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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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sunday. aaaaaaaaaaaa this is the fox report. tonight, the man that admits telling the rest of us the government is looking at our cell phone records and more is getting the attention of a vice president that lashes out, saying he put millions of american lives in danger. >> i think he is a traitor. i think he has committed crimes. >> fox report. vice president dick cheney going on the record about the u.s. surveillance program he helped craft after 9/11. and why he says edward snowden could be working with the chinese. also, america about to wade into
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serious civil war by arming the anti-government rebels. and fresh criticism as we learn iran reportedly is promising to send thousands of troops into syria to help the regime. >> i think the fact that taking this white house and this president so long to get a clear and concise policy on syria has left us with the worst possible scenario right now. >> in minutes, the latest details on the obama administration's plan for syria. and this ship vanished without a trace more than 300 years ago. now it is back, or is it? >> it could be what we think it is, but we don't know for sure until it is 100% positively identified. >> tonight, the search for the fables shipwrecks at the bottom of the great lakes. former vice president dick cheney knows a thing or two about national security. he was crucial in crafting our
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nation's counter terrorism strategy after september 11, and helped lay ground work for the secret nsa programs that are now generating so much controversy. now he is speaking out about those spy programs and the admitted leaker, edward snowden, in a rare interviews on fox news sunday. vice president cheney calling snowden a traitor and suggesting he could be a foreign spy. more on that in a moment. here is the former vp defending the government surveillance critical to our national security. >> we made a decision based on 9/11 that was no longer had a law enforcement problem and we're at war. congress in fact authorized the president to use military force to deal with that crisis. that puts you into the category of being able to use all of your military assets, intelligence assets, and so forth in order to protect the country against another attack. when you consider the possibility of somebody smuggling something like a nuclear device into the united states, it becomes very, very important to gather intelligence on your enemies and stop that
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attack before it gets launched. >> steve centanni, what is causing the former vice president to suspect snowden of being a spy for china? >> reporter: a number of factors, including snowden's odd choice of a place to hide after revealing that secret surveillance information. >> i am deeply suspicious obviously because he went to china. that's not a place where you order narly go. it raises questions whether he had that connection before he did this. >> cheney says snowden probably has other information he hasn't yet released and that china would be happy to have it. he suggests china may give him sanctuary in exchange for secrets. snowden's whereabouts right now unknown. >> what about the surveillance programs themselves, what more are we learning since snowden started telling the world? >> reporter: not much, but we
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are getting a strong feel from the intelligence community. they say the programs prevented attacks here and in 20 different countries. critics think american civil liberties are trampled, but the white house insists that's not the case. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls is making us any safer, and i think it is ultimately a violation of the fourth amendment. >> they're not listening to americans' phone calls, reading americans' e-mails. we have huge privacy protections put on these programs, and it does serve to target foreign persons on foreign soil who are targeting and plotting terrorist plots in the united states. >> that letter to congress says only a small fraction of data collected is ever reviewed for possible terrorist connections, harris. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. we turn to the crisis in syria, and president bashar al-assad's regime which continues to slaughter thousands of citizens to hold onto power. that brutal government getting
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big support from iran. that country will now reportedly send 4,000 troops to syria, marking the first time a foreign government has intervened with boots on the ground since the civil war began two years ago. this, of course, effects america because we're getting ready to arm the opposition in that war. and another sign the conflict is dividing an already tense region. egypt islamist president announcing his country is cutting all diplomatic ties with the syrian government and is even calling for a no fly zone. if that were to happen, the u.s. military would likely take a key role in putting jets in the sky to enforce air restrictions with other countries overseer i can't. meanwhile, lawmakers are sounding off on the obama administration's plan to begin to arm and train rebel fighters. some criticize the president saying he waited to long to act. and the idea of giving them small arms will do nothing to remove assad. others support the plan, saying
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weed in another war in the middle east. the president promised not to put soldiers on the ground in syria at this point. peter dues ee with more. >> reporter: rebels can't take down president assad with small arms the way lindsey graham sees it. graham says if he wants assad gone, he must do more. >> i think our goal should be in the short term to balance military power and provide small arms won't do it, we need to create a no fly zone to neutralize assad's air power. >> reporter: marco rubio says things are so bad in syria today because president obama took too long to make a decision about what to do. >> russia fully arming syria, iran fully engaged in this as well, i think that the fact that it has taken this white house and this president so long to get a clear and concise policy on syria has left us with the
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worst possible scenario. >> reporter: the white house says they will not put any american boots on the ground in syria, but chief of staff denis mcdonough promised additional aid to the rebels with a caveat. >> we have to be discertaining about what's in the best outcome for us and the price we are willing to pay to get to that place. we rushed a war in this region in the past, we're not going to do it. >> reporter: some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are okay with that caution. >> we have to protect syrian people, above all make sure al qaeda and other terror groups don't take root in syria. >> reporter: tomorrow night at the g-8 in northern ireland, president obama will sit down with russian president putin. as add has an ally in russia. to get the weapons to the rebels, the u.s. military has to go through turkey. if you haven't seen what's happening there now, here is a taste of it.
