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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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washington where we remain proud and fearless. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, meeting the enemy. after years of war in afghanistan, the united states have direct talks with the taliban. plus, the feds say phone and email snooping has helped prevent more than 50 terror attacks since 9/11 another plot to u.s. programs. >> some lawmakers demanding more details. >> how essential are these stopping which terrorist attacks? >> in 50% i believe they were critical. >> shepard: the head of the nsa says exposing those programs did irreversible programs.
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damage. >> researchers say pregnant women can have a few drinks without hurting their baby's brain. doctors worn that's -- warn that's not the whole story. and bring on the sharks. >> we see it as a positive. >> maybe having the opportunity to see a dorsal fin out in the water. >> shepard: some summer hot spots are cashing in on shark tourism. but first from fox this tuesday night. a plan to bomb the new york stock exchange stopped because of government surveillance. that's what the head of the national security agency told part of congress today. he says the phone and internet programs helped prevent since 9/11 more than 50 terror attacks. 10 of them here in the u.s. including that plot to bomb wall street. general keith alexander says that intelligence, it had it been in place might have helped prevent the 9/11 attacks themselves. >> in the 12 years since the attacks on september 11th, we have
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lived in relative safety and security as a nation. that security is a direct result of the intelligence community's quiet efforts to better connect the dots and learn from the mistakes that permitted those attacks to occur in 9/11. >> shepard: well, among the mistakes, the so-called 20th hijacker was already in custody before 9/11. the feds could have searched his computers. and investigator requested they do so. the request denied. they never even sought a search warrant. general alexander says confessed leaker edward snowden did america's enemies a favor by exposing the secret snooping and the director deputy director of the fbi challenged one of snowden's claims that the feds could have stopped the would be new york stock exchange subway bomber naji bull without the program or code number 702 in spy speak. >> without 702 tool, we would not have identified bull azazi. >> what's next for
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mr. snowden we can expect? >> justice. >> shepard: the critics question whether to keep everything from everybody is necessary, even constitutional. and some lawmakers asked for more details about how much access the government has to our phone calls and email accounts. catherine herridge on fox top story live from washington. catherine, what did we learn about that? >> well, shep, on content whether it's emails, phone calls or texting, the nsa needs outside approval for american citizens. >> does the nsa read the emails of american citizens? >> same answer, ma'am. >> does the nsa read the text messages of american citizens? >> again, we do not target the content of u.s. personal communications without a specific warrant anywhere on the earth. >> and when it comes to sifting through the phone records of millions of americans, the decision is made internally. >> only 20 analysts at nsa and their two managers for a total of 22 people are
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authorized it approve numbers that may be used to query this database. >> witnesses testifying just under 300 phone numbers were searched in to 12. what we don't know tonight is whether that's a big jump over previous years, shep. >> shepard: there is more to these plots. right, cat? >> that's right. lawmakers were not told today the u.s. intelligence initially missed david headley who had ties to a pakistani terror group. headlee did the surveillance behind the mumbai terror attack in 2011 that killed or wounded more than 400 people. headlee made at least five trips to india to case the taj hotel and other targets. nor did witnesses explain the takedown of the new york city subway bomber relied heavily on british intelligence and monitoring of email account. one lawmaker questioned whether the secret programs programs were essential in thwarting 50 plots. >> i hope you will elucidate for us specifically case by case how many stopped terrorist
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attacks were those programs 215 essential to it. >> i think you asked an almost impossible question to say how important each dot was. what i can tell you is post the fbi i came into 26 years ago. our mission is to stop terrorism to prevent it. >> now the number of potential plots in the u.s. alexander says only 106 the 50 he cited today had a domestic connection. the connection of foreign internet connections communications rather, not domestic phone records accounts for most of the intelligence that disrupted those account, shep. >> >> shepard: yahoo the latest tech company to tell us how many times the government requested information about its customers. more than 12,000 times in the last six months. all terrorism-related? hardly. executives say most of the requests were about murders and kings, fraud and other crimes. now google is asking the feds to drop the gag order
