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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 17, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> a verdict for you now. a judge released chad johnson from jail. he she slapped the former nfl star with 30 days in the slammer after he slapped his attorney's backside. >> thanks for watching: here's "studio b." >> here's what we're following on "studio b." the nsa leaker, he is speaking out yet again, this time in an online live chat. it comes as ed snowden's father speaks out. the leaker's latest revelations could make things interesting in the g8 summit in island elf right now president barack obama meeting with russian prime minister vladimir putin. we're expecting new videotape of the meeting minutes from now.
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plus, a guy who says he caught vandals red-handed making a mess of this home. but why is he the guy who is facing jail time after he tried to stop them. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> we begin this hour with the computer technician who says he leaked top secret documents on our government's phone and surveillance program. he is speaking out again, in a live online chat hosted by the guardian newspaper. edward snowden says the truth will come out even if he is thrown in jail or killed. snowden says he felt compelled to leak details about the nsa program because president obama broke a bunch of campaign promises to end certain programs and instead, quote, expanded self abusive programs. the news about the nsa's collection of millions of telephone and internet records has led to weeks of furious debate over government spying,
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defenders say the programs approved by congress after 9/11 protect americans. former vice-president dick cheney one of the architects of the program spoke with fox news sun. >> what that's program allows us to do, and the reason it was set up and been operated, when we went to karachi and captured sheikh mohammed be other could get his row low -- rolodex. >> jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. what else is edward snowden saying? >> well, greg, in essence he says it was because he heard u.s. officials lie to congress, suggesting that james clapper's march testimony may have influenced his decision to put out these leaks. he dismissed suggestions during his online chat that he is a spy for china.
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>> i think he is a traitor. i think it's one of the worst occasions in my memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the national security interests of the united states. >> quote, it's important to bear in mind, i'm being called a rater by men like former vice-president dick cheney, snowden wrote. this is a man who gave us the warrantless wire tapping scheme as a kind of atrocity warmup on the way to deceitfully engineering a conflict that killed over 4400 and maimed nearly 3200 americans. being called a traitor by dick cheney is the highest honor you can give an american, according to snowden. >> what plots does the nsa say it foiled with the help of these programs? >> well, we expect general keith alexander, who heads the nsa to testify before the house intelligence committee tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. about those plots. here's snowden's response,
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quote, journalists should ask a specific question. since these programs began operation shortly after september 11th, how many terrorist attacks were prevented solely by information derived from this suspicionless surveillance that could not be gained via any other source. then ask, how many individual communications were ingested to a chief that and ask yourself if that was worth it. police officers kill more americans than terrorism, yet we have been asked to sacrifies our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it. this is released by edward snowden or at least the person who siled he was edward snowden in this online chat. >> jennifer, thanks. today's live chat with edward snowden comes on the heels of new revelations from the leaker, which are likely making president obama's trip overseas to the g8 summit a little
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awkward. the guardian newspaper is reporting the u.s. spied on then-russian president dmitry medvedev, calling on moscow during another summit in london 2009. president obama's meeting with the current russian president, vladimir putin right now, we're awaiting video of the meeting and will bring it to you when we 2010 it. the guardian newspaper also reports british spies hacked into foreign diplomats telephones and e-mails during the d20 conferences in 2009. edward snowden's dad says he hopes his son stops leaking information and comes home. >> your family loves you and we want you to come home. we want you to be safe. we want you to be happy. but i know you're your own man and you'll do what you feel you have to do. >> you, watch more of the speaker rue on the five. greg, what else are we learning?
