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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 16, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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rick, we want to know we are with you and our thoughts and prayers are with you. >> appreciate it. >> jon: i'm jon scott. keep it right here on the fox news channel. ♪ ♪ >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. happy father's day to all the dads out there and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters? >>. >> heather: father's day to you, as well. and months of heated rhetoric, north korea changing a tune and now the communist regime wants high level talks with the u.s. we've got reaction from the white house. >> gregg: as the u.s. promises to send weapons to the syrian rebels. russia is speaking out. >> heather: and hundreds of
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wildfire evacuees who are beginning to return to the burned out ruins of their homes. most destructive wildfires ever for colorado. >> gregg: we begin with new reaction to today to a series of leaks about the sweeping surveillance program. information made public by former government contractor 29-year-old edward snowden. this as top intel officials are crediting that surveillance with saving lives and preventing more terrorist attacks. those here and home and around the world. steve centanni is live with more. what kind of reaction are we getting from the leaker himself? >> harsh criticism of snowden from the man who helped lay the groundwork for a security arrangement, dick cheney, listen. >> i think he a traitor. i think he has committed crimes. i think it's one of the
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worst occasions in my memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the national security interests of the united states. >> reporter: snowden's whereabouts is unknown. cheney says he should be prosecuted for his crimes. others called him a hero. >> gregg: well, they might want to check the supreme court weighed in on that privacy, there is no privacy right to the telephone records. what about the programs themselves. what more are we learning about those? >> the intelligence community did send a letter justifying the secret surveillance. the nsa spying prevented dozens of terrorists attacks but gave few details to back that up. some see the surveillance as a threat to the american's privacy but the white house denies that. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of
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american phone calls is making us any safer. it's ultimately a violation of the fourth amendment. >> the fisa court looks at all these programs on a very regular basis to make sure they comport with the law, they comport with our standards and values. >> reporter: he said the president does -- said the president does not believe the privacy rights of americans have been violated. >> gregg: thanks very much. coming up a bit later, a fair and balanced debate on senator udal's plan to limit the government's ability to spy on you. plus, we're going to have more of the exclusive interview with dick cheney. all you have to do is tune sunday beginning tonight only on the fox news channel. >> heather: two months after threatening the u.s. with nuclear war, north korean officials are now looking to sit down and talk.
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they are proposing senior level negotiations to formally discuss a petition treaty to end the korean war. they are insisting talks with the u.s. come with no present conditions. such as north korea giving up a nuclear weapons program. president obama's chief of staff that north korea must live up to the international obligations. >> it has to be real and based on them living up to their obligations to non-proliferation on nuclear weapons and we'll judge them by their actions, not by their nice words we heard cred. i will say the bottom line, they will not be able to talk their way out of the very significant sanctions that are under now. sanctions that russia supported and very importantly had a china supported. >> heather: u.n. resolutions ban them from developing nuclear and missile program. >> gregg: major developments of syrian
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program, the u.s. will arm and train the rebels while while keeping patriot missiles and jets on neighboring country. there is reports of iran sending in troops. >> rebels won't be able to take down assad with small arms, the way republican lindsey graham sees it. if president obama wants him gone, he has to do more. >> the goal in the short term is balance the military power and providing small arms won't do it. so we need to create a no-fly zone to neutralize assad's power. >> marco rubio says things are so bad in syria today because president obama took too long to make a decision about what to do. >> russia fully arming sear island iran engaged as well, the fact that it has taken
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the white house and this president so long to get a concise policy on syria has left us with the worst possible far. >> they will not put american boots on the ground but chief of staff promised additional aid to the rebels with the caveat. >> we have to be very discerning about what is in our interests and what out come is best for us and the price that we are willing to pay to get to that place. >> we lost a war in the region in the past and we are not going to do it again. >> so both sides of the aisle are okay for that. >> we have to protect the syrian people and above all we have to make sure al-qaeda and other terrorist groups don't take root in syria. >> tomorrow night, president obama will sit down with vladimir putin. assad as found a friendly ally in nearby russia. >> gregg: we're going to
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have a closer look at russia's key role in all of this a bit later on in the newscast. >> heather: also in the million a new president elected in iran defeating more hard lined candidates by a decisive margin. does this signal a less confrontational approach to the world or more of the same. conor powell is live in jerusalem with the latest on this. >> reporter: rouhani was the lone cleric in the race and he was considered a long shot to the iranian presidency. he is considered a moderate. the former revolutionary leader and top nuclear negotiator overwhelmingly won the election with the support of young iranians desperate for change. they industry the victory for wisdom and moderation. rouhani is appears to be offering a more conciliatory approach.
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mahmoud ahmadinejad was known for very provocative statements. many view rouhani's election as best opportunity in years to ease tensions between iran and the west over iran's nuclear ambitions. the white house released a statement they see rouhani as potentially helpful sign and will find a pattern to come clean about the nuclear program. as positive a sign as it may be, he is a strong supporter of ayatollah khomeini. so any hope to give up nuclear ambition in iran seems pretty farfetched but there is still hope tension free relationship between iran and the west going forward. it may be there will be some progress made down the line about removing iran's nuclear ambition. >> heather: we'll see.
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>> gregg: some bizarre new details on that plane diverted to scotland during a flight from egypt to new york city. british authorities say that five passengers are seeking asylum in the united kingdom. the pilot of that flight requested an emergency landing after they found a threatening letter in the bathroom. one passenger said it was terrifying. >> it was scary to me sitting on the plane. flight krou kroo said there was note in the bathroom with bomb threat. to be sitting on the plane, any given time the whole plane could blow up. first thing wants to get off the plane but we couldn't. we had to sit on the plane for four hours. >> gregg: no arrests have been made and authorities are trying to figure out who wrote the note. >> heather: turning the massive fires burning in
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southern colorado. containment is at 65%. flames have destroyed 500 homes and killed two people. the fires are most destructive in colorado's history. listen to the evacuees eager to return home. >> fire started about three blocks from our house. we were one the first people out of there. >> we want to know when we come back in. >> heather: will is joining us live from los angeles bureau with the latest roar just like you just heard, imagine not knowing if your home is still standing or burned to the ground. if you think about it like that, why so many people are so anxious. at the same time authorities are pleading for patience. the latest numbers, 65% is the containment number on this fire. i can tell you that thousands of people were able to return home last night. many more are still under a
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forced evacuation. we're told that is for several reasons, firefighters are trying to make sure it's safe for everyone to return. also since two people died during this fire, investigators are now treating this as a criminal investigation. >> some of those that are starting to cool down we do feel most comfortable with are adjacent to what i consider a crime scene until proven otherwise. i'm not real anxious to get people in there yet. >> unfortunately you often see criminals exploiting disaster areas like this. authorities say they have arrested a handful of people for criminal. they want to try to keep everyone's possessions safe and it doesn't look like any more evacuations will be lifted today but all missing persons have been accounted for. >> heather: that is good news. will, thank you. >> gregg: recent scandals
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dealing a heavy blow to the irs's credibility. why this could pose major difficulties for president obama's new health care law which is just months away from coming into full implementation. >> heather: and scare in the skies for former president george w. bush. why his plane was forced to make an emergency landing last night. >> gregg: pope francis blessing an american icon today. why all these harley-davidsons were on hand in rome. we'll tell you about it. ♪ ♪ get on the highway ♪ looking for adventure whatever comes our way ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together.