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that keeps companies from revealing those requests. so far there is no word of any response from our government. the fbi just released new video of a suspect in the bombing of a a military recruiting in times square. increasing reward to 6 a thousand dollars. investigators say the suspect rode up to the scene on a bike, lit the fuse and took off. then this blast. nobody hurt. it happened in the middle of the night. times square is almost never completely empty. police say he came close to killing somebody. they also say he may have had as many as five accomplices and investigators say the same suspect may be behind two other bombings in mid-atlantic at the british consulate in 2005 and the mexican consulate in 2007. nobody hurt in those attacks, either. the crisis in syria is deepening and what we're doing in the way of military support for the rebels remains extremely vegas. with that as back drop, president obama joined world leaders in calling for peace talks to finally
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end the crisis surrounding syria's two year civil war. that country's most powerful al sly russia. it could still prove to be a major hurdle. the president spoke again today at the g 8 global summit in ireland. one day after the face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. by most accounts it was uncomfortable. putin acknowledged that president obama was trying to ease the tension by talking about sport. today the g-8 called for both sides to negotiate a peaceful end to the civil war which has killed 90,000 people according to the united nations. it calls for al qaeda linked fighters to get out of syria. promises more than $1.5 billion for new aid in syrian refugees and condemns the human rights abuses. president obama says the u.s. has several goals in mind. >> we will continue to work to try to find a political solution to this process and most importantly alleviate suffering and
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ensure that chemical weapons are not used by anyone. >> shepard: putin backed these new peace efforts, backed them but added that russia has no facts to confirm the syrian president bashar assad has ever unleashed those deadly chemical weapons. wendell goler is traveling with the president live in berlin, wendell? >> shep, the summit's final statement would have been a lot tougher on bashar al assad if not for mr. putin who blocked the call for assad to step down and kept the statement from specifically accusing assad from using chemical weapons. the g-8 works by consensus each leader essentially has a veto. in meeting with french counterpart. president obama put the best face he could on the summit's call for u.n. investigation of assad's chemical weapons use. >> both of our governments have strong evidence that, in fact, chemical weapons have been used in the past by the assad regime. but we are very comfortable with the approach taken by the g-8 that allows the
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u.n. the full powers it needs to investigate and establish these facts on the ground. >> here in berlin, mr. obama will address the german people for the first time as president with the speech at the brandenburg gate. he has some tough acts to follow. 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's speech. and 26 years ago that ronald reagan called on miguel gorbachev to tear down the berlin wall. five years after speaking in berlin as a candidate he hasn't had some of the success he hoped for green gas and closing the detention facility at guantanamo bay. the polls suggest is he not as popular here. crowd to the fraction of the size to those who greeted him like a rock star in 2008. >> shepard: wendell goler amid the hungry mosquitoes for us tonight in berlin. three people in ohio stand accused of keeping a
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mentally disabled mother and daughter in apartment as slaves for two years. the feds say those suspects beat the mother and threatened to unleash her pit bulls and snakes on them. the rest of the details next. plus, a new study that really could change everything we know about drinking while pregnant. tonight, why some researchers say drink up and why others say hang on. from the journalists of fox news on a tuesday fox report. you know? not really. aaah! jessica! whoa! your friend's a rate sucker. her bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. try snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. [pop!] stop paying for rate suckers! try snapshot free at
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worse than the animals. and they added that she took her first steps towards predom in october when she stole a candy bar from a convenience store, got caught and requested take me to jail. these are the three suspects due in court for a federal hearing. police say the apparent abuse took place in ashland, ohio, more than an hour southwest of cleveland where last month three missing women managed to escape after spending nearly a decade in captivity. that accused kidnapper pleaded not guilty to hundreds of charges of rape, torture and murder. a group of owners and managers of 7/11 convenient stores made tens of millions of dollars running a modern day plantation system. that's the quote tonight from federal prosecutors they say agents raided 14 stores on new york's long island and in virginia yesterday arrests nine owners and managers. prosecutors say the group gave stolen social security numbers from immigrants
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pakistan and philippines and forced those illegals to work hours on end and stole as much as 75% of their wages. they also say the group forced those immigrants to live in unregulated bordering houses. the investigation is now expanding to 40 other 7/11 locations across the state seen here in yellow. a 7/11 spokesman says the company is cooperating with authorities. well, pregnant women who drink the equivalent of a glass of wine a day do not seem to hurt the development of their babies. that's according to a new study. researchers in the united kingdom report that 10-year-olds whose mothers had three to seven drinks while pregnant per week actually had better balance than those moms who did not drink at all. better balance? of course, there is a twist here. the study shows many that for many social class may also be a factor. pregnant mothers better educated and had more money were more likely to drink moderately and less well off moms were more likely
