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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 17, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it as always. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. bye. ♪ >> hi. what am i doing here? it's 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. it is monday, june 17. it is so early. i'm meg again -l kelly -- i'm megyn kelly. >> now that our secrets are out, does the government have to stop? >>steve: we're going to talk about that. it appears the white house has not been honest about the i.r.s. scandal. shocking. what a supervisor in washington -- not cincinnati -- just admitted to. >>brian: then miss utah did not win miss u.s.a. pageant. maybe this answer had
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something to do with it. >> i think especially the men are seen as the leaders, so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >>brian: miss south carolina called and said that didn't make any sense. "fox & friends" starts, i believe, now. ♪ ♪ >>brian: i feel bad for her. you're on stage. the world is watching. our world is watching. >> how would you like to be on national television and screw up your words. >>brian: that never happens to me. megyn, are you yelling at me? >> yes. i am. why am i here? where's gretchen. >>steve: are you a little cranky because you are going to have a baby any minute? >> it could happen. i hope you brushed up on your e.m.t. skills. you guys got the hot water and the hot sheets?
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>>steve: or we could give you hot sheets. >> to happen soon but not that soon. don't you worry. >>steve: although that's a good tease for the next three hours. >> they want us to get right to the headlines. no more chitchat because there is a lot of news developing right now. you know the name holly poz, a washington d.c.-based i.r.s. investigator. she's been in the news lately because of this i.r.s. scandal. now she is admitting to scrutinizing applications from tea party groups. some of those applications sat idle for more than a year. she said she reviewed between 20 and 30 cases. it is confirmed the 26-year-old is on administrative leave. she sat in on the interviews of the underlings and they asked the underlings who was responsible. the i.r.s. got criticized for that. maybe you shouldn't have had her sitting there. for the first time we are hearing from the parents of the missing storm chaser, the 20-year-old university of
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chicago student vanished wednesday night after venturing out to watch the bad weather. his father recalled a skype conversation where his son seemed happy and upbeat. >> it used to be when we skaoeupd with him it would be -- skypeed with him, it would be 45 minutes on skype. these last several months he talked for three hours and be smiling and laughing and smile the whole time. he's a very upbeat guy. >> chicago police setting up a dive team to search lake michigan. new sraof of more than -- new video of more than 30 people being rescued after an amphibious boat sinks in england. witnesses say the boat sunk like a lead balloon. it is the second time this year one of these duck boats has sunk in liverpool. in upstate new york, a man facing child endangerment charges after police say he locked young
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crooks in the closet while waiting for police. jesse daniels found the boys ages 8 and 10 using hammers to break into his father-in-law's law. when he found them he locked them in the closet until the cops arrived. police say he went too far despite the $50,000 in damage the boys caused. >>brian: very well done. a rocking start. how do we continue it? maybe we should talk about edward snowden. he is somewhere in hong kong we believe, maybe in mainland china by now. he has more secrets to reveal. as he said, he was not done. >>steve: this particular revelation is going to be embarrassing for the white house given the fact the president of the united states is at the g-8 summit. guess what happened in 2009 at the g-20 summit in london? as it turns out, according to mr. snowden's latest release of information that he's given to the guardian of great britain, apparently the n.s.a. has got this gigantic spy
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organization over in great britain at a royal air force base. during the summit back in 2009 we spied on the russians, and in particular we were able to retrieve, thanks to some fake internet cafes we set up, secret communications between that man and the home base. >> we really prefer to be in a lecturing position as opposed to receiving a lecture. that will make it a little awkward when they have their meeting today. >>brian: i love we're showing that resourcefulness. i love we're trying to stay a step ahead of people. but for this to come out is not good. just like when he escaped, snowden, on may 20, he was gone but he waited to release the information in june until when the chinese mini summit came out. he knows exactly what he's
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doing. that's why so many people are saying do you think it's not so far-fetched to think he's working with our enemies, beginning with china? >> i don't understand why he had to release this piece. if his objection to living in america was we don't want to live like this. we don't want our government spying on us. is it any mystery we're spying on our foreign pals? why was this so objectionable to snowden? >>steve: think about when the first big batch came out our president was meeting with the guy who runs china. now the president is meeting with mr. putin and we've got this stuff. dick cheney was on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. here they are talking a little bit about the revelations with mr. snowden and does that change anything going forward. >> i understand people's concern about it, but an intelligence program that does reveal sources and methods which in fact what they're talking about, you're not just revealing
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it to the american people, you're revealing it to your targets, the adversaries, the enemy. there are reasons for secrecy in the conduct of intelligence operations. when we set this program up in the weeks after 2001, we briefed certain members of congress, chairman and wrepl of the intelligence -- chairman and ranking member of the intelligence committees. we would give them the layout of what we were doing and what we were learning from it. >>steve: back then it had been authorized under the patriot act by congress. but now a lot of people feel that over the last number of years the n.s.a. has stretched it so far, it is against the law. >> and even if it is as it used to be, the question is do we trust our government to run it? if this had come out at the beginning of barack obama's presidency, maybe people would have felt differently. they felt hopeful about him. george bush had low approval ratings when he left off the but barack obama hood high ratings.
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now they're saying in light of what happened in benghazi, james rosen, the question is can we really trust the n.s.a. when it says we're good people? by the way, i had two former n.s.a. whistle-blowers on my show in the afternoon. you know what they told me? something terrifying. the people who work at the n.s.a. are just like normal people. >>brian: wow. >> so why should we trust them. >>brian: if you're going to say something that significant, can we get a cymbal? here's what was unbelievable over the weekend. michael hayden, vice president cheney, all defending president obama's n.s.a. program that was extended because they started it, they think it's absolutely necessary, and they were trying to explain to the american people. where was the president. i saw dennis mcdonough on his chief of staff and he said nothing. i looked at the "wall street journal." they nailed it.
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the n.s.a. tracking anonymous aggregate records of phone calms and e-mails without assessing content or would you rather have this khaeupl bridge, massachusetts, refusing to turn on surveillance cameras because their residents happened to be the bombers of boston and that would have benefited us to be able to see them right away, but they were worried about our privacy. now about 230 people got hurt and 30 people without limbs because that blew up. if those cameras were manned maybe they would have been stopped. >>steve: it would be nice to have another choice too. figure out a way to do it that is within the confines of the law. >>brian: this is lawful. they got it approved by congress -- >>steve: we're not so sure that it's lawful. >> we're not sure it would withstand constitutional muster. >>brian: it passed. >> this has not gone to the supreme court. >>brian: this has been presented and expanded.
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technology made it better. >>steve: it has been expanded to the point that it may not resemble what it started out to be. >> we don't know fully what is in place right now. there have been conflicting reports about whether they have our phone records and that's it and they need an additional layer of suspicion to look at the phone records. it came out last week that actually the answer is no, they can look at those phone records without the additional layer of suspicion. then you had jerry mather of new york suggesting he had been briefed that they could look at phone calls without a warrant. they have been doing that whenever they wanted to. then they dialed that back. what's the truth? we need to know. >>brian: rogers said it's not the truth. he said they got five years, they expire, they go away. this is a republican explaining the president's program. i would add one other factor to this. dennis mcdonough said we looked at the old program under bush and changed it for the better. can someone tell me what
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they changed for the better? they want to distance themselves from barack obama, the senator as opposed to the president. can they just stand up and say i like the program. i changed my mind. america here's why. as opposed to people coming forward who are underlings or from previous administrations. >> all we got is a couple of comments at a health care event. he briefly spoke to it. we have no full-throated press. the same thing with syria. we heard about it through some deputy who most people don't know who that is. >>steve: we get a lot of jay carney at the white house but we'd like to hear the president. sarah palin says what is going on behind closed doors in our spy apparatus, we're not sure of. but the big question is: do you trust what big brother, uncle sam, is doing? >> our government spied on every single one of your phone calls, but it couldn't find two
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pot-smoking deadbeat custodians with a hot line to terrorist central in chechnya. really? [applause] >> and it built apparatus to sneak into the good guy's communications but it missed the fort hood mass murderer of our own troops despite this islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counseling sessions and on his own business card. really? >>brian: she's going to be joining us in the last hour for an hour. this is her big come-back today. >>steve: that's going to be between 8:00 and 9:00 eastern time. the whole thing about the trust is if the i.r.s. targeted conservatives, what's to say that the n.s.a. would not do the same things to members of the tea party or anything like that?
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>>brian: you saw general alexander. general alexander has defined integrity. they don't care who's president. >> if they are normal people, they do care. and how much can we trust them? how are we to be assured they're not spying on phone calls -- >>brian: i consider us normal but we also try to do our jobs? >> you're wrong right there. you lost all credibility right off the bat. >>steve: listen, it's going to be a feisty three hours today. we're delighted you would join us. straight ahead, remember when the president said this -- >> if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. >>steve: what if your insurer doesn't want to keep you? it's happening. one of the biggest health care companies in the world is doing it. stuart varney on that next. >> he looks determined. a fun day at the amusement park turns into an absolute nightmare. new details on what went wrong.
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>>megyn: president obama made that promise to americans, but in one state that may no longer be the case with respect to insurance. aetna announcing it plans to stop selling individual health policies in california. will other insurers follow suit? joining us now, stuart varney, host of "varney and company." what does this mean? in the individual health care markets. it's not the big employers. >> no. if you buy your own health insurance, you're an individual, a family, not getting it from an employer, not on medicaid. you buy it yourself. >> they're out, saying they are done in california. >> this means some families in california will be getting a letter saying you're no longer covered by aetna. you've got to go out, find your own coverage, which means you will probably not be able to keep the doctor, you will not be able to keep the policy that you like. and essentially your price is going to go up. >> why are they leaving? >> aetna's not saying. but the theory is, look, here comes obamacare and
3:19 am
they haven't written the rules yet. so aetna doesn't know what kind of policies it has to put out there on the individual market. there is mass confusion. >> this is no certainty? >> there is no certainty. in an uncertain environment, companies like aetna, they don't want anything to do with this relatively small part of their business. in california they walk away from it. other insurers in other states may do the same thing. >> what does that lead to? >> that leads to a whole bunch of people who will not keep their policy, keep their doctor and keep the kofrpbl -- coverage which they like in contrast to what the president said in 2009. this is millions of people, by the way. millions of people will not be able to keep their coverage, their prices, their doctor and the policies they like. >> what happens to them? do they move on to another insurer or is the market for other insurers shrinking so they go to uncle sam and subsidizes plans we're paying for?