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♪ ♪ >> heather: welcome back. republican senior lindsey graham says his party is a death spiral and it needs to pass immigration reform in order to get back into the hispanic community. >> president obama preparing for to depart for the g-8 summit in ireland.
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and a jet carrying former president george w. bush making an emergency landing last night. plane was flying from philadelphia to dallas, but was diverted to louisville, kentucky after smoke was reported mountain cockpit. >> recent scandals involving the irs making some americans questioning the agency's credibility especially when it comes to taking over the president's new healthcare law. in fact, take a look at this. 76% of registered voters want another agency put in charge of enforcing obamacare not the irs. joining us to talk about it. brenda buttner anchor of "bulls and bears." the vak ui us on or laughable excuse for targeting tea party groups, we were just overwhelmed by the 1700 publications for tax exempt status.
1:18 pm
if they are overwhelmed by a mere 1700 what is going to happen when they get the applications for seven million in obamacare for tax credits. no thought to mention tens of millions of collection and compliance? >> it's overwhelmed by that. what will happen under this? and what they are going to be doing with these tax credits and subsidies to help you purchase insurance, a thing called pay and take. they pay first and verify later. if that sanity recipe for disaster and fraudulent claims, i don't know what is. >> gregg: hasn't the irs badly mismanaged something that may turn out to be comparable to obamacare, that is the earned income tax credit program? >> very good point. 25% of those credits that were handed out were fraudulent are erroneous.
1:19 pm
if you extrapolate that to obamacare, it could cost taxpayers some $250 billion if they make the same kind of mistake. they were overwhelmed by 1700 applications. when they have this huge federal program, you can only imagine it may be even more. >> gregg: so a quarter of a trillion dollars of taxpayer money may be mismanaged if we are judged on earned income tax credits. poor track record. senator orrin hatch has written about this. let me quote from it. he said he can't figure out the irs structure for implementing obamacare. who worth trorts whom? what they discuss and how the law will be implemented. treasury inspector and government office and they really don't know the reporting structure of this irs department as we
1:20 pm
mentioned. 76% of americans don't have any confidence. >> the irs has been very busy. we pull up the full screen they have been doing, there have been the star trek parodies and flying out for event planners. they have guest speakers and what i love the happiness expert. that is what they could really use. >> gregg: just be happy for $11,000 i would be really happy. >> we have to point, too, the person that is in charge of implementing obamacare is the same person who handled the targeting of conservative groups for tax exempt status. >> gregg: i think we have a picture, sara hall ingraham. he is in charge of of this party and let's put her in charge of obamacare.
1:21 pm
>> what a way to get a promotion. >> gregg: how much authority is the irs actually going to have over obamacare? >> it's amazing. taxes, mandates, subsidies, 46 new responsibilities, thousands of people will have to be hired. it's estimated $10 billion more in funding just for this. >> gregg: some in congress are so outraged? >> they want to defund the irs or get rid of it. >> gregg: or delay it for several years. it's going to happen in six months from now. they are nowhere near being ready. you got to be happy if you are working for the irs. >> absolutely. >> you need an art teacher that was $17,000. i dabble in art. i'll do it for $17,000, i'll do it for $16,000. [ laughter ] >> gregg: brenda, catch her every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: here a pretty
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interesting story. hog heaven. pope francis blessing hundreds of harley-davidsons and their riders. they were celebrating 110th anniversary with parade in rome. pope delivering his blessings and standing in an open top jeep the roar. motorcycles occasionally drowned out his prayer. >> gregg: turkish police firing off water cannons and releasing tear gas this as prime minister responds with a massive rally of his own. we're going to have the latest live from istanbul next. >> heather: plus a proposed new bill looking to limit the government's ability to spy on you, but is that what is best for national security. we'll have a fair and balanced report ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> gregg: violent clashes in turkey, waves of pro-government supporters taking to the streets in istanbul while riot police are cracking down on demonstrators firing tear gas and water cannons. leland is streaming live with more. >> reporter: 30 minutes before midnight and some of the battles here that have been going on between police and rioters are
1:28 pm
finally ending for no other reason we had a pounding rain the past couple minutes. earlier today it was very violent end to the weekend as protestors tried to make their way here to where we are at takmir square. it was sealed off by riot police who were trying to keep anyone from coming in here. the latest round of violence earlier on saturday and we were there as it went down. >> the battle for the park has is certainly begun. we see a stream of people with gas masks and helmets. they know what they are going up against. [ siren ] >> tear gas. our face is burning and eyes are burning. you can hear them launching more and more tear gas.