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violent clashes between protesters and police intensify in istanbul. they sealed off a park to keep demonstrators out of the area, the focus of the current political unrest there. watching this unfold, new questions about stability in turkey. leland vitters from istanbul. is it having any impact on helping the rebels in syria? >> reporter: short answer, no, harris. prime minister erdogan seems to be willing to soldier on business as usual. he calls it his duty to put down these protests. we watched protesters try to break into taksim square, they were pushed back by riot police who sealed off the area for 500 or 600 yards around the square where we are right now. however, it was a very different seen yesterday as the square was filled and riot police had to try to push everybody out. we were there as the latest round of violence began. the battle for gezi park has
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begun. you see a stream of people running in with gas masks and helmets. they know what they're going up against. tear gas! overwhelming. our face is burning, our eyes are burning. you can hear them launching more tear gas. it is absolutely incredible, the speed at which they move 10,000 people or more out of this park. in about 20 minutes, they were able to push all the way through. >> they tried to kill us, they tried to, you know, make some terrorism. >> reporter: daylight brought more clashes. they attacked people heading to various protests. it turned normally quiet neighborhoods into battle fields
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as crowds swelled with people angry over the heavy handed police tactics. rubber bullets and tear gas broke the sunday calm in the country's capital. it was a different scene at a pro-government rally where the prime minister denied charges he was becoming a de facto dictator, and the masses chanting support back. 2:00 a.m. in istanbul now. sun will rise in a couple hours. we will begin to see how the work week takes shape here. already, one of the large unions here called for a national strike to protest the police tactics here that could include teachers, lawyers, doctors, even university professors, all trying to march here to the square, harris, we have to see how the prime minister and police forces respond to that, whether they allow a peaceful demonstration, whether they continue to crackdown, whether the crackdown works or brings more people out to the street. back to you.
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>> and if that would spread, i started with a question whether this would interfere with our military's ability to use turkey as a route to get aid and weapons to syria and the rebels there. i know the military operations would be away from where you are now. now the big question is, does that spread. i know you're there, on it, you'll keep a watch. thank you very much. stay with the topic of syria one more time. why didn't president obama authorize our military to help the rebels in syria before the conflict got more complicated? for instance, iran's 4,000 soldiers certainly won't make it easier. a former senior adviser to the state department will join us to talk about the one really important part of the president's plan we haven't heard. that's coming up inside the fox report. well, we have seen this in the past, just as one conflict like the one in syria gets the world's attention, nuclear armed north korea makes a move. this time, though, they say they want to talk to the united states. we're told the white house is pushing for, quote, credible
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negotiations north korea in response to the surprising about face. president kim jong-un proposing discussion after months of threatening to wage nuclear war. but his invitation as it is being called comes with conditions. kim jong-un says north korea will talk only if there are no demands that it must give up nuclear assets. the obama administration says it is open to talks, only if north korea commits to complying with u.n. security council regulations and ends the nuclear program. and around and around they go. we learned a private jet carrying president george w. bush was forced to make an emergency landing. it was flying philadelphia to dallas following a charity event. someone on board reported smoke inside the cockpit. the gulf stream jet was diverted to louisville, kentucky to check it out. it landed safely. a spokesperson for the former president telling us mr. bush was on board, but says he never saw or smelled smoke.
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the plane was quickly cleared, resumed flight, landed safely in dallas a short time later. right now, the most destructive wildfire in colorado state history as we have been calling this is slowing down, but the frustration setting in for so many people waiting to return to their homes, no idea when they'll be able to. hot spots are still burning. gusty winds are now back in the forecast. we will have a live report. in terms of credibility, i don't think he has credibility. >> opening up today, former vice president dick cheney not holding back about how president obama has handled the war on terror. and he doesn't stop there. hear what he has to say about the internal revenue service scandal and benghazi scandal. stay close. she's always been able to brighten your day.