3:20 am
>> they will subsequently move to subsidized exchanges. we don't know what kind of policy these exchanges will have to offer. or they will pay a fine or just not have coverage. >> where is the accountability on this? we see the president on camera. he made that promise repeatedly, by the way. yet, every day we have a new piece of information talking about how actually you're not going to be able to keep that insurer and probably not going to be able to keep that doctor because he's bailing. >> the president is being conspicuously absent on making any comment about what is an impending train wreck. let me tell you what senator rubio said this weekend. obamacare is bad for america, can never and will never work, will contribute to bankrupting our country. the opposition in full cry on obamacare. nothing from the president himself. >>megyn: thank you for that happy note to end the segment. >> welcome to the early morning. >>megyn: thank you. see you at 9:20 today.
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>>steve: quick monday morning headlines. take a look at this. amateur video capturing fire fighters as they rescued dozens of people stranded on a busted ride in a theme park in the united kingdom. thrill seekers, many children, stuck on the ride for two hours because of a mechanical failure. nobody was hurt. that kind of looked fun until right there. an airplane powered entirely by the sun can fly during the day or night landing somehow in the nation's capital over the weekend. next stop new york city.
3:25 am
the solar impulse has the wing span of a jumbo jet but weighs as much as your ford fiesta. >>megyn: you trust that? >>steve: in the dark, a solar airplane? >>megyn: who is about to take a red eye on that? >>brian: keep going. don't stop in new york. megyn is not into it. one of them is a distinguished journalist, the other a comedian but when bill o'reilly and dennis miller have been teaming up doing their live shows, anything can happen. >>megyn: our own brian kilmeade had a back stage pass to the show that is taking the country by storm. >>brian: you're looking at us there. back stage pass to the tour starring bill o'reilly. boy is he tall. and dennis miller, he's average size. >> miller is out there. god knows if he's going to be sober. we have no idea. >>brian: give me the format real quick.
3:26 am
>> miller opens and i come out to 40 minutes to stuff you don't hear on tv, the real story, a little break and we do a q and a written in cards. the only reason you're doing this is because you got in free. >>brian: we're heading into the dressing room. miller is here already. will you guys talk about the show or is that bad luck? >> i hope not. really hope not. >>brian: this is the closest thing to team work you get in your business. >> i'm a snarky sardonic guy. he gives me a little bit of avuncular and i give him laughter. >> there is a certain rhythm to this. i will tell quickly if it's not working because people pay a ticket price. if i start heckling, you know.
3:27 am
>> we'll go back to the old stuff. >>brian: bill is about to announce dennis. he's going out there. >> ladies and gentlemen, the fresh part of the bolder and fresher tour, dennis miller. >> i think he's smooth when he's on prompter. there are people on dialysis less dependent on machinery than barack obama on a teleprompter. >>brian: he was worried about putting in new stuff for people paying a lot of money to see him. what do you think? >> very palpable. very honest. >> how are you, long island? the home team. >> let's take this i.r.s. deal. it's good for my ratings. all right? that's good for me because every night i can have charles krauthammer going [making growling sounds] for me it's good. >>brian: bill o'reilly should have five minutes left on his set.
3:28 am
dennis miller is about to come out. together they're going to go on stage. >> i do think holder will resign but it's not going to be linked in to anything. he's just going to want to spend more time with the i.r.s. [laughter] >> thought i was going to say family didn't you? barbara and lynn brook, who is going to be the next president? >> bill o'reilly. >> no, no. i've got more important things to do. >> write a book called "killing my salary." [cheers and applause] >>steve: at any point did bill o'reilly say who's talking in the wings? will you shut up? >>megyn: he gets very upset when you make noise offset. >>brian: he reacts to the audience. he likes the unscripted nature. by the way, that was totally ad libbed. afterwards they were thrilled they came up with that, killing your salary. it was amazing to see the
3:29 am
process. the way they get along is incredible. >>megyn: he totally is like that. he is a man who would yell at you for making noise -- >>brian: you're the only one who doesn't take any crap from him on the planet. when people are a little out of line, a little unscripted, he embraces it. >>megyn: i didn't realize until this moment that he was bolder and miller was fresher. >>brian: you can lead your show with that at 1:00. >>steve: we can label bolder and fresher now. >>megyn: bill is such a big man. he's like 6'5". >>brian: very nice of him to do that. >>steve: good report. very nice. >>megyn: this isn't really me. >>steve: coming up, we're launching a new series this week, how to save money. first, how to save hundreds of dollars from your cell phone bill. you should pay attention.
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>>megyn: because in a week it speaks to "fox & friends." miss utah did not win last night's miss america pageant. here's the reason brian says is why. >> i think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this, and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >>megyn: yes, we do. >>brian: i rest my case. >>megyn: we'll be right >>megyn: we'll be right back. hey mom, is there a dressing room around here?
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>>steve: it is your shot of the morning. yesterday was father's day. take a look, for about the tenth year we wound up going over to our friend's house, roger roadie. there he is with his family. >>brian: peyton manning. >>steve: kind of looks like it. that photo shows the true spirit of father's day, the one day each year we don't as guys have to tuck our shirts in. brian, you were busy? >>brian: all weekend i was on the soccer field. i got the e-mails for that. that is my son there, number 19 in the back. those guys undefeated all
3:35 am
weekend. they ended up coming in third out in new jersey where you live. it was an amazing weekend which was right next to the sun. i was bubbled through my half-eut -- through my half-italian skin. a bunch of great kids. i've had about half of them since age nine. >>steve: some of them love you and some want to move on. >>brian: the ones who don't like me have moved on. >>megyn: happy belated father's day. now to your headlines. >>brian: an indian woman who brutally murdered a bible schoolteacher when she was just 15 years will be released from prison today. paula cooper was initially sentenced too die since she and two friends stabbed this woman 33 times inside her home but cooper's
3:36 am
sentence was lowered to 60 years in prison after the supreme court ruled minors could not be executed for their crimes. pelky's grandson says he forgives cooper because he knows his grandmother would have. >> my grandmother would have a lot of compassion for this girl on death row. >>brian: cooper served 28 years of the 60-year sentence, being released early for good behavior. >>steve: he tried banning large sodas, getting rid of salt. now mayor mike bloomberg wants to regulate what you do with your leftover food. he wants new yorkers to start separating food scraps so it can be composted for biofuel. the program is voluntary for now but will eventually become mandatory. >>megyn: this means my relationship with my garbage disposal. >>brian: i wish they passed this before i had
3:37 am
the leftover nachos from mo's last night. i would have been better off throwing it away. >>megyn: we have a brand-new miss u.s.a. >> and miss u.s.a.2013 is... connecticut! >>megyn: they are very beautiful and very fit. and really i shouldn't be even looking at them in my condition. 25-year-old aaron brady was crowned miss u.s.a. last night in vegas. this morning it is another contestant feeling the spotlight. miss utah, marries is a -- miss utah marissa powell was asked why are women making less money in the workplace? >> i think this relates to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest
3:38 am
problem. and i think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this, and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >>steve: the men as the leaders of what? >>megyn: of this. >>brian: she is so nervous. >>megyn: i don't blame her. i blame the pageant organizers. in 30 seconds or less. why do women still make less at the office?there are enf people who have to study this. with the bright lights on you and the nerves, i can see how you would stut sp-rbs -- how you would stutter and stumble. >>brian: abs exposed. obviously she is very intelligent. it was an impossible situation. cavuto would have stumbled. >>megyn: i understand the
3:39 am
critics. in a perfect world you would have been articulate. but having worked on live tv for some time i can say sister, i feel you. >>brian: i think there's a lot of men who would like to work with her on that answer. >>steve: the question itself is false because a lot of people say the reason women make less is because they drop out of the workforce for their families. >>megyn: i think next year they're going to channel charlie gibson and say what do you think of the bush doctor? >>steve: what do you think of this incredible video? that was lightning hitting the at&t building in downtown atlanta. maria molina is tracking more storms out there. >> we're talking about more possible storms across parts of georgia, including atlanta. incredible video from that area. when you see it in slow
3:40 am
motion it is shocking how scary some of these thunderstorms can be. today we're seeing more severe weather not just in the form of lightning but damaging winds, large hail and isolated winds possible from the western part of nebraska down to the texas panhandle. we have an ongoing drought out here so we will be seeing much-needed rainfall in these areas where we have extreme drought, some of the worst drought conditions in parts of colorado. don't forget those wildfires going on in colorado will be getting much-needed moisture as well. out east heavy rain in parts of alabama, mississippi, into the carolinas and mid-atlantic. it will be a hot day in texas, triple digits in el paso. even in alaska you're talking warm temperatures. anchorage throughout the weekend you're seeing record-high temperatures being set or challenged. today you'll make it into the mid 80's in anchorage similar to what we'll be seeing in new york city.
3:41 am
>>megyn: the daytime emmy awards were full of unexpected surprises. >>brian: michael tamara has the details on all the drama. it was daytime at nighttime >> the daytime emmys were broadcast from radio city music hall and the world was wondering would susan lucci be snubbed for the 20th time. they stole the curvy couch idea. >>megyn: right after they won, they had to go over. >> there was a mishap where a woman was given the wrong envelope. there was a touching moment when monti hall received the lifetime achievement award at the age of 91. >> 27 years ago my wife won
3:42 am
an emmy. 27 years ago. after 27 years people visit, who come to my house see the emmy and say monty, is that yours and i say no. but very proudly i say that's marilyn's. now with this presentation, when they come to my home from now on i'll be able to say this one is hers and this one is mine. >>megyn: what happened with corbin bernson of "l.a. law" fame. >>steve: we've done fan night at the ball yard. tell us about this year. >> we don't just have viewers. we have fans. we try to give back to them every year. this year we're taking it to a new level. if you follow me on
3:43 am
twitter, i'll tweet out the details. wednesday night, the whole thing. >>megyn: i'm jealous. i was invited one year and then never again. >> you'll have to come out. >>megyn: what did i do? i'm in good spirits. >>steve: invite megyn. >>megyn: now that i am here, alarm went off at 2. >>brian: i have a tease to make. sorry about that, fans. it's a staggering new finding. one in four of you have become a victim of identity fraud. how can you keep from becoming a statistic? we will find out next. >>megyn: we are launching a series this week. >>steve: we are. you're not. to keep our own money in your pocket. a way to save hundreds of dollars on your cell phone bill. if you've got a cell phone, you've got to hear this. >>brian: i've got a bill. ♪ ♪ with the spark cash card
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sparkly water and pure white sand might not get you off your couch, but there's not a creature on earth that can resist this. >>brian: identity theft is spreading like the flu. how do you protect yourself? how do i protect myself. chairman is here. adam, is there anything we can do to stop it?