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to not drink at all or drink too much. that according to the study means that the children who's mothers did drink moderately were also more like throin joy the other advantages that come with having well-to-do parents. quite a thing so far isn't it? let's get to trace gallagher and explain why this balance matters so. >> well, balance is so key, shep, because doctors say it's a key indicator of how you develop in the womb. the kids with better balance have higher esteem, lower anxiety and better motor skills. what they did is they took the 7,000, 10-year-olds who they have been following since birth. checked balance beam and standing on one leg and they found out that the kids, in fact, who performed the best were the ones who moms drank during pregnancy. even when they factored in what you were just talking about the moms were middle or upper class they still concluded that light to moderate drinking has no effect at all on the baby.
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dr. manny alvarez who is a gynecologist says the study he thinks sends a worrisome message. listen. >> when you look at rates of autism attention hyperactivity disorder, all those things they have significant contribution where these children have been exposed to pollutants. when you put alcohol, which really doesn't belong in the human body, especially during the time of reproduction, you are asking for trouble. >> dr. many went on to say the occasional glass of wine is fine when you are pregnant but it should not be a daily occurrence. shep? >> shepard: trace, according to those at the mayo clinic, mothers who drink during pregnancy place their babies at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome that can cause physical deformities, mental disabilities and behavioral problems. we are seeing violent protests in a country that's hosting one major sporting event and getting ready are to the olympics. hundreds of thousands of
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people in the streets. some smashing doors and windows. cops reportedly firing back with rubber bullets and tear gas. plus the teenager says the tsa gave her a hard time because oh my god she was wearing this. and next time you go to the airport, better hope this guy isn't handling your luggage.
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>> shepard: a saw this one coming a wave of protests has swept one of the world's biggest countries as 100,000 people have taken to the streets in brazil. that's last night where protests some of them turned is violent as rioters rushed the steps of the state assembly building in rio battling police and setting fires. at least 30 people reported
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hurt, including cops. out of the chaos, images like this one. a military officer, pepper spraying a woman in the face at what is clearly close range. we have seen similar pictures amid the violence in turkey the demonstrations in brazil started last week over the new public transportation fair hikes. tensions rose after the cops reportedly fired rubber bullets and tear gas at crowds in south pal paulo. spread to other cities including the red x on the map. capital of brasilia where protesters climbed the congress. the world cup next year and next month a visit from the pope for world youth day. steve harrigan with more on this giant mess. steve? >> shepard, the size and extent of these protests appear to have taken brazil's government completely by surprise. the president has come out and praised the demonstrators as being largely nonviolent and she
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has called expression legitimate expression of democracy. despite that there will be tens of thousands more out tonight, largely members of the middle class, often college educated to protest her government, expressing dissatisfaction not only with the rise in transportation costs, but also with the fact that the government has spent $3 billion expected in the olympics in 2016. growing sense among brazil's middle class that they are not getting what they deserve from the government of the world's sixth largest economy. shepard? >> shepard: steve, these nationwide protests are reportedly some of the biggest demonstrations since the end of brazil's dictatorship back in '85. the country's military regime lasted for more than two decades back then. during that time, violent clashes often broke out between protesters and police. really not sense. authorities in turkey have banned large gatherings all together after weeks of
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violent antigovernment protests in a key city. so it's come to this. one man trying a peaceful solo protest and there he is. the guy on the right in the white shirt, stood alone for many hours last night. at istanbul's taksim square. stood there and stared. stared aportrait founded turkey as a secular state 90 years ago. many claim turkey's current leaders are forcing islamic agenda on them as word of this standing guy got out. several others stood just like him in different parts of the country. turkish officials say they will take no action as long as these silent protests cause nobody any harm. here at home, a family has filed a complaint against the transportation security administration after their teenager daughter claimed an agent hue mill humiliated her because of her clothing. i mean, look at it, horrifying, right? the girl's father says the officer criticized her for having an unfit outfit,