1:29 pm
it's absolutely incredible to see 10,000 people or more out of this park no more than about 20 minutes they were able to push all the way through here. >> they tried to kill us and they tried to make terrorism. >> daylight, more clash in the streets. as people heading to various protests. violence at istanbul, in the battlefield as crowds swelled with people angry. tear gas and also broke the sunday calm in the country's capitol. it was very different scene at pro-government rally where the prime minister denied charges he was a de facto dictator. >> reporter: tomorrow a number of the unions have called a general strike
1:30 pm
here to protest the police violence. remember this all begin over plans to expand a mall in this police crackdown of the prime minister has been putting forth is drawing people from all over the country and really energizing the anti-government sentiment here. question tomorrow is when you have doctors and when you have teachers and when you have university professors marching once again in the scare, whether police will use the tactics to disperse the crowd or whether they will let them peacefully demonstrate. >> gregg: incredible reporting. leland, thanks very much. >> heather: new fallout from the nsa surveillance leak. a colorado senator planning to submit a new bill this week to would greatly limit the government's ability to collect data on your telephone calls. he says as it stand right now the surveillance program, quote, doesn't
1:31 pm
hold up under close scrutiny. >> you have a law that has been interpreted secretly by a secret court that issues secret orders to generate a secret program. i just don't think this is american approach to a world in which we have great threats. my number one goal is to protect the american people. we can do it in a way that respects our civil liberties. >> heather: former deputy assistant to george w. butch and ellen ratner is editor of talk radio services. nsa program has been brought to the forefront and national security versus personal liberty. i'm going begin with you, ellen, do you think the surveillance program is necessary for their to be new legislation involved now? >> i think we need new legislation and i think we need it now for many
1:32 pm
reasons. part of it is that this, the legislation has not kept up with the technology when you can listen to 60,000 conversations at one time, overseas and satellite. all that kind of thing. one way that it needs to be updated. >> heather: brad, what do you think? >> i don't know whether it needs to be updated. one thing i do know, senator udall on the senate intel committee tells us number one job is to keep america safe. eye how ironic he was asleep at the switch and didn't have the proper oversight to see this coming or to see a need for it. all of a sudden it's being made public and senator who on the intel committee that even he didn't know what was going on. that is his job. he is the eyes and ears of the american people. >> heather:. >> heather: back in 2012 he
1:33 pm
was talking about the same thing. he thought there needed to be a little more oversight to this program. now, he is calling for them to reopen the patriot act, as well. susan collins a republican from maine said the other day that, yes, they had these briefings. she was in charge of homeland security with senator lieberman. they didn't even know what questions to ask because they didn't know that this was going on. >> ellen, that is their job. their job is to get to the facts. they have a remedy. they can go to the courts and have subpoena power. to have members of the house or senate tell the american people they didn't know this was going on when it is their charge, constitutional responsibility for oversight is an outrage. >> heather: let's listen to what mike rogers has to say. >> we used it sparingly.
1:34 pm
it is overseen by the legislature a judicial branch and lots of protections buy in. you can see the number of cases where we have actually stopped a plot, i think americans will come to a different conclusion all the misleading rhetoric. >> heather: he points out that all 535 members of congress have had access to classified briefings describing the usage of the two problems in question? >> maybe they have and maybe they haven't but the numbers don't add up. nsa is saying we only listen to 300 or 400, only pulled off 300 conversations and then facebook is saying they have been asked 9,000 or 10,000 times on information, somehow there is a disconnect with the numbers. >> heather: also senator lieu dull the specific part he is questioning is the first part that allows the nsa to preserve a limited
1:35 pm
category of business records, in terms of your phone records. senator feinstein as general info that would be on your phone bill. >> i think whatever we need to keep us safe is reasonable that protects not only in our own personal safety but constitutional safeguards is necessary. we fight an enemy that doesn't fight pursuant to law. we need to stay one step ahead of them. it's no secret that barack obama as senator was against the acts he has supported and reauthorized. there is a reason for that. when you are president of united states and then privy to the type of information in his daily briefs, he know why we have the patriot act and fisa act. he knows that rights sometimes have to be infringed sometimes just like we go through tsa.
1:36 pm
99% of the people are going through. >> a lot of my stuff got confiscated a o my last trip too, too. is it wise right now to release additional information and would that put us further in security in question. >> it depends on what is being released. i wanted to say to brad's point. i'm sure it will keep it safer if we go to suspected terrorists' homes and go through materials and home possessions without a court order doesn't mean we should be doing that. >> we haven't been doing that. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. thanks. >> gregg: there is another growing debate in the same case over whether the nsa leaker should be criminally prosecuted. what about the american journalists who published the story in a british newspaper? should he face prosecution?
1:37 pm
a congressman he kind of things so. our legal panel is here to weigh in on that. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> special father's day wish to my father in baton rouge, louisiana. we miss you. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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1:42 pm
be prosecuted not only for publishing those leaks but knowingly putting american lives at risk. here is congressman king on wednesday. >> he has made c.i.a. a little and assets around the world and threatening to disclose that. the last time that was done in this country we saw the c.i.a. station chief murdered in greece. even the press has certain restrictions. it's very selective and very rare exception in this case, when someone who has disclosed secrets like this and threatens to release more, there has to be legal action should be taken against him. >> gregg: now in fairness, greenwald has tweeted that is just not true. he has never threatened to expose c.i.a. names. lis wiehl and david warts is a former p.r. lis, given president obama's statement that no journalist should be prosecuted for doing his
1:43 pm
job and subsequent ka at this time laying by eric holder it's unlikely he will be prosecuted. >> he says as long as i'm attorney general no journalist will be prosecuted when i am doing my job. he will not be prosecuted. leakers can be prosecuted but not the journalists that divulged the information that is begin to the journalist. >> gregg: david, what may be a huge difference here is that greenwald is not exposing individuals like julian assange did, but instead he revealed a program that is data collection, not the content of any conversations. so he shouldn't be prosecuted? >> i can't even believe we're talking about prosecution. i can't believe congressman king would make that type of statement. it is completely out of bounds. there is a first amendment
1:44 pm
the last time i checked, freedom of the press and he did absolutely nothing wrong. >> by the way, there is no privacy right under the fourth amendment for telephone records that are given to a third party, same argument can be made for internet communications because you have a third party service. >> if we were talking about names that would put people in jeopardy, that would be a difference. >> gregg: that would be julian assange case. that is different. he is jeopardizing american lives. >> right. you have a whole different network going on. that is not what we have here. when we look at assange, holed up in a embassy somewhere, that is different thing. we don't have here and greenwald came out and i'm not going to give out that information. >> gregg: technically speaking that greenwald violated.
1:45 pm
let's put it on the screen. title 18... >> gregg: that the source. here is the part here. a person conspires to help the source has committed a crime. arguably.... >> it's to publish something. no, one person giving a journalist some information and who is to say what is classified and what is not classified how can you possibly know. >> gregg: they reached an agreement to printed 41 of the power point slide presentations. that is an agreement is a conspiracy. >> the publication of it. technically you are right, gregg, i agree with you but when you have the first
1:46 pm
amendment clashing with this 793-g. >> gregg: here is something else. "washington post" also broke parts of the same nsa story. they behaved dramatically differently than glen greenwald. first of all they refused to the demands to publish all of the 41 slides and this was demand by ed snowden. they first went to the government to say, hey, wait a minute, we're concerned, we don't want to harm americans or harm our national security so they went to the government first. >> good that they did that. that was right thing they do. we get to illegality, it would not be legal what greenwafld did. i remember several cases, journalists would come to my story. >> this could kill americans.