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colorado firefighters getting the upper hand, according to the sheriff who says while crews are making major progress, the damage is heart breaking. black forest fire is now 65% contained. most mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted, nearly 500 homes destroyed since last tuesday. two people have died. will carr is following this. how did the crews get such a quick handle on the fire? >> reporter: they've done it in a variety of tactics, they attacked it on the ground and in the air, set some good lines. now they're moving property to property looking for hot spots. in total, more than 480 homes burned. it charred almost 15,000 acres. two people that died were reportedly trying to pack up and leave when the fire hit their garage. since there are deaths involved, authorities launched a criminal investigation to find out who or what caused this fire, and
4:18 pm
that's keeping some homeowners from returning to their neighborhoods. >> this is a crime scene until proven otherwise. i am not going to compromise the investigation or evidence at the risk of letting people in too soon. i'm asking for your cooperation on that. >> reporter: several thousands were let back in last night. many more are waiting for the moment to pull on their street to see if their home indeed survived this disaster. harris. >> somebody has been getting into the homes. we're hearing a lot of reports about looting. >> reporter: that's right. at the same time you see so many people pull together to help each other out, unfortunately you see a small number of people try to take advantage of the situation. police tell us they arrested a handful of people for looting. one person was charged with impersonating a homeowner. we are told criminal activity isn't widespread, we are told police are taking it seriously. certainly a shame for a
4:19 pm
community that endured so much. harris, back to you. >> will carr, thank you very much. speaking of fighting fires, 100 firefighters battling a massive fire here, fast moving flames are forcing dozens to leave their homes. we will tell you what happens here. and the americans held hostage in iran for 444 days are now speaking out in a decade long effort to get justice. what they now want from their former captors, and how a new senate bill could finally be the answer they've been looking for. this is sergeant nicholas source. want to wish my father happy father's day. as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy,
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it has been a long time since we talked about americans coming home. after 444 days in captivity, new developments in their journey for justice now, in negotiating for their release, then president jimmy carter signed a treaty, preventing the hostages from suing iran for any damages. now that could change. survivors and families of the 52 former hostages sending a powerful father's day letter to dozens of senators. they want to hold iran accountable for the hostage crisis in 1979, which forever changed u.s., iranian relations. eric, you and i spent time talking about this today. they want basically what other people got. >> harris, exactly. not many people know after the iranian hostage crisis that american companies got billions of dollars. the hostages themselves that suffered so much firsthand received nothing. there's a new push to try to help them. the new bipartisan senate bill
4:24 pm
was introduced by georgia republican senator johnny isaacson, and richard blumenthal, it would allow the hostages to try to finally receive some compensation. the bill calls for companies that violate iranian sanctions now to be penalized with surcharges. that money would then help the former hostages. foreign hostage barry rosen was 34 years old in 1979, he and the others have not been able to sue because of that treaty which was part of the agreement between tehran and washington. every administration continued to abide by the treaty. rosen, who was on america's news headquarters earlier with me, says even though it violates international accords, the u.s. kept up its part of the deal. >> they weren't supposed to be violating anything. it could have been abrogated, but i think the executive always wanted to make sure any of its treaty powers were never
4:25 pm
touched. that's why state and justice were always opposed to us. >> mr. rosen says the courts constantly sided with iran, not then, because of that treaty. >> i can only imagine mr. rosen would want that, also for closure. how has he been dealing with it. >> it was astounding. he was here today with us. he says he is still haunted by the experience, that it of course will remain with him until the day he dies. despite it all, he considers himself lucky because he still has his family. >> it has taken a lot out of me. it has taken a lot of who i am out of me, but i try very hard day-in and day-out to sort of focus on what's going on. but captivity really changed my whole life and my life will be changed ever since. >> both of us have been lucky. i mean, we went through some really hard times over years, especially when he first came home.