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leggings, a tank top and a but ton down shirt. >> he was just glaring at my daughter and mumbling so my daughter is like excuse me? and he said you are only 15. cover yourself up. >> shepard: of course, there is a statement from the tsa now saying tsa officers are trained and expected to perform screening methods in a dignified and respectful manner at all times. we regret that this passenger had an unpleasant experience and are in the process of thoroughly reviewing the circumstances. new video shows an airport worker who may qualify as the worst cargo handler ever. take a look at him here. flinging those boxes. a few of them managed to make it on to the conveyor belt. of course, whatever he missed he would still have to pick up again. it happened at an airport in the south of china. the guy who recorded this video helpfully added hope it's not fragile. the u.s. to hold peace talks soon with the people
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who provided usama bin laden and al qaeda the safe haven from which they launch the 9/11 -- attacks of 9/11 and who continue to kill american service members. and reject basic forms of tolerance, peace talks. but the talks with the taliban will happen nowhere near afghanistan. plus, forget gi jane. women could now become a reality. women, we will tell you how soon. that's coming up soon as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business.
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and after 12 years of war in afghanistan, the u.s. is set to start direct talks with the taliban. the hard line group is opening an office in cut qatar. the taliban gave usama bin laden protection, security, and a place to live and allowed al qaeda to use its bases in afghanistan to launch the attacks of 9/11. now we are starting peace talks. administration officials say they will try push the taliban to break ties with al qaeda and end the violence in afghanistan. the announcement came just hours after the afghan government forces formally too many over responsibility for national security from nato. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is in our new york city newsroom with more on this. u.s. officials admit this
4:31 pm
is tall order negotiating with the taliban. >> yeah. from president obama on down, shep, they have emphasized today that they see this opening of talks with the taliban as the first step in what they admit will be a very long process. but they also say that the end of every war is almost always a political solution, not a military solution. president obama also said today at the g 8 summit in northern ireland, that it is equally necessary that the afghan people take the lead. listen. >> the afghan led and peace process is the best way to end the violence and tone sure lasting stability in afghanistan and the region. and so this is important first step towards reconciliation although it's a very early step, we anticipate there will be a lot of bumps in the road. >> president obama also said that if the taliban wanted to be part of afghanistan's future, they
4:32 pm
need to renounce terrorism, embrace the afghan constitution, and also embrace women's rights, shep. >> shepard: we have been talking here for years about the handing over of full control of security in afghanistan to the afghan forces. it happened today. does anybody think they are ready? >> well, experts will tell you that they are at least much more ready than they were say four years ago, before the u.s. surge in afghanistan. i spoke to marc jacobson an afghan vet and also a former advisor to nato in afghanistan today. he said that the big difference now is that the afghan army, thanks to united states work, is much better trained and also that the extremists among the taliban and the other insurgent groups like the haqqani network have been disrupted. >> the haqqani network the taliban the insurgency no
4:33 pm
longer have the capacity to existential threat to the kabul government. what they have the capacity to do is carry out limited, albeit deadly strikes in individual areas. >> and as if to emphasize the ability of some of these groups to carry out these limited, but deadly strikes, we got dreadful news tonight, shep, that four americans have been killed in an insurgent attack at bagram air base outside of kabul. four more names to be added to the more than 2100 americans who have died fighting the 11 and a half year war in afghanistan. shep? >> shepard: on the day of the handover. four more americans pay the ultimate price. jonathan, thank you. here at home, a major move by our military's top brass today. pentagon officials for the first time outlined a plan to put women in combat roles previously closed to women. we told you last night on
4:34 pm
fox report the framework could clear the way for women to eventually training in special operations units like the army rangers by 2015 and the navy seals just one year later. now we are learning women will become eligible for thousands of front line jobs. of course, since the attacks of 9/11, women have served in iraq and afghanistan, and they have always been exposed to danger in war zones where the front lines have often really had no clear boundaries. in fact, 155 women service members have died in those two wars. jennifer griffin with the rest of the story from the pentagon. jen? >> shep, the special operations community says the physical differences between men and women aren't their biggest concern. >> looking for smart, qualified operators. you know, there is a new dynamic. the days of rambeau are over. >> commanders have until 2016 to make these changes or request an exemption from the defense secretary for special operators such as navy seals and army rangers.