1:47 pm
>> independent from the government. this information is not going to kill americans. like we said, we didn't state any specific here. there is no obligation for a journalist. >> you have to agree that was probably a smart thing to do and government can respond, wait, don't do that. >> gregg: got to go. lis wiehl, david warts schwartz thanks so much. we're going to be right back, don't go away. the choice is yos. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. you decide. there is a pursuit we all share.
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welcome back. big changes in syria this week with president obama's decision to send small arms to the rebels. and before meeting today with russian president vladimir putin, british prime minister david cameron urging support from moderate opposition forces in syria. >> we should be working with
1:52 pm
them. we are working with them. and my point is this that if we don't work with that -- those elements of the syrian opposition, then we can't be surprised if the only elements of the syrian opposition that are getting -- that are actually making any progress in syria are the ones that we don't approve of. >> but despite the changes one thing stays the same, and that is russia refusing to abandon president bashar al assad, it's long-time middle east ally. the white house sees russia as the key to bringing about an end to the bloodshed. with that in mind president obama plans to talk about syria when he meets with president putin on the sidelines tomorrow at the g-8 summit in northern ireland. there's a lot going on. casey mcfarland, a fox news national security analyst here to bring it all together for us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> so you were just in the region what? >> two days ago. i was on the golan heights two days ago looking down at the town where the syrian army is fighting the syrian rebels.
1:53 pm
heather, this is the biggest mess i've seen in my professional life. this now has a proxy war which has the potential of spilling not into the entire region but also drawing all the world powers in as well. >> that's what john mccain has been saying all along. this is not a humanitarian crisis, potentially an international crisis. >> it is. there's no good answer. what's happening is all these forces are breaking into two parties. there's the sunni muslims on one side and the shiite muslims on the other. the sunnis are the assad government. the iranians have just sent forces in to help the assad government, the russians are selling them arms. on the other hand, you have the rebels. now, we think of rebels as good guys, right? they're fighting the murderous assad government. >> but we should know by now as we've seen unfold in recent past, we don't know who the rebels are. >> there are over a thousand rebel groups. the strongest of them are al qaeda. so we have the shiites on this
1:54 pm
side -- i mean the sunnis, the rebels. and we're supporting the rebels. some of the wealthy gulf countries are supporting the rebels. and in the middle of all this is jordan and israel. and the worry is that the syrian fighting spreads out into the entire region and to jordan, destabilizes jordan, palestine, the palestinians, the palestinian authority right there. it could be really a regional world war. >> and jordan is already dealing with a massive number of refugees. >> that's the key part of all of this is jordan is the lynchpin in all this. jordan has a population of about six million has had 500,000, some people think as many as a million syrian refugees in the last year. that's like the united states having 30 million refugees showing up on our doorstep. jordan's a poor country. it can't feed all these people. it doesn't have water. when i was there in the region they were talking about jordan running out of water, not just water for their crops. >> two other key players we have to talk about quickly. iran sending in troops and
1:55 pm
russia. >> right. >> what can we do to perhaps change their mindset so that they will stop supplying weapons to assad? >> unlikely to ever change iran. they're in there, this is a fight to the finish and they will support assad to the very end. russia, we're meeting with the russians. they have so far been extremely reluctant. they've got a lot riding on this too. i think it's going to be very difficult to change anybody's minds unless we have a lot of carrots we're willing to offer the russians. i don't think they are. >> what would that be? russian's already saying -- putin's already said the evidence of chemical weapons is questionable. >> i think we've made a big mistake in the very beginning that we should have gone to the russians and say we have mutual interests here. you can keep your relationship with the syrians, just not assad. why don't you choose the new leader of syria? that's your strong ally in the region. keep that alliance, but what we want is your cooperation to lower the tensions here. because, again, it has the potential of having an
1:56 pm
action-reaction cycle and very soon and quickly spread out of control with nuclear weapons and everything else in the mix. >> we'll see what happens with the president and president putin tomorrow. thank you very much. kt mcfarland joining us. we'll be right back. morning." sundays are the warrior's day to unplug and recharge. what if this feeling could last all week? with centurylink as your trusted partner, it can. our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and dedicated support, your business can shine all week long. [ female announcer ] he could be the one. soulmate. husband. loving father to your children. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products, and whiten your teeth in just 2 days.
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2:00 pm
hello. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand new hour inside "america's news headquarters" and happy father's day. >> top of the news this hour, new headaches for president obama as the scandal-plagued irs prepares to implement the new health care law. now many americans are questioning if the irs agency should really take on this big job. our political insiders weigh-in. >> but breaking ground in a special tribute to one of the teachers killed in the sandy hook elementary tragedy. how students will always remember victoria soto. and the best gift of all to
2:01 pm
give dads, great health tips for every decade of dad's life. >> but up first, a former vice president dick cheney sounding off on the nsa's spying scandal calling it 29-year-old leaker edward snowden a "traitor" and credited the program for saving lives and preventing more terror attacks. national correspondent live in washington. so, steve, aside from labeling snowden a traitor, what else does the vice president have to say? >> heather, he said you can't have an anti-terrorism program that protects americans and saves lives and then let everyone know what it is and how it works, even though there are privacy issues. >> i understand people's concern about it, but an intelligence program that reveals sources and methods, in fact what you're talking about, is significantly less effective because you're not just revealing it to the american people, you're revealing to your targets, your adversaries, the enemy. >> the intelligence community
2:02 pm
justified the program in a letter to congress yesterday saying dozens of terrorist plots have been thwarted here at home and in 20 different countries. and that phone conversations are not monitored on a routine basis. heather. >> well, steve, what about those who feel that our civil liberties are being compromised? what did they have to say today? >> one of the chief critics of the secret surveillance is democratic senator mark udall of colorado. he said there are constitutional concerns. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- now, this is the metadata, time, place to whom you direct the calls, is making us any safer. and i think it's ultimately perhaps a violation of the fourth amendment. >> udall says he'll introduce a new bill to look at the section of the patriot act that authorizes telephone surveillance. >> steve, thank you. >> you bet. developing overseas now, at least 40 people are dead in a wave of coordinated bombings and a shooting across iraq today.