3:48 am
>> you can do the things people tell you to do. you can minimize your risk of exposure. then you have to be monitoring all the time and you've got to have a damage control program. >>brian: number one, of the five tips you want to relay, this is not a test. take a breach seriously that you get in your e-mail box. >> too often people look at briefs like white noise, they're not. they're telling you there was a specific problem. they're telling you the specific information of yours that has been potentially promised and in many cases they're offering you either a credit or fraud monitoring or resolution. >>brian: i'm afraid it's spam or going to be some type of bomb or someone trying to sell me something so i don't open it a lot. god helps those who help themselves. for example? >> if they offer you a credit fraud monitoring program, take it. it's on their dime. this will help you at least get a better grip on where you are. >>brian: number three, check about a damage control program. >> you may already have a
3:49 am
damage control program through your insurance company, bank credit union or employee assistance program. find out if you have one. >>brian: we could put fraud alert on our credit report? >> you have a right to put a fraud alert on your file. they will go for 90 days. if it looks like you're a victim it can go longer. contact a credit reporting agency. you may want to do a credit freeze. that's more comprehensive, a little bit more cumber s. they'll explain to you what it is. >>brian: we can adopt a culture of monitoring. there are programs out there for free. >> first you need to look at every account you have. bank and credit, look at them every day, make sure every transaction you see is yours. there are also transactional monitoring programs offered by banks, credit unions for free where they'll notify you when a transaction occurs or a transaction in excess of an amount. >>brian: you can never be
3:50 am
100% safe but you can do things to make yourself safer? >> absolutely. >>brian: thanks so much. adam levin, chairman and cofounder of straight ahead on our rundown, we're launching a series to save you money. first up, a simple way to shave hundreds of dollars from your cell phone bill. back in a movement -- back back in a movement -- back in a moment. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news. once again, centrum silver was chosen by researchers for another landmark study. this time looking at eye health. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most studied. the most recommended. and the most preferred multivitamin brand. the choice is clear.
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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3:53 am
>> steve: let the summer savings begin. today we're kicking off a week long series to help you keep more money in your pocket. here is something that might not make you so happy. americans are spending from 600 to $1,000 every year on their cell phone. guess what? a lot of us are paying way too much. first of all, finance expert is
3:54 am
here to help us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: all right. the average family spends 1800 bucks a year on it. so we got a couple of tips. the first is your plan is ancient. >> right. so i think we're all a little guilty of this. we got our cell phone numbers maybe a couple years ago and probably have the same plan that we got with that cell phone number. we're not really check up to see what kind of different plans are out there. the carriers pulled a bait and switch. my suggestion is to go to these different web sites, is -- you can go ahead and be able to manage your money that way. also ratemyplan. it can give you suggestions what other plans may be better for your lifestyle and cheaper. >> steve: sure, when we started our family plan, that's when people talked on tonight and actually talked on the phone. now it's all text. so we probably have way too many minutes. also, you're paying for nothing. explain that. >> right. again, i'm guilty of this, too.
3:55 am
what die is i pay my cell phone bill. i'm not looking at all the different charges on that bill. >> steve: who can understand the bill? >> it's ten pages long, right? but the thing is, you really should look at that because we're talking about excessive texting. you might be getting charged for that. i tend to leave the country a lot. i have family overseas. you might not be using that global roaming. so my suggestion is to look -- it's very simple. look at the bill, see the charges and don't be afraid to call that carrier and say, turn this off. easy. >> steve: finally, your data is dead weight. what's that mean? >> people don't realize that every time you download a at that point video, that's using data on your plan. even though excessive apps on your phone as well. that's adding charges. so what i suggest is that you go ahead and watch videos just on your computer or ipad, or if you're excessively texting, get a bundling deal. that way you know exactly how much texting you're sending out
3:56 am
and not oversending. >> steve: sound advice. next time bill comes, take a look at it. >> absolutely. >> steve: we thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: meanwhile, it is a fox news exclusive i. eric polling sat down with edward snowden's father. eric will join us live break details you won't hear any place else. and want to sell your old mattress? sounds simple, right? wrong. there are government regulations about that that could land new serious trouble. you're watching "fox & friends" here on your channel for news. right back (cat purring)
3:57 am
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3:59 am
>> megyn: hi, everybody. it's monday, june 17. i'm megyn kelly in for gretchen carlson. i woke up so early because we have this. a fox news exclusive. for the first time, we are hearing from edward snowden's father. >> that's not something that i
4:00 am
could have done, but i'm not in ed's shoes. i don't know what he's seen or been exposed to. but i know he's a principled young man. i know -- >> megyn: there is much, much more. our own eric bolling is here live with the exclusive interview. wait until you hear what else he had to say about his son. >> brian: it appears the white house hasn't been honest about the irs scandal. a major revelation from a supervisor at the irs who happens to be in washington. >> steve: no, you're mistaken. it has to be cincinnati. >> brian: how dare you question me. go ahead. >> steve: all right. she is in washington. have you ever had an itchy tag -- have you ever cut off an itchy tag off a piece of clothes? if you sell those clothes after you take out the tag, it says don't remove the tag, you might wind up in jail. >> brian: finally. >> steve: who accomplices that? we're going to tell you who. >> brian: take the shirt off, pal. >> steve: it's just another
4:01 am
ridiculous government regulation on the book. hour two for this busy monday starts right now. ♪ >> brian: when our veterans come home, they're look for jobs that fit their skill set. a lot of them become personal trainers. personal motivation, getting in shape. they know how. >> steve: they do indeed. and you're going to find out all about it. the great part is we're going to actually have megyn kelly, who is about 8 1/2 months pregnant out there, maybe more, run the pylons this hour. >> brian: right. >> megyn: i get winded when i go up the stairs these days. >> brian: you used to be a fitness trainer, right? >> megyn: i did. in another life and another body, i used to teach aerobics.
4:02 am
i looked very different then. i'm now at the point where my husband has to sort of push me out of the bed in the morning, the belly, it's like, come on. gives me a shove and i'm good to go. >> steve: helping hand. of course, he's in bed watching you right now. >> megyn: thanks. >> steve: it's great to have you. >> megyn: tear a pleasure to have you. we really have four people on the curvy couch. >> steve: she's newscasting for two. >> megyn: there is a ton of news developing this morning. first of all, holly pose, a washington, d.c.-based irs supervisor, coming forward and admit to go scrutinizing applications from tea party groups herself. some sat idle for more than a year. she told congress she reviewed between 20 and 30 cases. fox news confirming that the 36-year-old is now on administrative leave. also for the first time we're hearing from a missing storm chaser. the student vanished wednesday night after venturing out to
4:03 am
watch the bad weather. his father recall add skype conversation with his son where he says his son seemed upbeat and happy. >> it used to be when we skyped with him, held spend 45 minutes on skype and these last several months he talked for three hours. he was smiling and laughing and smiling the whole time. he was a very upbeat guy. >> megyn: the chicago police are setting up a dive team to search lake michigan. brand-new video in of more than 30 people being rescued after an amphibious sightseeing boat sinks in england. screaming children among the people plucked from the freezing cold water. witnesses say the boat sunk, quote, like a lead balloon. it's the second time this year one of these duck boats has sunk in liverpool. no one seriously hurt. investigators are looking at what caused it to go under. >> brian: please get that straightened out. >> megyn: did russian president putin steal a super bowl ring from the new england patriots
4:04 am
owner? he says it was a gift. he gave it to me. >> brian: he never gave it to me. >> megyn: that's what the owner was saying, too, until last week, when he reportedly claimed that fact mr. putin stole it. apparently the white house asked craft to play dumb for the sake of u.s. soviet relations. the ring now sits in the kremlin. putin says he's ready to buy craft a new ring with his own money. how did he get the ring? >> brian: just give it back. >> steve: they were meeting and he said, let me see that. craft handed it to him and putin looked at it, put it in his pocket and the three kgb guys, according to the story in the new york post, surrounded him and he left with it in his pocket! >> brian: by the way, i think it's u.s.-russia relations. here is the thing, get it back. he says, it means a lot to me of the it was my first one and it has my name in it. why are we worried about people's feelings? can we just get our stuff back? niet. >> megyn: that's truly bolder
4:05 am
fresher. [ laughter ] >> brian: can you send over your middle linebacker to get it back? break some glass? >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk about putin. the president of the united states, ours, is going to be meeting with putin at the g8 summit in over in ireland. >> brian: that will be frosty, by the way. especially on syria. >> steve: it will be frosty for this point as well because apparently during the g-20 in 2009, who knew the nsa, our great big spy organization, apparently has a unit in the united kingdom at a royal air force base. they have all these analysts. what they did for that summit was set up fake internet cafes. they did all sorts of things where they cracked into the other country's blackberries so we would know what they were talking about and we couldn't do the data mining where we record it all and analyze it later because they wanted to impact what was happening live on the ground, so they had 45 analysts listen attention on the phone in
4:06 am
real time and now this has been revealed by edward snowden. >> brian: snowden doesn't like this either about our country. he doesn't like the fact that in order for us to be safer, we have surveillance agencies and we have spy organizations like the c.i.a. i don't know if he's heard of that. so that doesn't really fit the criteria, thinks he's proud of with his country. now edward snowden is going to leak this information. how does that benefit national security birks the way? >> megyn: that's the question. here is the other thing, i'm guessing, based on the relationship, putin will be like, i knew everything you knew. we were listening as well. >> brian: we were listening to you listening. >> steve: we know a lot of you have different opinions, varying opinions of edward snowden. dick cheney is very clear on how he feels. here he is on fox news sunday. >> i think he's a traitor. i think he has committed crimes and the fact by violating
4:07 am
agreements given the position he had. he was a contractor employee, but he obviously had been granted top secret clearance and i think it's one of the worst occasions in my memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the national security interest of the united states. >> steve: meanwhile, we've got a fox news alert. this is the first time you'll see this anywhere. >> megyn: eric bolling of "the five," an exclusive sitdown with the father of this nsa whistle blower, traitor, according to the former vice president. he sat down with edward snowden's father and he's live in our dc bureau to tell us about it. how did this happen, eric? >> yeah. i spent quite a bit of time with lon snowden, edward's father, last night, about 30 minutes on tape. we talked about everything. we talked about all the things you're talking about right now, the media treatment of him.
