is the opening sound of the 2016 democratic presidential nomination effort and i think what former president clinton is doing is opening a path for hillary clinton in the near future to distance herself from the policies of the obama administration, certainly on syria and other areas as well. i think we're going to see this pattern back and forth. it's going to be fun to watch the next 3 1/2 years as president clinton critiques the
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president. >> what would those be to say the president refused to send small arms even though hillary clinton and dick petraeus wanted that. not to be drawn into an internal fight in syria. >> look, in strategic terms as much of a humanitarian tragedy as syria is, in strategic terms it's a side show. the issue here is and has been from the get-go the regime in iran. the world's central banker of international terrorism eagerly pursuing a nuclear weapons program which, by the way, it will continue to do despite yesterday's presidential election. that has been the power to worry about in the middle east, and i think the obama administration was reluctant to take on the assad regime in syria because it knew if it crossed iran over the syria issue, it would never get negotiation over iran's nuclear weapons program and that was the obama administration's priority. i've long thought that was a
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mistake but i think that's what dominated president obama's thinking. and i think now you're seeing the consequences of operating under a delusion. >> speaking of iran, newly elected president said to be a reformer or in your review just more of the same? >> you know, you've got to strain pretty hard to find reformers in the leadership in iran. i remember him when he was the chief nuclear negotiator about ten years ago. he was an expert liar. he carried the ayatollah's waters. he proclaimed publicly that he had deceived the europeans, that iran had deceived the europeans by using the negotiations to buy time to advance their nuclear weapons program. he said it with great disdain. if this is a reformer, then i've got a brooklyn bridge to sell you. >> at least no more mahmoud ahmadinejad for now. >> thank you, eric.
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we have a fox news alert for you now out of turkey. a new round of protests going on right now in downtown istanbul following a night of violent clashes with police. officers armed with tear gas and water cannons, they tried to end weeks of sit-ins by chasing demonstrators out of istanbul park, but had a just unleashed a wave of violence into the streets. leeland vitter was in the middle of it. he's streaming live. >> reporter: heather, that violence continues here in istanbul today. thousands of people trying to reach taksim square. i'm going to step out of the camera now. as you see there in taksim square, it's quiet. that is because there are riot police ringing the square preventing anyone to get in. if anyone makes it past the picket lines, you can look to your right and see what is waiting there for them. there are a couple of dozens of
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buses lined up there. water tankers lined up. everybody armed with tear gas and rubber bullets seeing that today will probably be a continue u waugs of what we've already seen, a violent weekend. the battle for gezi park has begun. they know what they're going up against. they're running in helmets and gas masks. the tear gas is overwhelming. it's coming through the gas mask. it's a total white out. you can see the protest tents that have been tram bled. the prime minister said his security forces knew how to clear the square and the park and these are exactly the messages he's talking about. pushed back but undeterred through the night, demonstrators fought with police throughout the sprawling city. police closed streets so thousands streamed across the
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river on foot protesting against the government. this morning the protesters are tired from a long night of battle here with the police. you see some of the remnants here, overturned benches. imagine the power it took to pull out the concrete posts. that's what was happening. a couple of hundred yards behind me is taksim square and there are thousands of people right now trying to get here. the reason these streets are so calm is if you look just over here, there are hundreds of riot police now ringing this whole area preventing the protesters from either coming in or taking refuge in any of the buildings around the square. now these protesters complained that prime minister erdogan has become something of a dictator or acting like one in response. is he holding a very large rally as we speak, about 45 minutes from here. tens of thousands of people there and in stark contrast to what we see here, heather, there are free public buses taking anybody who wants to go out
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there to that rally. here the police are preventing people from rallying. back to you. >> leeland vitter, live from istanbul, thank you. heather, the white house now says it is open to talks with north korea. this after reports today from north korea that the regime of kim jong-un is talking about the tensions. they want to discuss a peace treaty formally ending the korean war. you may recall a couple of months ago the north koreans branded the armistice null and void. we'll speak with christian whiten about what this really all means and if the north koreans can ever be trusted. speaking of trust, scandals at the irs raising new questions about the agency's funding at a critical time for president obama's health care plan. as some republicans are looking
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to slash the agency's budget following revelations of targeting of conservative groups and of course the lavish agency spending on employee conferences, but president obama, he wants to increase irs funding ahead of full impleme implementation of the law. david, thank you so much for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> so how will, if at all, the latest scandals involving the irs impact funding from obama care or for obama care? >> well, i think that obviously the republicans have been trying to defund, as they say, or clip the wings for obama care since the day it was enacted. this looks to be the best chance that they have had yet. there is a spending bill that has to be enacted once a year to pay the budget of the irs. the president wants 14% more. he wants to take it up to about $13 billion. only 5% would be spent on
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implementing obama care, but that looks like a pretty ripe target and a pretty easy way politically for the republicans to punish the agency. i have a hard time seeing how the democrats are going to argue against essentially rewarding this agency at a time when it's, you know, under so much fire. >> when it's not even spending the money it has correctly. we're not talking about agents targeting tea party and other conservative groups, we have nearly $50 million, 50 million spent on employee conferences from 2010 to 2012. in 2010 apparently the agency used some money that was budgeted to hire enforcement agents to instead pay for a conference that cost $1/.4 million. so on that alone do they deserve to be trusted with more money? >> well, that's -- that's -- that's the point that the republicans will make. the democrats will make the point that this is a little bit like burning down the village to save it, that this isn't an appropriate way to treat the agency at a time that it's being