2:03 pm
one of the most deadly a car bomb that hit a shiite majority area. and then there were bombings in nearly half a dozen cities and towns across the country. no claim of responsibility for any of the attacks, but investigators say they appear to be the work of iraq's wing of al qaeda. this is just the latest in a string of deadly attacks. iraq in recent months death toll rising to totals not seen since 2008. fast moving developments in syria's civil war. the u.s. keeping fighter jets and patriot missiles poised at just across the syrian border, while iran reportedly intends to send 4,000 troops to defend the syrian regime. peter has the story from washington. >> rebels won't be able to take down syrian president bashar al assad with small arms, the way republican senator lindsey graham sees it. if he wants assad gone, he must
2:04 pm
do more. >> i think our goal in the short-term should be to balance the military power and providing small arms won't do it. we need to create a no-fly zone to neutralize the air power. >> republican senator marco rubio now says that things are so bad in syria today because president obama took too long to make a decision about what to do. >> russia fulling arming syria and iran fully engaged in this as well, i think the fact that it's taken this white house and this president so long to get a clear and concise policy on syria has left us with the worst possible scenario. >> the white house says they will not put any american boots on the ground in syria, but chief of staff dennis mcdonagh promised additional aid to the rebels with a caveat. >> we have to be very discerning about what's in our interest and what outcome is best for us and the prices we're willing to pay to get to that place. we've rushed to war in the region in the past. we're not going to do it here. >> the white house wants to be
2:05 pm
cautious and some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are okay with that. >> we've got to protect the syrian people and above all we've got to make sure that al qaeda and other terrorist groups don't take root in syria. >> tomorrow night at the g-8 in northern ireland president obama will sit down with russian president vladimir putin. throughout the civil war in syria president bashar al assad has found a friendly ally in nearby russia. heather. >> peter doocy reporting from washington, thanks. iran's newly-elected president holding his first policy meeting with the country's powerful clerics today. the so-called reformist candidate defeating more conservative hardliners by a decisive margin on friday. president-elect hassan rohani now calling on the international community to help ease internax sanctions over iran's disputed nuclear weapons programs. but experts say he really has very little to no authority over decisions regarding iran's nuclear activities.
2:06 pm
on this father's day some victims of iran are speaking out. the children and spouses of the 52 americans held hostage there in 1979, they are sending a message to a group of u.s. senators. they want to hold iran accountable for holding americans hostage in the u.s. embassy for 444 days, until the day ronald reagan was sworn-in in 1981. right now a treaty signed by president carter prevents former hostages from collecting damages. eric shawn has more from our new york newsroom, eric. >> hi, heather. you know american companies got billions, but the iranian hostages, nothing. and on this father's day there is a new push for justice. a bipartisan senate bill introduced by georgia republican senator johnny isaacson and connecticut democratic senator richard blumenthal would receive after so many years. under the bill companies that
2:07 pm
violate current sanctions against iran would be penalized with 30% surcharges. that money would then be allocated to the former hostages. one hostage is barry rosen, he was 34 years old, a press at the embassy. he and others barred from suing iran because of the treaty which was part of an agreement between tehran and washington that released the hostages and continued through successive administrations. he was on "america's news headquarte headquarters" with me this morning. he says the u.s. has still kept up its part of the deal. >> they weren't supposed to be violating anything and it could have been ab regaited, but i think the executive always wanted to make sure that any of its treaty powers were never touched, so that's why the state department and justice always opposed. >> rosen appeared alongside with his wife barbara also told me how being held hostage still haunts him and remains with him until the day he dies.
2:08 pm
>> it's taken a lot out of me. it's taken a lot of who i am out of me, but i try very hard day in and day out to focus on what's going on. but captivity really changed my whole life. and my life would be changed ever since. >> mr. rosen hopes that the new effort will finally lead to compensation. now 34 years later they're still married and they actually have some grandchildren on this father's day. >> good for them. eric shawn reporting for us from the newsroom. thank you. firefighters finally getting the upper hand in colorado's massive wildfires. containment is up to about 65%. so far flames have destroyed nearly 500 homes and killed two people. those fires the most destructive in colorado's history. listen to a sheriff describing the utter devastation. >> it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in some of those areas and you can't even recognize whether it was a house or some
2:09 pm
other kind of structure. that is the level of incineration and destruction that took place in some areas. >> will carr joins us live from our l.a. bureau with more. will. >> gregg, two people died in this fire, authorities have launched a criminal investigation. that means they're trying to figure out who or what exactly started this fire, which means that some residents who are understandably trying to get back into their neighborhoods may have to wait a little bit longer while state and atf investigators try to collect evidence. at the same time firefighters are still mopping up hot spots and trying to make sure people can return to their neighborhoods as soon as possible. >> we have troops in the subdivisions in the neighborhoods on the streets and they're going house-to-house, smoke-to-smoke. they're still in what i call technical terms search and destroy missions. >> some bad news here, it's unclear when all of the residents will be able to return to their neighborhoods. a little bit more bad news, authorities say some criminals
2:10 pm
are revictimizing people who have pretty much lost everything. we're told a handful of people have been arrested for looting. and while authorities say the criminal activity isn't widespread, they're also pointing out that they're patrolling heavily in the area. some good news for you, the fire is 65% contained. we're told they're making good progress. also, everyone who's been missing up until today has now been accounted for. gregg. >> will carr in l.a., will, thanks very much. honoring one of the six brave adults killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. a playground is being built to remember victoria soto in her hometown of straford, connecticut. she is one of the teachers killed in that tragedy and she is credited with saving some of the lives of the children. it's all part of the 26 angels project, building personalized playgrounds for each victim of the december's massacre in newtown, connecticut. listen to family and friends. >> a sparkling personality.