4:08 am
well, why don't you listen to -- you can take it away from there. there is a lot to talk about. >> i'm here because i'm really concerned about the misinformation in the media. he is a sensitive, caring young man. this is the ed that i know. the same ed, he just is a deep thinker. >> at one pint in time you said you're concerned the way the media is portraying ed. tell me about that. >> first and foremost, everywhere you read he's a high school dropout. the fact is that ed had an illness at the beginning of his sophomore year when his mother and i were going through a divorce. they believed it was mono. i believe it was diagnosed as mono. but he missed approximately four or five months of school. he asked if he could test into a program at the local community college. there were some disagreement on whether he should do that. the bottom line is he did. and he completed his high school
4:09 am
equivalency in advance of when he would have graduated graduatm high school and then continued taking college courses. >> steve: a lot of stuff we had not heard before, eric. >> steve, i went through a lot of things. i asked him if he had spoken to ed, when was the last time he had spoken to ed. i asked him had the white house contacted him. we know the f.b.i. has been in contact with him. i asked him what do you want to say to ed to speak directly into the camera, talk to him. because likely wherever ed snowden is, he will eventually see this interview. he was very heartfelt. here is the take away i took from it. he was a concerned father. his son was in some situation that he, ed and lon, probably never thought they would be in. he's also concerned american. this man is very patriotic. very patriotic. he talks about the constitution. he talks about america. there is a lot there. i can't get to all of it right now. very concerned about his son and
4:10 am
the welfare of america as well. >> steve: we've got another sound bite. here is edward snowden's father, lonnie, talk being how he feels regarding the way the nsa spy spyies. >> i don't want them reading my e-mails. i don't want them reading my texts. in my opinion, they have no right. not even under the guise of we need to keep you safe. again, i'm an american. i'm free. this is land of the free, home of the brave, you know. don't tread on us. if we say, oh, my gosh, we're going to have to sacrifice our freedoms because of the threat of terrorism, the terrorists have already won because it's our freedoms that make us americans. >> brian: on the fact that he's done lightly with the chinese -- telling the chinese we've been looking at your stuff to some degree, and now it turns out what we did or what the british
4:11 am
did at the g-20, we might have done with the russians, did he talk about how that might fit into the mold? >> i asked him specifically that, what would you say to the american people who say why did ed leak the secrets he leaked? he looked in the camera and he said, i don't know why. he must have seen things that we can't even explain right now. he also looked into the camera and said, very compelling, he said, ed, don't leak any more. he said, don't talk anymore. >> megyn: really? >> he also said he would like to see ed come back. i said, if that means a ten-year jail sentence or life in prison, do you 'til want him to come back? he said absolutely. we have a system here. come back. and something to the effect and again, i'm still going through a lot of this 'cause this happened late last night. i came down. he said something to the fact of, he's better off in prison here than a free man somewhere else, basically dealing with what he's done. >> megyn: does he have any
4:12 am
siblings. >> yes. yes. he does. before i go into too much, lon is very concerned about those -- other people, members of his family. he's hounded. >> megyn: they work in government service? >> yeah. he wanted to keep a little bit off. it's all going to come out. it's going to come out in pieces. we just want to make sure that everything is well vetted. >> brian: i hope snowden is near computers. i hope they're not in some type of surveillance business in the government. >> again, brian, there is a lot here, a lot to get to. we'll be rolling this out throughout the day on fox news. there is a lot to talk about. >> steve: all right. very good. eric bolling with the great exclusive you'll only see here on fox with lonnie snowden, the father, who says ed, stop it. >> megyn: isn't that interesting that the father is talking now? >> steve: it is.
4:13 am
>> megyn: the country seems divided. but a lot of people think he is a hero and want more snowdens near computers and others think he's a traitor and should be prosecuted. the dad himself saying, i don't think we should be spying on american, but stop it. >> steve: when you're in a hole, stop digging. he's already made the point. >> brian: i think it was first started, hero was here. every day the hero quotient is going down. >> steve: now you got glenn greenwald saying, i want to see all of this published. >> brian: i agree with dick cheney. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, have you ever cut off one of those tags off of a piece of clothing? if you sell those clothes, you could go to jail. actual law. more proof that we're living in regulation nation, coming up next. >> megyn: then, is this why miss utah didn't quite win number one last night's miss usa pageant? >> and miss usa 2013 is
4:14 am
connecticut! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: you'll find out why miss utah did not win right after this. congratulations, miss connecticut. and everybody in connecticut, have a beer on megyn.
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> megyn: coats without a tag?
4:18 am
one state to send to you jail. is that a sign we're living in a regulation nation? joining us is nicky neily. so in wisconsin, if you sell fur coats, you have to have the label on there. if you dewpoint, you could be fined or potentially imprisoned up to six months. why? >> yes. if you are found selling a fur coat in wisconsin, the badger state, bear in mind, the economy of wisconsin up until 1850 or before the packers wars bit on selling a fur. you have to have a tag that says what kind of pelt has been used. anything over $50. so is it rabbit or mink? is it panda? is it whatever. if you don't have that, yeah, you are liable to major fines and jail. >> megyn: it's very cold in wisconsin. i remember seeing green bay packers games where they look really, really cold doesn't matter what you have. if you got the hat and the coat, you better have the tag on. otherwise you could be in a lot of trouble. i did look this up. it does say that apparently some people use cat and dog fur, so
4:19 am
they really crack down on the regulation. that bummed me out. let's move on to louisiana. there they're all over the mattresses. >> yes. in louisiana, there is a law on the books that says you must, if you sell mattress sets, also give customers the option of purchasing them individually. and you must offer them at an individual price. so who would have thought in the land of mardi gras that this is a primary concern of law enforcement officials. >> megyn: i get resales because again, doing my research for this segment, now, this is going to gross you out. pay attention. mattresses can absorb bodily fluids. and mold mises, diseases and you can get spinal meningitis from mattresses. they do have to monitor them. >> this is a new mattress set or buying -- you just want to buy a box spring or an individual
4:20 am
mattress, that's all this covers. if you do it the first time, you're subject to a 50 to $100 fine. the second, up to a $300 fine and you lose the ability to sell mattresses for a year because selling mattresses is a privilege. not a right. >> megyn: here is the deal, buy a new mattress. that's the take away from this. mites and spinal meningitis is not something you want to put up. lastly, ginseng dealers. heavily regulated in tennessee. why? >> when you think about occupations licensed in states, you think states look at doctors or lawyers. in tennessee, ginseng dealers, major, major concern. they have to register when they first decide to become one. they also have to submit monthly receipts, annual receipts, and at the end of the growing season, which is august 15 to march 31, they have to have the remaining stock weighted and measured by someone from the department of the environment. who would have thought this
4:21 am
lowly root is major regulation. >> megyn: thank you. >> thank you. >> megyn: coming up, take a going look at this picture. promo for our next guest's new show. stay with us [ mannncer grandfather can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil. and let's say you bought cut rate insurance and you weren't covered. oh, and your car is a time machine. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back
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4:24 am
>> brian: 15 floors, a man in new zealand fell and survived. he locked himself out of an apartment after a night on the town and decided he would climb down the balcony. 90 million. that's the price tag on a california state once owned by walt disney who has a wonderful theme park that includes eight bedrooms a movie room and an underground tunnel where disney ran his miniature railroad. and by the way, $125 million, that's how much the man of steel raked in over the weekend at the box office. who saw it? anybody in the room?
4:25 am
>> megyn: janis dean did. >> brian: making it the biggest june opening ever. congratulations to superman. there is no kryptonite at the box office four. very good. >> steve: the brand-new -- rather the new net geo show "brain games" promises to have you second guessing the answers to some of the simplest questions. >> megyn: jason silva is here to try and stump us. hi jason. >> hi. >> brian: tell me the premise of this theory. >> so basically the show uses these perceptual experiments, these cognitive hacks, optical illusions to create a crack in how you perceive reality. so the games are used to create that feeling of doubt, that feeling that what you see is not always what you get. through that, that serves as a way to hook you in to want to learn about the brain. >> steve: the show is great. for you folks at home, you've got little riddles and stuff. what's the first one? >> here is an example of one of the brain games.
4:26 am
>> steve: play at home. >> so the brain receives incomplete information from the world and it likes to complete that information. we can prime you to show you the way in which you misperceive reality. one of the riddles is, mary's mother has four daughters. you can't answer this because we did this before. april, may, june and? >> megyn: july? >> that's -- >> megyn: i'll go out there. >> that's what we would have expected you to go outside. you see a pattern, you want to complete the pattern. but if you listen to the whole question, the question is, mary's mother has four daughters. >> steve: oh! >> you've been primed with the pattern april, may and june in order for to you say july. but because of the brain's desire to complete patterns, it frequently misses the big picture. >> steve: you're leading the witness! >> megyn: this is like any life.
4:27 am
>> brian: here is another question. it sounds something like this. in the back of my head. it's going to be here any second. here it is. we already saw that one. >> another one is how many of each kind of animal were in moses' ark? we don't know the total number. >> how many of each kind? >> two. >> two. >> but you missed it. >> brian: two. >> again, this is one of the examples, the brain hears animals and wants to complete that pattern and information. it doesn't listen to the whole thing. the whole thing is even though the brain is the most complicated object in the universe, it has a built-in perceptual shortcomings. we highlight them as a way to teach but your brain.