4:35 pm
>> why are they doing it? not to improve combat effectiveness. it's only to advance diversity metrics. that's the president's agenda. >> i'm not comfortable with the neutral standards. we have standards and they equate to a -- our mission is different so our standards are different. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs says he sees this as a potential way of combating the rising issue of sexual assault in the military. >> when you have one part of the population that is designated as warriors and another part that's designated as something else, i think that disparity begins to establish a psychology that in some cases led to that environment. >> others aren't so sure, shepard? >> shepard: and, jennifer, in 1948, they put a law into place that made women a permanent part of the u.s. military services. but that didn't mean that they would be heading to the front lines. far from it in fact, in 1994, the pentagon officially prohibited assigning women to ground
4:36 pm
combat yownts below the brigade level. that policy essentially kept women from the action, since brigades have historically been based farther from the battlefield and generally include top command and support staff. well, two guys go flying out in their motor boat, and it nearly hits them as it spins out of control. round and round topping our news across america. florida. one of those men said he had been drinking so he let his friend take the wheel off st. petersburg. >> we hit a rogue wave and boom, it just flipped us. flew out of the boat. >> shepard: cops say they hit another craft's wake. their boat circled in the water for some 90 minutes until it ran out of gas. he reportedly swam to shore. cops say it broke his leg. other boaters pulled him from the water. california. air rescuers saved two teenagers stuck on 600-foot
4:37 pm
high cliff. the hikers say they veered off trail and couldn't get back down the mountain. that's when any phoned for help. choppers air lifted them to safety. north carolina, a sink hole 20 feet deep opened up in parking lot entrance to a shopping mall. the ground reportedly gave way when two storm drains collapsed. officials say they have closed the entire mall until crews can build a temporary entrance. oklahoma. a dog and its on or about are back and its owner ended up 500 miles away. reportedly took the pet with them when they hopped a train out of state. a man in iowa says he spotted the dog's tags and called animal control. his friend, a trucker with a route through oklahoma brought the pup back home and that's the fox watch across america. >> what would do you? coming up, a teenager who kept calm as a shark
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see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? yes. with new nature made vitamelts. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor? melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty new nature made vitamelts. get a sample on our facebook page >> shepard: there is breaking news oon fox news channel. there is more new trouble for boeing 787 dream liner airplane. united reports one dream liner on its way from denver to tokyo today had to make an emergency landing in seattle after some kind of problem with its oil filter.
4:42 pm
united airlines reports the flight landed normally and it's working to reaccommodate fliers. remember, just a few months ago boeing had sidelined all of its dream liners after they encountered a series of problems with batteries. the u.s. senate's immigration reform bill also cut the deficit. that's the word from the nonpartisan congressional budget office. members of the bipartisan gang of 8 that came up with the plan are calling the report encouraging and a huge momentum boost. but analysts say the bill may face an even tougher fight in the house because of what the house speaker john boehner said today. what did he say mike emanuel? >> we'll get to that in a moment, shep. but senator marco rubio a key figure says immigration reform would help our economy boost the american workers and also be good for our taxpayers. let's take a closer look at the congressional budget office numbers it would reduce deficits almost $200 billion the first decade, cut the deficit almost $700 billion the second decade. and boost economic growth.