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reporter: at it thought here that the new revelations from the nsa leakerred war snowden is no coincidence it comes at the same time the uk is hosting hose g8 summit in northern ireland. officials for the nsa equivalent here, called the gchq, eavesdrop on various delegation alts two g20 meetings back in 2009, allegedly they set up a customized internet cafe to check out officials e-mails as well as a team of 45 agents working around the clock with real-time monitoring, both of phone calls and of messages. as for the snoop on medvedev, that involved americans working for the nsa who were based over here in the uk. this was at a time when the obama administration, as you recall, was trying to reset relations with russia. maybe try to relisten as well. >> what is the mood at the g8 summit as this information is
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trickling out? >> the thinking is that there's a little bit more -- between the conversations. the uk prime minister david cameron was asked whether anything like this, like that eavesdropping, was going on this week at the summit. he said he could not comment on security and intelligence matters. now two countries said to have been targeted. turkey and south africa, are demanding answers from the uk, and as for the russian, one russian official declared it was a scandal about what happened with dmitry medvedev. it is widely suspected that there's a fair amount of surveillance at these meetings, and it's assumed that even post cold war the u.s. and russia are listening very closely to each other, but a lot of detail coming out now, greg, from these documents, purporting to show this eavesdropping. no word yet again from that meeting between putin and obama. we're watching, and we're
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listening. back to you. >> like claude raines, i'm shocked, shocked we're actually eavesdropping on the russianss at a g8 summit. wow. let's take this to the judge, judge andrew napolitano. i don't want to quote claude -- i don't want to talk about that aspect. i want to talk about the leaker and what he said today. he appears -- you read the transcript, all the questions. he appears to be angry that the president allowed so-called abuses. the nsa program. >> i think you know that i share his view they were abuses. i share his anger. but my anger one piqued his was. didn't know what was going on in the background or beneath the surface when general clapper directly and pointedly lied under oath to senator widen and a senate investigation committee, are you collecting -- is the nsa collecting vast amount office data about
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millions of merges? >> congress signed off on this. a fisa judge signed off, and until a higher court says otherwise, it's legal. >> it's legal but not constitutional and not legal for senator wide ton be -- widen to be lied to general clapper knows how to communicate without lying under oath. >> the supreme court says there's no privacy rights for tell telephone information. we doubt, the court said, people in general entertain any actual expectation of privacy in the numbers they dial. all telephone user realize may must convey tell numbers to the telephone company since it is through telephone company switching equipment their calls are completed. the same could be said about internet communication because they're handled by third party -- >> an out of date case, totally irrelevant today in the era of the gps devices and your telephones. let me tell you what a phone
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call can tell the spies about. who made the call, who received it. where each party was, how frequently they talked. they can then put that into an algorithm, a preset program that will analyze and say, talks to this person every day at 2:00. >> a suspicious pattern, arguably, about terrorist activity. >> reveals everything. if it was suspicious. they would go to a federal judge and get a search warrant for that, because you're going to a judge yet a second time to get more specific content related information. >> that's what they should have done the first time. any judge who signs a search warrant to let the government look at the phone records of half the country does not understand the history, meaning, value, and purposes of the fourth amendment. that is a dragnet and a fishing expedition which the fourth amendment was written to insulate us from. >> to share the anger of edward snowden, want to quote bob she fer. he says snowden put the nation
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at risk and when you flee the country rather than accept responsibility, that is not courage, it's cowardice. >> a lot of heroes are flawed. i called this young man a hero last week. i call him a hero again. i can't defend all of his personal behavior and don't know what is going through his head but the behavior that is utterly indefensible is the head of the american spies lying to congress, and the president spying on half he country and not acknowledging. >> do you agree he does not qualify under the whistle blower statute? this is not misconduct because a judge sign off. >> i would not agree. this is misconduct of the highest sort for the government to do that which the constitution was written to prevent them from doing. would you expect i would change my view? >> no, of course not. you and i disagreed for 20 years. >> yes, we have. >> not going to change it today. >> always a pleasure.
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>> the nuclear standoff with iran taking a new turn today after the election there of a new president who says he will be a moderate, but is this really a chance to start fresh or will we see the same stonewalling and evasion from the iranian regime? that is next. you make a great team.