4:28 am
>> brian: you're a genius at this. kids are watching these mindless shows, you put it on, you make learning fun. >> that's the whole thing. we call it smartertianment. >> steve: we've got one final example. >> count the footballs. this is about intentional blindness, a feature of the brain. let's roll the first clip for ten seconds. you guys got to count the footballs as they fly through the screen. do your best. >> steve: ten, 12, 14 -- this is not working. 27 footballs. >> stop it right there. how much did you count? >> steve: 27. >> megyn: 27. >> that's actually the correct answer b. that's not the point of the experiment. it's been that you have been primed to focus on them as they fly through. you didn't see the text in the middle of the screen. >> megyn: in high school, it says read everything before you answer anything. of course, you didn't and you
4:29 am
answered all the questions and the last thing was, you don't into he had to answer any questions. >> thank you. this is the same thing. the idea, intentional blindness. there is a situation where you can't find your car keys. you're spending ten seconds to count the footballs. >> megyn: can you give us a quick version how to get past this? >> multi tasking is a mix. you can only focus on one thing at once. >> brian: the finale is june 24. we have two more left, right? >> yeah. tonight at 9:00 p.m., national geographic channel and next monday, 9:00 p.m. >> steve: we showed that earlier, you had u twice. >> megyn: that was fun and humiliating. >> brian: congratulations on the success of the series. >> thanks so much. >> steve: give our best to moses. is ts why miss utah didn't win last night's miss usa pageant? >> i think especially men are
4:30 am
seen as the leaders of this. so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve the problem. thank you. >> steve: major mistake. we're reading your e-mail and tweets coming up next. >> megyn: don't be so mean. and did you know that winnebago is made in america? anna kooiman is here next to show you how you can show american style. >> steve: that's one way to save on a hotel in new york city. >> brian: look at her dressing room. anna gets the best stuff
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
>> megyn: fox news alert. a developing story right now. in a few hours, a woman convicted of murdering a bible school teacher when she was just 15 years old will walk free. paula cooper was initially sentenced to die after she and two friends stabbed this woman, 78-year-old ruth pelky. cooper's sentence was lowered to 60 years after the supreme court ruled that minors could not be executed for their crimes. her grandson says he forgives her because he knows his grandmother would have. >> i became convinced without a shadow of a doubt that my grandmother would have compassion for this girl on death row. >> megyn: cooper served 28 years of that 60-year sentence and being released early for good behavior. >> steve: he's tried banning large soda, reduce your salt and
4:35 am
you can't smoke in restaurants. now mayor bloomberg wants to regulate what you do with your leftover food. he wants all new yorkers to start separating them for composting to create biofuel to save electricity. it's voluntary for now, but eventually become mandatory. that means people who do not separate their trash could be slapped with a fine. just imagine how big the rats will be in new york city once we start putting raw food out. >> megyn: i want to know more. what can be used and what can't be? what do we have to do? is it like taking the ham and cheese apart from the sandwich? >> brian: joining us now, john, explaining garbage. texas mom throwing punches to protect her kids from a carjacker. the suspect was hiding in the back seat of dorothy baker's car. her two sons were with her. the suspect threatening her with a knife and demanded $200. when she refused, he attacked. she fought back, knocking the knife out of the hand. >> i took my fist and i hit him in the face. i told him to get out of my car.
4:36 am
you don't come after people with kids and i told him he messed with the wrong witch. >> brian: baker followed him as he ran away. she ran him over. he'll be charged when he's released from the hospital. >> megyn: well, we now have a brand-new miss usa. >> and miss usa 2013 is connecticut! [ cheers and applause ] >> megyn: 25-year-old erin brady was crowned miss usa last night in las vegas. this but this morning, another contestant is stealing some of the spotlight. miss utah, marissa powell was asked why it is that women are still making far less than men in the workplace. >> i think you can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to
4:37 am
figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest problem. and i think especially men are seen as the leaders of this. so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> megyn: poor gal. i'm sure it's nerve racking out there. >> brian: absolutely. >> megyn: we asked you what you thought about her answer. alexander said, i felt bad for her. unfair question to answer in a short time. her bumbling seemed awkward. same girl. >> brian: and mark webber tweeted this, she should have just said what she felt. that it's still unfair and there needs to be paid more attention to. with the extra time, she could have done anything. >> megyn: i don't think they are taught to say what they feel. they're taught to see what's going to sound good, you know, sort of what's the acceptable answer. i'm sure that's not one of the ones they practiced for. she's going to get into an in-depth discussion of lily ledbetter? >> brian: my pageant knowledge
4:38 am
is lacking, so i'm going to go do some sports. you want to stay with me on that. >> megyn: she's a lovely woman. >> brian: right. the spurs take game five of the nba finals. this is true, megyn. they're now one win away from capturing their fifth title since 1999. 25 points, tony barker, who has been battling a hamstring injury had 26 points. the hee will try to stave off elimination and not get back to back titles by winning game 6 and 7. it's going to be tough for both squads. i can see a scenario where they come out victorious. the u.s. open, justin rose, not american, claiming his first win at a national championship. the first brit to win the u.s. open in 40 years. he finished at 1 over par. two strokes ahead of phil mickleson on his birthday, who came in second at the event. the sixth time in his career. because it's mickleson's birthday, he gave him the title. that is not true. >> megyn: wow.
4:39 am
that's extraordinary. >> brian: toss out to anna. she has something totally different for you. >> megyn: yes. anna is outside and she's a win bay dough. >> good morning to you and everybody at home. we are waving the american flag. did you know american half of all rv's are made lighter in america? we'll be showing you around these. coming up in our 8:00 o'clock hour, sarah palin will be touring around a winnebago with us. good morning, guys. >> this is dickey regal, the guy who -- you rent these. i've seen these things. these have been used by movie stars for their dressing rooms and stuff like that. tell us the story about the guy who invented it and how people could get plans for an amazingly low amount. >> wally byam is the founder of airstream, ink, 1931. and he really needed a place for his wife to cook. she wanted a kitchen. so he developed plans and he sold them in the back of popular mechanics magazines for one
4:40 am
dollar. >> steve: he sold $50,000 worth. >> the idea is that you take your kitchen with you and you can save up to 60% for a family of four on your vacation because you're saving on your travel and your restaurants and all that. let's look inside. >> no air fares. no other expensive travel cost. you're taking your hotel with you. in this case, this is an airstream to go travel trailer. you would have to spend about 85, $90,000 for this trailer if you bought it. >> steve: for that price, a lot of people don't realize that it actually comes equipped with a weather professional. >> there you have maria molina. >> actually summer starts off on friday. so that's a big time of the year that people do some traveling on the road and rvs. we're getting a personalized tour here and this is bigger than my new york city apartment. [ laughter ] much more luxurious. so i'm loving it.
4:41 am
cotton shoots back here. >> steve: what's this thread count? >> bathroom is here and a shower. refrigerator. >> steve: very good. >> this is the first time you've been able to rent one. this is a new company. for all those 82 years, you've had to own one. now you can actually rent one. that makes it more accessible to all americans to go out and see all our great stuff in this country. >> steve: you can live like a rock star. >> hope so. >> steve: all right. brian, tell us what's coming up along with megyn kelly in there. >> brian: because steve didn't leave the rundown. it's the site of bill o'reilly -- side of bill o'reilly you have never seen. i get a chance to go back stage with bill and dennis miller. one likes me more than the other. bolder fresher is selling out across america. >> megyn: how did you make that happen? unbelievable. >> brian: i have connections. >> megyn: he knows you and he still let you do it. >> brian: i threw the name roger ailes around. >> megyn: then we're helping our heros get back to work by using the skills they use best.
4:42 am
it's an awesome knew program and it's next.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
>> brian: one of them is a big-time journalist. >> megyn: stop sucking up. >> brian: can we just have camera one? obviously i have to start it again. welcome back, everybody. one of them is a distinguished
4:46 am
journalist. the other one is an outspoken comedian who is very, very funny. when bill o'reilly teams up with dennis miller, anything can happen. i got the back stage pass to their live show. watch. >> all right. it's finally going to happen. you're looking at it there. my whole access, back stage pack pass to the bolder fresher tour. >> now you're going to see mayhem. miller gets out there, god knows if he's going to be sober. we have no idea. >> brian: just give me the format. >> miller opens. i come out, do a few minutes of stuff you don't hear on tv, the real stories. then a break and we do a q and a written on the cards. >> brian: will i pay the price if the show doesn't go well? >> people don't know this, but the only reason you're doing this is 'cause you got in free. he doesn't want to pay the price. heading into the dressing room. miller is here. will you talk before the show? this is the closest thing to
4:47 am
team work you get in your business. >> i'm sort of the little snarky guy. something about he gives me a little bit of uncular and i give him laugh and they like it. >> there is a certain rhythm to the act, so you're going to break in new stuff. >> i will fail quickly if it's not working 'cause people tapa a ticket price. >> if i started heckling you, miller, you know's not good. miller, go back to the old stuff. >> brian: bill is about to announce dennis. people about to spot dennis miller. >> ladies and gentlemen, the fresh part of the bolder fresher tour. >> dennis miller! [ cheers and applause ] >> i think he's smooth when he's on prompter. there are people in dialysis less dependent on machinery than barak obama on a teleprompter. [ laughter ] >> brian: bill, he was worried about putting in new stuff for
4:48 am
people who spent a lot of money. what do you think? >> very honest. how are you, long island? [ cheers and applause ] the home team. let's take this irs deal. now, it's good for my ratings. all right? that's good for me 'cause every night i can have charles krauthammer go, arrgh. you know. for me, it's good. >> brian: here is bill o'reilly. he's got five minutes left on his set. dennis miller is getting ready to come out. >> to answer your question, i do think that holder will resign. but it's not going to be linked into anything. he's just going to want to spend more time with the irs. [ laughter ] you thought i was going to say family. barbara and lynn brook, who will be the next family? no, no, no. i got more important things to
4:49 am
do. >> write a book called "killing my salary." [ laughter ] >> brian: by the way, that stage rotates. one minute off great shot, the stage moves. and it's in the round. the next thing you got the back of the heads. it's impossible, unless they're going to rotate the cameramen. >> megyn: how many people there? >> brian: place is packed, sold out. i don't know how much. i'd say about 3,000. 1500. big difference. i don't know. they sell out all over the country. >> steve: i had some friends at that show. said they had never seen miller before. they had seen a lot of bill o'reilly. fantastic. they thought it was a great show. >> brian: because every show is different. >> megyn: bill is like a super hero. when you meet him in person, he can be a little shy. you get him behind the desk and put him on the stage and he comes alive. it's like the desk is like his cape. the super hero and he leaves nothing on the floor at all.
4:50 am
>> brian: and back stage, you see the neighbor walk up. hometown. >> steve: straight ahead on the rundown, we're helping our heros get back to work by using the skills they use best. cheryl casone, hey, cheryl, getting physical on the plaza with them coming up next. >> megyn: first on this date in 1965, "i can't help myself" by the four tops, made it all the way to number one on the charts. ♪ i can't help myself ♪ 'cause i love you and nobody else ♪ look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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4:53 am
>> brian: unemployment rate for 9-11 veterans, staggering 7.3%. but there are some heros on the home front helping our soldiers settle in on a career and it's a great career. you're here to tell us about it.
4:54 am
>> i am. this is the american council on exercise. this is the ceo. this is scott goodson. this is sergeant james. he's part of the program. real quick, james, you want to be a personal trainer. i have featured personal training jobs on this segment. this is a career path for you. why? >> long ago someone helped me get into shape and i think it would be great to be able to help someone else get into shape. and to make a living doing it. >> scott, 1,000 veterans will be trained on how to actually become personal trainers. the pay, 50 to 100 grand sometimes annually. >> right. it's a great opportunity for these individuals. perfectly qualified when they come back. they've been living for a higher cause there. now they can do this, help people combat obesity. we're really excited. >> this is a program that's free to veterans. on "fox & friends" on the web site, everything will be listed. brian, you and i have a mission right now.