4:43 pm
gdp 3.3% by 20 it 3. here is a democrat involved in this effort's instant reaction. >> the report proves once and for all that immigration reform is not only the right thick to do to stay true to our nation's principles, it will also boost our economy, reduce the deficit, and create jobs. immigration reform should be a priority of progressives and conservatives alike. >> on the house side of the capital, the senate plan is not very popular with conservatives. today house speaker john boehner tried to reassure his rank and file. >> any immigration reform bill that is going to go into law ought to have a majority of both parties support if we're really serious about making that happen. i don't see any way of bringing immigration bill to the floor that doesn't have the majority support of republicans.
4:44 pm
house democrats tomorrow and immigration reform is expected to be on the agenda, shep? mike emanuel on capitol hill. passengers had to quickly take shelter to bathrooms and stairwells as a tornado touched down very near denver international. here is a picture from the scene. so far no word of any real dang. first alert forecasters have since lifted the tornado warning for the area. several thunderstorms could still produce strong winds and hail. a brave 15-year-old boy in texas is in the hospital recovering from a shark attack tonight. local police say it's the first time that a shark has attacked in that area in 25 years. happened yesterday afternoon in the town of surf side beach south of houston right on the gulf where a cop says when the kid felt the shark bite his leg, he tore it off and got cuts on his hand. no update on his condition. hospital officials say his family wants privacy. further north, they are on the lookout for great
4:45 pm
whites in cape cod. sitings there have sored in recent years. just last week the presence of a 12-foot shark forced the beach to close for part of the day. so far the sharks don't seem to be scaring away the tourists. >> we see it as positive. we see it as another attraction to the cape. >> an attraction which is bringing guests to the or liens water front end. the inn keeper says folks have been traveling here for a chance to catch a glimpse of a great white. >> we do have a lot of questions. we do have people that are curious. i think it's curiosity. >> shepard: curiosity can quickly turn to fear. >> someone has been, job. what somebody is being transported off the beach. >> that's the case last summer when a shark bit the swimmer in the state's first confirmed attack since 1936. >> i saw a huge bite on my leg. i was quiet sure it was a shark. i felt like my leg was caught in a vice. >> abulbasher of in
4:46 pm
subsequent sightings resulted in them shutting down the beaches drop in nearby stores. >> when life hands you lemons make lemonade. >> owner of a popular lemonade restaurant says things will be different this year one of several business owners who say that sharks sell. >> the sharks are going to impact us on almost an even basis. as much people as curious about the starks and coming here as will not dip their feet in the water because of the fear of sharks. >> this really comes as no surprise to any of us here on the cape. these sharks are here for food. growing seal population is attack attack a -- attracting the predators. drawing visitors as well recommendation families are interested in coming down here and maybe see the opportunity to see a dorsal fin out in the water. >> the cape cod chamber of commerce reports triples during the summer months to 650,000 people and with just one shark attack over the past 8 decades, most
4:47 pm
seem to be fine with what's lurking below. >> when you cross that bridge, it's another world. you just forget about everything, take your watch off o, turn your phone off and just enjoy nature. there is so much to see on the cape. and there are all sorts of natural things and sharks are one of them and they should explore that. >> shepard: the people who keep track of these things tell us there are only about 16 shark attacks in any u.s. waters each year. half of them in florida. on average, sharks kill one person in this country every other year. there is a hire chance of dieing in a lightning strike. amanda knox, she is back in the u.s. but her legal troubles overseas are far from over. italy's highest court is explaining why it reversed murder acquittal. the explanation includes more claims of a so-called erotic game. plus, we're now hearing from the man who is in trouble with the law after he says he caught four young vandals tearing apart his father-in-law's home. what he says really
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>> shepard: just in to fox news the journalist michael hastings has died car crash this morning. it happened in los angeles. michael hastings famously wrote the controversial rolling stone article about general stanley mcchrystal that led to the general's resignation. the profile came out in 2010. crystal showed the supreme commander in afghanistan openly mocking his civilian commanders in the white house. president obama recalled general mcchrystal to washington and the general resigned his post. michael hastings was working for the web site buzz feed at the time of his death. and in an a statement the editor and chief of that site says michael hastings was a fearless journalist with incredible instinct
4:52 pm
for the story and gift for finding ways to make his readers care about anything he covered. michael hastings was but 33 years old. italy's highest court says amanda knox should be retried for murder. of course, amanda knox is the american student who was acquitted two years ago of the murder of her roommate back in 2007. the high court overturned that ruling in march. today those judges suggested that the court that acquitted knox neglected evidence. evidence that indicated knox's roommate may have died during a forced sex game that went wrong. a man now faces child enendangerment charges after he locked four young boys in a closet. the thing is he says he just caught them trashing his father-in-law's home, ripping it apart with hammers, smashing windows and fixtures. cops have charged the boys but the kids' parents say that man handled them too roughly.