2:11 pm
and all those things are playful and colorful and happy. >> we are honoring the families and the children and the teachers who we lost in newtown in a way of healing and recovery. >> soto's playground is the fifth to be built so far. >> very fine honor in her memory. george zimmerman's murder trial entering week two. his attorney speaking out. coming up, what he says about the slow jury selection process. >> and federal investigators on the ground in louisiana looking for the cause of a deadly explosion at a second chemical plant. >> and americans are returning to rvs. come on, really? >> it's true. >> but who's driving the market? >> i heard you are. hi. first class james with task lifeliner somewhere in afghanistan. say happy father's day to my
2:12 pm
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i honestly never thought that someone would try to enter into my home without my permission. when i arrived at the residence, to my surprise, the officers had already received a call from adt and had gotten there and apprehended the suspect. knowing later that this intruder had a knife -- it just made me think of how lucky i was to have adt. [ male announcer ] when it's your family, trust adt fast sponse monitoring to help protect against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. when seconds count, the experience of adt matters. now get adt starting at just $99 with 24/7 protection just over $1 a day, plus a money-back guarantee. manage your home remotely with adt pulse. even keep an eye on your kids. the person who took the call from adt saved my home, my possessions, and he might have saved my life. [ male announcer ] get adt for as little as $99
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. tomorrow begins week two of the george zimmerman's second-degree
2:16 pm
murder trial for the shooting death of trayvon martin. zimmerman's attorney is hopeful that a jury will be seated soon. federal investigators inspected a chemical plant in south louisiana looking into an explosion that killed one worker. the second blast in the area in as many days. successful innovator in shipping, philanthropist and older brother of billionaire investor george soros has died in new york city. he was 87 years old. well, it could be a sign that the u.s. economy is on the road to recovery. baby boomers are fueling rv sales. the motor home business hit a detour during the last ut now r vehicle sales apparently are up over the years. so what does this mean for the larger economy? let's bring back brenda buttner, senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." thanks for coming back. >> absolutely. >> what is driving these numbers? they're up over the past year. >> they're up tremendously.
2:17 pm
right now nine million american households own rvs, that's the highest level ever. it's a $14 billion market in the u.s. but essentially you need a lot of confidence to buy a gas guzzling home on wheels. so what this is basically saying is that consumers are confident. essentially rv sales, they kind of anticipate a recession, but they also can foreshadow a recovery. so these sales show that perhaps we're on the road to recovery. >> because when sales bottomed out, it was due to a number of factors. like gas prices -- >> yeah. they didn't just bottom out. they went over a cliff from 2006 to 2009 motor homes, rv sales, fell 60%. they're up this year 13% over last year. so we really are seeing, again, people are looking at them again. >> what about financing? is financing a little bit easier? >> yes. financing was a huge issue
2:18 pm
besides the gas prices as you mentioned for the sales falling so much. financing you can get now. used to be that you could only get like $60,000. and believe it or not that's not much for some of these things. they are amazing. they're like mcmansions on wheels, $150,000. typical interest rate for an rv is 4.4%, typical auto loan is about 3%. so it is more expensive, but banks are lending. >> and this industry that we're talking about, it's not just the motor homes that we imagine from the chevy chase family vacation movies, it's also the towable camper business. >> yes, absolutely. only 12% of sales are these big motor homes like in chevy chase's family vacation. but they make up the bulk of revenue because they're so expensive. but the airstreams, the trailers that you tow behind a car, can be pretty classy too.
2:19 pm
really blinged out. >> yeah, they can be. >> some cost about $90,000. so it is, you know, they're expensive. >> so when you said this is a sign that consumers are brave and the consumer confidence level is going back up, i thought you were also going to say it's brave to go on a trip in an rv. have you ever done anything like that? >> yes. >> you have to share the story. >> i've lived in a trailer. i love it. on the road. it's the american dream. that's how you can travel. >> you lived on the road in a reck vagsal vehicle? >> well, i lived in a while, but an rv, i've done those kind of vacations. i bet gregg has. >> i have a feeling gregg has too. >> i had a volkswagen camper van. >> oh. >> which back in -- >> i knew it. the green shag carpet and beaded curtain. >> i had -- it wasn't shag carpet. i had hawaiian curtains that my sister homemade for me. >> oh, beautiful. >> my red camper van. had a bed in the back. >> oh, boy. >> that's tough stuff. >> and an 8 track player in the
2:20 pm
dash? >> how did you know? hey, i invested in 8 tracks, that was going to be the future. >> and it's dated too, right? >> oh, yeah. >> well, so a sign that the economy is getting better is the bottom line. >> yes. and baby boomers are the ones buying them. >> thank you so much, brenda. we appreciate it. and as always you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> i got stories to tell about that camper van. a heartwarming father's day story. a washington woman going on a mission after finding a stack of world war ii era letters. the letters written by sergeant delbert steel. and the more she read them the more she was convinced she really needed to find his family. she did a research and tracked down his son gary. gary is now 55 years old and he lost his dad in his early 20s. gary says these letters are answering questions that he had for his dad but never had the
2:21 pm
opportunity to ask. >> awe. >> that's a great story. >> that is on this father's day. >> okay. well, switching gears completely. chaos and mayhem in turkey as defiant anti-government protesters flood the streets. we'll have a live report on the wave of violence in this key u.s. ally after the break. >> plus, the dog days of summer coming early to scandal-plagued washington. our political insiders are here coming up next. like to give a shoutout to my wife and kids. sorry i couldn't be there for father's day. i miss you and i love you. ♪
2:22 pm
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it is the bottom of the hour, that means it's time for the top of the news. president obama will be meeting
2:26 pm
with world leaders at the g-8 summit in northern ireland this upcoming week. on the agenda, the civil war in syria and world economic recovery. north korea's offering to hold high-level talks with the united states, but the white house says that any talks must include north korea taking action to scrap its nuclear weapon. and a series of bloody attacks in iraq today killing at least 40 people, wounding dozens more. car bombs -- unleash teargas and water cannons on defiant anti-government leaders. leland is streaming live for us from istanbul. >> heather, the prime minister here says it is his duty to deal with these protesters and to keep them out of the streets
2:27 pm
that they have been on now for a couple of weeks. on the other hand, it's the protesters who say it is their right to come out and demonstrate against a prime minister they feel has become something of a dictator and is turning turkey into an islamic state. we were there as the latest crackdown began yesterday. the battle for gezi park has certainly begun. we see a stream of people running in all with gas masks and helmets. they know what they're going up against. teargas smoke is overwhelming. it's even coming through our gas masks. it's a total whiteout. you can see all the protest tents that have been trampled in order to get people out of them. the prime minister said his security forces knew how to clear the square and the park. and these are exactly the methods he's talking about. pushed back but undeterred through the night demonstrators fought with police throughout the sprawling city.