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iran's newly elected president says he'll follow a path of moderation, and justice north extremism. president elect hassan rowhani is a so-called moderate cleric. he promised to be more open about his country's controversial new nuclear program and at the same time he is against any attempts to stop iran's enrichment of our rainam. he won the presidential election in a landslide, taking 50% of a
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vote. some analysts say his victory could mean new talks with the west, but others point out, the ayatollah really runs iran no matter who is president. the fox report's jonathan hunt live now with the story. what else does the newly elected leader have to say. >> the first news conference by the president elect was very much one of those on the one hand. on the other hand kind of presentations. on the one hand he said he wants better relations between and run the rest of the world, including the united states and he promised greater transparency in iran's nuclear program. on the other hand he laid down three what the termed changes in attitude he wants to see from the united states. listen. >> translator: firstly, the americans must agree they will not interfere in iran's internal affairs. secondly, they must recognize all the rights of the iranian nation, including the right to a nuclear program. and thirdly, they must put aside
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policies that are one-sided orthos that try to bully and intimidate iran. >> it seems that the president-elect was talking to two audiences there, the international audience to some sten, in particular the united states, and also a domestic audience that does not want to see itself as a bullied nation. >> the west and israel in particular should not get terribly excited just yet. i mean, after all, the president doesn't hold all the power. >> certainly doesn't. the way that iran is run, the real power is with the supreme leader, currently the ayatollah and that was acknowledged today by a state department spokesman. >> the question is what happens moving forward and we'll see. but as you know, the supreme leader holds the nuclear portfolio, and the leadership -- we have not had expectations leading up to this election that would change. >> it is worth pointing out, greg, the head of the u.n.'s
12:18 pm
nuclear watch dog, the iaea said that iran is pushing ahead with that nuclear program and the sanctions do not appear to be slowing it down. >> jonathan hunt, thank you. the fbi once again trying to solve one of the biggest mysteries in american history, agents now digging up a field searching for the remains of controversial union boss jimmy hoffa. why now? and what clues might they have? plus, a hair stylist claims she was forced to quit her job for shaving her head. she says it wasn't just a new do. it was in support of her sister who is battling cancer. that's ahead. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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>> investigators are pursuing yet another lead in their search for the remains of jimmy hoffa. the man in one of the most high profile missing persons cases in american history. fox news now confirmed the fbi and local authorities have been digging for the possible remains of hoffa in a field outside detroit. investigators won't officially say what led them to that field, but an alleged former mobster, now in his 80s, recently said the body of the one-time teamsters president was bury at that sight. hoffa went missing in 1975 after sag egg he was going to meet a suspected member of the detroit mafia and a teamsters boss at a restaurant. all kinds of leads in the case have gone cold over the years, and the government declared hoffa legally dead in 1982. eric shawn is live with more. eric, where exactly is this field? >> the field is 40 miles north of detroit, but it's 20 miles
12:23 pm
from where jimmy hoffa was last seen in 1975, in the parking lot of a restaurant in bloomfield hills, michigan. an underboss told a local detroit television station in january he believes hoffa was buried in that field but at mids he was in prison at the time. despite that authorities are taking the story seriously. >> hope we can give this closure to the hoffa family and also to the community. stop tearing this scab off with eave new lead. >> the dig is expected to continue for a few more days. >> this isn't the first time somebody said i know where hoffa is buried. right? >> that's for sure. there have been countless claims about we at fox news broke the story about the most credible one, the only official suspect in hoffa's disappearance who did say he killed jimmy where --
12:24 pm
jimmy hoffa, frank sherman, former hitman, and close hoffa friend, took the fifth at the grit grand jury in 1975 put admitted to me and to his former lawyer, charles brandt, who wrote a biography about him, he shot hoffa in the head at this detroit house. so we won't to that house and took then floor look for possible blood evidence. the team of retired michigan state police investigators spread luminol on the floor that the detectives the evidence of blood, and found it, blood pattern on the floor that set the story precisely. most by the door and then seven drops down the hallway, where he said hoffa's body was dragged out the back. the fbi was not able to get a dna match to hoffa. he said hoffa was cremated but his body could have taken phloem house and dumped in the field. greg, we may soon know if they actually do fine anything.