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given new responsibilities, that the republicans might not like the new health care law and that it's going into effect and if the irs is going to have any success doing the two things it's supposed to be doing, the two things are giving out subsidies to help them buy insurance and remembering from a year ago that you have to pay a penalty now, a tax penalty if you don't buy insurance, they'll be in charge of deciding who has to pay that. it's going to be very difficult to get them to do that job if they don't have the money to do that. >> all of that starting in 2014. apparently that is why the president says he will need what amounts to a 14% increase, hiring the 2,000 new employees. out of the $12.9 billion total that he's asking for. so who else could be in charge of that? >> oh, you know who else could be in charge of doing it? i don't think anybody else could be in charge of doing it, but the issue -- to me the larger issue here for the republicans
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is that they have a chance to essentially shift the focus of their annoyance at the irs from this scandal, the vague word scandal. it's going to take a long time and a lot of effort for them if they are able to to prove what they suspect, which is that this was run out of washington, that the notion of targeting the tea party groups, and instead make the irs soert of their example, exhibit a. >> exhibit a is airing next to you, the line dancing video. >> yeah. that's certainly strong evidence that the irs has more money than it needs, right? >> david, i want to ask you about this though. sarah hall ingram, just quickly. she is now head of the irs health care office, which in and of itself the irs health care office sounds weird. she oversaw the tax except agency. should she still be in that role? >> well, obviously that's a
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question that many republicans will be asking. it would seem to me that politically it's probably best for the administration to bend over backwards to make sort of appearances of sort of on their face appearances of inappropriateness go away. i'm kind of surprised that she stuck around as long as she had given the connection. >> david hawkins, thank you so much. we appreciate your insight as always this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. eric. the nsa's controversial programs. this morning there's new reaction on it in an exclusive fox news sunday interview, former vice president dick cheney tells chris wallace what he thinks. >> on behalf of the noncommission officers and soldiers from brandenberg, kentucky, we would like to send out this father's day salute. >> happy father's day! [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
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in an exclusive fox news sunday interview today, former vice president dick cheney on the government keeping tabs on our phone calls and e-mails and his new concerns over nsa contractor edward snowden who apparently is still hiding out in hong kong. >> i am very, very worried that
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he still has additional information that he hasn't released yet, that the chinese would welcome the opportunity and probably willing to provide immunity for him or sanctuary for him in exchange for what he presumably knows or doesn't know. it's going to be a continuing problem. i don't think it's a one off disclose sure. >> and joining us now is the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. >> good morning, eric. >> dick cheney dropped a bombshell. he actually thinks that edward snowden born and raised in the united states will be a chinese spy. >> at the very least he's a traitor. what do you make of the fact that he's in china? well, when you think of places to go and places that are important in terms of human rights and personal freedom, china is not usually at the top of the list. he said, i don't know whether he was always in cahoots with the chinese. i might add that cheney also says he's not sure that snowden could have done all of this
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alone. he wonders whether or not he had help from somebody else inside the nsa but he wen deonders whe he was in cahoots with the chinese all along or whether he's going to buy asylum there. we're going to have an issue with the chinese to get him back from there. >> that's intriguing to deal with a chinese spy if that's what he thinks he was, a chinese spy. you have the chinese spy. you have the chinese hacking. is this something that they're looking into? >> they certainly have to be looking into it. it could be that he was a spy for the chinese beforehand. it could be that he decided i'll have some information that i can trade to the chinese after the fact to buy sanctuary there. in either case, you don't want a guy if he has, you have the question of how much he has got. some of the information he said had so far, he had the ability
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to sit at his desk and wire tap the president. vice president cheney doubts he had that capability. some of that was exaggerated. whatever he had, you don't want a former private contractor inside the super secret nsa giving that information up to the chinese in return for a safe haven. >> yeah. some of the critics saying some of this guy's claims are absolutely off the wall, kind of wild. what about the nsa surveillance programs. mr. chip any credited by some or accused by others as largely being the architect of some of this after 9/11. >> he feels so strongly about it that when we invited him to come on the program, he not only said yes, he lives most of the time now out in jackson hole, wyoming. he made the long trip here yesterday just so he could appear live on "fox news sunday" today. he's flying back this afternoon because he very much wants to make the argument, the case for the nsa. i think he feels that people in
7:25 am
the administration haven't made it an important or a vigorous enough defense of it. he thinks it's vital in terms of continuing to disrupt terror plots. >> and about the aclu suing and the critics, his view? >> he just thinks they're wrong. i asked him specifically about rand paul and other republicans. he said look at this program and some of the information has come out from the nsa overnight. only 300 specific phone numbers were actually accessed all of last year. yes, they collect all those database, but they only checked 300 phone numbers against all of that information which he says indicates how carefully targeted this is. >> sounds like mr. cheney really battling back. >> let me just quickly say to you, he also talks about syria, irs, benghazi, prosecuting reporters. cheney unplugged on "fox news sunday." >> cheney unplugged.
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talk about a promo. cheney unplugged, you see it only here on the fox news channel. later on today at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, 6:00 p.m. only on the fox news channel. should be a great interview. >> good way to spend part of your father's day. on this day that we honor our dads, important advice for the men in our lives. why men of all ages need to see their doctors on a regular basis. sunday "housecall" when we come back on this father's day. >> hi, i'm captain jody green. i want to say happy father's day to my dad howard in potomac maryland and my father-in-law. we spend our love to you all and a special hug for daisy. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yos. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr.
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