4:55 am
we're going to get on -- >> brian: you think i can do this? >> absolutely. >> you ready? >> brian: i'm not really a bandanna guy. >> we got anna kooiman. how are you doing? >> hey, hey! we're ready. maria is out here. we're god. >> brian: wow. that's fantastic. >> you ready, brian? you're up, go, buddy, go! maria molina is up next. >> brian: catching up to you. >> i'm just going to keep talking. this is a program to get veterans back to work. americans spending a million dollars a year. the plan is get 30,000 vets back to work in the next -- >> what's next? >> brian: how much can i make doing this job? there's a lot of promise in this
4:56 am
job. >> you can make from 50 to 110, $120,000 being a personal trainer and some of these guys do. i want to thank the ceo. james will be starting the program next week? >> next month. >> everything is going to be on the web site for "fox & friends." >> brian: we can find out more. this is a great thing. if you talk to most military people, they're very motivational. you're not even breathing heavy. that bothers me, maria. >> this is intense. those rings on the floor. >> that's it. i'm going to keep work out. >> brian: all right. back inside. >> steve: that's fancy footwork. >> megyn: i am so happy i didn't have to be out there. [ laughter ] >> steve: me, too. although when brian was inside that tunnel, you couldn't see him because he was wearing the camouflage hat. >> megyn: he really looked like he knew what he was doing. the way that guy with the teacher guy made me feel, that's how he made me feel physically. >> steve: straight ahead, fox news alert. we're hearing from the nsa
4:57 am
leaker's father. >> megyn: then, cbs news compared the tea party to the iranian regime. former alaska governor and vp candidate sarah palin joins us live for the whole 8:00 o'clock hour. >> steve: come on over, governor. you're next [ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning. ♪ lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield technologies. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. (gasp) nope. aw! guys! grrrr let's leave the deals to (nice bear!) ooo! that one! nice! got it!
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the irs is out of control targeting law-abiding citizens playing politics losing their receipts for lavish spending let's end the irs [typewter] callor go to 88-390-3450 end the irs dotcom we can do it. hundreds of thousands of us have contributed or signed up. our best chance ever to shutter the irs is now that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america get nutrition they need. buy one a day women's, make a difference. starts with freshly-made pasta,
5:00 am
and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. >> megyn: good morning, everybody. it's monday, june 17. i'm megyn kelly in for gretchen carlson. a fox news alert for the first time, we are hearing from the nsa leaker's father. he has an important message for his son and it is an interview you will see only here. >> brian: the white house. >> steve: has not been so honest about the scandal at the irs. major break it in the case surfacing this morning and it does not look good for official washington. >> brian: steve, read three words of mine. >> steve: then cbs news. >> brian: just compared the tea party to the iranian regime. we're not kidding. former alaska governor sarah palin reacts. how do i know that? because she's here. "fox & friends" starts right now
5:01 am
>> steve: you're talking about this governor palin? >> brian: that's the governor i was talking about. welcome back to the couch. >> megyn: did you guys plan this? look how adorable you are. you look so good! this was definitely planned. [ laughter ] >> megyn: i'm almost done. they've got the hot water and the sheets ready just in case. >> a blueberry or a baby. >> megyn: we don't know if it's a boy or girl. my son is really hoping it's a fox or wolf. [ laughter ] disappointment is sure to follow. >> steve: your husband feels how about that? >> megyn: he says it's going to be a problem. >> brian: governor, welcome back to the channel. >> thank you. >> brian: it's great to have you here. is it true there has been reports from steve and megyn you're staying the whole hour. i'm looking for a third source. >> i get to be here the entire hour. we'll be here. thank you. >> steve: we got a lot of stuff
5:02 am
that we're going to talk about in the news. headlines this morning, we want your take on it. first, we'll listen to this pregnant lady do the news. >> megyn: i have a lot i want to ask. lot of headlines. in just a few hours, a woman convicted of murdering a bible teacher when she was 15 years old is going to walk free. she was initially sentenced to die after she and two friends stabbed this 78-year-old woman, ruth pelky. the sentence was lowered after the supreme court ruled minors could not be executed for their crimes. her grandson says he forgives cooper because he says his grandmother would have. >> i believe without a shadow of a doubt that my grandma would have compassion upon this girl. >> megyn: she served 28 years. and being released early for good behavior. for the first time we are hearing from the parents of missing storm chaser austin la pour. the 20-year-old university of chicago student vanished on wednesday night after venturing out to watch the bad weather
5:03 am
roll in. his father recalled a recent skype conversation where he said his son seemed happy and upbeat. >> it used to be when we skyped with him, it would be like 45 minutes on skype. and these last several months, he talked for three hours. and smiling and laughing the whole time. he was a very upbeat guy. >> megyn: chicago police setting up a dive team now to search lake michigan. new video this morning, more than 30 people had to be rescued after an amphibious sightseeing boat sinks in england. screaming children among those who were plucked from the freezing cold water. witnesses say the boat sunk, quote, like a lead balloon. second time this year that one of these duck boats have gone down in liverpool. no one hurt. investigators are looking into what caused this to go under. also new overnight, while you were sleeping, holly paz, a washington, d.c.-based irs supervisor was put on administrative leave. this after she came forward admitting to scrutinizing applications from tea party
5:04 am
groups. some of those applications sat idle for more than a year. she told congress she reviewed between 20 and 30 cases. >> steve: and let's go ahead and talk to the governor a little bit about that. we were told it was just low level people in cincinnati. now it's a supervisor in washington. >> i don't think people really are surprised. with more of these revelations coming forth regarding the overreach of government and the harassment of those who perhaps would oppose some of the administration's policies. i really don't think the general everyday, hard working american is surprised at any of this. >> brian: the explanation was unbelievable. they said, well, when they told me in cincinnati after the tea party groups, i thought they meant generically. they really expect to us buy that? >> that is so unbelievable and does not bode well for that individual's intelligence. why is she working for the irs
5:05 am
if truly she were to believe such a thing that tea party meant a liberal group. >> brian: progressive, yeah. >> i don't know, move or something. same thing as tea party. really, why would she be thinking that. >> megyn: i feel like we got ahead of ourselves because we went to the news. what have you been up to? how are you? >> i am doing great. very busy, of course, with five kids, two beautiful grandkids, writing a book about christmas and pushing back on the politically correct who would try to take christ out of christmas. we talk a lot about that in the book. a legalese how-to to protect the heart of christmas, and at the same time, a very festive and happy and jolly book about tradition and recipes and fun things about christmas. >> steve: you know the duck dynasty guys? >> see, we get to meet the important people in this world, yes. that's a good picture. i love that guy. >> megyn: have you been following this news school? obviously you're working on your book, but there has been so much
5:06 am
going on and they're calling it scandal mania in washington c. of the ones we've been watching, between the nsa spying and irs targeting conservatives and benghazi, which is the one that concerns you the most? >> it's the whole ball of wax, that all leads to this revelation that government lies, unfortunately. and with benghazi, government lied and people died. so that's very, very significant. the other issues are government lied and government spied. that's pretty bad, too. but i think the benghazi issue where brave, innocent americans lost their lives in defense of our country, our freedoms is quite significant because we still don't have truth in regards to what happened there. >> steve: that was part of the message of the tea party. hey, everybody, washington, d.c. is spinning out of control. it's getting bigger and bigger and now as we're learning with the irs, the nsa thing, they're keeping an eye on us. >> the message of the tea party
5:07 am
grassroots movement and that is that the government is out of hand, oppressive, intrusive into every aspect of our lives and it's grown so large that it is unaccountable at this point. >> brian: let's talk about edward snowden. now we find out he's got additional leaks as he promised. now he's saying, oh, yeah, the g-20, we spied medvedev. they say the british were spying on the entire roster of g-20. how does this help america become safer? >> well, first, i really don't think that snowden is the issue in any of this. i think that the issue again is that government is so large and so intrusive in all aspects of life that we need more revelations, we need more tea party to know what the administration is doing so we can hold our government that works for us, to hold them accountable. >> steve: first time this morning we're starting to see some of eric bolding's exclusive
5:08 am
interview with the father of that man, edward snowden. here is lonnie snowden, his father, talking about why he's coming forward right now. listen to this. >> i'm here because i'm really concerned about the misinformation in the media. he is a sensitive, caring young man. this is the ed that i know. the same eyes, the same ed. he just is a deep thinker. >> you said you were concerned about the way the media was portraying him. >> first and foremost, every place you read is high school dropout, high school dropout. the fact is that ed had an illness at the beginning of his sophomore year when his mother and i were going through a divorce. they believed it was mono. i believe it was diagnosed as that, but he missed approximately four or five months of school. he was going to fall behind. he asked if he could test into a program at the local community
5:09 am
college. there was some disagreement on whether he should. the bottom line is, he did. and he completed his high school equivalency in advance of when he would have graduated from high school. then continued taking college courses. >> steve: not quite the edward snowden we've seen in the main stream media. >> no. the father is trying to explain there that what he is hearing and seeing in the media is not the son that he knows. and i would just warn him that nothing will ever be the same for his son or for his family. the media that perhaps would be disagreeing with what these leaks entail andofficials not lt snowden is doing will try to not literally, shoot the messenger and nothing will ever be the same for this family. >> megyn: what do you make of this. someone who is running for office and didn't want this president in there overseeing the nsa, would you have continued this as a policy borne under president bush to keep us safe in the wake of 9-11 and barak obama is continuing it?
5:10 am
>> barak obama is perhaps saying that he would continue it despite the hypocrisy because he was so adamantly opposed to this type of surveillance when he was senator obama and that leads to more distrust of the administration, of politicians in general where they say one thing and do another. as for continuing the policy, we don't know really what the policy, what the practices are. we're just learning more about what our government does. >> brian: what i find amazing is that we have republicans explaining the president's policy that he evidently amended to make it more safer and accountable. we have chairman rogers saying this is what it's about. we have vice president cheney going this is why we need it. we have other congressmen and senators on the right saying listen, this is what went into it. this is how to keep us safe. where are the democrats explaining their own program for the democratic administration? >> all that we will get out of a democrat administration will be this picking and choosing of issues, the successes, the victories as a result of this
5:11 am
program, of the surveillance, and that's a bit unfortunate. people just want honesty from their government. we want to truly know what are the practices? how do we implement this surveillance so that the good guys aren't the ones being targeted and picked on? yet the good guys, brian, they are being picked on when you consider not just the surveillance issue of nsa, but look what the irs has been doing with targeting conservative groups that would oppose the administration. >> brian: intelligence community says draw a line between them. it has nothing to do with us. >> again, this is one big ball of wax of a big overgrown government that has gotten out of control and the people have had enough of this and we want to know what's going on in our government in order to make it more efficient, in order to make it a better, smaller, smarter government. >> megyn: what do you make of the fact that some democrats and some on the left have come out and said the reason they had to target the tea party groups was because there were so many applicants and they were trying to take advantage of a system,
5:12 am
unfairly, by getting tax exempt status, this is the accusation -- that they never were entitled to and that's why they need all this extra scrutiny? >> very weak argument, a very weak excuse to why they would sit on one political ideology, put that aside, ignore those applications and move on quickly with the more liberal, more friendly groups that wanted this tax exempt status -- no, i think the tea party groups and conservatives have been very patient, very gracious through all of this. here again, i think they are finally saying that's enough because we know now what's going on. >> steve: one other nugget that eric got from the father of edward snowden was the fact that he said, edward, stop leaking and come home. more with eric and his exclusive throughout the day right here on fox news channel. >> megyn: senator palin will be sticking around fort hour. up next, her plan to put the capitol on cruise control. senator ted cruz and the governor after the break.