2:28 pm
police closed ferries and streets so thousands streamed across the river on foot protesting against the government. this morning the protesters are tired from a long night of battle here with the police. and you see some of the remnants here, overturned fences. you can imagine the power it took to pull out all these concrete posts here. that's what was happening as that pitch battle was going on on this street a couple hundred yards behind me is taksim square. and there are thousands of people right now trying to get here. the reason these streets are so calm is if you look just over here there are hundreds of riot police now ringing this whole area preventing the protesters from either coming in or taking refuge in any of the buildings around the square. the protesters never made it here into taksim square that we are looking down upon. those riot police held their ground oftentimes unleashing another few hundred volleys of teargas, rubber bullets, those kind of things, water cannons we saw again today. tomorrow, there is a nationwide
2:29 pm
strike called by one of the major labor unions. we're being told that teachers and doctors and even university professors are going to be on strike protesting the police crackdown in the violence we've seen, heather, we'll have to see tomorrow whether the police allow them to protest peacefully or whether we're going to see a repeat of the kind of violence against even people like that here on the streets of istanbul. back to you. >> leland vittert, stay safe yourself. live from istanbul. thank you. these are not banner days for the white house. scandals sticking to the obama administration like velcro. is it taking its toll? well, take a look at this brand-new fox news poll. half of americans say the president is not doing a good job. well, he's under water. 50% disapprove. let's bring in our political insiders, former republican congressman for new york, fox news contributor, former pollster for president jimmy
2:30 pm
carter, doug too a tox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. all right. so he's under water, doug. >> yeah. >> i mean, it's not getting any better, but what struck me is this next poll. trustworthiness and honesty. it's the one thing you really need to have in a president. and look at that. i mean, half of the people polled thinks he's dishonest and untrustworthy. and you compare it all the way back to april. look at that 73% thought he was honest and trustworthy. so much for hope and change. >> that's really the point, gregg. bottom line this is a president who was sinking. he's at a tipping point and perilously close to going over that cliff. why? because his personal credibility has always been his hallmark. and with these numbers on honesty and trustworthiness being basically 50/50, it says the american people are losing whatever confidence they have in the president and his leadership. and this well could spell serious, serious problems for the president personally. his agenda i think dead in the
2:31 pm
water. >> yeah. >> all right. pat, i want to throw another poll up here because, you know, it's a scandal a week. sometimes it's a scandal a day. but the nsa is the latest one. the data collection of telephone records and internet communications. look at this. 62% say it's unacceptable, it invades their privacy. >> yes. by the way, this is the same thing ras musen has found, gallup has found except the political class clings to -- >> put up a rasmussen poll, necessary to collect phone records 26% say yeah, but 64% -- wait a minute. just do that for the terrorists. >> and let me say whether this is me tast sizing all the scandals together. the nsa be used by other government agencies --
2:32 pm
>> put that up. >> do we have that? you should put that up. this is just like 57% said it's likely, 30% unlikely, but the nsa data will be used to harass political opponents. >> so what does that tell us? >> it tells me that all of these things are me tast sizing together. 83% people say they're following, 43% closely. this is two weeks into it. it has now become the top of the whole piece. >> owen, put up that poll on how closely people are -- you have to add those two top tiers together and that comes to 82%. john, 82% say i'm following this thing. >> of course they are. and in many ways they're ahead of all of us. if they're taking what's happened in the irs scandal, the using of the irs to go after conservative groups and they've melded now that the government is going to use nsa data to go after their opponents, this
2:33 pm
cries out, i think and what we haven't mentioned yet three minutes in is where's the republican response? >> there is no republican response, john. the republicans are basically dead in the water. >> well, you've got republicans actually supporting the president on the nsa program. you've got democrats hammering the president on the nsa program. >> that's all true. but they should take the initiative here it seems to me. >> they are so scatter what they do or not doing. >> what are they lost and confused? they don't know what position they should take on this thing? >> give you one example. i want to euse this. we have dick cheney, former vice president, people like him and others and lindsay graham saying snowden's a traitor, we ought to get him. you know what neither graham, cheney, any of these people have ever used the name tom donlin and the leak about our worm we put in the iranian thing which is the worst breach of national
2:34 pm
security. no republican will say anything either. >> so here's what i want to know. where is the republican leadership in the house and senate going together on tv and saying to the american people, gregg, enough is enough. it is clear using these polls that we just talked about that the administration is so rotten to the core that they use information to go after people -- >> i'm trying to figure out why republicans. maybe it's somebody like obama is self-destructing why get in the way? >> i think their strategy as i've heard from high level butlers is let the administration self-destruct on its own. >> right. >> we'll win a big victory in 2014. >> don't get in the way. >> don't get in the way. there's a but here. this scandal is bigger, more prevasive than watergate, you need a coherent>> which scandal? the nsa. >> all.
2:35 pm
put together. >> justice snooping on reporters. >> correct. this is big. >> it's more widespread. >> really? >> watergate was one president breaking the law and using breaking the law and when we got rid of him, it was all over. this thing is all over the executive branch in the intelligence community. we can't as people in america we can't even find out what our government -- >> you're making a bold prediction. i mean, more than 30 guys went to prison over watergate in the end. >> individual scandal that was outrageous and egregious. this is the really perversion and corruption of the government in the case of the irs. with the nsa it's vast overreaching, no matter what you think of what's being done. and with the a.p., it involves a criminalization of the job you do so well. >> gregg, why did they go to jail? sorry, pat. why did they go to jail in watergate? because there was legal investigations of the
2:36 pm
misdeals -- >> there were two special prosecutors. >> and there's nothing -- >> for the republicans this is bigger than just more -- the cancer's not just in the white house. it's on the entire government in the entire political class. >> now, how do you figure that? >> because they're the ones who are doing nothing about this. benghazi, who's in the tank? john boehner for not going after this. >> he won't have a select committee. >> he won't have a select committee. >> he doesn't want to overplay his hand. >> excuse me a second, gregg. 68% people polled believe the irs knew what was going on. >> where is leadership in this country on these massive scandals, these massive destructions of our basic institutions? no one is talking about it. >> if you talk to a guy like darryll issa, he says, wait a minute, we have oversight. you're not seeing what our lawyers are doing behind the scenes. we revealed two whistleblowers in cincinnati. >> this thing is not in
2:37 pm
cincinnati. that poll that pat just read, our poll on here, fox poll, 68% of people believe -- >> and the white house say it came from washington courtesy of darrell issa. >> here's the point. look at the fbi this week. the fbi director really gets up and testifies that, no, i don't know who's investigating. we have no agents. nothing is happening in the investigation because the fbi has been turned into what it was under nixon, something to cover up benghazi and the irs scandal. the then-head of the irs to the white house meeting at least once with stephanie cutter and -- >> they were rolling easter eggs, doug. >> all right, guys. we have much more to talk about. politicians not winning popularity tests these days as americans wonder if they're up to the job of running the country. our political insiders back in a flash to tackle that one. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
2:38 pm
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines for you. evacuation orders lifted, but firefighters in colorado say that it's still not safe for people to return to the scene. this after the most destructive fire in state history. the blaze killed two people and burned down nearly 500 homes. former vice president dick cheney saying that his health is "nothing short of a miracle." the 72-year-old telling fox news sunday that he felt like he was "near death" before he underwent a heart transplant back in 2012. and u.s. golfer shawn stefani acing at the u.s. open, the first golfer to ever make a hole in one. he signed his glove and his score card to give to charities, but, gregg, he declined a request to give up the ball.