12:25 pm
>> thanks very much. >> how about this story. a woman says she shaved her head to support her sick sister, and she says because of that she had to quit her job. she had been working as hair stylist in washington state. she says she shaved her head when her sister began cancer treatment, a show of support. so her sister wouldn't suffer the effects of chemotherapy alone. but the hair stylist now says her boss told her to wear a wig because customers wouldn't want a bald woman cutting their hair. she says she had no choice but to resign. >> i don't feel like i should just cover up what i'm standing up for. the reason i did it was to support, and i'm proud to show that and a proud supporter. i don't feel like that's something that should be hidden. >> now the folks who own the spa are responding to this. trace gallagher with the news live. sounds like the manager who told her to wear the wig is in a bit
12:26 pm
of trouble? >> yeah. the casino who says it owns the spa and salon won't tell us if the manager has been suspended but they do say they're investigating his actions and they are very, very concerned about the way this whole thing was handled. issued a statement to us saying, quote: to be clear northern quest does not have a policy that prohibits team members from shaving their heads and there's no policy that eyes someone with a shaved head to wear wigs. we have had others who have had cancer and others who shaved their head in support of family and friends. the casino offered the woman her job back and hope she will accept that offer. >> has she responded to that yet? >> no. she hasn't. in fact the casino said that's tried to contact her many time no response. we tried to contact her, still nothing. it's possible she might be options aside from getting the job back. maybe she's believing she is
12:27 pm
entitled to something else. but the sister who actually has ovarian cancer, the one she shaved her head in support of, says she thinks this whole thing has made her extraordinarily proud. listen. >> it means more than words. i mean, melanie and i have been lucky enough to be sisters but we're blessed to say we're best friends as well. >> melanie strandberg has only been working at the salon for seven months. >> trace gallagher. thanks very much. >> president obama is meeting with russia's president putin, a tense faceoff as the leaders try to tack the war in syria. we're live at the g8 mid-some ireland. and later majors u.s. supreme court ruling means big changes to those controversial voter i.d. laws. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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vo: i've always thought the best part about this country is that we get to create our future. you get to take ownership of the choices you make. the person you become. i've been around long enough to recognize the people who are out there owning it. the ones getting involved and staying engaged.
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they're not sitting by as their life unfolds. and they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, like they do in every other aspect of their lives. >> this is "studio b." a tense might at the g8 summit in ireland as president obama faces russia's leader for the first time in a year. we're expecting new video of the meeting between vladimir putin and president obama any moment now. this faceoff likely to be rather tense after the u.s. announced it would send weapons to rebel forces in syria. now, russia is syrian regime's strongest ally in the region and they have been providing weapons
12:32 pm
to the syrian president, assad, for years. the same leader whom the u.s. officials say has been gassing his own people to death with chemical weapons. president putin repeatedly warned the u.s., stay out of the fighting in sirra, saying it could cause the crisis to blow up into a bigger regional war. wendell is with the president. president putin doesn't seem terribly eager to cooperate on the subject of syria. right? >> well, even before a report about uk people snooping on former russian president medvedev, he was ready -- didn't need much to dig in his heels. president obama wants mr. putin to pressure bashar al-assad to send representatives to a peace conference in geneva but syrian rebels won't attend until assad afrees to step down. yesterday mr. putin accused the rebels of eating the flesh of their enemies and would never agree to let them come to power.