4:53 pm
he says that's not what happened. >> these marks that these children had, mr. smith were actually created from shards of glass, ceramic fixtures. i assured them they were not dangerous and that the police will attend to them when they arrive. >> he is due back in court later this month. the credibility of two top state department officials coming under challenge as that agency deals with the scandal over employees acting very badly. you may remember last week we reported about a -- the state department's own investigators. they came out with a report claiming high ranking department officials sometimes interfered in cases being handled by the diplomatic security or ds. that's the in-house law enforcement agency that investigated alleged crimes by state department employees. well, now, the sworn testimony of ds's own officials is at issue. james rosen is in washington. james? >> shep, good evening. the latest disclosures
4:54 pm
arise out of a lawsuit in texas set to go it trial this fall. veteran d.s. agent rick him buy is suing the state department over claims that he was discriminated against by his superiors after he refused overseas work assignments because that's higby's daughter was born with chronic and often terminal illness. rejected his claims. in late february of this year two top ds officials scott who is director of ds until february 1st and tracy mehaffey still the director sat for videotaped depositions in which they were asked respectively if they knew of any criticism by other agencies to the fact that dss failed to follow procedures or if they knew about any pending investigations into ds? >> none that come to my mind right now. >> i'm not aware of any. >> just two month earlier, however, both officials sat in on a meeting with investigators from the office of inspector general and damning findings about d.s. investigations being compromised by higher ups at state.
4:55 pm
>> it undercuts the credibility of the entire agency. in this case the diplomatic security bureau. >> if there is an allegation of misconduct, of which i'm not aware of for those two individuals, wield certainly take a look at that as we would in any case, again, bringing up names and lit gaghtsd people's reputation in the press is something that has been concerning to us to date. >> fox news has learned that a whistleblower from oig who scrutinized the operations of ds was briefed by house investigators yesterday. >> shepard: ds and is good stuff. you will remember. this not a doodle the signature of the treasury secretary jack lew. of course he is not going to get to use it there is a new signature. you will decide. it's not nearly as good as that. my mantra?
4:56 pm
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>> shepard: so the treasury tweeted a picture today treasury look like with the signature of jack lew signature. that's how he used to sign his name. pretty cool. this is what the new signature looks like. apparently it still reads jack lew. on this day in 1983, astronaut sally ride took off on shuttle challenger and became the first american woman to travel in space. the agency chosen six women to join the space program sally ride a scientist earned a ride on challenger ii and liftoff landed the woman in the history books
5:00 pm
30 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday j the 182013 imf the factor. >> ext, have a great night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> if you are a u.s. person. the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls and the nsa cannot target your emails. >> bill: president obama says the u.s. government is not reading private emails. the nsa whistleblower says they are. who do you believe? charles krauthammer will weigh in. >> in particular obviously a crucial way of reproducing whiteness, white supremacy, white privilege. >> bill: far left university of pennsylvania teacher says opposition to late term abortion is driven by white racism. incredible. we will show you what's going on.


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