2:43 pm
what would you do? >> you never give up the ball. it's magic. >> good for him. in addition to targeting tea party groups, the irs has been incredibly busy in the course of a recent two-year period. they spent $50 million of your taxpayer money for 225 conferences. but, you know, they did some line dancing and they had some star trek videos and they spent $11,000 on a happiness expert. i think they're unhappy now. let's bring in our political insiders. here's this fox news poll, i mean, americans hate the irs to begin with because they have a reputation for being abusive. now we really know it. but look at this. should they be in charge of the implementation of obama care? 76% say no way. >> that is what the republican party should be lding with in their effort championed by our
2:44 pm
colleague who's been on this for months. >> right. >> the house leadership, all they ever do is have useless votes to repeal obama care. we need a substantiative plan to strip this thing out of obama care where obama care would then fall of its own weight. >> you've been saying this for a long time. >> i've been saying this forever. and this poll's the first time someone's asked -- fox did. and look at this. 76% to 16%, they should be removed. more than two-thirds of democrats agree, gregg. let me give a primer, republicans it's simple. let the democrats see if they want to defend keeping the irs in doing what you and brenda in an early segment were talking about massively trying to run the health care and abusing people's health care and hiring an entire u.s. army division to do it. >> the bottom line is there is a huge opportunity politically for the republican party to meld health care and the irs scandal
2:45 pm
in the interest of people's everyday interests and concerns. >> how? >> the irs -- >> is incompetent? >> is incompetent and corrupt. we need to suspend obama care. and we need alternatives. >> they got six months to do it because january 1 it's going to happen. >> well, maybe they're watching this show and they summoned down there to get their heads on straight. >> i've got to ask about something else. put up the final fox news poll here best describes how you feel about the country's political leaders. look. i mean, how embarrassing is that? 23% are confident and proud, the rest say, you know, fire the bums. >> it is hugely, hugely embarrassing. this reflects dissatisfaction across the political divide. it's not just republicans or democrats or independents, it's everyone saying the system isn't working. we need alternatives. we need concern about us as
2:46 pm
people stop the political game, stop the foolish fighting. talk about our concerns, the economy, jobs. >> it would require an activist president, wouldn't it? here he announces a big step on syria and he didn't even show up for that, he put a backseater on the nsa to make the announcement. >> he's checked out of everything as far as i can see except for fundraisers and going to spend $100 million going to africa. look, the problem here is bigger than just you guys should work together. this is a political class incapable of it. you have a country that believes that the people in washington on both sides are against their interests. they're against it on the economy. they're against it in terms of their protection in civil liberties. this is a new moment in american politics. >> let me just say, gregg, doug a democrat with bill clinton, pat with a democrat with a lot of people going back to jimmy carter and i'm a conservative republican.
2:47 pm
we've come together realizing what we share is that the political machine in america is completely corrupt and completely -- >> it's broken. >> and it has to be changed. >> by people throwing it all out. >> ben rhodes, an assistant national security advisor, not technically nsa, only reportable to the president who actually broke the news about syria and it wasn't much news. gentlemen, thank you very much. our political insiders, you can catch them every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern live. they'll of course be back here next sunday. also, follow them on twitter. heather. well, did you forget to grab dad a gift this father's day? it's not too late. coming up, we will tell you about the perfect gift that is guaranteed to score you some major points and help him live a healthier life as well. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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for a store near you go to father's day, think about ditching the nick times, and debt your dad what he really needs, which is a check up. >> only 57% of american men, greg, visited a doctor last year. so what is going on here, and what is it doing to their health. >> this is an appropriate topic here on this father's day. with different decades, there are different tests that dads and men should undergo. how about 20s? >> a regular exam and a te testicular example. also you want to check your blood pressure.
2:53 pm
do that every time you visit, at least every three years. cholesterol, we need a sample every five you should know if very well, some say know it like you know your social security number. >> yes, everything. thyroid tests, all physical exams. >> now, since i'm in my 30s, what should i do. >> you want the same as well as an ekg and a exist x-ray. >> what about 40s? >> if you have a history of prostate cancer, you may want to go to a psa or a prostate example.
2:54 pm
>> yes, you can do it very comfortable with anesthesia and sedation. >> and 60 and above. >> yes, check for osteoporosis. >> i was stunned to read that 40% of men in their 40s have never checked your cholesterol. >> you're supposed to start in your 20s, and go every year. it can increase your risk of heart disease or a heart attack. >> and you can inherit bad cholesterol, right? >> here is the thing, we talked about the numbers and how men are not going to the doctor. you look at this list, and it could be a little overwhelming for anyone. what difference does it make, really in your health, long term, if you begin early. >> my dad made sure we needed.
2:55 pm
he didn't do his annual exams himself. i'm not sure why. maybe they're stubborn, maybe they don't have time. but they have to understand they're so important to us as wives, mothers, and fathers, and they need to be with us for a long time. we need to get early treatment, and have a longer life and be around for a long time. >> and i think men need to pay attention to skin cancer. they need to get their body physically checked. >> at least every five years, people with a family history or with a lot of problems should go every year. >> always great to see you, good advice. thank you very much. >> have a great father's day to you. >> very excite todd go home and open all of my presents. >> that's a hint. happy father's day to my dad at
2:56 pm
home as well. >> happy dad's day to everybody out there, and foxx news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next. have a great weekend. >> i'll see you back at 5:00 a.m. foxx and friends first.the cit is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee. ever. go to to apply. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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i'm chris wallace. the nsa leaker, i'm chris wallace. today, dick cheney weighs in on government surveillance. the individual that admitted making these disclosures, he is a subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. >> the feds pursue edward snowden. >> i ternly had the authority to wiretap everyone, including the president. >> it's my fear that we are on the verge of becoming a surveillance state. >> i want to catch terrorists as much as


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