12:33 pm
today his foreign ministry spokesman rejected the idea of a no-fly zone, and mr. obama said northern ireland's success in dealing with second tearan violence could and should be a model for other countries to followed. seems a stretch to think that mr. putin might respond to that idealistic approach. >> how long are the republicans reacting. >> they feel the president has been behind the start. john mccain pointed to a report that iran is sending 4,000 fighters to back bashar al-assad and tweeted this afternoon, quote, and we're going to send light weapons? michigan congressman mike rogers says he doubts the obama administration actually has a strategy for resolving the syrian conflict. >> it seems to me they have a great media strategy. they don't have a great syrian strategy, and i don't believe any of our numbers, both
12:34 pm
republicans and democrats, express concern about where they think we are today and where we think the administration wants to go. >> rogers tide say he thinks congress would quickly approve a request to send arms to syrian rebels so the obama administration concerned about the weapons finding up in the handed of al qaeda affiliated groups. >> wendell live in ireland. thanks very much. joining me now to talk, aide stoddard. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what are the chances president obama is going to be able to convince vladimir putin to bring assad to the negotiating table? why would putin change course now and since assad is wing, why would he offer concession? >> that's a good point. things have shifted since putin and obama met a year ago, actually a year ago tomorrow in mexico at the g-20, and agreed to nothing.
12:35 pm
they both came to the microphones after a tense meeting and said they thought the violence should be controlled and reduced and they didn't really know what to say. so, here you have the opposition really on its heels, and the syrian government and the assad regime back in control with the momentum, with the help of hezbollah, with the help of the iranians, and putin has made it very clear he is going fulfill the contracts. he has with assad for antiaircraft missiles and warships. he intends to stand by him. and you know, officials from the russian government have said all sorts of things about our government's motives and the lack of credibility in assessing the use of chemical weapons and terming there was an attack, et cetera, so this meeting, you can't call it a waste of time but no one expects anything to come out of it. >> the president made a big splash, saying that it's -- assad used chemical weapons on his own people, that would cross
12:36 pm
a red line, and we're going to take strong action. well, assad did use chemical weapons against his own people. and our action is now being described as weak, offering some small arms and ammo to the rebels. does that send, do you think, a message to nations throughout the world, when the u.s. president says something, opportunity really mean a lot. that the u.s. is increasingly weak and retreating. >> you're hearing from senator mccain and other advocates of a stronger push in syria, this is so late, the opposition has been so radicalized, infiltrated by ihaweddist, different oppositions oppositions and insurgencies than it was when this was the beginning of a civil war and a more secular opposition. they're very worried about the fact the rebels are saying, first of all we don't believe the u.s., we see on tv they say they're going to help us but no one told us anything is coming, and they even expressed the fact
12:37 pm
it could be too late. so you see the hesitance on the part of president obama about getting into a war in the middle east that could escalate. the fact that it's becoming a regional war is exactly the reason that senator mccain and others are saying we need to get in soon and have to be heavier weaponry, and no-fly zone and air strikes, because this kind of soft weaponry and humanitarian aid will not get the job done. >> the rebels are most vulnerable to syrian missile. >> states cannot force americans to prove their u.s. citizens before they register to vote in federal elections. that according to major u.s. supreme court ruling today striking down arizona's proposition 200 voter registration law. now, the justices tossed out the law today in a 7-2 decision saying the measure illegally went beyond federal voter registration rules. civil rights activists said
12:38 pm
arizona's law placed an extra burden on immigrants who have become u.s. citizens, forcing them to register in person rather than using their naturalization documents. analysts say it will have a big impact across the nation because several states have similar requirements and a dozen others have been considering such legislation. we're live at the u.s. supreme court. shannon, what is the middle impact of the ruling. >> right now in arizona, folks show up and want to register to vote in a federal election, there's a small federal form they can check off saying they're a u.s. citizen and sign it under penalty of perjury and arizona can no longer require them to have additional documentary proof showing they're a u.s. citizen. righting for thearchity, justice antonin scalia said the fairest -- not required by the federal form is inconsistent with the nvra, or federal laws man tate that states accept and use the federal form, so the
12:39 pm
rule requirements from arizona have been tossed. several other states, by our count four, that have a similar measure, 12 others have been considering it but all of that is now on hold. >> this may not be the end of the legal battle, right? >> yes. reporters at the -- passed by voter in 2004 saying the people out this average americans, should be worried about the ruling. here's the president of judicial watch. >> we need to have confidence that our elections are clean, and if we don't have any rules associated with the elections in terms of making sure citizens are only voting, and making sure that you are who you are when you turn up to vote, and all bets are off. >> i talked with the arizona attorney general and he said, hey, we're disappointed no, doubt, but he pointed to the portion of the opinion which justice scalia said, listen, arizona can goo the federal election admissions committee and say to them, we want you to