4:26 pm
but we're together, we raised our children, we have our grandchildren, we celebrate them. >> they hope that new effort will lead to compensation after 34 years. and harris, this father's day, celebrating with their grandchildren. >> happy father's day to you. for people that may have seen it, most of it was a shot on the rosens, you were leaning in, that was a touching interview. >> very special. >> thank you, appreciate it. former vice president dick cheney with some harsh words tonight for president obama. what he had to say about the nsa surveillance programs and other scandals plaguing the white house. more of the fox news sunday exclusive coming up. and wow, look at that. do you know where this is? this is the vatican. why are there harleys at the vatican? [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. time for the top of the news. former vice president dick cheney is here exclusively on fox news sunday. saying had the programs been in place they may have helped stop 9/11. he says the white house handling of several scandals hurt the president. >> in terms of credibility, i don't think he has credibility. one of the biggest problems we have, we have an important point where the president of the united states ought to be able to stand up, say this is a
4:31 pm
righteous program that saved american lives and i support it. the problem is the guy has failed to be forthright and honest and credible on things like benghazi and the irs, so he's got no credibility. >> also, the former vice president not mincing words about the scandal surrounding the irs and targeting of conservative groups, calling it a clear example of political intimidation. >> i think it is one of the worst abuses of power imaginable when you think of the power of the irs, and it clearly was used for political purposes to go after a particular category of organization, happened to be conservatives, my side of the political spectrum, but regardless of who it was, that is a kind of gross abuse of power that everybody is legitimately concerned about. >> vice president cheney also spoke about his own health and his history of heart problems. he told chris wallace it is nothing short of a miracle he wakes up feeling good every day. fox top story, it is where
4:32 pm
we started at the top of the hour. the crisis in syria worsening by the day, news that iran is getting further involved will only stoke tensions further in the region. iran will reportedly send 4,000 elite revolutionary guard troops to syria to defend president bashar al-assad's regime. america cares about this, this is days after the obama administration revealed a plan to arm and train rebel forces, after months of criticism for not getting involved there. stuck in the middle. millions of civilians in the crossfire of now two years of civil war where more than 90,000 people are estimated to have died. joining me, a former state department senior adviser, author of the upcoming book "smart power" between diplomacy and war. we could use a little of that, christian. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> let's start with syria.
4:33 pm
you and i spoke earlier. you said there's one really important thing that we need to know now that the administration has decided to wade into this. you criticize it for being late in the process, but you say what is the exit strategy? >> that's right. this is, after all, an administration that came to power partly by criticizing its predecessor, obama's predecessor, for not having exit strategy in iraq. if we do a no-fly zone or just arm the rebels, we become a belligerent, what's the plan to extricate ourselves, what's the strategy on the ground. just having a no-fly zone isn't a strategy, it might be part of a strategy, but is the strategy to replace assad? replace him with whom? what happens then and how do we get out? none of these have really been answered. the president hasn't addressed the nation to explain why we are becoming a belligerent. congress hasn't been really briefed and been asked for permission either. >> what do you say to critics that say first you want the american military to go in
4:34 pm
early, now you say it is too late. is there any way we could have dealt with this? >> i for one never wanted the military to go in. i think senator mccain and graham speak for senator mccain and graham on the senate, they don't have a following. they wanted a no-fly zone from the beginning, just like they wanted one in libya and before that bosnia and before that iraq. it is their half clever way of going to war. in the last two years, we have gone from an opposition mainly focused on dislodging assad and resisting iranian influence to one that's more mixed with foreign fighters, foreign jihadists, some that are aligned with al qaeda, others bad islamists, one group that executed a young syrian in front of his parents for using a common phrase that included the term muhammad for blasphemy. it is more like to use an analogy, the spanish american war where both sides of
4:35 pm
loathesome. >> i had a discussion with major general bob scales about the creep, the mission of how long you may get stuck. politically, from a diplomatic position, it would seem we might get stuck there. how so? >> again, this is not having a clear goal where to go in the middle east, this has been a problem through the arab spring and before that persian spring where iranians took to the streets and rose up. i think the objective should be clear enough, should be resisting islamism, whether on the battlefield or islamists like the muslim brotherhood. but problem cli, washington foreign policy establishment, not just obama but mccain graham side said the muslim brotherhood is okay. i just don't think we have our head in the game about who the enemies are or what the iranian government does to support islamists through the region. barring that, i don't think the american people have faith we can get in, accomplish a
4:36 pm
mission, and get out. >> on a basic level, christian, you may argue if you don't have a plan, it is pretty easy to exploit the people that don't have a plan once they try to make a move. let's talk a little, move forward, talk about north korea. how credible do you think this offer is by kim jong-un that they want to sit down for talks. they have been talking for months now with test firing rockets and so on and so forth, about launching nuclear war on their neighbor, south korea, knowing we would get involved there. >> it is not that uncommon, coming off a cycle of belligerence, whether it is conduct, missile test, missile warnings, or belligerent statements, for north korea, they'll want to do talks. it often -- i think at this point they want talks, i don't think they're going to deliver anything.