5:13 am
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5:17 am
>> i wish congress would do? for a week perhaps, just put themselves on cruise control -- ted cruz control, just for a week and let's see where things go. i think we'd see some solutions. >> steve: good line. governor sarah palin delivering those passionate remarks this weekend at the faith and freedom coalition. but what does she mean by cruz control? >> brian: this morning texas senator ted cruz joins us live. let's ask him, what do you mean by that? >> that was the best line ever. >> brian: it was a great line. >> good morning, senator cruz. >> good morning, governor. it's always great to be with you. >> thank you so much. you know what i meant though, right? i'm saying, let someone like a senator cruz have some say in these policies and in this debate. don't stifle his voice, please, colleagues of senator cruz. let him speak. let us hear some solutions.
5:18 am
>> i certainly think it would help if we got back to the principles our country was founded on. i think we're seeing more and more leaders in washington standing up and to be honest, a big part of the reason has been the example that governor, you have played and the fearlessness with which you have advocated conservative principles. we've seen a whole new generation of leaders that have suddenly magically discovered a backbone. >> steve: that's nice of you to say. can we ask you a little bit about the nsa? we've got this leaker guy, edward snowden, who has revealed what our government has been doing behind our backs. are you comfortable with how big the nsa has gotten in our lives? >> you know, it certainly is cause for concern. i think depends on what the contours of the program are and i don't think we should rush to judgment or jump to conclusions. but part of the problem is we've seen a pattern from the obama
5:19 am
administration, whether it's the irs, whether it's targeting journalists, whether it's benghazi, of a willingness to use the machinery of government to implement political and partisan ends and then to mislead the american people about it. in that context, it makes it very difficult when the administration's response on the nsa is just trust us, because their conduct has not suggested that they're trustworthy. >> brian: yesterday dennis mcdonough said he told you guys everything. that's the one thing about his administration with the nsa program. they've been transparent with congress. >> well, with respect to the nsa, those briefings have focused almost entirely on two small committees, senate house and house intelligence committee. and beyond that, most members of congress were kept totally in the dark. virtually all of us learned about this program from watching the media, from the leaks that came out publicly and we didn't learn about it from the administration directly. >> megyn: despite what the --
5:20 am
>> despite what the administration is saying, perhaps it's a freshman senator cruz, you didn't get the memo. here you are. learning what the heck is going on and how it impacts our lives. >> well, sure. and you know, you and i both know, too much power in washington is a dangerous thing. the foundation of our country was the idea that we don't trust this administration. to be honest, we don't trust any administration. that's what the constitution was built on is it shouldn't be trust that protects our liberties. it should be the constitution. >> steve: senator ted cruz, today joining us from the beautiful city of san antonio, texas. sir, thank you very much for joining us today here on "fox & friends." >> thank you and by the way, i think the heat are winning in six. >> brian: no, you think the spurs? >> i did. i was just seeing if you were catching it. i took my dad to the spurs last night and we saw a fantastic game. >> brian: him and marco rubio have a good bet going.
5:21 am
senator cruz, we'll have you back on after the spurs wrap up. thank you for joining us. when we come back, 90210 megyn kelly style. >> steve: kinda [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small design firm can ship like a big business.
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5:24 am
>> megyn: welcome back. quick headlines for you. take a look at this. amateur video capturing firefighters as they rescued dozens of people stranded on a busted ride in a theme park in the u.k. thrill seekers, many children, stuck on the ride for two hours because of a mechanical failure. no one was hurt. brand-new details about the egypt air force to new york forced to make an emergency landing in scotland. a note was found in the bathroom threatening to set it on fire. this morning, five passengers who are syrian, are seeking asylum in britain. they were questioned by police, but not arrested.
5:25 am
>> brian: how can you forget this '90s heart throb from "90210"? >> hi. >> i'm just here returning some wedding gifts. not mine, of course. i'm steve. >> here you go. separate receipts. >> thanks very much. i didn't catch your name. >> no, you didn't. >> ouch. >> megyn: ladies, we didn't get your heart pounding back then, you sure will now. the actor launching a new career as a chippen dale. >> steve: what? >> megyn: yes. he's with us now. coming to us live from vegas. great to see you. i confess, i watch that show all the time. i was a big fan. >> thanks. >> megyn: we never saw you take all all your clothes. is that what we're seeing now? >> you saw more of me on the beach episodes in the early '90s. yeah, certainly, i was never
5:26 am
peeling clothes back on "90210". >> megyn: is this full monty? >> not quite, not quite. >> steve: but you are a bit of a stripper as we're watching right now. tell us about the transformation from a number of months ago to the guy with the washboard abs. >> there is nothing that will make a guy's guy feel more metro sexual than a spray tan and jock wax. >> brian: that hurts just thinking about it. >> when i got the call, i was about 207 pounds, which was a little soft around the edges. in the last two years, i've had a baby and my wife has been pregnant. so i kind half to make some sacrifices. they were welcome sacrifices. i've given up my gym time to take care of my baby in the morning and make sure my wife had everything she needed. so it's a welcome trade. what i was sacrificing, i was getting back in joy. that was an overload.
5:27 am
>> brian: you said you were worried when you got the call that your imwas of chris farley on snl. >> oh, man. yeah. that's what came to mind. i was a chris farley character, which was a bit disconcerting 'cause these guys are carved adonisis in marble. >> megyn: how does your wife feel about it? >> she's feeling pretty good. [ laughter ] >> megyn: she likes the transformation. >> yeah, yeah. the flirty texts, the hey sexy comments have been ramping up as my weight has -- >> steve: this is from your wife or people in the audience? >> well, mostly from -- well, both. [ laughter ] my wife saw the show the other night. i brought her on stage and made her give me a lap dance, just to turn the tables a little bit. people out because my wife's got skills. and they thought maybe i was cheating on my wife, but it was my wife. so it was perfect. >> steve: you're appearing there at chippendale's in las vegas
5:28 am
through june? >> through the month of june. thursday through sunday nights. having a blast. >> megyn: what's the one thing we need to remember if no one specific, but just somebody in general wants to lose 30 pounds? >> you really have to get to account and the tell people you're going to lose weight and set a time amount to make that happen and be dedicated, commit yourself to the success of getting there and do everything it takes because ultimately the body is going to win, but if we're mindful, you can curtail that. slow it down a little bit. >> brian: a lot of shaving and a lot of protein. >> lot of protein. >> steve: on the way out, see wayne newton. he will validate your parking. >> i appreciate that, thank you so much. >> steve: thank you so much. >> megyn: he looked good! he hasn't aged a day. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, a famous tv chef living a real life nightmare. what happened to nigella lawson and police are investigating.
5:29 am
>> megyn: cbs news compared the tea party to the iranian regime? governor sarah palin is back on that. she has something to say to cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off.
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♪ >> megyn: your shot of the morning. who hasn't seen this? [ laughter ] what could possibly -- worst baggage handler ever. the video comes from china. it shows the man carelessly throwing boxes on the conveyer belt. explains so much, doesn't it? most of them don't make it. they bounce off and land on the tarmac. doesn't seem to bother him. >> steve: if you're just joining us today, governor sarah palin is joining us on the couch this hour. great to have you back in the fox family. >> thank you so much. didn't go far. >> steve: you didn't. >> up there in alaska. thank you. >> steve: great to have you back. >> brian: we have megyn sitting in here. you have a show to do later. >> megyn: i'm still coming back at 1:00 p.m. >> steve: she's taking some time off in a couple of weeks.
5:34 am
so she notes ot ahead of time. >> megyn: that's exactly right. i have to not feel guilty when i go on maternity leave. >> brian: besides that, it's like any other hour. >> megyn: that's right. how many hear beats on this couch? >> five. >> brian: only one is kicking you. >> megyn: try to keep up. now the stories making headlines. a real life nightmare for a celebrity chef. nigella lausanne hosts her own show on the food network. this morning police are investigating disturbing pictures that appeared to show her being choked by her husband in public. she was grabbed by the neck at a restaurant in london. a witness says it was horrific to watch. lawson left in tears. at this time she's not made any complaints to police. in the past she has described a marriage that had its stormy moments. >> steve: meanwhile, how far would you go to protect your children? a mother from texas stopping at nothing and we mean nothing. a suspect was hiding in the back seat of dorothy baker's car.
5:35 am
her two sons were with her. the suspect popped up, surprised them, threatened her with a knife. he wanted 200 bucks. when she refused, he attacked and she fought back and knocked the knife out of the guy's hand. >> i took my fist and i hit him in the face and i told him to get out of my car. you don't come after people with kids and i told him that he messed with the wrong witch. >> steve: mama grizzly right there. >> right on. >> steve: baker followed the suspect and he tried to run away. she ran over him. he will be charged when he's released from the hospital. >> brian: all right. attention, carjackers, it's not worth it. he was supposed to fix the roof, not crash through it. >> i heard the banging all day. i wasn't expecting anything. but then all of a sudden, he's there. >> brian: the girl was sitting on the couch in her home in
5:36 am
philly watching cartoons when the roofer came crashing down on her head. she suffered two broken fingers and a concussion. the roofer was not hurt. his boss is in trouble with police. he's charged with filing a false report because he claimed he was the one who fell through the roof. >> steve: she could identify the guy. >> brian: like a reality show. >> megyn: talk about man's best friend. this dog saving his owner from a flood by -- >> brian: is that real? >> megyn: i was gog ask you. pushing his wheelchair in russia. drivers spotted the dog on its behind legs struggling through the high water. the man, appearing to wave them off. come on, really? i see the pictures, but i can't believe my lying eyes. >> brian: what's that scooby doo? >> megyn: the video has gone viral, get -- yeah, he is waving -- 800,000 hits. >> brian: i thought you should avoid going through water with a heel chair. >> steve: we don't know the circumstances. it almost looks as if the dog is
5:37 am
saving him -- >> megyn: i don't know. when i used to could co-anchor, he used to throw down the hooey card. >> brian: we have to wait to see how he feels about that. >> steve: check out this incredible video. you just saw lightning hitting the at & t building in downtown atlanta. big storms there last night. where is it storming today? all over the place, right, maria? >> that's right. it looks impresssive when they do it in slow motion. you can really see the bolt of lightning hitting the building. unfortunately today, if you live in atlanta, you could be seeing more of that activity, more thunderstorms expected today and even over the next several days, at least until thursday. expecting not only lightning bolts, but even some areas of heavy rain. that could be causing delays. as we head into areas farther west across parts of the plains and even into sections of colorado and new mexico, you could be looking at some severe weather in terms of damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour, large hail and even some isolated tornadoes.