12:40 pm
add this requirement that we be allowed to use the forms. if the eac says no, arizona can take this dispute right back to court. general horn said he thinks that's a path forward to the supreme court mapped oust for them and thinks arizona will be vicious on -- victorious on this point. >> shannon, thanks very much. a man in upstate new york now facing serious legal trouble for locking four kids in a closet. here's the catch. he says he locked them up after catching them doing $50,000 worth of damage to his father-in-law's house. why is this guy the one in handcuffs? details next. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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>> an update on a story we first reported the last hour. an investigation is underway after a man stood up during a flight from hong kong to newark, screaming that everyone was poisoned. the flying has just landed safely but we're learning new information about what went on. jonathan hunt has the update. >> this was on united flight 116 from hong kong, headed for newark, and according to one of the passengers onboard the flight the man you see being taken off here in handcuffs, stood up, several hours before it was few to land, started screaming incoherently about national security, saying everybody on the plane had been poisoned. then apparently as we have seen
12:45 pm
on several instances since 9/11, several passengers got involved, apparently tackled this man, put on the plastic ties they carry onboard subdued him. he wanted the plane to be diverted to canada. i continued with all 238 passengers to newark and that's where that man was taken into custody. now being questioned, greg. >> thanks very much. year not going to believe this story. a man says hi caught four young boys trash his father-in-law's empty hose, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, yet police busted him. not the vandals. take a look at some of the damage the man in the upstate new york home says he put the kids in a closet until police arrived. after busting the boys at night, tearing apart the home with hammers, throwing paint all over the place, spraying graffiti, even breaking windows, breaking a toilet, other fixtures. the guy says he and his
12:46 pm
father-in-law had been remodeling the home and put countless amounts of time and money into it. the boys are two sets of brothers and cousins, eight and ten years old. police say one of the boys is -- had gotten upset when the man's wife told them to stay out of her yard. they charged that man with child endangerment, saying he threatened the kids and could face jail time. our legal analyst joins us. good thing it wasn't my home. i won't have put them in a closet. i would have done a whole lot worse to those kids. >> if you read about this case, the children's father, he is appalled because the guy, the opener of the house, the son-in-law, grabbed one of the kid behind the neck and you know what, greg? he left a mark. oh! >> awful. >> you have to see the photos online. the trashed this house. i mean, with big hammers. they took a porcelain sink, and i believe it was bran new, knocked it apart.
12:47 pm
what happened is the so many lives next door. the house walk vase can't because of the reed modeling. the kids has been in the yard that day. mom says place don't play in the yard. the kids come back, get a hammer, and they trash the place. guy comes in, got four kids all in one room. he says you call 9-1-1, i'm going to put the kids in a closet. >> insites my question, in new york, a citizens arrest statute. isn't that what this guy was doing? he was making a citizen's arrest until police arrived. >> my guess is that the aggravating factor here is the age of the children. if these were 18-year-olds and 20 years, the home owner would be in no trouble whatsoever. >> i can't even say the profanity they painted on in the wall. you wouldn't -- harsh language. >> but that is not really the
12:48 pm
issue. they really caused thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage, and i believe now, as the stories is unfolding, die believe the boys are in some sort of trouble. and that their parents now may be held accountable for the physical damage that occurred to the house. >> one of the dads said that his child was traumatized. >> yeah, truman tased. give me a break. when i did things like this, my dad -- i mean, the guy was actually chasing me, my dad caught me before the guy caught me, my dad through me in the house, took off his leather belt and beat my butt and i die served every whip. these kids did much worse than that. >> the apple never falls far from the tree. these are bad kids and what do you bet they're really bad parents as well. >> they did a bad thing. they did thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage, and this guy, the charges should be
12:49 pm
dismissed, period. >> well, under number statute the home encan only recover 6,000 bucks. he is out $44,000. you're right. they need to sue the parents for negligent supervision. >> but the guy should not be in the criminal justice system at all. >> absolutely right. all right. you probably have the marks to prove it. >> that is an accurate statement. >> good to see you, arthur. >> word mother nature is finally cooperating as crews in colorado try to contain a deadly and record-breaking wildfire. that as investigators have now launched a criminal investigation into the cause of the fire. the latest next.