4:37 pm
it is like charlie brown and lucy with the football. more than happy to let us take a swing, often it is good for them. >> interesting. and the time as the world is focused on syria, it is a good time to make noise. real quickly before i let you go, we heard dick cheney bring up benghazi in his exclusive interview with chris wallace. let's play a bit of that and get your quick reaction. >> my experience was especially on 9/11, chris, especially in that part of the world where we anticipated that al qaeda might well try to mark the anniversary of 9/11 with an attack, especially in a location where they had an enormous amount of intelligence that said the conflict and danger, broadcast the first thing out of the embassy is saying we're under attack. should have been on the step before that ever happened. >> a lot of americans want to know what happened that night in benghazi, libya at our
4:38 pm
diplomatic outpost where four americans were assassinated, including the ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. let's look at a fox news poll. 73% of americans who were surveyed say that benghazi should be investigated by congress. congress should go in. obviously they care about the other scandals, but it makes it tough. three quarters of americans want to know about it. your quick thought. >> we learned a lot about who dug down the information it was a terrorist attack, it was the state department. what we still don't know is what obama was doing that night, who gave the order not to do anything, who created a phony narrative in response to the video. congress is going to need to look into that upcoming hearing for that, we should get hillary before congress to explain why she mislead congress in her own testimony. then maybe we will get to the truth. >> want to get the former
4:39 pm
secretary of state up there. christian whiton, thank you for your time and perspective this evening. >> thanks. great to be here. now we have breaking details. we are trying to pull
4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
now the story is coming together, developing in the fox report. breaking details on the scandal surrounding the irs and targeting of conservative groups. a woman by the name of holly paz says she was personally involved in scrutinizing some of the earliest applications of groups seeking tax exempt status. she would be the highest ranking irs official to cooperate. she spoke to the house oversight committee, with darrell issa, and bipartisan committee staffers on may 21st.
4:44 pm
now we're learning what she said. we want to get that from our fox news senior capitol hill producer on the phone. chad, what details are we learning? >> reporter: what's interesting about holly paz, she was in washington, d.c. and looking over some of these applications, and she handled these for tax exempt status. she looked at 20 to 30 applications in the early going of this situation. what's interesting is that conceivably if you believe what holly paz has to say, this puts this in washington, d.c. there has been a lot of back and forth over who is to blame, the rogue agents in cincinnati. couple weeks ago i looked at the partial transcripts from two cincinnati employees that gave interviews with congressional investigators. they said, you know, that lois lerner, the other irs official in charge of the tax exempt division here, she tried to pin
4:45 pm
this on cincinnati, and when they saw this, they viewed it as a nuclear strike. paz and her interviews with congressional investigators say dozens of tea party applications sat for a year, and they were waiting for guidance. again, bringing this, if you believe what holly paz says closer to d.c., that's what's key here. it just wasn't something emanating out of cincinnati. >> i am looking at the information coming up with this. my question would be has she given any evidence or any information that senior irs officials ordered agents to target conservative groups and where that order would have come from? >> reporter: that's what everybody is looking at here, how far up the food chain this potentially went. paz says some of the applications sat more than a year and interviews with elizabeth hofbaker, she would get calls asking about the status of their applications for
4:46 pm
tax exempt status and were getting no answers whatsoever. you have the applications sitting in limbo, sort of fiscal never world, whether they would get tax exempt status or not. elizabeth said that's not fair to them. that's the problem with the story, the people didn't know where they stand, they couldn't get information and they were targeting these groups. >> there are two things interesting to me, chad, as i am reading this coming across the associated press wires, and via our own reporting tonight. the term tea party was really the operative phrase. >> reporter: yes, yes, that was something they were looking at. they also looked at -- the tea party was what she was keying in on. we heard from those groups, saying they felt they were languishing, waiting for some
4:47 pm
word back from the irs on tax exempt status. it is different when you hear it coming from the source. >> you look at some of the depositions given, the cincinnati employees, they developed for lack of a better term an algorithm that looked at how they adjudicated anybody that came in with tea, tea, just those initials, there was debate whether or not there was narrow enough, because then you come up with teachers. you have a fight as to who knew what when in cincinnati and washington, d.c. senator hoyer was asked, he said you can understand why they would be defensive about it. if you believe holly paz, some of it washes up in washington. >> one of the things she talks about is the fact they were looking at politics in this. she says they were looking at all groups, but not all groups have the name tea party in their title. >> reporter: and that was one of the biggest issues, too, in some of the other transcripts i