5:38 am
one bit of good news with those storms is that we do have an ongoing drought, up to exceptional category. that will bring in much needed moisture into that area. otherwise again, rain expected into parts of the southeast, including atlanta, georgia and also across the mid-atlantic. temperature wise, a hot day in texas. 90s. triple digits in el paso. sarah palin in alaska, many people have been experiencing record heat or record challenging heat. fairbanks, alaska yesterday got up to 88 degrees. today, more widespread 80s. >> brian: in alaska it was 88? >> yes. >> can you believe that? >> a month ago the lake was frozen and here it is, a heat wave. >> brian: tell the ice fishermen, they can stay on shore. >> be careful. >> steve: also be careful while you're here in new york city. it looks like mayor bloomberg, this won't impact you because you're getting out of town shortly. but apparently his latest great idea, you remember he's the one ho said, no big gulps, reduce the salt, no smoking.
5:39 am
now what he's saying is wherever you live in new york city, you've got to separate the food scraps from the regular garbage so they can recycle the food scraps to create biofuel. >> do new yorkers feel like you're just a bunch of little babies with thank goodness you got this nanny over you telling you what to do every day, otherwise you couldn't get through your day? how do you guys feel about this stuff? >> brian: you should tell us. the power of the office. do you think the power of the office, even for a billionaire, is getting to him? he sees it coming to an end. he wants to enact everything he thought on his bucket list. >> his bucket list is pretty bizarre. but maybe things like that will kind of keep him busy, keep him away from the bigger issues like trying to disarm those who want to protect themselves while he's protected by some armed folks and yet, taking away new yorkers' second amendment rights to not allow self-defense. i just think your mayor, bless his heart, i'm sure well intended, but i feel for new
5:40 am
yorkers who don't have that liberty, that freedom to live as you deem most appropriate and safest and best for yourselves and families. >> steve: one of the scary things is you got to keep the food scraps somewhere in your kitchen until recycling day. >> megyn: how does this square with the garbage disposal? >> brian: we don't know. >> steve: everything would go down the garbage disposal in my house. >> megyn: is that now illegal? >> steve: maybe. >> brian: how does it work with bernie's mountain dog leaving scraps around. >> megyn: i hear governor palin saying she's backing governor wiener. >> the choices y'all have. >> brian: she's backing anthony wiener? >> megyn: it's 8:30 in the morning. keep your dirty mind to yourself. stop it. >> steve: meanwhile, buy a slurp, cbs news has compared the iranian president to the tea party during a newscast. here is elizabeth palmer. >> well, he was seen as the most
5:41 am
reformed minded of all the candidates who ran this time. that being said, they were all very conservative. in u.s. terms, it was as if all the candidates for the presidency came from the tea party. >> steve: okay. >> thank you for that, elizabeth. >> elizabeth, you just put the bs in cbs. it's things like that that people hear and see and realize how out of touch the main stream media is, to compare -- really -- the iranian revolutionaries with those who are patriots in america and just want government to live within its constitution? really? >> megyn: this follows the same time that scott pelley gives an interview in which he touts the relevance of cbs, diminishes cable news, claims cable news gets 200,000 viewers, which obviously he has not seen the ratings of fox news channel, and suggests that -- he thinks the right has fox. he thinks the left has msnbc and he says cbs needs to appeal to
5:42 am
the entire country. and that's what they do through the reporting of women like elizabeth. >> i think cbs, i think scott pelley used the word perception. he wanted to make sure that there was a perception of that fairness instead of just dealing in truth and the who, what, where, why of journalism that i learned, we all learned, i think studying journalism, and there is cbs with scott pelley's comments there trying to make it sound like they need to placate whomever the audience would be, instead of just telling the truth. >> steve: he also said in the interview, we don't need our own cable news channel because i think the internet is bigger anyway. >> he also talked about mistakes that have been made on cable newscasts, which obviously that happens. but didn't mention some of cbs news' most infamous -- >> steve: what about happened to dan rather? >> megyn: that's a slippery slope to go down to start casting stones.
5:43 am
>> brian: eight minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, how to see america the best possible way you can in an rv perhaps that's made in america? anna has your tour, in fact, i think we're witnessing it. >> steve: that's a nice place. >> megyn: and governor palin sticking around for this because our next guest came here all the way from alaska. the captain from "deadliest catch" here next k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
5:44 am
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5:47 am
>> brian: quick headlines now. encouraging news about the girl who just had a lung transplant. sarah murnaghan. her family says she's relying less on her ventilator. her family keeping everyone posted on her condition via facebook. a man facing charges for trying to protect his family's home. he says he found a group of boys ages eight and ten using hammers to destroy his father-in-law's house. when they tried to run, he locked them in a closet until the cops showed up. the man facing child endangerment charges. first this. >> steve: on the deadliest catch, they're putting their lives on the line to hunt the
5:48 am
giant alaskan king crabs. joining us are the stars of the show, captain jonathan hillstrand and wild bill witchrowski. good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> steve: and governor sarah palin knows these guy. >> you're are our heros. you're something else. hardest work guys are the commercial fishermen. >> we have the best time when we're not working too, though, right? >> yeah. we're still slaying them. >> steve: i didn't realize until i was talking to her in the commercial, she was actually involved in your industry for a while. you were working on a land-based -- >> a processor, yeah, with king crab and todd and i commercial fished. we get to too as we travel around the nation, people hear we're commercial fishermen, they're like, you watch "deadliest catch"? i'm like i do the same thing as these guys. not even close. you guys, with those -- >> i do that too in the summer. >> the size of the vessels, there are more deaths per capita in the commercial fishing
5:49 am
industry and crabbing industry than anywhere else. your work ethic is amazing. >> it's kind of where the name came from, deadliest catch. >> perhaps. >> we don't like it. why does it have to be like that? >> steve: i've been watching a little of this season and i see the tempers are wearing thin. you spend all that a time on the boat and you start swinging at each other. >> it comes down a month early. so 200 is good fishing. all hell gets unleashed on us. >> the weather plays such an important part in the industry. if it's fine weather, it's easier to do the job. when you get the ice and wind and seas, it makes it dangerous. it makes it the deadliest catch. >> you'll see all hell get unleashed. it gets worse from where it's at right now. it's intense. i watched last week's show. i go, wow! it's going to get worse 'cause i was there. it's not going to get any better. >> it's a great show. when it really does -- it illustrates not only the work ethic, but the dangerous
5:50 am
condition. hopefully it makes people appreciate that wild, healthy protein that it is that you harvest and then supply the rest of the world with. >> a lot of work to bring that crab to the table. >> people realize after watching the show why crab is so expensive. they look at what it takes for us to get it to the table and they're like, i know it cost a lot of money to buy it. now i see why, because we watch you on the show. >> we brought a lot of respect to a lot of the fisheries, over the sword fishery. the salmon guys in the summer. it's hard work. >> "deadliest catch" has brought alaska to the map. we're one of the original ones. we've been around nine years, going on ten, which is epic. >> steve: that's why we love the show. it's a salute to you and it is deadly. check it out. captain and wild bill, thank you very much. >> a pleasure. >> you guys are our heros. >> steve: next up, what's the best way to see america the
5:51 am
beautiful? on the road. just ask governor palin. she's done it. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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>> good morning. coming up, this is going to be interesting. president obama and putin go face-to-face in ireland today while the syria war heats up with our two countries on opposite sides. and then the president will be off to africa for a $60 million trip during the sequester. that's raising eyebrows. and brand-new information on how high up the irs story goes. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. >> did you know half of rv's are made in america.
5:55 am
joining us is sarah palin. i know you're a huge fan. >> huge fan of road trips. >> good morning. tell us what we're seeing. this is kind of the daddy of the winnebago n. >> this is a 43-foot journey diesel motor home. it has two bathrooms. it has lots and lots of space. winnebago is a great american brand. it's just a way to get american families out. >> there are 16,000 different camp sites across the country and there is all kinds of things for kids and for seniors. what did you enjoy while going across the country? >> enjoying all of america's history, until getting out there on the road, you're reading about it and watching it on tv. until you experience it on the road, in a motor home is the most luxurious and convenient way to see this country. >> governor palin, it's been so much fun for you and your family. you make a lot of memories. >> absolutely. it's all family oriented and in
5:56 am
your case, from chassis to interior to roof tops, american made? >> this is all american. what better way to get out and see america's great venues, our national parks than in this great american way. winnebago journey, 20 million americans will get out this summer and visit america's national parks in an rv. >> thank you so much for your time and thank you for your service to our country as well. >> thank you. >> guys, back to you on the curvy couch. this is very cool. 25 million americans that are employed by this industry and $11 billion a year industry. more "fox & friends" coming up in just a couple minutes. don't go anywhere. >> steve: what she said. >> brian: i agree. >> megyn: me, too [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d
5:57 am
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this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $35 a month.
5:59 am
>> steve: well, governor and megyn, thank you very much for joining us today. >> a pleasure being here. >> thank you. >> megyn: my humiliation is complete. >> brian: you look fantastic. this whole group will be in the after the show show.
6:00 am
>> steve: that's right. >> megyn: we'll see you at 1:00 p.m. >> steve: you're already trying to steal our audience? >> megyn: i just gave you three hours. >> brian: or run to the radio if you can. how is that? >> steve: see you tomorrow. bill: good morning, everybody. a fox news alert. there are new secrets revealed by the nsa leaker edward snowden said to be dropping his next bombshell. he says british diplomats spies during the high-stake tawngs to get and upper hand. martha: snowden claims british spies tapped phones and set up fake


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