12:50 pm
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a news conference in ireland at the g8 summit. president obama, vladimir putin, moments ago the president obama said he u.s. and russia have different perspective on syria, but we share an interest in stopping the violence. let's go back to amy starr. speaking of stopping the violence there are some in congress who urged the president to institute a no-fly zone but the russian foreign ministry is now saying, and i'll quote, we will not allow that. ab, would a no-fly zone perhaps trigger a military confrontation between the united states and russia? >> well, if that's what they continue to say and they're not even beginning to back down over supporting syria. they're doubling down. when they make those kinds of statements, obviously that is the mainings of a potential military confrontation.
12:54 pm
but it's really important to note that president obama does not want to implement a know fly -- no-fly zone, so not even support yet outside of some republicans in congress, for moving ahead with something like that. so that's not our current policy. for this new level of stepped up help for the rebels in syria. we're not anticipating a no fly zone right now. so the rebels say, without it, they're helpless, but president obama has not offered one. >> the french president has said, and i'll quote, how can we allow russia to deliver arms to assad? well, he might be surprised they've been doing that for two years, but the better question is, how can anyone stop the russians from delivering arms to assad? >> that is really the greater question. i mean, literally, what president obama just said about how we should reduce the violent, is exactly what he said at that summit meeting a year ago tomorrow that i mentioned before in mexico. they've made no progress.
12:55 pm
remember, going into the meeting, he had only hoped to talk to -- into agreeing to push assad to come to a conference. there's no motivation for assad, since he has gained -- since his forces have gained strength over the rebels to attend a conference. president obama said we both think a political solution is the best way forward. the russians are not budging on this. they're long-standing ally of the syrian government, and they're doubling down, as i said. they're make nothing attempt. now, the reset that president obama intended to implement in this first term with russia was a good idea, clearly well-intended but no measurable progress in that area. he has no relationship with this guy and no influence over him. >> good to see you. thanks very much. one other headline president obama hopes to move forward on dialogue with iran over the nuclear program, after the election there. be right back.
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>> and then there's this before we call it a day here on "studio b." cops in seattle say they recently busted a guy for stealing a bicycle. turns out a woman saw the suspect stealing the bike from her garage. so she shouted for the guy to stop. he didn't, and he began pedaling away. so the woman gave chase on foot. while shouting for somebody to call 9-1-1. suspect kept pedaling. woman kept running. until ten blocks later, good for
1:00 pm
her, the suspect reportedly gave up. there's a lesson here. don't try to steal a bike from a marathon runner. have a great day. neil is next. >> the fate of your planet rests in your hands. >> i'm going to stop you. >> what do you think? >> neil: the pressure we superheroes feel every day. no wonder we're stuck on the man of steel when leaders the world over seem to have backbones of clay. >> welcome everybody. we are just kidding. 125 million bucks may not seem like much to washington. it spents that much every hour, but that's a lot for a movie considering it's a superman remaining and made that much in its opening weekend. not too shabby. but given the timing of its release, not too surprising. who wouldn't be drawn to a superhero


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