4:48 pm
looked at a couple weeks ago. it was clear there were certain groups getting more scrutiny, and other groups that came in, in fact, the deposition from elizabeth hofbaker in cincinnati said they would get applications for liberal groups, there was no adjudication with the level of scrutiny they were giving to the tea partiers. >> maybe there's no immediate answer, but for people watching, it is almost like this is an onion, we have gotten to layer three, and there are 393 layers to go. you wonder how much more we will learn. is this somewhat of a smoking gun? telegraph this out for us. >> reporter: i think the fact it might draw us closer to washington, d.c. and maybe from command central there, that could potentially be important there, that this -- there's more and more evidence this might not have originated completely and lived completely in cincinnati, that it was more of a
4:49 pm
washington, d.c. issue. if it was more washington, d.c., that's the command structure of the irs, that's what people have been suspect of for some time. they're continuing to hear from different irs officials taking depositions behind closed doors. we still don't know the status of what darrell issa, the chair, house oversight committee, what he wants to do. lois lerner remains under subpoena, they left open the possibility of calling her back. meantime, there's a big shoving match between darrell issa and elijah cummings, the top democrat on the oversight committee about this. cummings has been upset at some of the different transcripts which have come out in the press, some of the interviews, cummings wants to release all of it, if possible. >> chad pergram.
4:50 pm
fascinating developments, with a more senior adviser giving information on the targeting of conservative americans. thank you. we will be right back. stay with us. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. [ whring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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american and french archaeologists on the hunt for a ship lost centuries ago on the great lakes. divers are searching a remote part of lake michigan this weekend, after first linking a piece of driftwood found in 2001 to the griffin. scientists seem confident they've got the ship. >> we want to find some detail of the architecture of the ship or some artifact to say this is the griffin. it is why we were here. >> it went missing in 1679 during french explorer lasalle's mission to find a passageway to
4:54 pm
china. they found their way to the great lakes. and it was kind of a mystery today, englishman facing off with phil mickelson. it was father's day and his birthday. >> it would have been the perfect birthday for phil mickelson. he showed up late from the tournament, coming from his daughter's eighth grade graduation where she was giving a speech, father's day, amazing moment. justin rose, first englishman to win the open since 1970, shot one over, had a 70. great round for him. final hole, 18th hole. no one birdied. phil was down. needed a birdie, didn't get the job done. justin rose wins, his father passed passed away in 2002. a different moment, now we are tied in hockey. >> tied in hockey. game three is tomorrow. blackhawks, bruins. first two games went to
4:55 pm
overtime. see what happens in game three. no shortage of excitement. talk about the nba finals, nhl finals, all of these close games, it is incredible for the viewers. this has to be the strangest story. there's a super bowl ring missing, who has it. >> crazy story, has gotten more serious than it was supposed to be. 2005, robert craft, owner of new england patriots goes over to st. petersburg in russia, gives that ring to vladimir putin, all right? all these years later, craft speaking at an event last night, comes out, says i didn't give putin the ring, he stole it from me. getting a little weird. today, the patriots came out, said we weren't trying to ruffle feathers, we are happy with what happened. let's see what happens. this almost got escalated to a level i don't think any football owner wanted it to get to. >> or political science. >> it is incredible. >> real quickly, in ten seconds, nba, we have a tied series.
4:56 pm
>> 2-2. game five tonight. these games are going back and forth, spurs and heat, this one in san antonio. look for the spurs to get the job done. and harleys at the vatican, if you can believe it, we've got the video. stay tuned. yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? there's a new way to fightce. litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
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they're going hog wild. they are filling st. petersburg swear. the bikers flocked there to
5:00 pm
celebrate the anniversary of the harley-davidson. before i let you go, i tweeted this out. there's a secret we're going to spill the beans on. how you doing on the wedding, next weekend is the big day. erica has been doing god's work. congratulations. tonight on huckabee. >> you don't have to have done anything wrong. you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion. >> he leaks classified information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or traitor? searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails, web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a haystack. and $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obama care do anything to address excessive hospital costs? >> no, and no. and that lowers the cost. if anything it


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